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The Delta Times Mar 31, 1908

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/ol. 5, No. ao.
pring is Here!
Spring Goods are Flooding ths Store with Beauty
tnd Freshness:
New Prints, Muslins and Wash Qoods of every
description; Laces and Embroideries, Hosiery,
Whitewear, Belts and Neckwear, Gloves in short
(ind elt( w Ingths.
Housefurnishing; Needs.
fe^f Qarpat, Squares, New Linoleums in 2 yards and 4 yards wide; Lace
Curtains from 50c tp $5,00 per pair.
Papers,    *> �� Roll Up   Wail Papers
Border Sold Same Price as Hanging.
Men's Department.
|New Spring Suits-
Nice Navy Serge Suits, single and doubl.
breasted styles all sizes, at $14,
Light and Dark Tweed Suits, best trim-
mmga, single and double breasted styles,
at $7 to $18.
Boya 2 and 3-pieca Suits, Fancy Tweed
Buster Suits, also nice lines Boya" Wash
New Easter Neckwear, Neglige and Regatta Shirts.
Shoes That Make Life's Walk Easy.
Delta Council.
Marshall Smith & Co., Ltd.
Hon. A.   B.   Aylesworth   introduced ill the bouse, on the 9th inst.,
his bill  amending   ihe   Dominion:
Ejections  Act. -,  Thirteen   amend-
ments ol importance are suggested,;
many of which are parallel to a bill
introduced  by  Alcorn, Prince Edward county.    Mr. Aylesworth expressed   his   indebtedness   to   the
hitter's  bill   and  said he would be1
glad to have 'he two considered together.    The clauses are as fallows:
r. All contributions to election
expenses  must  be  made   through'
the   candidate's    statutory   agent, |
wbo must make tbe same public.
Heavy Penalties.
2. Heavy penalties are provided
fci" contributions to election funds
on the part of corporations.
'%, Circulation of false statements
regarding conduct or character of
candidate penalized if shown to be
circulated with a view to affecting
the election result.
4. Handbills printed during
tbe election must bear the name of
the printers.
Bar on Aliens.
5. Aliens are forbidden to take
any pari in elections.
6. Penalty is provided for the
tearing down of public proclamations.
7. Nomination papers must give
the nominee's address,
8. Bribery clauses ofthe oath for
vote is to be made clearer.
9. A special numbered ballot is
tc '���** allowed to voters whose names
are omitted irom the list, I Ut wbo
will tnke the oath that they sre
Transfer of Names.
10. Where federal sub-divisions
are not identical with the provincial,
authority is given tor tlie transfer of
names from one classification to tbe
ir. No ballot shouid be spoiled
by any mark placed on it by the
deputy returning officer.
Disfranchisement Penalty.
12. A penalty of disfranchisement and disqualification for the
federal office lor eight years is added
to the present penalties against
bribe-givers and bribe-takers.
13. Inipisonment is made compulsory in all cases ot tampering
with ballots.
In this connection, J. H. Bergeron suggested further amendments. These were, "one man,
one vote"; all elections on one day,
and giving of authority to correct
errors made in tbe printing of
voters' lists.
New Westminster, March 2".���
Yesterday's market was a fairly
brisk one, the attendance being
large. Eggs dropped to 20c wholesale. Potatoes found a slow market at $18 and $20 per ton and
turnips and parsnips were quo tec
at 75c per sack. In all oilier lines
prices remained at last week's quotations.
Beef, hindqu. rters, 8c * to 9c
per lb; forequarter., 6c to 7c.
Lamb, 14c per lb.
Mutton, 12c to 13c per lb.
Veal, small, uc per lb; large, Sc
to 9c.
Pork, 9c to ioc per lb.
Butter, 35c to 40c per lb.
Eggs, wholesale, 20c per doz; retail, 30c.
Fowls, $8 to ,$9.50 per doz;
chickens, $6.00 to f.S.oo per doz.
Ducks, J.to a doz.
Apples, $1 to $1.50 a box.
Potatoes, $18 to $20 per ton.
Clarence Kennedy Dead
New Westminster, March 27.���
General and sincere sympathy was
expressed throughout the city today for J. B. Kennedy, M.P..
when the news of the death of his
sou Clarence was made public. The
young man, who was a native son
of New Westminster, passed away
this morning at Vernon, death resulting from an attack of spinal
meningitis. Since February the
decease.! had been a patient .in the
Vernon Hospital, and hi-, father
and step-mother. Mr. and Mrs.
Kennedy, were with him when tbe
end came.
Tbe remains will be brought to
this city for interment and the funeral will take place from Mr. Kennedy's residence on Monday.
u. 111 ������ 1 ���_a_���ee
Thirty eight yean ago on the
I4Hi* <lay of May i.ext the first May
Day celebrHtioi. was held in New
Westminster ai the cticket grounds.
The- custom bas been observed
-���very year with one exception, 1878,
und the children ol thai city have
always grown up, knowing and
--.peeling tbat this one day of the
ijear wonld be dt voted 10 their en-
At a large and enthusiastic meet- j
wig herd in the board of trade
neoni lasl week it was decided to
observe tbe custom again this sea
con, and judging frim the attendance, tbe best in yeara, the coining
celebration will be larger aud better
than ever. Friday, the first day of
.May. was decided ou as the date
\.fm the iestlvities.
On Friday evening last, a number of the young folks chartered
the S.S, Sonoma and took a nip to
Annacis Island, where they spent
a good tirae at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Parmiter, dancing
being kept up till 2 o'clock a.m.,
when the return trip was -made.
Among those present were:
Mrs.'D. Anderson, eha erone.
Misses Cherry, F. Frederick,
��� Montgomery, F. Lord, M.
Smith, I. Robinson, M. Peterson,
N.: McWattrs.
Messrs. I). Anderson. A. Parmiter, Geo. Clark, Fred Arthur,
C. Arthur, A. W. Oliver. T. H.
Oliver, R. Fisher, JP. Peterson.
Tbe ladieti oi the local branch of 1
the -V.C.I'.U. are inviting their
friends to an "At Home" ott'Fri*
day evening, April 3rd.
From what we bear  of arrange-1
ments being made, the  guests may
confidently expect to spend a very
pleasant  evening.     There will  lei
an  informal   programme and Mi.1.j
Spofford, of Victoria, president ofi
the Provincial W. C. T. U., is ex��|
pected  to  be  present  and  give a
short   address.      Tbe  Oddfellows'
Hall  is  engaged  lor  the function
and it all the invitations are accepted there will be a (ull house.
Gus   Devereaux.   oi   Columbian
College, stent Sunday at home,
The Lad's Brigade.
The boys will parade in the
Town Hall, this evening, for drill,
at 7:30 o'clock.
The paper chase, on Saturday
last, by the boys of the Lad's Brigade, was a very successful affair,
no less -^bau sixteen boys taking
part and covering a distance of between four and five miles, returning to the Tow-i Ha 1 111 first cla. s
shape. On Saturday next tbe boys
will start olf on another spin, leaving tbe hall at 1:30 p.m. sharp.
Saturday, Aptil TSt'i.
The Riverside Mission Circle will
meet at the bora; of the president,
Miss L. Davis, to-morrow afternoon, at 3 o'clock.
Mciiee Wins Suit.
Judgment has been handed down
by His Honor Judge Howay in the
case of L. W. Embree vs. D. A.
McKee, allowing tbe sum of $93.50
to the defendant in settlement of
tbe suit.
Tbe written judgment was as follows.
At the trial I over-ruled Mr.
Griffin's objection and admitted
evidence to identify the subject
matter referred to in the memorandum vex 1) and to show that the
expression "75 tons more or less"
was a compendious way of saying
all the bay in the Brown barn except 30 tons.
On consideration I am confirmed
in this view. I find as a fact that
the contract between the parties\
was for the purchase and sale of all,
the hay in the Brown barn except:
30 tons, i.e., 92 tons. Indeed tliis|
was hardly seriously disputed.
It was admitted that 74 tons and :
1465 lbs. were delivered thereunder.
The remainder, 17 tons and 535 lbs,!
was not delivered, but was sold by ;
the plaintiff (defendant by counter;
claim) at from $23 to $25 a ton.       !
Taking the lower figure the j
plaintift [ efendant by counter
claim] has received $5.50 per ton
on 17 tons and 535 los., which belonged to the detendant [plaintifl
by counter claim].
There will be judgment therefore
for the defendant {plaintifl by counter claim] for $93.50 and costs.
The Delta Council met in tbe
Council Chamber on Saturday last,
March 38th, at 2 p.m., with the
Reeve, [. A. Paterson, in the
chair, and Couns. Davie, Gilchrist,
Morley and Embree present.
Minutes of previous meeting
were adopted <is read.
. communications:
From M. G. Laws, stating that
be was willing to pay off the mortgage on his property. Request
granted and Clerk instructed to
settle account.
From E. M. Carncross. Clerk
to reply.
A petition was received from
Mrs. T. McNeely et al., requesting
permission to clean out- the ditch
on the west side of the Boundary
Bay road, from the bead of the
Slough fa the Morley road, cost of
same to Le borne by the property
benefitted.    Request granted.
The offer of P. Swensen to loan
a pile driver at $7.50 per day was
lett in the bands of the wharf
committee with power to act.
The Reeve reported having i����
terviewed P. Burns re collapse of
bridge, aud stated tbat Mr. Burns
had offered to reduce claim  by yi.
Alter some discussion, the account was ordered paid.
On notion it was decided to advance A. Coleman 50 per cent, on
his contract after be has signed the
contract which had been drawn up.
Re wharves, it was decided to
call for tenders for replanting the
Sunbun'ai.'d East Del i.i wharves
with 3-inch first-class plank. Tenders to be in by next meeting.
Re Flux road and ditch on the
Newton road, these matters werc
left in the hands ol Coun. Embree
with power to act.
The Reeve reported upon thc repairing of the Trunk road and
wharf and it was, thereupon, decided to fill in the ditch solid instead
ot putting in box.
Tbe following accounts were ordered paid: G. T. Baker. $9.36;
M. Rawlins, $20; B. C. E. R. Co ,
$41.39; A. Richardson, $15; Martin, Craig & Bourne, $46; Delta
Times, $19.55.
The Reeve, Finance Committee
and Clerk were author-zed to sign
a promissory note for $1,000.
Council then adjourned till Saturday, April 1 ith, at 2 pm.
Honors Won at the
Vancouver . Icrse Show
At one of the best shows ere*
held on the Pacific Coast, the Delta
horses came well to the fiont, the
Pemberton Stock Farm's champion
Clydesdale stallion, "Dean Swift,"
taking first prize in a strong class
of aged stallions, also champion
over all heavy draught breeds. The
same company's 2-year-old Clyde
stallion. Lord Roberts, also took
first prize in his class and reserve
The Savage Bros,, of Westham
Island, also did well with their
Hackney mare, taking third in a
strong class. Horses from as far
down as Portland, Tacoma and
Seattle exhibiting in this class.
Sale of Work and Concert, Town
Hall, Ladner, April 18 next-
Seeds, Timothy and Cloyer Seeds
���Brackman-Ker Milling Co.,
Ltd., H. N. RICH, UUxer,
B.C.. Agent,
V tbe Delta times, Tuesday, mafcu v, xsos.
90 BSCRn-no?., $1.00 pec y^ar.
1.1. ;gri'xv.**nee*. u~ i,; j..jm
semmim *g*��
c. t. ii.   (fashion Stables*
Q*��ual AdvetfJflfnpenU, 10 cants per line foi
ttit Iir* iii��.rtiew. nnd 5 cent* per line lot eacl-
���btaequeut insertion. The number ol hues
Ctekoned by the apace occupied, 13 tines to th,
��eb. ���
Betee lift Cotym^rctal Adsrertifeaente can b.
ti,d on application at -._:�� office .
Reading notices :u cent, pet. line (or each In-
Birth and Death noOcaa, 50c.. Marrlagca)i.ao.
Any apecial novice, tbe object ot wliich fai to
promote the pecuniary benefit ol .ay individual
or company, 10 be considered an tuy -rtisemeut
and charged accordingly.
All advertisement* charged fcr, until ordered
oat'and paid for.
Correspondence invited on i-attcrs ol public
bjLterest. Communications to editor must be ac-
. Kimpanied by name of wnter, not ucccssunH
Ibr publication, but as evidence of good faith.
Correspondence 13u_t rcs,cli this office by Thurs-
Jay evening.
Gno. R. Mamlkv.
TUESDAY.   MARCH  31,   I908.
The committee in charge of
the erection qf a fire escape at the
Ladner school, having been unable
to piocnre a suitable escape in iron,
they bave decided to build one of
heavy lumber covered with galvan-
ized iron. The structure will be
built on tbe East side, and built
^jght our from tbe building, tbc
window being, converted into a
door tor tbat purpose.
Tbe other day we noticed such
flash beads, as this "Laurier to
Sandbag Independent Voters," etc.
On tbe first page we publish a,
qppy ol that awful bill, the Election
Act, wbich is destined- to, do such
terrible things as to "Gag the People of the West," according to the
So far as we can see, the government would do well if it could gag
yellow journalism and produce a
new order of things, wherein,newspapers might be compelled to at
least pnblish the truth once in a
-yhile and tp endeavor to uphold
t^e dignity ofa so-ca!}ed; Christissn
W. Barraclougb, of Columbian
College, paid a short visit here,
A column in the The Australian
World is headed "Stray Thoughts."
and in it are some excellent temperance aphorisms, among them being the following: ���
The right side of tbe public house
is the outside.
The devil is always pleased when
Christian men are quiet about the
Grape juice fills more graves
t,ban grape-shot.
The Christian man will be a
traitor to God and his country wbo
does uot vote "No-License."
Prohibition would mean liberty
to tens of thousands ot drinking
The soldier of Christ should hit
the drink dtyil hard and often.
Strangle the liquor fiend, and
you deprive the deyil of his most
trusty agents.
When a young, man calls for his
first drink, the devil is always
there ta draw the cork.
Some good resolutions ate blank
cartridges���nothing comes out of
To treat a man badly is to treat
him to intoxicating liquors.
In tiie keen competition of 1 fe,
men cannot afford to indulge in intoxicating liquors.
The drinking ta,x is s?lf-iniposed
Like every other crime,
Tb; laxt->  altogether cost
Not half as much as wine
The man who fights the liquor
trade is fighting in tb? intereits ol
of his country.
The man who, never takes a
drink is in no dauber of b<fcoming a
Alcohol may be a good thing to
preserve a dead body, but it is a bad
thing to put into a living oue.
The man who keeps away from
drink generally keeps away Irom
If you'tlon't spend your money in
drink you are not likely to spend
your days in jail.
Total abstinence from, alcohol is
conducive tp good health and long
Many, a wife goes to tbe pawn
shop because her husband goes to
���tbe public house.
The great need of the Order is
loyalty and hard work.
Trucking and Draying.    Livery Wort; of
All Kinds Attended to Promptly,
All Kinds ox Firewood Always On Hand.
V, T, Ry. & Perry Co,
I. M. COLUNSON, S ?"' wm- M
Stop and cons cer   .   .   ,
When in need oi reliable
Call and see our lines for
Men Women and Claildren.
The Cheapest Store in Town for \\\q\ Class Goods
New Service���Port Guichon and t*adntr to NeTR
Westminster and Vancouver.
Leave Pt. Guichon, 6.30 a.m.    Arrive V-.neat./��r, 10.20 a.nj..
Leave Vancouver  3.45 p.m.   Arrive Pt, Guichon. 6.00 p.m
Gives Passengers four hours, in   either   New   Wean-
minster ojf Vancouver.
New   Freight   Tariff  effective   September   5th,   'ofc
Greatly Reduce^ Rates.     For particulars apply to
Agent, Port Guichon.
Sufficient Cars will be furnished without delay.
taaoqwntttf 186ft.
Total Assets Over Forty-Five Millions,
Accounts of Out-of-Town Customers Given Special
��/   NEW   WESTMINSTER,   B.  C.
.'.-.).!..������>.,'., Awake or. Asleep, though earthquakes or firi;
sastl-.k,- -i'vkvaii,, though financial,. depressions come and
-, YOli   NEED  LOSE JNO SLEEP, for the security back of
Savings Department* *
.Accounts may he opened with deposits of ONE DOLLAR
and Upwards.     Interest paid, or credited,  quarterly on  3,1st  March, 3,0th June, 30th
September, 3?s,t December.
K. IX SIMP��0N_ Manager, LADNER, B_ C.
For Sale.
Onr Loatjs do not exceed 40 per cent, of
the value of the property and  net you
2 per cent.
Mrs. D. A. Cameron will be "At
Home" to her friends on Thursday
afternoon next.
New line of the best pickles on
the market, all varieties, 25c per
bottle���W. H. Smith.
Miss Brandrith returned fc<..ue,
ftri^ay, from a visit to friends in
the Terminal City.   '
Pure fruit j?ms from the famous,
Kentish farm?, England.. Pure
maple syrup and jellies���W. H.
-������ SB   I -���'
Tbe Od<Mellow_ of Delta Lodge,
No. 21, have made arrangements to
pay, a, fraternal visit to Amity
Lodge, No. 27, New Westminster,
on Monday evening next, the 6th
prox, reaving nt 6*30 o'clock, for
wbich purpose the &S. Sonoma ha?
been chartered.
F, Gi Butler, late of the local
branpb of the Royal Bjink, but now
of Chilliwack. paid a, short visit
here to-day.
Wben you wish to buy visiting
cards call oo, the Delta Times who
will sell the best money can buy.
If you need them printed, why you
are money in pocket by calling on
the Delta Timer. firHt.
The Grand Champion stallion,
���!Dianion& City," 8443^ Imp., has
arrived and is going 011 bis. route
from Pemberton frock Farm to
Elgin. Hft. bos a reatlv done tbe
round once ajid nl! the farmers nre
agreed as to bis Beauty unci the"
wise selection r_ude by Messrs.
Paterson, Montgomery and Davie,
Many men wbo had no intention ol
raising a harness colt, have secured
this horse's series upon seeing
biui, and we would strongly advise
our horse-breeding patrons to see
this horse at once and _$u a place
en his list as we understand Mr.
lueses Will stop him at the century.
Agents Wanted!��� 16x20 crayon
portraits 40 cents, frames. 1/5 cents
and up, sheet pictures one cent
each. Yotv can make 400 per cent
profit or f 36 per week. Catalogue
and Samples free. Frank W. Wil
14AMS Companv, 1208 W. Taylor
St., Chicago, IJl,
Rev. Principal Sipprell, D.D., of
Columbian College, entertained and
interested a large audience in tbe
Methodist Church here, last eveu-
ing, by taking them to. "The Suuny
South" and bringing them back
again, safe and sound. The lecturer bas a way of seeing things,
when he goes abroad, wbicb enables him to interest an. instruct
others upon bis return to his native
land. Everyone was well pleased
with their experience, last evening.
SEASON 1908.
W. H. Smith and Robt. Mav attended Masonic Lodge in Vancouver, Wednesday evening.
Mrs. J. MacKenzie and daughter. Mis-. Maggie, paid a short visit
to the Roval City, on Saturday last.
For Sale.
New House nn<! Lot on Bl mle\
street, or will tiuiie ior vancniw.
Real Estate
Anron��n*a (lti
iavoriBMi lit pro!
Cohvhiohtb 4e.
our opinion. fr���� ��r .uilie
n<r i���
ict, withoutolmtto, 111tM
ftitmit* t Mm
Sindtoffliii Uloitr��wl WMM7. Urewt oir.
Etm Botany totgatlllo Jonrau. Tt'oriim lor
piwli, f W5�� TOW, |MM_a���� p��l��l*   Sol it bt
_ a. f st. Wuhiui
Wanted Furnished House for the
summer months, in or 111 ur Ltidn .
P. 0. BOX. 21...
Lad tut
Tenders Wanted.
Tenth fa. will be  received
iclta   Mun cipul   Council
by th.
up   t I!
1 n  ol   S   nn av, April  nth, t> t
repluiikiiii ol Sunlitiry and Eft't
;ii \. rmrves
'  11 furtln t   particttlnrs apply to
t undersiBiied,
N   A   McriARMin,
i,uuiwr, Mnrch ;iOth, 1908.
ti��e Champion
Clydesdale Stallion
"Dean Swift,"
(Imp.) (5397) (12936),
The property of the Pemberton
Stock Farm, will travel the District
of Delta this season.
"Dean Swilt" is one of the most
perfect specimens of the modern
Clydesdale e*en imported into B. C.
He has all the landless lines of his
renowned stjre, "Tbe Dean," and
his grandsire, the famous "Royal
Gartly," sold as 3-year-old for 900
guineas. He has lots of size and
substance asd has proved himself a
certain Stock Horse and also a
most impressive sire, as may be
S'eii at the Pemberton, paddocks.
Breeders wishing to radge good
sound saleable stock, should see
this horse before sending mares to
Terms and stations in a latei
D. Montgomery,
Port Guichon.
for Spring Ckan-Up.
Pure and Vigorous Blood will keep
you in good health.
will give you
Good and Pure Blood
Send  50c for trial jji.oo package
(two months' treatment),
AG_tJ_T. Wantkd.
Wa.Hoo Remedy Co.,
Viyi ouver,  B.C-
A   Delta  Farmk  containing   i6os|
acres of first-class. Farmi
young  orchard; new  hou:
barn and stables.    For
apply to the owner
448 Sixth Ave. E., Mt Pleasant,
Vancouver, B.C.
j) Ut&TCI
Seed Barley*
We have on hand for sale a
quantity of First-Class Seed Barley,
guaranteed clean, a,od will pay for
grain grown from this seed, if harvested in good shape, clean and
suitable for malting purposes, $23
per ton. f.o.b. steamer.
Nanaimo, B.C.
Fred. S.  Whitesipb,  Secretary.
Farm for Sale.
(Estate ot tbe Late A. Gifchrist.)
Tenders will be received by the
undersigned up to April 15th. 1908,
for the purchase oi the following
described land, being the SE. \i
ofthe N.W. ){ of Section 12,111
Township 6��� New Westminster
j District,, containing 4 __ acres more
or less, excepting tbat portion occupied by barn and granary (about
ij�� acres) which Trustees wish 10
The highest or  any  tende* not
necessarily accepted.
For further particulars apply to,
the Executors.
W. N. Draper,
Room 1. Rll.rd Bieok. New Wtrtmiinwr.
For Stole.
Choice ^ed VVhent.
Apply to
lit TH* WOR-U).
$4.00 Fn twr.   Single Oopjf, 10 Ct$,
Sample Qopy Frke.
��l^��*o^��. ��W. %rt* ST.. SKWYogx,
I Mnoufncturer. of all kind, ot
!��� Soda Water, Ginger
I    Ale nnd Summer
I Drinks,
i       Your patronage solicited
�������� ���&--   ���S>s��^S-MJH<sS>fr,.^i.)fr . ^Ii. j| .1^1 i.ifr
Acclimatized Stock.
For the
Farm, Garden, Lawn or
Reliable Varieties at Reasonable
Prices. No Borers, No Scale.
No fumigation to damage stock.
No windy agents to annoy vou.
Buy direct and get Trees and St-jd*
that Grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray
Pumps, Spraying Material, Cui
Flowers, etc. Oldest establishe'
nursery on  the main .an,., ol  B., Q.
Cata'.OKwe free,
M. J. HENRY'S Nurseries,
Greenhouses and Seedhouses,
VANCOUVER,   -   B. C.
Mandolin **
Haying been requested, to. start a
Maudojii* Class, am now prepared, to do so. For tero*s, etc ,,
D.  0.   WEARE,
Care of Ms. J." VV. Lanning. '
ifondvHnr,, Strings, ��&>���,
Suoplied at City  ?jij(Ktb, THH DELTA TIMES TUESDAY, MA&CH jt, 190'
��� ���__���till -L 1
-llll   jl I M Ul   J.J-I-IL-
Tbe Making of a
Successful Husband
I herr Haa Been Frequent Alter-
tis.,1 io ibe Contrary, bat the Fact
Remains Thai he Best Place For
. Married M*. After Dfcrk U al
Home.        Jm        J*        J*       J.
ll'upyrlgut, 1905. by C. 8. Yost]
K.U! lOflX���I get tlie notion In
my lii-.-ii! from ii few random
remarks in your Inst two or
three letters that you nre put-
tiilfj in u (food d��al of your spare tii��i<>,
and |)0.. ilily some yon hnve no right to
. [.hiv. wlili tlio Iki.vh nt the club.
Now. John. I don't purpose to give
ynu H curtain lecture nu the evil, of
fljllw An ii fillip. they are pretty Rood
in. t'unions (if course thor* are clubs
mui s'liilis. lint -tliere ia ua doubt iu tn.v
iilli'id tlmi il'.'- properly conducted
mun"s clnti is ono of tlie necessities of
Hip pre..cut d;,.v iWo l�� "'e city. I below} to tbri'o of ti.ptn myself nnd know
their vnlue. Tbey m'e uot, ns gome people seem to believe, mere Humbling
(li.'iif or clrluUliiB places in disguise. In
nil really tirst class clubs gambling is
sti-letfy prohibited, npd intoxlcutlpg liquors mv no more in evl .o.teo than nt
any respectable imtoi. AH thi.. of
course, yo-.i know very well, nnd I
mention It .Imply to show yqti rlgSt at
the atari thnt I have no feolluii against
the club an tin Institution.
But. my I toy. uo mntter Jiotv mauy
cliiUtj life may belong lo nor how go:vj
There are clubs aad clubs,
they nre, tbey dou't alter tbe eternal
ftiot that the best place for n married
mini alter dark Is tit home. I'm not iu
favor of reviving the curfew law. uar
do I mean to sny that a mau should
never leave tbe bouse nt ulgbt. I drop
Into one of my clubs in tbe evening
ance or twice a week, and I am eutts-
lo4 tbnt tbis occasional association
ith my fellow  men noes me goo-.
��� it 1 don't leave bome more often tban
'i.it unless your mother goes witb me
lid when 1 go to the club I never stuy j
Not a Mere Transaction.
���1'heii you marrlodf Anna May you
S. timed, au obligHtiou somewhat broad-
- and more binding tban la involved
the employment of a housekeeper
Man's duty to bis wife Is not ended
'ii   be   merely   provides   ber   witb
l. clothing nud shelter.   Judging by
->ii_. tbere are a great mnny men In
. world who would disagree witli me
���li.it  point,  but tbey  are men ol
strained   vision   and   warped   heart*
hey keep their eyes focused on their
���selfish   nuibitluiis   or   pleasure*   until
;licit tieid of view is entirely tilled by
the reflection of their owu image.    Il's
, i use to argue wltb that klud of cat
il    nud I'm not going to try.  But thenar, a great many more meu wbo don't
klinw   ot   limit   thluk,  aud   I   reckon
yeu're one of them,    rioplng tbat you
are. I waut lo ti\\ to inject a few fact:'
into   yom   carcass   for   Ibe   lienelil   n
} mir wile iis well iih yourself.    It mil.1
ill) some good, anil it may uot.    At mi)
rate, it v. ill relieve my mind.
As I wns nlmtu to say when the tin!
ley slipped, your wife didn't marry you
fur your money
Vou didn't have
any lu tlie lirsi
place, but if yiP
hnd been worth
a million the in
soitiou wouldn[i
ply. She diiln'
marry you for i
home. Slie lef:
n better hotm
t ti n n you a I',
likely ever lo pro
vide for her. Sin
didn't marry ytn
0 get a lin.isi into society. S!i
n.irrh-.l yon lot yutli'self. nivl nil!,
u;; less lliiiu yourself will sntlsf
;:���!' Liie ii.a.Tle.i yuu to r,e, o bus
iitnif a eritnii-i'tiio-l. anil It is your pro*
���nci'. your loviu:. companionship, tlm���
she desire., above nit material consider
riniis This iiniie than anything elsi
she is flit-1 led to. and there is liotllin
i'lse so easy to give her: there is lutli
lng els., mi milch to your personal nd
How Would You Like It?
Try  ii  on  yourself and see bow it
-viii-itH    Siipp.ni- tlie conditions of the
sexes were reversed, as some humor
isls pn.liei    Suppose yon were lied up
all  day.  with  no  one  tu
it  Ihe servants or an or
hi     Suppose if your wilt-
to dinner at all slie bur
through f.ie meal nud rushes off to
'! Itlii ioivi-.s; ytut to spend til Seven
iig aline Uow do vou think yon
.v.ml:) enjoy an existence of that kind*
nul Imiv loti.u iln vou think you woul I
���ttliinlt tp It  without a protest, a pro
'���i-.t s-i' l': ilslc it would make the win
-ns rittOev   I think, just abint seven
lays lyonl ! lim n you.   No. by George.
Aot in hilior ,)i lhe
curlew Imv
'II   the   hwtij.
iii!!;  l.i   ,���_.���:���
cusiuii.il vi.;;
comes home
the rondltlous are not different! Neg I
ect is just as hurd ou n woutflti a* i<
i/oiiid be ou a man similarly placed I
And the daily desertion of a wife Is I
neglect pure and simple. It Isn't a u.ce |
ward to a man wbo imagines he is d i j
lug bis whole duty, but it's the oui,.
oue that will till Un- bill. How man. j
divorce cases have been caused by tn-g |
Icet of tliis kiud I don't know, but I'll \
bet my best horse It's more (hail 1ml. J
the total. j
What In the name of drover Cle\e j
land can you expect of a woman If yn-i
go gallivanting ur-mud every night and
leave her to ber own devices? While
you are out with the Ikj.vs having a
good time what do you suppose she la
doing? I can tell you. She Is trying
to read or to do a little fancy work and
getting mighty small satisfaction out
of the Job. Sho Is getting up every ten
minutes and going to the window to
look for you she is wondering why
yon dou't come aud filling her liraln
with Imaginary
happenings. If
you nre long
delayed. she
see; ynu man.
gli'd by a ear,
knocked down
by an automobile or held up
by footpads. If
she is of n jealous disposition.
her thoughts
take another
turn, nud, un
matter bow innocent tbe
cause of your
absence may be.
you must remember sbe htl . n .tiling to do but think.
Pmlersuch circumstances tbe brain has
a queer way of calling up unwelcome
and it .pleasant pictures. Night nfter
night of this will turn the most ardent
In in into indifference. It will dry up
the heart anil sour the blood of tho
most long sneering wonian on earth,
and then tlie fool ninn wonders what
has changed Ids wife and of course
illumes bor. He thinks It all over nnd
says to himself that he has given her
everything In the world she has asked
for or could want. lie has been a true,
kind and faithful husband, and her
conduct is therefore Inexcusable. Ilu
forgets that he lias denied her that
willed slie considers of far greater Importance than nil tho rest, tbat which
slie desires far more than due cloth
mg   his companionship
Heix'E sn Example.
'1 here wus Jimmy Rogers, u niemhc:
of one of my clubs, as Rue a fellow n -
.ver walked the streets, every inch :
(nun, generous fo a fault, straight as :���
'outride, a stanch friend and ona o
"he host story tellers I ever heard lb
.vas devoted to his wife, but he wa
in Inveterate i-!ii!iniuu lie neve
tretliilPil lie win neglecting her foi
ike mini,, v. onieii sin- endured l-i si
ence, been tne a ci nflrmlMl uiisiin. li.on
She In vsondcrltuj why
von tlnii'l come
nud nnaily died of nervous prostration,
the victim of her own imagining-*. After a loug time
Jimmy fell lu
love again, this
lime with a wo
man who snid
things aud who
knew bis flrst
wife. When be
proposed, slie
gave him snine
I u fo r in a tiou
about his past
life thut astonished and [i.lined hltn.   She ac- She gave him tome in-
cepted bim, but formation,
upon the express condition thut h
F[ .-ml at least half of bis evenings
nt lionie. Jimmy hat. kept the agree
u'ent and inure, lie doesn't come t-.
the cluh mure than half it dozen time
a month, nnd lie goes home early. Hi.
wife Is one of the happiest women I
know. anJ Jimmy says lie never reall.
knew how much good tliere was in lit,
until lie li-iiriied lo live at home.
Not Always Cite.
Vmi see. Jiiliii. nature hus plitnm.l :
jtis-t thnl wny. The higheof state o
happiness is possible only In the pe:
feci i-mui-itihm. hip of man and wife
It is only '-'lien thej live wholly I'o
each oilier thai liii.-y become truly one
as the gimd Lord designed it. Two pei
son.! ef opposite s.-x who live togetbe
by anli'i .tity nf the law and tlie eh lire'
who ni-e iil-Viiy nt loggerheads nil
whn see as little nf ein-h other as the
can without causing comment from th>
neighbors are nol !in .ban 1 and wife i:
the trtip sense. TIn-.v ar" not one. hi;
verv positively an I .lst!uctl,(' two; at:
fn.|ueiill.v make ::; much fuss as (nil
a do. el)    ii lx:i'l always the man wh
He teas QcUlltt] mi-ihly close lo Ua. limn
imj n'J place
Is at fault, not hy u tlorn-sight   I don'
claim   that all   womeu  are  angels     I
don't   claim   that   any   of   them   un
They're  Just   women,   thank   heave;.
and   they   have   tbeir   failings,   souit'
more, some less.    But   I   urn  address
ing   this   letter   to   you   as   man   t<
man.    I  don't pretend  lo say  what :
woman should do    V\'ht I waut Is t
spp ynu dn wlml yon ovtllt  fo do l
bring hnp|i!iiess to your  li iint-    Tit.-
To make fortunes out
of the I .lure you m let
put Minethlng into tbe
preaent     ....
bounded 1892
Incorporated 1893
Provides * Christian Home for Students of both
sexes at moderate rates. Has a preparatory class for
.junior students tak'ng Public School work. Does High
School Vork and prepares for Provincial Teachers' Exam-
Hatious; Teaches all branches of a Practical Business
I ourse nnd confers Diplomas.     Imparts a Liberal Educa-
;on in its  Collegiate Course, and in the Ladies' Course
for M. K. L., and M, L. A.    In Theology confers the de-
". ree -.f H.D.   In University work can take students though
the complete Arts Course for the B,A. degree of Toronto
"n r rs'y, n>itb which the College is in full affiliation.    In
c'icpcf teaches fie First Year of Toronto School of Science, and ha* �� Special Engineering Course adapted to
tactical F.ng:neerTig vork ti tliis Province, in Music, a
complete course in theory, voice culture, and piano and
Wijan, in conjunction with the Toronto college of music.
Special instruction in art and elocution, while all students
are required to take physical training with al} the priv-
tteges of e well e^'ipped gymmwitun.
Agents Wanted
To   Sell   Securities. Oold-Copperj Piy
FOB  SALE Fruit Laud* ��ud Blf Dividend*   all
��� Cheap       Hornet, over clrUlih
City I.ota, Farina aud Suburban ���      .       .       Columbia
Acreage, &c,
Containing orer too Views.   Peat paid ��jc., Stamps.
Richest Province in the bntish Empire.
Ncthlng klsfced, Nothing Oalned.        Nothing Vcaturcd, Nothing Won.
Splendid Opportunity to Invest.
The Richest Men in the World are investing in B. C. Copper-
Gold and Silv.r Mines.     Why can't you begin uow?
The Greatest del .s._opp<�� Dlscivery el th* Ag* 1* la B.CJ
M FIB Ml NTO 6010 MINES. Lit).  fitfK&M
���vary Dollar SubKrlbad aw4 la Dev*lopanat el Mia*
Special Offer���.20c per S tare, will shortly advance to $1.00
Mines directly west of Le Roi and Le Roi No. 2. shares
sold from 5 cents to $100.00; and Consolidated Mining and
Smelting Co. oi Canada, Ltd., shares $150.00 each; the Giant
California, adjoining our own, shares about $110.00; Granby
Mine pain over $3,000,000 Dividends per year; Gold-copper
mines in British Columbia paid Large Dividends. Big Four
assays trom $5 to $800 in gold, copper, silver, with 32 per
cent, in the Treasury,    Invest now and you wont regret it.
��� Note���Most of these mines sold for a few cent* once, bu
over-capitalized even now, pay big dividends. Big Four is on
the railway, near smellers.
Rossland Mines received Highest Awards tor richest gold-
copper ore sent to St. Louis Exposition. Rig Four had Best
Display nt Dominion Fair, New Westminster, B.C.
No less than 100 shares fold, All Cash. Above this shates
enn be had on insta ment plan, or yearly contract, 15 per cf nt.
ensh, balnnce month'y.
Nearly Two Hlles of Railway on Property,
Company !ma no debts nr liabilities.   Send for tllustrat-d PfoipectUS and Hook*
let, "Vtluin. U.i-to-nate," to Secret try, with .. cents in stamps.
P.O. Box 174, ?--������.��.��vo~, B. O.  Oanirfa.
The Delta Times
If yon fn!! it won't he .vmir fault b"1 \
nave uevpr kuown it to full where 'in-
jietlioils I have ontlilied to you Utive
beeu cou.sL.t'ntiotisly anil lovtugly tr it-it
i claim no credit lor tlu-m They hilvi
'mu'u in use for nm-s, anil what I liave
saiil to you mIou- this line is but the
sum of the experience of iiuiu. men
past unit present, antl which. boileU
down, is simply the practice of the
Golden Rule nt home, where ft Is most
needed nnd where it doe�� tile most
good. J
Tliere is no flm-r sljrht In the wo-ld |
thun that pi-Meuted by a uian nml wile
who, living ulwuys for eaeh other, at |
tain that condition of perfect unity |
which ia the Ideal married state. I hey
arc one, ln fact, and you uu doubt have
noticed the physical resemblance winch
often comes to such couples iu ine
course of years. Mr. and Mrs Harper,
over ou Beuton street, nre a splendid
example. When 1 lirist knew Hick liar
per, forty years njai. he was a hanim
seam 111 boy who was sowing his oats
with a steam drill tic was Just about
as wild its Ihey lUrtke 'em nud was
j;eltliis mighty close to the jumping oil
place when lie met Mollii- Price. He
mu tried her, and she made a man ot
hliu. That wus thirty live years a;.o
nnd they are still spoouing When they
were tied up he was about as far removed from her iu facial appearance
ns it is possible to be. yet today an
absolute stranger can at once see the
No Place Like Home.
But. getting buck to clubs for a moment before 1 have to wind the clock
what Is there in club life to compare
with the comforts and pleasures of an
evening at home���your dressing gown
nnd slippers, your easy chair, a good
cigar aud your wife by your side to
talk to, to read to or Just to lie there
pass .so ��s.e     I
|PL_-S Tl1f   .0Rltil
not give an*i saiisra; 'jry sunsutute ft if
nil.. The one i un artificial instiiu-
tlou: the other is divine.
Sti I as I cold before. I would not
liii'. 11 you give u;i your club If yon cau
afford the expen-c (Jet out with the
boys oiu-o in awhile, it won't do you
nuy harm, If von mine home sober and
linancially wll lie. But make the club
ihe occasiiiii.il diversion. Reserve thu
great majority of your evenings for
All mi May. v. .1.1 is worth more to you
than nl! tlie C-tlGs lo Christendom, tliau
all (he friends y-ut can make tlien-l.'i.
-taucil and vultui le however l!:cy mil?
be. Spend your evenings with her.
Have your friends III occasionally In an
informal \v_y Visit them In tlie samo
way���with your wife (Jo to tlie theater or other p!;....s ol amusement��� with
your wife, t.'o r:i church on Sunday���
with your wife. Mlike her the sharer
of your ple.'isiiiv.. ihe partner of your
joys, nud you ran lift y .ur life yon can
depend ttputi hor sharing your troubles,
whatever they  n, y  bo    Stand  by her
Uow; your Jricinln tn occasionally in nn
informal way.
lo give you the joy of her presence,
or, 11:0re indolent, to listen to her chut-
lur uhout 11 hundred things that may
unt liiterest you lu detail, but are wou-
dill-full)' eiilerlalulng In the abstract,
because It ls slie who Is telling them;
to let her read to you while you people
-.he blue smoke with the charming creatures of the story until the delicious
monotone fades Into a thin Hue of
sound without meaning and you wak*
���.���ith it start to liud her arms around
'.our neck nnd saying, "KIbs me, John;
It's time to no to, bed?"   The club eun-
- *"-'-"i '-.iixp-xjaae.
Holy'fCommunion���ist and 3rd
Sundays at 8:30 a.m.; 2nd and 4th
Sundays at 11 a.m.
Matins, 11 o'clock.
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday School at 10 a.m.
Friday evening, Litany at 7:30.
Rev. E. R. Bartlett. M.A., Vicar
Services first and third Sunday ol"
each month at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday school at 3 p.m.
Low .Mass and Holy Communion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Re.-.Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
Sen ices next Lord's Dsy at 11
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, after the morning
service every Sunday.
Sabbath School at 3 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting even-
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev. J. F. Betts, pastor.
Services next Lord's Dav al 11
.m. and 7.10 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 am Mid*
week meeting on Friday evening
st 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. J. H. White, M.A.
"abbath  services ��� Crescent T��-
nnd, 3 pm.; Lnr'ner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday Sc     i ��i 10:3 ' a- "*.
Praver  meetini   rn Thursday a
Rev, A. H, Huntley,- pastor.
mm   f,'. 1;
Air ..."
Be very f.aretnl at, an Omits on the hack
0' your tuck
as your other self, tttid slie will Stand
hy you. 'ihe chances are teu to out- -.lie
will stand l.y yon ifuywny. Thai Is "'o-
man's charactcii-iic. even when her
loyalty is Ic-isi deserved, liut that
doesn't relieve ymi from tlie obngati >u
of devoted loyali.i to her. On Un- eon.
li-ary. it in.re.i ies that oliligiiOon.
Make her ha|i,'iiiiesR the chief aim of
your life, anil you wlll find it rertpt-ft.
cal and mure, fur what you give will
be returned to you wilh 11 substantial
profit milled.
And now. my boy, I huve said
enough, mid. besides. I am tired. Wltto
love to Anna .Mny, as well us nnfuiii.ig
affection for yourself, I ind you nuaa
night.   Yours as e>er,
P. S.���Mother says to bt* very cartful nbout drafts ou the back of y��ur
neck. J. H
Coming to tha Point.
Future Kiiilier-lu law-1 am sorry M
inform you Unit my daughter wlll at*
receive her fortune uutil nfter mf
Kuture   Soulnlnw-Wetl.   aud
old are you now? -ftluipliclsslmus.
Two Quai-ias.
Hlm���Why Is It that a w<wan neves'
menns half she says?
Her���Why Is It that a man neve*- sayS
half he means?���(Til ,a*o Sew*
��� (.��-��
So Better llmm Far HU Baalaa
B*   I'OBBd.
"There's the best oollector In Detroit,"
and tbe head of the firm indicated tbe man
ou whom this praiso hut been bestow ad.
"He doesn't look H."
"j\o.iior anything Ilka lt, yet I bellav*
that his appearance is about 90 pur cant ot
bis stock in trade Just size him up. Did
you over see a more ingenuous facet Ha
got his job just as be gets mono; fr--'��
debtors that are bad pay. He came right
tome and asked for employment. 1 told
blm we were not in need of uny one and
followed the usual form ln telling hlm to
���all again. He took tha Invitation literal
ly, walked around the block and dropped
In to moke another application. 'You told
m* to call again,' ha said. 'Want a good
man?' I did the usual thing once more*
carelessly asking hliu to call again Another trip around the block, and be put la
bis third appearanco, once more Informing
ine that be was a good man lu search of a
Job. I tried him, qpd ht prored a font
time winner.
"Then lt struok me tbat ba wonld niakt
a collector if he carried his persistency Into his work, and be has proved ��� wood at.
He bas realised on old account! that wa
had given up as hopeless long ago, simply
wearing debtors down to whara they would
rather pay tban be bothered any furthat.
Ono sharp rascal who makes so pratansa
of paying his debts told our pbsnomanoa
that he would hava to get up vary early la
tbe morning to get anything out of hint.
Our man was at that fellow's house at
S:3ua. ui., routed him'out and actually
got tho money, He never tints and never
lets go Another maddened debtor told
him to sing for his money, and 'Old Reliable' simply took a stool In the ofttoe aud
sawed awny on 'Old Qrlmas Is Dead' till
he got the c.i.sh. He's un odd stlok, hut
he's a world beater. "���Detroit free Pttom.
Australian Bulls.
1 bave met with some bulls made hy
Australians. I heard a clergyman make
this remark at a publio meeting wbich
Hits disappointingly suin.l: T am sorry to
see r,o many absent friends here."
A state school teacher at Queensc .iff, la
Victoria, hud a nolo from tha wOther of
one of bis pupils requesting blm not to
Hog her boy, thus: "You are not to wi im,
my hoy, or he will drop down &oad at
your door, the some as he did tt Uru.
Another* being told tbat So-and ��o wat
buried in a stone cultin, said "thAt was
very sensible, as it would last bias a Ufa-
time."���-London TelcarnsU.
S-Mmpboak Paste.
A fine paste for soraphooks oaa bt aadt
item alum water and flour, IH tsasyta-
Iuis of powdered alum dissolved la anaugJk
told water to make a pint of pasta. Veto
the water, when tbe slum Is dissolved, M
anough flour to thicken lt at stiff at common paste. Bring lt to a boll, stir all tha
tinis, and wben done add a few drops et
s'l of cloves. Thu alum prevents (tf��
��ie..tatlu. , and tbe oil of olovas pfttwtil
ts lestroyfc V*l vegetable moid.
Vf i t; ��vm
CH 37, ?so*
J .Oft^s KfiWB. I
W. J. Brandt ifh returned  home,
..li -I���i_L
Percy Smith returned here on_j
Saturday, last.
Mrs. Ifc Jj. Kirkland visited tho.
$Qjal City, last week. |
Haroljl��Bstt��,ot Columbian  College, cam? dqyirn, Sativrday. and re-_
turned again to-day.
Guaranteed upon absolutely safe security���first
mortgages on substantial city properties SEVEN, and
Ki.QHT Per Gent. Guaranteed,, free of all charges,.
upon sums ranging from Five. Hufljdr .jd Dollars up..
White, Shiles & <��;
$Tew Westminster, B��!..
Miss Foster, spent Sunday in the
-}oyal City, tfie g%at ei ber aunt,
Mrs. D. A.. Qanjeron.
Mrs. W- K> Smith returned
home, yesterday, from a.. visitt to,
fiends it. t)ie Rpy_\J Citj;,
Agencies Represented-
Hartford Vire Insurance Co. Ius��r. nM Q���,, of North America
WyeiiU Insurance Co, ol Iliooklyu    The Ocnn  Acoidtnt & Guarantee Corjier.-.
ConMcllciU Fire lusura .q..eo. tion, I.td��� of Loadon, Kng.
Imperial Trust Co.. Ltd.   Vancouver. B.C.
^��a���a!W��.��.j_j��iiii  ��� i'i-H--mmM_M-��mg-���w^���1���������wne
ll-ilil 11.
10t6 Westminster Avenue
Vancouver. B.C..
Mrs. R. C. Harker returned
-)��me, last, -vee!$. from a visit tq
^er home, W ..but, Wa^t,,
W. Siddalfe rettyrned. home, on
Thursday laat, from, ap extended
flip throw I* pastern Qana^a.
The S.S. Sonoma, leaves. Ladner
tf. 1:30 a.m. asu_ 3:30,p.m.; return*
ipt, leaves Stevens, at, 9:3a, a.m.
The Ladies' Ml of the Methodist
Chnrpl^will weet at the home of
Mrs. Jas. Follis on Thursday after-
lae-i, at^ootlod^
John Seym��uti Taylor, Arnold
Seymour Tajsjpr and Ralph Ward
are down frot�� the North, ha\ung
9pent the winter on tiie G. T. P.
fturyey. They left, yesterday,, ior
Qrahara Island to locate land for
The Xholcest of the Chofce
When^o/U, buy
Royal Standard Flour
you secure flour sailjed from the cream of the
season's crop. Our buyers select only perfectly
matured western hard wheat, Th-jy buy it right
qq the ground, where it fe grown..
0-4T Milling Plant is the most modern on
Ijfcft Coutrnpntc and twns oat flour worthy of the
wheat from which it is milled.
Try a s*ek and w% gain, a lSteieia_i.
Sold by W.. H. SMITH..
Vawauver Milling & Grain Co., Ltd.,
lust Received
'.'Two   Cats    Cyphers,   Incubators,,
One    Cax    Swift's,   Beef   S:raps,.
To notify the people of Ladaer and sur*
rounding cli. triet that we are now in a
position to ; fier Vancouver Island
Portland  Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate! building'
tf. put in concrete foundations %t about th&
sama oost as piling QP Qther inferior
Write fee Prices.
B. O.
 JJU- _..' .! ���!_-. Llll, _!
The boxs.haye all kinds of nice
things to say about Q, W. Brewster
for the very obliging, way he accommodated tbem, on Friday last,
and no doubt the Sonoma will
toon become th? most popular; boat
Hpon the riv^c.
We are. pleaded to, hear tbat
falter If^n-is. (IJob), sou ot, Mr.
^nd Mrs. F. W. Harris, has just
qtceived wptd from Ottawa to the
eject that, he passed his examination for 2nd Engineer and tbat he
jpnlc* fyst on the list ior promotion
totbat p0.si.i9w.
J. Grauer was awarded, last
^eek, the sun* of $9,000. as conj-
^matjo(> for* iiyuries receded in
^he .collision, sptae months, agq, on
the Stevessel, branch of the B. C:
Iffectrje Rat .way. Mr. Grauer intends paying a visit to his Bound-
%jy Bay ranch in the..n $ar t^ttye.
LADNER,     -     -     B. C.
Tenders Wanted.
Teqdersswitl be received by the
Delta Municipal Council up till
noon cf Saturday,, April i-Uh,. for
clearing.the Mackie road.
For. further, particulars, apply to
8.  tw. MqDIAJ-MID,
Ladner, March 18th. 190&..
Stewart Mnirhead, Secretary ofi
the Western Sabbath School Association, will address a public meeting in the Baptist Church, to-morrow evening, a\ 8. o'clock. This
_^jj5Q��ia.4ci_. represents. a<Ui Kvan-.
��jeli<?al. c^UTfhP3^ The ApsQpia.
tlon wilt meet in the Queen's Av-
tinuf Mefhodist C.lyirph, Vftept iRiti.
ster, on 'Rhur* day and Friday, 2nd
and 3td Ajp^ljj ^}au, Calvert is
the delegate*, elected tp rcpresenlii
the Methodist Sqpday schooli trovor,
r.ys^.- ���r
Theife?tet��. good congrectktions.
%t both th$ services in the Methodist Cliurch here on Sunday t^st,
as well as>,.-4 Kast Delta, tq enjoy,
the eloquspj anvtiiftt����se_y interest-.
ins sew*'**. 0^ ^e^' $*> S��PBfellj
Who wasispjreachi _�� in the interest
at the mission woth of. the Meth-i
Odist Chorch. Th*. ajirmwia wjere
��t a��Tcry high order ami* were listened tQ, ^��tb rapfe attention
Ibroughout. The miaafoaar* con.
tfibutions of the circuit' for. this
MfiWf will exceed those of preyaqu?.
^ Vo the undersigned, and endorsed "Tendv for heating Post
'Office, VajiQouver. B,Q;,"' will be
.received ati this office until Saturday, April 2,5, 1908., inclusively,
for the- construction of; a. H��ating
System.for, tbe Public;, Building at
Vancouver, BG,
Claris and' specifications can be
seen and forms of tender obtained
on application at this Deparfriient,
from Mr- W. Hpnderson, Superintending Ajchitecti Victoria,. B. C,
and frova MrK Charles Tossell,
Clerk of Works, Vancouver*. 1A.C.
Persons tentteriag avp notified
th^ti tenders will not be considered
unless. mad�� on the printed form
supplied, and sigued with their
actual signatures.
Each tender-must be accompani:
ed b* ?.iv accepted cheque on a
chartered bank, made payable to
the order of the Honoeeblo.- tht
Minister of Public Works, equal to
teu per ecjiiti (io.p_c.) of the amount
of the tender, wbich will be forfeited if the person tendering decline to
enter into a contract wheu called
upou to do so. or if be tail to complete the work contracted for. If
the tender be not acce-pted the
cheque will be retuvflpd.
The- Department, dpos not bind
itselfttp accept the lowetit or any
B> ordet\.
Department ��.f Public W.orjcs,
0����(i-*, Ma'rctj, ifl, 11,08.
Newspapers will not be paid for
this advertisement if they insert it
without authority Itom the Department..
Clean Seed grows
Clean Crops
Advance fanning Mills Can't Bc Beat
Come and see wt line of ftirbanks-
I   ltorse BOBT MOTORS, I, 1 I 3
Cylinder 2 Cycle.
tGueronJced in Every Way.)
Cut Glass,
Watokm aad
All Kinds of Jewellery*
New Stook,
Call and See Them*
Jl. Clausen,
Horse Goods*
Of e\>ery description caa be
found here. There^s a��* a
thing missing which ought,
to b<i- in it. Everything;
needed in st.ible, barn and
h.irness room incluid-Ki. Er*
ery auti.c!e hsis been gathered
vith greati ca.re^ and you. will
not hav* a chanee to. cora.^
plain about their qualityv
B. C. Leather Co., Ltd.
1*2 Hastings Street, Vancouver, B. C.
Are you raising Early Chicks ?
They arc the Ones That Pay
Purehe^I Eggs foe Watching *
^iflT Orpingtons BIskjIc OBpingtona
Whit��i Minoroa3
Plynaotith Hocks,       Spangltid ifembttrga
$1^0 per Setting of 13 Eggs.
Commission Agents,
General ��wJors & Machinists.
Estate oi
General ncrchant,
Phone 5,   -   Port Guichon
Produce Stored and
To Rll B. C


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