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The Delta Times Oct 13, 1906

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Array irv*
1' j*w h^
II   VY>a\r* ^
"/fl&lative -W
OCT 1 o 1906
*-% \l
LADNfiR. B- C, SATURDAY.    CTOBER 13, 1906.
$1.00 y��-
<___        _.-*''' *���___*���    -���*'-*
For *#a
���__' SMI-.-.
IB   mW&i
Word has'been recived that phea
sant shooting has  bee-n carried  on
tn East Delta ter some iime.    Wei
are also informed that the limit (250)      j,*  q
if duckshas been overstepped: by a.t iate VV
|eas: one yotin   man.    Warning
Scan ity "; crushed rock is keeping   ba ;:   1 :���������-��� i  making operations
ICtCJSS     ;'..���:    _*59l  9l
I 'ANOTHER  VOICE. I    Mrs. C.  Albertson  visited  Van-
j Editor Delta Truss : Iconver' yesrtrday, on business.
i j Sir: I am very much pleased to! Ahx' I'usier* of Xev> Westmiu-
see that yo;. are using T��Hr best steri sPMt a-few-days on tlie Island
endeavors towards having these old |        ������"-'��:.
matters of eacrbaching on the roads I   ��� D. Robertson, jr., complains that
sealed-up and straightened cut.       | the rains oi late have very  f-eriotis*
With  regard  to  T. 17 Ladner's! ly interfered   with  his  haying and
fence in front of his house being on I harvesting operation s.
thc  lead, it  is  high  time be was!
ordered to move his  fence  back to
Geo, YV. London aud YV. Galvert
: returned en the .ith inst  irom the
On   Wednesday   next,   H.   N\
Rich  will dispose of VV. Witter'.
fine herd oi d.iry stock, including
3. dairy cows, with and in calf; 7
lh;-.'c-yc.'i:-i.7i steers. 5 two-yea.*
old Steers, 5 two-year-old heifers,
7 yearling heifers and fitters aud 20
The ..Love is a genuine nnd bona
fit--* -sale, all of this stock is well
:. line.    Mr. Eadner was Council-1 tr,, ,��� Alberta' and fa�� , known tor iis profit-bearing quali-
r for ai lumber of years and while j had  ��� pleasant time.    They ! ^    ^ *"**��"   Mr-   Witter   is
in that position was in duty bound, ^  ,,.,_.  i.||..:.t...   ,,._.,    ,i;;.;,  ;;; .
(if he consider., hi. oath-worth any- ttjink it has.a_brU4iant future before
thing)  to see that he himselt  did'js.
justice to the commttni-y -and then
that others did likewise. ^OOTBAM. NOTES.
But   what ��� has   be   dene,   Mr.:    The   Shamrocks   show   a  very
j Editor?  -He has encroached upon) strong lineup fo.- to-dayV-garne.
i the highway and  still- continues to'     r_r-,_���   r'���;���i,.���   ���_   ��� i    c  <,i
riairy   Guichon   13   oat of   the
game for a si ort tkne owing to au
1 hanking;  vou, Mi.  -..d'.to.',   ton..,,-       . ,    .
ill; U1L-   IC-. .
i do sc
, your valuable space, I am, etc.,
I Larcier,. Oct,' io, 'of*.
I'.j.rK'i'. Dbi,ta Tnins:
reducing his stock is that his lease
of pasture land has expired. The
portion cf young stock he is re-
taiuiu : beiugthe-cflspring of those
offered for sale, should be a sufficient guarantee oi.,quality.
Mr. Witter hss been ten years in
!the*dairy  business  and  has spent
i most of that  time  in  grading his
I stock up  to  the  high  standard at
j present attained.    If you are look-
Bcyd, a new man signed-on with  ing for a -fi rV. class att._i.al you can-
tttie Islanders,   promi-res ��� to   be   a  not do-better.thaivatteed this sale
; good addition to th. forward line.     which   takes   place ��u_ the  farm,
!    Don't forget : he game on the Is-1 at Berumdary Bay, at 1:30 p.m. next
jlaad;    Ti:c.nks,-ivi::/    Day,    with j Wei-nesday.
I"Westminster.     It   vi.ilI   Le   worth- ������ m ��
Sir:"A great deal  has been said, while attending as both  teams feel;
j with reference to  T..-E. Ladner's confident'they can win.    Go  with!
��� j encroachment on the road limits by j the crowd and take insthe eaccite-
j having  his  fence  out  oil the road j ment. j
; some: five or six  feet  as ilie case 	
���maybe.    No doubt  but  Mr, I..,.!-    A   j   HJJX] CE;, ,XJ,:RI.;a
; i tier's error iu setting said fence was- . |
i Mstifcte    s^Miinten-tioiuil.      However, j
"ithis L-'hii-d-er does-not seem to be,    N-w'**WestiB_nster, Get. -S.���Mr.
.}.worthy of uotice in comparison to A.   }.:   Hill,   C. 17,  o.  this rity, ���
! the wilful manner in which a iiuni--.,,]et   ^jfj,     a    ^{w^    accident
'���! l._r of the :es:deuts along  tlmt por-       ,    , ,                       ...   .     I
,                                         ,.,'., k-esterd-sy afternoon   ���_��:   Miesion
t tion ofthe iruxk. r.oad which is al-
,          111               . j         1    iJuiiciion, bv being ;uu  dowu by i
I read v graded,-have erected wooden J -          ft                       '
���ifitructnr.siii ihe form ol" bridges,f�� c-  p;  R- express   twin,   from:
; j.more particularly opposite Council- '-which   he  sustained  injuries that
i;ior Faterson's farm, where we haveLyill car.s-e him to be confined to fcis:
���:|-thetn--extending out>some twentYjbed for several days. -It  was  by!
. ; feet   across   the  hig li way.    These
F, Stainton visited  New 'Westminster, on Monday.
.\fri. Smith Wright spent, jester
day in the Royal'City.
Rev. A. McAuley is expecte. to
return home tkis eveuiug, after .a
two weeks' haliday.
The- land Boys are jiviug ia
dance in tiie Town Hall, -on Friday
next, conwneDcingat 8:30 p.m.
'���obstructions are entirely  uncalled
1 good fortune that Mr. H'll escaped
fsr, are a menace to the safety" of,
the travelling public and should not'
be allowed by our Council.
The longer this ���ii.ter-.ercuce with
tha freedom of-our roads is .allowed
! lo run the harder it will be to stop.
with his   Iii'*-, -under   the .circumstances.
He left tlie Mission J_inction
Hotel yesterday about 3 _��'elock
and crossed over to the V. V. R.
de'pet to mah-e eucuirics about
the   train.*',   ami   wheu   returning
"Thc subject ef the eveidng's discourse in the Baptist Church, te-
morrow, will be: "A Phenomena!
Th-rwirkig is. proceeding apace
and quite a number of-connections
have alreauv besu made. It is t<j
be hoped tbf.l the juice will uot he
leng delayed no**?.
across   thc   track   he   was   overtake:!   by   tlie   incoming express, j ~" "	
Mr. Willis soraewhtit hard of hear--     Everybcdy is poii.hmg  up his.
  ing.anddlfi not-km-v. the train was|guu aU(i getting read* for the great
The marriage look place, ou api'ro*t-h:p.R uutil ���twasalmcst uron i sla*-gltt^r cay Moaday.-when "all
Wednesday last, at the home ofthe |hirtl- U'': sa-vs that *e ��-**��>*** thefare cock, to.day) bovSi" willbe thc
groom's parents, .of Prank David ! <:ilS"le wl,cl1 -t was-about  five  fect|.w,r cry 0| Km* ��|por^��
,,. .    ...    Ts,;     f.. , ������   , ' awav and jumped, but too late. He.
Simpsou to Miss P.liza Fisher Bos-u, , J      '  ..
p ' was   knocked    uncounsotous,   and 1
l-vhcti curried   t-o   the  hotel  and -f,
Tii-.r-dsV,-   next, .the   i-Bth   iast.
our roads con.
Chas. Eindseth spent a few .davs
risitini,' in Alderg,ro--eilast wefk.
Auiavc-.fr.iy -or. ice;.
n the   Methodist  Church, Ladner,
���: os  Suuday, 2o.!i   iast
brdthe? ol   the.'!ex'peeiedTRev. A, M. S
.   has retur'aed',1 ��*   Vaacauve,,   will
to-theiPcrt after an u'-vne. oi  two -jin'prning and evening.
yews,   arid ha*,  taiteii   up his old |	
position in the store.    During   his,
��� of '-Dundee, -.Scotland.    _.-**. J
f Betts-perfc-rni-d the ceremony which ,
! was private, only the more intimate 'loctor M��a��ned_i-t ��** foand that being   public   Th.-:ilrs.ivii,2 Day,
! friends of the fnmi!v being present.; thrfe "bs a,ld ,liS I10,e   ha(1   been th.rewill be a  special Tha���kSijiv-
After thc -ceremony tire happy brokeB'   A cut had also been in--iag   Service-in    lhe    Methodist
jcoHple   left   for Vancouver   en   a-Aicted above the eye. Ctarch,   ht   n-ociock   a.m.,  in
Uljort honeymoon trip Mr' K ���'*  �� !: :]:"":'  K-: ;!:'*'v   ��:^   '  ���"**'"!  ^   '^ ^hm-he. ,,
I    Among the beautiful .hid  usefo
I presents were the following.
Mr.  aad Mrs Simpson, parents
oi the groom, cheque. *     , -
j    Mrs. Boyd, -ScetlaWd, motbci  0. **"-���'= *the
ill be-1ield .the brig- i;Ben,
i     Sister  of the  biide,  liard-n: ide
I' of the injured m? 11,   rrturned  from the town wril! unite.
i Mission   Junction   this!    morning, ���
: and report*  thai   Mr,   Hill is  rest-|
but will  net be  able tc
ictcl for several days.
7.X* -T..K.1  BI.t'NDKR.
absence 'Teddy was eti..age-d at the,
A verv pleasaift  time wns spent.
wheu .it i��h��a��enberg sideboard scarf, . ,n   v/ec|t!���(|?.v   ewening,   at   the
itord, 8.D., j    -Brothers of the groom, cheque.    Loni(. of Mrt  j.os jcrdfttli .r.he��� .,
-...ch   both     j.  Boyd,  brother of the   biide, Lumber of young folks w_.e;i_nter-
������ cheque. j tained  at games and  music, after
  :   'Mia* -Kate Hiscoek, brictestneja, UrJaicli lights refreshments -s-remaervr
The an.iu.-l tea will -Lc s_r.-ed-i n- ���^o^ersp.ons-and embroidered |,di ^c y,n;n_ ,:eo,,,,  di,)MrtinsJto
ServicesJin the. Methodist Chur_-h
ifo-morroiw   t  11     .rn. and  7  p.m.
he jc' 6 th evening dis-
i'-out ;���-:  will  be    "Changes in S-'-l
ife end How i hey Are Produced."
|fhi-  is    he secon    in a series ef
veiling d'.scours _s on  "The Soul I
rd -.om" nl   the  Eaws  By Which
tis Governed.
BRAN.   .SHORTS,   Whole   Corn,
Cra. k' t! Corn, Rice Meal, Chit I
Rice, Chick Feed; Timothy mid
Clover Si eds, Rfltton's Garden
and Field Seeds muy he obtained
at Br.*ickman-Ker Milling Co 's
war. houses,    Lsidn 'r   IrOm
Oddfellows' Hall, on Tuesday, Oct.
30th. from 6 to 8 o'clock p.m. The
' ladies of this congregation have es-'
jtablished   a   reputation   for   them-,'
selves in furnishing  their table* for;
gramme of .music,   &c ,   will  also
b'J rendered ���
. n nnd
H. N.RIOH, Local Agent.
C_ian.berla.11-s f;^,^',,,.-,
KcA-erfails.   Buyltn.w,   Il may�����.'.' liic.
i'l-ed. Iliscock, best man, clock.
Mister Bert Hisccck, fanc-v- vase.
Mrs. \V'.;7,iTi;:*stono, *w..ie set.
Mr. and Airs. T. Woil.ry,-B_t of
���titrtr knives and >,-...���-,
Howard Frazer,;xheqi.e.
Mr. .and Mrs. C. Fbng, silk table
1    The bri.
their homes at.r.11 ci/ly hour.
est. Johns, Mid. Oct. 8s���-Washington despatches received here
stating that tbe British and American governments have arranged u
modus vivendi regulating tbe her-
rin__ -fishery in these waters, anti
giving what arc svwurned to be thc
correct ternrs of "the airangeiiienf,
evoke bitttf criticism on the part c'f
'iiie press and tlie public.
It was irjiorted to-day that-the
ministry, following' the' recent example' of the tTnlional cabinet, intended to resign as a protest against
the   Temporary    arrangement    be-
This morning,  as 1, Whitworth
was making ;i tt:rr. en Eelta slice;,
?ic ran   foul   of tlie''-leltphone-st^.y ,
guy epp jsite I he Delta Times Office. -
This stay  is  much  too low for r.' tween Great"Britain ahd'the United
- hay rack to pass under arid should,; States   uuder    the    provisions   oi
:om   presented   tlx. therefore,   be  raised  a couple ict. wr.ici; American'herring'fishermen
1   a  handsome gold higher up the  pole  to prevent the secure privileges *contrr,ry - to - tin
possibility oi trouble. ' laws of Neivfoiindhuul. -WW*-". . -
Sur.3CRU'TioN, $U00 per year.
1 and sufficiency was so narrow  thtt
jit   was very  seldom   the   ckinkerj
iknew and  observed  it.    Bettor be.
' on the safe  side     Why run  into
j danger?    As no possible good could
���result   from   indulgence    no  risk!
! should be  incurred.    Believe him,
Call In.
C-.��ua A_lT_i.i_e_.e_ts, 19 cents per line To' '
|fceurstin_atioii,aiidsce_lB.per line lor cscli, ,
__��b_-.cni.nt iiiseition,   The nuiniwt '.i is-1,*"- in the stern game of life ihey  had
^tecKoneclbyt-ie space opciipied, ultneato the -
tinch. | all   lo   play,    ihey    could    afford |
k.ics lotcommerciol Adyertisemeiits can be i.    throw tin advantages awav.    He :
Dad on application al Uus office. | �� - '
sach lu-1 did not wish  lo  preach   to  them.;
There  was  uo sin in  drinking  a
Reading notices ui.ceuu.ie. line fur
Birtban4Dt��U_,notice8,5oc���,Marriage8$i.��o,   , .    .. .       ,
... ._,��� glass of wine, and, late in hie, they
Anv  Bpcclftl notice, til-  object ol which UlO \ &' * ,        .   .        :
Ko-iotethepecmalary benefit m my uisiivtcW  tnio*ut be ordered by their physician
'nrpsiupaiiy, to bc considered uu aU.crnaemeut        * * _'_
._n. cltarsed Q.-COxdiugl.',
_LU ad_Mlisemett_s, clia__.ed for until otdered
���ut and puid inr.
Cnrr. *ponde4ice invited ou matters ol public l of    policy.
iBi-i-ru   Comis-utitc&tlons to editor must in* uc-i       ,   _,        ., .    ,     i  . �����_   :., I
c��m.��>ukd by nam. or ma./, n-iii-o's-m-uy and  ti.it.'. the  greatest   ilanser  in
for pui-liciitiuii, but as evldeac. of ��,jo_ faith.
And Try
An Oyster Cocktail
to indulge to that extent. He put;
the case to them simply as a matter;
There, was  one  habit, |
'dny -s.;mn_,.
uus. reueh tlii. office by Thurs.
Oko. R.
Harvey   Creech.
Delta Transfer Stable    i
Team Work Besze _j_ Specially tow Prices.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
��� Telephone "Ladner" No   xo.
front of them, against which thev!
could protect themselves completely
in the campaign oi life.     It  was!
good sense* for them to do so.
k. o. u. w. | pasj-jjon stabSes ='
Delia Lodge, No. ri meets first
j     Thursday next is
I^'rantnAY, 0CT.0BKR   1,1,   1906.
Iu order to assist in improving;
the condition m" our roads wej
would suggest that those trees bor-!
deriag on the:, roads, which so;
Shade the road that the sun andl
cannot get access to  it*, hence we; engaged at  Heaps'  Sawmill, Van-
O.et your costumes ready for the
utul third Tuesdays of each month i
in Oddfellows' Hall.
Thos. Todd, M.W.
T. W, Khkk, Recorder.
Delta Lodge, No. 21.���The regit-1
lar meeting* of this Lodge are held
Trucking and Draying. - V
Livery work of all kinds attended to promptly.
Luflmr. B. C.
Stanley Ooosetrey who has  been;every  Wednesday evening at 8 p.
have wet. roads wheu they .should
lie dry. We like nice shady roads
to drive over ia the summer, 'tis
true, but if we wish good roads on
tliis flat land, we must sacrifice the
ceuver. paid a short visit here this
week   and   left  again  Wednesday
evening  tor  Vancouver  where  he
i expects to join a prospecting party.
in.    Visiting Brethreu cordially invited to attend.
R. C. Abbott, N.G.
W. IL Taylor. Sec.
W. N. Draper,
Shooting sMoticos on hand.: "Fisiting Cards,
plain or prk_t*e**-_.; Job Painfcing of all kinds.
Oive ns a call and Save Money.
K-aui 3. ..Hurd. Block, New Westminister.
1    Mothers need have no hesitancy
 _ ; jH continuing to give Coaraberlain's
We understand a compact has j Cough- Remedy to their little ones,
���been entered into between the raia- as it contains absolutely nothing in-
isters Of Ladner- for-the purpose cl! ."rious. This remedy is not only
talcing up Sabbath observance work.! Perfecll>' safe t0 Sive sml1 chilclretl* \
...   .      . ,       , ,      1 but it is -a. medicine of great worth j Headquarters for
me do not know  how much our! _    - .... 1 "���*-'"-*�����*���_ "��* ��-*-���- ~- -*������*-������-
McRAE & Co
A lull line of English aud Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept in stock.
the Delta times, Ladner
Ladmr Carriage W0rks.
i ��� ii ���
iKforporated 1369s
I and merit. It has a world wide
people appreciate it., but we cer- reputation,for its cures of coughs,!
laialy have a happy and fortunate [colds, and croup and can always be!
potubinalion in our ministers.     Af-1 relied upon.    I'or sale by all drug-j
ter  all  we  are ouly a village and' gis's-
* n __ __.
to have men like Sev. J. F. Betts,,
who has a well noted reputation in
the west for many years; Rev. A.1
McAuley and Rev. C. Croft, com-1
p.ratively new comers, but whose,
abilities are iecogMized, and the'
Rev. Canon Hilton, whose preaching power, and personal influence is
felt so much places us upon a level
with mt*iy cities of far greater population. Front a churchy point ol
view, we think I.vlner should
shake hands with itself. And we
have noticed in onr quiet way tbe
friendship of these ministers.
It pleases us to see this quartette
practically baud in hand and working so harmoniously for the public
geod.    This is as it should be.
Pure fflani'lii Binder Twine.
Bale Ties?
83ar��*ed Wire,
Lubricating Oil,
Or   Any   Other   Old   Thing   the
Requires at LOWEST PRICES.
CAPITAL, -        . ^SrOOOjOO��
RESERVE-FUNDS,      - - $3,302,748
TOTAL ASSETS, - -        $31,183,625
A G-eneral Banking Business ___ra____acted.
Savings Department*
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Inter-
Q.   T   BAKER-, Ladnef*  EL   C.I        est Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
T  &i Bi__ANCHES.	
TftAOR Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anv��inoBonding knkel.h ��niKN>9_riptlnn nm
nnl.til��sM<'ert:iiii tmr. oi'lulon free wlietbor ail
invention is prolialily initenuble^Toiiimuul-v
'Inna-strictlfmnttilcutlal. HANDBOOK oapwenu
out, free. .>lnert:a_:oii.T fur___urini_paie_ii*_.
Putont. tnfecri thrnoi.il Munn & Co. receive
Lspssrto-notice, without ctaarco,.lat_se
Scientific Htnerican.
.. hnmlsoinply lllniitr����s__ weekly. T.arire��t eUv
iiilatum uf nnv sblentlD_) Journal. Terms, __.-h
vesr; four months,.U HoWbyull nss-sil-nlet..
PNN&Co.36,Bk���'��� New York
Brunch Offlco. IB5 V SU Waihlnstwi. I). C.
Farm to Lease.
sSe.iled Tenders will be received
by the tindersig-ued up to October
17th fer the lease of the farm at
present occupied by C. H. Davis.
Highest tender not necessarily accepted.
For further information apply to
i.ADNi-R, bc Tenders Wanted.
The following is taken  from an
. address-by Andrew Carnegie at the
opening oi a gymnasium in conuec-! nesdar,
; 80 Ewes, 40 Fit Sheep, 40 Oxford
i Down Ewe I.auibs, Jersey Dairv
;    Cow, ;*��� Grade Dairv Cows, 1 Fat
Cow, 2 Yearling Heifers, 2  Fat
1'igs, whieh
���jyjR'. H. N.  RICH has Received
instructions to Sell  by Auction, in the  above Yard, on   Wed-
tiou with the University of St. An-1
drew, ScoUajid.
"There were two such habits
very common among the'young j
men to-.ay. The ftrst and most I
serious was the use of alcoholics.:
A danger'ms habit very likely to
cnitte gr:'_*voti8 results all a-'
jjr.-'-.il; that it could eause|
no beneficial results all agreed. I
Tt was Mieretorc the part ot wisdom
Oct. 24th, at 1:30 p.m.
Terms cash.
Further entries solicited.
4. Miles South ot Ladner.
TiTR.  II, N.  RICH has received
instructions from Mr William
.Witter  to  SELL  IVY  AUCTION
to abstain from Me habit that might 1 Qn the premises as above on
work evil and  could do no aood.   _,.__,._,__,,. ,, ^....s^.,...,.
���,.   .      .,,   ,,   . . ... * WEDNESDAY, 17TH OCTOBER,
Tbat no ill euects were visible' irom
indulgence-   during  the   vigorous W7 I
period of youth rendered the danger, at' 1:30 p.rtr.,   tbe   whule   of   his:
pi serious consequences in atter life DAIRY  STOCK
still greater thau if the ill effects1 '
*etevisiWeframtkebegintiiug.They includiug 28 DAIRY COWS, with
, , ... .    .,.        _.     ��� and in calf;  7 threc-vcar-oM Steers:
A-ere playing with on lasulious foe,k Uvo.year.oU Steers.   . ,wo.vear.'
Viewing them as young steeds] ol(1 Heifers; 7 yea
training for the race oflife>he knew; Steers; 20 Calves,
of 110 one habit so Hkelv to defeat:     The Auctioneer c
Sealed Tenders, marked "Tenders for School," will be received by
lhe Board of School Trustees up till
November ist, 1906, for the purchase of Boundary Bay School and
Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
For further particulars apply to
the undersigned.
Ladner. October 4th, 1906.
Review of Reviews,
Woman's    Home    Companion,
Success Magazine &
The Delta Times
All for the small sum of
BRANCHES -IN BRITISH COLUMBIA���Yaoconrer, Va-iicouve.
East End. Mt. Pleasant, Granville Street; Graud Forks, Nauaimo,
Nelson,- Rossland, Victoria, Vernon, Chilliwack, Cumberland aud
New Westminster.
Just Arrived^
The above combination is one of
the most popular likely to placed
before the public this season.
Tans, Oxfords **-
Blucher Cuts!
yearling Heifers and'
them in the' contest as the drink-
jug of -dcbolic liquors. That taken
in excess they destroyed the character of men and  rendered  them
useless members of society ihey all'that  amount, approved  notes  at 8
__4:ew.     The  line, between exces&l mouths with inter'.st at  s per cent.
special at-;
tent ion in t'ni.-s sale  of high class
Dairy Stock.    Mr. Winer's lease of!
pasture kind having expired  being 1
the cause of the sale.
TiCR'.is���Under $2^,  cash;  over
Tenders will be received bv the
undersigned up to Saturday, Oct.
20II1, fer lhe erection of r. .Store
and Warehouse upon the foundation on our Lot. Plans and specifications can be seen at Marshall
Smith's oflice.
Tha lowest or any- tender uot
necessarily accepted.
Quong Lee
Wishes to inform the public that
lie has started a new laundry, *_>p-
posite G, T. Baker-. Carriage
V.'cirks, Ladner, and will be pleased
to wait on  all those wishing their".
done up in first-class style.
If the above does wot meet your
requirements we shall be pleased to1
make you the following offer:
The New Idea Woman's Magazine
The Detta Times
Both of the above tor $1.25 .per
Renew your Subscription now and avail yourself of the above splendid
A Full Lin�� of
Tanks for Sale,
One 3ft. .-.in x Sft 9m. r. 7ft.
deep, built wilh _-in tongiied and
grooved fir, well stayed and bound
with iron; also two smaller ones,
similarly constructed,.
Apply to
569 Beatty Str.ct, Vancouver.
Get a Suit at Once. "TOE -!_-:_.TA '.;<;..&��,-SATVRDAY,  CC'i
i:Amm._lJ_#'_j>_.__. ���J.j__.-__.L_-U-S-
U. T. I-**.*.
���<��� i
iNew :Service���Port Guichoa  and   Ladni
���y.��__5tir_inster and Va-icou-va:
_Lc_.ve Pt. Gup-lieu, 6.30 a.m.    Arrive \\&._-_cu-my_c*.-".o ami.
.Leave V-tRseuver,   2.10 p.m.   Arrive PL Guichon1.6.oo.p.m
.-lo-'.flfiy, Wednesduy aud-Friday.
���Give. .Pu-..*v__ig.i*s i-bur  hours  h\   eii-ier   New    We-;:
ttuinster err Vancouver.
..*._. 1. ���CsViNT?.'--	
1 Anglican.)
Communion ���__3u.nda_.Sj
I   :
7' ilii
_-_.u__ay   in month,
7wo 0 ciir
Sj   I :i Schopl-At 10 a.m.
. ven 1 ng-se. tac e 7; 30.
E_.v. .Canon Hilton, vicar.
New   Bkeiglit   Tariff   effective   "September    5CI1,   *o6. ���
r cat iv
Reduead J.-_a_*_s     .For particulars apply lo
.Services "first arid third Sunday 6
each month at io��.o a.m.; Ben .ii
Agent, Watt "Guichon. Iu���* 7?��'<-���'
Sufficient 'Car*; *will "be r_tiTnii.lie*d without delay.
rr 5 -.'.���' .�� .   . ! 5 1 r-rr *���_>-
���III lilllllllllllWil M l     IJ HI I IIII III IHII._iJ.il '1 ���'""UMillWIIIIIIIIIIHIiilllilllllllll
Sunday school at 3 p.m.
Low*-Massvalid Holy Communion
first and third Mondays*:!33 a.m.
Rrav. Father Wagner, �����.M.I.,
Bafisb Prkst.
CURTAIN.' [.AiStfte;.
Breakfast  Food
They ���ccrnta.v. all the
nutriment in wheat.
For sale in 5 and
,10 lb. bags Lfey al!
good grQcer.*;.    .    .
j    -_j.rriecs u*s::t .Lorcl-ti Kay at : 1
\ .t. m.and 7:30 p.m.
1   ..Class meeting, 10.30 a.���.-_���,. every
I Sunday.
Sabbath-School a'; 2 puta "even
i Sunday. Prayer meeting every
I Th__f6t__i}veveni_igi_-t 7.30.
���o ciffj**r.:e b*.etn lilttlitg nn- titiiz'.vg l*|hedlfs-_
���.������er.c_Dc-_seei.-nA. i_.t_ls_l_.__i_: _r.r-i..
Ulsrose ��-c-:;.-_i --rir.;r.i'et Cn . BTffiVK. ...
t_:. years __ y.ptrisyiceij -_-___.___. l/wrf __-**
/midline ot
Kill is Telescope*, Ele	
A'.It y,._r _e-.l_riin J insist | Senile In si.,-.... t t ,,-
r^;",.:..-^ra!.sy pr;;..    ||r^( A:ri ..j,:^, Kit
lMV.if.i lUcc-'o^r AlumlQui. Hi-*:*, trill Uf.t
..*'._���_ ,_r i-j _i*nl_ L- lutun.
8. ��e��l_iil Work  uf  Hie  Anie.ui c-_
-FoEiBci*. Centaiiieii.
Tin* wonders of Uie needle were ia
ancient times in. Egypt, India, Ba_>y-
loni-i and Eh_B_.J_._u mainly lavished,
by women on ceils .and hangings lc.
temples. Connoisseurs consider tiie veil
deeoeatlng tlio tomb ���_.,. M-obammed at
Medina, priced at 10/XK-.000 rupees,
the jufiatitoari. elous piece of embroidery iv-.* mail''. Its pattern,,.) cunning
Interlacing o" scroUs .and scrabesijuiis.
exclusively delineated <.7itU rare p_a.ls
and precious-stones,.-produces, wheu
expose, to ibe rays of the sun, a _tu-
pendous affect-of coloring, soft and liar-
moiiiou.. and equal to.the bold grace?..-
I tit**.*, of the design.   Linen, si'iks, leath.
! er and ilie richest stuffs were in turn
j beautified wltb the iinle Insignificant
I tool, the needle.
Diaphanous Xi.Jian im:-:liu cluirmlng*
t ly eflibrolderod with green beetle wings
' i.. still renowned, as well us exainpls*.
j of painied spangles and ai__ficial pearls
Btrewu umld devicesi.VsTonght In gold.
iint where J>; aow tb he found tbe In*
0 U:
iiy applying an antisept
1' to   v/ouiids, bruises, burns
Rev.'J. F. Beitts. pastor.  |-^e
besfore   inflisjnmali ;i:
-.ST.__��SK8*lW-S*#--_>*__sW^R-AN      i
��� ���
-.ervices uext Lord's Day at   111
sets iu, they
inatttration and in  about 01.e .libel
the lime reifnired  by the old treat*
a.m..and 7.30 p.m. | meut-   Thfa is the.fireatest discoy-
Sa-bbath ��ch_>ol ait ic a m    Mid- j cr-' BB{- ^^[^ ^ m^?��� ^ur^ery
week me.ti.ug on -Thursday evening  Ciiamb-iiain's  Paia   R.--1-.U   acts on
at 7.39 o'clock. [..this same principle.    lti.  au tjali-
I.ev. A, M-cAKlej. Pastor,     -septic aud whea applied to such iu-
  11 juries,  causes them tto heal very
.[iiickiy,.  It  also  allays .the   pain
Columbia Flouring Mills Glx, Ltd.
'wssbrzfew.?. 'S^siu&i^ss^wami^mm
Sabbath services ��� Crescent j
land, 3 p.m.: Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday .jchool at 10 a; ni.
Prayer meeting on Thursday
j 8 p, mi
C. Cw.fi. B. A., past
j     l"!:sf.s_Ht shooting
: 15th iast.
J. 8TEtn___.s ARM3.-ASE tool CO.,/�� | con.pftr_.ble Decea muslin, tliirty yards
of which- were once inclosed fdr a turban in au ordinary-cocoaiisUt Incrusted
wiiii gems and presentod l;y u t'srslau
uixiliiuj'iij.dor to bi.   ij.s.;-,i-:'.  tbe .shall.
; Other   varieties   known   us   Invisible
. have _l_o_s____tippcn_'_d,  The U tun nvla-
i tun-ted I'roL-i tbe fact tha. *whou dipped
I _u water 01- spread out on tbe grass the
[���material was lost to tbe ei'e tlu*ougb
dress j ;i>; e^trumc li-ionesa.
.'.'he tralued lingers have dlsapiiearsd,
..and through modern competition eus-
toiners are no longer willing to pay the
iivr/be-healed without iTett| value of genuine hard work. This
' superiority of ea..ti-i"i cruftsinen over
l-tlie.ir 1 westi 'wfellows was recogns*____
keontui'les .���:;._. lii'st���!'_.��� Portuguese, who
i.were in the habit cf sending saiin to
India to l.e -.'-ulji-sjiden-U by the ntitlves
laftoi'   Buropctui   designs,   a   fashion
j which at times renders sotuewJiat puz*
I filing tbe cJussitlciU-O-i of tbe marvels
ef handiwork,
Tbo FreiH-'b followod suit, olnee tbe
tnajorily of il.e Louis XVI. court sets,
including coat, wuistcout and breeches
in satin, velvet, plush or conded silk,
bo .xqulsUely iidorned v.iih delicate
sprays_and sdmlrable bovdei-s wi'uugijt
in sntin and tilllihotiv stUebes, are dnu
to the skill nnd Industry at the Cl-i-
nesc. who have I'epi'oOiieed Uh. Fretfr^U
devices with Boss sill; in sueb lovely
.and fast colors, which still appear in
all their beauty, wiih v. inellowuess im-
pafi-it by tluxs wbkili further adlls to
tbeir charm.
,17."3 Qbrdcs. r��a**-.-t!*.rj". tc!\^l^gsm(.
Dumas hns I .1 ivrevived in I'arii.
Kler.ni ra i).,...- bas annonm a\ Ihatpfco
ffiil j!..vs)',:y in -_34__*-_l_____ietfaflAlt-t
bu;,-. res.
Vs'tbrr f.nd Fields miTi.-iisK:*''ijst nort
_r_aii '. .a:���.,_��� ti:o .New VcrU-Ss-aM.n, tiny
wiil ls_-_ t___t big ?__n;_.'.i__'vi��tr to l.uu-
ftol Smlih i:-..-.oil .;..rUtit ���������.'. rccrnHy
���"IJncjo Dili;," tho new plr.r -.imt JUartlts
Moiton has4_*a___ed bim with, ls.wa.__i
( - rolte 1 'i-.-.'.li'iis j-inf "_e ,'r!i:y of the
i.,...:.:i    1 IJv..__<>...      Mi,.,;   l.'SlI   ;i!l!J:l   ill
ti.-' 1 clftiwi. ��oicc8.s____ ii ii ti,aiu.ii.g
ttllt.    :. '.:.   '.
Mr. I ?af Piniherttuthas preaented ths
....anus. ��� .'.At-.! Tom I'otiettsnns "Soaloly"
���ta lli-J .���}. th:: p. are _>_-.3i:_ri'_d tliehtfcf e.
��������_ a* \!.' '. op-Avcn.
...���..: .i-.ii '.:. todeccrtthev��udeviV_i
goon, bnvicg slpncd to_plny Ibalradiiis
rolo ,'.'. ii..: csxt Mew Y<_i*?t (,'n: .,,0 pTudtuf*
lion, "A Uargerous lia_-_.-"
Mr. Ganci'oft's pi___.-,-"T._::'sn," Eeciut
���t   I,.- . :. . 11 :i;.;: 1.1 t-foTLcnidcn Qui rick
��� lc will Ijo succeeded In due liiaa by 11 new
plecu by ��'. ��� Loo 'Xenvor called "i_rotli_i
Offi   -.-.;'
_���-... : tlaency announces tbat tl-nncsiptl
cf i . 1 ' i.- V-.''...r. ln ' 'ii.e I.i.;V I'trjo-
ral 1 ���������... i ���-.(.. that i^o would not bo _a_
princil lo sti. l,.��� star olocu uy (1100,000 et.
tii 1     won,
! a ::/.',.,��� I_alj.secen_lyono of tha fTcafr
e.-i actois ..: tbut cmiWry, Novell! 1...i...:;rlc
Unti, died of n' l-rolicn hrart. 1<>. i.ad
siruifgled ftr years against tbo reputation
of !;;..%.i.i; ..:, ovil I v.1.
In liis'nSntoK-tlng rnonioirswbicb en
rocifiving duo ccnisideiatlou at jrcm-nt
AlcsaaCir ..iilvlni yxMtca ilio Ih.niki��.!
.j'.dwin  IJoctli, butf-xprenres the opiniuu
1 tiiat fiir Hemy lr\icg v.i;s llio bettev iu
s'terpcatex ut thu cbarautor.
iud soreuessi.-.iid prevents anv dau*
ier of 'blood ,-pbisoi>tiig.    Keep  a,
bottle ott-Paiu Balia  in   your home
ind   it   will --save   you   tip;e unci
money, not to  mention theiucon-,
vciiience   aud
U_"    '.$'
juries -entail.
g ig. ��� a TsmssossKsesssxsc:
m. 1
-Nurseries  -Sr.  Seeclhouses:
,5000 Telegraphers
_f_.coord.ng tto Tbe Cimtner-cial',
of Winnipeg, the visible supply oi
oats in the United States and Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains.
is   sS,833,000    bushels,
The S.S. Sonoma leaves'. Ladn
��� at 8 a.m. a��d 44:.111.; leaves Steve
it'in   at .9 a.m
1 a \
jAnnMallv, lo fill the new  positions
created by Railroad and Telegraph | with 18,^76,000 bushels
IConaoan'rtfs.     We ,��vai_t  A'OlfNGi 	
compared 1
Readin;; i�� to the tnind-what exercise
��!_. to the body.���Addison.
A homo, without books i'i tifee a room
vwithout- windows.���Beecuer.
  .   _T-<_i read' without retleellng is like*eat
lnj; without digesting.���Burke.
When vou wish to  buy   visiting'    Books are tiie best things well ssed;
J ... ��lius_i*l. anion., tho worst.���Emerson.
:.rds call-ou*the Delta   rimes wboj   Neit (y acftUjrinj! feua!l fl.lund, tUe
iLargcstoQbtt IS��M*E.'C5����W'N '\ ^E-andL&_3IESof��ood*habits-to
'Fruit and 'C-lrnaniental 'Trees now :
���matured fertile &lt trade.
Ko-expense, lessor delay effumi-..
sjga'ioni or.-JLiispection.
:______*.-5V:*Vi->.'.'.Vss*v *>>.���>-.
|Co!ic.;!Ch^era*��i'1>i3.r;t_..: ..-ir.-dy |
will sell the best money cau   buy.
_f you need them printed, why you
1 upera-ror
MM * '���'-Ha#ihg!fa^ae:
We _urhish~75  per cent,   of the
! Operatcrs -ciul  f>t?,tio.. 'Agents ,in ;
A"K'rica.    Onr six schools are the'
exclusive Telegraph Schools:
j in lhe world.    Established 20 years.
Headcmavle.r, i_r  Tacif.c   CdaBt !and ^ow.al*.y ^ll aeactiug  Rail-.
'7     .       ... , ,        ,   ..,        . j wa3*Gmci_iis.
-grown   Garden, Field ._>.nd   I'lowcr : 1
���Seeds in-��eason. . j    We execCltc erp$o -.and to-cvery j
��� -UHI. SUr-TLIHS, Snray Ifcrnps, j student  to  liirnish him  ov  her  a]
Whale-Gil Sean. Greenhou'se Plains, I position paying from ?4o   to  $60 a j
���     p. * 'mont'li ln-States-east of "the  -Rocky 1
_UUt flowers, , MouatailvS] or foom ^?s , t0 |I00 a
We ��� do   business-on   our   own month m States west of thc Rockies, j
founds���no  rent  ta  pay ..and are | immediately upotr graduation. j
_~___._s.__i .��� ���, .. ���ii    ..,:_.. .       j
nter -r.t .r_uv lime, i   i n    , , .   t
c .,        .'.    . you allord to risk to much tor s;>   j
or ftil particulars 1   , ^   BUY IT NOW. 5
rprepared to meet all competition
Let me price your list before plac
ling .your order.    Catalogue Free.
Students can enter -i-.t .r.ny time.
No vacations.    F
regarding .auy tefiour school.; *riTitej
direct "to .our executive ofiiec at-
' Ciiicii.M:ati, 0.    Catalogue free,
Almost every family has ne;d  j
of a i*s_liafeie rcrnedy lor cclic cr
dianhea at some Elite el-rins thc
This remedy is .nseorr.r.ier.ded
by dealers v/ho have sold it for
many years and know fe vaiue.
i'it has received thousand, of
testimonials'from grateful people.
ft has been prescribed hy physicians with,lhe _E_c_t satisfactory
*lt has often -saved We before
medicine could have been sent for
or a physician summoned.'
It only costc a quarter.    Can
bsst   ai'ij-wliiiaiKe   is   tbat
. Some books are tabv tasted, other.,
are money in poclcet by calling  on. fc Ue na\)e^ea aud soiuo few to bo
the Delta iimes C��t. L_*ew_*_ ��bd digested���Kaeoo.
i    ptalf .tha gossip of Society wonld per-
  ,_sh If tbe books that are truly w.rth
AN   AWRJL  COUGH   CURED. M******.** read.-eawson.
What te... great love of books?   It la
  j,Miuetblog like.a perstouiil inti'Dduction
i._o the grfat and j-ond iueu��of all uast
"Two years ago our  little   j?,iri Lames,���Jobii Bright.
I   had a touch of pneumonia
Tbo three pi'actieai rules I bav* to
... c ,   .    ���,       01,���  afl'a. ara:. (ll Never read any book tbat
left her with an awful cough.    S.be^ ^ ^^ M. &) ijovoi. vea& ^
iiad  spells of coughing, just   like
ine witb tbe whooping cough and
bun famud books; (tn never read any
.but what you like.���Btucrsou.
Possibly l.illinn Russell is mcroly atns
tii loua 1.1 he r.l;lu to t..y lhat sho h. s bell.
I'uiii' of a kind.���ililwaukeo Stntinc!,
Cnmiit'S'j ."ciii lighting wiil ���j.ci.v.t M-ee
it cunics ts, petting a naval a]i{*fc__iatl0_i
..tlii-"..;.'.li C-.c cartes,���Wjisblngton Star,
��� Coiiili ieElcner Day pets n ice of 520,000
lor bis sen Ices iu l'ails.    Bees ho cam il
by Di y's work cr i<_.ue vscaivf���l'bUadcl-
piiij. Xiiues,
Hew in Iho woild di'l Ciciici-af-KICci-Mi
��c _\.r win out v. i; In. ul having S_t., Iicr
Citm. and Hichaiil llwaina Davis aioa^''
-���Evan ivill 3 Couilei*.
. Klti 1 CBcr ,".: d Dcvtcy ixcm to tsi two o:
-ft. kind,   ��0 Kitchener is _ii_it!oa __ci', i'in
Btwoy���woli,  Dewey -i-; ..__._���_' .;ctrli.t.s
���Richmond Dispnteb.
A. a n.r_i] oi.ix.1 of foci __u'd _scc��snd_,6l
Estcrhiiay__i:i-j:i*8 to Ik. Ib-S-uictt tliilni g
_-3mp)o*wbleh iho close of tho eiaunry any
I  wbcru exhibits.���Now Vork "'riliuno.
A Pnck of Cnril-.
___.# ordinary pliymg cal'dJ of todty
' are derived from a stick, game sup-
; posed to have -cri -inatcd.in tliis..eoun
j try. Fit'tj' small st oka are a _)ia'l:.".Tb��
: '���gaiiio" was orlginsilly. for-.thc player
; to divide "the sticks rapidly with Ills
> two hands, tha opponent guessing
I which hand held tlie larger number.
Ow'nors of sticks spent rainy days in
' carving thorn.   The Asiatics borrowed
j the game and caivcd more elaborate
' counters out of ivory.   Those with di,"
: i'pi'en'. carvings grew to have,,..:., ivjv
values.  'Afraaging -_he_a; in groups 01
fours made it necessary to add two ti
the original number.   Then thin alai ���
of ivory began to he used.
For centuries after this all playiu.:
. curds were hand painted, at first on
, ivory or metal,  afterward  on  card
board.   The picknres, at.first legi odarj
; heroes and. ladles, gradually ibecume 1 i
fiX'M, wood faced caricatures w.  <.:<>
1 know, and th.se, comiug back to Aple
I ica In tlioir westward journey arouui
the world, find our Dacilic eoast ludi
aus still juggling the same kind ot
Sticks  their  forefathers  used.
BD10 We-Btrnihster Koad,
VANCOUVER,   -   *B.
i Cinchmnti, Ohio.
*-*.: ���Texark
'Buffalo, NA
LaCrosse, Wis
x. *San I'VaueiscOt'Ca
^9.s^.,��^*..*,.*..��..^��.��..*..a.��^*.0's#s.osv.*.v-o*.*..��"'*. I
KRITIGH ��� ���C-'-.UJilBia
3. HEW.EY   Ull ll fill! II
B. C.
..������. ManufiicturcrH of iilt-Jcimkot
*�������� Soda Water, Gingisr
r%    Ale and Summer
J, Drinks.
J.       Your patronage solicited
Get your House -wired- now
'^* land.file your .ippliaation for
;^..>.^:..tl.:....^.o~:..��,<^.^:i.i..>...<.....>0.^iKl_ct-ric  I/igh'   uts����._ so that
���"      j tlie poles may be dittrihaied
I ppsSl* yaur _ prei-HtSflS.
Application blanks may be
had of Mi- MeDouald, the
-_!Purebred Setter Biteh which I
vfrill trade for a. good Retriever.
s;>iii" tiioug-lit she v.-ould not get
well at all V7c get a buttle of
Chamberlain's Cough Reine.ly,
.vhicli acted like a charm. She
stopped coughing and got stout and
fat," writes Mrs. Ora liu.sard, Bru-
inker, 111.    This lemedy is tor sale
���-What Slakec TJ-lusa Cram.
I .���.Accordhi!. to Xlaui-ice Springer, a
*r��_cb writer .011 tiie subject, tbe energy ..��_ erowtb is closely related to
alsctrl* energy and maj be Identical
with lt. At any .rate, growth energy ls
cl_��_ly connected with the phenomenon
sailed osmosis���that is. Hioi-cvlar _ir,_B-
suro. due to dlffgfauces of density !u
.;   ..���:,.'..������ j adja__iut. liquid Dtuasae..  Such molecu*
j !*r pvett-.-ire In the c.Us of tbe body be
i-bsllevat to be tha phenomenon Unit uu-
rdtrllta the multiplication of these cells
1 la growth, and osmosis ba* t*seu shown
  ' by esperlaient to bo closely connected
-Thereare afcO mile, of street railways in I    .^ ele<_,tricit,..   xha  writer referred
Bt. Louis now, and they carry 100,000,000 fa ��� g(Jon l)(> abU,
DBSficntzors y*cr yc-nr -_�����-_���_���  --*- _~
ThotowiM stretch of straight mil____ to measure growth energy u wo now
Une ln America ls ou the Lal__ Shers ; <-��� -��at��it electricity ana perhaps con-
railway, beginning at a point three miles ; ti*ol it so as. to produce tall or --or.
westof Toledo aud running 89 milea with- i farnlHe- ���_-races Ut cur pleasura.���
out n curve. ! ^acceM.
At Russian railwny statioiiH "grievanse
books" nro kept in which Jiasseii(j_rs iuay
enter complaints. The. books ara sort to
the emit rut, ollice 01100.�� month, and all
,coiuplaint- are then investigated.
J_n auxiliary step for..nilroai eesa U
mounted on two swinging bolts attached
to the under side of tlio fixed . lepc, to
swing downward and _project the ��Vep le-
youd tho bottom llxed step, where it is
hmdi by hoops engaging ejeleM et eilhei
end. _______________
"The recent summary action of .he em-
press downgor of Cliimi was t<* prevent lt*
from becoming It.���Indianapolis-Journal,
*Chinn. may bn 1,000 years behind tho
limes, but.fihc can put up n fine eiampio
of ths adis-mctd woman.-elndia&apolla
Those masilarlns with th___*taUs whe
sonic tlmo��ago were cracl;!iig jokes iliout
Li Hung Chang nnd his yellow jaokot nre
Si j now Blcopins; in the woods,���St.iI_o_l8.R_>
Li Hun_? Chang lias his opponent (ini
rival, Clmnf? Ten Hwan, in hoc!.. It Is
now Li's "dny in court," (=0 to^apsalc,
When it isn't llunp, it's Cluing, and nobody hut Gijsjao Britain nnd Russia atKiwe
Uie difference ���Chicngo News.
HI- Re vena.*
'He told her he could not biirvivi
���If lh- paths thpy trod must l!f apart;
.'6_��. si miK-d him���yet he's si ill alive,
And Ihal'a ihc ihbtg that hrealta li��r
I        heart,
j.,                                 ���Chicago Ks'lva.
���1A THceu-.nis.I-iu: Oiill����St.
'"Tlm! hoy next door who Ih learning to
flay tho cornet looks consumpttve;1'
"Yes, hut yow mustn't of.unl too iimeh
in that. Tho average age of musicians is
_ld to be 67 years,"���Cloveland Plain
���A Illeccine  In  Dlngnlcc.
Towne���Look nt that poor blind beg-
0ar playing the accordion.
Browne���Yea, and lie's deaf too.
. U'owne���(irsclous.  Isn't that awfull
: Krown���Oh, I don't kaow. .fust Uiinlt
how much he'd have io suffer if he
(wasn't deaf; ho'd hnve to lh:tc;i to his
'The Man���Let. me sell you tliis new
and very interesting- work.
The Other Mar.���1 don't need to.  ilj
barber bought one hist week.
TS-- Word "Star-ratio*."
Tlie word "starvation" was introdu.
ed into the English language by ll.
coiner, Henry. Duudao, nfterwlnd Vis
count Melville. . It was originally useii
by him in a speech, in parliament on
the American debate in 1TJ5 mid was
immediately caught up und applied n*
himself in a political nickname, so that
he was known thenceforward as "Star
vation" Dundas."
"I shall not," such was hia declaration, "wait for tlie advent of starvation from Edinburgh to settle my judg.
Before the time-of I>,undas "starve,'
"starving," "starved" and "starveling''
ware in use, but hunger or famine represented the state of starvation.
A'tlioiuili this word has now an cs.
tablishedi place iu our vocabulary, i-
was at fli'st vigorously opposed bj
many, and -_n just grounds, as of I 3
l.irid formation. The root '.'starve' I.
old English, while the ending, "ation,''
is Latin. It does net appear iu auy
English dictionaries until the year lSQU.
Lirvi.r lolls,,
Tha 7.ung man witb tho military uniform hud .eon tellin.;of his hardships apd
fiwclt with j <s-'scular emphasis on tho rations. Hu ���,vnrB'.(K,ii��ntly.indignant, when
his mother iii-pin. ted.
"Itonald, peoplo who hear yon .nigh*
think yoa di not love your country."
"Yes, I do love my eountry," he a��-
twered, 'nnd I'm willing to overlook
i-Hilts, but I'm blessed It I can go eo far
se to praise its eookinip'���-Washlnatoo
���   I'hrotiKh Thfo-����na Thin.
They arc with ue again, the brave laddies
in blue,
Aval W�� welcome them all with a WIU,
__..��; use li help them forgot all.thi wesee
tn-, wont through
Ti'hero the battle 110U; echo and thrill.
Ati It's lhaskful we a<*_ there's no great'
or sli.may
Ab we t-azo on each conquclng troop;
1 __ey aro with ud again frora_.iio liilckjoJ
Ihe fray
..An_ the thin <et Oib eoffoo and soup.
-Mew TeA ,Tj!i_ts-.   | THR DFT.TA TIMES, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1906.
SIMPSON-BOYD ��� A*, the rtsi-j
dence of .he Groom's parents, on j
Wednesday, the 10th inst.. by j
Rev. J. 17 Betts, Mr. Fiank D. '
Sinipsou, eldest sen. of John
Simpson, Esq., to MifS Eli a
Jas.  Follis   spent   Thursday  in
Ouecr W��T to Kill Flak.
Nativ.'S of the Torre:. strait have nn
original method of killing fish. In
places where turtles and large fish aro
wont to congregate they erect platforms, and as soon as a great turtle or
lish appears the man on the nearest
platform throw* a harpoon nnd almost
invariably strikes the animal. After
this is dono one of the other men Jumps
from his platform with a rope, which
he fastens around the tail of the captured fish. One end of this rope remains tied to a platform, and thus tbe
lish or turtle ls soon safely secured. It
Is likely, however, to plunge about a
good deal, aud therefore those men
who are within reach of tbe rope are
obliged to take care that it does uot
trip them up with it.
Mrs. it   Pybus is sn_ft_rm__   fn ni
en attack of erysipelas
Mrs. 17   B.   and   Misi   LadnerI
visited the Royal City this week.    1
Hor  l*lan.
"I intend." Bhe said, "to give in charity, as much as I spend on dress. It's
such a grand Idea, so ennobling;"
"It's a good plan," he admitted. "I
thick you spend too much on dress anyway."
"What's that got to do with it:" she
"Why, you'll divide your wardrobe
money, won't yon?'
"Certainly not. I expect you to clou
Mrs. A. Lucas, of Boundary Bay!
spenl Monday in the Royal City,     j
Miss Dttlcis Hornby, of Vancouver, is yisilinsj Miss Crissie Smith.
Alex.  Paterson returned   yester
day, from a visit to the Royal City.
<'*__���_'_  Wood..
The impression that British North
America is covered wltb valuable timber is fallacious. Black walnut, red
cedar and white oak are not found
north of Toronto. A line drawn from
the city of Quebec to Sanlt Ste. Marie
wlll designate tbo northern limit of
beech, elm and birch. Tho north shore
if Lake Superior wlll mark tlie northern boundary of sugar bard maple.
ash Store
fey   ffW-f
��__ p. __..,
ilrs.-*.   ss_w_.
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
I Let      *k.._��  ���_���___?
is   'ST.*-.!.  6s4_r_s_i
��S __
,<P:~**   -7���'.""* C -a
_<-. ���_     -  .. ���   &
-7. "-77.__-__.
Mrs    .Dr.) Kendall  ia   visiting
here the guest ol Mrs. (Ur.) Wood
Mrs. D. Woods returned home,
yesterday, irons a visit to the Royal 1
B. Hooper returned to Alder-
grove Monday, after a short visit
K. Y. Grassett, of Aldergrove,
teturned home, Wednesday, after a
week's visit here.
Robson found Stalth engaged in vigorously polishing his shoes. "What are
yon doing that for.'" he asked. "I always thought you wore patent leather."
"These used to be patent leather," replied Smith, painfully bringing hi* spinal column Into its normal position,
-tut the patent _u them has expired."
lis-.-iSj iri.'   *s__ii-J_s.
if__M__. r��-:j   M
I ��� mmkm
___ __) i.i t__>___r
.G.     *S_3___*' :M-M
Oefore a season starts just what wars going to sell
5.J    ].r,f.s_   r,..   w03-nell) -t],,,   ladies'   Wear   Business
be a get rich, -quick cpneeru.
���   j
H Rut there is such ti- difference in taste that _ner-
I chants doing a large business must provide for *_11
i sorts and conditions of people, and have anything
any of them take a notion to.
We believe that, in our new -A.ituuni Suits,
we've conic pretty near that, likewise in Coats,
Skirts and'-Dress Goods.
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same    co,-_t   as   piling   or    other   inferior
i -material.
I Write for Prices,
tlP_r.__r_i^--__B_H__D a       Bzs&pa idH& S0v*
B. C.
Our prices, too, arc worthy of your -careful con
sider.'! t on.
Remimber t ie dance
Toki-_c.1ard.01 retwmd  heme
yesterday irom Ne ,v \V��: tuijnster.|
We understand W.  Abercrombie
has   disposed   of  his   property   at
Boundary Bay to Wni. Gowdy.
W. J. Fredtrick and sou, William, returned home, yesterday,
from New Westminster.
Mrs. Adaaa Read and Miss Leona
Whitworth, took in the market at
the Royal City, yesterday.
Don't forget the masquerade ball,
under the auspices of the Band, on
November 30th.
H. Llewellyn and C. II. Morgan
���p��Ht a poition of last week it* the
Royal City taktajj in the sights.
The Misses Burr, of Crescent Island, left, on tht 5th inst on a visit
to relatives in New Westminster.
Siimmerside,    P.IS.I.,   bas  been
visited   by   a  cflnflagration which
destroyed   a large portion  of  business houses of the tewti.
j IIeaps''sS;iivn:ii], Vancouver, was
totally destroyed by fire, on  Satur-
I day evening last, the illummatiou
from which was very plainly visible
ja ���Mun
267 Columbia St., New Westminster, B. C
ine iii iii is ol fl...
t Glass,
And ail kinds '��f Jewelry
���Repalrlnff a Sjsessal^*
,fcAffi_El_,   15. C.
The Misses Lord returned, Monday, after spending two or three
days at their home in the Roval
Miss Mable Burr, of Crescent
Ifland, returned home, yesterday,
from a visit to friends in the Koyal
W. E. Curtis has returned home
from Love Inlet, where ke had
been engaged during the canning
Hunting or shooting will not be
permitted on the Imperial Farm
without permission from
Ladner, B, C, Oct. 13, '06.
Top Market Prices
Dressed Poultry
When you are wanting anything in the
line of Blouses, Dress Skirts, Petticoats,
Underwear, Hosiery, "White Goods, Neckwear, Ribbons, Furs, Smallwears, Holiday
Goods, or
Bonnets,  Hats,  Furs,  Dresses,   Underwear,
Hosiery, Etc.
Call and let us show you.
Goods and Frices Right.
Of Boois
20 p. c. RedkWm^ltm'^^.M9S?
Now is the time fe�� -outfit in iHob'by,
Up-to-Date Styles.   ...._._...
Mr, Frank Simpson and bride,
returned home yesterday ard bave
taken up their residence on Wesl-
baui street.
New   Laid   Eggs I
...  Di-sI.RI.SAY,
Local Agent.
A. J. BIRTCH, - 275 Columbia Street
Estate When You Want t�� Ship or Sto^fe
Your Produce _ar Lire Stock.
R. Walker, foremau ol the B. C
Electric gang, returned to Vancouver, on Saturday, ou account of.the
illness ot  his wife
Mr. ancl Mrs. H. J. Kirkland re*
turned   liome,    Monday    r 1
Rfi   ",   C fv ..
���*JBitJn*5 rs! ttives ���; ;hc is 1
Lionel Cardogsir Cowpei if
London, England., and who wa*
weli known on the Delta, died on
Thursday fhc mii inst., at the
hospital, .-Wl'ite I-Jorse. Trom thei
effects ot.injuries recei\-e.l in the
explosion''on board the ill-fated |
steainerColnnihian.   ��� '
Grain Elevator
Capacity 500 Tons..
Space 24,000 Bqfnare Feet,
m ,v"*rG* **?.*��   $^(fclS#%<��'T$��l$$,
fiSff-*- :.*^:;;.:-_;;'-    r
THE WALWORTH-ROLSTON CO, Ltd. A Vancouver, B.Cj     Port  Quichon, B.C.


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