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The Delta Times May 14, 1904

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Vol. J, ,No. 36.
LADNER, B. C, SATURDAY, n ,Y 14, 1904.
fl.Oe a year
Our Stock is Now Complete
Men's Fancy Stripe Balbrigg^n,
Plain Double Thread Balbriggan,
Japanese Nobly Charge
Up the River Bank in
the Face of a Stout
Special 35c
Ladies' Cotton Vests, 1-4 Sleeve,
Fine Cotton Vest Sleeves
Wiju, May i,. via Seoul, May 8.
���When .he mist drifted from the
Yalu river this morning the Japanese infantry was disclosed lined up
for battle on the low, sandy island
of Chukodai, which is in front of
\ Wiju, The wails aud towers ofthe
city on the hill, rising abruptly
from the south bank of the river
7/ere crowded with Japanese and
Koreans for the forthcoming attack.
Chukodai islet is hardy anything
more than a dry bed of the river.
SOtS ^ 's a *ow' S*U(')' P*a***i only a few
feet above the level of the water
> and   without shrubbery or   cover
I except on its southern half.    Infan-
t I try lay with stacked .arms across
Special IOC! the island. The soldiers were spread
out in line three miles long. The
i division of the Imperial Guards occupied the centre of the line; another division was on the west and
a third on the east of the ltoe. Four
field batteries were behind the infantry on its extreme flanks, concealed by the shrubbery. Two
batteries began the action by throwing shells to the Manchurian side
ofthe river for half an hour, while
Ladies' Black Cotton Hose, All Sb.es      Special Wc pair
"      15c
protected.   A stretcher was coming | fl|"
back to the field,   indicating  that |
men   were  being   wounded.    The i
R ussians smokeless powder was excellent.    Its use made it impossible
fer the Japanese to discern the  ex- j
act position of the enemy or esti-1
mate their numbers.
Soon after 8 o'clock the Russian j
firs*   was  largely  silenced   by   the
Combined artillery and infantry  attack of the J apanese, and parties of
the enemy's troops could be  seen
hurrying npwards over  the  mountain roads.    Two regiments of Japanese troops, directly opposite Wiju,
and another near a village on the
west, ran to the river,  stopping to
fire now and then as they advanced,
and cheering as they hurried forward.    Their formation was closer
than that kept  by  the  British  or
American troops, and  it looked as
though their losses must be great.
They waded the river, ran ou across
the sands and climbed up the steep,
rocky hillsides like a swarm of stnts,
their   red aud   yellow cap   bands
glimmering in the sun.
One Japanese soldier in one of
these regiments carried something
white   with  him.    This
Committee to Investigate
and Report on Rock
Quarry ��� Don't Plaj
Ball on the Streets.
and it caused a shout to go u<p that
the Russians had surrendered, but
upon reaching the top of the first
Russiau trench, ioo yards up the
hillside, this man shot out a
Japanese flag and waved it to and
A storming party on the west
side of the advance mounted a hill
commanding the Russian retreat.
Just as the men were bunched
thickly to the crest of this hill two
Japanese shells burst among them;
they had fallen short. While shells
were exploding, the remainder of
the storming party were clambering
down the hill to escape this unexpected fire from their rear.    The
The Council met in the Councf.
Chamber on Saturday, May 7, at 2
p.m., with the Reeve, R. E. Kittson, iu the chair, and Couns. Embree, Holmes, McIIenzie and Davie
Minutes   of . previous   meeting
were read and confirmed.
From Mrs. H. J. Cresswell, r��
was seen ' playing ball on. the streets; also re
1     f-wv^.u *#1 V- A A V-> 111 lllV.il i *- st I   .
the sun was rising.   They Spriti- sound of the rifle firing soon
UI��J ."it.      _l.-ll-s.l--      1 ��� -     I
Ladies9 Ready to wear Hats
Children's   Man - of - War
Marshall Smith
kled with shells the embarktnent,
whence the Russian guns had been
firing for the pest week, but no
response to their fire was forthcoming, and it looked as if the
Russian had removed their batteries
during the night.
Soon after 7 oclock the Japanese
began to advance the distance from
the Korean to the Manchurian bank
ofthe Yalu,  which  is ,ibout two
Sale of Work.
��� rery successful sale of work,
aad musical entertainment were
1 held in the Ladner Town. Hall on
the afternoon and evening of Mon
day, 35th Aprij, under the auspices
��f tha Baptist Sewing Circle. The
booths were very tastefully arranged,and the goods displayed were of a
superior character. -. The concert in
the evening was pronounced by all
to be "par excellence',' by the large
number who attended. Those who
were dissappolflted in not getting ta
hear the excellent singing: and r.cit-
ihg will be'glad to know that there
is a possibility of Uie.perfoxuers who
were all Nanaimo people with one
exception ret^miug Jatej'.pu in the
ICtwton,  - ' ��� ��� ' ' *��� ���*
 passed on over the hills. One column 1
of soldiers who hud been almost j
two days without rest, was trudg-1
ing down the river towards a bend,
where the Japanese gunboats were
shelling the Russian works. At 9
o'clock a solitary soldier, climbing
ahead o( his comrades, unfurled a
huge Japanese flag on the face of
the topmost Russian fort on a ridge
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ a thousand feet above the plain.
miles. Tbe Japanese spread out as! He marched back and forth across
they went forward. When they the tup, waving the banner, and
were a hundred yards from the hills ��� then> fo,. the first UraC) tbe japs on
on the Manchurian side they threw j the wans 0f wij-u brok(? the silf nce
themselves prone on the ground and j wit_, whic_ they t,.ld watched the
began volleying. In the Juwntime battle, and shouted "Banzi!" Al-
the Japanese batteries shelled the!re.,dy fpotsore soldiers and pack
hills. The Russians could be seen ' trains were streaming into the
at intervals where the shells were Jdnod by every road, and to-night
exploding, hurrying in small squad- ��� tlle e���tjre Japanese army will be in
rons along the hills. The stretches Mauchuna, Official estimates of
ofthe road made fine targets for the Japanese casualties are not given
the Japanese gunners. A fierce Lttti but -the cdfresp'ondent Slaw 3B0
fire was concentratul 011 one open. J<priese and 70 Russian wounded
space, half the shells thrown burst- j in oue g^y hospital.
Raspberry Vinegar, a delighttul
summer drink���City Bakery.
The Baud is somewhat inconvenienced by the sickness of tbe
leading cornetist, F. Land, who is
laid up,'with a7 whitlow: on the
thumb of his left hand. He is in
tbe bauds of Dr. King and hopes
to be af work in a.tew days.
��� Just What You. Need.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Uver
Tablets are fust what yoii need
When constipated; when you have
UQ: appetite, feel dull aft^r eating
s*pd wake'up with a bad. taste, in
I the mouth. They will improve
your appetite, cleanse and invigorate
your stomach and give you a relish
for your; food.���For sale by F. J.
__   ing over a small area with wonder
W. H. Taylor has replaced   his',ul Prec*s'��n.   There was a perfect
old shop by a new one, which is
quite an improvement. Mr. Taylor is adding a bicycle department
for the sale, renting and repairing
of the two-wheeled horse.
���It is the intention of the Vancouver Jockey Club to hold a stake
race at its September weeing for
British Columbia-bred 'Wear old
colts and fillies, tre' or pace, best
two in three heats. The conditions
ar�� as follows: Sweepstakes of $25
each, payable $3 with entry, on or
before June 1st; (5 on. or before
July 1st. $5 on or before August 1st
and the balance, $���<*,, from starters
The club will add #200. Entries
to be made to the Secretary.
Cheques, drafts or orders for entry
money to be made payable to the
Va-jcwra* Jockey Club, Limited.
shower of puffs of white smoke at
this place, and the observers could
see the work of an occasional shell
as,it dug a great hole in the earth
and scattered quanities of rock.
Still the Russians remained silent.
I    Improvement
The addition to the Delta Hotel,
' which is Hearing completion, will
I make it one of the best equipped
; on the Fraser River.    Mr. Welsh,
stock running at large.    Received
and filed.
From A. E. White, secretary of
New Westminster Board of Trade,
r,e snagboat Samson, requesting cooperation of Council in calling tke
government's attenion to the fact
that the river is without a snag*
boat. Received and Clerk instructed to communicate with Aulay
From Capt. Pittendrigth, coroner,
re body found drowned off Annacis
Island.    Received and iPed.
From Marshall Smith, presenting
a largely signed petition requesting
the return of the dredge King Edward VII. Resolved that the request of the petition be complied
On motion the Reeve and Clerk
were authorized to withdraw the
sum of $3,500 from the savings
bank and loan same to |C.. W. London.    Carried.
Under the head of Kttfinished
business the matter of a wharf for
Annacis Island was brought up and
referred to Coun. Embree to investigate and report at next meet*
Re gravel to be delivered by the
V. T. R. Laid over for a* fuU
On motion Couns. Embree,
Holmes, McKenzie and Davie were
appointed a committee to investigate the matter otf crashed rock
and quarry and report at next
The following accounts were or-
jdered paid aud cheques issued:
Ma.tfball .Smith, $8.75;; B. C
(Gazette, $3.50; Capt. Pittendrigh,
I$5; A. S. Leslie, $60; Sam Kee,
$46.30; G. Ormiston, $65; Mra.
Fenton, $15.; N. A- McDiaj;mid_
Council adjourned to May 14, at
2 p.m.
There was no answering lire Irom j tlie genial proprietor, was in West-
them until the first Japanese line1 minster, last week purchasing car-
was within a few hundred yards of pets and furnishings for the annex,
the river bank. Then sharp vol-} and under his superintendence we)
leys burst almost simultaneously j may rest assured everything will be
from several trenches and the at- ��� first-class. The view from the new
tacking Japanese found themselves! bedrooms, up and down the mighty
uuder a heavy and continuous fire j Fraser, is a grand one and the
at easy range from covered positions; lucky occupants will be entitled to
high above them I breathe in the health giving ozone
They lay  behind  the  sand  hil-| which is  wafted   in from the Gulf. , .,���  w awlc ��� 8l���lgot ���
locks, replying bravely and hotly to j Mr. and Mrs. Welsh have, by their I a string and handed me a dollaj
the hre, while their own bakeries kindly courtesy and attention to saying, 'give mc another bottle of
pumped   shells   over theit   heflds. | their guests, secured  a  public pat-
A Farmer Cured of Rheumatism.
"A man living on a farm near
here came in a short time ago completely doubled up with rheumatism.
I handed him a bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm and told him to
use it freely and if not satisfied after
using it he need not pay a cent for
it," says C. P. Rayder. of Pattens
Mills, N. Y. "A few days later he
walked into the store as straight as
The Japanese officers sat on their I r on age that is very much ap*
horses or worked along the lines, j predated, and Which is evidenced
They were in no way sheltered orjby constantly increasing business.
Chamberlain's Pain Balm. I want
it in the house all the time for it
cured me.'"���For sale by F, J(
-fnuis xtbky Satuxdav.
IbmcbiMioh, ��l-00 nor yoar.
ABvnansixo a a-rns.
fl__-_l ilnttntitr I* cents per line for
ttTTS I.KrSTVD* 5 cents per line for escb
��kJL.��tInsertion. The nnmber .1 line.
J^SbTUir!H�� ���censed, .-.lines to the
H,l��� lor Cemaurei.l Advertisements tu be
kU an appliest-iea ��t tkit oBec
Keating notices io cents per Use ter e��ck insertion.
Birtk aad Deatk notice., sec., Marriages $i .a..
Anv soedal notice, tke object ef wklchl.to
��tA.t" tk. l��cu��i��ry keneSt ofenv individual
eL**mm��uy,iebe considered nn advertUement
���nd cksruednccerdingly.
All advertisements cktrged ter nntU ordered
���nt and paid tor.
������rreepoadeuce Invited en mntter. oi public
MUrert. Communication, to editor mn.t be ac-
eeaeeaied by nam. of writer, not neceMariljr
Ur publication, bnt a. evidence of food faith
���arr.itMnd.nce ntut reack tkia �������� bjr Thur.-
dey evening.
Ono. R. Mauxky,
been eclipsed. It makes one reflect oa the possibility, after all, of
what has been termed "The Yellaw
Danger!" Would it surprise you
very much to ��nd yeurself five or
six years hence parnsing war bulletins of the fallowing purport:
Hongkong,  March   16,   1910.���
The  Japanese fleet yesterday ap-
Archdeacon Pentreath pronounced
the benediction. Afterwards the
Clericus and choir were entertained
by Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Smith,
when a mast enjoyable evening
was passed. We hope they will
come again soon.
A. O.  U. W
nntTA tODOK  MO.   I., meet. Orr.
t-J   third   Tuesday* 4n_ ��noh montk ia We*
d.U'a Hall.
T. W. Una. Recorder
M  W
Wm �� ���y��ws��tto__t
"MeA e queer eeae tha other day," said
a -popular surgeon of thli city,  "and I
1. O- F.
Court 03SKO, No.   3443, meets
in I O O F   Hall, 3rd Tuesday in
each   month       VteitLttg    brethren
always    -Welcome.       C.   R. T   B
Bun ; R S,   B S  McDonald
Delta Transfer Stable
Team Work Oono at Sj&eohatiy low Prlns+m,
peered ia farce again and began, ^J?' kB0__ ^i^thw to attribute 11 te
battering   th.   bottled-���p   British  ^j^^^^^^m^e
fleet.   The battle waged incessantly   Ilka this  I was called la to perform ��� tricing bat usually very painful operation
for six hours, daring which time ........
the battleships Ariadne, Devastation, Blake, Terrible, Olytemnestiu
aad Thunderer were annk. The
Japs withdrew in perfect order!       |
J O.0 F-
��� ��� ���,����� *��*. -���*���.'* at
���ATWDAT,  MAY  14,   IQO4.
We owe an explanation, bnt no
apology to our readers for the nonappearance of the Delta "Rag" for
the past three weeks. We were up
against it. When tke doctor got
tkreugk with our head it was difficult to distinguish it from a white
acetylene gas lamp, and we didn't
Zeal at all like tke Editor of this
great family newspaper. Even
now, if thiags were more evenly
distributed ia this world af in-
nnualities, we should ba recliniag
an a downy eouck, surrounded by
faacinatiag nurses, with every
Jnxurv at anr beck and call. But
Mch is not for us. A hungry public ia clamoring for the mental food
��a weekly distribute���only $i a
yaar, if paid in advance���so even
in our shattered eonditioi we ac-
aept tke inevitable and' 'saw wood."
��� ��� ���
Wa regret te bear that the formation of a Boys' Brigade as promoted
hy Canon Hilton and A. S. Leslie
haa fallen tkrough. Both these
gentlemen bave had considerable
jexoerienc. in military life, and we
Cannot but think it is a mistake
that tka School Trustees did not
nee tkeir way to allow the scheme
to be forwarded ia the manner suggested. At a meeting of tke Trustees tkey expressed their sympathy
with tke idea, and would allow it
provided it did net interfere with
tho school hours. There is a vein
af humor, evea in achool trustees!
Waa it conscious or unconscious?
Outside of school hours, we question if the gentlemen who were interesting themselves in the matter
���would think it necessary to request
tke sanction of anybody but the
parents of tha boys! However, tbe
���scheme is now, we understsnd,
relegated to the long procession ei
the "what might havo beens." Mr.
Livingstone, we understand, was in
fcvor nf it.
*  * *
The Japo-Russo war is assuming
alarming proportions, and whether
either Powers will eventually be
(drawn into it remains to be seen
fin faturo." Tbe reports even yet
nre unreliable. If you sympathise
with Russia, take the reports which
noma from St. Petersburg. It your
sympathies are with Japan take the
reports dated from Tokyo. Both
are oBcial. This thing of getting
fwesets of reports is a great con-
jreaieace. It bears a strong family
resemblance to the parliamentary
reports of two opposing political
newspapers. There seems little
detikt, however, that the little Jap
fa on top of the Bear and intends to
���stay there. Tha Japs are giviag to
the world an exhibitioa of masterly
naeralakip,  such as has seldom
on ��� nentlomaa'* eye, and before I begem
I used oooalne tool! on She membrane.
Th* Job waa dene ia a lew mlnutea, Mtd
the patient never winced.   He Mid Im felt
nothing and wee astonished when It waa
nil over.   When I returned to nay ofloe, I
dUeMTOMd, to ar meet surprise, that tha
bottle I thought oontalned eeenlne had
_      ......  , _,    , .nothing tan) ha* dUtlllad wnter.   I bad
Bsqmmalt, April 6, 1910.���Tbe pbhed ay Mo wrong ylal by mistake, hut
t.���... a..* ���sj..1w .��,_.��,<.. eamohow the wntor did the work Just nt
Japaneae   fleet suddenly  appeared   wri,-ltagrlf.   __0w do I explain It* I
don't enplnln It at all.   Then an the
teeto.   Tennay draw your own eonolu-
������Mew Orienne Tlroos-Ponossat.
.���Tlir* rej;
Delta Lodge. >"<>
- meetings'oi thi�� Lodge arebcldj
...  Wednesday  evening at ���''p.
������. isiting Bi etbren cordially in
������-:* to attend
F. J. MacKekzik. N.O
A   W. Ouvkii. Sec.
JOSEPH sTORDAN, Pi-opfiettr.
t* Telephone " Ladner'   No   10
'*���*+���*���***>���:*���������;*-�� *i*��*j">-4~#*>��-�� *p*+ ���!���* i*-***** -
j,��s_.Q J~
-*��� ".*��-!���
off the harbor early this morning
aking a fierce attack upon the
combined Bnglisk and American
fleets, and after sinking fifteen of
the finest battleships of tbe allied
fleets steamed quietly out to ses in
good order. The total casualties of
the Japanese was a sprained ankle
to Capt. Miowao, caused by treading on a coil of rope.   Vice-Ad-
iral Sir Henry Careau, formerly
of Wadham's Cannery, escaped,
and reports tbe less of the allied
fleets as six thousand. After the
retirement of the Japanese fleet, tbe
English, after strenuous efforts,
succeeded in saving fifty cases of
champagne from the wreckage.
London, May 4, 1910.���It has
been impossible to obtain any information from the English nsval
aad military experts concerning the
foregoing despatch. A distinguished Admiral, who has heretofore
furnished many interesting explanations of the Japanese plats of
campaign, was found undot his bed,
but declined to be interviewed.
Ladner, June 10, 1910-���The remaining battleships, of the combined American and English fleets.
so it has been decided, are to suit
up the Fraser and anchor off Ladner. This will greatly facilitate
the furnishing of supplies from the
Marshall Smith stores and will also
be convenient to tbe bar of tlie
Delta Hotel.
White Horse, Jalv 15, 1910.���
Capt. R. G. W. Lloyd and Rear
Admiral Sir Lionel Cowptr hnve
conceived the happy idea of capturing three million salmon, and loading them with dynamite and a
time fuse, head the run towards the
Japanese fi**et. This is looked
upon as off-fisbal. Sir Roderick
Reid will assist in the scheme. Yes!
there can be no doubt that tbe
"Yellow Danger," regarded by
some with even flippancy, affords
ample food for most serious reflection!
��� *  *
From the number of times it has
bottled up Port Arthur and Vladi-
vostock, the Japanese fleet must be
a "corker."
e   e   o
The Clericus of the Diocese of
New Westmiaster met here on
April the 19th. Nine clergy were
present. The Clericus meets once
a month, for the reading oi the
Greek Testament and tbe discussion
of a paper read by one appoiated
to do so. Up to the last meeting,
it has always been held in either
Vancouver or Westminster, but on
the invitation of Canon Hilton the
last meeting was held here. Divine
service was held in the evening in
All Saints. Eight vested clergy
processioned with the white-robed
choir into the chancel. The service
was fully choral and the sermon
preached by Rev. F, Clinton was
listened   to   with   great   iattftnt.
A Man SlalWoadL
u��omn1 Ankle WlUianM,"
Kansas Cltv Journal, "was on n train going ap Pike's peek one dey last summer.
At tho Ulfweyhoaeeheaotof andpur*
enaaeda big bsWktoa. violets at ansa-
pooao of #10. Betnraing to tho train, he
nraeenttd oaeh woman with n beaatitul
he-4utt, though eil et the women won
atrangen. By And br the hueband et ono
of tha women came hook fccwa the amok-
lagoer.aadehoeeldtohim: 'I think thla
to the nleeet rallisoad I ever redo on. That
hrnkoman ever there vera ororr oas of ta
Horse Goods! is
Our  HaracH and Hone Vurnlahtngc '
have lone proved reliable, and they art 1 t
bailt not only for atylc but w��nr. ' ,
huqh Mcdowell, !���.
j Practical Horseshoeing
AH Kinds of Repairing(
W. H. Taylor's.
Iwould be
��� anon hlm at ��� eriweol moment.   Me
i Wto a
��� Post.
o< ��� tbrtsto rani''-**>CMauM
Ooodbr. aaaamool
Tho bllnde ere ua. and tbe window* rabbet.
Tho cat's oobm back end ts duly grabbed;
Plane groans la pale.
The tradesmen sell end present their bU_e��
The "taxes" car. wltb seme ether Uie���
Bseaaso we're heme again.
-Plok Ho TJ��.
"I thought you and tho vinegar were
aa euoh good tsrms," sold the Spanish
OUto to tbe siloed .nee.robar.
"We were," sadly replied tho Utter,
"until he eonred on mo."���ClerreUued
Plain Dealer.
Vhe oat and beetjeek almost met.
She dodged end yelled with glee.
"Young man. I bet
You'll need tbat yet,       !���������
Then yeu'B nmunbir me."
���Detroit Free Pieee.
Notary Publio,
Ladner, B. O.
Purch.tl.t Agcet
Brackman-Ker Milling Co.
Stokes A Cullis
and,POEK    KY US.
W��?��that�� Strt'Pt, j.svrnt*.^
itc����gsttf^^_E1*g^ ,. ��� ��%k
Gents' Cloihirxc),
Hats h rumishingsS]
yMJNe*ssj^o��4>��e-��iMOs^o<flh��.<), ����^.�� ��;-�����"{'^��~>
Boomed to Pollwsw.
Toobee���Se tSliiRger her turned detest*
Ive, bee her   Well, be will not suooeed.
Arnott���Why not?
Toobee���lie wou't bo able to keep his
mouth sbnt. Housed to be a pugilist 1���
Up to Date.      	
���ts Bi'Tt.o.
Be told her ha could not aurrtve <
If the paths they tred must lie apart-.
She epurned him���yet ha'a still ally**,
And that's the thing that breaks ber
NUMy WHSTMiN'STE!'..   .--���  at c
Mauufadurcm ol ill loud*, ol
Soda   Wattjr, Ginger
Aie *.tn<4 Summer
Vonr patrotiajfe solicited
������**>���*��*��>>�����������> ������*>
���Chicago News,   f
A Bleeonrngrtas Ontlaak.
"Tbat hey next dear who is learning to
piny ths cornet luuks .onaumpilre." j
"Yes, but you ft.ustn'1 count too mueh - j
w tbat.   The everetio eg�� of munlciiirn la
mid to as ����� yoan."���Ctovetand Plain,
60 YRARfi'
Bo's tho Wmt
Ton Hoeber has tbe Menbeet tow
On thle terrestrial bell,
���trls who snap their kodaks et hlm
.Ban'! get nngthlng et all.
���Cbiostsge ReeeM.
At AH Pleea.
Bewt line of Boats & Shoes in ToytilI
St? pie l)t:
to Suit Every one.
>wfo rit Lowest Prices
erson a
an a������enaeaBi raw asaewl
Fashion StabSes - TAILORING
A Otoova Plan.
MI wonder why artists ass ohrsf-s ra
rareful to sign their pieturotl"
Possibly so's tho publls ana toil
W MstrepolKhnv
*. ..run. Mnilag a >t.et��k uddjmlnNOTimn*
'-��lr uwun o.t ontek�� freejrletkae an
��� -ntlon ir probakly seter
.������triMiyeoaldonualsL--, _-_   ,
t rrM. Olimt aew^jrirneuiGrwaoot^
��i��>ie tokOT tlroaak MnuFKrooolv.
MtWstsiM, wtikoaMfcam, lathe
$cknflflc jHKricjia.
leesrpereted Itet.
OAPIT.alL, 53,000,000.      RESERVE, $3,000,000
A General Banking Businsss Transacted.
Savings Department
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
NOVA SCOTIA���Halifax, An-
tigonista, Bridge water, Guysboro,
Londonderry, Louislturg, C. B.;
Lunenburg, Maitlaud, Pictou, Port
Hawkesbury, Sbubenacadie, Sydney, C.B.; Sydney, Victoria Road;
Truro, Weymouth, Amherst.
ONTARIO ��� Ottawa, Toronto,
QUEBEC ��� Montreal. Montreal
West End, Montreal Westmount.
Bathnrst, Dalhousie, Dorchester,
Predericton, Moncton, Newcastle,
Rexton, Sackville, Woodstock. BA-
BRITISH COLUMBIA ��� Vancouver, Vancouver East End. Grand
Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland,
Victoria, Chilliwack, Ladner.
���Charlottetown, Summerside.
CUBA ��� Havana, Santiago de
Republic. Wash.
Trucking and Draying.
Livery work of all kinds at*
t.-'ide*. to pr-oniptly.
Wm* Alexander
Ladner, B.C.
I wsolwHBaM AlwVf^VdJ. ���
Tin*i left at W. L. MsBrUcs store and A. Wa j
kor'ssiidW a. UcCltfUa's harbor nkop WiUI
eallttd ��m-mi Meaday tad retnraarl on Sotnrday j
���DIALSR IH*���
Bicycles, Paras Implements, Hard*
warn, Coal, Coal Oil, ft QanoUan.
Agent for tke McCormick lCackiaa
and Binder Twine.
Manufacturer of Wooden Puma*..
AU Kinds of Ropairiag. Panacrs'
Scales. Auctioneer.
W. N. Draper,
rnotrorciAL Ubb bvbybtbb
Boom i. SMerd Meek, new Weotmh
nniTtaa cotunaiA
wit n mi) n
(Westminster Branch)
Time Table
Care leant Westminster lor Vameavcr at %$���
and t.j. a.m. aad koarly thereafter   nntil i
m.; aatnrdfcys and Snndsy. at ic p.m.
Care leave Vaaeenvor Sn- Weetaalaators el is.
and (.je a. m. aad hoerly thereafter anntt m p.
a,; Satardaysand Snaday. at II p.m.
Wt rka SraVctaM freight cars betweoe West*
ntlneter aad Vaacenver and alt aWpanateare
kaadltd witk tke ntwett ears asd delivered to
consignee witkent delay. Special eueatlea paid
le fruit aMpawntt. Onr wagons meet all beats
and trains.   Por rates, ele. apply to
D   4. SHILtU, P. A. CtOVHa
TraSlc Bgr. -.ami Mgr.
nretuaiaeter. a. C
BUTTtRPAfll. wvKe6na,j
n�� nu i fEiwflL
Time Table.
IN EFFECT MAY i. 1904.
No. 1���Leaves Victoria at 7 km
arrives at Gaickon 11:30 and at Near '
Westminster, ap.m.
No. a���Leaves New Westminster at t p.m., Guichon, 3 p. at,.
arriving at Victoria 7:20 p.m.
 *****      'ii   >
H. K? WRIGHT, Manager.     -     LA-DNER. B. C
the Delta times, Ladner (���'���������
rr 1    1    an. 11   11 n     inie i  iiTTs^    min '���!***>  .	
Boat msstjr. la this tenglad abets
Of life* worrying thooght
ftat ooaudfeata* tho kinks of pain
And flj-ton. up sack knot.
Bake will tho master et yoo** mead.
Throngh anxious tear aad doubt
Bo peace, ne pleasure, aad ao feed
Was oyer brought about
fiua't worry.   Do tbe best yea ess
Aad let hops conusor earo.
Be mare lo asked ol any maa
Than be bos strength te beor.
Ike book le tdtad ter tbe toed.
Toon bardoasatt were planned
Aad it yon sing along the rood
Kind fate will load e head.
Ben't worry, .fortaae ls a dame
Ton havo to woo with smiles.   .
Whate'er bar mead, yon meat not
Wur er|tiotee ber wiles.
Brast God In shadow and ba saa,
And lock will some year wey,
Bat never sloes old tlms began
Has worry wen tbe dey.
Wheeler Wlloac in Tosth'e
���ow strange tbef era, these memories
at the peat, whloh bannt one's brslns so
persistently that one cannot net rid of
-them, this all happened as long yge, ee
Btr back' lo tbo past, *th��t I canoe, u.-der-
atand bow it is that tt should roiaalr ��
��ieerly_lzod In my mind.
I "have soon so many terrible things slnee
' dken and heel so many sad experiences
Skat It seems strange Indeed tbat not n
single day shonld pass without my seeing
spoor Bore Cloohette'. face Just as shs was
when I was a were ohild ef id or IS years
��������������*.   . ..
_Um was a sawing woman who nssd to
���some te ua erory Tuesday, for the whole
' day, to mend the linen. Onr homo waa
��ns of thoso old eonatry pines* whloh people sail a ibitisn, hut wbiek waa In reality Just na old feehioacd house with a
pointed roof nmd with low or ire little
���Otuges grasipad rr net it.
The vlllaa* was jute a lew hundred
fUds.auray bote car **aa% a number of
little houses bail* aanawg to* red brick
���buroh, whloh was nearly Mack With ago.
���very Tiieodar morning Mere Clecherte
arrived at onr koaoe between *:SS and T.
Jibe always want straight ap skein lata
-the sewing aoom and oontaieneed work at
��aoe She was a tall, opal* woman, while
. Iter eyebrows warn sa long and bushy that
Ska? looked liko musmobes over her eyes.
Qbe limped in w< viking, but aot In tbo
enme way at an ordinary cripple. Sho was
snore like a boat at snebor, for when bar
long, bony body waa mating on her sound
lag she took*! m tkongk she were just
about te mako p plunge, la order to reaeh
She toped soma hugs warn, and than sad-
dUnly she would dososnd ne tkongk aa
ahyss had opened aadsr hor feet. She always reminded mo of n storm at asa when
nke walked, as oho ssnmod to rock about,
��ad ths string* ef her Mg white oap would
Bent about win. *v*_r moToment ehe made.
I simply adored Bora Otoohetto, and ee
O*on as ! wa* dressed la the morning I
always went straight ap to th* sewing
Oodtt, when* I found hat busy at work,
4em.0rte.lr inetelled with a feat warmer.
Bhe would mako me sit down on the toot
warmer, a* that I toon Id not toko cold In
the largo room, aa It was Just under tk*
asof aad Tory chilly in winter.
Bh* used to tell m* Steele* while tk*
���sUratd tha Itooa with htr Vang, bent fla*
pen. whloh merod sn nulekly book ward
and fefw.vrd. Bar *y*a, whieh I only saw
through ber big epectatles, seemed to m*
������ be hotmu, aad tbey always looked
40 dam and. full af aajromtoa. From
What I ��M nmnemlmr of th* thlnga eb*
sued te teM as* and Whloh Interested me
ee mnab et the timo ska. mute have base a
Simple minded, kind hearted woman. Mb*
would tell soo all the e-eau* of th* villain,
dh* story *f *.e*w whloh had got ont of IB
��**d, and whloh had been teund ia th*
sneralng iteadlag in Beat of Prosnei
aUlM'twlndm.11 watshlnp tho salt* golpg
-���'    Thanlroa>amh��r��s*��rr *h* toll
sue -Moos ��� Mat oggtratua swo uoos
Sound in the church steeple, and no one
hadMser dlsoowatf what hamoouldhaw
got ��m Shore. Than there was ibe history
of (the faithful dog .owned by Jean Piles.
HI* adaster'a trousar* had boon stolen, and
ths .dog had traced the thief and brounht
tmpjk tbe trousers, wbich the guilty maa
had hung on to the handle of his door to
dry .during thc night after baring been
sought In a thunderstorm.
Bhe told nie these at surd stories In such
aa Impressive way it bat thoy fixed them*
sal*** oa my memory like veritable
dramas and mysterious poems. Theolever
stories Invented by celebrated autbori
wbich my mother used to tell tne in th*
���tunings did not seem to me any thing Ilk*
bo (thrilling and wonderful as those related rby the poor peasant woman.
One Tuesday, after spending ail th*
mt>rnlng listening to Mere tClochette's
tales, I had been with one of Abe servants
to ths woods jute near th* Nolrpre farm.
*Ke had been gathering nuts, and I onn renumber everything as olearly as though It
had all happened yesterday.
As soon as I reaohed boma I ran ap
stein to the sewing room, and, do my horror, on opening th* door, I sew poor old
Mere Cloohette lying full length on th*
Boor, her face downward, her arms stretched out holding her needle clinched between
the fiiig-re of oue hand and a little garment oi wine in the other. I oan remember now noticing htr blu* stockings snd
her spectacles, whloh had rolled against
tbe wall as she (ell.
1 rushed down stain, shrieking a* I
srent, and my mother and tb* servants
were soon with my poor old friend. Presently I heard them saying that she was
dead, and I shall never forget tbe terrible,
heartrending grief I felt, child though I
���was. I ran away quietly into tho big
drawing room, and, hiding In a .dark corner, I knelt down by a low armchair and,
burying my head ln a cushion, cried bitterly until I was tired out with my em*-,
tlon. I must hav* been there along timo.
for it began-to gat quite dark.
Presently tbe door opened, and ooms
sua came in wltb a lamp, and Just aftor
my father and mother entered th* room
With the doctor. They did not see we aad
00 oontinned their eonvoreotioa. Be was
explaining to my parents what Bed caused
an* poor old-woman's deatk i did net
understand anything about it, hut 111s-
teaed te bis words all the sams. Home refreshments wero brought In, aad the doctor took a glass of wine and a biscuit. R*
stent on talking all tbe timo, and what
ho said I have never forgotten and never
shall forget to my dying day. 1 believe 1
ana remembee th* very ward* be used.
"Poor old woman," he said, "shs was
the flrst patient I had her*. <_h* broke hor
. leg th* very day of my arrival, and I had
only just bad tim* to wash my hand*
after, my journey in th* coach when I wa*
fetcfaod to bAr, a* It wa* a eurlous case,
wost serlout _n fact She wa* juet 17
thus, and a very pretty girl, very pretty
indeed sbe wes. You would scarcely hav*
thought H pOMlbie. would youf   At ta
bar story, why, I Bar* never told any on*
about it, and, wjth she exception of on*
other person who Is no longer living her*,
no on* ha* ever known It. Now that shs
ttdtad It does not matter If I tell yon.
inst before my arrival here a young man
had come to this parish as assistant schoolmaster. He was vary handsome and hod
qtdte a military look about Mm, so that
aB tho girls way* soon la lov* with him.
Be pretended to he perfectly indifferent,
but the foot wo* h* *tood tn great aw* of
hi* principal, PereOrabu, who wo* rather
giv*n to getting out of bed the wrong aid*
and making thing* nncomfortabl* for every mm on tha slightest pretext. Th*
7-onng assistant lived at tbe sohoolmastar'*
house, and it wo* ther* that he saw Bartons*, th* pretty eeanptr***, whom th*
villagers always called Cloohette after her
ncoldent. He made love to her, and ths
poor, girl was no doubt flattered to think
that shs should thus be sought out by the
handsome young schoolmaster wbo had
turned the heads of all tha village girls.
"In a very short Urns shs was quite devoted to him, and a* it wa* Impossible to
stwenang* ��no*s inew * <*# nanny mora.
With her lever on tbe day* whon ah* woe
working at Pore Grabu'a berate, shecon-
aented to meet him on* evening In the
loft over tb* schoolroom. When herday'i
work was .over, she watched her opportunity, and instead of leaving the house she
just mounted the staircase loading to the
%ett and waited thore, hiding behind some
bandies of hay, far her lover. He soon
Joined her, but they had not been there
.many mlnuta* wben the door opened and
Pere himself entered the loft,  i
"/What ore you doing up here, Slgis-
bertf' asked tho sobwltnastor. Th* young
��nan felt that there was no escape for hlm.
And he answered in a dosed way:
" 'I just came to lie down and have a
east, M. Orabu."
'���The loft wae avert- large one, and It
reas absolutely dark. Slglshert pushed tbe
ptrang girl along, whispering to her
'Bids yourself; don't let him se* you. Oat
awny somehow or I shall lose my altua
"Th* schoolmaster thought ho heard
somo whispering.
" 'Who is up her* with youf Tan an
net alone I' he called out.
" 'Yes, M Orabu, I am quit* alone,
answered .Slgisbert
" 'No, you are not I heard you talking
to acme cise.'
" 'I swear I am atone. If. Qraba,' answered tlie young maa.
" TU find that out for myself,' sold tbe
aid man. Whereupon Be went out again,
looked tke door from the outside and da-
Mended the staircase Is search ei * candle
"The young man, who waa a veritebli
aoward, wa* perfectly furious now and
too sxolted to know what ho was saying
���r doing.
" 'Hide yourself, I tall yon,' be sold to
th* poor girl. 'I (hall loot my situation,
and all through you. By whole life will
be mined by you. Hide yourself, ean't
"Just at that moment they heard th.
k*y being pnt into the look again.
"HorteiiM ran to tlie little wlndor
which looked out on the street. She open
ed lt quickly, and then, in a low, resolute
voice, she sold:
" 'When he go** away, you will asm*
round and pick in* up, won't youf
"Without waiting ter any reply ah*
sprang out af th* window. Pere Ornbu
wo* vary muob surprised to find that Slgisbert was alone, and ha soon went down
stairs again. A quarter of an hour later
tbe young man earn* and told ro* th*
whole story. Th* poor girl was lying by
���the wall and oould net stir. Sbe bad fall
an from the aaooad etory. It was raining in torrents. I went with If. Slgisbert, and we brought Hortecss to my
house with her tag broken in three plate*,
and ih* boa* hod eonie through th* skin
Bhe mode no complaint, bnt just, murmured in a resigned tone, 'It sre*my own
tault���lt I* just, my punishment/
"I sent for a woman to eom* and bums
her, and than mat for her parents, te
whom I mod* up a story about a hore*
that had taken fright and a carriage running over th* poor girl just near my door.
Ivory one believed my *tory, and th* police were engaged for about �� month in
trying to And ont the owner of the runaway hone.
"Tbat is too story, ���*��," said the old
doctor, "and I maintain that that woman
warn heroin*. Elbe n*v��r bad another
tov* affair, hut died an eld maid. I moan
to aay that woman waa sublime. 8b*
waa jute ft martyr, and lt Is beeeueo af my
great admiration for her that I havo told
rou her (tory now.   Daring her lifetime
would net** hav* breathed It to any
Heeel*ago*d_sSory of tho^oloa*. *f *
regiment wbo **���* going to retire. Tb*
���soldier*, who all liked him, subscribed together and bought itim a beaatUul siltw
jug.  ���;.:;.<* -^��
Aa old sergeant was appointed to make-
th* premutation, and also to make a long
speech, which he was to learn off by heart.
When the appointed - time arrived, th*
colonel waaeltting at ��table wttB waw
Th* sergeant cam* rolling up to Oh*
table, wltb a very, confused look, aad So
the astonishment ef all present he stain-
"He-heiVe tha jug," heading it to th*
colonel, who waa *o duuifounded that h*
stammered out. "Oh, ie M" ���
E. L. Kirkland
BBdJt. aWAKE .ft ��� ���        !.
la Anotkar Light,   .
Hits Ftehartop-p (to eportamaa, wh* I* i
aablblttag hie day's sbooiiug)���Oh, how j
oould yo* kill these dear, pmttr blrdsf   I
think ltd* posltivsly croBI
Sportsman���I suppose pen know the**
te a great demand for than tar hat emut-
Blm ��**b*rtopp���Oh. of coarse, B It'*
M case of necessity, it ls perfectly sasuts-
Mo.���Boston Transcript.
Bulla* t'����act��r At Wooda.
Berniaa figures credit varies* wood*
With th* following heating eapaolties:
Linden, 1; fir, .IM**, elm and pina, .01;
willow, oheetaut and lamb, .ST; map!*
and spruce, .M; black poplar, .M; alder
and white biruh, .Sd; oak, ,SS; locate tend
Whits beech, Jl, and red bimh. .OS.���
BaltUnar* American.
Deeds, Wills, Leased, Agreements
and. Partnerships drafted and prepared psasstrptly.
fiiil it i���Tit ate
.li       WVOS3WAX*
'>t'i.\ i, ej ,L_i_s ml. .- ���.
Vegetables ��-
W, A. Kkiklajid.
A const��nt*at��pr|rv .of Good Hilfc
-Cows  for  private tf.ant.iios or See
dairy use on hand, nlap
Ottcai Next door to Or. King's.)   30 Head YoUOf Stodt
Bod CaartUc     .
"Do you court an inva*Hg*M*af" inquired thc Intarvicwer.
"Well," mid Senator Sorghum atowly,
"I don't exactly like th* pkraa*. I'm
���rillin to most an investigation if olieaat-
atanoes make It neceesary. But I ain't
aaakla tov* to it. "���Washington Star.
Tk.r Be H lemittBisM.
Ch* Spinster Ban���I shall never maty
anyea*. '
Th* Bachetor Bald���But psahapa atsna
ana will marry you.���Detroit tttee P'wss.
Tb* oatflt of an oyster tongs man's must
���assists Of a pair of rakes, a pair ef tongs,
a pair of nippers, a cutting beard, ante
���oiling hammer*, a couple erf hatf bash*!
h**fc*t* aad an Iron half bushel.
Th* triangular bridge at Croytond, f in-
���alnshlre, is tbs oldest bridire in Eoglaud
aad on* of th* greatest eurlosivte*.
Having entered onr new ipreaiiaas
we have opened up n large ronsign-
ment of NEW GOODS. Whk a
better opportunity of displaying
our jpopeVt we cordially invite war
patrons to call aad inspect
Tk* *M doctor said ao uo**. By
math** was drying, and my father said
something which I dldnotofcteh. Pr**-
���otly tbey all want out of th* room again,
and'I *toid there kneeling by the low
bitterly, until at last I
armchair sobbing .,, ._...��. __���_
heard a strsnge eound of heavy footstep*
aad of MOMthlng  being carried  down
1 Vb* young man With tb* mrntary -anl-
farm bod bmn tolling af bta hardship* and
dwalt with yrtloulu* emphasis aa th* ra-
Stent. He wo* tloqusntly Indlaaaat, whea
hi* mother Interrt -tod.
"Ronald, people wh* heer yum might
think y*u do uot lev* pott* ooantry."
"Ye*, Z do low* my counter," he answered, ''and I'm willing to overlook
faults, but I'm blessed If I e*a gees for
** to prnlse It* eooklag."���Waahlagtaa
Throagrh Thlek tte Thiaw
Phsy are with ua again, tho brave laddies
. in blue.
And we welcome them sll with a win,
V-. we'll kelp them forget all ike wee,
��.��� weal through
Where th* battle notes eohe aad thrill
Aad II'* thankasl w* are there's ao greater dismay
As wc gasc en each centuerlng treep:
Tbey are with ue again from Ike thlek ��d
tht fray
And the tain ef tkt coffee and cox p.
-New York Truth.
__H_aSW _.___*.
Fine Boots,
Shoes *
Best Goods, Lowest Prices
Ths* waa taking poor Cteehetto away.
��� th* Pnenoh of Oaf da Banpoa-
n*. 1. ���( Coarse. 11
Parson���Even tha hairs of your llttto \ j
head or* numbered, Freddie.
Preddle (pulling cut a hair)���Wlmt
nam ber I* thtef ��� Philadelphia Narth
Amerloaa. ,
Custom   Work a Specialty.
Grand Prize Drawing
Dry Ooods Store,  Ladner
I    '!
Evcrr Cash Purchaser of One Dollar's Worth of Dry Goods is entitled to one Ticket for the following 20 Valuable .Prizes:
Lady's Gold "Watch,        - $20.00
French Clock,         -         - 10.OO
Forty Yards Roll Matting, 8.00
1 Bolt Flannelette,             - 7.00
1 Pair Lace Curtains,        - 5.00
ltd.?* WaDrins fifcrt,      . 5.00
���Lady's Dress Length,
1 Pair Portieres,
Rocking Chair,
Muslin Dress Length,
1 Pair Lace Curtains,
Muslin Dress Length,
1 Basel,
$4*oo 1 White Spread,     -
3*5�� 1 Colored Bed Spread,
3*50 Lady's Under Skdrt.
3-oo Lady's White Blouse,
3-oo 1 Bed Quilt.
3*oo 1 Pair Pillow 9haiji%
Sunday, May 22nd, Is Whit-Sunday.
scription so that tbe "work, can be
properly done and give satisfactien
to all interested.
_ Remedies.
,.��.*___�� r. . die. ��o ��^a,cS��.M.
lag Cough. Price 25 cents; targe sise 50a.
Ice Cream and Ice Cream Sod
at the City Bakery.
Vancouver this week.
W. H. Ladner returned, Thursday, from a trip to Westminster.
Choice    Salted    Sodas    (Long
Branch Brand)���City Bakery.
Jas. Jordan and W. Pybus were
passengers to Westham Island on
Wednesday afternoon.
The contract for the erection ot
the Anglican vicarage has been
awarded to Patterson & Shortreed.
Work will be pushed at once.
Mrs. Crisp, of Vancouver, accompanied by Miss Chrissie Smith,
paid a visit to Ladner this week.
Mrs. Crisp returned on Thursday.
John Fraser's sale of stock took
place on Tuesday, in the field next
to John MacKenzie's residence,
when very fair prices were realized.
Thursday being Ascension Day
divina service was held in All
Saints Church in the morning at 11
o'clock. The boys'.clj.oir was present.   '
About the middle of June the
City Bakery will open a store at
Boundary Bay, carrying afulls.tock
of campers supplies- in the grocery
Mrs. H. J. Kirkland, accompanied by her daughter Olga, hits bean
been visiting at Chilliwack during
the past two weeks, returning home
on Wednesday.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy.
Vat Bowel Complaints.   Price 33 cents.
Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
An antiseptic liniment especially valuable for Cuts, Bruises, Sprains and Rheumatism.   Price as cents; large size 50 cents.
Chamberlain's Stomach and
LiTer Tablets.
For Disorders of the Stomach, liver
and Bowels.   Price 35 cents.
Every one ol these preparations
is guaranteed and if not fully satisfactory to the purchaser the
money will be refunded.   .
The death occurred at Boundary Bay on Thurday lrght of Wm.
Taskar, one of the oldest settlers in
this part of the country. ��� Th*
cause of death was paralysis. The
late Wm. Taskar waa- born in the
north of England in 1834,. \ and
when quite a young man he left the
Old Country for New Zealand.
From there he came to British Columbia, and in '73 he settled back'
of the present town of Ladner.
There he farmed for years till, not
very long ago, he moved out Boundary Bay way, where ht was living
at the time of his death. He was
Councillor for Ward 4 and was
much respected by all who knew
him. The deceased was unmarried.
The funeral took place this morning at 10 o'clock from bis late residence.
Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Ladner,
after a fortnight's visit at Santa
Crus, California, have gone on. to
the St. Louis Exhibition. They
expect to return about the end of
King's Birthday.
As the meeting held on this day
last year was so successful and so
well attended in spite of the in
clement weather, we understand
that a committee consisting of
Messrs. R. Moffit. W. H. Smith,
W. Livingstone, P. Shirley and F.
J. Green has been appointed to
again try and carry out a programme af sports to be held at the
Delta Agricultural Society grounds
on Sattuday the 25th June next,
which is the day appointed to celebrate the King's Birthday.
The committee do not propose to
ask for any subscriptions for the
sports but intend to rely entirely
upon the gate receipts to pay all
the prizes and hope that everybody
Will patronize the meeting so that it
may become an annual fete day at
Ladner. As this day comes whilst
the farm work is not very pressing,
it gives all the community a chance
to enjoy a holiday previous to commencing handling the hay crop.
. The sports will include trotting
and running races for horses and
ponies, a bicycle race for men for a
challenge cup to be won twice by
tne same person, bicycle and foot
races for boys, also a lacrosse
match between local teams for a
challenge cup to be won twice by
tbe same team...
It is also proposed to put the
race track in gaod order for this
event aad for tbe exhibition later
On if possible, and as the committee is short of the necessary funds,
it is thought advisable to ask the
public to assist with a small sub-
The futieral took place to the
Oddfellows' Cemetery, Westminster, yesterday, oi Robt. Reece,
who died at Woodward's Lauding
on Wednesday.
Ladner lost one of her most popular citizens when Thos. W. Foster
and family left here on Thursday,
the 5th inst., for Los Angeles, Cal.
Mr. Foster had been a resident of
this town for about six years and
his departure was regrettec. by a
large circle of friends. Mr. and
Mrs. Foster and family have our
best wishes for a happy and prosperous life in their new home.
A very appropriate serenade was
played by tha Ladner Cornet Band
in front of Mr. Foster's residence
on the Tuesday previous to his departure. Mr. Foster had been a
member of the Band since it first
started and was one of their best
men, his E flat Tuba will be hard
to replace. Anyoae listening to
the sad, sweet music ol the serenade could not doubt tbe high regard in which Mr. Foster was held
by his comrades and their regret at
his leaving them. The Bandsmen
were entertained by Mrs. Foster
after the serenade was over, and in
the course ot the evening presented
Mr. Foster with a gold locket as a'
keepsake and reminder of the many
pleasant days spent together.
Five Calves, between 8 and 10
mopths old���2. BullCalves. (1 red,
1 red and white): 3 Heifer Calves
(2 red and 1 black dnd white).    >
Information leading to the re*
co'very of the above will be rewarded.
1    - Ladner,
To Be a Swell Affair-
Committees Appointed
for the Several Departments.
A public meeting was held in the
Town Hall, on Tuesday evening,
for the purpose of arranging for a
May Pay celebration. P. Shirley
was voted to tke chair and E. A.
Bown received the appointment of
It was, on motion, decided that
the celebration be held on the Agricultural Society's grounds, on Friday, the 20th inst. It was also decided, .that the children assemble on
the grounds at 1 o'clock.
On motion it was decided that
the Band have charge of the celebration, assisted by a committee of
citizens; also that the collecting be
taken up by the school children.
The fallowing committees were
Refreshments ��� Mesdames Rich,
Stainton and Miller.
Sports���Messrs. W. A. Kirkland,
F. J. MacKenzie, and J. T. Pollock.
Decoration���Mesdames Lanning,
W; A. Kirkland and Misses Caiss
and Davis.
It was decided to have a maypole
dance and Messrs. Stainton and W.
H7Smith were appointed to secure
and erect tha poles necessary.      >  ���
The meeting adjourned at about
io o'lock.
The various committees in charge
of the May Day celebration afa requested to.meet in the Town Hall
on Tuesday at 8 p.m. to make final
arrangements for the celebration.
By a Persistent Cough, but Permanently Cured by Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
Mr. H. P. Burbage, a student at
law in Greenville, S. C, had been
troubled for four or five years, with
a continuous cough which he says,
"greatly alarmed me, causing me
to fear tbat I was in the first stage
of consumption." Mr. Burbage
having seen Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy advertised, concluded to
try it. Now read what he says of
it: "I soon felt a remarkable
change arid, after using two bottles
of the twenty-five cent site,, was
permanently cured."���Sold by F.J.
Holy Communion, 1st and 3rd
Sundays, at 11 a.m. Other Sundays at 8.30 a.m.
Morning prayer, 11 a.m.
Evensong, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10 a.m., Friday
evening, Litany and choir practice.;
Rev. Canon Hilton, vicar.
Reverend Father Edm. Peytavm,
O.M. L Services first and third
Sunday of each month at 10:30 a m
Services next Lord"* Day at 11
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sabbath School at 2 p ro every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Wednesday evening at 7.30
Rev. A. N. Miller, pastor..
Services next Lord's Day at 3 p. m
Sabbath School at 2 p m    Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
Thos. Oswald, minister.
Service every Lord's Day evening at 7:30 o'clock.
Services conducted by
Rev. L. E. Tranter.
���MOTI.CE In hereby given that, alxty (6��) daya
*���" after the date of thia notice, I intend to
make application to the Honourable tbe Chief!
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase all that portion of the southeast quarter of Section II, Township 5. New
Westminster District, which forms a lagoon or a
mud flat at Boundary Bay, which has not already been Crown granted, and which contain!
so acres, more or leas.
Ladner, B. C, 30th March, 1904.
Buff   Orpingtons:    Pure   Bred,
$2.00; Grade, 75c. per setting.
For Sale.
A good strong 3-incb tire Wagon
-Price $?5.   Apply   .
Ladner, B. C.
Teas!   Teas I
Mrs W. S. Livingstone wishes
to inform, her customers that she
has just received a fresh supply of
McRAE & Co
A full line of English and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept in stock.
This Space
Ocean Dock
You can not gejt better bargains than at Port Guichon.
We keep the best stock of everything that is needed for the
general public.     Call or send*in your order and we guaraa*-
tee satisfaction.
Telephone 5.
Have You Seen the
Propless Treeprop
They Are IT.
W.   J.   Brandrith
* ��� "i     8
Buggies, Carts A Democrats
Also a full line of Ploughs,  Harrows,  Drills, Randle Harrows  with
Seeder Attached.
Q. T. BAKER'S Ne* a^ssst.
Carriage Painting, Building and All Kinds 0/
Repairing Executed Promptly.
���   1 ���Haw
at tbe People's Grocery
We Want your Business aad it will pe to Your
Interest to Give it To Us. WE WILL
TREAT YOU RIGHT, and Our Prices as
well as Quality is Guaranteed
:      - .
..    .
... .-        ..' '   .     " ; ;
S.V-'s     "i-.-S's-Jf
C A. Welsh
Call and See
Our Steel Frame
Yankee Gates
4-ft. For 14-fb. Opening, $8.50
4-ft. For 16-fb. Opening, $9.50
J.   \*te   WAUt, LADNER, B. C.
Queen Quality
We wish to inform the Ladies of Ladner that our QUEEN
QUALITY SHOES have arrived. When you are in Westminster call in and we will he only too pleased to show you the
Shoe Styles such as are worn in Boston, and all up-to-date Eastern cities. ,
These 5hoea Are Sold Only By
T?fe Leading
Shoe Store
tbe Delta times, Ladner


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