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The Delta Times Sep 3, 1907

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Array .'
I.al, 4, No. S?,
"      /5(^^!!!! ^SS4^��NKR. li. C, TURSDAV. SfePTEHUGR 3.
r -^        i -t fa '
Seed Growers'
" "(I <v
SEP 6 .1907
It is generally supposed there will be another coal famine this winter;
we have contracted for immediate delivery of ISO tons of coal, and
are prepare;! to fill orders now, and we think ycu will he acting
wisely in putting ia your winter's coal supply at once. Coat last
winter sold here as high as $15 per ton, and ofte-i was impossible
to get at all at any price.
>#ce; $7.50 per ton ���asi
m. nm august
At the last annual   meeting o.j 286    MINERS'    INCHES    ON
this Association, detailed  explana- ;
tiont were given of the plans that (Engineer Tracy Examines Creek���Quality of the
Water Excellent and  Supply Ample.
had been adopted lo offer sp<?ei:il
prizes to members for creditable exhibits ni 'Hand-Selected,-' 'Improved,' and 'General Crop' seed
that were brought together in  cou-
The   Delta   Council  met  in   the report:
Council    Chamber   on   Saturday,  To the Reeve nud  Council  of tlif
.A.ugust 31st, at 2 p.m.,   with   the|     Municipality of Delta.
nectiou with the various  provincial Reeve, II. M, Vasey, iu the chair,
���r (tistricl exhibitions.    These  ex-land   Couus.    (libliie,    Davie.    Gil-
hibiis   ol  selected   seed   '.vers  al- christ, Paterson and Dennis present, i
ways an attractive and education-      Minutes   of   previous   meeting|
al   leature   oi* the  exhibition  and ; were adopted as read.
hav done much to make the  work' COMMUNICATIONS:
of   the   Association   more    widely       F ,.,.,���   Bngiieer   q, x    r      re
known and better  understood tad jcrawing on the Tru���k  r01(L    Re.
In 3-ton Sots and over $7.25 per ton Cash*
QUR CLOTHING sets the fashion for|Seed Fair
men who want to be well tressed.
When you wear our Clothing vou
you know there's not a man  n town who
has anything more stylish or in better
Gentlemen: In company with
Mr. Hutcherson. of Laduer, I ves-
terday visited tlie cre��k a tributary
ofthe Nicomekl River, trom which
it is proposed to draw a water supply for your municipality, and find
it well suited for the purpose.
The quality of tke water is excellent,   the quantity  ample   (286
^^^^^^^^_., !_���___________________________________���      1 miners'inches), and   the elevation.
appreciated by the  geuerjl  pUWic. cejre<i and filed, and the  matter of| ��� far ��� we werlt
The places at  which   these  special (deepening ditch be let in thr- hands
exhibitions are now held annually \ei Coun. Dennis.
throughout Canada are as follows: j Frw" Ulft 0hief Commissioner of I ft_| 0f over ,00 feet can 5, obtained,
i. At Amhtrst, N. .S. open to Lends and Works, re balance of The distance from I.adner, about
all members in the Maritime Dis- appropriation ou River road. Re- 20 aJiieSi ;s a drawback, but as district and held in connection with* ceived and filed. ; tomers for the water will be found
the Maritime V/iuter Fail.               j    Prom  l''-tJ- ]i- Martin, rr rigl��t for the greater part of the distance,
2 At   St.   Hyapiathe,   Quebec, W way through tot 16. I do not thirik you can do better,
open ouly to members  resident  iu j     Mr. Martin was present on behalf     itherefore recommend  that y*0
! the province of Quebec and  gener-'<" Jas' Plester  aud  Quon V ick tha ��� tecure at least  350  miners'   inches
ally held ia the month of April  iu
connection witk the regular    prins_ ,^^���^^^^mm^^^^^^^^^^m
' gazetting   of the nc.v   river   road riot,rja
3 At   Guelph,   Out.,  .pen   only | ���� ** ''���  compel  tke  railway  corn-
to members lu the Ontario  District
 'tabout 80 feet.
As  tk ere   is  considerable fall   in
the creek there ir. little doubt tkat a
ovvne-s of  Lot   16, and  requested: of   the   wate.F(  tbe   remainjD,   35
the  Council  not to complete   tlaej inches being ample for any j oasibde
 ________________���_______________���_____���_______���    I remain, gentlemen,
panv to _o ':���. tore the Railwav Com-
, *.        ,        , c Your obedient servant,
miss,< hi x.hen the question oi  ow_-;
ership ot  tke waterfront   mav  bej THOS.  IL  TRACY,
settled. j     Received and the  Clerk  was au*
m-m er   resident ia tke Distrir.  ofj     Mr  Moore, right-of-way agent of thorized to apply  for  a record oi
Manitoba, .nd held       ihe time ofj the G.N. R., in explaining  the po- 250 inches of water from the said
aud in connction with  the Winter Mon of the railway company, said stream.
pft;_ it was necessary, in ordei  10  make.     Coun. Gilchrist introduced a By-
5. At Regina, Sask., open to all]
aad   held  in  connection  with  the
Ontario Provincial Winter Fair.
4. At braadon, Man., open to all
It is made in such a range of sizes that you can get an absolutely
perfect fit���whether you are tall or short���stout or slender���smaller or
larger than the average.
Oar Clothing holds its shape.
ft is tailored by expert�����the finest cloths and linings are used���and j
every "suit  is  sold with  our  personal  guarantee   of "money's worth or
money back."
Our Clothing is. mighty satisfactory clothing to buy���and equally
satisfactory to wear.
a  first-class job, that the  road  al-j law to Amend the   Liquor License
lowance should be  100 feet wide in  By-law, 1893, which was passed as
certain places  as indicated on the read.
aiap   as   produced.    He  said   thej     The Delta Highway By-law,1907,
to be held at Regina  uext winter I company   was willing to arbitrate' passed its first reading.
will be the fiirst of its kiud ever I the Matter and that if tke property j    Coun.   Gibbie   introduced   the
I members in the District of Saskat-
| chewan and held in connection with
'he Winter  Fair.    The exhibition
Marshall Smith & Co., Ltd.
Harvest Thanksgiving services
will be held in All Saints Church,,
oa .Sunday next, Sept. 8th: Haly
Cemwnnion, 8:30 a.m.; Matiasand
Holy Communion, it a.m.; Even-
sent, 7.30 p.m.
The church will be decorated on
Saturday and douatioas of n aterial
will be glaidly receive! at 'the-
ckurck aud the Vicar heats that as
many as possible will arsist iii the
It is hoped that the choir will at-
tead the practices during tl is week.
New members any talie tbis opportunity nt foimally joining tha choir
and taking part in the services.
Geo.   Maynard,   of   Vancouver,
���(pened the duck season litre,,
The Milling Companies advanced flour 20 cents a barrel last week.
We v ill net alter eur prices 'or twa
week- Get iu oa th* ���,round
floor md bay s few barrel". Yoa
might just as well sare a dollar aa
There's no flour gives better satisfaction than "Lake ot thc Woods
. loses."
held in the I'rovince of Saskatchewan.
Creditable prizes are offered at
each of these places for sprcial selections of seed and plants taken
from the -Hand-Selected' aud 'Improved' seed plots. Thc clastifica-
tion of the prize list provides for
two sections for each of tke smaller
grain crops considered. Section
1. makes provision for hand selections of plants from the standing
crop on the breeding plot. These
plants are exhibited in the form cf
Section 2 provides   for a   'Group
j F.xhibit,'consisting  af a  baud-selected sheaf Irom the bree ling plot,
j a half bushel o; threslu.l  seed from
I the  same plot,   aud a ' us'i-'. aud a
half of threshed seed from the  'improved' seed plot.
Where prizes are ofl'ere ! for corn,
the best ten ears arc calle 1 for,   the
^^^^_^^^_^^^^^_^^^____ said ears  to  be  selected  from  the
seed corn plot.    In   the case of po-
The tax collector is on  his usual'tatoes, prizes are also offered in thc
rounds, and bas issaed a number of|��Mt for 8PecU1 selectious  from lhe
tm-day notices whick it would be
wise  to  take  notice  of as  a blue'
owners ware willing to accept a lair; matter of an improved burner at
price the matter might be settled j the Delta Sawmill, and the Clerk
to-day. 1 was instructed   to  notify  the Saw-
The Council  decided  to  let the  mill Company that they must build
parties interested   fight   the matter j a proper refuse burner,
out before the Railway Commission j     The following accounts were or-
on the 7th of October next, and the 1 dered    paid:     P.    Clark,    $29.89;
communication   was   received and
From The Coast Quarries, Ltd.,
stating that they were now prepared
to   quote   prices   on    and   supply1
crushed rock.    Received and filed.
Fiom  Helen  A. Cresswell, coin-
Delta Times, $7; News-Advertiser,
$16; G. T. Baker, $20; Marshall
Smith lS: Co., $2.85; J. Holmes,
$25.85; Charlev, $3.
Thos. Thirkla complained ot the
number of uncut thistles allowed to
go to seed  on  the  Fairview roae\
plaining   of the  dirty condition ofj and said it was   useless  a   few cut-
The S.?. Sonoma leaves Ladner
at ' a.m. and 4 p.m.; leave .staves-
ton a*- o a.m. and 5 p.m. Every
day except Sunday.
'PAIN S��\ALKf���f9�� per 1000
( ( s> J.2.50 for 9| 11 cash)���Brack -
n an-Ker Milling Co., Ltd., H.
N.Ricb, Agent, Ladder, B.C.
seed plot. In addition to tlie geu-
! eral  prizes offered,  special awards
are oflered to those members ruak-
paper invariably follows them j jng tke most creditable si owing of
which means added expenses. S.{selected seed. These awards are
Brown, on  Tuesday last, at  NeW j usually in  the  form  of medals or
tt .stminster, had to pay J.8 in   fd-,c"Ps-
,, , . tt ithout a single exception, these
aition to bit tax for not  paying at-      ,���������.��� , ,.,���_-.
i exhibitions   have   amply   justified
tention to the notice.   G. Daley,! their establishment.    The publicity
ot" Elgin, alsa received a summons, they have given and are giving the
but settled ont of court ur the ��umi work, ths  inteiest   that  has  been
off 6. I taken in the exhibits, and the ser
We understand that . r me or onr vice they hav.- ;en iered the various
tellon'icvasm-" ire on the black- exhibitors in advertising their sur-
bpoks already, anH  a* thei no plus-tock, has proven their  ines-
defence  <     ni"-.   vtnent, f;y   bold-: timahe value to ths  country,    As
ine '    ' they are o;.!y piling  upl time palses aud the general jublic,
expenses,! as well as the members themselves,
the si'ietvalk on Stanley street as a
result of horses being; allowed to
stray around. Received and tlie
Pouudkccper requested to enforce
the by-law and Caun. Davie was
authorized to look after the sidewalk.
From 'upper & Griffi re the
matter oi costs of attending the
Railway Commission. Received
and filed.
From T. H. Tracy, C.E., re water
supply and enclosing the   following
ting them ai;d ihe balance of the
re.Lien'.' allowing them ta go to
The Constable claimed lo have
notified all the resident on thia
road to cut their thistles and that
thev Li     promised to do   0.
Mi. Jones, of Clover Valley, addressed the Council on the matter
a water supply, but na action was
Conncil then adjourned till Sat<
urdav, Sept. 14th. at �� p.m.
Have you  got  a  Savings  Rank
Account in the Royal Ba"*-- ol Can
ada?   If not, you should open  one
as soon as   possible.
$1 and up received.
heposits   of
come to look   upon these fairs in I
their respectiv. districts as permanent or_,��:.i_atiotis   aud  as   annual]
meeting places, their real 1 laca and 1
importance will be revealed.    Their j
perpetmation,   extension   and   per-;	
feeling is obviously the daty of this
Associaticn. j     On Wednesday last, _ rather *rri-
Circuiar letters hav. jast been j ous aflair happened at the Ladner
issued by the Secretary of this I Carriage Works, when Dr. Wilson
Association ro all growers in the! got into a mi^-up with one of hie
different districts, submitting an j tenants, a Chinaman named Loo
outline of the next annual oxhibi- Sam, witb the result tb.'t the
tion and the prizes effered. ,Such Chiaamau is laid tip with n crack-
advice com ng at tkis time gives ed skull and lhe Doct- r is suffering
every grower ample ��� p; ortu-.ity to' from a sick $500 peace bond ard
select and lay aside his exhibit until a prospect af appearing before ��.
the date of the fair. jury on a verv serious charge. UTTTH DELTA TJ-MES^TUESDAY, fEPTEMBEK 3. 1907.
Subscription, $1.00 per year.
CM��*l AdvttXitcmtntm, 10 cctita per Une fo' ���
tbe ftrtt Insertion, an.1 5 cent-; per line lor eacli j
wbaaqueot insertion. The numty-r ot litiei ,
irckaned bv ��he space occupied, uUneato the
Rates iorComTncrcial Advertisement*; can be
bad on appliCHUon i.t this 0*0:.
���.fading notice* lareots per line for each in- f
���erticn. J
BirUi u. d Death noticed, JOC., ManHajEeBlt.oo.    j
Any Bp��dAl notice, the object oi which Ib to t
prwnote the pecuuiary benefit oi any Individual ,
oreL.mpa.ny, to be considered an advertisement
���ad chnri,. J accordingly- ,
Ail fcdvtrtlaeaeats charged for until ordered
0��t aad pr. id for.
Cuireirpoudence Invited ou matter, o! publlfj
hitereci.   Cotumnntaation* to editor must be ao
lOptaj.-fiui/-d by nnuie ol writefj not necessarily
fcr publication, hut aii evidence ul good faith.
Corrvfpondonee mist reach tbis office *y Thnr*-
duy en niutf.
The Ma
VICTOR A, ... C.
September 24th to 38th, 1007.
V. T. Ry, & Ferry Co.
The Biggest and Best of the Season.
List  Increased   Nearly   50  Per   Cent.
Stock Divisions.
"k   -
-   "t
CfEO.   K.   Mani.sv,
TCEbDAY,   SEPTEMBKR   ?.~,    1907,
The fine weather made a break,
�����."Sunday last, which set the
threshing back for a day or twe.
Skould lie present fine spell continue for a few days the threshing
will all be .through.
At the Council meeting, ou Saturday last, it was decided to get ar :
estimate of the cost of di .tributiag '
water through the district from the
unnamed stream recently examined
bv T. H. Tracy, CK., and when j
this fcus b-eu received, to call aj
public meeting of the ratepayers,',
aud lay the matter before them.
It i��, therefore, up to  the people
to show  some  enthusiasm   iu  this'
nutter if they wish  to  become the'
proud  possessors of au up-to-date!
water system which will, uo doubt, j
prove a  great  blessing  to this dis-'
What about skooting notices.'';
Same of these old ones need repair-1
ing. Bring them along and j.ft!
them re-e��Yered.
New   Westminster.   Aug.   31.���
The supply of apples on tbe market
yesterday was more than   sufficient
to fill   nil   demands  but the buyers
; commented generally on  the  small
i size  of the  fruil  offered   for   sale
and declined to jurchase  anything
! except first-clas? stock.
The crab apples are beginning to
.bow that they will be one of the
big crops of the season.
For tbe first time for some
months  the Supply  ot mutton on'
the market wis very good and it Rough Biding Competi tion for tbe Championship
went  without  any   grent   trouble.. Of British  Columbia.
Tlie amount of veal on the   market
was uot up to the  standard  of the
past  tew  week-t.     Pork   was   not 1
plentiful and what was exhibited in j
; the stalls went without any trouble. ��� Expended in Improvements 1 o Grounds This Yeeo*
The number of plums coming to Excursion Rates From All Points.
the mark:-' is  on   the  increase and I
the fruit is much larger than it was j Entries   Close   September
I a few weeks ago wheu  the contin-j J_ E. SMART, Sec.-TrsaS.,
ued drought  had  reduced  the sue; p   q   Dras^er  7.31     Victoria
to n certain extent. |
There was a large quantity of
eggs on the market and the price
in   who'eiale   quantities  advanced
three  cents.    The wholesale  price! 	
at which   a  large number of eggs;     A  disastrous fi|e whidl   burne,,
-hanged hands yesterday was 35c j with   great  rapi(hty owiug t0 th,
price rise j ^j-,   0f wind blowing,   did
New Service���Port Guichon and  Ladner to New
Westminster and Vancouver.
Leave Pt. Guichon, 6. 30 a.m.    Arrive Vancouver, 10.20 a.m.
Leave Vancouver.,   2.10 p.m.    Arrive Pt. Guichon. 6.00 p.m.
Gives  Passengers  four  liours  in   either   Jtfew   Westminster or Vancouver.
New   Freight   Tariff   effective    September    5th,   '06.
Greatly Reduced Rates.     For particulars apply to
Agent, Port Guichon,
Sufficient Cars will be furnished without delay.
Incorporated IS.iV.
B.C. 1
Disastrous Fire.
This also made the retail
aad uo eggs were sold at  the price thousandg of dollars of damtge at
of 35c as last  week, but  all  whicli | K,)UrQe Tkur,day morni���g
were -old in   retail quantities
The Koyal bank of Canada witb.
its splendid coanectioa all over
Canada, affords you exception;,!
banking facilities.
bought at the price of 40c a  dozen
The supply of chickens was good
while the number of ducks aDpear-
iig on the market is quite a i ur-
prise t* the buyers. Yesterday
large numbers of tbe honkers were
present and made themselves
knowu. Ther; was sufficieat
dressed (owl oa the market to satisfy ti e demand which was quite
Among the anim��ls which attracted the rnoit attention were
half a dcz;n porkers of Ibe size
knowu as "squealers." The) were
beught up and taken down the
dyer for raisi��g as winter pork.
The prevailing prices were as follows: Beei, hindquarters, 8^c to
9j��c; forequiiters, ;c to S<-; mutton, 13c to 14c; lamb, 15c; real,
1 ic; pork, 1 ic; eggs, per don.. 35c
to 40c; fowl, per do?.., $6.50 to
$7.50; C-iickeni, per dot., #3.75 to
$5.50; ducks, per cos., J6.75 to
I7.50; potataes. per ton, ��40 to $50;
apples, per hex, 75c to ft; Bartlett
pears, per box, fl; < rab apples, per
Ik. 2C.
Market Notes.
The principal leases were.:
Anglican church.
Dry kiln aud content* at Mawkin-
ney & Champion'* shingle mill.
Residence of W. D. Champion.
Residence ol Pre    Hall.
C. P.   is.   box  <-��r     laded   with
The fire started in the dry kiln at
about 7.4. on Thursday morning
Ti-.-re ate; Eburn-1 radically no
fire figkting ippliancs and the
fl? es 1 > .'hei- own -ay fer some
tunc Fortumately the direction ef
the witsd ��sas suck that tke flames
were nol carried to the main body
of ihe mill. Word was telephoned
into Vancouver und an engine and
a party ef fire fighters were sent
out. They got the fire under con-
tr.il after their arrival but belore
they got there the above damage
was done.
For Those
CAPITAL,        .   - - - $3,900,000
RESERVE FUNDS,       - - $4,390,000
A General Banking Business Transacted.
of darkest Africa, lived some
�� ago, a rlave troman named
iro.    ,She   longed   ier   liberty.,
tn tiie village ef Hale, w��st of
li'r Niger, in one of the darke t
and bcinj���r a woman ol ability, worked hard enough to buy her freedom, after t he custom ofthe land.
Th;u she left Hale, hearing of more
civilized districts, where she thought
j her freedom would be of more use
to her, and sfce ceuld enior life
O^unro found cirilizatiou   where
Savings Department.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
BRANCHES IN BRITI��_H COLUMBIA���Vancouver, Vaucouvei
East End, Mt. Pleasant, Oranvill* Street, Cordova Street; Grand
Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Port Kssington, Rossland, Victoria, Vernon,
Chilliwack, Cumberland,  Port Moody and New Westminater.
C. B. DANIEL, Manager, LADNER, B. C.
Ladner Exhibitor
I IU ��� SOU nn I
V. K. I.eale, of  Everett. Wash.,
is the new breakie ou the local.
W. T- Iranirith   lett, last  week,
������ o* a busiuess trip te Bella Coela.
The regular monthly uaieu missionary prayer meeting will be held;
in the Methodist Church, on Thurs-j
tlay  evening  at   S   o'clock.     Thej
public are cordially iavited.
Mr. nnd   Mrs.   R. VauIIorne, ofj
^evelst��ke, paid a short visit here|
yesterday, the guests o' Dr. ar.d j
Mrs. A. A. King. Mrs. Van'
Heme in a cousin ol fie Doctor's.
J. Keary, of Kensington, brought
iu soHi* vegetables and eggs.
Mrs. Taylor, of I.adner, had
sense butter and eggs.
D. Dove, of Sunbury, brought in
quite a large quantity ol veal.
Mrs. Roberts, of Boundary Bay,
had butter and egjs.
Mrs. Petersen, ol Sunbury, exhibited .owe ducks which she sold
Jas. Pear, on, o:' Boundary Bay,
had a nice collection of Iruit.
C. "Long, of Custer,
visiting his daughter,
Wash,, is
Mrs.   Joe.
Miss Mne Jordan returned h me,
Friday, fiom a visit lo n latives iii
aud'around Custer, Wash.
Xernian Braid ner, who whs visit-
lag kis sister, Mrs Jas. McCallan,
had tke misfortune to brrak. bis leg
en .Saturday 'as,',, and was taken up1
f* the Rural (.'isllimhian.Hospital.
wkere t'te ii.jnred Member ws? set
j    The subject  of the  evening dia-
j course in ihe Methodist Church on
! Sunday next will be "The Christian
i Sabbath and Our Canadian
The Koyal Bank of Canada is I
here tor your convenience and will!
be pleased to   sive  yon   every  at-1
A somewhat severe eart'icjuake
shotk was felt kere ea Sun .ay last.
at abont 1 e. click p.m., which
wade h����sts quiver and furuitur.
antf'dishes to rattle and move. I��
(ine house th* shock was so severe
that it was feared th' plaster would
shafce cff.'-
Mrs. W, J. Leary, jr., underwent
an   operation,   yesterday,    for   appendicitis,  which was successfully
performed  by  Drs. Woodley   and I
nan:: Mark
Copyrights 4c.
Anrnoti pen .ind . i<_��_p_ nn . doseiiptlqn ini,s
licttly R^ci'tiiiii r.tir opinion lt���o whs.,hor an
,-rs!i(V>n tn prnhnhty pfitpnliihto. ComtllunlOR.
,!,Bntricily<-onBdenttal. HANDBOUK on Patenui
it free. 01 ,s*t ni/oncy f^rps-'CurluK nntentp.
"n[��ntsi isUum Uiroaiih Munn Bl Co. rui'olye
triatmoHct, without ch;ir_���, In tho
Scicmific HttKricatt.
hfiTHlsonrlf lllnptrnted wepftly. Lnrtrrvt rtr
uiatlan of nny sciehtlfla Journal, 'i'l^rnis, W a
~,-��r; (nnr montns,|L Sold tyall newsdealers.
Umnch omoo. ftli F Bt_ Waahlnstnn. I). c.
there were missionaries. She listened to the missionaries, and was
converted. Then different longings
came to ber. ,She had longed to
get awav from Hale, ����� as lo better
kerself. Now she longed to get
back to Hale, to better Uie village,
and help the people. So she went
back to where she kad been a slave,
and toek the gospel with her.
She   worked   harder than   ev>��ri
ito earn money���not lor herself this
time, but to build  a  little  church.
By 1903 sbe had net only built  the!
���church, but" kad put it at  the  dis-1
posal   of   the   nearest   missionary I
workee, and had brought five of the |
young   men  of the  village   in  as
biptised   members.    All alone,   in ���
that   dark   cornel   ot  heathenism,
this untiring  worker  has  brought
the yospel to her   village.    In   ker
otvn baptism  she had  recired  the
name of Dorcas.    It  seems  appropriate to  her  nature and  helpfulness.
Are missions worth while?    Cec-1
tainly the missionaries wh��  taught^
Sabbath Itlie E0SPel to Ogu nro did a thing;
that was worth while for her and |
for the village of Hale One story j
like this outweighs a ton el ignor-|
ant criticism of in .motis; ;ind thisi
African Dorcas preaches to every I
i one ol us an inspiring sermon on
: r.nselfish cousecrca'ion and tireless;
j labor fot God and man���Ex.
, mammmm
Jan. 8th to 11th,
Eight First Prizes.   Three Specials.
Six Seconds.    Three Thirds.
White Rocks, Barred Rocks, ."Silver
Spangled    Hauiburgs,   Buff
Orpingtons and Black
4   HKW WKSTMINI..RK,    :
.��.  Mauafsn't��T9TB it all kin da ol
B. C.
. Soda Water, Ginger
I Ale and Summer
f. Drinks.
\ Your patronage solicited
Egge for Hatching���
B. C.
Electric Railway coin it
(Westminster Branch)
Time Table
Cars lr*Te Wentminslrr for Vaucouver at 5.50
and 6..^o a.m. mid hourly thereafter until 11 p.
m.; Saturday* and Suudays at 11 p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver for We*, minsters at 5.so
and ft.50 a. in. find hourly thereafter until top,
m.; Saturdays and Sundays at u p.m.
We run first-class freight enra tietween Westminster and Vancouver uud all shipments are
handled wife)) the utmost core nnd delivered *to
consignee without delny Special attention paid
to Truit shipments. Out wagoafe meet all boaU
nnd trains.   Tor rates, etc, apply tu
Traffic Mgr. Local Mgr.
Westminster, s.e
Fashion Stables -
Trucking alii Draying.
Livery work nf all kinds attended to promptly.
J. Mm Collinson
Xataer. a. c.
M.R.C.V.S., I'klin.
New Weftiniister, S. C.
Office :
Central Livery Stable,
Columbia St.        Phone 137
Harvest Horn- *ei .'ices Tvill be
hell in the Meiho-li.t Church, on
Jjund.iy, thc i.!,th im'., when Rev.
W. H. Ban-ac'ough, of New Westminster, will passc'i bcth morning-
aRd'evcnin?. The'church will be
auitably decorated for th ,'cccs.sion.
The afternoon will bc rally day in
the Sunday .fihool when ihc newl
library will br 6ferfe;1 to the use of
the school. I
A rather  peculiar  runaway t��_��k
place yesterday from Port Guichen.
Henry Jordan had a team  of (juiet
htirscs down at the T*ort   and while'
i'i   the  act  ef throwing the reinxj
over the bicks  el  lhe  horses from
one side  to  the other, something 1
.startled   them   and   off they  went!
a'ong tlie- ro.id to  Westminster andj
di 1 not  stop  antii  held  up by the!
toll collector pn the bridge.    After1
travelling that  distance  (about 21
miles) ancl passing other vehicles on
the  road,   the  only  damage  done |ThA    Ddt.9[    '1 ^fTieS   :
i Onto mv premises, on the Slough
jrn,.d, about the isl of August, ona
1 Milch Cow, Owner mav hare same
lo proving j'lo.ier.y and paj'ing lor
'this ad.
Ladner Carriage Works.
was the loss ofa set of shoes, three!
cit'hions, n seat and Ian robes.
W. N. Draper,
Room 7. F.llnrd Block,Mew Westminster.
Machine Castor,
White Rose Separator
W600 Cylinder
J. L C. Hard
Receives both Ladies and Gentlemen as resident
or day students. Has a complete Commercial
���or Business Course. Prepares .students to ^ain
Teachers' Certificates of all grades. In affiliation
with Toronto University gives the four years'
course i'or B. A. degree, and the first year ofthe
Toronto School of Science, Has a special "Pros-
pectors' Course   for miners who work in B. C.
Instruction given in   Art.,   Music,   Physical
Culture and Elocution.
For    Calendar,   etc.,   address   "Columbian
Out.of-doors" wish a STP.VI.NS���
best thi oi l���t i growing boy I
Learning to .shoot well und
acquiring .{utilities of
inaUduetoSTBVIlNfl PUIEARMS K!>nc.lTIo. .
Ask your Dealer for Steven. Rlilos���
Shotguns���Pistols. las ut ou our tine-
honored mako. if yon cannot obtain,
wo -.lip dJroot. exnrggg wennld. upon
reooipt of Catalog Pi :<���>���.
Kverjtliiuff /on   ..,,1to know nl.niit 1J���. STBVKNB
ll found iu 110 PBtfo l!l���.>._,...i ,..n,,,l..jj.   M��i|,.,|
f... f. -jr csn.ts, it, .tamp, u. |,���>- posl.ps.    B��M_I>
tnl Too Us.lur lfiui|f>s���floe .1...... r.. . for your
"<'.itu" or .Jul, fr. ..,���,���... ...1 fn, ,', ..nls in .,���,.,;,-
I'. 0. Bu*  .011?
C bicopee   Palls,   Mass.,  U. S. A.
Dn-vn Irv tlie am..-*-cn m nv.-.utnuT d*j
I il .7i- ktiI dream while ihu children play
Gleefully heaping their bills of s��nd,
- !aUiug them palaces hitjh und gntnd;
A clani'sholl serroi for tlu- grota fronl deoe
Ainl tlie waih ia u bit of a broken our,
>'..iit. plate und platter and bowl uud cap
Am polt: ihed pebbles the mu. bringa up.
And king and qneen in their ruyul state
Past Intend out through u seaweed jjate,
And lord and lady rids to und fro
Till a fur v<i< --��� calls, ''It is time to go!'
Tu gams and jewel* and pain'-.- loll
They hia farewell, and thoy Leave ihtir: all,
While fjm tide comes faugliinyly up the hay.
And tivc sand rradu palao�� '--- vrnabed ���vra-f.
De< p in ilu.* .'iry I see 'b*j n en
Ply, iug thu childish saint,-* agate���
Building a palace t_f brlek and stone
And playfully calling it nil their own;
Tlu- walls tire laid wHti ihu cares of wealth,
And thirr'.'il   ii  patched with   li.air Lrct( ���
I  ���,.'.'.. 7
And plate and platter and bowl find cup
Are polished trinkets their toll LijiJtj ��p
And king and queen in the), r yal it ate
Pi   s In and out tbriiujfh a guldun ji��to.
/.nd lord and lod> i ide to a  ������ ri ���
Till ji fur. vulnt culls, "It Is timu-to jol'
From ��<��� ������..��������� ititd jewels end [joIqi j t ������' ���
XL'    t ;   ���   \    ��� . and l he j Eeav�� ikum all,
And tl  ii  , >��� . mnthi >uyb a thousand year*
And ll ������ mats t-.ri ,-. palace   li chia.; : Liars.
���Ni.-.   'i ^uiuniinit iii I*. A. W   i:uuv'.i.i
La Gnppe
Etc., Etc.
i*  H
lt will pay you lc own one and lie on the safe
side. One Oxydonor in a family will banish al 1 the terrors of disease from the household if only used as-soon
���,is needed and   m a reasonable way.
This is the Actual Experience in many thousands
of families who have adopted tliis advanced method of
treating disease,
h-ihimmatory Rheumatism.
Mr. JuFs. An.tn, T. ..mIubij, B.C., <.'�����,, -Trite*, March n, 1901 : ''ffoitie Eve years ajjn T
got Oxyiloaor (ur my witt who was  ���nffViIaf   fro��   fem��l*   wsakntss.   After ti wefk's iiic fi-; j
doctor himself was snrpriscd te Bad sacb & chiuftr, is fat. H was etnu��h to Induce hira to gpt
B.t Oxydonor ftir hit. qiater.
"A iih<.r(  tim��* afo ray wife he 1 hi ,ivk-��l #f iuJic.muiHiuiy thtu infttls** j     She   could
no,, walk and kcr   joint*   were   aiBtli   kwixIWii,    ftke   r.pj.lifd   Oxyduunr, a;.d    bffore   ui)fht IU.. t
l>ains had rrast-'l, unA next moralng titers ere, Ttry liltle sw-rlliuj, and %\ie canlA waV* a* well ,
���an ev#r.   '-*.r hrr! a ^i.nilai ai.af'k k��fore wt jot (Jxy*io��#tr at.4 m* ttin-e-  ;. Amt^mr'a onto for a
month, and miflfrrrri agonies.
"It li.tB rnr.-d mc of �� *evsre co.d."
vSe'i'.'.l  at  (Kicc   for  bonk   No. 78, giving   Further in-;
fbrmatioH  about OXYDONOR aud  many reports from all
:.; ts .of the country.
364 St. Catharine St. West, Montreal
Holy Couimunioi:���is*, and 3rd
Sundays at 8:30 a.m.; 2nd and 4th
Sundays al 11 a. 111.
.Matins, 11 o'clock.
Evensotyj, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday School at 10 a.m.
Friday evening, Litany at 7:30.
Rev. E. R. Bartlett, M.A., Vi.-ar.
CATHO. i'.:
Services firs' and third Sunday of
each month at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7:30 ji.ni
Sunday school al 3 p.m.
Low M:i_s and Holy t'omnmuiou
first and third Mondays at ("> a.m.
R?v. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish I'riest.
Just   na   i..',r..
A gif*. from Sprliano, Wash., Who hui
been visiting ii> llantoa a:\yi . ho Is tired
of Iwinjr laughed at bt. ;>.u^" nho !��� :: nevof
eeuu tliu I'ui.'ilii; (icouii. Shu iIucIuks ��ho
falls to sou why ii'.-.' Boston Mantis thin .
It odd ^sliti lifts n.jli yoon l.he Paoiflo wlieil
they have never seen l-Myiuouth rooU nor
Chpe Cod snoU deserts nor climbed tv llic
top of Bunker Hill monument.
ilia 1,-B��retf_oa0]its
Fn^tf���Few men lil_�� ProfLvsor IJed-
wood In a;> emergency,
IttijH���As I'or ins!unco?
���Ifojg���He wns wallilnp: Iiy the riTorsid.
when o man fell itt. Withoit'.the loss
et. ft-monusnt the professor stsnt his valet
(home in got n book which UjIIs how to te-
���uscltnte persons apparently drowned.
Bass���But probatjly the man drowned
lo",; before the valel . ot Ijack.
KiigK- V*��s Wasir'i it too I. ulf if It
hadn't beon for that, tha professor's fore-
tliouglit would I. \" saved the 1 lan'slife
^Boston Tr.'tnscrlpt
Services next   Lord's Pay at  111
t. 111.and 7:3" p.'u.
GUss  tijteting, to.30 a.m.  every!
Sabbath School al 2 i> ra every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev. T. F. Kelts, pastor i
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a.m. a:.d 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 sin Midweek meeting' on Thursday eveuiii;.;
at 7,.30 o'clock.
Rev. A. McAuley, Pastor.
The iDt&ltzs
Sabbath  services ��� Crescent 'Inland, 3 p.m.; Laduer, 7:30 p.m.
Sundav School at 10:30 a. 111.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
8 p.m.
Rev. A. Ii.  Huntley, pastor.
Nurseries   &   Seerihouses
Wlsispc Daaivbters Dress Alike.
_a Vuentan, CoulTal America, sisusi-i
I'nt.is pi'eelEely alike, t,.." to iUv kjin;. of
e bov:. tl'.n turn of a butKjtu or tiit* flower
(fa-tho hair. In the troplos large-facnllleJ
���re tl " rule, nntl any i_uy you _t��; sosj in
that oolintry girl. In groups of from t.h:t%>
fai * bskor's dozen who belong lo the S4,"J��,
f .TiiU-; .ss Vhcii; clethes Will .'..huw. Ilii
tftus ��Bsy to distinguish thu inonihere cf a
futoily anywhere, and not infrequently
sKtt-]') are oalled by their.favorite flower
o.' a,'it. in Auhl: men and women wear
*fe��lr Mts'i in the same-way e^id dress ;U-
-SMst jtlilos. Knrr!ngS'Ond finger rings are
tvwfc by women only. l_t]>p man and
Wboiw_ dews ulikj. Tha mau nod women
of Jho Cree tribe ot Indians diess allhe,
but oan bu distinguished by Tho ornamentation of thoir leggings, tbat of tha visa
being vertical und that oil the v...i��jo bott'
eon tnl.
Oeeii Sea Fi_U.
ciivat forest, of ������ea weeds cover the
bottom cf the ocean nnd reach from
On? greatest depths to the surface, lu
these forests there Is life more dlversi-
iiiyl than iu the primeval forests of the
tropics. 0ptders and wormliko aulmnls
of enormous sl_o, Infusoria^, crabs, sea
urchins, shells, crustaceans, starfish,
turtles and millions of other living;
things of all kinds llnd their food in the
equally varied plant life of the deep
A curious circumstance connected
witu deep sea u_u is tuai none or tue&e
bus ever been brought up alive. He-
cent deep sea explorations reveal the
fact that the ocean still contains Immeasurable treasures whieh await development Kiid utilization by bumaa
Inventiveness. The most fertile acre
of cultivated laud is a sterile desert
compared with one acre of thc surface
of tbe deep sea bottom.
Job Printing.
Headquarters lot PaeificJjCoasl
grown Garden, Field and Flower
Seed, that arc thoroughly tested as
to vitality before offering fot sale���
ihui ut.. subject lo govvtii I inspection as 10 freedom Ii.hu weed
seeds.    Samples  _ent   to intending
I purchasers,
I Large stook oi HOMEGROWN
Fruit and Ornamental Trees now
matured for'the spring trade.
'No expense, loss or delay of fumigation or inspection.
j BEE SUPPLIES, Spray Pumps,
Spraying Material, Greenhouse
Plants, Cut Flowers,
We   do   business   on   our   own
I grounds���no rent to  pay andare
! prepared to nice, all competition.
Let ine price your list before placing your order.   Catalogue Free.
Baeb Ea Wnr.
7Fha notions of uaur wounded tn battle
are often misunderstood. General Fuller,
as quoted in ihe Chicago Inter (let-in,
{.���lies a pathetic instaneo of !hi.. kirn!:
ln the midst of battlo General Fuller
wns trying to ohook the (liphtof rK*"*��
.stricken in-'n. Ono poor fellow came
iftmnhllng nl"tig, not hee-dlng �� word that
was said to him.
Indignant and Impatient, Fuller, as ho
s)amo noar this loan, 1, aned from his horse,
<ud, touching hln: with bio swan'., said
sharply, "Qo back, sirl"
The mnn looked up with nn expression
of an. tiish and tie. pair on hlsfnoet.bat
Hildas plainly as words, "1 am looking
tor a plaoe to die." Ho 1 poned bis blouse
and showed v. hip-, gaping wi!iiud In Inr.
breast,    i'hen he dropped lo the ground.
The general Instantly dismounted, but
e.lo.o-t as be raised Clio man's h .��� I 10 hit
sarin tho inior folh w brtmi   kJ hia last.
Ilsur   -VrBuel   Wrote  Ills Olirrtll.
Vi'agnor < m: s. 1 an opera In his mind foi
your* before he begun toBol It ti ia n on pa-
por 'lar work once t>��� ���.-1..-1 bowovor II
was performed with llghlnlni
Kven when en old man bowrute dowu lbs
-jenre for oue of his famoiiB operas wl^l
such rapidity that two trained amanU'
enses were unable to keep up with bhn
So absorbed in his writing did Wngnst
1 become that in his chirograph; were ex-
;ire. i-ed the different emotions of the personages of tho o|_ir�� portzayod by tbom
passages.���Ladios' Home .Journal,
M)W Westminster Road,
Site H��s.��si��snstrntrsl.
"Mrs. Small." said Ihe lodger lo tils
landlady, "1 thought you didn't nllow
Btuokiugiln the parlor?"
'I don't," replied .Mrs Small, '.sit! ca-
���K-gy.    'Who's doing it, I'd like to ,     iwf"
' Well, if you hnve time, y,.n n Ight stop
In  and  remonstrate  with  Ihe lamp."���
: f ink Mc Up
1 . the 1 it ���     tss for 3 par-
(01      ��������� '   is a enp ( streamers,
<> ',������ iron, "��� '���!' ���'������' rr ��nrtf   nnd
own collars     I h<      i-eamsrs ee tM
. .,.;, a matter of La.!*, hut most
pi   , le 1 ivesr them
A settlement worker, ! .vlng beeu re-
��� ���.- 'd i,y anxious moll '-rs to nddn 1
the younger '..,',��� he settlement
clubs on "heart ;:.i m st" lopiea, decided 10 do so. She talked with ihe girls
v irucstly, urging upon them tho deep
ind Intrinsic sneredness of all love and
mat rinse relations, the coarseness and
vulgarity .-of Indiscriminate flirtations,
tbe gr at ar.d growing need for high
his a', ���. ::|and:'.-:ls and action <-���:: the woman's part. Th n, just as s'a: took her
seal, it occurred to her that-she might
bave iaiks.3 a little bit '.ve- the heads
of hor listeners, and she Sj rang I 1 her
feet v.iilj an added remark:
"Please believe tlmi v. hat I say is
true, my dear friends." she exhorted
earnestly, "and plea-;..- don't think I
don't understand my subject, i know
what I'm talking aboui. girls- / really
Onci more she took her seat, delighted with the air of general Interest, and
from the rear of the room came ihe
"Please, Mrs S., how many times
hare jrou been in love-.---
Tlss Word "Jolly."
On the adoption of the word "jolly"
luto tho Kngllsh it hud the meaning of
beautiful, as lt ha'. >wu<_ag ihe French
today. The Duglish dramatist Beaumont of the sixteenth century speak,
���f our flrst mother as "the jolly Eve."
Iu time, bowever, It came to ne a., hilarious, regardless of physical beauty.
Hut tULs latter meaning ls probably
the right oue after all. aa the wund
doubtless comes from Yule (Yu-le), ine
pa._an ChrlsUims. so lo speak, fur be it
known that wlmt we now observe a*
Christmas day was a heathou. ho'iiiu?
called Yule, and the V'ule festival was
one of noisy demotiatration.
Yule Indeed means noise i_r outcry,
praising iu loud voice, chanting, sinking, making outcry ia honor of their
god. From yule, then, tt, .oily lUe stop
U sh ai'. aud easy, both u.eaiilUi.' revelry, rejoicing. O:'.. is a risen I.oi'd,
theirs the same. The words art, identical. So, too, In large degree the Christmas Jollities, praises and those of heathen Yule, luto such eh.se relation do
simple words sometimes connect the
present with the past.
��� Chin i'i. Joke.
In his book on "China and the Chinese" Or. Giles gives �� specimen of
Chinese humor which, if the .eurea
were not known, might well he iui-s-
taken for American humor.
Tlierc Is a Chinese story whieh tells
how a very stingy mau took a paltry
sura of money lo an artist���payment is
always exacted in advance���and asked,
hlm to paint bis portrait. Thc artist at
erne compiled With the request, but
vvlier,' the portrait was finished nothing
was'Visible save the back of lhe sitter's Lead.
"What does this mean7" cried file sitter indignantly.
" .Veil," replied the artist, "I thought
a man who paid so little as you paid
Wouldn't care to show Ids face."
TW.  Bnbnrlmn  Child.
They were suburbanites, and ihey sat
��t breakfast, when a letter was handed to thc mother, whieh site read with
rapidly increasing consternation, "How
unspeakably dreadful!" sbe exclalxned.
"Cecilia Rodney's entire family li,. .
been practically wiped out. Her moll. ���
er has died, nnd her father, ber In-other and her cousin, nil ii. '.he saina
Ethel (four years old, who in bet
brief career has experienced all U.e
joys and woes of the Buburbs)���Did tbe
cook die, too, mamma?���Harper's Magnate e.
A  Com-eulent   Con��el��nc*.
"I don't behove be hss any cot-
science at all.''
"Oh, yes, he bas."
"Not much of a one."
"No; not much of a one, of course.
In fact, it's of such (rifling Importunes
that wheu he heats some oue oui of
$1,000 be can square tbiugs with it l>y
contributing $1.50 to charity. Still lh'fl
a conscience."-
Tltt,  Barred   tloc.i.
"There is ouly one rosd to success In
life." suid lhe man who bad made his
lucky and retired.
"And hew shall 1 know the road?'
Inquired tbe budding young man.
"Well," replied tlie mun with the
lucky, "yon go tight along thla path
of ndveralty until jor reach the diet
turn to the right." .
"Yes, yes."
"Atid >ou'Ii find a road barred off
With a gate and a sign tbat says '.No
Trespassing.'   Well, that's iu"
'i  TTO    KluJl    ���t     -...��.
In aa lewa law cutirl an at'o-ne..
was arguing with gr.'at earnestness
and eloquence In the Lildst of his argument he paused a moment, says the
Green Bag. and said:
I "I sec your honor ��. nkes his head ��.:
that statement. I desire to reaffirm it,
although your honor dissents."
"I have uot Intimated," replied the
judge, "how I should .onstrue tiie evidence or what mv decision will bc In
the case, and your remark Is uncalled
"Tot shook your head."
"That w,:y be tioe," the court re-
p!e-d. "There was a fly on my ear. hiid'
1 rest rved iuu right to remove* it in imj
manner i saw Ut. Proceed with your
Caleb 1 11 .-.lit 11 if'm  :,,���.-...
Calab Cushlhg's peculiar maQper'Q.
dress and h._ ��.'. i.iUv ley. were fre-
i.uentjy lbs subjeel of i. wspaper articles. Although qulle a large and port*
ly u.au. Lis clothes always seemed to
ba two or three Bi.es to 1 lurg ��� for blm
. and of the cheapest rm lerla). He always during buth sumu r and wiater
wore a large cloth cap pulled close.
down 011 his head and altogether looked anything but the brilliant jurist
and diplomat, une day, al'ler reeding
au unusually caustic comment upou his
dress, he I-.-marked to the writer, "1
guess by the time ths: fool i- as old as
1 om he will care more for comfort
than fashion."
llll'.J O.t   lBBl|T��Hlk.
Uncle Sam has a blank list of birds
.Mid quadrupeds which il is absolutely
prohibited to introduce int* this country, eaye the Chattsaooga Times. Tka
mongoose, the ",:,,, fox and tk* star
ling are on the list. Th* mongoose is 1.
species ef ferret, a native of India,
where It Is domesticated ���� t sort of
animal rat trap and snake destroyer.
II was introduced into Jamaica to get
r.a Of tiie sugar cane rate. These exterminated, however, the mongoose
wcul on to diet off ths insect destroying birds, with the result tbat th* crops
have been devastated by insects lu
muir sections of the island. The sni-
r.ial Is cki illngly crafty, nocturnal In
Its hsbiis and evade., traps with ease.
The flying fox, known also as the fruit
bat, Is a voracious harvester of fruits
and vegetables. The starling belong"
to the crow family.
lirm on mm On.rlch i arm.
It is no uncommon thing to aee a
male ostrich strutting? about followed
by three or four distinct broods, all cf
different sizes. When the Incubating
process is completed, the cock bird
leads his young ones off and If he
lueses another proud papa engages in
a terrific combat wiih him. The vanquished bird rotin. without a s!::,;)e
chick, while the other, surrounded by
the two broods, walks away triumphantly.
Qsve Himself Anar.
After preaching ou the occasion of
the reopeniug of a restored church the
bishop thanked the chiitehwarder, a-r.
old farmer, for his share In the gotiQ
work. "And ! must thank your lordship for your sermon,'' was the reply,
"but 1 could not help thiuking,.as you
talked about sin, that your lordship
must have been a Utile wildish yourself when you were a young man."
Coo :rntmrnt.
One who had tried several times ro
jump across a stream aid had repeat-
idly fa,lei, Iii linaIly succeeded, wheu
lie said to a friend, "How much la".ier
1 a,:i than yen hi having accomplished
a difficult feat."
".\ 1 at nil," refilled his friend. "I
��m better tt:.:. yon in not wishing to
|ump across."
The   l>.ITerr_<��v.
""What a luxury a clear conscience
is!" exclaimed the high minded statesman.
"Yes," answered Senator Sorghum,
"it's a luxury, but .1 isn't a necessity."
CusS  ��t  n   Bad Tblii-g..
Bill���That mau Is s horrible liar.
Jill���Oh, I don't kuow    J think hafa
very good at it.
Didn't Try  Botb.
Qhastd by a do��. I ci Imbed a tr**.
If.   trtHis*rs are 1 sight 10 *���*!
1 ara constrained, therefore, to write,
"Tii* barK woo far wors* tti��4i the bit��_��
-rtmiverilty cf MioWjao Wrinkle.
Tl��* Bplaare.
"They say the glass enter has made*
"Yes, he can afford to eat all cit
glass uow."
Behind   tb*   Timac.
"She ha* the figure of a Venus;"
"Is   she. then   so  unfashionable M
He tit�� of r'.l ths patuit foods
.'\.e asked a single question
Aad drank th* patent medicine,
Tc eitr* hie ioalg*etie ..
J*-��*t��l  Art.
"Don't jew think ker face Ws as artt>
��clsl tint?'
"lint,   maa1   If s a   solid   color."
idle Calk*.
Industry Is tbe feundstiea Uf every-
tklng w���rthy, yet '.ker* i.r* a great
laaay hll* penplt.   Au Idle \j�� nr wo-
man is a bad advertisement for any
eeamanity. luvMtigstiou will reveal
thai it is the Idle people wlke engage
ki l>*d icrapes.
R*m4 th* Stun*.
Ta* Ycuag Uan-I hav* kuown fer
a leug tint* t .ei that yoB oared foi inc.
Tk* Lady���Beallyl   Hew I* that?
Tk* Yenug Man -Frew tk* fact tbat
year people put Utsiees've* eiit ef tkote
sray t* eavk me,
vu.t..t-Milir T*t Vsei,.��i.
A proniinenl Kew YurkK photographs!
t. h 's,s thai il' 1)*could obtain the. servioec
of properly skilled women ha^vould not
haven umn in hi* ���mploji, Itlsawom-
aa's natural lightness, her dellcnoy of
touch, her keen eye for light and shade
���nd perhan* moet ot all her artistic in-
kllnct whieh peculiarly render her fitted
Cor the work of photography.
Th�� official fhetegrapber ei Woshlngtok
I* a woiann, U10 Lwtl of -e large BoStOB
).ho'...!_r;n hi* *stnb!lslivicnt la a won na,
who ha* reptodUoedsWlth eTotiifitc skill
ell lha lllustratlona ef th* h, ..:<. library
dcccratltns, end tk*r* **em* to bv uo rosso* why we seen ia general should net
suooeod in this tPrmllon. Tbay have na*'
wjOIv all th* M . ulelua rtstntlal Ui tu*e**S-
.B. C- --   ��� -.-,v-. t      ��������-.- -���--.-.    -'   ���-
Miss   Howard,   of    Vancouver,
visited Mrs. L. Oifljtd, yesterday.
���.'.. ���,..s."ut'V..t
Mrs. iLobt. Crowe, of Victoria, is
visiting hsr mother, Mrs. R. Devereaux,
Has.,. . -
Mrs. G, W. Brewster returned,
yesterday, from a visit to the Terminal City.
li-' ���    ������	
Robt. May visited, tha Royal City
f-'aturday, wbero he spent Sunday
-s.UL iriends.
Hay, lira in, Barns, Implements;
Furniture and Houses
Insured From fire
Mrs. tt. E, Robsrtson, of Vancouver, it a guest of Mr. and Mr?.
John McKe-*
fyite, Shiks & (��,
260 Columbia ��J&eet,   -   New Weiteanater, B,
-f.ezty  Gifford  came   aver   from j,
Vancouver, yesterday,  on  a  short
visit to Ws parents.
Mrs. Wm. McRae. ol Point Roberta, paid a short visit to har mother,
Mint. C. Beadlestcu, last week.
Mrs. Win.- McRae, of Poiat Roberts,   paid   a   short   visit   to   her
��� .other,.  Mrs.   C.   Beadleston,   las; j
W. Dubbetl-y, cf Van.outer,
foreman ofthe B. C. Electric Co.'s
line men here, speat Sunday in Van-
con ver,.
i  ���������
LAiii&a I Ivi.
wili.   be  hx;-.o  ON
P um
Handled on Cocim
Best Machinery
On Earth
�� Beg Leawe
To notify the people, of Ladner- and sur*
rounding district that w.e are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
Portland   Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate, building*
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Uftifomifli D_I��fon h WHtei��W(��
fli IH fl
UM!!   ll-JIO Ml  UU.,
Vancou. e
la-. ?�� a_ osasa
Bfc_s   Ki
B  (
Mrs, W. E. Curtis returned, on
Thursday, from Lowe Inlet, wheic
she had been durittg the summer
Jno. McLeod  retaroed here, last
rreak, to pack   ap  his  belongings,
and mav*.with his family to  Ever-] September  19th
.Mjt. Wash.
Sept. 20 & 21,'07
Entries Close Thursday,
��� - ���
Plans ofthe subdivision of Well-j A.   DeR,   TAYLOR,  Sec.
aiagtoa.Farrn .aav be kept at this j
��See and : any- .:iforms.ti��n    .vhich j " ���'"     '  ' ' ���"a^raramw-J"��-�����-
For   .tou)'
a :t
Alive of- Dressed.
E. T. CALYi'.HT,
Part I luichoi
Way lie destrea.
F. Pearsnw, who has beea our
.Sfcal brakesman for some time, left,
jeste's-Jay, lor Everett, Wash,, hia
aew appointment.
'oka.Oliver, M.P.?., came rate
io wi, yesterday, aad returned hoaee
ia the evening with a load of sup-
lilies of various k i ud3.
W, N. Draper, arrived i here, last
irtek-, to fiaish ap some odd jobs of
jtarvey work which he had not
been able to accomplish en previous
Alex. McLeod,  one of Vancouver's   prosperous   business   men, j
���pent the holiday here on a visit to
his sister,   Mr��. Jas.   Pallia, Pair-] j
-view road.
(jig)        _	
C. 13. Daniel, i��aaafer of ihe
Royal Bank htre, went down ta
Victaria, oa Saturday last, and!
took ia the Labor Day -elebratioa-,
"here yesterday
W. H. Taylor,
Ladner,   -
B   C
ti&asx' ''._.. ���.:-';_>:_*.0 ijskse..:&?:���?!'
���   111  .   ��� 1
amnt -nav~     i
aSKK��E. 3SaE?}��S;*3 ��.BSSSfcSffiSH_a_*<BSKa g
iilverwai e,
ai _J" ir
L    KJi s {1..:     .
Watch Repairing a Specialty
��� ,���'������      -&
..s.s*.  Ss. .5 /,   ,. fis? ��� 4
jwimrttU}   ,' ���    Wttj
I  A ' INKR      ;'- '..
Hastings Street,  Vancouver,  ���'*. 0.
&uj IsfeOtfs Tanned Harness Lcalte
A-  Clausen,   H. T- Hutcherson,j
W. H. and Dr. F. P. Smith spent a
day on. the  Nicomekl, last weak.. I
���with an.average catch  of  about 20 j
r>s.e.traut apiece.
When you. wish to buy visiting]
card's call on the Del .a Times who j
vrfillseli tji<s.: best mousy can buy.;
;tf you need, hem printed, why you
afe.money in .pocket by calling, on;|
the Delta Times first.
Mr. and Mrf. Harry McCormick,
el Vancaiiver, arrived here, Saturday mornitif, on �� ���i��*t '* friend'
This is thtif first visit, since tbeir
marriage  aaid, ot course, they  are!
kjept pretty busy receiving cotiRrat-
V......   .���.
Fislicvmen will please take notice tliat w:e- carry
we ���*' -<*+
������      "       1   ".    ������m^mrnnemvarmmimmmmmmm
harness,, m mm no sues
Best Fish
ff: "9"
Made in the World To-Day.
These Beets areniJid. by Ibe Robert Taywu Co.,
of Halifax,
They are made l'rom
They are a Thigh Boot, l,he uppers being 38.: inched LigJft.   |
They   are    band-made    throughout    and    -re   AEFOI.T7TET;.Y   S| |
WATERPROOF.    Fishermen don't  ha       to   wear  gum   boo'
when they can get boot these
The price to everybody is
DKid.KaS    IK
jSaddlery Hardware, Horse Blankets, and ouij.
i Requirements.
1 Closed   Uppers   Leather   and   Shoe   ^iniinia,
Trunks,. Bags,. Valises.
��� wv  TgpwwCTHBBffWWWBW���B
Estate of
,   L.   HffoBRID '.
General flercfiant
[f Phone S.
I )_-_���*_      _     ��� ���    , ���'-. -s "
I:    . s .  .       .....
$8.00 a pa
'old. exclusively by���
New WesfniHister and Vantouve1-, B. (
!S33K-!_ag_a��_JEI?rSWasJfflBE^a ���&&��&ii?^'i��; i?��ftcs^s^saiBi?ssy?_:a iESK -Ssf
Produce Stored air
I    Shipped Direct
To 7*l| B  C   Pot


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