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The Delta Times Mar 23, 1909

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Array t
6. No. 30.
<_.._��NER.  B. C, IXJBSO-AV. MASROTl 23, ��$.)<..
Ready for Spring Business
Successful Concert{JUYJL Expaslrion
AN the New Spring Qoods have now arrived
Departments Complete.
Wash Qoods
Ladies' Wear.
New Dress Skirts in'all the n��w
materials and colorings.
.New Whitew��ar.. New Blousss,
New   Hosiery,  Olaves,   T3._id8r-
wear, Raincoats.
Tlie annual concert given by 'the
Ladner Band, on Friday -evening
last, was a great -success From all
points d. view. W. H. Smith, who
Tticted as chairman, thanked the
"public for tjfherr generous support,
H^nd . afct it was not often thet the
'P,and appealed to the public for
���financial support but "the cftjject ior
NEW  PRINTS, lieW wTllt��  _md ^hjchtiiey  were now-seeking aid
��alored muslins, HffiW laces andjwas a worthy oim. that��of*��arii form
,       .j.     , I fund.    Thev iintend :_rapearing  in
embroideries. jww^itntnii<e.A iht aifth <if Mayi
New     .5.1-6     NECKWEATl    and:! next.      The '<.hi_.rrnau    then   an-i
���Seattle, Wash., 1.arcb '19.���With
the-spirit of enterprise and accomplishment manifested 'in :e)i its 'undertakings, Seattle is 'preparing to
take case'Of the lotaniaticmc! sG .11-
ention af iEpworth (League-
Elects in Seattle July 7 to ���__, and
xtends to all ot the ���j,ooo;<.oo
aembers ol the Methofii-st Ciiurch
FltE Jl2iM
BELTS m al tih�� new ideas.
Patterns   =   McCall
nrnmsea   the first number on  the[somewb��t,in'tl����'r<'��Kh';�� exteriors
but as well^goveroeri and as  moral
as any city'intbe East.    It is'beau-
New Westminster, March ie.���
A large attendance imd exceedingly busy sales were 'the features a!
the weekly mar-kr., everything being fovorabie for Rite buyer aud
v.-li ich i seller. The demand was even
stronger'than iast wn_ :and almost
all lines were .���. some extent at
least short of'the'hta<.-y  call.    Not
and especially to the 1,500,00 . Ku-j,onIy  in tbe  building, but on  the
worth Leaguers, a 'cordial 'i_u_.ta- '
tion to attend.
Seattle lis a
Western  gem, still
MEN'S  and BOYS*
See the new "Cambridge" iSuifcst ifor
spring, th�� very fewest designs m ;fin��
Scotch 'Tweeds all
sizes, at $12, $14,25
and $17..
Boys' 2-ptecre Norfolk and 3-piece Suits
in ��__) the new Tweed
effects from $.2.75 to
I programme, a taTavch, ""Montrose,"
! bv the Band, which proved  to be a
I very   respiring   number *nd -.one j*ifu,!y situated-on Puget So*K_d, an
i which should strrthe martial -spirit [ftrm of tbeTacifrc Ocean, with the
I in anyone-Who has the merest-speck ('beautiful Cascade .Mountains ou the
' instilled in their ���veins,  and   was Nast and  the rugSed Olympics on
well rendered.   Many dlder bands \ihc west-    If is a dtV ��* ra^pmng
would not have dene it more credit kiews and full ot interest  f.<.:mthe
The'next number, "Soldiers chorus ^commercial .tenc&oint; ;its  water-
from   Faust,"" by  the  Delta  Glee i'front sceoes w��fl  ,h��  S^3'  l>ublic
Cliib,    was   a   ^very     appropriate' w��rfc* 1I10W '��'-  F0gr*6S  being  of ^specially "being far  short   ofthe
number to follow the above march,;tanique attractiveness. Jc .11.   Beef  was   oli.red   in .good
: which was also wdli rendered.    A ���!    T,le 3O0'0(w peopled Seattle arej amount, but all sold .quickly at un-
���      'comic song. '"Clare Nolan's 'Bell,"' largely   trar.spl anted     Easterners. Lhauged figsres.    Pork was a fair
OTTT_,mC)       j  ��T ATTna i_       ���       At.-   'by Wm. Moore, Vancouver's tore- ���Southerners end Canadians.   Tfaes^ offering and the demand -showed a
SHIRTS and GLOVES bearing this \JMt MmMlimM _. v���n��� ^.no ,represei)t the
square were thing- bumming with
'business in their '7-e.pective rings.
'Many good _iow;_, several really
excellent cows and a large assoi t-
meut of f_Ttn-machinery and imple--
m.nts in atldHirm to 'household
goods passed -under the hammer.
Among others was>e team seized by
'the custom* o_ie_Us near Abbots-
'tford-which srtld for-;P_4_.
Meat, white offered'in goofl quau-
"ti:v, was nut sufficiently -plentiful
ti> meet iiil tli<? requiwments, mutton
' ['-most comedian, was a veny 'taking
pioneer elements oljj strong   improvement -over   recent
'brand are considered the best fitting; number, Mr. Moore proving an en-jthose P^V^ 8TlJ are the wells from j Wieks.   'Veal was in much demand.
g-OOds On th�� Baarket. -ptainWent in himselt.   ��election, !which the ^ai;tle sF>"t  bubbles��� | but the snpplv was limited and tbe
i"'Normand*e,"  by   the Band,  an- f*hc spirit which makes Seattle fan_-i stock iv-es rapidlv sold ont.
We   Carry   a   COmpleCte    line   Of |'othemev/ piece, was well rendered.
these Shirts and (Sfloves and recommend them.
.STANFIELD'S  H&Ederwear for
ICffien and Boys, in all Wrights.
HATS���See mit line of Hard and Soft Hats in all tbe
New Spring Shapes and Colors     .      .
iNew Easter Neckwear.
M_le-quartette, "My Old Kentucky;
vvery acceptable nutiibe..    K piano
���duet,   "L'Alefte;"   by   Misses  M.
ousi ir the nccomplishntent of great      Kggs remained steady at thenew
things.    The latest evidence of this}, figures at  the close. oLiasUweek,
liome," 'Messrs  Woodley,vCalvert.^pirit  will  be lound by visitors inkhe price -mow harii-g-apparently
toward   and   C.   BTawn,    whose  the Alaska-Ytikon-PacfiEc 'E^posi-|.Teached the level at which the sup-
n'oiees were well  Wendeffl. made a'\tioa wh.chwi'.l be one  of .Seattle's piy   and   fche-demaifl   are  about
attractions UKi sum'tner.    The Ex-Uquat    Last week the-Teliailers-sold
position   will  (j,  Uhe'most-cniqmJ at 30c per ��<_��_. ant the -wholesale
Smith and Irene Robinson, brought Iever givencn 'the  Aoierioan  Con-1',, price closed   ai  25c    TKese'prices
(forth two of our young musicians | tioent and thiere is-��very h_aic��twn Utfle 'this week.    Butter'Remained
in good  style.    Song, "The Anvil |tliat ^ wi.l'be ^both artistically and |.unchanged at from 35c to '40c per
I-Seng," by Mr. Moore, showed thatilfin'"lcW1.v successful.    The natnrail [ ft.
Hardware Department
A Car 0? the BEST AMERICAN BARB WIRE just in, at 4c fl |h.
Grocery Department.
Kew and Strictly F&ESH GROCERIES arriaciing daily.
We Want Your Business.   We want Your Eggs.   PRICES JUGHI
beautiful in  which .any American
I he possesfsed e good -voice eraong
j his otheT talents, ind as an  encore
the gave  "A   Man,   Man,  Man 11        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
! Manitoba."    After an infrmission ! Exposition has <?ver  been held, as
���of ten  minutes *the  Band  opened ^eactiful-vwws of lakes and moun-
again with the   march, "The  Steel
surroundings  of  'the 'Exposition!    Fowls were will represented and
grounds   are   certainly    the   most f��H first-*lass  birds .*��ered f��tnd m
Lanning. Fawcett &
King," which was wtrll 'rendered.
Chorus, "The __elf_y Toweii" by
the Glee Club, this was a very difficult number and was listend to
.vith the rapt Attention which'it de-
s*:ved. Serenade-song, "O'Reilly,"
by Mr. Moore, brought down the
house, the artiste being recalled.
again and again, winding 'up with
"The MajMe Leaf which was'join-
���ed in by the audience with considerably more zest than usual The
���whistling duet by Messrs. Brawn
and Voorhies was also much enjoyed and the boys recalled time
and again. The nest number was
;a selection by the Band, "Sweet
Retnesforances,'' which
'well rendered.   Chorus,
Honolulu,J Hawaii, March 9:���-
For the past several months the
mountains on tke islands of Hawaii
and Maui have been heavily capped with snow, and 'many persons
have 'been enabled to experience
the striking diversity of tke tFerri-
tory's clrmate. On M<ui "toitrHst
parties are '-being taken by automobile from tbe 'coast where the
temperature has probably rflsver
been known to be as low as 55 degrees, to snow fiAd on the slopes of
Mt. Halrakala, a 'distance of but
twelve miles. At this point the altitude is between five and six thou-i
sand teet, some five thousand feet
���lower'than'the summit. The novelty
of indulging in a snowball battle
and a frolic in the ocean surf, with
ttemperatuK of 70 degrees, both in
Saturday evening next at 9 o'clock,
wheti mutters of great importance
Wil! be  brought  up and a full attendance is requested,
�����-       ���, 1 '     'i'i
the same half day, 'is -something
jUhat has appealed to many persons,
both residents and visitors.
-SEED WHEAT ��� Red Fife and
Blue Stem; Timdtby, ^Clover,
RoAt and Garden Seeds.
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.,
-H. N.RICH,.Ladner, B.C., Ag nt.
ready sale  at  the  ru'ii>g  prices of
.'last   week.   jGh.ckens   were naiore
     plentilul than  for-so,me  time, but
Kains can be had from tcany points \ tb�� demand wss mere than strong
on'the grounds. The architecture i��,oueh to take case of all .that
ts good and the'fair will be ready | were offered. A few ducks -were
June 1, with buildingsTand exhibits jseen for a -short time in theearlv
valued at over S50.000.00a July | part of the market, but they-were
n-2th will be Epworth League day |��agerly-pi8kefl up at<$ts a Sozen.
et the Expositicn. The suipply of apples consider-
A H-intabare'tartn tas.been estab- Ubly increased over recent ofTer-
lished at the A.-V.-P. Exposition U:lgs acid -wasmore than isnsuaily
where theprodwets of the-StatewiJ!. seen on the _i��iket at this season,
be cultivated as an object lesson "to The fruit was mostly of good qu.il-
the visitors to the fair at "Seattle j jty aud variety aridrfound ready de-
this summer. 'It is hoped that such Lcand for *!! firm *nd clean-stock,
alarm will .0 latrch ��� towards iiH'pbe c��.\\ ,f0r potatoes was very
creasing interest in the clearing ofIstrong amd the price advanced to
logged off land, ofthe State. !$*s>* t*r-   'Vegetables generally
To create further interest exc.iT- j^-ere sufficient ir,-quantity to  meet
sions wSll be mn to th-> various . ec- .-requirements, the prices ��� remaining
was   alsojt'onsof thc-State where the logjeti unchanged.
'The Old jofi lands are  last  being T-otrver.ed j     Following i* thelist of quotations
Folks at Home," by the Delta Glee 'nto _>eat  producing tariMs.   The Iprevailing ahyesterda^'s market:
Club, was another instance  uf the j miniature  f^rn: at the   Imposition;     Beef, hindquarters, .SJ-_c to 9>,'c
care and attention paid to practice. 1 will suggest  the possibility 0   i!e-^per ib; forequarters, 6J/.C to :}4c.
The   final number   on   the pro- j velcvpment  and  the  escc��r-.ions  ta      Mn'.tcn, :3c to 14c per lb.
gramme  was  a song. "Go.��d-bye, j plrees  wliere such  work is being 1   i^atr.b.i't^ to 15c per lb.
Sweetheart,   Good-bye,"    by   Mr   done on*large scile will  no doubt;     Veal,   mediiini,   11 Ji-c , per   lb;
Moore, and was et-.cored let he echo.   meet   with tbe approval   irf tbrw-jsjaTgc QGta ioc.
, after'this number the Bfetiomil An-1 sands of visiters to the 1909 'Expo- j     pork, 8yjC to gc por lb.
sioners met in  the -Council '^l"'"-! then: was sung and the hall cleared |sitiou  as well  as  their patronage!    irggSi  wholesale,   a��c per 'dor;
the 1 alter they-see the l.uid as it really (retail,
The Board of License Comniis-
A general  business meeting of
the Delta Rifle Association Will  be
held  in the Council Chamber on |ber, on Wednesday :last, with the! f0T daticinc, the  Band
Ree��,   H. ij.
chair,   Coun.   Davie
Kittson, J.P., present. I
The   only   business   before   thej
Board was the transfer ��t tire. Hiita
111 i   R.
___________________________________________________________-PUV'',n"      _______________________________________________
Hutcherson, in  the' first three pieces, after which   Miss j's-
'Minerve  Smith iplayed  the piano 1
I and dancing ��<as4_ept up'til! nearly 1   j*|��K  24tll   CCSCllT   fJO".
'two a.m.
With two stich or gauka tions in j
our  midst as ' the G-lee  CIv.b and
The 'Ladder   Band
will filav in
nd for a
Hotel license from R. D. .\1e__. 1: we j Band it should not be necessary to ithe afternoon ofthe 24th
to J.  Johnson,   of VauciiT iy ��� go outside  for  talent ��� for such oc-jda>noe in the evening,
'support   ol   which,   tbe  chairman ['* .sioris'as this, not that  we havej    Make no other engagements
read a couple of comm Tiiics'ims
casions as  this, not that  we have j    Mahe no other engagements, (mt
anything bitt praises fo'vMr. Moore, [attend  the  sports,  dance, etc.,   at
from   two   of Vancouver's   li<
commissionc.s,   which  spoke
bighlv ot   Mr. jonnson  in .'imparity as hotel keeper.
On   in ition,   the    trans ���
.The IJoir! then u(Jjour,,s;a,
Mrs.  Hilton 'arid   M ss  Min ���
[Smith acted .is accompanists
Fresh   s apment   of     vapTrated
peaches,   prunes,   white fig     .. 1 ri -
cots,   &c.    These goods  aie first
sclass���W..H. Smith.
LADNER, es a good time is assured to everyone.
Butter, 35c toi40cper lh.
Fov.-ls,  $8.00 to $10.00 per doz;
chickens, $7.00 to $8.oo.per doz.
IDncks, $15 per doz.
Potatoes, $25 per ton.
'Apples, $ 1.25 to $t.75 n box.
Onions, $2.25 per sabk.
Turnips, 75ctier sack.
Carrots, $t per sack.
���Parsnips, 75c per sack.
Beets, #t.per sack.
-���"     The;B. C. Telephone Co., we
We are pleased to state  'hat  the'understand, intend 5eridingT��we:��t
yonn: >ofi of Mr. and   Mrs. G. W. knock-down  or ready-made build-
L mdoii.   whosi    r     wa    broken  ing to be erected upon their newiy
Isome days ago, is improving nicely,  acquired lotan.Delta street FJTHE DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, MAECH 23. 1909-
SuiBdurcsOsM. SI*00 p^ryear.
APVT.RTtSIN/_   R ATi-;.,
Cftiusl Advert! 6cm cuts,  to cent, per line fur ,
XJbc first Insertion, and 5 cent* per line lor ench
subsequent insertion.     The   number   of   lines,
jCCkoaed by the npnw occupied,  11 lines to thej
Rates lor Commercial Advertisements can be j
Mad on application at this often..
Reading notices 10 cent* per line for ench in- j
^irth Death and* Marriage notices, $1,99, \
Any special notice, the object ot which is to
promote tlie pecuniary benefit of any Individual
or complin , to be considered an  advertisement;
and charged accordingly.
AU advcvtlienicatd charged fot^until ordered 1
.out aud paid (or.
Correspondence invited on matters o( public!
mere it. Communications to editor must be lie-
<ouipunied by name of writer, not necessarily
ifor publication, but ns evidence of good fuitl..
Correspondence must reach this office by Thurs*
.fay evening, I
Geo. R. Manlky.
Tashion Stables-
unlilyou huve seen our New
Double   Barrel   Models  fitted  |
����� ithStev.nsCompressed Forged
Steel Barrels���
Tlio mode of con.tructing tho. o
superb Trap uaJ Field Guns is
fully set forth in our New Shot
pin Pamphlet. ,_ fcieud two-cent
stamp for it.
A* tov Dm_t 1
fer StcTeni    /
Demi-Bloc Gun.
Insist on our make.
Trucking1 and Draying.     Livery Work ofj incorporated !_�����>
All Kinds Attended to Promptly. jcAPITAL AUTFORIZED,
All Kinds ox Firewood Always On Hand.    ; CAPITAL PAID-UP
Phone 29, LADNER, B.C.
<n ���
8,900.0; J
Ckicopfc Fall., Mm.
5H0ES1       5H0ES
. f
ice Court.
We understand Kev. J. H. White'
. ,        ,, ,       ... , I the rampage on Saturday evening
has received a call froi?: Eburne and | ��� '   ���
:the matter  will  soon  come  before
the Presbytery.    We should regret
very much seeing Mr. White leave
Some of our young lolks went on
e rampage on Saturday evening
last, and towards midnight thought
of Waterproof
For Winter Weather
Total Assets O/er Fifty Millions.
Accounts of Out-of-Town Customers Given Special
Savings Department.
Accounts ma}' be opened with deposits of ONE DOLLAR
and   Upwards.      Interest paid,  or credited,  half-
yearly on June 30th and  Decent ber
31st each year.
K. D. SIMPSON, Manager,  LADNER. B.  C.
they   would   amuse   themselves   at i
tbe expense  of a peaceable citizen
here and there is no doubt but that
who did uot happen to be suffering
the Presbyterian Church, in particular, would be very great losers by
the change.
from the same disease.    He  therefore got up and politely invited one
of his unwelcome  guests to enter
j into his  parlor  by. lassooing liim
 ;" ;. '������:������ j with a stock   whip, alter which he
The   Fruhling  dredge,   recently sat upon   his chest  until  he  was
.purchased by the Dominion govern- j ousted   by   three  of   his   victim's
chums.    In the melee wnich follow-
J. Johnson, Prop.
begs to  announce  that he has reopened   his  Mandolin  and   Violin
v    1    T_      ��� _. ��� rr., ,     .      j  Classes   m   Wack els   Hal .   over
Newly Furnished Throughout, and \ -,._    ,,   ,    ,       . '
��� I Gifford s barber shop.
First-Class in Every Detail.
Repairing Neatly and Promptly Done.
P.ates on Application.
For further particulars  ap/.'y.io.
the Delta Saw i
��� MantloSins, Strings, Etc^
I Supplied at City Prices.
4.'s+sTM.*s.|isWs^.|As.;s.ss,s.s .
J   *
Friday afternoon, en route to New
Westminster.   This   was
.ment, arrived  in  the  Fraser river
ed, the peaceable citizen  was somewhat   roughly    handled   and   this
a   8        morning the Police   Magistrate wasi
some sight to manv residents along called  upon to settle the matter.
the banks ot  the Fraser, and   morei Ouly  one  of the   culprits  having;
especially to the residents of Delta. p*en identified, only one appsared
It is hoped that no time will be lost!i;l court- and tae -TudSe taki,,K the
 ,    , ,   ] most lenient view ol the matter, let
���1 wetting either this dredge or the!,.     ,        ,. ,        , . .      -
��� 1 him down light and imposed a  fine1
King Edward to work ou the chan- j 0| ��.. ine]udiug L.ost-S,
sael opposite I.adner so as to pre-	
vent heavy damage being done dm-.     ,,,..,,,
0 1    Mrs. H.J. Hutcherson went over
���ng the coming treshet. , to Va.u,M ,     i;,is morning.
Are Prepared to . . .
Furnish All Kinds of
Shingles,  Doors, Sash and
House   Finish   of   All   Descriptions.
I nn
j 1 1    New Croft Onion, Carrot, Man-
V NETOW8STMINSTBK,   >: B.C. ,|} ?eli Timothy, Clover, Alsyke, no*
���;���> .Manufacturers of nil kinds*. ���?�� i iti stock, more to arrive.
. I ]
���*��� I    All on test at our Greenhouses���
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale   arid   Summer     J, j best to be obtained.   Samples���_'eut
Drinks *    t0 inte"ding purchasers.
f      Get them off first hands no mid-
dlemaii's profits.
f.      Your patronage soiicitea
ss .
Friend  Browne  would  have  ui
state, iu  this issue, that  we  were j
sssrs. T. Rcatty   and  D. Flem-
miiiTi, of Vancouver, are   guests  of
mistaken as regards the proposition! j. Johnson, at Delta Hot
to switch the road where it crosses
the   Calhoun   property.    This we      ty
cannot do as we understood perfect-' jng Co , accompanie 1 '
Jy  what  tbe  agreement  was, and daughter, visited lure,
Mr. Browne  had  the  same oppor-'��� 	
Water   Tanks   Are
at This
Elsie III! Clfllf Ll
Leading varieties of home grown
I Fruit and Ornamental Trees. Bee
i Supplies. Spn.y Pumps, Spraying
j Mixtures, F<ert.__ers, Greenhouse
I Plants,
Fill, ofthe Vancouver Mill-
his young
Don't  marry tlio womnn who tflM
IBtli.r Dur.se n pus (log than a Imliy.
tunity  of  knowing   as   we.     Wei     The S S  Sono.ua leaves   Ladner      ����n'��*'��"**��� 7'����� ��'h�� "<*��>���
' ����� ,      int. ...._ ,._inin,i  leaves   _.aaner: rather dio th.-m wear a boune. two seusoiii
would suggest to  Mr. Browne that; at 8:30 a.m. aud 3:30 p.m.; return-! old-
i ���        . c "" Don't   marry  tho woman  who w.-Bti
he act the good  part  md let mat- \ln&< leaves steveston  a. 9:30 a.m.   ftiugB just because "other womun" have
Iters'stand  the  way   they   are   in| ��"<U:..o P.m. teem.
(Westminster Branch.
Time Tal .
Don'* marry the woman who buy�� l��r)o-
���-b.uc for tho lumt. room nnd borrow!
kitchen utensils Irom her neighbors.
0��i__t-__L-�� of Star.  "B��_l��e_SkP
One of the peculiar thlnqs about 1
eopyrlghted play ls that nny little plece
order that the good work  continue
jd'hile the weather is good.
A  Bis  Dlff.r.sce,
Mndge���Don't you think a girl should
In   the   police   court   case,   this   of DU8lness or any  uew line* which   marry an economical mau?
i may  be  Inserted  In  the  manuscript 1    Dolly���I suppose so, but It's Just, aw
(morning, our worthv Police Magis    while a stock company Is playing the   fn| being engaged to one.
trate erred on the side of leniency j *r,ama beI����* Rafter *<> the man H.d ��������� Th���.,
T   .   .    . ,    . r ,      .\m    0WDS the C0Pyri��ht 1    Edlth-Oh, Ethel, what shall I _���?
Jt is bad enough   for  peaceful citi-:     Every timo a stock company rents a   jack sayS he supposes it's nil over b��-
zens to   have   lo  oui   uo   with the' _l"y ft"' ^ucUoD from tlle 0WIler ot   tween us and that he'll send my pres-
zusio   ua.e   10  pm   up   wmi tne   the copyright it ls cut, interlined and   entg back.
ordinary noises caused by drunken- *dde*l to before it is produced.  A stage      Ethel (expe_ienced)-Tell him to bring
. , ,   . ,        . manager, for Instance, may Interpolate.    >h.m
jiess    without     being     otherwise Bonio spcc,L.he_ in oixler to work Tip to	
.tre thc introduction of n song or specialty,
bei nd
No  one  will  i 1
Life ls not so short bnt that there ts
or he may strengthen the climax by .i_���__  .i���.  ���.,������,._   ._���  ���.���,,.,.*���
With the man   who  drinks   provid-   putUng In some new and strong lines gSm                                             "
��ng he has sense enough to keep to   0ftoa these luterP��latwl llllca P��ve to -  't-p.fw.o__ onni.
"                                                             be the most striking in the play and a. Oonfedorato vetornn quotod by Mii
Jlimself.   but   when   he   becomes   a   make decldc.1 hits.   If they are left In New    Orleans    TlnmR-I.ninoora.    ��n��-��
_..;.._������_  .1.        _             .   u    .       1      when the manuscript goes back to Its "Wooden  (.'tiiis did dvadly "irk  bolure
nuisance, then   he  must be taught   owncri tlloy ,,���__-/.   ���_ ]m]���rty ^    Fort Blak��,y    Tho VallK;.(��� 1Ul.(1 ���,	
better manners and *20 or   S25 and   solutely and may not bo used by the llP> nml t,"'-r sh"t Just nn woll as �� thu?
man who wrote them In nny other pro- bn<51 hvcn,,"'anufaoturod of iron    Tho op
costs would not be a cent too much    j^,  therefore shrewd  manaw* &%����,IZZAZZe.trZ
.���.".���                                          before they return a play to its owner, fort ���ntl tlle pedorui��� woro ,wongly In
always take groat pains 1o erase ,-fmrf tmnohed.    General   C'anby,  tho   Yanko*
pipe sweet navel oranges  in  all   scrap of correction or InterllneatJen. eoininandor. was without artillery   What
gj^g nr   pj   Smith                            i ^n <his ""y on'y 'n,,y t,ley 'toc'* w^*' *'d '"' do but manufacture mu mortnr��
a '"                                     j pettily boltings to them.- from blaok gum trees.   Blhok gmn troo.
  grow everywliero ill the vicinity   He bored
  them  out, put  iron  bands around them
"!._._, __<_���_���_ CmUU  n..ri   !>��k;...���.                       ���  and flrcd 8 inch  shells furnished  by Far-
TJw sSsi'Scs Smith end   Robinson j               Br Way of n Leon. ragut's fleet.   The lines wero so olbfj. thnt
entertained about  twentv   of  thei��� i    "One of our cars  ran over another light charges sufficed, nnd tho extompo-
little friends, some of whom belong  ,nn�� lll5t ui*M" announced the super- mmmw weapons did all that was asked e_
......        ,                            ,      lutendent of the street railway line. u,?,u,.    .                       .     ,           ,    .
to their dicing class, at a most de- j    ..,>���,, ������ _,.I,li...| ,ll(. n,.DSi,ip���i   ....����� Berlin bas a restaurant where a. bcef-
_���.���_...           _, j   d      .,.       _J      V\olI.   replied tlie piosiuent.   after ^eak prepMed in the highest style of ou-
Jightful tea on Wednesday, the 10th   swMlo the people will loam that the nnaT/Mi costs ��4.bo, and thewuiteroa-
inst.    Among  those   present were:   ojil.v safe place is aboard the ear and occteB tiDef 60cents.
...             ,.,.     .,    ,           ,      ....   that .r> cents is a small price to pay for
Misses     Winnifred     ana     Muriel: s���ri.<v��. | __
Hutcherson,   Irene   White,   Janet!
Vallanee (Vernon-), Mabel lanning,
Viola   Richardson,    Violet   Kerr,;
$4.00 Per Year.    Single Copy, 10 Cts.
Sample Copy Free.
_un_(*__. 47 W. __._ ttt_,_*'_isVYoao_
140-Page Catalogue Free
K J. HENRY'S Nurseries,
3010 Westminster Road
B. C.
Curs leiive Wetttnlnster for Vfini-nn .x+r at:^.^o 1
and 6.50 a.m. ami hourly thereafter until 11 i>. i
ni.; Saturdays nnd Sundays at u p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver foV Westminsters at _ .<-��� "WANTPOTTVIhI^?
and 6.50 a. 111. antl hourly thereafter until lop. v **A'^vU V i-iv
m.i Saturdays and Sundays nt u p.m.
We run first-class freight ear." between Westminster and Vancouver and ull sliipmcnis are
haiulled with the utmost enre and delivered to
Consignee without delay Special attention paid
to _V*tt shipments. Om wagons meet all boats
a'.-dttnins.   \*qx rates, etc. apply 60
'ivafiic Mgr. Local Mgr.
Wcstiniuster. U. c.
W. N. Draper,
Room 2. I-T.tTi.'.t liiosst:.N_sv WesLin[nst��_P.
Fisher's Dru�� and
-==���       Book Store
;")i   Vernon,   Okanagan, has  come
10 settle in Ladiier, and is prepared '.
to Sx up
Rancher's Needs.
Lime & Sulphur Spray>
Imp. Qa!�� SOc
in good shape, or anything on  the]     Rri"2 co,lt!li;ler-
farm, by   Day Work  or Contraci,  Arsenate of Lead      Single lb 2sSc
and will take  work  on  the  share! ..  .���    ,, .
gvstem ; Blue .Stone Ib ISc, 2 for 25c
Would take the management of I    Imported   direc.  from   Kngland
a Farm.
Good References.
Terms Reasonable.
and   guaranteed   to  contain   less
than i p.c. .Sulphate ol Iron.
Petrol.*-uni Ib tin 30c
A fine grade, suitable for household  use  as well as veterinary
Carbolated Petrolatum lb tin 50c
Formalin       pint, quart or gallon
For ���dippiffg grain;  Government
Internationa. Stock Food
package & pails
All Be Required.
"But I don't want to piny In repe*-
tory," said the rising Actress.
"Oh,  I don't care about that," tk* i	
Esther    IJnseth,    Thelma    Clark,   manager answered, "if you're willing i
Hazel Shiiley, Ethel York, Made-  to D.ajr in  tights." i    W. A. Kirkland wishes to inform
line  Wilson.   Gertrude  Rich,   and Th. h_.i,. .i _e_i���. ����  !?l,',lic. !'1!''  afler tbe. 31.st.f
"He has the stamp of genius oa hi, ' Mi,rch he ",tends S01"* 0Ut cl   tht
Masters Edwin Curtis, Eric Taylor,
Rns'-e'!   Ladti r    Robert   li rtlett.
HfitbeM Wilkinson, Arthur Calvert, ��� ����at"
brow." ' milk   business  at   Ladner and alsr
"Tat,   Also thc gloss of goniua on Wa I  ' il-'h,'s u' 'hank the public for thei:
generous p.itiouage iu the past.
��s.-, 1
Houseiiold Needs.
large bottle 25c
25c 35c & soc
LIIQUID VENiSER      25c & 50c
Best polish for Tut nil ure.
CREOLIN (disinfectant^      U..35C
Special price per gallon.
GILLETT'S LYE a lor 25c
bar 25c & 40c
Piano Toning.
Mr. W. J, Ooard tuned our
"GRA'ND" Piano and regulated
the action to my entire satisfaction,
aud I can conscientiously recommend him to anyone requiring this
line ot work.���-\rthur  Bewc-11, Or-: ���       *~
ganist and choirmaster, St. An-j L. L. MAY'S, St. Paul and Minneapolis, Northern
drews' Church, Vancouver, 1..C.     I Grown  Flower and Garden  Seeds.
will  make  regular  trips here and , ��_--_-��_-_-..-_-i.--.-.s_____--��-_--____---s���--���
anyone wishing their  instruments! g^    W.   FISHER,   PlIM. B���
tuned or repaired will  kindly leavei
their name* at This office. 'Druggist and Stationer*      r      -     X_adner, B.C.. IHE DELTA TBttES, TUESDAY, MARCH 23, 1909.
- -is
..".1. SAINTS.
1 Anglican. J
link/ (.'������!.,....union���i.-'!   a��j .   ,;" ,1
/Sishiis.ys at br-,0 a..i.; 2n 1   a:.'i  <di
..Sunday, at ii   .*_u.
Miitius   ll
I '��� .���..'������ 'lot :.
ii... .... . >.   i. i at io a.i
.���'inlay ......mi-', Litauy -. ~.y>-
���'.-.������   12  ... iartletr. M.A,,  V .*.:..
.; ..... uc
:   ;:.;vsfi>! an . "shtidS'iiL.ay ci      _^
eacli month at . (��30 a.m.; Beuedic-   if
Uioi .-,:;,,;, ,:;. . I      '
I-'ti i.'iv sc i.'olnt fi p.m. v���'
Low Mas.- an ii Holy Communion,
Si 1 and third Mfandciya at 6 a.ia.
i\cv. I.i;,',_r Wagner, (..M.I.,
Ii'aii-'i Rr-iest.
/LUM1J1/ .a vAJLl.lUl
1.. .'.'i'.IOl. IS'.:'
. next  Lorci'Ti iDay t.t im
I    Is    _____________________________________
ja. m.ai d 7:50 ....i-i. |      _ _ ^
Class mc. Miiv;, after t'.c mamlng *ex^s .
service evewt^ftiiday, iftraior student!-  t
. sabbath School at :-;��� m overy | School work and
Sunday..     Prayer   meeting;  every'
Tl'T'.r.sdv'y c <.n:ujj at S.
������   '
.   .
mr (tui'
.._���:. 1CG3
;tG d  I -tii
i.tevuj. E
manor...,     Tea' lie:
Course and .���-'...
__ I lion in its   C
ST. _ r.DKUWS PIK :;t._ T)-".rA. *<��    JM.    ft.   L,     3tj
Services next Lord7:, Dav a.   1 i pree of K.D.     fs-i \j
7-.3<..p;_n. ]tj-e complete   J\Tls
'���','' ���
C.-.S..     t..r
r, T-T-:>)1
_ i
i , . i e
tit1. cr_
a.ui. su;;!    	
Sabbat_i'SchooiJJ_:-.o jt.rn.     Mui-1 T.  .
week lr.eetinp on Wednesday even : t/mversity, wlfh wfcicTi the College'
���j '��s at 7-3" o'clock. Science teaches the  First Var ���_>.
kew. J. K. White, M.A. ��nce, and  has  a   Special   Er..;::
-Mau  .������;��� 1
..V. .!.���:'r.
l::s.iic. 6
Co irsc
1   th.;   Co
;"in full affiliation.    Ii:
Toronto  'School of 3ci-
erine  Course  adapted   to
^.TobaK.'1' services
nd, 3 p.i ..; Ladii'.-T
Sttiiday'-J chool at
I'i'iauk; ii��eetii\g ...
������Pradical Engineering wefk. in this Province.    In Music,
- C escem >_H l-erm
:te   course '.w: it
ill   r.aTfTt. f.W.Si
��� 1 ' 1
T30 ll. 111.
������j 'vz.?,r.c
Special ii.s.rnouGi:. m
���are re-c[i..i7ed 1.. take
u. a v._,l eQiHi.
nrv, voice cuJture, ;:iv;:i piano and
,'iti_ the {'oror/tc.-fioTicnje of music.
. and -hv.uitions-tvhile all students
y-_i-.l  'riit-iij^   a-ith   all   the   priv^
A   ���.*-, .vi.,Irsh'Ai.,.
"-"i._��)E R.A..ISS
        JCaPYCiot-rrs &.c.
1 ITnyononen^'ngraRkalfbimd _p__rlpfl'',n mP7
' -iiUTkly futcGi'tain pur.opi_lnn froe wljebhor _:i
i llivonn-ll is T'robnblry^tentnhle.   Comrnuiilc_-
! li .iisnirlct!. r(sn_de_t!��l. HAKDCDDK onl'atcnL.
K_o:it_r_8s <>r'.-'3t ac��ricy sor.o.urliifTpatctun.
1 r.-iTcniiT tss.._'. tut..n u Munn & Co. receive
! vnccUtltwttet, svlt.hott& eriiaive, la the
' SdMtt Mmtmiwe
Abandsom��iy UlUBtrtit-dTvockly. Juargcst clr-
ruiutlon of any _deni!;ie jouraaj. Terms lor
Canada,w.75 u year,pustceo ^MTpmlci. Suid by
gi] now. a_>alt__3.
Brabch Oi_c_. 62S f >i_. W_j_l_eto_, & 0.
If you average the cost price of J-M Asbestos Roofing .over
the period of years it is in service, yoa will see that "J-Mw is
cheaper to use than any*other-prepared roofing. Being ma'^a of
Asbestos, an indestructible mineral, it is permanently durable,
and as it does not require nny coating or painting, its first coat is
theionly cost.   Eacily appliediy anyone.
IAsbestoside i_ . ai! Asbestos .Sheathing and is the m��atteeo-
nomical,.durable and easily applied siding known.
Ask ��or._amp1es and.prlucs.
IL W. JOHNS-MflNVilli CO.,
576 First -Ave. S. ^Seattle, Washi
Any available Dominion Lands within the Railway Belt in. British Columbia, may b_ Xomesteaded by any jier-
���on who is the sole head of a family,
or any male over IS years of age, .to
th* ssxts?ut of one-quarter s.ction tot
160 acres, more or less.
Entry  must bt) made persoaaUy at,
the local land oflice for the district.iu' .
which the land Js situate.   Entry   by
proxy may, however, be made on cpr-i
tain condi.Tions by the faiher, motlwr.
| son, daughter, lu.li._r or ..isier o�� .an
i intending homestoaijcr.
j    Tho homestead, r i^r reqaired to p*t-;
form  tbe  conditions   connected   then'
is-ith under one of the'fidiowtr? plar. :
1    (1) Ax least _ix months' residence
I iiptm and cultivation '-df tke .a__ in
���arh year for throe years.
(2) If the fa In-r (or mother, It tho
rather If. deeenw .)'. f the homesteader
rf.id^s ii|>on ft term In th. vicinity ol
ihe land enter.;! for, Oio'Tejinfl-eaiwufl
a_ to i*.jdenn> n.iy ho . ..!i:-.:\.1 by
pu. h pci'/on AT-tiiiTT, VsitiT [lie Eklker
or mother.
("i If the settler lr-��s his pevmnnentj
resldeni'c upon farming lan'd owned
by hitn in the vicinity of his home-
steati, tho requirements as to residence may be saitelisi by residence
upon t'he said lnivt'i.
Six moatha' nottce'ln writing ifhofllfl
tip given to tlie Commissioner of Dominion T..in_s Et Otiawa of Intention,
to apply for patent,
COAL,���Goal mining rights may ho
leased   for *  period     of     tweniv-onr
I years, nt an annual r .itnl nf $1 por
acre. Not more than 2..ftO -ncres shaTl
be leased to one individual or enm-
pany.    A royally at thc rate   Of five
j cents  per ton . b_ll  Itp collected    on.
' the merchantab!" roal mined.
| W. W. CORT,
I Deputy of th" Minister or the _n-e..K>..
j    NT.  B.���Unanthorteerd publication of
I flits Bidveatlscment    will not b�� p��io,
I i'or.
. i    ill __����__ **-*Jit... Is"��� ��� I     \
������� s-_td__.
Tmaia Belta 7
u __ v     wswS *iv_fIBS.wwa       �����-���
'ammm ���
KL .
Mrs. Elliott weut down to Victoria, yesterday, on a two weeks'
H. N. Rich returned home,
Thursday, from a short visit to the
Friends of Eldon Brodie will regret to learn that he is laid up with
an attack of pneumonia.
Messrs. Gladwyn and Stewart, of
Vancouver, are guests ot J. Johnson and S. Gladwyn at Delta Hotel.
All Saints' Lenten Services���
Wednesdays, 4 p.m.; Fridays, 7:30
p.m.; Confirmation Class, Fridays,
4 P-ni.    	
W. J. Goard, piano tuner is in
town, so if your instrument needs
tuning leave your name at this office and he will arrange to call
upon you.
SEEDS from M. J. Henry's
Nurseries and Seed House, for
sale at W. H. SMITH'S, Ladner, B.C.
The last issue of the Fraser Valley Record appeared in a green coat
in honor of the 17th of Ireland.
There's nothing like being true to
your colors. Mike.
Toronto, March 20. ��� Joseph
Martin, K.C,, addressed tbe Canadian Club yesterdav on many subjects relating to the Empire. He
supported with characteristic vigor
the proposal that Canada should
give a subsidy to the Imperial a._oy
and navy, and opposed with the
same directness imperial federation.
"When I remember the terrible
poverty in the old country, a condition of things we do not approach
here, 1 am ashamed of the people
of Canada who are asking the old
land to do anything for us. They
say we want you to tax the food of
these poor unfortunate individuals
who do not know when they gtt up
in the morning where they are going to get the day's meals, and
this money is to go to swell the
pockets ofthe Canadian farmer."
Referring to Sir Hugh Graham
and his reported threat that if Great
Gritain did not do more for Canada
with regard to her defence, Canada
would do something curious.
"I would like to ask Sir Hugh
Graham what right Canada has to
say a word with regard to its defence, It is a great impertinence
on our part to suggest anything,
because we pay nothing. What
would we do with ourselves il we
did cut loose? If I have rightly
watched the result of the poll I
think that interested persons iu
Canada and the United States
would get voters in the Dominion,
with proper application of money,
to be taken into the United States
as a state."
Guaranteed upon absolutely safe securit)'���first
mortgages on substantial city properties Seven and
Eight Per Cent. Guaranteed, free of all charges?
upon sums ranging from Five Hundred Dollars up.*
White, Shiles & <��,
New Westminster, B.C.
Agencies Represented-
Hnrttord Kire Insurance Co. Insurance C���, nl North Af_eTK��
l'_c_ni��� ln_u.anc. Co. of WookWn     The Ocean  Accident 1st Guarantee Cofpora-
Conuectl'tut Kire Insurance Cos tion, T.tcl., of Lo_slon, Kng.
Imperial Trni* Co.. Md.  Vancouver, D.C.
E. Howard, of Vancouver, visited his brother, Our Tailor, on Sunday last, and expects to return here
next week to assist in the making
ol the Band uniforms which are
tinder way.
Royal Standard Coupons
And "Win a
Handsome China Dinner Set.
E^ery user of this famous bread flour has an equal
chauce to win one of t _n beautiful and costly loo-piece
dinner sets that we are giving away each month.
Remember a coupon is placed ___ .v��rv 4 qlb sack of
ROYAL STANDARD Flout leaving out mills. The
duplicate coupons are placed in a receptacle and ten are
drawn each month. The lucky numbers will be announced
in this space the first issue of each month. Gather all the
coupons you can and compare the numbers with the winners
as announced each month. Vour name may be among them.
Do not let this ad pass your eye eaeh week. It may announce that you have won an elegant prize.
We Beg Leave
To notify the people of Ladaer and sui*!
rounding district that we are now in a)
position to ofter Vancouver Island
Portland Cement
At greatly reduced prtoes,, making it possible for parties wh3 contemplate building
to put in concrete foundations at about tht.
Same cost as piling <w. <c_fch__. i��,fe.rkv:
Write for Prices,
B. G,
A Musical Treat in Store
A musical treat is in store for the
people of Ladner on the evening of
Tuesday, the 6th of April, when
Gaul's "Una," an allegorical romance, will be rendered by a choir
of 45 voices, under the direction of
T. R. Pearson, of New Westminster. This cantata is based upon
an episode fouad in the great allegorical poem "The Faerie Queene"
by Edmund Spenser, the Puritan
poet of Queen Elizabeth's time.
The subject of this work is the
union between holiness or the spiritual man and sacred or revealed
The concert is under the auspices
of the Ladies' Aid of the Methodist
Church, who will spare no pains to
make it a great success.
There will be a Moonlight Excursion from the Royal City on the
6_me evening, per Str. Transfer,
leaving for Ladner at 6:30 o'clock.
Negotiations are pending for the
charter of a line of steamships to
operate regularly between the
Fraser River Sawmills and ports of
the west coast of South America!
and the matter will be settled asi
soon as the 30 feet to the gulfisi
an accomplished fact.
I'.ill details of the contest on the back of each coupon
Prizes will be shipped prepaid to any address on receipt of
tho  duplicates   of  the   coupons   ool.l-.mh_g   the   winning
All   sorts  of   First-Oks*   Jewellery,
Silverware, Cut Glass*., JEt_\
Sold by W> H. Smith.
Hon. Wm. Templeman has introduced, at Ottawa, a bill respecting ^ricultural fertilizers aud it
has received its first reading. Its
object is the protection ot farmers
who buy fertilizers and among
other things it compels manufacturers to be registered and an analysis
of their fertilizers made public.
Vancouver Millisig & Grain Co., Ltd.,
For Sale.
A Buckskin Mare, Cart and Harness;  Bay Mare in foal to Hackney
"Diamond City."    Cheap for cash.
A Strong Boy to deliver goods
and make himself generally useful.
WILSON, Limited.
Don't Let
Your Tank Leak-
Have us Line It with Galvanized
Iron, and We Guarantee it will
Leak No More.
We have cured others, let us cure yoars.
A Couple of Labor
Saving Devices-
Elastic Draft Springs-
Save your horses and ___��<G_iinery all heavy
shocks and jolts.
The Wilson Harrow Cart-
Saves your legs and makes a longer day>
Come and inspect thesejwe'feel sure they
will appeal to^you.
A nicotine of CHICKEN WIRE just arrived at
Rightfi Prices.
The Very Latest in Fairbank9*Morse Engines for
fishing boats now in stock. ��
Don't  forget an ADVANCE  MILL. is best for
Clean Seed Grain.
Jlitdmv Causen,
t_.AD-J.ER.   B.  C.
All Kinds ef
H. Howard,
-   TAILOR   -
Fit and Style Gaaraatefed
Nex't Door lo M. McDowells  Harness Shop,
DELTA STREET,        -       .        -        LADNER, B. C.
Latimer & Elliott
E.   S.    McBRlOE,
General ilenchant,
Phone 5,   -   Port Gufch��. r


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