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The Delta Times Jun 4, 1907

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J UN j
"]/ \jj&-u��t
Vol.   -, No. 39.
LAUNER, B. C, TUESDAY. JUNE   i, 1907.
Ottawa Letter.     Greys Cominq.   The On#ercila Bali
Ottawa, May 25.���That Canada      I  i ��� ; to :,i-,e<l thai ihose who at
I is growing in commerieal directions j tend the exhibitions oi fihe greater
! can be conclusively shown   by  fig* Norris  &   Rcwo circus,  uiuseuui.
tires. Two oi thegrc.it departments |ra r.ngerie and hippodrome this
'-m the '.'overnment���vi?.- tbe ��ost |season "will be surfeited with'the
[������office and tbe railway department, vast number oi acroMtts, gymnasts,
: reflects ihc condition ofthings very jbare-backriders.contortionists, leap-
��� at:ciii-ltt-ly. The necessity r T eslab
I lishitig new post office*, tbe fac
ktliflt correspondence is on  the  in-
���crease, the additional evidence that
,1   y.
all antl; dume. of��i
led   lln-il    'Sli'.li-rlj   t1.!'
at .iny*
(h llir luirihlu
ers, v,iVi".ts, .amblers, expert triek
bicyclists etc., the bewildering tii lr
i uess of tl e c-ij-itiimes aud equipment
And this is the place to
buy your Bathing Suit.
  ������'���' " ��� ���
Ladies' Blue Serge Bathing Suits with white and
colored braid trimmings.
Men's Bathing Suits in Combinations and 2=Piece
Children's Combinations and Trunks.
1 tbe revenues 1 1   the
ever on the increase,
���same conclusion.
The   demand   for
post  office are j of tbe Reria
-.ill lead to tb-
ipparatus; the wonder-
I ful display ol intelligence oi wiltl
beasts and  tie tricks of educated
new   railway dogs, horses,  elephants,  monkeys,
lines, the !aet that traffic tnore than 1 goats, sheep and'pelicans, (if the
keeps pace witb the additional ac-1human acts,'.the most interesting
comodatiou provided, and that year I-are those of the Four Flying Ban-
by year more passengers travel and wards, two young met. and two
more freight i_ bandied, supply the women atbeltes; the Left'el Trio, on
justification for saying lhat Can-Ithe triple aerial horizontal bars; tbe
ada's cotnmerici.d growth is as-..Seven Avallons, a troupe of expounding.
Ami Ui<* gay ip-attdairt, -'* :   -i in *_c-.ii.  lore
His frUlted teueutli the but .en oftUreeac��re,"
���1 dainltli, Tr.
'liie Cinderella   liall   given   by
���Marshall Smith & Co., ! ist Tuesday
eveniii;', lo the g^nrra1 public was
C3tt .iu'y one 0! the ffiost successful
and enjoyable ever held in Ladner.
Many 2 pleasant dauce, doubtless,
hare the Delta devotees of the
Terpsicorean an experienced ir.
times past, but never before was
such accommodation afiorded as
that provided on this festive occasion. Ti:e Company, hospitably
bent en entertaining tke public,
j wisely decided to do so ere the fit-
1 tings ..I tlnir spacious new store
were put in. It would be difficult
! to co.iceive of a better ball room.
The bui-'dini; itself is 40x135 feet;
pert, fancy and trick bicyclists; thei. , j .     ...
���     '        ,, _ , , , balconies CK-tead down tbe sides as
While there is proportionate in-1 Meinotte Iioupe of high wire ex-      ,,       . ,,        ,     . ,.    ,   ....  _,
11 1 .     I well as Pt the ends of the building,
crease   in   all   departments,    the perts; Irene Maretta on the flying
which, with  one*in  the centre, is
equivalent to a-secondstotey tor all
upases, while it presents
a much Tr.ore  pleasing appearance.
Another Large Shipment of High Grade Sh s.
Come and see what a nice Rang? of Shoes we are
Also Big Stock Men's Working Boots.
We Can Fit You Out From Head to Heels
two  selected   are  more   nearly in ���ladder antl thc  Bar.vard  Sisters on |
touch with the In"   oi  tbe people (the double trapeze; the riding con- . .,   .
'    .' .        , , , _  practical pr.rpcses, while it presents
than any other,   and  are  theretore tigant includes such noted  stars  ot ...
���selected as examples ofthe expand- -arena as George Holland, tbe bare-
ins character of Canadian cconmic back sommersault rider, graceful
affairs. jERose Dockrill, one of the daintiest
POST OFi'iCH department. : of bare-back riders, cbarmiug l-'.'dna
Post offices���1903 No. 10,150 Maretta, the only, lady iu the entire
do 1904 No.  10,460 world w'no can turn a true complete
do 1905 No. 10,879 somersault on the fare beck of a
do 1906 No.  11,141 swiftly running horse;!.'.. Kooum, ��� . ���,   r
; upper and  lower Coors, while from
M. orders issued���'03..$ 26,868,202 a daring somersault bare-back riders     ' _ ..       ,    .���.   ,.
' '      '      ' -J . ,.       the lower Hoor a slip extends to the
do 1904..    29,652,811 Frank Miller and Ins clever  riding
'��� T : water    I rout,
do 1905,.    32,349.475 dog "Yiek':, John CarioU apd   his
tfo 19C6.. 37.355,673 well   educated   horse    "Rinaldo";!
"P.), cards sent���1903..   26,646,000 -r.thel Adams in a picturesque bare
do 1904-   27,i78,ooopackrHdingactitheMo��trosetroup?[tlie.]     ,,  .    ;; fuut_ .^.^
do 1905..   99,941.000 <of  comedy   acrobats,   Ben  Lucier ^.^   ^     T)]e  ^^   .^
do 1906..   33,674,001   whose backward dro|>s from a giant
Letters sent���03  235,791,000(.golden ladder made bim lamousand
d) 1904.. 2i",9,iQO,oo(   Frank O'Brien wliu dues a comedy. ...
* *     ���>*' ' ..,,,,.   Store is up-to-date in every  respect
do                1901;.. 285, .41,oot. 'hurdle act with his undo "Maude. '        ,. . , ,
y a       �� ���n ' .  , ��� and is a credit to the: promoters ano.
do 1906.. 191,644,000 There are a host of clever tuu  pro-, .
* J J'  ,T' ,.        1 the designer.
Revenue  totaJ-igp*.   fe.683.162 voicing downs to e.rfiven the enter-,    .^ ^ .^...^  buildin��� wilh
6,306. ..2i   tainmeut and if a person cannot get
6,786,089) value-received lor the money ex-
7,708,142  pended   in   witnessing  the   ..reus
Along these balconies seats1 vttte
arranged for tbe accommodation of
the guests, tbe south balcony being
reserved for the band.
At the b_ck oi the main building
I and attached to it is a commodious
I-warehouse some  35x40 feet, with
which   convenience
rcule.s "she   double   handling   of
, merchandise unnecessary.
Huge skylights, together witL
light. The windows
mediately over the south balcony
sn ing in  cr  out  0:1 a pi vol.    Tbe
Into this inviting
its gaily decorate 1 pillars and balustrades and 1500 electric lighted
candle display, strolled some  three
do 190.:,
do 190.'-
do igo:-..
Expenditure total���'03
do 1904
do 1005
do 1905
These fgures  show   the steady\ - - ^   ;    ;;    .   ^r;;,.,   ,,_,   Si(mT(,
growth of this branch of the public of the roads to-day is far less than foi the OCMsioni r,aved the open.
serv ce since 1903.   ghee that date the freight demands ,.     n;ard]; Ujen s,,orth, aft#rward8i
post   Offices   have   increased   991       Nothing could  indicate the ever;
5.590,508 this season, they  are indeed hard, . .     ,   ,
ojy   ��              ,            v.   ';.    u     .,   ...    ,..:,,   bundled t/.-ucsts o;i the ii.ght of tire
6001 6.6 �����  please.   Norris   a    Rowe  will ...
0,001,Dju,      t ba     n  peasant atitfcmMton pf ��
fi_.o .-._.-��� exhibit  their all  new big Miov.- at j, ' '
^.-iO.-^.-.'         ,,...,     ,. -,      t,   _ ,    mights enjoyment.    And thev were
6 606 ."-  New \. estwmster, Friday, June 14.     ������> ���> -
c''09O'3"i 1 not   dsappointed.    Shatp   at 8:3c
increasing prosperity ofthe country .
be.ter than the carrying capacity of
the great transportation lines being
taxe 1 beyond their  powers.   'Even
the   inspiring    strains   of    Kupiz'
Money orders bave increased $4X7, ���
471.    Post cards increased 57,028,-
000.    Letters   have   increased 87,-
353,000,    Revenue   has   increased
$2,024,980.       Tbis    increase    has
been    consistent   and    continuous for better  methods oi   moving
ui.il the very satisfactory figures! commerce of the country from  inci
. ,    .,_,      i,.,.i  ���n���,   ,.,.._���    thing tended'to ni.ske .iu's'aHce tire
;iiterinr to tJaeseaooara, alio: wnicn        ��
goas to prove thai Cauade has not j success it was.
,   ,,, ,-,.i,i,      .   .      Amid such a-oommixture ot ex-
yet reached tbe summit ot the great'
wave of prosperity
'The bh> dance cf lovely tit?aut_ '.-, trisiu,
l.lukrd     sr.is-r    und    lii.nuo ,y   in   happiest
ch_iu ''
; I Tbc music v,;as  well -marked, soul-
.,    1 inspiring and feet-lifting; the 'floor
the very  satisfactory figures! commerce of the country  from  ,ile; perfect aud the evening cool; every-
Divine service will bc held (D.
V.) at the Hall, Point Roberts,
>every Lord's Day morning ut half
past ten o'clock, commencing with
Sunday, June 9th,  1907,   preacher,!
Rev. A. ll. H'untlev,   from China.'
Children are invited to attend  a I
Sunday .School which is proposed to
���otmiu-iiic on Sunday,  June ii6tk,
3907, and continue each Sunday at
Ehalf past nine o'clock.
A merry picnic to Chewassen
was enjoyed by the Pedestrian Club,
iast Saturday. It does not necessarily follow tint a pedestrian club
embrace^ the doctrine of predestination !!
The Ladies' Aid of the Methodist
Church, Ladner, will hold their
annual Strawberry and Ice-Cream
Social on the evening of Tuesday,
June 18th, in Oddfellow's Hall,
i beginning at 8 o'clock.
The International Clericus of the SUTTON'S SHEDS���Flower and
PaciBc meets in Vancouver to-inor- j
row and lasts til! Saturday.   Sev-
eral    bishops    of    th-j   American!
Church will be present and some
fifty  priests.     Canon   Hilton  snd
Rev. E. Bartlett will hj
in  attend-
Vegetable, ill packages. Field
Seeds���Beets, Carrots, Mangel
aud-Swede, in bulk, may be obtained from H. N. RICH, Agent
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Lad-
,ner, B.JT".
Delta School Board UKt 111 the
Council Chamber, Ladner, on .Saturday, June ist, with Trustees
Kittson (in the chair), W right,
Swensen and Quaggan preseut.
Minutes of the previous meeting
were adopted as read.
There being no communications
jtbe session was very short. With
regard to the removing of Gultside
school, the Secretary -was instructed to secure a site Irom K. P.
Rithet, Miss Mason or Jas. Nelson.
After passing the usual monthly
accounts the Board adjourned till
Saturday, July 6tb, at 2 p.m.
quoted above have been reached.
���STl'AM   KA1I.E0ADS.
Miles in operation���'03.
do 1904.
do 1905.
do 1906.
��� Passengers carried���'03.
do 1904.
called those lit es of Moore:
��!rar crM'ure!
cltli-iitf C'.-r.l in tlii- dance t*iul,le
s-f-ps urr s>" light, Oi.r. iicr home il
Silch iir.irr and tue - beauty '
you'. swear
Try Bi   Four a- an   investment
while you may get it cheap.
Freight   carried���1903-- 47.373.41
do 1904.. 48,097,510
do 1905.. 5",893.957
do 1906.57,966,713
Gross -.r.rnings���1093..$ 96,064,527
do 1904.. 100,219,4 36
do '$05,. 106,467,199
do 1906.. 125.322.86f
Sines 1903, there has beeu added
2,365 miles to the operating mileage of Canadian reads aud the
gross receipts in the same peried
have grown from '��96,064,527 to
$125,322,865, an-ii'cn.tse of $29;-
During 1906 the railroads carried
10,593,296 tons more freight than
they did in 1903, and  the  capacity
which arrived Icellenl <l*ncers 'twould beinvidi-
oiucident with the assumption 0! 0,:s t0 make ���*Paris0"i >'fl tl,ere
" ' j .ffic; bv the Liberal government.     : V''JS one'lhe c-v,'osllre '" mm.   eyeS
, ,"���;"      The "returns of April  show  thatNhose face and ^'etr3' ��' raotton rc��
. 610 76-  Canada's total tratle tor the   month
.905.. 95.288.723 has increased ft, 123,771  over the
1906 . a7.980.782 sa;,lc "��nth ul last yean   Tbe fiR-
Tons       ures are te"?>7i9>*70,    '^e 'saPorts
���' o.-er the same month ��� last  year  in
creasetl by $4,628,226  showing tbe
greater   purchasing  power  of the
Dominion.   Tbe duty collected dur-
in : the month of April was $4,330,-
018, an in,-lease for the month over And   Byron
the same period last year of $479,- .philosophizhrg about whetftoe'VfrQte
.153. ; bis SardanapaktSs
   m. ��� It being a  Cinderella  dance, the
The Ladies'Guild of Ail Saint*'! K�� *ls dispersed abo.-t midnight,
Tremuit, will give their annual ffiach t0 lhc reSrct o! natty xrhc
, ,,     s,< ,, 11   r    ,,,���.   would  have  prclerred   the   gaiety
dance in  the Town Hall, Ladner, ' ��-
,. ���,        r .1     - -      'pi,  l.prolonged 'ad infinitum.
011   Friday,  June  71b,    07.     Ihef*        ��
As one  remarked,      l:s a pity
Cinderella   bad   to   go   home   at
^ twelve o'clock.'*     "Why?"    ""It
'���'      lce she  hadn't,"   someone   uuswefed,
ra.    Ad-|"sbe  would   have   missed the.'a��it
I tiain."
Tin    her Hi
tke iiir
Mid. ..ut s. ily pair coiuplaisaaiae touches Oy:
ground :'
Who?    Xo thank you'.
'���   In wliat julf*;
A ^iacle rlrvi.iii#n froti  ttie'ttftft
fil hiimstn jiulgweal lr-m-1.* !'���
knew   what   he-was
r Comet Band will discourse!
niiisi,' during the  evening.!
...   , 1     ���    '
nueuts wni be s
cream and lemonade
mission 50 cents.
sw .-et
The Ma kef.
Pl'BUSHED   l.\ :
; Kew Westminster, June 1.���Thej
1 agreeable weather of Friday brought
I out the marketers iu large numbers i
j and the-result was one ofthe largest
markets of the year. Tbe event i
I was also characterised by a large at-1
^ft'cS^IJ* I tendance of Vancouver visitors who
To make fortunes ttut
oi the future you must
put something into tfie
present ���      ��      *
Q ft Id- Coppers I'av
ti i %   Dividends   all
over Hritish
m*e       Columbia
Subscription, $1.00 pe^year.
C��su.il  Adrerti.^iuentJi, io ctti'.s per Ur.e f;>T
Ihe lirst insertion, nnd 5��nU-per lint  (or each
mch- j seemed   to  lake  great  interest
Mm fo*C��mn-etjiftlAdvertfcementt can be L^   was   going   forward.     There
h��a on application at this office. B      ��
Reading nonces i? cents per line
foe eacli in
1 continues to bfr
stron 1 demand
Ilfcith nti.i DMt-U notice*, 50c., Mnrrir.fit >$i.oo.
: ior all staple produce wbich greatly
! exceeds tbe supply. Ali varieties of
i\ny special notice, the oMwt oi-ijliicii la to | meatS WCTC  especially sliy although I
promote the necuslftiry benefit ol anv iwm'n.iij.i ��� * a    \
���-'i cuinpaiiv, t -.h*. cu:_si.).t7e'i an aaveitiaeiuetit  *lic oriCCS oflercd were hii*l]_
and charged acwrdlngly. I
The supply of beef was a lKtle
Ml ailvertiaeuieari chare?.,  (or until on!., red . i
out and paid fut. I larger than usual aud all  was  soldi
IO   and    11    cents;
tfbtupanied by name ot" writer, uotneoeanrTly I for hindquarters and 8  and Q  CCHt*
ror publication, but &$ evldftpcc ol good faith��I 1
Correspondence mutt reach tWa office by Thurs-   for forequarters.    Multuii was again
dn y truing.
Opfreapondence invited on mattera o( public lout    readily   at.
IfUtfMb   Ceron.itnications to editor'��ius'. tx* ac*   .
Containing over ion views in everything.   i*ost paid 5pc.,.Stamps.
Richest Province in the British Empire.
Nothing Risked*, Nettling Uilned.
Nothinu Ventured, Nothinir Won.
Geo. R. Ma?t.i.��v,
keenly sought after, but very little-l
war. on sale aad '.lie stalls were soonj
cleared- Prices ranged around uu
cents. Lamb was in strong demand and the supply was short, j
Caresses realized from $5 to J5.50. j
There Ws^re plenty of buyers look-!
Rain would t^e very welcome just I tog for pork, who offered 11 cents j
now.    Although  copious showers-a   Pouni-    Thc   supply, however, |
TUESDAY,   J I. NIC  4,    1907
was very short.
v..: cinity
Delta   has
evening next.
W. H. Ladner visited the  Royal
,        . ., ...     . .  , ,     ���   -   .,     >������>> >���-��� ��� ���"������ ss.    \eal bromght  nc
have fallea.on tae highlands in thr' *      , ,  -,       .
la pound, and lor the first time  tbis j
P**" spring there was enough on sale)
to satiily the demand.    It is proh��|
___  j able that the requirements of the
The need of a much heavier road - community for veal will be satisfied
roller has been mtiqh more marked! at future markets for several weeks.
Of late than ever before.    A steam!     Although pike, har- fallen con-
,, . . siderabty within the last month, the-j
roller would save its cost m a very, ,,-,-,        .-        _   .
supply ol iowls continues to be verv '
f���' years- ; good,    Quite a number of chicken* Ci,>'' last wtek*
   r -*- 1
- ��� . were disposed of on Friday at from-i	
The Inland   Revenue officers oi-: t6-5�� to $7.50 a dozenr under a fair- ���     Mrs.  Tait,   of Vancouver,
Xew     Westtnmst.r,    seized.    lastj b> strong demand.    A quantity of guest 0f Mrs. A. D. Paterson.
. ,     ,        good fowls realized from $8 to ig. so
week,   some liquor on an island up      , ���_.,, ,    ,    . ,     ,.       '
1 I a dozen.    Old ducks brought   trom
river, the product ot a Japanese-] jg.^to $9 a dozen, although the
distillery. Since then the pro-demand for them was not keen,
prietcr haa. laid a complaint again:.t; Th* buyers  were aftar the young
Thc Richest Men in the World are investing in 1). C. Copper-
Gold Mines.     Why can't you begin now ?
The Greatest.Ciold-Corr��r DUcevery of lhe Ace In H.C-
fcvtry Dollar Subscribed used In Developmi-nl of Alines.
Special Offer, 20c Per Share.
Mines directly west of Le Roi, whose shares are now about
in; Le Roi No. 2 shares are about $15 and went up to S100;
and Consolidated Mining aud Smelting Co. bi Canada, Ltd..
shares $150 each. G-ranby Mine pain over $2,000,000 Dividends
in 1006, shares $145; and' all gold-copper mines in B. C. paid
Large Dividends. Hig Four assays Irom $5 tu. �� .Sou in gold,
copper, silver, with 32 per cent, in the Treasury; on the Railway
near Smelters.
Note���Most of these mines snid for a few cents once, but
over-ca] italized even now pay Bij. Dividends*
Rossland Mines received Highest Awards for richest gold-
copper ore scut to sSt. Louis Exposition. Big Four had Hcst
Display at Dominion Fair, New Westminster, B.C.
No less than 100 shares fold, All Cash.. Above this shares
can be had am instalment plan, or yearly contract, 15 per cent,
cash, balance monthly.
Company liui* no debtaor liabilities.   Beml for Illustrated Prospectus to Secretary.
P.Oh Box 174, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
Delta Transfer Stable    ?
Team Work Bone at Specially Low Prices.
t JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
f Telephone " Ladner" No. 10.
V. T. Ry. & Ferry Co.
New Service���Port Guichon and   Ladner to New
Westminster and Vancouve;.
Leave Pt. Guichon, 6.30 a.m.    Arrive Vancouver, 10.20 a.m.
Leave Vancouver,   2.10 pan.    Arrive Pt. Guichon, 6.00 p.m.
Gives  Passengers  four hours  in   either   Xew   Westminster or Vancouver.
New   Freight   Tariff   effective    September    5th,   'o6,
! (Greatly Reduced Rates.     For particulars apply to
Agent, Port Guichon.
Sufficient Cars will be furnished without delay.
Remember the Dance on Friday |    According to The  Commercial,
of Winnipeg, the visible supply of
oats in the United States and Canada, ea.st of the Rocky Mountains,
is iG-,sSi>s,riso bushel's, eompared
with 10,568,000 bushels a year ngo
1111 HI -
Incorporated 1869.
the seizure and is endeavoring toi duckr. aud offered as  high  as $8.
.._..: , __���;��;._...��__' There was a fairly good Mipply of
prove that  his was   a   legitimate                              -   '"           rl
business.    Well, he  is   no   woi.e
Riverside Mission Circle w
terlaiu their friends at the home  oi
Mrs W. R. Ellis,   to-morrow  even
Ulitt Hi iii il
The Royal Bank of Canada with
Canada,   affords   you   exceptional
banking facilities.
ducks for sale.    All  the  Iowls  on
, sale were disposed of at the figures Iits   sPleudkl   connection   all   over
than   the   man   who   ..ells   liquor! qU0tevi,
without a licence and then poses asj A little more butter then was act-
a rnnch abused personage because] ually needed was placed ou sale with
Someone dares to state tbe truth'the reslllt tllat sa!es came rath"
about him.
CAPITAL, - - $3,900,000
RESERVE FUNDS,       - - $4,390,000
A General Banking Business Transacted.
(Westminster Branch)
Time Tahlr
Cnrs tcavc Westminster lor Vauco'iver at 5.50
nud 6.50 r.iu. nml hourly thereafter until 11 p.
in.. Saturdays antl Suudays al 11 p.m. :
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminsters r.t ^,.50
ami 6.50-a. ui and Jiimily t-nett-iiftsT uutil 10 p.,
in.; Saturdays and Sundaj'Aat 1 l {j.i;i.
Came to the Dauce
and have a good tim?.
slow towards theclose of the Man- byteriaa Chureh will hold their an-
jket.    A   large   quantity   was dis- nuai strawberry   festival on Tues-
. posed of at 30 cents while a consid- j d���yi tije , nil -imt
xt  Friday- eraWe  amount  was vended  at 35.
'��� cents.
Eggs are rwkiug  up again  and      The S S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
I sold on Friday at 23. cents a  down
I    We tun first-ctnss _*elght cars hetnreeu West-
��������������������������������� minster end Vancouver and ail Bhipiuenta are
! handled wilh, tha utmost cane and dt-livercd to ..
The I nriip�� of Pt   -Vndrew's Pres- I consieneS wltltout delay    Special attention pnid ' p������s.   tjn .1
1 nc i^,nuc�� ui v3i. .vuuiciv a i n-s   U0 rruitslilpnieiits.    Onr wa���n_ messt ol! hnnti. I UaSI   l.mi
Savings Department
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
rthd Indus.   Tfot intiu, etc, apply to
r wagons meet all boatfi |
slD Gii!���;<..<my,.
'Frame Mjjr
Wefltttiiuster, B. c.
I.   Mi-'jl'AKfctU.,
Local Mgr.
BRANCHES  IN  BRITISH COLUMBIA���Vancouver, Vancou vet
Mt. Pleasant,   Granville   Street,  Cordova  Street;   (hand
Forks,  Nanaimo, Nelson, Port Essington, Rossland, Victoria, Vernon,
Chilliwack, Cumberland, Port Moody and New Westminster.
,.��������,*.���.. .....^.....,
at 8 a.m.. and 4 p.m..; leaves Steveston at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Every
day except Sunday.
Miss   Irene   Kobinson   returned" wholesale, wbich was one cent high-
liome,   yesterday,   from  a visit   to j er than   the week   previous.    The
tlie Royal City. retail price, however, remained thei   ������
.-- ���       "      !sair'c   as   lest   week,   namely,   30 Mr. and Mrs. A.  De R.  Taylor
���   .    '''-.      .,        .   .        -cents.   The supply was large and and son Eric, .,-eturned home.' to-
N. A. McDiarmid was, last week,  ,he demand |tr(mg
Spuds aii arriving at the market
in ever   decreasing   quantites  and
the price  continues-to be firm  at
i $30 for good  stock.
H. B. MARGESON, Manager, LADNER, B. C.
Ladner Exhibitor
presented with a wee bit bairn ic
Mother and daughter are doing
day, irom  a vacation trip to  Vic-' ���
���J��  NEW wrc-.TMiNSTKI.,
���*-nr?r4 of all kinds ,
11. C.
The dtmaud
Mrs. Frank Paterson, ot Vancou-jon priday was keen for first class
yer, accompanied by her two potatoes. A large proportion of
daughters, are guests at Ifeyer-.Ufae supily was gathered in by the
holme Stock Farm. ! dealers.
I.,   ul       Mr
and daughter, Miss Eillian, returned home, .Saturday, from a visit to
.fiends on Iv.iHi Island.
W. Abercrombifr] W. J, Brandrith and daughter,
Mis. Fannie, returned, yesterday,
from a visit to New Westminster.
toria.     They wcre accompanied by | *   Soda   Water,  Ginger
Miss Scott. ;<���    Ale and Summer
            (,!, Brinks.
Your patronage solicited
Jan. 8th to 11th.
Have you  got  a  Savings  Bank v
Account in the Royal Bank of Canada? If-not, you should open, one
as soou as possible. Deposits of
$i and up received.
The-Royal Bank   of Canada  is!
Friends of Rev. J. F. Betts will
be pleased to learn that he is making steps towards rerovery from a
bad attack  ol  bronchitis, although
at the tiim- of going to press he was i
W. N. Draper,
1'ROVIXCIAI,   I.A.NO   _ .'I-VETOl.
Kuom j. hilimi Block, Xtw W&slmtaeter.
Right First Prizes.   Three Specials.
Six Seconds.    Three Thirds.
White Rocks, Barred Rocks, Silver
Spangled   Ham burgs,   Buff
Orpingtons and Black
Ji McLeod, late  fireman  on  lhe, here ior your convenience and will I m cC(ifined tQ ,)]s rooffl
local, met' wi.h  a serious accident be pleased to  give  you every  at-  _  _
on hi.-- first run out of Kverett, and, | tention.
as a consequence, is nov/ in hospital	
*��� that place. j    when you wish to  buy  visiting j
������ ' , cards call on the Delta Times  who [
Geo. Dennis, of- East  Delta, re-' will sell the best money  can  buy.!
turned.'last  week,  trom a trip-r,| If>*ou need them printed, why you ;
the Northwest, and reports a.wv ( are money m pocket by calling  ou
backward  spring there,   28 below *e Delta Times first'
heing registered during his stay. 	
T!ie Masonic   Otand   Lad
B. Ci which meets in Vancouver on
tjre 29th inst., have made transportation arrangements with the following  lines:  C. V.. R��� C, P. P,. S S
Tbe f.adics Aid of the Mtethodist]
ol Church entertained thei' friends, on|
Friday evening last, at the home of I
Mrs. H. ]." Kirkland, to welcome-
back Rev. J F. and Mrs. Betts to j
this charge for another year. There
Copyrights i
*nrnno stpnilriff a plcctrb rHK\<1o^Rriptloniiin.
it.ltly aaCortnin our opinion froe whether hti
,/..���tlr.ii i.i |.i-i.hnl)l. pn'O'itu'slfs.   Conimuntcii.
iiBBtrioilfcoirtWantlol. WRfDBuQX onP��t��nt:i
it fri'i-. utdoet n. onry fur securing i��at��nin.
'.-..Icnlss.I.-t .t-n'tli-.-,n:cli l_i:iin *. Cu. rectflv;
 -i.ilnollcc, witlioutchnroa, iutlto
Scientific J��ricam
\ linnf-nomoly illuptrntod weekly.   T.arnost clr-
il.-jltcn ot uny Nciontillo Jnunm).   Torma. *;i n
���.cur; four muntiiff, |�� Sold by all tinifBdeiilftjn.
Branch oir.'-i... 6a> IT Bt.Wonhnuitan.lj. 0.
For Sale.
CO., N,. P: R. R... G.   N.  R.,  and i was cyiite a large turnout of friends, j
K. N. R., providing not  less than; lx was intended to make it an out-!
100 members pay fares  into Van-jduor  affair  but, on  ac:ount of the 	
cpuver.a rate of ot}e  fare  for. the freshness of the bree/.e wliich sprang | _
rpund trip on  the certificate plan,  up,   the   pnrty   adjourned   to   thej    Registered" Yorkshire   Boar,
lTlessthan too or more th-m :>5 at-1 house-where a very pleasant time months pld,    Apply
and was spent, everyone enjoying tbem-1 PYRE BROS.
Ladner, B.
HI    I    I
tend the rate will be   a   fare
nie third for the round trip.
wis six nt, everyone enjoying themselves to the full
In   nn   Idwl   _-or.H-.nfr,   cither   for   new
buiklinp.; or imfiroring old o����s.
Cfnildcr ila (ini opptnraftce -- lti
splemHd endurinif qunlitlfts- and Blight:
CXptnW��� and decide to Rervc your own
beat interest*, by using it.
Fullest dutafls of information in our
WholMfrf* Mi,nuf*ctMsv��,
kOBT   MAY. Agent,
ILADLViiR,     -   -   '-    -   -   V,
Kggs for Hatching���
The Delta Times.
B. C-
Fashion Stables =
Trucking and Draying.
Livery  work of all kinds at'
tended to promptly.
J. M. Collinsou
Lmlntr. B. C.
Ladner Carriage Works.
Always in Line.
With   Latest   Improved   FARM   IMPLEMENTS, WAGONS & BUGGIES.
Largest Stock in Province to choose from.
Gar. sage  Bailtting* Repairing &   Painting,  Black*
cmithtng   &   Horse    Shoeing.
DeLaval Separators.
Receives both Ladies and Gentlemen as resident]
or day students. Has a complete Commercial
or Business Course. Prepares students to gamj
Teachers' Certificates of all grades. In affiliation
with Toronto University gives the four years'
course for B. A. degree, and the first year of the
Toronto School of Science. Has a special "Prospectors' Coarse" for miners who work in B. C.
Instruction given in  Art,  Music,  Physical
Culture and. Elocution.
For    Calendar,   etc.,   address   "Columbian
if you obtain a Firearm ot doubtful quality
Tha experienced Hunter's and
��� " Marksman's Ideal
a reliable, unerring STEVENS
by (hooting our popular
A*k your local Har thrum
or   Sporting   ti U   _!�����!-
chaut for tho STEVENS.
II' you cannot obtain, w��
NhJp direct, egpggBS prepaid, upon receipt ot oSSSt.
log Trice.
Open !7on_e.
"Corns   ... dine wiih  m I morn ���'��� '
dd tbe old f .How wbo had n _       Is n ill
cy Hnd wanted to push his way luto -..-)
"Sorry,     replied  the elegant man, "i
���an't.    I'm going to tee 'Hamlet.   '
"That's ull right," said  Iho  bospitabls
- old geiltleu ii jj, "bring blui witb  you."���-
Ln union lit lilts.
��� ��� -i. ���> ...... lo India,
Wole. ::: I   uu ad Ii .- :'. :'*-
end  Mrs. Tbnuibynay - are now
on  h  visit   i)   Kovilkudyin       ��� ;      Mr
Tbnmbyi bj n - IIR] 111 .1 Is 1!      (111 of sTuil   1
G. b. Arlanayngaiuplllul     ���   ��� .. ... ....   !
Mr.    A     . lv;. I. ulli igai.j 1. .,���'..'...:��� ��� , .'usi-
mluster (ji./ itte.
.Send 4 cents In etainpe for 140 Paf_e|
lUustnits���H'nt��l<sg, including circu.
Inm of latout additions to our line.
Contains points on shooting, otniiiu-
nltlon, the proper eareof a firearm,
etc., etc. Our attractive Ten Colorj
Lithographed Hanger mailed any.
where for six centsTn stamps.	
V. O. Box 409T
Chi copes  Falls,  Mass.,   U, S. A.
La Grippe
Catarrh j
 I     Quincy   I	
Etc., Etc.
It will pay you to own one and bz on the safe
side. Oiie Oxydonor in a family will banish all the terrors of disease from the household if only used as soon
us needed and  in a reasonable way.
This is the Actual Experience in many thousands
of families  who  have  adopted  this   advanced   method   ofj
treating; disease.
Inflammatory Rheumatism.
Mr. Jus. Anson, RoB3lantl, B.C., Can., writes, 1-atvh it, 1901 : "Some five yearn ago 1
go] M>yntttior fir :r,y wite who wis suffering from fema.1 ��� wealcueBS. After t_ week's use the
'.<>.-Vjt himself'was surprised to find such a change, in fact it wns enough to induce him to get
* ii Oxydonoj for bis ghtpr.
"A short time ;.; 0 n y wife had au at tick or ta&mmifitorj. l'heuttiat.sra. She could
not walk and her joint* were much swooUeii, She applied Oxydonor, and before night the
pains had ceased, and next morning there was very Uttle swelling) and she could walk ;ts well
as ever, bhe had a similar attack before we gut Oxydonor and wus uuder a doctor's care for a
month, and suftehfrd ago nie*.
"II .j.iftet.r.'d un* ofa severe co'd."
Sena nt ouce for book No. 78, giving further information about OXYDONOR aud mauy reports fnun all
parts of the country.
���  ^S.��s
364 St. Catharine St. West, Montreal,
Holy Communion���ist and 3rd
Sundays at 8:30 a.m.; 2nd and 4U1
Sundays at t i a.m.
Matins, 11 o'clock.
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday School at 10 a.tit.
Friday evening. Litany at 7:30.
Rev. !���:. R. Bartlett, M.A., Vicar.
-..w UOLIC
Servi :es first and third .Sunday of
each month at 10:30 a.;n.; Benediction, 7:30 -p.hi.
Sunday school at 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Communion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, CM.I.,
Parish Priest.
Cis;- P.I    IJI.1,11,.
Cheese i_ om- of the most concentrated form.-, of nitrogenous food au ii M a
food well adapted to tbe laboring muu
of thos.' working iu tilt- open air. Win u
properly cooked, cheese is> probably
more easily assimilated by tbe ordinary
Btomacb tiiau eaten raw, and bard, uncooked cheese ibould be served grated.
In combination wltb certain food mate-
riali cheese is valuable, but wben used
in this way ibo .Id form tb - si iple dl: '1
of tbe nieul. Macaroni aud cheese, rice
cooked in stock nn.l then baked with
cheese or cooked with it. aa In ihe form
of risotto, should be used In tho place
of meat Au ordinary dim nr menu of
meat, potato, macaroni and cheese In
not properly arranged. Macaroni and
cheese should be used for a luncheon
dish, ami a green Vegetublo baouli. be
served with meat uml potato.
. II. i'llulJIST,
Services next  Lord's Day at   ti:
a. m. and 7:30 p.m.
Class  meeting, 10.30 a.m. every-.
Sabbrfth vSchool at 2 p m every!
Sunday. Prayer meetiug pvery
Thursday evening at: 8.
Rev. J. !���*. Betts, pastor.
,'m Day at
Services next L,on
a.m. and 7.30 p.m. ^^H
Sabbath School at 10 am Midweek meetiug ou Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Kev. A, McAuley, Pastor.
Sabbath  services ��� Crescent  Island, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:3') p.m.
Sunday School at 10:30 a. ra.
Prayer meetiu
S p.m.
Rev. A. li.  Huntley, pastor
Six   Varieties ����f  Ais-bCNtnS.
Tlmro Is probably i;n product of inorganic nature about wlsloh there ... uiueh
popular mystery and    ml .tlon ai
asbestus. It Is vn...uifi* 1 tutorst md tbat
th* priuoipal claim us this remark.bit
���roduot Is that It oannot lu oonsumed by
���re. There sre, however, no less that; aii
variotloa of asbestus, eaoh of wbioh po*
��.��__s�� qualities peculiar to itsolf. They
Buy hu classified as followa: Aninnlbus,
in whioh tin fibers are so exceedingly
lor", P.exlble and elastic that they may lie
wovon into cloth; oommoii asbestus, witb
tiiu fitrnrs much loss flexiblu���it u hoa\ Ier
(ban iho iirst variety, a dull . -.i In color, 1 uiietliiies pearly iu I ister uial oily 10
t'no-tonohi uniuntain. oork, light i-uo::^h
to float 011 water 1 mountain leather, al.-ie
Tory llnht, but thinner and moro lleiibll
than ths last; mountain paper or blua as
bestusi mountain wood, whioh In external
appsaranoe resembles dry wood, .5 a
mairer of fact, nearly oil varieties hav)
moro or Itwa tl,o appearance of ft. i1 :,d
wood. Asbestus has boon found in nearly
fill parts of Hul globe. ��� riow Y.n-'n I_   ,;or
A Powerlsl   River.
"Should oa�� be asked at r.tndom to
tianio the most powerful river In ^>'ew
England���tbat ls. the river yielding tbe
ruo-st water power and duhj,. the most
work���be would be likely to name the
Merrimac," saM M. 8. Ed^nr of I'ort-
Innd, Me. "He would have In mind
the great manufacturing city of Lowell, and tho answer would be a natural
one. It is surprising, therefore, to be
told by the United States geological
purvey that the most powerful river in
New England Is Uie Androscoggin.
Yet tlv> surprise abates when the facts
are recounted. There nre nine or teu
developed water powers along tbe river, and It appears that they furnish total power equal to TH.OOs" liorsr... The
falls nt Brunswick yield 7.700 horsepower; at Lisbon Kails, 1,925; nt Lewis-
ton, 12,000; at Llvermore Falls. ...000;
at Otis Kails, 8,000; at Jay's, 8,700; at
Peterson's ltips, 6,000. At Rumford
Fails there is a potential of 80,000
horsepower when the resources at that
place are fully developed, aud that la
altogether the _rcntest water power In
New England."
- p* f* iP'r'S
Nurseries   &   Seedhous
lnnunf on One rot nt.
Ersliine .nentlom a cts-   'here a .������-
ou Tluirslay at. son who had own cntnttied In an  .jv
mm   prosecuted  h s  brother  and   tb��
j proprietor for Iraprlsotimeut and fa'..-s
I duress.   Ths prosecutor, himself a wn
! uess In support of the Uidl'itmeut, was
I put iuto the witness box and examinee'
j When Ersklne came to cross examini
I him, he tried to discover some itu-klms
: alienation of mind, but during a crow
I examination, conducted with all tLe
1 Bklll  and sagacity  of  w'llcb  h* w��s
master,   for nearly   an   hour  he  w��a
completely foiled.
But a gentleman who had come aecl-
I dentally Into court whispered i'i Kt^
Coast 1 gklne's ear that the w:: liis thougkt ho
was the Saviour of mankind.
On receiving the hint Krslcine mado
n low bow to do prosecutor, addLreined
htm tn terms of great reverence, respectfully begged to apologise for the
unceremonious maiuu-i iu which he
hnd treated a person of bis sacred
character and "ailed htm by the name
et Christ. The man Immediately nid:
'Thou hast spoken  trjly.    I am the
wick Printing.
Headquarters lor   Pacific
grown  Garden, Field and   Flower
Seeds that are thoroughly tested as
to vitality before offering for sale������
: thai are S.ttbiei ; IO   | ...... .:...-...   in-
Ispeclioti as to  Ik'- lom   irom  weed
seeds,    Samples ser.i
: purchasers.
Large stock ol HOME GROWN . ^���
Fruit and  Ornanteilital  Trees now
', matured for the spring trade.
N.q expense, loss or delay of fumi
gatibn or inspection.
llb'.l-; SUPPLIES, Spray Pum.
Spraying     Material,     Greenhouse
Plants, Cut Flowers,
We do business on our owi
grounds���no rent to pay and ar
prepared to meet all competition,
l,et me price your list liefore plac
iug your order.   Catalogue Free,
a010 Westminster Road,
VANCOUVER,   -   B. C.
1't  marry tl^ wemsn who wr.ij
��� nurse .1 pug dog than a baby.
i:-..'t rx.ar v the wcj-..- ..-��� - \r-:nyi
rather die tban v..ara bonnet two seasons
Don't marry ths woman v.;.j wants
things ju t bei juse "other women" have
Don't many t'.e woman '.vijo ouys brlo-
s br .-: for v ���   best  ro-j-o hint borrows
"iiUacrj Ut li A.,A kel   nulghbOM.
Sow*  sirsu..-.    ������risiH  Tbat  Aie Con.
,.,..., ....  uai 11-.0 NattTa#s
"A hitched my fool  in ths loonesand
knii.:)ted ujy nuddlok, and A wadn't abli
to clunky for a fortnight."
Readers ol recent popular dialect t-dJin
wiil probably t -t^�� It fur g: ���.:.,.! thai th ie
semcne'i ls Bcotoh. It Is, however Cor
nlsb, aud. bulr.^ Interpreted, u>fctt..y, "I
caught o.y foot In tha pas-smsnt ��nd
struck ths nape of my ao- k, and I * .s not
able to .wallow fi r a fortnight."
Tbere are some inh terms common lfl
Cornwall wh _ . -. pleasing savor ol
Uioir own. -��� > ijlu-a . 'my dear ' ��� prolonged to tv - ���->;._: h--;-, aot, foi In
stance, any ludisation of espeolal aSeotioa
It ii �� oomre ... form of address '.�� ait! X
man or woman. Bo alio, though wlci.
ral hor mors discrimination ln Its use, ll
"j.jy 'Iceur life,
A youuy cljili Is 1 tioned In terms of
endearment as ij\ o:us" or "tsndsr
deear" or u.-j_.  "ti 1    rworm."    ''.Sou"
and --sunny" aro  1...     mt  the leail
relation to the age or 1 ��of the person ad
dressed.    A sou may somotlmes be :.?jj;J
np..it.iijg to his ow:< father as "my yon"
er . husband milling Ills wife "sonny I"
"Toung" means simply uumarricd.    A
Lr ul   EJ0 Is "a young man."    uf u
bride still   1 herteens Itwan mid l)j-*-��� . is
wr.3 "apretty lot be;'..-: louEiugthar. - ben
shi was young I"    .An old  f.iriun   is- not
Simply old.    iis is 'old anoleut."    Several Now tngV.ind lo^1 lisms -ij-'i fo.und In
Cornish srt ���'        "< :lcket" i*ir   . small
stool,   "ciiert'i ' for household   jobs  sud
"duwdr" for pud ling, thouj li In Anus: I ��
the latter woril nurvives only as pari, ol
"pandowdy," tlie deli       ���   ' ep  spir-wi
applsi ii,. of ���..  ....    ..ou.. .. res.
A (Jura: ih anecdote relates that A small
boy, left at home to supervise the
dinner while 1 lie ���:'.:-' ;
wore ut ��� lurch   '���������:���.'. n
n -��� I ���'���'���!  liis duty and ''-:;:
puudlng  to.scorch, 11       :
the  h ;n li  and fr m   tho  dooi     _     ^. ll
slgna to ' Iio '���   ,s ��� , 'a to oome fui th.   Shi
Indianiinl.....     sd to him It, which
for at     > ho did, hut at long onilnj
Imp itli . crl : il I n. >������ ly to har furth 11 ������ . . 1 an . > the . 1 :>;
of tba      i fled co
"View may winky und s'siinhy^s' ng
as ylew du plase, but the 11 -;> lowd.i li
���������������: it glu I': 1 or ioi I" - - aul ti'a Coinpan-
Tk* Ol-l(laaI rar-nultn.
The original carnation was a Ave prt-
��� led bloom native ln the south of 'tsly.
It -was Imported into England -bout
the time of the Norms n counties'. Ab
���srly ae 1610 horticultural works gave
minute directionB for the cultivnUon of
the flowers In winter. The carnation
industry has risen to considerable importance during tbe last ten years, according to Town nnd Country As
2,500.000 of young carnation plants arc
���old each year aud florists produce an
equal amount grown by themselves
which are not sold, the entire production of young carnation plants npproxl
mates IS.OOO.OOO and upward a ynu-.
These plants sre grown under gin**
during the winter time for cut flower
purposes, producing nn annual average
of more tban 100,000.000 blooms. What
tipeomor of tliiB enormous number ol
. nwen��- Ib somewhat of n 1 y.terj
They arc put to Inouiui
A iA N V      H JUT A HAT.
l?ft    It,    lt,v    Olljepl     ot    T. v..,.yh't��r'l
il man- meisl :,..:,'. ���'-. ,.
A :n_-i ������ Ithuut a hut     oue
BOl d     if  hs  la  is  ���        ful,   *���-:���.,
man, who has lost  It hi :���'.....r  In .-. d!s-
graceful  menu ir and  vihllo     . yet  '
i:-.���.., tho Bffeots if n.s, tl ; ur, he .* pi*yi a-
bly saying unkir.l  things about bimi��ll
and the wondering peoplowho arc watching him and the street | Inswbu art
[olli v, lng blm. He sops HI olu II . ��� ���.-���
with somo kind of is cover for :i:e iie��<l
and thor: rged on L:-:. v. ;;'i tntterod oi;n
and bu thinks to himself what a ra'tef I
would L.s .inly fo havo sometlitu
shaji. of i\ rcs-oyniicd boasigtsr-.r
his wind tossad hair it h�� Ill's.1 '���������-.
Ila 1. Hm objwt ui  every' .*if t, amuss-
niont nnd tho imril boy's derision.   Worn.
��� ss and ulrlawssl. n_<it. I, In, v. i'. li I. nr_.Ys-ri,.|
haad, liut noi.ody mitices them, while t.bsi.7
stlil have thn lmportlnanr9 to siiiiln at tho
oondltlon wlii(-h  bo is In.    Aud when bs
ircfits  a  female  aoquaintam  ftoil,   W
tbisrs ever v 1-1 a man who would like M
bis off tho earth tor a few short minutes,
it l>i ha Ah, what a relief to bave something on tl;.- head after such r, trlall Any
thing, ths :: ost outlandish eaij, wilt an
s-.Tcr th,> need ot tbn moment of haying it,
and tho man with tho unoov.ered hoad ii
no more whon nt bnt ho steps ont ot th��
���tsjrev.lth a covering proudly upon bu
hoad. lie can now look his follow er**
tarm lu tho face.���Pittsburg Dispatch.
A Hard Shot.
Among iii.' stories told of Dr. Emmons,
A well known clergyman of a former day
ftnd genoratlon, tiioio aro many wbloll
���how liu kben v it
In tho town - here I'm wai pa6tor t'-.?r.
I!vcsd a ph Blolnn who was .1 pantheist .-��� I
tosjk paiiin to let every one know It. Hi
bn.t m8il<- freqiient boast that bs could
���aiiiiy cot: v.ier iir. Emmons in ..rpriiTiuufi,
a-tl ono day oame bi_ ohanot*. Hu ar.d tiie
dsscrnr m>, 1 .-it the houso ol _ siok man.
"How old aro you, tiIrJ" asked tbo i;by-
sli-ittu brnsqui ly
"8lrt> two," n ; Ued Dr, Emmons quietly, although blB <jsh showed Ms surprise.
'3dsy I ,-.s.k your ngo i'i turnf"
"I've >-*n ha proation in
euo form or another," said the physician
"Ab, Ihen I euppoae you wore witk
Adam a: ' Evo In tbo garden of EdsuV
Inqi -. il ths ir ��� ���'���
.... ..'. ,     11 .,:��� tho re '���
"Uml' said Dr Emmons plaoldly,
meditating on tbo other's f: .-. "I alwoyl
thought ii-.fvo wai n third person tbe.-e,
bi:t   some   hr.ve  differed   from   me."���
V'./Utli  . Oolli; :��� .-'.ill
Pelltlonl Ht.<sTi��vnl��i -.
While great fortunes and grc_t I11-
dustrles have almost Invariably been
created by uneducated men. parvenus
unembarrassed with learning, wbo
taught themselves what they found
necessary to knew, we flud, on the oth-
er band, thnt those men wbo have made
commerclnl science, political economy,
their study have not shown nny suc��
cebs ln business nnd have remained
theorists. Most political economists
have had to live on tbeir pen. Mr. Cob-
den weut bankrupt in business, It Is
true that picardo wns well off, but ho
wis a stockbroker by trade, and with
him political economy wns only a bobby, not a serious result. It is . tvnnge
how few business mon of the lirst rank:
have a good word to say of political
���Elaborate s.-.eiu! eiirr:rv3|.��� Thnt Arei
ESxcliaiiffed lc Cv.ryUay l.ir.-���Cms.
braoee uml Kisses ���The Eil<iuett��
of Sou ..iee antl Ycv ..,.
i n ��������� - -.���-. it to some .-.- -.:.-. notions, lt
ls hardly too much to my tbut the Moor,
ol   whatever olaBB, is  born  0 (.;.  tleman.
'..   re is :uoh a grace al       :be bum blest,
_  . . on  easy dignity, 1 ..-. whenever cir-
1    .-: Cannes place them In positions calling
1    tho 0   uclseof courtesy tliey rorysol-
:   uj fail to respond, and  thus It comes to
pass that In a democratic . alon, In whloh
every 1    n of ability���om all g perliup��
would be tbo i. tterword     ;ay rise to tbe
1 .       . , iee thou        u      rt life at
lave, tho self pn ��� : parvenu is
pr . tii ally u nuzlstent    Ihis is not, however, to   imply   tbal   ,-..    herle and taa
. .  . . ��� tiers which  come from ovil
1 :  . tuj .... ..  aru   unknown.
I . .-. telj :   ���  life ; a by the average
j Hnemeut of in-
. as it do a (ifiVi.-lfjj -:,unt of  mind,
andl        ues to whioh  1.1 e majority sno-
-. in ���    .    ��� rly I fo  too oil iu nullify the
1... .: pn u.'���.-.    ���   ommencument.
It ii a pi '  to  s j tv.-o elderly,
.'  " With measured
���      he ti fixed on those of the
:, with a alight liiclina-
thu 1 ight hands sillghtly ad-
I their  Linger tips to-
a  ]  . ���_  ;  u volley of preecrlbud
salutat    .j. .,     tings and inqnlrlea, hardly ]      Inj to iuiiort replies and ejaculate
' bu praised!"   Then each  1 rossos tbe
li.-j^.r  tips whloh  buvd  !jui.!j  honored by
contact with thoso of hi.-; friends against
:..,  i   , atid  t:.. ii  upon hia  heart as he
ruisus bla head uml  redoubles hlssaluta-
To every fell :w Moslem tho grouting is
K-vuii "Ks-sslam   alaikum"  ("Peace bo
i.you")    'i'owbich the.answer1s "V?s
alai!.....:. ; lam("Andtoyoubopoooe"j,
o -_:... jnbuii ivei? tlie nearest approach to
this iiermlttcd Is "Ala snlam' tak" ("On
'   f pa   i- ";, which Diighl mean anything.
y to speed tfiu parting guest is tn
:, "God give thee peace,1.' or, more
curtly, "la peace '    To th .so whoso pres-
: oe bas never bei u d-.in.il it Is Usual to
iu   I ...,.i..i..ally   e.pllolt,
AI!     ibaun-tt]       ,"'    il protect tbjsuj' /
rival it ls       toi  ���-.:..- to oxclaliu to
j 'V.  . ouie to theol" op "Mar-
, ahlan       nahlan" ("Be welcome,
nd at      1")    Courteous Inter-
1 ... fast,   "How art
' Thy tbe i.-srest apijronob
Ittod  ' ill:     .���-.'���'  iftet a man'��wlfe,
"i'hy rolatl Wimt newsf   U i-.-_.ti iug
I . wh ch h�� replies, if thero is
I:  '  ���      inlly  tu complain of:  "All
11k (.Ind.      II .:!������ in proejKiriry."
Or, if   i.i   :.-.,-:   has   to t:.i given, 'Mod
knows.  1 . lain iho baud of God."
VV!     a   '.      in 1 loots a Suropean a.;-
. .    Icor, though the latter
- , he Uot in.'.i..i:ioutly Ignores
ii. 1 of tboforeiBnar and offers the
Bali    ��� .0 bis con i-������ .-���-:.:�� -.-illy..h:.t I!
:. ,-.:-: rod 0011    my of Modi's and
.: risll ms, liu       Ipims, ' Pchoa
bu   0 : lo of   I-11111."   ll two suoh
: ���    '  ��� 11      ou f-bo roarl, ;,bj plirase ie,
1 bo  to tin  --  aocpmpanylu..   tha
,b "the Nazareues," and It is suf-
i:       ���     rone of each part], to givo and
rei 111 n 1  a grcol gh in tin, c mm
try several oil a.,   so    lufuriorsaaluting
suj . -    : . kl - tbo band, shoulder,
top of  tlie turban, or feot, ur the knee or
.-   trupoi n liorauman, according to the
: : _ ��� on whicli thoy approach,   Tho more
i-.'      ��� forms are  naturally only  i:.:.-d to
liuplor - :j rnvor, though they nro employed
Bomctin es to Europeans. In tho extremity
,.f supptl :at.lon the very feet of one's boris-o
u:.-1 mbrai ���- I.
Tbo old custom of falling on one anuth-
Br's nocks Is ��ti';l ln vogue between friends
Ion ; si pnrntod. Mon and women restriot
their greetings in publio to words, but
personally I was b imewhat startled by tho
sudden embrace.cf n nogross whose freedom my frailer bad been the moanh of ob-
I 1 ���_ :���; whon returning to tho country
alter 1 uno years'absence. Tho kisses oa
such occasious aro, bowever, fortnuatoly
delivered in the nir or on the shoulder. It
is customary to exclaim at Buoh mt .ltiiiKS,
"I have been desolated for thee."
To judge trom the exclamations ever ou
the tongues of tbo Moors, they might be
an extremely pious people, und no doubt
there ure among them those whQ really
mean what they say. but generally tbo
u:ost. religious phrases havo degenerated
into vain repetition. Elaborate curses fall
almost ns frculy
Wben about to repeat some part of the
Koran or a prayer, the petition is commonly uttered, "I tako rofoee with Hod
from Batan, the stonod," and when any-
thlng great or alarming oocurn they ex-
claim, "Thoro la neither chango nor power,
savo tn God, tho High, the Mightyl" Quotations tl 11 :t tho Koran are also freely In
traduced in conversation by tho learned,
as are ; rovi ihs nnd sayings bj tho pener
i��:-- 11 Moors, a knowledge of which is a
gnat, help in conversation
Several little social usages of Moorish
life deserve Bttortion, though not Confined
to Morocco, bu ' as tlio exclamation to
ono �� ho sneezes, "Tho forgivenoss of Hod
lis on mo nnd on thee!" to which tbe reply
la, 'Justice and praise to Uodl" If a
man who yawns ln public doos not uso the
prescribed formula, any ono speaking to
him may place tho back of his hand to bis
mouth, uttering n pious sentenre, as tbe
iK-vil is accredited wilh performing an unpleasant operation In yawning mouths
Qn tin oth rhnnd, any one wearing a new
garment or looking specially apruco 01
having performed Foms clover ormorlto-
rious' oot receives tha cemplliuent. "lil
imhh't-nk" ("In thy fitrencth").
A Moor knows bow to enjoy a good jok*
to tho full, nnd, seated on  the floor, be
bends bni-kward nnd  forward without re-
Btra fit in his laughter    Often tho teller
of  tho story Will  join in the process to.1
liaising their right, hands far above thelt
heads as thoy roll back, they bring them
together in a hearty shake.    Thors never
was n. grandor way of enjoying a joke Invented   Tho women whon hr.p;.y give vent
to their feelings by a shrill " Voo yoo, yoo
yon, yoo yoo yoo!"���Fall Mall Gazette.
Iir Knew Tfc��m.
."..���.���' at on important function at Marl
borough Iliaise Sir Franeii Knollys oamt
Ip to the Prlnoe of Wales and remarked,
���t-'a:jj gentlemen  of the press wish a4-
(jilseion, your royal hlghneBs."
"Oh," Bald ihe prince, "show tkem Im.
If tlv ,- don 1 omo in at ths doar, thsf%
'��� ���'��� ���  1, .-���:. ihu rnmUeto*." TIIK DELTA TIMEF, TUESDAY, JUNE 4. 1907.
PRO  Li'.M.
Mr.   Mariai
visited Lad net
of Point  Roberts, j
on Thursday last.
Delta Farms.     We Beg Leava
0 .ie editorial  mind   which   has
[ an apparent bent for starting trouble
I pirpetrutes this:
~  ""' j     "My   wife   was   called upon   to I
Mrs. Kirkland.sr., return.d homt ��� make a$2 donation to the minister's ��� 527 Acres .villi one mile river front; 175 Acres in crop,
from l,mg Beach, Cal., on Friday salary. The ladies held a church " ba]a]R,c ���a cfcarin . good house bams and granary,
last. social to wlicb thev look articles to I
���  be offered for sale, and they were Railway   and   steamboat   landtag   close to   property.
Geo. Maynard, of the towers, paid to be credited on the donation an j Price, $50 per Acre.
n short visit of inspection here lasl I amount equal to the price their  re
To notify the  people  of  Ladner  and
rounding  district that  we  are  now
position to offer Vancouver Island
surra  a
week. spective   articles   should   sell   for.
 I Now. my wife decided   to  lake  a
Mr.   and   Mrs.   \\\   McRae,   oil cake. Alter some very deep kitchen
Point  Roberts,   paid  a   visit  here | mathematics���into  which   no  man
last week.
1). Dove, of Sunbury, paid a
short business visit to I.adner on
-Thursday last.
200 Acres   (nearly),   all
under cultivation, with good
dwelling, .stabling, barns. &c. On main road between
Lndner and Westminster.    Price, $175 pel
's ere.
Mr. and Mrs. Byrom
home, Wednesday, from 1
Xew Westminster.
visit  to
Capt. and Mrs. \V. Oliver returned home, Wednesday, Irom a short
visit to the Royal Citv.
may enter���she decided this cake
lost 50 cents and wondered what she
would do if it sold for less. But
it didn't. 1 attended the social, not
knowing the exact conditions, aud
thinking  to  make   my wife (wbo
was so tired she couldn't go) a pre-! 260 Columbia Street,
sent, priced this sain- cake. They =
toll me it was i-1.50. I thought
this a big price, but paid it, think-
in; I would help tbe church along���
the greater the price the greater
j the donation. I wish 1 never had
taken that cake bome. The first
thing she said was, "Why George,
you have paid $1.50  for  a   so-cent
White, Sbiles & (��,
New Westminster, B.C.
Arc Your Kens
Portland   Qement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
. Irs. T. W. Foster, accompanied j
���by her son and daughter, visited the!
Royal City on Wednesday hist.
Miss Nora Armstrong, of New: cake. I know because I made it
Westminster, came down, Friday, I myself." 1 saw 1 was in for it
on a visit to Trenant Park. ; then, because my wife is exception-
  allv economical.    But what she said
didn't bother me as the problem   ��1
the cake has.
"Here is a cake that cost me  $2
50 cents plus $1.50.)    But my wife
��� ! still lacks 5�� cents  of paying  ber
Mrs. Hansen  and  daughter,   pf donation, so  she  pays  it  and  the
Point  Roherts   came   in Tuesday, j price of tbc cake rises to $2.50. We
and took in tbe Cinderella Dance,    j have given fe.50 to nay a $2 dpna-
 tion.    The church  has lost f,i  be-
| cause they  sold  a  $2.50 cake for
$1.50,    I lost $1   because   I  paid
Royal City, on Wednesday  last  to|gr>50   &r ���   afty cent  cake.    My
wife paid a $2 donation with a 50
cent cake and 50 cents in money,
hence she cheated  the  church  out
F. C. Butler, Teller of tlie Roya!
Will the person  who so kindly
removed a crosscut saw, maul, two !
axes and a wedge  from  the beach j
at   Boundary   Bay,   between    the
Tasker   road   and J Montgomery's
house, be good enough to call and j
get the other handle  of tbe saw as
1 have no further use for it.
For Sale Cheap.
Rev. J, P.. Bett.s went up  to  thei
attend a
Bauk here, returned home, Thurs
day, from bis holiday trip to Van
con ver Island.
Mr. aud Mrs. Jefferson, ot Van
.couver, visited Mr. and Mrs. W. ]
Brandrith last week and rettirnei
home Saturday.
Miss Hutcherson went over to
the Terminal City on Friday, on a
short visit to relatives and returned
home vesterdav.
W. MilHgan,   of Point   Roberts,
came over, Thursday, and took   in
the Cinderella Dance
Smith & Co.'s new store
D, Eastman, freight clerk on the
insfer    received    the!
of $ 1, which makes a  total  loss  to
the church of $2.    My wife  and   11 wiiges.    Apply at
have paid the church 51.50 plus 50c |
plus 50c, a total of   52.50,  but the, 	
church only has.$2,.    I lost  $x   by
paying $1,50 fora fifty  cent  cuke.
The church lost   $1   by  selling  a
$2.50 cake   lor   i'i SO.     My   wile's
loss was a so-cent cake nnd 50 cents
in money: total loss ��3.    But   my
wile gained $1 because sbe  paid   a
$2 donation wilh a filty  cent  cake
and   filty   cents   in   money.    The
church gained   $1.50  on   the  cake
because it cost  them   nothing:   deducting the   $1  they   Inst   because
they sold a $2.50  cake  ior  is 1.50,
their nel   profit.js_si   plus   the   501
it   Marshall I cents   cash   which  my   wife gave j
them.    My wife's profit is $1,  the:
church profit is 5. 1.50.    Total profit |
52.50.    Total  loss,  ��3.     Who   lost I
A Ladies' .Second Hand Bicycle,
May be seen at Robt. May's .Store,
Westham Street.
Girl   or    Wonian    for    General
Housework.     Small   family;   good
I have Pure BredJ
Buff Orpington
Eggs at
82.00 for    15
$6.00 for  100
B. 0.
See Mo
if you hnve CHICK-
ENS   or  EGGS   to
E. T.
Port Guichon.
Cut Glass.
Watch Bepairing- a Specialty.
JRndrem Clausen,
..I.ADNIU..   B. C
When wanting a New Dress just
B. C. Leather Co., Ltd
Tt2 Hastings Street,  Vaucouver, B. C.
that THE WHITE HOUSE, has some
of the
EiUfiisft Oak TflimetS Harness leaf her
sad  new;
Thursday, ot the death
bf his father at Xew Westminster.
the  fifty  cents, and  who's got it?
Help!  Help!!   Ilcip!!!���Ohio State]
Rev. A. McAuley, returned home, I       ^1.0   NotlCC
Saturday, iV'iui Vancouver,   accom- 	
panied by his wife and lamily, who, Resjdent<_ .,. the Town of I.adner
have returned fur Lhe summer holi- iU,(1 Port Guichon are hereby pro-
days.       ^^^ hibtted   from   throwing   any  slops
��� ir foreign material  into the drain-
Mrs.'J. Watsor, son and  daugh-j age ditches  along   the  streets and
ter, returned home tb Vancouver, on highways.
Thursday, alter spending a week's| Any person found violating this
visit h'-re. tlie guests ol Mrs. II. J. order is liable to | rosecution under
Hutcherson. tbe Municipal Health Ily law.
ever shown in the City.
We  have  them  in all sizes from  \^-
year to 17 years, and in all prices.
Saddlery Hardware, Horse Blankets and Stable
Closed   Uppers   Leather   and   Shoe   Findings,
Trunks, Bags, Valises.
A. J.
BIRTCH, - 275"Co\umhla Street
Estate of
W.   L.   McBRIDE,
(ieneral Merchant
John Read, of Xew Westminster. ,
paid a short visit here  on Saturday I _
Jast, for the  first  time  in   thirteen!'
years.    Mr. Reid was at one  time,
connected with thc Delta  Cannery, i
II.  o
Little Alice Pearson is laid up
with a severe attack of tvphoid,
Miss Betts, of Columbian Hospital
who happened to be here on "ner
holidays, kindly consented to spend
trhe balance of her vacation with the
little invalid, and we are pleased to
state that, uuder her watchful eye,
thc fever bas been reduced considerably and no serious consequences
are anticipated now. Miss Belts
returned home to duty at Columbian Hospital on Saturday, and
Miss Hilton, late of tbc same institution has taken her  1 lace.
���eh Phone 5.
Port Guichon
Gasoline Engines,. Root�� Polpers,
.ERS,   FANNING   MILLS,  EM- PfcrV^Hl \rr>      <vt/^vlV>H     ^\Y\r\
ix^s^t^^i^M^i^iQ^uce Stored and
Shipped Direct
We Walworth-Rolston  Co.,
ioi6 Westminster Ave.,   -   Vancouver, B.C.
W, H.T]-YI.0R,Agent,La(!iier,B.cJTO   All   B.   C   POf\5;


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