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The Delta Times Jul 14, 1906

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_f      RV.
f      .______.
fc.   "/CT
Vol. 3. No. 45.
$1.00 yea
ew Arrivals
Surrey Council, j  JlfllL SERVICE.     THE TUELETH.
Council met in the Town Hall, {DEPARTURE FROM LADNER.' The very finest kind af weather
sSurrev Centre, July 7th, the Reeve To Vancouver, Victoria, Xanai-' ���*reete(1 ihe Ial"ge number of people
md all members being present. j mo, New Westminster, New West- j who hf,ld J'1'^   l2lh  t0 ����� the da-r
J miuster district aud Vancouver dis-i#f days '" the whoIe >'ear* thls W18
i trict, per S. S. Transfer, at 8 a. m.  i��sPeci*1,-v lucky -�� far as the local
To Vancouver, Victoria,   Nauai-f��ran&e   Lod"-e was   concerned for
CSMWUNiCAriracs. ! mo> Vaac-mver District and  East-1screly I1!r;tninS- could have fitted ia
From  las.  Gatidin,  Agent   De- ��n points, .per S.S. Sonoma, _ n I better for the Ion j drive to Clover-
partment Marine and  Fisheries,   re
.Miirates of previous meeting were
(>aad and confirmed.
4 P-
Another Shipment of Ladies'  Neckwear just arrived
Johnston road bridge, saying as the
vear ot grace has expired, he would
be pleased to he advised when the
fresh from the manufacturers, insuring the veryiwntractwas*etatid -**��t�����<-�����
To Delta at 10.30 a.m
���day aud Saturday.
Newest on the Market.
wool mixtures, wool Taffetas, Crepalines, etc., in Suit lengths, also silk
braids and ruchings, etc., for trimmings.
a plan ol the bridge for tbe information nl th:* Department.
From A. Campbell Reddie,   Dep-
Vty Provincial Secretary,���saying-, "1
'am   directed to state   for   the   in
" ' "~ formation of the Reeve  and   Coun
1 cil that under the powers conferred
I upon  the  Lieutenant-Governor   in
Nice Range of Summer Dress Goods in fine wools, and sflk amd *c��uncii by s_c i&a of the Bene
I voleut .Societies Act*' as enacted by
j >Sec 4 of Chapter 3 of the Statutes ol
1905,  the incorporation of tlie ,So
i'ciety   known   as   the   "Ctovetdale
A nice stock of Eibbons in tke n-sw Dresden effects, all widths, | cirib- has been revoked and the
; .Association dissolved irom 5.he 25th
(lav o. June,   1906."
Fro 11   W.  I.  Walker, chattered
Itaecotaiilaut, ?ayin,?  he  fail Struck
j the dyking  rates as follows:���O.tn
jeral,   interest   8-10   mill.   Sinking
i Fund 5-T0; Local, interest  6  mills.
! Sinking Fund 3'7 mills. Received
From Jos   Shannon,   saying   he
had completed his contract oi deep-
, j euiug the Miltou ditch, that it wa.s
See our lines of Lace and Lisle Hose|beinsdauiaged by Armstrongs _at-
1 tie tratu-jiing ri it,  asd suggesting
iust plac9d in stock.   See them.
This is where we are strong,
in white., tans and black shades-
better for the lun;
dale    and     back.     liefore     eight
Wednes-ocIock tfie l��adner contingent was
j well on the road, thus  taking  advantage of the cool of th; morning
i and the pleasant breeze oft the Gulf,
From Vancouver, Victoria, Van- arriving at Cloverdale nicely before
couver District, I**,ana-mo, and East- [ the heal of the dtiy which makes
era registered and -custom   parcels.! driving   ;lu*eug-k  a  hush  road op-
perS. S. Sonoma at 10 a. m. .p.- Rive.
From Vancouver, Victoria, Van- ] Shortly before eleven all the vis-
couver district, Nanaimo, Eastern iting.odges. had assembled ou the
points, New Westminster and New main street and, with the Ladner
Westminster district, 4.?�� to 5 p.m. [ Band at tbe head of the procession,
Saturdays 3.30 p.m. (started for the grounds, some half
From Delta at q.;.o a.m. Wed-! mile from the village of Cloverdale,
nesday and .Saturday. I where   the   demonstration   proper
  was to take  place���these could not
j have   been   better   chosen for  the
Westham Island. :rr.r;_.~r.T.���
  .platform   erecleii   for   the  speechr-
| making   arf   the afternoon  with  a
F. Zirkland  ..pent   Sn.iday   atj,*      open   g4A doge  ,      fQf ^
Boundary Hay. .sp*ts_
G. London and F. Kirkland were. On arrival att-fce pronrt-ts, ;c_ieers
business visitors to VancoWtver on 1 "were given for King William 111..,
Tuesday. ; Prince of Orange, which were very
Harry Munn, of   Westminster, isj l��sti!y joined in by all, alter whick
spending   his    holidays   with    C.  ftn  ��-b����rninent W"9 made under
.\lbertson. I1''8   "*!rre'*wood   tree"   to await
luncheon which was served ea the
Capt. Walter   Beale,   of (;aliauo; grouudSp ^   ublej   ^ ^^
-had.--., be*  small  trees oifi -and s__t
Island, has returned to our midst-as ���,,.,,. ..<
en^s Department
This is Bathing Weather and this is the place to purchase your
Bathing Suits.   We have them in all styles.   PRICES RIGHT.
I that a cotip'e of culverts be   put;-skipper of the S. S. Clara Voung.    ;,u the gTmnd for ���..,, purpQte
: across it.    Received. Miss Edith Jackson returned to      After  luncheon  some   selections
The clerk was instructed to write j VancotoTer| ye8terday, after  spead-  by  the Band started  tbe  proceed-
.!���   Mrs.   C. Al-  ings,     followed     bv    s.nie    uio-t
excellent   speeches by   the   clergy
Our Shoe Department is a Paradise of
fiest for Weary feet	
No Trouble to Show Shoes.     No Shoes to Show Trouble
to G. Kaiser that the Council w��iiinfa forl1ligbl
pay him "830  for  his  clearing  ami  bertsou
1 lnoviag his fence for road line; also,
i to write to 1. Tarn-holme to have thei
Canadian thistles 011 his land cut at'
; once.
The f_-iowiug tenders were ac-
; cepted:
Ward fi. Hau-iiig hard-pan on C.
M. road, at  75-cents  per yard  and
: fixing   fill   for   $64 go   t-   17   F.
I Trou.sc.ell.
, Ward 3, Draw, Johnston road
j bridge, to \V. Williams and T. W,
' Hardy for f 1,000.
Ward $, Town Line road, fixing
'. appro*.lies t iS, hauling gravel and
j rock 90 cents per yard, to W. C
: Anderson.
Ward 5, ."-steveiisoa road,  cuttiuy
inrush and reiaoving lo^s,   70 cent-
: per rod,   tt) W.   Williams.    C    M.
road,   "raveling   100  yards  at   80
Oifing to the high wind and sea
the dredge _���-'.__. JJd.w-tfd was compelled .to'ce-j'ie dredging operations
nini come away uj) the river anchor-
uij in the stream off Kirkland's,
Tke Natural Histor.-y Society ha-
utjdertakeu the wank of establislfi-
iiig a Wild FlowvrT Garden tin this!
city. We have secured a most eli
gible site in Beacon Hill Park, ana
the City Authorities have promise'!
to make us two small rocky i-pondf,.
Our aim is to secure a representative collection ot the many beautiful
wild flowers and shrubs native lo
this province.
Marshall Smith
..    11 or
The following officers were installed for Delta Lodge, No. a*.
I. O. O. F., on Wednesdav evening
last by D. D. G. M., Bro. A. D.
J.P.G., Bro. R. C. Abbott.
K.G., Bro. A. A. King.
V.G.. Brm. W. H. Taylor.
Secretary, Bro. H. J. Kirkland.
Fin. Sec, Bro. N. A. McDiarmid-
Treasurer, Bro. Alex. Davie.
Warden, Bro. G. T. Baker.
Conductor, Bro. F. J. M-eKeazte.
R.S.N.G., Bra. John Ellis.
L.S.N-G., Bro. David Ellis,
J.S.V.G., Bro. E. CuIImb.
L.S.V.G., Bro. J. A. Browne.
R.S.S., Bro. E. T, Calvert,
J..S.S,, Bro. M. 17 Wharton.
I.G, Bro. E. Brodu'e.
tf.?'7., T5i-r C-. H. W'-.KT
The Band wish it made known
that tlie weekly concerts ou Friday
evenings, will be discontinued tin-
Mrs. Herbert J. Kirkland will le
"At Home" to her friends on
Thursdayafternaon, July the 191.1
inst. Afterwards on the first Thttrs-jtil after the  busy  season   is over,. pit for assistance to gratuitous labor'        ED
cents per yard and grading and   re-      We now appeal to anyone who is: tioned
moving stones on hill 50 rods at $1   interested in the fiori.' of this partic-
per rod to J. Ketry. ukr locality to help us.    We   wavt
The following appropriations were Uiia fall o��ly those subjects that
made. will  thrive  on   rocks  aud   i-i   dry
Ward 1, -f-.s for Hjorth road situations, as we shall not have
for gravel. water until next season,
Ward 5. j*:;. for gravelling south ' Our funds STe limited and we
end C. V.. road, to be done by day cannet offer to pay for plants
wcik t:lso tender., to be in at next, but will gladly pay freight charges,
meeting for era-veiling new grade1 It is a labor of love on our part,
on north end of il. P. road. and we shall be glad to hear from
Ctiiin. Lawrence was empowered anyone a*le and willing to help us
to furnish power and a man in the in the good work.
day of each month.
1 i
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladiier!
at 8 a.m. and 4 "p.m.; leaves Steves-1
ton at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.   Every}
day except Sunday. i
owinKtethe fact  that the farmer on C. R. road ward 5, a.u.  also  to
members find it ouite impossible  :o
From remarks 'overheard at
Cloverdale on thc i-th, the Band
may take it that their services were
���such appreciated by the T*esjdeul*��
of that place, the opinion app.tr-
ently being that they would -be a
Credit to a very much larger place
thin Ladner.
iha.ve about 20 rods of grading done
mi th? same road.
The Tisiva! monthly accounts wcte
passed and cheques issue 1.
Council  then .adjourned to meet,
again on Saturday, August 4th,   at
1 -o-clock p. m.
Victoria  B. C.
The graia is iripenin? ofl very
fast now and ere another is.ue
appears quite a quantity of barley
will have fallen to the reapers.
Capt. Dreyfus has bee 1 complete
iv exonerated at last.
BRAN, SHORTS, Whole Corn,
Cracked Corn, Rice Meal, Chit
Rice, Chick Feed, Timothy and
Clover Seed*;; Sutton's Garden
and Field Seeds may be obtained.!
at  Ikackmsm-Ket-  Milli-ag Co.'s j     Misses Hazel and Bernice Shirley
warehouses.   I.adner,  trom   Mr. j jr.turned home yesterday iroqi visit- af noon yesterday after having been  coirnectio 1
J Milne,  gen.ral  manager,   nnd
C. Rumniel. manager of tne  light
���department of the 17 C. 17 R.  Co.,
paid a   short   \;si:   'o   Kirkland's
The Dominion House prorogued  Island   and   Ladner   yesterday   in
witli t-.o .rLe ric li<'ln-
ot the district, whose watchword t-t the members of this
great Order was most emphatic,
-'Stand by you: c-w-iiuiuou -ami
practice what vou preach." The
Kev. Mr. (liven laid particular
sires- on the fact that though denominational differences made jj
imp'i^-tible to ts-.u-h the Scripture*
fen Ihe schools one must n-t lose
���si;:..; of ihe fact than iioavej*. __."__y
ail, the place par excellence w'here
���religion should be iuitilled into ihe
minds of the yeung. A lew more
selections by th* Baud aud cheers
_ ir Their Most Gracious _laj*.c__e���
King Edward Vll.r::.! his e��n_S0T��J
brmigift this part to a clone.
A collection was then taken up
lor t! e sports which wtre shortly
uffder way in ihe field .before ki_��-
We did aot note *H*y
records being broken, priudpally
owing to the fact that the heat, by
this time, was iimost unbearable in
the open, and the cool of the trees
more alluring than the programme
of sports, still everyone apejrert to
enjoy them neveTthe":e��*. Another
firogramtneiy rtie Band, after the
sports hafl 'been rt.n off, brought v
very enjoyable aiternoon to a clps^.
Tea, served on the ^r.oi��id��, -W-i*
most pleasant, aft_jr Mi��it-h the
various contingents from l.a.Tjfley,
Hall's ftfiir'ie, 'ccc, might have
been-seen starting for horn..
Takea all in all a very pleawmt,
.and for those who listened to the
���speeches, a most .profit-tie day, _*._
nne, although not so brilliaat as
those which sometimes take place
at Vancouver and New Westm:*-
ster, vet calling for a 'arjfe measure
of praise for those 'who organize^
this celebration.
There wa�� qu te a c��f>d turn-out
on Sunday eve ing i.ti*. _it the aa-
���lmel chin* "ii p irade.
iff, K  l*"JCn. Lnral 4-genJ. fig friends np river.
',*>,^ <ws<-, ou S,VVl>r
���fStin ta��
hi   01 m��iVo-.M��_i d::i.
_4,   t
Su3sci*.:i":;nN-> S.1,.00 p** yeur.
Anyi:.<rlsiNo avn-s.
Casual Adf-rV!-.'."_---���. te-r,:,.* iici tine '���"
Ikefit** Ih-.rtioii.��-_ seenWP-i line lot encli
���ulMrqueot Ins-ition. The njimhrr i>t line,
raitone- bf the ��p��ce occupis-a, ,.!,.���.����� 10 U11
Bates tonCsUu��ie����lal __Jvt-r'.i>,-ini-iit. em t.v
h_.l 00 ��pplicKtiiiii ��t Ihis oilier.
l_t--.di_s> noticesHcents pet Haie lai encli in-
B.rth nud Oe-jtS notices, 5-c., Marmgs-Jt.-o.
Any special uuUc*. Uie objecti ot s��liicli Is t ���
pi.'-iutt* Uie pecuniary benefit c
siiv indlvidui -
EDITOR   I-KI.T.-  Tl.M.^ :
Sir: In   the  issue  i S*  the  D.l'al
Times for July 7th.,   1 observed an j
item   calling   the   :��� tentimi  0:  the
Council to the dangerous condition
of the  railway  crossing  over  the!
Mitch on the Monkman road.
, fi
The   pwblic   crossing   ovpi    t.he. g
Riilway line ia along the centre  rf ' |
tie Monkman road     This crossing ; jjj
- is in good condition.    The Railwav ; |
C.mpanv   maintains   no   crossing
' i
__ c_mp.siiy.tc-l>-* cotw-J'-i'it
_na c_-r_.a si A-os*ihi^ls.
All .Js-ertisseoieBt-i clu **_..*_ ft-i" tent'" otdeteil r ^tjg4
out .nil uji_ tat. I       ,.��� , .,      , i
_..rr.v.nd._._e i.vM on maem-et public       1 hi   dangerous   trap   desmbed
t\mwmSm*Se*ety.rm^^ 0r lUtl    "0t   GX'Sl   '"   'he i
_&_��-S-_-V mttieet^m*eSL'&tmi^\v M* crossing.    The Railway cul- ;
over the ditch  except i'or  Railway
QoTrc*p**a&Bm\.T   run �����'. rein
jh_y iereaiagM
Q__Oi. R.
i t-.i*-'tis. <��� t-y TllUt
FRUIT, For Preserving:-
s   I v is *
.I? ii
d.  3 ne Lowes!
.��.^��.;.��.;.f .I.��.I.4.^��^.4^^^^_*.^^^.^.;.^_;.V.;.4.!.4.;.>.;.V.,,^.:._>...^
Delta Transfer Stable
Team Work Done at Specially low Prices.
SAT1.-1.DAV,    liri.Y   14,    I'lOO.
We are pleased lo note that men
from the high lands have made a,
fre��h appearance bt.*. This is tlie j-
most desirable das'- to employ antl itr
is to be hoped that comfortable |
quarter-" will be provided for them so
vert referred lo it no.  Intended  for
public use.
Trusting you will give i-his place
in your iK-.it issue
I am, yours .rulv,
Foreman for Railway Company.
Port Giaichon, July  to, '06.
N*. A. McDiarmid spent V.
flay in the Royal City.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
I \ Telephone "Ladner" No. 10.
W. N. Draper,
Chicken Time!
According to The Commercial,
of Winnipeg, the visible supply of
oats in the United Slates and Canada, east of the  Rocky Mountains.
NC...T.   LAN'11
. Kltafd Block. N.-'.s
Wesl minster.
i-;   (..ir.foco   bushels,    compared
I with 7,221,000 bushels a year ago.   1
If you contemplate buying1 an Incubator or
- - ������         I Brooder you cannot do bettor than to get prices
Fashion   Stables - 0ff the Ladner Agent for the CHATHAM.
Tracking; and Dr.ivi.iir.
An  Irish   farm   hborer, desiring
to improve his position, obtained a
that they  pill  have  a good report I .^.^ ag a brickiaye.*s assistant,
jc-iake back with them. Being inexperienced, Put handled
���__ :.__j_-_z_n_:rr_ ' the hod  very  awkwardly, and, ou
Whea  liring   Hindoos  there �� ascending   the ladder, a  couple of
this __.ti-t-.ctU-,- t^ be derived ilTiey bricks ,el1 to lbe Srolind* �������^y
  ,        ,        missing the gaffer"*.*- head.
���re   British   subjects;    (hey   have, *        B ,,     ,
"In!   mv   man,     shouted   tt.f-
fought, and are re*dylc. fight again, I   affer) ..when yau coine down I'll
tor our Eapire*, and,, therefore, are: gjvc you .]���_. s.af.;c/*
A.   (>.  U.   W.
Delta Lodge, No. 12 meets first
and third Tuesdays of each mouth
in Oddfellows' Hall.
Tho*.. Todd, M.W.
T. W, K).i.k. Recorder.
Livery  work  of all
tended to promptly.
cinds at-
entitleil   to   oui   bejt and kindest;
U-tatmieat.    Al.o,   remember   that
theiy  look for pitch from as  as a
Christian people.    IVuft lower the
"Thank   ve,   sor,
"Sfthure I  could  carry them better
iua sack than m thisblowed thing."
i-rected   cmi
During  the   past   week  or so al L-'artn.
���fiuwbe.r of undesirables have drifted
here, who   will   neither  work
e    1 Kirn
I-i', -t-rhi
I.O.O F.
Delta Lcnlge. No. 2s.���There
lar meetings of this Lodge are
every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
ui. Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
R, C. Abbott, N.O.
W. 11. Taylor. Se:.
mm 1 nil
 ,"*"���"-    1     DELTA
MCRAE & CO   Westham Street,
I.adner, B. C.
' *fll,   si  UW\ I
held NIL il Ull !U. I
A lull line of English and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings al-
ways kept iu stock.
-1 m 11 e
incorporated IS��'>*>��
There is a <_" icd deroan-ol for fresh
themnelves nor  let  ��_hers.    When 1
thy*dais ruts  in  au appeatancea
sharp eye should  be kept on them |
and, after they  have  been noticed raeats'    Beef in quoted at 7c a_jd 8c
,,. , ,   ._ ,._    Produce business generallv is some-
Jelling others nnt  to  work l-rless1    , ���       ,. ,   '
what quiet. Hutter market is weak.
.hau    au    exorbitant    price    thev;
.      ,,, , ,���,      ...     ,   '     Toronto ��� Kelected    live   hogs
���heulil be 1 assel on.     1 he cities do ,    , .. ,
fetch   $7.60;   lights and fats, 57.3s
!__?_-, C-' -i .*. a.
-,�� 4-._|ti*-wf. ��__lf
K5^o���_.amSife'em     ���"���-      -.-i* ���--        ���:,., - --^;.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department.
Remember the place
thi**, wkv licit th; rural li'istneVs.
As will be seen by   relerence to a
letter in aao.ther column, the Fore-;
BTfiU of the   Railroiml Company de-j
nip* tfie esislence of a  danger spot:
at the crossing  ftn  the Monkman j
road.    Now, we contend  the ditch '
is the property ot thc Municipality
and  the  Council, therefore, would
be held  ifcsponsible in case of an
accident, other than  a railway accident,, occurring   at   that  or  any;
sir.-i.__r point frim any defect what-
Purit."  the  recent parades and 1
opea-aic  concerts put   up   by  the'
.Band   bovs,   we   have  noted   the
dilapidated   condition   ol the uniforms.    Some  are small, same are
short   and   sonie  had   nnne at a'.
^?ow, if wt have * numtict of young I
j>ien   willing   tn deyote  their time
��nd attention towards the   building'
up ol a 1 and such  as   we have, vvr
think  it   would   be  a good idea to
Sec to it that   ihey   have  good uniform*   ti. p#.r��'.le i"     Let us have:
your opinion mn the matter.
I'I'   '10 DAM7
flullettii Kft is, .ssued by the P>.
t\ Department o' Agriculture, is ol
especial value to t'10 e building or
eontjtnplaiing bt i'-lii'g new barns,
Stable, or dailies as it obtains
ne** a id up-to-t'ate plan.-, for all
-Mftbtltldtugs n.'ct'c_t on the farm.
The pi ins have been s.;iu'jed out by
f. M. I, >ga''*> B.S.A ., who is a practical 4s well as llic' re'u-al builder,
therefore tve t*cj H- *<"> h: onr ditty
to draw t-i- ai.'.;.^tior. 0. our patrons
fco thia wor'-r. Any..i.e wishing to
*ce a ��0py uiay dQ by giving ps
��� all
per 100 lbs.
We can supply you with the finest quality j                                                            .     _       , _ _
of the  above  articles  at reasonable cost.! Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
; liast End. Mt. Pleasant,   Granville  Street ;   Grand   Forks,  Nanaimo,
Nelson,   Rossland,   Victoria,   Vernou,   Chilliwack.   Cumberland   and
New Westminster.
A/% It
tS mt I
Phono 9.
Ladner, B.C.
aaner ta
TRADit Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone ssfondtng r pkoteh ftti-l d*_iOTlpUftti mny
Tttlekly nseertnln onr opinion frtso wn other m\
'riTfrifimi ,�� probnbly nAtentAbJa. Con-UiunlP*.
iionafttrldlyeonfldontfiU. KANDBCOK on Patent*
,-nnt tree. Olrtost Hu'eiify foreeourinff pftteutn.
I'aiotits tniton through Munn & Co. rocclve
tpetial notUe, -vitbout abarggr tatba
Scientific Jfmericatt.
\ biuirteomoly ninrtrated wc-ek]y. T,nr(rc,?'t rtr-
rnlatinn nt nhr ("PionttQ^ journal. Terma, 13 a-
vn:\r; four months, ?L Sulrtbyall noweCti?ul��rR,
nr:m-li Office <S5 F St- WanblDBtoti. D. C.
Headquarter.^ for���
Pure Manila Blnefer Twine,
Bale Ties,
Barked Wire,
I ubrica.iny OH,
Cr   Mny   Other   CM   Thing   ihs   Farmer
Requires at LOWEST PRISES.
Just Arrived
O (*���"*?...... __.-,;
R, Ladner, B. C.
l|P3$ ^r ^.^     .       ss
~" ��� WamW
Tans, Oxfords &
ucher Cuts
A. .Frill Lin^ of
Get a Suit at Once.
cherson s II]
A' i   SAINTS.
t A-..**7-:.t,.)
11, !y    C '������ n union ��� Sm days,
: ,o  a.m.    i -i  .-'���.!!.';,,   in fu.utn
11 a.m.
Matins,  i i o'clock.
s^.s ,. uaiiiij,,   , ._, .  ..,   ...__...
Sunday Softool n' io a.m.
Frirhiv. evening sevyiet- ���-. \o.
OOLUitffisIA GHAPH0PH0NE8. Rev.Ganon gillou.'vicar.
columbia records,
Edison phonographs,
I.ATH. 1.1C
JliiJlOtJiN   Jrt_i.oOK .-->��, 7>---.s rrjouth at 10:30 a.n .: Benedi
1 tion, 7 :,-.<'",' ni
Sundav school nt t, p.m.
NORDHEIMER PIANOS,      tow Mn-f and Holy Communion
: first nnd third Mondavs :tt 6 a.m.
DOMINION PIANOS.1 l'arisl* !'riest
Services next   Lor I's  Day at  11
I t. m.._;nJ 7:30 p.m.
I      greatest choice in Vancouver. cia** meeting:, ro.30n.1n. every
pa  best   values  for  your  money  aad   easiest;' sabbath School at 2 p m everv
tirniS  Of pi.irCil3.se. | Sunday.      Prayer   meeting   even
i Thursday even inn at 7*3��-
Rev. j. F. Betts, pastor.
'   ���   UT- . . ���  ��� , ���,'.tt1/ t   :���::���(��� .--O-itftlfl t' a STEV-
KtFIJW . . . froTii$'2 25toSl-50.00
P.MTCLS . . .from 3.60 to 60 00
&HO1-G.0H3 .   .    irom  7i>ttlo     8S.U0
W. ���Mn.tt'.en'ttmXi I Uili -   ���-ini l^r us-f-tfffl* l-'ai..
r ti     _ .r ..... ....   li irei-H c��U  ���_'.   If I  ...r-
��� Mlti  1 j ���:.tin, ���<���-.: [i, c��:-l III Sl.OuTU.... - ^u
I* ���:'���-.- t, vorrjmge chmrgtt. ouftittoliar* it.   M-i'.v-i
J�� ��    -���_</, u<>- r�� rti-cij*. ..;' i'jijmttcate InUtUUpeUt
ft ......oi; prti J.                      I coferfX-UHge.
'  Our mtrr.. .>��� .hre�� r��I��r Al-imfnum H-tnger ��-1il l-a
it-i.t 3fl    n -'.-.- 1   f (O ._.V.i ill UmOtp*.
J. BTSV-8-.S AHliIS ._-._> TOOL CO.,
Obloopaa l'.J_!. Mu.., TT. 3. A.
Ows-7 .-tip cf -...is.- ' nn .1n��ia.��
One of the pecullai things about a
copyrighted play Is that aDy little piece
of business or ,i_y low lines which.
ft..... be Inserted In i._e manuscript
while a sto<!.- company Is playing the
Annua I'f.loi;'. iliijivatift' :�� iii,- o_aii
who ot!!" the copyright
Every unie .. slock company rents ix
play for prodttctlou from ihe owner of
the ropjriglit It is cut, InterliBed ami
added to before ir Is produced. ,. stage
mmn ivr. I'or Instance, may lnu-i-|.oir.i��
EOC.p ;.'���.','!.t��s In oriier lo wo:1; tip to
(he '.;;���:..'.aetlon of n so:!:; or sj ed-l.y,
i.r In* mny strengthen the cliuius Iiy
I'i'.iiiii.; !.'i seme new urn! stront; linen.
Oftvii these Interpolated lines prove lu
be the most striking in Hie play nml
niitkt* decided hits. If they are left lu
when the manuscript noes back to its
owner, they become hi. property ab
Bcrlntely and may not be used by the
mnn who wrote theiu in any oilier pro
Auction; therefore shrewd managers,
before they return n play to Us owner,
always take great pains to erase rverj
t.'!'.t;i of correction or Interlineation
In this way only may they U.->-;. wliul
really belongs to them
158 Qranvile St., Vancouver
Services next Lord's Dav at   ii
I.Otvei (. i.m,_!niiil in Chihlriv..
Purine th" summer months children 'irr- subject to disorders of the
rvy.vels which shou'd receive .;;ire-
I'.il iittentiou as s um as the fiist ti'i-
na-ural looseness nl the hmvels up
nenrs. The lies; medicine in use
for bowel complniut. is Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Dia r! cea
a.ni  nurt -.io p.m. i Remedy as it promptly controls any
Sa-ibatU School  at loaiu    Mid-j "n'tialural l'ocsoness of th. bowels,
week meeting" on Thursday evening ���For sale by All Druggists,
at 7.36 o'clock.
Rev. A, McAulev, Pastor.
|ole   Age.it   for   Columbia   Grapbophones   and
."���VibLath s*arv!c_s ������ Crescent  Is
hind, 3 p tu.; I.ed-er, ~:y> p m.
Sunday Scho.l at 10 _. i_.
Prayer  l.ueeMti-; on Xh(ir>iday a1
S p.m.
C Croft,   B. A.,  oust, r
The pati:'. mini-tei of-
A Large Assortment of
I'M Tfii||-j ftojjYm '
ii��lulsl!l    iLiUllilillL   U   I'.lilt.   U. ,    ;
Time Table.
Train leaves Cloverdale at 3: \<i
p.m, and arrives at I'Oit Quit lion a,
.1:50 p.m.
Train leaves Port Guichou -'
5:10 p.m. ami arrives nt Cloverdale
at 6:25 p.m,
Mondays onlv.
  - Wilt.
viii" a crack with Tarn Tamsou,
tbe viiia��'- ii"i4et'laker. aud was
asking if business was good. Tarn
said Le eii'liia complain, "but iaan,
1 r.'n*' across a queer t'uiiji*' last
week when 1 was sce.viii* doon
auld M lcplrrson. He had a gold
coiii held ticfit in his haimd."
"Uh!" said tlis  uiinisier   '
you know
To Be Sold At
^edfaf &Gi
Irardeu   Tools of   Every  DescriptionI
w. l. nemm estate,
Port Guicnon, B. C.
tntmally, to fill the new positions
leated by Railroad and Telegraph
pitipnn.es. We want YOUNG
[MN and LA DIES of good habits to
l-M) R. R. ACCOUiNTlNd . . .
I We furnish 75 per cent, of the
kerators ami s**.lation Agents in
IiBcrica. Our six schools are the
Irgest exclusive Telegraph Schools
j the world. Established 20 years
Id endorsed by all leading Rail-
lay Officials.
[ We execute a j.250 Bond to every
Indent to furnish him or her a
lisition paying from $40 to Soo a
lonth iu States east of the Rocky
fountains, or l'rom $75 to $ioo a
onth in States west of the Rockies,
limcdiatcly ttpon graduatjuii.
[.Students can enter ul any time.
lu vacations. For full particulars
Igarding any of our sahcols write
Irect to our executive office at
Incinnati, O.    Catalogue free,
Special Offer of
Se.sGn__.e Goods
Tiuire are. two limine.h riassen*
g*;r irtrius per day tach way t�� unt-
frpm Se.ittle and a mixed train l��
and from Uellingham.
Ett III! fili! II
Get your House wired now
and file your application for
Electric Light now, so that
the poles may be distributed
past your premises.
Application blanks may be
had of Mr. McDonald, the
E!ec r'cian.
here is an old superstition that a piece of mouey will be
required to pay fur the lerryingi
across the dark river "
"Ah, wet-1," suid Tam, "Mac-
ph.rsBn wttll h:ie tae sso'n \'. en."
���-iix. I
When yon wish t_ buy yisitiwij
curds call on the Bella Times whoi
will sell the best money cau buy,
If.you need then, printed, why vou
are motiey in pocket by calling on
the Delta Times first.
DIhgov. r!u(f u 1.olsl i..t.,t~.
(Julil wua tlist-ovi'i-eil lu 1-; ... .,i ,;:.i m
1848 ami In I'tiloi'iiilti In is..;-,. i,���-i;.-
covery wns ueeiili-uiiil iu Imlli eases,
and tin* r.i'-i ertatt-il tlii* litipn*:isii,ii
tintt iiiiin-s were "lying ttiiitiiitl lnusa."
Ailvi'iiliiici's drll'tl'U iiliuut In :,, ;>������ c!
"atumbllli.; u.iun u Uiiue." .'.':���. 'i miyei'
iu his "Miirvi'ls of the New West"
m.utious sever.ii lustiuiuPH uf Itielty
"stuuibling." '1 Jii-ee men wliile look-
lug i'or nu',,1 hi California diseoveivil
the dead body of �� man wbo 1-. J���.��� -1 _ii>-
had been prospt-etiui;. "!'_._.' feilow!"
said oue of thu trio. "Ue bus passed iu
hi. cln'1'ks." "Let's Kivu liim u ileeeut
burial," suid another. "Some wife or
mother will be glud if ever sbe Uuown
It." They began to dig u grave. Three
feet below the ::iin':uv ihey discovered
algiis of gold. The stranger was buried
in iint/ther place, and where they had
I'ocnleO, a tf'"*e Ihey opened a -^uUl
Ti"\ llruuUu nl_.
Tea dl'imktlids ur,' nearly as ninuer-
ou. as opium Hends ai.tt social gRinblers
among our b.'ss guarded maids nnd matrons of the idle artstorraey of wealth.
H Is a tel'rtl/le dissipation. Some of
the victims boll the tea until every bit
of the u_uei'_itunn!c a> id !. extracted
from the leaves, which re_dera the beverage bitter and daugerous, It is so
astringent that 110 mucous membrane
can readily overcpiue its effect. Women who revel and luxuriate like it lie-
caiise it Is it good -'pk-U me up."���New
Vork I'ress,
Willi.m to Try.
"For the first year of our married
life, dear," snid the young man who
was pour, hut bad prospects, "we shall
have to live principally on love."
"Well, people eau live ou spoon victual-!, can't they. George." she said, snuggling closer 10 Win.
Saved His Comrade's Life.
BKK SUPPLIES��� Buckwheat, j
I Kail   Rye, Clover, Timothy,  Lawn
lOrnss,    Ensilage   Corn,   Mangel,
' Turnip.       Special    quotations   in ���
Spray Pumps, Whale Oil Soap, j
; Vegetable Plants.
Large stock of HOMK GROWN
'Fruit  and Oruameutal Trees  nowi
I matured for the fall trade.
! No expense, loss or delay of fumi-
I gntion or inspection,
1    Let   me   price your  list   before
placing vour order.
! We do business on our own
!grounds���uo rent to pay, and are
1 prepared to meet all competition.
"\Y!:i'e returning ftom the Grand
Army Encampment at Washing-
ion City, a comrade from Elsiu,
111., wns taken with cholera morbus
and was in a critical condition,"
snys Mr. ]. 37 Hou^hland.of Eldon,
Iowa. "I gave him Chamberlain
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhcea Remedy and believe saved his life, I
have be_*n engaged for ten years 'in
immigration work and conducted
munv parties to the smith and west.
I always carry this remedy and
have used it .uccessfully on many
occasions."    .Sold by All Druggists,
Timlin lit   It   -liljlit   Pi*.
Mrs. Newrocks��� I'm determined that
Cynthia's debut shall pass oif witk
great eclat.
Mr. Newrocks���What's eclat, Maria���-
expense?��� Put*k,
mn ll-nnur.
"On ymi think there I* any danger of
A mer;,,1 be tug dominated by Bui-ope';''
"No. sir." answered Mr. Meal?ton
wlili extraordinary emphasis; "r.ot sn
long as eminent Buropeans continue to
marry Amerleau girls."
Deeper Meaning.
"I went to lb. church fair last night,
and 1 tliiuk I sea a new meaning in
that old adage now."
"What's tlmt?"
"It's my Idea that none but the brave
have  any   business  there."
A  Ror'* Trn-els..
T.ittie Reggie��� I went way firoum!
the world last year with my father.
Little Jttnmte (aged twelve)���That's
nothln'. I've been mound tht sub
twelve times now, and I'm on my tliii-
terntb trip.
Our Sheet
Metal Fronts
Offer you  !<rI-*r.J._l  improvement,   at
mh.til COftt. for any style *-F l.niUiny.
W��   niaJk-*   their.   C-Wiple-C.   to   suit
liny ��iz.'*-l i>r sbapeJ ��t rQcture ��� I he
entire metal finish including door anj
window caps, onrnificsi etc.' - in a great
variety nf stylus.
They (jive a very r.un..v*��..e pftVct,
and enduring", practical ^u!i^^'___ction.
Wc Rive _-<tin.at��fs it' jvu send
nn*&M_renHnts aiui outltuc Ol tit.; build*
iny:.    '
Think it ever.
Metallic Roofing Co.,
Who.s_-.lo Manufacturers,
Toronto, Canada.
Electrical Fixture?, Etc.
New Westminster,
���). HENLEY
���!���   N'KW WKS"
���j��  MRUiifactiircr*
M1NSTKK,    :
if nil kin N,.I
B, C,
���j*   Socia  Water. Ginger f
���>     Ale and  Slimmer    .*.
Iftcuiiati, 0'iio.
tkinti, Ga
i$$��& 5vM' J* HENRY' Vancoiiveri
!^3rk,^ijt_ Tox, Sin \hw,
.JOIO Westminster Koa��J.
ROBT, MAY, .Agent,
LAON"...*.,     .    i   ,   ,   ,      1;. C.
Vour prttroiinge solicited
v��s^..."; ;..,..;....._.....jM,.,\.,.
H'hst is knosfn 11s "goose flesh" tun-
nIly n.'.suli<i ritiiii n lew condition of tb.
ijrtteni nml Ib really n *lii*lit cbill. If
ynu Imv. micL Attacks often, it would
lie wine fcr yon to consult a pky.i-.iau.
Mo;!os!   Claims   OTten   Carry   t ���<
Most Conviction.
When Maxim,  tl e   famous  gnu
inventor,    place-.!   Iii-   *.nn   before
a     comuiittee     of    jiu.liie-,     li
slatcil   it--   tarrying power   to   he
mueb   l-cl-v   what   he   felt    snr;
the   tv,'.-:  ivottl 1   acconip!i.<h.    TI--
re^tilt of the trial  ".:1s. thutefore,
great   surprise,    iinteid   oi' rlisaji
poiiitmetft.    It ���-' tlie snir*. with lh
manufacturers    <���:'    Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and  Di irrha-a Rem
edy.    They do nol   pnli'i 7   7 - !-���
of all this remedy  will  ac omplish,
but prefer   lo let  tlie  users  nv.il;
the   statem "it.      What    ihey   <!
claim is that it will pisitively  cur
rliarrhnj*., dy-sfen'^ry.  pains   in   t ���*.���.
s'omach ;t' d b w ���������-. ;v I h is n *  ���
heen kno vi. to tail.    For sale by A1J
PnuJ-'.-s. v
���ack Wa, ;t. - Victim Ft. n Street Cat
Pnin i'rau_.��'1 istu.
It wm la a lioston Btreel eer.   vv'Uen
tU��. oar itoppitd at u ...... siJJK. a Udy
got up ii-d weut. to tbo A -or. .1^ sbe
rose >.\u:re was tba eliinl; oj a coin oa
ibe floor, but before II o.-curred io uoy
one 10 slop ber she wns oi:l of Uie cat
atid n.Toss the slr,?et. Two ladles wbo
bud _..i nelt to L-'." looked Will) ubi-
lous Indifference on ti.e- floor. ��/_ie of
tln'in leaned sllsbUy f-rward, '"it said
liotlnnj. Just as tb. luuductor was
reiu'liing for tl.e 1;<-11 rope u joa'.'n man
fliii si liie coin uud d_.sli:.-d otsi of tbe
cur. He cuii_;lit tlie lady *,vbo bid left
tl.e car, bond.fd ber the coin, r_tu back,
eaugbt Un* Btep of tlie cur as tbe motor. ij"{_urj tn .sing in crescendo and sut
down In Pathless. One of liie two ladles
Oppo3lte him leaned forward find snid
coldly, "i'onii^ man, wbut did you do
wiih tbe nickel 1 dropped?" Tbe passengers Uttered. An old mnn at tin*
olli'-f end of tbe ear turned to bis
neighbor. ���"! hut remind*! ine," he said,
"of sometblug thut btt.ipeiied to my
wife years ago.
"Ii was before the days of conductor?, when we used to drop our nickels
Into a slot, nisil tbey run down a groove
lo the box Iwhind the driver.
'-.My wife had started out wltb a little change nud one of those trouble*
Bonn' live dollar goldpieces which used
to be more commonly in circulaUou
tliiiii they are now. Her eyes were not
good. Hud so she was nervous about
her goldpiece and bad It ou her mind
ull tbe wuy downtown,
"When she took a ear for home, sbe
met a friend and grew Interested lu
con versa Lion wilh her. Sbe put her
coin in Uie slot ahseutmindedly. The
driver turned as it ntruok the bos. You
remember tbe coin fell Into a glass
compartment Hrst, and then the driver
j,mlied a lever which sent lt Inte the
sirong box below.
"As my wife heard the click of the
lever she thought of ber five dollar
goldpiece. She looked ln ber purse.
Sure enough, it wus gone. .She went
forward and spoke to the driver. He
-aid he hadn't looked very carefully,
but be thought there were ouly three
nickels In tbe glass receptacle when he
pushed the lever.
"My wife insisted. The driver siiitl
If she would ride to the end of tba Una
I lie cashier at ihe staUon would op��n
tlie hoi. 'ihig meant a Journey of two
miles beyond onr street, and my wife
vi.;. In a hurry.
"An old jfenlle-uun who sat by the
door said he wus going to the end of
the line and offered lo give her $4.05
cents and j;ei the goldpiece at the station. My wife thanked hlm and took
tlie money. Wben she got home, shi
fouud the five dollar goldpleca Ui the
lining of her purse.
"Next day l went to the staUon. The
cashier said an old genUownn bud muds
bim open the l;oi. There wns uu gold-
piece. Thu old gentleman had left In
u rage, refusing to give his uame. He
Said he had been swindled and did Hot
���wnnt to bt; known for 11 fool.
"We advertised In Ihe papers, but we
never heard from bim."���Youth's <_.ui-
pauiou. ,
Animal Woriklp Anion., the Hebrew.
The Old Testament records show,
_iot-,vith.landing ihe various revisions
through which these venerable books
have passed, many indications of aul.
uml   worship   3 nu   tue    Israelites,
which must have lusted for ages he-
fore the prohibition Inculcated lu the
second Hits of the Decalogue wns for-.
mulated. At a comparatively lute date
".Tchovah was worshiped under the
popular symbol of a bull, while tbe
twelve oxen upholding the laver tn
Solomon's temple, as well as the horns
adorning the altar, were drawn from
the prevalent bull worship."
Modern research has also proved that
the cherubim were represented ln tba
form of winged bulls. M. l_et_orniaut
iu his famous book on the "Beginnings
of History" says that during tbe time
of the kings and prophets "most assuredly the cherubim, as there described, are animals."
Ilr.kn l-rMtii Bran.
The Professor���They bave traveled
safely along the happy Journey uatil
now their hopes are about to be re>
Mrs. Malnprop���Tes, Cupid, tbe god
of love, must now give way hs liyphen,
the god  of  matrimony
-. *.*"*""_���**--3*_���*��� ������*?%' r��J
ii._JclIe_-..il &
Cough Bemedy
Tlie Children's Favorite
���Ot I RS���
Qoughs, Colds, Croup and
W]_toopin_j Congrh.
--"t-, r.motly i_ famous for Iln ,-u. isps-irnr
.���' ������ ���:������:  llf lh�� Cl..li7___ *s.Olill.    li  (-���_
i.. ,1, .....i   ... uiion.   It ,*' 1 ��� tiii:js no
��� '������ n   ni luirmrul <!riiiT nud 11:nj.* In
���  ���;���'       ly lo tilutby iitiu atniSatl
������rice ��6 ets; Lai'iye Sljre, 50 cts,
-w<*_*��*>.m�� t,mmmmmmmmmHme
J - __*nr\- -
titf: delta wm.es. SATPRDA-Y;=.'.*I.-Y r4. _5r-
J.OC..I, news,  school mm.
Miss Vjal.t I.adner __sit.fl Van-
pouver tbis week.
Ui.s Fannie Burr visit 'il  Iriends
in tbe Royal City thi-; week.
The Board of School Trustees for
Delta met in the Council Chambers
Ladner. on Saturday, July 7th, all
the members being present.
Minutes of the previous meeting
were adopted n . lead.
The communications from dpi',
Master   Edw}.   Hutcherson  re-L^ & C(j^ re ���*n(J H ,.,
turned torn- yesterday for l!,e holi- L^ rp ^   p.^  ^  ^.^
dav$-  and filad.
The lollowing  resignations were
eg Lemvi
A Special
-Miss   Marvel  Skinner has been
received and filed:
visi.ing   Mrs. Ale*.  Davie  during      ^ ^^ f   y   j^..  ptimaTy,
fhis week. 1 r)lvision   Ladner School.
 . John     Mclntvre,      East     Delia
ress muslins
By an enterprising buyer who  helped  an
overstocked manufacturer to unload, enables us
Miss   Kirkland  returned   home,  School.
Thursday, from a short visit to the      Mis*, Dorothy I.  Jackson, Bonn-jto offer you pretty Fawn and   Champagne   MuS
Royal Citv.
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that vre are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
Portlamd Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Mis/Liia m. Caw, Third.Divi-1 lin8��   with   white,  blue,  green  and  red   stripes,;
sion. i.adner School, worth 20c yard, also daintily dotted organdies
The Secretary was  instructed to
The Misses Harrington are -pen
jug the holiday season with  theii I advertise,;/./~app.iw'j'0nS' \'0'm ���"���' and Swiss muslins,
parents at the Port. vacancies   on   the   teaching  staff. -
 ~~ ; Appliculions tn he iu  by July list. All _S__$   W\\\\m* --fiP*
Mrs. H. N7 Rich am. her daugh-      On   motion   the    salary   of   all H��2*L"'
ter, Miss Edith, returned home pn  teachers except  the   Principal and,
Thursday from a yi-.it to the Ter-1 First    Assistant    of   the    I.adner I _= =   -      =-      ���_..-.._..      ===== ���'-__���
fninal City. School, was  placed   a:   $56.66 per j
  j month,
The salaries Inr June were order- |
Write for Prices.
Ladies' smart Wash Suits of Percale, made
with strap of self colored goods���this season's
B. C.
Miss Crissie sSmith arrived home, I ,     ���,
fast week, for the  holidays, aecom-1 ' T, ,'.   B,-nr(]  the���  acljqimied   .._l|a*00ds���
panied by Miss  Dulcie  Hornby, ol, *,tm(ljv   J(|,y ?ts,   ���, ^     ,      \��
Vancouver.  'v    ���        |
Excellent Value at
!     T. 17 L,adner, look in the market
P. Pearse has put on   the  iuevit- j yesterdav.
able smile,   although a  hoy  would ! 	
have made a better fanner he still i
, .,    e ,. ��� , li. Bvroro  wan  a  visitor  lti   the
has a smile for another girl.
weekly market re-terday.
*$aS&   4% 0��*a75ei
Cut Glass,
And all kinds of Jewelry!
Kobt.   Harris,   engineer   of Ihe.
Princess Beatrice, and eldest son of
F.   VV.  Harris, spent a day or so,
fhiis week, on a visit to his parents. I
Having   is   well   underway   and
help is a liltle more plentiful,
Mrs. I*. M. B. Plelt, sister of
JU s. HiltOM, anil the Misses Flett,
"{eft for Vancouver on Thursday,
ef\er two weeks' visit at Ihe Vicarage.
Mrs. A. McAuley and family
came home this week to spend the
Stanley Goo.tr.y soon tired ofj
San Francisco and has returned to {
m. C, once again, haying taken up I
kit. residence in Vancouver for the |
Wednesday  and  Thursday were
the hottest dart,  this week.    The
peam average  on  Thursday being ���
69,> wbich is the highest on record 1
far this district.
Mrs. J.F. .Stainton returned home
yesterday from Victoria, where she
has been visiting during the past
twa week.
Harvey Creech and wife speut
the Twelfth in Victoria. Mrs.
Creech and son, .Stanley, are expected hsme to-morrow while Harvey returned home yesterdar.
The Hiutlco. brought in here last
week to work in the hay fields are
giving every satisfaction and, we
understand, good milkers may be
found among them.
W. J. Brandrith returned home
on Thursday evening and leaves
again first of the week for Winnipeg, Brandon, Moorejaw and Regina where he will take in the
several exhibitions as a provincial
Ba    Hm    i&SwBBBmfit
267 Columbia St.,     -     New Westminster, B. C
Repairing a Specialty.
_,_._�� , r  .. A Racvcle Bicycle was found, ou
F. W. Howay and wife ol  New L^      .���   lhe   tiniber at   ^
Westainster; Mr-. \. . J. U atson, , I>Ua     A    ,y [Q
ot Ladys��ith, and   Miss Johnston, 1 ' .,,   ,-,._,,���.���
* fpemd of Mrs. Watson, from Eng- \	
laid, and who is on e pleasure trip,
were guests at W. H. T, id iter's this j
week. "*���""    ' "��-"*"*"���.
Per.   T.   Crosby,   the   veteran.    Any person having cleims against
Methodist missionary of the  prov- ithe Estate of the late Geo. Paddon
ij.ee is to  arrive  to-day  in  the in-'arc requested to furnish particulars
fere*!--, of the  Indians gathered at |��f same to the undersigned.
the various canneries and will prob-, H. N. RICH,
ably fill the pulpit of the Methodist!       Agent for the Executrix, Marv
church here morning and evening    I Ann Paddon.
The Derby Shoe   .
For Men, the choicest production of Canadian Shoe Manufacture,
New Solid Goods, new prices.
Modern  Shoes in a Modern  .Shoe  Store.
J. RE ABM.    -   Ladner. B.C.
1016 Westminster Ave., Vancouver,
Implements,  "Wagons,   Carriages,  Harness,  Etc.]
McOormack  Harvesting Machinery,
Binder Twine, Etc.
Haypaesses, Plows, Gasoline Engines, Threshers.
M Clausen,]
Shows  some particularly  Good Values in
Shirtwaist Suits, Blouses
and Wash Skirts	
275   Columbia  Street,    -    -   -   -    New Westminster
McBRIDE   ESTATE,   Port   Guichon,   AGENTS.
Under instructions from the Executors ofj
the  Estate of the Late W.  L. McBRIDbI
Is now subdivided into Blocks of about Twenty Acres each.
Prices $130, $175 and $200 per acre.
r*P_p3RM__.:; One-fifth Gash, baiauce in, 1, 2, 3 & 4 years, with interest at 6 p. c. per annum.
Will be offered to the public at
' To make room for an
I Entirely" New Stock       *i^       &
.For maps and further particulars call on or- write to -  -
% HScFarland <H Mahon,
541 Hastings St., j j^ltiTEWs, I Vancouver, B.C
Come and See Our  Special Line ofj
Boots and Shoes.
j. i ���.   rw ' ���. .. ju'j.
Port   Guichon,  B, C,


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