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The Delta Times Jun 23, 1906

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1 U
\ -:���
-X '-;*__*_
EL f A K
Ni. 4.**
Sl.00 >c#
King's Birthday Races
j    Council   met    iu    tbe   Council
Chamber   on    Saturday,   June   9,
j wilh the  Reeve, W. H. Ladner, in
j the   chair,    and    Conns.    GibMe,
You want to look smart that day and this is the       p.t.    Huff and Fmbree
Place to Buy Your Suit; Hat, Shirts, Neckwear, p^f-
���*�� idinules    of    previous    meeting
Pic   F*c
See our new Tweed Suits, the very latest
cut, stylish designs, nicely tailored, sizes 35 to
44. at 7, 8, 9, 10 to $15.
Boys' Suits from 1.50 to $9 in 2-piece and
See cur linen Buster Suits at $2.40 with
The largest range of Regatta and Neglige
Shirts wo have ever shown. The Best Shirts are
made in Berlin and Hamilton, Ont. The best
selection from these Shirts is shown in.this Store.
[Shoe Be^rim-en-
See the " Traveller" Shoe for Men in Oxfords and Bals., Tan or Black, at the Popular Price, $4.00.
For Ladies the "Royal Purple" at $3.50
ancl "Tru-flt" at $3.00 are the leaders.
Nice-line Chocolate Oxfords at $2.50.
were adopted as read.
A communication was read from
James Milne, (Ieneral .Superintend-
:ent ol* tbe'-]". C. Electric Railway,
Co., epclo-ing offers for lighting
the streets. The matter was referred to the following committee:
, Reeve \V7 H. Ladner and Couns.
Paterson and Huff.
J An application from Fred Taylor,
re gazetting road through Lot iSS,
, (- 2, was !laid over for considera-
: tion.
The Clerk was instructed to ad-
] rertise lor applications for the posi
j tion  of Constable, Road and   1 'o_;
' Tax Collector.    Applicants to state
1 salary   required.    Duties   to  com-
; mence July ist and end Oct. 31st.
The Clerk was authorized to pur
' clia-*" one acre of gravel  alongside
the present pit at l'ort Kclls.
On motion, V, Martinolich was
instructed to deliver 500 yards more
; of gravel.:
The repairing of the bridges on
the  Trunk  road   was   left  in the
j hands orCouu. Kmbree wilh power
! to acr.
The Reeve, Fin-nce Committee
���aud Clerk were authorized to sign
; a promissory note for two thousand
��� dollars in favor ol the Royal Bank
I of Canada under the Temporary
, Loan By-law,
.' The following accounts w��.re ordered paid: V. Martinolich, $200;
j A. Archibald, J.14: Geo. Watson,
��650; school accounts, $647.50; M.
! Smith, $18.95; G. T. liaker, $37-45:
j Joe, $19 50; Kwong Tonjr Cbong,
'$226.35; John Follis, $5.05; C.
��� Himburger, $3} 74; J. Scopinich,
I $3540; I. Simpson. $26.24; J.
; Simpson, $79.11; Jas. Follis, $21.37:
:Jos. Jordan, ��87.75; Wharton .*.
jCollison,   $7987;    L-    Monkman,
��� On Wednesday evening last the' Friday was a spec*' day at tla
boys and girls of tbe senior classes [ Ladner Public School. Tha fore-
j of Ladner school paid a visit to! aoon was devoted to public eram-
the home of Principal Dixon with ' iuations when many of tke parent*
tbe intention of giving him a pleas-1 and citizens were 5 reseat. The*
ant surprise.    During the evening jmos*   prominent   feature   of   tba
morning   session   waa   a   spelling
match  in  Divisien IV.    Theprixe
they engaged in   vocal  and iastru-
! mental music, antl an address and a
handsome gent's ebonv  toilet  set winners were:   Roy Anderaan, _a*t_
and a gold   stick  pin  with a ruby; KuDy Welsh. 2nd.
' setting were presented. i     The  afternoon  session consisted
Tbe address  anl  toiL-t set were01   *   pub'ic  Lathering  to hear the
presented by tbe day school scholars: scholars  read, recite, sing aad de* -
and the stick pin by the scholars of: *Mt'--    The programme was varied
I Mr. Dixon's Sunday school class,    j *��utl  instructive and spoke well of
Dbar Mr. Dixon'.: \J trail *ng our children   ara re-
We, the pupils of your division | c*ivi"? ;4t  ,he hands of la* teach -
wish to show our deep appreciation  lng staff-    Tbe debate deserves par-
j of your work among us during the ticuIar    mention-      Those   taking
past year. part did **o in a prompt and busi-
!    You have been untiring in your i neslike war- and their "gumeuu
; efforts to bave us become proficient! were cle" aad tQ tfi�� P"*01*
' in all our wotk.     You have always!     A PleasilaS feature of the seasiaa
. kept before our minds the true aim> w,s  "be Presentation of diploma* -.
of education aud if we  have doueito   tho8e   ou   the Roll of  Honor.    ���
' our part we see no reason why cur, i*>r*u*'iPa* F.  B- Dixan, B.A., after
school should not be the one of the! bavioS   addressed   a   few s_.ital.lt
best in the province. | wor<1s ,0 tUe audience aad scholars
!     During your sojourn  among  us j ou ^e merit of these awaraa. called
you have been beloved by each oue  u-ou  lhe f*��1]*>w��nt  geatlemaa to
! of vour scholars, and,  as a citue J *reseut the  --'P-omas: Revs. J. F.
iyou have gained the   respect and;Betts*   e*   Croft*  A- McAul_y *�����
I es eem of all with whom you hare' Cau"u  Hiitou-     Ea*-*u  brieflr �����
i 1I)et I pressed  his congratulations to tha
j In conclusion we give you our j su--i----til sch.lars wk�� had so die-
best w:shes for vour future happi-! **us-U*��*��d them_elves. Those who
! ness trusting our Heavenly Father,! ��������>�������* first place iu their reapeo
whose servaut vou are, will make'tlTe classe,i were:
I vour future bright with his choicest I Di��*s*0,J & ~ Department, OUra
' blessings. * bitworth,- proficiency, Ada Leary;
I     We beg y.ur acceptance of this, reeuIari,-T  ��Bd   puactuality,  Leila
token, as a sliglt ..ipressiou ul' an-, *-''r'*:laB(J.
I preciation ol vour faithful  services.      r-,i���*<-"- IL���Depcrtment. OfHt--
;    Again assuring vou of our regret. Frederick; proficiency, Minnie Uar-
, in parting as teacher and pupils we destch; ���*eijula--'ty -ndpanetunliiy.
New shipment Carpet Squares just in: Wool Squares, all sizes, from
���^5.50 up.   Tapestry Squares, all sizes, from $7.50 up.   Ayrian Art Squares,
!15 to $25.   Nice Line of Smyrna Reversible Rugs, 90c to $7.00.
Linoleums, Lace Curtains, Door Panels, Window Shades, Stair Car-
bat3j Mattings, Stc.,.-Belo'w City Prices,
$67.50;   Geo.  Ormiston,   $65;   \V
I Oliver,   $1.25;  C.   P. Railway, $8;
i Delta Meat & Commission Co., $3:
j Stokes   &   Cullis,   $2.95:   W. II.
(Ladner, $9..So;   Mrs. Fenton,   $5;
. C. II. Richardson, $40.
1 r
The Council then  adjourned  till
'Saturday, June 23rd, at 2 p.ni.
Marshall Smith
The MiisqueaB- Indians aresend-
ig their team here on Jfoaday
���vening forf.tlte lacrosse watch on
Our Bays hare been getting in
[ime'bird practice prepsratory to
lhe matches aa Tuesday n?_t. Of
Jourse tbey will win���if they can,
*t any rate.
The practice field has been much
Appreciated bnt is umch too small
sr effective wark ahd it is too bad
j5nat a more suitable piece of ground
*auoot he. got without ga-ii-s ttn>
far away.
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
at 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.; leaves Steves-
tei> at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Every
day except Sunday.
Remember t'ae grand Ball iu the
jT'aWM Hal!, on the evening of the
2__h after the Races. Franklin's
]Orchestra will be there aad their
Iraptrtation is good. The Ladner
JCo-raat Band is  to get  the benefit
sa don't f_.il to turn out.
The Northwestern ,Sanitar-ftjte, 'at
[Port Townsend, medical and siirg-
kcal, was r*;-iei'Os. 0:1 '���:.- t i'!i in-t.
BRAK, SHORTS, Whole Corn,
Cracked Corn, Rice Meal, Chit
Rice, Chick Feed. Timothy and
Clover .Seeds, Sutton's Garden
and Field Seeds may be obtained
at Brackm..u-Ker Milling Co.'s
ware'botisos, Ladner, Iroin Mr.
��-iX'"R!CTI, Local Accent.
Quite a jolly party took a trip to
Ganges Haibor, Salt .Spriisg Island,
oa Wedtaeaday 1 This being the
occasion ofthe B. C. Electric Co.'s
I.mployees' Picnic, the Charmer
made the trip from the Roy,-il City
and the Sonoma m*Ae connection!.
morning and evening, with the
Charmer at Steveston, Aitinn*
those from here who took in the
picnic were: Mesdames M. Smith,
H. N. Rich, }���". W. Harris; Mr.
and Mrs. W. A. Kirkland, Mr. nnd
Mrs. E. T. Calvert, Geo. Wagge
and I>r, Wilson.
Tiie Ladies of fv.. Andrews' Guild
: celebrated the nth anniversary of
their organization, on  Wednesday
j last, at the Point, when the folion-
ing ladies paid a friendly visit ta
their old associate member, Mrs.
W. McRae, who recently removed
' there: Mesdames Robinson, Fenton,
McDiarmid, II. G. Taylor. Matheson, Woods, Henson, Beadleston
and Rown and Miss J. Taylor���the
two last named being visitors.
! softer .inner, which was served
by   Mrs.   McRae,  tlie jolly party.
'with Miss Taylor as .-baperone,
were placed in charge of the launch
Ella,  with   Messrs. J. M. Pabney
land G.   fi".   Mdatire  for  a  crew,
'and were treated to atrip around
the traps which was much  enjoyed
i by all. The happy partv commenced the return journey at
about 3:30 well pleased with their
arc, dear Mr.   Dixon, your  pupils
ot Ladner l-'tibl c School,
Lndner, B. C, June 20th, 19.6.   I
The  address   was  read by  Mis-1
Olive  Whitworth  while tbe   pres
eutations were made by Misses Ada
Leary aud Ruby Kirkland to whicli |
Principal  Dixon replied  in a neat i
and  very suitable little  speech  iu 1
which he thanked the  children for;
their kindness aud said  he would
ever retaiu fond  memories of them
aud that those memories would be
kept green by these tokens.
Among those present were: Mes7
da'mes J.  MacKenzie, J, F. Stain-
tan, aud Misses Carss, L. M. Davis,!
Lawrence,   A. Leary, E. Stainton,,
F. Lord, 0. Kirkland, L. Kirkland, I
R. Kirkland,   M   Smith, _. Robin-!
sou,   A    P.enst>n,   ]. lVfL'Iniiis,   U. j
! Gilford. II   Wood.. 0. Whitworth.;
: L-    Hutcherson,   M.    MacKenzie,
I Revs. C. Croft and J. F. Betts, and
Messrs. Leon Harris. Harold Davis, '
Chester Simpson,   Warren Livingstone, William Whitworth. Vernon
Taylor. ,
Inez Stainton.
Division    III.   ���   Deportment,
. Christie    McGregor;    proficiency.
j Arthur   McBride;   regularity   and
punctuality, Edna Bown.
Division IV.���Deportment,   Mil.
dred Brewster;  proficieucv,   Uabe}
| Lanning;   regularity   and  punctuality, lack .Stainton.
Rev. Canon Hilton expressed hia
deep regrets at the fact that thraa
of the teachers were severing tbeir
connection with this school at tha
end ol this term, ana* assured cacti
of them tbat they carried witb
them the best wishes af the citizena
���f Ladner. He was seconded by
Rev. J. F. Betts and Rev. A. McAuley. Principal Dixon responded
for the teachers in a few feeling re-,
marks thank Jag ike people for
their kindness-
After singing the. National Anthem the meeting dispersed.
The Di:ua T-M&s unite* witk
their many friends iu wishing tha
teachers God speed ia their new
fields of labor.
Dan't forget the Races oa Tuca-
The Ven   Archdeacon   Pentreatli j day.
will preach in  All Saints'  Church!
to-morrow both morning ami even       Holy Communion te-marrow, tha,
...ng. [34th, at 1.30 a.m.
Miss R. Baine returned to Vancouver, on Wednesday, after spend-,
ing   s   few   days   visiting  at   the
"Arabian Nights," this ere'aiag,
at the Towa Hall.
J.   Harmon   is  a  visitor  at  the
A. Maxwell and bride, of Lang-
l*y, spent a portion of their honey-
mnon here visiting 11. Va*e-v and
Jas. Follis,
Friends of Mrs. J.-is. Follis will
he pleased to leurn that slie is .able
io l.e up and a round Rgaitj.
  |    Mrs. W.  H.  Siddal visited tba
The Ladies' Aid of the Methodist | market towa yeaterday,
Church   held  their  annual  straw-: ._____��_-___
berry Festival in Oddfellow's Hall. I
on Monday last, when a large nnm-
! ber turned out to hear the Band and !'
j partake of the good things provided.
' During the ^'ternooH hiyh tea was! The Veterans' Associati-aa of
i served and in the evening nn nd-1 Vancouver gave Iheir annual baa*
; tiii-siou, fee \m>s el^snged. ant.  ite-  quet last  Monday uigl't at  Hotel
���ream audi .slraiybpririe.-! and  crei'm   Badminton.     Rev.   Cavie__  Hilton
iv.re induiKCil in tatilil the t ravings and J. W. Rudd,  represented Lad-.
Miss McDonald returaed, featet-
i day, from a visit to the Terminal
i City.
e appeased.
I'er:    So -ie '���': iruesti were pre��?a.t.s .HELTA *iimw,''saturd.-\v, jr::r
Pi Ht.lS.-i_--.  KVERT   S.TrtJDAT.
SnBSCf-MTio.'s, $1,00 p��.tyt����a.
-tiyHft-rtsjwo * _TTis,
__-____���__���___��� ..-_--_. -SHS .-.__-!_.������
Last eTenisg I was taT_.in_,
Witb. aa Editor, aged (pad gray,       ��� j
And be told.tae of a Aream he bad
twas Ctristnus Day.
Ca��_iii Adtcni__��i*tJii, iLt-ncw yn Ho*? io'j 1 think,
*-ll.l,.st 10's  .1 Oil'. sst.tl* -5��lU-ptJ ltn<-   IS'   s-M-hf
Wem** *�������*���*.. $^*.*^_oM3K f While snoozing in Wa office, '
rial *.UmlHe-iia^������n bf j_      ..... ,       .        i
*,i i.-s-i-'.--. ' Cor he tboujbt aa an��el ester.d,
��ictceaMa��f tino h>��si<-- '���_-'Clad in jar sweats white and new.
Rst.�� lor Csiuinirr
%*il wn ii|spli.*_ti,��_ _'
_te.,sltii��i Haiti
.iirlli nn- l__ith so-icw*.. ____, MM-ria_M.-i.-0.
_.���� B(io��tdi noV;��_ Wt abject u nk-lekltte
���T*"iow Ik. i��K-iiaar_r -ica.tii o.j��_i intllvltl.al
Or yj/fcjseni), 10 h.  uwftr-tsl-T-d  tt*. ��5ef*V._***__-_.t
s.d.1 _'__._;,_ iisXyrtsUacly.
.Vsl ��tl!-en:_.��*_r.!�� dm. jt.1  _��.  uo*'.'. a.__s*_-1
(Mil -Ull ..id iwf.
_..rMp,.____c_ laTi.pl ����� ��att-s- at public
lnt_r-_t. Cstanu.imi.s__.at tS ffll.r mutt be ac-
��i_|miii-l _, duk uCwtt-rr, ����tB-��s_aritj
l..r pat.i_-._an, bat _��� i..i,.iic. at (.oo-i ftiitll.
'iwcroip.ailaai.'e at- roach IVJ- efcce-bj Thurs
^jij rmH|,
G-np. R.
Thi* rision caate t j view
Quartk the angel, l'n from heaven.
Tbe Lord has sent tne dowu
To briuj. yo*.up to glory,
Aad put. oil your stats? crown..
You've beea a friend to everyone.
And worked both night and day;
You've comforted and aided thou-
I        sands,
j But lro�� tew received y.ur. pay.
���>_ ! .So we waat you m. ia. lLcav.en,
For you bate labored bard,
I A-id.tbs good Lord, is prepari-g
] You't: eternal, just reward.
The   bay   aad   gr-ain crops   are!
looking ej-CsJtetic Mas dey weather is aboafr all '.bat is required
to mature aud save a heavy crop-
For  good   Ice-Cream at
the FAIR Grounds,
arvey  Creech.
-*���*+���+��� ^���b* ���i--H^4:*^^*-h-^l't^-?*-V*^*^*^^*'\*^A^^^
iiHni   ihwiimi
Delta Transfer Stable
ON PttORT NCiTU'E '-...
Ttzsau Work Dons al Sfasaraity low Prison.
JOSEf^t JORDAN Proprietor.
*> Telephone "Ladner" No  ib*.
L'_ !JAIXI-  _������_! JL  '
Remember the Race.-, on Tue .-dav.
HATfUBAY,.   J! Nl".  23,   I9o6.
Then the Aagel and tbe-Editor
Started out for heaven's gate,
But when passing close to Hades,
The Angel mnrmura_, wait.
Word bas beeu received f*���� tbe
Cariboo district T**his*rh sa.ya tbat
that portion ei tbe proviiice has>had
an unprecedented a_ue__-t of rain
whlcb has- put the ranges iu excel-
feat -oa_.it.-oa *��id the hay crop
will be first clan*...
According to The Commercial.,
ef Winnipeg, the visible supply of
.oats in the Uaitesl States and Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains.
is -,160,003 bush-Is, compared
���with 7,338,200 huskelsa year ago.
,**(- -very papular alteration bas
beea nude in tbe wail service bet-wees bere aud Vaacet-ver aad outside point.. Tba mail wm leaves
here ,ter Vancouver., Victoria, ard
tbe East pep S S. Sonama. atr _t p.
V>. aud arrives at so a. m- which
enables business men to answer
their oorMspondeace th* earn-, day
as received, except for New West-
Here's a place I wish te show  you.
It'a tbe hottest place ia hell,
Where the oaes who ne��r paid you
Evermore ia to:ment dwell.
Aad beheld tbe Editor saw them
His old patreus by the score;
Aad grabbing up a chair aad faa,.
lie gat down by the door.
He desired to sit and, watch them,
Aa they sicale aad burn;
So.kis eyes could ra.t upa*. them.
Whichever way they'd turn.
A.  O. U.   W. 1
Delta Lodge, No> 12 meets first;
and third Tuesdays of each month
in Oddfellows' Hall
Thos. Todb. M.W
T. W, K3.B.R, Recorder.
W. N. Draper,
I.oeni a, UUiirii lUock, New Westatiiuttr.
Fashion Stables
Trucking and Braying.
Livery  work  of all kinds attended to promptly.
(>+-M-**<-*+*H*'-��> *f-r'K ���_������*������_������������ ���:- ��� ���!*��� -> ���*���������>> ���}>+*���������*+������_��������������:-���������:���>���������.������!-��������*
Chicken Time!
If you cont_.__-p_.ate buym_, an Incubator or
i Brooder yon cannot do better than to get prices
; off the Ladner Agent for the CHATHAM.
Uiiliie.. S. C
I     DELTA   TIN    SHOP,
IcRAE & CO ; Westham Street,        -       -      - Ladiier, B. C.
LO.O F. ! I
Delta Lodge, No, _���: .--?7, regu-; M f 1 $,h U Y$
ilar meetings of this Lodge art held iiflL ll UlHl ll
every  Wednesd iy  evening ai- 8 p \    N��w WESTritNSTER, H. C
Quuth tba Angel; Come on.Editor, J**-*-    Visiting B-rcthsen co.d___tty in [
There ara pearly eates to see;. -vited to attend j    A lull line of Kufslish and Irish
But the Editor only muttered -*-��� C   Abbott. N...G.        .Tweeds a_id Fancy Trouserings al* j
UJM  -t.1 ��li'
l��G_rraralc��I lVliV.
Tbis ia. Heaven enough for me.        1
���    - ���Ex. 1
W. H. Taylw, Se
nay   kept in -.tuck.
' . ',.    ,,..._, ,.,,... j V-vNCOl-V*-..
���, .s.i 1   __      Tbe produce market is repor+ea
we  cannot  tetrahi  leuaer, iroa ,    * , ,r       ,
' good.    Eastern eggs bave advanced
Meat Bad Pmissioem
'reserve funds,
'total assets,
comtnenHag "e^oi. tbe fact tbat
there is among us one ar more
���aiisc'-r'e/ makers *ud, whodeligbt in
Vsning false reports. Se*xe_��il re-
jorts-ol auwoi* impostauce ware nJ,-
iowed to go by unchallenged, but
whea a report is circulated that a
child, who has just passed the
danger _s_r'_, is reported, as dead it
Is golug a step to.) far.. Thi'-jk of
the pain caused tofhe parents, relatives and frLei-ds wben. such false
statcraeats are circulated..
6*c, while cheese declined a little..
Butter continues weak.
Toronto ��� .Selected    live  bogs j
fetch   $7.-5; lights and. fats, $7.15
per 1.00 Ibe.
We can supply you with the finest quality
of the above articles at reasonable cost J
Remember the place.
em ��
Phone 9
Ladner. B.C.
BO  ���Y__ARS'
-a. ..1..UJ
Ladner Carriage Works.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Departments
1 Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
 61 BRANCHES.������
East End, Mt. Pleasaat, Granville Street; Graad Forks, Nanaiiaa,
Nelson, Rossland, Vrctoiia. Ve-ni..t_, Chilliwack, Camherland aad
New Westminster.
TnaDit Mams
Copyrights Ac.
AiiTosn. ti��m*t ftftlMtoh an_ dcocnpt'.on bib.
.-.iloklf *u����rs__�� onr opinion (re�� vMther mi
,T_n��on M preli.blyy*t4f|M__d______pO-nnuitleii.
The ��iatt;r of tbseshing crews
fyeiBg employed and  pajd  b-y tbe
operator iusteiyl. of as at present is
doue, wonld seetr. to be one way of
solving   a, problem.   If tbe aper-
stors would charge more per tou
for threshing and pay and board
the whole ofthe crews, there wonld
itc less opportunity for hickinj aid ;���
giore steady men-will l>e employed, r
Seek to bite yeur crews from among H
tjlte little raachers ou tbe hills and, j
by  doin* si. y,au. will  be helping j
tp buiUii up o'^ir owi, country and
bare nie��n i(-poti wl_otu,ycM�� caapelr-
We hotJ-5 that L   G, V.  Field
Joktison lias bsen s-pi>oi._ted editor-
in-cbiefof an> Illustrated Agricultural journal  &  Bteeders' daaetu ,
Ut be  published, about  July   10th
 1���-vr���~r-r~ 1
W* are  tu ae-aript of a copy of;.
trlie-Bnti.b CotV_-4��ia Seriew. illus-'t-
"toited. publisbedjbj; tbe. Vancouver i
Wo-ld.  "tt is haiadsoinelj} ijliMtrat-
al   aadi altogetbec a veajn useful
^eans '_����� adTertisiri^ Itfitis��i. Col-
urtibia.    ���,.-.. ���  ��� ,
11 . ���     ���.
J. .Gratjer ret.uft;?��l to l|_._tr_ie, l��,
Wednesday; ��!>..��� ^ftsUing, bis. Bouti-1
daryi B;u-. s--p.---.-i* Thi;<- n\t$% has1'
bren under, tjit;' smpervis.011 of' his j;
son,. C-eorge, -or some considerable I:
ar-.d be appears  t��  be  a  verv,.|
i!WSi.,_tlT����TlMen____ HAH0800K onfmailU)
-��t fit'/. Old-M aaeucr (or mmrlnspaUnU.
I'atisnt* tt-ten Aroach Munn _k Co. ..wive
ii-riuinotiM, wnbo_tab��r_e.lutM
Stlenftfic JMierkdti.
\ harMbaraolr lUmitn-wl wnklr. I__riK*st dr-
��� olaiss.11 <A nn j. -otsMMSo Journal. Tarmi, te i
(r-w t four mouths, IU. Sol- bj all Mw���_aalan.
..,,-, p,__wMaMjaa_ mmMm*m*m.
! 'r.u;t. er.l    Horsc-sfi-oeing,
��� >,*> Building and Painting, ausd General j'obbia-.j of
All Descriptions..
Wc carry the finest class
of Carriages and Farm Implements at roek bottom prices.
.. -es-g-e   '_ " '
. pit iBJLjrrap*.
Just Arrived���
*WI__ffSt=!Hl_* Q* 1  BAKER, Ladner, B. C.
Tans, Oxfords &
Blucher Cuts
or Hext Week
A Full Line of
HEN and KMS   '
Get a Suit at Once.
A   m      1 . m** ... ���
"Zmddi    *
nilSICAL LiNK   !
{edison phonographs.? i
edison records,!
Istbinwat Pianos.
Holy Communion ��� Sunday
8:30 a.m. ist Sunday iu mom-.
11 a.m.
Matins, 11 o'clock.
I_vetis_s_jj, 7'3- u'-io-k.
Sunday School at 10 a.m.
Friday, evening sen-ice 7:30.
Rev. Canon Hiltou. vicar.
Services first and third Sunday 0 j
eacb month at 10:30 a.m.; Benedii   ���
tion, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday school at 3 4..1U. 1
Low __ass and Holy Cototsuuion
first aud third Mondays at 6 a.as.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I..
Parish Priest.
tPtSg   .   .
���s'l'CtS    .   .
_o L't-DHB .
s ,    ���   .   -f.-l>.     I   I
j'.r e* .:   *.   (^taln the ST8V*
-.*_��� _.j -.i..- ���������...   '-.���iftr.i.jt
.    ITCH- $3:05 to91A0.H0
. from   2.60 ii}     iiO.OO
.  from v.eoto   mt.dn
ln.'.Ut   '"-..l   ii-f  i-   ua/-   '���*��� Oh
. .   ii  t.*_..._ ..... .-..  *.: U.IM-
��n.* i',.-.."., ������ ft$l.ljjic*teJ In bHocVtt-t fw
t, /*�����.*-; -,-. tkmrfft '-"  -i tt.. Itif*? ft.    Mc!:_K.
���.-.'. up-in reoelp. n*. ft* f-.ifC-��iB (a-_-.ui-.f_. to
arj-i tire (..."���*  1 !oi A' f-.B-UTi H<_***v�� trtiJ -*�����
[ :*l,t f.l. ���     'f'-t-llv. -..a ll ���titf-t^t,
frnrtrBRs asms ___n> -root oo..
?he gre.atGst choice in Vancouver.
Uhe  be.st   values for  your  money and   easiest
term**, of purchase.
s'ji. s m s s
Servicof. next Lord's Day at 11
a. u.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meetiiif, 10.30 a.m. every
Sabbath .School at _ y ui every
Suuday. Prayer meeting every
T_i_i.s_iay evening at 7.30.
Kev. J. F. Betts, taaator.
Chlda;.. s stU_. tot...., Cf. S. _
The Verv Best Remedy for Bowel
-58 Granvile St., Vancouver
ST. AN 1>IlCW a  PK-WBTTKaiAlf
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 101a Midweek meetiug on Tharaday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. A. lIcAaley, Pastor.
pole  Agent   for   Columbia   Grapbophones   and
*o*gnjmi SS-M mm "-!���
A Large Assortment of
Hay  Forks
To Be Sold At !
edrook Prices
harden   Tools of   Every  Description;
Port Guicnon, B. C.
-Utbbath aervicoa ��� Crescent  Is-
I land, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday Sckosl at 10 a. v.
Prayer meeting oa Tbttrrday at
1 8 p.m.
C. Ci-ft, B. A., i*��stot
swa^-^s������m. 1     1 .���" ��������g^CTPgj���?m-
Time Table.
Train leave* Cloverdale at 3:40
y.m. aud arrives at Pott Guich-tu al
���.:-*.*- p.hi.
Train leavo* Pert Gnic'rtBn at
5:10 -..m. ind arrives at Cloverdale
, at 6:25 p.m.
Monday- only.
M. F. Bor roughs, au bid aud
well knevr-u resident of Blufftou,
Ind. sash: "I regard Chamberlain's
Colic, Cbelera aad Diarrhtt-a Remedy _s tiie v.ry best remedy
for bowel trouble. I make
this statement after having u_e_t the
remedy iu iay family for several
years. I am nsver without il.''
This rcaae-v is almost s*ire to bs
seeded before the summer is over
Why ii-t Liny it now and bs
prepared ior such _n ea.tgeury
For wale by All Dll-t__i*rs.
iOOO Telegraphers
jAnnualty, to fill the new  positions
f.eatc- by Railroad and Telegraph
ICea-panics.     We   want   VOUNG
IF,N aud LADIES of good habits lo
We turnish 75  per cent,  of the
)perators and  Station  Agents  in
Kwerica.    Our six schools arc the
largest exclusive Telegraph School.*.
|a the world.    Established 20 years
.ad endorsed by all leading   Rail-
pay Officials.  ,
We execute a $250 Bond to every
tudeat to furnish him or her a
sitioa paying from g.40 1*5 $..0 a
.oath in States east of the Rock,
lountains, or from $75 to $ 100 a
nenth in States west of thc Rockies,
Immediately upon graduation.
Studeats can enter at aHy time.
IXo vacations. For full particulars
p��*.diug any of our schools write
Jirtct   to   onr executive office  at
ttiacinnati, Oi . Catalogue free.
Special Offer of
Seasonable Goods
There are two through jwsstu .
f.er trains per day each why  ta aa. j
Iroin Seuttle and a  mixed  train to
��a��l fr��m Relliaghum.
EMI ill .ill 11
Get your House wired uow
j aud file rotir application for,
j Electric  Light  uow, so that
I the poles may be distributed
past your premise,'.
Application blanks may be
^ad   of Mr.  McDonald, th,
-Ul-_r.n~____- Sx��U- !__����-.
In strikina ewirr__.it to tho present
lavs t�� ^r.t��iit habitual drwitantteee
���were time, paas-d io ike i*_l��a ef Quern
Hl___it>_ta. Tfce-jiks-j-wii- roaBH->.rip'.s
hi tke fcritlah _.h��*��h.i !ecoi_. tlint in
15-M opflars trera eei dowu by the lord,
sad tttbf-.i's et htr uuj���sty's privy g.'-ii-
���al ter -ho raS-rn_��U��.n .. the gmat rt-is-
���cAara -��_B_altt-s_ by the ej.iMwir*
oasuber af a___wu*vw, whi-b the ine-
tlc_s vera ordered te r__luc_. The f��at>-
hosas Tr��r�� cotapcUs-l to gi\�� t-_ itu.
eoutabU et tke i-u-tab tha aarna aa.4
bw_la��as ��f .very uu* vrbn froqaaBted
their bouses aad w_r_ forblrtdeu to
hav* any ssbum played thai-ls. Oa
,SHBdays uu persocs dwallln�� wtthiu a
���Mia of tha pablle hoaaa f, *i_ aUoweil
to cutter except suhataiittsl beuaeboM-
eia tcavellBtf to church, aad ttum ualy
.ar a roaaoaablt tlaw* to iKtte&h thew-
aojvaa. Curteaaly, tba -hlef ._jj.*i_i*_
agat-Mt potill___-i waa th* "hF-Wing
strM-cor alo aa4 boar thao ts wh-lt-
_���__* for s-UM-'a bo-/."���Loadoa Chiau-
QUAINT   s__*\-.'-?N LEGACIES.
icaiB of  T-M��m   i.ion   ?V,e   01_   TLm.
E*tS_fiitte -t st-[.j.iE��.
f-.-rae ruiirr,-.* glhthpsoa into the Ufa
��� : ��� id I-Oiidon are affor.i.,1 by 1L_- re-
i..r:_ mniiir la t!_e cluit.i.v tomuilssiw)
011 ibe endov,-...! i'l.i_ritjt*s ia i_t*iouiity
..f London. Kor instaiic-e, in itie re-
;.rj;U deuiiug witli the city p-.ri.Le.
Wt; have u.-i t.timutrf of Ilii- vul.le Set
.--. serti!.-.-..-! Iiy city iti".: '������: c'.',,.:. -.linos.
i'liut estiinate varied fium i sbilUiigs
��� iy ��1 10s. One TUoiua. bi;__:.t Utul
iiftaixii'siesi :���-.::-. a ::..-.:i lobfj roach*
.1 ou tbe 51b of November every time
:f fell on i_ -Sinidity, tbe U'lni.ti i :o get
tils. 4d., ii._ ckii-Ji Zt.. -id. ul.1 ilie sexton
Is. _d. But Duvld Glltln 1-j.d �� more
modest Idea of tbe vuiij.; ,.i a sermou
Is ibe same parish, lh i. juivc.l two
sermons for 10 sh.-_-n_._i. oue 10 ba
yr.-iebtd on tbe urcoud pnnday '.a *id-
������(,-nt iiu'-J tiie oilier 011 tbe second Bub-
iy iu  I.eut   Tbe reader got 2 _bl;
..is,   the  ebua-bv.-Qi-l-.--i  _s.   *...!.   am.
i:e iKioi- sexton fourpeuee fur each oe
i-aslou.   Jobu Ii/ianU lUoutbt i-s. -id
I'uougb for tvro sermons.
la 16'''. John VS'lun left a CUl'IoUS te
ijin-st to ibe purlsUof St, Kcuuet, I'.iui'i
Wharf. A pouud was m apart for a_
itunva. sermou, t^�� text 10 be ukeo
from ibe lifib ebapter ot St. Jobu ami
tba twenty-seveutl. vtrtu, lie ai��*_ i'tft
enoutrb to buy twelve penny Inuvt-s for
twelve poor people of tU' pi-.i-liUi wlic
stUuded a aei'tnou every 17-nI.y lu tb_
parish church. But lv expected more
for his pound tban tbo nanaal sermoti.
for baforw or after ibe sermcTn tbe rnln
i.ttii' hud to spend an hour esumkilii.'
_. InsU'U'.tlug tiie poor people ill tb.
Christian doctrine.
Ibe mc.t generous donor of tlis
preaebsr wa* Jum.* Wood, s> uo iiou_;bt
-. -eririon lu Si. Xlcholas-Cplo-Abbey
���an wovtb il 10a. evtiry slteruate year,
iu 1625 li* b_t_u.a_b__l to th. Company
of Bowyers a sum to _uab!�� tin iu.
auioiiK ottisr tblugS, to repair' to th.
p_ii.-:ii chureh uamad, after ihay bad
swiiru iu tbeir vrardous aud luasiar ev-
*_ry sus'ouu s��ar, tb.re to bear u s_r-
__.a tii-1 i".i.j the pai'soa _1 IDs. and
iba doiS und ie_t.11 U*. Git each, lu
th* parish of St. _I1-tu._l Basslsbaw
oua h-iTftul HeylUi bi the (slgbteeiith
coutuf? left money the luterest ou
which wss to U�� __-pli*rtl to pnr.__as_uc
two sixpenny losyes ��aeb Suuday foi-
two poor nieB or women who should attend t_!vi_* servlct.'.- Loudou News.
- 1 !fcT?trof*?Ti-y P.ate
Tb. population 01 ..: ii ...1. tto molt
Westerly of ii-._. liitiabi-CMl S -t.r:';--'. !���*-.;__,
is a bl' ���.' ��� ..'_._ ia ciaii.-- i-espycm Tbo
pfcs.pl>* art t!_e mu.t'li.c.-i.1, .-_ tin* buit-
Ml Jt.i-.:/(1..:_i. tbere t_��-_;���.; y,.j*,- _i.tJ*
eiiiamUiiieatljOD with tb*1 Diatnlaiid anJ
sometiuHa not for niosths u; a su'.tp-s.
Socially tie i.landei-i use i.;a.etit_ill_f a
i-ooiiLuue. If the bead of -i household
ls Injure^ or loses bu l_f_ among Lhu
rocks, bU widow anl "'.."..':t shiiro la
tn. proceeds of flteir bt- .f as if -.
were there to t.uie pdi'i lu :_. If 1'.������-..��� /
Hlness prcreuts rirj oi* ��.-:n'.ns !r. Iho
day's work, be I. ;.....; io -_.y at
bom.-, and his tnterw.s will not bv ii*.t
*.i*_Lt of. All qu��-ii'Uis, ccui] It'ou,
ti.*.. ar* determined by tl__ir uiou., oi*
loc-d parllameot, wiiov judgmaat la
Bnal. Early morning cois'sr.nofi* ustv
ally determine ttu* day's tusks,
St. KtldUiDs aro a most industrious
ni.i active its vreJl as a 1 -iigt'.us p.o*'
ple. and on the island at nny raU* tb*'
i.-xesd problem of eburr-h attendance
has beea .olved.   Evt-.-y mnn, woman'
aad child capable of IbavlL-g the houie
hoiii   goes  regularly   to   rboreh,  ��r__l
ouly some serious disability will keop
any p*>i-ion at home.���iaettisb Ameii-- -
liifluen__< ��t Child.**.
Childhood in it. weakne.r. L_ often a
strenglh Lhat ie_Ut. tbe strain of ait
the passions, and that bold*? even when
Ui*p hiitri-d __*__r_s lu power to drive-'
'If it were not for tbe child, 1 would
not lire witb you another day," 1
heard an angry tiusbimd suy to his
wife, when righteous liidlgnutlon diove
bim nearly to distraction.
That wa- quite a numlier of years
ago. and _.w they bare two more children to strengthen the bond between
jLetu. This Iit1/_. episode of domestic
Uifi-lUJty was recalled by ?*uu* siatls-
ties that recently cmr.iiaied from Berlin and which speAt voliiii.es,
Tbese sUittstlcs bave been varafully
gatbered from the dlvoryi. oouris, and
show lhat out of l.U!.*0 dlvor��-s WO
were granted where there were uo children, C14 Where ther* w.is one child,
llJ'J while there welt* two ci-iiiiieii. C.
whe.rc iiii'ie were three c-.!liirea, '2.1
vilnre ihere were four children, I'i
lebere ihere sw. Ave c'-llu'-eu and IC
e, hare tbere were six eblldnsa.
Am aua; wWuh fee sHralgh. ft.rs��t;
A Htbosraphk) _*��a��:
A. M_I_| lU(i�� __��T_l��tt-t;
m me4eee uaeanla*.
__ ~*ira*Magt*a it*t.
Wlie�� yo* frisk to any vi.itiag
cards call aa tke Delta Timte wh*
wil! sell tke West _oeaey caa l����ay.
If yeu Meed tliens prititerl, wky you
sre moaey ia pocket ky cslliag oa
tke Delta 'fi_n_*a first.
S'.'Uool cbUdresi study -their lessons
alo.ud. '
The cha__tr__'__nl4s ut hotels axe ad
chamber men,
Tba best grsdes of eoifee ar* sold ut
tobacco Stores.
Th�� Ji!?*tl.au m*_al consists of more
kinds of incut than vej_etablue.
BkliwRT*. strsjt cars aud cabs ail
pi'0'**li.�� three elassea of eonveyaueo.
In tb* ilt.l-.i real o*u;. is sold by the
square meter Instead of the front foot.
Fruit and vegetables, ur* not suit! by
tneasur*. biit t>y tt.j dozen or by
hlauy tailors take tbe clothes of [belt
customers w tbo patron's home to try
thei- o__.
l��e_jcan wn of 1 he lower classes
wear th* Mggrtt bats In U* worjd. (he
rouiea houo st ail.
auuday 1:�� tse t*.r.'Ut nmuaemwit dsy,
.ii i.l*. entei*t��lniiieiits ars riaerviKi fin-
litis geuertl holiday.
All Bt) Meiinlrest.
"Bnt I don't waul to plsy io repertory," said the rising sctrr,*.;.
"Ok. I don't cure shout tliat." tke
mausgar answ*red, "if ynu'is wiiling
as  plsy  in   i-iul.tr."
A  Sp.tl-l_llr_  f'nm.
Iii* wm wji��*whal lu .l.suis-
At bfl ciiu. le p~,;,',r.;
"Tee futore l*tt.*i -.l^nt.
stB-.it il K.tr f*�� tin *r��."
Hon- to Break  Uo * CoU.
fi��i_ieiai_#   .. roaif.
' Fhysklan���Mftdcat. I Hnd ymir hns-
1 bsrai Iws pm-uiutiBi* ib its worst form.
1 Ki*s. Newri-ah ��� I can't ���uni.erstaD'd
. that. W* si* oortatnly rlcb eoeui'b to
! afford lit* vm-y L's*st there H.
; BER SU PPLriuS ��� Buckwheat, '���
.Fall Rye, Clover, Timothy, Lawn!
I Grass,    KusilaKe    Corn.   Mangel, j
Turnip.      Special   quotation*   ini
Spray Pumps, Whale  Oil  .Soap, i
1 Vegetable Plants.
- Large stock of 110H1C GROWN !
iFruit and Ornamental Trees now,
"stiatttred for the fall trade.
No expense, Inss or delay of ftimi-
'gatioii or inspection.
Let   me   price your list   helote
.niacins vour order.
!    We   do   business   on   our  own
krmiuds���no rent to pay, and are
I prepare- to meet all competition.
fc.noinnati, Ohio.        B-.iflalo, XA ,M. J. HENRY,  Vai.C0UVe.-7
|A.tlonta, Ga Lacrosse, Wis !
Pe_;a>t;ka1!i,'iHTcx. Sum PraB��;^o,C�� i       ."*'J*l(*) Wc-^tinin'iVqr RoatJ.
Our Sheet
Metal Fronts
Offer yr-11 ftmlerwUd barn wfM*jnt* *X
���Haa!. coirt, h-r ftny ertjrla ef b-triui-tsf.
yft'o nate tiu-u cootspiptflt, 4-> ou*t
anv W7-��d or (-Ik-^wI M-rtictttre ������___���
tatttrc mo-till fitiUl. ittrfiK-iutr .*U<*(*r aan\
vinrlow r-Ap*--, ivai��M��, eU\���m a pf-Mfc
varict*- of *f*t>lc*.
iWy ir.v* ft T��Ty KiMd^cmc ttCfaat,
nu. e*_��_iiri[-g.  |>rfi_-ricLl s.-iiitfiuiio--.
%Ve K'vt '_*H|WiW4i" if v,mj rw4
iKfV9_ira_ttcii-'.5 una -��/i.li��t vt t\ui buiUl*
Xliihk U over*
Met&llic R-oofintf Co^
U'ftolow-lo Muiuf_sctufA��.
Toronto. C_,na��---.
kObl. MAY, Agent,
1,^|1X^R,     -   ,   ,   ,   ,     B. Q,
It may ke a surprise to maay ta j
leara that a severe cola can ke
completely brokea ap in Oae
or two days' time. The firat
symptoms of a cold are a dry,
loud cough, a profuse watery dis- i
ch_rj:e from the nose, am! a thia,
white coatiaj oh the tongue. When
'Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is
taken every hour on the first appearance of these symptoms, it counteracts the effect of the cold aud re- j Unknown  Friends.
tores the system to a healthy con- __.	
dition within  a day   ftr   te.-o,    For j
sale hv AU Druggists. j    Tk?rc are ""^ P*��*le whG liare
���used Cb-mberlaJH1*. Colic,  Cholera
*~~r*~r*'              \nnd Dianhrca Remedy with eplcn*
���>��..��.��.��� ..������-.��.��m^.��^;>^ djd regylt8( but Wh0 are unknown
Aa Rioevtl-H <�� (ha Bali-
*-*h.ir_ ��������� an (.1.1 ntsJdeu uf Lynn
Who tbouuht tls.it to a,-..U was a ifyna
But wh^tn a iran Bald.
"D��ir s'.rl. will .tcj waldt"
_Thts) p��v* hlm an i*.c<aus.__ii gryen,
AImih. tlif Sir** nf ti.
Utile WilUo��� Bay, pa, wii..t'�� u warship'.'
l's���A wsrahtp, in,v frm. H n m��-_��H-
Ical <_(*TiiV! used In nxinttfa-liirln.; his
s. c,
jj, MaaaftetureH sf Ml !_.!!<__ r>.
���> Soda Water, Qfnger
j*    Ale and  Summer
.i Driiika.
I *       Vour patronage solicited
|becau.e they have hesitated about
j giving a testimonal  of their experience   for   publication.     These
'���people, however, are *noue the less
1 friends of this remedy".    They have
! done much towards making  it a
1 household word by  their personal
(recommendation    to   friends   r.nd
iiei.hbon*.    It is ..  good medicine
to hsve in the home and it is widely
known  (or  its cures of dlarrho.-
I.nv.l all forms of bowpl trouble. For
fie W-mii'i I'wi Deaf.
lU'il'iit'SS is largfly a tuattir of liabli.
r..,'-s ;i writer iu ilit* Xww York iTpss !
know maa wtio .-auiict he,*ir jou two
leet awry; thtfugb you t'awl at tli*?m,
ypttsit !.':<* dl.taiic? of a blook tui-j- will
(,-r..s('. .v.ur fall-teat s'lilsspfr. Biitn.* evt
t'tttif for .cnov-til-iift's sow. for I'l'itml.
;..::.0 for hypoeffsy. Bevrnn* of tljp ri**uf
ir.ii:. t)_i<* of til* aou-il deaf men va_
cl.i il���u lii'iitiii, loiiy uis_!'_aii ssiyniiiiy
lima frow Urltttu's Coj'aegft.'.tJ.'l.iw-ars
uiaaty, N.-'V'. Cy coui-tcny dfiir _i.i r'
liws it-cssiivt. front sp.-iIs ki tbo .*.-'���*-��� in-
bly. wtil'* 'others iwiinlly <lr:nv lots.
VS'beu old Matt was I'rruso 1 f >m
ili'ii-svlng u fellow iiie;nh<-.' holly |>riv
t--.:',!il. "Hut the niii 1111111 Is ns ii;.U .-.f.
11 ptn-t.1' .ni~ the house leader. ."Tlesf!"
"i.-l.iiinstl tlie pi'otentaiit. "Mutt (irlf-
l'.:. its;-.*; Why. bless your honest s.'-'.il.
Iru could lii-nr 11 tfii I'-nt sbluplaster
luttle In 11 linif of fcatlifi-s!"
R��*-ly   Political   rial form*.
It I* Ih ilie sa-vsHtoenth century ttint
ths firsl l��.'ijlHBltlgs Of Itii' plntiOi'Hj
must I.t- f.iu_*li(. lint tliti.e i.trly tTae��_i
of Its. 11s. urs vtsrj sllgiit. Tlint Uier*
UlU.t hnve t>i<s.i_ ��-U_*> Utile emiiltty-
mumjI nf It In k (.Kaiagofk' w.*.v mny U��
ttifenvil I'm-..! tjio "Chan-.-ti-r!." of Hat-
lt-y, ii.ii auvtior '*f tlie avifr niemorabl*
'���tluflilH-as." H. (-esi-riiifs "a Icntict
of �� factl_fl" iss O.IB v>-h<�� ' skhji th*
f[.,.l:;_ smi sll his party siuy after hlin.
tie ts Ilk* t lk"-.->�� III iii'lthmetic-tli*
iiKfe i'l[ittt?is be i>taiKU ltofore tlie mot**
Ms! valna anis-unta tp. Ha ls s great
bsrauifUM', tail.*, hfajsetf Intj, mitiioe-
it.T, ajitJ, like a parrot, climbs with his
beak." It ts probable, uioreorer, that
fj+s f!r��t f.irui ef tin? platform iths tha
wnTeslit'le pi- meeting house ef tHe
f'ni'ttHB a* Dlssewt-f, fi.r liutler, ln hia
character o_! "The SeUltlous Mau,"
Bays liwit "if ho be a pMaellei; he haa
(Ih* advaotago of all otfiers nf his trlba,
fer Ik* ba.-i a *.vay to veut stMlitioa by
wholesale." I5ut the platfena at this
lime was of no practical t. vomit. Koch
HlliTinrts ss t!:cre vKirc oulsi_i* purili-
fneut U' InflueuCsft Opinion wore matin
Ivy moans nf tin* press, partly by th*
boob, partly by the pampJiX aud part*
ly by the Journal.���C. U. Uoytauce K��?ut
la I.on_r_..i.-.'._.
.i���,.,;,.,���;,.-_..;,....':���_..*,.j..\���..t..��,.;..M;.i?;nle by All Dnisgi-ts,
IH    lf\ *5 TT tU d    Pd -**��� I ������**'-   '���'.���' 7;t|
Sft^ V'        J
i      He   '"'. ���-   ���        ���'. -������:��� iio      I
- ''r'""-'        ' I
���    O tr_g_ag   CJolds   .'i'   n  .������'���;    I
:"-   ��� -������- 7 :
TMsrc" . frrmx'
;���   fi..... .���������.>:���   ���.������������:      -- .-'.'.     ��rM    "_   , ��� .
V    ...��.������'.. 1 .*.' ���'��������� n'Utlfld UJ)OtJ      li  ..-:-, *.;.���.,. ro
lir.iinff] i:n_3 imi may to
���   yi,  n w ooni. '��� nth i*' ft baliy ��.��Ui iui aflnlt
ico 25 cte; larffo Slaty CO eta. ���iiii: D&Ldih. Xii-Hvo, SATURDAY, JJJNE 23, 1.90&.
���Eocal .xipes.   westham Island.
Marls Rawlins visile I New West-
min-*.er yesterday.
Of...   La-seter,   fi__
North on Monday ias.
Geo. London visited Vancouver,
tbis week.
j     .Vr.   met   Mrs. Chris: Albertson!
left for   thei    ,, tetl   ;le  Termini! City, yester-j
To notify the people of Ladner and sur
r-ounding district that we are now in a
position to* offer Vancouver Island
.        - yrs  j   perram and two children
M.'.-t ofthe teachers have left fcr l*are visiting on-the I.slaail  ior a few
Vlie Convention at Victoria. .days.
 ~ D. Robertson, jr.. intends- taking
Mrs. P. Pearse  went  up to  tbe a holiday trip ir>  Alberta, shortly,
fioyal City on Wednesday morning,   [t is rumaced that he intends to ie-
Our Great
Anniversary Sale Portland  Cement
Commences Wednesday, June 20fh,
Mrs. Byrom  returned  hom. yesterday,, from a  visit  to.-be Royal'from Calgary, on   Monday
Pjt   * .so  much   taken up witJ. tbe coast
tnrn with a li'e partner. [
E.  A. Torrence  arrived ����|j0 Commemorate the opening of SMITH'S CASH t
STORE, June 2okh��� 1901.
ua- ,.-rM~. ��:���* �����.��-.'_- . -
���-*���'-��� _^-.rx__
 , ,��� ; that he intend* to remain   for some
J.. SaiuT_  of   Vanconve*..   spent,time
Sunday   here llic  ijuest  of H.   J. j     j   Lint0n, who  spent some time^
fcirklar..-.. here with the ship Bannorkbtiru,
___^ |'fiTe  vearsa^o   arrived   here  from j FoltOVVlftg are Q. fe\V Of   the   BargaillS
Mrs. Wm. _Ias_n returned home,
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling* or- other inferior
Write for Prices.
ft'e-Jnesda?   from   a.
Royal City.
Belfast, last  week.    He* intends to
visit   to.   the imake   British  Columbia   his home:
for the-flit une.
At this Sale
Will Buy    i    GilLEW OHO,
Mrs   Ijoai  and ...Parmiter  re-1    Look  out for  rain.Dan  Wo.d-1 ,;*-.
^ Thur*la,. from  a  visit   to , ward bas eminence,, haying. <{Q ^^  ^        ^^   ^ &   g^   g p^NEW   WESTMINSTER,
Aoaacis Island. ._.__.-.,.���_  j
-1 ___.  "   .   , > To the trieuds of Mr. and- Mrs.jtwo dozen Pearl Buttons, 1 black Dressing Comb,
Mr. aad Mr*, .$..i_. LaJuer spent [jas. i\tcCaiia_i it will be gratifying; one sett ever ready Dresa Steels, one pair Ourl-
B. C.
..ay*ra. Mfij; ^^W^J^"^ ���*����� ,rejing Irons, or two Large Boxes of Hair Pins.
(nativer this week.
I getiug along nicely.
��,'W. terr left-*a'Mai-day, on a j    "The Guide to  Keaveu"   is  the
itip up KAFt.lt iu the iate.ests of the I title ot a little book iouud  at  Gui-1
tlelta.BawwilL Co.' khan.    The owner m_.   have same;
  ' .by applying at this-oSsce and pjov-:
Rev. A. M.c._��aley agent another
day* this  we*k,' in  Vamxiuarer,  iu I
tiie marrying business, j
iug property.
TbrtM-gi. y afomee*circumstauces
the Delta West __. Cer_-��issio*C*o..
Many other articles will be sold at
Just as Low Prices.
Gome for Yourself and Seea
VV. X. Draper. P.L.S.s has beea :"��re u"aWe l" complete their re* j*
doing some taore surreying around j""3"1' ���������� ��**��� ** ���*������**> have,.
...__;_��� ..._ ���,_._,. _~i. Ieverything in plkcre during the co��n-|
;i��g week.
during the past. week.
m m   mm a
Frie��_s of Miss Gujchomwill  bei
jleasnl tu learn that she is doi��*g as
well at can he expected.
267 Columbia St.,
New Westminster,. B. C
Cut Glass,
And all kinds of Jewelry
Repair lng a Specialty*
JR. Clausen,
On Jtuia 5th, between Port Gui-
Mrs. L. Mon-tmaa Has beeu seri-1 c]{Clm aM(i jafl, jfelso��"s place-on Ae
an-ly ill. hot we are pleased to state |q. B- Main-road, a. Gold Watch.
���tbat sbe is fu^|t����_iag nicely. Fi��der will please return same*to
_������_     , I      ��� PRSD.  TlAYI.t-)*.
Mrs. H\ _): B^usea-ai��l her tarn'
- olv   retarnstl  home   this   week   to
-.pend the holidays on the faint.
C. _tt._nm*el, manager ef the light'
ilepartweat ofthe ��. C. Ktectric Co., j
speaf a, couple ol da** her*? thia.
II. N7  Kich left! on  Wedaesday
aawtaiag fort Victeria to attend the
aessienik of the Masonic Graad
Hi 3. Rotstoi), ot the firm Wai-
warth-RoLstoa Co..Ltd. .Vancouver,
speait a tew days around the dis*
t*ict _b*�� w^ei..
���J*?. J. i9Ft_.udr.tla left: on Wednes-
dajr evrwag Tas Victoria on bu_i-
aess-iu co��a-cUs__a with the Fruit
Growers* AssociatiotJ; au<_. incidentally,, to trite iti the sessions of tbe
Nlasoaic (ujextd. l.-^dee.
Onto  tny  property, about three
weeks ago, a 3-year-old Heifer.       j
Owner may have same  by prov-;
ia^ property aad paying expenses.
M01i-.11._n road. I
For Lease.
Oa the Monkman road',, about ao
Acres of Land and* 10 Dairy Cows;
good house, woodshed* and chicken
house; barn to be-built.
,,Fl>r furttter r*art:.culai_i apply to
ladner, it.C. Juue-i��, '06.
The Derby Shoo
Pon Men, the clioicest production of Canadian-. Shoe \fani-facture.
New _fel_d Goods, new prices,.
Modem  Shoes in a Modern  Shoe  Store.
Ladner, B.C.
Shows some particularly Good Values in
Shirtwaist Suits, Blouses
and Wash Skirts	
275 Columbia Street,.   -   -   -   -   Mew yVestmimster
KM6 Westminster Ave.,,. Vancouverr
BS*"-.E_i_i   IM
Intplyme-at?,*,  Wagons,,  Carnages,  Harness,  Etc.
McCormack  Harvesting Machinery,.
Binder Twine, Eta
Haypae33ee, Plows, Q-asoline Engfeiea, Thres&ers.
Straye.i from mt'  premises, May J
.9.I1, one Yearling ITeifer, reddish)
1! 1111 HER KEPI 11 Id
Mr.-av-- *ttr* W. Sfchi-ttetilien ; browa with ihu��ker markings over
and family, leit Monday, after har- j *-����� back, anyone- seeing tbe sawie
hik spent a.fs��. days visitiug  here, j wJ��   ��uch   oblige   the   owner by j McBRIDE    ESTATE,    Port    Guichon,    MMS1Q
tbe   gue-t_��- of  Mr.   and  Mrs.  j.'lea-ring woifl at* tbis office or ray
kragb.      .Sr*   _r.blal_n��e_i   is   a;*1*"5"1?-
sister of Mrs.' *fte;.:**.. KRNEST R. CHTDEIil..
��� * ___       _ j    Crescent fsland, June qth, '06.
For Sale.
To the Public
Ur?. X.  i*':  Cl'..-_',  our  popular
1 _<l
dressraaker,   retarwtsl!,,   Tfcrjrsda
after as ex-ten.led visit to tile Sunny ;
South   wlii-re   the-  ?rnell   af   tbe!
C)rai_ge* f.o!*otw.fHd *a. great deal!
c6wan!_*-*-*toriii_. Ucr.tc-the  bloom      Persons, wiping   ta  haiee   their
<jf health.' '..*'   |Stores, 1'fouses. StaMfes, llkriis, etc..
*""" ~ *"   " ' "~ illuminated by Elecfri.Q   Light, will
"j     About   fire  toe*   ol   Barley   in
111 firs^liass c#nditiow
I    Apply to
Kev. C-_ih*>�� Hilton was hi Vancouver on Tt.e'.d��jy and'3.*s***ted tlif
Rev C. C.Owefi at file burial service over*M��% OudlW. wife" of the
A -seri'.__i Cinisiil' rf.-.tf ��� Tbe-ch'tkcll.
W'e nottoe 1:7 fife t-.i...':-'. **vs*M.ro\v(!-
r 1 lesiih 'ii- 'fo tlif p.'| ularity d
_:_.��� ile.cew-d.
lo well to coi.*��ti!
P.  Dim mWODOImmmld^tC^CmX   FfxtEllTM, EtC.
Elect rib fair*.
New Westminster,    -    B. C.
Under instructions from the Executors of
the Estate of the .Late W. L. McBRIDE
WEI be offered ta the puMe at
  f To raalte room for an.
Th_*De!.a Meat and Cbm_ni_sion! �����-��    >_      ��   __ t_.t pi..   �� __.^__ ��� _>____i -
Co.. Hid... harin, aoM tlte shop, on j EntttCljr NeW   StOCk ��� & J0
Chtsholro St.  to   Marshall  Smith,;
will move into the Foster building. . 1 ���        ,
1'on   Delta   Street under the   new]
i name of Delta  Meat  Market withj
l"V. W.  Foster a*id Jm.   MaCatlaii I CoiTBe    aB(I    SeC    OllT    SpCCial    lAtet    Of
We hops to meet our old  friends;. EOOtS    cLfld    SllOCS.
: and patrons at the Kew Store  on j'
; or about Tner-flay  or  Wednesday m
i    - T. W. FOSTER,
i JAS. sMcCAI.LAK**,   j
j !'r'-y,i.:e',(ir.<i,
Guichon, B. C.


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