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The Delta Times Dec 17, 1907

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Array ro
A   Full    Lvne   of    New
Fruits    and    Peels    for
Puddings     and     Cakes
now  on   hand.
Ottawa Letter.
Hardwat e
Cooking    Stoves    and
Ranges, Heating Stoves
for Coal or Wood.
Delta Council.
We are showing the
largest antl best assorted stock ever carried
Fall Underwear, Fall
Suits & Overcoats, Gloves,
Ties, Shirts,ColIars, Boots
& Shoes. Everything
jou want.
Oar Pi
stre Lower
Than the Cities.
Marshall Smith & Co., Ltd.
At the annual meeting; of LO-L-
No. i6u, tbe following officers
were elected for the ensuing year:
Past Master, Jas, Kelly.
Worshipful .Master, J. Rogersan.
Deputy Master, Alan Calvert,
Chaplain, Jas. Brodie.
' Rec. Sec., W. H. Smith.  !
Fin. Sec., Jas. Kelly.
Treas., T. Todd.
Director of Ceremonies, Hugh
First Lecturer, Wm. Bath,
Second Lecturer. Wm, Stokes.
Committee���Jas. Follis, J. P,
Follis, P. Clark, R. Stok��s, H. J,
Jas. Salami, a Greek .fisherman,
was up before the court, yesterday,
on the charge of trespassing on
tlie Dease Island cannery property.
Accused was given until Satu'rday
uext to remove his belongings.
To-morrow and   Thursday  Mr.
Rich   will   conduct   three auctiou
Ottawa, Dec. io.���Parliament is
in session, and the debate on the
address in reply to the speech from
the throne has been provocative ot
results, some of them expected and
pleasant to the Liberals and some
of them unexpected and disagreeable io the Tories.
Total Trade of Canada.
Mr. R. R. Hall, M. P., Peterborough, tneved the address and it
was his proud privilige to give tbe
House some very interesting facts
and figures. Mr. Hall in a comprehensive, lucid and painstaking
effort; produced for the consideration of the House figures showing
how the country has progressed
since 1896. He enumerated figures
wbich showed that the total trade
of Canada in 1896 was $239,025,360
an increase in eighteen years under
Conservative rule of only $66,619,
906. He compared these figures
with the returns np to 30th June,
1907, which showed that the total
trade for the preceding year amounted to $617,964,952, or an increase in
eleven yenrs of Liberal r��le of $376,
Trade with Great Britain.
With respect to British trade, the
increase during the last eighteen
r r. .1 1 _��� c    company
years of Conservative rule was $16. !���,__,_ J,
297,311, Whereas the increase
from 1896 to 1907; during eleveu
years of Liberal rule, was $117,319,
460. Mr. Hall pointed out that
the increase in ttade was still in
progress, ior the tour months ending Oct 31, 1907, compared to the
corresponding four months ot 1906,
showed an increase of $31,396,307.
Trade  With Mexico.
Mr. Hall alluded to our trade
with Mexico which had developed
since 1896 from $37,876 to $1,137,-
734 in 1907. This Mexican trade
may be credited to the action of the
present government in encouraging
steamship service between the two
countries, for trade with Mexico
ha.1? expanded from $174,593 in
1905 to $1,137,784 in 1907. That
is, it is six times greater than it
was two years ago.
Immense Cheese Exports.
The exports of Canadian cheese
to Great Britain in 1896 amounted
to $25,000,000, nearly three times
as much as the exports from Holland and the United States com-
binsd. Mr. Hall gave proper credit
to the Agricultural Department for
its fostering care ot perishable
goods during transportation, in the
way of cold storage.
Increase in Railway Mileage.
Speaking of the increase iu railway mileage, Mr. Hall drew a comparison between the 16,270 miles
operated in 1896 and the 21,353
miles operated last year. The
freight carried in 1906 was 33,000,-
000 tons in excess of that carried in
S. S. 3t Home.
The Delta Council met in the The members of All Saints' Sun-
Council Chamber on Saturday, dav school entertained their friends,
Dec. 14th, at 2 p.m., with the. en Wednesday evening last, in the
Reeve, H. M. Vasey, in the cKair, j Town Hall, at an
and Couns. Gibbie, Davie. Gilchrist
Paterson and Dennis present.
Minutes of previous meeting
were adopted as read.
From Tupper & Griffin re V. V.
& E. expropriation for more
land needed in building the diverted highway, recommending that
the Council gazette the portions of
land required by the company.
Considerable discussion took
place as to the condition of the diverted road. An agreement which
had been drawn up by the company's solicitor, was read. The
company therein agrees to build
said road 18 feet wide and to renew
at the end of three years, the bulkhead, piling and sills of the bridge
over ravine at the north end, and
to protect the municipality against
all claims for damages entered by
settlers interested.
Tbe Reeve said he was in favor
of gazetting these portions of land
and signing the agre ment with the
since G. E. Martin had
filed a claim for $10,000 damages
against the Council. This, he said,
was the only way to protect the
municipality, aud the individual
settler would receive lair treatment
through the Council.
Coun. Gibbie was opposed to
gazetting these portions of land but
rather tbat the matter should go
before the Railway Commission, in
face ot the lact that the municipal
solicitor advised the gazette.
Communication re eived and filed
From   W.  J.   Bowser, Attorney
General,  stating that  the Council
have tull power to appoint any J. P.
as police magistrate.
From W. E. Curtis, asking for a
sidewalk on Challuckthan street.
On motion it was decided to build a
crossing tor the preset.
The River Highway By-law,
passed its first and second readings.
On the Ward By-law, 1907, being introduced for its second reading, Coun. Gilchrist spoke at some
length against it, saying that it
was a clear case of graft and the
worst piece of gerrymandering he
ever heard of. He did not see why
Ward III should be saddled with
the expense of maintaining tbe
River portion of Ward V just because East Delta was afraid that
they would not be able to elect a
Coun. Dennis said he had no
object in view other than that he
considered it to be lor the benefit of
Ward V.
Coun. Gibbie said it would be
very foolish for the settleip along
the river to think  that they could
At Home. There
I was   quite  a  lnrge attendance, tlie
' hall being comfortably filled. Quite
|a   lengthy   programme   had  been
prepared  for   the   occasion  which
I was   well   rendered   and  reflected
i great credit  upnn  those  who hud
charge of the arrangements as well
as upon those who  took  an active
part in  carrying  it out.    The well
known  handiwork  of Mrs. W. L.
McBride and H. J. Cresswell were
very   noticeable   in    the   staging.
During   the   evening  a  collection
was taken up by some of the young
ladies of the school  wbich  ran up
to tbe sum of $30 and over���a nice
assistance toward  the Xmas tree,
which is to come off on the 2nd of
January  next.     Following is the
Speech by the chairman	
 Leonard McBride
Speech Geo. Clark
Operetta ��� '"Froggy   Would   a-
Cat, Arthur McBride; Kittens,
G. Clark, Russell Ladnei; Roly-
poly, Robt. Bartlett; Gamon,
Kathleen McBride; Spinach,
Maxwell Ladner; Rat, Murief
Hutcherson; Mouse, Flora Livingstone; Froggy, Evelyn Lord;
Duck, Viola Richardson.
Piano duet ;	
Laura and Winnifred Hutcherson
Dialogue���"Tom's T��ke" 	
Tom, Eric Taylor; Aunt Emma.
Winnifred Hutcherson; Mary.
Beatrice Smith.
Recitation Arthur McBride
S��ng Florence Lord
part n.
Shadow Show���"Ten Little Nigger Boys" The School
Song G. Devereaux, F. Lord
Recitation Rachel Telford
Song...Eileen &. Kathleen McBride
Piane Duet	
G. Devereaux & L Hutcherson
Motion Song..Evelyn Lord, Winnifred Hutcherson, Eileen McBride
Dialogue ��� "Poor Work Don't
Pay"..Lynn, E. Hutcherson; Ben,
Leon Harris; Marion, Florence
Lord; Mabel, Laura Hutcheison
Lily drill Sixteen Girls
God Save the King.
The Vicar, Rev. E. R. Bartlett,
made a short speech, before the programme came to a close, in which
he said the parents ot the children
attending the school have very
much to thank the superintendent,
A. DeR. Taylor, for, and he also
wished to draw attention to the
fact that the programme was carri
ed out entirely by the scholars.
The lilies used in the drill were
very skilfully made by Mrs. W. L.
1896, and 13,000,000 more passen-
sales when some of the finest I gers were carried in 1906 than in
stock���both horses and cattle���to 1896. In addition to this ihere
be found on the   Pacific coast   wili, were 3,000,000 tons more carried in
be disposed of.    It is not necessary j
for us to do more than to draw vonr j
Remember the ploughing m*tch.
Nominations for councillors will
take place on January 13th, and
election on January j8ih next,
BRAN, SHORTS, Whole Corn,
Cracked Corn, Rice Meal, Chit
Rice, Chick Feed, Timothy and
Clover Seeds may be obtained at
Brackman-Ker Milling Co.'s
warehouses, Ladner,  from   MR,
H. N. RICH, Local Agent,
atteution to the advts. on the 4th
page, where you will be made acquainted with the various anin als
to be sold and, with fine weather
prevailing, a large number should
turn out to them.
Have you got a Savings Bank
Account in the Royal Bank of Canada? If not, you should open or.e
as soqiv as possible. Deposits of
$Rt $&$ ��ipr<ceivedt
the canals of Canada last year than
in 1896.
Alluding to trade with France,
Mr. Hall said it was to the credit of
the Minister of Finance and the
Minister of Marine and Fisheries
that tbe barriers that have so long
stood iu the way between France
and Canada have now been removed. This was a reference to the
new treaty with France just concluded.
Methodist    Sunday   fdiool   tea
party, Friday upxt, at 5 o'clock.
put in a councillor who would be
able to spend $2,000 a year on the
River road alone. He had voted
for the by-law because he thought
it would be a beuefit to the whole
Coun, Paterson thought the time
had not arrived ior this change and
that, probably, the ward system
might be abolishe 1 altogether in a
few years hence.
The by-law was defeated.
On motion the Clerk was authorized to make the assessment tor the
cleaning out of the Gowdy road
On motion, J. B. Burr, J.P., was
appointed police magistrate
have box at Port Guichon repaired.
On motion, the Clerk was appointed Returning Officei at the
coming municipal election
The following accounts were ordered paid: Sing Lee, $3 .0; Nora
Lee, $3 30; Joe No. 2, $3; .Sum,
$32; Geo. Ormiston, $75; J. Scop-
inich, $43.75; T. Todd, $16.25; H.
Marchant, $60; J. Collinson,
$28.50; W. A. Gillev, $5; W. N.
Draper, $38.50; Robt Mackie,
$49.97; Marshall Smith & Co,,
$2.35; Jervis Inlet Lumber Co.,
$121.45; F. Oliver, $12; H. N
Rich, $11.65; T. R. Paterson, $8;
Tupper & Griffin, $253.30; S W.
Fisher, 90c; N. A. McDiarmid, $75;
Mrs. Fenton, $20; Hopcott Bros.,
$30; Hornby & Kelly, $2785;
Delta Times. $12.70; W. A. Kirkland, $26 75;
Council adjourned till Saturday
Coun. Gibbie was authorized to next, aist inst., at t p.m. THE DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 17. 190?,
^tlE p.^T* TfUVlES,
$W$g$)?   KVBRY T_JJSS?,-.Y.
^yqpcRiPljioN, 91.00 per yt��,c_
CmmI AdTcrtlscmcoU, ip eeats per line for
���Mr ant iasstttan, an. SVenVe per line lor each
���nbtequeut insertion. The - number ot lines
Itckone . by thc apace occupied, ia lines to the
Itch. ���'���' - 1*.  1- *
Rttding notices u cents per line for each in-.
Birth ��nd,Oe��tj_ nonces, Joe., Marrisges>i.oo._
Any special notice, the object ot which is to
prMtteMlV-jSecuniary benefit of anV Bidividunl
tr curapayy, tb be1 considered an advertisement
and charted arfeWdtngly.; '
All advertiaetaenta charged for aatU ordered
oeftand1i>��id ftf.      "       -W '
Ctrretppn deuce Invited on matters ot public
interest.   Comui .nicjtltnl. ft'editpr must be ac.
cmspanied hy naiu*',w;'iMtfs'1 not necessarily
"tf publication, but ai'evidSite of1 good SitH.
irresptudeace s_Wt reach this ofllft by Thurs.
j evening. '    '
R,   MA^UfX.
TUBSDAY,   DECEMBER    17,   1907.
H, D. Benson's name ^.been
mentioned as a probable candidate
tftiv tbe ReeyesUip. Should Mr.
Senson cfocide to run be will be
^ble to tafce. .jxperieqce int<j, the
,jeld w.itji, him whjlch, will, np,
4oubt. c��fry t**at ^r-igjit -ajith th <j
K ^ftu .d be well for the game
garden to take a r\tn around these
fright moonlight nijjits and catc 1}
tfie wprts who hare b^p shooting,
4ucks out of hours,    One jndustri?
1US H^ltf" keP* b�� R��n going
pretty lively, last night, untjl: 3ft.gr,
The Market.
New Westminster Dec. 14���
The weekly me .ket yesterday was
characterized by a liberal supply of
everything. Meats were especially
plentiful and prices weakened
slightly. Attendance was large syid
trading g9;od.
H-indq.uattei^ of beef sold at from
7c to 8q. pei; ltf,, and forequarters
froqf, 5c tp 6(j. TJljiye was considerable beef of aa, inferior grade on
sale fQf whitjh, there was a very
slim demand l^h^. better, quality,
bsyv^v^r, w,a?. in good demand ajjd
sold' brisjjjy. Lamb and mutton
sold for 14c and 13c, under a fairly
strong demapd. The call for porlj,
was lively, and prices were fifltj), ^t
trom 8c to 9#,c a pound. Veal was
ajaout an average supply a/id prices
were abouf t^ same as ihose of
l^Sj week, via:, nc per Ib. fojj-
sjpdium sized calves and from 7c tp,
Sp for the large otjpa,
A slight fallifig off in the demapd
for eggs was got liable, and n^ces.
dropped slightly i��, sympathy. Bpr
fare tbe market closed eggs vyeije
selling at 55c a doz. Butter sold a},
trom 35c to 40c a pound.
The supply of fowls was about an
aji^rflge one. Fairly good birds
brought, froip jt$. jo to $8 a dozen,
an-Jjchicfceas broiight about $5.50
te $6.50 a dozen. Tfcfj. cqll foi
ducks was not, vigorous ap4, \V&
few sales were made. The quotft-.
tiou was about $& and $g a dozen
The quotatipn^ fpij pgtatoes were,
frpju $i7; tp, $ift a ton, apd for,
onions Ja.sp.a sack.
To make fortune^, out
��I tii ��� future you 'qi;ist
put si'metylnff inU^'the
present     .'     .      a      ���
JUST OUT! s��www-.'a
oyer British
.      Columbia
In order,,tp give another, oppor*
t^ijit^.tp ovjf, suibs$tfhers to obtain
the beautiful Stevens. Rifje ^hi<; h,
jjfl, are giving absolutely free, w$,
tyV\ Wirf^P00^ the drawing until
Jjpnuaj^ 3.1st, jpo8, when the draw-
ifft. \f})\ positively take place.,
-Bbc^frf^t weeting of the I��ad��.��;r,
fypnch oi the Women's Christian
.temperance Union will, be held
cprly in January, .farf.qulf.jaswi.};
ije gi���� latpr. In ike tfteapti tp$,
tjie honorary. secretary. Mii_i, Mfi-
-j$il, wi{}|ij!; glpd tp receive qntpes
qf intending awn be is, either ladies
qtygentlemen (the latter to be hon-
A hui^Vi <>f friends tfr Tho.ij
Tl^l^le ass^bled at his residency,
Faiwiew rpad, on Friday evening
last, as a sv^fise party. During
the evening th5. happy crowd engaged in games apd dancing which
was kept v)p vfptil] the wee sma1,
hours of the morning.
REV.   IRL   R.    HICKS'
1,908 4LM4NAQ'
Containing over 100 View*,   Post, paid 35c., Stamps.
Richest Province in the British Empir��.
Nqtblfig Risked. Nothing Gained. N��tA>l>l( V^.tfii^d,, Nothfaf^ Won,.
S|��kndid Oppo^tiu^ity to Invest.,
The. Richest Men in the World ore. investing in B. C. Coppt??-.
Gq1(3 and Silver Mines.     Why can-', you begin now?
JTi.^ Orettett Oold-Copper Dltcovery ot Ui^A^e It In B^C.
big ioi nni no mines. 11. wi vm
Every Dollt% Si|I)>|^|Im(4> uled In Development ef Mint.
Special /Offer��� iOc per Shaift, \yill  shortly advance %> $1.0
Mines directly west of Le. Rci wd Le Roi No% 2, shares
sold from 5 cents to $100.00 ;��� ajidj Consolidated Mining and
Smelting Co. ot Canada, Ltd.,, sharei J'150.00 each; the Giant
California, adjoining our own. shares about $1,1,0.00;, G.ra.nby
Mine paiOi oyes- $3,000,000 Dividends per year;- G��ld-copper
mines ity BsitisJi Colijpibia, paid Large Dividends. Big Four
assays^ fisom $5 to $800 in gold, copper, silver, with 32 per
cent, in the Treasury.,   Invest now and you wont regret it.
Note���Most of these. min$s sold for a few cents once, 11��
oxer-capitalized eve% now,, pay big dividends.. Big Fw? *E W
the railway, nearr��uielteiis.,
Rossland Mines r^eiyed Hjighest Awards top- richest golds
copper ope senl^ to. St. Louis Exposition. Big- Four hfut Be%%
DipjfJ^,a .Dominipn.Fair, New Westminster, ByC.
No less tha�� 100 shares fold, All Cash. Above this shares
can be had on instalment plan,, or yearly contract, 15 per cent,
cash, balance monthly.
Nearly Tw,��. nilei 0$ Railway on Property.
Cowiaanv has no debts or liabilities.   Send for Illustrated. Prospectus and Hook.
n    let, "Mining t. p-w-Date," to Secretary, wi|^i 5 cqnts iu stamps.
P.O. Box t74y Vaneouyavt B\ C?��* Canada*,
V, T\ Ry% & Fwty Co,
Hew Services-Port Guichon and  Ladaer to New
W%st-blaster g*a4 V��Qeo��v��f.
Leave Ft.. G-J&Ihm?.,. 6^0, a..m%   Ar��w Vancou ��rer, 10.20 a.m.
Leave Vanc .naver,,  ^10 ^m.    Arr-iye Pt Guichon, 6.00 p.m
Gives Passengers (bur hwrs, iij   ejther   New   Westminster or Vancouver.
New   F*eig$.t   Tariff  effective   September    5th,   '06.
Greasy Re^ifteeti Rate*.     For pauiioulair* applj' to
A^ent^ Pwt Guichon.
SUiffl'ifieut QaifS. yji^ \�� fur-iished without deWy.
tncorpurated 1869.
jAccoufl,t��, ��f Out-of-Town Customers. Qiv^n Specjaj
\% LQAN at \ Per Cent. Per Annum
CIA4- w   T   KERR  WESTv.
?. Q> BOX;  377.
��APif 4L AUTHORIZED.          , I^OOO.OOO
CAPITAL PAID-UP^        -         * $3,900,000
RESERTO FUND,           -         - $4,390,000
TotaJ Assets Over F��fty-��Five Millions.
Savings Department*
.^ceoiftHtp ijftay 1^ oj^-^ed with deposits of ONE DOLLAR
a,%di   -Jp*\y-_r<|s��     Iftteest pJkid^ qt- credited, qua,r*
September, $,\$t  December.
,        .      _  . ___ ,
C. B. RANI EL. Maae^^r, LADNER, B. C,
|Ip ready tqr delivery and excels all
former, editions in beauty and-value.
The coyer is ��� beaut^M design ii),
colore,, th.} entire book is full of
fine half tones, astronomical engravings and interesting matter. It
contains tbe Hicks' .yeqther fore-,
casts complete for the whole year,,
finelv iHustrat^d. The price by
mail is 35 eeats, on News-Stands 50,
cents. Word akd Works, the
Rev. Iri R. Hicks' fine monthly
magazine, contains all his weather
forecasts from month to month, to
The following statement   aboutj gether with a yast, a.tpoi}nt Qf tjje
jbest family H3a<}Hig._   The price is
^jcohol Mjfi^ma^e sor^mopths ago
3$ Leicwstefk S��g.t| by Professor.
BushelL of London, who. had been
sliced to speak because be was not
tfgarded as a plfa^pr. Tbis is how
Hfc e^R4| ifa sifffech:, ltIf nfcolpl;
\fjsrft-a, Hfw Gym^p remedy tl^t
Had. just been 4is.t;c|v.^redt and had
cpme la^, yea?, to ?^glftpd. t^e
ipedical prof^sj.ion, whenever it did
cjome. woi^.^ sxye tq, -v,elqoiflfi.if
eagerly at kxsX, ��n4l ^* K�� Ab the
tyid ot a year they would find to
Uieir disgust that it had the effect,
like cocane, of inducing a habit in
i|s use, aud because of that fjowcr
c^ inducing ^ h^��t t^^y ^p^Jd be-
zi%to ntgar^it ask%pceiLaad grad-
Hflly take tq,using otheijthings.'f
Th�� ^^Tft 4ld n<^ ^P^ th<t
^.otib^tflost striking tes.tjmonies
i|i,lavq^q{iftj(*al e^0Wcflc^ t^ftt ywe,
Hveha^lj^t^^a. 4)^.   -Jfe.r*.
$1 a year and one almanac goes
with each subscription. Address,
The Delta Times, Ladner. B. C.
.friends,eif M^..^- % Qurtjs yffl
be pleased tp, learn that she is. able
to sit, up agsyn after a severe ifln^ss
C. B. Ipaniel, spent Sunday last
visiting frie^ids in tl)^ Ter.minalj
An elegant ljnp of QhQcolates
just in,, imported a.i)d domestif:, in
all varieties anfl fajicy boxes���W.
H. Smifl},
60  YEARS'
When you wish to buy visiting
cards call oji t|he Q^lta Times \ylio
will sell t?h&. best nj^iey can buys
If you need them printed, why you
are money in pocket by calling on
the Delta Times first.
Trade Marks
qoryriohts ac.
Anrane tending a (ketch tnS description mij.
quickly Mctrtal 11 our opinion fra&wheiticr tn
InTontlnn la probablr patentable, Communtcs-
tlonmtrlotl. conBdoutlul. HANDBOOK on I'nteuU.
tent fret. Oldest tffencr for securiutpatents.
Fetentt taken tbrounh Munn A Co. reoelm
tfoitU notice, without ob urge, la Uat
Scientific American*
 . ,��� ���"-rtratedwteliJr. Gtrsett. olr��.
it entitle Journol,   term,  rot,
A htndeomeljr Ulustrated feeklr.
���ation of ��� '"-'	
. Bran
F BU Wtihlniton.
^pdiasoncoming out op thc side qf
tporal tfj#. an4} s^gim if*. *]..*
Throttgh a mistake ip, Itfd,peek's
W. C. T. U. news, Mrp, l^dward
l^adner'i vane WM ��iV.tionfid as
ape of t��| vice-pres|4en_(. of the
sp9iety. Mrf. Ladnetf; was nom-
MStied for this position but could
Pigs, Dates, Layer. Raistps, Cranberries, Malaga Grapes, and, ii.
fact, everything for the festiye sea-
sou���W. H. Smith.
Th#sEx$elsiQF- Cltjh. have aboui
completed* arrangements for a
Ijrflnd ball to be given in the Town
.Hall, q& Nety, Xeafi's, %ye .31st
Bev.   $. RobsoTf, spiyjt   Sundav
here   supplying   for   Rey.   J.    F.
.9* ^^t\ s^iv1'^ trH*h fa more:, ^etts, and pr��;��>phed very touching
isermops -vylijcl^, vvt^s tfljiphi appreciated.
The season tor the-distribution of
calendars has ^r-r^yed and we an
���in receipt)of) spree excellent Jsoeci-
meps Qf.-thcf. pui^ejs'' art frqpi the
Ifolloixifig busiu^ss Wi-: Niprshall
!Smith&Co.,,W. Jv Kerr, W. H.
Smith, Delt* Meat Market, Stoke.
& Cullis. and H. J. Hutcherson.
A Dtfjbch 9i??> th^ee figures. Suitable reward' oh, return to
For Safe
T^HE da,te for leceiving tenders
for   Public   Building,   Lady-
smithy B.C-,'has beeij. extended to
Monday, December 23rd, 1907.
Plans and specifijcaliona can be
seen, and forms o^ Render obtained
at this Department, on application
to the Postmaster at Ladysmith,
B.C., and to William Henderson,
Superintending A.chiteet, Victoria,
By Ordei;.
I Department of Public Woj?ks,
Ottawa, November 27th, 1907.
Acclimatize Stock,
For the
iF^rcr^ Qardsn, Lawn or
Reliably Varieties at Reasonable
Prices, No Borew. No Scale,
No fumigation to, damage slqpk.
No windy agents to annoy you.
Buy direct a$d get Tijees and Seeds
;that Gr,ow.
1 ^ertiljifters^ Bee Swpplies, Spray
Pumps, Spraying, Material,, Cut
iFlowerss etc. Oldest established
nursery on  the mainland of  Bl. C.
Catalogue free,
N. I HENRY'S Nurseries,
Greenhouse* and 5��e4hoif0es
.VANCOUVER,,   -.   B^t
���iii Fgii Hiin.
Including 1 BedliQfJW. Sot, i; box
^Mattress, 1 colpred Toilet, Se*; Oak
'Extension Diniiig Table, ^.-dozeti
IDiningroomi Qhair.s;- 1 No. 9 Mc-
Clary Cook S),oye, i, Washing. Machine, set ot Cookiijg. Vteijpjls, etc.,
Foii- father particulars apply at
t ���� m me Q |
A  JSt?W WHS*��HNSflTSR,    :--.   ?.. C. -j
���> Manufacturer* of ult kinds ol J.
��� Soda Water, Ginger ���
a    Ale and Summer .1
I           brinks. I
|.     V��ww ifw.towage solw'ii .ed J
���%__>������> �� 0*���<��*���<.   ses^��-H��>s��s^>s���^��s���SS^tM^I
W, N, Draper,
Room 2, Kl lard Block, Ne -R.W .skminstcr.
HOOPwYeif,   Single Copy, 10 Ctss
Sample Copy Free,
ALBERT J. BORIE,     . ��� l'lIBLISHEttS,
Ladner Carriage Works.
Having been- neq,.iested to start a
M)nj)dc.lii) Class, am now prepared to do so. For tews*., etc.,
B.  Hm   WEARE,
Care of Mifc. Ji. Ws Lanning.
Mandallns. Strings, Etc.,
Supplied, at Qity frizes.
Fashiwi Stables -
Tw^A-iflg and Drying,
Livery work ��# aJJ, kinds at-
el. Nl. Collinson
Ladaer. B. C.
Get Your Grinding Done
While You Wait.
Q, T BAKER, Ladner, B% C,
WAIT an4 Get Your Grinding DonQ
OATS,       10    CENTS PER, SACK
ALWAYS Running on Saturdays.
trenant Crushing Will
C tf   t Vil't*    V
Socceoai Ifee.
Him IVetl snd li nke Him Comforla-
btesl .iume Tl.e Average Man Isn't
liard lo Satisfy- And Don't Forget Ihe
Little Evi stances of Love.     *&    ��4
������:. right, ttwii. ny i.'a sn. r p. Ho ni,]
���  j*^      Kflt.filli
fop l!i<'
iKi' :l I i.::t! jn
1 ,; -1 > 1-1 - -: 1:: v I
!imt..  I read '!
��� t  .111   bOill'll, mi
ifDl itinr letter just us 1 wan
Id iruike a Ueo lino
������llll. mil ns I Innl tn
. this trip I've hnil
wly iiiitll this verv
tlll'QUltll flu . OQfl IIS  !
ii.nn i ia iii Uii<<k uii
iflietl  ill)  to  myself,
l. ;.    >. .it   mu!
Now.   don't  get exulted,  my dear!   I
v.n m't IniiKliI
ymi rl.
ri<-il  li
i you,  Not ii lilt of It.
;i!iniih>iiiH niilt'h yuu
i ara jivl iihput ta ovopvltolm
i iii tliu i   dijiiliiK of j'onp roar-
u remind  me su linu-li qf (In*
f r-.'iiw   Hi.'t  on ��� itr/iti-soi]  your
i...o'.litr 'nil round about" lilc<- tlio little
oiil -Vnmiii)'ti petti out. Anil tho etliiso
of it all waa nie���mo, jour respected
nn-.l revfi-eil nud nuu-li beloved old dad.
You  woul.'n't  li'
would you?   r.tit
sv.-.ieilu-art. nnd.
A loud she did 11:!
Ju- willh".; to In-!
Vi; U|i_>.��. im'sliu
dorp;! nitil i th'tt
oi'f for n i-uunti-l'l
|iolo In ii I'r.v i
���dly Im-Iicvi- It. now,
It's a fint. my Htjlo
roe wliillllcoua, wliat
1. sin' Iiad. Why, I'll
i liii.hi'l of linn ]in-
,1 peek o|' niili-uad
o'd havo ti-iilad rae
I li.ilf dollar Willi a
���nllis after wo woro
She ui-vi-i- would admit It. ut
he wa ��� loo sweet and uontlil
'').] fsood hearted And tlu-n she really
(.fought a iTc-ap of mo, even when i
was furthest below par In her ostima.
Hot It's (lint way nearly nl| tho time,
my iiiiii- girl. 'I lip trouble with you
.v<iun>n is that
you pick out ii
man nnd then.
Ltefure you're
married to liim,
you build a
high pedestal of
marble or onyx
or something
equally fine,
and yuu carve
pictures in bold
relief all around
the ships Illustrating his tran.
scenflent vtr��
tues, jpst like
-tbe monuments
you hoc in the parka to the heroes who
"lit," bled and plundered for their
��-<siiiiIrv. Then vou nut the man OH t��B
r,r tills beautilul pne. ana }������-., bask
up nl hlai with your hands eluspe-.i
and your eyes moonln' like a cali'
wltii Die colic, und you say. "My.
ain't lie beautiful," or, "Oh, ain't
ho awful nice.",ni- sm ue sneh emphatic
uud forrihle exprostilou of feminine
adointlmi. Yuu dou't have a chance
lo get n" real, genuine assay of hhu,
and you think he's all gold and
studded" around with diamonds like a
.birthday ring. Then you get married
and you climb up beside hlm and you
make thc terrible discovery that ills
feet are clay, also his hands and likewise his head. In other words, you
find that he's just plain garden mud.
And then you proceed to havo a Dt.
You don't fay. "Woe Is ma'." nor beat
your breast, por ralso lhe neighborhood with your cries, liko tbey used
to do in the tiii-cp volume novels.
Such crudities are no longer fashionable. You do things differently nowadays, but your methods are Just ns
When the Man la Miffed.
And all this time the mun is standing- around on one foot with a fnee
ns loug and as solemn as the president's message, wondering what iu
(he dickens Is the mntter, Hometimcs,
by way of diversion, he goes In the
other i-ooiii mid kicks over a chair
or sneaks out Into the back yard and
throws rooks at tlie chickens, I hnve
a kind of a recollection that I did
something of that port myself. You
tee, tny dear, tile man doesn't know
that he has been set up on a pedestal; lie has just iiecn going along nt.
tending to his own business same as
usual, thinking himself a pretty fair
average of a man nnd lolling it go nt
|hat. That's the way It's been .villi
TWI. I had a pl'otty gob . chance to
Hlxe hlm up wlille I was loafing
tin ui nd home wai.lng for the wedding
tu cpmp off, and it'was my judgment
A irtin is JiM a pi.-si-,
Oman's  hands.
you pre'er It.
Soft      ���-t.il      I'll     -
win-ill','tn-r-:iii!:s Al or double Jiang'
as .-: hit.baud de-ends a g  > 1 dell ������
how she handles tilths  Yes. that pi i��--
a pretty '-oiisl'��� .ible ro��p):isibiJiiy i
the woman, but > >u needn't blame i; .
I didn't have nil. tiling to do with la;
ing  out  tills  an-utgonieiiL    It's  tha'
way,  and   I   ni. >n   tlio  I.-id   know
what he's nbout.   Of course1 some nie'
are too .->;'! i-.ii.i     nne too I >J|ga I.) ilu
anything with, but the ir rt d* then.
are plastic enpup'i  for prnetlcnj  phr-
;ci--es. an! I'ui s!:'.!slled your William's
one of the majority.
"Your Material Is Met!."
It's up lo yon, sweetheart, to lake till*
material you linen and i:-.:';:;- n " i ������ '
liu. IitmU out of it.- Don't expect nor try
to do more thai) that Ho.i'1 atteiiipl ! i
mold hltn Into a llgure of (l.ilirlel tout-
ing a trombone. Iion't try to put too
many Hue lines in your model. If you
do, the whole blamed ll-.ing will i-junto pieces, am! then, little girl, you can
never, never put lt together again.
slus't remember lhat your material Is
intid, and mud, even In Ilie hands of an
expert modeler, has its limitations.
Rostral . your ambition to the point of
making a rood hi:���������hand, and when you
have accomplished that bo satisfied
wlili keeping liim so.
How? Oli. my dear little girl, yon
havo a belter counselor thnn I right nt
home. I'm not sa; ing that your mother
did n very good job witl) nie, but, hie. ;
hor heart, It wasn't because vbo didn't
know how.   The trouble was with the
iyou fetUOYttt OINNERUgta
it, bMu:.NW v?tft*e?7 yp
" In the first place, in. ,is.-ar. y,v.; ;i i��-i
ter get the fact buried in Ibe middle
of your gray mutter and keep it there
th... the most important point in the
making of n good husband is the making of a good wife. Thut takes ti^ie
and experience, but two processes can
go along side by side, for you needn't
expect Billy to bc ready for the last
coat of varnish by day after tomorrow.
No, Indoedy, little girl, you can't turn
out finished husbands like you can 'i I
wallies, and speaking of waffles brings
mo rigid back to the starting point in
(ho home industry I'm talking ubout.
That's a little matter of feed. It's -.
fuel so old that
C~?) even  live got  a
hint of It that
the first prltui-
I le In Iho man
low for the woman who presides over
lt. Wheu I see a man jump tor his
hat when tbe i.uitting bell rings and
make a bee line for the first car that
will get him home I say to myself:
"That fellow doesn't have to go
ehasin' around nights lookin' for
amusement. He's got all he wants nt
home." And when a man bas tlint
he's bound to he contested, and, being contented, he's bound to be happy, and. being li-ipoy. lie's hound I"
be good uatured, nud, beh.g g;.u,l nutated, lie's bound to lie a good liusband if lie's rightly managed on tlie
intellectual   side.     I'll   hnve   a   word
ageinent    of
A bee lim:
ii liedcittd
Throve rochs at the chicken*.
then, and my opinion hnsn't changed.
that he's all right. He's a man. and
that's all any woman can reasonably
expect I don't want any cherublms
or seraphbns ln my family, and you'd
find life pretty uncomfortable if yon
had one of them for a husbund.
Compared wltb n good woman a good
man is mighty small potatoes, but
when It comes to getting married there
Isu't anything better available, and so
you women are just obliged to take
them .ml do the best you can with
them. And that, little girl. Is the point
I want to get at. That's just what you
wnnt to do with Bill-or William, if
Fouadled 1892 Incorporated 1893
Provides a Christian Home for Students of both
sexes at moderate rates. Has a preparatory class for
junior students taking Public School work. Does High
School work and prepares for Provincial Teachers' Examinations, eaches all branches of a Practical Business
Course *n�� confers Diplomas, Imparts a Liberal Education in it* Collegiate Course, and in the Ladies' Course
for M. E, L., and M. L. A, In Theology confers the degree of B.D, In University work can take students through
the complete Arts Course for the B,A, degree of Toronto
University, with whieh the College is in full affiliation. In
Science teaches the First Year of Toronto School of Science, and has a Special Engineering Course adapted to
Practical Engineering work in tliis Province. In Music, a
oomplete course iu theory, voice culture, and piano and
organ, in conjunction with the Toronto college of music.
Special instruction in art: and elocution, while all students
are required to take physical training with all the privileges of a f(t\\ equipped gymnasium.
.;)."��-���"���-*    tSetui ���/-'
fHU hlm ��/> niid he'll Icon latch timl
lien in <tt yntt.
material, She can tell you much more
and niiiili better than I can what and
how to do, Ami yet there are some
pointers 1 can givo you that may he
of rnluo to yon. mainly deputise tin".-
Wiil .'iiaiilo .vnti i ��� gul a \i .\y nl' liisiig.i
trom a man's standpoint. I have liul-
inuiod that a man la puetly generally
what women inn_c liim, His mother
gives him his start In character built'-
li:g, an! his wife pu!. on tho finishing
touches, hut It isn't good policy to let
hlm know that you are working on
him. A good deal has boon said about
tlio contrariness of woman, but she
Isn't really In thc same class with a
man if he thinks somobody is trying tc
Improve him. So whatever you make
up your mind to do with William,
don't, for heaven's sake, give him a
bint of your designs. And, aa I aaid,
before, don't try to do too much.
Tha Hart Important Point.  ,.i
iniiii la t'.ie sat- !
Isfactlon nf Ills
Stomach. Whatever e 1 s e lie
may he, uo matter how full of
brains his head,
he's an nniinnl
and he waul.-'
lo he fed. Why.
��� r im: jirst I've seen the
Wt. givnlost    npos
lies of Ills' iloctrlues of sweetness
and light sit down to the table and
nil I 1,0 a i iiic r.-ibou porker with his
feet iu Ihe Irangli. Vet comparatively
few women appreciate the importance
of this fact, and mauy a home is ruined
by the theory that anything that happens tj be handiest will do for dinner.
It won't, (live him the best his Income will afford und seo to it yourself
that It is pr .ir.ly conked. The average man Isn't liard to satisfy. He
doesn't hunker after the strange and
weird di.hes you'll Mud iu the cookbooks. He iliieui'i cure for airy wafers
lie only wants souie-
tlbslanllai and tilling,
!��� l-acon or ham and
a. eip.ally Hl''i*:i and
.11 Iiiiii up wlili such
he'll lean buck and
Ihe father oi' a tirst
I ui by���that Is, if it's conked right.
If the steak cones to Ilie breakfast
table fried hard, if the eggs are swimming hi grease or the biscuits heavy
pnoi!."l! to use ns weight' e'.i the cuckoo
clock, lie's got a kick coming. Aud it
will come. It may not be just then.
lie may keep It to himself until he
collects an assortment ami then let out
all at once. Hut sooner or later the
kick will conic, and the lunger he holds
it iu the harder It will conic nut So,
my dear, I say to you solemnly and
prayerfully, see lo It personally that
William Is well fed. Maybe that's
what's the matter witli him now. Maybe he's already got the grouch of the,
underfed or the badly fed. Better figure on that a little, my dear.
And then, little girl, make home so,
comfortable anl so pleasant that be
won't want to leave it except to go
downtown and bustle like a good f��J-
nnd delicate Ices,
thing plain niicl .
like ran., beef i
eggs nr siin.t'.'
just as liu.iy. i
truck and Ihen
beam at ycu like
the Crescent Creamery <��
MR. G. H. STEEVES wishes to announce that
he has associated himself with MR. A. B.
BALDERSTON, of Vancouver, and purchased tbe
Creamtry and Milk Business known as the Ford
Saxten Co. The new company will be known
and will handle Cream���sweet and sour���and
Sweet Milk. The Company have a Cream Gathering Team now on the Delta, and will be glad to
have the patronage of the milk producers.in any
The Prices for the present month are :
SOUR CREAM, Per Lb. Butter Fat       -       38c
SWEET CREAM,     " "        " -       44c
SWEET MILK, Per Gallon      ...       20c
Eggs will be gathered by the team and the
highest Vancouver price will be paid in cash.
. ri. tt new nrl rlmir
to say on thut side presently. It's
the purely physical side you want to
look after lirst. After he's been fed
let him have bis easy chair, his slippers aud his cigar. Don't keep everything so spick aud span and shiny and
straight up and down that he's afraid
to sit down anywhere because he
might disarrange a piece of batten-
berg or a sofa pillow. What women
call n good housekeeper Isn't always
a good wife, not by a long shot. If
a ninn has to sit up ln a spindle back
new art chair as stiff as a re-enforced
billiard cue he's going to sigh for
something different, and the flrst thing
you know he'll be sneaking out on
business about three nights in thu
week. No, uiy dear, let Bill feel
that right nt homo- he enn get more
solid comfort than he can have anywhere else on earth, nnd you've got
him anchored for keeps.
He Married a Companion.
And yet that isn't everything. For
Instance, if yon were to fall Into the
habit of strolling over to a neighbor's
every evening while he reads tho papers he'd have good cause to grumble
and probably woul I. He married to
get a companion, not just a housekeeper, nnd be wants yon with blm. not nil
of the lime, but most of the time,
when he's at home. He wants you
to sit on tho other side of the table by
the fireside! Uo wants to read to yon
or have you read to him; he wnnts
to gossip wilh you just like pals; lie
wants to tell yon of his hopes nml
ambitions; he wants you to help hliu
In his struggle with the world b;
your sympathy, your encouragement
nnd your advice he wants to hem
your troubles���not the endless rope
tition   of  (be  daily  string of  aiiuov
Cor. Brake and Howe Street, - Vanconver, B.C.
To be Given Away
Stevens ,32 Calibre Target Rifle.
Jr you renew your aubsoription before the 24th
of tihia mbixth (December), you will receive
one ticket for eaoh dollar paid in.
New Subscribers will also receive a ticket.
Oome i& now and put yourself right with the
T^"ifPr��� gMPW   -MMi-im* �� i*mmr*mmm*
Holy Communion���ist and 3rd
Sundays at 8:30 a.m.; 2nd and 4th
Sundays at 11 a.m.
Matins, 11 o'clock.
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday School at 10 a.m.
Friday evening, Litany at 7:30.
Rev. E. R. Bartlett, M.As., Vicar.
Services first and third Sunday of
each month at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday school at 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Communion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I..
Parish Priest.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a."m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sabbath School at 2 p tu every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
nncea which coi
he real trouble!
������011 find It hard
And, over nml a
��� ants lo feel
tomb and spec.-
of the love that
honeymoon, lint
lives on and
grows stronger
and stronger
.villi eat h passing year.
That's the in-
telleetunl side.
s w e e t h e a r t.
That's the side
that gives married life its
sweetness and
beauty aud me'
happiness, but b
fast under a di
weak coffee. -Ii
tie girl; Just fei
feci lona lc dad,
n�� to every wife; bill
s, the problems wbicb
to solve for yourself
iiove all, little girl, he
Ilie gentle caress iu
li: the little evidences
does not die with 1 be
Soggy rolls mid weuH
���s   home  a   home  ot
���vill peter out mighty
i of soggy rolls and
si remember that, lit-
lember tbat.    Vour af-
joiin sn::;:i_
The stout man nn the bncU platform
declined to agree with the conductor.
The conductor thought he hadn't paid
his fine. Tbe stout man wns ,,t V.ie.
coutrnt'y opinion,
The.v exchanged lianb words over
1 lie matter.
"I gave you a ulcltel when I got
aboard." said the stout man.
"I haven't tahen in a nickel on tbis
trip," aaid the conductor.
The stout man grew very red. His
Ijaiv seemed to bristle.
"That'R   jisfit   enough   of   this,"   lie
growled.    "1 don't want to have any
rouble with you,    I had trouble with
a conductor once    I'd hate to tell you
1 tin.1 happened."
Tbe conductor drew back a little n :(t
tutlde no further attempt tu collect Iho
tout man's  fare.
Rut when Ilie   rout man was nblv.it
1 allghi l'n tn lhe car al lhe Ii-nii������_ I-
:i!i:i ero ���-I- ������: " ��� con .netof'. curis.3-
'y iva.-i too inm li for bi n.
"Say." he ttsl.cd, "what happened
".ben  yon   had  Ui it  trouble  with tlie
ther conductor?''
The  stout  t:::::i  looked   back.
"I was in tho hospital sl_ weeks."
be mildly answered.��� .'leveland Plain
; 'ealer.
"Fnce the Music."
There are several theories concerning
the origiu of  the slang phrase "Kaco
lie music." It ;��� said tti have come
i'ro'u ihe army    one of tl.e difficulties
ii training h:...,'_ for the military
.-service was that of getting them to
race the regimental band without cutting u)i a rumpus.
Another authority suys nlso lhat It
is of military orlgju, but that it was
applied to soldiers when tbey were
drummed out to the time of "The
Uogue's March." Still another version Is that it i> used by actors behind
Iho scenes when preparing to go on
the stage to face the music literally.���
Minneapolis Journal,
Rev. J. F. Betts. pastor.
.Services next Lord's Dav at n
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 am Midweek meeting ou Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. A. McAuley, Pastor.
Sabbath services ��� Crescent Island, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:30 a. m.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
8 p.m.
Rev, A- H. Huntley, pastor
Mlm Agnes Beppller of Philadelphia
ban finished her "History ot Philada),
Mme. Adellna Patti, who has been stay.
tng in Switzerland, thinks of adopting a
youthful niece.
Lady Colten, whoa* death li announced
trom Adelaide, was on* of the leading
philanthropic workers bf South Australia.
Lady Her 111 lone Helen Blackwood, a
daughter of Lord Dufferla, is t? become a
trailed nurce and is now a probationer at
Chelsea lnllrniary.
Mini Jennie Flood, who hns road* a gift
of her country place to tho University ot
California, is worth (7,000.000 and is the
richest unmarried woman in the state,
Mrs. E. A. Bennett of Lainore, N. D.,
bas an Angora eat farm and pays the cannot raise enough cats to supply the das
Hand, wbich le principally from the east
Mrs. Emily Warren Koehling. wife ol
Jolonel Washington A. Koubiingof Brook,
lyn bridge fame, is attaining distinction
ai a lecturer on topice interesting to olnb
Mra. Catherine Witeomb, 88 years old,
a hale and hearty resident of Gale, burg,
Mich., and a bride of 1834, was with het
father, a Mr. Ear), when ln 1888 Ms new
log cabin was tht first in the forest between Kalama. oo and Oognao prairie.
Elizabeth Blder W'heoton, the well
known prison evangelist, has visited every
prison ln every important olty In tht
world. She hae become known to most
railroad aien and receive* annual pastes
ovor all the large lines In thlt country.
Miss Mollis Atcblsaon of Opdyke, Ills.,
Weighs ��00 pounds and measures 4 feet 7
Inches around the waist. She Is n good
cook, a skilled seamstress, 88 years old,
oan pick up a SOO pound barrel of pork
and put lt on her shoulder and makes her.
self generally useful.
Mrs. Murgaret Ulnlr Is Instructor of
aewlng ln tht University of Minnesota.
Mrs. Blair originated tht sewing department ln the Minnesota School ot Agriculture two years ago. The students are
farmers' daughters, and they reoelvt board
and tuition for (3 a week.
Mils Mary H. Carroll, who hus just died
at Cambridge, Md., was a daughter ot
Thomas King Carroll, governor of JInry.
land ln 183D, and a sister of Miss Ani.it
Ella Carroll, whose remarkable work in
aid of the Union cause during the civil
war bas a permanent place ln tha records
af tht government.
It k i paraphrase���the colonel a. tka
tiger���Syracuse Herald.
Whichever ticket (Roosevelt or Van
Wyck) wins the Hutch will take Ntw
Holland.���New York Tribune.
About all you can say in favor of an
officeholder Is that when ho begins he hot
the best intentions ln tbt world.���Atchison Globe.
So far Ohio has had three secretaries of
state in one administration. And tb*
flrst term administration is not half over.
Of ionise, if there aro other vacancies, Ohio
will fill them. Noble ttattl��� UaiHsmt
Donald ^-ean left, Friday last, on
a visj.t to his old home at Harriston,
Mrs. P. Shirley went up to New
Westminster, Friday, on a business
lfofa S^c\$fatei5, of Sunbury,
paid, a, yipij to the Royal City last
mammmem   ���������   ��� '   �����������   m ���������������i
A lafge. shipment of Jap Oraagea
Uiis week; B|?4 Brand, at city
prices. ���'W. H. Smith.
Guaranteed upon absolutely safe seenrity-r���first
mortgages on substantial city properties Seven arid
E^ght Per Cent. Guaranteed, free of all charges*
upon sums ranging from Five Hundred Dollars up.
White, Shiles & <��.
New AJFesiininster^ B.C.,
H. D. Benson bas disposed of his.
dredge and will now be in a posi-
^pn to settle down somewhat.
J. A. Viggersi, left, on Wednesday last, on a visit to friends at
Tilsonburg and Pembroke, Ont.
Mrs. G. H. Berjt and sotf, of
l^ew M^estmiuster, but formerly of
^ast Delta, ar _: guests of Mr. and
Mrs. W. Oliver.
Mr. Davenport, manager of the
Jervis Inlet. Lumber Co., spent a
fijw days Ijere, last week, in the in-,
terest of the m%
The annual Xmas tree for All
Saints' Sunday school will be held
in the Oddlellows* Hall on Thurs-
Mr. and Mrs. Dan McGregor and
family went over to the Terminal
Cij#, yesterday, on a visit to Mr.
^nd Mr.u, IjL I^Cprmick.
Retgemher the Auction Sales?���_
tp-morrow at H. M. Vasey's, aijd,
<jn Thursday at the residence ot the
late W. H. Ladder aud tbe Delta,
Stock Yard.
Mff. and Mrs. H. M qQor mick ra..
turned to Yanqotfyei* on Wednes-
4ftX lPst> after spending a few days
yisiting Mr. and Mrs. D- McGregor
at Boundary Bay.
Agencies Represented-?-
Hart tor/) Fire Insurance Co.
Bfccenix Insurance Co, of Brooklyn
Connecticut Fire Iasufanpe t,\).
Imperial Tipa^ Co.,
Insurance Cp, 0/ North _\merii::i
The ocean Accident & -.uaraiitte Corporation, Ltd., of London, Eng.
Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.
Best Machinery
On Earth
Figs, Dates, Layei^ Raisins, Cran-.
berries, Malaga Grapes, and, in
fact, everything for the festive sea-,
son���W. H. Smith.
To the Eiectors 01? Delta:.
Ladies atjj. Gentlemen���I hereby
beg to inform you th,at I shall not
be available as a candidate at the
forthcoming municipal elections pt?
account of press of private business..
Pigs for Sale,
Foi;- Sate 10 small Pigs about ten
weeks old.    Apply to
For Sale.
Vane uver.
A'   u   is tons  of  Mangel.    Ai
Young Pigs.
For Sale,, 11
2 months old.
The Annual. Sale of Work and
-Vfternoon Tea of All Saints Guild
\yill be held at Mrs. Marshall
��mith's Thursday, December 19th,
typm. I to 6 o'clock p.m.
Jt. M. Collinspn left, Thursday.
9n a trip to his old home at Detroit,
Mich., and to Windsor, Opt. Dur.-.
ing his absence.Roy Page.will have,
full charge Qf the. livery business
J|flC>jvn ap the Jfashtou Stables.
35 Head of Gsade Cattle, 12 Horses
25 Chick etys, 25- H|iyes of Bees,
Dairy Utensils, Household- Fujrnif
tuie & Effects, which,
MR. H. N. BtlQH hap. received
1 ��� instructions from H. M.
Vasey, Esq., who has disposed of
his Farm, to Sell by Auction, on
the Premises, \%, M'iles N.E. of
Ladner, on
Wednesday,, Dumber t%
19*7, a.t 10 o'Clppk a.m.
Luncheon will be provided.
Catalogues with pedigrees and
particulars of the Stock may be obtained from H. M. Vasey, Esq., or
the Auctioneer, Ladnar.
Terms���Under $100 cash; over
that amount, cash or- approved negotiable notes at six and twelve
months with interest at 8 per cent,
ner annum.
yojang  Pigs, about
Apply to
The Methodist Sunday school
���^ill give a tea on Friday next, 20th
141st., when tea will b^. sewed at 5.
q'clock p,.s., after which an im,-
grptflj^ty-ogiamme. will be rend-
cjrjed. This will take the place of
tjbe Qhr<is}fli^s tree.
From Benson Island, one two-
year-old Steer, with hole in right
ear;, als* one y<?jing. Cow,, blue colored with bra,i_d on left hip.
Anyone knowing of these cattle
please answer this ad.
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that we are now m a
position to offer Vancouver Island
Portland   Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building.
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost aa piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
b. a
W. H. Taylor,
I Ladner,   ��    B. C.
Qui Glass,       **
Watohes and
All Kinds of Jewellery,
New Stock For Xmas.
Call and See Them.
M Clausen,
B. C. Leather Co., Ltd.
112 Hastings SfcijQfelu Vancouver, B, C.
English Oak Tanned Harness Leather
tarxwu v. pesos n
npBRMm p ���" il. in j ..
Mr. and Mrs. Sa.tn Morrow re
turned bomi;, j;este/day, from a/
yisit tatriends in yaijpouyet. Dur.
if g their visit, they made a call on
Nlrs. John Perrani, and report her!
sjs doing well. Mrs. Perram expects to retijrn hptue ia time for,
If you.have a boy growing up,
latere is no doubt but that you
.^ould lifc^ f��.r hifp, to be able, to
lfling you, hetne a,, turkey or a
tppse opce.in a while. If so^ help
Ijimovjf, Ijx straightening ijp.yotis.
9Ccourit apd getting a few chances
ip the drajwiag far a Steves rifle.
Compr,isingr-T7  Cows with Calves
at Foot; 3 Cows dosvn Cajving; 3
t\yo-year-old Heifers;  7-yearling
ijeitets; 7 Iieifer Calves;  5 year-
!    ling  Bulls,   and   3. Bull  Calves;
also 1 grade Dairy Cow, whicli
]V/fR. H. N. RICH has received
instructipns feom the Execu,-
tors of the. late  Mb. William  H.
Ladner.   to   Pell   by   Auction,   ajt
Ladner, on
Thursday,  December   19s
1907, at 1:30 p.m.
The Stock  may  be  seen on the-
Farm at any time and  full particulars,   pedigrees, &c,  wUl  be  produced at time of Sale.
Terms Casji.
Mfr (��.d M-fiB, W'. Stirling and
iftpiily, of Caron. Sask., arrived
here, last week to make their, home,
^ot��gst va, Mr,. Sji^lfpg, waj*
$qjag here during t|he, stMntaesandi
bopght 40. acnes on the corner of
t&e ft)ujida.y Bay and Raitt roads,
Upd now  will' proceed  to improve
3 COWS W��c to qalve from
January on,), 2. Yearljng Heifers,
1 Putebred ^year-old- Shorthorn.
Bull, which.
Ik/f R. H. N. RIiOH has received
inst suction^, from   Mr.   Mc-
Waters to Sell by Auction, in the
Delta Stock Yard, Ladner, on
Thursday Nffefc Dec. 1^,
immediately  alter   the Sale of the
late Mr. W. H. Ladner's Stock.
Trcuv.. Cash.
IS TSE TIME to get rea^y for aext. year's
=== supply of Po,ultry.
JQever have prospectg or prices, beea better
than they are at present for this, important
branQh of formings
Let us have a chat with you on the sut-��
feet; we e9,n give yov
Faet^  nnd   Figures  Irom Personal
We Want All the Poultry You Can Raise, at
Good Prices the Year Rcunl
We sett the Best Chicken Supplies Manufactured,
jSad-ilery Btardware, Horse Blankets ahd Stable
Closed   Uppers   Leather   and   Shoe  Findings,
Trunks, Bags, Valises.
Estate ot
W.   L,   McBRIDE*
General -Merchant.
Phone 5,   -   Port Guichon
Commission Agents,
Oeneral Dealers & Machinists.
Produce Stored and
Shipped Direct
Ito All \% C


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