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The Delta Times Jun 9, 1908

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Vol. 5, No. 40.
LADNER, B. C, TUESDAY.. JUNIi 9, st908.
Summer Necessities
Ottawa Letter.  I Death from
The Store of Quality and Quantity,
Ottawa, June 9.���The Conservatives havebeeu wasting time and
-money of 'tlie people, not only in
opposing the government, but  last
^ H week they'gave a disgraceful exhi
I bition  of internecine strife.     Mr.
"We a-re showing a  large range of Blotises in all the new styles,; ^o*ier. ihe author of the famous
t-Oadfe Ifttta fine Isa.wns, India Linens and Organdies, from $1.25 ��o4&3.50. expres-ion,   "woman,   wine a��d
jgraft," when speaking on the sub
Summer Hosiery and Underwear-
This is where we are strong.    We import all onr Hosiery, and
<can rest assured, prices are right and quality first clas j.   We carry a full
Tange  -Ladies' and
Children's  Cotton  and  Lisle Thread  Hosierynin *all
iadias' Summer Vests in ^sleeve trnd sleeveless, from 10c to -2Bc.
^Ladies, Lisle Thread and Silk Vests, Lace Yokes, Etc., at 35c to 90c
This is Bathing" Weather-
We are showing a nice vange Ladies' and Children's Bathing Cos-
uttmes in Navy Serge and fine Jersey Cloth, with fancy colored braid
tidmmings, etc., all sizes.
Also Bubber Bathing Caps at 50c each.
ject of the Ross rifle, took occasion |
Men's Department
'���ouvMu-'fl curnwew
Spring  Suit
and  Black
a in  fine Tweeds,
Serges, Eta, with
-and   Latest   Gut,
to make a violent attack on Colonel
Sam Hughes for the sole and only
reason that Col. Hughes supported
the contention of ihe government
tbat the Ross rifle was a good arm.
*Col. Worthington, a Conservative, delivered a wearisome speech
occupying several hours iii thede-
livery, consuming most of the time
in reading official reports. Ashe
proceeded be made uncomplimentary -allusions to Col. Hughes, also
a'Conservative, and in this he was
constantly applauded by Mr. Fowler and others.
It  remained,   however,  for Mr.
Fowler to deliver a personal attack
upon-Col. Hughes, which hedidin
j a particularly coarse manner.    He
commenced     by    describing    the
speech of Col.'Hughes as being for
the most  part fiction, and he continued  by  makmg   slighting   and
(sneering-allusions to Col. Hughes'
military'record. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The occasion was �� ��� debate pre-1 New Westminster, June 5~P!ans
cipitated by Coi. Worthington, who jfor the provincial exhibition are ad-
is opposed to the Ross rifle. In.pancing apace. In addition to the
support Of his .iew he read portions ! increased expenditure for prizes
of official reports which had a bear
From $7 to $1&.
Complete   Stock   Boys'   (Slothing.
.New Neglige Shirts,    iew  Neckwear.    ^New Ists.
.Shoe Department
We carry a complete stoe'k of HIGH GRADE SHOES fer the whole
liaanily, in all the New Spring Styles.
A coroner's inquest was held on
the 4th inst., for the purpose of inquiring into the cause of deaih of a
Chinaman, named Hai-ttt, who was
found dead, ou Wednesduy, in a
shack on Crescent Island.
The evidence-went to prove that
the man's death was due to exposure and starvation which,_ together with some lung complications, caused death. It was proven
that he had been unable to procure
v/ork for some months and had
i been practically turned adrift by
���his countrymen to starve.
Dr. King, the coroner, in summing up the evidence, said that,
"It was a disgrace to humanity that
such a thing should happeu in a
prosperous country like the Delta."
The coroner was assisted by a
���jury composed  as  follows:   J.   A.
jTaterson (foreman), H. J. Hutcher-
���son, W. H. Wilson,   G.  T. Baker,
Robt. May anl P. Clark.
Dr. Woodley performed the autopsy and gave evidence as to the
cause of death.
Prepare for Big fair
���ing upon the unfavorable side of
-the case, tteeriu^ very carefully
away from anything which appeared  in  the  reports of a  favorable
���and the large number of specials
offered by firms which have various
interests iff agricultural and horticultural requirements, or are devoted to the advancement of stocl;
nature- During the three hours he ibreeding, there is great interest be-
occupied the time of the House he !'n�� lilke" in the fruit exhibits,
didij-Jt  consume  bal.' an  hour ia
Mill MTTGtNS <Ask for Monthly Fashion Sheet) McCALL PATTERNS
���Kenneth A. S. Scholefield, Esq.,
^Victoria, IB. C.'faas notified us that
���Ije is-sending here his fine big staU-
lion "Ptiilo Stone," 37357, by the
���jTeat "Alekis;" 18*340, -.Jam by
'"Meredith," 1368,-2.19.
This is one of the most 'beautiful
i��nd biggest'registsreti .5talHon9 ever
.imported-rnto B.C. He is a dap-
��led bay,-standing over ert hands !nua'
j-tfid weighing, in moderate condition, 1307 lbs. He is just 7 years
old and!tas proved himself a -great
sstock horse, dot only over the line
-but at home. The Delta breeders
of light horses are to be en vied in
[ijayingitjje c}>ancetto breed to such
aan'��jistccratic sire and it is to be
ih-jped ihey will bestow upon him
and his plucky owner (he patron-
,t��ge they so richly>*lese_ve.
.Sirs. Geo. Sheldrake will fee "At
0n Wednesday ever.im., the .id
Home" to her friends to-inorrowl jrnst.,'DeltaLodge So. 21, 1,0.1 > I7.,
(Wednesday) afternoon. |ilect_d the ,ollowinp 6fuCeTS ,..   m
Fthe chair-; for the ensuing term:
-M.G., A. D. Patersou, P.O.
'V.G.. J. A. Williamson
Secretary, A. A. King, P.G.
Fia. Beiretary, N. "A.   McDiar-
iswid   P. G.
Treasurer, A.'Davie. P.G.
The ladies of St. Andrew's Pres-
hyterian'Church, will hold their an-
Strawberrv ��ad Ice Cream
Festival 4n Oddfellows' Hall, on
Thursday, June nth, when a short
programme will be rendered and
the'Ladtiflr Cornet Band will-supply
the music.
���Hall.   Ladner,
Remember the da��ce to-night.
"See'ds, Timothy arid Clover Seeds
.���-Brackman:Ker    Milling    Co..
Ltd.,    H,   N.   RICH.    Lainer,
B.C.. Agent.
original remarks.
Col. Hughes, however, mede
some startling revelations particularly damaging to his own party
and proving beyond question tliat
(he-Liberal government found supporters for their j olicy even in Conservative ranks. His references to
what occurred'in caucus were listened to with attention by every
member of the House, because
1 these matters are -kept secret as a
1 matter of honor, and it is a very
unusual thing for a member to betray what occurs in caucus.
The fight in the Conservative
family bad- become so fierce that to
get even with each other ali considerations- of party ' loyalty were forgotten'in the attempt to ipjure the
reputation of each other.
Col. Hughes said that Si. Charles
Tupper was in favor of building an
j-all-Canadian'line to the Yukon *iid
that he  induced -Hon. Cliflbrd'Sif-
ton to adopt the idea.    He went on
(to say   lhat   Mr   Foster opposed it,
which proves incidentally  that Mr.
Foster was a a traitor to  his chief,
even after the memorable occasiou
cf'1-896, when he was  described by
his   leader   as   one   of  a   nest of
! traitors.    The  Colonel  blandly in-
l-formed the House that Sir Charles
. TuppcT  abandoned   the   idea  and
j opposed his own  project simply to
j'hold  the  party  together, but that
he really favored the project.
This is interesting in face of the
fact that upon every occasion when
this' __?fttier bas-'come up the Conservatives have'.tried to create the
impression tbat 'they were always
opposed to the building of this road.
Col.-Hughes calmly stated that be
was-always in favor ot it and that
the idea originated actually with
Sir Charles Tupper. This will be
jnews to many  people in  Canada
Twelve of the fruit districts of Brit- j
ish Columbia have  already entered
exhibits.    A grant will be made tp
aid  in  the  transportation   of   the
The   Simon   Fraser   celebration
will most  probably  take  place 011
Wednesday, September  30, and ar-1
rangements are  being  made to ob-1
taiu estimates of the cost of erect i
hig tbe granite monument proposed. |
The site  of this  memorial, which
tbe Citv Council has consented to
hatfe placed cu Albert Crescent, has!
not yet been chosen.   On that dayj
the Sons of .Scotland  association, j
Lord of the-Isles Camp, 'will have a j
special  celebration,   and   the   bag-j
Dices will be  much 1 iu   evidence, j
Highland games will be duly car-!
In   connection  With   exhibition |
week  will  be  the meeting-of  the
British Columbia   Fire  Chiefs, and!
on that occasion drills and an  exhibition of the  fire-fighting  appar-1
atus will form an attractive feature !
The Market
New WesUoinstet, 'J.:ne 6.���
The attendance at the weekly market, yesterday, was all that could
be expected at a busy sett-soc.
The auction mart v.-k a very
busy place and quite a number of
head of live stock were disposed of
and very fair prices were received.
In meats there -was-a big demand
for many favorite joints. Fork was
particularly short xnd all sold
readily. -Beef had a fair supply,
and met with good sale-!. Tbe
wholesale price, however, declined
from the last market. Of veal there
was a fair supply ��� and all was disposed of readily. Mutton and lamb
were short, aud all sold readily.
The demand for potatoes is declining and prices fell trom previous markets. From 'this it mult
not be inferred that trade in this
stock vegetable is bad, but growers
are selling seed and other varieties
direct ana those reaching the market are apt'to hang fire. -Potatoes,
a settlers earliest crop, are naturally plentiful, and ' yet prices have
kept at JSiR firm for-some time past,
but weakened yesterday.
Live poultry is holding firm, bat
ducks fell tu price, perhaps due to
the large numbers Teaching the
market. The price ruled from 50c
to a'-dollar-a dozen'lower than last
week. ChickensStfllchange hands
at 20c a pound. The supply was
fair considering the season. Broilers
were largely offered aud sold for
figures iu comparison to size.
There was a good supply of eggs,
which were bargained for at from
25c to 27c per dozen wholesale.
Butter retailed -at prices which ha ve
ruled recently.
Greer vegetables ��� cstae���-in*-fairly
well but little or no fruit was offered.
The following are the prices that
ruled during tlie day:
Beef, hindquarters, 8Hc to o}4c
per lb; forequarters, 6j��c to 7^e.
Mutton, 13c per lb.
Lamb, 15c tc t6c per lb.
Veal, small, trc-to ��� 11; .c. per lb;
large, 9c to ioc.
Pork, 9c per lb.
Butter, 30c to 35c.per._-.
Eggs, wholesale, 25c to 27c pet
doz; retail, 30c.
Fowls, $7.50 to $8.50 per doz;
chickens, $6 to $7.50 per doz.
Broilers," $4 to^s'per"dozen.
Ducks, young, $6 to $7 '*
Potatoes, $16 to JUS per tcm.
Coram inder S. R. Peary is about
ready to makft another dash for the
North Pale.
���King Edward, Queen Alexandria
and Princess Victoria left, on Saturday last, on a visit to the Russian
royal family. This is the first time
an English kiug has -set foot on
Russian soil.
It is declared thar;io,coopounds
of 'American meat which has been
stored in London, Glasgow, ancl
Liverpool has been reshipped by
fast steamer to New York to meet
the shortage of meat in America.
���and it will go'to prove what little
weight attaches to the pretensions
of-'the Conservative leaders, when
thev'believe in a-thing and yet op-
[pose it he��a*.se-of,parjy expediency.
Loudon, June 5���The 'Standard
prints the following cable message
from His Excellency,'Lord Grey,
Governor-General of Cancda, regarding the first issue of the
"Standard of-Empire," which is
being circulated in Cauada by that
"Sincere congratulations on your
opening numlier, and success'to
your plucky endeavor to meet a
widely-felt want in all parts of the
���The King and Prince of Wales
have permitted their names to -je
plffC-M .(?��� the head ofthe subscript
tion'list->f*the "vStffr.dard of-Empire," which has just been issueld
by thc London Standard, as ���&
weekly ^newspaper, with the dull
purpose of informing-the British
public by Qable-ati-i insti! the matters relating to the over-seas'dews-*:-
icms.p .rticularly in regard'to C��u��
���ada, and of keeping lire over-seas
dominions m touch with the news
ot the Old Country, and with tt<ms
q! soije ���PHXs'the;'. THK DELTA TIME?, TUESDAY. JUNE 9, r��o��
fc��i-r-f..-lin j
w. c. T. 11.    fashion Stables-
SwmcmpTIOW. *1.00 per year.
Cuail Advertisements, to ceuts per Une lot
0u .reinsertion, md scots per line for eacli
subsequent Insertion. The number ol lines
lackeue- by tbe space occupied, ia lines to the
Rates lor Commercial Advertisements can be.
Mad M application at this office.
Keadlng notices io cents per Use for each Insertion.
Birth and Death notices, 50c., Marriages Ji.so.;'
Any special notice, the object ol which is to'
promote the pecuniary benefit of any individual,
or company, to be considered nu advertisement
and charged accordingly.;
All advertisement* charged for until ordered
ent and paid for.
Correspondence invited on matters ol public
Interest. Communications to editor must be accompanied by name of writer, not necessarily
for publication, but as evidence of good faith.
Correspondence must reach this office by Tlmrs-
la? evening.
GKO.   R.   MANtKY,
TUESDAY.   JUNK   9,    I908.
What about the  26th ot June,
Excelsior Club ?
Summer has come in earnest now
And the first real growing weather
has made quite a difference in the
appearance of everything.
It is hoped the Band Boys will
take up the matter of running an
excursion to the Norris & Rowe
circus at New Westminster on the
20th. Such an event should prove
very popular.
Last evening beiug pleasant, the
Hand Boys played in the band
stand. They are playing very
nicely aud as they have several engagements in the near future, are
putting in fome heavy practice.
We would suggest that the Council instal a telephone at the residence ot the Road Foreman, which
would save considerable of the lest
time and trouble now experienced
in getting in touch with him by
Councillors and others.
Tbe Baud Boys are getting ready
to give a series ot sacred concerts
during the camping season, both at
Ladner and Boundary Bay, on
Sunday afternoons, which we think
vfould be much appreciated, especially by the visitors at the Bay.
We are glad to see that the prohibition wave is still sweeping on
A short time ago Manitoba passed
a stringent liquor law providing for
local option wherever desired. Now
Saskatchewan is following suit as
will ba seen from the following extract:
Regina, Sask., June 4.���The
government amendments to the
present licensing system brought
down in the legislature last night,
provide for local option on a
straight majority vote and also to
provide for drastic changes in the
present liquor law. Local option
by-laws must be submitted by 25
per cent, of the voters, and a
straight 50 per cent, vote will close
the traffic as far as that district is
concerned. The effect of the provision is somewhat minimized by
the fact that the voters' list to be
used is not the municipal voters'
list, but the list for the election of
legislative assembly members. Nevertheless the change is a sweeping
reform ar.d local option will doubtless carry in many cities and towns
ot the west.
Provision is made that after a
local option by-law is carried it cannot be repealed for two years and
then only on a similar vote. Two
years must elapse between any two
elections for this purpose.
Restriction to the present licensing system includes a reduction of
hours of sale by one-hour-and-a-
half. The present system is to
close at 11:30 p.m., and the proposal of the government is to have
closed tars after 10 p.m.
The friends of temperance also
note with pleasure that the prohibition wave has swept over Oregon. A recent despatch says that
nineteen counties have voted dry
and in four more the vote was in
doubt. This is in -addition to
Benton, which is now dry, and
three counties which went partially
Trucking, fand Draying.     Livery Work of
All Kinds Attended to Promptly-
All Kinds ol Firewood Always On Hand.
J. N. COLLINSON, PSione w, isomer, B.c.
"A Sire at last to get Sizeable and Saleable harness horses'
The Grand Champion Hackney Stallion
" Diamond ���stj '?
Of ALL KINDS may be had here.
First   Come,   First  Served.
Monday, S. Morrow's Farm
Tuesday, Gilchrist's "
Wednesday, S. Huffs "
Thursday, I. Johnston's "
Friday, G. R. Embree's "
Saturday, Jordan's Livery Ladner;
Christopher Moses, Esq.,
Victoria, Proprietor.
Pemberton Farm.
Dr. Wilson's   *
Coulthard'..      w
Loney Bros.'   "   Elgin.
Inverholme Stoek Farm.
**  till Monday
Gteorge Brown,
Stud Groom
Incorporated ISM.
Total Assets Over Forty-Five Millions.
the Delta Saw Mills
.   Are Prepared to . . .
Furnish All Kinds of
Shingles,  Doors, Sash and
House  Finish  of  AU  Descriptions.
Accounts of Qut-of-Town Customers Given Special
l.O.O.f. Grand Lodge.
���T-j* Grand Lodge, I.O.O.F.,
jneet. ,yi New Westminster, tomorrow, ^jhe Grand Encampment
iiolduw its -netting to-day.
The ladies ^re coming to the
front this year, thev will have the
Grand Assembly for British Columbia instituted this evening.
' The following programme has
beeu gotten up by the entertainment committee:
9 a.m., Tuesday���Camp, contitv
tied in aiternoon.
r   Tuesday evening, Rebekah As-
*   Wednesday ��� Morning,   Grand
*   Lodge opening.
Afternoon, Trolley ride.
Byening. Election of officers; Re-
'   bekah Degree!
Thursday, Grand Lodge stssion;
excursion to Ladner.
gvenlng, [installation of officers.
id p.m., Banquet.
A petition is in circulation seeking to keep the Delta Hotel bar
closed, on account of the fact that
it has been closed since the ist of
Orphans Remembered.
Attended  the   Circus  aa
Guests of Manager
During the run of the Greater
Norris & Rowe circus, museum,
menagerie, hippodrome and congress of nations in San Francisco,
wheu 279,873 persons paid admission to the big show this spring,
hundreds were turned away, unable to buy standing room, still
Manager H, S. Rowe found room
for the orphan children ot the city.
The following article appeared in
the San Francisco Call of January
The  BEST Water   Tanks   Are
Made at This
little tots, in which they pour out
their thanks in the most entertaining manner. I am the person who
should give the thanks, lor I receive more genuine pleasure cut of
the transaction,than the children.1"
Thc Greater Noms & Rowe circus will exhibit in New Westminster, Saturday, June 20, afternoon
and night. A big new street
parade will be given. By special
arrangements the Norris & Rowe
shows will be the only big one to
visit the west this year.
Two Young Horses ��� v' black
two-year-old ancl 1 bay mare, 1-
year-old. Strayed Irom Knrterby's
place, East Delta. Anyone knowing of whereabouts of same, kindly
no tity
Florist, New Westminster.
Imported fruit iuices and syrups,
grape juice, raspberry vinegar and
all syrups for summer beverages���
W. H. Smith,
W. H. Smith, Grand   Master of
the A.O.U.W. of British Columbia,
"Children from the orphan homes! attended an executive session of the
The regular monthly meeting ot
the Ladner Auxiliary of tbe W.
ty. S. of the Methodist Church, will
p: held a; the residence of .Mis. J.
W. Lanning, on Thursday afternoon next, at 3 o'clock, when the
1 (.port of tpe. delegate to the recent
branch meeting held in Vancouver
yill be received. A good attendance of members and friends is
wtpjpstlv requested.
of San Francisco have been experiencing one of the greatest joys
of childhood since the arrival here
of the Greater Norris & Rowe circus. An invitation was extended
the little ones by General Manager
H. S. R,owe, and almost every afternoon ot the week, hundreds of the
little youngsters gathered at the
circus to witness the performance.
'I am glad that I am a circus man,'
said Rowe as he was helping a
number of orphan children to peanuts, popcorn, toy balloons and
red lemonade, yesterday afternoon
at the circus. 'I have been in this
business fur a quarter of a century,
and during that period I have had
.the pleasure of having as my guests
hundreds of thousands ol orphans.
Like it? Why bless your soul, I
would .rather be a circus man and
bave the satisfaction of being
thanked and remembered by those
angel children than tp be president
ot all the railways in the country.
I have received some ot the most
beautilul childish letters from the
ordei in Victoria, last week.
The Ladies' Aid Society of the
Methodist Church will give a
"Garden Party," on Tuesday, 23rd
inst., afternoon and evening, on
the grounds of Mr. Wm. Kirkland,
Slough road. Strawberries, icecream and the Band will be among
the attractions.
I hereby give notice that at the
next meeting of the Board of License Commissioners for the Delta
Municipality, I intend to apply for
a transfer of the license to sell
liquor in the Delta Hotel to H. N.
Rich, of Ladaer.
May 10, 1908.
Veterinary Surgeons.
Savings Department.
Accounts ma)' be opened witli deposits of ON E DOLLAR
Upwards.     Interest paid,  or credited,  quarterly ou  31st  March, 30th June, 30th
September,  31st  December.
K. D. SIMPSON. Manager,  LADNER. B.  C.
For Sale.
well-bred   EngiHsh   Setter
Apply to
East Delta.
$4.00 Per Year.   Single Copy, 10 Cts.
Sample Copy Free,
Ki-iiiu.      ' tl W.28. u ST..Ha*Yog*.
W. N. Draper,
Room 2, tUiatd Block-. New Westminster.
Court of Revision.
All   Calls   .....
Promptly Attended to
Phone 35 Stainton Block
Lsdner, B.C.
Notice is hereby given that the
Court ot Revision for t'.ie Municipality of Delta witl be held in the
Council Chamber, Ladner, on Saturday, the 13th day of Tune, 1908,
at 10 a.m. Any person desiring to
make complaint against his or her
assessments must give tiotice in
writing to the Assessor, stating the
grounds of his or her complaint, at
least ten days before said date.
Dated at Ladner, April 47th. 1908.
Trade Mark*
Copyrights 4c.
jstiTonfl sen ding a sketch and description met
uloklf ascertain our opinion free whether au
��� -������ bl, patentable. Communlco-
onthil._HS_DBOOK on I'atcmte
nulo.lt ,      -- -.
Invontlon lsw!_abl7J����t��nta|i
tions��trlotlTeJ��.ontlia. HAHO���r
sent free. Oldos tiwency tor .muring jwiants.
1 stents taken Ihrou. h Munn A Co. resolve
spretatnottcs. wltho iftoharr
,75 a year, postage pftpald.
Sold br
Pn 3BIBroad**,
-    *" F SU Washlnjjtei>', D,
(Westminster Braach')
Time Table
Cars les*e Westminster tor VancoHTer at 5.50
ancl 6.50 a.m. ami hourly thereafter until 11 p.
in.; Saturdays anil Sundays at ll p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver fo"r Westminsters nt 3.50
and 6.50 a. m. aud hourly thereafter Until 10 p.
in.: Saturdays antl Sundays at 11 p.m.
We run first-class freight cars between Westminster and Vancouver and all Shipments are
handled with the utmost care and delivered to
consignee without uclny Special attention paid
10 fruit shipments. Out wagons meet all boat 1.
and trains.   For rales, etc. apply to
Traffic Mgr.
Westminster. B. C.
Local Mgr.
Per Spring Clean-Up.
Pure and Vigorous Blood will keep
you in good health.
will give you
Good and Pure Blood.
Send   50c for tricil $1.00 package
(two months' treatment).
Agent Wantkd.
Wa-Hoo Remedy Co.,
Vancouver, B.C.
������   NEW WESTMINSTER,    >'.  B. C.
4�� Manufatfturers of all���Uiiu.i.Q. ��g��
!��� Soda Water, Ginger *
.'.    Ale and Summer a
j.             Drinks. ��
J       Your patronage solicited J
....��!,.m.'.....*.....��..m*l..mfi,..JI....*.'. ..��fr.��-S*.e*i$i
Acclimatized Stsck.
For the
Farm, Garden, Lawn or
Reliable Varieties at Reasonatite
Prices. No Borers. No Scale.
No fumigation ^o damage stock.
No windy agents to annoy vou.
Buy direct atid get Trees and Seefls
that Grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray
Pumps, "Spraying Material, Cat
Flowers, etc. Oldest established
nursery on  the mainland ot  B. C.
Catalogue fren.
M. J. HENRY'S Nurseries,
Greenhouses and Seedhouses
Mandolin J
Having been requested 'to stari a
Mandolia Class, am now prepared to do so. Fer terms, eAt.,
B.   Mm  WEARE,
Care eff Mfc. J. W. Lannin��.
Mandolins, Strings, Eta.,
Supplied at City Prices..    . THE DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, JUNE 9. ia&.
m*r Vosseln of llic I nttoil sinus.   TtiM
Huve ilttsittils.-ni. d.
Curious disappearance, ttfttfl 'jtock.en*i
x> our warships characterized 'tlie nnilj'
rjlstory of our navy, and In spite of nil the
ilTorts of tlie navy doportmont to-oxpliiln
lie cause of the -di?asters -many of them
mi as absolute mysteries today as when
I ".hoy happened.
When tbo govornment built ten new
: iiinboats to prosecute the war nguin st
J fllpoll in 1S0B, they were sent out M
i <onu as they wero finished and before they
L_or . named. 'Eaoh one was given n uum-
j*icr nud dispatched to tho sent of the -var.
i N.i. 7 sailed from New York July 20,
j !p"n, under tlie command of Lieutenant
I '. ���lvio, and after she cleared Sundy Hook
I .i_��� sit she v.r.s never heard from again,
ihe went down with all on board bufct-t
| tlio hud even lieen named.
A mn .1 cxtrnnrdiuary accident was that
wbich happened to the corvet Mononga-
holn nf, Siintii Oru_ in 1867.
While itt anchor in tbo harbor a tromen-
Amis tidal wave lifted her upon its crest
Hnd dnrrlod ber eluanover tho 'town of
l-'rederuihundt nnd bark -ugn.i, without
injuring lliutownorltha lit_>t'-�� ilnyigrotit
eitont 'the rceedingwivvo laiuhd ber on
the bench instead of In tho'doep wnter of
ill i hnrbnr, nnd it cost our government
(11)0,000 to Boot her again. Fully ae
.inuiguwna the late of the slnop-uf-wur
VVatoree She was anchored in (lie bar-bar
ef -t.cn, 1'eru, in 1868, when ft hugotS-
tlal wave ssv.jit. lulling and funded the
Whole, city, The wave carried the sloop
Several i itlfjH inlni'.d mid tiimlly landed
���Iii'... !n thi midst of n trop'ioifl"forest. It
V's i.i ' ��������� ���������' ie to release her from-such a
I. . !:.trp -nion,nndth9governuiontsold
1 i" for u nutai sum. Tho ���purchasers
li'u ii- nesse) into a hotel, nnd tho ro-
Ui.si lot ��� .i once formidable war vossul
'���',��� up in : io tropical .urest today tis a
i 'i���!��� ���������> the power of tidal waves.
..erensosof'disaster which n\-
.; ributi i i i .ho violence of tho waves or
v..;.'.., ������!��� there is none moro interesting
t.-.j 11, ii --.if the -strange -Catoof tbo-Sara-
t -��� ������ Whon she sailed tirolu'Philadelphia
l:i ttei 'nr. 17S0, uuder thc command of
< in -lames Young, there was mo 11 nor
w   iinudiomcr  war vessel allont.     li'hrtt
i> .���   . ,.-. r,= -formidable-'as sho wns-ultract-
I-   was soon -domonstrattr. 4_a a prttctJo*-*
way     A [ter cruising around a short time
sho captured three lirlthth vessels in sua-
c...k.n,  und   then,   with  ber frizes, slie
fiartul  to return to Philadelphia, Imtofl
tho   Delaware capes  sho   encountered a
Jiriti. li s!.ip of the line.    As the Saratoga
tai pled only IS guns uml lhe Intrepid was
a ', !   sun ship, Captain Young considered
" i afor to run away     'i he enemy-did not
ii -se her fur, but returned to.proteot and
wcapturo tlio .Ur!'. ish-prizes.    TJio Saratoga sailed iisvay   in   tl.e very  teeth  ofa
' inu, a: d   aha Mas  never   heard   from
id -in     Hid tho founder at sea ln   the
ia!a,   or we i  ..he  blo.wn up  by  her own
���;-ii .a:-.in.v. ��� Leslie's MYpc1;1 v.
Itus.tan On.,ilii,i when moving to new
loiues kindle the. fi in t.i theWirth with
���<,_!u l.rtim.U I,-���,|. thu 'id r,wia.u��iy.
tt .Depended.
Judge (to witness)���You say you hav*
knowu the prisoner all your lite?
Witness���Yes, your houor.
Judge���Now, lti y��ur opinion, do yam
ttbink be could be guilty of stealing
���this mane;?
AVltuesa���How much was.it?
i Hns Earthly EfJe-ota.
11, nuolo .'l;n,"  said  the lawyer. :
j  "th" driotor wi>a i here'.* nu hope for yon." ,
'Yes. suh, dey tells ,_u I gwlnoitor crosi
"lla��e you made your will?"
"Yo-, suh, 1 dono will tergo."
"I mean,"  aaid the lawyer ln an ex
planutory way,   ''have you anything tu
'�����: ive?"
"Ob, yes, Bub'!" eri&tluod tho oi-.i man
Joyfully.   "A wifeand-do rheumatism I"���
Atlanta Constitution.
Vale Han'a Little Joke.
Professor Tracy Peek used to toll astor;
et how a Yale 111:1:1 saved his life. He wa.-
���bout to he hutlg In U!_uCis lor horse stealing n:-.sl.s:.id:
"HoldeB.'gsnrtlBKionl Doyw know whi
you nre ibjuiglng? 1 am -a gra ilunto oi
Ynle colleger nnd liore is mydlplotna.'"
lt tving prlni d on vellum in Latin, no
. no could real! it, and, thinking'ho must be
sn Important personage, they lot hiin go
free.���Greon Hag.
Deep Sea Flsh.
Great forests of seaweeds cover the
bottom oi the ocean and reach from
tlie greatest depths to the surface, lu
these forest* there is life more diversified than in the primeval forests of the
tropics. Spiders and wonulik . animals
of enormous size, infusoria;, crabs, sea
urchins, shells, crustaceans, starfish,
turtles and <millious of other living
things of all kinds find their food in the
equally varied plant life of the deep
A curious circumstance connected
wun aeep sea nsn is trim,none or tnei>e
has ever been brought up alive. Recent deep sea explorations reveal the
fact that the oceau still contains immeasurable treasures which await development and utilization by human
inventiveness. The most fertile acre
of cultivated land is a -sterile desert
compared with one acre ef the surface
of tbe daep sea bottom.
Tlie   Starrest   tUoud.
"Tliere la only one ronil to success In
life," snid the mau who bad made his
lucky and retired.
"And how shall 1 know the road?"
inquired the budding young man.
"Well," replied tbe iiian with tlie
lucky, "you go t'lgut talong this pa ill
of iiilvprsilsy luiitll you reach the first
lurli to tin- I'iglit."
"Yes. yes."
"And you'll find c iroad barred off
���villi a gate and u sign that says -No
rrespassliia.'    Well, that's it."
scNOy/ir-G fire 'horse's.
tl��;r '4'ln'j   l-Mv. a  <ss  Slur!   With *��*e
���Hlttrer mill (tr-  -lite sirinc*
Tii" iuti lilgeuee of lire horses is well
kne^n. .V most buowiug nninial -o.
U.is bind .Is described by fcjewell 1'oru
in "Horses Nine." Tht- author says-of
Other things besides mischief, bowever, had Silver learned. Chief of these
was to start with the jigger. Sleeping
or waking, lying or Standing, tbe summons that stirred the men from snoring ease to tense, rapid action neve
failed lo find Siher alert. As tbe hai
ter shank slipped threugli thc bit ring
that name instaut found Silver gathered for the rush 'through the loug,
uniTow lane leading from his open stall
to tiie poles, above wbtfll, like great
coucliant spiders, waited the harnesses
pendent on the hanger roils.
Once under the harness Silver was
llkeu carved statue uutil the trip strap
had been pulled, the colli, r fastened
and the reins snapped in. Then he
wanted to poke the polos tlirougli tlie
doors, so eager was he to be off. *lt
was no fault of Silver's .that his team
could not make a two second hitch.
With the first strain at tlie'traces.Ills
Impatience died out. a sixty rooi irucii
starts wifbimore or less reluctance, but
when once the tires caught the car
tracks Silver knew what to expect. He
antl his team mates could 'feel Lanni-
gnn gathering In the reins as though
for a full stop, Nesrt came the whistle
of the whip. It swept -ccress their
Hanks so quickly that it was practically one stroke.for them all. At the same
moment Latmlgan leaned far (forward
and shot out his driving arm. The
roius went loose, tbeir heads went forward and, as if moving on a pivot, tlie
three leaped as one horse.
-Left to themselves, each horse would
have leaped at n different instant It
was that one touch of tlie.lash and the
succeeding swing of l.anuigan's .Milk
which gave them the measure, which
set the lime, which madeltpossible for
les. than 4,000 pounds of horseflesh to
jump a live ton truck up tbeistreet at
a four uiiiiute clip.
THf  PR AVI Of-  P..
Her Ausivvssj..
"Wli.'i!  kind of loiter did your hns-
:;.'! write when be was away?"
"He st irtnfl "My Precious Treasurer
ii'. !',:('������! '��������� sending 'lows."*
"i.iv.v il"! yon answer?"
'! ���������:. :ili.1  "v'i 'My  Precious Tvrns
:���' ::inl ended w iib 'Send nto !?'Jli.' "
���:������ '') 11 -is r'obin at :he top tl an '
1.��iv   supp .tied.    They   who  ;.
" -  bit large.���I'uck
Foun-led U-89S ���
-Incorporated 1893
Provides a Christian Home For Students of bdth
���sexes at moderate rate.". Has. a preparatory class for
junior students talcing Public School work. Does High
School work and prepares for Provincial Teachers' Examinations, Teaches all branches of a Practical Business
Course and confers Diplomas. Imparts a Liberal Education in its Collegiate Course, and in the Ladies' Course
.Tor M. E. L., and M. L. A. In Theology confers the decree of B.D. In University work can take students through
���tthe complete Arts Course for the B.A. degree of Toronto
University, with which the College is in ifull affiliation. J_n
/Science teadhes th�� First Year of Toronto School of Science, and has a SP-id3! Engineering Course adapted to
Practical Engineering work in this Province. In Mnsic, a
tcomplete icontse m theory, voice culture, ^acd piano and
���organ, in conjunction with the Tsrento -college of .music.
Special instruction in art and elocution, while all students
'are required to take physical training with ail the priv-
iileges of a well equipped gymnasium.
U)>'   t\'.:\.   !���-. ������- 11=   ...; _ ,:. I.:,.:;... !i_-St K
Kdcllln't t..'.. i      : ..    i i ���.'   ( uli'liy s'iayo-:
!    i^l' :t llti  .ir, tiir v.,..A,; ,,'. t , ���   ..,
Evi'i:���   .��� : :i.i t,i.l, nu,hjjii^'iTiK so&y
I    Hurisur r.'.M ili is stony .1 :<:���.���������! ���
1       Uoun^i O'V-Sior'saepulchbr In i .���).��
I    Orownlera, hr.pelesis, here he lingered,
i       Nolnli. .s yearn went by liim like a ilrssai-
t    WhUfl the taro . .���.,- at etium'e.-*
Murnmn-.I t..;r.ll> us (he slligiug strain.
j    Bore he rt;.-il. and !:;���-_ tbey tnniW'd him.
\       Men ot !'���.'!.,., ciirii: -,,,.. round sis- ,;r .v,_
i    Did the.-, know- nil. i Ul lliey Ittuw it���
What they barli I Sy the wus i rn Warel
I     Now nbev. the elne;i <tf t   jy
i       Holy ihiiu:-': ail . reut have passed tway
Btoee Ij.v -tutu- il: ��� - :i:s !y abbey
Faity and taAei -AipasidonlebS decay.
Darkly irrmv . the qniet ivy
"Where the brolien in clu-n gihsuKcr through
Dark upon the .lute,;'jr parden
Drt'anirt the Bhftdow ei tbo una-:it yew.
-HiTounh tho roofless siBlea tli'-s verdure
Flows,   tho   meadowsweet -icid    luxglGT.
Earth, liin mather and eoniCiler,
\Vind_ Huft alius aliout the lonidy tomb.
Peace and holy ftl."xsm*pc>s_es_ Mm,
Last of Gaelic monarch,, of lhe t. ael,
���luinlierin^ by thc youiiR,'eternal
UU'er voics-:s of-the ws-Httan vale.
���T. W Bolleston in Spectator
A scttlciupiit trui.ki'). i.:: villi; lieen r��v
iu";>t"d by aiixKnis u.others to qililti'ss
;he younger'\vi:i:i��in of tie wttleli'.eiit
elul's on "her.rt Interest" topics, il i M
ed lo do so. Si.e InlUisl with the j;irlis
earnestly, urging upon them the deep
nud intrinsic saerein sn ot ail lovo and
n.airlnro roiatieiis.'tlie coarseness and
vulgarity 'Of imiiscriinlnate Jiii'tatlons,
the great and growing ueed tor high
ideals, standards r.nil action on the woman's'part. Then, just as she to-jk ber
seal, -.t occurred to h^r thnt-she tuight
have talked a iittlo bit over the heads
of hor listeners, and she sprang .to her
feet .viih an added remark:
"Please believe that what -l -say is
true, my dear friends," -She .exhorted
earnestly, "and please dou't think I*
don't understand my subject. I know
what I'm talking about, girls���1 really
Once more .he took har seat, delighted With the air of general interest, and
from the rear of 'tile room eame tlie
"lieaso, Mrs. $,., how many times
have }ou  been  in   love?"
Tlio  Word "3tAl7."
On the adoption of tlie word "jolly"
Into the English it. bad the meaning of
beau ti ful, as it has among tfie French
today. Tho I2ngl_i.li dramatist Be'au-
xnut of tho sixteenth century speak,
if our Iirst mother as "the jolly Kvo."
lu timo. bowever. it eiiiiie to menu lii-
lai'loiTS, regardless of .physical beauty.
I>ut this latter meaning is probably
the I'iglit one after nil, as tlie word
doubtless comes from Yule (\'u-le), the
pagan Christinas, so to speak, for be It
known that v.iult we now observe m:
Christmas day was a heathen holiday
(.ailed Yule, nnd tlie Yule festival vr-M
ono uf noisy demonstration,
Yule Indeed means noise or outcry,
praising in loii'l voice, chaining, sing-
liigi making outcry in honor of their
god. From yule, llitvn. to jolly the step
la short and easy, both 'meaning revelry, rejoicing. 'Ours is a 'risen Lord.
theirs the sittue. The words iire-ldenti-
cal, So, t iu, in large��� degree-the Christ-
aiiis jollities, praises anil those of boti-
tbeii Yule. Intn sueb close rolatioii'do
sliniJlo words sonietliues connect the
present ',\i;h the p.ast.
_,  t:ii::c;.c   J.'i.^.
I-.;. r;\i'lK:t>l( r.A-t:\i-i :���__', tlie CM-
r." ���" Dr. Giles -.rises n specimou of
Chinese humor which, If the source
���vcr.-s -nol laiviwn.'iii'ii'ili wehbe'liii?.-
taiioii for Anieiican humor.
There-Is a t'hluese story wlilch tell:?
how a verjr stingy nuiii took a paltry
sum of Kcmr}' to ru nrfist���pajBuent i*
alwtljs exaetpd in ndvauiv���and asked
him to paint Ills porti.tit. Tue artist Hi
cu:.e compiled '-.villi liie request, but
when thv.portrait was finished nothimi
;.���'. v;.':'.:le save llii'rbne!_ ofnhe sii.-
lev's liead.
"Vi hill dots tWls nieairr' crioii the sii
tor indignantly.
"Well." replied the artist, "1 thought
a mini who .paid so.Utile as._.Y0U.PaHl
wouldn't care to show his fare'.'"
Ilia Ioi -Mliowu'lit.
1'opK���Few n.en 'lilio IKro'essor Dwl
weed In nn Pintfrpr .ds*
Hi.fs���As for Instance?
jjogg��� He was walking by the;riverside
when n iiian   felt in     VVithuiit tho  lest:
of a m>iiiie.iii the professr.'  sent .his valet
home to get a book which tells how to re-
aiiscittile persons'appurently drowned.
Biisn���HlH probnbly tire man-drowned
long hoi ere tho vnlct got biick.
I'r��_ - Ves Wasn't, it too badt if ��
hndn t lieen for that, the professor's forethought, wopld havo siivinl the hum's life
���"-lloston Transcript
If ITilisoit'WHrnov? i-iiise the Colon, tht
EB_Uso of his countrymen will never eoiiu
to a full stop.���Sv. LofiU Republic
Whllo ho Is about the work of lifting the
Ittiila u wn chs eiT Santiago Hob. on ir lgbl
givo ihu j.h'irinsnc.��_.l._osl.���Detroit Journal.
It took .Mr. Hobson-��ilong��tlm* to main
a raise. There are lots of people who ar��
qualified to-Sympathize wlili Iir. Hobson.
���Pl'.ilndoliiiihi .Bulletin.
All that fccnis'ncres.nry is to mention
to Lieutounnt Tlchson whether it is de-
sired to have tho ship come np or go
down.���--W-nshingtiTii Star.
Constructor Hobson has shown himself
an engineer of tbo very first order. Vrt
under tlio fooli.h and snliqnnted system
of our dut.v, belr.g a slafl' officer, ho eun
never "no (given .ecputlvu command on
b; :ird , liip e.rd Jias only nominal rank.���
pAiilwliliihiit i'tesS.
T'liplensnut Choice.
A traveler through southern swamps
learns many things from his guiite���cau
tion among the rest.
lino man, noticing that his guide tapped with his foot each hollow log and
.'.niiip ina certain .pathway before stepping on or past ic, inquired the reason.
"Looking out for snakes," was tho reply.
"What kind of makes?" askedrthe traveler, with an 'unpleasant sensation aloug
Ilia spine.
" Moccasins," returned the guide.
'What, makes you walk on   the logs or
bocIoso to lliem, thenf" demanded tlio tin-
easy  traveler.   "Why  don't we walk oil
there, wliere the ground is solid?"
"Well,-yon can try it," said the guldi,
launching.* vigorous kick at a stump and
then mounting it "Y'ou moughtn't, sink
below yer -wnist, and then agin you
motight."���Youth'�� Companion.
Bank I. War.
The actions of men wounded In battls
sre often misunderstood. Ueneral Fuller,
as quoted in tlio Chicago Inter Ocean
Tiites u p it hot��-, Instance of this kind:
In tlio midst of buttle General Fuller
was trying to check the flight of pnulo
stricken men. Chin puur fellow eame
stumbling along, not hooding a word that
was snhl to him.
Indignant and impatient, Fuller, as ho
ounie near this man, loaned from bis horse.
���nd, touching hlm with Ws sword, Bald
sharply, "lie back, sir I"
The man 'looked up with an expression
of anguish and despair on his face that
said ns plainly as words, "1 am looking
for n place to die.'' Flo opened bis blouse
anil showed a big, gaping wound in his
breast     Then be dropped u the ground.
Tho gononil Instantly Bisiuountod, but
almost, iw ho i-ii-crf tho mint's head to hit
srm the puirr fellow breathed his lust.
<T Ft - . rap cr Field a CTIiVENS ,
EI'.OTC U:j iji .eal. Lov/ i;i Plica
���:V.~': ' .1 ���'I'r.z.M'.y���good gun value
ri; ht '...-. ujh! Kada in rtandard
to^ges. l.nrrths, v/cights, etc.���
1 ��� ..ti b r ._- Hammerless E'yles.
trists;d Cftta'-og dt��crib
I.u.. attractive sxiver
In colore.   SUUedlbi
& cant* In st._:,.,:: lu
pssy poalafiB.
It Wasn't All Tn Hlm.
"Johnny," said his mother severely,
"some one has taken a big piece of gingerbread out of the pantry."
Johnny blushed guiltily.
"Oh, Johnny 1" She exclaimed, "I
fildn't think it was iu you.'
"It ain't all," replied Johnny; "part
of it's in Elsie."
The  Suburban  Child.
They were suburbanites, and they sat
tt breakfast, when a letter was handed to the mother, which she read with
rapidly increasing consternation. "How
nnspeakably dreadful!" she-exclaimed.
"Cecilia Rodney's entire family has
been practically wiped out. Iler mother has died, and her father, her brother and her cousin, all in tlie same
'Ethel (four years old, who in bet
���brief career has experienced all the
joys and woes of the suburbs)���Did the
cook die, too, mamma?���Harper's Mag
i  .
Holy Communion���ist  and 3rd
1 Sundays at 8:30 a.m.; 2nd  and 4th
! Sundays at 11 a.m.
1     Matins, 11 o'clock.
Evensong. 7:30 6 clock.
.Sunday Sohool at-.ro a.m.
Friday evening, Litany at 7:30.
Rev. IL l...Banku, JU.A., Vicar
.Services.first and third Sunday of
each month at 10:30 a.tu.. Benediction, 7:30 -p ta.
.Sunday school nt 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Communiot
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Kev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
Services next Lord's Day at a
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, after the morning
service every Sunday.
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. .Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
Kev. T. F. Betts. pastor.
Services next Lord's Dav at ri
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 a m "Midweek meeting on Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock.
A Convenient   Conselenoo.
"I don't believe he has any cou
-science nt all."
"Oh, yes, ho has."
"Not much of a one."
"No; not much of n one, of cour;i._
>In fact, It's of such trifling importunes
'that when -be beats some oue out 0!
$1,000 he can square things with it by
���contributing $1.50 to charity. Still Il's
a conscience."-
Kev. J, H. White, M.A.
Sabbath services ��� Crescent Island, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:30 a. ra.
Prayer meeting on fThursday at
8 p.m.
Rev. A. H. Huntley, pastoc.
To mnke fortunes nut
uf the 'future you must
put something into the
present     ....
Agents Wantel
To   Sell   Securities.
TOR   S*1 E  t-'riiit    -Buds aw.
~ Cheap      Komes,
City Lots, Parma itud Suburban
Acreage, Sic,
'tlo~l'd -tnpp'er s Tay
BI1.   I��i r I dentin   all
over British
Containing over 100 views,  l'ort paid $50., Stumps,
Richest Province in the British Empire.
Nothing Risked, Nothing Gained.
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Won,
HJo-Y Waiiufi- Wrote Ilia Oprrnn.
Wagner carried en opera in his mind foi
yeru'ri before lie begun to set it down nn pa
per The work oneo hogun, however, il
was performed with liahtulngllko spe.il
Even whon an old man he wruto down the
���ei.ro for one of tils famous operas wltb
such rapidity that two trained amanuenses were tumble to keep up with him.
So absorbed In his writing di.l Wngnei
bo conio that in Lis olilrogrnphy wero ex-
pie .fed the different amotions of thc per
si.uiisi.��-_- of the opera pei'tt'ayed hy 'ihn&*
piissnges.���'Ladies' llunie .1 tiurnal.
��� lie n��munsitrate<l.
"Mrs. -Sniuil," snid the lodger 'to Hilt
landlady, ''I thought yuu didn't allow
smoklngUn the parlor?"
"I di'U't,"-repliid Mrs.-Siuall, withen-
_rjv. "Who's duing it, I'd like to know?"
' ..'"11, if you hav .-tliiie, you might step
111 and roiuousti-Vbo with -tho hinip."���
i-u-.ii Me Up
Wliere Pnui-lttera Drcnn \lllie.
In Vttsntan, Central Amorl.a, Fi-ttcrs
ilfena pin pel.v-iillke. s'vi'ii lu the tying of
% bow, li'ii turn o, u\uT'^u or the flower
ln the luilr. la the truplvs largs families
are lhe rule, and nny day you may sue in
khal com *i*y i-iH_ lii-jn'.'ii;:" ,'l from ttires
i > : bakci���*' sih'.'.tii \\ ho t'olueg to lhe St. :%
f' u.ily, ns their dailies will s'.iow. lt-li
I is ca6.v to distinguish the niomhers of a
nily anywhere, ami not infrequently
iei -. nr9 called by lheir favorite flower
ui sr In Anutii in -': and women weal
iir ..id tn lhe saiee way und dress nl-
ist ilik'.. JCiivrings and finger rings urs
rr by mjnipii only. Lapp num.-and
i��;,s>i..n dvess nliKs. fl'he meu and wtinon
3t the l'i-eo trilio Of Indians -dress a'ike,
but ran bo distinguished by the orna>a��n-
Uu ii.n i'i fiselr loggings, that of tho met
being vertical-.(U-1 that of tho women:h��rt-
eon twi
Splendid Opportunity to Invest.
The Richest Men in the World are investing; in 15. C. Copper-
Gold and Silver Mines.     Why can't you begin now?
The Orsuitest Qold-Copper Discovery of thi- Age ls te B.C.
bs m iin gib us, in Wi nsw;
"Every Dollar Subscrltie-i used in Development of Mine.
Special Offer���.^Oc per Share, will shortly advance to $1.00
'Mines directly west of l.e Roi and T,e Roi No. 2, -Shares
sold from 5 cent-? to Jioo.oo; and Consolidated Mming and
Siueltinp; Co. ot Canada, Ltd., shares $150.00 each; the-Giant
California, adjoining our own, shares about $110.00; Granby
Mine pain over $3,000,000 Dividends per year; Gold-copper
mines in British Columbia paid Large Dividends. Big Four
assays Irom $5 to $800 in 'gold, copper, silver, with 32 per
cent, in the Treasury.    Invest/now and you wont regret it.
NoTK���Most ol these mines sola for a few cents once, bu
over-capitalized-even now, pay'^big dividends. Big Four is on
the railway, net- rinelters.
Rosslnnd Mines received Highest Awards for richest gold-
copper ore sent to St. Louis Exposition. Big Four had Best
Display at Dominion Fair, Xew Westminster, B.C.
No less than too shares rold, All Cash. Above this shares
can be had on instalment plan, or yearly contract, .5 per cent.
cash, balance monthly.
Nearly Two Hiles of   Railway rn Property,
Company has no debtsor liabilities.   Send for Iltustratr-I Prospectus and ii��->_-
let, "MinwiR rp-lo-liiit'-'." to Secretary, with .s cents in stamp*.
P.O. Box 174, Vanoouver, IS. O.   Canada.
lta Times
-.In. t mi Od_.
'Agifi from Spokano, Wnsh., whe hnd
been visiting in Boston snys she is tirod
AMMngrinuglied nt because she hua never
Recn the l'n'. ilie oreun. .^he declnros sbe
f&ils to seo why hor Boston friends think
ItoiVd Bhe tuis not seen the Pndlfiowhen
they have'never sci n Plymouth rock nor
dips Ceil snntl deserts nnr ilimbed^to the
top oM.ur._cr LU11 mouuincnt.
Print toga
local news. |a���other Hcro
Mrs. (Dr.)   King  went  over  to
Vancouver, Saturday.
J. V. Marion drove in   from  the
Point, on Friday last.
W. B. Skinner returned  to the1
Terminal City, on Friday last.
H.J. Hutcherson spent Friday
at Point Roberts, the guest ot Wm.
H. M. Frazer and C. Spinning
went ovtr to Vancouver, on Wednesday la9t.
Mrs. Fenton returned home, Friday morning, from a visit to friends
in Vancouver.
Mrs. F. W. Harris, of Vancouver, paid a short visit to friends
here, last week.
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
at 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.; return-
i/ig, leaves Steveston at 9:30 a.m.
mid 4:30 p.m.
C. A. Crosbie, Supervisor of B.
C. Branches of the Royal Bank of
Canada, visited the local [bank here
on Wednesday last,
At the General Assembly of the
lfre9byterian Church, held in Winnipeg, Dr. Duval, of that city, was
appointed Moderator.
Miss Nell Barker, daughter ol
W. H. Barker, Vancouver, return-
led, home, on Friday last, after visiting friends at Point Roberts for
some time.
The ladies of the local branch of
the W. C. T. U. intend holding a
fete, with sports in connection, on
the. public school grounds, Ladner,
oa July ist next. Fuller particulars will ajpiar later.
Wben you wish to buy visiting
icards call on the Delta Times who
will sell the best money can buy.
If you need them printed, why you
aye money in pocket by calling on
the Delta Times first.
Gus Steele, having severed his
connection with the staff of Messrs.
Marshall Smith & Co., left, last
week, for Rivers Inlet. Mr. Steele
was a very industrious young man
and mside a large number of friends
during bis stay here.
We want YOUR eggs. Taken
the ?ear round you will make from
5 to 10 per cent, bringing them
tyere. The present price tor Eggs
ji 26 cents per doz.. N.B.���Only
��trictly fresh eggs wanted���
.yforsh*n Stnith & Co., Ltd.
J. Grauer received, on Thursday
last, from Yakima Co., Wash., a
band of stock sheep, numbering 1695
head, which will be fed for market
pu his Boundary Bav tarm. This
shipment came via Point Roberts.
Mr. Grauer returned to his home at
Kburne, Friday morning, looking
exceedingly well alter what he has
gone through.
Takes His Rest
London June 2���Gensral the Rt.
Hon. Sir Redvers Henry Buller.
V.C., G.C.B., G.C.M.G., K.C.M.
G., who had beeu ill for some
weeks past, is dead. He was born
in 1839.
General Buller entered the army
in 1858, and in 1891 had risen to
the rank of Lieutenant-General.
He saw active service in many
parts of the world. He served in
China in i860, in the Ashanti war
in 1874, in the Kaffir war and in
the Zulu war in 1878-79. He was
in South Africa in 1881 and in
Egypt iu 1882, and was present at
the battle ot Tel-el-Kebir. He also
fought in the Soudan in 1884, and
was Under-Secretary for Ireland
1886-7. He became well known
during the Boer war as the man
who relieved Ladysmith. He went
out to Africa in 1889,' first as General Commanding the Forces in
South Africa, and afterwards as
General Officer Commanding in
Natal. He conducted the over-
march for the relief of Ladysmith,
which was successfully accomplished alter an investment ot 118 days,
and subsequently conducted the
operations that resulted in the expulsion of the Boer army from
In April General Buller contracted a chill in London, and this indisposition was followed by a severe
attack ol jaundice and other complications. Early in May a hopeful view of his recovery was entertained by his physicians, and the
turn for the worse was unexpected.
Gentral Buller married Lady
Aubrey J ane Charlotte, daughter of
the fourth Marquis Townshend.
Winnipeg, June 2���The pioneers
of the Red River to-day heard with
regret of the death of General
Buller. It was in the summer of
1870 that General Buller, then a
lieutenant of the 60th Rifles, was
first seen in Winnipeg, which was
then Fort Garry, in connection
with the Red River expedition. He
is well remembered as a smart
young British officer by the piou-
eers of Winnipeg who saw service
in that expedition. Mr. Hugh
John Macdonald was a lieutenant
in the Canadian contingent, and
Major Svvinford was a sergeant in
the same corps, and each recalls the
Buller of that day, wheu history
was warm in the making round old
Fort Garry. Colonel Irvine, Warden of Stoney Mountain, is another
Winnipeg pioneer who recalls that
early trip of Lieutenant Buller to
Fort Garry.
Guaranteed upon absolutely safe security���first
mortgages on substantial city properties Seven and
Eight Pep. Cent. Guaranteed, free of all charges,
upon sums ranging from Five Hundred Dollars up.
White, Shiles & (��,
New Westminster, B.C.
Agencies Represented���
Hartiord Fire Insurance Co. Insurance C, of ^s'drth America
riicenix Insurance Co. of Brooklyn    The ocean Acoidcnt fc Guarantee Corpora-
Connecticut Vire Insurance Co. tlon, I.til., of London, Eng.
Imperial Trust Co . Ltd. Vancouver. B.C.
No Larder is Complete
Without Flour. Of course one naturally wants
the best.
Royal Standard Flour
I,    -...,,-,       I , i'i s.
is the best, and an eminently satisfactory flour, j
Its sales are increasing daily, and its popularity
is spreading while its sales are developfcig-
A housekeeper who buys ROYAL STANDARD FLOUR once will never be satisfied with
a substitute. It is uniformly milled from"selected
western hard wheat, and cannot be excelled for
color nor flavour-
To notify the people of -Ladnefr iand surrounding district that we are now m a
position tb ofter Vancouver Island
Portland  Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it poa-
sible for parties who contemplate building
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
material.   ���
Write for Prices*
B. G,
Don't take our word for it,
will convince you.
Sold by W. H. SMITH.
A trial sack
Vancouver Hilling I Gram Co., Ltd.,
To Rent.
Something to Interest You
Cut Glass,
All -R.fscls ot Jewellery.
Nov .Stock.
Call afid .See T-heift.
E Clausen,
Seven-roomed House with pantry
and Bathroom.    Apply to
The people of Eoundary Bay will
tegret to learn of the resignation ofj
F. R. Mill. ^s teacher of Boundary |
Bay school, which position he has
j|j.ld for two successive terms. The
season for Mr. Mills' resignation is
that he intends entering the Vancouver Normal School to complete
hjs studies. Mt. Mills, during his
Stay at Boundary Bay. has made a
iy>st of friends who will regret his
departure. A. a teacher he has
proved diligent and faithful and has
done his duty to all concerned.
The Vasey Farm
Composed of part of Lot 26,
Group II, Ladner, B. C. This
world-wide farm contains 185 acres,
all under cultivation, fenced and
underdrained. Soil unsurpassed
for richness. Suitable for roots,
grain, hay or dairying.
A first-class barn, dwelling, etc.
The beauty and value of this farm
can only be known by inspection.
If desired, the live stock can be
purchased, whicli consist s oi some
fine teams ot wotk horses, brood
mares and young stock and about
25 of the finest dairy cows to be
found in the province, together
with all necessary farming implements.
For tuller particulars, terms, etc.,
apply or write to
Official Administrator,
New Westminster.
Next time you're in town
drop in and see our  ,   _,   .
New Century and
The most up-to-date labor savers on the market
also the
"Eze" Wringers
With Covered Cog Wheels
Can't Tear the Clothes.   ,  ,
Commission Agents,
General Dealers & Machinists,
Of every description can be
found here. There's uot a
thing missing which ought
to be in it. Everything
needed in stable, barn md
h.nrnesi room included. Er-
ery article has been gathered
with great care, and yon will
not have a chance to complain absat 'their quality.
B. C. Leather Co., Ltd.
112 Hastings Street, Vancouver, B. C.
Estate ol
W.    If   McBRIDE,
General Merchant,
Phone 5,   *   Port Ouichon
.  \
To All  B. C


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