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The Delta Times Feb 18, 1908

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Array 1f ii ��~^
Vol. S, 'Vo. 24.
"-.������-.���""'���"���'v V* -��� r*?e*
We have placed in Stock, this week 6,000 Rolls
Wall Paper, comprising all the New Shades and
rices from So io 40g Roll
Ottawa Letter. I    Korse Show.     Miss ��da Marcutf.
Ottawa, Feb, u.���Driven to des-j From tha classification list ot the '
perate methods by their many abor- Vancouver Horse Show.it is ob-,
tive attempts to discredit  the  gov- serw(j    that   th.   executive   liavej
ernment of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, the'      .'    ...     -. ....
___   .'       | made a liberal provision tor  horses.
On .Sunday evening Miss Ada
Murcutt addressed a large audience,
in the Town Hall, on the subject of
"National    Righteousness,"     and
Conservatives have bad the audacity!  "'' """ ""iheldher audience spellbound from
to compare the administration of) and vehicIeS Used f��' the couvenH beginning to end. During ber dis-
the limber land* under a LiberalI ence ��^ the public, there being no | course, tbe learned lecturer spoke
with   the  manner  in jj less than six classes  for city deliv-j very   strongly   anl   showed   very
and   fcur classes  lor  livery | P'3'"1?  how  far short the Anglo-
Saxon race has fallen from the goal
to which they have aimed,
are, in   tlie   matter   ot   good j
Last evening, Miss
Border Sold at Same Price as Hanging,
We have in Stock, this week, a carload of Scotch Linoleums, imported direct from the manufacturers, in 2 yards and 4 yards wide; a
beautiful range of Patterns, and QUALITY THF BEST.     .
Lace Curtains-
Nice range Lace Curtains, from 50c pair to $5.
Rugs  and  Carpet  Squares,  Curtain Poles, Window
Shades, Etc.
No Better Goods.
No Better Prices.
R a
Marshall Smith & Co., Ltd.
In the House on Thursday last,
ne following question was asked
iiy John Oliver: "Is it the intension ot tbe government to discon-
Iuue the collection of tolls from
. avellers, vehicles, &c., using the
lovernment bridge at New West*
To which Premier McBride re-
llied as follows. "Wben the legis-
[Uure approved the grant lor the
instruction of tlie Westminster
ridge it was understood that tliere
li ould be tolls collected from travelers, vehicles,. &c. On the open-
of the bridge a schedule of fees
las adopted and enforced. Since
pen reductions have been made in
lie schedule. The government
|>pes from time to time to be able
make further redaction*."
Remember the Farmers* Institute
Ball in the Town Hal', I/.dner. on
Thursday, Feb. 20th. The committee have arranged for sandwiches, tea and coffee and the
wives of the farmers have kindly
consented to supply the balance of
the supper whir . will be first class.
BRAN, SHORTS, Whole Corn,
Cracked Corn, Rice Meal, Chit
Rice, Chick Feed, Timothy and
Clover .Seeds mav be obtained at
Brackman-Ker Milling Co.'s
warehouses, Ladner, from MR.
H. N. RICH, Local Ageut.
Word  has been   received   from
John Oliver, M.P.P., to the effect
that the government at Ottawa will
consent   to a
across Canoe
which these laHds mere administered by their government when in
No comparison more disastrous
to the Conservative party could
hive ^been invited, nor one
more welcome to the Minister
of tbe Interior. The facts have
pnly to be stated for the people to
pass judgment upon them, and tbat
judgment will uridoubtably en-
dorsa tbe "policy of the Liberal government, and it cannot fail to carry
also a severe condemnation of the
Conservative at.ministration.
How People Were Robbed
No sooner did the Conservatives
sj .iu power in 1878, than the j.ro-
cess of looting commenced. With
each year the raid on the timber
continued until 1883, when the
very acme of cupidity was reached,
and a veritable scramble occurred,
for during that year, the rapacious
and unprincipled Conservative ipoli-
ticians divided among themselves no
less than 10,326 square miles of timber limits, covering 6,608,640 acres
of lauds, the property of the tax
payers of Canada.
This hungry horde secured the
vast tract mentioned ab.ive, absolutely free of cost. Not a cent was
exacted���The unfaithful men in
charge ol public affairs divided the
property ol tbe people among themselves at the rate of 22,500 acres
a day for three hundred working
The question is���who got the
limits? Tbe following are a few
of the men who grabbed the timber
of the Dominion, and who got it for
Some Tones Timber Grabbers.
Shields, Haggart and McLaren���
100 miles.
The Haggart mentioned here is
Hon. Johu Haggart, formerly Minister of railways in the Conservative Government, and a present
member of the House. Mr. McLaren was a Conservative senator.
J. G. H. Bergeron   50 miles.
Mr Bergeion is a member of the
House and was attached to R. L.
Borden's party on the recent western political tour, in the capacity of
expounder of Conservative purity.
Hon. D. Tisdale���52 miles.
Formerly Minister 01 .Militia in
the Conservative Government, and
a member of the House now.
Geo. H. Perley���50 miles.
Conservative member of tlie
House now.
Hon. W.  E.  Sauford���50 miles.
Conservative Senator for Hamilton.
Nicholas Flooil Davin���50 miles.
Conservative member lor  West
rigs. The delivery rigs of Vancouver are, in the matter of
horses and neat vehicles, creditable
to the city, but there is always
room for improvement, and no
doubt the result of tbe horse show
competition wiil be apparent in the
near future.
As regards prizes, the Vancouver
Hunt Club undertook to provide
for each class, two prizes, either
cups or in kind, and every blue
ribbon winner will receive a prize
of not less value than $25, while in
many classes they range in value
trom $50 to $200. This speaks
volumes for the generosity of the
citizens of Vancouver, Victoria,
Tacoma, Seattle and Portlaud, and
for their magnanimous response the
executive of the Vancouver Horse
Show take this opportunity,
through the press, of offering their
most sincere thanks.
Up to the present about 75 prizes
have been donated, but in many
instances the donots bave not yet
decided to which classes their gifts
are to be placed.
As the selections are made, however, tbey will be published.
The executive reminds intending
exhibitors that their entries should
be m .de a.s soon as possible, although the entry list will not close
until February 28. Entry forms
can be obtained on application to
the office of the Vancouver Horse
Show, 433 Seymour street, P. O.
Box 954, 'phone 3018.
itae! Clui?.
bridge   being   builtj As3itliboia.    Mr. Davin   sold   this
with an  open-; iItnjt _or $4qo cash, and never paid
ing of 65 feet in the clear. Plans
are now being prepared in the Department of Public Works at Victoria, 'o meet the requirements and
he (Mr. Oliver) has hopes tbat
provision will be made in the Estimates this session for tbe construction of tbe proposed bridge.
Dates for the Pacific Coast Kennel Club circuit of bench shows
this spring have all been arranged
now with the exception of Seattle,
but it is practically certain that
that club will accept the dates assigned to it. The circuit will open
at Oakland, Cal., on April 15, and
the six clubs which comprise the
circuit will put on their bench
shows in regular order thereafter,
winding up witb New Westminster on May 20.
The dates for the circuit as announced are as follows:
April 15-1S���Oakland, Cal.
April 22-25���San Francisco, Cal.
April 29, 30, May I, 2���Portland
May 6-9���Seattle, Wash.
Mav 13-16���Vancouver, B.C.
May 20-23���New Westminster,
Prospects for an
Murcutt was
again greeted by a large and interested audience whose attention she
held throughout tbe evening. In
speaking of Japan and the Japanese, the learned lecturer told some
very interesting anecdotes of her
personal experiences.
As to how to overcome the evils
existing in our own Itnd, which
aie held up as examples of Christianity, the lecturer was very pronounced in her views. Her whole
lecture was a rebuke to the Anglo-
Saxon race for sending the curse of
alcohol and opium to the Orientals
simply for the financial gain. She
drew attention to the fact that it
was the Anglo-Saxon who forced
Japan and China to throw open their
doors in order that Christianity
might be taught in those lands, but
at the same time t'le liquor traffic
was indulged in to a fearful extent.
The lecturer stated that she had
travelled 2000 miles through Japan
and found that German, American
and British alcohol was well advertised but the people knew nothing
at all about the Christ.
If you have not heard Miss Murcutt you have missed a treat, but
other opportunities are still open
for you to hear her yet. See programme on page 3. She is intensely interesting and her subjects are
very instructive and we sincerely
trust that much good will result to
the country at large from Miss
Murcutt's lectures.
Each evening, vocal and instrumental music is p ovided te assist
in making the evening an enjoyable as well as a profitable oue.
Local Talent.
It is now some considerable time
since the village of Ladner has been
treated to a show of any kind
worthy of the uatne and still longer
since the dramatic section of the
population have taken it upon
themselves to put anything on
the boards at the venerable Towa
Hall, but we believe, from the energetic way that the choir of All
Saints Church are hustling things,
that the variety entertainment to be
given by them ou the 27th inst.
should be well worth seeing; and
when we say seeing we also meaa
hearing, as tbe programme now in
our hands includes music of tbc
excellent series | very first order, besides a  long lift
of shows are very bright. The: ot other attractions,
prize lists for all will be very ex-j This being so, surely the public
tensive, atxl better and more cap-,'of Ladner should encourage, ia
able officials tban ever before will every way, the efforts of local taleat
The meeting of the Auxiliary of
the Women's Missionary Society,
has been postponed for one week,
on account of tlie lectures,
a cent of bonus or   dues  to  the
Govern hient.
Hiram Robinson��� 50 mile-.
Conservative fcauditlate  for citj
ijf Ottawa in 1896.
Charles Magee���50 miles.
Prominent Ottawa Conservative.
D. E. Sprague���50 miles
��� Conservative candidate in  Winnipeg.
Thomas Marks���50 n.iles.
Conservative politician,   Port Ar
b; iu charge of the awards.
The annual uieeting of the Right
Worshipful Grind Orange Lodge
of B. C. takes place at Aimstrong
next week.
to give them a really good time.
Town Hall. 27th Feb.
a half hours of solid fun.
Two aad
(Continued on .S*cend Page.)
According  to a late exchange,
��������������������� j the Devonians, of Vaucouver, art
There will be a meeting of the about to organize a Devonians' So-
Lad's Brigade, on Tuesday even-: ciety. Names may be sent into
ing next, February 25th, at 7:30 Messrs. Rear & Endicott, real _�����
o'clock, in the Town Hall, When al tate agents, Cambie street, and
good turnout is requested as met-j when it is considered enough names
ters of great import will be dis-1 have been received a meeting -fill
C'tsseri, 'ibe ca lied. THE DELTA TIM PS, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, rsoR.
trie   DbL'IA    riiVlL.^..
Subscription, $1.00 pen year.
.will A .TenitcmtnU, 10 cents per Hae Ioi
lh't*nl ln��.rtioii, mid jcenn per Hue lor ea li
4��bMq ueut Insertion. The number of Hues
IKkoaed bjr the space occupied, ia lines to the
Riles lor Commercial Advertisements.can be
fend ou appliestlon at lhla.t>Bce,
atadlax noiicts io cents per Une (or. each in-
Birth and Death notice*, joe., M*rri��i_es$i.oo."
Any special notice, the object .1 which is to
rjnote the pecuniary benefit ofisiiT. individual
cutaways to hu considered an savertiseinent
���ad chav<p) accordingly.:
AU sdeert-Kmeata charged Ibr. until ordered
���nt and paid fer.
Correspondence invited oa matters ol public
feuarcat. Communications to editor, must be ac-
���ompaaied by name of writer, not necessarily
Mr publlcatioa, but as evidence of good faith.
Correspondence mast reach this .(Bee by Thurs-
.ay evening.
Gso. R. Manlky.
The Market.
Consulting Engineer J. F. Le
Baron, one ot America! finest prominent engineers, after having spent
some considerable time investigating tbech^pnel ot tbe Fraser river,
has presented his report to tbe
committee in charge. In his report
Mr. LeBaron suggests very nei es-
���ary and expensi-we improvements
to tbe channel which, it is hoped,
will be favorably dealt with by the
government at Ottawa. ���
Friends of Mrs. (Dr.) Woodley
will be pleased to hear that sbe is
some better.
Word' has been received of the
death, tbis morning, at Royal Colombian Hospital, of Mrs. H. G,
Mr. and Mrs. S. Thompson, of
East Delta, are mourning tbe lots
qt their youngest child, wh,om tbey
lfrid to rest on Saturday last at the
Boundary Bay cemeterv, amidst the
tears of many sympathising friends.
According to a late Johannesburg
paper, Vancouver has no less than
1,500 unemployed whites, and an
"unemployed deportatipn fund"
})as been suggested. How dot a
this compare with the- statement
tpade in Victoria the other day,
tl^at there is a,scarcity of labor.
New WesiHiinster, Feb. 15���
While trade was fairly brisk at yesterday's market the volume of
business transacted was only (medium. A large quantity of eggs was
offered which resulted in closing
prices being quoted ajt a rednction
ofI5C as against last week's sales.
The ruling prices were as follows:
Beef, hindquarters, 8c to 9c
per lb;- forequarters, 6c to 6%c.
Lamb, 14c per lb.
Mutton, 13c per lb.
Veal, small, i iq per lb;: large, 7c
to 8c.
Pork*8%c to 9cjper lb-
Eggs, wholesale,. 30c per doz; retail, 40c.
Fowls, #7 to $9 per do��;
chickens, $6.50 to $7.50 per doz.
Ducks, *9 to $10 a doz.
Geese, ��1 to $1.25.
Chickens, dressed, 30c per lb.
Butter, 35c to 40c per lb.
Potatoes, $18 per too
Apples, $1 to $1.25 a box.
Trucking and Draying. .-. Livery Work of
All Kinds Attended to Promptly.
All Kinds of Firewood Always On. Fand.
J. ft. COLLINSON, ��'���*�����."�������. m.
Editor DstTA Thh��:
Sir: Having noticed an amusing
letter in your last issue entitled the
"Faithless Swain," I wish to inform the poor, unfortunate, weak
and narrow-minded individual who
calls himself the Faithful Reader,
that it would be better for that person to mind his own affairs and let
other people's alone.
Now, sir, as there are other parties who, would like to know tbe
name of the author of that loving
little epist'.e, I would like you 10
a. k the Faithful Reader to publish
his name and I| will oblige tbe same
party by publishing mine.
As I am from Missouri
Look out for Mrs. Jarley, grand
entertainment, 27th Feb.
(Continued from  First Page.)
Stop and consider   .   ..   ���
when in need of reliable
.... Shoes
Call and see our lines for
Men Women and Children
The Cheapest Store in Town fcr High Class (kods
���mn Torn Lmumh 7
Da Yoa Lik-i Good Music ?
eg.... r
Have You an Eye for a Pretty
Picture ?
If so, be at the
. *
Town MmilsFei
Incorporated 1869.
CAPITAL PAID-UP,        - - $3,900,000
RESERVE FUND, - - (14,390,000
Total Assets Over Forty-Five Millions.
Accounts of Out-of-Town Customers Given Special
Accumulate, Awake ��r As_,eki\ .chough. Earthquakes ok pike
djsastbks prevail, though financial dfiprjsssions come and
'><.,  VOU   N.ESD   LOS]';  NO SLEEP, for the security hack, cr
T1EM   'S
Our Loans do not exceed 4P per cent, of   7   i>nii rpyii
the value of the property and  net you    ~  ^'^',   **       *
The Chinaman who is supposed
to have shot Qfficer McLeod, of
Vancouver, was arrested here on
The "Missionary Evening" given
hji.the young ladies, of the Riverside Mission Circle, proved a very
enjoyable occasion. The president,
Miss L. Davis, presided with grace
apd. dignity, and the programme
was most interesting as well as instructive. Where all acquitted
themselves so well it is difficult to
particularize, bu^ qertai^y the secretary, Miss Mae Jordan, in the
''Trip Across the Continent" which
sjje , conducted, deserves special
mention. Though hers.was a.part
.fquiring muph concentration of
thought, she wa? quite equal to it
and. sustained herself well to the
endi Perhaps, bowever, the piece
de resistance was "Thfc Painter of
Seville,'1 as interpreted by Miss
Jjgather, a member, of the Wesley
Mission. Circle, Vanconyer. This
young lady proved herself to be an
ajtist or no mean ability, and
sjjould she appear again in Ladner
Will be sure of a good audiences
T. W. Currier���50 miles.
Prominent  Conservative politic'
ian, Ottawa.
Dr. R. G. Brcttr-*5o miles.
Former Premier, Northwest terri
Hon..Senator W. Mjiirhead���50
miles. V
Dr. W. H.. Montague���50 miles.
Former Minister of Agriculture
ip Conservative Government.
S. W. Monlc-^50 miles.
Former Conservative M.P.P.,
Adam Brown���-50 miles.
Formerly Conservative member
��pr Hamilton,
These are e-^amples showing a
few only out of tbe 213. who secured free timber limits from the Conservative government iu the year
1383 alone.
For Sale.
A Sow and four Young Pigs 6
weeks old.    Apply at
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
at 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.;. returning, leaves Steveston at 9:30. a.m _
and 4:30 p.m.
Tenders Wanted.
���}���** Ai JJ    l.i
60  VEARS*
____^^__^^^ Copyrighte 4c.
anion* MMIIng n sketch and description mu
B"tf_**_!^i9-?V._._. ..l?i?2JIw_��-?,_���i"
confident!*k HANDBOOK" "
_   _ nn A i
without <__.-__. Hi tfa
Ukan tEronj[h_lfplgr
I, Musujiet. wieklr. nwBOBt oir.
inr sotTOtlflo ;6nrnal. Term, lor
a ry*fcfoiU*#M-��P'ii<V Sold br
Tenders will be received by the
Delta Municipal Council up till
Friday, March 13th, for, the following :
1. The delivery of 1000 yards or
more of gravel on the river bank
between Dens Island- and Westham
Island; gravel to be taken from the
Corporation's pit at Port Kells.^
2. The delivery of 2000 yards of
crushed rock onrscows at Ladner,,
3. The delivery of 5000 yards of
one man rock on scows at the
Anglo-American Qannery, Canoe
4. The delivery, and placing of
5000 yardsof one-man rock on tie
face of the Gulf dyke..
5. Tbe hauling and placing of
5000 yards of one-man rock from
Canoe Pass to the Gulf dyke.
6. Clearing of J^-acre oi Boundary Bay Cemetery, ]
The lowest or any tender not
necessarily accepted.. For further
DarticUlars apply.
1 CMC.
L'liiner, Feb. 15th,,1908.
Comprising 5 Tables (each 3ft x
6ft), 3 Stools, Display Inlaid
Glass-top Counter, with Drawers
under; 4 Spool Holders, Brans
Rods and Poles, Table, 3ft x lift;
Lamps, Pieces of Oilcloth, &c,
&c., which,
MR. H. N. RICH, as Assignee
of John MacKenzie Estate,
will Sell by Auction, on Lot 48.
Delta Street, Ladner, on Saturtlay
riext, February 22nd, 1908, at 2:30
Terms Cash.
Belli i.i:er Highway Bj-lqw,
Whereas it is deemed expedient
in the public interest to rrpenl tlu
"River Highway By-law, 1906,
No. 2";
Be it, therefore, enacted by tbe
Reeve nnd Council of the Corporation of Delta as follows::
1. That tbe Rver Hi?hwav Bylaw, 1906,. No. 2j finally reconsidered and passed on the 12th d.iy o
Vnvemher, 1906, be and is hereb\
2., This By.law may lie cited for
nil purposes as the "Delta River
Highway By-law, 1908."'
Passed the Municipal Council
this 3rd clay of January, 1908.
Reconsidered  and finally passed
i:this Sth day of February, 190S.
[L.S ] J'. A.. PATER.SON,
Notice to Creditor*
jVOTICE Ls hereby given pursu-
x ant to R S. B. C. 1897,
Chapter 187, that all creditors and
iithers having claims against the
estate of William Henry Ladner.
lute of Ladner,, in. the County of
Westminster, Farmer, who died on
or about the ist of November, A.D ,
1907, are required, on or before the
ist day. ot March next, to send to
the undersigned, one- ol tbe Executors, the full particulars of their
claims and bhe nature of the securities (if any) held by them.
And further take notice, that
after such last mentioned day the
Executors, His Honor Judge
Howay and William J. Watson,
will proceed to distribute the assets of the deceased among the
parlies entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims ot which
they shall; then have notice, and
the said Executors will not be
liable to any person or persons o<
whose claim notice shall uot ha\>
'ieen received by them.
Dated 27th day of January,, 1190)8.
P.O. Bax 266,
New Westminster, B.C.
Accounts may be opened with deposits of ONE DOLLAR
and   Upwards.     Interest paid, or credited,  quarterly on   3,1st  March, 30th June, 30th
Cieptember, 31s: December.
C B. DANIEL, Manager, LADNER. B. C.
Acclimatized StecL
For the
Farm, Garden,
Lawn or
1111 ii m wm
j. Manufacturers of ull kinds ol
Reliable Varieties at Reasonable
Prices. No Borers. No Scale.
No fumigation to damage stock.
No windy agents to annoy vou.
Buy direct and get Trees and Seeds
that Grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies^ Spray
Pumps, Spraying Material, Cut
Flowers,, etc.. Oldest established
nurse ity on  the mainland oi B. C.
Catalogue free.
1. J. HENRY'S^ Nurseries,
Greenhouses aid Ssedhouses
��� Soda Water, Ginger
I Ale and Summer   ��
I Drinks.            I
i Your patronage solicited     i
*-N^s*s��2fe-��s>^s...^...��j^.��.��*sS ..S��*��..*2*s*<.*ts-H<��M*S$
is the aniATianr
$4.00 Per Year,   Single Copy, 10 CIS-
issued WEEKLY.
Sample Oopy Prr*.
*MS"5ii��_;    ' 47 w. 2STU sr.. ��sw Yoaa.
Ladner Carriage Works.
W. N. Draper,
Room >, Mirny! Mock. New Westminster.
Mansfoliis J
Get Your Grinding Done
While You Wait.
Q. T BAKER. Ladner, B. C,
Having been  requested  to- start a
Mandolin  Class,   am   now   pre-|'
pared to do so.    For terms, etc.,
3.   H.   WEARE,
Care of Mr. ). W. Hanning
yiandollns, Strings, Eta.,
Supplied at City Prices.
WAIT and Get Your Grinding Done
OATS, -       $2.00 PER TON
BARLEY,       -       $2-25 PER TON
ALWAYS Running on Saturdays.
tmnmi Crushing MW
(T. E* LADNEiv,  Pro^.) V^iJKB ?
. Hie Making of a I
Successful Husband
)i A Che pur on This! Delectable
F-salnmoniil Sequence, Ihe Honey,
moon���Do Not Permit II lo Come
to t Speedy End, but Cherish It
���nd Prolong lit Indefinitely,     m*
|i'n|syrl3l��t, INS, by C. 8. Yost.]
Ifc  ��T\   I (HA It' HOY-Your  mother
I'v.'n    '""'    '    llavo   Just   ''otui'iit'il
.1    il    "ral" "IB tfeidlBf la wlilch
yon were, to us, flic most lu-
Js'i.' tlua If uot Hie  most conspicuous
Hi: vis   it wns n great wedding; never
.in>- anything ijiilto so pretty lu my
life.  Mi'wytlilns ��'iis In good taste, imil
ymi '.rout tlirougli your part like a Utile
Hum.' I was iil'iin-. proud of you.
Ami tilt* lll'lile! My boy. I betlevo
you've ill. i>i>vm.>i1 something Unit's better tlian n g;>itl mini. Unless iny judgment I. mlglitlly itt fault, slip's ail
liglil Vour mot her Is just a�� well
pleased ns I illy, ni:d Hint's saying a
gnvit ileiil for her. Eur she never could
tiee any girl qulle good enough for you.
You, know she iloesn'l hesltato to say
whom slie likes or dislikes, and sho
usually settles lhe point on sight, so I
mis very uneasy, ns no doubt yon
Were, nhnnt the way Mrs. John Junior
would strike her Hut she took to her
new daughter-in-law like a duck to un
orphan clilik. -mid I iittncb more lui-
porT'inee to that thai. I do to my own
Why, ch.'s so tickled thnt she persist. in waiting litu up in the middle
of tlif1 n'fc'M JUKI lo have tin nmliotii-e
while    slie    ills-
fin.es nf it stock
nt   ndjec fives
tlmt    would   ns
tn.nt. h n French
! num.   Vou  little
I kuiiw.   my   boy
how   much   she
has missed you
since you  weut      t*,
I nut   to   wrestle Waking me up in the
wltb fortune ou   middle of the night.
your own book, and you can hardly
i appreciate what a concession It la for
iter to look wttb favor upon tbis young
womuu wbo bas taken possession of
I you.     After  awbll�� you  will   understand, but oot now.
Angel* Without Wing*.
I suppose you are pretty well along
witb  your   honeymoon  by  this   time,
and unless your lot la different from i
that of other mortals you bave mad*:
some discoveries.   You bave found, I'
dou't doubt, tbat the wlngt you sup- i
peeed were full fledged haven't even
sprouted.    That la the amaalng dla-'
���ever?   every   newly   married
uakc.)'.  ni;d  tin? '���,i'i,_'ir he makes n
i skJ I,-������'���'.'- iv._, --iimi ilie better It I-
t'or h:   ! ii.'.   nMare.
.- it; el it.'i  s' i>|i enough in pic
iir.H.   hm   Ui'.'j   would certiilnly gmti
���l onr .--I/.., if ive had to nssoclati
villi ili"ii(.   Nor is perfection to he de
ilred in a genu;, i' Mesh and blood wu
mm.    'iiii.-i would   bo a  mighty  tire-
orne world If ull of us did exactly as
��������� Ought.    It Is mainly our faults nud
'��� ������������ faiills of others Hi::! I'urahh us tin
iivt-Mlu.it limt makes lifo worth while
lint  isn't strictly orthodox,  but It's
-.ii. and I believe it wlll continue to
is true oa long as  humanity  retains
lint   lunate  cus.odnee.   which  doml
utes It.
Don't Infer, however, tlint I consider
uptM'fertlotin  nml   nttrnctlons  to   In
reuse In cOtTOftpoudlug rntlo.    A Iittlo
,1!  Is  necessary to  make your food
llllltnhle, but u very little more will
poll It.    A fnultless wife Is likely to
iB Insipid, nud good, bonlthy Imperiec-
loiis should  rntlier  be cause  for re
lolclug   than   lament.     So.   my   boy.
vlion you find one lu your denr little
irkle. don't have a conniption tit. but
..nke n note of It, nnd wheu you get
ill   opportunity   analyze   It   tenderly.
lliey mny koep you  pretty busy  for
���.while,   but  when  you  get  thoin   nil
cln.alf.od yon wlll hnve that Intimate
���ii-liiiilntiinee  which  Is  absolutely  es-
���'���nt lit I to domestic happiness.   A long
.vhlle ngo somebody said, "Man. know
ihyself!" nnd I would paraphrase that
'ind.  I  believe, Improve tt by saying,
Man,   know   thy   wife!"     It's   much
' nines.   .Inst confine your nlti nitwit lo
ber faults.   If these nre little u.hk bt
thankful and let them alone.    If nny
llonld I" I. In lie serious, don't try rd
.Move  tliem   with  uu  ax.     Vim  aro
llioly to sprain your arm imil dull the
ml.    Trent them  with tact and  pa-
.lence nnd love, und In thc course of
lime, perhaps u long time, yuu enn sos(
modify tliem Hint tjiey will become un-
objectionable or even likable.
All lills, however, presupposes soma
allentlon to your own failings, which
are probably more numerous nnd more
pi'otiouuced than berg, und iu the cuse
of n mnn there are more circumstances
ivliifh call for the use of a metaphorical Hiirglcnl Instrument. If you don't
Wide] It yourself, the little girl ought
:o. uud If you need It she will unless I
im ill Is taken In my Judgment of her.
liut yon enn't treat a woman's faults
the  couple skylark  nroubd over tue
country,  making spectacles of themselves for the amusement of anybody
who happens to be observing them.   11
is n period of unrestrained billing am
cooing by the end of Which they nr
supposed to hare become satiated nn
return home to settle down to n practical, everyday life in which love nnd
Its outward manifestations nre not expected to figure to any grent extent.  I
sincerely hope you will uot take that
view of It.  The honeymoon should not
be subject to limitations of place or of
time.   ..a a mere outing it should be
made   brief;  as  n   sentimental  condl-
|A_r THESE THE ���
(Ui|_TO l-AKE"', ? *
���liiyW. arc all well enough in pictures,
lore Important.   On tbe other hand, it
i Just us necessary thnt the wife know
ie husband, but I dou't care to dls-,
19S that side of the question.   I don't |
_! i:impotent;
X?:orm Your Faults, Not Hers.
'.���ai muy wonder thnt I don't suggest
ni'ly of your wife's virtues.    Lord
- i you. my boy, you don't need to
ily tbem,   They will fnll upon you
. envelop you and permeate you,
i nil  .vou  hnve to do Is to nppre-
: ue tbem nnd give frequent evidence
���' your appreciation.    Virtues seldom
an e domestic trouble unless they nre
illowed to become aggressively active,
md then, as a rule, tbey cease to be
 ^^^^^^^^^ "s_��l���
I'on can't run a home us you would a
In   that   wny.   Dictation,   opposition,
force, may got results, but It will be at
lhe expense of happiness,    Yon enn't
I run a home as yoa would a factory.
Vour wife  ls not a servant or your
Inferior    In    anything    but    physical
strength.    Resides,  she   is  a   woman
und us such is entitled to the fullest
measure   of   that   chlvalrlc   courtesy
whicli every  geiitlemnu  owes to  the
otliur sex.    That slie is your wife increases your obligation iu tills respect.
!  have bei.r . cf women who doubted
their husbands' love If they neglected
the periodical beating, but I never saw
any of that class, aud I doubt their existence.   No; the only way to correct a
i vvouiiiu's fault, if it really ueeds correction, is by a pressure so gentlj sho
never suspects its  existence, applied
'vlth the patient persistence "that is in
all things irresistible.   You know that
In Hie grinding of a lens' for n great
telescope the tinal work is done with
tile palm of the bare band.    If you
1 >end :i twig sharply, it will break, but
If you bend it gently nnd secure It iu
Its new position you can hy constant
opetltlon of the process mold it to any
lorm you desire.   So the ideal husband
and wife consciously and unconsciously mold each other's disposition.    Domestic happiness, my sou, is Hie highest form of bliss attainable on earth,
ami It Is worth all the trouble It gener-
illy lakes to secure lt
A Perpetual  Honeymoon.
The popular idea of tbe honeymoon'
i a period of a few weeks imniedlate-
iv following the weddlfia during which
/ enn sec no reason  wluj thc return I.
earth should bausis tin entire chamje
tlon.   modified   by   the   activities  un
necessities that demand bread unci bu;
ret at regular intervals', it should con
liuue uutil dentil  breaks the bond.   ���
have  been   married   thirty  years  an
am  still  in  Hie  midst  of  my  hone
uibou, nnd I hope to see tbis moon I
its meridian for many years to com .
Von should never cease to be lover
I can seo no reason why the return I
earth should cause an entire change
relations.   Some people seem to thiU
tlmt the tender liltle attentions win-
mark ihe period of courtship and tb
Immediately   follow   the   we.ldlhg  m
Incompatible with Hie struggle for
llyl.tlg; that the Ui is. the ciii'e.s. the \\;
tip compliments, are not only uunecc
I'..".:-.",   but even   nullah.    If .van  ilex,
happiness as  nei/iy  absolute as  p'i>
Bible here below, .lou't make that rn.
Love  Is  Not   All.
I.ove  alone   Is  not  sufficient   for
woman.   She hungers for Its outwnr
mid visible manifestation, and It Is
hunger  that   can   never   be   fully  nj
peased.  A man eun rest content in th
confidence of his wife's affection an
doesn't  worry   if sbe  neglects  to en
press it in words or actions, liut she i
if different fiber.   She wants to lie
��� ou say "I love .vou" once in awhi:
i feel your arm ��teal around her hn
nir lips pressed  to hers.   She neve
.'cows weary of these things, und sin
ilever   grows   too   old   to   appreelnt1
'hem.   Tbeir neglect is the beglnnlm
.if   Indifference,    and    indifference   li
love's deadliest foe.
Without love ��� marriage degenerate
first to a mere convenience nnd tlien t
a condition of bondage in which Iroi
chains take the place of roses, chain:
which tlie divorce courts nre too often
culled upon to never.   If you do nol
give your wife frequent evidence of
your affection, yon will have only yourself to blame if slie turns to some one
else for that which her nature demands. No; you cannot possibly attach
too much Importance to these seemingly Insignificant things. Tbey are the
very foundations of domestic bafipi-
ness. You mny provide a comfortable
1 home and every material desire of her
heart, you may treat ber with courtesy
and kindness, you mny give her high
social position, but If she loves you all
these are as nothing if unaccompanied
by the purely sentimental expressions
of your own affection for her. With
visible love she will live happily in tlie
humblest cottage.
Some people would smile nt this.
Some would call It an old fashioned |
Idea that bas uo place iu the advanced
civilization of today. The mountains
and the hills, the lakes and the rivers.
are old fashioned, nnd thoy are no
more immutable than human nature,
of which love Is the highest expression.
In spite of all of our culture, men and
women, under tho veneer, are just the
same as tbey were when Pan played
his pipes In the groves of .Arcadia. We
are as God made us, and while we muy
develop the brain wo can't'alter its
composition, nor can we eradicate the
I love longing from a woman's heart. So
: let her have all she wants.
Keep the Lovelight Burning.
I am writing all this now because I
want to keep you from settling dowu
in the all too customary way nfter
your return from your wedding trip.
You will have to resume the chase
after dollars, and you'll have to sprint
a Iittlo faster than before, but that
won't justify you ln putting the liltle
girl up on a shelf like a piece of valuable bric-a-brac nor in shoring her
back into the kitchen to become your
cook. She is neither a goddess to be
worshiped from afar nor a menial to
be bossed at close range. She Is just
a delightful bundle of llesli and blood
nud nerves, designed for everyday
wear and attaining her highest happiness In loving and helping you.
Do all you  can,  therefore,  to  keep
that lovelight burning brightly, for if
you are the right
prove, i over and ovor again since tn*
world began, an 1 my o'.vn evii'ii-'e
does lli;t lliY-Cr-l'l'-v-_f tli::t ui coun ���Iff
thotifsaU-ls oi others who bear testimony ivits truth.
Your mother reminds me tli.it ii is
time for me to he In bed, so I must
bring this epistle Id a close. \l"i'\, love
to the new Mrs. l-'oecd���(lod bless her
���I remain your a "reel innate father,
JOHN ��.:!���:.':.!..
English  . .onu .elation.
There  K u   village  In  north   Devon
I which   the  signposts  call   Wolfurdis-
j  worthy, but which we have heard pro-
j nouncod   "Woiil.s.'i'thy."     Very   likely.
'  however. If yuu  went tbere and pro-
nounced it so you would be reproved
for tho contraction.
This was what happened to us at
Cirencester. Passing through that town
we were solemnly corrected for calling
lt "Cicester." On tke other baud, wheu
wandering in Norfolk and drawing
nigh to a place which wai marked on
the im.p "Happlsburgh," we found
ourselves quite unintelligible because
we did not pronounce it ' llsizebro."
liven iu English the difference between sight and sound Is confined to
a small minority of words, though
some people seem to be _if the samo
opinion as u young Hanoverian lady of
our acquaintance who naively remarked: "Vou English do pronounce ^o
strangely I There li yonr great author.    You spell him D-i-c-k-e-u-j d
you   pronounce    him    Boz."���London
Specta tor.
,������....,.., sort   your   own
Sxd3^ happiness    will
.\\y         ,    be   based   upon
ii.t ft '��� -��� ���-   - ~    , _        .
hers. Love her
nlways and let
her know, let
her know, let her
know that you
love her. That
Js the fatal mistake of so many
���keeping their
love to themselves, as if It
Putting the little girl were something
upon thc shelf t0 hc agbmned
of, until continual suppression extinguishes It entirely. Exercise is ns nee
esmry to love us It ls to ull attributes of
life, physical,mental or spiritual. Tbis I
not thnorv. but fact which has be ii
Why They Wis!
it Is curious
of  tiie  objects   fi
seen;, to   wish   to
Colllngwood,  ns
us. "a iiioiit.. Just:
would have liked
blow  at   t_>2_ |'lv
or.gh. .I'o;!.-'- con
live in order "to :
op Burned Iho Iii
-nn   nspit'titk n   ���
lhe sincerity by c
volumes,   .firef'ii.]
roaily believed I /
Lisbon.   And  Bei:
mlud to roach tho
furl Iter, observed
long enough in r-
-ed to Prolong  Lifo.
note thu Inadequacy
ir which  men   wimtJ
prolong their days.
his  epitaph- infuiuiii
nud exemplary miu,''
to bave had another
uch. Lord Petarbpr-
"mp'jrary. desired to
Ive thnt rascal (Bisli-
��� in half bis Watery*
'f which lie ],liivod
irrylng wilh hlm the
marked, wbeii, al-
be dying, he went to
tley, mnking up bis
nge of eighty and na
tbnt "II was an age
���id everything worth
founded 2892 Incorporated 1893
Provides a Christian   Home for   Students of  both
I sexes  at  moderate   rates.    Has  a   preparatory   class   for
junior students taking Public School  work.     Does High
School work and prepares for Provincial Teachers' Ex<im-
pations,     Teaches all branches  of a  Practical Business
bourse and confers Diplomas.     Imparts a Liberal Educa-
ioii in its Collegiate Course, and in the Ladies' Course
ibr M, F. L., and *'. L. A.    In Theology confers the decree of B.D.    In University work can take students through
lhe complete Arts Course for the  B.A. degree of Toronto1
I'trvTs ty, with which the College is in full affiliation.    In
c':n-'_��� leaches the First Year of Toronto School of Sci-;
luce, and has a Special Engineering Course adapted to]
I'rac.ical Engineering work in this Province.   In Music, a
���"iuplete course in theory, voice culture, and piano and
gan, in conjunction  with the Toronto college of music.
Ipecial instruction in art and elocution, while all students
\e required to take physical training with all the  priv-
eges of a well equipped gymnasium.
The Delta Time
- for
Job   Printing.
pf the Beaten track."
A Series of Unique and Popular Lectures, New
and Attractive,
By Miss Ada L. A. Murcutt, F.R.S.G-.S.
a Koond lhe World Lecturer, Traveller I Writer
Town Haliw Ladner
Tuesday, I Sth, S p.m.
j New Zealand, the Home of Democracy
! Wednesday, I9t!>, 5 p.m.
The Sweating System of Great Britain
Thursday, 20th, 3pm
Woiren of Other lands
(For Women only, in St. Andrew's Presbyterian
a i.i. .s.s ii\"rs.
(Angl can.)
j     Holy Communion���ist  and
Sundays at 8:30 a.m.; 2nd and
j Sundays at 11 a.iti,
j    Matins, 11 o'clock.
l-vensong, 7:3.0 o'clock.
Sunday .School at 10 a.m.
Friday evening, Litany at 7:
Rev. E. R. Bartlett. M.A., V
Too Bad.
Thore Is ,i _\ve t girl In .Vnshliurtoii
witli :i liioit Riilntiy patience, bul Bvefl
i(h> .mil. nor rcsM Ck- tetaptai_bll re-
colilly I > !"t By 11 liltle Arrow. He wna
p.liout nineteen, fint weary, oil, very
weary! He li.-.d in-ule a cull of [>oi'li:ip��
two hours, nml .lie nlso was l-i'KiMiintf
rn feel some slight fntl.ctue.
"I never Ret over 11 tliln���. yon know."
lie sail! sadly. "I reiilly never expect to
cure for a woman again. I mnde a fnoi
of myself over one once."
"And yen never /ret over an.vth.lngf
Too bad!" she sniJ sympathetically.
And he smoked a whole box ot cigarettes tlllnkillff ll ovpr .ftnrvmid.
In Inilio win .it !-- rtlll thranhod try h*
Inir fr<u!d<_n out  br bulioiiki .mi butfa.
A Good I'lun. ;
"I wonder why nitwits' are _lw��y�� iit
onrefiil to sign their pictures?"
"To. siblyso's thepubllc o��n tell th.top
trom the bottom."���Metropolitan
No. 1. ct l.'nur.e,
Parson���Kven tlie hnlrs of your little
bend am numbered, Freddie.
Freddie (pulling ent n h��lr)���What
number Is tliis?��� Philadelphia North
Services first and third Sunday of
each month nt 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday school at 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Communion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
A Crooked Brora..
The crookedest brook In America If He
Name pond brook In Malno, boslde whiok
an electric road rum for somedlstaos. b��-
low Crowloye. The Songo river ia no in-
���La nee to thia crooked little stream. It lea*
cooked that suckers caught thero ht_v��
curvatureof the spins.aocordtug tsalsew-
istou humorist.
Friday, 2!sf, 8 pm
Russia mi Its Island Prison SaMen
Services next Lord's Day at n
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, after the morning
service every Sunday.
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
I3ub11j.Ii Royal Titles.
The kings and queens of Kngland wm
not always styled "his"or"her majosty,"
or after the pattern of that bestowed upon
Victoria, "her inoat gracious majesty."
Henry IV was styled "his grace," Honry
VI "bis most excellent grace," Edward
IV "hiab and   mighty   prlnoe,"   Henrj
VII 'his grace and hia majpsty," Henry
VIII "his highness" and afterward "bii
majesty." Subsequently tha Knglish king!
Wero styled "his sacred majesty."
A I'.e Por It.
Mamie���Only think, Fred Sarndora hal
given Carrie Mooro a diamond fur ae eu-
gnscmciit riiiR.
Stovo���That's all ris ht. Carrie's father
ls a painter and glazier. The diamond
will oome in handy ln his business.���Hot-
ton Transcript.
Rev. J. F. Betts, pastor.
Admission to all  Lectures free, pxcent Fridav
night, when a charge of 25 cents will & made?
Collection at all Frae I eHnrn ���   ..nnoi -
Tnf-trument?.l Music, eotupea Vocal anr.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a.m. nnd 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 a in Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Sabbath services ��� Crescent Island, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:30 a. m.
Prayer meeting on Thursday a
8 p.m.
Key. A. H. Huntley, pastor.
How to Hnndle a Dor*.
Bnt,*���What in timo did yoa let Himbn
tell that long yarn all over again for. H.
k>ld It to you only the day before.
Fork���The day beforo? Why, he hat
told it to mo no less than four times th*
pa.-1 weok.
iiass���And you let him tell It again?
Fogg���Of oourse. Whilo he ia telling
that story be Isn't saying anything else,
and, as I'm not obliged to listen, yoa
know, I can think of something else without being iu tho loast disturbud.���Boatoa
One Way of Lift-
There ls a mnn In thia town wbo wean
ifcocs full of old holos, a two yoart' old
frock coat, a shabby tie, covering a flannel shirt, and a frayed derby hat which il
almost as old as he is, and he lives in a ft
��� week room and save, money by wearing
no underclothes, and bo having no wast>
bill. One might think h. wu poor if om
never dined with blm. Ha haa money,
but he saves lt for "sweet stoinanh'a sake.''
He speads about fS.60 for hia dinner, and
��� $1 lunch la not Infrequent. H< bat
learned what he most wants in thla world
He ofton quotes to himself:
Why dost tliou pine within snd auiTer dcntK
Painting Ihy uunvurd walls M txmttf fiy>
"=-���'  .u ' ������_���-�����-������..-
Local news.
Do not make auy engagement for
Feb 27th.
Q. .paterson is visiting his sister,
Mrs. A^ex- D^yie.
B. H. Weare visited the  Royal
City oa Friday last.
A. Senhl-^went oyer to^Vanpou
yer on Wednesday las{.
A. R. Durdy, of Vancouver*, paid
% abort visit here last week.
Andrew, IJ^nnie. of Vancouver.
ED-jnt.a f-^r days here, last week.
Miss Winters, of New Westminster, spent Sunday at jTho Parson-
���     �� ' '���* -1--.
Rev. T- F. Betta returned, -jjjnie,
Friday, iron ���,. visit to. the;- Royal
W_ Termis^}.Qitj<��,.
Rev. A. McAuley came evr from
Xancouver, on Wednesday last, and
took away bis furniture.
Geo. Byrom is able to. be out
.(gain after having bean.hyd up with
% sf rj$> us illapss for somo. time.
J. M. Collins qn, proprietor of the
fashion Stables*, returned hoaje, on
S%ttjrday last, from an extended
ifjo to points in the East.
Mrs* T: V^.. Fester; ancl Miss
$atie and. MasterJTomiay, returned
hpme, Tuesday last, afte. a short
yisit to the Terminal City.
HE '>_'.���-.���_. f -.'-���'
Guaranteed; upon absolutely safe security^-first
mortgages on substantial city properties; Seven and
Eight Per Cent. Guaranteed, free of all charges,
upon sums* ranging from Five Hundred Dollars up.
White, Shiles & <��,
New Westminster, B.C.
tOl 6 Westminster Avenue
Vancouver. B.C.
Agencies Represented���
Uartiocd Fine lynura.ee Co. Insurance.C, af North Ataerlu
Phccui . [D>usine- Ca. of Brooklyn     Tba Oc _jm  Accident & Guarantee Corpora .
Connecticut Fire Insurance Co. liul, Ltd., of London, Hug.
Imperial Trust Co., Ltd.. Vancouver. B.C.
the best
No Larder is Complete
flours    Qf course one naturally wants
Royal Standard Flour
*fis tfep best, and an eminentlY satisfactory flour.,
Its salea are, increasing daMy,. a_nd its popularity
is spreading while* its salea are developing.
A housekeeper who buys ROYAL STANDARD FLOUR once will never be satisfied with
a substitute. It is uniformly milled from select*
ed western hard wheat, and cannot be. excelled
for color- or flavor.
Don't take our word> for it-,, a trial sacfe.
!wiH convince you.
Sold by W, H, SMITR.
Just Received
Cars    Cyphers   Incubators,
Car    Swi/t's.   Beef   S:ta.ps,
Miss Belts returned to Columbian Hospital, yesterday, after
spending Suqdav at borne. Miss
Ifrtt&.will muiptgo he;, final exams
ijiis week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Watsoa and
fsmily returned bo aw. ta the Terminal City. oa Friday last, alter, a
w\nkx{. visit J^TC-fts gJtfisU, of Mr.
*pd Mrs. IJ. J4. Hjitqljcrfoa.
l*aul Kauffman, pianist, and W.
Billing, violinist, ol Vancouver,
Supplied the music ajt the St. Val-
ejntine.dauce given in Oddfellows'
If all, o^Fridajj, last, by the L.O.L.
"m  U ll  Jll'_-lg
Mrs. R. Devereaux, returned.
*$mt, Thursday, after, spending a,
epuple ot weeks in tbt Terminal,
City. On her return sbe was accompanied by; her daughter^ Mrs.
Upty. Crowa.
.ie will be seen by reference to
q^r, advertising qplumns, 15. N.
Rich will sell ky action* on Satqr.
4av nexj, February 22nd, at 2:39
p.iy., the furniture qoafai aed in the
si -jre lately ow^ed ap4; occupied by,
J_>bn. MaeKetuie.
Vancouver Milling I Orain Co., LM.
To notify the people of Ladner and sur��
rounding district that we are now m a
position to offer Vancouver Island
Portland   Cement
At* greatly reduced prices* making it pot*
sible fbr parties who contemplate building
to put in concrete foundations at about tha
same cost as piling or othor inferiaT
Wri e for Prices*
B. <X
Calvert & Lewis,
LADNER,     -     -     B. C.
Tbe jjreat^and only Mrs. Jarley
wili1 be a . the Town Upll on the
27th Feb. Remember the date and
keep it tree fjotp engagements.
When yon, wish, to- bt$y visiting
cards call on the Delta Times who
will sell the best money can buy.
If you need them printed, why you
are money in pocket by calling on
the Dol.ta Tip _;s first.
On Friday, February 14th, ��ue
Bay Filly, rising three-years-old.
Finder lyfldlj; uotity W. M. Reagh
-(.IfclS OFFICE.
On^ Friday, February 7th. lost
o��FC"l*man's press, one bundle ol
blankets,. bet\fqen Hopcott Bros',
and Inverholme Stook Farm. Finder pleasg return to
Plows I
Plows !
Plows I
To grow heavy and dean crops you must
Work Your Land. Right..
To Start Right you must Plow Right.
To Plow Right You Want the Right Plow.
Thc. Right Plow is the BELL. PLOW.
We Have Them
?  _flS
All Kinds of Jewellery.
New Stool-: For Xmas,
Call ajk. Ses-> Then,..
Jl. Clausen,
LADNE��V  Bu  C.
Well Mounted,
Mr. and Krs- *!> W;, poster and
family w^nt up to the ^pyaliQitp,.
tp-day, te attend the wrriag$ qf,
SJiss Dotzearod to D. A. Cameron,,
qf Nftiv Westfoinst. r, wliich takes
l^lace at th.khcrtUR. ��>. Mr,.and Mis.
% B. Fales. of that tit*,, ^ a
a'cleck this eveniag.
"Kv^-igh sotue wisn^iderstanding
tj_e'coiflpregatiqu. qf St. Andrew's
l^resbjittrlftn Church, l^ere was left
-jjthon? ��swinter, on S��ud<��.'��?...
-jttite a large nnniber turned out at
S^e both services and, finding no
^inistfji-in th<^r own church, t^ey
-||d tjle' uexj btst�� tUing^ifceittlt|>
tfie Methodist Churgb, ^her* Rex.
J^ p. ^ttts preached aji expel^at
J^r^ion'-in tii,morning and in.tbe.
,y,wjt^ MisS' Mun att gave an ex,-
A^q\{\  ipo Cords  Alder and 50
tons o^Maiigels.   Apply to
For Sale.
One Incubator and one  Brooder,
nearly ��ew.    A^ply to
For Sate.
A Delta Ifarm, coi)t��iniiig 160
acres of first-qlass Farming Land;
-young orchard; new. house; large
barn an* stables. Bor gartitmlars
apply to the owner
���$., WOODS,
448 Sixth Ave. E., Mt Blnqjant,,
\^niicouver, B,C.
Is every pi^6e'"6f Harness that
leaves o��r store. Each piece is
fashioned from the best leather and
most select metal, and the workmanship throughout is fiirst-class in
every respect. Onv- Sadidlea are the
talk of all horseback riders for-coia^
fort and ease, and they are scruptv*
lously m*di and finished by experienced operators. Give us a call
when you, next need! something t*
our line.
B. C Leather Co., Ltd.
112 Hastings Street, Vancouver, B. C.       *
OHICKEN, Alive and Dressed,, Always Wanted
The Best line ��f Hen Supplies on thei Market
Commission Agents,
-ifenerat Dealers &; Machinist?.
Estate oi
Wa   Ls   MaBRlOEt
General NerchaiU-
Phone 5
Port Quichon
Produce Stored or\d
Shipped Direct
To m B. C Ports.


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