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The Delta Times Jun 2, 1906

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Array ���S     -'--���v--***-'
\ i_^7..*iCli/c)
JUN 5 -1906
Vol. 3. No. 39.
LAuNbK,     . C, SATURDAY. JUNE 2, 1006.
 ��� __!**>���
$-.00 yea
New Westminster, May 2..���
Jas. Fenton, oi Boundary Buy. was
found    guiltv    ol    having    stoler
Xew Westminster, May 31.���
St. Paul's Relortned Episcopal
Church was  tbe  scene  of a
You-want to look smart that day
Pln-ce to Buy Your Suit, Hat, Sh
Etc., Etc. |^
Sqg our new Tweed Suits, the very latest
cut, stylish designs, licely tailored, sizes 05 to
44, atrV, .8, 9, 10 to $15.
m  j-ail.    N'otwjth-
dence of seversl re-
the   former
____,^_^     ��
jatain   Burr,   o    Columbia
New Westminster,    he church was
beautifully   decorated   for the ec-
, ture occasion, suggestions tor which
accused,   tbe j casion with flowers and evergreens. cln j..
twelve   months
standing tht- ev
pulai.le witutsses ns
good standing of th
court expressed the opinion in pro- i A   choir   composed
nouticing sentence, that it  has  uot, friends of the  bride   wa.s  present,
the   smallesl   doubt    of   Fenton's and heralded the arrival of the wed-
guilt, and believed the accused   has; uiug party witb singing.
The brine, who was given  away
liDiTo.- Da_/r__ Times:
Sir: Enclosed herewith please Cad
v"y; balance sheet of the Sap-re Day
remained unexpended owing to the
street, | inclemency ot the weather.   Thia
amount will be applied to some fu-
of   the    lady I
Boys' Suits from 1.50 to $9 in 2-piece and
See our linen Buster Suits at $2.40
oncOcted his emir,:  defence  while
| iu the box.
Id. L. Edmonds appeared for the
crown and T. D. Kenuedy ter the
. The first witness called was Wil
liaw Gowdy, who testified that o*.
ithe.night of November the 25th,
With I I9��5> a Sun a"d watch and t
j quantity of provisions were stolen
] from bis house near Ladner. He re
made by those interested.
Yours truly,
On behalt of General Comaiittee.
Ladner, B. C., 30th May, '06.
fe Ladner .School %vy 4a
" Crescent Island School... 13 so
" Boundary Bay School....    7 75
" Gulfside Scfaoal     7 ���-���
" Westham Island School., si 35
" Mar-hail Smith       7 75
j ceived several clues as to the ofiend
The largest range of Regatta and
hirts wo have ever shown
made in   Berlin and Ranilton,   Ont,
tin   . Shi bs 13 ah.* wn in this ri'-
$ed IS
Cash    distributed    by
Sports Committee $75 93
Rent of Grounas     5 00
Balance ia hand     3 ij
JW6 .J
Ladner, B.C , 30th May, '06,
Shoe Desartment;
See the "Traveller" Shoe for Men in Oxfords and Bals., Tan or Black, at the Popular Price, $4.00.
For Ladies the "Royal Purple" at $3.50
and "Tru-flt" at $3.00 are the leaders.
Nice line Chocolate Oxfords at $2.50.
New shipment Carpet Squares just in : Wool Squares, all sizes, from
$5.50 up. Tapestry Squares, all sizes, from $7.50 up. Ayrian Art Squares.
$15 to $25.   Nice Line of Smyrna Reversible Rugs, 90c to $7.00.
Linoleums, Lace Curtains, Door Panels, Window Shades, Stair Carpets, Mattings, Etc., Below City Prices.
by her father, was charminly dressed in ?rearn silk trimmed with lace,
aud   carried   a  bridal   bouquet  of
cream   brides   roses.     Miss   Bessie1
Burr, sister of the  bride,   attended
ier as bridesmaid, and was dressed j
:n   p-le   blue    embroidered    v.i.le!
trimmed with lace. Thebridemaid'.
bouquet was composed of pink aud
white carnations.   Little Miss Ellen
Psiteheil   made   a   very  charming
effftyn time to time, but he discred-1 flower girl,  dressed   iu  pink  silk,
ited   them   all  uatil   he  was  told  anf_  carrying  a  corbeille   of pink'
lj_.6jear.ly this mouth that  Fenton  had  sweet    peas.    Joseph   Mahouy   ofj
hi* watch.    Mr. Kennedy enquired   Vancouver was best mau. aud J. J. |
The B93t  Shirts are! shout other slues, and witmass stated Johnston and J. W.  Mahouy were;
' a neighbor had suggested that pro ! ushers,
best' btbl-r * "aH heDam��d had  turned'     After the cermony, the  wedding
| the trick, hut he did  oot think  so; party were entertained at the resi-
I himself hecaase  thera was a  bottle j _ence of the bride*.' parents. About
���f whisky oa the table near the fifty relatives of the bride and groom
j watch    the   night    of    the    theft j iat down to breakfast.    The  house I
aad   the   gentleman    iu    question  was    very    tastily    decorated    for
! would sever haye left that  behind.! the occasion with ioies, carnatioas, .
[This aspect -f tLe case  seemed- to: twect ptas and oti,er flowerSi wjjjie* 	
i exaaerata reutcn alao.as the whiskv; fentoons of evergreens added to  the j     Mr. and Mrs. Philpott and daugh-
| had beea lelt where  it stood,  and j beiuty of the lceBe. ^ of New Westraiasteri are gpeild.
{the Court, without a smile, eaqair- j    T_e h_ppy cuuple left on  the c | {nm m i��w ^yg wjth Mr  Md   Un
jed if there was aay evidence as to; p.   R.(   _ait  nij-ht, for  Shawnigan j Albertson".
| his sanity. : Lake, Vancouver Island, where*.be
j    Coatinuing   his    evidence,   Mr.��� koaeymoon wiil be spent.
' Gowdy testified that he had gone      Among the maa >��� pre.ents  given
with Jos. Jordan to Fenton's house ^ to tlie bride must be noted a  hand-
armed   with  a  search   warrant  to|som?   pU({,ling   dish,   suitably  en-
look for his goads, and found  the. Lrayed, the gift ofthe Royal Temp-
watch oa the acchsed.    They wert  iars_   t_,e   blid,   _,avjnt   been  the
told by Fenton after much iutimid-j first 8jnffcle lady to join tlie R. T. oi
ation, tbat the gun had been sold to! *p _   ;���   New   Westminster.     The!
one Edward Tinkle.   Feuttia statedibriedgroom's gift to the bride wa.s |
that he boaght the watch and gan  , pcarl brooch; to tba bridesmaid, a j ^^^
I from a ataa who came along with , pearj brooch; flower jirl, gold lock-! The people of the Island have
the articles aad said that he wasLt. aU(_ t0 the best mau a gold! completed arrangements for hold-
gaiag  to  Ilaiue   aud   needed  the | petjdaat. I'u�� a  picnic  at Stauley   Park  wn
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell will reside
Westham Island.
Part of the Westham Island
wharf gave away on Wednesday
from being overloaded with gravel
resulting in considerable of the
gravel finding a retting place ia
the river. Considerable harsh crit-
! icism of the management has beea
j expressed for unloading two scows
on such a small whan at oac. without having seme of it hauled away.
���  ���      '      .  ���'-   .    .'.."J.***. ���-��� .������  5*B3__g_aE J Jl_-.  __g C  -_-____.    _-���   BBBB-g  .- _8 -li_'. . eC_B_-   "-    ���_-'.
CAN'T   BK   REAT. j    The Wright brothets are building I BURGLARY  AT THE POINT
  ;a nice neat fence around their prop-] 	
moaey..    Fenton   claims  he  gave]
the man $7 for the watch and gun.
Andrew Clausen, jeweler ot Ladaer,
; identified   the   watch   taken  from |
j Featoa as tha oae  sold  to  Gowdy
[in   1902.    Several other  witnesses,
i gave evidence for  the  prosecution
! which   weat   to   substantiate    the:
1 charge. '
The  Court  ia  passing seatence,
stated that in view oi   the  former1
I good   conduct   af   the   accused   it
would make the tei 1.1   only   twelve!
Through tbe  kindness of H. N.
  }     Point Roberts, Wash,, May 29.��� '
0,101,1a leaves Ladncr | J-Johnson is the nr,me given by   a|
The S.S. I  	
at 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.; leaves Steves-1����" arrested by Patrolman Beadle
ton  at  9 a.m.  and 5 p.m.    Every | ��t01)-   hcre.   e*rl-T    this   "orning
G. T. Raker re-*hip>ped, on Tues-
��lay last, to S. Thompson's Livery,
'New Westminster, .. hack which
had been sent here for overhauling
The work attracted the attention of l^ay except Sundav
(rft who passed  that  way, and but I
for the wear showing on the rubber j                                                              . act of looting  the  house
tiresVne eouM hardly tell it from a      The   ,,f-ies   of   -ne     Methodist' Merkey.
��ewjob. Church are arranging to hold their'	
Sir. Baker bas commenced baild-1 Strawberry and  Ice  Cream  Social!
iag light road   carts, and  anyone |��" Tuesday, 19th inst. I     D. Black. Gulftkle,   has
wishing to invest ia a vehicle of
this description will do well to coa-
salt him first as the material aad
workmanship put in a cart of bome
manufactnre is certainly nior^dar-
able than the lighter lactorr article.
Madrid, Spain,   May   31.���.*\mif
sbawers   of   bouquets,   strnins   o.
iweet music and t__ glad shouts  ol
thoasatida  oi  subjects.    Sliag   Al
j charged with burglary.   The officer: {om*�� lcft thc church   ef San Jeron-
states he captured the  man  in  the;
Juue 15th. Tiansportatiou arrange**
at Crescent Island whea they re-1 meats have already been made and
turn from Shawnigan Lake. ! *t ���* certain they will bs more care-
  ' fully carried out than was tbe   case
on the trip to Boundary Bay   whaa
only oue wagon turned up at Canoe
Pass and as a result a large number
Rich a field  has been obtained, ini were compelled to walk to Laduer,
the  village, lor  practice, and  it i,! and from I.adner home at night.
hoped that the boys will turn out in '  ���
full strength for practice now. GARDEN PARTY.
There will be  a   meetias  of thej     ...      , . . .,,  _ . .
t nder the auspices of All SainU
executive   committee, on   Monday.      .,.      _     ,    * .,, .    _  ,_
,    ,,, . ,     T, Guild, a Garden Party will bo held
evening next, at the Shirley House. ��� ,,    , ., ,
, ,, , .   , , at     Greencrott,     the resideace of
wteen ;i full attendance is reiiuested.! __ ,    _.        ���   _     _
1 Mr.   and   Mrs.   F. J.   Green,  oa
t Thursday aftcraoon. the 14th inst.,
commencing   at   2   o'clock.    Tea,
strawberries  and  icecream  will bo
served.    Admission te tbe grounds.
Seattle, Wash.,   Mur   31.���Elsie
of .Mrs.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       aireadr
gM the lumber nn the ground for $
imo at it..1,0 to-day, bearing oa hi-
arm his bride, formerly Princes*
I-.tia .or Yic-t.itia*' of Batttnburg.
All Madrid is hulk'ay-wiaking.
a-d with royal weather t_e *l.-ic
occasion is proving ev.e !..��g to b;
BRAN, .'SIIO-.TS, Whoie Corn,;
Cracked Corn, Rice Meal, Chit'
Rice, Chick Feed, Timothy and !
Cleirer   sSeeds,   Sutton's Garden |
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
COM Colds,Croiip and Wlmotsijjsr coug-,
large uew barn and i,�� now hauling 	
the timbers, ;
  _   I    J. K. Burns, Cienenil   Agent  G
IN.  R , Vancouver, spent   Mondaj
_    |     Alex. Daric  is  building  a com- in Ladner and Port Gtmbott, gath
and Field Seeiis may be obtained; tortable house, on the Farrell road 'eriag paxticuhiis in   regard  to put-
at  Brackmau-Ker  Milling Co.'s! for the accommodation of his men; tin* on a better tariff and train ser-
Mr. I also   he   is   putting   a substantial j vice between Deita points and Van-
t'uee around this smne property.      I cov.ver.
warehouse^,   Lac ner,  trom
H. N. RICH. Local Asent.
Mullhoff,   11-year-old  daughter of|
1 I
Wm. Mulllioff, ot Rent.on, was as- j ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
; vaulted,then murdered an��l her sodv!
, partially buried on wh.it is known as,     At Uie  ttco��* tri��1   of the tr,i"
the Old Kenton Farm, Tuesday I "bhers, at Kamloops, this we**, a
' right. 'The body, with the throat!Terdicl o*"t*��*ty was returaed, a��4
: cut, was found bv searching parties! now Edwards and Dunn are doing
: resterdav ��� ^c sentences and   Colquhona   ��*_
j years for stealing $1550.    Desire
' Brothier gets a free pardoa after
We understand that  the  Ladner serving only two years off sevesi
: Band purpose changing  their prac-1 years' sentence   for a much  more
i tice night from Wednesday to Moa-i serious crime against -to*->e_y,   The
day and devoting Friday evenings former senterc: may be deserved^
[ duriag the summer ^e.'^son to con-'but what abom the justice ofthe
certs on the Baud Stand. We hope latter? Bretbi.r was' canvicte-d of
[the   appreciation merited   will   be! procuring, in  Vancouver,  aad  his.
shown by the public by a  jiood at-; release is a disgrace to a  ChristiM.
tei-.dance on these occasions.
community,. l.*J
J '.-.I
I _iL
P_JB_,_S_U3.L>  KVKRV   S.V'fiBStfiiAY.
SoRSCRivTtoN. $1-00 p-K-ysar.
ADVlsKTUlMf. katks.
C_ft��sil ._���_.<-rlil..-i.'i.'-t_. 1- c__s_ per H-- r*
Ibe _rtt ioB.ttioo, and _,-at_.p.r line ioc cucl.
taUsio_.ii��Bt U��.H ::,, Tike i._;-_t_-r ul Iii..-'
occt_jn��_ bf tBe -pi.c-e occupied, u liu__ lo lht
II101 HUE.
��� -..���.r.f.I.*.;.*.*. ���*h*>--;.*..:.f.���.���++.;. ���.vv^.:.*^i.!.*-:.4.!.t.!.^.J.^s.^^4
tod r
in o.r choir,
n be
i:i.  Ier tuc-ti is-
R��._< Isjr CoT.im_Ss_il  .-ls-trsisoocBt.
hnil -ti _pVs.ast.o- :il On- .i_c��.
--luting n-tic. i :,kb'.i p.
liirlU nt*- B_-_* noa��-_, 50c, Mnrrlagejiji.t..
Any sptcl��l nulifst, tht object cii vrbicli la tt,:
^lonolf tlie pecuniary lieucCt oi _.��-*/ Individual
or c���mp*uy. to lie con_i_cix-U au uit'.ertiaeiat al
anil .barged i.Gsxirdiucly.
s_)l adrerliwneata ____tge_ f.r uutil ordered
,. ul aad paid Ier.
Cvl :.!,.>.-.Itn.e luvitt. on VI. Af r* ol public
���_>i__xe_st. Cciumauic-an.usi'p euilur wilisC be ac-
cowp-nUd by name or. s*?ri*er, u_4._iec._-_.il)
>.,7 publicftWon, bnt a*' evidence of good faith
'^orrr��|>ouilo-i-. mussi raach tl:i.. ��Sic, by TUnra
tuy ev.aU-g,
Cv.O.   lit.   I*_ANU.y,
SATUKn.W,    Ji-NI.
Many  complaints  have been received, regarding- tlio- presence, on
Trenat.t Street,.-immediately  in the;
.sear  of the Bandstand', of a port-;
sjble cabin.    Ii, we-i-.ld be advisable,
S��r the Council to order its removal.
A youn_
Whose hais is the color of phoir.
Rut her charm is unique.
."she has su7_i a fair chiojU*.
It is really a joy to-be nhoir.
Whenever sbe looks down the ;ii
She giv*.s me a beautiful smaisle.
And oi all of her beaux
f am certain she sUeunx
She likes me tie best all the whaiste.
Last Sunday she wore a uew sacque,
Low cut at the front and the bacq-ue,
Aud a lovely bouquet
Worn in such a a cute v. i��et
,-_s only few girls have the knacque.
Some day, ere she  grows  too antique.
In marriage her band I sha'.l s'.quet
If she's not a coquette,
Whicli 1 greatly regru :tte,
She shall share my J6.oca wiqne.
���Norwich (N7 V.) Telegraph.
!        Bll:
i and tl
I lines,
V.-_N_U-VSK.. '���
ine?* in grain and feed is fair, [
is a stead
y supply  in u
oats   are   fii mer.      Other
re unchanged.
onto ��� Selected    live   hogs
$j. o;  lights -ind fats,. $6 9,-5
per 100 lbs.
What is ihe use of keeping your
money at home whon you can place
it in The Royal Bank of Canada?
Why don't you call and see us?
We will be most pleased to _;ive you
any information you may require,
. tans ���	
A.   O.  U.   W.
Delta Lodge,  No.  \z meet* lirst
ami third Tuesdays of each  month
i;i aid fellows' Hall,
Thos. Todd, MLW.
T. V_,  K.KKK, Ji'ecorcler.
Wc take  this opportunity of in-:
fo-tmng the public that the business I
formejly carried on by the late W. | *\.
L. McBride will now be worked on
a cash b. sis.��� by  which   means we
sha_.l  be  better able to- give every
satis.ac.ioii, both an  regards price
.and   quality.    Tbe stock  has,  a_-
cordinglv,  been marked down   at
greatly   red-need  prices, mi   inspection of which is cordially .invited.
Thanking our numerous customers for their kind patronage and
support iu thc past, and hoping, bv
-.tr.ei attention to btvsir-es.., to bt
favored with 11 continuance of the
Yours faithi'uilv,
Delta Transfer Stable
Team Work Done at Specially Low Prices.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
��� Telephone " Ladner" No. 10.
' _P.,__.,��-T*-.-*g
cnicken Time!
Wrs. M. N. Reid Ls improving
the frontal appearai.ee of h.er property.
The   prospects  tor  an   .-xcellent
end abundant  grain crop are first
class.    Although  the rain   wa9   a
little faruv  in coming when it did j
arrive it came in sn��fi_ietit quantity !
���si -    I
to carry the grains through the dry I
spell  which  -i*_u-a-!ly  comes, on  a'.
this season cf the vear.
Wm,. Mason is. preparing to build
a new barn ou his recently acquired property at Gulfside.
1.0.0 F.
Delta Lodge, No. 21.���Thc regular meetings of this Lodge ure held
every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
m. Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
R. C. Abbot?, N.G.
W. H. Tatlok. Sec.
i Port Gukhon, B.C.,
March 29th, 1906.
Eldou Brodie and D. M. Ellis
left, Toesdav i��,ornii)g, via Vancouver, fer a trip th-tough tke Northwest.
The advaaUge of the uit^h aloiij j
the Boundary Bay  road istvery apparent jh she quality ol the grain!
grawiHg alongside and the matc-tial
tihrowH out will  make a great im
provement to that too narrow road
It is to be hoped tbat the   good;
work will be continued to  the loot 1
of the hill.
We offer the suggestion thai;:
When.loading grA_*el at the gnavel
pit, all stone above two inches
l)e raked aside.. These stones,!
���yhen placed,on the rend, are ouly
a source of annoyance, chey only
float aroundi and,.therefore, are liable to lame horses. When a sufficient quantity of this, rock has
been gathered, the rock crusher
qiight be seut to the pit to convert
said r-ock into useful read material.
The   grader   was   sent  over  to.
Westham   Isluiul, On  Thursday, to1
grade up tke roads-: ready   for  the
uew coat of gaavelj which bas already arrived there.
Fashion  Stables-
Tracking- and Drayiug-.
Livery  work   of all  kinds at- j
tended to promptly.
W. N. Draper,
*..__ 1, -HI...-, .inc.. x'-w W-stmiimt��r".
McRAE & Co
iifiit iii��
j If you contemplate buyin_r an Incubator or
! Brooder you cannot do better than to get prices
off the Ladner Agent for the CHATHAM.
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C.
tijuii s muMe
5 ii
A lull line of English aad Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Troaoertngs always kept ia stock.
Uittrp-ratwl l��4��.
Our friead", D. Guna, ol Boundary Bay, has gat quite a limp ca.
While endeavoring to break a colt
the colt took a hand at the breaking business with every evidence ef
ts&m am
T. W". Puterson has ordered an
t8-h. p. gasoline traction engine-for
work on Inverholm. Steel; Farm,
to replace lierses '.or ploughing, etr.
The machine i-* to be manufactured
in Great Britain.
We can supply you with the finest quality
of the above articles at reasonable cost.
Remember th�� place
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits af $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
Ladner Carriam Works.
Although the Co��i;icil considei j
their recent pu-shase of a team and
outfit te be a great bargain, wa
would have lauch, preferred the 1
purchasing being done here. No!
doubt, just as. good horses, might i
have been, purchased here, and, a*- i
isjs.tbe outfit, well, our business men !
���-.oulil very easily supply that, be- i
t-ween them, and of, excellent qual-'
ity. We hope thnt next time the I
Council's needs, will be supplied at I
^oine. j
.*�� ummber of suspicious charac
ters have beeu psowli-ng around, of.
late,  and  it wotijdrbe* well  if tht
nonstable was to, be', instructed  to I
ro-.t them out.   I_ is such people,
as these that the prople of Renton,
Wash.,   are  huntipg   for for the
murder of a' little  girl, only eleven
years of age.    When  a  loafer, puts !
Ui an ap]**-;_arance l.i   this dist-r-ict he!
should be looked  after at once.    It j
is better t,o u;**ses';. a few d< Uars for;
tjie. brard and. U-i^i��g uf these pe.0-[
pi*, rfian  Jo. bave them conmjjttingJ
murder or even burglary.
Mrs. P. Tear.-,   went   np  t.;r the
Koal City on Tl.ut.drij-.
Tracxc Marks
Copvbi-hts Ae.
Ail7Mit M��-lnE| ft r*lt*-*V*l*i and dos_iHiiMon m*r
.il__l< tiMerta-n *w OT*inio4i Ire. wtiellior ail
.TMSV.I! ****SSWa%f^!*mmZ
ny fiir BfcourliiK I'lut'iits-
iw Mri��t_f Mtafli
al_i��t _tt��noy for BC-ourliiK 1"
t'atocls tnhon __n��i.b Maim A Co. re-.tvg
lit fIfsO. CTllllMlt
i'atot:l9 taikea _ _ - -
sw<_l ��o��._, wiiljossjt obunte. In th.
Prac'. cal Horseshoeing,
Carriage Building and Painting, and General Jobbiag of
All Descriptions..
We carry the finest class
SCi-ttlllfl^ HH-^fiCSM      iof ^arriaKes andi I?arni I��iPlem���nts ** roe& bottom prices.
\ hRTirtsftTHsly nhtftt-^ed wtoTiJt. Imfteot tw.
-nhrti��n ot *ny 9*>le��*tHlc ronrnMi Twmft, **a a
row; turn* wwitts; ^L ooW or��-- Ttew��*._wlt**rm.
_T..**.-i Ofll.;. (BS F ��__ W��siiis_lss.i. B. C.
Q. T BAKER, Ladner, B. C.
BRANCHES   IN   BRITISH COLUMBIA���Vancouver,  Yiineouvt.
East End,  Mt. Pleasant,   Craaville  Street;   Oraed  Forks,  Nanaime,
Nelson,   Rossland,   Victo.La.   Vc-riu-ii,,   _.hil_iw*ch_  Cttnaherl��iS_l   a��**-i
New Westminster
jrmm'T* l**��*m
Tans, Oxfords &
ucher Cut;
Fs  _��#### going on Bargains
A Full Line of
im  ��
��� A.T--
Qet a Suit at Once.
; -Si a
There will be  a" 5* i.cial' nie..li;.-j | ^  y%
9f the Ladies i^idvef she M^thi J.s.t���: jSi
Church at The Baisonage, on T-ues-*; I W
4 y next. 5th inst.    A full   attend-'
a nee. is eai/xstly itc]i;e.->icd.
s   (J  # H _,�� -S-i  I Ei
X) ! I V    I
;murc�� notices.
A I.l.
.  1 ���'
wos, Pianos, ranos.*-
u mouth,
mun ion
st Suuday
u a.m.
Matins, n o'clock.
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday .School at 10 a.m.
Friday, evening service 7:... ���.
Rev. Canon Hilton, viear
Tho fact "'"���  -indisytiteci that we have
froates..   choice b bhe Piano line of any nrm id
B   ....    We have been in the business for forty-1
ive v-trs and have had  the pick of the best:
arancies ffomp    We re' >reaent the following most!   Servio-stot and third Sunday of
"*'"'��� - ���    ' �� each month at 10:30 a.m.; BenediC*
anufacturere, tbe names, of which are I tion", 7:30 y.m
.-. THO'UC
Air All GnrmenU.
All gar-Bums should lie thoroughly ulred
��f;_r wearing. I nder no clrcumstanoes
should il.... bo hung i.|i lu cIueuIb uriolded
ir.v.-., ni drawers until tiny have hiul every
t'l-li riui.iiy _i   drying  und  jurilyi-ii; by
_-..._..;,   Ill    li.O 1 ;.. 11  s*.n:ll.\.-.  ji     nothing
n-.oi-.-. i.i. 1 a bfuitii-t or 11 : .-ir .-.'' gloves
should uist 1��. _et u\.i s .... .1.,.. ;-in tbu
fashion of  iXt) o.erlti ildiuu**, v.l.i 1 miiiioI
t,istl- ti, lie.; Ull Mlllili. Otilol J.Ks'i-i. _��� a tUO-
i. 1 -_i.t If iln.- bedroom !������ .'...'. hUo 11 -iuiag
room, iii,   ...;.-,- I.,-  ;.n;iiu:i,l (.*-,- I. riving a
It ii...   -I Ul ���-.- L.l.-.l.- ull ts.II,l._il itiu da/ m. 1
��t.ulti.-!g ii..- door -....ii rhi_ .'Isorder,
vti'i'li i. ILo  lij!_!,..-i type ol  n.-m-i-se, be.
1-  _---_,.._] lo  ,._���_._..._ ___ u_su
THE ki.-;-..
fi* threw me u ki-:. .
Mmum* didn't kiiirv It.
Sht; wuu! . i��l:e It aiiilsa
Tlmi lis* threw mi h I-.j-j.
Bui alie wouldn't dn urn of thii
For mj fu.n; didn't .h-v. it;
Be threw me a 1.!. -.
And uiamnia didu't know 11
IT ->,..
0?_ YOUR
i* _. -��- 7 J__i
1 .___-!._
Nor iheimei
New Scale ;
Dominion .
Palmer P*
Prices the
*��� **:  -
Ji-'ii ' <���*"
... .Mew
s Pianos. Oshawa
Bowman v ilk
ac I  f ; j  1 1-. I '��� ��� ���
,        ' _*  !<      S_'   .1   s>      -
Terms the Easiest?!
.Sunday school at 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Communion
first aud third Mondays at 6 a.m.
R-sv. Father Wagner, O.M.I.
Parish Priest.
! aiFLI.3   .   .
e ni ��� ��� '���-��� lilaln tl e RT1.V.
-...),.!���    ....   ���.mi.��
fr ne Vi."'-' to JJBO.00
fror-i 2 '. 1 to 50 00
_._:i.   1.30 to     35.0.1
'.  for :s- ���>{,���.���- :    ._
trails.   .sty.
.-I. it mui,ll rim
, ���..���..-., rc.el[j
..   . ... Ml ...n . ..
vi.nu,.1.11 ilia-e It,   ;������.
oflf -I   .r   ?n-�� lis stain.
1 .11 .���: .    .... -..
!.-,./ ������;���'-:, m l:-:,,c.f
-..::���:. ..,..:
1 IST,
at 11
Services next   Lord's Day
a, w.and 7:.i<* p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.ui. every
Sabbath Sehoc!   at 2 p
: Sunday.
- Thursdai
;.. .i,:. .'..-.-' __ -...��� TOOL CO.,
Qblcopee ii'     :  '*   '-���.., Tf. S. ....
Ill I WMI-,11 ll-l !��� ,111    ..
Th. Very Best Remedy for Bowel
Bi y nt mi) ti.y_.iii.ji it su.1,11  ring or u*
an embroid-TT. ring ...  l���i ���-.-  !_i_    Com.
IcmiiIi ii'iuklin und then ts,_t; blight rll
lion* it.-;;iu..l il so unto t  uij 1 i_l> hlo_ iiis,
luu'hn,     l.i in  un  u;.hol irior  j.'it twu
,'...:...-,. iiiiill 1 111 li-iii 1!.    .-, . ..,.,..'_ .' , ,..J
Sll^i 1 huso on t.i 0 longvU. ������{ l.rua_ ill bou.
;-,.-... iui.r _s;i;j'.a  ,.���:  ;_���:   ;. 1,,.    uquitl I
Ui.'i-n _i|.arl  n.'.sJ   bew llif libljun  L-ndi to
l-st-O    I IM,   M.utslnjf II  I.".   ���:'.    <��� .   u    .....
Hid another In  ihe cenur of  ���:������ olrclu
v !.-..�� i.e :. .Iii.l-�� it- .���:,.     1,, eacli .uit.in
i:..:,   ;���_���_.. 11 'i _lt-iKLIJ.il wlib a Lit 'if Ea-
r ,v. :������> .nm,. bKUf.inx ��od -,��:; i-:i ibe eol-
Ost, et..! ..__.   vi 11! ,;_-.- a _!.-j.:,.,. ._ toy.
Two  lilud��  af   W11K.
lu an  lusvu  law eoui'l  an  uttorne)
wii-a  urgulng  wltb   i.'i'.-iit  i.-isine��tin- *
und eloquence.  In the midst of bU ;i.
gumetit be [iau:--,e_l u mouietil, ,-jy. lti
Green liui?. nud said:
"1 .-.'o your Uouor sLialies III. Lr-ad al
tLat sitatenietit.  I desire to r_a__.-_ li
wlicrt . iu   . ��� ;.:
HO Iissl.s .1.   1. 1 ..-,��� j
Thera ���* uo c-uum iu t:
1" ...
whisrc wat ti- ! ���
'i ua
i:.s. I.u.i h ,-:..     .
..nu saw lliu'. 1 ;!;
���-.v tt;
T"ii.U  .-..iiTu' **a-::-j \i;i- LiuiU
tobody kijt-sv it.
.'.1 _ M M A.
tblnl: i urn .1.1 -
In - blind, 1 .upi
_:> htfurl isn't uol
if i OIL  l/ullllli ui I
Id. 1
't niwd lu !._ '.-,!-I
v  .Lu l,l-_!t��-,!   1:'-,
�� res*
Tii ���.1, i urn H'.'siiUst <
Vim, B3d hlind, 1 .u
iiun.- Freui li i
: Jiarlitai
Prayer   uaeeting
evening at 7.50.
V-. v   i   !���'  Betts, pastor
*   U.HV  flt
ae   the    very   bent    remedy 1
bowel    trouble.        I    make
i^er.ice* next  Len
,m. snid 7.30 p ni.
Sabbath School   at
Ii: _ t>:
558 Qraitvile St.,,
t week i��ectin_; uu Thursday eveutuj
I at 730 e'cleck.
Rev. A, McAuley, Pastor.
Sabbath .ervices .,; Lndner at
! ��.u*. nud 7 p. Ul.
Sunday Schoel at 10 a. ta.
Prayer ___e'.i~g u_ Thursday
', 7.3*> p   at.; choir practice at S.
....   F.   Borrou.hs,   an  aid  and   although your honor dUseuta."
,,   . ' _  _,   rr        I     ''I  havo not lutlniitied,"   r.-iilled the
well  Icnowa re  dent   ol  Bluffton,  jU(Jgei ,.Uow x rtouW C0Mtrue tte evl.
Ind. nays: "I regard Chamberlaiu's   deuce or what my dedaloa will be In
C��lic, Ch.lera -.-i.i Diarrbosa Rem-' tUa ca*e- and yoU1' re*"ai-** ���* uncalled
: for."
"You shook your head."
"That  limy   t-�� true,"  the  court  re-
this statement after having used the! ?lleU- "T1iert w" * fi-v "u ,iJ-v,e:i,r' kud
- l reaerved the right to remove it la aur
remedy iu   my   fawily   for  several; u_ai!UBr 1 saw lit.   Proceed with yoar
years.    I   am   never   without  it." '. argument."
This remedy is almoBt sure to be
[ needed before tin. summer is _��er.
! Why net buy it uow and be
I prepared for such au emergency?
j For sale by ..11 Diugglsts.
Tb*   Huburl.mi   t-.lld.
They were autjurbuuites, aud th*y sat
at bl'ealcfast, when a letter wa* headed to Ihe tuother, wbli-lt sbe read with
rapidly lii.r.u.Iiig cou.teruatloQ. "Hovr
un.ljeiikabl.v dreadful I" bhe ���xclalci-rl.
"Cecilia Rodney's entire family h...
t.treu practUally wiped out. Uer inotw-
cr ha* rtlrd, aud her father, her brother and tier oouiilu, nil In the aauie
Ktbel (four yeara ol.!. who Id be.
brief career Las experienced all the
.ova and woes of the suburb!!��� IJld tbe
cool, die, too, uiauiiuaV���Haiper'i Mtfg'
aad tie.
anos. Pianos, Pianos
ffilil! [ffllil I Fill 68 r :t;'
Time Tabic.
Culv-i  (-_abiu_.'B  Ureas.
Caleb C'u.biiig'a iiei-iilicr inanuex ftf
dreia aud hi. ecceutrlcttlea were frequently the subject of newspaper arti-
ele*. Although quite n large aul portly umi, hia clothes ulwayn aaamed to
be two or three ��L__*i too bnge for liitu
11 nd of tbe cheapen material. lit- always during both summer and winter
wore a large cloth cap pulled close
I ei Winnipeg, the  vixible supply of  down ou his bend aud altogether look*
.   ���    _i.    tt   ;. j ���. ....       a   rt��_     ed   anything   but   the   brilliant  jurist
, .-ats ,1, the United State* and  Caa-   u||(, ^^   Qm ^ fif(|.r ^^
! ada, east of the   Rocky Mountains,   ���,_ unusually caustic comment upon his
, 568,000   bushels,    compared j dress, ha remarked to the writer, "I
_;iif*ss by tbe time lhat fool is as old ns
1 mu he will cure more for comfort
than fashion.''
/iXcaarding  to  'Vee  Commercial,
A   Convenient   Consciencu*.
"I   don't  believe  he   has any
seizure at all."
"Oli, yea, be has."
"Not much of a one."
"No; not miu-ii of a cup. of coiinie.
In fact, il's of surh tritlliig tmportaiiL.
tbat when he beats some one out of
|1,000 b?- can square tbluga with lt by
contributing $l._0 to charity. Still il's
u conscience.".
fler Answer.
"What kind of letter did your hits
j baud write when he waa away'.-"
"iie .farted 'My Precious Trees
and ended by sending 'love.' "
' ;;..w did yo:; aim's.er?"
I    ���'! .started \-.'i'.b 'My Precious *'*   *
1 i.;;--i'' and ended with 'Scud ine 520
232,000 stttsiiels a year ago.
sj sJ C
IN B, C.
Train   lc; ���
��.',',   i.'ifivrr..-.!-���   at ;,: *,*.
ji.ui. and an
���. - s at Pott G-icho�� tt
,  50 >->.iu.
Train   len>
'  I     .'tn.    Gltic 'i!:.-.l    i>l
[5:10 f..m, ai
'; rtjriv-S ;-i Cleverdn)��
1 at 6:2s p. ii
Whes you wish te buy visiting
cards .'.all ee the Delta Timea who
*. i'i sell tht best ��_uey can bay.
If you need them printed, why you
are iii-aey in pocket by calling on
the Delta Times irst.
Moiscia)>- i*>>
%MMf        -_&        B &IM     _- _S<_h
'i'here are
gar -iniiiK i"i
from Beattl*
ret-a !*.'.>.
two tkreu
t'.ay ea< 1. -..
1..'!   -i   ��iv.
... 1. Irom.
Hew to Br.ak  U|�� a Cold.
It may ke a surprise to seanr te
;h i>a*s*e_-1 learn   that   a  severe  cold  can   he
ay  t�� and | cempletely    troken    up    in
.-'   trai:'. .-
; or   two   days'    time
I symptoms   of   a   cold  are a   dry,
ae._ en nn ii_trl.li Farm.
It is no uncommon thing to see a
male ostrich strutting about followed
by three or four distinct broods, nil of
different sites. When Ibe Incubating
process is completed, the cock bird
leads his yoang ones off snd If he
meets another proud paps engage*, in
a terrific combat with liim, The vanquished bird retires without a tiu;;!e
chick, while the oilier, surrounded by
lb* two broods, walks away triumphantly.
U-t. Btutself Array.
After piwachlrjg on the occa-ten ol
the reopening of a restored church the
ose 1 bishiip thanked th* churchwiirdeE, aa
fire. I old farmer, for bis share In the good
'And 1 must thank yi "
ill- lord-
BUITIfirl  coLtmnu
IE 11119
ship for your sernuiu," wns tbe reply,
lood cough, a profuse watery dis- ] "but I could not help thinking, as you
r.\..r���- .......   tv,. im.��   _,*_  ��� thiu   ; talked about sin,  that your  lordship
charge fro. the uose, and a till, , ^ ^ ^ ^ m^ wmA yi>ur
white coating ou the tongue. Vint* j ti!lt wlieu you wer, g YolU)g uuin."
Chamberlain's   Ceugh   Remedy  is'
taken every hour an  the  first  ap-
Annually, to fi-U the new positions
.rented by Railroad and Telegraph
C-inipsnies. We want YOUNG
MKN and LADIHSof good habits to
Special Offer of
Seasonable uoods
One who had tried aornral times le
pcatance of these sy_uptems. it coun-1 jump across a stream aud kail repeat-
,-,.. .. T< ','.��� I terscls the effect of the cold and re-' -dly fallen In finally succeeded, wheu
���      *- , ,t     hi.   ,-..,.     he said to a friend, "How much better
*   , .. i��,t. w��tu.l��si.r K.r t..m-t�� m s.s. |tores the *-f*tein L��  �� ^^^  ^ \ 1 em than you in baring accomplished
I... nd <...����._.. im.; hourly tVitr��-��fier ����tii n ����� j {.ittou within  a day  or   two.    Fer
,,..; _��l��i-����y-mui-ii.iiinyis r.l 11 ��.��i. J
CsrsleartVaHiearer fer Wr.taiinittr- ��t *,.��-   cai- h\r  \11 DruetistS.
I aa�� -.je��. >a. and hearty thr-rdf...   uatil i.��.   s*le "' *^u ^"*IS "
���n.; S.tiirrlny. ��m,1 S'i��d<iy�� nt 11 p.m. !       ____^_________.
rnrniTtT cars.
We ran lm-1.1. 'icir.hl ears bir-twt.ru Wast-I
ntiaatcr na^ VaiicoufCi ab_ all sati'ii-itHta arc (
kaaiUed wltta tlie Htmimt eare aad fleliverc. t��l
ceasikaec wit_t��nt il?l<t. Bpecial _ttcati.ii *��alii'
' '.* n-.iit ishiv-iiirsttii. nm ttayona meet all heatn
aut. t'raiUJi,   For rrilti. tit apply to
A 111 I. KS 1.  McOI'AKRI)-'.
R dlfill'Ult feat."
"Not at all," replied hte friend. "1
��m butter than you in net wishing to
J ii 111 p across."
1 leas room at the top thnn '
P'ljiv.l.-.i'y   supposeil.     'I'liey   who
'._...��� nr.* f.������-.- bnt larg��s���Puck.
SrMililoi aatl Malaria.
Tbs importtsuoe of  guarding   again*,
aoria! traiH-nlssion of malnrla Is shown
by tbo personal observations of  Dr. Mantel.   In Anion he had epm.t nights tr.-.inp-
Ing iu tiie marshes wltbout suffering the
lenst inconvenience, whilo his asslstonti
suffered from chills, merely benausa tii
did not serin tobonblo, llwriilly sjm .
to k.-i|! tlinir mouths BQUk   He abso.i 1
rofralned iroin tiilklng, mo astoallotv ');.:-���.
of Uiu uilasiaatlo air to roaoh  hl_ lungs
through the mouth, tbo nasal passages, ai
is wall known, acting as a sU'rilixirijr _���;.
piirnliis through tho dealructlva actios -
tlie naaal seoret.ous upon atmosph-rU 0
Cafii.iuia. ���iiU-h-uro.
Tbe  Unrki  af  Cvalas.
"He haa the stamp of genius en Ills
������ v_��. Also the glose of genius on hia
A at. Dlff.raaea.
Madge���Don't you think h girl she';';
marry an economical man?
Dolly���I suppose so, but It's Jusl awful being engaged to one.
I, Mc
instcr, s. t
I.s>-��1 Mer.
BER SUPPLIES��� Buckwheat,
Fall Kre, Clover, Timothy, l/awn
(.rass, Knsilnlje C--.rn, Mangel,
Turnip. Special quotations in
We furnish 75 pet cent, ot th_
Operators and Station Agents in
America. Our six schools are the
largest exclusive Telegraph Schools
Jn the i*_rv_.d. Established 20 years
and endorsed by all leading Railway Officials.
Ke execute a j.250 Bend te>every      >��� ��� , ,
....     ,      :.- ... .      } \    No expense, loss or delay
student to  liu��_ish  him or  ker  a      ���. . '
position paying from U��  te $60 ��{Bation or inspection,
month in States east ef V *  Rock} :    j<r,   nc   ,
Menntains, or from $75  to f ico a j _,,_,.:���_ .  .,,. ���rj.,
...   m. . .   _t_.i_   __   .-      Lpiacitif >tiui orce
month in States west of the Reckies, f -        *
Spray Pumps, Whale Oil Soap,
Vegetable Plants.
Large stock of HOMK GROWN
Frnit and Ornameutal Trees now
matured for the fall trade.
: ice tout
.i_.me.lia.ely upon graduation.
Students caa enter nt a_-y time.
Ke vacations. Por full particulars
regarding nny of onr schools write
direct to etir executive effice at
Cincinnati, O.   Catalogue free,
Cincinnati, Ohio.        Btift'tlo, N.\
Atlanta, Oa LaCrossc, Wis
*"{M;i.i'::;*.:ii.,Te*5. San Prat>ciico,C:i
We   do   business   on   our   nw.
greuiul*���no  rent  to  pay, and are
prepared to meet all competition.
\ ��������� ���
M. J. HENRY, Vancouver
3010 VVcstnnifstcr f<-.;ui.
Tka Dlfforence.
"What a luxury 0 clear conscience
toi" exclaimed the high minded statesman.
"Yes," auswered Senator Sorghum,
"it's a luxury, but it isn't u necessity."
By Wnr of a l.eaaon.
"Due of our cir.'s run over another
mini last uight." announced thc super
Intendeut of the street railway line.
"Well," replied the president, "after
Notice is hereby given that I ii -
i tend to apply to the Board of Licence
i Commisioners tor Delta Municipal-
- ity, at its meeting in June next,
I for a transfer ofthe Liquor Licence1 awhile the people will learn that the
- ,    ,.    . ^   ��� u      it .,_! r..   rw. i o"lv safe place is aboard tbe car and
; of the Port Guichon Hotel at  Port, ^ B ^ u a Bma��� pr,..t. U) ^ lM
Guichon, from myself as  executor ( BHU-tr."
ol the estate of W. L- McBride de-1
j ceased to Emily Susan McBride,   of
Port Guichon, 15. C.
Dated this 27th day of April 1900.
Unknown   Friends.
___>rr.a Oat Iaa_al_n-aala.
fade Sam has a black list of bird-
and quadrupeds which It la absolutely
prohibited to Introduce Into this country, says the Chattanooga Times. The
mongoose, the flying fox and the slur
ling are on the list The mongoose is a
species of ferret, a native of India,
where It Is domesticated aa a sort ot
entinal rat trap and snake destroyer.
It was Introduced into Jamaica ta get
rid el tha sugar eaue rats. These exterminated, however, tho mongoose
went on to di. t off the insert destroying biivls. with the result tbat tbe crops
have been devastated by Insects lu
s-iuje sections of the Island. Tbe anl-'
null is exceedingly crafty, nocturnal In
its habits and evades trap's wltb suae,
Tin flying for, known also as the frufl
bat, is e, voracious harvester of frolts
aud vegetables. The starling belongs
to the crow family.
sstfsxt_s--^_,j^r. ^^..��.sB_.jwMea*>S- .'-s-sv..Y-.-.-*-.,r��^|
.-�������-. _���*-*��->. st-**-^ _����������. ������-���-�����
ROBT. MAY. *\j?ent,
LV">\*i'.u,    -   -   -   -        li.
NI-X\* XVfcSTMIKSTE.-.,    :-:   15, C.
MRt-ttfacturerg ot *\\ kindioi
Sotla Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
Yotir patronage solicited
.A.a-*._��s|s��i-��**'��-*s**J.*a.*.>*��-*I<-a**'!��-�� ���!-
There are many people who have
used Chamberlain's C��lic, Cholera
and Diarrhn. t Remedy with splendid result--, bm who are unknown
because they have hesitated about
giving a testimonal of their cx-
peiiciiic for publication. These
peop!*-, however, are none the less
friends of this remedy. They have
done much towards making it a
. household word hy their personal
recommendation to ftiends and g
neighbors. Il is a good medicine! J
to have in the ii- rr.eand it is t'idely
known tor its cures of diarrhcea
nr.d all forms o! bowel trouble. Eor
Cough Remedy
The Children's Favorite
Coughs, Oolda, Cro-up and
Whooping Oougb.
/lii.'.-iv ...;, i. -;,u:i.-.u^ f.ir itsi nuresi iwer
i.:..:-,.o part cf the <-lvi!!_esl _'url,_ it can
always in dopeadod ui.on. It coatohu do
01 .-.! ot nl ,. - harmful ii---i��� ami may ha
���;., l_u. ,- n.i 1 n;!v 1,1 a l-ntiy auto isiia.**nlt
u-;i'.c by All DniggistSi
J   Prica 66 otsj Larg-e Size, 50 cte.
u^.*im'*vm*ii��.*.��*i<**p*i**mmimmm' _r-._S DEi-TA TI.__.ESi SATURDAY, iVKK a, 196$.
r.+m-m*    1 WW
3_-*-aw "_' ���*���
local news,    school Report.    $*$f��*
ees Leave
Mrs.   A.   Coleman   visited-
Kcyai City on Tuesday.
Mis.   Faire'.   nf  Vancouver,  is
���risking at Trem.'ii Park.
Average dailv attendance���Div!--j ���
sion I., 22.36;  Division   II., 23. if";-,
Division III., 27.so:   Division IV.
5J....8; total, 111.31.
Mrs, D. Woods weut over t__ V..u-
cotiver. Tuesday *_porniug.
Wm. Read was.among the visitor
'.<. Vancouver un Tuesday.
QONfigt  Ku-l.l,..
Form IV.,, Senior.���Warren Livingstone. Ada, Leary, (".'live Whit.
worth*. j
Form 1V7. Junior���Vernon  Ta-y.-
lor, l.tla Stainton,. jv.ssk.** Mclnnis.
Form   IV.,   A���Floreuc.   Lord,
Hume Hilton, Ernest Haven-
Form III. ��� Mi'.inie- Mardesich,
Winnifred     Ftutcberson,.    George',
[Leary. Marv Silecli,  Edw,  Living-.
Mr.   ami   Mjs.   Marshall Smith,      Form   II.,   Senior���John   Kir_t-j;
viaited theTei'Juiu.-i'i Citv this week,  land,     Philip    C.nicbo..,    Wilfred
  llaveus,   Grace  F-eUerick,  Austin
Form II., Junior���Hazel Shirley,:
Edith    I,eary,    Lester    feT-uidlord,
Pear) buttons, in four sizes, geoiB_? at
L.   Waddell,   of  Vaucouver.
x visit her on. Tuesday..
To notify tha people af Ladner and surrounding district that we are now in a
position to. offer Vancouver Island
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as. piling at other inferior
Buiiel- t.i|Kv, ^ix pieces hi a bimcl-.
We _re pleased tn heft/ th%} Mrs. :
__l��son, sr., *.;'-. Gulfstda.. is :i wee'
h;i improve,..,
2.;ti**  Bentoo.
Inez I
i Alice Thirk.it:
. Staiuton.
Second Reattei*���A,--'i_ui. JjJcBride.
Evelyn   Lowl,   Leona-rd   Kirkland,,
i Christie McGregor.
First   Reader,   .Senior ��� David,
McWate.s,   i'.thel   Vorkc,   Sidney
Welsh, Katie Silecli.
First Reader,, junior ��� .-Vunie'
1 B.wn, Eileen McUride, Deuham:
' Hilton..GertrudesBerney.
First   Reader, Juniois in)���Mabel
1 Laiinitig,    Roy.   .-Yndersoit,   Myrtle j
Kirkland, Alfred Guichon, Beatrice
I Smith, Nettie Bussanich.
Mr.  and   Mr*.* Alex. Davie re-.     Second Pi tmer ��� Ross Thirkle, j
turned home, on   Satsildfty last, af-1 jeoffrey  McCallan, Waada Italian.
First    PrimeKj    Scn.ipr ��� Rubyl
so;;, X-llie ICllisJ
H;  J.   K-rklai|fl reti-irue-, Tuesday evening from   a.short visit  to |
the 'rer.mi-._l City,.
sS. B. C.alston ivjiss.a business vis-
ltot to Mayne and; Ptifidei; Iilao'ls
ilnr.aj the oast, v/,eek,
Mrs.   A   McAtf^sy   ceturaed.   to j
Vancouver ye*��i*.rd_y,   sltrr. spending a week visil-anji- here..
ter spending Empire Day  iu Victoria.
One Ioi I_adies' Belt?, black and white,
Baton's famous '*Million Boot Laces"
with brass tags.
Ul __-__*- 1
r a
I.ra    Har.vu.ctsn, '���
j Welsh, Lama Sin
yo you   know   thati yow can da- j Gorman    Lord,
I>osit:tlie small StiEUiOt one dallar in j j_en,jce Shirley.
The Royal, Bwik,ot* Caiiada if" voir    ^int  priaier, Junior ��� HaroldI    '
wish?  1 .Vuderson,. A��.:-th 11 r  Calvert, Nettie-i���-._..
! Videli.li,
Mr. and Mis.  __-. J.  H-i.c.-er8aii \  __ _
aad family returue. home oa Sat-;
iir-ay after   speadiag  the 24th   in j
Victoria. j
Ladies' beauty pins of seamless gold
plate wire,
Cut Glass,
And all kinds of Jewelry
f masse
Repairing a Specialty.
';������ d\ VYMfl"dd.
King's Birthday.
267 Columbia St.,
New Westminster, B.C1
_>*._?_   K   <   Vr   I    ' '     '**./_'��_-_.
1 d^'^^^'-d'i-id/^^
Miss Jackson., teacher a, Boundary Buiy StH-Wii wei*t over to Vas -
couver, yestciflay, on a shart visit
to ker bome.
to   tht
_^T--L M. Richa��ls*tiiat._l Missei-
f��. L-nt, A. Ladner and L- Tre-
t-hewry went over .0 Vancotsveii
iiiis iHornii-B.
C- liiu-itiicl, tnantst-fjer ef tlie light
department of the 15. C; E; 1^* Co.,
spent a day or s.si here, this weea,.
in the i_-.ter.ests of t?_e cempany.
Aill Ike world  is
Races on the .6tli!
The Agricultural Society's;
Greunds wilhwake once more from:
their aaiual slumber;.their custouj-l
ary solitude will he changeil tu a:
sceue made bright with summer i
dresses, and enlivened by hundreds j
t>{ happy peajile.
Arrangements   for   the   Annual'
liveot sre practically completed by.
fiie Delta Driving Park Aasociation..
and, judging  from, the- success  of
previous Meets, a perfect-day is  to.
be anticipated.    Many visitors will j
srrtye from New Westminster  and 1
Mrs. F. Kirkland,  efi Westham Vancouver,, taking   advantage   ��f|
Xpland, accomv-anied by her daugh- tke special ser-vice by  Steamer  be-
_er, Mrs. Rii.ssell Calkins, and niece,, tween .Steveston and New Westmin-
iliss Cr��ne,' v^id a short visit, here I ster and, Ladner.   The Association
this week. ; i$. to be congratulated on  the per-1
��� *-*-**��� i feet manner in which all details are1
being planned for; tlie convenience;
Tim B@rby Sim��
For Men, thc choicest production of Canadian. Shoe Manafacture,
N-ctv .Solid Gaods, new prices,.
Modern  Shoes in a Modern  sShoe  Stoi*_.
J. REAGH,    ~   Ladner, B.O.
g ^fou*ma&m^smnn^m>mBa��mw'
Shows some particularly  Qood Values in
Shirtwaist Suits, Blouses
and Wash Skirts.  ....
-   -   New Westnriuster
The Council, has, ntlast, purchased a a team and outfit complete.
Tho outfit, purchased in Vancouver, arrived on Wednesday evening
A   small   sottveuir   broecb   was 1
found ia, i_.e ToWm- Hall after, the jan**' comfort of the spectators.
dince.the owner:m.y  hare same     The purses are ��..d-a. good ss
trolHutt tki, office aad ^^ anywhere .,, British Cottmbia .and; �� ,J
mar *nr_iri**.rtr , Will doubtless bt an inducement for 1    ...
W* Pr*��P����? ��� wiU remain here.
1 ��� many mi tries.   I he sports and races,
'too,promise an unrivalled attraction, j
jand should draw large crowds.
We cannot but wis-h that tke well1
arranged programme may meet with
the success.it.deserves, and* on tke
_6t_, \re too '
~ ' "Will juin the glad throng,      J
W.J;   Braadrith  returaed Mea-j        That goes laughing along"
day-ve'ning, "from buncaas, where j For like the rest,   young  and  old,
Bj had beea, iu  attendance  at  thej wen   and   i?aideus,    we    will   be
Sk'unual niectinj! ef tlie B. C.   Fruit-' there.
To-morrow is Whit-Suaday and
is tha third most- importaat festival
hi the Ch-arck el Lugland. Com-
jBunion at 8.30 a.m. and also at.th--
���;.i o'clock service."
Tcrsons wishing to have their
Stores, Houses, Stables, Bams, etc,,,
illuminated by Electric Ligh-, will
do well to consult
P. D. MoDonald \
Orowers' Association.
Jas. Nelson, sr., and Mrs. T. 17
_<elso._, of-kfew westvaiastfj", came
���idwvtit last week, on �� visit to Jas.
Nels.fi.'   Mrs. Nelson  returned on
W. II  Wilson spent Tuesday in
ie T.rn'.isal City uivbusiriess bent
The dance given
Guild ol All  Sair.ts'
s*iatur��ay evening wSile Mr--
#i!l remain' for a. cottj-C.
v.sitin& kis son.
v-   tju* Ladies'
la-St  cveniae,
Mr**. N. Pi Clark, who !
visiting  in California, for
alonths, e_.tH.-tfi ';<> 1
i .-���     -      ' 1
bouvc-Ti soraetiiin'   tjn
nelsnti ���..,��� .,. .,K)St dtligi.tful';_s well as
tvef-ks suc;Ce5sfij| affair. Needless to re-'
mark that under the Guild's aus-
pice^'everything ivas most, orderly
md correetly carried, out. The
liim.. v.-ho kiinllt volut.teercil their
sorvicf-, wiij, nt   its 1 ert.     Al   u%ti
A. meeting of the Delta Farmers'
Lastitute will be held  ia  the Town -j
Hall,  Ladner,   ea  Saturday, June-I
9th, at 8 p. m.
All  the  asemb.rs,   and   farmers Shirley lT-ouse,.    -     -    -    Ladaer
intending to become members, are) '���	
requested to atteaa as business _1:
importanee will bt brought belorel
tha meeting.
ALEX.  L'AVir.,
N.. A. Mcni'ARMIli.
L-dner, May 2��, 19^'''-
118 WSS
Under instructions from the Executors of
the  Estate of the Late W.  L.. McBRIDE
Will be offered to the public at
To make room for an
Entirely New Stock       &       <&*
is heen
iru   to Van-
llio.i;!.,      Iii
my   property, about three
tin-' National Aailhem closed a-we.'���-.-* ago, a 2 yenrold Heifer,
die mrimtiilie-Mis. Ci..rk.  wi^l visit mast enjoi'able-evenitiK.    The pro-;    Owner.may have same by prov-
for a fev* thi.-s i.v-t.'ie tnouiitaii')'. and iceeds w\\ go towards tlie wiring of; ing property and paying expenses.
ieti   l,oI1 v: 1 ���."-"���!'   S r ta l.'arbiivtt,
et ti x light
in J   vicaraee   fir the
Mor.kman road.
The above Institute intends giv
ii'g $75 in prizes, lor Horses, Cattle.
Sheep and' Agricultural l?rocliicts
al the Delta Agricultural sSoc
Exhibition. Competitors must
have tlieiV: i,K'mberslup fees paid up
before June-3ptll next.
.\1.KX,  D/|\'Ll-:,
g^Corn-e and See Our  Special Line of)
Boots and Shoes.,
Port   Guichon, B. C.


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