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The Delta Times Nov 5, 1907

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Array <\
Vol. S, No.
WHJJA?! H. LHDNER PASSES flWAYi   Sella Council.
We have a Ful! Line of
$2.00 p
Another of the Pioneers of the Province Has Laid
Dc -.vn  His Labors and Gone to His Reward���Stately Form Will Be
Missed  By Many.
!    William Il.niv Ladiier, popular-1nia reached him there and in i.s^t
i !,    .
I y known a.s "The Squire,"  passed ibe, '>��� company
away on  Friday morning last, at
| ti'30 o'clock.    The old gentleman
hud   been   ailing  fur   about
weeks but did not  lliink  anything;
very serious was tbe matter, and in
fact, neither was there, but a slight
operation became necessary which j
was  successfully   performed.    The
action of the anaesthetic  upon the
heart, combined with his great age, j
being the real cause of death.
The funeral took place yesterday i
at i o'clock from the family resi- j
deuce to the Boundary Bav cemetery, the service being conducted j
I by the Veu Archdeacon Pentreatb ;
aud Rev. E. R. Bartlett, M.A., I
Vicar of All Saints' Treuant. |
There was a very large turnout j
ot relatives and frieuds, from difler-1
ent parts of the province, consider- j
iug the inclemency of the weather,
which testifier to the popularity of 11858' but oa reaching San Franc
the n��au   far  more than words can
T.x pallibearers we e take i from
among his colleague* of the Council Ch.ind-.er, there b'iMg four 'X-
Keevcs, the present Reeve and one
of the oldest ex-Councillors, et foi
lows: j. McKee, H. D, Benson, J.
A. Paterson, R. E Kittson, H. M.
Vasey ami J. B. Burr.
The following relatives were present   at   the   funeral:  Mrs.   W.   J.
he, in company with his brother,
T. li Ladner, started for el dorado.
They left Omaha, then a  mere In-
, ti i.i ii   village,  and   journe\ed over !
three J
land by way oi Salt Lake   and   tin
Humboldt to Sacramento. The
trip took nearly six months and
wa* olie of danger and suffering.
Arriving in California, they settled in Grass Valley and engaged
in mining. For nearly seven years
Mr. Ladner remained there and
succeeded iu amassing Considerable
property. Just at this lime tb<-
Fraser River excitement broke out
The news of tl e finding of gob.'
reached him tlitre and the exagger
atetl sloties of the .. e.;llh of the
bars ot the Fraser drew him alouj;
with thousands ot others to the
then unknown wilds ol New Caledonia.
He left  Grass Valley in April.
co was unable to get accommodation oi iny vessel for ome time,
owing; tn th: ... icat rush t' in i xist-
inj. However he secured passage
on the second trip ol :he Ktother
Jonathan and reached Victoria on
the 15th May. At that Time the
Hudson's Bay Co. having the ex-
lelta    to
nu il
r.iot   in     tho
Ihambcn -
n.i 'i
1   iday, Oeto-
HT   .9tll
,-ii  3 o'e
mii p
1..  with   iln?
fleove,   II.  Al.   V.i.
���y    (i
���  the chair),
mil   Cut
nclllor.   <J
Davle,  (jil-
���hrlsl,   I
iterson u:
1.1 De
niis present,
s  of  proyious
nceting were
as  ri-iul.
:icu Iii
M.   '.'.   1.;
tii foi Ted   tn
min.  l>
��� i;.-n
���ini   Hospital.
Clerk to
The   i
i-i-vi-.     On
Gilchrist and
veivi  appi
a   commutes
to   I.ml;
iilti-i     thi
rests    of tha
ility  in  i-i
on with     tho
divers! 0
1  of tho
was   1
uthorized     tn
:������: pair  l
nidge  mi
111   I rod.l.   a Is.
.1    rem.
ve   li.nn
In     1
Cltlson     Road
1 yl.-i
v.    .HOT,    v. as
.ns.ed 1
s finn:iy
If...-. :; 1 ��� -
-'"��� III.
I.    wore   ord-
i-i i-d pa
ii:  Hume
v  :-tni
.->-. .Mn;  ( .   !'.
5-'-:.-i:.;    1
Muckie,   $01;
r.is. Mi
! y.   VI0;
ll.   (lill.i'idi-i.:.
"J 1.25;
r. c. i.itei
Iri -j c
... 58-1.70.
II   t]i.-n  111
���il   tn  ln.'.-t   on
.turd 1:
\".   .>\''i\-..'ini
. 1   till
. at   _  o'clock
. - _..   .
into that ecu tr\
. Lut
the  venture
vv 1. 11  succesfu
ov ir
g :o the poor
from   the  creeks
Tiring of this adventurous ard
wandering life, he returned to the
coast aid in 1866 was married in
Victoria  to   Miss   Mary A. Booth,
���ash Prlssem.
Special Quotations Given on Case Lots.
Armstrong,     sis'.er    oi    deceased; !t0 the ��aiulalld'    But
Paul, son; Mrs. F. W. Howay, Mrs. !aud hls companions were  not to be
; deterred, and securing a small sloop
elusive  license  al trade   with   the
,   , * x,      ,-, .   , ,  daughter   of  the  late Wm. Booth
Indians of New Caledonia pounced |_    .   . . __....
down   on   the   gold   seekers   and
would afford no means of transport
Mr. Ladner
W_.   J.   Watson,   daughters;   Mrs.
or plunger made the trip  to  Point
Roberts, then quite a village. There
Paul   Ladner    daughter-in-law; F
VV, Howay, VV. J. Watson, sons-in
law; Mrs.   H.   Lord,   niece;  T.  J.  the* engaged Indians to take them
Armstrong,   M. J.  Phillips, E. B.
Guns and Ammunition.
Marshall Smith & Go., Ltd.
According to the following, tl.e
city sports tHnk tke farmers are
The recent meeting of farmers at
Uulner and their present attitude
toward* vUltlng sportsmen raises a
serious question. At Lulu Island the
problem has been to a large extent
settled by the formation of the Richmond Game Association. This club,
while successful in a certain degree
tn dealing with the differences between the farmers and the city shooting men, is after all but a makeshift. It ls doing In an expressive
manner what the provincial government could do with far less financial
expenditure tn the sportsmen nnd
with n . expenditure of public moneys. Thc system tnnuguartcd by the
Itlchmond Onmo Association is a
practical Illustration of the gun lie-
��lU>o idea.    Thc gun license costs each
of   the   members   ot   tho   osga......,i...
S2!i, while thc government could do
the same work at a cost to thc shooting men of but Jl. The main object
of thc scheme is the Identification and
punishment of those who offend
against tho people whose l^nds they
aro plvlloged to shoot over.,'. The cancellation of the license wfeuld efTect
this object. It would aieji that the
feeling of the farmers of Ladner Is
now ripe to support a guh license at
the next session of the legislature.���
Xews-Advcrtlser. *
Ladnei. Leon J. Ladner, W. B.
Skinner, nephews; Mrs. li. B. Ladner. Mrs. T. J. Armstrong, nieces-
T. E. Ladner and family being
out of reach of telegraphic communication at the time were unable to reach here in time for the
The contributions of flowers weie
very b&autiful and consisted of:
Cross���Sarah and Matt, Mrs.
Edward Phillips, Mayor and Mrs.
Keary, Mrs. Guichon, Mrs. D
Woodward, Mrs. D. .McGregor,
Mr. and Mn. VV. J. Lanning, Mr.
and Mrs A. DeR. Taylor, Manager
and Staff of Royal Bank, Archdeacon Pentreatb.
Anchor���Mr. and Mrs. E, Ladner, J. D. Tavlor.
!     Bouquet��� W. B.  Skinner, C. B.
! Daniel,   Misses   Mabel  and   Clara
' Lord, Mr. aud Mrs. Geo. Meade.
,     Wreath���Mr.   and   Mrs.   II.   J.
I Hutcherson,   Mr.   and   Mrs. C. F.
������ j Green, Mr. and Mrs.  F. J. Green,
For a number of years prbsepoetors   Mfs- W. L.   McBride,   Mrs. T. Mc-
have been or the ..pinion that the in- Neely, Mr. and Mrs. D. A. McKee,
dlcatlons at the head of Pals. Creek Nom Lee, Sing  Lee,  Hong   Hing,
were   favorable   to   the   presence   of: Duck Yuen, Charlie Fong.
-    ���  ,    ,.   .  .     ,,,       _.     j    The late Mr. Ladner was born iu
conl   nnd   oil   In   that   locality.     Sev-
ernl times statements have been made Cornwall, England, on the 28th
as to the possible testing or these np-j November, 1826. His father, Kd-
inions, but so far no actual work on j ward Ladner, a well-to- lo farmer,
(he  line  has  ever  been  inaugurated.: emigrated to the United States and
iu a cauoe to Hope. They entered
the river by way of Canoe Pass aud
ou the journey camped on the very
site of this townsite, destined to be
his home for somany years. By
tnis course they avoided H. M. S.
Satellite, then anchored at the sand-
heads for the purpose of collecting
head money aud duties.
Mr. Ladner reached Hope on the
6th of Tune, 1858, and on the next
moruing (Sunday) was awakened
by hearing Indians crying "Fire-
ship! Fire-ship!" Looking down
the river he saw the "Surprise"
coining up, ou her first trip. He
settled at Hope, and when Governor Douglas arrived there shortly
afterwards, on a tour of inspection,
he selected Mr. Laduer as Customs
officer and constable. This was one
ofthe first of Governor Douglas'
appointments on the mainland.
On the discovery of the gold-
bearing creeks ol Cariboo, Antler,
Keithley and Williams, Mr. Ladner saw  his opportunity and corn-
Realizing that gold-digging it
ephemeral but agriculture is permanent, he turned his attention to
the rich tide Ian Is of the Delta, and
in 1S6S he settled on what is now
this townsite, which has ever since
borne his name.
He interested himself in securing
settlers around him, and when the
municipality of Delta was formed
ia 1880 he wns elected Reeve. From
lhat time to the present he has always taken the most lively interest
in this municipality. He was
Reeve in 1S80; Councillor in 1SS1;
Reeve again in 18S2, 1883, 1S84,
1S.S5, 18S6 and .1891; Councillor in
1893; Reeve in 1894, 1898, 1S99,
1900, 1901, 1902, 1904, 1905 and
In 18S2, Mr. Ladner was a candidate for parliamentary honors, but
was unsuccessful. However better
results attended his next attempt,
aud from 1886 to 1890 he sat in the
Provincial Legislature as one of the
members for New Westminster
District. In 1903 he ran again for
the House in opposition to Johu
Oliver, M.P.P., but unsuccessfully.
He was a Liberal-Conservative in
politics aud has always played a
prominent part iu till gatberit.gs
and conventions of the party.
On the 31st October, 1..96, Mr,
I.adner lost  his   first   wife.    It is a
uienced   to   pack   goods   into   that; singular coincidence that  his death
part of Ijie country.    No roads ex-1 occurred exactly eleven years there-
isted   at   the   time,   nor   any trails
after the  line  of the brigade trail
was left.    Until 1865 he continued
after, at the ripe old age  of eighty
years and e even months.
In 1S97 Mr. Lndner was married
Iin Victoria, to Mrs. McLellan, for-
in this work, being associated for|merly of Clinton. He is survive I
many vears therein with the late by.his widow and bv his daughters,
Hon. Robert T. Smith. I Louise,   wife  of  |ulge
During this time occurred the so-
itecently,   however,  a  number  ,.f  '"^-1 settled ill Wisconsi.l  ill
nl  men   havo  been  looking  over   the
Town   Hall,   Tuesday,  Nov. 19,
at 9 p.m.
BRAN, SHORTS, Whole Corn
Cracked Corn, Rice Meal, Chi'
Rice, Chick Feed, Timothy and
Clover Seeds may be obtained at
Brackman-Ker Milling Co.'s
warehouses, Ladner, from MR
H. N, RICH, Local Agent-
' iug him in  England  in charge ol
I Held   and   have   become   sn   convinced   ... .     ,
I  , .. .,.,,.,       . .. ,,, , i his  interests.    A short  tune alter,
j of  tlie   possibilities  of  the   case   that
a syndicate has been formed and the; Mr. Ladner rejoined the family, but
1 members stand ready to invest a con-] telurned-to the old home ill Cotn-
slderablc amount In sinking test .wall in 1850. During liis absence
holes at various points. The point: ^is father died, and upon Mr. Lad-
where the sharps of the syndicate ������., returu to; Wisconsin he work-
state   that   Indications   nre   brightest     , .    ., .   . . ,   ,,   ,
-..     .      , ,  ., , 1 ed in the mining region of  Galena,
Is on  the  foreshore  toward  the cast-        .
orn  end   of  the  creek,  and  it is  expected   that   preliminary  (operations |     The news  of the   fortunes to be
at this point will be made shortly. made ill th.' gll 1   liel.ls   of   Califo
Howay of
New Westminster, and   Delta, wite
��� Of  William   T. Watson, manager of
called Chilcotin war and   Mr. Lad-  tj,8   Xyee.   .Sine ter at   Ladysmith,
,cav-  ner supplied the mules  required to and  hy   one son,   Paul Ladner, of
transport   Mr. Cox  and   his  pah?  Vancouver.    His eldest  daughter,
f, m .Soda Creek 10 the scene ot the I'(:"'   predeceased   him,   dymg  in
,, ...  ., , ,.       1892,   leaving   a daughter,  Rhona
trouble,    e was with the expedition ��� ,. -
1 I Bam.
during tbe whole time  the  "cam-1     of a strong and rigorons nature,
paign" lasted.    The completion ofj Mr. I.adner ietaine.1   all   his facul-
the wagon road u a le packing tin- ties to the last.   Though old ia
profitable and he turned his alien-! vei,s'  l,e seemed  younj iu body.
, ,   ,.   , ,1 Mauv around us will   ever retain a
tion  to the  new gold find dt thej vivjtf mental  pictnre of him as he
Big  Bend  ot  tie   Columbh.    He ro(.e   around   the   vil'age   sitting
built a trail from Shuswap Lake to  "B ibby" wiib tbe  ease  and grace
the Big Bend so as to get provisions' -f a man U-si thnn hn-if his yeare.. V
ESS T*-i.
-   A *
Published evirv Tukspay.
guBSCBiPTioN, $1.00 per year.
Cssual Advertisements, io cents per line foi
(Ve first insertion, nnd 5 cents per line lor each
subsequent insertion. The' number ol lines
reckoned by the space occupied, 13 lines to the
Inch. "
Rates lor Commercial Advertisements oan be
had on application at Ihis office.'4
Reading notices 10 cents per line tor each in.
oeftion. ' '
Any special notice, the object ot which is to
trtii'iute the pecuniary bene .it ot uny individual
���r company, to be considered an advertisement
*-id charged accordingly.
/.U advertisements charged for until ordered
out and paid for.
Correspondence invited on matters ol public
Interest/' Communications to editor must be accompanied by" mime of writer, not necessarily
for publication,' buj as evidence of good faith.
Correspondence niusl .each this oflice by Thursday ovening.
Gko. R. Mauley.
Game hogs are still in evidence.
Last week pne mau had the au-.
^lacity to declare, in the presence of
f couple of boys, that he had already _hpt 43 pheasants tbis seasop
jnd he, at the samp time was trespassing.
The objectionable sports sometimes jid�� iu automobiles, scare
poor men's horses and show their
ignorance by laughing at the dam:
nge they are doing. And these are
Vcity blokes" wto wovild pake
laws prohibiting the farmer from
eating tbe birds whieh he might
shoot out of season caught in tbe
act pf datng damage to his potato
$rop, as was s?en in the case of R.
pray, of the Scott road.
How i\d ,b? deputy game war.
den know that said bird was in a
ijertain cupboard in R. Gray's
cabin before he legally searched the
premises? Did be feloniously enter
the cabin during Gray's absence?
These a.e pertinent questionsf
which the settlers would like to
have answered.
Anniversaiiy services will be held
m the Methodist Church, Ladner,
on Si��#day, 17th inst., when Ijiev.
^. M. Sanfoid. I.A., B.D.. President of the British Columbia Conference, will preach alj both, service.
Jn connection with, this anniversary occasion a musical and
literary entertainment will be given
ip t,he Town Hall, 90 Tuesday
evening, Nov. 19th, to which some
ol the best artists available have
consented to contribute.
Tickets ol admission to the entertainment will be on sale at an
y,rly date a,ud a liberal patronage
jp earnestly solicited.
Game Protection.
There was 11 lnrge turnout of farmers iin Wednesday last at the adjourned meeting of the Farmers'
Protective Association -to hetir the
repdrt of the committee on rules
and regulations.
On motion John McKoo took the
chair and H. J, Hutchison acted as
Minutes qC last meeting were adopted  us  read.
Thu committee's report was then
read und dealt With clause by
clause witli the result that all the
clauses introduced except one, were
adopted as follows;
1. Tin? name ot this association
shall be "The Delta Farmers' Game
Protective Association," ��
a. The object of the association
.'.hall be the preservation of game ancl
the protectsm ot the pi'miei't.1. of the
members of tre association from trespass in pursuit of game by unlicensed
3, The ollicers of the association
shall be a president, a vice-president
and secretary-treasurer, and these of-
tlcers shall be elected annually,
4- The executive committee shall
consist of the pre|ldenf, ^.leg-president, secretary-treasurer and three
other persons who shall be elected
annually at a meeting of the association,
D. The president shall preside at all
meetings of thu association from the
time of his election until the election
of his successor und in his absence,
the vice-president shall preside.
6. The duties of the secretary-treasurer shall be to conduct the otilcial
correspondence of the association and
to keep the minutes of the meeting
thereof, to receive the moneys belonging- to the association and to disburse the same under the orders of
the executive committee, of which
lie shall also be secretary, and to
generally serve the interests of the
association in accordance with such
instructions as may be given to him
by the executive committee, and for
his services he shall receive us salary
such sum as may be agreed upon.
To   make fortunes out        II  Tf ^T"' ^Vl TIP  S      Gold.
._ the future you must ���|IJ*,S| I 111  I     I      BigD
put something into the ** *-> AJ B V^ V^  ���     *
present     .... 5^s
C o '* p e r s Pay
I v 1 d e n d s   all
       over Hritish
. ^=     ,      .       ,       Columblf
Containing over 100 Views.   Po.st paid 25c, Stamps.
Richest Province in the British Empire.
Nothing Risked, Nothing Oained. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Won.
Splendid  Opportunity to Invest.
The Richest Men in the World nre investing in B. C. Copper;
Gold and Silver Mines.     Why can't you begin now?
The lireatest Cold-Copper lllscovefv of the (tge la In B.C.
I'll m Pill MD . IB, II  HU $625,000
bvfry Dollar Subscribed used in Development of Mine.
Special Offer���^Oc per Share, will  shortly advance to $1.0Q
Mines directly west of Le Roi and T.e Roi No. 2, shares
sold from 5 cents to Sioo.po; and Consolidated Mining ai)d
Smelting Co. ot Canada, Ltd., shares $150.00 each; the GiftlH
California, adjoining our own, shares about $110.00; Granby
Mine paifi over $3,000,000 Dividends per year; Go'd-ooppor
mines in British Columbia paid Large Dividends. Hig Four
assays trom $5 to fcSoo in gold, copper, silver, with 32 por
cent, in the Treasury,    Invest now and you wont regret it.
Note���Most of these mines sold for n few cents once, lit
over-capitalized even now, pay big dividends, Big 1'our is on
the railway, near smelters.
Rossland Mines received Highest Awards for richest gold-
copper ore sent to St. Louis Exposition. Big Four had Best
Display at Dominion Fair, New Westminster, B.C,
No less tban iqo shares fold, All Cash, Above this shares
can be had on instalment plan, or yearly contract, 15 per cent,
cash, balance monthly.
Nearly Two' niles of Railway on Property,
Company has no debts or liabilities,   Send for Illustrated Prospectus and Hook;
let, "Mining Up-to-I)ute," to Secretary, with 5 cents in stamps,
P.O. Box 174, Vancouver, D. C, Canada.
���^��JJZLJ.~ ���..���? : JLK-.' JV^l1.^ ,-...___.tg^*?a_sajgg^  tBOSBa
V. T, Ry, & Fen-y Co.
New Serviqe���Port Guichon and   Ladner to  New
Westminster and Vancouver.
Leave Pt. Guiehop, 6,30 a,in,    Arrive Vancouver, 10.20 a.m.
Leave Vancouver,   2,10 p.m.    Arrive Pt. Guichon, 6.00 p.m.
Gives  Passengers  four  hours  in   either   New   Westminster or Vancouver.
New   Freight   Tariff   effective    September    5th,   '06.
Greatly Reduced Rates.     For particulars apply to
Agent, Port Guichon,
Sufficient Cars will be furnished without delay.
Incorporated 1S69,
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED, -   ~    $4,000,000
CAPITAL PAID-UP,        - - $3,900,000
RESERVE FUND, * - $4,390,000
Total Assets Over Forty-Five Millions,
Account? of Out>of-Town Customers Given
J.ev. P. H. McEwen, ot Fair-
Ttew, Vancouver, will preach at
th$. Baptist Church, oa Sunday
ijvfjnint ne^t.
Mr. and Mrs. Miine. and Mr.
Mandsley, of Vancouver, returned
Ijome, Saturday, after spending a
few days .ere, pheasant shooting,
|keci_Mts��f Mr.  aad Mrs.  W.J.
About one hundred young people teok adrantnge of the annual
d^nce givef, by the Ladies': Guild
of All Saints, Church, in the Town
Hall, Ltdner, on the. night of
Thank sgiwat' The hall was,
Ustefully decorated ter the occasion
ui true Hallpwe'tn fashion and an
orchestra from Vancouver provided
good music. At midnight refreshment! were iwyved and the more
enthusiastic ones tripped the light
sjijUsticuntil atf.tt  2 o'clock turn,
Every bonafldo owner ur occupier
of land within the municipality of
Delta ur adjoining portions of the
municipality of Surrey may become
members of this association after
subscribing to the constitution ancl
rules of the association and paying an
entrunco fee of $1.00.
The following shall be the rules of
the association, and shall bc s.tt-ictly
adhered to:
ltule 1. Xo person shall be allowed
to hunt or shoot oyer tho property
Of any memlier of the association
unless he ls provided with a permit
issued and signed by the secretary, to
whom all applications for such are
to be addreBscd.
Hide 8. Every pwson wko Is not
a member of tlio association applying to the secretary Cor a permit
must have his application endorsed
by at least one member 0 . the association which shall be taken to mean
that Hie applicant has lhe permission
of the endorser to. go on to his property In pursuit of game, applications
may In this way be endorsed by any
number of members, ajul tho permit
6o Issued shall specify on what property or properties tin- holder has
authority to go.
Rule 3. All applications for permits  must  be  accompanied   by  a   foe
of $r,.oo,
Rule i. .\'i> permit shall give the
holder the authority to hunt or shoot
for a longer pe.riod than six days,
which may. be consecutive or otherwise as the holder may elect, but in
r.ny case the date must bc distinctly
.tate rl in thc permit, but shall- not include nny .Sunday. Permits arc not
Rule 5. Xo holder of a permit issued under Hulo 2. shall shoot or
carry away more than la cock pheasants in any one season covered by
his permit-.
Rule is. Members of the association
or  thoir   sons     resilient     with     thfm
shall also be provided with permits
toi conform with Rule 1. such permit shall on application to the secretary be issued by him free of
any. charge and shall be exempt from
the conditions imposed by Rules 2,
3,   I, 5
Rule V. All holders of permits Issued under any of the foregoing rules
shall submit them to the Inspection
of any officer or employee of the association when required to do so.
Rule S. Any person violating the
game laws of the province, or rules
of this associaion shall forfeit his
permit until such time as tho executive  committee  sjhall   reinstate   him.
Aftor those present had signed
their names to the membership roll
and paid their annual fee, the following officers were elected for the
ensuing year:
President,  John  McKee.
Vice-President,  Geo.  McCluskey.
Sec.-Treas.,  H.  J.  Hutcherson.
Directors, R. E. Kittson, \V. A.
Kirkland,   Geo.  Grauer.
Committee to solicit membership,
R, E. Kittson, F. D. Green, F. Kirkland, J. Guichon, G. Grauer and J..
Farmers will do well to join this
association right away so that the
protection may be afforded them
during the balance of this season.
\V   H, Skinner -spent   Sunday
his hotug jn thp Tgrqijnt) City.
F. W. Howav, san-in-law of the
late W. H. Ladner, received, oa
Wednesday lasf, hit commission as
county court judge, and was duly
sworn in by Mr. Justice Morrison,    Ct ngratulations Judge.
Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Benson take
this opportunity of thanking their
friends who so kindly expressed
their sympathies during their recent
$5Q a REWARD - $50
The above Reward will be given
for information leading to the arrest
and conviction of the personi who
wilfully shot a two-year-.old Jersey
Heifer, on my property, between
Saturday morning, 19th, and Sunday afternoon, 20th inst.
Lumber,  Lumber
Clearing Safe.   Big Cut in Price,
\f O     ^e re(lu*re mo^ Yard room and we
I   ���       a.,re going to clean up.
We have pn hand between
300,000 and 400,000
feet of Sawn Lumber
Whieb MUST be Cleared out in the next two
weeks,   We can supply the following:
Sliipiap, Flooring,
Dircensicns-a!l sizes and lengths,
Large Stock of Plank.
This will be sold strictly for Cash.
Stabling for your team i whilst loading,   Men
to wait on you,   No Delay,
Further information is obtainable at
W.  H.   Smith's,   .   ,   ,   ,   Ladner.
Accounts may be opened with deposits of ONE DOLLAR,
and  Upwards.     Interest paid,  or credited,  quarterly on   31st  March, 30th June, 30th
September,  31st   December
C. B. DANIEL, Manager, LADNER, B. C.
W. N. Draper,
Room a, Ellarcl Bloclv. New Westminster.
(Westminster Branch)
Time Tahle
Cars leave Westminster lor Vaucostver at 5.50
and 6.50 a.m. ami'koturty tHw .after until 11 p.
tn.; Saturdays niut Sumf:i.ys ;.t ji p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver lor Westminsters at h.50
and 6.50 a. m. and hourly thereafter until 10 p.
m.; Saturdays aud _uml,vs al ti p.m.
We run first-class fVeif.ht cars betsy .en West-
mluster and Vaueptvver and all shipments are
handled with ttie inmost eare and delivered to
consignee without delay Special attention paid
to fruit shipments, Ol\'. v<��igons meet all boats
and trains.   For ra^e... etv apply to,
Tra_i9 R^gr.
Westminster. B. C.
Local Mgr.
The Delta Times.
���   imirnni   nun nnnn 11
9   NEW WESTMINSTER,    :-:  B. C.
���.��� Manufacturers of all kinds of
���t*  Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
\. Drinks.
1       Your patronage solicited
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and Draying,
lavery work of all kinds dt��
tended to promptly.
L.atUier, H, C.
M.R.C.V.Ss, Hilin.
New Westminster, D. C.
Oflk-e :
Central Livery Stable,
Columbia St. Phone 137
Ladner Carriaqe
ft BUS. U. S U
��OOTT R04D,.     .
lam Mill
���  t S. Birft ill..
Get Your Grinding Done
While You Wait.
A" J
Receives both Ladies and Gentlemen a3 resident!
or day students. Haa a complete Commercial
or Business Course. Prepares students to gain;
Teachers' Certificates of all grade:. In affiliation J
with Toronto University gives the four years';
course for B. A. decree, and the flrst year of thei
Toronto School of Science. Has a special "Pro��?J
pectors' dourse" for miners who work|]in B. C.
Instruction given in  Art,   Music,   Physical
Culture and Elocution.
For    Calendar,   etc.,   address   "Columbian
���&3i ifSB&
us .12' Calibre Trnt
���Out-of-door3'' with a STEVEN5-
best thins for . growing boy I
Learning to shoot well and
acquiring qualities of
Ask your Dealer for Stevens Miles���
Hhotguns���Pistols. Insist on our lime-
lionorcd mako. If you oannot obtuln,
we ship direct, express prorml rl. upon
receipt of Catulo r Prices
KsoryUiititf you sviuit t * kiuiwatiolit the STEVEN8
I. found lu IVI I'm,'- Illilntruted l.'fctftlou;.    Malls-.
f.ir four fenta ta SUtrap, to pay post.......    Ileum i-
lul Ten Color llaugur���tine decoration tnt your
"den"ors'tub room���mallort for n cent, fn stnmp..
P. 0. Box 4097
Chlcopee   Falls,   Mau., U. S. A.
Holy Communion���ist and 3nl
Srndays at 8:30 a.m.; 2nd and 4th
.   ndays at 11 a.m.
Matins, 11 o'clock.
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday .School at 10 a.m.       .
Friday evening, Litany at 7:30.
Rev. 1.   ti'. Bartlef, M.A., Vicar.
.Services first and third .Sun.lay of
each nionlh at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7:30 -p ni.
Sunday school at 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Communion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Fat!
gner, O.M.I.,
'arish  Priest.
If YOU   reiiew   your   Subscription befO?e the, 15thj     Services next   Lord's Day at  ii
of this month (November), you will receive a,c1indS^",;o.30 a.a. ^
one ticket for each dollar paid in. Sunday.
(    Sabbath School   tit .  p m   everj
��� ���-^T-li 'ni_. ^^^^���.-  ���   u~.im~4. [Sunday.      Prayer   meeting   ever)
Thursday evening at 8.
New Subscribers*will also receive a ticket.
Oome in now and put yourself right with the
'. Betts. oastof
Drawing to take place Gir's.mas Eve.
Look Out
New Story.
Servites fiext Lord's Dav at u
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 am Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. A, McAuley, Pastor.
.Sabbath services ��� Crescent Island, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Svyiday School at 10:30 a. nj.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
8 p.m.
Rev. A. H. Huntley, pastor.
Nurseries  & Seedhouses
The Ht
Job Printing.
Headquarters tor Pacific Coast
jjrown Garden, Field and Flower
Seeds that a"fe thoroughly tested as
to vitality before olTerinjj; for sale���
that are subject to government inspection as to freedom from weed
seeds. .Samples sent to intending
Large stock of HOME GROWN
Fruit and Ornamental Trees now
matured for the spring trade.
1.0 expense, loss or delay of fumigation or inspection.
BEE SUPPLIES, Spray Pump-.
Spraying     Material,     Gree
Plants, Cut Flowers,
We   do   business   ,111   01
.>.��� n
grounds���no  rent   to   pay tt
: '. are
prepared to meet all compel!
Let me price yom     t befo
int; vour order.    Catalogue 1
.010 Westm-us. :r  :'��� 11
I VANCOUVER,   -   B. C,
A winter prlaoner, loath and I014,
From sun and song,
One sapphire hearted moralBftkU I heart
A )ubil .nt word,
A mellow music syllable from a tree
Spring'! herald robin enroled clear to mm.
"Freel   Oh, freel"
Ah, wtth what iterant loatihood,
What buoyant mood,
Did I, the ice endungeoned ona, rapt/
To that glad cryl '
What sudden visiona did It brine to me,
What dream delight, what vai.i_li.--l ees. .*..1
"Freel   Oh, freel"
Once more the melody and mirth
Of the old oai thi
Once more the soft warm whisper of IM
The waves of grain,
And nil tbe little luughten ilmt tbere he
Iu vine ami grass���UO more ohill seerecyl
������Fuel   Oh, free!"
���Clinton Boollard in Baobeior of Arts.
Final and l.nimlniMe  llnd  of One *t
Irclntid'a Old Citallea.
Ono of Ireland's magnificent ruined nifties 0:11110 to its ilnnl end in this manner.
Tho undent seat of tbe Oastloreagbg over*
looked Lough Swilly, and it wns one ut
tbe most princely resiliences In Ireland.
Eventually it fell into decay and was not
As usual in such circumstances, when
the peasantry wanted to lutilil a pigsty, ru-
pair a road or anything ot thu sort, thuy
took tho stones from tho ruined ensile,
wbich was disappearing piecemeal when
one dny tba then Lord Londonderry paid a
Visit to his Irish property When lie saw
the stato the enstio was in nttd reflected
on tho fact that it was so much Idunlilicd
With tho history of his family and even us
s ruin was a glory of Ireland, he determined to [nit A stop to the cncruuchmcntfl
that had been made upon it
Bonding for his agent to give him orders
that the people were no Longor to remove
stouts from the building, ho instructed
him to havo tho place Inclosed with a wall
six feet high and well coped to keep out
trespassers. That being done, ho went hia
way und did not return to Ireland for
three or four years llo then found, to his
amazement, that thu old custlo had completely disappeared, und In its place thor.
was ti big wall inclosing nothing. Sending tor the ugont, ho demanded to know
why his orders had not beon carried uut,
Tho agent Insisted that they hud been
"Bat. wlicro is tho custiu'." dutnanded
Iho marquis,
"The custlo, is Itt Bedad, I built ths
wall with it, tny lord I Is it for niu.tu be
going miles for matorials with tho fluust
stones in Ireland beside mo?"
In telling tho man tu build thu wni)
Lord Londonderry had said nothing whatever about preserving tho oastle, which is
now _ thing of tho past. Nevertheless thu
wall is a good ynu.���London Tit-Bits.
The tii-But Bout llnue tn London.
'fiis::nrd tho middle of Mttrch London
���eeddenly becomes an arrangement in blue.
��no race is fixed for tho second Saturday
bei'oio Easter, when tho Londoner, who
has passed weeks and months without
holiday or pageant, is in tha humor to
make tho most of it. And Louden decorates itself In anticipation. Thu draper's
window becomes a bunuony in blue. So
does the stationer's; fo does tho milliner's; so does all Urgent street; so Uo
Oxford street, Piccadilly, Kensington. In
tho Strand and Cheapside the fakir puts
away his penny bagpipes and bis shirt
studs und his toys and brings out trays ol
tiny light and dark bitio buttonhole buds
The railway companies print their timo
tables ln light and dark blue, und the
papers, if they do not change the color of
their Ink, out down police news and literary notes to devote thu space to daily accounts of the crews out for praotico, and
the columns of personal gossip aro filled
With descriptions of the men, thoir food
tnd their fancies. Tho condition of No. 6
Is of nlore importance thnn the health ol
tho prime minister and the blister on the
finger of a stroke more serious than a defeat in India. About Ul) out of every 100
people in London have something staked
upon tho race, for the Londoner is a burn
gambler, though his gambling has been
officially suppressed, possibly tho reason
of its never failing charm for him.���Mrs.
Elizabeth Uubins I'ennell in Century.
Goodby, Summer!
The blinds are up, and the windows rubbed,
The cat's come back and is duly grubbed;
Piano groans 'n pain.
The tradesmen cull and present their bills.
The "taxes" comes with some other ill�����
Because we're homo again.
���Pick He Up.
"I thought you and the vinegar were
on such good terms," said the Spanish
olive to tlio sliced cucumber.
"We were," sadly replied the latter,
"until hu soured on ine."���Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
When Oilier Hearts.
The cat and boutjack almost met.
She dodged and yelled with glee,
"Young man, I bet
You'll need tlmt yet,
Then you'll ramernbor me."
���Detruit Free Press.
-Tlie si lit models out with live 01 seveil
Jores gain rather than lose in favor. Tn��
ine gored shape has a rather wide slat
T1 DOW English serge and wide wall
diagonal costumes ha.e liiilo tucked
���1 v<- puffs, some of the bodices b> ing
lucked also, thu tucks edged with very ilu*
geld braid.
Velvet in all shades and varieties will
bo fashionable, both as un aooessory and
for tho making of redingoles, uuderdrossel
and complete costumes. Black uuuuubt
So.v ti.^es precedence.
His officially announced that button
will I.e extensively used wherever pos.-.iblt
���nd lhat tbey will, as u rule, be of consld
arable size, not always round, but oval,
���quart and oblong ulso.
The new purple or plum red tailoi
oloths, velvets, satin brooades and henrl
ettas are exceedingly artistic and beuutt.
ful nud vety becoming to either a bloat)
or a brunette with color.
l(u.e colored peun de sole or satin waisti
w.ili ba ver.i I,, hiuuably worn lu iho even.
Illg With  skirls of   black   velvet, faille ut
latin, and occasionally they will be si..,
With skirts of lustrous durk green lopped
Straps of braid terminate on many eo*
tumes in tiny I tickles of fancy buttons,
and tailor vests fasten with tho lattat
trimming. 'Thu really necessary button li
small, but the ono for ornament ouly il
rathor large.
On evening toilets nets, soft, liberty cat
ins, India silks, chiffon and crepe duchlut
are variously tisod for yokes or guimpes,
and many times thc sash or fold, d girdlt
aud little sleeve pull's are formed of corre
sponding material.
For elderly women are somo new shawl
Shaped capes, almost as locg as a shawl
proper, formed very much liko tho newest
fur cuius. These are mado variously ol
oorded silk, plain satin or brocade and on
trimmed witb a deep graduated ruffle ol
the same or with rather wido lace.���No,i
York Post.
A statue to Mm?. Melba ia to be put uj
Bext year in Melbourne, "���
Walker WhitosWe will shortly produce s
new play from the French ot M. Foil
Edna Wallace Hopper will star next ro _
son in a ooniio opera that is now be.114
written for her.
Ernest Sbarpe has boen invited to Bal
reuth by Frnu Cos! ma Wuyncr and il
studying under her direction.
Muudu Banks aud Nestor i.ennon hav��
been appearing in vaudeville, presenting
a otio act play of civil war times.
lliius I-lorence Marryat haa written In
collaboration with Herbert i'carsou a
drama iu four acts entitled "Thu Came.
Forbes Robertson nnd firs. Patriot
Campbell will electrify L.mio:i next, is ii
said, with a grand revival of"Antony autl
Miss Hamilton Griffin, a half sister ol
Mary Anderson, is cultivating hsr vote*
ln Germany ;.:id will mako L.>r dubut us c
linear next yenr.
lime. Modjeslta has been playing in I'an
FrancUeu thu past two week., appealing
as Mary Stuart. Magda, Lady Macbeth,
Can ilie and Rosalind,
"Cyrano de Bergerno," translated ints
German by Ludwig Fulda, wu* played recent ly a t Berlin. Thu title role was assigned to Joseph Kulnz.
Tho company engaged to support Annll
Bussell in "Catherine" includes Joseph
Holland, Frank Worthing, Joseph Whet-
lock, Jr., J. Q. Saville, Mr. and Mrs. Wil
Hani .7. Lomoyno, Ethel Barrymora, EL_.��
Da Wolfe and May Buckley.
Chicago is eager to welcome JT.1! Calna.
They claim to havo not only a Man tuian'i
society thoro, but several Glory Queylet
���a well.    How sad!���Boston Herald.
Boston oan hardly go wrong on art,
judging from the mt.ko up of hor new arl
commission. Fake artists will do well ta
comprehend the situation.���Boston Exchange.
Tho world does move. Chicago actually
contemplates the appointment, of a commission to devise a new form of government for that badly managed city.���Minneapolis Tribune.
The Pittsburg Dispatch declares thai
the ancients played baseball, Cleveland
fans aro willing to wager something handsome that Cleveland wasn't in thu circuit.
.���Cleveland Disputch.
A Loudon magistrate fined an offends!
against the smoke nuisance law $50 and
rcfusod uu appeal. In Chioago���but why
.lompnre the one and progressive city oi
Chicago with effete old London?���Chicago
Hartford finds it hard work to maintain
the claim that oue of its citizens dlsoov*
ered theantesthotlc properties of sulphuric
ether ami is now falling on tho proposition that the baseball curve origlnatsd ia
that city.���Boston Transcript.
Doomed to Failure.
Toobee���So Slugger 1ms turned detect-   1
Ive, has lie?   Well, ho will not succeed.
Arnott���Why not?
Toobee���Ho won't be nblo to keep hia
mouth shut. Housed to bo a pugilist I���
tlu to Date.
Tourist (who oalls at villago postoffioo
for a registered letter)���But why oan't
yon let me have lt?
Postmaster���Have yon proof of you*
Postmaster���Don't yon know any one in
the village?
Postmaster���Have you e, photograph of
yourself or anything?
Postmaster (comparing photo with original)���Certainly, sir, It's you. I'll get
you tho letter.���Pearson's Weekly.
If you wnnt e boy baby, don't let tbe
atork know it, or it will bring n girl.
You wll' find, Iiy the way, thnt Uttie
Influence similar to the stork's bus ol-
lowed you In ull your desires.���i'i in-
��^iu C lobe.
When a man ill uses his mule ln New
Orleans,  ho ia fined $85,    BBeton fines a
man |10 fcr beating his wife.���-New Yor!:
That the people of Eart.n are generous
to a fault is exemplified by tba fact that
they pay $3 per 1,U0U cubic feet for gas.���
Philadelphia Press.
The sex of a Chicago burglar was du.
larmined by the e;tra large size of tho
footprints. It ls unnecessary 10 state what
It was.���St, Louis Star
Eternal vigilances! -; u f, wsharp prosecutions are the price of cli : r air for New
York. The health board has I ej4iir. its
crusade against the smoke nuisunco. It
should receive the earnest support of the
people..���New York World.
-Vnrrlisr    Anln    \Vht. I,    Kii.lnvss
Smaller n nl  Weaker ipenlea.
The warrior ant is a slnvemnking species,   it is a lurgo red kind, nml it makea
tn his against nests of lhe small yellow mrf
ants, a mild and docile raco, Iuthu numbers of which It carries od to aet as serv-
Hut It does not stual fully grown turf
ants. Their habits are formed, and they
Would bo useless for such purposes What
the warrior ant wants is raw material,
which can bo turned into thoroughly well
trained sorvat'.ts So it merely kills the
adult ants which strive to oppose its aggression and contents itself with trundling
liui.'.ii to its own nest thu larvto ami pupia
of the turf ants whieh it has put to ilight
and vanquished.
In time theso grubs and cocoons produce
full grown yellow workers, which can bs
taught by thu warrior ants to Betas nurses
and housemaids. I once saw in a garden
ln Algiers a great ii-ihed battle going on
between slavemakers and thu family of
tho future slaves, in which the ground
was strewn with thu corpses of tho vanquished. Not till tho nest of the smaller
ante was almost exterminated did tiieyro-
tii-i from the unequal contest and ailow
thu proud invadur to carry off thoir brothers aud sisters in their cocoons, asleep and
Occasionally by dint of mere numbers
they beat off the iuvuder wl'.h heavy loss,
but much more often thu lavgt snd strong
Jawed warriors win tlio tlay and destroy to
a worker the bpj using forces. Thoy crush
thuir adversaries' bends with their viselike
mandibles. Meanwhile within the nest
tho other half uT tho workers���the division
kohl off as special nurses���aru otherwise
employed In defending and protecting the
rising generation.
At the first alarm, nt tho first watchword passed with waving antennas .through
thu nest, "A warrior host is attacking us,"
thuy hurry to thu chambers vvhero the
cocouns aro stored and boar them off in
thoir mouths into thu recesses of the nest,
tho lowest and most inaccessible 01 all the
chambers.���New Vork Telegram.
ttnolnv In Get* the Nevra .tfsliore.
Kacing was ti necessary businoss, and
preparations for such events on the Kana-
paha v.'uru rarely out of mind. For instance; the yacht was trimmed in various
J positions, until it was definitely deter-
, mined ill which one she would travel most
swiftly. Hot* awnings wero arranged to
furl quickly in onse.of a head wind, and
bur sails so that they could bu handled
With oqual celerity when tho wind was
fair, A huge trysail was purchased to balance the jib, antl tho topmasts, with all
thuir standing rigging, wore sent ashore
to relievo the weight aloft, for in a wind
fit only for topsails no sails wero worth
having. A watershed to t.nrow the water
sway from Ihu forecastlo hutch was built
and an pie scuppers opened on each side so
that sho might bu driven through a hard
sea���literally, through tho waves���without danger, and then, last of all, four barrels of tallow wore taken on board for
greasing tho coal in case of supreme need.
���"Afloat For News In Wartimes," by
iohu B. Spears, iu Soribner'a
Tame Deer Are Danarcrona.
The tamonessof the doer in the Duke of
Eodford's grounds is very remurkable.
Except the acclimatized Japanese from
Powersoourt and elsewhere, they are wild
creatures, caught ln distant islands uud
continents, from the Molucoas and Formosa to the Altai mountains or thu swamps
of Canada, yet tho difficulty is to keep
them wild enough. It is always dangerous to o*'ow stags to become tame and
familiar. If they lose their fear of man,
they are liable to become dangerous at
oertain seasons and attack persons in a
park or keepers as savagely nB they do
their own kind, consequently all familiarity has to be discouraged at other seasons
whon tho deer are most anxious to be
friendly. With the hinds thia is not neoes-
eury, and their conlldence is very pretty
and engaging.���Spin-tutor.
kave nad tnoufh ot women and enenfh of
tat th* -s-cil waits, nnd the sea waits, and tha
day and night ia enough.
Sire ice - tang white road and ihe gray, wid��
path of the sea
And the Hind's will and the bird's will nnd
tlie hetirlarlie Mill in uie.
Why shonUl  1 seek ont sorrow and Give gold
for s:rif�� ?
I have lured much and wept tnnch, but tears
und love are not fer life.
The grass visile to my heart, uml the foam to
my blood cries up,
Aad the sun shines, and the rood shines, nnd
the wing's in the onp.
I have had  i :iotlgtl nf wisdom and enough of
For the way's one, ond tho end's ona, and it'a
soon tu Ibe onus of tho earth,
And It's then  good nittlit nnd lo bed, and, if
heels or hearl uehe,
Nell's it's round slecii and long sleep and sleep
too dr.- \i to wake.
���Arthur Symons in London Outlook.
Th. Feat ���* K��owl��fl��._.
Mr. De Science���The officers cf the
Smithsonian institution are having the
shatter of monkeys phonographed, In the
hope that iu time tbeir language may ba
understood, and it may be possible to oon-
versu with them.
Mrs Pa Science���Isn't thnt grand I I
hope they'll ask tho monkeys, tha very
lirst thing, win tin' ** -���� iU-.ndt.uU
ftoin thaiu or Hut.���J���w Yo��k V.eikly.
Marker���When you saw me a year ago
���bout life Insurance, you told ine that the
company you were with was the bust Is
tho word.
Insurance Agent���My dear sir, It was at
thnt time, but th/ company I am now
with, having sinc�� ,iad th" benefit of my
services, hns of course taken tbat houut
awaf trom it.
CaK rattenlnst In Italy.
For fattening a calf fresh e��gs In abundance und the richest cream would cor-
tainly Beom to bo an anomaly, for it. ls ���
custom by no means usual, and it is not
going too tar to say that it is quite unknown to those who prepare veal for our
In Italy, however, tho case is quito different, and calves intended to mako veal
for speciul feasts or for very rich poople
are frequently fed in this way, enhancing
their value so that enormous prices DM
asked and are willingly paid for tha flesh
So careful havo the tatters got to .e that
the oalves destined for this aristocratic
mods of existence are condemned to a lifelong muzzling with a wicker basket, ln
order that thoy may not by any possibility
dissipate on their more natural food
should hay or grass happen tu come their
fie ICneiv Them.
Onco at on important function at Marl
fcorough House Sir Francis Knollys came
Cp to the Prince of Wales and remarked,
"Somo gontle'ion of the press wish admission, your royal highness."
"Oh," said tho prince, "show them In.
If they don't come In at the door, thayll
Some in at tha i TIIE DELTA TIME?, TUESDAY, NOVFMBER 5, 1007.
Mrs, A. ColegMta and son, Ralph
yisited  the   Rpyal City onjFridgyl
U��t. 'r
D. McQregor vfa�� among the
yisitor* to the market en Friday
Mr. and Mrs. T. J, Armstroat
pane down, Sgtv_r&u., fcom the
j.oj.��,l City.
ty'ss ��atie Montgomery returned, Saturday, irom a T^it to the
Jtoy��. Ci tt.
E. Shaw and VV, Cressard west
fTer to tke Terminal City en
Saturday last.
Mr. aud Mrs, Jas, McLeod, of
Vancouver, are guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Jm. Follis,
Jtirersvie Mission Circle will
fi .$t at Tl^e Parsonage, to-morrow
|fter��oon at 3 o,clock.
Mr. aud Mrs. T. R. Pate .sen aud
family weat oyer to tke Terminal
gity on Thursday last.
The Quarterly Official Board oi
fche Methodist Church wjill meet at
The Parsonage au Thursday next
at 2 p.m.
Mr._ and Mrs, Clark and W.
J.ewi. , of Vancouver, visited Mr,
a,nd Mrs. S. W.,Fisher on Thanks^
g^viug Da\\
__. .  t
Old Established and Reliable Companies.
Claims Promptly Adjusted,
White, Shiles & (��,
260 Columbia Street,   -   New Westminster, B.C.
Don't you think it is ab( uL. time
you paid for your paper? It is
only a small .sum to you bul it
means much te us.
Any person or persons found
hunting or shooting over the premises owned or occupied by the undersigned will be prosecuted according to, law,
Gosdou Frederick returned to
ihe Terminal City t>�� Thnrsday
evening after a short vijsit to the
9_d homestead.
The "Silver" Mission Band will
"Farewell'1' Miss I��e 1 Stainton on
Saturday,, the 9th inst.,. from 2. to
f o'clock p.m., al The Parsonage.
Mr.. a,ad Mrs. Thos. Roberts and
family haye rapyed from Boundary
Tfey te the property recently purchased by Donald Kearv, on the
Slough road.
Johu Oliver, M.P.P,, paid a J last
taiibi#e to bin ��M political opponent
j.��6terday. Mr. Oliver leaves, on
'fhursdav next on. a visit to his. eld
fcove in Ontario, and does not ex-
jfecw to return uatil [after the New
Xear has begins.
Mrs. Pfailps end Messrs.. Fisher,
T.. Hickey,, and P. Bradley, of
Everett, Wiaflh., Miss Katie Baktr,
Vancouver, and Miss Bryson,, of
__(ew Westrawsttr, wei* among the
visitors who attended the .aneral of
j)��ip Alice Benson..
: Handled on Commission.
For Your
n ��.    ,    o t ���       n      POULTRY,
On  Saturday,   Oct, Sth. a small w
Yellow   Bitch,   Owner   may   Have U|jve    Qr    QreSgecJ.
same on proving property and pay- j
ing for tbis a.. I. 	
R. McWATKRS, Su.     I
'em Leave
Best Machinery
On Earth
To notify the people of Ladner and suyl
rounding district that we are now in |
position to offer Vancouver Island
Portland   Cement]
At greatly reduced prices, making it posjj
sible for parties who contemplate buildingf
to put in concrete foundations at about th.j
same   cost   as   piling   or    other   inferioi!
Write for Prices,
B. O
A��o��g the. visitors from the
Koyal City who came down on the
$ tr. Tranifer, yesterday,, to pay a
Jpst faieweW to their departed friend
were: J. B. Kennedy, M.P.,, Thos.
��ifford, M..P-.P... Mayor W. H,
Keary, G. D. Brymner,. T. J'..
3fr.app. W. 1,. Gilley, Jos. Armstrong, IX Walker, C. A. Welsh,
j>. |.. Taylor, J. Reid, R. Jardine,
if; Peebles, J., Tuodden,. atjri Geo..
Billy P ewi>, of the dredge King
Etlt^ard,' had   the   misfortune    toj
slioQt  a,way  the  great toe of his'
|ight feint.    H'e had'beer.out shoot-j
$tg ancl while standing talking te a
Lifiiid he rested   the barrel of the
��tpii upon his foot, as Many  others
^ave don��,  and accidentally   dis.
!^ba*ged tljp weapon with the above
v5m.lt.    Billy   is doing  as well  a,s.
mn be. e>cp��..$ed.
Delta Highway Sy-Law;
Whereas It ia necessary and expedient to rescind a eertajn highway
uml also to establish, eertatn highways
within thc Corporation of Delta;
Be It therefore enacted by the ReeVfe
and Council of tlie Corporation or
Delta as follows,:.
1. Thut the portion of thy' highway
established by Cazetto December
22nd, 1873, from, u point on the east
bank of ChilukUiu Slough,, thence
northerly to its Intersection with the
River Road bo und Is hereby rescinded.
2. That a highway be and ls hereby established in lieu thereof, commencing at a point on the line between Townships 5 and 6, on the
east batik of Chlluktan Sljough, thenc.;
west, lt <$.greet?, 23 njinules-west for
a distance of 3.20 chains, and 33 feot
on each side thereof, thence north,
37 degrees 23 minutes west for a distance of 11.8!. chains, thence north,
44 degrees 32 mlnues west for a distance of 0.41) chains to intersect the
River Ttoad and having ti width of 30
feet on each .side thereof.
3;, Thai a highway be and Is hereby, established commencing on the
dyke, on the line between subdivisions
A and It of Lots 3.11 and 312, Group
I, thence following the dyke In a
northeasterly direction to lhe line belli n  subdivisions  F  antl  tl   of  said
Lots 3G1 nnd 312, Croup 1, and having a width or 66 feet outside of
drainage div ii.
I. That a highway be and Is hereby
established commencing nt the S.W.
corner of the N.W. '.; section 25,
Township 4, thence northerly along
the westerly- boundary of the N.W. %
section SB, Township 4, for a distance of n4.s.. chains more or less to
tho southern boundary of Lot IB,
Croup 2, thence westerly along the
southern boundary or I.ot 15, Group
2 tor a distance of 11.65 chains more
or less lo thu Itiver Road.,
5, This Tly-lnw may. be cited for all
purposes as tho Delta Highway Ry-
law, 1807,
Passed the Municipal Council this
24th day. of-August. A.D. ifrO-7.
Reconsidered nnd Anally passed the
20th day; nf October, A.D.  11107.
IT.  M. VASEY, Reeve.
N.   A.   islcDTARMII),
Clerk   Municipal   Cjpjuncll,
Port Guichon,
W. H. Taylor,
Ladner,   -    B. C.
Watch This
'JkJMlES Silverware,
Cut Glass.
Watch Repairing a Specialty.
Undrew Clausen,
B. C. Leather Co., Ltd.
U2 Hastings Strett, Vancouver, B. C.
English Oak Tanned Harness Leather
Saddlery Hardware, Horse Blankets and Stable
Closed   Uppers   Leather   and   Shoe   Findings,]
Trunks, Bags, Valises.
Estate of
W.   L.   McBRIDE,]
General Merchant
Phone 5
Port Guichon
Produce Stored and]
Shipped Direct
To All B. C Porte,


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