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The Delta Times Aug 11, 1906

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Vol. i. No.  .9.
lAON B. C, SATURDAY. AUGUST: 11, 1906.
S1.C0 vet.
I    Oi-e.of.the first steps in  opeB.u|jEditor Delta  I'imes: I     The .School   Board  mej   in the
1 up the country   is-to  make  good      gjr. Around with tb. .'aimers and ' tTotiu :.l Chambers on l-.jti.rday fcst
the spot
i.roads, arid in a city, or suburbs, the tjie farm i]8nds rjR}lt
'better the road, are lighted, the. throws a new light on tny precoa-
���more rapidly does the traffic be-! c-ived notions, gathered, of course,
oome -developed.    The same ootid i- ' by tb��se who had been there before
i tions   prevail   in   rep.ard   to  coast  ,ne-
'traffic. The peculiarity ot the water       . ,   .
' ' I with its crew come
.ways ot" British Columbia   tenders
Clad lo see ihe thresher
with  Trustees - 8_hts_ti,   Sanson,
Pybus and WrigliVrrr.-eut.
The minutes of previous meeting
������were adopted as read.
Thj; 'allowing teachers were appointed-. _     *i
G.   W. Clark,   M.A..   Principal,
see its exit.
in; more glad to _    , .     ,
_.    _ T  ,  ,.        i.alr.e- school.
Ike former I  believe      ...    ���.      ���     .  ��,.  . _. . .
it     inir,-��rall--f     IV- , I      ,-v.-rw     iWir*P   .     > I   .���      i r    t ,M I*-*' tiara i_. ord,   Third Division,
i_t   imperative   tna.    every   aevice to be corredF tue latter  I  have mv _   ,        ',
_. .u ���,���' n.iis-i,      , ��f       c        ,        -J,-dtier school.
known tn the mant.mc world should doubts   about.    After   four   days       ...    -.,,._,,     .     .   _,
, 7,      , .      _, T ,    ,. .    T,    * ,       Miss Elsie Shepherd, Fourth Dt-
! he considered, and  whenever it  is threshing at Jake Grauejr's Bound- vi ���      r  d b   ,
You can't afford to miss this chance; school com=possifc>*f, iraprevements should b_.��rJrB��irf��n��.I����-<��f tbe ����n '" '  "
OYS' 2-Piece School Suits at exactly  Half Price.
mences soon, and the Boys' need New Suits to help
make a good impression with the new teachers,
.,,,.., ,    . M's-  Heien  Estabrooks,   B. A.,
the tieatmeut tbe men received, the ^ _ ,     ,
,    , . .     Cresc-.-nt Island.
New York has in preparation  a
muscle  and determination   of tiie
me:i   to  land   tiesr   3,000 sacks of
wonderful electric highway for ocean barley in  safety, wasu't caloalated
steamships,   which   is to be 3,000' to make the parting a jubilee.
feet wide, 40 feet deep and  8 miles;     Tt  is ear*y  ������* the  season,   and
Every Suit made from good Tweeds and Cordufojrg,N ���- T?' T^ Z *I��-_��E___. ��.T.J��_J
" ��* iTjoule-va.d.    Ambrose Boulevard   is   ,      _ _,
the   larmeis.     Ibe  water question
out in the field���supposing the field
to be half a utile more  or  lest, the
pitchers on an average four, whose
I Tjouley
> the tfame already bestowed upou  it
by navigators and sailing masters.
The plans for the new channel,
AtT^C A to \(\ VPJirC I which as to take the place of the pre-
ifA^^j. t nu iu .years*.. seKt tolUwui one fer st_amships
approaching the lower bay from the
Begular $4 50 Suits, Sale Prica $2.25   Regular $3.50 Suits, Sale Price $1.75! oeefcn* have already been computed
Miss Elsie Plaxtou, Boundary
Daniel Anderson, East Delta.
The monthly accounts were passed and recommended fsi paymemt.
The Board Thee adjourned till
Sept. ist, at 2 p.re.
in single and double breasted styles.   Sizes 22 to 28;
;es 4 to 10 years.
main object is to head oil that toot,
toot, toot, whicli means hurry up
with your loading���the remedy is a
Water Pfeeded.
Mr.   Low, thc analyst who "b*.
bv   the   I.ij ht h'.jr.s -   Board,     and
water jug flagged  within ara easy charge of the inspection.of tbe milk
~   .,      ��,   ,    ,-.  .       ^.  _~   ��� ,   ...   .     dis'taitc.  -of   the   pitchers.     V,'liat supply o the-city,  called  attention
Regular $4.00 Suits, Sale Price $2.00   Regular $3.00 Suits, Sale Price $L50|to.������ appropriation to bsiid the i,. []e       rience v(uir C8rrespond^ aotaiug^ source ef danjer
I ocean highway hss teen made.        '    ..,,,-,       ��� ,    . . .
,_.   ,.     ___,   ,    _  .       -._,���._      ..-,'.. , i ,i   n ,     , ent has had there is too much time to wh tea Vancouver is at preseat
Regular $3.75 Suits, Sale Price $1.90   Regular $2.50 Suits, Sale Price $1.2o;     rhe new   ckamtd,    colonelL,,^^ }n lootin*gfort]lewateir ju^ subiected, which is -of mix i��
RoseUe,   tbe Engineer  iu  charge,:__.,... , ���
.. .,,   ...   .      *       v   Ir  f "        busmess is  away up,  porlanc**.
Just 75 Suits in lot.     Shop Early. ' """j    ,f P'aCe .     V "  'n  and at this time of the veer the hav.     "I belief tbat a bacteriologicalex*>
i tne lead of all other  ports.    While: , * ,    .   " , .���        *   ,   .
. .,, , ,,       ,       ,   ! mow   is a couch.    Iu  conclusion,  aunnalion c*. the  nulk   now  bsme
gas buoys will be used largely,   the
general efleet will harmoni/e with !
the electrical lighting of M/anhattau j
aiui thc beaches near by.
I'Thc plans in detail call for the'
although there's plenty of wearing time ahead, and these waists are the location of moden. light vessels at
1 the sea entrance of the channel and ;
���directly hi  line  with   it  a  beacon]
���light on Stateu Island.    Midway in
���-the chan.iel, at what   is  known   as
: the Bend, two range lights  will  be 1
placed so  that  the  navigator can
i never   lose   his   range, uo  matter
[whether it be in fog, rain or snow.
flu addition to the  principal   iiglnts
Ismail buoys will be fixed all along
i the course, making the eceaa bottl-
! evard as light as dav.
The.iglits will be evenly  _
We  continue the threat Clearing Sale of all Summer Shirtwaists
newest and daintiest styles.
Ladies' white Lawn Waists, Regular $1.25, Sale Price 75c
*   .      *M5*
Ladies' Summer Neckv.Tear at ->_> price.
Ready-to-Wear Hats at ]/2 price.
Silk Waists,
Save Money by Shopping Here.
The Store that Serves You Best.
The LtAies* Aid ol the Methodist I    Th�� __a_d  Boys are . orry tkev
���Church eitertained their friends on !were ����able t0  tul5!  tl,eir **"gage-
tssssassa g sassgai xssss
Wednesday sevenjng,  at   the r-esi-
,-dence (f Mrs. T. W.. Kerr, when a
j ment, last evening.   So many ntm
On    Thursday    morning
drunk and iiicacables were brou
both sides of the cbanv.el for its entire length el eight miles. Gn the
Brooklyn and Coney Island side
the lights will be red; those on the
Ststen Island side will be white.
Viewed from a distance they will
l.iok like two long paraUed Hues ol
���.ire, _ne red snd one white, between
which the incoming ocean steamers
cmst steer a ceurse for port.
Beyond the  small  buoys  which!
are t�� be equipped with lights ol      H,
preat intensity, othev ^rcat lights] urda
will be seen ab��vc the water and to  Royi
the navsgntor iu his darkened pilot- I
ihoHse they will be so airinged that
���the lights at the  entrance  and  the
end of the channel will be constantly
'*~-*,   nn line, and when   tiie ship rounds
a bend "the turning  lights  can  be
readily held in place.
The plans for lighting-the channel
to he carried out are, in detr.il   and
from what I have s'.'tn on the spot, served in the city cemmg from the
all old ysmis about beittg glad to s.e islutuls iu the Fra_er Ri-ver would
the threshers come iu and intensely show .hat it'is litemlly alive with
��lad to-see theoa -slcin out is a relic genes ol vaiious sorts," he said.
of thr j as'.. "This is caused hy the cows drink-
(1TV  W. \VALKI7R.      nig  stagnsrJ   water, which at thin
r^-r-T~r: r^rrr--. 1  season of the yesr is thc only soit
have much splendid facilities lor ob- j obtainable there.    The cattle  must
taining   electric 1!   power,   derived  5-'* wtilir. anfi that lyinj eround in
���from natural water course  aud it is pools and  ditches being available
I within tke range of possibility .that thev help themselves  freely,   with
the  various channels on   the coast  possible  disastrous results to the
j could be electricallyilltitninated with city   milk  supply.    J.  do  n��t say
j power derived from the water-falls, , the germs are all harmful by any
��� etc. in the vicinity. means, but I do say that if typhois.
It must not be  presumed   that   J.  or diphtheria sh.uld break out at
! am either -dogmatically or  dictator-  any point on tlrr island there wouUi.
���laced : iMy deaUn�� witb lb':s Uti-stion. but  be great danger��f its being .spread
simply v,'ith a view of opening; np all over this oity'tlsrOBgh the  milk
discussion and bringing it to the
notice, of those SB much more able
than myself,
���-"-Province, A����g. 4.
Miss Mi
Smith   is  visiting
Miss Mc-D
at  Cloverdale this
I'litnd*. oi" Tom Jordsn will be
pleased to learn ttut he ii improc..
iit*;, though slowly.
X. Rich returned home, Sat-
evenin!.. from a visit to ihe
c 1 tn
< es are still verv scarce at
>*., -1.. R lats-out last nig'at
tl^.s'iusa-iiinc with   i_   an_,
i    Complaints nre being made that  re]
Indians and others arc continually
. being supplied with whisky in  and
abotft Chiuatowu, Now, if t'nis
I be so, it would bs well to try snd
stop it and  bring thr  culprits to
ir-'   F.  V.   Guicho..   has   bee*
up, tliis WeeV vrtth   an  uttuck
leurisy and,   aecordtBR  to  lain
irts is i.nj rwittg a* we.1 .is can
be ej.tK*ot*t�� .
.hers werexiu-ble 10 attend  that it
. i before the Beak  who treated them
: follows':    At the sea entrance ot the,
channel a light vessel,  cost  not  to!
The 7. .',������ Agvrrtisai is erecting t. nice new brick blcefe in Van-
cpuver and has a new 'perfectinj
press on the whtrl ready i_�� instal-
lati ni in the new building.
was deeme_l tdvisable t_  postpone;
As will he  seen  lv 'reference to:
advertising columns, tke Delta
most cordially, told them how sorry [-exceed $115,000, is to be stationed.      .
fair number turned out to partake jthe9t entertai��in7ettt8 until "thehar-*1-was to fee them in that position! Thwis to give the navigator his | Agrkultnral Society have changed
��� number of and, shaking hands.with, them., dis- bearing's at the. rery mouth of the'
missed   them   without   a,   fine  a
though all admitted their guilt.
.of their hospitality..    The lawn was .vest is over.    Quit?
prettily  illuminated  with  Chine.-e ! folks c_tne in lav eremng and were
lanterns and ga��e�� we indulged ,-n J����mewhat    disappointed     because
-there for some time after which ad
there was no concert, but were per-
journment was made  to the house
���where other games occupied tbei-r
feclly satisfied with the-explanation.
i the cistes of their shetw to the 21st
ipassagewa.?. Directly in lime with Lnd 22nd cf September instead ci
[the light from tbe light vessel thejthe 2SUl Rnd   2^th|  which   dat,s
_,,,_,, , .navigator   will sight* beacon
Our Constable  receive*.  ��70 per ��� ,, - .     ,
���'    f     Si aim islatid.
month to keep the peisce and attend 1      . u ... -,.   ,    ���..   1
r       f A  new -ngbthotrse WhH   fee con-'
to )ust such cases a.s  these, and we    , ,      .\    _..*n     ,������ 1      .,,1  .,
structed onthe hills of Ricl��jionct at
conflicted with these of Victoria.
Whh a continuance of film war_��
weather, ;most ���{ the grain will be
threshed by the end .ft the present
month. Those eonlempk-ting harvest festivals will do well to look
alter the their shtavr-s ere th��
threshers cct them fiil.
,,,,,,, ,...,, .,,..  ...-. ...     ..... ...       Mr.   and   >7rs. Thus.  V.'ilson, of  "
attention until a generous supply of BRAN- SH0RTS> wllo]e C6rn! would suggest that he be provided ; aC()St ,n(ft exceeding flO0,o~,, ..Mid.! East Delta, arc mourning the loss C. Rnmniel. manager df the light
refreshments were handed around, ; CraAed Corni R)ce M ^ Cl)it with a nice, large comfortable ho.d, ... h dhta , &t SwK,]mJ of their yttlllgcst S0I1, who died on department, ot the fi.C k. R. Co.,
consisting of ice-cream  and -cske. ;    w       Ch)ck ^ Tinl0thv ^.|ti  accommodate these ^ntlelolk.*., ' ,J^ ,,.it .��� U���_M,   ,.   ,;TllJ
The parts* broke up at a!bQ4��.t eleven
;ut!oil's **i?.Tde
and then  wc might flinpense wit'b
Clover   Seeds.
  _ and' Field Seeds may be retained 'xh<: ��rvk';s of a police magistrate.
j    at Brackman-Ker  Milli-n.,; Co.'s- 	
Vote for lighted streets on Satur- \    warehouses,   Ladner,  trom   Mr.
$ny ne,yt.   Vou will never reject it, :    JJ   >T  Jf-JsCIf,, Locri'l Ageint,
Chamberlain's *ohc- ch0"r",nd
Diarrhoea Rcmeslv.
Keyer fails.   Buy it new.   JI mny .ave life.
hi the channel
-Island at what is known  is   '-'Thej Thursday from diphtheria.    Surely ; was here this week amfi went  over
. Bend." there will be two psgwerlul trouble iikss company.    De.nl; audi the route to be polefl.    The poles
, range lanterns  and  structures  lor! sickness in tbe house  ami   lire eat-'are   here   anfl   being    <fiistnbuteft
range lights, ling its  way into the   grain fields through   the   di*ftriet.    The work
In liiitish Columbia we ara 1 c-j outside is almost enough to try the oi erecting  sain, will 'likely ccm_
puliarly well situated i.i.iasiuudias vve patience even of Joo. i nioncc early next: wffii.. HI' DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY,. Al OUST n, ioc.>.
Pub...sir no every Sathroav.
-Jcsscriptioj.^ $1.00 per year.
Surrey Council.
Council met in the Town Hall,
Surrey Centre, Aug. 4..I1, the Reeve
and all members being present.
Minutes of previous meeting were
<___n*il /__vcrti3��nitn��B, lo- ct-als per line for
Iheirstlns-rtion, nnd s cents per line lor encti
iiiiWranrnl insertion.    Tbe   number   ot   line.���
_��_k��_eil br tlie 6pace occupied, i: lines to tlie,
_Ut._ lor Commercial iv>l.er��_einent6 can be j read and Confirmed.
had on application ntlliis ollice. I
Ittdlng nonces x--e__,**r line tor* ei.ch In-! COMMt-SICATIOKS.
*tr*oa- From Blaine Shingle. Co.. asking l
airtli nml Death notices, _o_i���Msittoe__4is��o.
AST special notice,, the object ot-wWcJi is to
pr��m"o-e the pecuni.rj benefit ot any iudi.idinl
Qres.mpaiij'.iobe considered an nd��crt;seiBent
aa. charged accordinslt.
_jl���l_<._r.t_emeitU charge-   fir r.nlil ordered | traill litlC alcilj   tlie   Yalft   ?0_d
oal aud i_,i,t for.
CorreapousLeaice invr..e,l oti uiattrra of public
l.nterrs-t. Coni_snsici.ti.iis to eoKtur must be nc-
ipMTiisssi;:, 1 H�� name of writer, not necessarily
lis- pul*lic_t__ii, hut as eviilmc. r,�� good fall U
ssjiicrriiinnsloni* .nn.ii .ctw'i tftlnoflice t>*/ Ttiurs-
ip, ""n'.ng.
I am tfsm Fruit
And Tokaoeo Man
Bananas, 25e doz.
Lemons, Extra Fancy, 40c doz.
Peaches this woek,
I1..2&&. $1.50- crate
I    Delta Transfer Stable   I
Gjco.  8.
S,\.. I'RTS.-V,. -UV.t:ST   II,    iqof).
for the prLs-ilege of running a small f
steam   ��r gasoline engine-ou their i
the purpose ethauling shingle bolts.
ReceiVed, Clerk to reply that the -
Council do nol consider it safe fori
the public and eannot allow an en-1
gine to he used.on the load allow- j
From >..OEaaii  Xorcro**,. .Seere-
tarv Hundred Thousand Club,  re-and third Tuesdays of each month
Harvey  CreecSi.
Te&m Work Bone ai Sp&si&iSy low Prices.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
[ *V Telephone " I.adner" No. io.
���moan m~w^ifn(?^<fiitr-i'i?-* '"���-'���r-v r:TO
.v. o. u. w.
Delta Lodge, NVy. i ar meets first���
- removal of wild land tax  and say- in Oddfellows' Hall.
Th_>e_hiiig will
_je__-t week.
T. VV.
Todd, M.W.
Kerr, Reeo*
..oii.^ lull blast is-g that a meeting would be Weld;
to   discus, the   matter.    Received, ���
j Clerk to reply that the Council will j
I try to basre s_ representative present.
From Chief Constable Sp_i__ en-
alosiug bill of expenses, as  follows: i
A rot. will he _aV.envon.S_.tttr- Harper case..fe6.20; Bamford,^. 35;
��arn��st,ou the  .Street Lighting Mrs.   Haward,   $2: total  #40.55.. emy  Wetlne^a>' evemn
and  Land  Sale  %.�������,  Both  of! which   wa* received   and ordered ',��"���    Visiting Brethren cm-di-..!;.  in
which deserve tbafrau.bises of thej paid.
The Strees Lifting By-1    Fr0IQ*J- C- Ca*er��* re ��^ninK I
I.O.O F. j
Delta Lodge, No. 21.���Theregu-j
lar meetings of this Lodge are held ���
at 8 p. I.
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and  Drayiug.
Livery   vvork  of a.11   kinds attended, to promptly.
Chicken Time!
l._dner. II.. C.
people.    ���   -_.���.������ ~J _
?     ,    , ,       .,, Atmei   to  his  property.     Received,
tow is the oue the village is-most 1 _        _   .-> '      \r      ���
j and referred U�� COuu. Murphy.
directly interested ia; though well;    FtQm Maple Legf  Umijer Co..
offering to iuruiah gravel and ex-j
ge��d dollar for dollar with the j
Cotiucil iu hauling gravel on thr
vited ta-attend.
R. C. Abbott, N..G.
W. H. Taylor. Sec.
McRAE & Co
SI Hi.
If you contemplate buying an Incubator or
Brooder you cannot do better than to get pricea
off the Ladner Agent for the CHATHAM.
Sght-d streets will be ot material
s_euefit to every/ person, in the district. When a concert or other eti-
tertain_aent is held; here*, especially
���u dark, wet nights, the street
lights- would ba n-tich appreciated
by the ladies who would be able to
iVstinfuish- thei'.. own carriage
nrhem it arrives in front of the door.
This i3 a time whan tlie ladies
will do well to try  their powers oi
"W N Draper       NiEW westhinster, h. c
i Westham Street.
Ladner, B. C.,
Yale road between the. G. N..   R. f
aud P-wer's- place.    Received and
offer accepted.
From J. Drinkv.ateir, J. D. Fari*,.
and   Geo.   W. Caiui, aaking  the
Council to  jrant  a  srnull  sum  t��|
finish   the   Serpentine   road.    Re-';
leivedand referred toCoun. I_oucks_
On morio-v J.5* wus appppriated j
Towni Line road  ou condition
Kooui 2,.__l',a.,l li'..x-k. New Weatutinst��r,
A lull line of Knglish and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept in stock.
V. T. Ry*. & Ferry Co.
New Service���Port Guichon and   Ladner to New
Westminster and Vancouver.
that' Leave Pt, Gt_.c-.io.., 6.30 a.m. Arrive Vancouver, 10.20 a.m.
gersuasion which will be equivalent J Fiumerfelt __ro..'a tne $50. toward! Leave Vancouver, 2.10 p.m. Arrive Pt.. Guichon, 6.00 p.m.
t��< esercfeittg the fia_iclvi_e.   ?ulljthe same work, and to be let by j Monday, Wednesday aud Friday,
together, ladies, ami we -hall have auction.at Tynehead schoai-house qjvcs   Passeugers  four  ho.urs  in   either   New   West-
streetlights. August nth. at a. o'clock, p.  tn. |'rain9ter or
Incorj-.iiivitf*.. 1H69.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
.\ugu9. nth, at ?.. o'clock, p.   m.i
From   Vancouver   Power   Com*
1 yany,   enclesiug   fcrtmi   ei  agree-1
1 _��ent aud b*^-laws re couitrwetion
���f electric railway, light aud (lower
According to  Bulletin Ne. 119,1 astern  within   Surrey.    Received!
Issued hy the Inland Revenue De- and motiGn passed that in,the e-tentj
outwent, sixteen samples oi pre
serves on the B. C. masket have
been collecte. and analyzed as follows:;
hLaJn.. preseared red raspberries
r-Geuuine but co._ta.__s a preservative, ben-stoic acid.
Shippers desiring empty cars for loading apply to
Agent, Port Guichcn.
Sufficient Cars will be furnished without delay.
of the Reere succeeding ia altering
a conple of clauses ia the agr.e-j
ment, thai; he- and the Clerk be in-
strticted   to   sign  the preliminary
agreement. '
Couh. Xiurjhy gave notice lhat
he would introduce El_ct_ic  l__il-
BaltnoTal braad red enrraut jelly j wa.y, and Powes and Light By-Law:
~r~tCieHttine but  cou'___ias a pres��rT-; at next meeting,
aiive awl ia.c_y*d. j    The siini ef fij was a-ppropriat-
sj;*anin4 Canadia-i produce, l'nrt ed for the-Bon Accord road,, ward.
fjpiit jj��W\ Bitch curt ant���Genuine fci and ^75 ter mak'sii*; a. noad from!
Selected California Isuit, preserv-j the Scotti to- Mason's land, ward 2. !
ed iu pure sugar. Blackberry jam j Contracts werr let as follows:
���Contains glucose, and is dyed.. ; Ward 1, Graveling Hjor.h road, j
Pure raspberry jam put upbyjto q. W. Atchison, ai 40 cenl*
Westminster Fruit Packing Co���j per yard; graveling Yale road tJ
Gesuiue. I G'.. W.  Atchison,  at 45 ceuts per'
Blueberry Jam* put tup by West- j yard,
miltgti-r-.'acking Co.���Genuine. War* 4. Ditto, East fram R. K... \ Headquarters for
Qituax brand, jjims ami jellies,[to G. \V. Atchison, at 60 gents per: _
Ssaefings Department
j Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
East End. Mt. Pleasant, Granville Street; Grand Forks, Nanaimo]
Nelson, Rossland, Victoria. Veriiom,. Chilliwack, Cumberland am]
New Westminster.
We cam Dir-pply you with the finest quality
of the above article?* at reasonable cost.
Eernember the place
Delta Weaf market,
Jusi Arriwod.
PhOE.3 9.
Ladner, B.C.
Ladner Carriage Works.
Pure Manila Binder Twine,
Sate Ties,
Barked Wire*
Lubricating Oil,
Or   Any   Other   Old  Thing  the  Farmer
'.mixture," madte bum choice B. C. I yard.
%tuits.   Climax Manufacturing Co       Ward 5, Graveling   H.  P.   road,
Sold and marked as a mixture��� to 11. C Nelson,  at 40 cen's per;
s^outains glucose and a |>reservative;. y ard. 1
Xery little fruit. The CJerk \vas instructed to write
Empre-w brand jam* and jellies, I the G-. N. R. Co., to cu* the. baush
5��utt_pby Empress Nbmufacturing on tbetir siglkt-'i.frway ��ortl_.o6K. P. -  	
��0., VansouMur,���Genuine, but con-! road crossing, at B__.___o.re, it be*; f\      'T'     RAk^PP     l   *��{\r*P*r     W     C
trams.a preaeavatw* ing kupoaRtbte to, see approachingp*-1 ���     *      __-��rlIV_L*Iv��   UaUUCl,   U.   W.
' Victoria Caoia iam��- and jellies., trains until right on the track; also; -- -��_�� ���--- - - ���-  ���- -' -������- -���-���~^-'- ��� *- a	
put up by W. Hu Malkiu Co., Ltd.. to write Roper Bro.'s to repair cul-
���Contains glucose an.1 a pneserv-1 verts and. rer-lace planks broken by
attve.    Very little irnit. j tbeir logjing. engines on Campbell
Gold Medal Strawberry Preserves'; Kiver road,
ant n$ by W. IL   Price, Victoria���     On moi in, 1   tha Ree-re  was em*
(jictiuiBC. i powered hi attend at  the- oflice  0!
Excelsior Plum >m, ,u: ttpby c_ c FWie'ri to protect lh, Mu��i-
Kxcelsipr Iruift Prescsvi��g C8,���Lipttl {^riMs re- water at the loot
Genuine. | ot buck's   liwl,. on   She  VicLellf.t,
Canada  Hirst b^nd ^trjaM.beifx!roa(j
Tans, Oxfords &
ucher Cut
Jum���Contains glucose, a. Rre-serv-
sji-ive and. is dyed.
Lynn Val.ej- bia'd, Raspberry
Jam*���C'ontaiiva glucose, a presery-.
atiye and is dyed.
Crown B^-iid Sti.;i\%berir.'. Jam���
<i;enui'..?-,. Imt contains a tjace of a
l.reser s-iUi*.e.
Diadetn br����il
^*_vy. little fei;7.
T_e 'ts'iiai'monthly accounts were
passed .end cher|*ues issued.
Council then adjourned to meet
a^uin on; Saturday", September ist,
nt 1. olclock p. tn.
A Pull Line of
HEN ai\d BOYS'
Get a Suit at Once.
1    The*S.S. Sonoma. Tc-nves Ladner
nd jellies��� at Sia.ni. and 4 p.m.; ieiives Steves-
oiti nt v u.111.  and 5 p.m.    Ev��.r;
lay except Suudnv.
���_tjiet.w.ise ia genu-
\'d  (%.0j  j-fjjffjljfj   QiJ j/i|H  j the pnrch-.ee priee to the  Corpora
iiil] diliH.. Liyiiiiily Dj-lu",u,in inr    "��� i,pon _��."���*�����> ��
There  is a lesson in   the work o
ithe thrifty farmer.    He knows that
j the bright sunshine may last  but a
THE  PLACE TO   GO   POR   SVERYTHINa   IN day and he prepares for the showers
which are so liable to follow.    So it [Delta   has  entered
should   be  with  everv household, i with '���'������'' British C-
WTHEREAS tho Municipal Covin
cil   of  the   Corporation   o
��� 7 ,     ,   poration. _
into a contract  '
poration Se al
thf- pi .- money the  pun hasei
shall   be  '���,!:'>i   lo  a conveyance
thereof from the   said   Corporal ion '
which conveyance   sh 11   be signed
hy the Reeve and Clerk ofthe Cor.'
id sealed   with the Cor-
ptrcets of 1.
mbia Electric
Limited,    to
irPr n..,| pcr.
Dysentery, diarrhoea and cholera Railway
morbus may attack -nnte member i l'S"* *���'**
of the home without warning. Guichon by twenty (20) lights each
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and ot' thirty-two (32) candle power for
Diarrhoea Remedy, which is thei-he sum of thirty-three dollars and
best known medicine for these dis-i thirty-three cents ($3-3.33) per
eases, should always be kept at J month for a term of five years frorr.
band, as immediate treatment is the final passing of this By-law
necessary, and delay may prove
fatal.    For sale by All Druggists.
The greatest choice in Vancouver.
The  best  value3  for  your money and   easiest
terms of purchase.
A 1.1. SAINTS.
Holy Communion ��� Sundays,
8:30 a.m. ist .Sunday in month,
11 a.m.
Matins, 1 1 o'clock.
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday School at to a.m.
Friday, evening service 7:���.o.
Rev. Canon Hilton, vicar.
And   wheras  it  is  expedient to I
confirm tin- said contract, it is hereby enacted by the Municipal Council of the  Corporation of  Delta as
1. The Csintraet between the British    Columbia     Klectric    Railway
Company,   Limited,  and  the Cor- j
poration  of Delta, dated  this 23rd
day of June, 1906, and   relcrred  to,
in the  preamb'e  hereof, is hereby;
r tilled and confirmed, and tiie said;
Company   is   hereby   permitted   to
i provide electric current for lighting j
.purposes  within   the limits of said
towns, during the term of five years j
1 from the date thereof.
2. This By-law mav be cited for!
all purposes as the "Delta Street'
Lighting By-law, 1906."
1'assed the Municipal Council
this 14th day of July, A. D. 1906.
Reconsidered    and   finally   passed
this  day of A. I). 1906.
W.  H.  I.ADNER,
C. M. C.
MET__01_1ST, j     Take notice that  the  above  is a
Services next  Lord's  Day at  111 true eofy* of the  proposed   Ry-law
Agent   for   Columbia   Grapbophones   and\'d-"UiludrM>v-m- \    Upon which the vote of this Munid-
1     Class  meeting, n.i.30 a.m. every  pality will  be  taken   at   tlie Town
Sabbath School  at
This By law may '. 1 ited for all,
purposes a. the "Delti Land Sale;
By-law, 1906."
Passed   the    Municipal    Council!
this 14th day ol   July, A. D. 1906.
Reconsidere 1   and    finally   passed
this day of j
A. D. 1906.
C M. C.I
Take notice that the above is a!
true copy of the proposed By-law
upon which the vote of the Municipality will be taken at the Town
Hall, Ladner, on Saturday, August
18th, irom 9 a.in. to 7 p m.
C.  M. C,
Ladner, August ist, ioo(i,
St., Vancouver
Services first and third Sunday of
1 each month at loiyj a.m.; Bened ic-
!    ���
tion, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday school -it 3 p.m.
!     Low Mass aud Holy Communion
'��� first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish  Priest.
151 I StrlvU
m i if
SiasHurlir of  Aulmmli sod Met,
lt hm. been oi.sc-rv._l that It ihe
U,_jjt-_1 Jog lg takei. Uick to the wild
jtutt lie- loses liis voice. Tbese "i_.-_.ii_-
lug voices" are produced In tlie mii:n_l
throat in a way similar to hum-in lan-
tuagH, but are nol voices" proper nor
"languages" ptoj.is _.n_ yet LLcy ait
itx\ uf fisycbplogicai expression ._.. r���
ve.il ti..- animal's psychic stat'-s I;' v._
tickle a chimpanzee ia Uie artnpii. tint
touch produces u ">-:.i on tJie fn ��������� _.___.-
lar to liat ot �� uiau uad.-r lit- , .:���.���>.:���.-
star., es.    lie   also   emit.   lauj/L! -1,,__ -
S.UU-L-.   The -mi.,-, is the '*ase *.*. -lis ti*
ouraug outang. The gorilla Wuiu ii..?
brow jvhan angry, just liLe uji-.j.
\Ve often observe iu apes u conipleta
change lu the racial muscles wheu
sou..'thing U going to happen, he it
utn-'cuhl. or dtsagreeabl ���.  H Is so ulso
with the child, lu up**�� theiv 1_ ev..
deutJy ih- suL'ie connei liou betwei a
the facial muscles u__ v _..���__.! _uus__._ m
lu mun.
Charcctei- l.uil_Ju_,.
Character is the1 wool -( houor from
which u coat or mail can he woven Ihut
the s*vi.te_tt arrow of shuiue or tho
keenest kuii'u of disrepute euunot
pierce. Every thought thut enter, fur
mind, evory ucl we do and every word
we utter adds a link to the golden
chain 01' character. The strength of a
steam ensine cau be estimated to within uu ounce of its limit, hat lt Is Impossible to estimate the force of _ uo-
1.1. character. The hardest hearts are
softened and the most repulsive dispositions t;ecome fascinating. Our fall*
urea and our successes help to form a
reputatii.il that may ba destroyed hy
au external force, but the destruction
of a character can only he effected hy
scale internal force.���Oux Boys' sVlaga*
f��_nv3__--_SrJKt      I
Hall, Ladner, on Saturday, August
,,     , P ,n  every   .sth, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
; Sunday-.      Prayer   meeting   every ���
j Thursday evening at 7.30,
I*-1*. .'     *, -*'���<.'>      'r    ���'���_'       ��� -'���---'
OU YOUR   '~''~^7.,.,-v#3^-*'J j
N. A.
Special Offer of
Seasonable Goods
Telegraphers |Jg
NEEDED I at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. A,
Rev. J. 1'. liens, pastor.
!     Services next Lord's Day at   11
- I a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
abbath School <it 10 am    Mi.l-
C. M. C.
,udncr, August ist, 1006.
from ; ���.; 26 to $160.00
from ;..)'.. 00.00
i.'0.ss   7.50;_.     sSj.,0
���<-. I cover .-.laa*-.
' ���_ tlitfe-coli r Alul Imifll tltiicn i
.1 an' ,'netc !���: w cem , -is:..:,:,.
3_;__V__-S3 A-..IS Alto TOOL CO.,   I
Uer r.e_______
Dr. Porter had i.-.p_nd_d to a note
left at hi. door by a farmer asking
hlm to go ns soou as possible to see Ida
li11 le hoy. who had "a very bad cold."
The doctor took oue look at tha child
and turned to ibe mother.
"Hunt you kuow your boy Is eoniiug
down with measles?" be asked ae-
"Ves. iW-'ior. 1 knew he was." said
the woman.
"Then what In tbe world did you
mean by writing me he hud 'a very hud
cold?' " asked the doctor.
The woman hesitated for a moaio.it:
then, looking nt her husband. ��he suid.
with sulleu frankness. "Neither him
nor me knew how to speii measles."
so Falls, Mars , C.
1  nB<ii
Annually, to fill'lu   new   fmsitionsi
created by R;��;i .-  . ,t ���.; h
Companies      V. ���   want    VOU_**fG
EN and LAD1 liSofgi    i h ibitsto
k meeting on Thursday evenin..
cAuley, Pastor.
BF,K SUPPLIES��� Buckwheat,
Fall   Rye, Clover, Timothy, Lawn
Grass,    Ensilage    Corn,   Mangel, j    We furnish 75  per cent,  of thejg "m
Turnip.       Special    quotations   in | Operators  and  sStation   Agents  in
quantity j America.    Our six schools nre the
largest exclusive Telegraph Schools |
Spray Pumps, Whale  Oil  Soap,   in the world.    Established 20 years
and endorsed by  all  leading  Rail-
Rabbath  services ��� Crescent  Is-
nd, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10 a. 111.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at;w;15'
1 Limited,      contained
C. Croft,  Ii. A
VVri-IEREAS thc following parcel
ot land and premises hns
been conveyed by deed to the Corporation ot Delta, namely that por
lion of the right-of-way of the Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Rail-
ui'.l    Navigation
The moon rsvolvai from one point In
tha heavans to tho tame point to 87 days 7
hours and 43 minutes.
A train of igun cotton thnt woul, 1 str.tub
400 miles could he fired in two uiimiis., ��*
rapid ls tha transmission of detonation
trom ona purt to anoth.r.
A d_K.rmliia.leu of Professor nnrn__rd
wilh tho Lick tel.icopapla.aa .h��<..a___��__-r
of Neptune at 38.Duo ml las���from 2,000 to
4,000 miles lata thuu is Stated in most textbooks,
Red light ls not the lowest '_i-j visible
a.   'ltd Oplivlla.
Patience���Why. she i_ev�� tho best rep.
resenttttiou of Ophelia 1 ever sh.w.
i'.ltl'iie  -lud.'.ed:
"Ves. Y'i'.i know Ophelia ls supposed
to be mad':"
"Well, thero waa a party lu ohj ot
tho buses, and they talked loud euoUgU
to he beard all over tha t.bc.ter, and
ska was lh. maddest Oidielia 1 ever
���aw iu iny life!"
Hia .unroi nf lu.nrmaltnn,
Baefclota���You don't menu to suy this
is the di'.t yoii'vs board of it?
Subbiihs��� Yea.
Bneklot!.���Why, it's tba talk of the
Subbubs���Yea, but my wife la uway
011 a visit.
Companv, I ���* ,'"i 'J'8'    When a boily Is  heated up, it
, I emits lirst a ''Rriiy" glow snd   lliuu a ruJ
within    the I piiiiy,   Herr Jjumraer-Bcla tlint vble ffru)'
North-west  Quarter ot  the South-  *g--U porueivwi by.tta"rod" fownatio.
anu the red light by the "cone ' ..ii'!.ii-t_i*��
Vegetable Plants.
Large stock of HOME. GROWN
Fruit and Ornamental Trees now
matured for the fall trade.
No expense, loss or delay of fumigation or inspection.
Let me price your list before
placing vour order.
We do business on our own
grounds���no rent to pay, and are
prepared to meet all competition.
t t way Officials.
We execute a $250 Bond to every
student to furnish him or her a
position paying from $40 to $60 a
month iu States east of the Rocky
Mountains, or from $75 to $100 a
month in States west of the Rockies,
immediately upon graduation.
Students can enter at any time.
No vacations.    For full particulars
;ast  quarter   or' Section 14, Town-J In the mervo*�� etruoture of tbeaya,
ship 4, New Westminster District.   ! ����rn �����*���>��������
...... "Conio and dine with  ns tomorrow,
(Lommencing   at   the   southwest   laid tbo old fellow who.had mado bis mon-
.'orncr of the  northwest   quarter ol I ��y �����'���*��� wanted to push his way into jool'
,-        ��� ' ��*y.
                            the southeast quarter 01 section 14,      ".sorry," replied the elegant man, "1
rtnr.no tl,.. l,���t   ��.,*'.ihf-r   mnnth,  township 4, New Westminster Dis-, �����*���'�����    I'm goinn to nro'Hnn.lot.' "
During toe not  wearner  montnsj             r t<                                           "Tlnit's all right," said ine lioapltabla
the first unnatural   looseness   of a I 'fict, tbeuce by the magne'-. (1906) j 0ld gentloitiun, "bring him with you."���
child's bowels should have  .mined-1N. 2 degs. t5 mins. E 1420 feet, or] taOea M^Blta.	
iate attention, so as to check the t0 a Poillt ��" t!lc ,10Tth boundary ot
disease before it becomes serious. said southeast quarter of section 14
All that is necessary is a few doses I township .,; thence west (true-
of   Chamberlain's   Colic,    Cholera
Roffltty Neil's In lndln.
We learn from tin Indian paper tlmt Mr.
tnd Mrs. ThnutbynayngaiupUlal nre now
on  a  visit   to   KovllUudyirruppu.      Mr.
107.5   tcet;   thence  south   2   degs. -ThnmhynayiiKftiupllhil is tho eon nf Judga
! tl. S. Ariiiimy.-iyriiiiipilliil nii'.l sun in-lnn' of
to an intersection with the west line, '"'""t''*- ahzotto.
regardine any of our schools write 1 and Diarrhcea Remedv followed bV{50 mills. VV. 1134 feet, more or less,   Mr,   A.   .Iainbuliugaimuudelllor.-Wea��.
direct   to   our executive  office  at ]a dose of castor oil  to cleanse  the
I Cincinnati, O.    Catalogue free,
tins school of num.;.
i Cincinnati, O-iio.
��� Atlanta, (la
M.J. HENRY. Vancouver
3010 Westminster Road.
system.     Rev.   M.   O. Stocklaud,
Pastor of the First M.  E. Church,
ittle   Falls   Minn.,   writes:    "We
Buffalo, N.\ j have   used    Chamberlain's   Colic,
LaCrosse, Wis| Cholera and Diarrhcea Remedy for [acres.
And whereas, in   tbe  opinion t>:
the Council of the snisl Corporation
; of the southeast quarter of section;     Luthor Bnlll tl)ivt if ��� ,n.in ,vi,,.r  no|
14,   township 4 aforesaid;   theticej ��'T0"8 at -0, handRome n�� 80, lenwied ��t
. 'I .11 nml rich nl .fid lie iu'vi'iM., mid hi* Mrim.;,
south (true) 256 feet to the point ol | homleoino, lonrned or rich.
Spruce   .�� ts...
Texarkana-.Tex. San Francisco,Ca j several yenr9 and   fiutl   it ,,  vahl.
able remedy, especially for summer
disorders in children."   Sold by All
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
-_urea Colds, Croup and Whoopinj* Coughs
Bpraoo la ii"i commonly aoomtntod a
onslly wood, but Bom. uf it mny liii very
valuabln Spruce la lurgoly usud Iot iha
ai|isnf Btrlngod niusii'iil insurtunerits, such
as gultnriitiiidmandoltua, thallnor grained
boing tlio iiuiri" desirable, Thu value q(
rosewood dopontla upon it. cplornnd qi\pl-
Uy. It. rnmri's in price from a cent and a
quarter to lo cents a pound. Thirty grain
Adirondack aprvioo would bo worth mora
than lim rincfr. rosewood. It. might he that
And   whereas,  The   Vancouver,*! not ona rnioli log would bo found among
... .    .     ,,    ,. ,,   ., ���   a thouaand.���Now York Sun.
Victoria  &  Eastern  Railway  .md,
Company,     Limited,:    ~"
II* Wm  U_y*4.
"Did the notes of a bird avar mova
you':" asked the poetic girl,
"Yi*.," replied ihu young maa. "1 ����**-_
to call on a young lady, ami avary tinia
the cuckoo announced th* hour nf it. i
w*.at hfin'.."
Palltleal Kr*m*��Ut��.
WUIla great fortunea and great Industries hava almost Invariably baao
created by uneducated men. parvanua
unembarrassed with learning, w__��
taught themsrlves what they found"
necessary to know, wa Olid, on tha ot_>-
er hand, tbat those man wbo have mate
commercial science, pollUcal economy,
\ their study have cot showa any a_e��
cess Id  buslneaa and  hava  r*roaln*_.
' theorists. Moat political aconomlat*
have had to Uv* on their pan. Mr. Co_-
den went bankrupt In business. It ta
true that Rlcardo wss well off. bnt ba
whs a stockbroker by trade, and witk
hlm pollUcal economy waa only a ho__
by, not a serious result It ta Strang*
how few buslnaaa men of tha first rank
liar* a good ward ta aay of petitictsl
the said lands are not required for
corporate purposes and it is expedient that the same mav be sold
for the benefit of the Corporation;
���at$Ht-<3H��-��]N#e*lgfr ���������*��� ���# .a^a ������. ��*��� ������������
.a.* .��;a .���*��;���>*>��������;*
Tmn   *
Get your House wired now
and file your application for
Electric Light now, so that
the poles may be distributed
past your premises.
Application blanks ma)- !>c
Imd of Mr. McDonald, the
ROBT. MAY. Agent,
Whem vou wish to  buv visitiue
. I
cams call on the Delta Times  who!
will sell the best money  can  buy. |
If you need them printed, why you
a;e ineney in pocket by  calling  oil
1 lie Delta Times Qrst,
I  J. HEXI.1.Y   I
t i
->   NKW WKSTM1NSTKK,    :-:   B. C.   ���
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
Your patronage solicited
Navigation    uotnpaiij
have offered  to  purchase  the said
land for the  sum  of $100 and the;     Acute attacks."f co'ic  mi
Council   ot   the said   Corporation...fhcea come on \vitli ul warm
have accepted the said offer subject  prompt   relief   nius!   be  nb
to tke assent of the electors; There   is   no   necessity   nf
Therefore, the Municipal Council
1 of the Corporation of Delta enacts
las follows:
1. The said Corporation .'--hall sell,
and   the   Vancouver,   Victoria   &
'the bi'i'l
lit. pi'1*'
nviv -
ring    thc    expense    of   a    phvsi
ciau's   service   in   such    cases    i
Chamberlain's Colic,  Cholera  and
Diarrhoea Remedy is at  hand.    A
dose of this remedy will relieve thc
Railway  and    Navigation  patient before a doctor could a rive.
, Limited   shad   purchase It has never   been   known   lo   fai',
licrche'orc  des',"?ibcd foi   even  in the nvrlst severe cns.?s an
10 family sh  uld i c wilh ml i . :-".
Cougli iemedy
The Cttsldren's Favorite
���1 ���01 BBS".
*:    C;j.ugh.s. Coldn, Croup and
Whooping' Cough.
��� >���,.-*,t-*T.....'
,....��.*.,���,.-..�� s
I'i >ll
. . .,,1
|>.i\   -ale bv Ali Di it.
11,1. rf,,ii. 1 -
,1 lil. lis? Uttl'l  "
:.,ls.it.Vs; br, ,1'���;.
���    'urn or ol "
'���"ico SO Oi
Ciitf-ir n\
���M.    It *-
r ���: ��. 1.1
��� .-.*
:   .'IJ. ir'
��� it
, (50 cf
K. **-_*$_
A.  Gilchrist  is riiki..
Miss Lord, oi'Xew Westminster,  t<  Holme*
_ _ _ i "���*
|    The fire in tbeEast End is well
friends i under   coutro1   at   last,   although
! the damage done is quite c_nsider-
'able.   Thos Wilsbu, Robt. McKee,]
I   John   Honeyman
ifi ____��
... s. A**
vi-.ited here ou Saturda. las
R. G. W- Lloyd, accompanied bj
his bride, returned home a
.are among those suffering most
seriously. Four ot live men trom
the  Firewarden's  department   are
. still watching thut ii does not spread |
any more.
* ,-��� _jsj If ��
Mr.. Hilton  and   Mastet   Hume      IIoly Communion  in All  Saints Including leading   -VlieS  of  Summer   Goods, MUS-
^:XL;;:f" VanCUUT0-morrowat8;33a-m- lins,   Chambrays,   Ginghams,  Ducks,   CottonI
Mrs.   Hayes   went  over  to   tl e
Mr*. Durah and son, Havelock,; Xerminal City on Thursday.
pi Mud Bay, weut up to the  Rural	
City on Saturday last. |
Harry    McCormick   au I   Tho'-. '
Crepes, Organdies and Light Weight Dress
Goods and Wash Suits.
LOT 03.
Mrs. aud Miss Cowp.r, _t New
.Westminster, sre visiljng Mrs. J.
8. Burr, Crescent I-.land.
Shortreed spent Tuursdtv   n Vaii-1 Includes thirty pieces of Fig-tree. Orandies, Flowered
 , Muslins, Cotton Crepe de Clients and  Light  Lt
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that we are uovr in a
position to oiler Vancouver Island
Portland  Gemont
At greatly rednced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or othei* inferior
Write for Prices,
j.   T.   Pollock,   ex-princip9
Ladner school,   wa*  renewing  ac-
uaiutancc-J here on Saturday last.
Mrs. W. Gowaniuck, ol Va.tcou-,
ver, spent a few day..,   ihis  week, 1
of| visiting at The Parsonage.
Cotfion Voile, form:
2*.,c and ���",**'.
.  Clair Young, of Vancouver, came
! over, last week, and is tbe guest of |
Miss Budge, of the  Royal City,  kis ^^ Mrs w. H. Taylor.
j& visiting Miss McDonald, ol
Cresceat Island, dtirint, the holidays.
Now Ml   W^-SM
Includes several lines of Summer Dress; Goods, Lighi
Weight Serges, Tweeds and Lustres���black and white,
red and white, fawn, green and blue,
..��-���*"*.���*>. pel
S<S ____
:'.-__i_- :________. sSSSH.
b. a
]     Mrs. Carter Smith and two sons, <
 ��� ! of New Westminster, returaed home
Mrs. Wm. Arthur, and daughter, I to-day irom their camping visit  at
Miss Lily, aud the   Misses Creech; the Bay.
retimed to  Vancouver  on .Satur- j " I
day last. j     F. W. Harris has purchased the |
""" j two lots on the corner  of Trenaut
Mi�� Kmily Duun, of New West-! auj Georgia stre_ts.,a_  vvellas the Includes   several   lines   of 'Wash  Suits of Percale���nicely
��iuster,  returned home, Monday, buildings recently  occupied by the j        made and attractively trimmed,
after spending a  few  days visiting ' peUa fileat & Commission Co. ^-ju -^      gam ig^
Miss Jordan. ���,   ,,,     Kl^     ��S �� ��
Fred.  Jackson,  late  loreman  oi
Mrs. P. Matheson,  accompanied lhe Coluwblall, in  company  with
ibj her iranddanghter. Miss Jennie| w   K   M,jnis���n; 1(1,,n;an of the
-Taylor, returned, Tutsday. trom a
.short visit t. Victoria. ^ ukc], i)u._ ui; K,v.,olil. ,,���,,,.
::' . .
'.Daily News,
I have taken ov
i of Vancouver.
Mra. C. A. Welsh, ot New West-
flatnster, aud Mrs. J. F, Beit*, pra-
foee spending the coming week in
���samp at Boundary Bay.
267 Columbia St.,
wSWbb $ sms
New Westminster, B. G
Cut Glass,
And all kinds of Jewelry
Repairing a Specialty.
I.ADNER,   B. C.
Two canoes   were   *iolen   from
'| Boundary Bay on Monday hist.   I..
H. Nicholson  and  0. 17 Corbould
_ - being   the   victims.   Thia   ib   the
V. Martinolich returaed, yeatei-! third or fourth  time  |or  Mr. Cor-
Aay, from Rivers Inlet, not having bauld, we understand.
j-j��_.v#-th .mich success.   The wit 	
season has set ia there already.
Jil-?'-_S-'l.*'f��s��ff_*��-&._ria     &AILs.
Bi Beets and ^hees
Remember  Uie shooting  season
i opens Sept. ist, and il vmir notices
Mi__B. M. Carss came over from | refluire   l0  ������.. reil0yated   or   vou  ?
Vancouver. Thursday, and proceed-| wJjh   lu  po_.,   lrcsll   iMcS  W(J  wu
*A to Boundary   Bay  where she is| supply vour ���,..���,.,     Dollans speut
the j��e_t of Mrs. F. W, Harris.      j beK urc dK.ulatet. ri���Ul ,t Lorae,
O p. o* Reduction mM G0��^
Now is the time to outfit in Nobby,
Up-to-Date Styles	
J sins St !d��$!��s%im at
i'ej _.,
Miss   Dulcie    Horahv   left,    ou ,   , ,
��.      , ��� ' _-     ,. i     lhe un mi  praver  meeting held
Tujfwar Hiorwitig, for  Vancouver, . ,
.   ,,    ...    ,.-,..    , in   the   Piesbytcnan    Church   on
accMmpanteM by Miss \ lolet I.adner,
'___.*.'_.:n :.'._.    ���*_. i     r         '   1   M Thursday evening was  verv  mter-
���pho will stay ernXw her lor a week.        , .    .      ,    ,   ,       	
"e\ C^dZ^ im. d^��^^d^Z\ Dossed Chickens. | |Q_ p|||
Kamloops, who have been visiting l evening next at ������ o'clock, \    j},.st nnce raid for Dressed Chick- ���
ens by   A. DesBrisav,  Vancouver.
See out Agent, I    A"v *ierson havme clrims agfli��st
E   T   CALVERT ithe Estate of the late Ceo. Paddon
a%&Ef0mg Port Guichon
It lends here, went over to Vancouver, this morning, but will return
hero again before leaving for their
111 Shows  some  particularly  Good Values in
Shirtwaist Suits, Blouses
ind Wash Skirts	
75  Columbia  Street,    -   -   -   -    New Westminster
���_��� ,n���iF**f-i"Mrr_si
Miss BefesoH wei.t over to Van-
touver, on Thursday, accompanied
by Miss K. Baker. Mins Baker is
returning home al'ttr visiting ^^i s
ipenson. rluri^g thc jiast two weekSj
^t htr home, Broad View Faun.
-.0 YEARS'
of ��$.___
L.   M.   Rii-hHrdsoti,   the   geninl
manager ofthe local branch of the.
2.">ysii Bank ol Canada, leaves, on
Wednesday, for _ two weeks' holi-l
iaV.    R. E, Walker  is comine to^
j. ���      ji i��
relief'   Mr. Richardson,  who  will
return at the en.i of ihc month.
Tradi. Marks
Copyrights __c.
Anrini* nisnilln. n Fltc-Ifli mid description lniiy
sn-.i-Kiy tiaoertnin pur oplntoii ti*^u wnothor mi    ;   ���  ,     ,
invontlon 19probablypatenui_i_ft  Connnynlca.      C;et\' lias
iioiisMris-iiypoirtiiioiiiiiti. HANDQOOK     roi����it�� , ,
bontfroB.oidostnooncyf6rBomiriiiarpatonu,       .,,1  Sattirdav, Seotember 2ist ami
Putfiitu taken tbronen Munn ,_ Cu. reeoWe ��� '
t,.rrU,t witto, WltbOUt cbnrue, lu tho
The (h'.te of the Annual Exhibition of the  Delia Agricultural So*
aeeu  changed lo Piiday
are requested to furnish particulars ��� ��� ���       ������������
of same to the undersigned. i
Agent for the Executrix, Man-
Ann Paddon.
Under instructions from the Executors oil
the  Estate of the Late W.  L, McBRIDEj
Scientific Jhmricat..
k lin.n_som.ly lltnntrists.il svocikly. l.nrcejt <Sr.
caliilifin ot nny . rlenUOc I'lnrnul. Terms, ?1 a
vouri (onr months, lis Sola by ail new_d_aler_.
MUNN &Co.36,B�������� New York
llranoh Olflce. Ktt F St- WiwblDuton. u. C.
J.  A.   PATERSON, !    A Savings  Bank  Account  Book [THEJ   ENTIRE   STOCK
President, of Canadian Bunk  of Commerce.
A   Di R. '; 7*.i.'M., !    Arpiy
A 1'resh >ji.'vV*s- of hooks for the!
Farmer..! Jnsi.tnte Library arrived)
���jn Thursday. Thin box has been \
soniewihat delayed jn reaching here, j
���bat it is hoped they will be much
t gpreci'ited ncvert'r.e'cs-.
;>: -1 nm?: ^^d^m&
''^Sd '-
Will bo offered to the public at
To make room for an
Entirely^ New Stock       4&       tH
ipitit^VVh.Ht i? well
, pelta' soil  *inl   cotv'.itio
hsitvested pt.d   thfesiie i
17,"       ^
I.���""^fei ��������&������*'.y^My.'* '\\&d$.'jzL
1    jmW-:'- - - d ?; .��� a ; p-dd-dm
1 jT*-fei._ *    >��� .        ��*..fT ,, i,   i  -Til--*  i'i '.j'.-j.' j
to i
--.���'���.���'���-J, ..-
. i &j-_s-i<S__��*��_*��*:
*; ;.'-"/
-��� -'-._
n; ies��eus , ,i* w
eat crop ccjf.jej
in' the.   spr.ii;-.   aiiii   lirst-chtss re-1
eleatiec. seed can be  purchased at n
reofion ihlepriceIvoni ..���*��-' Oj.iv
ui lieha,
.i. V, ������-������
Come and  See Our  Special Line g;
Boots and Shoes,
���   Agents
Vancouver.. B.C.
Qiuchon,  B. C,


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