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The Delta Times Aug 27, 1907

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Array *TT^
mm^mi:      i    s.���   ..   ._ s^ae^
Vol. 4,   "���<>��� 51.
AUG 30 190/        |
**dJVTOPA*> 7>*
Cl-V.>m .-**
Ottawa Letter.   Romantic bedding Royal City's fair.
Ottawa, Aug. 16.
Conservaliveij are  given
tailor  ot
VVaJsh,   the   well   known
New   Westminster,   atid
it is generally supposed there will be another coal famine this whiter
we liive contracted for [mediate delivery of 150 tons of coal, and
are prepared to fill orders now, and we think you will be acting
wisely in putting in your winter's coal supply at once,
winter sold here as high as 415 per ton, and often was
to get at al! at any price.
c iticise the government tor itsGrand  :vfrs- Ann Gertrude Wells, of Mena,
Trunk  Pacific policy.    Have  they , Arkansr s, were married in  Suisun,
' I forgotten the terms underwhich their Ca., oi August 10, " says the   Es-
.! friends and supporters   were  given |p.-R0 Re,)uhli(,,la.    ,.The cereru0Ily
took   nlace   at   the   home   of   the
groom'.   Irother,   Hubert   Walsh,
t'le Canadian   Pacific charter?    In
short, the Consevative political syndicate   was   given  $25,000,000  in ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
cisl', 23,000,000 acres of land worth Ian(* was performed hy Father
Prices $7mS0 per fe*9*w Gash
In 3-ton lots and over $7.25 per ton Cash.
QUR CLOTHING sets the fashion for
men who want to be well dressed.
When you wear our Clothing you
you know there's not a man in town who 112
has anything more stylish or in better
It is made in audi a range of sizes that you can get an absolutely
perfect fit���whether yon are tall or short���stout or slender���smaller c?
larger than the average.
5,000,000 ac
11     1 -t.)   a"    acrei  !,nd   completed   road
LO 91   laSl   ** dued at ��32,000,000 more, together
about  $135,000,000,    All this vast
property was perpetually exempted
from taxation.    The hind  is being
soil at prices varying from $5 to $12
per acre.    The property to-Hay has
a   gross   income   of   neaily   $80,-
000,000 per annum,   or  practically
i th- smut, ss the iacuuie of the   Do-
i minion of Canada.
All   nt   this   vast   franchise   was
I -iven away by a govern ment which
Mailed lo grasp  lhe   possibilities  of
1 the future, and whose only criterou
I of value was  the  hopeless deficits
which each year faced the  Minister
1 of Finance.    The Tory government
was millions to the bad   each   year,
a:ul the  public debt  was growing;
larger and larger, and it was uot to
b: expected that men who were unable to conduct  the   affairs  of the
D iininioii, except at a loss,  should
be sufficiently intelligent  to  grasp
the importance or value ol  a  franchise such as the Canadian Pacific.
urned thc Rascals Out.
The   people   of   Canada   at   all
���events  arrived  at  this  conclusion
for in 1896 the Conservatives, after
te, in oflice  for eighteen  years,
I were buried under au avalanche of
I voles, and the  Liberal  party  took
the helm, and from that time to the
present hour the  country  has enjoyed a marvellous measure of prosperity.
Grand Trunk Pacific.
Quinu,   rector   of  St.   Alphonstts
Church of that place.
"The bride and groom had never
seen  each  other  until they met in
I Suisun two days before the wedding
'took   place.     Mrs.   Wells arrived
from  her southern   home  on  the
I Tuesday before  the marriage, and
i Mr. Walsh arrived from his   northern home  oil Thursday, August 8,
so they had ���nly two days  of personal  courtship.    They  had, kow-
Ctir Clothing holds its shape.
satisfactory to wear.
The Railway Commission having
; in charge the building of the  new
: transcontinental line  held   its first
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     I meeting Septcmpler       1904,
It is tailored by experte-bhe finest cloths and linings are used-anc wW? ,timfa" ��*��eB"��Tnt ��f
every suit  is  sold with  our  personal  guarantee  of Mmoney's-worth or 7.7 ^ ,
money back'* following summary   may  prove of
t interest.
/-\        n>   i.��.-_     ��� ���   ,. _.���_., ,   ., . Four departments  were organiz-
,Q^r..?1?*hiIi?.is miehty satisfactory clothing  to  buy-and  equally |ed. viz., Engineering, Accounting
Purchasing and Transport, The
last named was for the purpose of
transporting provisions and supplies
lo the surveying parties in the field.
Divided into Districts
Marshall Smith & Co., Ltd.
Mew Westminster, Aug. 24.���It
is tnori than probable that the famous Iufiian runner, Tom T.ongboat,
will make his apjcirance at the
provincial exhibition and run
against time and agaiust Burns, of
Calgary. The latter is by no means
a mean runner having run the
coast marathon at .Seattle with
great ease and will make a worthy
opponent to the Indian runner who
has beaten all records in distance
runs dtiriug the past year.
Mayor Keary received the following telegram, to-day, from C. A.
Welsh, who, at the time of writing.
was in Essex, Ont.: 'Looks favorable for genius. LongLeat. Will
have something definite in a few
davs." As soon as tlie word is received that fiual arrangements have
been made with the Indian runner,
ever, corresponded for some time-the Calgary Y.M.C.A. will he asked
and their courtship had been car- to consider tke proposal of allowing
ried on by mail and an engagement 1 Burns to run against the champion,
followed in due coarse of time. | They have already signified their
Thev were introduced to each other' willingness to do so and once Long-
by mail  through  a mutual friend. I boat has promised to compete there
'       ' will   be   no    difficulty    arranging
terms with Burns.
Tom Longboat has a ut iqur record, jumping into j rotuinence all
at one stride. The first race he
ever entered was e Hamilton
marathon b st summer when he de-
Tuousands of mile* separated theui
so they decide I  to join hands and
hearts aud tke romance  culminated
, as above.
"Mr. Wa'sh is engaged in the
merchant tailoring business in New
Westminster, and after a brief
honeymoon here   Ite will return toj feated Marsh, tiie Winniregrunner,
his home with his bride
Mr. and Mrs. Walsh returned
to the Royal Cily ou Tuesday last,
and received the congratulations ot
his numerous friends and acquaintances, who thought he was doomed
to be a bachelor to the end of his
days. The Delta Times joins in
wishing thc happy couple a long
and prosperous life.
There will be a  special  meeting |
of the Delta   Municipal  Council on
Saturday next at 2 p.m.
by some distance. From that time
on he has 1 een placed in all amateur events and kas come through
with the enviable record of not being beaten. He has lowered several high marks for five and ten
miles hut his favorite distance is a
twenty-mile cross country run.
Longboat had practically uo train-
i ing when he raced in the Hamilton
marathon but had merely run long
distances, sometimes competing
with horses lor fifteen or twenty
miles and other silitary runs. This
made his victory all tlie more-remarkable. Tt was not nntil the
day before tl.e race that it was decided that he should have a horse
and bug^y to pace him. His show-
in   tlie   rtice   has   practically
The dog poisoner is around again
poisoned meat having been  discovered near the postofflce.   Just  for
the benefit of the skunk who plant- j ing
edit, we wish ta  state that  it will changed the appearance  of affairs
not be good for him it he is  caught  and once metre the  red  man reigns
at his dastardly business.
supreme as the champion runner ot
j the continent.    There is every pos-
' sibility, if another  Grecian  marathon   is  held, that  he  will be sent
' across to compete in it.
The juice was tamed on permanently, ou Thursday last, and now
vou may turn on your light at any
time during the 24 hours and you
will find it O.K.
The B. C. E. R. Co. have had
many obstacles to overcome in
order to give us- this great privilege
and none are more pleased with its
accomplishment than are the officers of the con��painy who have had
this work in hand.
ton has been divided   into  six   districts as follows:
District "A"-���From MouctOn to
the New Brunswick-Quebec boundary line, 255.11 miles, under Guy|
C.   Dunn,    District   Engineer,   St.
John, N. 15.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      District "li"���l'rom  last   named
  point to Clear Lake, in the Province
By an order of.the Lieutenant- of Q��ebec, in the vicinity ol  Long.
Covernor-in-Council the disabilities 74 degrees wesl, .,02.64  miles,   Una's to the shooting of cock pheasants der A' '������ 1)ull��t- ',islria Engineer,
have heen  removed from the  vari- Que'jeC|  P. Q.
���us districts between  certain dates.      District "C"-Ktom  last  named
The dates for west of the Cascade P*1"110 near tbe Provincial boun-
j celt kicked him on tbe arm break-1 Range> ,vilhill   Richmond,  Dewd. dary line dividing tbe Provinces of
ing  k'le  bones completely and left jney, Delta and Chilliwack electoral: Q"eb-C alld Ontario, 276 miles, un-
hitn lying on tbe sand unconscious, 'districts, are October 15 to Deceni-ider   A-   N*   Molesworth,   District
The funeral ol the late Miss Harriet Kiaser, daughter of .Simon
Fraser, the explorer of the Fraser
River, took place at Toronto on thei
        22nd   inst.,   from   the    House   of
The Hue from Winnipeg to Monc-| Providence to St. Andrew's.    De-! at 8 a.m. aud a p.m.; leaves Staves-
ceased, wbo was So years  ��i  age,  ton  at  9 a.m.  and 5 p.m.    Every
was laid   beside the  bodies   of the day except Sunday,
father and mother.
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
Johnny   Abercrombie    had    the
misfortune to break his  right arm,
ou Tuesday last.    While  taking  a ',
mare  and   colt   from  tbe  Grauer
ranch   to   his   father's   place,   the |
After  coming-to he was   brought j ber 31 inclusive.
Engineer, Ottawa, Out.
hastily to town where his arm was
set by Dr. King, in about 40 minutes after the accident happened.
The lad is progressing favorably.
When you wish to buy visiting
Cards call on the Delta Times who I Mrs. Wilkinson is recovering
wil. sell tii* best money can buy. 1 nitely irom an attack of measles,
If you need them printed, why you! from which, with her infant, she
are money in pocket by catling on I has been laid up during the past
tho Dett.a Tynes first, jweek.
Pheasants are fairly plentiful thisI    Di,trict '-'V'-tow last named
Sj^son, ! point to near Long, 84 d( grecs west,
"A close season for prairie chicken !J49.^ miles, under S. N. Pouhr,
has been declared  throughout the j Di8trict Engineer, North Bay. Out.
province until August 31, igoS. D1<'rict "E"-From last named
Ipoiat to near Long, 8g degrees, 50.,
248.25  miles,  under  T.  S.   Arm-
GRAIN   SACKS���;"<.o   per   ipeo strong, District Engineer, Nepigon,
(less $2.50 for spot cash)���Brack-! Out
mnn-Ker Milling  Co.,   Ltd., H
i    N.Rich, Agent, ladner, B.C.
    Have you  got  a  Savings  Bank
Hurla  Singh, a  Hindu,   is  sus-l Account in the Royal Bank of Can-
pected   ot   having  abducted a little! a,ia?    If not, you should open  one
Indian gitl   from   a camp near the, as soon as   possible.    Deposits   of
St.   Mti.igo   Cannery.    The   girl's1 $1 and up received.
age has  not  been definitely ascer-j	
tniued by  the  police.    The child's!
father and two grown-up  brothers,
are ou the chase  after the   Hindu,
and if they mauage  to  catch up to i :^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^_
.        , ���     , c -.. ' operdtion, next week, .or  appeadl-
him, his changes  of escaping v.'ithi   . . '
his |ife will be very small indeed.
Mrs. W. Ji Leary, jr.. who is
confined to the General Hospital,
Vancouver, wiil likely  undergo an
(Continued on Second
, ^_ ^, Ladner recently discovered
John Townsend met with rather'a small patch oi joint grass on his
a seriou_ accident, on Thursday property. This is a roxieus wied
last, which will lay him aside from that is hard ti Let ri 1 of. It is
work for some time. It appears, propagated through the root which
that, while engaged in splitting ; forms into joints of about an inch ia
wood with a double bitted axe, in length anl each joint throws up its
some way the axe became entangled spear. Mr. Ladner discovered it in
ill a clothesline which threw the his potato patch whereat had grown
blade onto his face making an ugly clean through a tuber. The only
gash from lhe left eyebrow to the| way to rid the laud of it is to dig it
lip, laying the nose open ou that all up and burn it. G.ie joint left
side from top to button. He is in tbe ground is suffHent to pro?
doing aLrijfht. Iduce quite a patch in ��u�� seas��e. THP: DELTA TU
AUG LSI  2;. tgt
^iWfWNI ,-*��^��c/
i?HE 9��L,TA. TIMES,
?i.*3I.-. HfD- r.v:--f:V  TpESBAY.
The Market.
3to3SCim'TioN'. $1.09 pepy��ar.   -    Xew   Westminster,  Aug.  m.���
.  I For the first  time  tliis yea;* crab
,.-,vi'RTi---.r. rati -. | apples mado. tln-ir appearance on
local  matket  yesterday.    The
sup. iv, ct course, was only  limited
c;nU a pound was.the  price asked.
September 24th to -28th, 1907.
Casual Advertisements, 10 Cente p�� line fot ; \\i
the first in&^rtion, nnd 5 cfQt=J per Une  lor each1
subsequent insertion.     The   number   ot   Upps
reckoned by *. he space occupied, talipes to the
but   the   quality   was  good.
Rates tor Ccn)in?rrtal Advertisements can be
had on application at tblsc_ffice.
.������!�����.>.���* ��*������!��� H'*���!��� ��� ���!����� ��I����� ^t^At^^^jf
Reading noUces 10 cents p��" Uai
*wt <-acb in-
Birth and Dftatfe notices, 5oc,,_3ilarriftges$i,oo,
Any special notice, the object q! which is to
The fruit as a whole was strong
arul the demand quite heavy. Large
consignments broughl in by the far-
The Biggest and Best cf M Season.
Prize  List  Increased   Nearly  50 Per   Cent,  in |
Stock Divisions.
Delta Transfer Stable
Team Work Dene at Specially Low Prices.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
promote the pecuniary braedUofAny, indiriduRi raers  ot  Surrev  never reached the
or company, to br cc.ua��der<-��l an advertisement
4 - DftYS
ot British Columbia,
4- Telephone " Ladner>' No. io.
���nd charged accordingly, market at all. but  were bought up] .
Aij.dter��Ma.ent��cii��rg_d for-u*ui. ordered kv the Vancouwr buyers in whole- Rough Riding- Competition for the Championship
eui and uAoi for, ' '     -        "  '
.... .,,   sale quantities.    Apples as a whole
c.&rT-6f-?udeacs* lUTKeU on taaxttn ol public, ' ' r
fc..er��_t. liemsftioicaUotu to rdiior mu! be nc- arc* showing vp  well  and ripening i ���-
Ooanpaaie .  L>y  name of writer,  riot ucces.arily "���"
for pnblicaii.'.ii. but u, evidence of good faith,   fasti
Correspondence m.u reach ibl-ioibc^'bY rhurs*
ijHsBvening, The  supply     1   plums svas very j
..So.   R.
j iur^e, but the fruil is small and uu-1 ���   ,
i .(tractive.  The demand for the a i''��� Expended in Improvements to Grounds 'I his x ear.
article is good. !
;     The supply of chicken,,fowl, eggs
TUfiSDAY,   AsL'GXJST   ���}'
; and ducks was extra large, and the)
.emand was very stroag for each of'
these line's. There wus an extra!
The two-iowed barley sc.wn here big supply cf chickens, bat many:
for malt iug purposes, is turn iug out j et the inferior birds were passed;
glurap and cleau. ! over by the Purchasers, aud left un-1,
Excursion Rates From All Points.
Entries    Close   September    16th.
J. E. SMART, Sec.-Treas.,
V. T. Ry. & Ferry Co.
New Seryice���Port Guichon and   Ladner to New
Westminster and Vancouver,
Leave Pt. Guichon, 6.30 a.m.    Arrive Vauoaiwer, 10.20 a.m.
Leave Vancouver,   2.10 p.m.    Arrive Pt, Guichon, 6.00. p.m.
Gives   Passengers, four  hours  in   either   New   West*
P.. O. Drawer 761, Victoria, B.CJ minster or Vancouver.
(*Contiuued iro.u   Fir-st   Ha: e.
til,the  last  when   the late arrivals!
bought them  up  iu order to have!
District "F"���From last named department, and shall produce such
I point to  Winnipeg,   386.56  miles, quantities   of   coal   as    the    de-
Threshing is in full blast and the birds, with   which   to   start  their| under Maji)r  A  E, KodginSi. Dis. partment     elects.      Should     thej
grain is turuing out much better ranches in the spring. [trict Engineer, Kenhora, Out. applicant fait to conduct operations.
tpan was expected. , The SUPP^  ��{ fow,_ was exrcp-j    Total�� mileage-  under  Contract, aa adised, or  produce  the  amount
1        New   Freight   Tariff   effective    September    5th,   '06.
from ihe dale l..- ���,. r..,tiiw,i  by the|(;rcatl3' Reduced Rates.     For particulars apply to
Agent,  Port Guichoa,
Sufficient Cars  .rill be furnished without dela}-.
cionul, mauy good sized birds, bred
1 '66s
Great Progiess -X.Ue
j late last fall and   ear'y   this spring,
As 6,500 festp 5, ooo-so is the tield being among those  for. sale.    The
of the  grain  crop, this year, com- j demand  for  thase birds was   very!     To those who  think   the  Grand
j��a?ed with ijshat was expected as a ��trong but tk*re was uo great r.ush Trunk   Pacific  a,  visionary eu.ter-
resalt   pf  tbe continued'drought.!for the oki l'!rds- _       1 prise, these facts may  come some-
������ ,    .   ., There Was a good   StipptV   of  fat   nsKaf Qa a cttmri .(���   bi't (lie truth i��
Ths  straw  is  wry  short   out the   .     , , ,', , .��'-at a.-, a surprise, out wit iruui 1.,
,    ' ", .     ��� .���  .  ���   .   ��tocks on the market, the demand, the-Government is urginR  o<i  the
heads are lsug aud well tilled, buch' L Wll..|   ...   u.- sj?nriiw , .. ...        ...        ���
uowever, ��as e([uai   to  cue supply completio*of this national work so
is tbe-condition  01  the  grain cropi which was speedily soM oft. , thal the congested condition* in the
Jfere. Thirty-three cents was: the price transportatitwi world may be reliev-
-   ' I oflered for eggs iu auy   large quan-1 et\^
titv bv the dealers aud uiany of the _    , , _ ,
-\e ,,   .,   . .     "..,.! Coal Lanes Conserved,
farmers sold  their   iTaU:-.s   at that,
I price.     Otters,   with   only   smallI    The speculator finds  no euconr-
. old to the local buy-! agement from the Liberal  Governors. J. F.   Fletcher  ��n,l    .nn   nl   '-������ t..t a^s r.ign as 40c a dozen. 1 ment.    The policy of the  Interior
Victorit,.,   are   visiting
Kev. E. B. Owen, of Xew West-;
piaster, is visitiug friends here.
of cenl stipulated, his lease is liable j
tv CBiicellaliou iu iiie discieVion of I
the minister.
Must Also Pay Royalty.
It is also provided in the lease j
that the applicant for a coal lease j
shall pay to the Government ro\ al- j
ty at the r,Ue of scents per ton,
failure to pay which renders the!
lease liable to cancellation.
Actual Settlers i rotecled.
All leases ol   coal   n Lniug rights
shall be i.sstied subject to the provi-
Incorpuratcl 186*.
sion that actual settlers shal
titled to  buy  at  th.   pit's
be en-
Mrs.   ]*,   F.
their own u.i>e, at a price  not to exceed $1.75 per ton.
i consignments.
Fletcher  and   son, oi! *�� ti,r a* hi*h as 4��C a dozen. I ment
There wa.s ouly a meagre supply j Department in dealing with the ceal whatever coal they may require for
of beef on the maiketandit was ail question, shows how faithfully the
said without delay. It is stated j Government redeems its promises,
that the iarmers have already killed -j Heretofore any person wishing
all the animals which they do not, to acquire coal lands could do so
intend to hold i-��er until next sum- "pon filing his application and pay*
mer and  se  the  auautity coming j ins $30 per acre fur anthracite coal
and $10 per  acre   for  coal   of any
other quality.
Under these regulations coal land
passed out of the possession of the
Government   rapidly.     The   total
Mis. K.  McDonald,  of Vancou
���ver, is  yi.-.iing  her  r.tster, Mr_, J
V. Follis, Slftiigh road.
The Royal Bank c,f Canada is
here for your convenience and will
he pleased to ui--e 7011. every attention.
Gee. Cupningham, sr., and
.-laughter, Miss Alma, eft-New Westminster, drjve down, ts-day, on :
tlicrt visit.
Into the city is not as Isrge us usual.
; There was a lair supply   ot   veal
which was in  good demand.   The
I animals are continuing to keep up
the good quality which was noticed
earlier in the . easca nnd there were
some very presentable animals
hanging ��w the hcoks yesterday
The supply of mutton  and  lamb
On Friday, Aii��
id   inst., be-
area   disposed   of   previous  to 31 .
March,   119.07,-, being 252,37s acres, j
tween. Haselgrove Dairy aud Stanley street, a Gold Necklace. Finder please return, to
CAPITAL, - - - $3,900,000
RESERVE FUNDS,       - - $4,390,000
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
Ivast End, Mt. Pleasant, Granville Street, Cordova Street; Granct
Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Port Essington, Rossland, Victoria, Vernon,
Chilliwack, Cumberland, Port Moody and New Westminster.
C. B. DANIEL, Manager, LADNER. B. C.
The areas disposed of each year un
der the old regulations, which  per- I
uiitted   the    purchase   of the   coal |
was not large, hut   what there was'lands, for the iive  vears  and  nine j    0nto,mv paemise's, ou the Slough
of it was thoroughly first class, and  months previous to 31 March,. 1907, , road,, about the ist of August, one
could be sold to the most particular I are as follow.-, I Milch Cow.   Owner may have same
Ladner Exhibitor
Harvest Home serviqes  will  bc | t)U>'er
held iw the M'tthedi^t   Church here
o'n September   15th  next, morning
The ladies appreciated this Year ending June 30/02, 33,260 acs \
Ion proving property and; paying for
the cnoicest j
i.n<! evening.
03, 27,412
do. '04, 21,455 "
do. " '05, 16,014"
do. * '06, 46s259 "
For the niBC  months ending  3:;
this ad.
market, openei
cuts of these  auin stls were all sold
and the late comers were  forced to I
"��� ~~~~~ satisfy themselves with the cheaper ���
Ut*..ShofFandsdangHter returned parts. March, 1907, 103^931 acres.
Home, yesterday, after  spending aj    The prevailing prices were as foi- '
couple ot weeks  here  the  guest qff lows: Heel,   hindquarters,  8#c to Speculators Blocked.
9J4.C;  foreqiiaiter?,. fc to  He;   mut-      It became-very ev-ident that spec-
ton,   13c  to   ;4c; lamb, 15c;  veal; 1 ufetors were securing.the coal lands,
Mrs. T. W. Rester
Pr.eservinjf!   Peaches ar
Arriving at tl c light | rlc:
per ch ?... 35c (or ,10 ;ess tbati 103,931 acre
$6.50 to' absorbed in tlie   nine
S3-7? to viousto 31 March, "07.
ister of the Interior  saw
75   to
\ nc, pork, ne; eggs,   yt-i  n ... j,:.,:  h,r ,,., .,..,, ,),;.��� ,..;,.,,-.   hi -   -iw
late  in  to   40c;   fowl,   per doz.
We art   S7.50; chicken.1,.per do?.
taking orders for delivery upon ar-tj.5.50; duck'-,   per c.62.,  $(>.yn
,-ival- -W. H. .Smith. j $7.50^potatoes.,per ton, $40 to food happening, and on  March 4,   07.1
 . apples, per hoy., 75c to $ 1;. Bsrtlett the regulations under  whicli  such;
' pears-, pep box, $���: (rab apples, per i things were . ossiblc were suspend-1
. -l-iiious Made
Plans ofthe subdivision oi  Well-
uington Parm msy be  ke;>t  at th s
W. N. Draper,
Room :��� F-.Mit;<] Block. New Westminster.
M.R.e.V*.S%, Edtu.
VJWOOOfER lti sn
Jan. 8th to 11th.
Eight First Prizes.   Three Specials.
sSi-x sSecontis.    Three Thirds.
White Rocks, Barred Rocks. Silver
Spangled    Hamburgs,   Buff
Orpingtons and Black
months   pre-
New Westminster, B. C.
F.ggs for Hatching���
New Ke.v
Whereas under
Mes��r*.  Mine sr.d Rummel, of; ih.
ihe- B.  C.   E.   R,   Co., who hsve'
s-.harge  of the  installation   of   the
Jfehtsystem''here, drove down, tp-|uiflgton partnimiy be ke;,t aMbsj    Whereas under the old regula
rlay, on �� visit of inspection. offi:e 1!k1   a;ly   infoimatinu   which |lions tlierc was no lilDlt to the acre"
age one man. might secure, and had
', the same  remained in  force  much
Fred Sptherby  lefc. to-day, ou n  ~ ; r0U��cr the coal l?.tids-of the eountry
The Royal Bank of Canada v ith   wou'd soon  have   been   all   ill' the
B. C.
**ss M .nufiicturers oi all' tiuds of
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
Your patronage solicited
B. C.
Fashion Stables =
Tracking and  Draying.
I.ivery work of all kinds attended to promptly.
J. Mm Coilinson
Lii-ncr.B. C.
Central Livery  StaWe,
Columbia St. Phone 1371
may be desired.
Ladner Carriage Works.
trip'.tpSan   Francis co, <n  eympany
with'Fred Cuttinr, w'rr,  is  return.i j^   Sp_5n'di��l
ing tlierc after spending s   week or Canada,
so   rene��'iii;<    old    acquaintances banking
��foitnd Deltf. 1
connection   all   overi hands of speculators.    The Liberal.
a fiords
you    exceptional
Louis Stanuard, an eld and-, very
Mr. Renni*, mftnager.of the Van- j highly respected farmer of Clover-
30��ver branch oi- th s \\ m. Rennie] dale was gored t > death 0:1. Sutur-
,-,'eecl Co., paid a s'.eoi I visit here ou day, afternoon by -a bull which
' Government does things differently.
I New    regulations-  were   promptly
framed and put in force-wbich limit-
led thercrcage of each- applicant to I^^SaL'.
2,560 acres, and this, may  only  he '^t*''^-;";'':'"' ;* """""	
.Must Work die Mine.
In additioir.to the   limitations. ��-is
\\fedtiesdav   last,,   tl*e   giiest    ol  not   considered   lo  he dangerous.
.Isabel- sSmifi, and   spent   most ol   The   funeral   v,o,r    veil
���s\isit:   ini  lbokiitg    over    Mr. j shoeing the resject iu  which  thei only, each applicant is required  to
(Westminster Branch1.
Time Tahiti
Cflrs leave tPeflttnttlst��r I*sr TancntLs-er nt 5.50
nd 6.,.o ti.m. ami hourly thereafter until 11 p.
.1 Sal
Cars 1
Saturcf. ya and Sundays at ti p.m.
We lun tits*sc1a:Js, freight- ears between West"
minster ami Vancouver nntl all shipments are
hau died with the utmost.erne and delivered to
consignee Without delay     Special attention paid
Machine Castor,
White Eoae Separator
W600 Cylinder
J. J. C _ Hard
attended | to acreage and  ihe right to leas? *��SgSfl��.p,KS5��r0" ���w,',"**"h*
taith'si potato crop
15.....   ��������� , ���   - ���
theold.Eenllcma.i was held.
copimeuce .ictivc miuiug operations.
TrafTtt M}-r.
et _ apply to
���ocol M^r.
Receives both Ladie3 and Gentlemen as resident
or day students. Has a complete Commercial
or Business Course. Prepares students to gain
Teachers' Certificates of all grades. In affiliation
with Toronto University gives the four! | years'
course for B. A. degree, and the first year of the
Toronto School of Science. Has a special "Prospectors' Course" for miners who work in B. C.
Instruction given in  Art,  Music,  Physical
Culture and Elocution.
For    Calendar,   etc.,   address   "Columbian
Bur3ar. I
if iou obtain a Firearm of doubtful quality
The experienced Hunter's snd
-        '", Marksman's Ideal
a reliable,'unerring STEVENS
by (hosting our popular
Ask yonr local Hardware
or Sporfins Goods Mnr-
rhant for tho STEVENS.
If you 'iiiiml. obtain, wo
(ship   dirert,   ��* _ pro.,   prc-
pulsl, upon receipt of t'nlii-
Send 4 cents, ln (stamps* for 1-10 l'n_c
ill,tst rated (iHtnlog, iiis-luilintc circulars of latofst additions lo our Hue.
Contains points nn shooting, ammunition, tho proper careof a lire arm,
etc., etc. Our attractive Teu Color
Lithographed Hanger mailed any.
where for st i v cgntjjn stumps.	
P. O. Box 4097
Chlcnpee Falls,   Mass..  IT. 8. A.
La Grippe
Etc., Etc.
Tt will pay you to own oue aud be on the safe
side. One Oxydonor iu a family will bauish all the terrors of disease from the household if only used as soon
is ne ided and in a reasonable wa)'.
This is the Actual Experience in many thousands
of families who have adopted tliis advanced method of
treating disease.
Inflammatory Rheumatism.
Mr, Jps, .' us. n, RpMlniui, H.C., Can., writes, Mareh ir, 1901 : "Some five years ago I
.������>>. Oxydonor fcr my \mjL- who wns suffering from fetnnte weakness, Aftar a week's use the
i.v l.i. himself w is _. nt rised tt, find such a change, hi fact tt was enough to induce him to get
' 1 fi.vyil .'.-.    f, v ii-g sister.
shorl time ;ij �� my wife ha 1 an a'tnek qf inflamtnatorv rheumatism,    She  could
'  wall, and he.   joint')   were  much   swoollen.   She  applied   Qxydou ���    and   before  night the
wrhad      is ���', and next morning there war \*ery little swelling', and she could walk as well
i-h.  had a similar attack before we got Oxydonor and was uuder u doctor's care for a
."��������� --.U.Tcd ngonfes.
*'tt has cured me ofa severe cold.*'
Send at once for book No.* 78, giving further in-
forjnation about OXYDONOR ancl many reports from all
.parts'Jof the country.
364 St. Catharine St. West. Montreal.
The Delta Times
Job Printin
Holy Communion���tst  and  3rd!
Sjiudays tit 8:3 1 a.m.; 2nd  and 4th
SpnH..ys at 1 1 11 in
M.'itins, i 1 oi lock.
Evensongs 7:30 o'clock. ;
Fluidity .Scb'iol at to a.m. ;
Friday evening, I,itanv .it ;:.?,o.   !
Rev. !���'.. K. U.iiTletr, M.A.. Vicar i
t.-, iiii'i :c
Services first and third Sun.iay of!
eacli month at 10:30 a.m.; Bcnedie-|
tion, 7:30 ,i m
Sundnv school at 3 p.m.
T.ow Mass and Holy Communion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.     !
Kev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,     I
Parish Priest.
. IKTIlt.lJilST,
services next   ford's Day at 111
a. m.and.7:30.p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayei meeting every
Thursday evening at S.
Rev. J. l;. Belts, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 am Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Re\    \. McAuley, Pastor.
���������-' I  -1ST.
Sabbath  services ---- Crescent   Island, 3 p.m.; _,adnei, 7:50 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:30 t. m.
Prayei   meeting <m Thursday ai
8 p.m.
Rev. ...  II.  Huntley, pastor
Nurseries   &   Seedhouses
i     Head    larlei    . .tcifi
| grown   (larden, Field   and
1 Seed   lhat  in  thorou .
to   ilality before t (Tei 1 ig for sal
' tl_t.lt      . ���    ��� I : tO   gO, LTillll   ;.'
' spi   I      us to  freedom   in 111   1 eed
seed!    :���' impli     ������ >������       inteiidi
pun ii sers
Ln,.i- -.tock oi JIGM
Pi nit   ,md   Orn ttni iital    . ������       .������
1    art      ���..������.'���,;:-.' I... ".
Wo (.x; ������;,-������, loss 01    elayol furai
gjtiou or inspection.
BEE SUPPLIES, Spray Pumps,
Spraying     M iterial      Gi nho
Plants, Cut Flowers,
We   do   business   on   uu
ground; ��������� i
pun .'.red 1
Let me ; list 1.
ing you   ordet
M.   I.   HE]  I   ���
��. estmir.stt.    ton  ,
i VANCOUVER,   -   B. C.
PLANT NO. 9063.
My friend Wllmore told me 11 sur| 11 Ing
���tory ilia other day. Doctors���and Wil-
moro is one���do meet with surprising-caBC!
0t times
I hod not seen my friend for some time,
wben Iin invitod mo to spend a few day.
witli liiiu at liis pretty villa overlooking
tho Royal gardens at Kew. On thr first
ovening of my visit I sat with him on the
balcony of an upper room.
Close to us wa.s the groat palnYhouae
-Vllmore pointed to ii,
"Whenever 1 lost at that housn, 'he
���aid. "1 think of the events i.i a night that
I spent in It witli a man who would hava
committed a murder hnd I not beeu Instrumental in preventing hlm."
I did what any one else would have dons
���asked Wllmore to toll Ids Btory,
"Don't mind if I do," hu replied, "only
1 must. not. lie too long ahuul It.
"Well, it is almost 25 vr:,:-* sin��� I settled hero near this wonderful garden I
put up ray brass plato nud watted lot patients I oould do this with Utile anxiety,
for 1 had a slight Inooinu to keep mu go.
"There came to Kew about the sniio
time a colonel, bis wife and his daughter.
Apparently they did hot Intend to reside
hero permanently���thoy took a furnished
house by the quarter
"1 met the throo of them In tho gardena
Constantly Like myself, they bad nl.,-
tainud a private pa. .1 and used to untoi' by
that iittlo gate opposite lo us. Tbey wero
seldom In tbo gardens when tlie general
pnblie were admitted
"To be candid with ymi, the beauty ot
thu colonel's dauglit..- was to me far mur.o
enchanting than the beauty of tho gardens
Ves, it wa.s a ease of love at first siglit.
"I am not miing to describe I ur except
to say that every man before he reaches
my ngo oxperionoug ihe suit of Intoxication thnt I did ihen. and to him the beauty of the loved object is Incomparable,
"The girl, 1 must tell .vou, was ono of
the most healthy looking girls I have over
teen We doctors know ut a glance where
health has its abode
"1 took u dislike to tho colonel���naturally perhaps, for Iio seemod tu gnnrd his
daughter with exceeding sternness He
disliked me, too, ic was plain I shall
never forget how bo used to watch nie and
frown Though 1 was In lovo, I was not
quite devoid of reason and oould find many
excusos for ihe man's apparent antagonism Doubt loss be wanted a quiet time,
as 1 did     Bosldos, tho colonel might well
havo linagi I at  times that   I followed
them. It bad really readied that stage
wilh tno that I felt despondent whon I
could not seo them, Of tho colonel's wife
I need say little���s! e seemed to be an unusually modest, quiet, even timid, woman.
"For two weeks 1 had to ho absent from
Kew on-business,
"On returning, my first visit was to tho
Hardens���to the rhododendron walk. Thoy
werensplendid sight, nut i ...vr r.ctrnng
of them���I was looking for a face, .lust
ns I reached the opon I saw throo figures
coming from the direction of thu grove of
"1 fancy I betrayed my feollngs a liltle
���I could not help it. 1 wiui shocked, almost, paralyzed, to see the girl, upon
whoso Image every liber of my brain had
dwelt, supported by her mother, pale,
sickly, utterly broken down in health,
"Klio looked at mo���oh, what a pitiful
look I Her eyes wero onnnturnlly large
nnd unnaturally bright. II. r luce had bo-
conio thin; its color had deepened. She
was plainly suffering from somo sort of
slow fovor, a fever that was consuming
her strength little by little.
"Later in the day I wus at thc railway
station, getting some books from Smith's
library 1 saw tho colonel nt the ticket
olllce. He was Inquiring for a ticket, to
Holyhead     Ho did not see mo.
"lt occurred to mv mind uli ntnnoo that
I might nee hia wife nud dnughter by
themselves noxt day Perhaps I should
have a chance to Introduce myself in my
professional capacity That, night I concocted nil sorts of plans. In tho morning
I was in tho gardens early. As tho time
ilrcv," nigh tbat, thoso who I wished to see
arrived I was close to their customary
ga'te. They cnnio somewhat laic, and I
followed them. I felt mean���very mean--
in doing so.
"They mado their way to tho quietest
place in tlm gardens���tho rhododendron
valley. Thoro is a fountain bcsldo the
path to It. Thoy stopped nt It, I saw iiio
elder lady take a*handkorohIef, saturate it
ut tho fountain'and apply lt to tho girl's
forehead as she stood lieiicaih tho arching
rihade of a yew tree, leaning against a
branch of It. Prosontly they proceeded
slowly, 1 following. .orlunntoty Hare
were no others at that early hour to see
int, Tlie two disappeared round a turning luto thc valley. As thoy did SO 1 saw
something white fall. Whob I readied it,
1 found it to bo the handkerchief.
"Well, as I am tolling tlie si,iry, I hail
bei ier tell it. all. 1 put tho handkerchief to
tny lips and kissed it. To my amazement
an odor came from tt thnt I i, .1 Binelled
but unco before and had never forgotten
It was tho odor of the "I hug plain.'
���It was a fortunate thing that. I had
traveled in tho east. While doing so I mi I
a lady, the wifo of a Minims artillery olli-
eer, w ho told mo that she was on I Iio poirt
of death. Sho described her sickness most
carefully None of her duel..rs had ben
ablo lo cure her. Sho had dono some soi s ���
iee to tho 'medicine man'uf the station,
Ho was noted among his caste for skill In
curing hy means of herbs. Ho bogged that
ho might see the lady and at last wa.s allowed. Ho entered the room, looked at
her, went nbout. In an amazing manner,
mantling everything on the bod, tho upholstery, tho rugs, ourtolns, blinds, and
reached tho window. There ho pounced
upon a plant that, the officer's wile had
had for ninny years, having brought It
from her own English homo. Tho 'ntrdi-
oiiis. man' pluekud from the put a small
Wted that had not been atteniteu to '>��� Ith
N cry of delight he sni.l that, tiie sahib's
wile would live.
"l sought cut thr. medicine man,' "
continued Wllmore aftor a pause, ". ..d
nfter somo persuasion ho told mo that,' itt
weed ho had found was of the sort s ,p-
poscd ii bo used now by thugs instead nl
tbeir former strangling oot'd, Hs odor
Was poisonous, was eiai.ledonly at niuiit.;
must lie inhaled from Ihe plant or fnun
somo article saturated with It; that lha
thugs novored the plant during the night
ami collected thu poison,
'���Now. In the hundki ri hie? Iliad pi' ke.
up In tho gardiius I reoognl/i I I he i ���'��� ��� ��� I
^iu (limit     u!i...i .1:1, d'!. it was ti..
"That evening tb��-director of the gardens-.vas to hold an at homo. 1 decided
toga to ronlidu In the director, lt cams
to mo like an inspiration that the'Thug
plant' migl . bo in the gardens, I found
i[ ��� din etor's h a;se orowded���lt was on
...! '. I i'-ioucd place, partly in the gardens.
Win . tiio host saw the urgency of my
ease, I n arranged with soraespei i .1 frien-Js
to i ���. ������ his plaeo In entertainii g too
guests. 'Ihen be listened patiently to ali I
had to soy, making particular inquiries
oi ;ioin nihg iho -Thug plant.1
'��� 'Wo 'lave a specimen,' bo said. 'Ii
you come with me, wo will obtain irrm
information about it'
" In a few moments we had crossed B*ow
llreen and el tori d tlie herbarium, having
with lis the curator, ..ic-11 the guests, We
coi sulii d i here.. _. mdoroi - hoi ;. and read
all aboul the 'Thug plain' and Its pro| ��� r
tlon. Tin n v.. v. . depart n ent ci i-
taining a iniiltll.... I dm . .��� . tabled ind
numbered. An envelope, or 'cnpsule,1 ivni
produced     As the curator iqiunod it tex
' hlltlK .1:
'   ��� rial's It:    I iicel] It ffbm here!'
��� 'lias nny one lately In, ulrod abou
this plant:' nskud tho ik:.     ir
'���Tho curator ngaln c. nsulted the I     lit
" 'There is an entry here Colonel
 called, made special luqtll   es tl     :;'
the "Thug plant," and was tnkon to se'
it in tho palinhouso,'
"Tho director asked Ils (lumber,
  ::.' wni il o reply.
" 'Wo will ITO to I l.e | a I mil ���et-'".' said til .
diret i ir, 'and have n lot !��� al ID' and
wa ii il hns In ca t. tlirbed. I belle II
In a good size ii is some time Hinee 1 saw
ii on iis arrival.1
"He procured a .irk lantern and the
key of tho planthonse Wo started for it.
The director told mo what bo knew of ths
colonel and his family. It had occur,, il
tome many times how Iittlo tho girl ro-
send,led the colonel, .-'hewas his stepdaughter, 1 wnti now told. The director'!
wifo knew the girl's nn ther. She had
married n second timo. In u ''cay month,
on coming of age liie girl_A*ould inherit a
oonshlcral'le fortune���thu reversion of her
property in case of hor death would bo '.o
the mother���'and that,' said thu director,
'means the colonel.'
"Wo were going through the herbaceous
garden and just eun i.u ! into an i v u m
when we sawn limine pai dug rapidly lnt_:
ihu oypress walk.
" 'Who's that?' ?a)d the director i;i s
low tone.
" 'The oolonelt' 1 answored, grasping
Slis arm
" 'Wliat ts he about?' ho asked
" 'Let US follow,' 1 suid, 'and careful
ly.    llo may be after the plant.'
"Down through theasenuouf cypresi
trees we kept the colonel's shadow in view
Then wo watched hlm passing nlong thi
margin of the ornamental water. The
sh'-ill cry of a startled sea gull made na
clutch one another.
" 'Let us stand hero,' said the director.
'We-oan watch tho house well.' Wo Btood
by a magnolia The colonel, with rapid
strides, mad-; for tho great house of | -
Ho had to cross a wide, mi I elb n-l spa e
My companion had had his doubts, bul tie:
Identity of tho figure was now loo eh ar
" 'li s he!" be ejaculated.
"The oolonel went round to a side en.
trance We glided round also to keep him
in view.
" 'Why,' said the dlrcotor, 'he's in without a key! Some one has been bribed. We
will go to tho opposite dour. 1 know whera
tho plant is.'
"We went.    Outside the dour we removed our boots.   Taking them with us,
��� wo en pt In like burglars,
"In a few moments wo reached the foot
ufa winding iron stairway, partly hidden
by creeping plants and the surrounding
polios and shrubs. VYo ascended noiselessly.
"Presently the director caught my arm,
stopped me and pointed below. Thorowos
the colonel, llo was loaning against u
palm trunk looking down iateutly at a
bush covered by a white oloth,
"For live hours we remained there, stir-
rinff only to ease our positions.
".-_ morning apprpnonru wo saw um
colonel look at his wateh, whieh he had
dono many times, then remove the bandage from tlio plant, fold it. plnco ir in
what was plainly an oilskin ease and put
it In his pooket, He left it as Btenlthlly as
he had oome.    So did we.
"We followed him to his bouse, He
opened tlie door with a Intcbkoy.
"liefore ho could close il wc were on tlm
stop. Ho had no time to refuse us admittance.
" 'Colonel,' said tho dirt-ior, 'we mu_l
speak w ith you.'
" 'Why now:-' be answered.
"lie was shaking with feat Tho .ur-
prls.i was too much for hlm. Flo stammered, lost his voice and presently lost
ci.ntr.il of his musoles also. He rocognizod
tho director, and doubtless he knew me
also. We held him, eacli by an aim,
brought him into the dining room and
put him in a chair, llo wai ln a pitiful
condition. I saw what was coming on;
lt was paralysis of Uie brain.
"1 need not say that his stepdaughter
recovered. I believe she is gossiping with
tho director's wifo al this moment. When
she returns presently, I'll Introduce you.
She's my wifo."���Exohollga.
Didn't Measure Tliom.
Isaac Uromlcy onee rnn "against a
sua;: ' while kit tiring ill I Itchflold county, Conn. As 1 recall I ������ sti ry, la was
I, ei a ri tor buforo a local Institute upon the
subject, ol a nip he had recently mnde to
California and ihc Voserolto valley, winding up w Ith a beautiful th erlptlon of the
Bridal Viil falls, whieh so charm all who
i!s,t ilu ia.
As fio :������' ik his seal ho was surprised to
eco tlie gentleman who had presided over
the meeting step foi ward and say, "In no-
oordanea with mu- usual custom, wo will
now he glnd to hoar uny questions Hint
lhe lecturer may bo doslred to answer in
relation to Ihu snbjool upon which he hus
been talking."
At Ihis a tall, redlai.ted man rose in
ut.. nunienco unu wltn a rasping vou-u
said. "1 would liko to usk of ihe leoturei
11 e exact hotj hi- of the Bridul Wil.'
Uraniluy, who had cxpteie.l nothing of
this kind, ami was never strong in details
as to Ilguros, was entirely taken by surprise, but gnvo no sign thereof us lie rose
and adviinnii lo lhe front of tlie platform
uud coolly answered, "I did not measure
thuin, hut a.s neai i.v as I can remember the
exncl holght is 001 feet fl}_ inches." No
further questions vfere asked of thnt loo-
tiner.���.New Haven Register.
Russian families when moving to new
homes kindle the lire on the hearth "with
���onls broil ulit from tha old f.-i I eio��.
THE   GRAVE 0? f*..T!7  0'Cf.f40��..
I^seet high king of Ireland, bnried "'.- _��� .*.
Fechin 3 monuatery, (', i.s, Coun j '���'.:   --
C3lear as uir, the floods oi Corrib
Evermore their old, unchanging bodi
Huraiur from tlieir stony channels
Round O'C-Dor's sepulcber in Cong
Crownlesrf, hopeless, here he lin^fcreil,
Noteless years went by him Ilka a drwa .
While tia. t.-.roff tido of conquest
Muriaured fulntly as the singing straan.
Here he died, dn^ here they tombed him,
Mon of Feehin, chanting round bis ^ravt.
Did tljey know���nil, did Ihey know it���
What they buried hy the western wave?
Now above Ura deep of Jh.-.y
Holy ;hia_s and great have ; a -.. ,1 cvny
fisoio, by stone the stately ubbey
Falk) und 1'ud.id in passionlesfl des-sy
Darkly grows the quiet ivy
-'-���������>- the broken arahes glimmer throng-
Irii^'tJl^   .���', ������'* It*,
Dark upon the cluister garden
Dreams tlio aliadow of ,:    aaeleot yew
Uirough ih" roo-t-ss els'   i the verdure
Fl     -.   lie,   meadowsweet  and    foible..
I,. -.a:
E-ti ���!    lhe n other and r    ;.i!"t-,
V.iadi s. ii arias about lhe londy toa.b
Pea,--- and In     gilt .-.���; "... him,
i.      - ' > -..- ::-- monai .-1 i t tha Gael.
6i:...i - - :-.: i y in '��� 3 mn eternal
diver voii ��� : of the v.���     ta v !-
���'I'. VV. Kobe uu-mlipeetato,
How They Learn lo siurt WI1U (be
Jlffflter noil Gel the Ss-.lni;.
Tii" intelligence of lire horses is well
j kiio.vii.    A   most  knowing  animal  of
llils kind Is described by .-Jewell Tord
. In THorses Nine."   Tbe author says of
; Wm:
Other things besides mischief, however, bud Silver learu'ed. Chief of these
was to start with tbe jigger. Sleeping
1 or waking, lying or standing, the summons that stirred the men from snoring ease to tense, rapid action neve
fulled to Uud Silver ulert. As tbo he,
tor shank slipped tlirougli the bit ring
Unit same instant found Silver gathered for the rush through tbo long,
narrow lune lending from bis open stall
to tile poles, a'.,.ivo wlllpll, like great
couchant spiders, waited the harnesses
pendent ou lhe hanger rods.
(n.ee uuder the harness Silver was
like a carved statue until lhe trip strap
bud been pulled, tlie eoll.tr fastened
uml tho reins snapped in. Thou he
wanted to poke tlie poles through the
doors, so eager was he to be off. It
was no fault of Silver's that bis teum
could not make n two second bitch,
With the tlrst strain at the traces his
Impatience died our.   a sixty root trucit
stalls with more or leas reluctance, but
when   once   the  tires  caught   the  cur
tracks Silver knew what to expect.  He
- and bis team mates could feel  Liinnl-
i gun gathering In the reins ns though
for a full slop.   Next came the whistle
of   tl ���   whip,    lt  swept  across  their
flunks so quickly that It was practically one stroke for them all.   At tbe same
1 moment I.auiiignu loaned fur forward
j ami   shot  out  his  driving  arm.     Tbc
reins wont loose, their heads went forward and, as If moving on a pivot, the
three leaped as one horse.
Left to themselves, each horse would
have leaped at a different Instant. It
was that one touch of the lush nml tba
succeeding swing of I.ttiinlgan's bulk
whieh gave them the measure, wlilch
set the time, wbich made lt possible for
less thuu 4,000 pounds of horseflesh to
jump a live ton truck up the street at
u four minute clip.
If Hobson will now raise the Colon, thi
praise of his countrymen will never coma
So a full stop.���St. l.ouis Republic.
\. bile hu is about the work of 11 fling tht
inn ken Wrecks off Santiago Hobson n Ighl
give tho lleri.iiuica boost.���Detroit Jour-
It took Mr. Hobson a long time tomaki
a raise. There arc lots of people who art
qualified to sympathize with Mr. Hobson.
���Philadelphia Bulletin.
All thnt seems necessary is to mention
to Lieutenant Hobson whether it Is de-
aired to have the ship conio up or go
down.-���Washington Star.
Constructor Hobson has shown himself
an engineer of the very llrst order. Vet
under tho foolish and nntlquntcd system
of our mny, being a stall officer, he can
never In- given exeoutlve command on
board ship aid has only nominal rank.���
Philadelphia I'r.'ss.
t'niileniiatit Choir*.
A traveler through southern swampi
learns many things from his guide���caution among the rest.
Otto man, noticing that his guide tapped with Ills foot each hollow log nnd
slump inu eerlain pathway beforo stepping on or past. it. Inquired lhe reason.
"Looking out for snakes," win there-
"What kind of make-!' asked lhe traveler, with an unpleasant sensation along
his spine.
"Moccasins," returned the guide.
"What makes you walk on the logs or
to close Io i hem. thenf" demanded tlie uneasy travehr. "Why don't we walk oil
there, where tho ground is Bolidt"
"Well, you can try it."  said the guide.
��� launching a vigorous kick nt a stump and
; then mounting it.   "You inmightn't sink
I below  yer  want,   und   linn  ag'in   you
mougbt."���Vouiira Companion.
Tht  Rsiwii  Aqaednef*.
The Roman aqueducts were marvel*.
of architecture. The Ahio was forty-
three miles long; the Mart to forty-one,
of which thirty-eight were on 7.000 arcades seventy feet high; the Claudia
was forty-seven miles long; the nrebetl
100 feet high. The Roman aqueduct*
brought 40.000,000 cubic feet of watef
ilaily into the clfy, and tbe various seo-
tions of the metropolis were suppliei
witb water by 18,r,04 pipes.
The Xsw Zealand Iocsl option tilsl :����.,
vldis that every mun oonvlcted oi oeing *
habitual drunkard shall bo photographed
nt his own expense and every publican Uy
tlio district be supplied with �� cooj. THE DELTA TIMiS?, TT ESDA^,
j-  t
27,  1 oof.
r,()CAL NttWS.
tfr*. Gregg, of Ohio. TJ.S A., is:
it guest of Mrs. Aiex I> .vie.
J.  B.  Ellott is building a 6ne':
new house for John Houejrmaa,
UuLiald .vss.p returned home,
Saturday, :".--. ss a visiMO iriends in
the Royal City.
Hay, Grain, Barns,. Implements,
furniture md Houses
Insured From Fire
Best Machinery
On Earth
Bert Arthur came over from the:
Terminal City, .Saturday, to take
ip the threshing.
White, Shiles & <��
Miss Mae Jordan  left,   ou  Wed- 260 fQ&lVSQM% St Oeet,
nesday last, for  Custer. Wash., on!:
% visit to relatives i
N��*w W^etminster,, B.C.
Miss. Klk Stainton left,. Sunday, for Victoria, where, she will
��tt��ad High School:
Ei Sham, returned home, Wednesday, after spend tag s. few days
holiday ia the Terminal City.
Miss���� Clara and Mabel Lord re-
i-��rned here, on Saturday last, to
tnke ap their duties of teaching.
W. J. Mathers, manager' of the
9rack.mam.Kfr Co., Sfevfc Westminster? paid a shcrt business, visit here
l'tst week.
F. BuHerfield,. of Vancouver, a
cousin of Mrs. R��bt. May,., came
aver, Saturtlay.,an a short visit to
Bobt. May.
What about shooting notices?
Some of these old ones need repair-
log. Bring them aloag and get
them re-covered.
Villi.   B8   HEW   OM
Sept 20 & Ih m,
Handled?, on CommiasioE.
We Beg Leave
To. notify th�� people, of L&dk-S- and sur*
ronnding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
Portland   Cement
At greatly  reduced prices, making it possible for parties wfco contemplate building
to put im concrete foundations at about the
same   cost  as   piling   or    other   inferior
Write for Prices.
b. a
MUs-Ei* Alexander, of Vancou-
irer, was- a visitor, last week, to
her grandparents, Mr. aud Mrs. C.
Beadleston, Slough road.
Mr.   and   Mrs.. F. B. Dixon  re
turned to their home in Vancouver,.,
on, Wednesday last, after- spending
the holidays at Boundary Bay;
Mrs. T. D. Calhonti and sister,
Mrs. Dixosfcof, Cilhaun..N:B_, returned home, Wednesday, after
spending a few days here-the guests
el Mrs. J. F. Stainton.
Tofr MNCOUViR Prices
For Your
Entries Close Thursday j Ail Ve   Or  Dressed.
September igth���. 	
W. H. Taylor,
Ladner,,   ~   B* C.
ATvHE5 Silverware,
Cut Glass*
A. DeR. TAYLOR, Sec.
?��rt Guichon J
Watch Repairing a Specialty.,
Jfndrew Qausen,
LADNER,   B.���C.
R. W. Eltoait-g-i lata teachen iu
the Ladner school, has. returned to
B. C. agaia and has- token, up his
home in Sidney,.V.L It is-aivery
difficult matter for anyone long resident in 15.C. ti* _��titent tliemselve*i
ia the east.
Geo. O. Dennis returned, home,.
IHriday, after a vciy successful trip
through the Northwest.. Mr.
Dennis report. Ae crops there at
looking fine but late. Cutting in
general.will not bigin until the firstij
uf next, moir.ii
R. L. Reid, ol Vancouver, paid a:
visit here, sSatnrday, in company j
with ��� Moo?e, intending to meat-
the Council re the V. V. 4. E.J
right- of-jray on th* Riv��r read, but j
there being *o meeting on account.:
of everyone being busy ihresbing,.!
ijtt matter will come up at the nexn
Mr. and  Mrs.   W.  J,  Brand ri*
*nd  daughter, Miss  Fanny, drove
up to  New Westminster,, on Wti-
i^esday last, to attend   the  nnptials|
of Angtts  19.  Ma-'Kenxie, of Van-:
;iotiver,.and Miss Minnie Love, sic-1
ond daughter of Councillor Love, j
qi;Ea��t Bwnaby, vfiikh {ook  p'*ee>
at St.  Mary's Chnrcb, Sapper-ton,;
th* pastor. Rev. Mr. Dunlop, offici-
ating.    Alter  a stfjuptoiottS break-;
fail at the residence ot  the bride's
aaiwits, th a  happy  couple left on i
tho'G. N. R. to .spend their honey;
<w��ii visiting the Sound cities.
Fishermen will please take notice that we- carry
Best Fishing Boot
Made in the World To-Day.
4 Tftese Baots are made by The Roberi Taylor Co.,
of Halifax.
They aae arade fr .ona
They ara a Thigh Boot, the uppers being 38 inches high..
They   are   hand-made    throughout    and    are   ABSOLUTELY
WATERPROOF..    Fishermen don't have  to  wear gum boots
I when they can get boots like these.
The pric * to everybody is
$9.00 a pair*
Sold exclusively by-
flew Westminster ind Vancouver, B. C
B. C. Leather Co., Ltd.
ri2 Hastings Street,  Vancouver,  B, C.
English Oak Tanned Harness Leather
Saddlery Hardware* Horse Blankets, and Stable*
Closed   Uppers   Leather   and   Shoe   Findings,
Trunks, Bags, Valises.
Estate of
W.   L*   McBRIDEl
General HcrchaiU
Phone 5.
Port Guichon
Produce Stored and
Shipped Direct
To Aii B. C Polls,


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