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The Delta Times Mar 12, 1907

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Array THE
"w    ?r*
e. *
i, Na. 2/.
I.l l>
Advance Showing of New
pring Suits.
Seed Testing.     DELTA COUNCIL      The Market.
The new  <>rd  Testing Station     The  Delta  Council  no:   in  lhe
��� established by the Dominion Da   Council   Chamber   on   Saturday,
partment of Agriculture at Calgary ! Marsh  gth,  at   2  p.m.,   with   the
for the convenience of the farmers Reeve, II. M. Vasey, in the chair,
I and^seed merchants of Alberta and 1 and  Couns.   Cibbie,   Davie.   Oil*
firilish   Columbia   is   uo,v   lully
equip; e 1 and iu operation.
Seed will be  tci.tcu  -it  this Seeu
t,abocatory for Purity anil Germiu*j
I ation.   The purity test shows the
Paterson and   Dennis ; t ���
naeetu 1
j RinOutit of weed seeiis '��r  other im*
/\UR    StOCk    Of     Men'S     Mild      Boys' I'��".^otitained it. a sample, and
now com-
h  is
tlie very newest fab��
ptete, contains
Hcs, besides standard staple Sines,!86!9'
faultlessly tailored, so that
Minutes   o!    previous
were adopted a; read.
From W. N'   Draper,   P.L.S . it*
UAiiies aud  quantities of each I proposed change iu tiie River road,
j-kiucl,    When  a  farmer is buying estimating the cost ofthe big fill at
1 seed or even it using bis  own, it is $26,0O0 aad tie balance ofthe :oti
important- that be ascertain whether at $8,oop,   The height of the ��11
I or not it is Iree (rom uaxious  xveed ��� weuld be 70 feet, 20 tee*, wide on
Now \Ve.-.liiiiii>ier, March <_.���
Tbe fpr.tnn* of the market yesteiday
was the sharp upward movement in
the price of nearly all goods o!1_t" I
ior sale. The only exception 11
this rule was in the ca'e of egg--,
when a drop oi a few cents w.\_
again noticed. 'I he pricf oi sll
other loodstuffs '.jit! upwards,
tii? rise bcini steady from the 0; :n*
iug ofthe market. Butter, apples,
ducks au'.i onions remained at the
same figure as iast week, but ths
demand in every case was strong,
and an advance in lhe price is expected before very long.
The market  was well attended,
top with concrete culvert in ravine; and lh, prod���ce oflered was dear.
1'he germination test shows what balance of road to be 24 ieet be-: cd out earlv jn t!.e dgy| late comer.
tain their shape.
persrentag^of the 3��*d  will  germ- j tweeu     ditches
mats  tiudei   favorable field condi- adopted.
Many conditions affect the     The Reeve and Cleric were au'.h
d L
l'-'i having to be satisfied with the leit
overs, bat at  th ���  same time they
pay  tbe prices asked  for
had  to
jT \JX\l
I vitality o; sued sues a; unfavorable Lorized ta draw up plans and sped- Lj,, better goods sold earlier,
REASONS   DO   NOT   ^UY'wcaihet,  immaturity, freezing be- ficati^ns and refer same to W.N.      Beef advanced J^ a cent a poun
MA-NY    i v iiu_k.w>i_. jL-i u   xjkj   i.vA    pv i   wcajner,   immaturity, ireeziug  ue- ntniwu! auu ruct s>��im��  10   ��....;    Beef advanced j�� a cent a pound
-5BING    SUIT     UNTIL    YOU    HAVE.*5""   barvcstinE>   lack   of   proper Draper.   _ _ _ in both hind aud forequarters,   the
UAVE3'to,e   harvesting,   lack   ��f   prop6** Draper.
! storage or old a<;e. Appearances Froa P.. P. Rithet st Co.. re
I are Receiving and often very goad ; water lots ou the Slough. Laid
; looking sred is low in vitality.        1 over till next meeting.
*-'��� ���"--*V**:ritr^~*V~ '
_rjr.-. ^
Men's Fine Canadian Tweed Suits, all
at 87.CO, $8.00, $9.00 & $10.00.
Heirs Fjga Scotch Tweed Suits, in tbe new
Plaid Iditimc,   Etc.,   all
sizes,   11^.00,  $14.00   &
A report of the result of each
sample sent in for purity to.-t will
be  forwarded  within a   couple of
Men's Fanby English Worsted Suits,
newest designe, latest cut, etc., all sizes at
$16.00 & $18.00..
Boys' and Youths' Suits in the new double
pleated Norfolk and 3-piece Suits from  $1.76
Shirts I
~ Large Range of new Neglige Shirts.. "Coal
Style," in all the now patterns. The famous W.
G. & R. Brand.   Seo window display.
11 III 1II ill SI 1111II.
11 ii hi it w, mjm
rsliall Smith & Co.,
iZGS,; dvlvs .;rtm t])c datue it is received at
i tbe (-'ilie..
Tiie time required for final genu-
lirnln.iry report will, if requested, wack, re gathering of data
bc  forwarded   within  four   to six silting up  o:   the  river,    t
normal, unci all th*
carcases being ditposed of in re*
markably short time. The supply
o. muttou was very short, the de*
mand being slightly in excess, tke
price remaining the savu�� as the
previous weeks. A good demand
for veal could not be net, the
supply  being rrther short.    P6rk
ci   tlv
flavs lrrm the date oi  receipt of
Samples should be securely
wrapped in strong paper or enclosed in cotton bag, and should contain not less than ��ne ounce af
j;rass seeds ot' all kinds or white or
alsike clovers, '.ito ounces red
clover, alfalfa or other seeds of like
or other large seedi. The rate of
postage is one cent per ounce aud
should be prepaid. All testing is
done free of charge. Address:
Dominion Department of Agriculture, Seed Laboratory, Calgary.
and Clerk to reply.
Fr..ni \V. A Duncan, City Cleris
New Westminster, asking co-operation ol Delta Cauncil  towards ex
Little Thelnia Clark, eldest
daughter, of Pete? Clark, met with
with what might have been a very
.serious aeeitlfnly on- Wednesday aiternoon last.
When on their wuy to school, af-
er dinner,'n number ol little ones
��� ere playing* together around a
wagon 1 of hay. and, in >tome
wav the little 6n<r 'el '���* lion' n
one of the hind wheels which passed ��ver the child's leg, causii p
very severe bruise" The _ireni
mvstery is how she escaped with
her fife, and not a broken bone.
According to the latest report,
^he little sufferer i�� doing well,
mf* iM,mjamiA.i-\iiwuiammmmmm
^amberlain's Cough Remedy
'l.'.c .Cot.l., Croup ind Wtiooninc. Cous.li.
Its jleasaut List*- and prompt
cases lave made Chamb'erlain'f
Cough Remedy a favorite with tl.e
mothets of spial! children. It quicklj
cures their coughs and colds ���<nd
prevents a��y daager of pneumonia
or other serious conxe pi c -.
not only cures croup, but when
given as soon as the eroupy cough
appears will prevent the attack. Fi i
sale by All Druggists.
A feature of the New Westminster exhibition this year will be a
practical demonstration ot domestic
s:ience. The beard of control has
secured the promises of the aerTices
���f a capable yaan; lady who will
conduct tbe demonstration and a
large firm in the iiast his promised
ta ully equip a kitchen tor the
The American Oxfar.l Down
Record Association has douattd $45
to be given in pri7.es in the Oxfotd
class af sheep.
~"!*"'" !     T'ram   ?ardis   a  communication
Quite a large number- of young has  come   asking   that   a   class
people visited Westham Island, sn]be   lmul��    for   tb*   *,ohair   thllt
_ .. ,   ... ,. .    ,    is   taken    irom    the    goats  that
Friday evening last, to  participate        ,   . .    , , .,,.,.
1 are being raised around Chiliwack.
in the dance given by the W. I. F.  R ^ ihwfht ,hat ,{ wonW mate ���
C. boys in   Kirkland's Hall, when | cood display, and as there would
^   .-*.'ry   pleasant time   wss   z\tnt
and dmicing was kept up'till about
4:1 1 a.m.    Music was supplied I....
M* Vidulich. ���      ,_  ,,    . s    ,      .      -
Rev. C. Croft spent a few days in
the Terminal City, last week.
-Fruui Dr. J. W, Woodley. suggesting that the Point Roberts road
he widenei and  repaired.    Left ia.i
the hands of Couu. Davie.
From Ceo. Ortatslon,  raad fore :
mav    reporting   on   the   Imptria'!
iiiaiioii test oi  wheat, oats, barley j read  ditch,     Received  and Clerk Ljjd not seem  to be quite such  a
and clovers is ten days, timothy, instructed lo send capy of report toL favrjte me8t  ta previously,  the
ryeLgrass, etc., fourteen days, vege* Mrs,H. G. Taylor. 'demand   being  rather poor,   with
tables ten to fourteen days.    A pre-1    From J. Pelly, C.M.C of Chilli |g  ve]y  t-..ir  0gerlng<    fhere was
a very good demand ior eg_,s, ihe
supply being fully equal to the
The feathered offerings -.vere not
very  numerous,   and  the  demand
qaicklv  cleared   cut the chickens
penses ot delegates to  Ottawa re.j fcnd |owls ofl���edi Very few ducks
fishing industry.    Clerk to reply.    , were on g,lfi these being sub;ected
From Gao. Ormiston, asking  an  t0 ��� rjgid examination by th* buy-
increase in salary of *ro per month, j er3 be;bre cbanging bands,
Cansiderable discussion here took,    For ,ome weekg past) the honk
size, and three ounces or  a small'place,  dmiag which it developed Lf the  gcese  ba3  not been hea_d
handful of wheat, oats and barley | thai the foreman bas bean  supply- at iijnvn Square.  No supply; cou-
'"�������� korM "d ri�� at  kis owu ex' I sequently no demand.
ptase.    Request granted. i
From    A.   R.    Leary   and   S. QBotatiohb.
ThompsoT    requesting    that    tbe \     lieef. binaquarters, 9c tc t,,.1!!'- &.
Halmes road be extended.    Left ini fjreqaarter*, 6c to 6,'j.e Ib.
the  hands i-f Coun.   Dennis wiili;     Yen'.,  n'-cft,
pswn tn act.
The Temportry Loan By-law w>?
iiaallv pssied a. re-citsideied. j
Oa motiaa it was decided to calli
fcr tender* for a new .jx.-i wajoa.i
also for the purchase ol the old'
wagon. Tauders tabe in br March'
12. i
The matter ef gravel towing was|
left ia tbe hands of the Clerk audi
Read Foreman with j'.owei' to act.   i �������_ -���....    _i.i. ...
The Road Foreman was authar-1 H. M. Frazer, $20; C. Beadleston,
ized to inspect the various boxes, in j jn ; Ab Young, fio So; raaskiat
campany with a carpenter, and account, $100; Jas. Kelly, $27.50;
have necessary repairs made j, j|cK. Allen, $3.50; W. Enderbj.
Park, io}fc IV
Mutton, 13c to 14c Hi.
Petatoes, j>2�� ton.
I-SSS- 25 to 30c dos.
Butter, 30c to 35c lb.
Fowl, ��3 to $9 50 doz.
Chickens, $7 to JI.50 doz.
Ducks, Ji 1 to fi2 doz.
Apples, Jf.1.20 to $1.50 box.
Onions,$ 1.50 sack.
W. I. F. C.  DANCE.
I. L. Woodley, ot Moosejsw,
Sask., father of Mrs. Kendiill and
Dr. Woodley, spent Sunday on a
visit to his son. Dr. Kendall, wife
aad family, also visited here nt the
same time.
SUTTON'S SEEDS���Flower ��nd
Vegetable, in packages. Frld
Seeds���Beet., Cfcfrots, Mntn��l
and Swede, in bulk, may be obtained from H. N. RICH, A get t
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ladner, B.C.
prob .b'y be quite a number show,
a class wi 1 probably be made for it,
Remember the auction sale, on
���aturday next, at D. McLean's.
The Clerk was instructed to send
bills te thos-; wbo took crushed
rock from Ladaer last year.
The Reeve Mated that there nas
a possibility of the case, Wilson vs
$3; T. McK. Allen, $15.
Council then adjourned   till  sS��t-
urday, March -3rd, at 2 p.m.
jaged 1
Dtlta Municipality
this month.
N. Mitchell requested th
cil to replace screen on box
his plscs.
The following accounts
litre .1 paid: Bchoel  acconn
ij; Giltev Bfes., $114;   \V. L. McBride, $.4.70; Marshall Smith & Co.,
$0 4S; B. C. E. R. Co., #33.90; Ii. J ;;dock-sbarp.' "Ftmi^T inform*
N. Rich, *6.So; Columbian, $5.25; L.^ my ^ ^^^ from T. w.
R.H.   Quagga.,  $2.50;  C. Fade, I Fo ,ter w    H   Smitb   E_ B-Ud_
1 ere < 1 -
, $619.-
Band  Boys are busily en-
rrang^ng tor a grand ball to
be given in the Town Hall, on Friday evening, the 22nd   inst., when
Ithe very Luest in dance   music will
j be u feature of the evening.   Tina
grand  march will etiumence nt 9
ner, or T. Cosulich, the  committee
in charge.
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Laurier
at 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.; leaves Steveston at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Every
day except Sunday.
I8.35; F.  Christiansen,   $7.50;   G
Johnson,  f 5;  Delta  Meat Market, |
1.5 30;   0.   T.   Baker, $24.95;   J
Townsend,   $60;   Geo.   Orniistoi",.:    .
f6.V, Noni Lee, $6;  Sam, $5;  Joe,      The Royal Bank of Canada with
$5; j. Scoopinichi $35.62; J. Simp- its  splendid  connection   all  over
son, $15.75; T. Havens,  $675;  C. ,Carmda,   affords   you   exceptional
Aibertson, ��7.50; P. Anderson, &20; banking facilities. TIIE DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, MARCH  f*.-*pl
PrE_,ic'-Hr.n everv Tucsdav.
Subscription. 5'.00 per >cat.
ADVlt^Titit l    RATES.
CsSDSl  /vd.-eriilcoiffM.J,  it cents, p.., title lot
the first Insertion, and 5 cent* pet line to: encli
sabtequent iDi_-rtioi.. The tut,abet a.t lints
��ci.pned '^7,\he umce 0A.-U:.1:-', ulineaio Hie
A_ch. -
I 1..ji.es   .md   Watcrcoiiibts   Act." ���
! :tvita foi it's object  the  prtivulitig
of a cheap and easy method  of se-
curing diainage ior land., -svhere tbe
whale cost of the  works  will he |
untier Jiooo.
The Finance Minister has intro- j
duced a liill for the reduction of
assessed taxation and also one in -;
creasing the Succession Duties-, i
This is legislation in tbe right d:- 1
The   address   in   repi/   to   the i
Speech front the Throne was moved
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      by   Mr. Thompson   (Victoria)  and
Aoy special notice, tbe objec;. o_.w_.ich is to I seconded hy Dr   McGuire (Vancou-
aranote the p��cta_.tarj- isenelit oi utiy indisaklntl
i*s.mpiae. ts.te tontldrrcsl an ��d��er.isem<-!it    ver) in    Ueat    short    Speeches    of I 9
aad chsr^sd u'.sHjnllc^l*. .
Retes to.-C.inrae.atel Ad��eitise_ieri
ns J ea spplioetC_a st this office.
Reading D:r.rsi __-ccnti p:r liae fo:. ea*l
Birth and _;__tvnovices, su^.^Marriafesft,
; c4ii be
Allei.Ta_.ivi. erste chaffed far ur.ril ordered
est auu pai,i t_.
Oarrssj^endeiice toeited oa ma'.-e'. ni public
interest. Ceuiaiaalcatloua to editor must- be ..
cjmponled Or uauie ol. writer, not aecesserily
.er puijlicntlsa, bsL s.*. evidence o.good faith.
eorrcapou-.'e. c* ein&t reach iki,, pJBce by "ZliurA-
day ereelus
Bs. .Mahlky...
TUESDAY,   MA-aSH    12,   I907
particular import except that there
was an indication that it was the
intention of the government to
cultivate Irictien between them aad
the Dominion government.
The only uupleasa_.it incident in
connection with the opening was
th? fact that the Socialists persistently kept t.hjeir seats wheu IIi��
Honor arrived to optn the Legislature, which conduct ��ave ris: to
some u .favorable comment',
A few reasons why Good Housekeepers
every where use
Moffet's "BEST" Flour
for Bread  Making*:
I. '"BEST" is a local product.
II. It's  strength  and  purity are
EII,    For thc sate of economy.
IV     "-BEST"  has  proven   all   its
V.      Every pound is. guaranteed.
For Sale b.y Good Grocers Everywhere.
Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd..
-H*-f*>+*P-f^.**-f-.-M*'H-'H**H*'H- ���^���^���.r-f4-++-K��+^-:~*.i't.H*-?
Delta Transfer Stable
Team Work Bone at Specially Low Prices.
 ���      JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.       1
* Telephone "Ladner" No. io.
V. T. Ry. & Ferry Co.
At the Council meeting, en Sa'c-,!
tirday last seme discussion teck
place as to tht a-Jvisability of coi *
tinuing the* ownership of the tean?. i
Some contended that the Council
has not saved money by the deal
and that too much' money was paid
for them aud the outfit ia the first
Tbe sum of J650 was tha price j ConconuJlv
paid   for   the   team,   harness  and
Iw Q. S*
"The Okanogan Electric Railway
will be built. Tl.e preliminary survey will be complaint! by the fint
of April, and it is the t.tentien to
hare can in operation before the
first of January, possibly as lar as
The road wi 1 bealout
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ jtxtv wiles long, and will extend
wajon complete mid to-day the I-^ Nigluhawk t0 Bran-ter, aad
qwm or $300 has been offered far U, projected through Looiflis, Con-
the mare and tke gelding has al* eonttlly, Okanogan, Ophir and
ways beea considered   the   better j Brewster.    We will begin  at once
'jb the right*el-way  and  will ou��k
matters  as  fast  as   possible.    The
'  policy nt tbe road will lie to favor re-! _Okan��gtn Record, Feb. 22
provid.ng the team  was employed | ?identg Q, thif c#UJJtrv in  awardiaI | '	
every   working day, and we  have 1 tpatracts,    and   the   furnishing  of'
nu reason to belters that tbey were  employment so far as possible."
sot, Ihey  cost, with  the  teamster, i     'llch were the words of Don.   D.
animal ofthe two.
For the eighi saotithi. last  year, |
j velop 30,oro  horse power, in order
to Insure amule power, at all times,
Tha ofticeri of tbe company are:
A. tf. Dewey, Spokane, president
and general manager, E, K. Peta-
dergast, Concotiullv, vice-president;
L. K. Armstrong, Spokane, secretary; Eniii Simon, Spokane, tress-1
nrer. The officers, with M. L,
Bevis and J. L. Ford, of Spokane,
and Catlton Pronty, of Winaetha,
111., constit*te tire directeraate.
The company was incorporated un-
d:r..the laws of this state ou December 13, 1906, with ^ capitaliza-
tien ot $3,000,000.
It is tbe intention* ol" the company
to in'f-rest lecal capital iu the road.
��. New Service���Port  Guichon  and   Ladner  to New
Westminster and Vancouver.
��� , Leave Pt. Guiebon, 6,30 a.m.    Arrive Vancouver, 10.20 a.m.
Leave Vancouver,   2,10 p.m.    Arrive Pt. Guichon. 6.00 p.m.
Monday, Wednesday aud Friday
Gives  Passengens   four  hours  iu   either   New   Wesc-
< minster or Vancouver.
New   Freight   Tariff   effective    September
'Greatly Reduced Rates.     For particulars apply
Agent,  Port Guichon.
Sufficient Cars will be furuished without delav.
(Westminster Bra tick. |
Time Table
Cars lc��vc We*tmittstcr ix>r T����wuver at s.,s��
mi'.! 6,50 a,ui. kiul hourly thrreufier until 11 .��� *
m.j iiaturciays aad Sundays at 11 p.iu.
Cars leave Vancouver foe Weatnai titter I at y$t>\
aud6,50a.m.and hourly tUerraftrr until rap.
in.; Satardav . uud Suudaya at 1: k*1m*
We rwu Btst-claM freirltt e��rn becweev  ffeat- ;
minster wid Vancouver w.ni ull abipmcuta are
handled *itli Uie utmost care aud delivered t* |
consiguee vritbput delay    Bpecicl atteuttoit paid
to fruit shipments*    out wagons meet all boat*
aud trainR.   For lalcn, etc *y\Ar Le
tuMsriMmU- ttiirt).
mn OR800RY,
'.r����_; Ugi.
W<��fc__,mM_r. B. C
I . Mi-e.'AKXlE,
L*c��l Mfr.
$J^ per  mouth,   SupRosinj $4-59
to be tbe rate of wage for man m.d
I.>:w��y,.pritftte secrf'sT:r of A.   M
Dewey,  of Spokane,   president ���**
tlie company termed   to  build the
A General Banking Business Transacted.
teas,   there would   bt   placed   i,;,^   ,   fr,Bchise   for whick
their credit $117 per month, lea-v-inf 1 graated in December last.
a set  profit, les�� 25  per ccat far]     Mr. Dewey arrived from Spokaae
depreciatioo, ��f $19.45 per  Month
or $233.40 per year.
A veiy   pienfutit   ��� urj ri^e
asierabled at the home of  Mr.
Mn. T. Wooltry, 01 Friday tven-1 * N**' wissmiks'i-kk,
^{f  J. HENLEY
and ]'?
��  N��W WISJMIKSTltK,    :-:   B. C.
int last, tad spent a very pleaaaiit j <��� '*"""'������'"' ��f ���'���'��� ����'*.'����
time at c .."ri., dnnciai. and phono- A  Soda  Water, (linger
the w��e'i4    Ale and Summer
Local Legislature.
>.ia  Wenatehee,   Sundav ey.nia,, I ��"ftPhic ��e����tioM.   until tbe  w��e
! aad will be in the county' for several ������**'   honr^    ^-^  r��fresh��*nt8 j ^
'days   in   consultation   witk   Chief were ,erYfd *l   'o'clock
iaeiuaer Stewart, E. K.. P��d?r-i An,*n8 those PrMent were
fast, a meaiber of the  directorate,
..ad leadiag citiiens of the  county
Yonr patroaage solicited
rhlch the
ia the  tawiis   thioagh
road will pass.
Tha inrreyorf, who hare been
in lhe field since first of the year,
running preliminary lines, pitched
caaap in concoaullv Sunday, and
are working near the tawn. Thay
ym'A be in this vicinity some time
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     yet,  as the most difficult- part of
araojiBt ol beauty aad fashion.   His! their wark will be near here.
^oncr  W.T.S  cridtutly   anxioua   to      It is le.rned that so  far  no bad
twd  the ceremony as   quickly  as! grades have been encountered which
(Fr3_H Out Own C��rretspr)�� .*i7t.)
Victoria,   March   9.���The  Ele** I
eath Parli..aieai of British Coluin-;
bia was opened '.���ith tb�� usual am-
ount ef gold  brai.l, h_-sidsome uniforms   end   a    more    than   usual]
t     Mesdamik J.  Simpson,  J.  Mc-1
I ����ad, T. Sinipgo��, Wm. Leary.
Misses Edith Leary, Ada Leary,
Lottie Leary, Gwendoline McLeod,
l��ae Jordan,
Messrs. J. sSi_oj>son, J. Mcl.eot',.'
V. Simpson,. W. Smith,. J. Jardaa,.
T. Shertreed H. McCorjaick, W. I
Maxwell, N. Monkman, E, Monk- ,
waati, I). Kenny, C. Heluier. J.
Simpson, Jr., E. Simpson, D. Kane,'
C. McLeod, E. Leary, O.  Leary.
���sy.fr-H*lV.��*fr'��.*_.'..'.*��.t.a3*'�� .fi*.>.tg��i����� 4��ml$hme),
possible. Mr. McDoaald, the Liberal leader, was absenfc on account
of sicknessr Dr. King has not yet
arriTed tsrhllst Dr. K'ergm, the
member-elect; for SLneaa, was an-
Savings department.
Deposits of $-1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
East End, Mt. Pleasant, Granville Street; Grand Forks, Nauaituu,
Nelson, Rossland, Victoria, Vernoa, Chilliwack. Catnberlaiul uud
New '..'cMwinatar.
Ladner Exhibitor
will   require   expensive    construe
tion   to   overcome.    On   the   con
tary, indications are that coustruc-j
tioa will bt l-tss expensive than an-!
iicipated. CoKStruction it is thought, 1
wiil be underway by Jt.ae  I.    liidsi
Notice to Consumers.
The DeUa Times.
able to take liis seat  en  account oi j for ties haye already  been  asked
Customers of the   Company
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^IBthe Deltn Dis'rict /nay pav account*
the failure nf the  returning officer j tor, but so far there has been  lew! AMc t0 t]j��� Company to  Mr. N. A
wi   as estimates! McDiarmid,   Ladner,   B.C., whose
ris for coustruc-
to return the writ of election;  ��)r.  ee-iponses.    A
Young was unable to tnke  his scat! can be pre| are
owing to hat'ing accepts! appointment as Provincial Secretary wbicb
makes his re-election necessary.
receipt for such payments shall be .1
tion will  be sought.    Mr    Dewey j fu]1 a"nd sufficien"t discharge
Mr. N. A.  McDiarmid will  also
receive   applications    !<>r    t-lectii<_
a atcs that residents of ih^s  at unty
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   will   be   favored   in   this     matter
A  number of residents   of   thetaherever possible.    The contracts|Ught Bnd"power connections and
Delta were present at   tlie openint | will be let in small; sectioas to give| g^chauce lamps
including  Mr.   and   Mrs.   W    H.i-bame people a chance.    While it
Ladner, H. M. Vasey. A. B. Davie,; will be necessary to import several
"8.   B.   Spith.  of Cloverdale,   ��� kjudreel laboreri, work tot ai    our
Harris of .Lautlcy, ���McKenzi   ofj Tt'isiie people win desir.   it   will. be|
Clover Valley,  and  a  numbct   of! prorided.
others. Power for  the operation  ef the
The meeting of the Central Bar-1 line will benererated on Sftilaiekin j
mers'Institute and tbc I'siiryn en's jcreet, at out twelve mifcs above!
Association, the Hniust ol B. C.' Coaconully. Siutahekinisadruirablv
Municipalities and a large number: adapted, to this purpose, having al
of delegatioas from -rations parts ol j good flow at lew water sta e, with ���
the country pressing upon tfa��gov 1a fall of .'..rom 450 to 300- feet per ���
ernment the necessity oi supple- .Mile, Detsils of the power plant;
trenting !-,hair, jire-eli'ttjoii prt.Hii.sest have not been definitely dedtlcd,
brings a large number pf. peo_ lei but wiil consist ofa serfes olf pipe
from all Rakts of the groviuce :o "lines ur flumes, with under-shot'
Victoria at the present tibie. wheels.    It is estimated that 15,000,
The member for Delta has given  horse power will be required, but
a   bill    entitled    "Tl r j the plant  to  be  installed   will  de-1
Genetal Manager
ebruary 16th, 1707.
/SSKk an
fo  iii'. I
Notary PuMIe,
Auctioneer, Insurance
To Advance on.
Mortgages  . -. .
Jan. 8th to 11th.
Eight First Prizes.   Three Specials.
Six Seconds.   Three Thirds.
White Rocks, Barred Rocks. Silyer
Spangled  Hambnrgs and
Btiff Orpinjtoms.
Our Sheet
Metal Fronts
Offer you mlm&d hwrownw���L at
email ami. for omj mtyto of buitfar*
W�� Main whmrm M��ptt>k*, fo BOi*
e��y f*ii*i or ��kap��d rtrmtprt��� e%o,
Owtir* ��irtal fi*i*h Indndipp 4oar moi
vi��rfo w caps, coraUts, ����.-.���- in a great
Variety of fiyims.
They (riya u vry taiiJso���t ��fl>��4,
�����<! rndurinR,   pra-rHml n*i\?l?M*m*.
We ytve uti��at��i If J*il toad
mtfatwrmmamt* and ow��Iiio-r>f' t-h* buiij-
i'hink it fvti.
Metallic Roofing Co.,
Wholesale Nanufaoturors,
Toronto. Canada.
B. C.
A,   O.  U.   W.
Delta Lodge, No. 12 meets first
and third Tuesdays of each month
in Oddfellows' Ilali.
Thos. Todd. M.W.
T. W. KBKX.^Recorder.
W. N. Draper,
Ruoib i, tillhiil ltlot.k, lien WtttwllItU r.
Fashion Stables -
Trucking aad Drayiag.
Livery  work  af all   kiawls at*
tended te proaiptlT.
l��#___-. a. 0.
Ladner Carriaae Works.
'Sways In Lim
With   Latest   Improved   FARM   IMPLEMENTS, WAGONS & BUGGIES.
Largest Stock in Province to choose from,
Gar.tago  S3-sliding,  Repairing A   Painting,  Black*
smithing   &   Horse    Shoeing.
BeLaval Separators,
MAY, Agent,
 n. c
La Grippe
-V*-" ���;-"'-'-'*   C*-Vi>    .* "��� Ttf
Etc, Etc
'B&iQZ ���?"*'*���
]    will   ,- ,   you   to  cv:i  oa    a.s I  1      m  1; afc
;..;���      Out   Oxydonor in a family  will   baaisii ull tlie tern's  'a' disease from   the  hm;seholl   .F  only used as soonl
a:   needed aud   iu a reasoiial '.:��� v.'-;
This is the Actual  Experience  in many thousands]
:.'   families  who  have  adopted  this    ad'   nc   I        thod   ol
treating disease,
I nf lam in a tory R h e um ati sm
M?   I.-:   . i..tn, Rowland, B.C., C.  ., "ri'f,  Vlar-rli 11, i-iui1 "Sots   i. ......   .
julO-' > T  1. r  .-. y aiil, ... ho sva*       fl.rin_   f{._*'.   '., if al     avcaktH *.-;.    .sltr.   _ Wf .-I'I UK
doctor 1  w��elf w_. surprise    to fi-'d such a chaa :-,   u fixe it wa! enniKh t<   Indui    t.iui '    _.'���
an 0.sydi....: f.r 111. eit.ir.
'.'.   horl tlaet    id    y ssife had au sitae* o  i  Hamtnotory ''"���*   r';        ���       ihc   - oui ���
���  IJ     i id '',   I.ini    nm muck  -w ..lien,   .'he   ipplied  Oxydon -.     .     ;...-���    i,:,i.. ill
��� -���i. next mernlng ther   w-�� - t ���   i'.ile      ��� iing, md flu    utild tvnlk tu ������--r
'.���,'.     ���  .. had fi   ���������   i:.' ultaek txsfor.  we got O.    onor nn : wa. uuJei ��� docts-;r'i ���.-.: - i .- .
til, SU fl 1  f'i'O'l If   .
:; i. .r i   r    :      f - serer.- so...'
ad at once for voo'; .-. . ;8, giving further information aboul OXYDONOR and man; eports from ;������"'
parts oi  the country.
Id. H. SANCHE & CO.,
364 St. Catharine St. West, M< ntrea!
Holy Communion���is; and  31
Sundays at .8:30 a.m.; 3tid  and .,;!; t
Sundays at 11 a.m.
Matins, 11 o'clock.
Evensong, 7 o'clock.
Sunday .School at 10 a.m.
Rev  E- R- Eartlett, M.A., Vicar.
Surrey Council.
Comic.! met in ti e ".'own Hall,
Suuey Cetitre, March .n.i, the
Reeve and all members being pre-
Service:* first and third Sunday of
each month at 10:30 a.m.; Beuedi.-
tion, 7:30 -,i m
Suuday scboo nt 3 p.m.
Low Mi.ss anl Holy Com'nuuiot;
e3 01 previous n_e
read anc
Mr*. K. Dojainy
a slim
if 1'ir   Muni
Kt ceiv -
I*:,���., _u
9  ���-������ 1 iie;   --i;
$3.30   f
:.'     '���'    in
with tb.
.I- att   ol    \ at
' 1.
��� :..ii.
if jou obtain a f ;���.-_:_: of doubtful tju.li.j
Sw   Tiie cxr-.l-iced iijiilc,'. and
ffffi'fd 'x^-fp?���~~ a">- '""��� *w"'
IBpy^^^Psyw ��r_Habt��.��narrin_r>TEVEH8
I I   ���      bydiootlnf our popular
'lit] c��}_ .eg
finst and iliiid doudays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Pria.st.
aboee   the
laid over,
re  the   ex-
tryiag  to
ert en-is on I
K: l-
Recv . ��� ���   ��� .   -if'ri ed     lid,
1     From City Clerk ol    i:ew   fr'e-.t-
' m Hi   '.    t e    C#i ti    ution    Ip    ex
i p 'iv..... ol delegate 1 sen    lu 1 >ttaw��
11 oppose Fi.' -��� "*       ��� ; ir.*j  re
c isiiig   Frasei    Iii 'i
Services uext   Lord's Day at   11 j bridSe*      Received an
e. m.and 7:30 p.ni. From H,   T,   Thr:
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m.  every  pedieticy of the  Coun
Sunday. johtaai a grant ol tke ��l
Sabbath School  at 2 p tn  every: the  Fraser  river  aud
Sunday.      Prayer   meetiug   everyLnd   Mud   Bavs.    Rcct;vrj, Clerk
rhursday eveuiug at 7.30. I,       .    _   ..  '���,. , ^
*      < -' .\9 write te the Chiei Cuuiiiiiisiouer
Rev. J. F. Betts. oastoi \ of Lands aud   Werka  and  requeit
  ' .iu  to secure  for  Surrey   jrauts
to all road tnd* on waterfront 66
feet wide.
From Keil Hanson nnd six others
tequeiting tbe Council te opes a
rend fro* the Vale ruad Senilis, between Sections 27 and 28, a distance of about ��ue half mile. Received and referred to Coun. Buck,
The Clerk was instructed to
write to the government and request
thcui te appoint Dr. McEwen, Cor-
C un. S diivaa -.. ve notice  thai I
.__._.   J.tUJ-   l,/.'..i   IfrtlJsV   .!S3
op Sporting i...od. .,,./
chant, for '.'.,., 9 - EVENS.
Il' ysju cannot obtcUn, s...
sLi,, tUroot, a^rgai j.r. -
pstiil, upon reoolpt i.l C j:..-
j">a i*i-is-,.
Saud 4 Mtlta la nli.-^.,,. ! ���-��� 1 IJ *-..,.. .
lllU^ll-Utod S  ..is.).,,;, I.,..!,,:!],./ (ll. uU-j
laraof l_viMl ailditio'ia to our l!���e.j
C'ootalna polnia ou nh...... ;.���_ ,._,,,, j. ���",
iUtlon, tha l)r's|__r vssrauf a liroartuj
He., etc Onr attraotlro Tan <.'���!or!
Lithographs,,J ��...-.. tr mailed _ur-j
������vhero Inr fcl\ cnlaio atismf...
1-. O. Bo* 10����T
Chicopna   Fall*,   lim.,   U. H. A.
:'--. b'thcl Fawcitt went over to,
V i    i i.v.-:-   u Saturday.
Services uext Lord's Day at   n
a.m. and 7.30 p ua.
Sabbath School  at  loam    Mid
I week meeting on Thursday eveuinj;
1 at  7.30 o'clock.
Rev. A. McAnley, Pastor.
*"    li-^s  thau   16  ��r   1$  of our
yu'i'i.' ineti  intend leaving,   u':.:)itt
I;'- ist of April, for Prince Rupert.
���'    I,
-��-. kids 1
���,-.-, 'rsei.
i  ..ervices ������-  Crescent   Is
tn.; Ladner, 7.3c- p.m.
School et 10:30 ii. m.
Fteceives both Ladies and Gentlsmen aa resident
r  day  students.    Has a complete Commercial
or Business Co rse.    Prepares students to gain
["each* r ' Cerl iOc-.ite * of all grades.   In affiliation
b i   I?o )nto   University cives the  four years'
-ourse for E. A. dexree, and the first year ofthe
���ronto Sohool c-f .Science.   Kas a special "Pros-
lectors' QowegT. ior miners who work in B. G.
Instruction given in  Art,  Music,  Physical
i Julture and Bllonutio:;.
For    Gale.dar,   etc.,   address   "Columbian,
8 P.ta.
Prayet  meeting an Thursday al j he wenld introduce a T.** Sale Rr
; Law at next meeting;.
1 *
C. Creft, B. A,, pastor.;    The   Temporary   Loan   By-Law
  I passed its  t;i��t,  secotul aad  third
1 readings.
Have you  %ot a SaTines Bank:    .,,,    , ���
,     . - _. :     Ihe fnllewim
Account in the Koyal Bunk oi Canada?    If not, you .should open  ��ce
\fi   -ii i   Mrs.   M.   15.   Wharten
n'.ertaiued a nusaher ef friends  at
their ��� ..tjc, on Wednesday evening
\i.t. Tiffin and . ju, ol Woodwards, returaed S.ttirdaf, after at-,
tending the dance ou \\* stham It-
Mrs .i. F: CUrk and Mrs..
Sii !m���'������/. caiue aver from Vancouver
��� .11 Saturday lit t '.< * -:��.'' visit te
Mrs. T.   Wooleiy.
as soon us   possible.    Deposits   o! i
Ward   3 ��� Kepi
ieri*  were  ac-
to   Htir
j ,?t and up received.
bridge,   T.    W.   Hardy  at  $7.50;!
1 Williams Road   contract, to   Fred
! A. leiu at 75 cents pci rod.
ALWAYS   KEEPS   CHAMBER-      The Cletk was instructed to write;
LAIX'S COUGH REMEDY     |t0 tlle Railway Company to at once
IN HIS   HOUSE | stop construction tin the   Municipal.
j roads at White Reck or nn injure-;
tion would be served   on  th* com-l
We would not he without Cham j pany.
berlain's   Couj.li  Remedy.     It   is!     The   Clerk   was    instructed   t* !
kept 011   hand  eotitiuuslly in  out j write te the   Provincial   Secretary
Urs. . !���'.. Ladaer aud slaughters,
Misse= Alice, ."i*k-r. and Pearl, rc-
ttirite 1 home, yesterday, from a
v >ti to the Terminal Citv.
*.-',;���,-�� ���s.'-.iS-
home," snys W. W. Kearrev,
editor ef tbe Independent, Lowry
City, Mo. That is-jmt what everv
family should do. When kept at hand
reaHy for instsnt use, a cold may
be checked at the o.it set and cured
in much less time than after it
has become'settled in the system
This remedy is al��o without a peei
for croup in children, and will pie-
vent the attack when firr?; ... s on
as the child becomes hoarse; or,
even after the crottp'y cough ap
pears, which can only be doni
when thc remedy is kept at hand
Fur sals by All Druggists.
askiuf; for an order for the admit-;
tanceofWw. Mclnuis to the Old;
Uan's Home. j
Coun. Murphy was appointed  a!
delegate to Victoria to interview the
Government   re   assistance   in re-!
building the Yale ro_d. J
Appropriations were made as follows, tenders to be in at next meet*;
Ward 1���*,io lor the Town Line j
road at   McCaskills'   hill;  -fjo  for
the   C.   M.   road,   North   of Mr.'
R ibertson's.
Ward J���$500 for the Yale road;
% 100 for ti e Sondell ro,d;  $50  fcr
sjtfiS.M*,    l-��  YEARS'
���,s,.#V,-*-?V.>.f��i-/ ��>' 'i:.r'.:.;,f;*;
vm mill.'''! K   J
���.'RAr-t 61a����8
  ��4is ._ r. ���iLrttl, ftssS CNMAt l;.;:-siD kssss.
:".-|.lT ��.wi-:".ss,:, ssssa- ^. InVHI f  .** **).r^ll��,- a,,:
j.-,klo7i ispcmiittl,mantfesiA   C<_paa>.w,-
.ss-sr.ss':   S.C- *-s.s. .1'.. .. HftfJO-OOst -fT-1*. rts*-r-
il .'.*,-. oi .Mt c^si.' tiff imm me mam*
. Ml** -��k��rt  uirssurh  is^u.    a i_k IMtlri
s.v. M*.':.*, WK-Vsat .har, t, i. St��
Scientific j��rkm
;:��iv'��,i--.. t iV'_i��tnMi,��'.i WM>k!r. 1 mrwtat *ir-
,t��4**T. of u.17 �����(*��;ilu' JbuiiM.. '!**.*. 9* a
--*r; Tour monUM.ll. flow l/y all c*w_.*i����:sr��.
_____m_i w_.<:- HUL ff����ur�� ��<- 8.
,-.���.���,...1, oi,e<fi uiseaeoit spriac t^i.'.���
bu   .'��� i I-..- a ��������� nd m   .'i f��.i iii:_i ii.i_
'i'i. > ll u;- ��� V.,-,.t fur ��cs l__..l;;.i, 11^
an ofccentriu ol . j. ko, .,.:1! i.. u-j _s..i [����{_.*
Hit; . UJy lot of plate Tba .pottor'I employed ii snsgod to 'gL'i itr.i.'i.d' ami v,i^
u... s-,:1.!, ��� [.<���;.:' *.hJ serv.,,-:*-: ar;tl f. jr/j J.L.f
liu ita.-ctil that tbo iimaic.. wus very sui-
l.ioiuus ui lim domestics, laying trajri to
eftU_i cm glrlng way dr!;,[,li_tj or odd-i
���'    ' ��� .  !   "���- i ' - on a:. 1 ;���  tklhg all of '. w.
������..'���������      '. l.i'.'. ���,<���-���. a
'.'.1.   1   I.::C   IsS   11   tin.,   ����rt.s   Is,,'-.'-   q
ticklish j ib, but an I'll got u key uiads tsi
Q. tlif '.-. It d.,:.r ! .j<:ii_ 1 to clsk 1*. I
diii u.'.j got Into ti.j b.siiae ���. '.as/ o.
wiukir.^.' Benohlng tbu drawing room,
wt.'f-re I know (I o pitta WAS kept, I haulwl
it fi'urn iba cu;!. >ird, arid, nj everytbiog
1. ' .....:���.���_* .j ���,;; . ut down to bav�� a
i-si��t Ij&r.jru puoklr.g it ap. Walking on lip-
toe is tiring work, you kr.ow I hadn't
anl then; flvs BlinatSS wL-:, L...;. ' J felt a
Uaokon tb* baud, uml 1 knew i.o'.bln-;
more until 1 found myself tied iiar;d�� ��_���!
feet and two policemen standing over uu
"Wben my tritU oua.�� on, and not un'.il
tlsen, 1 dissorsssd tbat my capture was due
to ths it..i. tlmt lhe us,-.vr of tbe bous.e in
ordsr to tind Out if any of Uie servant
uama down atulrj aftuir bs Lud retired b id
plaoed cotton acr.ss the paseaites aid
Bt:.,r,-.;m.a _.!.., ,i,���,., Iiinbuafrnin rliiteroiiMii
u.'.C uttacbud it to u i-nil spring ijtsll fixed
in bis badrooui. In my Journey upstairs
1 liad v. . at knowing it brukon the sot'
ton and souadsd tne ulsirm V'.-j. i. was ��
n-'-t '.,
Aretboro mors attain)._| at burglary
and ��� rvaklng during tbs dark .-...;.���
���>,. butwhyf Just thsn the not ororpsr-
I ..��., nuugb laboring slues get bard up,
* '. tl 'j ar* opsn to bka ta anytbinjj
ii'oro pur��e snatoblng upward, If iheiv._s
sren is remote chance of M.a.-.: .^ money.
Tho coDsaqusDOs is sfcat difeotly sn oppir-
tuiiisy uis'era to carry oct a burglary tijfif
go ft r ii'��� co for is without ta .rug _tsy
i.���-..-.���;;.��������� m an'', riiylng tn lirttts tor .'. ibe
kulie or evtm tbe Mvoiver fc< u*..ri an
iu "ti; e ir fli��:i;i'. * 1 Tbat i. why tbeM tire
so many brutal auaiiltiaud murders ky
no wiied burglare Just at tbat tlwe at lim
"Of a.",.r_j tiie :.ATs!-n;!��rs ai tj roouia,
raiuablee, lovka, windows and beblis et
those lisiog in a likely bouss, !��';';��
Soun'tiniessi with wm imin-eesions ot keys,
ni.., are obtalrisd by 'the spotter,' a mau
wbo bus i.l.il ���.-���!. to do wltb tbe actual
burglary, but u.-..-���� _b��.'�� In the " .��i
ueTeitbslsss. A 'spotter' may be anytblog
froui a baw.ker calling at theeerrants' es-
tranos, tbe (;'Vli man come to take ths
meter, a waisr Inspector to sea ir tb .re i*
any leakage or simply the_(l-)t tbe ii.'j<��
l.tfii-gl derated follower t.f t.ne**t the ascr-
.Ir;.'. a I.:.,, ik sliout leilft'-rri. In 1 _rj(S
s*:-1 i: ibiuencs i liavs pai'tlcularlj' nutlce-i
'.l.e wire v. i'ub vsbio.. ail IndderS e.r. bi-ksst
nc,, ti bile Just around tbe corner, pe. baps
lying 1st tbe open, ate tlie olotbas posts
used for drying or sua aUitig the als.;tses
r,-. . ...�� laundry. How, ;.* *s �����.,�� to
swarm Up a good s^kisje c!->bo�� [sv^.. to
nit. n a Orst floor window, and wUea u, ���
Ssiryll'sa lums '-i.-'ser te sllfladowa
one ti;nn down u laddi s-.
'1 Mill y.u whatwlU stuits tbe n^i-sHS
of a. burglar f.s aiueh k> aziy'Mve .'tud
pKi'l.^r- make liim lir.'n bis tssoi*���timl is
fcloklng .-i^u.n*!. a abt_;i of orumpled news*
peper Carefully laid in tba p.i__iate. i .ol
(ikii lhat nsy uysaU one* ar.d miul*
such .-��� tielas thai I Itausdlately boltes'l
"iiut If yoa yourself are frightened oil
b.urgiATS ^-uyiLij your boi.se a visit,'' hs
BvUsl'.ided conndentially, "the licit up I
scan e-'e jt 'i is to lay is a little yel; iug.
Snapping dog���one tb��l wiil roiiee��?vry-
V.iitv rthecti.v a door or window Is trlyi'i���
and U* ,'ilni I _i�� tbo run of ;_.e house.1 In-
side every night That's th* txtst aa.ta*
auard tbare Is "��� Claclcnuri KinjLir��.-
��� i Quible ro..d; $300 for Die Johnsim.
! road; $75 tor the Newton ro_d; ^33-
' for the Scott   road;  ^100 foi
Nurseries  & Seedhouses
Tewn Lin- road; $-,o for the   1
Mi ior
* <-hS
Uca(.lqiiar:tr.s Ioi    Pacific   Coast |    Ward 3, ^1
Rrown  Garden, Field  and  .'b wci 1 ro**��l-
Seed   lb I  in lh roilghlj' lesledasl     Ward  < -*,.o >  for the  gra     g
to litaiiti before offering for sale��� j a��(i graveling Hulls Prairie road.    |
that are subject to government in-1    Cetncil then adjourned  to meet
ipection as to  frectlom  from *eetl  ���" APr'  -''"' ��' ��� o'clock jo. a.
seeds.    .Samples sent  to intend.n; ' ,
purchasers. I
T   .      .   ,    , -,/-,��.t- ,.r,^,.,x-:     lhe Rival Bank   of Canada   ,���
LarRe stock ol HOME (.ROWN
Fruit  and  Ornamental  Tlces ,)0tl. j ���'"'<*'^ ^ur cenveticce and ml
mature for the spring trade. ��� be l'WM!"A to *':ro yo" every a:
..        _ , -, ,        - .     . j tentifir.
A�� expense, less or delay ol funit-1
gation or inspection.	
BEE SUPf I,I9S, Spray rumps,
' Spraying     Material,
Plants, Cut Flowers, j will sell the best wit"   can   buy.
We   do  business  en   our  own if yo��� need them printed, wky yoa
When yon wish te buy  yisitiiii
Greenhouse card�� call em the Delta Time's w!
grounds���no rent to pay and are
prepared to meet all competition
Let me price your list before .���
ing your order.   Catalogue Free
nre money in pocket hy  calling  on
the   "" lit, Tunes firsl.
3010 Westminster Read.
I According to The Coinntercial,
j ef Winnipeg, the risible supply of
! oals in the United States nnd Can-j
1 ada, east of the Rocky Mountains, I
��� is 11,452,000 bttshels, compared j
. with 25,083,600 V'tiskels a year aju.
"TOM    THI     DODflEI.1     TELwS   HOW
Bea. vhs.istrra ottea Belv tke Tkieees i
Sy   .Kealrctian  Bei*��,,sl   Korj   Wis. '
dew Fastest. c*~A f.,.,..-', Sakadlale
S.w l.tiSder*.
'I'b'.ines Simpson, alias ' Tom tv>�� Dodg-
sr," wlio  Is known  Ir,  vmil.e olrolss all
rs.1 Use sonntry, was In town Jb�� otho i
sijrlii, but he got  away l_-fcre soy f.f  tb^' |
f.y eofl'srs" go* on to hllll     Kf n.ri v��f- ]
t��l  psrss.iis In a drrn  N.*.m  resort, and
a. *��r 1 . -tilgirg In a Irv drlnttS In1 bvoami
sso.'ifi .rniieJ In  hia Salk.    Tom's  hints ti \
hnt-.selioi^MW    *,'te     quit*     1 TjT-e-r*s. tins;
Among it.its who lialen, J to him r-na tt  '
u ,!��le��'(trt, wl<�� liatl ofl,n Isehsd Miu n; 1
f<.sr# efn
"Tsifi ��se." sulil T'sm "His pnWIe them  j
nlret assist us a great deslui me   In my |
libs wsuldn't hs ahle te hrlngnff sut -���*
fully sas-tenth ut ii.i }vb�� tlirrtionoii
t ������ i Isstaiies, luiwi'Ter earstul In nsetteep \
r. i *j n fhiir ssrrsnts ma,T t'* with r ������
Ui winii,.-^- fsBdsnlngs an ilis prnnnd ftor-v ,
ss a r'.ils llier j*t lit_._i attention pd ILm*-,'
nf roars r.p efalrs. fm iwi when *He fs,��
ls-.|]ii>��jsi  i/t,  tn g.iot-1  (ini,r tfiry art , .!���>._ ���
left DtlAens,    .Vow, a >n. ri lrii.i know. Iii*
I'lifinrrsiresTMirp ;},. (Toonil floorfos _j>
PMV,*e i;*'lt.s fie i�� peri*.-Hy wrll arqiiaint
ed nl'li   H-e nm  n(   ths  house  nntl   t':i
habit* el ��he hou*��hold, snd even then h* |
aearty al�� ..ts enten hy onr nf  the doon j
tur nhlrh a . rr nns   ht'rn jtrooni-stl sir tin 1
leek   and.   bolts of  r��bi. >  i-.n  j;;..;.   li
fotci. 1, ,
".'I't-.it,   li tbe  tie.��t  Window   far;.:;.
ffril, thrre ain't none suy  icood, nnl t.
u n tne Rt-tipis [oreed down hctsrst'u th��
eAthes, oae on saeh sit!, of the window
Tlm K't-r&iT t_i fix thn Sashsfl. as icei! an th> ,
,'th .r 'tufa' dodges, nan easily bs  undone
li. Butting out a i .rep of ^1 .. s    Sow, the \
wrii^rs. i: you 'tumbled' atonee thnt iliry
were sVsdgos, oould only ! v c >t ai liycul
ting two htiliie in  this glum, nntl  then, if
ptaoparly tiiftd. tbeyoan'ti lis sliifteij \riiir '
out hiaklngmoronolss than wo careabout
doing while on Imsinaes.    More r-| r.'ully
is thi. Uk' oase if a lx.1 with a ooll spring
le uitaciit'tl to the window.
'The   last time   I was v,��.��� ���'    ���-���
t'Se   l.ss;.i.(   _'i-��_tu   t'liius.
H'^h-.f lecta fun;
Celsl;^, llttse .' an\s-m~ -
Oettee oa the lasl
LoBCae Mmi L--imrja;
Hi.,���� mudiee fce�� ;
Qulckee eateliee pirtaJll
i_jti,-** mlgi.'.T k-n.
Ols mantia* I_ Hens
Wrarrs yellr cost.
Plenty ionr.s fleathejw
I -". _t, liks a LS...H.
CI.'.i _r-a-)in_r-t-<;i.!;;s-ctil��_pt
Os'i's letta fun:
._. s:j)>r. lHlee K*ir:r-��il
tint.H n-en r-.-.a '.������- '.
���Clerctand 1. la'js Dealaf,
��:.-��_.r ,. ai.vw.^'.-t.
"I'm wiUlog to ���'.ard ob ay ssrifcs,"
sselalmed Willis Wliblngton.
Uiss Oayenos looked at bin thonrlit*
fnslr and Hutu eioiaiiued: "Mr. Wisl'Ug-
ton, haTS you ever had any ei .arrien-e as
a tight rope w-Ikorf���Washiiuiton Star,
Am  ImpasslbtlltT.
I 6a not trust to luck, bs eatdj
To thus SCCIlae me Is un.iusl.
I never can b�� time mUl��d;
1 hare no lu.k to wtiicli to trust.
_���WaaUliiiilon BtSS.
A   Sresln   C |*~ISTT
"The aaarss. (kwtwr li miles eway,
isn't bs?"
"Ta*. hit the esxastery is right
���net*    ;-.r-'-?��lrs.rvr^w-?t--'aricA_asa__i_e
S -3       ��       9
yi. a��T8 _���^^**p!,���"- ������-""-
��� 5*r-a
I Kim
h- <-*-i     *>ti
nugh Remedy
The tihilt'lren'fl Pavorite
��� -���'rrv.rf--
Coughs, Ooldo, Croup end
Whooping Cough.
Thi .remedy ie f__*r-.s f.-r liia^urMsirer
a large pari ott_<- civilised world, ti ,-ini
��lwn,v!i bo depended iipiid. Tt ,.i-,,enln��s r.,,
5 opit;Tn er .-'_.-��� httrmrul rf-uc en. Tra*- !>��
|g eta pu it -. -.itMcnni to o eabj- rr to au adult
S   Price 23 eta: Large Size, 50 cts. THE DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, MARCH" j.":
LAS! UF   LiiCiUi.t,
VALLANCr.-At Hamilton, 0nt���
���n Match ;th, 1907 Janet Am -
strong, wife of James Vallanee.
Esq.. tort mothpi of Mrs. D. A.
McKer ami Mrs. F.J. Green, of
'local NEWS.
The last of th ��� series ot lectures
illustrated by iimelight views, under the auspicr-s ol the Methodist
Church, will be given in the Town
Hall, on Monday evening next,
���Sihen Rev. j. Culvert, M.A.L..
will give his iutei est ing lecture, "A
Trip Through Yorkshire." A
full house is anticipated,
C. II. Morgan leave*;, this
on n trip up th<- eoast
Mists   Ednc   Leary
Royal City, last week,
i .ited   the
Laamr "Fist)- Market
Constantly Kept on Hand,, also
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that we are no.w in a
portion to offer Vancouver Istemd
Claude W.. Jagers. purser  of the
IS.?.  Transfer,   diad   0:1  Saturday
moraine in Victeria, where he had
  I beeu ailing with an attack  o.   ty-
W.   B.   Curtis paid   -1   husiness1 phoid fever  for some tint'..    The
visit to Victoria last week. '; funeral will take place in that city
___  i this aiterneou.    The deceased   was '
! only 21 years of age, and a general
Mi.a* Pybus returned,, yesterday, favoritei not only  wilh hi, jtllow
from a visit to the Royal Cily. j enlployeeS| but also with  evervoae
��� ���  j with whom he came in contact
Jos. Jordan went ever to V-.ncou-
-,er en Tbur. day last, oa business
Mic files innis!
For Sale.
Mr. aad Mrs, Fred Laud speut a
cauyle of days iu Vancouver, last
Mr. and Mrs. P. D. McDonald,
went up to tbe Royal City on Saturday last.
H. K. Rich returned hoaae, Sat
��rday, trom a short business trip to
A Fnll Stock of Shades and Fixtures ot all kinds kept on hand.
Wiring and bouse fnrrii.hiug a
The Paddon property, consisting
of to Vi Acres, vitSi good Cottage
res itiriu-p and outbuildings-. Apply
H. N.  RICH,
At greatly reduced prices* inaking' it possible for parties who contemplate building,
feo put in eoncrete foundations at about the*
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
T. Mowbray,
Columbia St.,   -   New-Westminster
P.O. Box 364.    Phone 2.6g.
II. Llewellyn leaves, to-morrow,
fer the Royal; City, where he will]
reside iu ttitute.
"I was and am yet afflicted with
rheamatism," says Mr. J. C. Bayne,
editor ot the Herald, Addingtoa,
Indian Territory, "but thanks to
Chamberlain's Pain Balm  ar,i   able
ouce tnorL- to attend to business.   It I- ^. *.���
is   the   best    of    liniments."      Ii 1
troubled with rheumatism giV* Pain &Qgt.Othing M&\W
Balm a trial and you are certain  to j ,
be   more   thaa   pleased   with  the j 	
prompt relief which it affords.   One
application relieves the lain.    For j    I:am now prepared to build coil-
sale by All Drujgists
Sre Your Heps     j
BrOOdy ?:;new Westminster.
B. O.
I hi
'me Bred
R. FUker went over to l.T��rett,
Wash., wu the 4th inst. and retura
ti on Thursday.
For Sa!e
Mr.  and  Mrs. D.  B. Grant re-i
turned   home,   Saturday,   Irani   a
risit to Vancoa ,-er.
One   "Daisy"   DeLaral   Creaw
sSeparator; one Churn and   Perfee-
J tion  Butter  Worker.      Cheap  for
��� cash.    Apply at house.
Slough Road.
ed spring wire lence with  wt oder
I'or further-particulars and prices
apply to
c. a. WICKSON,
$2.00 for    15
LOO i'or  100
Fee Me
it vou have CHICKENS   or EGGS   t
Crescent Island.
P. O. Box 45
Port Guicho
Mrs. (Dt.) Gosam, of Saudon, ac*
carding to-latest repart, is itnprov
ipg nicely, and is ab!e to sit ap.
Rev. A. McAuley spent a few
days Ib Vancoaver, last week, re-
turning here oaTharsday mcrniag.
Miss Thoauatne Kerr, ef Columbian Callege, spent a couple days at
home aud returned, by train, yesterday,
Miss Elsie Benson, of Columbian
College, spent the weekly vacation
at her home and returned to hti
Studies yesterday.
Bl FOB llll.
s.3ealel Teridti-s, addressed to the
undersigned, will be received up to
aeon, March ���sSth, for the Sutter-,
milk from the Dalta Creamery for
ane year, caaatneacint. April ist
next. Tenders te quote price per
For Winter W&^r
Mrs. P. Clark: returned heme,
Wednesday .vi*__i:_g, troni. a i'evrj
days' visit te Iriends in the. Royal!
ami Terminal cities.
Walter Creech left, op  Saturday
last, for Victaria, where he was tei
enter the service of the B. C. Electric Co. eta Monday last,
j C'euipr Ujn{_���-Bedroom .Suite, Iron
ami Wood Bedsteads, Chests of
Drawers, Coach. Silting Room
Table,. Parlor Table, Dining
Rcon. ..Rocking and other-chairs;
Raymond Sewing Machine, 2
Heaters, Kitchen Table and
Chairs, Kitchen Stove; Dishes,
Kitcheitware, Pots, V'nns, Tubs,
ft-C &i\, which
;'-'-i\f:K. H.  X.  RICH has  received
1 inslrvi "\i.us    from     Mr.    1).
  I Mcl.ein to Sell by Auction, -.it his
! resilience, in the Village of Ladner,
John Oliver, M P.P., west dowa on
io Victoria, on Tuesday, to prepare! Sattirday,.    March
When you are wanting anything iii* the
line of Blouses, Dress Skirts, Petticoats.
Underwear, Hosiery, White Goods, Neckwear, Ribbons, Furs, Smallwears, Holiday
Goods, or
Bonnets,  Hats,. Furs,  Dresses,   Underwear,
Hosiery, Etc.
Call and let us show you.
Goods and Prices Right.
M 13.59
We have the Greatest  Value
in Shaes
Good Soll-i Rellshle Fooiwm *r,
Jetst the Thing lor Winter Weatkw*
carry these in all Leathers and have a hill liae af Shapes
and Sites to Fit All  Feet,
Nothing Sn Town to Eqta&l Them.
-    Ladnar,
fer the opeaipg ol the House which !
took place on Thurday last.
at 2 p.m.
WHITE H��mt'
BIRTCH,, - 275 Columbia Street*
_..._ 5 ' B���MWC
D. M. Ellis returned,  yesterday, I
from Victoria, where lie had  been|,
visiting Eldon Brodie, and whom he
reports as progress nc; very favorably.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Slater, and
son, Percy, expect to leave here
shortly for Staye Lake, Mr. Slatei
having received an appwntnie.it
Mrs.   C.  Vradenburg  ('formerly ��.
rs. R. Kennedy),  of Cty'llyvack, IB
came iu on Saturday to visit Mr.
and Mrs. D. B. Grant, but, on account of the illness of her sister,
jilrs. S. Thompson, of Eiist Delta,
<fa$,was called awny next morning.
feoii�� Enpes, Root fillers,
3 , a.i'tt '<
I I     ��tH. I   II IH  ��--���-.    ������*
Port Qtiichoii
We Walworth-Rolston Co
1016 Westminster Ave.,.   -   Vancouver
Produce .Stored mid
Shipped Direct
>. To Kit P, C Ports.
,  X.'. v.. j


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