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The Delta Times Jul 15, 1905

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Array LA-
^     JUL 13 1905
Vol. 2. NO.-.--45."
$1.00 yea
Yi\ iff *% ttt'tt 0
Of Interest.
Ji/mi Be^eived*
FPU    -
' -V ���+.'>:
We Stock the Very Best Machine Oil Ob<
uwers, Rakes,  Tedders, Hay Carriers, Hay Forks,
Soft Flexible Wire Cable, Pulley Blocks.
Don't stand over a Hot Fire
this- Weather.
, -
Until the 31st July, on the following CANNED GOODS:
..��::;;J,Roa$t Beef and Mutton, Brawn, Corned Beef,
Lunch Tongue, Chicken, Sardines, Kippered and Fresh
Herrings, Bloaters, Oysters, Clams, Pork and Beans,
Pumpkins, Apricots, Blueberries, Pears, Peaches, Apples,
Strawberries and Pineapple.
Trade Hera     Save Money.-
Mr. W. Witter wishes to thank
the members of Delta Lodge, No.
2i, I.O.O.F., and other sfrieusU for
their expressions of sympathy
extended ta himself and relatives ofj
his beloved departed -wife iii '.his
their hour of two-able.
On* Dollar  Saved  Represents
Ten  Earned.
Tbere was; a very small turnout.
on the Glorious Twelfth, on account', principally,,, of the haying.
The Baud B��y�� Intoned out nearly
/nil strength, 	
The average man docs not save to
exceed ten per cent of his earnings.
He mnst spend nine dollars in living
expenses for every dollar saved. That
being the case he cannot be too careful about unnecessary expenses. Very
often a few cents properly invested
like buying seeds for his garden, will
save dollars outlay later on. It is
the same in buying Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera .ind Diarrhoea Remedy. It costs bat a few cents, and
a bottle of it in the house often saves
a doctor's bill of several dollars. For
fs-ile by T. }. Mackenzie.
J. Whitworth spent a couple days
at Blackie Spit, with a companv of
young folk, on �� berrying expedi
J. F. Stainton  would
obliged if the party who
>e  nn ch
A burglar gained admittance i: lo
Hunt's store ut Steveston on Fiiday
i ight and look money anil , oods
to the value ut 5500. Who the]
burglar can be is puzzling the police j
of thai -luce Thev do not know
whether to suuipect white- men, ;u|-
anese or Chinamen of thethelt.
Entrance was made into the
store through a window near the
local telephone exchange. The
definite petiod during the niyiit
when the robbery cccutted is u ���
known but it is thought thut it iva*.
about two or three o'clock in the
Some  Objections  Answer:,!
Hy L. M. 11.
With ihc origination of the movement to secure scientific temperance
teaching in the public schools, many
objections have arisen to oppose its
inclusion, none of whom, however,
offer sufficient grounds for debarring
instruction on a Subject destined to
exert so important ah influence upon
the health and morals of each pupil,
but disclose the fact that they are
not keeping abreast with the findings
of modern investigation ancl science,
and still clinging tenaciously to the
erroneous beliefs of their forefathers.
New truths are constantly replacing old beliefs, and in every movement which marks the march of progress pioneers -must go before to
blaze the track, to blast out the
rocks, and prepare the way for those
who follow. And so the pioneers
of this educational movement are
passing tlirougli the temporary
storm and stress of opposition and
misunderstanding, whilst endeavoring to remove the rocks of ignorance
which obstruct ^lc path that the
children may .receive the knowledge
which by the unerring laws of causation aud effect shall make them
healthy, useful citizens of the future.
One objection is that "the local
curriculum is already filled.*' We are
quite cognisant of the fact that the
teachers of the present day are expected to cover a wast amount of
ground in the field of knowledge���
indeed, so great an extent that to
make room for still another subject
might prove tod great a tax upon
their ingenuity and long-suffcriing
paltence. But the tc.-vchers teach
what the school curriculum ordains,
and let me say right here that the
prescribed course of study, in which
is allotted neither time nor space for
all thc most important subjects relating to useful citizenship, is inadequate, and the omission of such
should be rectified without delay.
The failure on thc part oof those
responsible for its compilation- to recognize the essential part which hygienic education plays in the welfare
of the people is apparent. It is
noteworthy of the estimation which
the medical meu of the United
Kingdom place upon this subject
that the committee appointed to
work for its introduction into thc
elementary schools of that country
drawing out a place for presenta-
to the school boards placed
English first, arithmetic second, and
physiology and hygiene ��� including
the character and effects of alcohol
upon thc body���third; the remainder
of the subjects to be taught -following in their order of merit.
flow different to the mistaken attitude which places this subject outside the pale of school work! It is
much more important that our future
��� men and women be taught the hy-
genic laws which show what things
arc necessary to maintain health.
The Big Four Consolidated ('.old
Mines. Ltd.. of Rossland, B. C.
have moved their head office to
Vancouver,  for   convenience sake.
The Rossland Miner says: "In
view of the great mineral discov
eries in the Big Four Group, it
would seem as if the prospect of
this company was exceedingly
bright aud the immediate outlook
as now proved by the successful application ol concentration to Rossland ores will further improve the
company's position. Inasmuch as
a mill site, water supply, railway
and other facilities are at hand, the
cost of delivering ore from the tunnels to the mill and proposed concentrator, can readily be reduced to
a minimum. They are the largest
local advertisers in British Columbia, and  deserve the success they
Delta Council met in the Council'
"I Chamber, on  Saturday last, July
8, at 2 p.m.    Tbe  Reeve and   all
members    lieing   present    except
Coun. Paterson.
Minutes of the previous meeting
were read and confirmed.
From Et. T. Thrift, asking for a
road to be opened between .Sections
25 and 36, Township 4. Received
and Clerk to reply.
From G. T. Baker and others
asking for a culvert across the
Trunk road at the eud of Georgia
street.    Received and request to be
now enjoy from the truits of honest, granted.
effort, and it is no exaggeration to From H. M. Vasey and forty-six
state that if a fraction of the capital! others, asking Couucil to gaMUfe* a
literally thrown away in some prop- i road along the dyke front laduer
erties had been devoted to the exploitation of the Big Four Groin
the Rossland camp might easilj
have had another very important
ore producer on its regular shipping list."
Reports having reached the Department ol Agriculture ot the reappearance of the cut-worm, it has
been thought necessary to republish the remedy.   *"
The mixture consists of bran
moistened with sweetened water
and Paris green mixed in the proportion of 1 pound to 50 pounds of
bran. The most convenient method ot mixing is to dampen a small
quantity with the sweetened water
(a few ounces of sugar in a pail of 1
water) and then add more dry bran, i
until the whole is almost dry ag in.
If the Paris green is added to the
bran without dampening, it sinks
with remarkable rapidity to the
bottom when it is stirred.
It it is desired to use the poison
as a wet application, more water
can be added until it is of about the
same consistency as porridge, but if
it is to be used dry, dry bran must
be stirred in until the mixture will
run through the fingers easily. The
poison may then bj applied to the
land, either around or between the
plants to be protected, or a row of
;. may be run close to the drills ol
crops planted in that manner.
In all cases where the appearance]
of cut-worms is observed a report
should, without delay, be made to
J. R. Anderson, Deputy Minister ol
Agriculture, Victoria.
to the end of the River road. Coun.
Davie gave notice that at next
meeting he would introduce a highway by-law.
The Revenue By-law was passed
as finally reconsidered.
The Constable was instructed to
enforce the Noxious Weeds Bylaw.
Tbe following accounts were ordered paid: A. Smith, $25.10; D.
Sullivan, $5; G. Coulthanl, fe.6et-
H. Harrison, $8; W. Brown, $4.60;
IS. Lavoy, $2.60; D. Robillard,
$1.30; ���. Horricks, $1.30: Ah
Youpg, $30; T. Symington, $3 60;
G Kerridge, $1.40; D. Sullivan,
$20.20; H. Fraaer, $20; J. Keen,
$7.80; L. Read, f 2.30; M. Cosmi,
-$29; T* Dorotich. $13; Gilley Bros.,
$1,000; G. T. Baker, $37.20; P.
Follis, $22; A. Barber, $135.99;
G. Ormiston. $65; P. Dorotich,
$57.40; H. Merchant, $22; J. Scop-
anich, $27.40; C. Twelves, $9.62;
J. Bascovich, $22.20; W. Embree,
$5.40; H. Weaver, $2; H. Everett,
$18.60; Endersby Bros., $57.91: W.
Harrison, $58.75; A. McLean.
$97.20; G. Milne, $79.07; J. Kelly,
$112.72; Geo. Embree. $60.87; C-
Down, $79.50; R. Bray, $112.34;
E. A. Crawford, $64.26; H. Be-
harrell, $104.37; John Simpson,
$184.85; E. Simpson, $16.20; F.
Simpson, $12; Kwong Tong Chong,
$162.25; Joe, $35; Sing, $17.50:
W. Landsborough, $19; W. Mac-
gowan, $12; G. O. Dennis, $200.
Council then adjourned to meet
again on Saturday, August 5th, et
2 p.m.
tion.    He reports blackberries as his hand-axe would return it socu
Wjarce through luto ftosts.. as uossi,!_lt*.
well as those things wliich arc
jurious to such, than the names of
innumerable rivers and towns, dates
of wars and genealogical trees, and
to draw and paint erratic designs.
Wiser far to give less time to less
important subjects as that scientific
temperance may be included.
Another objection is that too much
space is desired. Some objectors
' who arc willing to concede that
' physiology and hygiene might be in-
; eluded with benefit complain that in
I thc text-books which devote one-fifth
j of their contents to the character'
! and effects of alcohol and other nar-
| colics "too much space is given to
1 thc   subject   of   physicial   effects   of
Dr. F. P. Smith,  of New Westminster, spent Saturday in town.
I     Mrs. H. D. Benson returned on
I Thursday from a visit to the Royal
as 1 City,
Miss Kirxlaud went up river thia
T. A. Muir came in from the Bay
this morning, and returned home
for the day to relieve the pressure
on his assistant during the Saturday rush.
Miss Violet Ladner and Mis*
Crissy Smith returned home oa
Wednesday, accompanied by Miss
Nora Farrell, of Vancouver.
Tliere was a very pleasant evening party, last week, at the home of
Jno. McKee returned, Tuesday,
from a short visit to Mayne Island,
of which, as a summer resort, he
speaks very highly.
Stanley Goostrey has the plea-re! Mrs. Adam Read, in honor of tht
of a visit from his brother. Dr. j Misses House who were visiting
Goostrey, who has recently arrived j there. A very pleasant time wat
here from Philadelphia. i spent at games, music, etc., to tht
Mrs. John Ross,  of New West-1 en-> c,>'ment ��* aU*
minster, returned home on Saturday last, after spending a few days
visiting Mrs. T. VV. Foster.
Rev. P. H. McEwen gave an
eloquent discourse to the Orangemen on Sunday evening last. Special  music was rendered   by   th.
Quite a large number of thc
young peopli of thc Methodist
Church assembled at The Parsonage, last evening, and spent a
pleasant time at games, music, etc.
The prime object being to introduce
the minister aad his family and to;
. !���?��� . '
Peaches,   Plums, -Apricots, ac
J at the City Bakery.
(Continued  ou Third Page).
Band and the Cresceut Island Or-j form a closer relationship one wiflt
cht-.tra. thc other
0 ������'HI
Subscription, *L"0 per year.
Casual   AslveitistlilculH,   10 cclll- P"- l'l'e (o' I
Hi.-i_iius rtiuu. nml 5<.euispcr line lot ft*"*"
MibscswtW iiwrjion.     The   iimnl*-r   nl   lull.**,
(tckoned by tbe ^p-.iec wcuvied,  u Hues to the
R*U�� lor Commercial Advertiscnienli can he j
kill 011 application at lliis other.
RnuliiiB uotiet* 10 eeuts per Uue (or each ill-1
Editor Delta  ."anKS.
Sir:   In  .1  recent   issue   o(   the;
Dri.ta   Times   1    notice  C.   F.',
Green's  resignation   has  been ac-!
cepted after  fifteen  years  of faithful service, and  Ed. A. Bown  ap-
pointed his successor.
A.  O.  LT.   W.
Delta Lodge,  Xo. 12 meets first
1 and third Tuesdays of each month
in Oddfellows' Hall.
W. C. Pybus, M.W.
i Geo. R. Manley, Recorder.
I O.O F.
Delta Lodge. No. 21.
Birth and Death notices, 5'*.,
Just about three years ago I hap-
M.-irriagestLao. I pened into what   I supposed was
Any .special notice, liie object ol which isto   Mr.   Bowil's   shop, bnt   Hugh   Mc-
���aromotc the pecuniary bciielU ol any Individual
��r cumpaity, to be coiiaidereU an advertisement
and charged nocordingly.
Alt advertisements charged I'or uutil oidercd
juul aud paid lor. i
bought out the  business.    I  nat-
| ttrally   asked    the   question   how
C.rrespoiidencc invited on  MtUr* ol PiihHc   j0|,��� *g(J    was   to    stay    out   cf busJ.
nerest.   Communications lo editor must l>e ac-1   ~   e>
ness.    The answer   readily   came,
no  limit;  only   a   verbal
The regular meetings of this Lodge are held
every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
tn.    Visiting liretliren cordially in-
informed   nie that he had ' vited to atlem!.
W. R, I'.i.us, N.G.
Dr. A. A. Kino, Se:.
interest.   Communications to edit
cempanied bv name of writer, not necessarily
Jor publication, bnt ������ evidence of good faith
(Correspondence must reach this otfiee by Thurs-   s^gfg   js
i.v eveoiuy.
Gi*;o.  R.
Man lev,
agreement.    At that time  and ever
since, Joseph's  fat kine have been
O. F.
McRAE & Co
A lull line of English and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept in stock.
i   mmrni  nun onnii ut^m
SATURDAY,   JULY I j>,   1905.
The following extract was taken
from an article in The Creamery
Journal by E. H. Farrington, of
tbe Wisconsin Dairy School, Madison, and should prove of interest
to our readers:
"One of the things which own*
���ere of a farm separator do not understand is the cause of the variation in richness of their farm separator cream. Most of them have
learned that the cream screw of the
separator may be so adjusted as to
increase or decrease the thickness
ofthe cream, but they will notice
sometimes that the test of their
(team at the creamery will vary
considerably from week to week,
fveu when the cream screw of their
separator has not been changed.
The farmer -does not understand
this and at ouce comes to the conclusion that the factory testing is
inaccurately done. He may not
have any reason to be suspicious of
the buttermaker, but he can not
understand why the test of his
cream should vary when, so far as
he knows, he is running his separator in the same way every time.
This is a matter wbich has caused
considerable trouble in tbe past, and
jf the buttermaker is inclined to be
reasonable and will take time to explain matters to tbe patron, there
ought not to be any trouble between
them; but the buttermaker ought
���Jo make a firm friend of the patron
and convince him of his superior
knowledge by explaining to the
patron why the cream should van-
it. test even it the ?ream screw adjustment is not changed.
"The variations in the richness ot
hand separator cream are caused by
���changes in temperature of the milk,
changes iu the speed of the separator bowl, and a variation in
the amount of milk run
through the separator at a
given time. These three things
-will influence the test of tbe cream,
eveti tht ugh the cream screw is not
changed in the slightest, and the
buttermaker ought to be able to ex
.plain this matter tq the patron so
that he will understend the reasonableness of the explanation and not
feel that the buttermaker is doing
s^naccurafy. testing."
Court Frasei  Xo. 39N, meets in
Oddfellows'  Mall, second  and  last
Thursday evenings of each  monthI
roaming around, or, m other words,    .   Q     , ,    ,        ,,.   ..       D   .,       1
*��� 1 at  8  0 clmk.      Visiting  Brethren;
the farmers and business men have
well, and  yet  Edward
f j
���!���   NKW WESTMINSTER,    :-*. B. C.   ���>
been doing
has taken uo advantage in opening
up opposition to tlie party he sold
out to. This class of men are worth
their weight in gold in
you don't have to wait till they die
to write up their biography. If
Sydney, N,S., has any moresonsof
the calibre of Edward A. Bown,
send them along. The only thing
I am sorry for is that the new Custom House Nova Scotian is not a
Conservative instead of a Liberal.
I think I express the views of all
wbo know the appointee wben 1
say tbe Laurier government could
uot have made a better selection.
o Cl
V Manufacturers of att kinds ot ���*��
* Soda Water, Ginger ���:���
1 *    Ale and Summer .��.
X Drinks. .��,
.;.       Your patronage solicited jj
���$**H^'$'**H***^'*'H:***5t^&***&?**''s:- *���&������*-;
whose case   ���}
I Horse Goods!
9     Our Harness anil Horse Furnishings ]
JRhfive long proved ret table, and they are
T built uot utfly for Style but wear.
I huqh Mcdowell, |
* t
Miss Reeploeg, of Point Roberts,
and Miss Christi.111, of Seattle, visited here, on Monday, from the
Miss Crqwder, of Vancouver, is
visiting with Miss Elsie Honeyman.
It should lw home in mind that
even- cold weakens the lungs, lowers the vitality and prepares the
system for the more serious diseases, amoHK whieh are the two
greatest destroyers of human life,
putuuioni;. aud consumption.
Chamberlain's .
Cough Remedy I
has won its great popularity hy its P
prompt cures of this most common
ailment. It aids expectoration, relieves the lung's and opens the
secretions, effecting a speedy and
permanent cure. It counteracts
any tendency toward pneumonia.
Price 25c, Large Size 50c.
Wellington Coal,
Rosebank Lime,
Portland Cement,
Smithy Coal,
Sewer Pipe, Drain Tile,
Steam Tug "Flyer" and
Barges lor Hire.
Office: Front St.        Puone 1-6.
New Westminster, B. C.
"> Loan
On First Mortgages.
,000   -
Manure Spreaders &
Mollne Plows
take tbe lead everywhere,
also our -
Chatham incubators &
J.T. Stainton
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone Bending a sketch anil description mny
 ���-    '-' -   "���- whetf���
1 on I
.. agency for ���(���curing pm
Patents taken through Munn *_ Co. receive
inleklr ascertain out opinion free
-itton |t��� ���   ������--  ���������-
: cti��         __   ...
ont free.Oldest agency for securing putcnts.
ti volition Is probably patentable.  Cnmmunlca-
ions strictly conlldentlal. HANDBOOK on Patents
���peeiai notice, without ohnrge, ta the
Scientific American.
V hantlBomelr UhMtntAd weeklr* T.nr��est circulation of nny (K-ientlflo journal. Terms, fit a
ymir: four mouths, |L Sold by all now Hrt en lora.
MN&Co.36'*"*"'- New York
Branch Offlca. 625 V St. Washington, D. C.
A first-class joint put up in first-class style
call or send your order to the
meat &
Phone 9.
Commission (_��
Ladner, B.O.
Robt. May paid 3 short business
yisit to .few Westminster TblM5-
The event of the season tpqk
place, last week, at the home ol
John Weaver, East Delta, when a
large number of young people wqre
assembled to e garden party on the
beautiful lawu.
were enjoyed, both out door and
Indoor. JJpfresbjnenf.s weie also of
tlie best and served iu the usual
delightful style peculiar only to the
winSQi&e entertainer,. From 2
O'clock in the j^ftejrhoon until late
ln the evening the festivities lasted
fo the enjbyment of all those wl.o
If Your Eyes
Bother You
'Thev require attention. Do not
trifle with so serious a matter. We
will fit them to your entire satisfaction by the latest method known to
the optical trade.
If you want a nice new
Buggy, up-to-date in
every respect, or if the
one you have needs
painting, call at
Q. T. BAKER'S New s>-<*wro��ms
Graduate Optician,
Games of all sorts I Consultation -S. Examination Free
T.  Oifford's Jewelry vStore.
��� ���+��� d- ��� ���!������ ���!��� ����� ����������� ���!- * -.- -��-i-e
Delta Transfer Stable
Team Work Done at Specially Low Prloos.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
Telephone " L,adner" No  10.
The Place for Tinsmithing, Bath Tubs, Stove
Pipe, Conductor Pipe, Roof Plates, and EveiT*
thing Else in This Line.
Agent tor-
Gurney Foundry Co.'s Stoves.
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints.
Yoho Bath Heater.
Just the thing for making water hot for washing dair*
Utensil-;, scalding hojfS, or for wash day. Everv
Farmer's Wife Should Have One.
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C.
emm -egBgaa
Manufacturers of all kinds of PirsVClass
Rough and Dressed Lumber.
We can deliver to any point on tbe Railroad in Delta.
Our Prion Is Right. We Oan Save You Money*
Drop Us a Line, Our Agent Will Call on You
GEO. M* THRIFT, Manager*
Ladies' Reiulj-to-Wear and Sailor
Hats, Ladies' Skirts., White wear, Etc.,
A Fine Liiuk >M
Laces Just Opened,
Embroidings and
Incorporated lt.ee.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
New  Potsitoes at $2.00 per one
j hundred pounds.
Savings Department
Deposits ot $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
East End, Grand Forks, Nanaiimo, Nelson, Rossland, Victoria, Chilliwack, Ladner, Cumberland.
Rib Rock Hose
R. E. WALKER, Manager,    ^    LA'DNER, B. C.
Camp Hone
Lumber Mill
Has been moved to Beaver Dam, on the
S-.ott road, and is now. preparri to supply
all kinds of Rough Fir Lumbor at reasonable prices.
0. 0. Dennis,
East Delta.
it 8 m a.
Visiting: Cards
Plain or Printed
Tone Table.
IN EFFECT MAY  j, 1905.
Train leaves Cloverdale at'i:io
p.m. and arrives at Port Guichon at
2:20 p.m.
Train leaves Fort Guichon at
2:40 noon and arrives at Cloverdale
at 3:55P-m.
Mondays aad Fridays only.
.-;:.!.  SAiNTS;
Holy    Communion ��� Sun-da
8:30   .i.U.       J-sl  .SuM'.U.-,    iii *Hii.iE
11 a iii.
M.itiiis,  1 1 o'clocTt.
Evensong, 7.30 u'cocr.
Sunday School a', iu a.m.
Friday, evening *>eivic.  .:.,<>.
Rev. Canon Hilton, u.iar.
(Con I inner!
from First
There are two through passenger trains per day each way to and
from Seattle and a mixed train to
and from Bellingham.
(Westminster Branch)
Time Tablr
Cost, lerrve Westminster lor Vancouver at 5.50
aiitl*.5on.m. ami hourly thereafter uutil 11 p.
111.; Saturilay��*nd Sundays :it 11 p.m.
Curst leave Vanctf*vest for Weitmiustera at 5.5*.
and 11.50 a. ni. and hourly thereafter until 10 p.
lit..; Shturdrty* and Sundays at ti p.m.
We run flr^cfaita ft��ei��rht cnts s*sc*sween West
minster ahd V.ucou.ci ��ud all shipments arc
handled with the utmost e.sre and delivered to
consigner without delay. Special attention paid
stosfrsMt sfctpmentss. Our wagons meet all bouts
and trains.   Vor*ratei, *So. apply to
f)   A. SUH BS,
Trulii. .Mgr.
Westminster. B. C.
F. R. ��TffflVKR
banal -Mgr.
Reverend Father iwini. Pejtuvin,
O.M. L ServiofS tirst ami ti.ird
Sunday of each mouth at 10:30 a in
Services next Lord's Da ��� at 1 p. m
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sabbath School at �� p va  every
.Sunday.      Prayer   liacetiug  -every
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev. J. F. Betts, pastor.
Services next ford's Day at 11
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 2 p m Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
Rev. R. W Craw, EC A.
Service will be held in tlie evei -
ing at 7.30 o'clock..
Prayer meeting at 8200 Tkursday
evening. Singing practice at 8:30
; All cordially invited to any or all
alcohol and tobacco" When we remember the duties which the children in our schools will soon be called
upon t.j perform as citizens, that upon the harmonious devekipnwnt nf -
their mcntal,moral, and physicial- natures depends the future strength of
both individual and State, awd .that in
modsC/ln nines tliere is tin rme thing
which ac-.ids To destroy in any like
degree the capabilities for responsible sdl.-f*-governrri.��iit; we marvel
that anyone should tender sucli kk
objection. Can-:mv ill-sinking man or
���woman resident" in Weste-hn Atis-
iralia view with other than- profound
concern tlnr drinking habits of ilie
people? No wonder this Slate
holds thc unenviable reputation of
being one of the greatest drinking
countries in thc world. True, the
revenue of the State is increased
tlirougli the enormous consumption
f>? alcoholic bevcra-ges and -��the*r baiT-
tcntics, hy its citizens tint as the
Prime Minister of the" Commonwealth pointed out to a I'erth audience not long apo, "H mifght be at
their iperil, lm* it was to the "piWft
*!* the revenue." The revenue wliich
is built up a5 thc expense of brains,
morals, and pifK- social customs is a
Council met ia tlie Town Hall,
Snrrey Centre, JuBy' ��&, the
Reeve aud all members being present.
Miautes of the previous mettlng
were read aad .ocwifirtted.
From J. A. Rressell fe purchase,
of 10'sS in .Sec.  9, ��. 5, N. R. 2. W���
Clerk lo tejjty that lie can have the
lots at --520 per acre.
From J.  A.   McCallum re wire
fence ou the Newton road limits.
Received   aud   referred   to   Coun.
I Johnston.
From the Manager of the Canadian Bank of Commerce, saying that
after July ist they would be enabled toTeduoe the rate of interest
to the Municipality to 5'-. per cent.
From J. E. Murphy an application to purchase lot* 2 to 12 Blk. 16,
devastating power to both individual   and lots I to 4, 6. 8 to 12.   Blk.   20
and Slate, the waste being all out of of Stibd. Lots 7 & 8, Group a, md
proportion  to the gain. Thirty hours   . .    .      ,�� .  . r     .,
.     ���    , r     ,.,,.     ,    ,  tendering $10 per lot for the same.
out ol 10,800 hours of a cliilds school
life  (estimating it at nine years and   Kecc,ved.
���1,200 liours  a  year)  devoted to  tbe j     From H-. W. Emit, Snperinteiul-
sturdy nf dcaholics and other *Brcfr* j a���t _\\ yy. &���__._.  Telephone Ca
re damage done  to their line  by
Our Sheet
Metal Fronts
Offer you splendid improvement, at
small scoot, for any style of building.
Wc .make them  complete,  to suit
' aajr sited' or  shaped   structure���the
entire metal finish im-luding d<x*r and
ssumdow.capss cornices, etc.���in a great
v*r._fy ��_f styles. _
They *ive a very "handsome .IfeUC,
and enduring, practical satisfaction.
We give estimates if you send
'measurements and outline ot the build-
' ing.
Think it over.
Metallic Roofing Co.,
Wtvolasai* Manufacturers,
..Toronto, Canada.
According to Tbe Commercial,
of Winnipeg, the visible supply of
oats in the United States and Canada, east of tbe Rooky Mcmntains,
is 7,221,000 feushels, compared
with 4,346,000 bushels a year ago.
"Slater  Shoes at  Slr.c'.airV"
tics is hy no means excessive���-in
fact, it is a very brief time in whieh
lo correct the popular fallacies in
reference to these substances.
Thx- t'ltircl objection is thsst retfietit-
ion in this study i. enough to disgust
any  child   with  the  subject.        1
If k were allowable to enter any
one of our state schools and re<jue*t
a shew -ni toads from the jmpils iin
ilnswer w- live question "D* you not
find the repetition which is exacted
daily in addition, multiplication, division,   and    salwHraction.    irksc/meT"
I vuMurc If, StSflte lh;(l K the pupils
understood the question properly
and felt free to express their cpmioD
blasting stumps, and tli^t men Le
more careful in luture or they
would be compelled to take legal
proceedings.   Received.
Frotn John L. Neilsen requesting
to have a road made 10 his land in
Sec. 14, B. 5, N. R. 2 W., Received and referred to Coun. Wales.
From John Btimntead requestm.:
to have a nojtd rm.-vde between Sec.'s
31 nnd 32.    Received.
From E. M. Wiltshire suy fag
that for some stsme some party hat
been tetrtt% mutilating his cattle
by stabbing them with a fork end
large   majority,   if   not  all, | nri,,g snot into tj,em an^ smqiieat-
ing itbat the itrwiuchfl "Police *bc
would  bje   iicfnied   to  raise,  not
hand only
There is only one Slater Shoe with
the three words 'The S'ater Sioe"
enclosed   in   a   State ! frame.      This
make of shoes is alone in a class by I tfie "child's feelings in relation to thc
itself,    lt  stands to-day  for-all  that 1 . , .     .,
is comfortable,  all   that  is  beautiful.! ���*���*���'>*"���"-��� ��iay bc vitiated by the pur-
and all that is new in  the art of fin- j est  of  motives,   but   if  thc  child   is
bnt two, as an .ndicatitin  inrtTUCted to take the matter up.
uf individual 'opinion.    The  objector
who   Shows   this   conisidiration   'for
ROBT. MAY. Agent,
Let Us Talk It Over.
Have you, young man of young womttu, ever given the
future any consideration? Are you content to drift along as
you are with .isuperfficial public school education which does
ttot prepare you for earning your living.
There are openings for young men in che business world
*s stenographers or cle.ks. Women are eligible for the same
positions, what could youdo in such a position? Are you a good
peio-man? Are you rapid and accurate at figures. Can you use1
the typewriter so as to write 40 words per minute? Can you do
well the many things that are required to bedo*e in the business offices of large cities?
Unless you have taken a course in tht above yon are uu-
prepirc i for office work except in a small village. We can
prepare you far a good position���a position that will in a few
months pay for your investment. Some of our ladj .graduates arc earning $40 a month and over.
Miss W, K. Smith receives 40 per month from the
Hastings Shingle Manufacturing Co., as stenographer. Miss
Menzie starts for the Yorkshire Guarantee and Securities
���Corporation at $45. Several r.re working for the C. P. R.
Mi. $30 per month and upward.
If yon come to us and iw��rk hard If you \va��t further
proof of. the way we help to positions write us aafl we will
��.nd yon more names.
But don't put o�� Every month yem delay "means one
month's salary lost. The sooner yon graduate the sooner
you are tit a position.
=--3K. -issKyrVsg-���,- .*ii,i..-it-��-s~.i?*  ���'  Tr-HB
Vancouver  Business College,
K49 Hastings Street,    -    - -   -     Opposite Province Office.
JX H. ELLIOTT, P_riac\paJ.
W. N. Draper,
Room 1, Hilars! Block. New Westminster.
ished   footwear.-' Wc   are   Ihe   sole
agents for thc city of New Westminster for this famous "Viranfl.
1 Don't forget the  place
W. E. Sinclair's and that should "bc !
(���enough  to  guarantee  the  goods. \
Last Wednesday, we put $.,50003
of these famous shoes in stock and
they are now ready for your inspection.
capable of exercising discretionary
power in regard to this subject he
"is also able to do so in regard to
other sH-'i.Hxts. his opinion being*
Squally valuable in all ca*es.
Received, and thc Provincial Police
instructed to attend to it.
From Jas. Gaudin, Agent of
Department Marine .& Ristaries, re
obstructions m Nicomekl and Serpentine rivers, and saying tbat as
the Reeve represented to him that
when necessary one beat of the
Johnston noadlbmdgewas  removed
We are alive to Uie fact than with- to allow the rasiage of steamers,
out repets-tjon of 'the four simtple that the Council would be allowed
rules of arithmetic to form a solid another year's Rrace befote being
Fishermen   too  will   be    glad  to onse ,-,������ higher m..ilime.ic*j, thc sol-1 compelled HO plac: a draw in .the
bridge, -and lhat tbe Depanlmro-t ;rf
justice bad ibeen requested tto stop
all Qegal proceedings. Keco_W..
From Sujj't. of ��. K. *., ie
crossing at Hazelmere sand extend-
i ing the track at Surrey spur, and
Benin that we have rtce'rved a ifcon-
signmeiit of those, famous Newfoundland fishing boo.ts. The hoot that
has made itself famous on the Fraser
This  shoe  retails  for  $8.50  and  is
guaranteed waterproof.    Sold only by j
ving of algebraic  and  other  difficult
problems     would     be     unthinkable.
Even so with thc four ground fart*
upon     which     scientific    .temperance
! rests:���
Alcohol is a poison.
Thc   Lelading   Shoe
*i Westminster.
Store   of *Ncw
New Crap N��w In Stock
HOME GROWN and imported
Wholesale a-nd Retail.
Special Pmoes to Farmers' Institutes.'
Thouauds of Fruit and Ornamental Trees.
now growing in my   Nur^i-rles  for
Spring planting.
Eastern prices or less. White T^ubor.
M. J. HENRY, Vancouver
3010 Westminster 'Road.
For Sale.
From 75 to 160 corfls of wood, at
the Boundary Bav ranch.' Price,
$1.25 per cord on the ground.
For Sale.
A TCo. 1 Melotte Separator, m
first class condition (owner is installing larger one, same make).
For further particular? apply to
Crescent I.fland.
... Alcohol, even in small (piaHtiues ;as_.ingif applicants would pay costs.
lias  the  power   to  create  an  uncontrollable desire for more.
3.   The   use   of   alcohol   therefore
leads to its abuse.
%.  The  abuse   of   akfh��T  leads Xo
These facts require sufficient repetition to bee. une engraved indelibly upon the mind of the pupil, else
the words of truth which fall en trite
nwnu* snrfacc. w.hou- ithe .prejudices
and fallacies of modem times will
crowd them out., but let me say that
any intelligent teacher anxiou',s to
make the subject one c4 usefulness
to his pupils may by the aid
text-books     wliidh     present
Received. Olerk tto reply tbat the
matter ot the Surrey spur mould
test for thc present but that the
Hazelmere crossing was on a gazetted road and that the R. R. Co..
would iuure to put it iu, also to notify them to put iin a motisii^ cm the
H. P. road south of tfeft C*Us.
The Clerk was instructed to write
Wm. Pigg to restore the Campbell
rivertoidge to.its original condition,
and to d��.t>ii*,i uue .using it as a log
A bill from John KcOwtcheon for
i good $10 for road repairs to Boc Act **r&
these I ro_,d, was referred to Coun. Wales.
truihs with correlative matter, rati* |     f2$ was appropriated for  Smith
tin- subject one of absorbing interest 1 roa_j war(i 2   atJ(j jJ0 ror repa}rs te
'*"     bridge on aMcBticle road ward 3.
Tbe   following 'Coittracts    weir
by *prcseivting :-it iin   new   g*isc
!     The value U> the Suite of such in~
1 stniction by the teachar may not be
WaTd n, briftgt .011C   M.  road,
estimated by the salary received, but   fe j  ^ Cameron ibT*f#B.
I,y  the  upbuilding  01   the   national      Wm| ^    jj^^u,^   ^j^poeU
Fashion Stables -
Truckhig and 1'rray'Ing.
Livery woric *��f all kinds attended to promptly.
Wm. Alexander
AMitutt, II  Si-
-character. I
Buy It Now.  ,
NOW is the -time to %tty <*C a nhei*-
Waid   -2,
road, to F. *W. Smith at 58 cente
per yard.
\Vrard 4, repairs to.C. V.awad.tt��
Wm. Hornby.*t-$3.sogern��U.
Wards, __n*x41HTig H7'P. road,
llain's. folic, Cholera nnd Diarthora ^ MOrth;tO>W.sC.iJoi��B.atjfBC;peryard.
Remedy.' It is certtiu to bc iCTiltH do., do., SOUth, to IB, ��C, JftboSOB
-sooner Tir *later  and  when   that  time: at 70 CtS(p��r "jord. "V'7  "*.
comes  you  will   r.ord Rl Ibtdty���yon :     The usual monthly jfceoutfts pas**
Avill need it s-imck-ly.   Buy il "now.   h- ��* and cheques ii��ited.      ,;
may save life. Tor sale by T. J. "\tae-,1    Council then sR^ounofi to mem.
.keov.v. iagain on August.5th.*t rjf��.��. *0<
9 ll 7 "I
M'SS Foster lejt*.,, to-thfl,-..
visit to friends iu \at co��te��.
on   a
Tltfee hnllftins containing useful
���infvmfction for the poui&syman are
being isstapd by the Ponkry Division
of the Live Stock Brant{h at Ottawa.
Bulletin No. 7 is a rewritten and
! revised editioy o�� '"PsofLtabie Poultry Fuming/' (,Nos 6,)  a.nd con-
..   '**���' '       ' 'J   "" 'tains    chapters    on      Incubation,
Fi,*.line of New (.hoopliktes and[ Brooding,.   Th* Chiske-n    Trade.
Misst Butter?, of ISfe* W��*tWW**
Me^ t,-5 visiting at Th* Paaooage
Fancy Confectioner*, -r-City Bakery.
Rev. P. H
up a charge  in
McEwen has taken.
Fai*$view>, Y.wicou-
Waltei, Betts c��pe over froi*
Vancouver, Monday, on a week's
vacation.    1
Rev. T-.?*Be4*s went up, to the
Royal Columbian College on Thurs
tjay moryng.
Mjs. J,no. K��W��d; returned,,
Wednesday inomin>, fiom Vancou-
\em via Steveston..
. N, A. ^cDiaiwd speuU Ti*esday
jjp 7Wett*-m��nste.t on legal, business
ifn the municipalitXs
Miss Parkes went over to Lulu
^Unds Tuesday op, a_ \isit to her
sjptfsiijk. Mm. Clausen..
R. E. Walker, manager ot the
Royal Bank here, left, Wednesday,
jpr Qowf-*)** oa, biSshftlida^s.
W. H-. Ladvr s_>e.nfca. (exr. days
ia -*.Vic1(Ctria,   ictu.tj_.ing   home   on
Tu*.*day l>y the* stf.. Charmer.
Mi%J. W'. Web* spent; a few
���Jay*, this wetlfe visi&ig friends in.
Vie Royal and Terming Cities.
Selection of SuiiaMe Bleed,, Qtate-
fattening Chicken.*^ Ftep.ring
Chickens for Midfeet. Marketing.
*Some Station Wouli, The egg Trade
"She Flock, Feeds for Poultry., Trap
Baajetin No. 3, "F��mej*'a foul-
tiv House," a pam^hjet of 15 pages,
ttsats. qI >&* ��Md!s, location and
essentials of a ppultry house for the
fjarm and gixes plastf of seven good
poultry used in Canada. Statistics
of the value of poultry in Canada,
divic'.ed into provinces, with quau-
fcies ea*.gorted, etc., are included.
Bulletin No. 9, "Diseases and
- Paw^kes of Pouthry, also a ^amyhl^t
of 15. (agas, descri,lMs the- variolas.
disM^fttAtCsttng ppsaltny, wi��h the
treatment adopted- by. stKcessltii
poultry men..
Any of all those buHLetim.* may be
had. Oi�� anjplica.tiwi to F, C. Elford,
Chicot* Poultry Divij-ionk Cfctawa
New Westminster,, B, C,
Equal qualities yere never off-ared at such sx-j
ception&By low prices, and our i
If you ara in want of
will Pay You
Great Julw Sal
���Si     ,To come
haa provexl  a  grand  success*   Interest
nev^r cease where * such values are to
picked up so cheaply.
could I
and inspect Our SLock.    Having
will sell at
rocK prices.
Asfrranilsaleof dress goods resdylrigtif novi |
L.TUtt'CATiNG Oil Always in Stock.
4rOC- stride Kamagama silks.-.. .-.-.^S0 *5C 4 T<�� l:*w:y
\n pretty  stripes oi  pink, blue,
green, grey,, black asd cream.
Maple Syrup,  new  direct
the liast at the City Bakery..
40-iu, Mt'jHi&iis for
 ........s.   ' 40c & 50c
$1.50     ii    $1.25    fluke-i    Voiles
 ,-.. ���..95*-'&75c
50c pretty Wool Delane-*,,   ..jjp
$1.00 shot Taffeta sij-^s for 75c $8.75'dress t-iv.'s, July sale $5 25
75c colored Bengalis* silksi......5oc All shades in  this season'-? newest
fahrics, bought in boiid ut a hig
discount.      YOAA   Bi'*i-l    si*   liui>
tip   29,-m-
printed   Jap
Foulard ���
rang* in each line to choose
Don't forget Us for Paint and Unseed Oil
a Shirtwaist Suit from.
Mrs. Clark left on  Monday last
for Vancouver on a visit to friends.
It fc* expected that a large number of fisbeitmen wi^ My their, luck.
VJt-ittirrow night..
25c fancy &es��Tw��ed9, ....,., 15c
I50C fancy, dress. Tweeds ... 30c
$1.50 54-in. Scotch Two*.*........95c
$2.50 black broadcloths,per yd $t.$o
We show au immens��- nana*.- An ^Uc
above special lines. Prices are
quoted specially for the Big July
10 aisces all wool suibiugsi, v.ortli \
60c i\-��&   75,i\ in   Uac*-.   greys,
browii,   blue and other shades,
this season's importations, July
sate price.. ...s. < ^���%..... Css^s s..ss....4 5c
ft.50 & $1.25 ii_DL*��4eool S��titings 90c
Some preuy lighils greys in this,
all stamped with, maker's, guar-
autt-je of quality and Hxick of it
our guarantee of durability, reduced only for the July sale to
Adam* Read hasijusfe had the- fit**
ishing touches put to his '.taudson*^
nt_w residence and harot.
Extra Special: 71-in. Keav*. Half Bleach
Damask Table Unen, July Sale, 45c.
Wfr are this week gioing to cut prices nearly in two. Come
����t and see if we do**/-* do it.
We want ta get acquainted with yo��*, ����e want to stay right
here-, we see good prospects ahead*
In Order to Bo That
We must have your trade and co-operatfon.      We wilt!*, do aftf
ja'rtu We will give you a First-class Suit :'t a Second-das*
IPriee*,* we intend to treat you right; we hope to grow with
you; we furnish the root, you furmsJiv the tertdiaer and watch
the plant grow. K
Mrs. A,.. W. Carter, of Oceanic,
$keeiia ��iye.t,. * visaing hpr pw-.
\\}\fi iU\: ind l^-rs, tj. f.Gieen..
"S. A. Muir. .wife and family ai.d
Miss Douglas, of New Westminster^
sjatjie -down on Tuesday .evening^
%pd proseetsj^d, to th^^pundvx Bay
. =B! ���.XW4J*-1'J
Peter Cole has returiisiv:l ftsotji
across tbe line where be has been
for some, time on business bent. He
ifc endeavoryig to, negotiate.- the purchase,of a piece of East End property.
Jl'c. Brown*, g��esi&i|�� of the
Spud's Daj; Alla^pe,, of, Vancouvei?,
^ejtftrned ThAi)sday mori��ipg after
pending % 4j^-. Qfr i�� yisii^iig a.\ D.
*C<&im -ftranti ��jd' Rupsell; Smith.
Of,Tgumbcrlaiid,. paid a short visit
tyejqi oa Mou^lajy l|is% Mn*., Grant
n^nt on - tp Weetham Island on a
Xif it to  Klatixes,
I.. M. Riqlj-a-^'SsW*,. accountant, of
X*ictori% arrii*4*��4*here Tuesday. Mr.
l^iRhardson is on a tour of tbe province relieving the  offiqers. of the
various branches of, (ft* ~^py^ Ifenk
To-day sifld* iraitil] Mjonday, July
^4tb�� <5nbi*n��m Photos, worth, $S:��Qt,
'4 $3.00, |��| do^ji,    ^jamp-^bptos.
I"*&fcse>-".-. Ahna Cunningham and
Mildred yardman, of New Westminster, came down on Wednesday,
and proceeded to tl).. Bay on a visit
*,yith friends.
La.doer�� B. C
< .ujfe
private   individuals   of  business
papers  and va.lutable& itt a
Work has com me taped on a new
and handsome residence, on the
Trunk road, near the school house,
for D. B. Grant. This' will be another great- issttproxemtyit tp the
Lerao$,i.'ftl. Rose Tinted Opalescent s?U"i\ve.r Stiyndi*;���'$. brakiiclies,
centre and dish.���handsome decoration for table centre, requiring verv
few flowers to produce a pretty
$3, $3.50, $4 Each
Chgysoprase I<ei��.oix Q^aJLesceut
F!ower Vases,
Dainty Shape, Gonvolvulus Top,
25c, 4Qc, 69c, 75o eaoh
1'%e dog jjoijsoner is around again
apparently. Jos. Jordan had a
valuable setter poijsonsjdl, T-wesdiay,
but by p^ontp. attention its life was
sayejl* Alf. Coleman also had his,
dog -poisoned.
.H.'sf'-IOMt'-'OT^L'AND CLUB FURNI5MERS'^ VI C.T0R I A. B. C.   ,:    I1
The wet weather of the past few
days is liable, to*, do considetable
damage tP ths-lyiy and gtyii.n crojje
unless fine wtuthe.*; qqme-i up
pi*et,ty soqii. ib i&ai* anxious timo.
among the fa*uers just uow.
^aj. Jfolfe uj^t* wi.fch �� paitafi^ a?.
iyd,ei}UlQ��.Tl|M"?sdav,%by sloping o*
V for 23c.     Studjp, jjfiajj.  I^v'sja, ^n on the roadstbQ. m*l\ of
Tinsbp^, ^.adner.    VfencOs^vc* of-
someone's carelessuess. On account
of the e.-isAent ot the injury Jim is
liable tp belaid up for some time.
I^u. W5,s busy bujlding an, addUioa,
to his barn.
. Mrs. a^i Mi.^ S^jpton; of 0��r
tp no, arrived he** on t.m^adsff,, om
% \��b ������� J-. v; $*Wto*.   Jfr-fcj
yventi^i), years sisjpe Q9ih��r��n<j!! ' ~~"
<jp��,l��s^ *w each other.   Mra. J. jChO* m}e\ tity***
Ijj. Stainton and fan ily being at the
$��.y tl^ft vsift&p- haye go^e there
1^, *v; ������.% Mf;K ^ 1^ la^ m*ieJc
extemlCd visit to, friends in
Hamilton. Cyt. 0% he^ return it
i�� expect^ t|he W* residence, wi})
!^ finished* ���--GTi-Vlit, I-H-o^*-^ i?��be*
i#iii   -i*^ olv '** "��$'il in& been
*4Hrflf:ft)f**,.*ctric��� ttfthtiifg.   This is
tfie .second ��ew house wired. Hurry
te_ Livm freim,
One Hit* V> Another, b*at ��?jired!
by Chamberlain's Co%. Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy.
Ruth, the little <lr��vs>��ghl(cr of E. N.,
Dewey of /igncwviik, V��., wasi. ����;j^.
if>u.-:ly ill of cholera infantum last
"summer. "Wc gave her,, up, at-vl did
>*.,*. ex*(*j*(t hes; t{> live {.ropj, one hour
to another," he says, 'v happened
op- ttf-jnk of tJhamSerlaiuis Colic^Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and got
a, l^olrit* of tj from the store. In
five luitrrs 1 ia.w ehe changs?? for the
bt-lte-r. We kept on, giving it and
before, she had token tlie half of one
spia.ll bottle she was well." This remedy is for saj.e by T- \. Macketj^ie.,
All Summer Dress Muslina marked down to
Dry Goods Store,   -   -   -   Ladner
Price $6p.pac tooo
>.or S581 spot
H, N. RICJft, ^gent.
If You Want
A   FiasfrjCSass   Buggy,
rubbtyr or   ste**jl   tynes*   or  a
Dejwjfixat,, call on,
J. F* Stainton*
At uoiBiiaal
men can put their  important
secure aud convenient place.
Tbtis is a boon to thase who do mot possess a safe,
and to tamili**-*-*-, travelling.
These boxes are accessible during aJLlt Iwtsiness hours
to the renter, who holds the key.
RATES i $1.50 per year.
Westminster Trust & Safe Deposit Co.., Limited.,
�� Authorized Capital, $25,��oev. J ��*
F. J. HART & CO.,
New Westminster, B. C.
���. ��� mmm ���
Jt. Clausen,
atche3 and Jewelry at Lowest Prices.
Repairing- a Specialty.
[hm Md -ftwp-praos^ (llMd with sh* vary bMt mt���� jewriad Mtf. n,
WritlUB nOTMMMi dMMriml sud s����,,��flsl-4��ltMs��1s><����"���"���.
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(M KsisJ..Mf�� **��*wl, l��y, HtrjX- Us. ��mKWl wl..mrm.c��wqp. ��nsts,
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llsyiw Mdn,C.O.V-. . d.p^il oHO c��olss it r.,.ircJ .. �� ns��tl*j/.����od Issilfc. sxMsjl ��***""
Order ���' one, u Itla ofb' "��y "�� *ppe>r >(>in.     When, wrjlinf MMloa lk�� pssftr.   j
Q WAQNER & CO., 164 Cqntayft SU. VwQWW, 3^ Cn I
Ouu- bj ull. ssll ,h.s.�� prapssJd.
����� ����� mtmUt from Jtosir bUL
What's Saved
ConsJjtUte,s a large part of what i$ ����ri��e*d in this ag��
of progress,   You cant h�� too careful of the pennies.
Revising this, and making a i^oftg bid for your trade.
We li^ye our good* marked at the lovcesili possible price.
Our ye\vm cannot be beaten.   We invite your inspect
Bed   Room    FURNITURE*^Snit����ft,��m $15.00 ��^
Dwiskg Roqto FURNITURE-. *���
Parle* FURK1JTURE-. �� ��
Hall FURNITURE*-. �� u
Carpets, L.nolennx* Oilclothv Mmtti-taigs,. Ayyfti*^ Future Ftaiaing, &e.. &e.
You ���*< U be, pleased with attytbiftg in o��r line audi
can save time,, -P����tey and tro,uble by <;��5Mning direct here aad
making yow pusehiases,
Lee's Furniture Emporium..
Ne^K W***stminsle,r, B. C%


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