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The Delta Times Jun 25, 1907

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)    J_a_ J&ms
JUN 281901
Vol. 4, No. -ii.
Neckwear & Belts
Letter.      A. f. & fl. il.     DELTA COUNCIL.
j Ottawa, June 15-Th.- vt,;; et\ Vancouver, June��.-The forty! Thc MtB Cound] |I)C. fa ^
Sir Wilfrid fenrter to London, in lodges in British Columbia ot tke|Councl] Cfcam,.er M Salurds5._
connection with the Colonial Con- Ancient, Free aad Accepted Masons, yune   ,,���,,   at   , ...     .
fertnpe, lias brought down attacks commenced their sixth annual con-'
I l'rora   many
tlie incident
envious  persons  ard i nation in ibe Masonic Temple yes-
Another large
shipment o
Ladies' Neckwear and Belts arrived this week, fresh
from the manufacturers, ensuring the very latest styles.
Ladies' and Children's Cotton and Lisle Thread Hosiery ia white,
black and tansr plain and fancy lace open work.
White Lawn Waists from $1.00 to $4.00.
Fine Range Whitewear, Ladies' Vests in Cotton, Lisle Thread and.
Fine WooL
(Reeve, If. M. Va^ey, ia  the chair.
They seek occasioning   morning,    W.   M., J.   H.j^^   ^ble   Davie,   Gil-
iSchoGeld, M. I.   A.,  of Trail oc-!chnst' Palenwtl  wd Denms jires-
to   charge   the Prime .        ,       , '        i   .,
icupiei tb1: chair. ent.
Minister  with   a  desire  Ir,  gkrify      T,    ,.,     ....    a- , ...     ,
*���      J.     1 no following-officers were elect-1    Minutes   ol    previous   meetiug
himself at the expense of Cat.ada. ed' '< ,       , ,
1 ;eu- i were adopted as read.
Such a charge is more than  r: ku-j    Grand Master, F.   Bowser,   Van-i
ious, it is aniiiiu-.-. Air Wiltrid upcn couver; Diputy Grand Master,   W. | COMMUNICATIONS:
evefv occasion, both in his personal *��� Hou��to��. Victoria; Senior Grand) _ ^om W. G. Lighthall, secretary
,    .      ,   ....   . ,. ; Warden, H. M. Rich, Laduer; Jun-|T'----V-. r�� annual  meeting.    Re
conduct and attitude on puphc ques- .       ���      ,   ...    , ���      l.    ,      ,., ,
r '        ior   Grand   Warden,   Edward   Ii. | ceived and filed.
tions, has attracted dignity to tl.ejPiul| Vlctoria. Graud Chaplala| From Messrs. Tupper & Griffia.
great eountry whose rcpiesentative j R^y. H. (.. F. Clinton, Vancouver,' ^-'^ vs- V. V. * 13. R. Receive*
lis is.    hi dealing  with  affairs in-'Grand  Treasurer, Harry H. Wat- '"^ Gled.
volving Canadian  politics,   he  has!50"'  Vancouver; Grand Secretary, j     i?r',m   'ke   Robt.   Hamiltoa Co..
I aloof from express-iR* K* Brelt' victoria: Grand Tyler, [ ��� purchase of rock  crusher and
A. Gothard, Vancouver.
lien's Department.
How about that New Suit ior Raee Day
Don't leave it till the last minute.   Come in and;
invariably ke
iug any opinion which might be in
terrreted as an interference with
P.ritisli <_��i-iestic politics. His attitude throughout a verytryiu;; ordeal
has lieen lhat of a statesman thoroughly alive to his responsibilities,
and Conscious of the dignity ol
his own position. Sir Wilfrid
Laurier emery's from the conference looming larger iu public affairs
than when he entered it.   He has
Vancouver, June no.���Routiue
business taok ap tke morninj ses-
sioa of the Grange Grand   Lodge, j on the   Benson section  line
screea. * Received aud matter left
in the hatids of the Reeve aad Clerk
with power to nc'.
From Messrs. Baxter, McLeliaa
Sc Savage re Delta vs. Wilsoa case.
The Cleik stated that he had give*
all information required. Received
aud filed.
From J. Kerr Wilson, re  bridge
This afternoon the  delegates  were, planks  having   been  replaced,   ne
guests of the local trontmittee on an! action was taken.
gained a personal piestige,   Canada ;excurs:o-i up
is belter known,   and   res-ected  iu ' Murrar.1   In'e
proportion, and will  ultimately |e, business was trausacted'at the ses
try on one of new "Eromley" Suit?, the flnestilhs benftkiarv 0l m11 tl,L'EOod vision this evening.
Sir Wilfrid  accomplished  on   tbat
fitting* clothing on the market.
Newest Cut, Eest Trimmings, all   sizes,
$7, $8, $9, $10, $12 to $18.
Siioe Department.
I'J.ItlX. K.    W-KI.I. KItPT.
The Liberal Government bas beea
j true to the people who reposed
their confidence in the men   chosen
I to govern the country. While both
parties cati promise prosperity,  any
' parly may so direct the a. airs of a
I nation that favorable conditions tiu-
Air which prosperity may flourish
can be cteated. Thia was done by
the Liberal Government.   Id West-
North   Aim   of     J. M. McDonald asked the Caun-
General   f riv.ite cil to lix tlie road between his property and that of Ii. llurr.    Left in
the hands of Conn. Gilchrist with
Officer   oi    the   Graad   Lodge power to act.
elected are:   Grand  Master,   T. S.      W. R. ElHs requested the use of
Sprou'e,   M.   D.,   .Markflale,   Ont., ithe  gr.-i.:er  on   his   road.    He  tu
re-elected;  Deputy   Grand   Master,
Lieutenant   Calomel   (.   H.   .Scott,
do the ploughing and supply teams
providing the Council  send grader
Wakerton; Grand Chapluiu, Rev.'and team. Would probably take
Wm. Walsh, Bramptoa, re-elected; trto days. Request granted.
Grand Secretary, Win. Lee, Torou- On motion it was decided to try
to; Grand Treasurer, W. J, Tark-I 200 feet ot macadam oa the bog.
bill, Midland, re-elected.; Grand! Coun. Paterson was given full
Lecturer, J. F. Harper, Hamilton;! charge of this experiment aHd he is
Gran I Director of Ceremonies, Capt. determined it shall be a success.
Geo. McsSpadden, Vancouver; Dep-
0u motion it was decided to have
This ia where we excel.    Several cases of!eralmm,g?!lo".pol.,cy.peop,ad.thatlen. .Toronti
new shoes added to our large stock this week
The "DORIS" Shoe for Women.
The " CARLTON " Shoe for Men.
utv <'Ir an . Treasurer, E. H. Hack- the   Ditch  an
and House Furnishing Necessities.
couati-y   with   stnrdy homeseeker. . |
j Transportation   was   facilitated   so
that  Eastern  Canada   particifated
ia the  impetus given  to  business
of every character.
The tariff was   so   ordered   that
i sufficient protection  was given  to
mmmmm______-___^___���^_^_��� ; iafaut isdastries, and  at  the same
| time it was so spread over   the  ea-
Large Stock Carpet Squares,. Linoleums, Window Shades, Lace Curtains tira list of importations ia a moderate manner that exhanced revenue
; was the direct   resuit,   and  means
i ware provided whereby great pub-
! lie works for the benefit of all  the
\ people were commenced and carried
to successtul completion.
i    The   strictest    supervision   was
! vromised over public expenditure.
Proper economy, having regard to
i a due   perforraanca   of the public
��� service, was pron ised and dtilv put
���tin   practical   operation.    A   severe
������ system ol auditing befor
Drainage and tha
By-laws  printed
Deputy   Grand Lodge! Noxious   Weeds
Auditors, J, H.  Delamere. W.   H. and circulated.
Stewart;  Deputy Grand  Lecturers..     Tue care oi the Oliver wharf was
A. A. Gray, Ontario West,   0. W.. left iu the  bauds of Coun. Dennis
Sandon, Ontario East, Jos. McGill, | with power to act.
Manitoba, A.  R.  Carniichael,   Al-      The followiag accounts were or*
berta; Wm. Cox, Quebec.   A.   An- dered paid. News-Advertiser, 1>i6j
dersoni   British  Columbia,   Benja-| Marshall Smith &  Co., $19.^5; E.
man    Saiith,    Saskatchewan,     A. | G. Prior Sc Co., $3; Sam Gray, $0;
3. McKay. Prince Iv.lward Island; E. H. Humphreys, Nova
Sco'.if, T. F. Butt, Newfoundland,
II. F. McClaud, New Brunswick.
eel or  they  revert   to  the government.
CAUSE  ..Nl>    HI-KBCr.
Haviug created the lavorable conditions,   the   Government  expects
much cf tbe people  who   have  the j urdav, July 13th, at 2 p.m.
opportunity ��; exploiting  tbc   nat
W. A. Gilley,   $18;  J.   Towusend,
$36;   B.   Peterson,   $35;  J.  Caine.
>i7.5o;   R.   II. Quajgan, $15;   R.
McWaters, $12.50; A. Falk, $250;
G. T. Baker, $21.81; N. Condy,
! $60.90; S. Huff, $130.13; J. Kelly,
j $113.28; L. W. Embree, $50.63;
j Bharrell Bros., $133.20; Delta
! Times, $4.75; S. Huff, $370-50: A_
! McWaters, $20.
Council then adjourned  till  Sat-
The Strawberry a.id. Ics Cieam      H.  J.  Hutcherson,  of Ladner,
Social, under the auspices   of the j has filled an application for a  water
ur.il bdvantages which exist here
payment M1 stlc., y3Ije(V aac\ abuadance. The
is insisted upon, and in this regardLeopje have been quick to avail
alone it mny be said that many themselves of thesa advantages, and
thousands of dollars of the people's tjje r���5Uit js obvious upon every
money have bei.m saved. Ihaud.      Manufacturers   have  just
Lands have lound their way inte; (:ompitted the largest  y -ar  111
of the Dominion
The Baard  of Lice/isiug   Ctai-
missioners for Delta dis rict, mei !n
Ladies'    Aid   ol    the    Methodist 'pjght to the waters of an unnamed; the Council Chamber on Saturday j the hands of the settler,   with  thej history
Church, held in Oddfellow's Hall,1
on   Tuesday  evening   last,, was a
great success.    The Hall was well
filled and eyer.yth.ng was sold out.  supplying thc water for  a service j and Faterson present.
The programme, though short, was I to be supplied to ths-residents of tbc:
much appreciated and a well sutis-  Miirticij alities ol Surrey and Dtltr
fred assembliai_e dispersed  to their;    An idea of the extent 0. the per
creek flowing into the waters of thej last with the Reeve, H. M. Vasey,
Nicomekl River for the purpose ofiin   the   chair,  and Conns. Gibbie
result that  under  the  present  ai-.iyomall sources passed
ministrati.111   thousan      ot   homt-mark last month.     Pro.
George   Milne, brother of Wm.
the; Milne, of Kaat Delta, wes accident-
receipts al|y  vm(At   a. Beatrice,  Neb.,   oa
the 12th ins'.    It   apnears that he,
steaders are found each veai occupy-
bomesat abotrt 10.31 p..' tn-. , . .  ,,    ,, , , . ,    ,
0   * vrcc which Mr. Hutcherson tn.ii.ds
 ** to supply can be gathered from the
Although  the   T>.   C. E. R. Co. fact that he is asking for a u'"nt
have   an   unlknitcd  water  supply j of 300 inches of water.
they are lacking in machinery ne-|    ShttUld this supply prove entirely
?essarv  to   manipulate  the power Isuitable. steps will be taken to form
and bave bad to, order more, in the \ a joint stock company right at home
meantime the Company  will have qtno.H'j those mist interested,  More
lo resort to the steam plant tQ sup- will be he;ir'!  of Uiis in  the veiy
jpty the power. near future,
There being no complaints recorded against the present licensers
their licenses were i.r.ewed and
thc Board adjourned.
Come to the Races on the 26th
and dOn't forcot the Dam oin tie
GRAIN   SACKS���J90   per
(less $2.50 for spot cash'���Br
mat!-K��r Milling Co.,  I.'.-'.,
N. Rich, Atent, Ladner, B.C
ing the lands as against hundreds
under a Conservative administration.
Lands heretofore supposed to be
worthless, have l��een transferred  to
irrigation companies upon the express   condition   that   hundreds  of
thousands of dollars shall  first be
|expendttl on irrigation ditches.
'    Coal lands remain the] roperty af
I0fOthe   Government.    They   may   le
���   ' leased ror - term >( v- trs, nnd  it is
1 provid tht al   settler
' i shall purchase his luel ��� ; .   reason-
ible price. The Ian Is must I c wt rk-
brigbt on every haul. From the.
West come reports of large crop
probabilities, an 1 all thins* . eem ia
bt working together for go��d.
Under these circumstances why
would the ptopl: e^caait^e lhe advantages thev know thev poasess
for tbc uticertainti;i of Conservative
rule?    Kctto answers, Why?
trith seven or eig
.-.hers employ-
ed bv a railway construction com-"
panv, were working near a water
I tank, used for supplying water to
ithe pouy engines, when, without
! warning, the tank save way, thereby cansinj his death. All the
I others escaped injurv.
! Deceased was well and favorably
knowu here, having worked at If-
The farmer* hnve been busy '��� verholiae Stock Farm ior about
hauling ooles, yesterday and to-day 'seven years. He was a native of
for tho Rural Telephone Co., and Banffshire, Scotlaal 39 '.ears el
construction wor. might now be [age, and came to Canada abouf
said to bc under way. twenty vears agj. THE DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, JUNE
PflU.lSllll)    1 V l-ltY
The Market.
{Subscription, $1.00 per year,
m :
. nVRRTlSJ '.
New Westminster, June 22,���Po-1
tatoes sold .it $40 nntl $45 a ton and
I quite a few sacks sold singly at��2.5o .
C����tial Advertisement"!, ro cats p��.r line roi \ per Baci; which Wa3 equal to $$0   a j
Usefir.! insertion,and   ceutspei line lot ea.h' * * u i
aabeequent Insertion.     the   nnml*t   oi   llnesj to.l.     This much required COnittlod- i
Slickoar -l.y tltr   ���',[-.-.;'.��� occupied,  l-llnri to the ' l
inch. ity was rated as least fifty cents a
*���� toyconuoerslai .jlwrtisemenu eun he \ sack lu��her than   it  was the  pre-1
ft. d ou (sppUi_atioi_ at this office. . r       j
I vious week, and it is probable that ;
Re.nllii . ii.sU. t-, i.. . s-ni . ...-,  lsio*  tot etch in- 1
; the prevailing price for sound pota-.
toes   will   be   $2.50 per  sack for!
ro make fortune :��ut
of th*.* tutur.: ��� "i must
nut somethln . Into the
vm-u-ni     ....
Holt, Kiel De
11, Dot..
Nt .ti [$gC8$!.00.
Any special notice, the object ot niiicii ii to, lar?e and small quantities until the
promote tin* pecuniar, Uncial uf unv Indlvidunl - .
oreuapaiiy, to be considered an advertisement  new   crop   arrives   which    Wlll   be1
endchargee accordingly,
4U.dvertlsen.enti charged f..t until otdti.J
.in on.1 bald fo,.
C.eit^f.poudenee Invited .ju uoslters ot public
|nte��6L.   ( omtni)nie. Usnt to eilitot nil be ac-   - , , . , .       ,       .,
1 ...apiiu.tJ b.   tiauif ot writer, not necessarily   WOtD Sunbury Shipped Itt   BV   Mrs.!
I .1   publication, but ai criJ<M_.~e  of kouiI tailb. ' _.                                    .      , ,"   ,
torrespondenci must rsacb this office bj Thurs- Quaggan comprised yesterday s en-!
sJaj evening,
ab jut a month hence. Besides tbe I
l.uln Island consignments a few1
sacks li cm Guichon  and   10 sacksl
(.Ei..   R.
Ti:i:. PAY,
NS   25,   [907.
Very welcome and much needed
tire potato supply.
The supply of beef was fair and :
tbe demand was lully up to the
mirk. Forequarters sold it from ���
7c to Sc and hindquarters at frttn;
gctoioc per pound. The entire:
quantity sold out. Mutton was;
scarce as usual   and  the   demand!
(lolsl .Cnptitrt ne.
Bl-t Dividends  all
    over Brltlih
~i*~ 1*     . .       Columbia
Cnjiliii.ii     over 100 Views in everything.   Post paid 50c., Stamps.
Richest Province in the I riti r Bmoire.
,   . Nettling Qtl ct'.
Nothing Ventured, Nut'.iln. v.
The Richest Men in the World are investing in B. C. Copiier-
Gold  Mints.     Why can't you begin now'
lite (Ireitest !li,IJ-Cs,pr��- Discover)' ot the Age hi B.C.
i n oHuui ou mis, tit mufti
Lsirv 1), Hnr Sutscribed used In Development of Mines.
Special Offer, 20c Per Share.
Mines directly wesl   1  l.e Roi, whose shares arc  now about
Jill;  l.e Koi No.  2 si ari    tboul $15 and went up to $100;
aud  Consolidated   Mii 1     mi     '1-... ting Co. ot Canada   Ltd.,
4 ~:~h-k- +*:-���-:- +-!���+��������� h- >-i��*-i- ������$���.+ ���i-fi'+'i-*-:-*"!- h��** 4-i-h-."fr+-j
I    Delta Transfer Stable   I
team Work Bone at Specially Low Prices.
X JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprtetor,
* Telephone-'I.adner'" No io.
���f��H-K -.-H- ��� ���!"*-;������ +++��� ���_��������-.-* ���H-.H.{.+ -\--hr *��� *
shares ;si 50 er
1     1
. aiti   ��� .1 $2,000,000 Dividends
rain it'll oud Thursday and Friday | was ver>' &ood-    Tl R0,d re*di]y at j
ne and  13c a pound, the higher
last,    There is  need of more rain
yet foi the
d of the crons.
'. price predominating.     Lamb car
cases  brought $4.50  and JS5 each!
! quite easily.    Owinjr, no doubt, to
As wil! be  seea  bv* reference to!thc"  warm  weather the  supply   of
pn article on another page, taken Pork is on the decliMe'  Yesterday's
_ , 1 supplv was far from being adequate
from   the   Colonist,   our   veteran 1,       * ,     ,   _    ,        .,,
1 t��r the local  trade.    Although tie
horseman,   J. W. Hollinshead, has demand was very strong  the price
create!   quite   a   furor  iu   racing did not reach higher   thnn   neper
circles al Victoria, with his famous pound.   Veal was  fairly plentiful!
trotter, B. C.  King;.    He  has two|aB4 realized   io>/c   nnd   uc  per
ently keen  to promote the sale ofj
all the veal in sight.    A number of
things lively m this race. 01 course I finm1, pigs w���e soW al u each
this baby race will be very interest-1 notwithstanding   that   they   were
[n* from the fact thai   very little is quite thip.   They weie  purchased!
kuciwit about them.
in 1906, shares $145; and all pold-coppei mines in B. C. paid
Large Dividends. Big hour assays trom $5 to $800 in gold,
copper, silver, with 32 ) er cent, iii the Treasury; on tlie Railway
near Snn Iters ���
No.'i-.���Most of these mines sold for a few cents once, tut
over-capitalized even now pay Big Dividends.
Rosslanel . hits received Highest Awards tor riches'. . o'd-
copper ore sent to St. Louis Exposition. Bi�� Four had ''.est
Display at Dominion Fair, New Westminster, B.C
No less t! nn 160 share' Fold, All Cash. Above this shares !
can be li. ti o.i inst: In ent plan, or yetrly contract, 15 per cent. |
cash, balance n onthly
Company l,ns no debts or liuLilUies.   Semi for Illustrate tl . rosp .CttlS to Secretnry.
P.O�� Sex 174, Vancouver, B. ���., (ana 'a.
��������������� 4-H��+^+4'*
V. T. Ry. ��S. Perrj Co,
New  Service���Port Guichon aad  Ladner to New
Westminster and Vancouver.
I, Leave Pt  (. tikfoon, 6.30 a.tn.    Arrive V^tncbutrer, 10.20 a.m.
Leave Vancouver,   2.10 p.m.    Arrive, Pt. Guichon, 6.00 p.m.
Gives   Passengers  four hours   In   either.   New   W��ese*
minst. - or Vanconrer-
h'resh stock of Christies' Biscuits
-W. H. Smith.
Greatly Re
���rrght   Tariff   effective    Septembei
ted Rates.     For particular:-; apply.
A^ent, Pt>rt Guichon.
5ufficieut Cars will be. FnTnLshed without 'delay.
B.C.   King;.    He   has twoN.B4  realized   lo'^c   and   uc
entries for the Futurity .Stakes No.|Pound-   Tht dema,,cl  was
},  which   are   expected   tn  makei
Ot course;
Mr. and   Mrs.   Paul Ladner,   of
Vaacouver, arc be'.e foi the races.
According to The Commercial
of Winnipeg, the visible supply of!
oats in the United States and Can-
iada, cast of the Rocky Mountains,
is 10,1-3,000 bushels, compared
with 8,160000 bushels a vear ago
 ^-!(-t 11.'. . t.MHi   j  ���    _g      ifj. ,ss,,s n .,       .1  1 ,1 L
The camping season lias commenced, and, by the end ol the
uext two weeks will be in full
for Those !
Who Think;
Tlie personality which is causing
fruitful subject lor painters and | was not sought after.
poets, wliile nitisic. would be robbed
uf nearly all its charm and grandeur were it divorced from the
Christian ideal, rrom the time
that the Jew* cried "Away with
Him," and raised liim betwixt
heaven stud earth as it unworthy
for either, He has been the chief factor in the world's progress, What
the world would be to-day without
the Christ  is  inconceivable.    Thc
Miss Abercronabie,   only  daughter of S. Abercrombie, arri- ed here, I
on   Friday   iast,   irom   ,cauit   Ste. I
Marie, Out.
by A. Whiteside, cf Sunbury.
Fowls vrer��  on  the   market  in
large quantities.    Voung chickens
and ducks formed the   bulk of the!
fowl supply,    Good large hens realized   >S   ar.d   $9  a  dozen,   while
chickens brought  from $3  to (4 a' 	
dozen and broilers realized $5 a;    TfcirRoyal Bank of Canada with
dozen. The heavier grade ot spring j jts   gpletulkl   qotlMCtion   all   over
chickens were  greatly in demand Canada,   affords   you   exceptional
and even higher prices than those banking facilities*.
quoted   were   pan!   for  first   class |
most interest in tbe world, to-day, 18^k>   y,Ung ducks sold at from 	
is Christ's,    lie has been the most! $7.50 to $8.50 a dozen.    Old stock j    No less than
arrived   .u-dax
The supply of butter   was an av-  Rithet,
���rage one ancl the  prices remained
the same, as last week, namely, 30c
and 35c per pound.    There was a
large supply o<" eggs which went at
g-iod prices.    The  wholesale price
jumped from 25c to 26c per dozen
while those purchasing in small
I quantities wer: obliged to pay 30c
j a doten.    The  price  was firm all
day at tbe prices quoted.
Ouite  a  supply   of strawberries! r   ,��� 1 ,    .
witness bear ng of Judah practical y .     . * .        , India, accompanied by thei
*     J ' J  on sale at $2.25 a crate and goose- .     .,      T^
  . ter, Miss   Fannie, arrive 1
beriies sold at Re a pound. t- ���_     1   .       1 .1
1 I Friday last   and   are   the
Incorporated 1S69.
(Westminster Branch")
Time Table
| Ctvrs lenve Westminster (or Vancouver at 5.50
I uud 6.50 u.in. and hourly thereafter until n p.
1111.; Saturdays and-Sundays at 11 p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver for "Westminsters at ...50
and 6.50 11, m. and hourly thew-uf.cr tmtil  10 p.
in.; Saturdays end Sunday* ;u u p.m,
Wt-Tnn (irft-cIusR freight cars between Westminster und Vancouver nud all shipments are
handled with the utmost eare and delivered to
consignee without delay Special attention paid
to fruit shipihents. Oui wagons meet ull boat*,
nnd trains.   Ft ** rates, etc apply to
A General Banking Business Transacted.
;.ven   more 01 ies ���
ird lhe ': . S.
r jm   Victoria, io  t t   in
the races  o-inor ow.
���.in OKir-op.-,
Tjalh. MBr.
WeBtntlnster, It. c.
1 ocal '-l":
Savings Department.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
 80 BRANCHES. ���
East End. Mt. Vleasr.ni, O-ranviNe Street, Cordova Street.; Grand
Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson Port Essington, Rossland, Victoria, Vernon,
Chillrwack, Cumberland,  Pori Moody and New Westminster.
H. B, MARGESON, Manager, LADNER. B. C. "
Miss Woodley, of Moosejaw,
Alta., left, on Wednesday last,
for Vancouver, after spending, a
few days visiting "hei brother, Dr.
Dr. and Mrs. Nugent,   oi
peased before tlie death of Jestis,
and  God  could  not, by   tUeJtwsJ
bless the natinns as he had prom-
isil to  Abiahatn.    The   torch   of
jftiowledge   and   progress   thrown
dowti l>y t!i^ Jet,v< was taken up by
tbe Christian���the   spiritual   Isreal
���and    carried     throughout     the|
known  werld.   Throngh war ant)
bloodshed, cruelty and superstition,
the   Christ   ideal,   all    that Christ
Stands for,  has   been   coming   in
Upon   the  world's   consciousness.
Nations have been uplifted in exact;
proportion  that   Christ   has   been j
honored by its rulers, and loved by ,
Its people.    To-day,   fapan is con- \
.sitlprinx Christianity as its possible',
national   religion.      China,   when ~    "       ~
..he at last awakens from thc sleep ]    Thr> Ban 1 Hoys will give another
of ages, will* Sud that the germs of i open-air concrt on Friday evening
the Christ life, sown by a century  next.
tii  tnissians, will  prove to be thej '
'jam, j
.i ni     - |
tiei  :   0
uests uf |
Mrs. T. McNeelv .at Jubilee, The1,
Doctor has come to 15 C iu the in- I
terests o  tlie Hindoos
���,%       .Lv .i<.i<slt.i!    IrfAlSIl/BIIII
AlUl. I i (fl
NKW WESTMINSTER,   :-:  ��. C.
tnnttfttAurera of till kimlsot
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
Vour patronage solicited
U.S...*.. . *.. ....
.S-...S. .*..���..*,. ���^*..��..^.^..��.,#..*,.��..*.
The following horses are entered'
for the above race ..-hich takes
place lieie, to-morrow.
Sceptre, William Walder, Steves-
Great   Northern   King,  J.   W.j
IT lUinshcad.
Pet Palestine, J. W. llollinshead
Ruby Patchen. F V. Guichon.
There  ;nc  already  some  I fteeu
horses here training :or the various}
W. N. Draper,
Fttiutn j, Kllur.i Block New Westminster
.only basis [or pessibb: national ex-
istenct'. The faces of al! thc peoples arc being turned toward the
Christ, the Eight of the World and
(he Bright antl Morning Star.
which augurs tbe dawn of that dav
;vf righteousness which ti^iall know
uo set'ing- sun.--... I!. 11.
Chas. Arthur s{ ent a few clays,
last week, m and around Custer.
Tradi: WURi'.r.
Copyrights 4.
Anvonontsnftli.R is pit.trl, titid doHcrttsiu,i. tn
wily ntsct.rr.il. out opinion free whotnw ;
.".M...1 t�� pr.. bub ly lHitentublp. Comtnnnlt.
iinrlrlcllyrMill.lentlnl. HANDBOOK on I'lttcin
ut fre��. oi.ii'Ht agenoy for Bflourlnsj.aiotitts.
I'fttfiihl tolscn tlir.mph Mtmn & Co. roeolvt
yrinl ntrftcf, wltliout ob_T_e, In tlio
ScWilic JlnericaiL
v bnrt.lwirne1y til lift rntM wucltly. l.nrBrmt elr
illation ef any crluntllln journal. 'JVrms, fll i
T<aAT% four months, |L Soldbyall ncwsrtoaler"
> rmoi. ta�� If St. Wsuhtnaton. V. c.
Public Notice.
Thorlief Larsen, the winner
Residents of the Town of Ladner
and l'ort Guichon  are  hereby prohibited  from   throwing   any  slop-
or foreign material into the drainage ditches  along  the  streets and
jhighv. ays.
When you wish to  buy  visiting J     Any..person found  violating  this
: earth', call on thc Delta Times who i order is liable to prosecution under
Raspberry Vinegar, Lime Juice
and Concentrated Lemon for summer drinks���W. II, Smith.
ii rail i
Tan. 8th to 11th.
ight First Prizes.   Three Specials.
���: Seconds.    Three Thirds.
t. rr it
.'hite Rocks, Barred Rocks. .Silver
Spangled   Hamburgs,   Buff
Orpingtons and Black
Eggs for Hatching���
Delta Times,
Fashion StabSes
Trucking ai
Livery  worl
i Draying.
of r.11 kinds
ten li . to pi imptl
]? ��b  fatal eovcriftfift cither for  new
baildinijfs nr improving old ones.
Constdef its fine nppoarance ��� \et\
-"plendid endurinfif qua.iu��s-*an4 ^ItgrM
expense���and drevdt* to 5crvc your own
best interests hy using it.
Firttest details of information in onr
Wholttflala Manufstctujrvr*,
'ET*        7 fm * ���/ i' '? 'J'
La*m i <!%?  %.ji! ft fjqi!   U--*'tr; tx %*
Always in Lin��***.
fhe Rhode;;' Scholarship
down front L!r Royal City, yestei- If you ne
(tay, and is the gue.it of I.eou r.ad-j.tre input.;
n^ at 'J'iciian; l'.;v';. lhe iKt.,
ame will sell the best money can buy. the Municipal Health By-law.
them printed, why you
By Order.
n pocket by calling  nu '
A.  A.
iijics first.                       ,
kOBT   MAY, Agent,
O. iLADSilR.
With   Latest   Improved   FARM   IMPLEMENTS, WAGONS & BtrOGIES.
Lar crest Stock in Province to choose troro..
lar.lage  Building, Repairing &   Painting, t aok��
smithing   &  Horse   Shooing.
BeLaval Separators.
��� n
Receives both La&ies and Gentlemen as residen
or dav students. Has a complete Commercia
or Business Course. Prepares students to gam
Teachers' Certificates of all grades. In affiliate
with Toronto University gives the fcmr year-,
course for B. A. degree, and the flrst year of tlu.
Toronto School of Science. Has a special "Prospectors' Course" for miners who wor^iu B. 0.
Instruction given in Art, Music, Physic .,
Culture and Elocution.
For Calendar, etc., address "Columbian
REV. J. p. bowell;
II jiou obtain a Firearm of doubtful quality
Ths 8Xt.6ilsp.ceii Hunter's and
* Marksman's Ideal
by itiootloc our pnsular
Ask-^our local Hardware
or Sporting GoocU Merchant for the STEVENS.
If you cannot, obtain, v��\
flhip   direct,  exprosa   pre
paid, upou roc-elpt oi Catu
log Price,
Send 4 cent* In stamp* for 1*0 rage
Illustrated Catalog, Including ft. lrcu-M
lar ft of latest additions to our line.
Contains points on shooting, ammunition, the proper care of a fJroiimi,
etc., etc. Our attractive Ten Color
Litbographed Hanger matlnd miy.
where for nix cents In atainpa.	
F. O. BOX 4097
Cbieopoe Falls,   Masn.,  V. S. A,
POOR  RENT  C0F;:: 15  FOK
After lite Body la Taken Out i-.ui.
Consigned to-the fctarth O* .. Moip*.
Ilox 1. Itc-mrnetl sn lta Owner io Bo
I sell .Iyer ��iul. Over At. ,,'<���
Pneumonia Bronchitis
la, Grippe Quincy
Etc., Etc.
It will "pay you to own oue and be on the safe
side. One Oxvdonor in a family will banish all the terrors of disease" from the household if only used as soon
is needed aud  in a reasonable way.
Tbis is the Actual Experience in manyj[thousands
of families. who hav.: adopted this advanced method of
"treating disease.
Inflammatory Rheumatism.
Mr. Jos. Ansen, Rowland, It.C, Can., writes, March u, 1901 1 ".nine five years ngo '
got Oxydonor for my wile wlw wns sneering from fcnrtle weakness. Aftor a Week's use th
Boewr himself wis surprised to find such a change, in fact it isms en mgh tt, iniiiice hltn to ge
tn ��xydotior Firr his sister.
"A short-time :i(:0 my wife had-fl is attack ol it ittantmatory rli eumitlsni       Silo   0011 li
Met walk midlicr joint.,  were  oiuub  swoolleu.   She  applied   (l.yeon.r. an.)   before .night Hit*
-pains hail ceased, and next morning there wis very little ���welling, and she .on'.iirjw,'.:   is ��
ns ever.   Mic had .. similar att.tOk before we got Oxydonor and w.,s and -  1 doctor's rare fbr a
month, and suffered agonies.
"It bn. cured me of a severe cold."
Send at once for book No. 78, giving further information about OXYDONOR aucl many reports from ali
parts of thc country.
2 nil
Holy Communion
Sundays rtt 8:30 a.jr,
Sundays v.t 11 a.m.
Matins, 11 o'clock.
Evensongs 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday School at 10 a.m.
Friday evening, Litanv at 7:30.
Rev. K. R. Rattiett, M.A., Vicar
Services first snd third Sunday of
each month at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7:.}o -p.m.
Sunday school ut 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Comma 11 iot
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
ther Wagner, O.M.I.,
Perish 'Priest.
Rev. Fi
Services next  Lord's Day at ti
md 7:30 p.m.
10.30 a.m. every
s-. ni
Class  incetnu
Sabbath {JchbtSi ��t 2 p m
Sunday. Prayer meeting
��� .mr.si.ay evening at 8.
1". Ketts, pastor.
.>64 St. Catharine St. West. Montreal.
.Service's uext Lor.!'-. Day at
a.m. and 7.30 11.111.
Sabbath School at 10 am Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev, A. McAuley, Pastor.
[and, 3 p.m
Sunday !���
s p.m,
The Delta
s.'fvices ��� Cr -c
.;  Ladner, 7:30 p
School at io: ;o a
meeting tfn Thar
A. II.
Nurseries  &
*lob Printing
lead 1 ti titet   tor   Pacifi
grown   ' 1 arden, Field   .
;���������-. d   thai are thorougl '
0 vi   lit;   before ofTerin
ihnt nre ���   : y ���" to govi
- ��� uf'i.mi as to  freedom
seed      Samples sen    1
purcha -t-rs.
Large stock c
Fruit   and   Ornament-
matured for the spring trade,
rCo expense, loss or delay of fumigation or inspection.
BEE SCP-PI.IES, Spray Bumps,
Spraying Material, Greenhouse
Plants, Cut Flowers,
We do 'business en onr own
grounds���no rent to pay and arc-
prepared to meet all competition.
Let me price your list before placing your ortler.    Catalogue Free.
"Tbe burial cunton-sof the'Spauiahft.
: seen in Cuba are in some respects inu>A
!i!;n these of POrtugtfl," sold a'-former -.ft
I u'.cut of Portugal. "The poor theru, like
tho poor Id  Spain, eoouomlze - on funeral
��� e&ponses by muking one eoilhi serve for it
aiiinbii' of funerals ln succession.   In 1.1.
j bon nt li'nat the oofBn ia usually b wry
j substantial pleco .. work, covetv . wl&k
I i'nl leather and frtxily studded with brass
I iiaii.s.   Its lid is attached with hinge-;, ho
that the eoftltt opsins antl (shuts like ft I irga
! trunk.   Of'course the selling price ot  un
! article like  this would  be  beyond tht;
I means of any poor family, but   the  runt.
I tor one tiny is ootuparntlvely small,
" tYhofl 't funeral procession reaches lbs
grate in tlio great Pruzeres oentptnry, .ohe
out. kh'of Lisbon, the undestaktir's men
Instead of lowering the coffin, opeu it- llfl,
tako out tbe corpse aid lower it into Its
last renting place The emj.ts coffin i-t lv'.t
thereuntil ti Qallegotakes lt back to Its
owner after the mourners bave retired.
"Thoso Gnllofios, by the war, nitri���:,���!, of
Oalinia In Spain, do all tho wot k of pdr-
tors In i.ifilpoii. Ii' you ask 11 native Portuguese Keiviint to t^rry a paroel or a vallBB
through tho streets, ho will answer';.oil in
a tone of effended dignity,'You chainftr
mn Gallego' (I will go and call a tltil-
lego), for no unrlve Portuguese would Ik:
bpen carrying-A load of nny klml tn public.
"These Gallegos bave na objection .��
onrryinga load, oven wben the load i*a
recently vacated ooflln. Thut U tbo kind
of work they come-to Lisbon for, so thAt
in thoir old age thoy may gu across the
fraatierto Gollciu aud live on tbetr sa<r-
ipp.-i. Aud One Iittlo 'luolflcnt tlmi Imp-
pened while! was In Lisbon showed hbw
little impret.hu; superstitious regarding
tUutli make on the Gallego mind The
^ilty of Llsb'oii oollSftlod %}t\ on goc_W
brought within ii_ limits, and them were
gUftrds at the illti. .Tout Kat��isi of the olty to
see that nothing was smuggled in.
'���Oue very rainy aftoruooti tbe guard *t
'the Frazerct? tf.Wn glanood along the roi'I
that leads to tlw cemetery -tntl Saw ft sti ���,- ;
plelous looking package lying on tt 1
ground close under the wall ououo ski,.
There was not a living being in tight.
The guard thuught he'tntd d&tected it plot. |
He thought thnt that package, whatcvel
it might be, had been loft thore uuder lhe
wall by smugglers, who Were no doubt
���shelteit-l somewhere in lbs neighborhood
and watching 'heir opportunity to rush it
through tbe gate as c on a. tho rain bold
up n little. Ho the active nnd Intelligent
fiftkvr got his little sword ready to draw at
A moment's notice, aiul, regardless of tbe
downpour, udvauoed alougt'ne r.'iul totur-
prlje uml upprchsud the siBtigglers, it., at
lea. I, their goods.
"When be got to within 20 yards 0' the
���usplcioUB object,-Be made out through ths
ruin ihiil the case on tht.  ground was of a
���_��_l color and studded nil over wilh brusfl
unlld.    That discovery stnrtlod hltn a lit-
lie, but the lielt niouient he wns  utterly
demoralized at. seeing the lid cf thc c-nffli-
Slyo|��en aud a disheveled  houd thrust itself oat, lu eyes storing wildly.    Without
waiting to draw his sword or challenge the
���apparition, the guard faced about und re- I
^treated at f, run.   ' .Vhcn be re.-ichot the j
'gule1,fc��"s,ntlt'd hie comrades to come nnd
-i.ro tin abandoned corpse tiitis  hud burst ;
Olior, tin c.iiltin on thst wayside     The foivo
eel led  their carbines and  paraded under
shiilmr of the archway, but what they faw
Wos only a Tory bedraggled Gallego tramp
k,g toward them, oairylug an empty ooflln
en hi* baok.
"(m exHTuinntlon the Gallego deposed
that, beiiiK overtaken by tho rain on hie
���Way from tho cemetery, he'had kI:a. hlm- I
"!��� "If tin ir. Umcolli'i to keep  dry .mil v.'.alc
for fnlror woatbtir, but, ^ hen ho heard foot- :
����topfl *tonlthlly approaching, ho began tc !
be nfnild that  some one was coming  to
.piny �� trick nntl lock him  tip.    Tout. v.aa |
wlir be had  so suddenly tin list  his head 1
���ttt andstisit.'..   He was -aooorpse, but nn j
houcst,    hardworking   Oallcgo.    An   for
4h,i cofflu, the eenorei gu-trds Wight look
iw themselves and ��.e that lt was empty.
"There' seems to be a pertain morbid
fouilnc*. for-What may ho oalleti  playing
with the dead In Portugal,    'ihey eoem to
tnke b peculiar delight in dressing  up
���'.lirir .end and exposing them to public
view'.    1 happened U) be present at the
solemn requiem of �� cardinal patrlaroh ol
Lltitism, wlien   the oor|ii.e, dressed  in full
canonlOftlB, wee plaoed In n half fitting
;��.. titre to fane the crowd  in  tho nave of
the osthodral, and I thought nt the time
S^edhOUSeS   that the interment-ought to have rnkeu ,
plane Ntfturr.
i   " ''One One Sunday nftoTnoon In ^ll^ing 1
��� wss ��ir��slling along ono of the main thor-
| nucbfairs of Llaben when tbonbouta and
msrry shatter of a lot of little hoy. and
((iris atiraoU.1 my attention to r. side
���HtrMtt. Tho children, nil nicely dreseed,
wei-e soming down the fide street ate
brisk WBlk, evldentlylntercsted in some
thing that was icing carried along by
'thres Or four ol them. When they readied
'���n.e fin... r, 1 saw thet the center of Inter-
nt wns n very small brass studded ooflln.
Hi* lid vtas opon, nnd I oould see tbe little flower dookctl and beUtninod corpse In
hitlct.t lt.
������/moi _i"i- time i Mistook   (he corpse ol
s_ .hiin ,m Vtswity to the grnvefornwdxen
llUBgatif the Madonna being onrrietl in
prcwcsslou. li �� a little ilcicl girl bam-
lifelly dressed in while snl-ln ��mt wearing
atvliitr veil itnd white flowers, The littl.
Isody hntl l��*n mntle to sit up ln a oha'i
which four hoys were tarrying -on their
thoulder*. 'Ihc bearer, and the oth��
r.lilldreii in the pmimsfloii wore white rl,
t��ms imS whin* flowers, nil emblematic ol
hmooenee and happy confidence that ths
suu'. :.I their little ftieiul wnsln paradk_i."
���New York Sun.
l"tiirsi.st then lhat nature only Jo'irft
Wi    mlt  ;.:- 1  ���    ��� '.      Hs ���
1".,,' ,:v:-   ' '. ���- . ,��� ,. ..��� band
0.1 itoinbci ;...:. ..::: Li nel; strand^-
K.i ��� :.,, ;k.s her inightj hem 1 . ���.  j-l e.-^
In bt^outtiig waft eHQ whimpering win.M
Key, la 11:.. strife tii.1 for   ��� remains
That struggled in old    [ilu'l    ::i;::-i.
Erst rose this cry ol pave ladinsri
From out ���bs; vvjiv]i,v+ glacier'   \iti-.t-.
},' ���������..-������: woinh nf Rothei I  .';.
S 1.... ti .Vs.!.,' '.'.1.a Uie Ac..It-' birth
ISow bears ... time these (tranite j'llerf,
Their walk of I'oeks. tbsse Bacr" '. si*_Nt
Koi in an ill"
Nil sir:, ro '.:
Or     rb .ti
Or-iir mi    .
foil 1 ���   '    ���
���:.:��� :\, -I hour
.���' ii lot power,
IJ �� f:f5t
,v _ot).ii]    ���  ���. uiast.
'il prrft
Cu.',:! ;:.:' duue and \m iriss wide.
Her lutrptiichord the _iugini_ wires,
h'.'t 1,:   ,i ihc .-hetrio .   -.
Tc. lan title bears in lti Qt>W
The wild ' :���'��������� 1, tin  voh    11 .v-s��,
That fl] 91   . lifeli -' ore
InpnJr.ti eai li'stuMiucvalshore
���Erne    Bros   in 1 ivi  Inud Monflily.
, Sn
i: rn {* r!
The \il!n<ta aro
ihc 'win
k an
1 la fiulj
d-s in
u n d
"taxe��" roinoa
her ills--
�� We're 1
orns av
- ri��k
Kie Vy.
iy ul i
irt->1  3s
Tlioli   li.eoilnt�� V.'liisn  TUr
/..Iisr   Veisrs..
An tini.'.'i'oic i_ rclftod pf tlio Lao ,Iiicfth
Tuino, n Maryland j,..':i:;,:.'.;":;���,-v. 'Mr.
Tonic'L appears, waa ln Ills early li'-. .
hostler. By industry nnd thrift ba sulm
acquired n mntlerate fortune at ,!. for sonte
timo li..'V.i-.: lis deatb-was one of th 11 ".
est men in his part of tho sti to
AmoiiK Mr. Tome'RrfbqitaintuticoBWliile
working nreticd tho stable was u cai"p��n-
ter named Samuel Walker, wbo bid
a bettor famflty for spending Btoney tlicu
for Baring it. Later in lifo he thought it
expedient to remind .Mr. Tome in the presence of a crowd that be was otone-titae
only a stablomim.
It was on the occasion of sn entertain-
metit nt the Fort Deposit Opora Houaa
and the citizens of the town wero crjwd-
ing around the ticket yiliye window wl&an
Mr. T.one approached. A murmur passed 'through the crowd, aud many stepped
aside, giving way to the noted philanthropist so that he might seoure his ticket
at onoe, insiouil ef having tu wait -_h
Thoy were glad to Show their respect fot
tho mau who had gained the top round iQ
fortune's ladder and ����be knew bov," to
adB)^l bis fellow men, as muny in:thc
Irowd-��ouW testify.
Ono man, boweYor,'-kept his piac��. This
was Ur. Tome's old friend. _sili Vtalksi
Instead of giving way he remarked to a
tone loud enough to lie heard by all present: ''I'm rait goiu to give up w Jake
Tome! He ain't uo better than 3 am. I
Used tu know him when be wes uoihio
but a stable l>oy."
iir. Tome did not reply until after be
tit, . secured his ticket and made way for
those who had 60 courteously withdraw*
for'hitu. He then snid In a quiet tone, "i
used to'knows man by tbe uamo ofriivu
Walker, who was a carpenter, and I un
Bcrstand that'tbo snine Ram *\Yalkel i��s
eorpenter still."
The people applauded this iuiid rebuke,
end Sam Walker sluufc avvuy.
Lighting Iho pyramids of Egyjrt v~^i,
Bleotrli ity and tl.e Inetalla' ion . [ a A *'���'
bon t>]. -. .i plant, to e, ,-i ,,.].,, c: -, ( ��� .
is n : mu nntv under-coliiddi ration by mi
J-Ji i, .-:��� governinent.
The Vatican It r,oon to be lighted with
elo..-!!io light.-, -.be plant I. lag bet -. :,.
thi' foi mer b..:-.-.;..-kSol the -; fl      :.
As there ar- 11 000 rooms tho j lantvt i.l - .
quito an exti nsive one.
A profei  ":nl :-hool... electliciiy Is.s.
btiestabllsl ed at at. Germain, non.' i
to  boscslled  tho Ampere Institute.    ,;..
scho' 1 is li ii. :.ed tu fwttlsh'laborer*
foremen wil . au eleotrlcal education, .-..
llrst class ;:.    'ucrlou will begiven in both
���'.i  :y end pructiee
Touflstftvhu callB at vUlago pottofllw
for a registered hater)���Jint. why can't
you let me havo it!
i tnuiBtcr���Have you proof of yru r
'I'o.i. ist--No.
Postmaster��� I), .n't you know any ono '.a
ttto villa'geV
1 tinasl t���Ih . ��� you a photograph o'
jrqurs. II or -in.    , I
'i'oui ist -  Ves
Pusl musti t'tconi] uring photo with os'^
Inal j--: ��� inly Bii r - y�� i 111 gos
you tbo if..-.".��� :L-. - -us \, y
Mtnts nreoicesd'ngry hnrtl snbstaf.s.x
-so bard that when we wish to bo t no-
phaticwe sometiines Bay that a thin^t !b
iiLird as Hint, yet all tbu Hints In thu world
aro supposed to bave been formed fiom
soft ri" ��� : os, for, by examining small
pieces i 1 flint V.nder'-, microscope tbo texture of tl.e sponge in u fossil condition It
often seen, and the spicules peculiar te
.iiiniires are reoognieed
Who Can Tour
"Papa," said Ton in.  Trcdwny.
"Now, Tommy," replied Air Trcdway
"I shall answer oriiy one more quef.au
today    . o be -Ntreful'wbat you ask '
" Ves, papa."
'Well, u" tin."
'Why don't ;hcy bury the Dead ere.'
Harper's Bazar.
Tlittt  tul^tritfiur "U."
Speaking of the letter "h, ' a writer ftt
the -tochestcr "PflBt-Exijress says: "Curiously eiiom.li, thu h is not-dropped oorti.
of Y-H-kshlre, nntl Scotland,'with chortto-
terlstic thTiltineSB, takes the utmost cure
of it Ireland is prodigal in emphasizing
It, and, so far as '1 know, the eclonto. are
also sound un this point Ouly Kugland
refuses to aspirate. Sometimes her con-
B'r.'.ect inaccui'ucy ln this matter is am ua
tug enough.
"F<,r exnin ple, there ls a village Iuthe
eaitern counties wliich rejoices in tht
name of Hau- A parishioner wss asked
wlmt be thought of a strange prwichci
who had besiu Lcidiug u ssriice in tbe village.
" 'Well,' he said, ���! liked the gentleman.   'Is tex' was-, usi suited to us folk
" 'Way, what was bis text?'
" 'It were a tex' -from the .psalms,
'Stand In hawo aud sin uot"���lt sounded
so 'oiiicly ioiko.'
"1 thought ymi and the vinegar were
on sttch good terms.''snid the _q.uui��k
olive to thu sliced cucumber.
"Wo were," sadly re; Hud the latter,
"until he soared on me."���t'levsland
Plain Dealer.
Wh��n OtWr llrniti.
^Ths cat end bootjack elmoM rust.
She dodged te.nO jrllc.l v. lilt sl��,
Toung man, 1 bet
You'll u��+d il.ai )c.
-Then you'll rtmembsir mu."
���rutrull   Ties rtess.
A Cheery Ol* Sft-��nff��.
The lord chief -justice of AbjflSlnic h-
deKi'ibed hy a correspondent otHut 3t.
Jumes "Jnzitte as a cheery old godtlen. .n,
dressed in a httpto black bat, with n groeta
silk bnndkerehicf tiod around his Ifcad uu
dtrueath the hat, black .lis cloak embroidered wltb gold, smart purple silk 6kiM
underneath and continuation! of the fair-
hi linen, Hu rtoi also armed with a long
sword lu a r��d icabbard, and his squires,
running alongside, carried bis tills and
guld luousted shield.
Yloomsti to I'nilur*.
Tootirr���. o Slugger litis turned detective, has hot   Well. botTlll not succeed,
Arnntt���Why not?
T'oobct���Tie Won't be able to keep Ms
mouth shut. llcu��ed to be a. pugilist I���
liu to Date.
_Uci>?r Meantnsr.
"I went to tbe church fnir Inst night,
end I tbluk 1 see a new moaning ll
tbat old ndage now."
"What's that?"
"It's p:.y Idea that none but ihe .irsvB
have  any   business  there."
A  Boy's Trarpls.
T.lttlt rsoggio���I -went way eronn'4
the world last year With tny ftther.
Little Jlintuic titgetl, twelve)���Tbat'f
DOthlD', I've boon around tbe tun
twelve times now, and I'm on my Dili*
tesntb trip.
A ��lul��l��t'�� Complaint.
A preat many Episcopal 0lcrg77r.eC
probably would sympathize with U.o Kutj-
11th bishop �� bo mid recently "Ths two
things of which 1 am most tired are The
Obureh'sOno Foundation'sud cold chicken. The hymn sesmsalways to tie chosen
wherever 1 go, and klud hesterees, wish
quite extraordinary unanimity, previite
cold ehlckea for luncheou."���>iew Torh
The is����t ot Kmanimeu*.
Mr.   Ds   Science-"-The oflicers   ef   ��*���
SmltlisonkU  institution  are herlnB tke
t'halter of  monkeys phono, raphed, In tbo
hope that in timo their 'htnguags may be
DOderttOOd, and it muy bs possible to converse with them. ._
Mrs. Do Science���Isn't  thnt grondl    k
hope they'll nsk  thc mop keys, the very
1 first thing, -whether  wo  tn   dn-.cnnautf
I trons theiu or not���New York Vioekly.
Ths outfit of nn oyster tongs man scant*
consists of a pair of rakes, a pair of tonus.
j i. pair of nippers, a cutting bourrf. sevuriil
culling hainir.ers, a couple of half bushel
j bnskets antl ,,..��� Iron half buflfeel
'7 #ft?�� In
ji rlrcam; )i:'\i ue'er fonrot;
Re made
t* n itinuim.nl dollars i; t,
Ami ho n
��� '.   u to .Bwcat ;. bil
Ami fiiifl
lie 'i-.uU ten UwMsaml   nit!
- Up to Dat��
M., J.  HENRY.,
301'J Westminster I.oaJ,
vCra .y   lit   Motlrrrtllon.
���Wifo���if I  wore to die, Phil, what
would yon do','
Phi*���I'd he most cru/.y.
���Wire���Would you marry again?
Phil���No; 1 wouldn't lie tlmt crazy.
.ssiiu-sa 1 is..:..
rrhs r<>ung man with thetnllltniytinl-
(t.rin had Veen tolUngof his hardships sua
Swell with 1 "--nciil.tr empliai-i-- Oil tho ra-
tlone, Kowbs tJequentlj' lutiiguitut, wben
his mother lntciTH  Wi.
"Itonald, pooplfl v he hear ym; >>iit'b��
thiol, ytci do not leto yonr oonntry."
���"ii's.i do lovo I'.-y oonntry," ho nr-
twered, ' 1111U I'm Willing to overlook
tanlls, hot I'm blessed if 1 mu K" ������ fat
i�� to prulse Its eookinlg."���Washington
fKT.      ��� 	
Th��im��k Tllleh ��a��l TMn.
Thuy art with us ansle, tks brave laddlei
III blue,
(Uii! we weleorse tlum aft'wlth ti wll'..
1.., we'll belt1 Ihem forget al! the tvun.
tr,.., went iln'oopb
ft^ltere the hattie notes echo r.n.1 tlirlV..
And lt'n thtmktul wo ere there-* no��rcnt-
rr Olsi't.iy
Afi wn ifase on each eonquorlng trisop:
Thev art wltb us tttain from t��e thlek ti
' the fr.'-y
>jid tbe thin et the toffee iiim.', soup.
���New  Ttfrtt 1'rulh.
fluid ��t. enorniouB viscetltj. This has
feme hearing on the question of the
frigidity of t'uo rocks composing the
crust of ilie earth and th? gradual ad-
Justmsut of the earth's contour under
gravity. The Sslnb was placed lo its
present position in 1858.
B. C.
The triangular bridge at Croj-am'   I   '-
solnshlre, Is the oldost brld to in .
and one of the gnat, st cm los 1    -
A good Arabian horse can OftbtW In *1��
desert   for  84  hours  in  stininio.r and IC
bouvs in winter without drinking.
I!'iu.i 'ly   is  the  virtue nil  pronch,
1 none  prui'ttces, and yel  everybody  tr
: content to lienr.���SeWftli.
-po^n it t.ss.��grtuMfet
New, tl.e vi.lt ,.   rtders rouph,
'Siavii'i. foi Ihcr hard ��on tloufl,,
I Seon is in hear th* eephyrs rou��a
ai tlisy   e li neaUi tlio bouKlt,
i'_e cv\'. > from i:-.']no nod houfl^
s mt, besf&s Urr rlppl ng lough,
Bet Ihey mustn't catofc ncouirh.
Ke, Me.r iU.ee ii a in Gough,
Ant���tut. s��.\ ihis ie itcuth.
."'\.\-.,rr.t   T*l��t^_   ^���_'sr��
ifllM��..T����ll   >n   Poe.
Poe wns doubtless occasionally drnA,
I but thltlk ot'the year, of soUt lnl��r, of
I stoo| lng ovor desks, that mun have goss
\ to mako those tvontlrridl tain    Which iu
! tho true Poe, the hnrd drinker or the hard
��� worker!    That, the artist must get drunk
1 is indt cd the   belief  of certain  n .be<ils of
I young men even ttttlay. but Is It not. based .
1 on tho old eternalfalsti logic thnt bedauee
: fome artists  biivr, got drunk 'therefore te |
. get drunk is to bo nri-lstli'"
>Tho Birfl From fioston.
���Treit.    Polly.'   said  tho visitor..'.Pp-
: .jwoicliiti^ the cage    "Wimtr,"���
"Mv  imme,"  interrupted  ths pArrd*.
j ��pealt ng slowly and distinctly, "ls Ibsefc.
' aiid I want nothln-g.  -I nm medltatii^."
"Hu s a queer bird."explained the host-
ggn      .|Ii  won't ent anything but beans. I
I thlni   my husband pot him eoiuewti��*i|
it, t|,s, test '   -Chit-Wt' Trlbtfoc ..m Uh
iCES, rUiiSDAV, JUKlv 2$, roo;
U.S.A., on the
Milne, aged 29 years.
(ice,   Nebraska,'
tji-inst,, George]
Trv Big,-Fiouti as .jn  investment
,vbil? you-may get tt cheap.
Mrs. T. W.   Foster  visited  the
Koyal City, yesterday.
"A big bay stallion with the tip
arance el a dray horse driven by ;
beut   old   gray-.iaireu   veteran,
-   '        I long past the three score rears aud j
liOQAJjir JXE WS.      ten mark- was the st��llar "traction j
of tbe closing day  of the Victoria I
Driving Club's race meeting  at the ,
Fair  Grounds oa Saturday.   The
equine was  B. C. King   and the
driver was J. W,   Hollinshead  ofj
Lndner, the 78 year old owner;   B.
C. King started against  a  field  of
six other   horses   iu   the opening
I event     on     tke     programme    for
Messr--, Harold Bells and   Hume! 3.35    trotters    and    2.30    pacer6
H:lton spent .Monday in the Royal and the old man piloted him up to
City. I victory amid the enthusiastic cheers
  ! el  the   spectators,    who   rose   ea
Jtev, J. F. anil Mrs.- Betts spent j wasse to shew their appreciation of
a couple days in the Royal City last> the performance.  It took tour heats
week. (ami a wheel off om��  of the other
sulkies in the race to turt: the trick,
but the hoary   headed  driver  was
returned the winner amidst a scene
of enthusiasm ssldom seea at a race
track.,   the   croud   shouting   itsell
hoars? ia acknowledgment of thei
garaenesi of both, tke animal audi
W eii fstcblisiicd Livery Business^-
Doing  a business of $r,ooo- per month;  equipped'
with 17 horses (in first-class condition) 13 rubber
tyre buggies;' 3 double seaters aud 9 other rigs ;'
long lease- 01.1 barns. Price $6,500���}����� cash, j
balance J|on terms to [suit. If this proposition'
interests you, and yon mean business, access to the'
books will be given.
Mste.s.Sterrttt, of Vancouver, came
fket on F'ridar.last... on a . visit to
Mrs. A. Read.
a&i L:  -��� ���-
Jas. Brodie, sr., was a delegate to
Supreme Grand Orange Lodge, at
Vancouver, last week.
White, Shiles & (T,
230 Columbia Street,   -   New Westminster, B.C.
Jockey - Club
���*���''*���"'       ^    "-*"-" ,:* The-F..S. Sonoma- leaves Ladner
B&s. SatitJk.oi Arrowhead, mother j at 8 a.m and 4 p.m.; leaves .Ste-ves-
of Mss. D. Aadersan, returned j ton at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Every
home, oa Thursday last. | day except Sunday.
Vancouver  Prices
We Beg Leave
To notify the people of Ladner aad surrounding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
oriland   Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building,:
to put in concrete foundations at. about the
same cost as piling or other inferaoij;
Vrite for Prices.
Dominion   D;j.y   Meeting!
Saturday & Monday
June   29th,. July
Broilers &
McKetntaie   and      Have
;4��. sMcR-emmte anai Have you got a Savings d.u��.|
.llBgh McDowell went over to Van-1 Account in the Royal Bank cf Can- j
cbuver, oa Thursday la��t. [aria.    If not, you should open  onc|
1.. _ . as soon as   possible.    Deposits   of
i $1 aud up received.
0 " $/,-k
Mrs. T. J, Armstrong and daugb
t er^Miss Nora, are gueata of Mrs.
J. A. Patei_oti at DunleUk.
little Alice Pearson  has so
re >��vered aa-to be sJale to sit up in ]
Ve'd aad dispense with the nurse.
Hr Nv Rich went   over  to  Van-
cottver,  Thursday   last,  to attend I
Masonic Grand   Lodge iu  session!
tbere. I
new   Methodist  Church, oi
-iloim':'Pleasant,   Vancouver,   will
, e   i be opened en Sunday next by Rev
has so far _.    ��� ���,,    ;
tn 1 miss i��s..
Dr. Sparling;, Princ;.pal ot Wesley
College, Winnipeg. This is ene o
the fiawi Methodist churches-o. the
The Royal Bank   of Canada  is I
Iterator vour convenience and will
be,pleased to  give  you  every  at-:
Sixth  Regiment Band.
1 Entry Forms aud All  Particulars
P.O. Box x.2, Vancouver.
I can handle your Small
Highest  Price   for Tip-
Ton Article.
;< *3S _s=
b. a
���r, saamWOmmmTjmmWzamacaTaaammeTBBE
Port Guichon
Cut Glass.
Watch Repairing a Specialty.
UU)  L       a'___._
Tke annual picnic of All .Saints' ���
S auday   achool   will   be   held   at
Grauer's Eeach, on Saturday usxt, 1
Jnwt 39th.
Tbadh Marks
Copyrights 4rt.
AUJOSB 'At'tto*,*ekell 1 ftnd .leisHr.i-.v-r'.mA.
��� icil'i _s.-M"i.i . L��t*t.ptBlrni .feo vrlu&KlB}uu
.������iiao. la prulinl'ly p��ient iihlfc   CV.rmnnr.p_.
.1:. ouu_lyiMnc.tmitliil. HAKOBCOR <m I'iiWntn
.ntfrce. Oldest Rgeney forawnirmir. patvatti.
I'^moa t.Uon through Munn & Co. i-sswilvs
,,-iuliwMM, nlibiiut ihwtui, latlssi
Scientific American,
nclylH-trtrmtad wseVlr.   T^ruMfc e*r.
1 any BOtwUflo lourhai.   Termet s>n h
' monttJA, ��L  Bold by all rpffMlwIcrii.
Briaiim ufflno. ���� * St*. WwhUuUon. U. C.
tSTf. aud Mrs. Robt. Smith aad
fimily left, au ��� Thntsdav last, for
Sowen  Island, .Jtir.. Staith return-j 	
i.M; yesterday. I I
Onto ay premises, on the Farrell
.     _, j roa^ on 'Fririiiy last, a-tr,-o-vcar-old !
Mrs.-W. E. Curtis and her son,} Bull. Owner may have same by.
Marker Ed'dter left, on Wednesday j proving property f.nd paying ex-;
la��t;.for  Lowe  Inlet,   where  they penses.
When wanting a New Dress just
B. C. Leather Co., Ltd.
1112 Hastings- Street^ Vancouver,. B. C,
English Oak Tanned Harness Leather
:'HE WHITE HOUSE has some
ryill spend the .unmet.
Rsv. J. P. Bowell  of Columbian ,
College, will  preach here morning j
and  eveniug and at Westham   h-
iit',,1' in   the aftetaoou of Sunday '
next J
Wisses Maggie  MacKenzie  and
Lilt Whitworth tnok in the picnic
*t sStanley Park; on Thursday last,
given by the Westifan* Island Foot--'
ball Club.
Miss Hilton, returned homo In
N'ew Westminster,.Thursday morning after spending two weeks at
Ja��.-. Pearson's iiu>-sit��g his little
Public Notice,
Residents of tbe Town of Ladner
and Port Guichon   are   hereby prohibited  from   thnstvitic,   any  slops
or foreign material  in-to the drain '
a(?e ditches* aRmg  tha streets and;
Any person found   violating this;
order is liable to. prosecution undeisi
the Municipal Health By-law.
By Order.
A,. A. king;
Ml IT; 0)
of th��
Newest 41 NatUasf Drosses
ever shown in the City,
We  have  them in  all sizes from  l/d
year to: 17 years, and in all prices.
;Saddlery Hardware, Horse. Blankets* and Stable
I Closed  Uppers*   Leather   and   Shoe   Findings*,,
Trunks,, Bags, Valises.
A. J.
BIRTCH, ������ 275 Columbia Street
Estate mi
Wb   La   McBRIDE,
General ricrcl��ir\L
I Photie 5.   -   Port Quichom
S Bm%
Kir. J.   Nisou, of  Park  Drive
'.tfethodisC'C.hurch, Vancouver, took-
dliarge of the services  here und ;it j
F'asf 3e. ta,  on   Sunday   last,  font
,ik-��!jj V. Betts.
rafe   Produce Stored and
Mr. ard Mrs. G. Viyrom, went
aver to tke TermipaLCity, Wednesday to see their son, Watt, who was
mjtrral itt.the tram accident.and re-
twrit ittm j��Swioing well, through he
l��a#)littrt'aRtch worse than at first
-uj^eared to be the case,
Order Your McCORMICK REPA1 RS NOW" from.
f; HL TAYLOR, Ladner, B. Cr ^ **
The Waiwortfr-Rolston Co.. Varicouver,_B. c
'-> as    *
o Ail B. C Ports.


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