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The Delta Times Jul 8, 1905

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Array fc?��"*.~   ~^*_t     "VSr
V)l. 2. No. 44.
LADNER, B. C, SATURDAY. .'   LY \ 1905.
JUL la 1005     &j
^O* aW
$LG0 yea
Glorious fourft.   PRU1T CROP REPORT     Th��� Turf.
��_/�� sf Received*
We Stock the Very Best Machine Oil Obtainable.
wers, Rakes,   Tedders,  Hay Carriers, Hay Forks,
Soft Flexible Wire Cable, Pulley Blocks.
The "Glorious Fourth" celebration
at   the   Point,   on   Tuesday,   was,   indeed a glorious affair.    The day was
all that could be desired, there being
sufficient   breeze   to   keep   owe   cool, I
while the  sun  was  sufficiently warm
j to be comforttWe,    A very fair sized 1
! crowd asseiT-fcTfefi o take in the sports I
and  to  enjoy   themselves   in  various !
ways.    In thc morning ".he program
was as follows.-
Parade, wvioh Consisted ofj ,tho j
Stars and Stripes, the Eagle, Union
Jack in thc fronit wMi the Japanese
I'.nil Chinese fi.t'gs hi rear; then |
came the Liberty Flo.it, containing
the school children, all attired lor
the   occasion,   surrounding   the   God- I noj
Advices received from our corre- j
spondents since the date of the  last
The Races at Hastings.
Despite   the
report, (May 27th), show that fav-!,,    .���      '     ,
'     '' j usually  attendant  upi
orable conditions ior irnits >af all
hinds continue, on the -whole, most
excellent. Earfy fruit suffered hi
some districts from .late frosts.
Apples ��� The bloom, on tbe
whole, was very heavy. The
period ol setting was not yet over
when most ofthe reports were re
am. Mint of busincs*
m a holiday, a
wc;idcd their way
���to Hastings yesterday to witness
the first day's races of t*he Dominion
Day meeting. Thanks to the recent
rains and the summer sun, the track
was in admirable condition and fa.t
time   was   the   result   in   the   various
(arr-sizefl   crowd
dess   of   Liberty   (Miss   Julia   Solo- |
mon)  in  thc center,  forming a  very
pretty  desifjii!.     After  this  came ilhr
1 races. The officers of the day were:
ceiYedfromi the maritime provinces, j priding judge, J. O. Benwell; as-
but every indication points tto a sodate., S. Madfisom and' Robert
medium to full crop -except for Leiglrton. Time-keepers, M. Fitzpat-
the early varieties, which do ric*-"-, R. Wells and G. Farum. R,
promise   more   than   a   light   D.   "Ledgeu   proved     an    admirable
I   competitors   for   thc
whicli   were   awarded
crop.  The prospects are for a medi- j
um to full crop -hi .most -"-actions'
liberal I of Ontario.
t    E
Rig -
Best     decorated     vehicle���
Tinlham;. 2nd', C. & 1!.  Float
Best    decorated    Rancher'-,
Henry Eriekson.
Rest    decorated     Hoy's     Bicycle
Tf-ddy   Sainue'siv.i.
d'.est   decorated    Lady's    Picycle
1st.   Miss   l'*.th'cl   Briscoe;
Mildred   Goodman.
point  to  a
Rest   Representation���M
Dom0t ��fe_
We will make a
Until the 31st J��lyy on the following CANNED GOODS:
Roast Beef and Mutton, Brawn, Corned Beef,
Lunch Tongue, Chicken, Sardines, Kippered and Fresh
Herrings, Bloaters, Oysters, Clams, Pork and Beans,! j
Pumpkins, Apricots, Blueberries, Pears, Peaches, Apples,
Strawberries and Pineapple,
rinle Simpscui.
Best       Representation,       comic ��� i
Point Roberts Fire Dep.irt.nenr.
Considerable lime and  money was
expended    upon    thc    foregoing    to I
male   them   the   success   they   were, j
Perhaps  the best of all  was  that of'
Mifss   Simpson,   "   a   Japanese   "l.ady.j
in   a   Jiiirii\'s!iaw,   with   a   Japanese j
.After thr-    pantile    hnil    done    thej
town  and had  arrived at  the rccrea- ;
t^on  ground   there  was  delivered  an
address    hy    Henry    Seller;    "Battle
Or���   of   1 I'c-s'iioiTs,"   kadncr   Cornet j
tinml;   song   by   chddren,   "Marching j
Through Georgia"; song by the chil- j
(lien,   "America";   "Hail   Columbia,'*!
by   the    ''and;    recitation   by   Miss!
Christian,   of   Sea'itlc.    This   was   an
excellent  piece  well   rendered;   read-:
ing 'of thc   Declaration  of   Independence, hy  Elmer  Barker,    This closed
tlie morning programme.
In   the   afternoon   everyone   made ,
their   way   to   the   recreation   ground
again    to witness    the    sports which |
had been hilled to conic oft there and
starter, having his field* well under
control and -dispatching them on,
equal terms with adroitness and dispatch.
The U<\<or*; of the harnrss horse
were delighted with the exhibition
furnished by B, C. King, driven by
his veteran owner, J. \V. Hollings-
hcad, who was loudly a.;..,plauded by
the occupants ei k\v stand, Nellie C,
well driven by J. \V. Welch, anil
Lizz, driven by Mr. 'Riplinger, of
Glengarry Patchen fame. Napper
Tandy, the hope of Jim McGirr'ii
that cherries antl bush fertiits will bei friend.*., tiafurttuiatclrf, was debarred
an abundant crop in nearly every I !lom ���*tarl'"*S, owing to a punctured
di. tnct.    .Some losses  occurred  to! tirL*    Nel,ie    c*   won   the   race   in
the strawberry crop  from the late! tbreC   *t���']sl,t   ''cats   '"   the   good
r_    .. times  of  2.41   ]-���>  and   2.40   1-2,   the
winner having  to .rake   a   record   a?
2.40 l-2Srotvin  lie r,w^t  heat.
Tire   "lltirrard   Pi.1st"''   -brought   a
; ligld   ei   live   sprinters -to  the  front,
i ���among  them   being   the   two .fastest
Foreign   Countries���Late advices'. i,���rses in the Northwest in Billy Ma-
from Kngiand re-poit tbat (the apple I Ikui   and   Aurora   G.,  the   former   of
Pears ��� Indications
full crop.
Plums���Tliere arc excellent prospects for plums in almost every
Peaches���Allowing for the winter
killing oi 48.98 And 1903 tbe
prospects for peaches are very
Other Fruits. ��� Indications  are
Spraying���It isTeporited in irear-j
ly every district that aaiore (-juraying ;
has been Gone liirs year tliaii ever1
crop there will bi a shcrt-one.
Balm of Gilead
Editor Delta Times:
Sir���In your last issue 1 no'tice ;
letter from John Perrani, anent ;
gate  being  opened,   whicli   gave   hi:
horses   antl   caltle   access   to
Trade Here.     Save Money.
The Directors ol the Delra Agri^
cultural Society met on Thursday,'
July 9th, 1905.
A communication was'read from
the Deputy Minister of Agriculture
as tollows, "I am directed by the,
Hon. the Minister of Agricu'ttire
to intimate to you that in "consequence ol the large appro, "nation
ii aid ofthe Dominion Exhibition
��t New Westminster no appropriation was made this session by the
I.-**-.* Mature in aid of Agricultural
The Secretary -was instructed to
write to the members o' the Society
enclosing a card for reply, inquiring
whethei it is tbe wish >of tke mern-i
bers to hold the annual meeting or
to abandon same thTSsewsorfi..
Tbe DJrec.ors4M.et :\gam -in  the1
veiling of  July   17
it Mr, Rich's office.
at 8 o'clock
Buy It Now.
Band Boys turned out,
���strength,   and   cave   a
Nov is the time to buy -Chamber-, gramme -of excellent  music which
On Vvednesdav evening last, lite
nearly full
���fine   pro I
Iain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy. It is certain to be needed
sooner or later and when that time
comes yoti will need it badly���you j
will need it quickly. Buy it mow. itj
may save life. For sale "by T. J. "Mac-!
T. E. Ladner and wife returned
home, Monday, from Vancouver'
where they had'been la'king .n the
The B. C. Electric Railway Co.
have opened their line from Steveston* to Vancouver, aud are now
reac\y for business.
was much enjoyed by nil.    Following is lb. programme:
March, "Sword of Honor";
Waltz, "Love's Messenger".; schot-
tislie, "Little Sunbeam"; quadrille,
"Queen ofthe Ball"; march, "U.'
S. Bine Jackets"; medley waltz,
'".My Seaside Girl"; march, "Bon
Voyage"; overture, "Niobe"; selection, "My'Old Kentucky llonre";
waltz, "Anita"; two-step. "College
Girls"; "God Save-the King.'"
Chris Albertson and "wife and
Jas. Frew and w;i'e, *of Westham
Island, were among those who took
���in the celebration at the Point.
which  were  run rift* as  follows:
F'at  mail's  race���Henry  Teller.
00 yards dash���Leonard Collier.
Boy's race���Cleve Cairns. J. Johji-
Young ladies' race���Jennie Taylor,
II. M. Manley. The entries in this
race were all BriViMi. American
young ladies cnttld not be induced to
enter,  unfortunately.
Laities' race���Mts. Hansen. This
race was thc event of the day and
was well contested. There were six
���Girls' nice���Edna I.argnard, Mar-1
garct Hansen. Tni?> race was a little !
overcrowded, but all did well.
Greased pig���This was a very ex- j
citing event, as the .porker was an I
cxce'lk'n't pacer and led the Celestials j
quite a long tramp ere they effected
its capture. One of rite A.P.A. Clii- I
nfr-e was fire winner in this case.
"Baseball   game,   l.adncr   vs.   Point
Roberts���This   game   was   well   con- ,
tes*ted,    although    dre-   score    would ,
prive   a   wrong   impression.     Htfiey j
Wilson's    (Ladner)    extremely   good j
pitching being thc cause of their de- !
I feat,    The game wound np 11 to 2 ini
j favor  of   Ladner.    The  game   stood
I j-1 at the   fifth    innings.     Following
arc  the contesting '.cams: |
Ladner ��� YV. II. VVHson, pitcher; j
I). Kenny, catcher; A. Huff, first I
l>->se: C. Baker, second base: Dr. |
Woodley, third base, Felix Guichon, i
short s'top; J. Kelly, centre field; C. i
I Biifir,   left   field;   P.   Gifford,   right ���
I ficlil. ;
I Point Roberts ��� Marvin, pitcher; ;
' E. llarklcrood, catcher; Collier, first
I base;. Babbler, second base; Teller,,
I third base; Williams, short stop; !
I Porter, left field: Briscoe, right field;'
i Webster, centre  field. j
The    Ladner    Cornet     Band    dis-
! coursed swell  music all  through  the
day, wliich was much appreciated by
1 all   who  attended,  and  it  was  music !
��� and   firecrackers   whicli   rounded   thc '
' day n'ff for all except those who re- !
i trained   for   the   grand   ball   in   th�� |
i evening, in  the   handsome   new   hall I
I which has been erected for that pnr- 1
I pose.
Great credit is 'dtie to tlio^c having '
] charge -of the different  parts of the j
j programme, and especially to G. Mc-
| Intyre,   to  whose   unflagging  energy |
'he  celebration is  mainly  due.    We
hone the Fourth will continue to l)e
! celebrated at tlie Poiitt.
! Also his neighbor Robert Smith was
' whicli recently ai tlrt Me*sd��>��s ran
I 5-5 of a mile in one minute flat. flS'
I usual in dash races a certain amount
: of time was consumed in jockeying
I for a start, Aurora Bs. getting off
j whh ?. jdigitt lead. Rotmdiug the
j second turn Billy *MalKMi stumbled,
1 upsetting his rider, thus destroying
; further interest a.s to the winner, as
! Aurora B won easily hy tvsio lengths
I A frisky contest for second and
j third place between Seventy and BiS-
I g.itta ensued, thc former gaining the
vitStory by *.iihead.   Ifiime, 52 seconds.
made to snffcr. Mention a also made
of   the   fact  that  some Tittle  heated
talk   afld   expressions   made   in   the
recent Boundary Bay school dleofion,
which   was     scarcely    according     to
Moyle.    The .deduaiiau  is t'hat some
dirty   low   lived   scoundrel   in   some
way up with the recent election did
I thc deed. Inasmuch as 1 took no
j part in the election, not even voting,
I the cap dont lit me, and rn my Irem-
I ble opinion nobody else in the Boun-
' day Bay soheol district. Early in
j May of this year a man (Called at my
I place admit* break of day asking liis
j course. I told 'him sou' east, where-
' as he should have gone sou' west to
' thc Gulf side, M here lie had worked
1 all winter. In coming out through
' Mr. Gramr's .ranch I found two
[ gates open that J was perfectly cer-
! tain 1 had closed 'the night before.
I One of the gates would swing itself
j if Jet loosu, but the other had to be
\ bodily   lifted,   and   this vis -what '��iy
friend stecrhlg the snu'-east course
I had done, not intentionally, 1 third;
I lr,it the gate and whiskey run amnck.
And this is iny solntion of what
i happened at Mr. Perram's; some
: chap or .chaps 'left Point Roberts
I loaded for bear, went round tto '(he
I A.P.A. .cannery and not .securing
' work, passed 0*1 to Canoe Pass;
, went through   (he   farm,   got   nvatl
with file gate and opened it wide foT
revenge. 1 haven't the least fear
i of -making the "Statement that  there | _____________
is   not   a  matt,   woman   or  child   in, I
not only Boundary Bay, ,'bm 'the j ;& Hafl,Kk and wife and Miss
I Delta at large, who would knowing- j Turtle, of Viatoria, -returned home
Ily do harm no our esteemed ncigVl this morning after spending a  few
hour John Terrain, fins givid wife or   d;��ys .visiting here, the guests o( -E.
fbairnes, ! VV. .Haras,
Apologising  fer   spate, J sremata ' 	
Yours  truly
���GUY W. 'WVvl.KTR.'    Through-the.iiegkct iof ������someone
-*- ���  , connected with the freight dej)att-
M       ���   .,. . , ...     -,.. ; m-iit of'Jtlie iB.C.K.'il our reading
Mrs.   P.  Shirley .ind Mrs ^V,Uafter ms'bang iUp in Vancouver
Alexander returned.yesterday from|u_(t{l'4:3o today.    Hence our J&
a visit .to_t*taw .VVes'.minster. lay iv tssi'ii-ji.
"Shorty" has returned to to.vn,
again, after spending a few month*?
on the other side of (the Sine.
A Chinaman siding on tthe sidewalk, yesterday, nearly carried
i away .a lady Vs sunshade swhilfi pass-
j Mrs. Lord and family returned to
j Vancouver on Tuesday, after spend-
1 ing;a fewsdays.visititsig at ,Trenant
! Park.
j .
I Miss IRiichdlson aud Mrs. 'Nichol-
! son, jr., of New Westmin��ter, came
i down yesterday, and -are .guests of
j H. J. E-kiaaotis
Mrs. Frederick, of Lytton, B.C.,
; left this morning for home, after
I spending a couple of weeks visiting
i.at*W. J.iFrederick's.
John Reagh's new store is well
under way, and, .when xompletedv
j will make quite an improvement to
tbe Jausiness poTtion"oT Ladner. T**"TT* r\fff TA
_WH "-T ��� ���'- "���*���
I'UBUS.-iiiD  EVS.XV   :A1iV|'>AV.
Subscription, $1-00 P��? P*91*'
Casunl Ail��rtiMmenls, 10 cents p��r line Ioi
iJtciist in��.rlioii.r,uil 5ienUp**r *'ue tor cnch
snlisequcut iuscrtiou. The number ol lines
rstckoiied l>y the space occupied, u lines to the
nicli. ���*���"
Hates lor Commer.t-d Advertisement* con be
liitO. t.(4 ^j^licfliion ail^-.ia.jjiTicts.      ���' �����-
iVu'iiu 1 notices 10 ccuis per line .'or each iu-
icrTlott. .--*'   '
Uirth ana Death notices, ;os*.: Murciages,$'..00.
Any special notice, the' object ot which is to
promote the pecuniary benetll ot any iirdjtiduitl
or company. tj>,b��. qi>n*sUl*:xil an ailvtrtitssmcnt
aiiil eiisw-.ea. accordingly.
'  .VI! a.t��ertiseme��u charged lisr unj.il. ordered
q.,1 (,ud puid.lor  ....    s  ...
Correspondence invited on mailers oi public
imerefe. Coiuiuunicatietis to editor must he ac-
qymp.itiied by name of wriicr, not necessarily
lur publication, but as evidence of good faith.
Correspondence must reach this ollice by Thurs*
:Vs��y evculugs
'"' <&g��.*. IL.  M.ANLKV,
��� L   II   J**CTsssss4_sssj��^
A.   O.  U.   W.
Delia Lodge, No, tz meets farsti
I and third Tuesdays of eas&i month
I in Oddfellows' Hall
W. C. Pybus, MAY.
; CiEO. R.  Manusx, Re*cM-der.
i    Delta Lodge.,. No. 21.���The-fegWr*.
j Inr meetings! of this Lodge are held
every  Wednesday evening at S p. 'f
ejk   Visiting Brrethie-n cordially rn-j
vited to attend.
\V. R. Eisisis. N.G-
Dr.. A. A. King, Se:.
McRAE & Co
Him wm
Delta Transfer Stable
A lull Ux**��* English and Irish
Tweeds and li'a.ncy Ttou.se.rirjgs.al-
ways kept in stock.
Team Work Done at SpaaiaSly Low Prions.
Sockeyes have at  last  pat in an '
The iitMitfcer of  fishermen  con-j
^regaling aijoiir��l trite Lower Fraser
should'give one the impression that]
business will he good this s_*ason.
**Qpe, (rrandpupa. my flower!" Ml* erK-.i
"I found It In the Rrusses!"
Anil, with u kindly smile, the su?s
���'Surveyed lt through his glasssS.
"Ah. yes," h�� oald, "InvolucraUi.
And nil th* florets HjuUt*.
Corolla __niopotaloits.
Compoattae, i-xokqiious,
A pretty specimen ii In,
T��r:ixHc_m dens-leonis!"
(be took ths) WafHcm back again.
His face ligr wistful eye on.
"I  thought."   alio   laid,   with   qulvertn*
*    Up.
������It was a dandelion!"
���_lar___*ct Johnson In Hi    ���?'.-...   _.
Ip India wheat 1* still thrashed by ho-
In# t*riMdt*n out hy bullooki aud bull'a-
C.   O.   17
Court  Fraser No. 39.S, meets in
���I**   NKW WKSTMlNS'i'Kl
*. C
Oddfellows'  Hall, second  and  last)** ManuSirt.urers if att kiud��ot
Thursday evenings of each  month
at  S o'clock.     Visiting  Brethren
1. HUME, R.S.
Soda Water, Ginger
AJe ancl Summer
Your patronage sols-i-ted
������������**-��.*..S>.S*.s��S��J..��-..*S.��..*S>.��..*S^��.S*..��  .*���
j,njs^i|rig haa commenced, and
by the end of next week wiji be!
tin   full   swing.      Haymakers,   at
wete.it, are very scarce but it is
lioped tjbtne-will l��e a sufficient num-
1 ' ���  '-
per- on hand soon.
We are requested to state that,
stS: sbpij, 3&. "t^fi -work, on Delta street
has been completed, cyclists using
the sidewalk will be prosecuted.
This does not mean that cyclists
'paw* fiij.^. right on the sidewalks
uy,tB�� ttrh.it Viue. So don't abuse
your privilege.
f Horse Goods! I
_* ���       T
? Our Harness and Horse KuriiishiugR J*.
ifchnvc louj! proved risiuMe, ami t-hej-are f
*, built net only for style but wear. *T.
It should be borne in mind that
evefy cold weakens the Iuurs,.lowers the vitality and' prepares the
system for the more serious diseases, atnoti); which are the two
greatest destroyers of human life,
��� puennionia and consumption.
Cough Remedy
has ���won its great popularity by its P
prompt cures oft tins.most common
ailment. It aids expectoration, relieves the lungs aud opens the
secretions, ctlecti'ig a speedy and
permanent cure. It counteracts
any tendency toward; pneumonia.
Price 25c, Large Sue 50c.
\\l hugm Mcdowell, I
j, LADNER, B. C ��� ��
The Council would do well to
drav.; the urte.ntiou of t;��e goveni-
vnetjttiO the condition af; the rivet
road, from Sunburv down in par-1
tycijls-yr. It would be well for tie 1
goxernrfl.ent either to do this v.ark
or to turn tie road* - over to the
Delta CojunciJ, with an appropria-.
\ion, tfi ojjder that the wotjk might
>p dQn^di*r._ug the dry weather.
Wellington Coal,
Rosebank Lime,
Portland Cement,,
Smithy Coal;.
Sewer Pipe* Drain Tile,
Steam Tug "Flyer" and
Barges tor Hire.
JOSEPH JORDAN* Proprietor.
No. ��rx
��� Telephotse *���'��� Ladner
Thet Place for Tinsmithing, Bath Tubs, Stove
Pipe, Conductor Pipe, Roof Plates, and Every~
thing Else in This Line.
On First Mortgages.
iff ff*"    u
13 at
Agent for-
G-urney Foundry Co.'s Stoves.
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints.
Yoho Eath Heater.
Just the thing for making water hot for washing dairy
utensils, scalding- bogs, or for wash day. Every
Farmer's Wife Should Have One.
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C.
,.-..,.  UU!.
Ovfici?:. Front St. PHONIC  1-6,
New Westminster, B. C.
ROanun'G Spreaders &
tofoltoo Plows*
take tl.e kad1 everywhere,
also our    ........
Chatham Incubators &
Manufacturers  of all kinds of First-Class
Rough and Dressed Lumber.
We can deliver to any point on the Railroad in Delta.
���iX *!'.��& filrS*-* peti ion is being
prepared for the next meeting of
1r,he Council, requesting that the
river road be brought to Ladner by
eh* rivet a$ tpe way. This would
shorten the journey to New West-,
minster by quite a distance and
strengthen the dyke very consider-
ably at t&S siting time. It would
tne.'tu a, great d��al to those refilling
pr, or adjacent to, the water front.
This is a matter which the Council
will do well lo consider.
t fi k ,r^-v:      "������ '���
THADi: t.-lARKS       I
Copyrights .i.-.. j
stnvoiiepomltnff npketrh and description miiv ,
qlllolcly iiscertnlu our opinion free whether an j
iiiventlnn ia probably patentable. Coitimuntea. i
ihmsHlricUyconUdentlul. HANDBOOK on Patent*
M-sit, dee. oldest agency for sccuviutr patQu-j,,        \
1'iiteuts taUon throuali Munn _> Co. recowe
qitcl'iliwtlce, wit bout otanr-e, lutbe
Sclentalic flmerlcan.
V liawUi^cIy UlMstrated weeVtf. largest "Ir*
etil.itiim t��.. ntvy"*V*i,in,4Ufi.Jnmiiftl. Ternia, #3 a
yoar; four raonthe, t�� *^*Htl oy *M newHilealeri**-
MUNN & Co.36^^^^ fiew York
Branch office. C25 F St. WaablDgtpn. I). Bl
A first-clas^ joint put up in fitrst-class style
call or send your order to the
Our Prise Is Right. We Can Save You Money.
Drop Us a Line, Our Agent Wlll Gal] on You
GEO* M* THRIFT, Manager*
t   &
Phone 9.
Ladner, B.C.
A good  Housekeeper, iot  family
Apply to
I of wa.    Good home to right party
Ladner, B.C.
iilur attention has been drawn to
r v..   ���(��� ,-      -,- . ;���.
an act of carelessness on the part of
sp;��e campers or others, on Mon-; _ _   _
ria,v,'*aiGranr,r's beach, when  fire j If   YOUT   EV-SS
6. "..    .1   *.��� f. '������('''     ''���    -,v-        ���   , 'I . ���/
wa^, sterijecl  i* un olq. ****,e*<k Qp-;
posite G.  W.  Walker's properly'.[Roth��T YOUL
The fire continued to run, fanned;
by a'fairly  strong  breeze, until it!     They rrquire attention.    Do not
threatened   to    destroy   the. ,farra ! trifle with so ser.iatts a matter.,   We
buildings   iiea.vby.      Carinpers   art-! will fit llietii to your entire sati.sfuc-.
very \ve=��<>nie, but they are request-j tion by the latest method, known to
e4 lo, be   v;ry careful abpui ex-.(;the optical trade.,
U|igtyt4}yig f3if,ir,  fires 'Ijefore Ipav-! 	
tug as every,thing  is very dry at
'Jiir. season of the vt ar.
��� '    '������ �� ' ._ ST--
j   r    ���* j_, ,
-_^__ _ Gra,(j;*4ate Optician,
Fp|iD*wi||isal>t of tloss whQ, CoH^itation  & Examinatipp Free
have taken t;{>t_ius'rl$rs at  the Hay; :   pARL0H*^.:.'
luring   the. >-a:-*t   week:   Marshall        f.   Gill7rd's Jewelry Store,
Smith and'family,  W. H, SmiU.,   NKW W1<:STM1NSTER,   -B.C.!
9.   N.   Rich   and   fah.iiy,     Mrs. | **
$ut-/-herson h-.}J fai; '\?, Mrs. J. R.
\Jfa$.nf, Mrs..1 J.   Ki'iiklan^. T. A.
Muir; and family  ai d the  t\ isses
^ouglfl*,    Misses   Corbould,   Mrs.
Hayes. -    *  ���
ii-.; ii.
If you want a nice new
Buggy, up-to-date in.
every respect, or if the
one you have needs
painting, call at
Q. T. BAKER'S New show���ms-
ln,ni.|>oru!jt:d 1869.
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear and Sailor
Hats, Ladies* Skirts, White wear, Etc.,
A Fine Line of Eml^roidings and
Laces Just Opened.
Rib  Rock Hose
A Gfenesat Banking Business Transacted,,
New Potatoes  at $2.25 per one
hundred pouu&i,
Deposits of $i and upv/ards roceiyed and Fnter-
'   est Allowed at Highest Curr-anb Rates.
��� ���50 BRANCHES. ��
BRAN'OI'ES tj$, BRITISH CGIA'TMBIA-T\rancouver, Vancouver
East End, Grand Forks, N.antu*iuo, Nelson, Rossbjid,. Victoria., Chilliwack., ' Vaduer, Cuiiibet-l'jnd.
R,, E, WALKE.R, Manager,
ujpu.EiEL S;c,
s Ill    isstst   III    I*'
'iHE DhLiA TIMES, SATURDAY, JUi.il   8, 1505.
���""      "   '****** 1 	
Camp Hone
Lumber Mill
Haa beam moved to Beaver Dam, cu th.
Scott road, and is rt)w prepared to supph
9.11 kinds of Rough Fir Lumber at reason
able prices.
Q. 0. Dennis, -        East Delta.
Time Table.
IN EFFECT  MAY   7,  1905.
Train leaves Cloverdale at 1:10
i.m. and arrives at Pott Guichon at
^20 p.m.
Train leaves Fort Guichon at
2:40 1100:1 aijd arrives at Cloverdale
���* 3:55 P*fe.
Mondays and Fridays only.
Tbsre are two through passenger trains tier day each way to and
from Seattle and a mixed train to
md from Bellingham.
Flectric Ruilv/oy Mn Ll
1 Westminster Branch)
Time Table
Cms leave Westminster lor Vancouver at 5.50
and 6.50 a.m. ami hourly thereafter uutil it p.
nt.; Saturdays and Sundays at 11 p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminsters at 5.50
and fi.50 it. nl. find hourly thereafter until lop.
in.; Saturdays and Suudaysat 11 p.m.
We run first-class freight cars between Westminster and Vancouver and all shipments are
handled with the utmost eare and delivered to
consignee without delay. Special attention paid
to fruit shipments. Dur wagons meet all boats
and trains.   Kor rates, etc. apply to
Traffic Mgr. I.ucal Mgr.
Westminster. B. C.
Holy Communion ��� Sundays,
8:30 a.na. ist Sunday in month,
11 a.m.
Matins, 11 o'clock.
Evensong, 7.30 o'clock.
Sunday School at 10 a.m.
Friday, evening st-Tvi-e 7:50.
Rev. Canon Hilton, vicar.
Reverend Father Edm. Peytavin,
O.M. I. Services first and third
Sunday of each month at 10:30 a m
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. in.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev. J. F. Betts, pastor.
Services uext Lord's Day at 3 p. m
Sabbath School at 2 p m     Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
Rev. R. VV. Craw, B. A.
Visiting Cards
Plain or Printed
Let m Talk It
?���*�� -->
ta  an  ideal   covorinf?.   cither  for   new
buildings or Improving old ohm,
Consider its fine appearance ��� its
splendid enduring qualities -and jdtpht
expense���and decide to serve jour own
beta interests by using it.
Fullest details of information in uur
Wholesale Manufacturers,
I    Pastor P. H. McEwen will preach
at   7:30   p.m.      .Subject,   "Whose
j Image and Superscription?"
Special vocal and instrumental
Prayer meeting at 8:00 Thursday
evening. .Singing practice at .S:,^o
All cordially invited to any or al!
According to The Commercial,
of Winnipeg, the visible supply of
oals iu the United States and Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains,
is 6,850,oco bushels, compared
with 4,777,000 bushels a year ago.
ROBT. MAY, Agent,
LADNER.     -----     15. C.
W. N. Draper,
Room 2, KUard Blook. New Westminster,
given th.1
Have you, young nun or young \yohi tn
future any consideration?    Are you content to drift along as
you are with a superficial public'ischool education which does
not prepare you for earning your living.
There are openings for young men in the business world
as stenographers or ele ks. Women are eligible for the same
positions, what could you do in such a position? Are von a good
peuman? Are you r.i,pid anl accurate at figures,
the typewriter so ast > write 40 wards per miuute?
well the many things that are require.I to be'dou
ness offices of large cities?
Unless you huve tiken a cv.irse in th* abuv?
prepare I for oflfice work except in 1 small /illajr-i
I. an yon us
Can yon d
in   ii-. bus:
you are m*.
.    We  ca ���
5     I    It:
HI 1
in ins
"Slater   Shoes at  Sinclair's*'
There is only one Slater Shoe with
the three words 'The S'ater Sioe"
j enclosed in a Slate 'frame. This
make of shoes is alone in a class by
itself, lt stands to-day for all that
.is comfortable, all that is beautiful,
'and all that is new in the art of fin-
I ished footwear. Wc arc the sole
agents for thc city of New Westminster for this famous brand.
Don't  forget the  place
W. E. Sinclair's and that should be
enough  to  guarantee  thc  goods.  >���
Last Wednesday, we put $2,500.00
of these famous shoes in stock and
they arc now ready for your inspection.
Fishermen (00 will be glad to
learn that we have received a consignment of those famous Newfoundland fishing boots. The hoot that
has made itself famous on the Fraser
This shoe retails for $8.50 and is
guaranteed waterproof.    Sold only by
N!ew Crop Now In Stock
HOME! GROWN' and imported
GARDEN,    ;I77- AND
Wholesale and Retail.
Special Pi ices to Farmers' Institutes.
Thoiiauds of Fruit and Ornamental Trees.
prepare you for a good position���*a position that will in a few
months p.ry for your  11 vestment.    Son;? of our lady gradtt-1 i*;UODODENDKONS#      ROSES.
now growing in my  Nurseries  foi
Spring pluming.
Eastern prices or less. White Labor.
ates aro canning $40 a mouth aud over.
Miss W. K, Smith receives 40 per mouth from the
Hastings Shingle Mauuficturing Co., as stenographer, Miss
Menzie starts for the Yorkshire Guarantee and .Securities
Corporation at *45, Several are working fur the C. P. R.
at $30 per month and upward.
If you oome to us and work hard If yon want further
proof ofthe way we halp to pos'tions write us and we will
send you more names.
But do��t put off. Every month you delay mean*s o::e
month's salary lost. Th*. sooner you graduate ilie sooner
you are iu a position.
The    Ldfading
Shoe   Stare   of   New
For Sale.
A   No. 1   Melotte .Separator,   in
lirst class  condition (owner  is installing larger one, same make).
For further particulars apply to
Crescent Island.
M, J, HENRY, Vancouver
3010 Westminster Road.
Vancouver  Business  Gelfege,
$49 Hastings Street.,    -    -    -     Opposite Province Office.
D. H. pL|LIOXT^ P^ncipal.
Cedar Shakes, Fence Poss,
Boards and Barn Posts.
Apply   o
j Alluvia (sMud
Any person or persons having
a claim against the estate of the
late Alexander Fenton must tender
same to me ou or before the Tenth
day of July, 1905. Claims not so ,
entered will not be recognized.
Fashion Stables ���=
Trucking and Draying.
Livery  work  of all  kinds attended to promptly.
��� Alexander
Uuluer, P. C.
The Hon. Leila Cavendish wns seUlag
bnttenholo bouquets at the bazaar got up
/or .St. Simeon's church. She eneou_ter-
���d Sir Felix Trebotham loitering at the
entrance of the palmist', test.
"Are you going to have your hand
told?" she asked.
" Yes, I Khali at 5 o'clock, when my respected aunt has quitted these premises."
"It is a perfect craze of society," Mid
Leila scornfully. "Every person I know
has had theirs told, und V it is goud they
believe it, end if not th-ty dor.'t. I suppose there may bo somethlt.t, In it. Can't
be all guesswork.     Do you Lclieve in It:-'
"I do implicitly."
"No, really? Would you believe whatever they told you concerning your future?"
���' Of course."
"And if they told you to do something
would you oboy?"
''How can you doubt it?"
His face was grave, and Telle did not
observe the satirical emphasis which accompanied his words. She moved away
and had ample leisure to consider an adventurous plot which persistently haunted
hor mind nnd would not be driven awny.
Sir Felix's name had been coupled so
-often with that of Leila Cavendish that
sho had considered him as quite her personal property. But of late he had shown
a most stupid tendency to admire that
silly, painted little Dot Elliott-Shirt, and
Leila really could not think of allnvirg
that. At a few minutes to j she discarded her flower tray and moved slowly but
with a determined step toward the palmist's tent, where Sir Felix had quitted his
stand to escort his aunt to her carriage.
Another moment of hesitation, and then
Leila drew asido the silken curtain and
swept In.
The palmist was attired ln a long crimson domino, with a long black mask, and
was apparently about to leavo the tent by
a second opening to enjoy her well earned
rest and too. On seeing Leila she turned
back and scanned with deep interest tha
curious, imperious face.
"I wish," said the fair Intruder, breaking silence with difficulty���"I wish you
would let me wear your cloak and mask
for a few minutes, only a very short time.
You havo already told my hand, and said
I should play for a groat stake. You were
right; I nm playing lt now. Only you
can help me by lending me this disguise
for a small experiment I wish to make. I
will give you plonty of money for this
charity If you will consent to my request.
Look 1 This is half for the bazaar and hulf
for yourself." She held out her hand, and
several goldpieces glittered aguinst the
white palm as it touched the astonished
palmist's Angers.
"I cannot." she ocean fa!tcr.'ne:ly. whi)��
her eyes rested covetously on tho shining
"You can, must and will," said Leila
Imperatively. "It is only for a few minutes I want these things. Lo, do givs
them me!"
Ily alternate determination and persuasion the self willed girl got her own wiiy,
and tho reluctant palmist rutind a*.u
stood cIobo ngninst the tent outside, do.
termlnod to hear what would lie the result
of this strange whim. Leila softly si.ile
to tho curtain, pulled it aside and suid
sweetly: ''You needn't wait. Thank you,
I am all right now."
"I���my���my dress wns caught," murmured tho other, quaking.
"Your dress wa.s caught? Oh, I fancied
it was you who were caught I"
Tho palmist deported hurriedly, and
Leila watched her vanish before she returned to don tho crimson n In and musk,
hiding her hat carefully uwny from sight.
Five o'clock rung out iu sonorous |:eu*U
from tho bells of .St. Simeon's steeple, und
Sir Felix was punctual to the minute, Ho
pulled aside the curtains and can e in
with an air of awkwardness and defiance,
feeling ancl looking like a guilty person
naught in a foolish act.
I.eiln assumed a low, gentle voice, and,
seating herself Oil one of thu [nihilist's
easy chairs, drew another close beside her
for .Sir Felix.
"You wish to know your past, present
and future?" she questioned
"Yes, if you pleuso."
'Conio and sit here, and  1 will  do my
best to enlighten you."
Ho obeyed, and held out two well marked palms for her Inspection. Leila gently
took hold of one hand to draw It nearer,
nnd Sir Felix started nwny ns if there was
something disturbing or thrilling in her
"Yon aro generous, obstinate nnd impulsive," snid the fuir deceiver "You
act on first motives, and seldom alter your
"Do If"
'You havo a long lino of life, nnbroken
by any illness or scrims trouble, Your
life, apparently, will be n smooth und happy one."
"That's good I"
"You are a lover of onTor and like tb
seo everything in Its correct place."
"Well, yes, I'm fairly tidy," suid Sir
Felix, stroking his hulr hack and instinctively settling his crnvat.
"Yon lost a near relative when yon
wero���not. very old," said Leila, wondering how long ago it was since Lady Tra-
bothum died
'You are quite correct."
'And you have hud a narrow Bspnp*
from death by drowning, I think," continued Leila, thinking of a hairbreadth
adventure on Luke t'omo which he hart
tola ner ol ut Major uiiinmss unmet
" Right Ogata," said Sir Felix, looking
up at tho black mask, which bent from
his gaze and leaned attentively over hip
outstretched hands. <
'Vou have  had several lov    affairs,"
murmured Leila, " Vou an engrossod ig
a very Important one uovr.:'
"Oh. am If"
"This is rather embarrassing."
"I must reveal what I see in your hand."
Sir Felix wished he h��d not conio In
and writhed helplessly as Leila continued
calmly, "From what I can toll your affeo*
tlon Is returned."
"And what ls this mysterious 'sho'
"She ls dark and of noble family. I
should imagine by this peculiar line that
sho has a title." (He mustn't think it'*
tbat horrible Dot.)
Leila's heart beat fast as she watched
his face change and the eolor flush hotly
to his cheek.
"You will b�� married this year and liva.
a Tory :>appy ;:rc," an. Tcnttxrea nervonsiy.
"That sounds rathi r like the ending of
��� fairy tale," said Str Felix with an in-
ersdulous and rather contemptuous smile
"But lt li true, or will be if you do not
hesitate. Tom fate must be decided
"You are right; It must."
"Lose no time in settling and securing
��� happy destiny."
"Kight again; I will not."
"It is a hnMt of yours to procrastinate
���a bad hubit that must be mended. If
not, I will not answer for tho consequences
���I mean," said Leila hastily, "I cannot
read tiwin."
Sir Felix Meditated, aurling his mustache in some perplexity.
"It must be Leila," he murmured half
unconsciously, and it was well that the
velvet musk hid those burning cheeks.
"It may lie," she suid, "but I am no
thought render. 1 only tell you the lines
of your liund, where the voice of the past,
the present and the future id turned into a
picture, visible to our eyes only. I cannot tell il the ideal of your thoughts ls the
same person whose destiny seen.s infar-
WOVOn so strongly wilh /,mr own life.
Now, sir, I must It quest you to innlte
rsiin for others    1 can toll you no more.'
Sir Felix rose, dropped his coins on ihe
(able and left just as the real palmist
raised the outer ourtnlu und eutered her
"You may have your robe back," said
Leila, and east off the clonk from her
shoulders. Tlie owner resumed It and
gli.nced with secret, curiosity at the treui
hiing lingers whioh seemed loath to remove
the mask, so slowly were tlie black rib:
bons untied and tho guise doffed. Leila
put on her hut and quitted the tent, outwardly quite culm nnd self possessed. She
avoided a rencontre with Sir Felix, nnd
resumed her old stand ut the flower stall
A   friend  who owned  that   region  tf
lovely but, unsalable wares remarked tha**
she looked rather white and weury   "Yot.
hnve heen working too haul. Miss Caveu
"Yes," assented Leila, with nn odd lit
tie. smile. "1 have been working hio-'J
very hnrd.'
"And have yon made a lot?'
"Welt, I don't quite know yrt, yon se:*
but���but I hi |ie I hu\e Leen successful
Hood night, Mr Hamilton; Ihe carries':
v\ ill Imi waiting for mo by this timo. Nu,
Captain White, you nro not to ooiuo wii;
me. How is the wonderful bruu tub hi
get Oil without you?"
Sir Felix was standing by thc door iis
Leila cnn:o out flinging a light caj .
around her shoulders, at tl h" hastened fer
ward to tuck her fur l ug nuruilj over !
skirls nnd gallantly M.-scd the scen'.i*'
fingers which tried to evade his grasp.
'���Well, Jliss ('.���ivi'iidi.-h, uid you have
your fortune told hy tho pain i ni"'
���'Yes, I did; v.'i.'u't it loolh.tily Incui.'
of 1110?    And youf"
"I also had iny future fate revealed,'
he answered gravely
Leiln lunghrd ttirrcisily, and took a swift
survey of his i::: rendu 1 le face.
'Uuve .vou I ni. o.diied to fulfill any
task���to , ti hnik on tiny vulture)1.''
"Yes. I lime. "
"I tun lem fully curious, but do toll mo
shall j*oii obey?"
��� No, 1 think not. The fuct is I ha e
lost au ideul today.'
"What do ycu mean?"
Ho gave u -i.L'iuil to the rrwhmnn to
drive on, und then Iviit luirriiuly tower-!
her, saying quietly. "Take toy advice,
Miss Leila; next time you play at palnils
try remove your ponrl ring I"���Madame.
btilii't Uenaure Tliem.
Isaac BiomJoy oiit* run "ngninst a,
snug" while lii-tuiii g in 1 itch field coun
ly. liiuiu. As I recall (lie story, he wus
lecturing before a lor:.I institute upon tl.e
subject of a trip he hud recently mnde lo
Culhortiia und the Yosemito valley, wind-
ing up with a lieautilul description of the
Bridal Veil falls, whioh so charm n(l whs*
visit them.
As .'ie took his sent ho was surprised to
see the gentleman who had presided over
the meeting step forward und say, "In no*
corduncfl with our usual custom, W will
pow he glad to hear any questions that
t*ho lecturer may be desired to answer it)
relation to the subject upou which bu hut
been talking."
At this a tails redheaded man rose In
tne uiKiicnco and with a rasping voice
said, "I would like to ask of the lecturer
the exact height of tho liridnl Veil."
Bromley, who had expected nothing of
this kind, and was never strong In details
��s to figures, wns entirely t-iken by surprise, but gave no sign thereof as he rose
nnd advanced to the front of the platform
and coolly answered, ''I did pot measure
thorn, but as nearly as 1 can rsnie|)iber the
exact height Is 801 feet VV, Inches." Nq
further questions were asked of that }op?
tutor.���New Haven Itegister.
Mark Twain aa a Stamp Speaker,
Once iu awhile Mark has taken a hand
lo politics. On ono occasion, being Invited to speak in the interest of his fellow
townsman, General Joseph Hawley, whq
was a candidate for re-election to the
United States senate, ho said in the course
of a droll address: "General Hawley deserves your support, although he haf
about as much influence In purifying tbp
senatu as a bunch ot flowers would hova
in sweetening a glue factory. But lie'j
all right; he never would turn any pooj
beggar away Irom his door empty handed.
He always gives tboiu something���almost
Without exception a letter of Introduction
to tne, urging me to help them."���Ladjef*
lf,.m*. Journal
Child   Not   Expected   to   Live   from
One  Hour to Another, but  Cured
by   Chamberlain's   Co'i.-,   Cholera
and Djsrrhoea Remedy.
Kuth.   the   little   dauRhjcr   nl'   E,   N,
Dewey   nf  Agn.wvi.le,   Va.,   was  ser*
iously   ill   "t   cholera   infantum   last
summer;    "We pave  her up  and  did
not expect her tn live frnm '>ac hour
to   another,"   he   says.     ''1   happened
to think of Chamberlatn's' Coli**, Cholera   and   Diarrhoea   Remedy   and  got
a   bottle   of  it   fmm   the  st- re.       In
five   hours  I  saw  the   change  for  the
better.    We   kept   on   giving  it  and
before she had  taken  the half of one
small bottle she \va�� Well." This rem-.-
cdy is for sale by T. J. Mackcrj^isj. THE DELTA TIMES,'SATURDAY-JULY 8, 1905.
Mrs. D. B. Grant relunud hqiif
'JlntrscUy e\ening.
A. Barber went over to  Vancouver thi? morning.
Harvey Creech returned Tuesday
from a visit to Victoria.
New Westminster, }.'���'. C.,
!^iS-?**.*M   MIS' �� ��fi/gf_
W. H. Laduer spent two or three ;    (.    Clark  was among fte   up.
days in Vancouver this week. I rive_ passengers this morning.
J. Grauer relumed home on  the      ]jrnest  Monkman  went over to
Str. Pneasaut Thursday evening-*       Ebume, yesterday, on  a business
. ��� visit.
Geo. Lasseter drove over to V an-
, 1. =..._.��!     Geo. Byrom, sr��� and wife retum-
couver,  yesterday, ou a  business 7      V ��� *. .   *.*���
. . I ed, yesterday, from a  visit  to \ ic-
visit. :     '/
   ' toria.
Mrs. Harry Vasey and family returned home on Thurs lay for a
v'.-it to Vancouver.
Mrs. V. Wilband, of Vancouver,
is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Mc-
Miss Barber, of Nan limo, is
visiting here, the -..nest of her
bio her, A. Barber.
We hare to thank our friend D.
McGregor for a toothsome supply
of the first fruits of the field.
W. Alexander has broken up
camp, at White Rock, tor the
N. A. McDiarmid and F. J. MacKenzie took in the Fourth at
Mrs. A. Clausen returned home
from Vancouver on Monday, accompanied by her niece, Miss Parks.
Mrs. (Dr.) Woodlev and family
returned home Thursday after
spending a week visiting in Vancouver.
Miss Turtle, of Victoria, returned home, this morning, after spending a few days visiting Mrs. F. W.
Mrs. J. McKee is visiting at Victoria and Mayne Island, at present,
and Mr. McKee leaves to-day for
Mayne Island.
Chris Albertson was in town on
Thursday, having come in trom
Cloverdale and returned home by
str. Pheasant.
Miss Jordan returned home on
Wednesday from Custer, Wash.,
where she had been visiting during
the past week.
Misses Winnie Betts and Edith
Crake and Messrs. Temple Cliff and
Harold Betts visted here from Sat-
VT_ay to Monday last.
John Ellis and wife, accompanied
by their niece, returned home on
Wednesday, after an extended visit
to relatives at Markdale, Ont.
Miss Kirkland accompanied by
fcer sisters Ruby and Myrtle went
over to Vancouver this week to
spend the holidays with relatives
The members of tbe local Orange
.Lodge will hold th��ir annual church
parade to-morrow evening. The
Bund will accompany them. Rev
P. H. McEwen will preach a suitable sermon in the Baptist Church.
Mrs. T. W. Kerr returned home,
yesterday, from a six weeks' visit
to California,
Miss Davis is visiting friends at
Tyuehead. Little Eva Alexander
is also visiting there.
Mrs. Eberts, sister and two children, of Sapperton,  are among thej
campers at the Bay.
To clear out all summer  goods  and reduce our immense
stock by at least oro.-third its present dimensions
we  inaugurate a
\ glance at tlrs list will ouly famish a slight idea of the
bargains offered, you must come and see for yourself.
Fancy Wash Goods. Dress  Goods.
25c Cotton Voile iu green, cream 25c Inncy Tweeds go at..., 15c
and shades of blue; sale price, ioc   -,,c fancy Tweeds go al  25c
800 yds heavy English Print atBtfc ia;icy colored Lustres go at..35c
ico pieces or 3,00(1 yds of best hug*
lish Print, yi to  36 inches wide, -���~-
black navy, ml, grey and  light KXTRA  SPKCIAL-a5 Costume
grounds: no better at 15c; sale ��� .
pr;ce   _                                        I0C Length-"  le'.t over  fiom  the big
5,0c Cold Crash Suiting **,'c     stockbougbtinbond;'regular��i.25
_5C and 15c Dress Muslins -)���-      t'.oods will be sold now at 75c
tomailvVaies. $1.25 fancy Voile3 sell at 25cl|.
ti.35 and $1.00 Silk Belts reduced 65c black Serges sell at 35c  1
*  to                                  ,oc 56'ih. black or navv Twills go at 95c
jSi.25 "nii'd ' 7��'Fancv Hair Orna- ?* 75 Venetian Cloth, 56111.,ior$1.15
mt.uis        ' '  5- $1.25 black broad clot li for 75c
50c Wash Collars'goat.'. i\c 3��*- 8*4 bleached sheeting, per yard
Big   lot    Ladies'   and    Children's       **lM
Gloves for, pair 15c -V'1"- whiVe cottons, per YaiM...7 ��� .,c
$4.50 to $3 Wash Skirts for  $2 50 -5<- &��*- Victoria Lawn to go at, per
and   5. .50      y^d - - :-8J.c
$7.50 Wash Suits for $4.50 I00�� balh towels, worth 50c, lor 30c
$8.50 Wash Suits for   $5.���� Extra large white Turkish towels
Better lines at sale prices. going at?. 30c
One lot children's  Dresses, worth 50 honeycomb quilts, $ 1.50 for..95c
ti   lor 50c 400 pair Nottingham lace curtains,
One lot Corsets, sixes   iS  and   19, marked at sule prices.
worth $ 1 and $1.25. for 23c Sample   blankets,   slightly   tossed
���Ji straight front Corsets, all sizes, and at one-third off.
 50.: 300 dress skirts at sale prices.
One lot white Blouses, worth up to 10 doz. underskirts at cost and less.
$1,501 for..... 7.5c 57.50 raii\.-o:.vs for... $3.75
75c aiiu 500 Corset Covers I'm ...25c Lvery hat at hull price and less.
Made iii all colors.
One Imperial Gallon will cover 300 .square
L  feet of wood- surface, two coats, giving a
fine glossy appearance.
For walls and ceilings.
Prepared by simply mixing with water.
A   five-pound   package    will    cover   350
square feet, one coat.
Elsworth Barber went over to
Vancouver, Wednesday, where he
will remain for some time.
Tk fees! things BMlty ao first
x? a    xS
ti U
out mm mis ciisuce.
srss *z"B$p't Si sir��
Lemon and Rose Tinted Opal-
esornt Flower* Stands���3 branches,
centre nnd dish���handsome decora-
ii itt for table cenTe, requiring vetv
lew flowers to produce 11 prettv
t fleet!
$3, $3.50, $4 Each
Cl.ry-tiprase Lemon Opalescent
Flower Vases,
laiv.ty Shape, Convolvulus Top,
25&�� 4Gc, GOc, 7Se oaob \
Charlie Johnson took a cold bath
Wednesday evening by stepping off
his boat into the river at Canoe j
Pass.    He came out all right.
H. L.  Wilson  returned,   Thursday,   from  Vancouver and   leaves
again to-dsy on an extended visit to!
Eastern Washington.    Mrs Wil-onj
left   a   few  days ago on a three!
months' visit to Halitax, N.S.
We  are this week going to cut prices nearly in two.     Come
in'and see if we don't do it.
We want to get acquainted with you; we want to  stay  right
here, we see good prospects ahead.
W. H. Smith is the proud possessor of one of the smartest light
teams on the flats. They are well
matched both in color, weight and
height and show of! to advantage
the nice new set of double harness
built by our worthy harness maker,
H. McDowell.
Im O.
We must have your trade and co-opr-ra'ion. We will do our
purl. We will give you a First-class Suit at a Second-class
Price; we intend lo treat you right; we hope to grow with
ym; we furnish the root, you furnish the fertilizer and watch
the plant grow.
��� ; ! ; ! 1 ������- '���_.-'.   .������!���_'!      ' "���   l..li'.'_U'L.a
At nominal cost, private individuals or business
men can put their important papers aud valuables in a
secure and convenient place.
This is a boon to those who do uot possess a safe,
and to families travelling.
These boxes are accessible during all business hours
to the renter, who holds the key.
HATES :   $1.50 per year.
Westminster Trust & Safe Deposit Co., Limited.,
Authorized Capital, $.25,000.
F. J. HART & CO.,
New Westminster, B. C.
Official word has been received'
of the acceptance, by Rev Mr.
McAulay, ot the call extended to
him by the congregation of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, also;
that he resigns his present charge
on the 16th inst., and is expected to
reach here about the 1st of August.
Ladner, B, C.
Rev. P. H. McEweu will 'preach
his farewell sermon to-morrow evening. Mr. McEwen, we understand,
will go to Vancouver, while a young
man from the Northwest succeeds
him here.
The steamer Pheasant will leave
t"he B.-1-. wharf, New Westminster,
to-morrow evening at 7 o'clock instead of Monday morning, for the
accommodation of those desiring to
t��etum in that? for business on Monday.
Tke Methodist Sunday school
picnic was held on Saturday last, al
t.rauei's beach, when a very pleas
estnt Iimi* was spent. On account
.i sudden indisposition Rev. J. F.
and M|s, lUtts exete unable to be
T. J. Elder* pf Clearbrook and
Mrs. M. Davies, of Bellingham,
Wash., brother and sister of the
late Mfs. Witter, returned to their
respective homes on the 29th ult,
iccenipanicd by W. Witter who ar-
.HYed tock agaiij on Monday.
Notwithstanding   the   persistent
rumors to the effect that the steamer
Pheasant is to be taken off this;
route in the fall, we are requested
to state that it remains for the pub-
lie to say whether she will continue
or not.   The management wish to
thank their patrons and to state
that it is their intention to run so |
long as sufficient patronage is forth-!
One Week Longer.
Will intending Patrons
kindly have their sittings
made not later than Thursday next, July 13th.
Labor Bureau.
Voung man, voting woman, do
you need employment? If so,
register with us and if we do not
procure you employment no fee will
be charred.
For Sale.
From 75 to too cords of wood, at I
the Boundary Bav ranch. Price, |
$1.25 per cord on the ground.
J. GRAUER.    j
Watches arid Jewelry at Lowest Prices.
Repairing a Specialty.
What's Sawed
If You Want
One   Dollar   Saved  Represents  Ten;
Ten  Earned.
Special Rates This Week
The average man does not save to
exceed ten per cent of his earnings.
He must spend nine dollars in liv'ng
expenses for every dollar saved. That
being the case he cannot be too careful about unnecessary expenses. Very
often a few cents properly invested
like buying seeds for his garden, will
save dollars outlay later on. It is
the same in buying Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, It costs but a few cents, .and
a bottle of it In the bouse often saves
a doctor's bill of several dollars. For
sale by T. J.  Mackenzie,
A   First-Class   Buggy,    with
rubber   or 'steel   tyres;   or   a
Democrat, call on
J. F* Stainton.
Constitutes a large part of what is earned in this age
of progress. You can't be too earefal of the pennies.
Realizing this and making a strong bid for your trade.
We have our goods marked at the lowest possible price.
Our values cannot be beaten. We invite your inspection.
FURNITURE���Suites from $15,00 up
Bed   Room
Dn*un_r Roos
1 ��
I Parlor
I Hall
D��t sshd dtsip-prooT, fiUad wltb lh. v��y bs-l M��n jnwelftd Bight ��
W.ltti.m movtmanl, ��u>-��M ..i wt, sshs*. (bnlsnely (UUamswl
lor I yuri.   Alio a brsniful ckssln wilh auk w��d> tm Ikf >seM M
d��r..    All complete, M.SO.   SmI*i <��� MNMll*.   Cut Hi. Ml s.1
���end It to i��, ��U>| your Nome, Post Olliee >nd E��pr��n Otic. Addraei,   !      ,    1,; VOltf  PUrchflSCS
aftd We will tttsd Dm Watch aodCh��in to yo. far euiwuuiois.   If yo,   |  ii.ss-l-s.ioi_   J I
find It aa repreaenled, pay agent the aasounl and expreee chargee, and   I
Watch and Chain are yosisa.   If yoo wiah to eaw payiag ���*��� *|Waa
cheifc. aond in the foil aoumntiand wa will forward 10 yos, Wa��h and
Chain b- null, aU chant., prepaid. It yo. order C.O.B. > depo.il o< BO cenl. le roamed aa a maUar of goad faith, which al*oa��t
wO ka <odiu��ad front your bill.    Order.at once, aa thi. o#er may not appear again.    Wben writing mention thla paper.
Carpets,  L'noleum,  Oilcloth, Mattings, Awnings., Picture Framing, &c. &e. ' ,
You will be pleased with anything in our line and
can save time, money and trouble by coming direct here and
E. WAQNER & CO., 163 Cordova St., Vancouver, B. C.
Lee's Furniture Emporium,
New Westminster B. C.


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