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The Delta Times Feb 25, 1905

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 $    FEB 281905 '
<��������: ������'
Vol. 2. No. n.
. .  .-������ . . -j
$1.00 a yea
Black Cat Brand
���Hosiery Cwapany
tyg have just placed in
Stock   a   Complete
Range of the Celebrated
"Black Cat"
Brand of   Hosiery.
This Brand is too well known to need further comment
Triple knees, double heels -aad toea, regular "leather" stockings.
lighter m weight, but woven to give lasting satisitiction.
STYLE NO. 415-
Oomes in all sises from 4 to Ql/2 .%-ht weight Summer Hose-at
25c a pair. (See .Show Window).
Use of the
I   Incubator
Over CP.K Westham
-BY  X.   W.   K-.
OWaagoiKtniiha Hoilary Ca.
', Ati oiWis .svasim iff tin- year .the en-
cnb'iWer fiftiestiitiii is an important one
to tne .poultryman, says Mr. iK. �����. Elford, Acting Chief <il" the JT'MtiJtry Di-
visiuii, Ottawa. Am inexperienced
jiew'iin tit .beginner in the poultry
business-shHttld cxerciseilhe -same care
and judgment in buying an incubator
tlint a farmer would use in selecting
an expensive farm implement. In
other .words, Jic should take ciute it'oi
b*)j' iSlic "bent. ii is sim_4y wasting
memey to buy a .poor machine, as it
can never be .defended upon. With a
linst-class machine, all that the beginner has ie do i�� to learn to run liis
Dear Sir,���A -few IfctwE on -a trip i 	
over tbe C. P. R. may ibe .interest- j
ing to a few, at least, of the .many I    At a meet��*S of the residents and
readers of the Delta Tinus: |*ate.n��ye*rs.of Westham Island, held
on -Smurday, iFeb.   18,   1905, aud
[Continued  Fiom  Feb. 4.]
'��nr :ne��t stopping-plaice was a,t
PortaEe la Praicie, a 'beautifully sit-
u.iled ttown im sfte Assiniboine river.
It is surrounded by amicli agricultural
country and the large nuntlwir cri" .elevators and flouring-milk-tcetife*.t6i.be
Which w.-as-addressed by Jno. Oliver,
M.P.P, fortthis district, in connection with tbe'jffoBpccts of the government building a bridge across
Canoe Pass to connect the Island
with -the Ma'nlaud, it was stated
hy Mr. ��liter that he had  been in-
richness -of the country. Its ptiptlk-^1
tion is about 4,00a and iis .principal formed br the governawtft that it
business blocks are made up of brick | would be unable te grant an appro**
and stone, mostly three stories high, I psiatien   tc djuild   the   bridge.     It
was, 'thestefcTt,'tleoified to  hold  a
At  present  there  are  a  good  many
r machine according to thc niiuiufactur-   residential  buildings  under  constrnc-
��� er's directions. Five or .ten minutes,! lioa A ���commission man was <juot-1 lueetinR on Monday evening to
! inorning  and  night,   will he   .ill   the   ing Ontario iiiifl ttpples  at  $.��.j5 ,per I consider the question.
��� time required .to care for the machine',!] barrel, aud .winter apples ;M -5.1.75 J At the meeting on Monday evert*
'| and it can be depended upon to main-; After spending a pleasant .fis-ty t��� this | ing, *which was atteeded by -every
j tain   the  proper  degree   of   heat   andq beautiful city, we  took  the  Urandon-
resident who Ctitlia 'possibly be pre
-sent, it was resolved  and carried
unanimously, amid  much  enthusiasm, that::
Whereas "���"Vl.estbem Island is one
VViiriiijujg local for Wumipag, the capital of Manitoba. Winnipeg, formerly
known as Fort Garry, lia* a popttia-
tion '.of So.ooo, * Irate as .thirty .years,
agoiits population Was only one-him-'
dreS��� .1 wotiiterful growth, vVmnipeg!'o*f *he most, if not'the most, fertile
has  a large wholesale  trade,  north;, island in the province,yand  hae, "by
���the*nergy and  hard Uabor of the
Our -New 1905 Ready-to-Wear Clothing is now ready for your
Inspection. We have the fiawst stock ��f Men's a*od Boys' Suits,
ever .shown here, and we sell theam at JEsistern prices..
bring the eggs .to a successful ter-!
mftiation of the hatch if the operator;
simply follows the instructions and;
doesjiot-intiavfetic with the-machine or,
attempt vOKperinK-nts on liii; own behalf- Me <is .net Jikely to know more
about the machine ttliaii the manufacturer, j east and west. The city is handsome-
*JTo be considered first-class an in-1 ly built aud .live business block* ir.tin
citJis-Ufir :ul��st not <nvly hatch a large live or ��hc -stories high. Here, thc
percentage-of chicks, .but those hatch-. Free ffhtess *W3fe -building a very large
ed -must be -large, strong and lively.- buiUling of-jtefcl frame and brick. The
T-lie.test nf .inotthation is not alone in UHion flank building is also a very
the lituubTr liatcliell,'but also in thc I large one of eleven stories in heiglit,
health, vigor and hardiness of llic | but Seattle can beat this by three
chicks and their ability to live and I stories". Winnipeg has stone and
thrive. Faulty incubators are respoli- brick, and this, put with the -mas*, j ��an<*. which ��t best IS a very Itnsat-
sible for tlie death ��f many small! lumber, mctkes good .bidding m.m>rial. j isfactorv means of eommvnication,
lohfcks. -lloing.poorly hatched, that is, Tht city -is taking advantage of it,(and has proved a distinct hardship
hatched with iten ku-.twenty er thirty! {^ ^ arc aold that thc building per- j both 'to "the'residents of the Island
per cent, less vitality than they should: rttits .for 11*04 exceediul that of ai]A*: and 'the "Mainland, as i. amply
have, they struggle against heavy other city in 'Canada, rhe rrernii6s a**- ' proved by the-shjuatures of the
odds and die off in large numbers ill | gregating $io,ooo,ooo    The  C.  P.  R. | residents .0t  the   Mainland   to   the
settlors of .the (KlatiH, added much
to the wealth and prosperity of ithe
province, and
Whereas, ithe residents of the la-
laud have always had to dope**,
on ?teamboi-tfls, -Sailboat?, etc., for
their communication with the Main**
Lacf�� Curtains from 35c to $3.50 * pair-
Window Shades, Curtain Poles and Trinnaiimgs,  and all House-
ftirnis.hing needs, strictity up**to-date, atad prices right.
Linoleums, Oilcloths and J-ap-aiiese Mattings,
Cur New Wall Paper Samples are hero vosgia^ m price
from ��c -to t50c a Boll
the brooders. If, by buying a low-
jiriced and poorly constructed incu-
bato;, a .man jjets a twenty per cent,
lower hatch s��r jjets twinty .per cent,
lower vigor in .the chinks .that do
hatch, he has bought the probability
of failure in buying that machine.
A large hatch of strong chicks cannot be cNpected unless the eggs used
C. P; R.
is building a fine station at thc cost
ot $1,200,000; besides they are spending $800,000 in new shops and yards,
which will be the largest individual
railway shops in the world. The T.
Eaton "Company, Limited, of Ttirouto.
is building a .large departmental store 'ing"frOTli tthe ativernment's assist
on. the corner tii .Portage  and   Har-i ance to  the roads, etc., of the dis
petition wliich is hereto -Attached,
j    Whereas,   from the isolation ��*��
' the Island tbe. residents are unable
to receive any of tbe benefits accru-
gravc avenue.   Th*e tbnilding is about
are from a pen of Jhrifty, vigorous j 200x360 feet long, and live stories
fuwls. If tlie breeding stock-is-lack-j bj^b. There will be 8oo,TJOD Ibricks
ing in vitality -the chicks are sure to ���,,,,<��� ;for t],e cxtcrior walls, ant", tilie
be weak. The .fresher the eggs are, | |t|si(ic -win be supported by cast 'iron
thejtreater is the vitality of the germs j columns, whidh will average 3,6.*8 lbs.
and the more chicks they will hatch.   cai<-,    Xhis  was We llargcst  excava-
lt-is not advisable to use for hatching
ejjgs -that are more -than ten days old,
and .these should be -tested twice during  the .incubation .period.   JDhe  use
.LkniES' AID.
'On Wednesday everting a very
enjoyable entertainmeitt WW given
Sn the Westhtwn Island scb*dl bouse
by the scholars, under the able
management of ftietr teacher, Miss
M. Bruce.
This* entertainment, which 'consisted of songs, recitations, grama-*
phone selections, -etc.,"was gfetfen
���up for the purpose of raising funds
for the foundation 'of a library Ifor
ith* public school, and was a
.finauciaa success.
Great dredit is due Miss Bruce
fortheaibk manner in *%ich the
lengthy und *v��ied programme
was carried out,
persed, about 11 o'clock, well satis
ified with their evening's entertain
J." J. ifBdhotWise   graarantees   every
"bottle -bf Cln.nibeiH&iii's Gottgh Rem-
*d8r and will refund*the'ln��ney to any-;
'She  Who vis wot satisfied nfter using,
two-thirds of the contents    This   is!
thc best remedy in 4hc worltt   for la'
grippe, colds,   croup and    whoot>ing^
cough and isipleasaitt and safeto take.
It prevents any tendency of �� cold to
result in pneumonia.
tirm in Winnipeg���220 men were employed On the work- "It is said that
this company paid $440,000 for the
building site.
of  asimple   egg   tester  will   enable  a j
man to know what .percentage ot thc ���
eggs arc fertile, and -thus prevent him :
blaming tlie machine when it-is-uot at
'faT,headvantages*f.really��oodin-;     The Ladies' Aid met at the  Pjt-I
cbator are not all summed up in the \ ^ge, on Thursday, with a good ^ J
larger    hatches    and   .the     greater  tfttendaiice, when lt was decided'to       ...-,..,.. .     .'.
strength aud vigor of the-chicks. Such   hold a tree sooial evening in  one of
a machine renders us independent of  the   halls   on     Tuesday   evening, |
the  vagaries  of  the  broody hen,  aud j March   14,
enables   u.s .to   get   chicks when we 'honorary members and tbe  young I , .   , .     ..
.want them.   How much this means a; people generally.    The next meet- jthf| "presentatiw -oftthtt district,
*iudy of market prices reveals. Every-! -������ nf thm A;^ ���,.,,  ,__ ,,.,,, _f M,��� | to be presented totthe government.
trict, and as they have also received
very little assistance, directly or indirectly, from the government, but
have made the Island what it
iis by their .own individual effort,
Whereas, being *�� ipatt of the
Municipality of Delta, they we unable to share in tbe bcnefits<��f godi
toads whiah thoy *re "tilping te
^hererbre.'te'itrtesdihfcd, that ip.
petition the government to build
and maintain a ferry service across
Canoe Pais, said ferry to b: on the
And be it further resolved that a
j copy of the minutes aud-resolutions
for the "benefit"' o."the of *!? ^^'T^^^ *
signed, be handel ito Mr. Oliver,
The lamps ��re here; the .poles
are here, but -Where are the lights ?
The   Yos.ni*    I adW   Tiih-ft!,,,,  ��ne kn��WS that     ��� P     ���      *"*. '^ home of Mrs. C. Daxds.
1 lie   1 oung    ladies    .Debating | vcry high inthc faii^m<l winter, owing
Society, "in'tbeir single blessedness, j to the -fact .that -the hens have-not te-; " '        ~~
According *to The Conmtercial,
of Winnipeg, the wsible supply oi.
The party dis--|Ws in the BfJnited States and ;Can-|
ada, east of the Rodky *Iourltains,
is 18,863,000 bushels, compared
.with 5^.758,000 bushels a.year^go.
will endeavor to-otitertain the people of "Delta on Friday, March 3,
next, in the Town Hall, Ladner.
Seventeen>of our bachelor girls, under Pref. Makeover and his colored
assistant, will hold tthe boards for a
couple of hours or so wl genuine
Don*"1! sfotget to* bring a-spool of
thread and a good supply ol" needles
in order to repair the damages likely to occur from the side splitting
numbers on the programme.
Come and See.
D. McGregor paid  Westminster
a short business .visit yesterday.
covered from moulting and-the pullets j
have not yet begun to lay. Obvious- i
ly, then, if we want eggs to sell when
prices arc high, we should hatch our
chickens of the American varieties 111
.\pril or May aivl ri the Mediterranean varieties in May"} then feed the
pullets for growth, so they will be mature and laying by November.
1 The same thing holds good with
chickens fur sana-rkci. The greatest
profits arc madtiby -putting ��w eggs,
our broilers and our flitted CQhidktlts
for ithe ihOmc or export tirade upon
the m'al'kat winm *iiiiplix>s *are -scarcest
lf an hvcubator is to be purchased*
it Shotild be ordered early, ws -there
(Continued ou 'Second Page,)
There was a grand  masquerade
ball at Point -Roberts on Wednes
Minutes approved and signed.
��� Secretary.
A largely signed petition -is it
.                     ,   .     .,   ,.. rt       ��� I circulation, and itis��incerelyhopeH
day -cvemag -tost,    M. ���McConnell ,..   .    _' _,_   . .��� _/ ** ��T
and Chas. Arthur were among
'those present and were-well pleased
iwith the affair.
tbat the.govemm��ttt will -see nheh
way clefrUor-giant therrcf-uxelt.
Tlie.mftter will <����__c Ibefore the
j Council, ��to-day, iwho, >��o   doubt,
w ilUendorse it.
W. L- Sclater paid a short visit
to.New .Westminster thie weak.
The number of - thankYul "hearts
increase as the days 'n>U;by. We
iR.*C..Atib()ttibaBchisi"kens,cross-|are always .glad to receive them,
���ed between.finrri-ed -Rocks and BufTj Following isthe Ifet-since last week:
Orpingtons, which lay sin^le-yolk Mrs. F. W. How.ty, R. C. Abbr.tr*,
el*Ss a X -pound and over each. We [A. D. Paterson, J. Gilchrist, A
thave specimens on view. _| Swenson, -R- Shirley. irtli DELTA TLMES, SATURDAY* FKliRUARV 25, iy>b-
Pubusiikd kv^rv StA%TEyi)^^x*
SuBSffiup^ipN, $L0O |*%yea��.
(Continue --"oh* 5i**s* Eag**>
I :jre apt to b>- ^cxatious delays in ship-
! ment ' ai^ delivery  and  it  isyalways
advisable  that, life  ooetatof, lyive  an
opportunity  to nm  th*. tj^-iehitxe for
a few days before tlie eggs ar* jJac-
\\fi. ate, g.^ V?, 5i.v^.%|6p sql)p:
arsj^jp in the. Va^conyty "tjusjjjess
College to, the. box <?r, gi^ in tbe
senior   diviaiori*.,   of   our   disliict
1 ed in it, or until tbe regulation is un-��� schools^ -^hp, swings in the greatest
Casual Advertisements, ia, cents per He* foi ���
ihe tirst iu*,sviiou>nd75CM.*i4ptr>i*>*ior"ne��rt. i,derstuo-4 and the temperature of the
I02K* >'*'.*;��,���**
subsequent insefiiciii. The number ci" tints
rtck.ned by tHe Space occupied, 13 Ihjes, to the
inch. -   r-*--  u*   ''"*"���   *
H^eAev^te^^^^^^ ,sl*ov*Jd. be t^ccd in a w,ll-ventilated j most   descriptive
Reading uoticas w sjenls per line fcw *acb in- 'room, nreferatjjfy op.tt. ujih^ii.l^tl.    The '
chicks  developing  in   tl��C    shells  re*
quire an  abundance of  "rej.s.1), aj/r   A
I able*
I   Delta Transfer Stable
IN EKI**EQT t-ii'C
^trth mid lwwth notices, _oe., Marriages $i.��o.
Any special notice, the object o! whichis to . ., .. ��� >       ,
Sremote the pecuniary benefit ol any individual : bright airy cellar or a wel.*-vctttirateU
I'cumtnuv. to be considered a\\ aa��ertjse,m��at I . ,���_   ..    :.
drcuinpsiny, to be considered an
.lid chur_ed(i��}:��tiljUi8;1y.
be so, a^rnn��!ed that there wil
be out-
at    all
^TUKD,\y,  F-fi-BKUARY  2;, I905.
All advertjKme^ chained tfz, u^. offered
Correspondence invited, on matters oi public ,
tattreat.  Comr��unic_tib*i*i!�� editor mwat be ac- ,<sk1��\ air.  entering  the  room
msS%WK��-^II timfts-** witl,o,,t a iiircct
S.^^PS'^^^W^^Sf .-blowing on the machine.
' . )    Finally, let mc repeat tjif;. advics lo
G��Q,   R.  >^.V"%5*,-. Ijfollow  implicitly  the  i|<rd��|)s  that
accompany the machines ^iUu\y care*
fully the instruf^uj*^ l^ttttr-tti'ng the
care of thc lanifl, and cuiilsrol of temperature, tht;. turning, cooling and
testing .*J'- the. Si**-'*., **M **'���* other details.. I'-hefi, when hatching commences let the. machine alon^;. It is
^00, hitc tVs, F*4Cttiiy njista>te.s i>(- man- J
iagement. and* interference c;v) only injure t*he hatch, fhe. chicks should be
ilell in the machine until*, tshe.y- are
'thoroughly, dry,and sliouM- not, he fed
the tffst chiy. When feeding, commences be careful to feed- sparingly.
More smaMj i^icks are kijjed. by overfeeding than  by nndsSsist-eedtng.
numlier of  new cash subscribers,
gg   chamber  can  be   maintained   at) "fat 10:45 0.HI
  F.   The    incubator | *�����"<* wh�� contributes the best a_*d j    Tniil,   ,,.;,-^
article <$>., ^if, pj,,^ ^igjiup (
"Delta." Intending competitors u> --6:3s p.m
Send in their i#��raes by March 15.
1905. Said., competitors to act a*.
correspondent for his or her portion
oi the. d'ajrict during the p^seut
year. [
We ljave taken this step Vr-.eji-
courage the. young people in ifie.
art of compojiitjipn and to take an
interest in t&eif home paper.
[room having .in even temperature is
the h^st place. The ventilation should
���5.. *&*>     !
Tr.i     leayes   Port   Guiebon  at 1
;  a,t Vatif;o,vver |
ncovyes ais _<:5o
x>rt Cuichoft at
Tuesday,   Thiv.sday  arid' Sa^iiif.
day only, ���. 7u\ .g same day.
Team Work Donq a& SpaolaNjA Lou* Palms.
According* t^ vJ*tet desj*atchps the
Duches-j 0$} \Mrlb;)^>|igh had. a very
narrow escitpv frojn twytljt, burned to
death through her dfj^s, coming in
contact wilh a. castaway cigarette.
The English^i^e must surely be- degenerating wh^ ljjt highest society
has become so dcistfa.^ as to permit
the  smoking of  cigarettes  it}, \ ball
500m.  .
The lambing season, is nu\v..ojis, and i Littl^..May Abercrombje. secopd
owners of fancy priced dogs would do [;daughter o�� Wats^*., Abesc-?ombiev.
(veil to keep tlisem tied up if they value of. -%l��d<H.x. Bay, underwent an
them. While we ^ thif. adyice to operation o���- Tup^ay last. _ For
i'i 1 . ���. convenience tiaesWttle sufleter is be-
the  dog owners., wc wcutd  ene put;,, ���    v
f tng accommodated at the home of |
Mrs. J. Jordan until she is able to
\. o> to. w.
Djjlt*. TkoJge, No. 12 meets first
a��jfl i-bird Tuesds^s of each month
i�� Od^JW- rLJljJ,
\V. C*. F^iiu*^ Mi.\y*..
Gko. R. M,\i^t,EX, Recorder.
5**^ ^qjJ^,, No. ai .���The regular meetings of this Lodge are held
ever,y "VX^tbi^sday evening at 8 p.
in, \ifiitiiig BrqUireisX coj;diaJJ^ ip-.
^ited to attend.
W. R. Eivisi^. N.G,
Dr. A. i\., King*, S$c.
I  J. HENLEY   f
��� NKW w*KSTMi>K*T5f��,   :-u ����� C. Jj.
& Manufacturers of all kinds oi, A
<& ��pjda Water, Qif^r I
.% Ale* af\d Sun^n^ |.
I Drinks. i
#*4      Your patronage solicitecl     j[
in a little i'*r the slieep owners, viz.,
that they see to it that their fences
are in good fjhaae, attd not, as we have
seen, aji on��ea>��g l��rg.e en!4'g*�� for a
man to pass through where thi*,.. gales
were supposed to. meet, if- a man
wishes to aestrj.-sy ali( 4{*t*4* which, enter his fields at this season. 1 Jf th** year,
11 is his, duty to look to the feiu*e and
s,ee that, it i*s i^gpod condition.
do with le.ss attendance from  the
-^���-. u-fn-U-s^ji^""-"���
C. O. F.
The above Order has removed lo,
the Ocldfciiows' Raiding, where it
will meet in future on the Second
and Last Tlny;.>i1ays,ot each ijiontli..
A., YORKE, C. R.
O'wr atfentitui ha-s been very
fsorciftJy, drawn to the objectionable
perfume pprvadinf.-. the anno,spliere
around the t.anding,nJ-late. In portions ofa'r^oislrict t)i$, Sjtench is so
disagreeable as to drive, men. .jflj. the
fields aw,ay, from their work.
Thc (^v_)R-U. would do welt to enter
:,. i>rotcst against its continuance, and
see if the Oilery Company cannot be
persuaded,t^cftt^sitme its own smoke.
Tf this vs.. not possjble, thfy >��i,lery ,
should be removed to some remote [
nart of. the province \yhere it will
not be s.M*ch a.L annf��j anc*..
Com^tsi^i'jg, ^p Cv-wSj vftith and in
calt,  9 two-year-old* i_|(jifers   in
calf, 3 two-year-old Steers, and 2
Yearlings, which
,]VfR. H. N. RICH has received
j inflictions from G. H. By-
jrom, EsciT;.toSi.LL U,Y..\UCTION,
on bis Farm (3 miles Eas*:. of Ladner)!   ou   Thursday,   9th.  N|f��rch, I
11905, at 2.,3o p.m. !    rs ,    ���.   ,      .,        ���   .    ,,
TBe.a^?ei^c!^win be found iu i    *&*���Sh^- l'ence Posts*���D-'ai?'
good oilier syid  ar&bp.ng, soW in j Boafd^and Bum Rods.
Iconsfsjtieoce ot tbe farm being over- '���     Apply to
W��� N. Draper,
l^ooni :. lillanl Iilqck. Xew, Wes|;iu'.n.stj;t,
Tkrms���Approved   notes   at   8
months with Bank interest, orcssh.
Alluvia (Mud Bay).
Canada Does. Heir Share.
t     *        '.   U' vw        V,      , i
Office; FtohI S*.       P"itON��J 1-6.
New Westunnste^t<B, C.,
Rosebank Lime,
j Portl^pjd Cement*
|Snjj.ihy Coal,
���Sewer Pipe, Efciyft Ti,les
Ottawa, Feb, 20.���Canada will- take :     Et'C.
river the defences of Halifax and lis- i j_  m
(|uimaU. on   July   1st.    Arrangements   Ste-_   -fr^   ^FlveK-M   ��tld
have been cpflU^d with the hnper- ^   ^^ y d
ial   Government.      litte    negotiations *xft^^% ^Q&  vfflfy
have  b.cen   carried   on  through   Earl* -_^._
(^rey (atyd., have    been    comparatively
Three year.*, ajjp. at, t)u Colonial
Conference, Canada offered-, lo relieve
t;rea(, lirjijlin of. the expense i.l. l,^* |
important,norts in the Empire scheme
rif defence. The Canadian offer was
a. standings one, and it w.as intimated
sj'jue time a^ii, th^t, '! ce-opeiiMt- it
Uiiki^il. lie accewable. _*^^. w.^,,, s\onc
���(,id',t'he terms were soon agreed-upon.
yuiada undertakes to maintain thc
present defences in first-class shape,
.-ind to garrison them with all
branches cf th�� service, iufantry, artillery, engineers, Afjfl|S Service
(^orps, sighaHejs^ and. \ledical Corps.
While thc*.wfv^t of-thcB-ritistv.l-prces.
will, not marc'ti out on, July rst, it is
cxpectfrf that the bulk of the garrison
will get inarching orders then. The
artillery, a-t,d engineerinjsj experts will
probably hte r*JUuned on,Canadian pay
until Canadians are framed to take
tsjicir pl\).cc*iv
The estimated, annual, cost to Can-
.ijda ofitnaigj^rininc,tit^e two ports is
pasfoion StabJes-
Ttucking and Draying-,
Li-^ejsy w^jk of all ki��ds attended to,i^otnptly..
Wntm Alexander
I.ililner. I). C.
I Hiigli, McD-ao^d, of ,Sea> Iflapd,
cam*, oytr*-, Q? "V^cdaesday. lvplting
KT|, Mi ideal ec-erinirs  rittief for  new
"sL.ssJ.ngi or improviin* oU oncM.
is nn. imtrtMUtc *���� rustprodp
AMD C0��T8 VERY l^rtli..
Cofuidcr its 8ne Mjjffttonce���-h��
SJilcntHsi- enJurine qualiues^-ancl slight
��'XJe,-dH*i-MiJ d��;i(l*�� to scrre yuur own
bilrtislec'ilsU. bji, w��iiiR it.,
Fulfejtt ��:tail..of .itiiimpajioij in our
eaulor..     "���;:"   * ���    -f	
f'      ^XeelT*^emAmSW>
*&.::���*?���' *w.
W*tiaL}.K ]V^XS AgejiJ,
LADNER,    *.----    B- C
THe annua) m^etjng, of tbe Dairymen's apd* Live Stock Associ#ion
pf British Columbia wijji be
i��clsi< ip the Agrscultufal. Department of the Parliament,
Buildings at Victoria, B. C., on
Thursday, March t^nd, at 10 a.m.",
for general bt^ui^s and election
of officers for the present. ye,ai,-
It is expected that Professor
Ruddick, Chief Comissioner, Ottawa, and T.A.F.Wiancks, a graduate of Ontario Agricultural College.
an<*l chief inspector of Dairying,
Qttfilf, will give papers-on 4i^��r��S)t
Tenders Wanted.
N^W W/ESTrHi^TER,, M- Q-
A hill line- of Eji^jsh ^ Irish
Tweeds and Faflgy Trouserings always kept in stock*
.JOSEPH JORDAN, Pco._tftetot\
Telephone vv L^nt-jr " No. 10.
*������ ���
f^.% Place tor fjiju^etiithing, Batik Tufe^ Stove,
;Pipe, Oonductor Pipe, Roof Plates^ wA Every*
tiling Else in This Line.
Auent fajfm
drupf^ey^ Foundry Go.*fc Stovesi,
.   :*f>. p. Dod's Mixed P^ta,
Y<f>h^ Ba-fe He-tte^K
JiusR tbe thaig fof making vv-ate��- bo* fo^f- washing dairy
t^i��fsiJsN sliding hojjs* or fos  wasl^ day..    T&,vet$
'      Faw^'-a -"Wi-fe Sl|f>��W ttave. 0>ie.,
Notnry Publip,
Ladner, B. C.
Westham Street,
L^li^fer, a Q%
Purchasing Axent
Bra^kn^arnrKer WUing Co.
Manure Spreaders o)
Mollne Plows
take the lead everywhere,
ajso our   .    .    .,   .    .    .
GhafhapK Inpubatoro *%
QA.LL ^ND m& TH.#L.
.Nfoaufacturers of all kii\d.a, of Hrsfe-Qlasa
Rough and Dressy i^&beA
"We oa��. deliver tiQ ai-y point on tho> Iteol*
road in Delta*-
Our Prloo Is Right. Wo Oan Save You, Money\
Qjwp 11% a Line, Our Agon/ WM GaN am Vnp
GEO* M* THRIFT, Manager.
Clotfi^�� AK*jr��0- CUsuued- and Repaired.
PurceKleJ)vat W. I��� Mcllride'K sioire mi. A. Wul:.
kef* and. tUe Delta Times office will be cutlc.l
Tor ou Monday aud returned on Saturday.
The Best
In the World:
Ogttvte?*$   Rp#&l JiousfitiQld   Flour 5
Brsn, StiortSt Just Arrived,
Tenders are called for, on or be":
fore M^rch, i^t, for tbe erection of a
I'la^sia'^di speci^catiottts may be
seen a*, the,,home of
D-. /\.. M^I- L\
1 Slough. Rpadi
New Crop* Now In Stock
HOME GROWN and imported
V^l^e&ate and Retail,
Specif Prices to,Farmers* Intifcitjites.
Th��mands Q��Fr,v;it.and Ornamental Trees.. ,-*;
PLANTS                ���      '
'now growing in my  Nurseries, fpr,
Spring ptnnt'ing..
EasKni pric^v'-r lew, VV:iite Labor.
\t\ Dry Qqo4s During Sto^Mafc-*
(fs' *
25 per cent discount off Boots
and $&ck& for thQ WmX Two
H.J, Hutcherson'
M. J. HF;NRY, Vattcouveri
3010 Westminster ^o^d
ta %
Just Ont 1
itttts 14 Pflts. laMie n^mffiaj. sizi Bfis.
Illustfiitiiitr tlje Roh*ii\\l-<h Hesjwoe'i of
The Richest Prqvlnce: ia the British Empire.
Its coal, oil, find timber: its fisheries on se,-\, li\sje ^i^<t river; iu mineral and agricultural
resources: iu cities and ii'mjuv \lw river, lake and niu>s.i,Uin scenery, especially illustrating
its great milling (|evelopineut, with views of- al| [\\e principal mines, mills, HinelteM, etc..
San. Poit -Pree on Rimpt of Price, $1.00.
Address fairies LawIOTi Rossland, B. C.
The Largest Advertise^ in "lid for Qri.tislt, Columbia and author of * Millions Made in
Mines." "Press Clippings and Valuable lafbruiatipn," "A Hia iu Cloud.*,'1 "Kor B. C,"
t c, tie.
Best Buy ia
QrooJnst Gold
DitcoYcry of the
15 cents.
Ago 1st In B.C.
gg Big <m%'
Consolidated Ck>ld Mines, Limited.
Capital $6a5,ooo, of which 35 per cent in sharea
is  now in our Treasury.    Shares fully
paid and non-assessable.
Mine* directly west et tl* l,eKoi and I,e
Hoi No. 2, War Eagle and Centre Star, lour
of the Urgent gold-copper mines iu the
world, all of which hare paid large dividends.
Same identical ore and veins now in sight
onthe BIO Vol'R,   Large ore Indies.
Assays from |_ to |So.) in gold, copper, silver, ete. Very rich display as now on exhibition in the city ore exhibit, caitsiuu wide
We tvave nearly two miles of railway on
Big Fuur pmpert*/ ^.lt.l\ sxajcf-ajid timber in
" K,ovfc,n.l ore shijvnentSi fo/ W��, 3So,o*o
tons, Stijpppcd for- 1963, alxJul sVlo,i��3 toils.
191)4, alppii*^ 400,00.1 tons. Tutal value of Rosa-
land ores mined, $3i,ooo,g��).
Rosland's ore bodies are a great success
wi��h; the concentratio.i system ��{ ore reduc-
tl in. $3.00 ore uo.w pays to wine as now
proved by the latest reports aud dividends.
No less than 100 shares sold. Shares can
be Had 0,1 iiista,l,u<nt plau, payments
���apM.li>>- Twenty lvr cent cas-i; balance
within a year.
Company has ngadelits or liabilities, aud a
t'.ill lore, qf men now working,
References ���Tlie Iln. Mayor, Obbl Commissioner, postmaster, ���" aiijrliMfl" or DIM.-
uess nvsvn, in city.
Tliere is a tide in the affairs of men
Wbich taken at the ftpod. lends on to fortune;
omitted, all the vayane urtlu-iMife
Is bound io shallows and in. miseries.
tfc GtS "torShars
Any amount leas MwStOO send postofflce
ar express money order; over this amount.
bU b��ik itrafc �� Secretary.
i iisoiiiie
(Ud )   Ressland, B.C., Canada
Order Hl'aukl aud Our u_��st comprehensive and complete Utuslrated Prospectus showing
all Rossland mines and giyiug valuable iufor.nation, with Maps ����<��� Reports Iron Mining
Kugiueers, sent ouly to investors or those desiring to invest.. Se4it ft��* on receipt of 10
cents in stamps for postage.
r Anglican,)
Holy Coiinniinioti, ist awl ^rd
Sunday**, at h tin Other Sundays at 8.30 :. ,1,.
Morning prayer, n a.iu
Evensong, 7 p.m.
Sunday School at 10 ii.m., Friday
evening, Litany aud choir practice.
Rev; Canon Hilton, vicar.
Reverend Father Edm.Peytavin,
O.M, I. Services first and third
Sunday of each month at 10:30 a m.
Services next Lord'.s Day at 3 p. m
Class meeting, 10,30 a.m. every
Sabbath School at 2 pm every
Sunday.     Prayer  meeting . every
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev. A. N. Miller, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. m.and 7 p.m.
Sabbath School at 2 p m Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
Rev. .Mr. Main,
Pastor P.H. McEwen will preach
at 7 p. in, Subject���"Forgiveness
and Love."    Special music.
'Twas ;i dangerous cliff, as ihey fre.
Going for Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea
Though to walk near its crc-i  w:is
so pleasant;
But  over its. terrible edge  tliere  had
A duke, and full many a peasant.
So the people said something would
have to be   lane.
Bin _their  projects  did   not   at   all
Jolic, Choler.i Morbus, Dysentery"jmdl c V   ..��� ,
Diarrhoea.     It is equally valuable foi | sa,,1:     ' "'  a  fencc  ml,n<J  the
Summer Complaint and Cholera Iufan-        ,     ei'��"e "f the cliff";
turn and has saved the lives of mora      Some. "An ambulance down in the
���hildre-n than any other medicine in nee. j valley."
When reduced with v.*ater and sweetened it is pleasant to take. I IJ,.. ,,,��� , .   ,
You, or some one of your family, ��.j L"1 th,e. Cry/     thc ���""��>��'����* carried
sura to need this remedy sooner or latei:     ,.     .      "ay-
and when that time comes you will nee��V     lor u sl)rl;'"* through the neighbor-
It badly; yon will need it quickly. *Wht' inK c">'.
iu Karthir Effect*.
.11, Uncle Jim," Mid tbe lawyer.
"Hie doctor says there's ns hap* fer Jem."
" Yee, lull, im, ull* taw I gwlne tar t
not buy it now and be prepared for suet
sn emergency'    "'rite, ... cents.
look  unusually    happy,    old
"I have taken a great many different medicines; for stom.%ch trouble
and constipation," says Mrs. S. Gei-
ger, of Dunkerton, Iowa, "but never
had as good results from any as from
Chamberlain's . Stomach and Liver
T-abJets." For sale by F. J. Mackenzie.
"I feel lhat way. I've "just paid for
my bicycle, and "
"Gee Whiz! What are you buying
a wheel rfow for? Nobody rides a
"Of course not*. I'm speaking of
(he wheel [ bought on installments in
1898."���Philadelphia  Press.
80  YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyright* Ac.
nyone lending a sketch and description na;
fitly ascertain our opinion {re. vhetUar an
tl( '
ivssntlon in probably pntentabli
1'intatrlctlyeontldontlal, ������""-"
-nt free. Oldest mjonpy for securing patents.
Patents taken througb Munn ft Co. recelre
VtctHl notice, without charge, ln the
Scientific flmerican.
��. hanrtsomolf lllnntrKted wecltlr.   T-nrrett f lr-
uliitton of any Bcientlttc jnurnul.   1'omta, to a
-(inr; four months, |L 8old by all nowndenlerii.
it1UNN&Co.36,Broad^ New York
Branch Office. (i25 F St., Washington. I), c.
Printing oi ALL Kind.
���I   \ '*'������' ''..--.
Neatly Executed
We  Print   Anything  horn
Wedding .Stationery to
a Target,
Mortgage Sale.
Under and by virtue of the Power of .Sale contained in a certain
mortgage,' bearing date the lirst day
of March, 1899, and made between
Wilhelm Rein hard formerly of Ladner's Landing in the Province of
British Columbia and now ofthe
city of Vernon ill said Province, of
the one part, and Howard B.
Kennard of Kelowna in said province, of the other part, there will
be offered by private sale the following property:
All that certain parcel of land
known and described on the official
plan of tbe District of New
Westminster as lot number lour
hundred and seventy-oue (471),
Group number two (2) and said to
contain one hundred and sixty (160)
acres, situated at Ladner's Landing,
B. C.
Sealed tenders will be received for
the purchase of such lands, by the
undersigned, up to and inclusive of
the 10th day of March, 1905.
Terms ��� Cash on acceptance of
For further particulars apply to
Messrs. Major and Pearson,  New
Westminster, or the undersigned.
Vernon,   B.  C, Solicitor for   the
Dated February 7th, 1905.
Meets in the Public .School, Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings at 8 o'clock.
(Westminster Branch)
Time Tabic
A   fence  may  be  tisefu
But eVli heart became
For those who slipped over that dangerous cliff;
And   ihe  dwellers  in  highway and
Gave pounds  or  gave  pence  not  to
put up a fence,
Hut an ambulance down in the val-
"I'or  the cliff is all  right    if you're
careful," ihey  said,
''And   if   folks  even    slip  and   are
It isn't the slipping that hurts them
so much
As   tbe  shock   down   below���when
they're stopping";
So  day  after day,  as  these  mishaps
Quick   forth   would  these   rescuers
To pick up the victims who fell off
the cliff
With  their ambulance down  in  the
Then  an  old   sage  remarked:      "It's
a   marvel   to  nie
That people give far more attention
To repairing results than to stopping
the cause
When   they'd  much  belter  aim  at
Let us stop at its source all this mischief," chicd.. he,
"Come,  neighbors   and_. friends,   let
us rally:
If   the  cliff  we  will   fence   we   might-
almost dispense
With  the  ambulance  down   in  the
"Oh, he's a fanatic!" the other rejoined;
"Dispense     with     the     ambulance!
He'd dispense with all charities, too,
if he could;
Hut, no     We'll  support  them  for
Aren't   we  picking  folks  up  just   as
fast as they fall?
And  shall  this  man   dictate   to  us?
Shall he?
Why should people of sense stop  to
put up a fence
While the ambulance works in the
liut a sensible few, who are practical,
Will  not bear with  such nonsense
much  longer;
They believe that prevention is better
than cure.
And  their  party  will  soon  be  thc
Encourage    them,    then,  with   your
purse, voice  and  pen,
And   (while  other    philanthropists
"H_t�� 70a mad* yoor wlUf"
" Ym, rah, I doM wlll ter go. "
"tmiu," Mid tk* lawyer in uu-
Jlanatory way,  "_*-�� you anything ta
"Ob, ym, suh!" explained tho oin maa
Joyfully.   "AwifeaadderheBDiatUmt"���
Atlanta C onuitutloa.
Talc Vaa. Llttla Jako.
Profewar Tracy Peck need to tell a itary
el how a Yale maa *av��*d hie life. He wai
���bout to be hung ta Texaa for hone ataal-
tfcgand laid:
"Boldoa, geatWnen I Doyen know wh*
W ar* hanging! I am a graduate al
Tale college, and here la ray diploma."
It being printed oa reliant In Latin, ne
ane oould read tt, aad, thinking he mnn be
aa Important penonage, they Ut Ua ��k
or not,  it  is    tree.���Oreen Bag.
brimful   of
Th* &���<*���. From Cfctaa.
Mlrhty lotta fun;
Catchce llttae Kwfin|s*r>.i.
Oot tee on the lun! *
Lbhk'.* coma mamma;
fiavra muchrc how;
Qulckre catcher plgtallj
Mnkee mighty low.
Ola mannce I.l Hung
W��arc�� yallr -p��l,
fflenty longer- fk;ither���
I.ookee like n goat.
Grttee lotto fun.:
.Itn:.he littee Kwanr-Su
klukee mamma lun!
���Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Header 8apaert.
"I'm willing to t-tnii<t on ntj laa-ttt,"
���Bctaimrd Willie Wlahlngton.
Mim Cayenne looked at hlm thoughtfully and then exclaimed: "Mr. tYlihlng-
ton, have you ever liotl any experience aa
a tight rope walker!"���Wathlnaton Star.
Drive* Krnatle by Helta.
"If ever there wos anything provoking,"
���old the young housekeeper, "it lathe fact
that I have three eleotrio bolls In my fiat
When one nf thiun rings, I start and rtra
lirst to one and then to another, and half
the time it is the third one that want* answering. It is not only my own bells thai
aro a nuisance, hut a score of others, aa wa
live in a large apartment building. Of
course 1 enn't hear ull of th* bells, bat I
hear enough to drive me nearly mod, and
each day I am sure 1 must go to my doors
80 times all for naught. People who have
occasion to ring an eleotrio bell often mistake it for a plaything, and oould they
but realize the agonizing effect it haa oa
tho occupants of the Hat they might possibly be induced to 'ring off.' Jingle,
Jingle, jingle goes the bell, and before any
on* can get to th* donr or to the speaking
tub* jingle, jingle, jingle It goes again.
Oh. it ia awhrtl"���Chicago Chronicles
Th�� Vital rotat.
She���Father askod tha other day how
���ooa w* would ba la a position to be married.
He��� Does dear father's health still ooa-
tiaa* asbaatr���Philadelphia North Amsa-
Th* Aastrtaa government has 1
th* boundaries of Vienna to such an extent that th* metropollraa area Is aow
half as large aa Isondon, twice as large at
Paris and tbrs* times larger than Berlla.
Haw ta Handle a Bar*).
Bass���What In time did yon let Blmtwt
Ml that long yarn all over again for? Be
Md It to you only the day before.
Fogg���Th* day before! Why, he baa
told It to ma no lass than tour times tha
past week.
Bass   And you let hlm tell It again!
Fogg���Of oourse. While he is telling
that story he Isn't saying anything alas,
and, as I'm not obliged to listen, yo*
know, I can think of something al** with-
���ut being In tha least disturbed.���I
A good Arabian horse can cantor in 1
They will scorn all pretence, and put] JStaLlL'SSJ:2Tj�� "* -
a. stout fence
On the cliff that
hangs  over   thc
Cars leave Wcatminster lor Vancouver at s-je
snd 6.50 a.m. and hourly thereafter until 11 p,
ni,: Saturdays aad Sundays nt n y��,w.
Cara leav. Vancouver for Westminsters at 5.je
and b.jd a, at. and hourly thereafter until �� p.
tu.; Saturdays aud Sundays at ll pm,
We run first-class freight cart between Westminster and Vancouver and all shipments are
handled with the utmost eare and delivered te
consignee without delay. Spertal attention paid
to fruit shipments. Our wagons meet all boats
and trnins.   I'or rates, etc. apply to
D  X. SHILIS.S, T. *. GlsOVtW
Traffic Mrr. Loeal Mf r.
Better guide well the young than reclaim them when old,
For  the  voice   of  true   wisdom   is
"To  rescue  the   fallen   is   good,   but
'tis  best
To prevent other people from falling,"
(totter close up the source of temptation  and  crime
Than deliver from dungeon or galley;
Better put   a strong fence round llic
top of the cliff
Than   an   ambulance  down  in   the
���hours In winter without drinking.
The law which at present governs th*
practice of medicine In Franco forbids tha
simultaneous practice of medicine anl
pharmacy even by a person who may ba la
possession of diplomas in both subjects.
Thc tendency of medical science it
toward preventive measures. The
best thought of the world is being
given to thc subject. It is easier and
better to prevent thai) to cure. It
has b��en fully demonstrated tlutt
pneumonia, one of the most dangerous diseases that medical men have to
contend with, can be prevented by the
use of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy,
Piwamonia always results front a cold
or from an attack of influenza (grip).,
and it has ben observed that this remedy counteracts any tendency of these
diseases toward pneumonia. This hat
been fully proven in mtny thousands
of cases in which the remedy has beet'
used during tbe great prevalence of
colds and grip in recent years, and.
can be relied upon with implicit confidence.     Pneumonia    often    results
Thc Youths' Companion is responsible for the following; Mr. Nolan
had received a long tongue-lashing
from Mr. Quiglcy, and his friends
were urging pn him the wisdom of
vindicating his honor by a prompt
use of his lists.
"But he's more than mc equal," said ! from a slight cold when no danger is
Mr. Nolan, dubiously, "and look at the j apprehended until it is suddenly dis-
sizc of him." j covered that there is fever and diffi-
"Surc and you don't want folks to ; culty in breathing; and pains in the
be saying Terry Nolan is a coward?" | cne,t> then jt ;s ann,unced that the
demanded a repros-ichful fncnu. ,       .       fc     pneumonia.    Be   on   the
"Well,      duiino," and    Mr.    Nolan   *; _r_ 1      <-i,.mk.,l.:��,a
gazed mournfully about him. "I'd : s��fe -*f" ��d *ake Chamberlain s
inlhtr that than to have them say- ' C��l"iirn Remedy m *".���� ����� tbe eld is
afther to-morrow, 'How' nat- I contracted.        It always cures.    _���_*���
ural Terry looks!' "
sale by F. J. Macfccnne., THE DRt;t.A TIMES, SATURDAY FEBRUARY 25, 1905
.   3. A.Tttfitt��a
on Saturday last.
2 paid a visit ii---f
wee-';... o
:kU1 yesterda
addreuwi b
Loyal Legion
the close  of
Rev. Mr. Miller.
Mrs.    Whiteside,   of   Sunbury,
visited Westminster on Wednesday.
D. Mont_omer,- paid a shr-i".
business visit tj Westminster this
B. Br-iic fey and
Westminster, v sued
this week.
of New
I He tried to iir,] ress upon tbe children the enormous .-.mount of money
spent in the liquor traffic in Canada
and United State 1 by showing the
number of teams or rarsrequired to
cany thi money if it wer* convert-
into *ilver. Figure i- out for your-
se'ves, reaier.", putting the amounts
spent in the traffic in tound numbers ot >4.o 000 000 for Canada and
Si,200, co, ,oc tot tiie United
Mrs. and Miss MacDo .nld,
Cloverdale, are visiting at Mrs,
W. Kerr's.
H. D. Benson returned home on
Saturday lust, after sptndi.Tg a few
days in Vancouver.
John McKee and. wife nturner'
home 011 Saturday last, .nfter spending a few days in Vancouver.
Thos. Kidd, ex-M.l" 17 of Richmond, was in town this week endeavoring to purchase horses.
Mrs. Geo. R. Manley paid a
short visit to Mrs. Geo. Rennie,
Sapperton, on Wednesday last.
Orange G and Lodge is in session
at Vernon, P, C.
Hold-ups are plentiful in aid
around Bellinghatn.
North Sea Commission pardons
Ro'es'vensky, i'or the Dagger Bunk
Cap2 Breton farmers are killing
stock lo prevent them starving to
death  ro n fh< rtage of fesd.
Tbe nex: L. O. L. Grand Lodge
meeting will take place nt Nanaimo, and the 1 ext Twelfth ot July
celebration at Vancouver.
W. R. Ellis accompanied his wile
to Victoria, last week, where she
has gone for medical treatment.
Friends of Mrs. Welsh, of Delta
Hotel, will regret to learn that she
is very unwell, a nursa having to be
called in.
The Raitt ro id is being opened
up 40 feet wide for half a mile in
length. This was a badly needed
piece of work and will be much appreciated by the settlers and intending settlers.
Bachelors look lo your laurels.
Dr. Tolmie, of Victoria, has been
busily engaged, during the past
week, inspecting the stock, barns,
etc., of Deltt.
Oranges, Lemons and Bananas at
the City Bak;ry.
Mrs. P. Riplinger returned home
on Tuesday, after spending a week
or so ia St. Mary's Hospital, Ntw
Learn on Friday next to debote
on Single Blessadness.
Robertson's   famous   L-e   Cream
Chocolates���City Bakery.
Messrs. J. Thompson of Terra
Nova, and Jos. Hemphill of Eburne,
paid the Delta a business visit during the week.
A new lodge  is
started in Ladner.
evidently to be
See Posters.
Mrs. D. Gunn, of Boun,iary Bay,
accompauied by her sister, Miss
Peterson, paid a visit to Vancouver
on Wednesday.
Try our ".Stock Food" to get
your horses ready tor spring work
���F. J. MacKenzie.
P. Shirley left, on Saturday last,
for Winnipeg where his brother, T.
Shirley, is dangerously ill and not
expected to live.
E. MacKenzie and T. A. Muir, of
New Westminster, on Sunday last,
paid a hasty visit here, leaving
again iu the afternoon.
If you wish to make a good investment in mining stock try the
Big Four, of Rossland. .See page
Chas. B. Hanford and Miss
Marie Drofnah, in "Don Ctesar De
Bazan," at New Westminster Opera
House to-night.
Five L'nlves str-.\ed onto m;
property about-November last.
Owner may have same b> jjij.
ing property and paying expenses.
Ladner, B. C, Feb. 15, 1905.
For SaJe.
A   mm,be.-   of   Fine,   Purebred',
White  Wyaudottes and  Buff Or-1
pington Cockerels tor aiating,
On Wednesday, the 25II1 inst., at
Mud Bay, a small Boom of Logs.
For further particulars apply to
Port Guichon.
it>...:|:.,.;";.-.��.'.t:.��.^f.��.a.^.i;;.��.^.��.^>.��.:^ �����$�����
f Horse Goods!
'      Our   Harness mill   Horse  l-'urnishings
Shave loiiji proved reliable:, and they lire  i
', built not mily for style but wrar. /j
��� HUGH Mcdowell, '
Miss Vnughan, violinist, will
teach at Ladner every Friday and
Saturday. Studio at Mrs. W. Mac-
Crea's, Westham .Street.
For terms, etc., apply,at .Studio.
Fresh and Salt Fish at McBRlDE'S Paily���
Oolachans. Salmon, Cod, Halibut, Mackerel,
"Herring and
Fresh Finnan Haddie and
Smoked Salmon. ,
For Sale.
Phone Us,
Order from the Wagon or Call, Your 0.r-
ders shall have Cur Pr mpt Attention.
1 LADNBK, B. C    ��� ,
s* *
A  q-Roorued   House   and  Four
.! Lots, 011 Georgia .street. ���
j     Tb is is a very desirable property;
i fnr anyone wishing to live in towi
i    For lurther particulars apply to
Phone 5.
Port Guichom
Let Us Talk It Over.
Ghoice Lots
For Sale
At the Delta Meat Market of Good .Xmas
Boast Beef andaa full assortment of- Meats
usually found in a well appointed Butcher
Have you, young man or young woman, ever given tlie
future laiiy consideration? Are you content to drift along as
you are with a superficial public school education which does
not prepare you for earning your living.
There are openings for young men in the business world flj_|       J_MP____  ____" 9aY%nTa,w&
as stenographers or clerks. Women are eligible for the same gg l\Wmau*W%mm%w*m Jjflf/uf NP
positions. what could you do in such <i position? Are you a good
penman? Are you rapid and accurate at figures. Canyouust
the typewriter so as to write 40 words per minute? Can you do
well the many thing that are required to be done in the business offices of large cities? ,
Unless you have taken a course in the above you are unprepared for office work except in a small village. We can
prepare you for a good position���a position that will in a few
months pay for your investment. Some of our lady graduates are earning $40 a mouth and over.
Miss W. K. Smith receives 40 per month from the
Hastings Shingle Manufacturing Co., as stenographer. Miss
Menzie starts for the Yorkshire Guarantee aud Securities
Corporation at $45. Several are working for the C. P. R.
at $30 per month aud upward.
Tf vou come to us and work hard. If you  want further
proof of the way we help to positions write us  and  we
send you more names.
But don't put off.    Every  month you delay means one
month's salary lost,    The sooner you  graduate  the sooner
you are in a position.
Vanoouver   Business  College,
149 Haatings Street,    -     -    -     Opposite Province Office.
D. H. ELLIOTT, Principal.
The Buff Orpington is fast becoming the leading layer and tabic
fowl of America nnd Canada and,
consequently, are in great demand.
If you want to get a good strain of
these fowls you can do so right at
home. Mr. R. C. Abbott has at
the head of his sS. C. Buff Orping'
ton pen, tins year, "Julius A'gric-
___ ola," an extra fine Orpington cock,
Robt. Hawthorne, of Sapperton,' winner of the 3rd/Prize at the On-
purcUsased a 4-year-o'd Clydesdale: tario Poultry Show, Guelph, Ont,
gelding,   on  Monday last, fruit  S. | in   December,    1904.     This   is an
D. H. Muir, representing Clarke
& Stuart, wholesale stationers, of
Vancouver, was in town, Monday,
in tie interests of that firm.
Morrow, for which he paid 5,1 ;>o.
Friends of J. E. Phillips, of New
Westminster, will regret to learn o(
his sudden illness, at Kamloops.
His brother, M, J., is in atteudance
on him.
Cm Friday evening last a number
of the young people enjoyed them*
jtilre? at the light fantastic until the
early morning at the East Delta
school house.
Mrs. Nicholson, of New Westminster, mother ofthe late Mrs. H.
J. Kirkland and H. Nicholson, re-
turned home on Thursday,
spending a west's visit here.
extra   fine  bird   and was imported
l'rom   England  by C. J. Daniels, of
Toronto, Out, and  is  mated   with
six  yearling  hens  got  from stock
bought of  C. W. Brewster, Cromp-
ton, Quebec, and four pullets  from
these hens  and "Chief of Police,"
an excellent specimeu of this breed,
bought    of    Blackmail    &    Son,
Painesville. Ohio, and winner ot ist
Prize at Columbus, and  five  prizes
at Madison  Square Gardens, New
York.    This is a very fine pen and
Mr. Abbott has  sold   a  number of
settings already and   will  only sell
five settings more at $3 per setting ;
% cash at booking of order and J. j
at delivery.    On return of bad eggs j
good ones will   be  given in place.
First come first served.
*     Incorporated 1H69. /
CAPITAL, - - - $3,000,000;
RESERVE FUNDS,       - - $3,302,743;
TOTAL ASSETS, - -        $31,183,625
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department*
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Ourrent Rates.
East End. Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Victoria, Chilliwack,  Ladner, Cumberland.
Clearing Sale
Now On!
In tirder to malse room for -onr N-ew Spring Goods
we are making some startling reductions which will continue for 15 days from the 55th ult.
Come, -See and be Convinced.
"SJfe Leading
Shoe Store
New Westminster.
At nominal cost, private individuals or business
men can put their important papers aad valuables in a
secure and convenient place.
This is a boon to those who do not possess a safe,
and to families travelling.
These boxes are accessible during all btt-siwess hours
to the renter, who hold* the key.
RATES:   $1.50 per yoar.
Westminster Trust & Safe Deposit Co., Limited.,,
Authorized Capital, $35,000.
F. J. HART & CO.,
New Westminster, B. C.
H. K. WRIGHT, Manager,
Camp Hope
Lumber Mill,
-East Delta
For Good Cedar Drain Lumber, Planking,
Etc., Try Us.
$6 per M.       j
Just Received-
A Large Stock of -Buggies,
Plows,   Root   Cutter*,
Hay Cutters, Ensilage
Cuttaro, Etc., at
Q.  T.   BAKER'S ** Showrooms,
G, 0. Dennis,
East Delta.!
Andrew Clausen,
Ladies' Chatelaine Watehes from $5 up.
.Ladies' Gold Watches from lift up.
Cut Glass, Silverware and aU kinds of Jew*
Jeweller, Etc., Etc.


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