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The Delta Times Feb 2, 1909

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Array ___-.
���1 _____   __________________________
yi |-h v**^v
Iii M���__i^ ..bs,___/
hL 6, N
lo. 33.
Editor Dklta Timbs:
,Sir:  !n   your   issue of  January
And Petition-; Circulated for Signature Which Are
Receiving  Considerable  Patronage.
2nd   "Viator"   makes   some   very)    The question of a  water supply
[pertinent   remarks as 'to ways and!{oT tl,e Delta  brought  together, at
! means. .l.._elv  touching the inter- j ��*�� hoped it would, a large an.  re-
;estsol all residents iu the Delta dis-j present-live   gathering  of citizens
| trict.    It is, perhaps, only  once   in  '" the Town Hal1 ���� Saturday last
a while lhat we are  so  strictly up|.Whetber   the   schem.- which   was municipality   and    near   the   eas)
���    . ��� s  . i-    -i-    outlined   to   the    meeting   will    go   bonndarv ti-.prpnf such   cn-nnlv m.v
against i(   lor transportation lacih-. b "    uuullujr> mereoi sucn suppiy iu.i\
lli_-in.il nr lint      .mains to    be Seen. I V,.   nhtainort-   liiss    r.nnrt    r
economically furnished to the in*
habitant.-, of the sni I prescribed area
within the said municipality, and
has reported thnt on sections 11
and is. Township 4, New West*
minster District, within the said
ties as we have
lately during
e seen, j be obtained; his report reading a��
,   ,       ..-mile   thine   was   made clear,   that I follows:    "I   have   examined   the
���the   cold   spell; but, nevertheless it                                     . j
i ' , ..   ! good water is  required con.e from  springs on Lot 12   and   part of  11,
:clearl\  demonstrates  the  necessity;* \ I  '
Watch for Our Ad.
Next Week!
of some other means of communication with our markets other than
the Fraser river, well .is this mighty
The   lack   of  an 1 near the east boundary  ot the mu.
supply   of   wholesome 1 nicipality and while  it  is not pos-
main Uible   without   collecting   all    the
abundant J	
water   is   undoubtedly    the
  mighty: - i
stream has catered to the interests f'awback to the growth of our vil-j springs to 'measure the flow ac-
of the Iarmers and merchants in thei laSe and the Pr��sress of our mtinic- curately, yet lrom lodg  experience
��� pality.    Without   this   we   cannot j��� collecting and measuring spring
"Viator" seems to pin  his  faith ex'?ectt0  attra-1  slranE"s to our water 1 atD satisfied that  there is a
toagreat extent upon  direct com--"e'sllborhoocL sufficient   supply   for the   munici-
mtmication with Vancouver via We are of ,he ��Pln,on thattlle ...ty. The quality is excellent
Woodwards; in other words, a ferry ! scheme' submiU��l by the commit- and a good site for a ieservoir close
0. bridge connection with the'elec- ^.appointed several months ago |at hand where an elevation of 2oo
trie railway system of Lulu Island. |to g0 int0 the (luestlon of a wuler i f��t or more is available. I thiol.
This    .<-iin   leaves   us   with  tbe|supply' ls lhorou=lll>'  practicable,, th s source of supply  satisfactory
Busy Opening Up
New Spring Goods.
Hain,   leaves   us   wnu   mc
_, <���.,-. .     1  and that the details  ol   assessment,   mui h-ip Kps, ivitliin t.-ip1, *'
, nrobleni   of   the  river   to   contend 1 ��� | _'iu tne nest \uuun reacn.
V..,      ,_,,.���_       .   .,       1        1     over which there  was   a   good deal
iwith.    Would  it not, therefore be &
,    ,   c ..    ,    ,     1   of able discussion, might   be  s-tlely
better to look for  an  entirely land     ,.,,,���
,   ,,    ���,  ' left 111  the  hands  ot  our business
route to our greatest  market?    We; ,,..,,
1 , .        ...      .,. , T        officials.    We judged lioin   lhe  re-
: are (sneaking of the villa ;. ot L'i< - .
:     .      .-,-.,-        - -,       r marks of one or two oi the -peakers
n_r.   situated  within   nine miles oi- .. K      .
: that an eiloi t would be made to in-
\ what will, in a very short  time, be
'. ihe main line of the Oreat Northern
troduce the   tcii.nie  by   those who
will be in favor  of it
R.,                ,               .- .        c-       ..,     I  IT1M  IK 111     i-ii.-i      1.
ailway Irom Vancouver to Seattle
, .,        ,._    ,,,Q  e���,���a[ from the prescribe
and  cut out i
, area ihe sect or. j
I or sections  where  there  is  strong '.
I -   -   .    . , ,   . .      .   ,     opposition.     Wit  submit  that this
Junction J Ircm what promises to be ,.   , . 1
1 _���_��� I w-iuld  he   most   unfortunate   as  it!
would   entail   a   great ileal of  un-
i and the east; also, we are the same
distance aw; y (namely  at  Oliver's
I Junction') trcm what promises to be
i the making oi another  great traus-
I continental  road, i.e., tbe V- V. &j
1E., Railway,    which,   as   is   well
; known, is already  surveyed across
: the Hope Mountains, into the Sim-
i ilkameen  country and  which it is
4. That the said Engineer further reports that the cost of installing a system til water works to
supply the prescribed area within
the said municipality would be in
the neighborhood ol ��125,000.
5. The sa'd prescribed art a within the .aid municipality 'shall be
described as follows; Commencing
at the junctii n of the boundary between Lots 130 and 131, Group 2,
New Westminster 1 .strict, wilh the
Lanning, Fawcett & Wilson
would j
I have  to  be  borne  by  those   who
wished   to   come in   later  on.    It
'would  be  well   for those who are
urv ana   wuicu u i_, !
I . ., .    ..' m     t'      disposed 10 otter opposition, to give
[we are told 111 the  papers, Mr. Jim       ! li , ,
,...,,,   . .    .. . .., 1 the  whole question  a careful and
! Hill s intention to  connect up with < '
; sections ot  tbe C.N.R. now build-
I ing west from Winnipeg  by way of
\ the   Crow's   Nest   Pass   and   the
1 Boundary country.    Now, with all
. . , ,_   south   bank   of   lhe   Fraser   river;
necessary   expense   winch    would
, .      ,, 11 hence westerly  and  southerly iol-
e   borne  by   those   ""mi
Must   consideration    before   taking
- their stand.
During the discission our  ruem-
j ber,   John   Oliver,   read   some ex-
owing the south bank ofthe Fraser
river to the northwest corner of
Lot 151, G 2, New Westminster
District: thence westerly and southerly following the south bank of
the Fraser liver past Crescent Is��
hind to the easterly hunk of Canoe
Pass; thence following lhe easterly
b.ink   of  Canoe   Pass southeily to
this svstem practically at our door | m"'ls   "U"J    u,c   '"v '"'   ~"
....    _. _._ ,, ,..  ,������!_ frl Q j touching upon the subject  ol   good
tracts   Irom    the   provipcicil   lawjua"*v  "'   N-""""   -
, ���    .     ,- j I the northwest   comer   of  Lot  61a
wonld il not be as well to look to a
water   showing    where    we stand.
thence     southerly    following    the
westerly   boundary of  61a  lo  the
, bettering of our condition, so far as j ^ .331 t^��� ._  ".. . *T_J.'   westerly    b.-ui.i.rv ...   6.a   to   mc
I transportation facilities are concern-1 H< **.** wish to  make the p�� {^J^X coiner of 61. .hence east
ed, to the connecting  up of this
ple believe that   the   government
I short link of nine miles with what I was going to force them to put in
j is or is to be a great railway system ! a svstera of water as he  clid not be"'
lieve they  would,   but  the health \
erly along  the  soulh boundary of
The annual meeting of thc Delta
On motion, ih_ sum
S50 wasi        RIFLE ASSOCIATION.
  Taking tlii
for granted would it not he possible1
to interest the farmers and other-
in themselves sufficiently to get
them to form a company to acquire
this nine miles of road either under
lease or by 1 urchase and operate il
in connection with the fast main
. line trains ol the Great Northern.
This would bring Ladner within
an hour and  a  hall   ot   Vancouver
voted  to the Secretary,  A..   DeR.
Taylor  and a hearty vote of tin nto.. ^ .^ rf ��� ^ft! _&�� even   will,   the   Wood, an
,        tnoMtne ljeita , WBS tC        I '     Ta t   ' rifle association was taken   on   Sat- connection and would have  the ad-
The annual meeting ot tie ueita, K RJchi who        tively refused to. ^ n ^ ^^ q{ ^  Q^   serving   tbe
Agricultural Society  was hel<MnUGePt any  otoer  r.n_une_atio.. fo.       ^ ^ ^ ^ rf ^[tg.   ^.^   .[sdl   w,th  a  good  quick
the Council Chamber,, on Saturday lhissMvices..                                        ! ance was taken  by seventeen nnm,- means   of   trans] ortation  but   the
last, with the president, D  A. Mc j    The  fix,ng  up  C   the grinds : JJ- w             J      ^^ ^ ���             ^        jug L.oimm���;, v B9
Kee, inthechair  and  a fairnum-iiWasleftinthehati:lsot  the Direc-i^.^                     s ^^     runnine   __   the   linii   doe9
ber of members present-                  j tacs and the revision   o_ the  prize |e ^J^
6ta to the northwest corner of  Lot
60;   thence   southerly    along   the
westerly boundary of Lot 60 to the
north boundary of Lot  iSfi;  thence
westerly along nortluily   boundary
ot Lot 186 to the westerly  shore of
the mainland; thence following  the
westerly shore  of  the   mainland to
the   southeast  corner of Lot 183,
G2,   New    Westminster    District;
_________---! ____^
The petition ol   the undersi
owners ot  land  in  the prescr
area as hereinafter d.lined, humbh
-is,   .   ,    s.     ��� ���    it       , t._u_  lowing the  east  boundary
i.   .battl eMunicipality of Delta "
T      -IT....       1J���..^....,      ,���      ,),,.       ,
.,         _    ,tCt tO
ii   the   "Mui....,..��� ,     ^^^^
f-,, ,   ..,       , ,- ,,      1,Section    is,   Township   s;
Clauses Act   and amending acts,    i ���" '   r"
....   , ,, , ,   ,,  _;,i ca_ following the north  boundary
2. lhat the greater pan ol sunt
municipality within ii;;' [rescribed
area consists ol dyked lauds and is  '���""    '
by an efficient service. ,
Evidently tbe powers that be on 1 officers ot Vancouver  are  very ac
the G. N. R. do not value our trade,tlve in ��h^���i ��� supply   ol   pure
or they would look alter us a  little  mllk for lhat cltv-
batter than they have done for  the,     Allowing is the petition now 111
last 4 or s vears;  if tbis is so, then ^dilation  for signatures, defining
surely thev do not value the right-'the area to be S��PP^(':      ,
c , ��� ,   ., ,' To   the   He-eve   and Council of  the
of-way, over which they operate, at
,    r -is , - Municipality ot Delta. I      ��� ^^m^^^^^^^^^^i^m^^^am
,a very  high  figure,     lakmg this - ithence following the north  bound-
-- -  1      . be netitiiin ul   the undersigned, \
���,   ,  ary of the  Chewassen   Indian Reserve to the east boundary  of said
[Indian Reserve;   thence  south   idol  said
is a district municipality  subjtct to  ' " ���---���-   --
.,                          ,   ,,      ,,,., ,,:���,.���i  corner ol  the southwest quarter of
the   provisions  01   Uie   "Municipal '
i.��Hrm   1 ..   Township s;  thence
Indian   Reserve  to  the
iruer of the
I Section    15,   Township
east loll
of said southwest quarter of Section
whicli is about as close as  could be
s   greatly in need of a supply ot   fresh
w iter for the health and  con foil ol
man and beast.
3.  That   Thomas II.   Tracy
Can.-Sue. C.E.,   has made an in
spection   of tie  said   municipality
with a view to obtaining
.1     SS,    IllVlll-WI.     ,.. ...
, S I   IU,.   ssls-.s    ,us      ������--��_....
The-Treasurer's aeport showed 1 ^ was left in  lhe  hand* of  A
the institution to be in a very flour- 'j^vi,. an(\ v^ M0���tpomery��
ishing-condition'and v<as. on  mo-      0n  motion,, the Scrstary   was
tion, adopted,, after which the  foi- j authorized to write the B. C. Field
lowing officers were elected foi the i Trials Club thanking them for their
1      -   '-.��� -11..
Captain,. Dr. J. W. Woodley.
Treasurer, Tnos, Hume.
���Secretary. N. A. McDiarmi'1.
through the very heart ot  this  fer-
! tile country.
Many other arguments could  be
5, and the  same  produced
to the east boundary of said Section
13; thence east  following  the  half-
section line of Scition 14,in sa:d Tp.
^1    5, to the westerly shore of Boundary
,.: Bay; thence northerly and  easterly
following the shore line of Bound-
suui.lytar-v   ^a^'  to  a po'nt south of the
of fresh water ample in amount and half-section line running north and
in such a  U-cHlity  that  it  may be south  lbr0l,^b  Section   '���  TP'  4.
' New Westminster District, prodttc-
Secr-tary  N  A. McDiarmid.       f     Manv other arguments coiik.  oe;       ~  ;   ed southerly ihroufih  Lot _43  and
Ixeaitve   H E   Btnr and  M. used-in favor 0. this route, such as persuaded  to part wrth th��.   .b ^?the fractional northwest quarter 0
MS"r efficient milk service which will be; Would not .he cost of  operating of Section 3., Tp. 3, to  the  shore of
ensuing year     	
President, A. D_ Patersoi*.
Vice-president, C. H. Davis.
Treasurer, H. N. Rich.
Secretary, A. DeR. Taylor.
Directors���A. Davie, W. J. Frederick, P. Clark, J. Jordan, Robt.
M,cK,ee, D- Montgomery.
donation of a clip annually.
The meeting then adjourned.
It was, on motion, decided to call,
Corn,   Corn   Meal ��� Brackman-
Ker  Milling   Co..   Ltd., H.  N.
RICH, ladaer,, B.C., Agent,
  ,D  1 wa���ted here more and  more as the such a line be excessive, &C &c.'
the organization  The  Delia  RifleL.        v,^^ grows and which,! Certainly  all  these   things   would
AWCilf Curtis   kindlv   attended U   your   other   correspondent  ^l^.^^,^^^
ancTadministered the oath. | marks, is at the pieseiV. time at the scheme does no   and si we help
The question of constructing a Uercy of the river. ; ourselves by sitting  sun ana
range was brought up and laid over j     pogsibly  80me 0f   vo.t      cadets considering ibese things,
for further consideration. .      | ^^   ..^   ^  ��� ; .     be Yours,
Northern be1    ONE  FOR A LAND ROUTE.
Boundary Bay; thence north following the said line so produced and
said half-section line to the south
boundary of Section 13, Tp, 4;
thence wesl following said  Section
The meeting  then  adjourned  to
the call of the Captain, ' done5
Possibly  some
Can the Grea
(Continued   on   .Sec.md
Published . every Tuesday.
Subscription, W.00 per year.
ny special nolice, tlie object ol which is to | p-00fl
note thc pecuniary beneiil ot auy individiwil j esu
:ssinpat,y, to be considered an advertisement j nos^s"
I who have no stti able supply for)
their    stock.      There    are   threel
1 or four months in the dry season
when lhe water iu the tanks is not
lit for domestic  use  without being
! boiled or filtered and an examination of  the   water  which is drawn
I fiom the  tanks  in   the   months o'
i July or August by a public health
. ������. ,���, j inspector would, no doubt, tend to-1
Casual Advertisements, io cents per line foi i        V .... ,
tbe lirst ins-rtion, and 5 ceniB per line for each. war(js   making   this   water   Scheme
tubscqueut insertion.     The   number   ol   liues
nckoned by the space occupied, u lines to the; compulsory.     As   stated   by   Mr,
"rLs lor Commercial Adverti-eiaent. can be | Rich at   the   meeting, even   Oil   tile,
had on application at this office. j farms where there  is  an abundant'
ReadiuB noticea 10 cents per line Ior each in- . . r n      .u   .
itrtiou i supply   ot  water  from  wells   tbat
Birth ami ueath notices, 50c, Marriages$1.00.   I have been sunk, the  water   is  not
"Not lit tor domestic purposes " is the verdict pronounced
by the Public ...nalyist, not on a
few wells only but of every one that
has been tested.
Tliere is no place in the whole
broad Dominion ot Canada that is
better able to afford a proper water
system than the municipality of
Delta. The farmers are possessed |
of the best soil, the best markets,
and year after year they can count
upon excellent returns from the
soil Thev have nothing to fear
from early or late frosts. The great
majority of the farmers are recognized as well-to-do, why then
haggle about incurring the comparatively small expense of providing a suitable supply ot water that
will mean comfort, health and happiness to the whole community.
In following the  discussion, one]
of the main difficulties seemed to be
how to  make  an equitable assessment.    This  is, no doubt, an important   question,   and   one   that
should receive the most careful attention.     But   surely,   Sir,   there I
need be no undue  anxiety  ou this J
score.    We have  every confidence
Tasbhn Stables*
Trucking,  and Drayingr.    Livery Work of
All Kinds Attended to Promptly.
All Kinds ox Firewood Always On Hand.
incorporated 1869.
orc-.mp._- ���
��� nd charged accordingly
Ail advertisements charged for until ordered
���ut nnd puid for.
Correspondence invited on matters of public
Oiercst. Communications to editor must be accompanied by name of writer, not necessarily
for publlcatlont but as evidence of good-faith.
Correspondence must reach this office by Thurs*
iay evening,
Gbo. R. Manlky,
J. M. COLUNSON, Phone 20, ll\DN_8, B.C.
SH0ES!    <sHOES 11
of Waterproof
fi> fi %9 Bl A
$ 3,90��,000
$ 4,600;0O0
Total Assets Over "Fifty Millions.
Through sickness we have had
to delay this issue somewhat and to
leave over two or three articles.
Accounts -��IF Owt-df-Town Castoiners Given Sipeotail
For Winter Weather
Savings Bepartment.
Accounts may be opened with deposits of QNE DOLLAR
and  Upwards.      Interest paid,  cr credited,  half-
yearly on June $<9t__ and EJecembcr
31st e-adb year.
K. D. SIMPSON, Manager,  LADNER. B.  C.
R. D. Aft.Keiiaifc, Prop.
B.   H*    WEARE
We have been specially requested to open a list for the formation
of a ladies' rifle association for practice, at first, with .22 rifles, therefore we shall be pleased to receive
the names of those who wish to
take part iu this interesting outdoor pastime.
Repairing Neatly ond Promptly Done.
begs to  announce 'that he  has re-
  -       I opened   his   Mandolin  and  Violin
.-,.-.     . ,   . _, , ,'. Classes   in   Waddell's   Hull,  over
Newly frurnishefi Throughout, and i Giffdrd.s barbsr shop.
Ftrst-Class in Every Detail.
Rates >on Application.
We attended the  practice of the
Glee   Club,   on   Tuesday   evening
,   ,       , . .  . ,      ,        . ���. .,     in th- rectitude of our  public men,
last, and were highly pleased at thej ,      , ,
and  01   those  who   have  b_en ap-
large attendance and the progress
being made. Both the Leader, K.
T.Calvert, and the Pianist, Mrs.
Hilton, are deserving of the highest
praise tor the energetic way in
which they attend to their labours.
pointed to official positions, ancl
may safely leave the question of a
lair and just assessment to their
The scheme that was outlined by
the committee seems a most reasonable   and   feasible    one.     These
I gentlemen  have  devote 1   a   great
There seems to be some misun-: dea> 0f time t0 tije consideration of
Are Prepared to ... ,
Furnish All Kinds ot
1  .L HENLEY   \
!���   J.KW WESTMINSTER,    :
! f
I y Manufacturers of all-kinds ol
���'. K. C.
Shingles,  Doors, Sash and
House   Finish   of  AH   Descriptions.
14 Soda Water, Ginger ���
���    Ale and Summer   4i
\X Brinks. j,;
],��.      Y'Oiir patronage solicited     Jf
��� .������iJ....��*.....*...siJ...��J.....*.^^J��.^*.^..*..^y.��..*.
For further particulars  apply to
Mandolins, Strings, Etc*,
Supplied at City Prices.
derstauding as regards the report
of the Water Committee on Saturday last. Some people thinking
that the Committee had power ai d
did make a rate at wliich the water
should be sold to the people, when,
in reality, the committee has r.o
power or right to say what the rate
shall be. What the Committee
did wish to conv.-y was that, tough-
ly speaking, a certain part of this
municipality, constituting the water
area, could buy the water at the
cost of $io,ooo, or the cost ol maintenance���interest and sinking fund
���md this, when spread over the
number of houses would be $�� per
house per month and i5c per acre:
per year.   The actual way at which
this question, and after months of
careful inquiry, in consultation with
the ablest engineer i;i the province,
they submit what in their judgment is the best course to pursue.
Let us view the whole question,
not from a personal standpoint tut
rather from the standpoint of the
greatest good to the greatest number aud join heartily in supporting
a scheme that is of supreme importance to the health and comlort of
the. whole community, to say nothing ot the increased value it would
add lo the land, and the great advertisement which it would undoubtedly be to this beautiful and
attractive district iu whicli we live.
The   BEST  Water   Tanks   Are
Mads at This Mill.
White Star.
Red Star.
Leyland Line.
Atlantic Transport.
White Star Dominion Line.
pass the by-law or by-laws provid-1 amongst the members of the church,
ed for in and apthofized t>y .aid After the business was over, a
Section 259 of the said Act. pleasant  half-hour   was   spent   in
Those in'1. rested in the water system will facilitate matters greatly by
calling on the Reeve, II. j. Hutcherson or H. N. Rich and signing
the   petition so as to make things
easier for the committee who have,,was regarded as highly satisfactory,
so generously spent their time and'
(Continued trom   First  Page.)
the water will be sold to the patrors
has yet to b_ determined, and no line between Sections 12 and 13
doubt the best and most modem and Sections 11 and 14 in said Tp.
system will be adopted at the timet*' *P the.east boundary of Section
the by-law is drafted.
energies in fringing tliis scheme to
the advanced position it holds today,
KniTOR Dki.ta Timks:
Sir: I was an interested listenerj soutllwest comer of" "said Lot it/..
to the discussion of the water ques-1 G2, in Tp.. 4, thence north and
tion last Saturday aiternoon, and
left the meeting wilh the feeling
that the question is now a real live
issue. The need of a sufficient
water supply  is admitted   on   all
The annual congregational niert-
inj ol St. Andrews' Presbyterian
Chureii was held last evening, Rev.
Mr. While presiding. Notwithstanding   the   inclement   weather
ol  the
nefore pitrtlm'sltig your tlckie'.a cous\,li llic tm-
tl.r.i. nel win, ."in s.;ll yon U-kcls ill Hit- lowest
rat. for yourself or'to send to you.'friends.
social' intercourse., during which
Mr. Simpson and Mrs. Cross delighted their hearers with beautiful
���solos, while light refreshments were
passed by the ladies.    The meeting
A. DeR.
Delta Glee Club Concert, Friday,
February _2t!h.
H. Howard, of Vancouver, is in
town endeavoring t�� locate a tailoring establishment, and we hope to
be able to say more about this uext
Of Vernon,   Okanagan, has  come
to SPttle in Ladner, and is prepared
to fix up
in good shape, or anything on the
farm, by Day Work or Contract,
and will take work ou 'tlie share
Would 'take the management of
a Farm.
Cood References.
Terms "Reasonable.
New Crop Onion, Carrot, JKangel, Timothy, Clover, Alsyke, cow
in stock, uioie lo arrive.
All'Onte_t-_t our Greenhouses-���
best to lie obtained. Samples sevit
to intending purchasers.
Oct them off fir_t hands'no'mid-
dleman's profits.
Le ..ling varieties of home grown
Fruit and Ornamental Trees. Eee
Supplies. Spray Pumps, Spraying
Mixtures,   Fertilizers,  Greenhouse
i-po-Page Catalogue F-ree
M. J. HENRY'S Nurseries,
���yoio Westminster Road
VANCOUVER,   -   Ut.
W. N. Draper,
Room 1, F.lliml _',_*_,.!'*_ *re*��-_tt*t_r.
40-Acre farm tor Sole
Known as (he 'Weemer place, on
Fast Delta; all improved and
under cultivation. Price, $5,2^0.
Apply to
Ladner, B.C.
10 in   said   Township   4;   thence
soutli following the east  boundary
of said Section 10 to the northeast there was a goo 1 turn out
corner of ISection 3 in Tp. 4; thence]congregation. Encouraging
west following the south boundary were submitted by the Session, the
of said Section 10 and the south church treasurer aud the Sabbath
boundary of Lot 437, G2, to the ] school. Tl e report of tie Treasurer showed that ther.' had been a
substantial increase in (burch con-
east along the westerly and north- tributions, 1.early $900 more being
erly boundaries of said Lot 437 to j raised this year than the previous
the south end of the boundary line lone. The congt�� ;ation, on motion
between said Lots 130 and 131, G2, j of N. A. McDiarmid seconded by
New Westminster District, and ] D. A. .McKee, agreed unanimously
1 thence north following the said j to adopt the weekly envelope s_ts-
bands. It is required for domestic j boundary line between said Lots tern of contributing- On motion-
purposes, lor  fire  protection in the   130 and 131 to point of commence-1 duly  made,   seconded  and   unani-
ment. I nnusly     carried,    the    Managing
Your petitioners would  therefore' Board  was instructed to ascertain
the approximate cost of certain improvements which are coutemph.ted
on the church property, and to report on same at an early date. Amongst the improvements being the
putting in of a furnace and the
building of a small ha'.l or vestry.
The congregation agreed that a
condensed report of the meeting be
prepared and printed for circulation
village, _l well at for the uss and
better care of stock on tbe farms.
It   is   somewhat unlortunate that | request the  Municipal Council of
tjome of the farmers aie disposed to
decry the scheme because they have
got along wull enough without it
in the past, but what. I would like
to ask, about the wen, women and
children ol the village who have
neither a wholesome nor sufficient
supply for several months ot the
year and what about those farmers
the .said municipality of Delta to
construct water works within the
said prescribed area pursuant to the
powers conferred in Section 259 of
the Municipal Clauses Act, a��_d to
procure plans and estimates of the
prop istd works, and it it be deemed expedient and within i e limitations as to cost provideJ by law .to
Our Ejitoe tSfeock of
Ladles' and Chlldrens*
Ready-to-Wear Goods
and Fancy Goods
All New  and IJp-to-Date Stock, io Clear at Cost and
" A >
sn:'< Is'
to ol'.t.i
li Bud-
will p��
ui-h,   .
111 the sconce ana
ad-A VTuihi'L-ssiil.."
Horn* Qnnlrit  TVrrm 1::_l   < r_   Itu.
IIIOM   Ann��.,p  His>Anii,.��.
.- ...ni  11.y foot.
'   my j'iiT'.uliik,
_y ror es l .rungi-it."
���nf ivaiint .popular (thttsAt tltie.
t.i'.y take it ids grunt'.*..tlmt t.hil
is (5ciituh,    It Is, bowevoi'.'Cat'
1.  being Interpreted, moait*,'"]
.;;-!.-*.(     II V    loslti    i'i    ��� .:;    -p.'Ts'C, .JSMll, 'IH''
1 si I'iKi- t :'���* mtpo of wr.y neck, mui I wusnol
! ���:> :.. to ��� .���.',.':./.-��� for a fortnight."
'!      Tin"; ajtisonte ir.T'iin. termse* mmon-iB
.'    (.Os'l.V,     i'    .   .....    l.UV.-l ll *^_l'TlKi.|s; \,a-. Ui'*.��|
thoir cwa '.l.s! phrase''my dear''���i_o
inn:.''-.; Ti, 1 ...,1 syllables���is not, for in-
.'.aiicc. uhy.liiUcitiOnof especial affection.
It is u ti.niii.ini furm of undress to elthoi
[Dim ..." woi-ihh. 80 also, though with
rather nlcre di.,r_iiMluutio_t tn its use, Ji
",uy rtc; ar tii"."
A yuuug child iB mentioned In terms of
siiiU'urn.ooti es "my 'uORuiuo" or "tender
���Ju-'TiT'" u. ���*evon 'ttoTTiIcr .vui'in." ".Son"
olid "sonny" trae iiaort'wUboixt tlm lensi
(elation id the ago or sincuMIic person ad-
dro_.se.1. A-fI'rti inii.v sointtlluos hd heard
speaking lohis own 'father-as "my s.-o"
li' 11 liu.���I.'iir.'.l culling.hi* wifu "sonny'I"
"Vt- ::...,'' n.t.nns simply-Usiinarrieil Jl
bachelor-of ino.is "u young man." oi 1
Jji'iilu . "ill ia ho's'tumsa. was said thai she
.wis ";i ; rutty lot-bei ier'I :uking thai. v. In 1.
���f.h'T ..v:v; young I" All old person tli no!
"���imply old Hu Is "old anclout." Soil-
era! Now Una lund localisms ure found in
Conilhli spoc_h,.u.. "cricket" for ��� email
stool, "chore.." 1.. household jobs-wW
"ii_i..r!;-"s.i:r pudding, though in Amoi'l'iu
1.ho taimr wo_u survives only us part, ol
"piuidowiiy," the delicious doop spiced I
op ple pio of country housewives. ;
A Cornish anecdote relates tlmt a ���mull i
'boy, lult ut hoiue to supervise tho fntnilj
dlntior while the rest of the household
.nro at church, having, like King Alfred,
"llcgkioto . his duty und allowed thu Il(j
pudding to Rcors.li, Iri his dismay ran'tw
:tho 1'.r:r;!i and Irom tho doorway madl
rI;,..s t" the jiousowifc tn oohh. forth. Sh.
indignant];,-signcd'to-him to wait, which
for a lime ho _id,��_ut. ot length, booomiiifl
impatient, oclu_. ulouttiln reply to hor fur-
th.'!' wil,:..-- (indtgrimawB, to tho sea mid)
of*! he-. _i.Mod-congregation!
"������. iis   1. ay .vlnky and skrinky us long
*b view .In plnso, 'but tho llggy dowdy .1
t��ilruf<jlu tho crock ri���Youthls'Conip��e
_. v to Motel XVay_.
uu. Iiiit; tohi her that yntr nlwnya
t";.b.1i r, ln.t she wasn't used to
'1 hut ws apparent from'tho wny
red 11 ���'"" .! J he-old time Traveling
nia.u -."��� ln.'.-flTiotl hy v.t4o-eJwts's desk. She
V.'l . ted Its. 00 luW.-'lC W86 done. 'i__c <>m
follow huttHiftd tho eame' roomi in thohouso
cfnr nine yenrs. Jt was always kept ten
hlm���Xo, 08, nn'tho second ,.onr. Ho had
wi.nl thr'.'e days 'before thut lie '-.va. com-
.Jit/, ho It was all ready fnrJilm. He dip-
.pcd llio'pcn In the ink weH and, wilh no
���CTslra Uourlsh or two, s<"r_ie_cd down th*
'ilumo, "James Edward Clifford."
"The RhlUO old*h!ugf." he ��_4.��d*f t_M
'��� V34lp,"'sWa_'tb3 answer.
Wlicreupon  Mr. 'Clifford wrote dowc
"op;iosite his name, "VS."
Then thu lielHiny griWiticd his traveling
���aoKc and conducted him'to tlie clcrator.
Thc clerk dipped tha pen in the ink nr"a ;
handed it lo the demure maiden who had ,
ftood I1ehi111i.the.9hl truvcler. Sho glancdd I
st tho lust nnnifl. Obi tlie- pago,.then, turndd
for a parting lodkattfthcform just passing
Into lhe elevator car.    Sho laid her. hand-
fcorchiof and pookctbook on tlio Uesk  unU j
"wroto, "Faith Morrow gather."
Then she shot tho clork n modest little I
glance and finished out tlio lino by plao- I
���lng "Ul" after.the signature.    SbeJooked
���p blushing. 1
Thc  clerk  ���n_lls_d,   and when'he'had
Whispered Broom  number to the portei
'���nd the girl had passed behind thc screen ;
he suid to himself, "Iiy .lovo, fhe doesn't
look HI"���Detroit Freo Press.
. fi_._
it wltit.. prlanner.'Uath ��nd Iob��.
I. .-nn. ��nis Had soup,
'Ots' -".'iihlrs' h��n. led r..ornllH-_U I Imri
���/-. Julalflut word.
,1 iiis-lluw music syllihie from . tree
���L:|.r:ii_ �� herald rohi- caroledcloer to rn*���
���Vreel   0_,tre.l"
-ih, 'With >\��lwt ilerant luetihood,
'���V'! 1 nt' Liv_7nn t' nio'jil,
'Did I, the ice endutiKeooed one, reply
'Ti. !h:it gladlnryl
HVIiTit tiiddCrn vi.Ti.ius did it bring to r_e,
What dream delight, what vanished _c_.-��_y I
"Fvcul   Oh, tree!" '
Ouee-iaore the melody end mirth
���Of the old OKI thi
"Once mete the -soft warm whisper cf Ut,
The waves of grain,
And nil lhe little langhtere that thero be
'1_ vine and grass���_o',__rechill-Heerecy!
������Free!   Oll,<fo61"
���Clinton ftcollKid>_n Bachelor of lAtti.
ripplo ol
i we.-leia
n: uiii. k4
Tbe Judge's Slip.
A   mistake which caused a
amusement to   run  through
Courtroom was made hv an aha
Ho had to pftsstsentcTiaa on u bigl wiy*
man. After staling H.v..ily the .lisgraeo
which the mar- bad I'roiigliT ui.on rs'lati'.sTS
and friends -by his ?itwles. and dishonei.
life thu judge said. ' Anil in ( .iisideruiiou
0. tIn.-_ ninny offenses upuinst th" law
coniuiitlcd by you, you nr.' h_ro_y se"1'
tenccd'to seven ytur_' his.J i..bor in -..*
legishd ure."
"l'enitenthiry, your honor." hastily net-
reeled tlie prosecuting attorney in a aj-
���'���pectl'ul whispur.
"What!'" said the judge blankly. .Oft,
lyes; tho penitentiary lul. the liinereniTa
���Ijniil; n slight oue. Of course!, st'.ouaj
Her. his hon_r abruptly ceased, ant'
tm bathe should havo said .wns left uuSiiTa.
-���Youth's Companion.
tioly Lonimutiion���    .
Sun(ia_\.-s ut 8530 a.m.; zr.tl
j Sunduys at 11 ;i.n..
Matins, 11 o'otoik.
Evensong, 7:30 o'eloo'..
I    Siinclay Kcttool at 10 aim,
;     Friday evening, Lit.i i\  at 7:",
Rev. i-i. R. Bartlett. M. ..,  V
h i
Pinal aad l.aiiRlinl,!* T.ikI vt One m
Irelnnil's Olil CTnNtlee.
Cue of Ireland's niogiii-.icntri_!nod ens-
tlos'came to Its linal end in this manner.
Thivanciont scat of thu-Custlereaglis overlooked Lough Swllly, und lt was one of
thu'most princely residences in 'Ircbmd
���Eventually lt fell into deeay nnt_nt_��s not
As usual in such ciroumstn_rcee,iwhen
the peasantry wanted to build a pigsty, ro
nair n roud or anything of tlio sort, thoy
.took the stones from  tho ruined  castle,
'wllichWaV.lisivppHa-liTg piecemeal whon
ono.day tho then.Lord Londonderry paidu
.ylsit.to.his IrishipnifWirty    Whon he suw 1
tho -rtiato ttbroastlo-w*'. iin  and reflected |
on tho fact thatdt was so much  Idcntiilcd
With thu history of.his fir.nily and oven as |
a ruin was �� ��� glory" of Slrclund, he deter  i
mined to putfl stop'to tho enornachments I
that had been made upon tt.
Sending for his agent twgivofcim oirdoru
that the pooplo wore no longer to remove
���tones from tho building, ho instructed
himto have thn place inclosed... th a wall
six feot high and well coped to keep out
trespassers. That'being dono, ho went his
way and did not return to Ireland for
three or four years Eb. r_on found, to his
ini!ii_ei_unt, that tho ott:��� castle had completely disappeared, and in its place ther*
was 11 big .. .ULiiiuf. sing nothing Send
Ing for lhe cgf.Mt.Uie demanded'to know
why his ovileis .|-,iid not been carried out
The t:,_t 1.1 iii.-__UW'il'..it tlay hast been
'!!:it whim ts the cu. .ie>'''d_.m<lnldiic'
tho marquis
���"I'h,. castlo.'isf.    li. lad, 11 built, thi
wall ,....! .., u.y iurdl    in II lit"." nu1 to I..
. i.ii.iiTg  miles lor materials with tun linos!
stones In Ireland beside mer'
ln telling lhe man lo build the wall
Lord Londonderry hud said uotl.lngwliut
.".e.'TO.oT.t U'l'o.. rvitig the castle, which h
���101V-.; 1 niii;.. o! 1 I.i* past Nevertheless tie
_T.II hu, guild one ���London 'i il tins
Anil, MtlMlo.
Who shall difine Arab mlislof Itlx"
been'Tlescribcd as the singing of a prlnm
donim who bus ruptured her voice in try
ing to sing a duet with herself Kacb
noto-starts from SfMuewhcro between '��
sharp and a flat, but does nol slop evc��,
there, and splits up into lour or more pm
j tions, of wliich' .10 pi rson can1 bo dxpeatcti
to catch more than one at a timo.
slolin Oliver llubbes sa.vs there is a great
law'of Iniidelity In the human-race. A
muM must bo faithless 'to something, cit.Vu;..
to ii'woiwui or his deity or his most cher
Ishdd belief. The Arab musician is nl
ways unfaithful���to��hisstave ami bis knj
note. Uut-'-.aith 'untolthful makes him
tulsely true to thenars of his hearers, ana
they enjoy ond applaud Ins wrangles with
harmony. Their sinking remind!) ont ol
the wails of a b roared Tbonms-Siifforliiij
from un acute attack of gastritis, comph
oatcd with neurulgia.���Caiuo "(JCgJT'.j
Sphinx.       ______^__
"Services'first and third Sunday of
eacli month at 10:311 a.m;: Ueneiiic-
tion, 7:t;g '.i.m
Sunday school at 3,p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Communion
first .n.i-.third MondayMM't. a.m.
U.V.l!'..t.i_.'   .Vt
irKih 'Priest
Provides a (
sexes   at   moderate
���V.V.'t "sl.Ii.IS-:"
Servicers nsxt Luid's'Day .it 11
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, aftert'.ie moniinj;
seivice every Sunday.
^ Sabbath School at _ p m  every |'S'C .tool, work a....
Sunday.      Prayer   meeting   every |
Thursday evening at S
fRev. T. F. Betts, pastor, j
Founded 1392
_n��i. net ion ot l mun,
Uohnny���Tho  verbiage  was   .so bad  1
lOOiildn't rido my wheel.
tHis Sister���Whntarc you l.'ilkingnnnut?
"Woll, when I saw tho word 'verbiage'
t_n tho paper nnd asked  pa whaf it meanl
bt said 'wind.' "���-Cincinnati Enquirer.
Services next L"rt!;v  Dav at
a.m. and 7.30 p.111.
- Sabbath Scliooicr;/.) p.m.     Mi.;-
week meeting on Wednesday evening nt 7.30 o'clock.
KccDrpoTated 1893
hrtstian Kontrc fer \Stc4^��ts ef both
rates. Kas ?,. prepa'iviti_:.y .class for
ijunior students taking Public School work. 'Does.High
prepares for Provincial Teachers'' Examinations, ._ef.cl.es all branches of a Practical 'Business
Course snd confers Diplomas, fl nipart.s a -Liberal Educa
tion in its Collegiate Course, aofl in the Indies'' Course
for M. E. L., and M. I... A. Ii_ Theology coufei-s the de
gree of K.D. la University work can take students through
the complete Arts C mrse for the B.A. degree of Toronto
University, with which the College is in full affiliation.    In
'Choice or Tiro-Blvl-fc
It's always very wrong to fight,
rut, none the less, my iipn,
improve your muscles���don't relax
As if ull strife wer. sS.n.-.
Rev. J.  I:   i     ite, M.
Science teaches
eiace, raid  has
First Year of Trrronto  Scheohof Sci-
.ci;i'.   E.:-ginr_eni;g 'Csurst tidapted- to
Jit's alv
Bul a
When t
May i
ys very vfron . to t.,-tt__
,- >r i 1 is . >'OT-r ears
icie Sum suflrris'n that h��
��� tl new v-o'.TTiuo. :-s.
service.-. ��� Crescent
7:30 p.m.
; i;    Liulllol
< i,t in blue
nl Satiirila:
lis   Wit-llol.
11 ihc
. rapei
Tlu- i:, rat ilssnl   U.'j.^- ta
,     ,'ulsl   ll.e   lllilllllu of   Mil
.1!-.   I,.-, !-.   OiflL'H M-urtM pon
.-  1. race  ;- '.':.\i\:\ iir flu. soeni
.-, .Ti.    I......I'.   wh.-ti   tile -isetiuui.
...s   pas_eii   weeks   anil   luontlis   '
'   llilaj' or  1 TiKcalit, Is  in  In..'  hi
aaku tho most, ut it    Anil Uiniio
. Los itsull   iti tinticipiitiim     'i'i
.-,'.:.'.������;���: ! r--|..re-;  :i h.o :��������� iv r:   Line      S-
mes   the soo 101.er is-,  s>. duos  tin:  mtlli
. T' .;    SO   .'..    ..   .lti ' ill,T.i:-.    S..I-C.L,   ,1   ll.
ijsfnrd street, P'ocadiliy, K.iisiii.ulon    I:
. ... ;-....,,.,i ,., ,-| ci,, ���p.im,   iii,, lal-Tir | i:
...,.,,���   .....   |....i.y   I...,.'.;.., ���- s  ..n.i  I.is mtij
this em! his toys auii brines out Ira,..- s
dny Itttiii anil tl.ii U blue buiToniiolii h iu-
'i. 0 raii'svcy ceiepaniei   11 int ti elr tin ���
Tsijics  in  l;,,,!'.t uml dal'l,  i.-ttc, ;...u  ii..
they do net chnupe iln- cnlor n!
i-'.n il.r.vn police news ami Ut'Ot'
to iU vole tlie sp.ae lo ilaily th
tho crews out ior practice, ut..
T-s oT  pii-sonal   gossip are  lin.i
ih-iviptions ol  tho men, Liiuir lui.-.
tit's always v.rv 'croni; to flfrht:
The siiy'mt'n old and terae
(But tn itt   It������ battle :"l K'-'i wTrpDCtl-
'I'luifa in:'.jiitcjy xrovs .
��� .Vashlnffton Star.
'ivo Kln<!_ of n K-Ta-sT,
�� Utile boat Is bp .1 n. wt
*'|.,.n 11,.- moonli: ivtuer.
'In which a youth does ..It. forsoo't'h,
tl'ltit his neighbor . dauprhter:
'���Tie h'li's thc shore n mil-* or more.
Aha..' 'ho hiii.-h!n_ waler.
hind, 3 p.m.; Ladner
Sim.d-av Schoo. if iolv^ h
iT:;j\.r  meeting on Thur
i p.m.
, Practical EngTire.rin .��� wvo'Jk
.complete ���:course  it-^'.iveor-v,
j organ, in   corym]<!_;_.!_ 'V;..!t.
[-Special instruction tv. <
are repuired'to take ���'���,
UCffCS   01
in "ibis Province.    In '-f-jwic, a
voice  culture, and  piano  and
tire 'Io_r"!vu; etlfeore'df tirsic.
'.ui chtcu'.i'.m, White: "all stu5tt_ts
ical trainitig  with   rill '.the  ptiv-
��� tioilt
And l._.__ his neighbor's .Viui;'uer.
���ClileafiW) .Iowa;
lo Oi��i��.
-Is tin? list, ot football
- advertised.
The R��_*lnn 'SoclMy Woman.
A Russian  society woman  knows ortlj
���no thing���fashion.   Art Is a'stranger to
ber.   .She loves admiration and Ilirtatinu,
but her henrt venm-lns eold. though shs
���may lie burning other boartsifith iho-lira
���'Of her eyes. Nowhere is woman more dan-
ferous than ln Russian society. .Tis boglu,
a Russian Tgirl  seeks a hnsban'd only foi
'tho posit*-*, he: gives her.    Matrimony il
���only a quaKtioci et fashion, aud if a lius-
���ian gtrl canuot And aliushand within t
reasonaliSe time aha oan Oil uo place _r
Rood society, and _h�� ls ridiculed by all I
'bor   acquaintaneos.    Thus,  she   watchai
with agony tho approach ot the end of hei j
youth.    Every tentative is thus mado to !
win the grand prize of matrimony.   Eve-v_ I
'ber fric:ul_-urons.��.u\iotisns she .is and I
feursomo lust Hhu._ixiy.be an old maid, i
Then whon all oflorts have failed, when j
'no more hup* reiiial.is, slie takes advaii- I
Itagoof thit'saleireniedy left toiler "maiden |
iwiilowhoKd." t&hol-tBavWs,    Khe yoes to
1'ariH uod ''Nloe.   IShe stays awny three
iyears uiayhc, then roturns to Russian so-  j
��� eliily, no longer an old maid, .nor evenm
%wilo, but a widow.    Nobody asks whom
���she married, nor how she became a widow.
KI10 is a widow; that enllices. As a widow
'���he  U received everywhere and kwHi-
tHwtr���sPhlladelpbia Inquirer.
L.vtdenec of Ablilt/.
"P,_i1. .". -dways ..-.���ins Industrlons.'l'r*- I
'marked .ii.'pt.sslp. "Andyci bu u'evcr no- |
���oomplishcs muiib." ^
"yes,"ircplh<;t'.'itc .r.'jjer'HBtener, "ho's :
one of theso iiunjilo who whenever tbey dn i
.anything, make '.you think they'd be. first j
raw hund��i*.t��OBietblug*i_o:"���Washington 8tar.
Flt-lms l'nnlelmient.
"The playwright half his play had stolen,    !
Yet   when   fn.st   ulffliiera   mocKOsl 'It j
'That   auther'e ..cheeks   with   rngo   wer��
Be ihuus-i'hta andltBcesttcil Mm b.*_:v.' '
'But, .hourh the "koiIs" so flereMy roared, \
V,'ti- can't Atertununfa'lrnesa ,uf_ 'em;        i
ft strikes us that tiie rlRht reward
Cor, pifgl-tf-WBtih- play-Jeor-.sm'.
��� ATi.y Slopsr.
'"KotaingMiocni- to plca��95yo_," he saila '
"I confess," slio (replied, -"that :yon en .
not exactly meet my approval." !
After he hud Inwardly digested that he j
'was inclined' to lie even moro bitter.���>GM- :
1 cago Poet.
"=, If
noir Ink.
ity i.iiius
���onnt. ..r
-|,e .-,'":t-
mil thei. lauuus.   Tho condition of mi t
t ni   0' ......inpi'ii-tunce tiian tiie health :.'
rho|:rluii< .ulitlKtoF and the blister on tii
tlngcr oi' a stroke more serious than a He
leal in   hklin   About tit! uut of every :'!l
. 1 -. [i!i. in 1.. ii'.u 1 bavu Bomeihtufi Btuisctl
it; o;   llll  ',:" e. '..'t' tiie iLulllloll.'l' is a I . I'll
....a.! ier. inxiugh ins gambltiig  has been
utlleialiy   si pi.res.eil, possibly   the   rensou
3f lis i.cicr falling charm lor him.���_si_
Elizabeth Koliins Punnull in Century
Short iimd Ld_k Courtship*.
Youiifi ln'dies in Russia are not nt all
averse to  long i'i!j;iigonic.it_  and  use
nil sorts of W'tiflcps to stave off the
sveddlnji day.us long as posatlde, while
in siiTin, wh. re old maids nreA___itfwn,
as   nil   girts   mnrry,   tbe   repognized
length of an pngiigwnent Is one month,
if ;;:i  cngtlgrd  ;n,..i 'in 'ilie 'Al'contlhe
Republic iV.illies beyond a ruasoniibilfl i
tilde in leading Ms fiancee to the altiir.
be ls heavily tine., and if a resident of |
"Tho 'Prepitlrr.t-
kplayerfl thntnii'rlilj
The iieaur��� It is.
The President���ThenT'lrnoss we mlgln i
cos well open up'tho oollogo.���-Clovolaiin"!
iPlain IJculcr.
A TnteTiml'Wnll. ,
'I'm weak nnd worn and weary,.Iin fra_-��1
zlcd to a thread,
xl never get a breath fi.tpcaco till'Diok IsjJ
safe In bed:
At taorn.  at  night, I growl aric 'bite: 1
charge. I pitch and tear:
II have lo he thoso animals he sa-w at th'
county fair.
���Chicago Record.
'IHe__lnK_   >B IDts-CaHre.
They usod to tell me whon I was allttle
t*lrl and had  broken my dourest doll, for
example, or had been stung by a bee on
I'tlio day beforo my'best friend's birthday
! ���'party that every affliction is a blessing in
���disguise.    I was'nover clevor at penetrating disguises, but there are times when I
agreoto tlie truth of tho eaylng, esprcially
���Whon  tho afflictions are  other   people's
��� Just a few evenings ago I henrd a young
-girl, who  has tjust come  homo after six
.months outof town, 'ploying the piano.   I
was so much struck with'the improvement
'in  hor tochnic siniw ���! -beaitd her before
that I spoke about It.
"It's all due to �� little'run around' 1
had on 4he middle llngor of njy Ti;t!'.t
hand," she said. 'II wasn't doing much
practicing, but I-was embroidering a centerpiece fori a friend'who is to'trc .iinrrind
next month, mid I couldn't lose any time
I put my i .liimblu on my ring linger, and
after a'fexv days I'tiuild use it jiiStaa
easily that'way as on -tlio middle llugar
When I  began to pl*y the piano again, 1
.--. l���J-JJL,.
~-   Trade Marks
eopVftr&H is &c.
Anror.o Bending a .ketch rad descrlptlqil ttittr
qui. k!/ oMertaia our opinion fretfjfhotlior cu
laventlen tn prohnblyp.'.T"t.iMe.vpommunlca.
tloiuiF.trlctly coTiUdeiitlul. t!_NDB00l; ouPMentj
seat free. Oldest npency for Becurill, patents.
l'nt.nta taken turuuph Munn L ... receive
tpeciatnotice, without chnrtw, IntBe
: tietttific Mmim.
A hanclBOmely Ulustrated weekly. I_irccat otr-
ciimti.m of auy BOtentlflo Journal. Terms for
4,'unuilu, Z'.)iii) a. year, poatanc prepaid. Sold br
i nil ncwsdealeri.
3BlBroadwty, |
OiHne. 626 V BU Waibluifoii I). C."
If you average the cost price of J-M. Asbestos Roofwg over
the period of years it'iE.:in sffl-vice, you will see:that "J-M" is
cheaper to -u_e that ally. ,lt:tar prepm-iid: ixxifing. .Being made of
Asbestos, .wn iirriestructiblt mineral, it.is permanently durabU,
and as it does not roquire any coating.or^pakting, itei'liret-oostis
the Only cost.    Easily app'ied by anyo.M.
Asbestoside is - aT,'AsteStos Sheatlra_tariu.is thc!,M��st'coo-
nomioaJ,. durable and easily applied siding known.
A_st-- for- samples an^{?rices.
_. w. joHNs-.iai.viLU m.,
576 First Ave. S. . Seattle, Wash*
the ropul.l.c-slK.UldfaH.to.marry he ts | wal vw-ml to llnd Jiow my third iUuTct
taxed until he n>.'K'hi>_ tlie age nf
eighty. In no country'IB ilm world are
eourtnlitps so'mbnoi'tnii11| lougrisin Bo
bemiu, wiiore 'lengagBiur ats comuiooly
Inst fmin til'ti'Mi to twenty yours. 'In
fact, there recently died at tlie age of
ninety-nine an old man wlm hud hf. u
cmiT'ling for si'vonly-llve ye-irsiiiiil w'ut
wus uiut'iii'tl on bis deathbed.
Wet Sltwes.
The usual���nnd tlm wrong ,vwny-n[
treating wet boots is lo tulce tlmin oil
und put theui on the fender or tlie rittll
tilor to thiy. This nietliod spoils tbe
boots.'Too'iimch Uo*t"WttCl_s nnd hurd
ens lontlier,
Auollier wrong war,' Is to stmul tbem
��n tbeir soles anywhere to dry.
The- proper way is to place tlie hoots
spk>. upward, near enotigll to the lire
'.tedry Mowly anfi.property, but not to
sleain during tbe drying.
if-'io soles sliould always t?�� twrned
Kpwai'd. even v.-li's'tu'lie boots are only
n Iittlo wot, fort this way enublea tbe
air to reach tlie "Wettest part ef tbc
leather lirtt.
had grincd'in strength. It hnd-hlways
beon my wvak )ioint liefore. I always use
It for thimble finger now, .tnd you seo the
result. 1'vu ail', iscd everybody to try tt
'It's an ill wind��� you know thc rust.
<'ao.se.<if Hendi..'hf-��s.
tt'oo little blood in  the  l.rak-  ta s fre
�����|uei!t oauso ot boadnc.hoend mny '- rocog
.ti_c.il by.thu nche being VU the top ..i iht
head, by constant diiiziilos" and I.; Iioisei
In the ears. -Tlie best cure Is a -iii:h'
���tlinuhiiit, _��:ol> as _:r .ng tea <ir cotTi . o)
hoi soup���anything which will ��� inc. eliet |
���the circulation.    Peoplo who sutler witb
sthesu headaches should always sloop witk |
"'Uieir hcad_.low.���K..chitnge.'
*S'*tv��ei- Ilii.llvM.
'���Womail!'" he cried ln a voice of thunder.   " Don't you' know you'll drive me t��
my gravo?"
- "Nol" she retorted, with a curl of hei
;*mby lip. "The hoarse driver will itt
itbutV���Up-to Data.
Tue Colossus of It_'*sJes.
j TIm. ���Colossus of Hliodss, n bronci
I statue, was (Oil feet lilgh. It was .made
j by ClttiiTs, who. aided .i.v nu tirny of
| workmen, sonsniined. twelve .vettrs In
j Its constl'tfttlon.    U TsMiinhted in pos!
lion in tlio li.iioo'.- of Uliodes for'slxty
i six years and was thrown down by in
| enrtbqunke B. G. 22-1. It 'ity on tin
I ground SIM years und was sold to n
I .lew I'or old uietnl. He carried ��wn>
I SKiO   i-auiel   loads,   or   about   I'JU.OUt
pounds, of bronsse.
Rood Pur _ < !il!_.
A  white pnt-nto, roasted,  tint  Mini,
tthould  bo the  llrst vogutnblo given  toe
i oliilti, but in stiintuor time its etTcot inusl
j tbe watched.   Une uf the   most   fruitful
I-sources ot eiWunesB- with .voung children ii
I giving thoiu'animal fo#l Indlsorlminataly
and too often.    Beef. lnutt��B and c-hiokce
! arotheouly artielos fit for children.
rrnlre-tlsTR  nollesl ttnwi.
After a ham has boon boiled ��i"l h.fon
getting entirely cold it will be found a
good plan towrap arouuil H a Ion:.: strip
Sf thiu old muslin, tying���!* on witli a
itrlng. ISThis _i:i>' I* turned back as fast
Wttiebamls sliced. Intho -lneimw-lta
H-keeps thn edihlii from tho intrusion U
t��n_ld bo tan.liur tilt*.
A. a'PrereaeJIt.
Tom���Why were you nn ���, .orcnlnoti
to kiss that plain cousin of yours?
Dick���I wanted to establish a pree.
dent. She bas two very, pretty sisters
Any available Dominion Lands within.the Railway Belt in British Columbia, iv.ay lie hornsstaaded by any poison who is the sole head of a family,
or any male over IS years ot age, to
th. extern ni one-quarter iiection ol
liiu acres, more cr less.
Entry must 'co made penaonally ��t
tin- local h.'ul office mr the district in
which the laud i., situate. Entry by
proxy may, however, be made on certain conditions u; the father, mother,
son, daughter, brother <>r sister ol an
inte.: ding homesteader.
T-he homesteader Is required to p.
form the conditions connected
with under one of Uie f liowing plana:
j    .(1.) At  least s*. mnnilis'  residence
I it] i :i antl I'T'.'iivTition. nf  ihe land    in
| -:t: '.i year for three ye ir*.
j     (.) I[ the Hather (nr mother, if ihe
| father :* rteoeased) of the homesteader
resid'es upon-* Carpi in the vicinity ���������
i :he i-ii_<i entered i��r, tl-.- n qutrements
j :t..  to residence limy ibe BatiflBed    by
I >uc.i per ...I  I'l's.dlug with  ;le- father
iy ihc settler tins '.iis permanent
resilience  u.-on   [arming     land owned
hy htm  in   Uie vicmil.    "1  his  homestead,   the   requirements     as
Hence may tie satiBfli fl by
I upon' .he saia land.
'    Six months' notice in writing should
| be giren to the Comm'. tsioner oi Do-
' minion Bands at Gtta_o of Intention
j to  apply for  patent.
COAL.���'Coin mtnisg*rights may be j
I'leased  for a  period    of    twentr-otfe.
I years, at  an  annual  r. ntnl nf $t   per;
i aTcre.   Not moi-,. tlnin 2.r,60 acro< shall |
] be leased  to one  individual    nr company.    A royalty at thv rate    of five!
cents  per ton shall   lr collected    on
ih,s Tufrrchaatable coal liiined.   , ,
���_'. W. TOHY, i
Deputy of the'Minister <i'f the Interior. I
X. tv���Unauthorised puhllcatton ol
tills  advertisement    ��il!  no! hi'  pat:!
The Royal bank.
KJeep Friday, 12th Feb
Mr. and  Mrs. IL N> K'.ch  spi
Friday in Vancouver.
II.  D. Benson was among
visitors to-the Teimina! Citv.
Mr. and Mrs
the Terminal City, last week.
J, A, Mooie, of Oakland, Cal.
iu tewn h/ivipg ?.doo_ 'iround.
Mr. and' Mrs, J. B. GTeen went
qver to Vancouver, aa, Thursday
7 p.c.
On Your Money
_> p.c.
Ol the  bank statements for last.
1 y_ar thq,t have yet been issued,, that
t j of the Loyal Bank is one of the few,,
showing an increase in. profits over.I
1907.    Concurrent with this  is  an
improvement in   practically   every,
"item of the accounts, tlie liquid as-'
(sets being now $21,944,440, equal to
158.60 per cent, ol the total liability
Jas. Welsh visited j to the public.    Btposits have grown
! by over four million dollars, and the
I amount of specie and dominion Gov-,
I ernmcut notes.hald is greater by just\
I one  and  a half millions,   and  the'
I total   assets    have    increased   by j
over,   lour   millions.      The    sue-!
cessful   operations   of   the   twelve!
months have enabled the directors to ;
' raise the- reserve fund to $4,600,000:
I by the addition of $210,000. This is j
Mrs.   P..   Matheson   visited  the! nearly 11S per cent, of the paid-up ,
market at thp, Soy^il  Oity on Fri-1 capital,.which remains, at $3,900,00
day last. The actual net profits amounted
                     .              to $746,775,as compared,with $742,-
Guaranteect1 upon absolutely safe security���first
mortgages on substantial city properties- SEVEN and
Eic;-ht Per CENT. Guaranteed, free of all. charges,
upou sums ranging from Five Hundred Dollars up.
White* Shiles & ��'���
IS'ew- Westminster;. B.C.
Agencies- Represented���
ii_.tl_r_ Vm Insurance Co. Insurance c.s, of TUnth .-(Hcnc_,
yinoiii- Insiimiuc- Co. of Ilrooklyn    The Ocean Accident-St Guarantee Corpora-
CounfC.'tut FIk insurance Co., tlon, Md., of London, ling.
Imperial Trust Co., I,tdv Vancouver. B.C.
_..,_     .. .itm.j_____  ���-.
-.mil.'     SB1,'
The Riverside Mission. Circle will
034, the ratio to the paid-up capital
being in both cases   ia   per   cent,
meet in  the  Parsonage, to-morrow, P*..��
��� , This with the balance ol >i56,.ojo,
afternoon at 3 o clock. 1.        ... , ,       ,   ,
0 ! brought forward from, last account,
-   ���        ��� there is a total of $903,65,8,. out of
The palest smile has been donned | which is paid the usual 10 per cent.
by. our, neighbor, TV W�� Foster, on | dividend and other appropriations.
accotmt.of the arrival o�� a bouncing j T.he Officers' Pension Fund this.
butcher girl. 'year .receives.jfcs,000, that is, $5,000
_s  'more thy.11 iat,ie97.;.$200,000is writ
ten of?,bank premises,account,   an
addition already indicated is made
Prize Winners
We Beg Leave
To notify- tbe people of Ladner and sup*
rounding district that we are now in a
position to oftep Vancouver Island
Por Hand  Cement
Lt greatly reduced pica��, making it pos-
sib I for parties wbo contemplate- building
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
The Ladies' Gtiih. at Ail Saints
will be heldi at) ths home of Mrs,
W. H. Mackenrot, ou, Thursday
next at 2.p.n_,.
The following ten numbers- l_ftve been drawn from
duplicates of the coupons which left our mills during
28415 5666 7423 26307 27775
17000 282Q1 25766 27579* 25093
To each person returning the coupons bearing any
B. G\
of the  above  numbers  we  will,   as previously- advertised,
deliver  free  of all  charges,   a   Hhudsome   Dinner  .Set of.
109 pieces..
Cut this out aud ^e^. for re fere-nee. |
REMEMBER  all  the  coupons  bearing tha-above numbers, luu\e left our mills, but some may still be in the'hands
the Jervis Inlet- lumber Co.,.came ,culati9n stands at a slightly  lower | of ^ WerSi    prizes wiU be awardsA Up,���)after wheu the i
to the reserve l'upd, c-.\td�� balance o& j
j.7.^,.6-5 is carried forward.
The   combined deposits    by lbs'
~~~~������-~r-��-i- public aggregate $37,739,291, coa_-
Dr. Q;  R.   Davenport,   mar-ager paring with   $33,205,789 the ptev-j
of the Delta Saw   Mills  Branch  of ious.year.    The amount of note cir-,
sorts   of   First-Class   Jewellery
Silverware, Out Glass, Etc*
over  trom, Vancouver
..n Thursday   figure: tbe decrease, due-doubtless 'i     1 ,1
Is . '��� lucky coupons are returned..
I tosthe tupete recession being $97,500.   ���--���   ���
-  j-The^iKpl'tvs funds ofthe bank have DON'T FORGET; we ar* giving away  to sets of
Rev   J   H   White   of St    On- been disposedjof in amauuea wbich dislies every month,   and"-every  49^.   sack   of   ROYAL
d,rews; Church',, arwouuees that a0 ) will satisfy exacting critics,    with STANDARD contains a coupon.
Sabbath evening, the. ~tli February, [call   loans  reduced by over half aj
h/e-will  deliver  the fourth ot  the mi,1-.ion, advances on. domestic com-;
series of lecture,-ou  th# Reforuia- j merciftl paper, have been increased j
tion, subject:-.''Jobi..Kjiox aijfji the : by nearly $900,000,. the-araount thus;
Scottish Reformation."' 'loaned  being   1.26.736,165.    Bank..!
..,.  premises are valued at $1,150,92^'
jT.hir,.is $269,237-more than a.year!
j ago, the difference probably being
represented by the laivks' line new
; building   on King   street, Toronto,,
I opened during lhe   course   cL   the
yean.���Monetary Times.
Sold;by W- H. Smith,,..
Vancouver Milling & (Trai!. Co., Ltd.,
Jlndrew Clausen,
LADNER,   B.  C.
The h. A..Paterson   propers' has
"open disposed of at #125  per., acre,
R.  A.  Coleman   taking  the. west I
hplf and  W. Stokes the east half, j
Less than  five   years   ago   people j
thought land, had reached its limit
when it tetched S150 to $175.   The ;
Tyice has not reached  its lin;_t yet
by any me.tijs.,
When You Require
l-ie Ladies''Aid of the Methoiist'
Churcli, will'meet in the Parsonage
ou Thursday aiternoon, at 2.30.,
East-'Week-Capt.  Bruce patched: ~
up the Str. Favorite sufficiently to j The S.S. Sonoma leaves
take her to Westminster, but he, at .S.30 a.m. aud 3:30 p.m.;
was unable to  reach: that port,on | ing��� leaves Stevestoo  at 9:
30 a.m.
account of the strong^ tide, and tied' and 4:30 p.m.
up at the Oilary, wharf till .morning., ������.��������� ;���. ___������_r_r.
Mr, Williamson warned the Captain ,                    p ��
that it was; a bad-place to, leave hisj                   lUUIlU*
boat as she would turn over-at lowi 	
tide, but tha  Captain  though* he] ,  ��� ., ,
. . ... ,     '       ,    ,     A   red   Heifer   Ca-if,   about   one
kjnewbest, with the result that she, mon.h   sin,r.    (>wner   miy   ,];u,_
is now sunk-at the Oilery.   Antone same on proving property nnd pas-
Tine made such a good job of patch-! ing expenses,
ing that she does not leak. V. MARTINOLICH.
We take great pleasure in announcing that we
have been, appointed
Sole Agents of the
McQormick -  harvesting
Furniture,, Carpets, Linoleum, Window
Shades or Any Article of Furniture or
Household Furnishings a. visit to LEE'S
STORE \Kill convince you. that there, is. the
Visitors Welcome.
E. C
Try te
> %
For this-, district.    All supplies of this class, of F
machinery  and  the  side  lines handled by the]
International Harvester Co. will,, int future, be re-|
ceived direct from the Factory distributing points
and will be up-to-date in every feature.
We-, still   handle those   lines   of   Buggies,;
Plows.  Incubators,  Fencing   Material,   &c,   for|
which   the   Walworth-Rolston   Co.. are   Coast j
Agents,.any and all ot which we snail be pleased I Fm
to quote yon, on..
Those, who. already use, the McCormick im-1
S*    McBRIBEm
Wbw anything yoa may need in Hardware.
We carry, a complete stock in all lines of
S5helf Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, andjplemente, will do well to examine them and send
r.<jepectjfnlly incite you. to, call and get acquainted with aa.
in the list of repairs required, early,, which will j
materially assist us and will save delay, | when j
We are S<___. Agents*, ibr The Oxford Line'required,
of   STOTES   e&nd  RANGES,, and  have  a|      '
good line to s$Jepb from.,
We make a sipecialty o:t all; Isinjpig of Plumbing and Tin-work,,
^Jxt^nding you the Se^on's-Greetings*.
^e are Xo^rs. Respectfully;
Latimer & Elliott
General ncrctont,
Phone 5,   -   Port Guichon


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