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The Delta Times Aug 20, 1907

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Vol. 4, No. 50.
www    i
Delta Sari
r.jj 50CICTV
un Tuesday Inst, An. u ���. 13th, a
Sabbath School Institute wa. cen-
diicted ! y Dr. F. VV. Kellv, > ce-
principal, High
and Rev. J. .
general     secretary    for
Tje anuu.il exhibition   will
held   September   20  and 21,
pr ze li 1* aud entry forms   wil
School,   Montreal,  ready duiing the week foi di.tribu-
Robertson, B.D., tioj     It is hoped by the  Directors
Sabbatk I that the entries in the hall will be
schools under the Synod of British 1 more i.unaerous than last  yearns,
I Columbia.      The     meeting    took|wbil-  lhc qugHty   WM   excellenti
place  in  tlie  Presbyterian Church .. , ., .      ,   ,    .
,        ,       , ,   ,  , the   exhibits   lacked   in   numner.
1 and was largely attended  lw an it -1
.er��&d"audience composed by tl.e I Especially was this   noticeable in
iarious churches. Divisions L .ind  Mi  kadie.'  and
I    Dr. Kelly  gsre  a  very spirited (Children's Work.    These divisions
I address  and, after describing some j underwent s complete  revision last
Jm Market.
New Westminster, Aug. 17.���
Yesterday's market brought'-ut a
large crowd both of buyers and
sellers and everything offered for
sale breught the prices of the mu-
ket. Not only was there a large
attendance but tbe produce vffered
for sale varied More than usual.
There was * good supply of beef
en ban! at tl.e market and one
thing particularly noticeable was
the  improvement  iu  quality  over
���������be beef in lhe past few weeks. The
animals  have derived considerable
I benefit from the wet weather.   Tbe
demand for beef was suite strong,.
Brcat  things  in  this  country,   to-1 year,  and   tiie  number ol   classes!culy * '��� ��.llirtfr3  bei*Z Ie!t �����'
gether with  some  great uifdertsk |were much increased and compares 8ol,:   * * ' l'"" "' L'J1 *��lk-:-
lings by. the people af  the country, |favorably  with  any  of tka shons.!
The supply ��!  mutton and lama
said the greatest thing on earth Was I But in spite  of this  ths judge re-:
I the "Dov."    "How
was quite short and sold rapidiy as
��� re we to get I ported that   ths  entries  were v.rv!ioou  ai  tbe  m'rket   "��* ��Pened-
(��|UR CLOTHING sets the fashion  foi
men who want to be weiS dressed,
When you wear our  Clothing yoi
you know there's not a man in town who'|c
has anything more stylish or in better
ihe best out of the boy?" He then
.ent ou to show the importance of
. aving tii" teachers of tke boy
' . ed themselves ''Shall a hoy,"
.he Doctor said, '[.end ten years
1 scht ul ,i ur rears in a college
bi lore teaching geometry, and shall
.1 girl teach oui children without
auy   pi    aration   of character aud
. .   ian    ���   v��lcdg< ?"
Rev. J. C. Rebertson gave a very
f.mall and in a g.re�� many cla.ie.-;
nothing a! all was exhibited. Tbe
Director, are under considerable
eKpeu. . in procuring a judge for
the-;:* ! '^visions aud eel t ..- unless
these Divisions receive more Mip-
port the Directors woild recommend that they b_- lelt 011 3i other
The Ddta Farmers' Institute are
again offering substanti_l prizes tor
practical and helpful  address.    He] members who joined  before June
also itnphasiied the  importance ofi 30, 1907.
having   traiued   teachers   for   ourj    The special prize list has been in-
I *
schools though he would ack no wl- creased by -1 .liver cup presented by
edge the splendid work done by the B. C. Field Trials Club for tbe
the untrained woikers.   Teachers most prizes in Div, G. and II. and
It ie made in such a range of sizes that you can get'Ian ab^lufcply need ,0 know tbe p,ibl: b,Ucl* Ex" ados P��wer-���llled *>s. presented
jcuses mat sic given when persons by E. G, Prior & Co. Ltd., for the
perfect flt-whether you are tall or short-stout or slender-smaller or 1*7 *,sk,ed ,0 cc?duct' Sa*b?!k be��� 9Uckiu,g colt 0D the *round*'
school class are almost invariably The work has been let for a uum-
! "I   do   not   know the   Bible well ber of cattle sheds to he built after
enough." This difficulty is not the plan of Victoria's exhibition
j sufficiently met by lhe  present sys- sheds and will be a great addition,
tem of the  International  Lessons,  as,  should   the  -.veather  be incle-
hut books had  now  been prepared ment, the valuable cattle will have
to help in   the efficient  trainiug of am\ le shelter.
every  teacher.    This series,  com-, 	
posed of six books, sold in Toronto unlil J0 weM c0-niltted, Th���
���at cost (ten ,ents each) and ware lhe clbfr  _0 werc t0 be treated
monays worth or;as follows, i Banks of tbe oldLfu,r,$imiltrMinBfr  The tbird
j Testament;   2  Books  of the   New, clftsg compriMll M those  above n
Testament; 3 Outlines of the  LifeLe���g and  t0 them  was givel, 2J0
j of Christ; 4 Summary of ChristianLersM to be take..   by  fi,-.jrs ��� be.
_       -,,...        ���        . Doctrine; 5 From 1 to si, Study of forei    Fur  ihis class there was a
Our Ulothing ie mighty  satisfactory clothing to  buy���and   equally jChild Life- ahowingjJeveiopmeatoj] my bau ;$omf cer,iCctle awanied
with  room   fcr  two  seal*.    A red
larger than the average.
Our Clothing holds its shape.
It is tailored by ���xpert�����the flnwt cloths and linings are used���and
every suit is  sold  with  our personal guarantee  of
money back."
satisfactory to wear.
I miad eaoh year;   6 Sabbath  tchoo!
; methods (in th?   ll'*5*)'    To make
; this study more de��uite, an  exam'
ination course  haa   been  arrange,'
one for an additien .1 200 verses and
then   .   ��t.'ld  one  for  still  another
This threw the demand for lighter
meats oa the supply of veal which
proved equal ts the demand. Two
or three of the calves were particularly fine isnimaL and the cheicest
seclioas brought over eleven cents
a pound- The supply of pork was
almost equal to the demand.
The supply of eggs increased
some over last week and only 32c
wholesale was oflered. Tbe people
selling the eggs, however, had a
ready market and many sold at thia
figure rather tbas retail them at
tke ra>; of 35c or 400 a dozen. The
dafmand !or eggs retail, however,
wss very good.
Live chickens were to be seen is
great numbers and few crates left
the market unsold. The demand
for ns'ure birds and fair-sized
spring chickens v��-as good. A few
prospective buyers werc unable to
find the r!_ss of bickens they required and were forced to .leave the
mark1:, witbout having purchased.
There was a good :upply of ducks
aad the demand for good birds waa
exceptionally brisk.
The prevailing prices were aa foK
lows: Beef, hindquarters, 8#c to
9,!4��c; :c.reqiikiter.. 6c to 7c; mutton, 13c to 14c; lamb, 15c; veal,
nc; perk, nc; eggs, per doz.. 35c
to -<.cc; fowl, per dor.., $6.50 to
$750; chickens, per don., ��3.5010
f4 50; duck��, per do_., ��6.50 to
$7.50; potatoes, per tou, $23; blackberries,   per crate,   $ t.25;   plums,
j per crate,   6cc   to  70c;   apples, per
1 100 verses:,     i he�� auoii.er diploma i , ,    .
il __,_ 1   _     .,   1 ��ss' 75c to p'���
Market Notes.
Gray, of Scatt road, arrived
arshall Smit
and diploma kad  been  granted to|9r certificate  wat .warded  for the
1 teachers who had graduated.    Thej tepetition 0, lhe shorter Catechism.
I idea was uot to increase the buideu'
1 of the teacher but on   the  contrary
$ ii
Messrs.   Hi wdeu,    .Moore
Complaint haa been received from      A   very   pleasant sorpHse 1 arty
Wfslham Island, of the conduct el was eiven, on Fridav erenirr last Iw   ,��� u
()>���), u111n1.1jtfc11.11 iast, Mortimore, employees oi the Brum
of  some of  Ihe youag  resideats. at the Shirley   Hone, ia   honor of
i to relieve teachers by making them
more cflJcieiU and   their   weik   a
greater pleasure,
Having   thus   touih-1   on   the
teacher and bis or her training, Mr.
Robertson west ou to  speak  about
' the sr' 1 'ars.    He pointed  cat that
he    I     le   'honll    b     studied   at
I heme ami  it was veiv impertaat
Ithat ehildien should be encouraged
in   the   memorising of Scripture.
Mr. Robertson  then   weut ou tu 1
say   that  Ssbbath  school  workers, at ,he Bia!'krt  witJl so:niI P0t��t<*��
caun.it  do  their  work   alone   bu;; and chickens.
that   the   home   must  co-operate. I    J^hu Kerry, ofKensiagton, w��a
They (teachets)  had  the children j0Bi of the {trf mtn toMng-tas
to teach for oaly twenty minutes j larSe quamtlty or potatoes,
every    Sunday,   amounting    altu-j
gether te, soy, one  whole day in brought ui
the year.    Parents should ayaipa-
tbise and   co-operate   intelligently
with tbe Sabbath school and read!
Ihwid Gmnn, of Beundary  Bay,
i\ large number of eggs.
Mrs.   Whitworth was  on   hand
rith a Isige qnautity ���: apples.
Tom Welford, of Sunbury.
,' a good
i> the home with   the children the 1 * =ooa  mowing  with  same vege-
lea.ons connected with  the inter.  tables grown oa Ms fsrm.
While children, it was easy to com- ,,,t;uall: L.M0U and
Recently a lady snd her children
were shamefully abused and stoned
���n the public highway, the vilest of
langnage Veing used. In aaether
case, in the absence ofthe family, a
bouse was catered and ransacked,
a jar ef 1 eney, spoons and some
bread were taken out unto thc road,
where, after eating what they coahl,
the jar was btokeu and left on the
roadside, and even the ducks in
the yard were stoned and killed.
In addition to tha above most of
lhe windews in the old schaol house
have been broken, cresumably hy
the same parties. It would be
well for the Constable to look into
this BUif.i v.
little Miss Leoiia Jickaon, Dancing
was indulged in to the sweet strains
snpplied by Duncan Shortreed aud
Alf Shirley, nfter which ice-cream
and cake were served and the happy party dispersed at 0:30 o'clock.
Among those present were: Mrs.
K." A. Bown, T. Shortreed, aid
Misses r. Manley. Eva York,
Catherine Reagh, Marperv Claik,
Edna Bown. Mary Clark, Annie
Ilown, Ethel York.
wick Cannery, refused to pay their
road taxes when called upon to do
so and were summoned ta appear
at the Police Court on Thuisday
morning, but in  the  meantime the
Memory which, as a rule, became h
pernianeu' possession.   This should
be eacoaragtd   by Sabbatk  school
teachers snd  for this pnrpose lists
had been prepared  fcr the sckclars
of various ages,    T.n-  first list *as
cannery   manager  1 honed   up that c    .��� ��� -,
6     ' ' for the-primary class and  aceitifi-
he'would go cr. ���! for  the ameuntj ctte W19 tw��,d��d to the little ones
01 thc taxes and costs.
Mrs.   T.   Roberta,   of   Beuidary
kerne reading. j B*y- brought up some dreased fowl
After Mr. Robertson had finished|which mU *t��thet high prices.
di3cus:-io;i    w_s
mons   against  Olif   Lautitien   Itr
stealing a do;:     Defendant appei,r-
1 who came Up to the standard.   The
a sun:- next class was far  those under 11
years,     too verses   Should  be ceui-
��� mined to memory by all those who
GRAIN .SACK5-���fgo per 1000
(less $2.50 for spot cash)���Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd., H.
N. Rich.. Agent, I.adner, B.C,
desire tl s lifica e V>r '
ed on time but tl Doctornd ����g|theme, ��� recommendei
present, the Court, after calling bis tlte sav two verse- tyet-
nanie three lime---, dismissed tbe instead nt the memorv ver
ca?e, the Doctor to ray the costs of International Lesson. Tl
Jtt. ' *o he  reviewed  fr��ri  lira
11a (lass.
wns to
es oi the
���se were
ts fime
speaking   diDcusMou    w.*a   invited
und   found  a tcsdy   reepuuse.    .^e
eager  ^i��  the discussion   that   it
was   feund   difficult
meeting even at  10
The   iriuancial   mc'ling   e.   the
New Westminster District is being
ciose  the!beid in Qneen'B Avenue   Methodist
A ver"  church, N'ew Westminster, this ��f-
u\ wliich Rev,
hearty vote of thanks was passed te j ternooa aud evening,
thiviiitiuj   geiillem.-n   and so vas
hrou;ht to a close  a   very plear-nai
aad profi:able evening.
Betts i�� ia attendance.
On Thursday last, Loa Chow,
. Chinaman employed a! the *. A.
Wheu you wish io buy visiting Cannery, was drowned while bathr
cards call ou the Del ta Times who ing at Canoe Pats. The Cat oner,
Will sell the "b^st money can bu\. i Dr. A. A. King, held an ice.Best on
If you need them printed, why ;>. the body in the afternoon when a
are money iu pecket by calling on I verdict st "Accidental Drowning-'
thc Delta  Piinej. fir.st. was returned T7T-? PFT/T '   TTMEF, 'IT KSD A"1",  AUGUST ro,  1907,
PClJIslSHiCIJ    1  \-,'AY   'l'tJ SiJAV.
Si'ESCRii-nox. $1.00 per year.
Who Think
September 24tb to 28tb, 1907.
I    Defta Transfer Stable
Man ii t!:? Iiil'! e it troduct of his
CwKis-.l AdverttaeineDU, i�� cents per hue foi :
fet&rst Insertion. Bad 5 cents pet line tor earl, |
���toii'-gnr-nt luwrilou.     Thf   number   ol   lines . _ j
abfikou.-,H,v the space occupied, uiinu-sto tlie  ayyn history.     The discoverer   imds ��� n
Tk Biggest snd Sesf of the Reason.
n*te�� lor Commercial Advertisements can Ik-
mi on application at tbis office.
for ciu-h Iri-
Reudin^ notice io ci-utis per Un <���
Bicth a oil Dfttth notices, 50c, Misrriayes$l.<_i.
ssVny special notice, the object ol whicli ii to
prsV-Ole lhe pecuniary Iseuelil of uny Individual
"rejmpiMj tubs ooaude/.-l bu auvertlsemeut
nothing so grand or so la'.l as  bin:-
s*'f, nothing   so  valuable  to  h;m. ;
;<*e  List  Increased   Nearly   50
Btock Divisions.
Per   Cent,   in
��a     ���,      if I* .j ,  .
,  ' . "s.
I- jl-
il  for until ordered
--PH    -bvim.ya mj .  1  -��� ur     -JU IIMU1
����4 churx-'d ��-_.'.. . .Jin _-' -.*.
Alladv��rtls��(UAntrt cbarg<
���\A And pnitl for.
C(irre��4��oudrnce luviUM  un  tiiHUfii ol public
fcaure^t.  Cotnttittfiietttoa* toedltoi must oe ac-
�����tiipiiiiit*'d by name ol wilier, nut uccebni. nly
Hk publication, but u* evidence of good faith,
-Qorreupondeutt- utu-t i e��ch LLn-s ..tL.-c by Tburj-
lay f.. tuning,
m     U
- 4
The   greatest star   is  lhat   at  tbe
little end of the telescope,   the     ar  "
that is  lookiuj,   not  looked   after,
nor looked at:���Theodore Parker.    '
The essence of our bei:,., the R<�����h Filing Competition for tbe Championship
mystery in us that calls- itself "I," i
ah, what words have  wi  for  such   -
Team Work Done at Specially Low P.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
-f Telephone " Ladner" No. 10.
ot British Columbia.
Geo. R.
TUttlSDAT,  Ai-OOl'r   20,   1907.
| things, is a breath of Heaven:
the Highest Being reveals himself
; in man. This body, thes; faculties, i
ihis life ol ouis, it is not al! as a
I ve-.tare for that Unnamed? "There;
| i> bm one temple iu the universe,"
j says    the    devout    Nov.lis,    "aud'-
r  _  that is the body of man.    Nothing
I is holier than that high farm. Bend- j
The Constable is shaking up thej ing liefore men is a  reitreare  done
canoery Chinamen, this year, much j to this revelation in the flesh.    We |
touch   heaven   when   we  lay   our i
mere flourish
Of   rhetoric;    but    it   is   not    80. i
Expended in Improvements to Grounds This Year.
Excursion Rates From All Pointe.
V. T. Ry. ft Ferry ���'.'.:>.
New Service���Port Guichon and   Ladner to  New
Westminster and Vancouver.
Entries   Close   September    loth.
J. E. SMART, Sec.-Treas.,
P. O. Drawer 761, Victoria, B.C.
Oltawa Letter.
The public schools
I on Monday nest.
i    Ottawa, Ami;, i6.-^Waiiy reason*
���exist why the Liberal   administra-
Mrs. (Capt.*) Newcombe and family and   Miss  Dufl:, of Vancouver,
ta their surprise.   In previous years.
., ��� , , ! hand on  a   human  body!
the, tax  collector; hav?   been   too;
! sounds much like
em. with  the result that all hatejof   _hetoric .    but
���ot  been  treated   alike.    Let   thr'If well meditated, it  will  turn   out
.��   a _   ,. !.   , .���<-   ,-   .   , iexist wnv tne j_ioerai   auministra-iam.0r  a   r.w  fia-k. ta.t  w.,v    ,..���
good work continue. ; to be a sc;enti5s.-ljct; t_e exnressinn | J speuc  a   .ew   tuvs, iast   week,   tl.e
���                       _                i in such W��rds as can be had, ot the j lio�� couituendi ittelf le the  people, j quests of Capt. and Mrs. Oliver ancl
actual truth ofthe thiug  Weare the! Wheu iii  opposition   ths  Liberals 'returned home on Saturday.
We are pleased to note that Mrs. j mirade of mincltai the great  ,���. j pleJied {htmit[,es t0 ��� c;iUiu de.' 	
McNeely  bas kindly consented to (scrutable mystery of God.   We can- fined line of policy)   wbich   lhey '
..:���_   ..���o._:��...   i���_..t  ������  ,;._ t,���^i.   ���-s. i.-_s..,.i i.   __ i. ���. i,���...
promised t
Leave Pt. Guichon, 6.30 a.m.    Arrive Vancouver, 10.20 a.m.
I.eave Vancouver,   2.10 p.m.    Arrive Pt Guichon, 6.00 p.m.
(Jives  Passengers  four  hours  iu   either   New   Westminister or Vancouver.
New   Freight   Tariff   effective    September    5th,   '06,
Greatly Reduced Rates.     For particulars apply to
Agent,  Port Guichon.
Sufficient Cars will he furnished without delav.
that  road   66   feet wide from  the
Delta. Hotel to T. Woolery's corner
Whick will assist materially iu raak-l     Hath HCt God 8iyfn ��� a s8u! to
i��. the aecessary iniprov.'ioents.
inform us; senses to inform our soul; j ���^e   Canadian
foad te eaable the Coumcil to make; to speak of it; but y*e feel and know,
if we   like,   that   is   is   verily so.
; years have come aad gone.
people,    disgusted
faculties to  furnish that soul;   un-1 with the conduct  of public  (.flairs
���������~~-~~-"~ j derstandiag;, the great  surveyor  of uuder Conservative rule, placed the
FUNDS NEEDKD. tte   secrets af nature  aud  grace; Liberals in power in 1896, and his-
-,   . ��� fantasy and invention, the master of tory   supplies  tbe  answer  to  any
The time has come v.-heu it is ab-1tlie works; memory, tee sreat keep- Luestisa  totlcbing   tiie  good   faith
Mutely necessary to borrow money | er ,r master of lhe rolls of the soul I *nd PoliU;'a! ho,,est-v o! the ^vern"
Master Don Macaulay, son of C. I
follow should tkey belli. Macaulay, Vaacouver, who had!
returned  to  powor.    This  m iiJthe misfortune to  break   his   IeK
. , .,   .  .��� , while visiting  it  the  Manso here,
189 .,  and   since  that  time   elevea        ,        ,
1 had so  far  recovered  as  to beic-|
��oved, ou a stretcher, to his  home
HI -
InowrperateJ ltf69.
iu tbe city.    He is gaiuing rapidly.
        ;_   I
A General Banking Business Transacted.
ia   power that   can   oiake   amemds; meat ��f tlie day
" i for the speed  oi  time, iu  causing
stter of road-making;.   The ptank Wm   t0 leaye   behild   him   those;
im  order   to   save   money  in   the
Coasevative Scandals Recalled.
roads' are ail giving out al omel things, which else he would so carry
lime aad it is en to tlie people to away, as if they had not been; will,
K-tengthen the hands of the Coun- which is  the   Lord   paramount   io
., . _.     , .,     .,       the state of tho soul, the commander
Bl by means of a  loau  rather than
j o! our actions,   tbe elector  of   our
that   they   should   have   to waste; resolntions; judguleut| which ��� th,| lives.    The famous telegram of. tbe |sche0,  house) frora   ���
������ore tnoaey in pn'chwork.    About | great counsellor of the  will; aflec-io:the lsa'tcr  of the  Conservative
In 1896 ihe people were aroused
by a seasou of questionable trans-
���ccionsoftbe Conservatives. The
great Pacific scandal will never be
forgotten   while Canadian  1;   to y j
Charley'Sing, a Chinese contrae-j
tor at ,S*. Mungo Cannery, wasi
brought up, yesterday, charged,
svith refusing to;pay  rsail taxes for,
himself and 111-n.   After hearing j Deposits of SI and upwards received and Interfile evidence accused was sent up est Allowed at Highest Ourrent Rates.
for  30  days, but on reaching   the
gaol the full sum of $46  wai paid.  SO BRANCHES. ���
 ���       *, BRANCHES  IW   BRITISH COLUMBIA���Vancouver,  Vancouve.
On Sunday, September ist, Rev. East End, Mt. Pleasant, Granville Street, Cordova Street; Grand
A. H. Huntley will open church j Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Port Essingtou, Rossland, Victoria, VeniGii,
seryices in the Boundary   Hav new  Chilliwack, Cumberland,  Port Moody ard New Westminster.
d  to   1:30  ������-���
$J5,ooo  in   addition  to the  taxes! tions, which  are   thc
wou'.d  overcome the present di*- them both; a body,   fit
cmlty  and,   probably,   enable   the  the cbarS�� of the soul so
ly disposed, as that every jart hath
uts   of I P*rty to a well knows capitalist  to
Council to lower the rate in another
to execute *'sfud ��loa8 *noU,er ten  thousand a Sunday school for that district,
wondrous- Molars   is  indelibly  fixed  ou  the   ReT, Mr. Huntl.y has been holding
p.m.   At the close of the service!   h. B. MARGESON. Manager, LADNER. B. C.
arrangements will be made to open!
political scrcll of the country, and
the equally venal, although smaller
transactions, such as diverting $25,-
best opportunity  in  his own tunc
tions so qualified with  health aris
I ing from proportion of humors, that, j OD0' votf d h>' parliament, for a rail-
WHAT IS THE PROSPECT?  i like a watch kept in   .ooi   time, it way subsidy and using the same in
 ��� I goes right, and is  fit to  serve  the|the election  of a  Minister of tke
service at Point Roberts for a short
while ol" whicli al.irce number have
taken advantage ami it is sincerely
trusted that success may crown i.is
efforts nt Boundary Bay.
_ea__������_bb���bwgn������_���__��� 1   a_
Ladner Exhibitor
"What  i_  the  prospect   of   thei aonl aud maintain itself.-
|>elta  getting   a   supply  of  good ������ 	
water?" is a question we ara  asked ���     K  Sh___ weut   (;. fir  |Q  ,he T(?r.
*ory frequently. j minal city on .Saturday last.
Thia is a matter of vital  import-1 __,	
uce  to thi* district.    With snth      ,_,,     ���   ._   _    ,
1     The  G. Is. R.   has commenc-a
apells of drought as we have ex-. driTl��� piiei  on  the rish, 0f.w���v
ferienced   during    the   past   few [ north ot Blaine.
Months it   certainly  is  ap to the! 	
Council to do ali in thair power to
Mrs. P. Shirley aud two children
returned, yesterday, irom a short
visit to Langley.
lot Mutate a water scheme of some
We   do   not   see   wliv a  water, 	
scheme may  not be entered  upon I     ...     _   , _        ,  ,
Miss   roster   returned  home, on
fcythe  Municipal   Conncil  just as Tuesdty Ust| f-rom ,  few   weeL,-
! Eight First Prises.   Three Specials
Onto mv rre nises, on the Slough j      six Seconds.    Three Thirds,
r ir.d, about the ist of August, onr
iilcb Cow.   O f��er may have same
>n proving pioicrty and pnying for
this ai'.
visit to friends in Chilliwack.
well as that of  road-makiHg,    Tho
ftjuds necessary may be raised right j 	
fcera iu this district and ruaahulat-1     ... ., ,,,   ,
1     ('mon  rrayer  meeting   will   befwith  authority.   In    Conservative
ed by the people o.  this district to j held  in  the   presb,terian Church, i days it  a reared  ns  ,f tbe public j
the advantage ot all interested in i.i on Thursday uext at 7:30 p.m.   All 1 domain was held   in trust lor Toiy
j��staswella5 for an outside con.- are welcome. politicians and their friends.
verw to rem; ia kere  ani  reap tke \   The manner in  wliich   thc party '
beneit of high rates. Mis3 E���]a Gjfford ntmm& hom^ j ��nd  its friend,   were enriched   by |
Wo koje te be able to give some-1 FrW8V, from Chilliwack. where she'th; bU,1^ng   ��f ^ Canad,'n   ra-
.... , ,    ,   , . .        . . cific   will  stand lorever  a.s ironu-1
thing more debnite  aJter tbe next1 bad   l.eea   v siting   friends   for   s-        . ,     ., -,, ...        ,1
"���.--���: , mental evidence ot the cupidity and
Meatioo ef the Council couple oi weeks. 1
shearing 01 tue vouBtn. . stupiditv of the Conservative party. |
..-'' -���������i...'r  '    '":; -  ; The   public    domain,   the   public I
Kiss   Bernice   Shirley  retnrrecij     The suljtct  of tke sermon, on J funds,   the   public works   were all j
fcsae,   ye-jterday,   from   a   three j Sunday avtaiug-nejEt, io the Meth-  handed over to heelers nnd adher-
wooks' visit with relatives-at Lajig-j odiit Church, will bt: "The Liquor' cuts without the slightest con-pen*
Traffic in i'nll Retreat." (sation.
���_____������    1'i'o lie Continued).
crown, are not yet forgotten.
The Conservatives for years carried on a government which secured
po^-*- by debauchery and fraud
and continued to enjoy the fruits of
office ��������� after the will of tke people, had its expression been faithfully recorded, would have
consigned it to the oblivion
which wos its ultimate fate. To
those who know Conservative his- j
tory, il appears the limit oi audac-
ity that that party, or what  is left
��� oi  it, should aspire to conduct the
I government ol Canada.
Public I'oiwaui Dissipated.
Kuow .-. Kl,_.'r'i Block, -'���.<��� Wt.h_l_.ti-!
Thc  Conservatives in a  general .
I way raise the        ol graft against ~ ~~	
! the Liberal government.    This isa UR nr     MQQQ AN   I LADNER
j subject upon which they i��ay speak | *-* *X��     B ���    w.e\ i\j*^zr*i ^ . |	
Jan. Sth to 11th.
 lWS0UffE3B |
���J. HENLKY   |
*   NKW WXST��1N3TKH,    :-:   B. C. 4>
A M_tiufuctHr��-s it til Viiidyol ���>
i }
���|��  Soda Water, Ginger *
.->    Aie and Summer 4>
j White Rocks, Barred Rocks, Silver
.Spangled   Hamburg*,   Buff
Orpingtons and Black
i ���
W. N. Draper,
Eggs for Hatching���
Your patronage solicited
.���..>.��->��.^.��.<. ���������^s..-^, ..^.^r..^.,\ ��,}��.<,
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and Draying.
Livery work  of all kinds ai-
tended to promptly.
Wil. HEATON    \j. m* CoiHnson
B. C.
I.ailat'r. II. C.
��v surgeon Ladmr Carriage Works.
\. tstminster, li. C. *-'
New Wtstmin
Il S. Curtis' I
Columbia St.
Phone j,
Machine Castor,,
White Rose Separator
W600 Cylinder
C Hard
J:ek�� SimpsoM has added a��pth.er
satlo to the list as the result oi the
arrival of another daughter whe ar-
riiwl on Thursday last.
There will be a  meeting of the!
abb.th   School Board, on  Thurs-!
Miss Kilby and   Miss   R
.veniug  nfxt, ai the Parson-i Vancouver,  are guests ol
ifler ] i��y-r meciii.g. P. Follis, Slough road.
,ef t
he Delta TimesJQ* T BAKER, Ladner, B* C* 'i..:r.i DiiiTA TJ'SIUS,
-   '      - ^ ,:������
Receives both Ladies ami Gentlemen as resident
day students. Has a complete Commercial
oi Business Course. Prepares studento to gain
Teachers' Certificates of all grades. In affiliation
v.ith Toronto University gives the four year,-.'
course for R. A. degree, and the first year of thi
Toronto School of Science. Has a special "Pros
peelers' Course" for miners who work in R. C.
Instruction given in  Art.  Music,  Physical
Culture and Elocution.
For    Calendar,   etc.,   address   "Columbian j
Principal. |
There Icalways acbanco
to enjoy some shooting
A RELIABLE FIREARM: the only kind wa hava
been making for upwards of fifty yeais.
Auk your DealoTi nml insist on tlio
STHYKN'S. Where uot Bold I), Be-
tuilio ., wo slilp dlroet, cxjsi .-��s pro-
paid, ii|>oa receipt Of Catalog price.
H,'i,,\ lor  I -'o   l",s;:,s ttliutratell
ratlllotf. A n l,ldl_|ss.���NUItls I>OOlt of
r,-i,,ly ,.*-l>.f-,.s.,*- lui* usiin. nml bov-
shooter*.    ..iisiivsi for  4 oent*  lo
.( Ullljl. I SS ,-.,..,,- p-,^t   !,    -'.      t'.. :���   Itttlf'lll
Ten Color Jin..,:., r iorwrarile . i.,s-
��siv_��.en,,s ln_HtamtiMs
V. O. Box -OOT
<l,j< ..]���,<. 1'nIN,
.11:,ss,, V. ti. A.    mm
La Grippe
Etc., Etc.
Cs. i.s.n h
It  wiil   pay   you   to  own   ons  and   bs   on   the safe
side.    One Oxydouor iu a family will  banish all the ter-i
rors of disease from   the  hDUsehol.1  if only used as soon
as needed and  in a reasonable way.-
This is the Actual Experience iri many thousands j
of families who have i.doptecl this advanced method of
treating disease.
Inflammatory ! .heunmtisni.
Mr. JM. .'sU��rn, Rosalind, B.C., Can., writes, March ii, lyei : "l.��iue fire ymri nv,u I j
COt <*>.\j tinner fur my wile who wns fiuflVriuif tYum ftuialc weaklier. After a week's nae Liu ���
"hi * ������ -rtlf WM fliirpriicd to hml such tt i-hauife, ih fact it was en-)Ui;h to indncc him t�� get !
am Ory di or for Kls sister.
"A abort time a*., uy wife aw\ au sitae., ol iniUoiuiat^ry rheumatism. She could !
hot walk ou i har joints wcrr wuah swo��llcu. JiU* applied Oxydonor, and before night thr-
paint had ceKsed, sn . next morning there waa very little swelling, aud eht could walk aa well .
as ever. Mae 'ami a Mmilar attack before we get Oxydonor nnd was under a de^twr'.-. c��rc f��r a !
month, nnd suffered agonies*
"It liflfl cured me cf a severe cold;"
Send at once for book No. 78, giving further information about OXYDONOR and many reports from all!
parts-of the country.
DR. H. S/
364 St. Catharine St. West, Montreal.
ft I.l.  SAINTS.
Holy Communion���tst nnd 3rd
Sundays at 8:30 a.m.; 2nd and 4th
Sundays at 1 1 a in.
Matins, 1 1 o'clock.
Evensong, ja.<> o'clock.
Sunday ,S.Liooiat to a.m.
Friday evening, I.itai.y at 7:30.   !
Rev. li. R   Bartlett, M.A., Vicar.
c.. 1 Hoi.rc
Services firs' and third Sunday of
each month at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7:30 'p.IB.
Sunday schorfl nt 3 p.m.
T.n'v Mais and Holy Communion i
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Palish Rrie-st.
METiioraST, ���_
Siervices next  Lord's Day at  11
a. in. and 7:311 p.m.
Clans  mec.inij-. 10.3.-��,m, every j
Sabbath School  at 2p m every
.Sunday.      Prayer   meeting every
Thursday evening at s.
Rev, J. F. Fetts, pastor.
sServices next Lord'.. Day at 11
a.m.'and 7.30 p.m.
Sal>bath School at itim Miri-
week meeting on Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clot U.
Rev. A, McAuley.. Pastor.
Sabbath  sevrices ��� Crescent Island, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:30 a. m.
Prayer meeting on Thursday a!
8 p.m. I
Rev. A. II    Huntley, pastor, j
TifiB Di
Job Printing,
���Nurseries v &  See ..housesI
Headquarters ior Pacific Coast
grown Garden, Field and Flower
Seeds that are thoroughly tested as
t-i -. italily before offering for <,i!o���
ti.su are subject to government inspection as-to Freedom irom w i
s< ids. Sample, seat to inter, . 1
Large stock ol HOME GROWN
Fruit and Ornamental Trees now
matured for tbe spring trade.
No expense, less or delay of fu
gation or inspection.
BEE SUPPLIES, Spray Pumps,
Spraying Material, Greenhouse
Plants, Cut Flowers,
We   do   business   on   our   own
grounds���no  rent  to  pay and are
I prepared to meet all competition.
Let me price your list before plac
; ing your order.    Ca!:' igl c '-'rce.
;��},:"��� Westminster Rorfd,
VANCOUVER.    -   B  C,
"TOM   THE    DODGER'     .:':.=   HOW
Householder* Often El ��� :.�� iin-'*;." ��� - .
by   Kegrleotlna;  Becoml   Story   '.     ���-
don  !-..isii��'iiin��Ts���A G��os!  S��i._s   .
I <*,- Ladder*.
ThoDias Simpson, alios'Tom
pr," who if: known  in   |o!ko 1 ull
over tlm country,-was In  1 .-
night, but ho got ii.:._ 1     ��� .;
"fly co] :   rs" got (,:. "������'..:
. :���;]   1   : .ona In a dowu   I
aftor Indulging in n fow d
coiiliili'iitlol in  hi.   t;i,!l;       .. in1    hinl   '���
; oi   "'  iltlers    v' ��������� '���..���     I .1     si ing
_ .- ���     those wbn li.ti u id t*  liln  w it :o
Bsr-i     ��� ...... wt   hu I   ( 'n locked him  .,
jrtmre ngo..
'You nee," i;..! i To .. "the pabliu them-
��elvos aRslct us n great deal or mo   In my
liao won Id ii i i-i    '   i to '   ing ui 'foi ie u-
fi Ily isn. tenth < i  '';'  i' bs  Ihey do noi
I      Ioi rnnce, bowc i'i- un infill I      . .���  ��� ���
���;���   and i .i��ir ncrvi in i i  ny ho v Ird ������< ��� m-\
lutlon o.' lei iii|.'_    i the 1.1 mud lUiov,
:: i i, rule Uny |       llit'-.i       .   :    n In th.   .
-.  : ��� me up stairs, fcr si en wi   ii thi  tan
toning, ore  in ��� rl ur,l:.r tlii    in   .  I ���.
loft undone     '.., s\. n man v.;..; knows his
lni..::i, s- irr... tries the ...        I;. ..... :.,r nu
entry onles?ho Is perfectly well ucquutnt.
id \- Ith the run of th-i house i Ld the
liahits of the-liousehol 1, id i .'on tin n K
nearly nlwuya enters by ono of the d
for whloh H key tins be ;: | roouri d . : t!
lock and bolts of whioh oan easily lie
"What  Ss tho best, window   Custom
Well, liicro nln't uons any good, nel .s
It's two wedges forced down I th��
sa.hes, onoon each kUKi of thewlndow
Tl e screw to fix tho Bashes, ns well as the
othor '.ad)' dodges, oan easily bo undone
by cutting out a piece (' gloss Mow, tlm
wedges, if you 'tumbled' .... onoe that they
were wedges, could only b�� get a$ by witting two holes in the glass, and then, if
pn porly fixed, they enn't bo shlfted-with
out mnklnginorenoise than wo ce;'j u-bout
d. lng iveili'on business. Moro especially
is tills Iho i . ���' if ; h il! ivi;:i k ooii spring
Is nttnclii .1 lo the ���       ���:. ���
"The   last  timo   '.  ma  '���-.���.- i    	
uiraugn oneoi uieui coil sprl g Dells--
liut not on a window.  It; was lii:'.�� this:
"Tho house 'went for' \vh:i oci upicd I j
nn eec 'Utrio old man, vvoll to do and owning a tidy lot of pinto 'j'he 'spotter' 1 ono
���..lr.yicl mnnngod to 'got around' and walk
out with ona of the servants, and f-oiii I er
ho learned that tha master was very sus
picinu.iof tho domestics, laying traps to
catch nn giving way dripping or odils
nnd ends end bo on nud making all of 'ci .
-so '., hid before ho did
���SYill, l ten n.i ii. this s-.,.-:s encner n
���tlokllsh job, but ns I'd goto key mado to
lit tho hur.k door J. decided to risk it. I
did end .got into the house as 'i v ns
winking.' Reaching the drawing room,
where I knew tho plato-.vns kept, i. hanled
It from the '-atpbonrd, and, us evorytl In ;
had gone olT so well, sat down to have a
rest before packing lt up. W'alkingon tip
tools tiring work, yon know. I hndn't
sat I hero live mtnutos when bnngl I Colt a
���rack on the head, nnd I knciv nothing
more until I found myself tied bands und
feet and two policemen standing over mo
"When my trial came on, and not, until
then. I discovered that my capture was due
to the fnot that the master of the house in
order to find out if nny-df tha .ervants
rnme down stairs after he bad retired had
placed --cotton across tbe passnges nmi
-(.rjiir.-..,._ olioiitsis,- inohes from i hen-round
and attached it to a coil spring hell fixed
la his bedroom. In iny joiirnny uj. stalra
1 hnd without knowing It broke a the oot
ton and sounded the alarm. Ves, It wis .
ncit 'cop.'
"Are there mcTsattemi.-i at burglary
nnd housebreaking during the dark d lys?
Vs..--, but whyf  .hist then rlu: i it overpar
ticnlar, .rough laboring class i   . I
'ind  they aro open  to take to anything
I'oni pursesnatohlng npwurd.-Jf thera !.
evon a remote chance of making money
i'he consequence is that directly an oj
tvriltyoffers to carry ou* a bio ..: iry the
go lor it'���go for Itwlthont  tnking
precaution ami relying on brute force, the
knife or evon tho rovolvor to effect    ;
osunpo ii disturbed, " hat is why tl	
-so many brutal ass .i.iis and murders t'.v
bo called burglars jum. i.t that time ��� ! I
"Of couth, tiie particularaasto r oms,
valuables, locks, windows and habits ot
thow) living in a likely house, together
sometimes with wa . impressions of key i
nto., areobtainetl by'tho apottor,' o man
who has nothing to do with ths actual
burglary, hut takes n Rliare in the haul
noTerthelei i A 'spotter' may bo anything
from a hawbor calling nt thoai rvan .- i n-
trunco, tho caa ninn como to tnke the
muter, n water inspector to fen it thi r i :r,
on? leakage or simply-tho (for tho time
being) u-ivoied follower oi ou J of t.'ie s��-t
".Tnst a remark uhout ladder*. In lar.;s
estal lishmouts i havo particularly uotii i il
tho care with whioh all ladders are locked
up, while just around tl-�� corner, perl aps
:.. ��� In the opi n, r.'ra tho olnthw po��f��
used for drying.or sun airing ths ��loihe��
from tho laundry. Nov.-, it's m easy to
swarm np a good square clothes poll ro
reach ii ������Ini: floor winflow, and when iu a
Uurry It's a lump qulokar t.-. slide down
oue tliiin down a laddor.
"I toll you what Will ehat." th�� n��r?M
of a burglar as unicli i-s anything _nd
perhaps make hlm drop bis tools���thai li
kicking against n sheet of orumplcd : ������ ���
paper carefully laid In lhe passage. 1 got
'l,ud' lhat way inysolf once and made
suoh a iu,j*e that 1 ltnntedlatoly boltod.
"But if yon yourself are frlghtensd of
burgliirs paying your house a iblt," bo
concluded confldentially, "the best tip 1
snn give you in to lay ta a little yelping,
snapping dog���one that will fouso trsry-
body directly n door or window*.��� tried���
>nd lot htm have tho run of the house im
side  evory night.    Tlmt's  the   best  . uf��-
aunrd thoro _> "��� Cluclunatl,Knqulr��r
!.<..i:i Dvrlr-'II��a.
I                  ���.             . w ha*.
:, .���          ��� a few
f.           i in t!       ..... uf tl
��� ��� .   I    '   d   :    i   ���
1                    ii.g tliati :  : .    ���
..   [uirer.
'. he I i-_IV. t UelK-ht ot Voi,.r.
i   ��� ,th I   twine ij.' '���  ���
' .   ��� ���        ���      e posterity
t. r.r.-J yot, - ' ���    .:
I'h        .....     I,  / of a d.    ....
ero       ...   i        [ihant, Ci   ;.
l ve ' his ���'���. ���   pr   .      ������      ..;  ��� u i_,_i
No   .    ttio battle's crln ion fray,
-.. . . ,
'. . :    ���   .   ���      ���   .   .   r
:......'     ..���        one        ��.��*_
t i     I the co,.i
African eh phi i limb mout '. .
vr:    . '.      ���:'.'-,..
.               horn g'u . .cm-   lal   lit   1/
..���..'��� pof 1           11,1.
:   ���   tl ' "       i burrov
pi. lei ......    em nto
'��� '          bulk, and |
'J   . eye ol tho \ nil    ���  i. so c ust-r    I   .
that it. in ii h        ; I  !       .-...-
���          r' ��� ui
Ini  m.i
a  .   ��� Iiy :            ���-..-;
wi- -> vur luo is ii
I    ��� . only
, , . \  i-   .
. .  ,-'  i   -   . .
Driven Frantic by Delia*
"If ever thoro wi s anything provoking,'
B��! i the young '...:.. keeper, ii Isthe i;
that I have three el :! ���-. I ells In my flat.
V:. ii one f them rings, 1 start and run
j. to mo and then to another, and half
::." time .i. ii, -.i.o i..;rd i.-.'.o that wants mi-
���swering. It is not only my own bells that
are a nuisance, but, . *eor 11 I others, ��_ we
live in a large apartinqnt builuinj;- Vi
couraa I can't hour all of tlie belle, bu'. I
bear ououg'i t_j drive ine nearly mad, and
each il.iy J am s'ln, ! must Sfo n my doors
2d times all for nau ���'.'it. 1 eople who have
of aslon 11 ring an oh ctrii hi II often mis
tal ��� It )< - ii ].:������. J : n ������ itild th y
biTt " -;:.., tlie .: iln not it bas on
the occupants i I . io (lal I ;. migh
sibly bo Induced :,o 'ring oflf.'
Jingle, jingle i.oos the bell and Ivan;,, any
oo-i can gut to tl id ior or I i tho spoaktng
tube jlngl le, jingl    i. gi   i again
ph. ii Is-awfnlf ���I i.ion;., i Obrouich
fsotn .'J:r |sped Fo; a i--i- ���-���
Eat the least i portant of the hobbioj
et the late Kniprees liii:-....' Lh was her In-
terest  in the   ��� 'ring of ���. Sho bed t.
grent libit  [for tho nob', i.   ������ .. !,<_������-
pm-i;,-..';;��� fancy being tho "bl
Iii  r. ��� ilii ���'   lia  iimonc th m arlii       ieoI-
nu ii     :    :.. d in thisoon s       il wera
bred by 1 ' maji sty, Besides tho : ei .
Dane -.' -       r  vei y fond of , ��� i h��
Steel ��� un '-rions that tbo ! ��� . j
Bill Georgu of.Caninooastlo, Eciifi I Ise,
Vj'Mt i : supply 1 er vdth dogs, t':; i ��� oo-
snslon I josty lustri i    I Mr.' i
to .to nc   llibridge station with  a  I   i
: ,.    Tin   train from  the 7
������ :     i  ho had been hum I     was Ily
."- pped, end tho ompres    '      Ing
'.',:. -��� Im   .-   i : dnimed, "Oh   ���     i
J -��� . ao pleased  you have oomo.      ...:
So I;  thu pug ki her arms,.and the train,
.     ch had     i] ; . d only >������ ��� n Inui   .. i*-
nnuad its journey.���Parij Mefseagor.
{,.':: ., Soot il niccr.j
<HitB fairies duai-2 on (be moor by night
(llolden hair , . tl,.. Iieataar),
Stray silken th      '   ..    :. their dainty beadf
blur ha - thi ftoweiiag ling
;/. .     pink a rple heachei
t_Ii   . i. isars i-i theaystle light,
but :��� ������-. '���     l_ '... a winsis.'i.e sight).
���fi'lcju morning breaks and the fairies Bio
o'o .-.': er threi   - In ths heatb��r)t
>,.^    ..   ands    ivithgilst'nini; lin-ie
Like :       . I ew        - : v:r ; Rold und ala: rt
On the einkand porpla hsati ir
(Oowsames- threa is are ail i so^.
Bui >e .-      ..   sth I :.���  .._;.i fo,-ir."i
jisJ vs-ii.-.i lhe wind breathes, far and o.*.,-
(JSoli in hai i s :n the hea'-har),
-: ...  .[j '.ton, r.-j i.ey utiinga
And '���-��� u ti... liaraji-juy
lie pink and ijurpio heathw
. :..'.;.' luu-ii uiy mt,
Bu    ��� -    . ''��� .   i- it -. ���   it 10 ht"C).
���Full Mail i.~tfuiE<
. ui-fficnl Wtt.
isl Rourdman of Minneapolis tells a
story Jllusl the envious rivalry be
tween his low a ..".1 rit. ' u
"An Irishman from Si Paul got hurt
eetnuhow over at Minneapolis and was
t .'.-cu io nn*of tha hospitals His injuries
were painful, hut not dangerous. How-
6%. .ir, he felt sure that h.i would nut survive, and hv constantly wailed t. the aur-
" 'Ocli, doohtor, tlo somethin for me
quick I'm dyln. t know 1 am, I'll
aever ace Sr. Paul aliv;.1
" 'Sen St. Paul alive;'' blurted cf.*, (he
surgeon, 'yoo'!'. die of old a>,�� bsforo
anybody cvrr seeo St. Paul aliv*.'
"And :'.��� made that Irishman so mad he
Wanted to thrash tho doctor, and nobody
heard any more wailing from him, bnt he
got oi t of tho i. ispital at the earliest iioa-
���iblt iny."���St. Louis Qlobe-OeBiootat.
Hfot tlii' Biislness.
"Woinaul" ho cried in a voice of thun
drr. ' Domt you'kr.ow you'll drlva tne t;
tu.- grnvof"
"No! ' she retorted, with a curl of his
ruby lip. "Tlm hearse driver will r.e
that!"���Up tei T.-.to.
The Vital Tolnl.
Bhft��� .'nt.hor asked the other d.i�� how
aocu we wonld be in a position to be i.__r-
He���Does doer father'I lie,.'* rtill ooa-
tiaue robust"���I'hiii.delpl.ia .-.os-iii Ai.cv
Th* Austrian government has wi'*c��--l
ths boundariesYrf Vienna Its suoh an ex
tent tbat thu metropolitan area Is now
half as large at London, twit. ��������� large -
Pftrli ��nd three Umc. I irj ���.- I iati I o
Beat* K -all.   t_nde.
& miaid* of pretty ottoman neve, wl :.-
Binry )-r mods  appropriate for anyrooi
���ocordiog Io the  charnct..r of thei" eovei ���
ic,t, _',.> easily manufaotureO  by f.-nwii:;;
od . small '-an-et or keg to ahouta foot i:
ueutJi.    To the closed end four very oho-:
rpriniiK arc affiled, iv iiich are;.-."', i.iven,
and fastened with a oireular piece of ��..'.:
oloth. firmly nailed to the wooden sldi
nhi.h  are also  neatly covered with  Ih
same klm! of  oloth,    After  thi* th^ac.-.
aiav be upholstered iin desired.
Slnrk TsaIb ai a Su-_ip -'-k,r:,ttor.
Once ln a^l.iie Mori; has taken a lisnd
In politics. On one oocaaion, being Invited to speak in tb* Intorestof bi.stellow
townsman, Genera! Joseph Hawley, who
was a candidate for re-election to the
United I lotos sonate, ho said in ihe ooure*
if ndi'.:, address: "General Hawley de-
ei-.-ves your support, although lie has
aboul ns much iiiiiuer.ee ln purifying the
senaie i.s u bunch oi Sowers would ha7a
in iweetenlng a glu* factory. Mut La's
all right; h* never would turn any poet
beggar away from his door emptj handed.
H�� always give* them something���nlmo��t
without exception a letter of Introduction
to me, urging ms to help them."���Ladies'
limn. .I.uiri' a1
Ia. tb.- Ranis or v.uy     .-.,.
One of the ourloeltlei of ihe Bank of
Riiglnud Isto bo seeu in thopriatlngroom.
A mnn sii.s et a desk, and eTei'y thrw second* a iniscliiii* delivers to him two complete Hi notes. If he tit* there six hours,
he r*oelv*a over JBi.O.OOC ��ai !u t-'.X) days
t.:^:- ktuO.00fl oon
A   frtatcr    .'onvenjeec*.
'The ne��rost doctor is miles away,
Isn't her
' T i,   lint   the   cemetery   ia   right
a  Hrtr.ii     'i ���:   M ><!e n,r  |vIr tcostt.
���. er ': lelr -1 uilteta',
nts a 'VM- aasodste
..:.   i. Different nadirs will more ��r leSs luto H, aoeori-
��� nl h.bits of  iBtail. Utl
,... dud i: iu ..resiiii.;
...... Americans who were eroauug th*
���   mot  i-i   liie   oabin  ou  Kanday
night to sing  i   mns.    At t'ny saug tii*
1 .'   ' :   ��� . -   L/ivar of  Sly Soul,"
w tbom heard an uxoaedlnglyrish a��4l,
i I voico 'behind  liim.   He k>eke<
r' nud,     thoughhe (lid uct knuw tk��
': faoo, hu thougl t that hu kn��w lhe vo!��e.
So, wbon tbu .. :_uj ou.uifi, ha turued i*��
asked tbo .'iiu-i if hi had been In ih����irii
war.   Tha man :.-.''j��i thai. \��% hAd mm. a
' ���>':'���������' ��� .r i   ildier
"Wereyouat uuii*i a plaeo ot,   svoti  a
nlghtf" asked '.lie Urst una
"Yea," replied the second nan, "mat .
otirlous thing happened that night, wkiak
thiB hymn   bas  rucalled i* iay utlad.    ��
|  ?>> jioslMil mi eon try duty *s*r Vi* *dpo
of a wood.    " a :.'j'.-k iil��ht wid tay
;  cold, and I v is a Ii  .< frigh{��D*d b��aai_��
i.i. i enemy i so; posed  lu Is. tar, au.
it  mi :.   jbt    whan  everything  w*s
II -   : ', ' i.-:e; bomeeieh and n:i_-
::,-��� and  -   :i r, I   thought liut- I wuHki
tmyss.ll   by pr_ylug and stngiug a
... .1     i ;..   ember singing th*u liaw
".til my trasc ^s ihen vt.t&A.
���  .  ..\, :: .in iii*- I beu.��,
':"���,.   . " 'JV! -       .S<u   lis^J
.' lie ..lie.   :ti o:  '.'.ot  v.iRg,
"Aftei -   that * strange f/eeee
:amo down e.oe ica, suit through ��lie
1 u j !���>,*-* 1 '<d. no'mnre fieur."
"Now," said the othet, "Iiil.** t. my
story: I was a Ui Ion uildler aad wa* la
tlio wood IJ - . night vrithai-.-.rty of iroula.
! .." j ni .: . ling, although I rii:i aot
_iy .,-._] li ai. tb.ir rifles
foonsod opon yoo, .waitlag tho word to
:. .���-. ' ui when yoo *ang,
- Covei :      ds��*nnel*s�� livsd
"     *.     - shadow rff Vuf wid.:
I   .:   Id,   ','���;������   'ovei- y����r  ri!5ar;  w�� v IR
...    .       ������    '
DiffMtiiiiiitr os <-,ia r**A.
1   :., Impi - Ihlo to dig.-���'. artieis_i of !*si
ai   re Lsod t.i.. moderately hlyh
;   i-tturu,    Much of i.io illnes* pii* i
s'jir mer would Imavoldad if pro; if
.-��� ��� warm i.�����.,..-�� 'i,e.T no in winter.  Ui :i
!���.-    i   .-   . illy gihoitld avoid c Iri
���cs aad drink*.  They are extremely tux
;   --   io the  ...... : 1 v .j  powors and a,-'i��*t
.;        ..    ho vitality      ! lei hriaar. iiy.iiem
ist    . mu '1 ��� power In reserve, and It
... i is cm ... i ,i in warming up tho largo
ii, of cuii   lood that is taken into the
,    .....), tii..:... I- iiut little left to aat*y ea
-.im other prucussos of existence.
_ physi ...u of wul" experience r.y��
thnt for <fi years be has soaroely )��*d a
day's Illness or an hour's pain,-and thla
ex, iiiption t"ora i.-if;oi'in^ he attribute*-To
an unvarying prsetioi of taking s- plate of
h. ' - mp three ev fonr times a day, winter
ai d summer. T: . pra.-6l o i.- largely root-
i -.--v  .nd i:'  b* 1_ tired  or overtaxed
ho makes i* ais imperative unvy ta vieie
i:.- noarest flrjt class i..��tffl and yet * dish
of i be best soup ha ��<m find, fla freqneot-
lj t_. wi hout iwoompanlmeat et aatj
>-. rt Oceasloaally a craokar cr rati i.
eaten at the same Haio.
1 Is man declares list, all things b*'N(;
equal, ho wiil st .\e his reputation en ttie
theory thai nine-tenths of th�� int��*i.ius-I
troubles of iha airamtr sttstou efiild I *
avoided by tbe systematle and troqoeun
use uf hot beverages, re-. Khar, ia better,
dli'ac.i st" snap oats a as hot as tiiey mu be
:  r*li_hcd.--New Vork Lodgw.
'. '_    I ING .OR  DEATH.
Sou., ot Qenora] Cvrflr'i Awfal
_serirne*a  Ift  11.st  A.aett*s
"The now year of 18S�� was only it) darti
; old when death eame for the flrst time,"
! writes Oeneral A. W. Qreoly In The l.adics'
Home Journal, tolling the awful experiences of hl�� arctic exploring party _i Oape
Sabine,    'For  Ho  dajtisj  fca.1 all llvod
and kept tivrothw-, bnt doath wa*  inevt*
tablo,   lte con,log waa wirj ie a-.ioa, if not
to all.    Our only wonder wa* It had not
roiue sooner,    Onl>   -.ae d \j  before was
euruo'urai'.eat work.  Ve suid little,  duly
one man to far forgot that he wa* a soldier ... to make ths fainted si .o
"J3ut '.'.: iK-.-.r:-'-.. r' the end tnuohOQ
as all. i-  bheca s low, r, actions gentler, determined faaesgrew softer, and con-
(lllatloa vat ths rphlt of lha hour. t\'ho
would go nextf was tha question written
en each face. Not a mau ventured to say
lo h �� : lh ir. 'Tl la ir, Hu unit.' Mow thttt
eternal quostlon, always io nnanewernlilo,
seemed tn be even more of a mystery to
us! The Easter sun hai hardly tst befora
ths teoond fall be'ute death. _. day alter,
and tiie I ird suoeuinbed. Th.ee ihe
fourth, nne by un. thoy w*r* dropping
et our n'ltii. Vi'.s fltti follow** quickly
io solve the problem of futurity, 'thee
the ?i ','.':: comrade pMi��d.
* nd row we Wt that tt��wws s!1 await-
: ing thc MiaimoTi?. c.ie by oe*. Yii soaroe-
! ly lookeU at taoh nth*r. llouht and
wretchi .ln��r were allied egalnst ua. Bitt
tlio ft .-iune* of war sometimes change at
the most critic*! moment, etrivcand do,
jlo and strive until danth, Wore t.i* mot*
>..<���- ot vtnr heiitar*, autl ea* tier nearly
ti'O pounds cf . >m ,, . seal sucat rame
je.pt as all food had almost failed, <>h,
tliu joy whieh tbat ntas brenght te inti
T.'Lo *an teli but these tathat hat' f-of.v
thing to eat���somethlng't* kuy lifu!"
The grand vlalsst t.-a�� amblHoua.
"I thluk," sa'.d he, "lhat tny her.d wiT
bs c.n n medal p' ::e day."
"Hal" aaid the caliph. "Good ld.it!
I'll hava tt i. rack oH ateaoel"���IadlM* TWR VM-lTA  TIMES, Tl i.5DAv, AUGUST so,. 19071
���pan m�������� ���1
'tV R. i'a'.trson i-s laid up with ai
sprained knee.
t;��{. Gowdv is erecting a fine -
bat�� on thc Morgan property in the !
East End.
Mr. aud Mrs. F. W. Harris returaed home. Saturday evening,
from Vancouver.
Hay, (.rain, Barns, Implements,       |
furniture snd Houses
Insured From Fire
Best Machinery
On Earth
To notify the* people of Ladne-x and surrounding district that we are now in a
positiou to offer Vancouver Island
T. J. Armstrong spent Sunday
at Dualeiih. the home of Mr. and
Mrs. J. A. Paterson.
Miss Kinley. matron of the Co- j
ijaaleet^a institute, ChJJlJwack, is a 1
guest of Mrm. F^ Cullis.
White, Shiles # (��',    \n
260 Columbia, Street,   -   Kew Westminster. B.C.
Mr?. Calvert, sr., Mrs. Harrington and Miss %.. Plewes retuiHed
bome,. Saturday, from. a. visit t��
Ae Royal City.
Mrs. Jeseph Hadden, of Kent,
Wash., arritied bere, on Friday
evening last,- on a.visit-to her sons,
ijhree of whom aie resident here.
The Ladies' Aid of the. Methodisi
Church    wili   lu>l .     .- ���;,,:-.- [
fleeting, on.Tjiursuay $ejc al Mrs i
H. J. Kirkland's, Slqugii road, at
1:30 f���mi. ;
WII.I.   BE   hi :.-n   ON
Smith Wright went- over- to
Blaine. Thursday, to fetch his v.ifej Pnm\ V and tATIIDnAV
and family, who had been visiting | ��� Kll'rt ' a,lU &n ' UKim I
relative* a.   Lyrtdtn,. Wash.,  andj       ���      _ ,
the Seund cities. b��$\. 20 Ol  21,    07.
Hanaied on Commie ion.
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building!
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
NEW WESTMINSTER,       -       -        -       B. a
rom nmnone mem w ���***>:'���
Thos. Rtbertsou has & very fme!
��ep of Kfc.ii the Ea�� End, Entries Close Thursday,
while Sam  Morrow, for   Boundary,
Bay, bouts an exselleat crop also, j September   19th.
dry season aad all as it is.
Top VANCOUVER Prices iW* H" Taylor>
ForYour I Agent,   ���
Alive or Dressed J Ladner,   =   B.C.
Waa. MoFveod, of West River, N. A.. DeR.. TAYLOR, Sec.
3., and bis brother; Jebn McLeod,
of Vaicouver, pakl a short visit
bere, laat week, and were the
jueata ef Mr. aad Mrs. Geo. R.
Ycrt Guichon.
JtlMufa-} Silverware,
"IpSpL Cut Glass.
Watch Repairing a Specialty.
.Andrew Clausen,
Hi an<r Mra. S..T. Helbraok
and fancilv, of; Strathcona, Alts.,
3��ave taken up their residence here.
Mr Helbrock hai rented D.Woods'
fern, whkk ke tikis over ia *<o-
vemher next.
Andrew Clausen, Jno. MacKenzie
and Jinmle Maaen spent last Friday on th�� Nicopekl with varied
success. Audttw had quite a bag
*f fisk kut Jeha brought; heme his
kitea (mosquito-).
Elans of the subdivision ef Wellington Farm.and sll other information maj. bt abtaiued at this office.
Several plots are being sought after
. o that yeu want to hurry up, if
7-011 wish tp make a,choice.
W. I.. Slater arrived here ea Friday to take up his poaitien at the
IJetta. Sawraiil, which will likely
ajtart up In about two weeks' time, j
Mrs. Stater, we regret to state, is!
vary anwel! and ksj not  arrived aa|
We ere  pleased   re  be   able  to',|
state that j��.   Graaer  is   mending j
ipace and, although one leg wiil be)
a trifle ahort, there is every iadica-'
tjon  that ke  will be  able  to get
about again In tha near futnre.   lie \
is able.-ta-Mt up pome and that u a !
good sign.
Mis* Tkelwa  Clark entertained 1
ijer   yenng   friends  te   sn   initrti ���
aaenial  oo.Bei.rt; on  Th-nraday lest,
i .       ���
tt keri bonpe when  the followingi
little ones enjoyed  a very pleasant 1
time:    Miaeee   Tyatelie    Psauleeu.
Haeel, S-hirlty,   Eva York,  Leona
[ackBen;, V; Reanfeapi titbt  York., |
Bow:!,     .-..-���..     k'ork,   Edna'.
Wm sad Mr*. Bown. Itt
Fishermen will please take notice that we earrj
Best Fishi ng Bo
Made in the World To-Day.
These Boots are made bv The Robert Taylor Co.,
ol Halifax..
They ar.. made from
They are a Thigh Boot,, tho uppers being 38 iimh.es high.
They are hand-made throughout and are ABSOLUTELY
WATERPROOF.. Fishermen, donvt havo to wear gum boot*
when they san get boots lik.. these..
The price to everybody is
B. C. Leather Co., Ltd.
xt2 Hastings Street, Vancouver,. H. C.
English Oak Tanned Harness Leather
neii.aas   i>
Saddlery Hardware,. Horse Blankets and Stable
Closed   Uppers   Leather   and   Shoe   Findings,
Trunk3, Bags* Valises.
_ j: jPsg.'-.-yir-nr-
Estate of
W.   L.   moBRIDE,
General Merchant
I I  r\f P"
IS Phone 5.
Port Quichon
Sold exclusively by���
New Westminster and Vancouver, B> C.
Produce Stored and
Shipped Direct
To All B. C. Ports.


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