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The Delta Times Jun 18, 1907

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**-% *t
t  a  \
jf*       JUN 22190? ���'
Vol. 4*  No. ���$.'.
Neckwear & Belts-
The Market.      King's Birthday. McBride's Success.
Xew  Westminster,  June is���It      The King's Birthdav Celebration
Loudon, Jtiru   i ; ���Hon.  Rich-
atteuded the market yesterdav. Tbejbest yet.   The:..-  nre nolessthan
attendance   wi    iarge  during tin-.; five events the first of which is the
early hours of the market but there
was a noticeab'e dearth of farmers
with   produce   for   sale.   Trading
Another large
Shipfne.it of
Futurity No. i, which will be .ity
exciting, there beiuf a  large iuun
tier ol   entries for this  event, thej
baby r."ce���2-year-olds.    Follow iug j
Ladies* Neckwear and  Belts arrived this week, fresh
from the manufacturers, ensuring the very latest style-.
Ladies' and Children's Cotton and Lisle Thread Hosiery in white
black and tans, plain and fancy lace open work.
White Lawn Waists from $1.00 to $4.00.
Fine Bange Whitewear, Ladies' Vests in Cotton, Lisle Thread a&tj^^*^^8^
B.  C.  Futuriti   Suits No. t.j
PurKe (estimated) $262 50
2.25 Class.      rottin   .1 Pacing
Purse $150 00;
Pine Wool
Men's Department.
How about that New Suit for Race Day ?
Don't leave it till the last minute.   Come in and
was principally a circus crowd that  Races, this year, promise to be the ard   McBride's   negotiations   with
the British ministers had a sequel
in the Imperial parliament to-day,
when Winston Churchill, as spokesman for the colonial office, ;utro-
duced an amendment to tbe British
North America Act, readjusting the
subsidies to the provinces.
Mr. Clttirchliill spoke nt some
length. After reviewing the stages
leading up to the measure, he
dwelt upon British Columbia's position and stuted that while the ini-
2.40 Class.    Tr itin . or Pacing. I peria;   government wns bound to
"urs ' p1 SO 00 give weight to the  representations
Green Race.     ;'iotti: 1 h  or Pac-j of the Dominion Government, backing.   Ptnse *_ 75 oo'ed as they were by all the provinces
5. Pony Race, .4-Mile. Best 2 in I except British Columbia yet they
3. For Ponies 14^ hands and did not want it understood that
under.   Catch weights.   Purse | these alone were to be regarded in
 s 50 00! a matter in which the right   of  a
Races 2 and 3-Mile heats;  best 3 single province was affected.
jn ,. He refTered to the action of the
���r, ,,.���.,.     , .        j British Coumbia Legislature in pro-
Race 4���H-M:ie heats; best 2 in 3.1 �� e
"  ��� testing against the proposed   settle-
Races 2, 3, 4 and 5-Monev  divid-1 ment being ���fina, and  unaUerable<
ed, Co, 35 and 15 per cent.       Lfld ,���   ���.is connectitm spuke aS
Horses eligible 26th June, 1907.   j follows:
Tiie S.S. Transfer wili leave New!     "The Prime Minister of Quebec,
teves-j also Sir Wilfrid Laurier  and  Hon.
��� Mr. Fielding, have made personal
was,   therefore,   much   below-
average  in   point ot  volume.      .-,-���,, ,
, ' is the revised programm
large   .umber 01   people  from the;
district remained until evening and j  '
attended the Norris & Rowe Circus j
iii the afternoon. |2-
The supply o   beei was again short j
and the pric   was abou   the same j 3
as last week, namely irom 9 11  10 '
cems or hindquarters and from 74
to 8 cents lor iorequarters,   Mutton I
: realized 13 cents per pound under a I -
! verv limited supplv.    A   few  lamb!
I rr -
I carcases were disposed  at $5  aud j
; $5,50 each. The supply of pork was
cents in a few cases was paid.    The
vendors of pork were not long in
disposing of their stock.    The price
of veal dropped half a cent below
last week's  prices, selling  at   io,1;
cjnts per pound.   The quantity has
been   incfeasinj   during   the   last Westminster at 9 a.m. and
several week,  and  the  prices  are i ton at 11 a.m. for Laduer.
naturally falling slightly. |     The   S..S.   vSonoma    will   leave I application to the colonial secretary
The demand was fairly 1 risk and - Steveston at 9 a.m. and  11 n,m. for! or myself on this question.    On the
[ all the stock was disposed of. Young-- Ladner. other   hand,   Hon.   Mr.   McBride.
try On   one   Of new   "Bromley"   Suit?, the   fin0Stjduckstormedthebulk-oftbestipply|    The B. C. Electric Railway Co.'s Prime Minister of British Columbia,
.-...,,, ��' 'ovv1-'"'    Quite a   few   dozens of c.irs   leave   Vancouver   (Granville has also stated his case very fully
fitting Clothing On the market. these birds were sold at $8 and j.9-street br;dge)-for Steveston   ti con-; to us.    He has, with  great  frank-
. . n      ��� ',   adbzen.    Old ducks were not offer* Uect with the  boats at   Steveston. 1 ness and much force, placed  us  in
Newest   Cut,   Eest   TrimmmgS,   a!    Sizes,   atjed   in   large    lumbers.    Chickens (Last car to connect, 10 a.m.) | possession  ot the views and  griev-
<H7    <H'��   <RQ   <Rin   (RIO t     <ft1Q , were very  scarce  and  prices were      Horses" anl rigs can  be taken on; anc.-s oi' Hiitish  Columbia.    While
<t>/,  Jjtd,  5t>y,  tblU,  S>1^ tO <t>ltf. : about the   same  as  prevailed   last  board the S.S. Transf-r at Steveston  we are unable to accept his opinion
I week. The ruling prices paid for I at 11 a.m. on day of tlie. Races. | entirely, we have endeavored as far
fair chickens were $f> and $7 a The S.S. Rithet leaves Victoria as possible to make the legislation
do'.en. I Tuesday, 25th June, lor Ladner,     | agreeable to him and we have  not
Potatoes jumped $ 10 a ton  right      Daily  boat  service  with  Chilli-! introduced into the legislation the
oil thc bit when the market opened  Wack. | words "final and unalterable,1'which
yesterday. The highest price paid Ladner Cornet Ban: will dis- it bad been proposed-to introduce,
previously during the spring and course sweet music during the after-1 aud which would have prejudiced
summer was 3*32,   and   last  week j noon. j British Columbia's chance of mak
ing some oilier friendly arrangement in tbe future with the Dominion and with the other provinces."
The bill contains a clause providing that nothing in the act shall affect tiie obligation of tbe Dominion
hoe Department.
This is where we excel,    Several cases of
new shoes added to our large stock this week.
The " DORIS " Shoe for Women.
The "CARLTON" Shoe for Men.
and House Furnishing Necessities.
they sold at $30 a ton.    Yesterday,
however, the supply was not greater than 50 sacks which   was  much
too   short   for  the  demand.    The
call was unusually brisk.
The entire quantity  sold  out at
the prices quoted.    There are hardly any potatoes left in  the valley
"*~- -��� '"I    .. ' l... I'. .....     ' ���   ��� - -   ��� ' and according to reports the supply
in the Asheroft district has reached
L.arg'e Stock Carpet Squares, Linoleums, Window Shades, Lace Curtainsl the vanishing point,  a quantity of
California potatoes are arriving on
thc market, which arc  expected to
materially increase the price during
the next few weeks.   Eggs brought
' 25 cents wholesale aud 30 cents retail.    Th-.j supply was  an  average
1 one.    Butter sold at 30 and 35 cents
1 per pound.
Mr.  and   Mrs.  John   Praser.   of
; Kensington Prairie, brought several
i dozen ducks and chickens to yesterday'- fliarket.
Mrs. ; . Kob.-tts, ot Boundary
id butet and e^j-S. At
he disposed of tancy veal
The Vancouver Jockey Club will > to pay auy province a special graut
carry out the following programme! in addition to the subsidies.
of races, during the Dominion Day:	
meeting,   Saturday   and   Monday, i     Don't forget the Strawberries to��
June  20th   and July   ist  next, at night.
Tbe Masonic Grand Lodge meets
in Vancouver on Thursday next.
& Co., Ltd.
The   Westham   Island   Pootbtill     The Brackman-Ker Co., are ntak-
ittother  of their social 1 ing a shipment of som? 35   tons  ol
"���Our   Boys"   inte- d    giving   a
grand ball, iu  the  Town   Hull, ou
Club gave
dances,  on   Friday   evening   last,, j compressed   hay   to   mexico,   this j Wednesday, 26th June.    Harper's U]je mafk.2
in   Kirkland's  II.all, when  a vc-iy week.' , With the opening  up ol j Orchestra has beea seen,ed ior thej toes.
ple lsnn't time  wa.s  spent.    Amcngjuew markets it is to be hoped that j occasion  and  an excellent time.is
Ij'.ics.: present were: tno��e   care   and attention . will  be j assured.     Atttr  the  Races,   come
Mesdames J..Richard-on, J. Mac-]given to tb_e gnawing of first  class' and enjoy a -.ood dance.    Refresr.-
Ba., ret.t
1 wholesa.i
at 11 J-j cents per pound  and  pota-
j toes at $2 per -ack.
Harry    urr, c t Bu rville. was on
with Mme   fine   j.otu-
Leuzie, R, Calkins.
itimothy.    Don't try to palm off in-
ments will be served in Oddfellows'
Mrs.   J,   MBtheson,  cf Lidicr,
wis among tl e retaik-rs wit 1 butter
and eggs.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert  McWaters,
ui..,.. ic -Rn.iati vr \Uniz i-u-jip 'i-  ���        .   ��� ,  i .. , i      Hall, under the supervision of Mr.s.
.Misses, is., i'osier, fti. ,.i.icKLt)zie, .fener material, but keep your ha\ ' .
.M. Gilmore, M. Cotton, M. Trim,
_#. Vidulich, M. Selich, L. Leary,
E. Leary, A, Leary, 0. Cederburg,
��� Williams.
Messrs. S,, Savage,. E., London,,
C*. Booth,, A. Trim, R- Georgeson,
J. Sfcvage, W. Savage,, \V, R. Savage, C. Trim, H. Wright, J.. Trim,.
L. Tamboline, H. S/tyage, D. Mc-
L-U'.', D. Montgomery, D. N.esbit.
clean and free from weeds by changing often. .
T. Todd.
Where youi wish to  buy  visitor
cards call on the Delta Times who;
of Crescent  Island,   were  on   '.he
i market with eggs.
Mrs.  H.  G.  Taylor of Ladner,
  I retailed butter and cream.
Try Big Four as an  investment j    Mrs. Quaggan, of Sunbury, was
while you may get it cheap. ! on the market w ith eggs.
  Mrs. Klein, of Scott read,
1. Trot   or   pace.      Three-minute
class, two in  three, mile heats, j '
four  to  enter, three  to start..     Services will be held in the Meth-
Purse $200 ooi 0 list Church, Ladner, and ut  East
2. Trot or Pace.    2.20 class, two in: Delta on Sunday next as usual.
three, mile beats, lour to enter!	
three to start.    Purse..$200 00'     ���     ,., _       .        _        ...
��� I     Our Store at Boundary Kay will
3. I-airview Dash. Weight ior age, i be opcl, witb ;l fulj Uuf of Campers'
Bve-eighths mile, Clree). Purse.Requisites on lune  27th���W. H.
 *JW 00J Smith.
4. Hastings Handicap.    One mile] '
(fret).   Purse $150 001     A number of boys  weie caught
5. Granville  Stakes.     Weight  lor stealing strawberries on Thursday
age, three-, arters mile ..tree).! last from H. N. Rich's patch along-
Purse $150 oo: side 1  s I ousc in broad daylight. It
6. Burr.rd Purse.    For 3-year-oldsU80'* be -ood for thc Vth* oi the
and  upwards,   h til-mile,   free. h'0UnS vandnls if th��  shoul,i  be
Purse.... $150 00i caught at it again.
1   . -  ".. .1      .'- ...       . ��� .. JlJ.t...,.      . ���"  .    '   JU
rot or pace,
three, mile
e��ter   three
will sell the best money can buy.
If you need them printed, why you
are money in pocket by calling on
tho Delta Times first.
,GRAtN   SACKS���$90   per
.egg. at yesterdays maiket.
i    D. D. Dove, ol Sudbury, attend-
(less JSaCjo for spot cash)���Brack-|ed the U)arket sales yesterday.
John McKei, of Ladner, was a
.uarkft visitor.
man-K.-r Milling   Co,   Ltd., H.
N. Rich, Agent, Laduer. B.C.
2.40 class, two in ',
heats.     Four   to
to  start.    Purse
 $200 00i c
! -
Trot   or    pace.      Free-for-all, I
mile heats, three in iive.   Four  5
to enter, three to start.    Purse!
 , *3��o 001
Vancouver Stakes.    Weight fori
age,  seven-eighths  mile, free. ]
Purse  ?2oo 00
and a 'mrth miles, entrance
free, .350 to winner, J100 to
second, j>30 to third. Purse
 $500 oa
Victoria Purse. Weight for age,
halt-mile, ltec.   Ptitse..jSiso oq
Consolation Race. Weight for
age, three-quarter mile, free,
for horses not first or second
on either da v.    Purse.,$ioo 00,
In all tho harness races five per
cent entrance ?.n 1 iive per cent.
Dominion Day Handicap.    Ong' extra from vt inners will be charged, i*.
T, E.-i AS .  U'M-   tc,
Ottawa Utter.
WHi.  ar���<���:��. ���  r:
Ottawa.  June 8.���The   customs
receipts cf tbe   Dominion  for  the
month of May this yeas show the
casu.t ftiwtiitmeau, 10 c��ta p��r line foi I Mtoundlne   increase of $I,208,9fS
lfcftlr��lIn��;rtloo,��a . $cenl��p�� Une for tacli I �� r '
The   numtser   ot   lines
Ijlir.  DEI T\ TIMES.
Sy^csmstos, U.oa, payees.
apt/E . IS".   RATE6.
-, linei lo this;
e��l,f.-s^u^nt Ictprtlr.n
RCkpsed >.y'.'[.- jpace
K>i.--. I... CjinneHtai ..J'tr'^wafc!. can br
ft#.t ao amplication tt thu ot.ce.
KfNiiin^ notice! t. jf nl
a.rth _a.l Dun
. _[. i riagesfi.ao,
Ajlj' i.pPi;L_ natlce, the i.b_e. L ul Vltllchistn
Brunt :el.,p p__._olar. t_-ni-tit --.I ._y iii.tiviiliml
&i eomsaajr. tj_.se co .. (defied k7, fstrenis. ment
_41 ft .*-enl<*iue��.t*
ent rt_st . aiil for,
jhaiga.   for, uptil orderei!
Correspondence IqelteU en MAUeift ot public .
Ister**.. COTimmi teat tops to tdttoi litis- b<- ac- t^^ir choice.   The electors
curnpftmcii t.y name of wrKei, not necessarily
ift publication, but na evidence of good faith. \ rr. ,.        ���,.���_.,;��,,_.,,,,.    hor.t.-,
-forreitpondonce souses ar-h. ll 4ip_.��.bjThura-   4-JrontO,  the   constituency   heretO-
.*.v craning. '
CjtEQ,   R.
T,OF,SriA-.,  JfWK   IS,  IQ07
We would draw the attention of
the Council to tha- need oi- a road
^nd ditch being cons'rructed'through
the Imperial Farm:property in con-
tinuati s��n of the present road and
ditch to T. Roberts" property. We
understand Mrs. McNeil? aad T.
Roberts are totfe willing to bear
sjbeir share- oi the espsnse aad
ihere is uo doubt-
seer the receipts of May,  one year
V.    Last May 'the  receipts were-:
$4,124,285,  a  banaer month,  but
Uae ta. <*_<*��<-��� I May of   1907  reaches  the sum of,;
As tbe time- fo,-  nominations to
i.'tc  Dominion  House  draws near, |
the   many   political   organizations!
throuhout  tin country are namiug
.'.ire represented by Mr.  Foster, ap->
|�� .ar anxious to have him contest a 1
seat elsewhere. It is suggested  that
he enter North York against  Hon.;
A. li. Aylesworth,    This is a politei
method of consigning the erstwhile!
critic  to  political  oblivion,   for ini
North   York  he  w��uld  stand  no,!
more  chance  than   the  pri v 11 ial
snowball, but  nganis'r tbe  erudite
Minister of Justice he would scarcely, save his deposit.
There has been something said
about switching him into a safer
seat in Toronto, but he is controuti-
ed by the difficulty that there is a
large representation of members ofj
the L0.0.F., in-the division men
hatever  of t^| ti��ned aud Mr. Foster is  not  anx-
tss   make  lortunea nut Iff T*"*rT* /"VI TT  I      Ool ���-
-���f the future vou ...:.-.:t _IIJW-  I (11  1   ���     I      Big
put eometliln7 into the **              *                            *               ����
pre ..-ut      .....
Coppers Pay
I v i d e n d a   all
over British
Cont; ining over ioo View-1 In everything,   .tost pJid 30c., Stamps.
Richest Province in the British Empire.
Nothing Ventured,, Nothing Won.
l-othing Risked. Nothing OflncV
The Richest Men in the World are investing in 15. C.Copper-
Gold Mines.     Why can't you begin now ?
The Greitrat Hold-Cox; ar Discovery ot the Agt In. B.C..
Every Dollar Sul scribed uud In Development of Mine*.
Special Offer* 20c Per Share,
Mines directly west of Le Roi, whose shares are now about
'"ti; l.e Roi Nn. 2 shares are about $15 and went 119 to Xsoo;
and Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co. oi Canada, Ltd,,
���' ires Si ,.' ea^h. Grnttby Mine pain over J2,.ooo,,ooo Dividend ���
. 145; antl ail gpld-ecSpper mine_ tn Ji
Four assays irom  $5 tu #800   in
er cent, in the Treasury^ on the Uailv
ii-  1906, shares
Large Dividends.    Big
copper,.silver,, wit.. 32
near. Smelters
Note���Most of these mines sold for a few cents once, ! nt
over-capitalized even now pay Big Dividends.
Rossland Mints received Highest Awards lor richest gold-
co| e ne suit io St. Louis Exposition. Big Four had Hest
Display   t Dominion Fair, New Westminster, B.C.
Ne less than ico share: fold, All Cash.. Above this-shares
c n lie h.c on instalment plan, or yearly contract, 1-5. per cent,
cash, babrce monthly.
Conipauy liu. no dt-tita or liabilities.   Send for niualrated Prospectus to Svcrifcir. .
P.O. Bok 174, Vancouver, B. C, Cana la.
t m
I    Delta Transfer Stable   *
t LADNER. B. C. |
f     Team Work Bono at Specially Low Prices. t
JOSEPH JORDAN,. Proprietor.
��� Telephone "Ladner" No. 10.
_.... .?��� A.T. A,t.4,T. 4.t. A  * A *��� A I * -i- a I *
V- T. Ry. & Ferry Co.
New Service���Port Guichon and  Ladner to New
Westminster and Vancouver.
Leave Pt. (ruicho-n, 6.30a.m.    Arrive Vancou-/ei-, 10.20 a.m.
I Leave Vancouver^   2.10 p.m.    Arrive Pt. GuichoD. 6.00 p.m.
Gives  Passengers  four  hours  iu   either   New
I.minster or Vancouver.
toumt ofthe condition of tha crops
He brought sampl) s ofthestauiling
grain,.9 inches high. The weather
has been perfect, rein has been gen-
1 ious to seek the suffrages of tl.esc-|
j gentleman at thi^time..   Should he | cra, fellcnT(| ,)v w;irm d:,y,, making
I succeed mgainfng the nomination .^ conditions ,0P. the growil]g of
I of North Toronto,, he will not   find j ..���     ^^    Hig obsertfatlon ���. ���
j the same support, upon which he re- ten(fed  th       hollt   Majltabu  alld
>-ar s taxes the  Council would do \fitc\ wheu  he conducted  his   last:
Wile*  settinjr  the  rate- for tliis t
well to set it higii enough to- allow i campaign, at that time the Insu>
ijpr one-half the purchswe price of a r��uce Committee's report had aot.
.steam   roller.,   for   improved   road been made. Politically Mr. Foster's
I usefttlness is gone,, heis now only a
~"      6' i source ot political  embarrassment:
Our reason ior this, suggestion is j^ tdends Bnd t0,his pavty<
ijiat  iu* Cc.tpcil ctt-n a,Tord to put
^si-le, in one yestr, sufficient funds-i
tp purchase this  ranch  i>eedetl im-
Opposition papers continue to exploit ignorant allegation with re-
plement, wftfrean the^ Council this I spect t0 the government's dealing
;iear. uiay oiaieriall^ assist the'vijth tfe Ross Rifle Company, It
Council of next year by contribut-1 i�� alleged that advance pfiyments-
i^iij their share tovwrd it-.
In read making the oue essential
is   solidity.   The   roller   we   now
1 !iav,e been made upon rifles not yet
delivered.    Fault is found with the
! method of payment of these advaa-
| ces.    Complaint is made that  new
Have in use is :*r too expensive in | ^j,^ have been pt^hascd.
.>perutioti, ccsting frosa, $10 to J15
. dat, and of very little use at that.
A. 12-ton steam roller may be operated to. the small sniu of $6 a iay
and tbe work  accomplished would
the new pr-vittces.
The more the project of an All
Red Line-is discussed, the more attractive it becomes. The newspapers throughout Canada are favorable to it almost without exception. The advantage 10 the
country from the Atlantic to the
Facifk- cannot be computed. Any
consideration   ol   tbe   subject   is*-
According to The Commercial,
of Winnipeg-, the visible supply of
oats in the United States and Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains,
is 11,040,000 bushels, compared
with 10,113,000 bushels a year ago.
gMgecggi~~���ggg-BB __a_____e__g__	
New   Freight   Tariff  effective   September   5th,   '06.
Greatly Reduced Rates.     For particulars apply to
Agent, Port Guichon.
Sufficient Cars will be furnished -without delay.
ttt lit Gen Ui
(Westminster Branch,)
*   Time Tabic
Lurs leave Weatjnlurfur to.r Vancouver at 5.50
uud 6,50 a.nu anil hourly thereafter until 11 p.
in.: Saturdays and Sundays at*! p.nu
Cars leave Vfiucouver ftit We5tmlnsters��at 5,50
. id 6.5a'a. m. audi hourly thereafter until 10 p.
in,; Saturdays ��-ud Sunday^ at 11 p.m.
volves an estimaLQ o    the  effect ofr
Wt run Hrstrclass freight cttw between Went-
i-.ster Euid Vancouvv; nurf all shipments are
j* Ltm.** *i��^ *��..��:.���-   *.-,-��- .   ���      *\,^ ! handled with the utmosteaxe and delivered to
OlVertinC! the tOUWSt traffic to thfr consignee without delby Special attention paid
/v.Ht-:KAr}AM f-���... *u \m A, t-Aimm..������ ! to fruit shipnitiits. tim wuj:ons meet all boat*
Antipodes from   tUe   MeclltcrraMean |ttUd trains.   Fofrate^etc apply tu
ncross Can-1 sin Gregory,
�� , ~ ._-..-..��� Traffic Mgr
ada and west from ti e Pacific. It m-
I. McgrAKRII.,
Local Mgr.
Westminster, B, C.
There is a   very, simple answer to
tliese grumblings. If there has been tio��nal featnre ,.,- ;idvertisillk, Ca.���,fla
delay in the delivery of the afles it I tQ ^ ^^    It opeus thc.doon, ,or
route  to the Atlantic,
ada and wet
volves   the  carrying  ot  enormous
quantities of freight, without break- j *.hh^...j.���j..,>.k,<..:..k..���.,
ing bulk.    It includes tlie educa
lies been occasioned  by  the  intrc
! trade  between Canada end. the col-
duction of improvements in the a. in,., Qnies tQ ^ ^^     u p]ace. Can.
and every cent paid by  the govern-; adid       belweell E    land and
be of in-.timable raltte.    I he .lore; mei,t t0 the Ross Coaipaliy wilI be, ^^    ^ J^      ^
compact the road  when built U.ej turned in rifles, irp to-date, and cf.; .jvc me)J wfao conceived the scheme
: tic very lat��st pattern..
e<is will bc tie repair bill.
Should the Council uet raise thej b>)i.lowing BitrftiSH prSCKDEKXi
-iiiouu^- in this way it might be donai As t0 the new sights,, the govern-
by means ofa loan by-law, ancl so nient is taking proper advantage 0}
.^iread over a numbe-.vof years. No the inventive gaoious. which oon-
^otter-how it is done so loug as it i stant'y s"PPlits a bctte;r articIe than
1* dm? and thc luuds of the munici-
walitv conserve.!.
will erect for themselves enduring
monuments in the esteem of the
Canadians people, who will beiome
the chief beneficiaries.
-11111 in b
I?., Mumifucturerii of all kinds oi
B. C,
Before the peocle of Canada will
surrender the government ami the
policy under which so  much  pros-
ihe one in use, and in this regard
should be commended. In this respect Canada is following  the  ex.-:
��� .' = I ample of the' British  Goverumant, j I*"*? has e(>tne to  the  ��oniii.ion,
>Tl<A,Win*.K,r.ri'S AND CRHAM! which since adopting the Lee-l.H-jthey   rau6t   be   sbown   something
  : add rifle in 1896. has made three j tol�� '�� l)Vace of il-    The fact tllat,
idistinct changes.in the sight  nsed,,a fcw aflairs '"  the  buJk  ol   ths'1
<��� Soda Water, Ginger f
I Ale and Summer .^.
j. Drinks.
Your patronage solicited
f       Your patronage solicited     I
W. N. Draper,
Room _, Kllunl Hlnck. Nnv Wcstniiusbcr
The  annual strawberry and ice-
and lust winter a government com-
qream social, under the auspices 01 ,JliU(.e on_ small arms reported in
the Ladies' t',tii:<l of fto Andrew's favor of still a better sight. All
fre.sbytcria�� Cmird'. on Tuesday j these changes are natural and due
(jut, was- voted to be the best and t��..progreta and increased know-
rw 1st successftt)  vet     There   was a.; -'-'Jge.
l|Tge   turnout   atid   thc  first-class     All advances ma.i-  are carciully
pro-jra-mmc v.QW  muc'-i enjoyed to 1
say nothing of the delicious straw
Address I _. the chairman. Rer,
A-. McA-jilev,. march, by thc Banclr
It is asking too much of an intelligent ptople to throw over a
government tha' has done so much,
and iustaJ in its nlace untrained and
people's I usiness.may ve sus.-epitl)le
to criticism, will not justify a  con
demiiation   of  tbe   whole  Libera
party, or a reversal of its policy.
If a few  wrong   acts creep into j !
the business of-a great  government
conducted upon certain lines,  what |
oheckti, iir-4 by au oStdal of the ?���������e h��v- th- p opk that the
Bank   of    Montreal   and   verifiedisalae' and worse Mi-ht ,,ot hapPe:l
VrrieVan.rthe verv rdreshiug ice-'^ain by an  officer  of the  Militia *ould the government of the coun-
^ Votl^Z   ftr,"-,OePartme���t, who personally checksj t;v ?    T^ftllV^
the articles, and advances ure made i Jt ^ust be* assamed ldat *e same
only on the basis at a schedule c f; Policy would be ^owed, the same
prices agreed upon. .methols of doing business would
ti,,.   D���oa    fooWim��    -,r    ���.,��,_���  obtain, and outside the Gi.verament
_,.   ^^^}fy^\f\-1^^^^^\fJ^-0U   aa**   of  the.1 country
iieslie,  accompant.    by   ��,��  M    ^F��W*����o. ^ ��^'��^ would be. trajisacted by tha samc.
MficKenzie; r#cttation,   Muss  Bell; , W premise:, ami plant, ant.- in  tm.s
flection by the. Hand;  violif,:solo, ' will be one of Canada's great manu- �� ticia '"
Miss-  Thelm,!   Clark,,   recitation, | factoring concerns..
i^iss fie.I;. w^U?.,. by tlje Band foi-; crop 1-rosi.ects good.
lowed by  an; industrial tableau, in ,    That ^ CJ0p '^^^ of the _. _.__..	
which;theladiei..ot the Gtitld.^ch ^est m good^,be stated  lipon inexpCrieuced meu,  who outlined
took p:ii*t. j tjie attthority ot'??fjr. Whyte, second j no necestn'v changes in the policy
-. -   . ��� .-.��� . I vice-   president   ot   thc  Canadian ,that should govern this country,
Preserving   .Strawberries,   order': Pacific Railway, ^ho bas just   re-'and wb)   liave   suggested  no inir
now for dclivmy'this week���W. H'..j turned from a trip to Edmonton, proved methods of conducting pub-
Un brin^
most satisfactory ac-llip.business.
Is- ;in   nka!  rovrrincr.   rftWr*for
btHtdingf..o& improvintf t��M ohy*
IT /& V��RV EASaY .��0 QOIGKU AiU'LlWt
C��tiw��dt*r Sts  firm   appearance ��� Itt
flplmdid cfi.lttrini; qimlUicfl^und slight
exprnsr���nnd decide to Bcrtte >uur owh
best iutercHts by Ultng it.
l'lttl^t details o{ iulbrni^ion in our
Whonwali.   ManafaotHnr*!
liKorpanU-i' tS<_��.'
CAPITAL, - - - $3,900,000
RESERVE FUNDS,       - - $4,390,000
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Ourrent Rates.
Kast End, Mt. Pleasant, Granville Street, Cordova .Street; Gran-i
Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Port Essington, Rossland, Victoria, Vernon.
Chilliwack, Cumberland, Port Moody aud New Westminster.
H. B. MARGESON. Manager, LADNER, B. C.
Lsdncr Exhibitor
Jan. 8th to 11th.
Eight Flr-st Prizes.   Three Specials.
Six Seconds..   Three Thirds.
White Rocks, Barred Rock .Silver
Spangled   Hamburgs,   Buff
Orpingtons and Black
Eggs for Hatching���
B. C.
The Delta Times,
Fashion Stables =
Trucking and Drayi��g.
Livery  work of all kinds aL*
tended to promptly.
Jm M. Collinson
uutaMs. a. Cs
Ladner Carriage Works.
Always hi Une*
With   Latest   Improved   FARM   IMPLE-
Largeafc Stock in Province to choose from.'
Garmlagp  Building* Repairing t%  Painting, Blaokm
smithing   A   Horse   Shooing.
DeLaval Separators*
KOBT. WAY, Agent,
r,,\.DN_-:R,   ---.-. -. 9.. c.:
Receives both Ladies and Gentlemen as resident
or day Btudents. HaB a complete Commercial
or Business Course. Prepares students to gain
Teachers' Certificates of all grades. In affiliation
with Toronto University gives the four years'
course for B. A. degree, and the first year of the
Toronto School of Science. Has a special "Prospectors' Course" for miners who work in B. C.
Instruction given in Art,  Music,  Physical
Culture and Elocution.
For    Calendar,   etc.,   address   "Columbian
best thing tor a growlngfeoy 1
Learning tn shoot ���*���il and
acquiring ���.ualitteanl
| in alt .n* to 8T.VP._9 FI TtFAKMS EDCC..TIO_.
Auk yonr Dealer for Btoveng Rifles���
Hhotaonp���FlBtols. Insist on our ,lme-
houorcd mako. If you cannot obtain,
tve flblp direct, e ,iirs_t8 pro, ni .. upon
l-coelpt of Cat .loir Moo.
.v(sT7th'r,_ jno want tn Im. _ho���t t!... UTEVENH
li found In l*n 1-.1B* llh.s.rasM I"*!..:, it. M_4k.il
for f_jr Wilts, h, Min-p. fo p��y J��. . ,,,,. Or&Qt;.
fnl Tmj Colnf B*n_*|s-llns. (twr��,lr,n tot roar
" Art," or .Int r. _, sn ���maiM for fi nuts ta .tamps.
P. O. Box 4097
Cblcepee   Palta,   Mass., U.S.A.
Holy Communion���ist atid 3rd
Sundays at 8:30 a.m.; 2nd and 4th
Sundays at 11 a.m.
Matins, 11 o'clock.
Evensong, 7:30 o'dotlc.
Sunday .School at 10 a.m.
Friday evening, Litany at 7:30.
Rev. E. R. BtiTtlett, M.A., Vicar.
Pneumonia Bronchitis Catarrh
La Grippe Quincy Rheumatism
Etc., Etc.
It will pay you to own oue and be on tbe safe
side. One Oxydonor in a family will banish .ill the terrors of disease from the househol 1 if only used as soon
.vs needed and  in a reasonable way.
This is the Actual  Experience in many thousands
of families  who  have adopted this   advanced   uietho;.   ofj
treating disease.
Inflammatory Rheumatism.
Mr. Jas. Ausen, Roisland, N.C., Can., writes, Mar-.1 ri, 1001: "Some 5ve yeara ait�� 1
got Oxydouor fur my wile who was suffering from female weakness. After a week's tisi- th*
doctor himself was s.irprse d to tin tl such a change, in lact it was enough to induce him lo gel
.1 Oxydonor.fop his sister,
"A. short time :i_o my wife had an attack or Inflammatory rheumatism,    .She cuiiltl
uo; -valk and her  joints   were  much  "woollen.   She   applied   Oxydonor, and   before   niglil the
1 had ceased, and next morning there w is --cry little swelling, and ahe could walk as well
er.   She had a similar attack before we got Oxydonor an't was uuder a doctor's care fur a
.-.. and suffered ngonie.,
Services first and third Sunday of
each month at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction. 7:30 -,1.111.
Suuday school at 3 p.m.
I .,- Mass and Holy Commuuion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Futlier Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
"It has cured me ofa severe co'.d."
Send at once for book M >.
{ .niation about OXYDONOR ail
parts of tlie country.
;.*���>, giving  further in-
many reports from al!
364 St. Catha ine St. West, Montreal.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
... tn.an'4 7:3') P.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. ervsry
S.tl'bath Srhool at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev. J. F. Betts, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at n
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Subbath School at 10 am Midweek meeting ou Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. A. McAuley, Pastor.
Beautiful   Work  of  tbe   Arllaan*  tit
Ks.i-mer Centuries.
'ihe wonders of tlie needle were tu
ancient times in Egypt, India. Baby-
tuuiit and rhamicia mainly l.nisbcd
lt.r women ou velU and hangings for
temples. Connoisseurs consider tlie veil
decorating the tomb of Mohammed at
Xloillua, priced at 10,000,000 rupees,
the most marvelous piece of embroidery ever uiatle. Us pattern, a cunning
Interlacing of scrolls aud arabesques.
exclusively delineated with rare p.-utls
and precious stones, produces, wheu
exposed to the rays of tbe BUtf, it stupendous effect of coloring, soli und harmonious aud equal to tbe bold gracefulness of tbe design. Linen, silks, lenth
er aud tlie richest stutrs were iu tutu
beautified with the little insignificant
tool, the ueedle.
Diaphanous Indian muslin ch.ruling-
ly embroidered wilh green beetle wing*
Is still renowned, as well as examples
of painted spanttlcs aud artificial pearls
strewn amid devices wrought in gold.
But wbero ts uow to be found lhe Incomparable Decca muslin, thirty yard!
of which were once inclosed for a turban in an ordinary cocoauut incrustcd
with gems and presented hy a Persian
ambassador to his tun ster, tbe shah.
Other varieties known as Invisible
have also disappeared. The term originated from the fact that when dipped
in water or spread out on the grass the
material was lost to the eye through
Its extreme fineness.
The trained fingers bfiTe disappeared,
and through modern competition customers are no longer willing to pay t!:e
real value of genuine hard work. This
superiority of eastern craftsmen over
their western fellows was recognised
centuries ago, first by Portuguese, who
were In the habit of sending satin to
India to he embroidered by the natives
nfter European designs, a fashion
which at times renders somowhnt puzzling the classification of the marvels
of handiwork.
The I-'rench followed suit, since the
majority of the Louis XVI. court sets,
including coat, waistcoat and breeches
in satin, wlvet, plush or corded silk,
so exquisitely adorned with delicate
sprays and admirable borders wrought
in satin snd tambour stltckM, are due
to the skill and industry ot the Chinese, wbo have reproduced the French
devices with floss silk In such lovely
and fast colors, wbich still appear In
all their boauty, with a mellowness imparted by ttmtt which further tdtlo to
their charm.
Sabbath services ��� Crescept Island, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 ji.m.
Sunday .School at 10:30 a. m.
Prayer meeting ou Thursday at|
8 p.m.
Kev. .v. H.  Huntley, pastor.
Reading is to tbe mind what exercise
to to tbe body.���Addison.
A home without books Is like a room
without windows.���Beecher.
To read without reflecting ts like eating without digesting.���Burke.
Books are tbe best things well used;
���bused, among tha worst.���Emerson.
Next te acquiring goad friends the
best acquaintance is tbat ef good
Same books are to be tasted, others
to be swallowed and soma few to bo
Shewed and digested.���Bacon.
���alf Ue gossip of society woald perish If tbe books that are truly worth
reading were but read.--Dawson.
What is a grtat love of books? It ia
sometblNg like a itersonal Introduction
te the great and good men of all past
times.-Johu Bright.
The three practical rules I have to
offer are: (1) Never read any book that
is not a year old: (2) never read any
but famed books; (3) never read any
bnt what you like.���Baiersoa.
The Delta Times
Nurseries  & Seetjhouses
Job Printing,
if,'  1
Headquarters lor Pacific Coast
grown Garden, Field and Flower
Seeds that are thoroughly tt sted js
to vitiiljty before offeril}B fur sale���
that are subject to governm. it it.-
sptcUou as to freedom Irom "..cd
seeds. Samples scut to intending
Large stock ot HOME GROWN
FTuit and Ornamental Trees now
matured for tbe sptiug trade.
??o expense, loss or delay of fumigation or inspection.
BEE SUPPLIES, Spray Pumps,
Spraying Material, Greenhouse
Plants, Cut Flowers,
We do business 011 our own
grounds���tto rent to pay and art-
prepared to meet all competition.
Let me price your list before peeing your order.    Catalogue Free.
lue    -uifufs   .
The question is uiootfsl whether t*o
ulture kuows of its tyisrry by sight or
sineii.   Uow does It communicate the
aew_ of u feast to Its fellows?   A tiger
bad I"--., liiiu.i.
Colonel itamauy orderfd tbe carcaso
of the skinned tiger to be dragged out
from under the thick mango trees into
the open.    Taking out his  watch,  be
lsked us to mako a guess ns to how
'.ong the vultures would teke to clean
tbe tlc.-sii off Uie bones.   Some oue said
b n'f an hour.    As tli-re was not a vulture 1:1 sight, this seemed even betting,
but Colonel  Ramsay  gave  them   tea
initiates,  which proved lo  be correct.
: There  wns oue  vulture  st  first wen
sonrlng round eei round very high up
! in  the cloudless  sky.    He  closed  his
1 wings nnd dropped on to tbe carcass
' with a swoop.   In two minutes tbe sky
! was full of vultures, all concentrating
from every Bide on the spot, and arriving wltb  all tbe impetus  their drop
from a great height gave them as fast
as it takes to tell tbo story.    Then
tbere commenced a frightful scene of
literal carnage, every one tearing wltb
sharp, hooked bill at tke-cntrnlls first,
then at the flesh, til! fighting for room
to get a piece and tumbling over one
another with frantic haste.���'The For-
1 csts of Upper Iudln and Tbeir Inh&b-
I Itants," by T. W. Webber.
What Nukes Things drew.
According to Maurice Springer, w
French writer on the subject, the es.
ergy of growth is closely related to
electric energy and mny be Identical
with lt. At auy rate, growth energy ts
closely connected with the phenomenon
called osmosis���that Is, molecular pros-
sure due to differences of density In
adjacent liquid masses. Buck molecular pressure tn tbe cells of the body he
believes to be tlie phenomenon that underlies tbo Bialttplh'aiiwti of theso cells
in growth, aud osmosis has been shown
by experiment to be closely connected
with electricity. Tbe writer referred
to believes tbat we shall soon be ablo
to measure growth energy as we uow
do heat or electricity and perhaps control it so as to produce tall or short
fa nil too er races ot our pleasure.���
A Hiu Hulled DiDuer.
Cnnkit In luritn hotels und Ivisrdlnq
houses may think they get up meals nn a
Mg Fcolo, but, whon it comes to wholesale
cookery the Utile village of laps, en the
London and Southwestern railway, England, surpasses them all.
At n barbecue held there not lonat nco
��n ox was boiled, not roasted, whole, snd
this is hew it wns done:
A large hole was dug in the ground and
lini-d with brick. Inside this a tank large
anough to hold tho ox was built. Ths
caiv_. * was then lowered into tho tank,
hiving tirst, heen placed in a ease formed
hy hi��_vy ctOKSbars, t<> which chains were
attached. Pulleys from _ scaffolding
above were used to raise nntl lower the ox.
Many reger,.hies, such as carrots, nnions,
i-Hbhagen and ]_iti>toe��, were boiled wltb
the meat. 'Ibe boiling required seven
boura. ��� Portland Transcript,
A Story of Wtnaln DatU.
There Is a story to! J of !��_;��� by a risiilfjw
of Philadelphia which nhuwj why WIluW
Davis was hid so dear by tha veterans oi
tho Confederate _i-my. The mnn who t��lh
It was a colonel cntler tha .mrs and bun
snd is now a rich nlan, "But five yean
���go I wnttn't," ho snys. 'I'd ioetevurj
penny I'd had liefore tho war, and 1 ha4
not mado many since. A bill slump In th.
west he.i! done for nie, und 1 put up at s
N,nv York hnt*;l with just enough to jmf
my bill und no moro. My nerves gavi
way, and I was taken 111. The douux
said I nnlsi1 have a lung rostt and a cots
pletfl elm ego ���< .-Hnjnu. 1 said I might mi
in the crave an ti ���iMange t his ��-eiie lot thai
o! the nest \_orld, but. that I Lttd no n:s,n
ey or Iriends and would never leave th��
city any way bnt ft_;t lirst. Well. Mia
Davis was stopping at that, hotel, rihe
knew I wouldn't, nocopfc money trosi htr,
eoeboRotthe doctor to protend he wa��
lending mo his own. I went ulir,_iU atid
statue home cured and already isn tbo w��)
to wealth. It was only then tbat 1 ioum!
out whom I owed my lifo tp. Yon kuovt
her book. 'The Veiled Doctor-" Well, ft��
n,e thero is in nn equivocal s'pnljcance ll
that narue."���-Phlhdclphia Truss.
Ol Ting Flowers.
In Connecticut n few years ago li��.d i
lady who had a beautiful flower gard^u.
In which she took great pride. The wh-jb
neighborhood w rr proud of it, too. nn il peo
pin drove miles to 600 It. Sho fastened twi
liir.jo baskets on the outside of her fenat
next to the road, and every morning iLksi
were filled with cut Bowers���the lai'ire
6howy kinds In ono basket and the ot-11
Cote, fragile kinds It) the ottwr. Al! itt
Sf.hts ' children (toiug by helped thetntelvei
Snd Studied tha bottflr for lt, antl L-iip-iin*
men took a bruaih of fragrance Into thclj
dusty (iffloe. which hnljwit ths day slung
Evon the iramps wcre welcome to all Hit
boauty they otn.id gel Into their forlurs
"Vou out such quantities," boujo ,rm
sold to her. "Aren't you afraid yon will
rob yourself?"
"Tho moro I cut the more I have," ehi
answered. "Don't you kuuw that If plant,
are allowed to go to seed they stop bloom
ingf I love to give plensure, and tt )���
profit as woil, for my liberal outtlng Is tht
sooret of my hoautlful garden. 1 am llkt
tbe man in 'Pilgrim's I'rugrees,' thu mon
I give sway tho more I have."���Eich v>g��v
A Water Lllr Poad.
An admlrablo pond seen some years slnoi
teas made in the following  manner! A
bolo some IC foot ln diameter and O feet li
depth Was first dug, nnd this was piaster**
with mortar to tho  depth of  4 inohes at
tho slees and bottom. A piece of lend plpt
was put ln to mako the detlred drain, anil
duo respeot was paid to constructing i
plaeo outside of wburo lt went through, st
tbat tho water would drato </fT through i
I   layer of rocks nnd sand.    When the utur
;   tar was dry, It wns treated to a coat of ojf.
'  torn cement.  In tho center was construct
I   ed a ltilnlatniv island of stones aud earth.
I   and upon tt. was a mass cf  full; .;c nne
|  flower*, while pink, whits aud yellow wa
tar lilies lllVd  tho spaco c.ivuiid  lt, uud
j  some tadpolt-r grew to bo sedate frogs un
der the shade of tho ��� broad leaves,   Oat
year half . dorcn dwarf oallas and a hit ut
old fashioned wandering jews mods tht
i lslapd o falryllko pluca, and soveral yean
lateramaryIlls plants of many o��i)i_-�� rev�� 1
cd lu tho sun  and moist .We uf tbo i��lacd.
No one wli-1 hns not soou uae of lhe miniature ponds can   Imagine their beauty.���
Vlck's Magastno.
Aek Yoar Itrottirr.
When a young womnn  has a ftmtl .tain
!   brother or a coinrad.t suflloicntty Intlmut-
to 1 .i allowed in a friendly way to i-ritlotsi
her good points iu dross, to Is not at nil i
bail Idea to ask his ndvico about tho ��ty,��
of neckwear she adopts.   A man is not Ir
diQercnt to the nookUesuf his sister's at
<  bis sweet heart's totlt t, and though bin ad
1 vice ls often couched In somewhat "ffhanl
|  terms It is  usually Worth follonlng.au*
i  his suggestions should at least be considered.
A tall girl, with a long, swanlike neok,
j may wear to advantage a ecarf with s
j largo, looso bow.    Her short and flnui|
i friend, with a h^sd set  low oa her shoal'
I ders, mast not mufSe hersvlf up till ahi
' teems to bave no otn-k it, s;>eak of.    T*\
j ber the narrowest tmnd or core* ls sufilclent
| to mark the line whore tbe dress eiistn.
A gentlewoman never tnleratrs ���..ilnl nt
llmsy or earelass neckwear.���Philadelphia
! Ledger.
3010 Westminster KloaU.
VANCOUVER,   -   B, C.
An itmr JoH.
"\ understand you want t .hire ahouso-
m Md."
"That ttiitat be a mistake. I do all tny
own work."
���'Too l-mtl. It would Ito Just, tho sort of
Ma e thut I'd like."���Heitoru Wolt,
Wat Caarttaa.
"Do you court aa tnvesttgatlanf" lit-
qtiir.,! ths Interviewer.
"Well," wild Senutor Sorgbunt slowly,
"I doa't eiactly like the phrase. I'm
willin to meet an Investigation if olronai-
Stances make it uesessary. liut 1 ain't
tsakln love to It."���Washington Star.
Tfce.v Da It Sometime*.
Ths Prinster Man���I shall never marry
any nn*.
Tlio Bachelor Maid���But perhaps lotus
tipe will many you,���Detroit trie Preei
Th* aratigfat ataadowa tre.,.ti*eU_��ttr
��� Hhaitaw and reel, thev fall abtrat oa
Oh. am 1 but a waadei..,.: dream of met
And ar* yon but a wistful dream af year
SometluiM It teetai tha shadows ara tbe ra
Tbe real eeems Vi.-i ie tint na falataod I
���a wundrou* true th* dreem* I tued ta t**L
Soch wuudreua dreaiutnu ull that I* my owsi
Tor I h.vf. all th* v.-ender of oi* dream,
1._) rich, loo it,-.>:-.'.*,. too perpl* to Im u-eal
And tne di*t_iiu'a wonder -'...tn tiil 1 eoe:n
To be but dreetatag aavr this o.i-eati. of jrea,
Tb* flralight nliad'jw* fat'. sboM u* two
tShuSow m.j real, the/ :isaogW ���tyllaaut/s���
Oh. ai-e your but a wisstful drwtn of yoni
An . a:;. I Ijat * wandering dream of aet
-Post Wheeler is Attn .ta UuaeUtttUea.
A  Ilore* That Wa* Stralloived Allra
hi a Ilnlr rruui lilt On. Tall.
From Florida come* the following lottet
floui a veracious corroepundest:
"Being au ex-soldlui and having only
lt months to serve to uoqulre a title te ���
quarter section of land, I went to Floilda
In imi to put my plain Into execution.
Not being posted as to ths landmarks, 1
bad to hire a settler to looate the land for
we, and as w* had to goubouteigra -nllet
through woods ever b:.d roudi, with do
bridges, we weut horsebaok, und In crossing a stream 1 noticed that icy friend's
horse's tail caught iu an old pin* stump,
pulling a hair from the tall and leaving
lbs h .Ir fast to the stump.
"At you know, a horaehalr will tura ts
a snake when iu water, and 1 mode up iay
ulnd to watch  that paitlculvr  bair.    So
afur locating my btud und getting a log
bouse built, I look my gun and started out
ou a hunt, and during my rambles 1 cams
to the <tr**m that my friend and 1 bad
oroawd, und, suj-a aaough, ther* was th*
boriehalr make as  big a*  my thumb and
over four feet long.   As be was fast to ths
I stump 1 let htm  alone and sratluued ay
bum, bagging soma quail, a rabbit aa4
two squirrel', which pave ine a -��ad ateas
ot freah inaat.   As 1 was vary btuy for tba
j next three wsaks I had no tlm* to visit asy
pot snake, te you may judge af aiy ��nr-
prias when on  my uext stilt to Cud  tka
tnska ss big as a ��tov��plr* and over it)
fn-t long.    At 1 was going to hsve a log
rolling the next week I kept my secret N
thut we could   have seine fun  after w*
were ri.c.ugh our day's work. I got everything reedy and sent out uiy Invitations.
My friend that showed ni* ths land name
I   with the rest nf them and told uie that his
;  horse nras lost or stolen. We sll pitched Id
; and did a good day's work and bad a good
dlr.nrr.    I told  them  my secret and ws
went to the branch.   You tan Imagine out
, surprise ��I;-o we found th* snake as  big
,  as a saw lug, with a  bulge ia tba middle
; as t.lg a* a ingar barrel.
j      "Well, to  makes long story short, ws
���   killed me snake nnd cut hlm span, and
my friend's lost bursa tumbled out    W*
| thought tho horso was dead until ho com-
:  iihe -..--.! to move, and soon ran around all
right   end my friend rod* him home     I
huve beard a grant deal  about horsehair
snakes, and  this  is  the only instance  I
know of where  a  horse wat swallowed
I alive hy a hair from his own tall."���Baltimore Auieiksn.
-that tba Seat* at Lard* 1* Far,
The house of 1. -iis oannot now profess
to teak* tlie luws of the nation, hut It sun
and d'.ies prevent vast changes being made
In ths oonsiltutiou by A snap vote or a
scratch majority. It does for tho lirltiih
cons-t'tutlou what a written tbn.un-.ent,
umilicrablo except under otttain spauiul
conditions, does for other forms of government But for It tbo whole of our laws
and liberties would lie at the mercy of any
mnn who oould got oontrol of the house of
commons for 84 hours. It ooneldsr* all
legislation, and though in practice lt seldom vet.tares to make changes It It able
to iuilet oa a reference to the country If It
holds that a great and farreachlng revolution Is being made without the electors
being really nware ef what is happening.
ln fact, i, views i2m laws sent ap to It la
thc ll_tht of this questioa, "Ought this
law if nut amended to be rejected until H
bas been referred to tb* nation with tba
demand, ' 1* lr your pleasure tbat this bin
shall become law"' "���London Spectator.
Met ure *t a %aaker.
Ijuoretla Mott, tba eminent Quake*
Eilnleter and antlslavtry apostle, was a
woman of rare personal charm, and white
not beautiful In tbs strict tense of that
tarn-aching term wa* possessed of a faoa
that was little short of it Her brother,
Thomas Cafflo, bowever, wat not la tho
loaet entitled to any claim* of that sort,
0 fact whloh caused him ss much amusement st lt did any one of his friends. Ho
wns ones asked by a friend for bis picture,
bnt eitended little hop* that tbe Inquire*
Would ever get what be naked for.
"Well, Thomas," ta'.d ths other, "if
the* will not get ont taken for ins, will tb ea
1st me have a copy of an old oner"
"I am afraid I oannot do that either,"
rt-plli .1 Thomas. "Th* feot I* that I ont*
lid hnve a picture taken of niyaelf, and It
wa* so good that I destroyed It."���Harper's Round Table.
A riaaaeter,
"Brlggins make* money by establishing
���reamer!** lu eountry vmne, doe* hat I
thought lt was a notorious fact that little
���reamerle* don't pay."
"That's lt. His agent work* up ���
sreamery enterprise In torn* small towa,
and Brlggins goe* there the uext year,
buy* up the machinery tot- a *oi:g antl
sells it to some village where they have
���ever bed a creamery.''���(Mileage Tribune.
Task tb* lllat.
"Jurt by way of a hint, yon know, |
told ber she looked twsetenough t�� kiss."
"Hell, lh* said that was the way sbe ia>
tended t*s look."
"And so"���
"Precisely."���Chicago Vt*t.
RMllfii Hie Ago Thea.
A young man-led mnn never reallsgg
that he ls getting old until bals compelled
to pay full fHi-e for his first, born when ho
has him on n street car.���{'ineinnat'l Com*
ineivial Tribune.
Some commentators mattitriin that if.
cry one nl the IVnlnis had a distinct dunoS
appropriated to it and titni It. was to hit
own music that Unvltl tiams.il before tho
Tke average rate of wages i* Kong O
It eel its n day. ;*_ir*_^'
*</-**. '���
���?>>��. DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, JONE 18, 1507.
train mock j^i Established Livery Business
the  Royal I
Vancouver,   June   13.���One man
k;l1ed ami several seriously   injured
I is the result of a head-osi  collision
Ice Crean:, and s^rawbor _ies, Ot'.d-j between a passenger ar.d   a   treittlit
fellows Hall, to-nigh'. I car las: ni��bt on  the Lulu  I-.land
-   ������ ____________ I branch   of   the.   British   Columbia
Jlectric Railway system.
H. M. Vasey returned in une,
Thursday, iron;- a vi.it to.the Roya
II. MeCorpiick came o'
Vancouver,    Friday,    on
The Band Boys will give another
open-air eon r.?rt on Fridav evening
Come ui thr Races on the 26th
and don t forget the Pauee- in the
Tho  accident is stated by the Company  to
have   beeu   caused   by  Conductor
Manning of tbe nas.pr.ger rar overrunning sits orders.
The victims'.>f thc  accident  are:
William WcColl,  bookkeeper  at
the   Imperial   cannery,   Steveston,
died at the General   Hospital  fiom
injuries to the head.
J. Grauer, Eburne, broken thigh,
J.    Lafond     Steveston,     bruised
Ladue-,   brokenI
Doing a business ef $1,000, per month; equipped
with 17 h^r?e (in first-class condition) 13 rubber
tyre buggies; 3 cloul--c* seaters and 9 other rigs";
long lease on bstj-ns. Price $0,500���x/a\ cash,
balance oa terms to suit. If' this proposition
interests vou, and you-menu business,.access to tht
books will be given.
Mrs. \Vju. Arthur and daughter,;
Miss Lily, are. visiting at-the old
Watt.   Ryrom,
collar bone. 1
Several unnamed-Japanese', minor I
Thc  passenger car  Eburne   li-lt
the Granville street station  at   5 15
1 o'clock last  evening,   being under
_        _______ strict orders  to pass an  incoming i
H.J. Kirkland  returned  home,  freght at the Ninth   Avenue cross-;
Thursday,   from   a   visit to New tag-    For some inexplicable reason Dominion
Westminsttt. , this order was disobeyed,  with the!
  i result   that jtv-t   outside   the   city
limits the car met a shunting motor |
with the two heavily loaded .reight:
' cars   trailing.    There   is   a   sharp
; curve at this point, and,   to-add to
i the peril ot the sitttatio
White, Sbiks & (g.,
i 280 Coltimbia Street,   -   New Westminster,?B.C.
Jockey - Club
Mrs. (Dr.) Woodley and daugh-:
tvr, Miss Edna, went over to Van-1
otiuviM.. Friday,
Day   Meeting
urday & Monday
.9th,. Ji
ition   each   car I V'l
incline,   down wkj
Erirads of Re*. J. R   Betts will j was at the top of an  i
be pleased to lt;arii that he  is able which tbey rushed in spite  of the
to be out, again   though still very i quickly   applied   brakes and every
unwell.. (effort on  the part of the crews to
 . i avoid a collision.
N. A.. McDiarmid returned, Fri-j    The officials of the British  Ccl-
day, from S��v*i,mo, where he was timbia Electric  Railway  can  offer
Vancouver Prices
We Bern Leave
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that- we are now in a.
position to offer Vancouver Island
Portland  Cement
At greatly reduced pricea, making it* possible for parties who contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
Broilers &
iinituit hi
_5UU I
la,attendance on the Grand  Lodge
I. O. O. F.
The Westham Island Football\\
Club wi|l hold their annual picnic, j \
on Thursday usst, tit St-.tnley Park, j [
ao explanation beyond disobedience
of running orders for the accident.
I Their loss, while serious in the
I damage ;.> property and colling
I stock, is infinitesimal when com-
; pared with their regret at. the loss
j of life and the injuries to lhe
.wounded. Alt but. tiie trucks ofi
r__ t j tj_e  g��,ssenggr  (.ar   js ruined; and |
Mrs. James .Stuart antl Mrs, John ' the freight car is also  badly wreck- j
B.   Newcombe,   cf   Vancouver, arej ed.
-^sitinj; l.oycrest, the home of  Mr. j ~"       ~       	
and Mrs. D. B. Grant. j    Strawberries-- are a  short   crop.)
_  ! Better  order  at  once to   get them :
sr.,    ��� ,   .'_.   .    ,      r,       tbe cheapest���W. H, .Smith.
Th:i.Bapt:st and   MtethodiSt .Sunday schools  have  decided to hold t ~ ~~ " 1
their   annual   picnic   at- Grauer'sl
B^ach   on Monday, July 1st next,  i
$10 i mi Kg s
Six.h Regiment Band.
Kntry Forms and All Particulars' -
P.O. Box 102, Vancouver.
I caa handle your Small
Richest Brice   for Tip-
Top Article.
' * T'ort Guichon.
B. G.
- _.��   -   E I" J '��
Mrs. W, E. Curtis  went  ove,- to
Vancouver,   yesterday, on a  short
sisit.   Gti  lhe   20th,   Mrs.  Curtis j
a.nd her son, Eddie, Ieuyc for.Lowe;
Geo. Grauer���returned, yesterday,'
fiom a. visit to his  patents  and re-j
jwrts his i:\-Jier as doing nicely and
that another  week should see hnn 1
track mapks
Copyrights Ac.
An. o-8-w.tfii.tr A filiott-h nnd de.*criittl.m rr.uy
nutobtv.natwrtn!n. om- opinion tteawhether an
.veniilcn is probably . .sls.r.i .Me. (.(.iniuiinlra.
loimtrlotly eonO .mittal. HANDBOOK ��u PawttM
.ont free* Oltlnt Afteuc-y tarpicatlpe jjoiphih.
Put* ntfl tftk.-n '.hi-.suKh M.on * Cc.recylvp
sptttiu _s.Us_^ wlitiouc oDnrsv. tn tlio
ci. tttif ic Hmwican.
Wh .m wanting a New Dress just
AlvHk5 Silverware,
Cut Glass*
Watch Repairing a. Specialty..
Jffndrew Clausen,
1.ADN1.R.   B; C
B. G Leather Co., Ltd.
112 Hastings .Street, Vancouver,  1!. C.
English Oak Tanned Harness Leather
_i _y_i<
\ him.iaiim.ly tllnatrntod wnotiiy.
��� f.s.n of nny . (Sontldo V.urn''
Turnout ^-.r-
Ts.i-inH. Itl.a
bynll nowfldealen.
o tt of all danger.
-, ��.ir, lour months, 11. Sol     .
rf,UKN & Co.3s,s"a��!^ New York
Mr��nt_i umti: (_. IT BU Wushtnutun. D. C.
Mrs. F. Paterson aud-two daughters, Misses Evelyn and Glady.s, re-
turned to '.'.uicouyer, on. Friday,
alter spending a couple, weeli's here
-���i-ii'itii; relatives and trii_-nd;i.
PuJbUc Notice.
Mr. and Mt:;. Henry Boilings-
A-orth, and son Granville, Irom
Hothatn Soiled, Jiii vis Inlet, are
guests et Mr. aid Mrs. Jas.   Grant.
Residents 0. the Totv-n of l,;tdt,cr
:uid Port Guiclnm  arc   hereby pro-
hibited  lrutn   throwing   any  slops;
or foreign ni.tleiiiil  .nro  titc drain- j
age ditches along the streets, and.
highways. 1
Any person found vislattng  tbis
order is lial.'e t'> prosecution undew
Afr. IJollingswortli is
4rs. Grant.
W. S. Livingstone had  the  mis-,
fecttme, last Wednesday   night,   to
li.ive his.leg bafjly crushed  bv  his
hofse falling-on hiin while  driyrug
.-���ipck.    Although  still  p.-itiltil  iio ���
r-t-.riot;s resttl.ts are a-pticipated.
Mr. batcl.iy. son-in-law-, of Judge .
C.cciiw,(t!l, is in town taking in the,
sights.    Mr.    Barclay  conies   fiora.
���_l*e dry. h'.-H and thoitgUt  he  was.
risitmg a  niouster climate  but vs.
regret very tnueli that wc nre  111
able to give hiui an example ol   thol
Itquid we so much stand in-need of
at presetit��    W> are bav .fiSf-au  W'��|
precedented dry spell while the cry
l,.!t has  had  sonic  very  welcome J
ather. ot| the. Municipal Health By-lajv.
Bff Order.
M. H. O,
that THE WHITE HOUSE has some
of the
Newesf; & Nattiest Dresses
e\ er shown in the. City.
We have thezn in all sizes from y2-
year to 1.7 years, and in all prices.
T^"^��� ���        _        ��� -is   I
j Saddlery Hardware,. Horse Blankets and [Stable
j Closed   Uppers   Leather   and   Shoe   Findings,
Trunks,. Bags,. Valises.
BIRTCH,. - 275 Columbia, Street
Estate of
W.   L.   MeBRIDE,
hone S.   -   Port Guichon
v.,,'.,;.. -   Ki
Kit/> -���v^-.- tut�� ����� ���',....
4M An
j^wsimm Jfe ./���"' %?��
*S$W?tdid"d, m ^^ESHBHSBQ
T0s: f'f'-i-)i<'���tS.p h    I. rt.SrV'!*a��''-,
I 3M
'. ' "' * '���''t*' ���""*_ '"'ma,
������/: i'-
���   *P
W. H. WYIOR, Agcnfr Eadncr, ��. C,
5Wppcd Direc
Xo All B. C.  Ports.


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