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The Delta Times Jun 16, 1906

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1 Ug-swa .4.^
JUN 20 M
-*L-_t__3^ *-!____
V��l. 3. No. 4!.
LvDNS-fc. !'
ii      *     !'
C.. SATURDAY, JUNE 15, 1006.
��1.1   ^T��
ay Races!
JCE-OfAfl SOCiaL. Serious
H r*r.**f fiiif
E _.
ftfiJ_i.S MEET.
Tbe  fi'-it   strawberry  festival o'
the  ser.snri   was  held  oa Tuesday
evening,  by the  Ladies' Guild ot
f S��.   Andrew's, in  the  Towm Hall.
You want to look smart that day and this Is the The rather *���_. anything but
pleasant,   nevertheless   the   Straw
Place to Buy Your Suit, Hat, Shirts, Neckwear,
painful accident oi
noon.    The   Miss<
been i .siting Mrs.
:t   vvi.u ii very       ia<��re  w_i*. u   g_re.-,. turriont, en
i7ie..day after-' S-tvird-j, evening last, on the oc-
Guichon   had ca^n   "'   -he   Farmers'  Institute
W, Wc-Uh audi mmin'-'    The meeti-itf was called
Etc., Etc.
were getting ready for borne when,
our new Tweed Suits, the very latest
cut, stylish designs, nicely tailored, sizea 85 to
44. at 7, P, 9, 10 to 116.
chsioh   ol
lor the purpose of discussing tt-f
advisability ofthe Institute buying
berry apnetite was sufficiently keen; by some means, another rig ran jacks and twine wholesale tor the
Jo cut through the murkiest wea- tottl of theirs, Miss Guichon fcadlbenefi of its
ther. The hall was packed, tieitaken her vat wl.ile her sister, look ii
visitors coming nora far and near1 Miss Josie, ir tie.! the hone ard it' ]_ro
to show their appreciation of the; was jnit at this juncture when the Afle .onsiderabie discussion' it
-_.boisoft._elad.es in their under--accident happen''-!, Miss Guichon was decided to get figures far tbe
lakinK- j bsin*- thrown cut fracturing her leg. Supplying of 50,000 sack, and kalf
The  hall   was prettily decorated j ���  The horif became excited at tbe a car of twine
_|3th roses arid bunting to say aoth-1 disturbance and started ofl with the     On  tbe question of rural   tele.
membership, also to
L'to the rural telephone preb-
overturned  rig, but
Jas. Welsh secured tl
Boys' Suits from 1.50 to $0 in 2-piece and
ing  of   the   attractiveness   of   the
, supplies  for  the quieting   of   that
.'iuner  feeling   which   overtakes 90 Jos. Jordan set the buggy right,
many at this season of tlie year and j     It will be some  time  ere ihe suf
which is  only satisfied by a gecer- j ferer will b. able to take a  ve.y ac
ous   supply   of   strawberries    and ' tive part in life again.
i cream, ice-cream, cake, etc.
*    Tke Ladner Cornet Band delight
See c ur linen Burter Suits at $2.40 with
ed the audience by their presence
and materially assisted the ladies
tin tbeir endeavors to entertain.
��� A neat little sum, about j.60, was
'.netted which will aid in defraying
jt-U- expe_.se.. of the church.
Rev. A. McAuley acted ai chair-
The largest range ol .Regatta and Neglig<_>au ��**d a.t�� everyone had enjoy*
w. Bath  ana  phones the great majority appeared
'''���*  to  be   in favor _t  its introduction
and   affiliation   with J.nla   island
under  the  corporate  name of ibe
��*> JFraser   Valley   Tel-.o-_o.nfl   Ce.   if
i likely   to  become an accomplished
; Fact in the very a**ur future.
Those who save beeu   u_iag tie
I telephone, under the' rural system.
last ursbighly pleased  witb it. and aa
Thursday,   under  the   auspices  ofj *o��der.    It  means a great Saving
;the  Ladies'   Guild  of   All  Saints,
'and  through the  kindness of Mr
��� and  Mrs.   1-7 J. Green,  of Green
Tbe   Garden   Party,   held
Shirts we \ ave ever shown. The Best Shirts are
made in lerlin and Hamilton, Qnt. Tha best
selection Irom these Shirts is shown in this Store
croft���in spite of somewhat threatening weather���proved a most sue-
ill  tbe  ��,ood  things) cessftil and certainly most enjoyable
tendered   the    Baud : ��nterlaii____ei_t.
It was thought at first, by some,
that tbe distance from town and
lUc uncertainty oi the baruiiieler
night militate aguin-t tbe success
of   the  undertakin.,,   but, on   tbe
led .o'tbe lull
I brovided,   he
a hearty vote of thanks which wa*
loudly applauded. The National
Anthem brought a very pleasant
evening to a close.
, lo everyone  using itr both  in time
and money, ��� ���
After  spending  a  pleasant   and
I instructive   evening   together   the
gnUicriag   i.i.persed   well  pleased
with having met.
Ice Department
See the "Traveller" Shoe for Men in Oxfords .and Bals., Tan or Black,.at the Popular Price, $4.00.
For Ladies the "Royal Purple" at $3.50
and "Tru-f_tM at $3.00 are the leaders.
Nice line Chocolate Oxfords at $2.50.
The   Board of License Commt.i-
ei___r�� aset, _n Wednesdav, in the
i interpreted, is
contrary,    everything    passed    off,
most satisfactorily.
Given���as   Kuciid would   say���
pleasant    surrounding.1),   congenial
Council Chambers, witb Reeve  W.  conjpailT, a���d a right worthy object
'H. Lain-r in tbe chair, and Coun. j ��.hat w<mM be Uw ,esu;, ?
Gibbie aud  H. J. Kirkland.   J.   P. j     Ans. Pleasant and profitable de.
Prese,lt' iduction,   Q.  E. I).    Which, being
In the absence  af   N.   A.    Mc-j interpreted| ,, ..Quod  eru*  demon
Di��r��id, C. M. C, H.   J.   Kitk
land acted as Secretary.
There being ao complaints against j _,. ^ guccega .,,-.,.��� ,.;,(;,r!,l:,.^
tke saloons, the busiuess  of grant-: 	
ing renewals was proceeded with,     j
In tbe case ef the  Delta  Hotel j L. O. L.
a renewal of licence was granted to; Important business was ttans
Marshall Smith. At Hotel Gta.i- acted at the semi-annual meeting .ol
chon the license had been tempor- the New Westminster District
arily transferred to Hon. Richard Orange lodge at Port Hammond.
McBride,   executor ef  the   YV.  I. ! Tuesday   eveuiuc,   which  did   not
We au revjnably  anticipate fine
weather for tbe Races on the  afith.
The   Weather   Prophet   has been
consulted, and declares emphatically
ihat tbe skies are weary with work*
' ing; overtime, and promises cloud*'
less sunshine ior the annual event.
The Steamer Transfer haa been
: chartered for the occasion  by Th*
; Driving P.;rk Association, and wiU
���bring all the visitors via New Weet��
.,,,    ,,-,,-.. .  .     .minster.   Those coming from Van-
The Guild is to be congratulated .,, ,        ,        *        ,.   ,
i couver will leave by the 9 0 clock
Housefurn ish i tigs.
New shipment Carpet Squares just in: Wool Squares, all sizes, from
$5.50 up. Tapestry Squares, all sizes, from $7.50 up. Ayrian Art Squares,
$15 to $25.   Nice line of Smyrna Reversible Rugs, 90c to $7.00.
Linoleums, Lace Curtains, Door Panels, Window Shades, Stair Carpets, Mattings, Etc., Below City Prices.
Marshall  Smith
car for ?^evv Westminster, as the
Transfer will not call at Steveston
as previously stated.
Everyone will take a half holiday
on that day, and the  Trunk  Road.
Will marvel at ihe crowds tbat disturb ils wouted peace, someoa foo.t,
some riding, some driving,   but ell
intent ou the same purpas*���-te get
to the races early.
At noon the Landing will see the
which was granted.    There  being I County lodge Ne. i, which is made'lait ef iu >"****bitants hurrying  tn
no further ausiness the Board  ad- Lp ofthe  following lodges:    New the track* ior the racea begin sharp,
journed. j Westminster, I. O. L.  No.   iHo,iatOBe o'clock.
Don't forget the 26th; Cast yoo?
McBride Estate, and now applica-1 ad.ouru
until three
tion was made to have same trans j The most  important   business  w
ferred to Emi'y   Susan   UcBride.I ti,e formation of New Westminster!
We wish to convince you that it
is to your benefit to open an account with the Royal Bank of Canada. Others are doing this who
earn leas than you do.
L. O. L. No 1593, Port Moody L.
0. L, 1633 aud Port Hammond L. j
0. L. No. 1S66. The ledges were
formerly in the New Westminster
district, but owin_r to the uumfcer of
1 Orange   lodies  being  formed  and
care and troubles lo one side en
that day, and joia the B��erry-��ak-.
ing crowd who ate beat oa cnj.T**
 ij.. 1 1
die of the Sawmill horses gave
! n good exhibition of hew to get up
speed with a dump cart on Wednesday. While the Celestial teamster
! wai getting some iwnall repairs done
j to the animal's headgeav at Hugh
; McDowell's, the horse took it upon
j himself to. do a l__tle practiciag for
[the  36th.    It is too  bad there is
pa provisiaif on the  prire list for
this class.
Tke poor Chir��am_.n wis. much
[dismayed at the energetic display
| after all tSe ^easing usmally re-
' quired te obtain anything better
'than the dead tbafdi.
"He heap scared at me!" and not
Saudi wonder.
The S.S. Sonoma leaves .,_di;er
at 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.; leaves Steveston at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Every
day except Suuday.
Remember the >;raHfl iu'.[ ia the
Tewn Hall, oa the evening of the
*5th af er the Races. Franklin's
Orchestra will be tkere and their
rep*-tation is good. The Ladner
Cornet Band is to get the beneit
se dea't fail tn turn out.
BRAN. SHORTS, Whole Corn,
Cracked Corn, Rice Meal, Chit
Rice, Chick Feed. Timothy and
Cloven Seeds, Sutton's Garden
and Field Seeds may be obtained
at Brackman-Ker Milling Co.'s
warehouses, Ladner, Irom Mr
II. N. RICH, T.ncil fttfent
 " 1 the territory cevcred by them, they
The Band  Concert was anothei I were becewia^ too ynwieldly for a
enjoyable  afiair and quite a larfie; district ana nfter some discussion it;
crowd turned   out   to   tak.  the lull 1 was   decided   to f.rm   the   county!
benefit of it.   There will be another) lodge.    The New Westminster dis-
| opportunity    given    next    Friday 1 trict lodge, however, is still  in  ex-
1 evening to show your appreciation | tstence and is composed  ofthe foi*
K. Fisher visited the Te*miat-|
City this week, returning ye.te._-.
hy tiirninc out.
The Boys hsve beea busily  engaged practicing and (getting ready      Among those who-tool,  in  the (
for the 26th. I Strawberry   Festival   on   Tuesday.
Frank Trapp, of New  Westmir- aveniag werel    " rs. Win   McRae,
���ter ,"has keen taking a band ii   tleiMiss  M.'G  Hewson,   Miss  Helen j
practices and, should he be here on I Teller, J,    M.   Dabney,   Win.   H.j
the 26th,   would  make a  v-'tiab'e ] Teller and  Ge*.   W.   Mclniyreoi;
addition to the team. I Point Reberts, who drov.- over de
There is  still  reason   to   advise, spite tbe unfavorable appearance ol
greater care in the use of the stick .'the weather.
while at practice.    One of our stal-;	
warts-reed vine  a  nssty cut  under'     -phe    Telephone    Company   arc
Vlissioa City L O.L.
Ne. 1629, Abbot ford I. 0 I..' No;
1.S67 and Ml I,.hmj�� !.. 0. i.. No.
It was also decided that the district lodges would Mt'ei'.d the (.elf'!
A fancy shell pin w*a found, tkia
morning, and may be obtained Irom
A. Clausen.
the right eve en  Wednesdav  even-
bration on July -12 this ycsir at 1
Abbo'.> ford instead .1 al Victoria. J
The 1. cal lodge at Abbotsford :n-|
ten.ls to li*ve n celebration and an
it was thtiught by the delegates
that too much time would be lost
in attending Ike provincial celebta-J
tion at Victoria, it was decided to,
have   a   combined   affair,   and  all
I-Ved Arthur is psckiug' areaad
an injured member. Oa Tuesday,
the 5th inst-. he had the ���isiertnan
to run a splinster into his hand witl*
the result that bleod peiseaiag ��et
in and he has had te have it epert
ated on. He is jetting slang nil,
rijht now.
FOUND���On Tuesday evening
June ist, in the Town Hall, a small on the Trunk road have heei in a
Souvenir brooch. Owner may have very shaky condition fov some lime,
same by proving propei tv antl pay-j so that the newer work will be
ing for this rmtj<--. n',1!.*'1 appreoi de 7
bringing  a copper  metallic   trunk
line   from Weslmin-ter  clown   ihe
,,. ,        ,' I..- 1  Oraticeren of the county  anil dis-
River   road   and very   substantial **
, ... -r, .      trie*: lodges   will   'oe   these  on   the
poles are  being set up.    The poles "**
great and glorious twelfth.
^amberlaiii's Cough Remedy
Don't.forget the "-Strawberry and
Ice*Cream S_*tiar' -in Oddfellowtf
Hall, on   Monday   aitcrneos   aaa)
evening, muler the auspices of tke
Ladies* Aid of the- Methodist
Church. Afternoon Tea will bn
ssrved from 3 to- 7 o'clock. Tke
Band will be in attendance. Ad-
mission to the Hall in the evening 7!II. PELTA TLNf.ES. f-UTPRfUY, [UNI.
', r.;.:s-:i*r> RY8.RY  SATllnOAT,
Sobscr��"11o��i_ $��-���� p-'>-**���>*���
Casual  AJs-Ti.itar.ti, io c_i.li per lint Ioi
There ir�� a gent-email L. Brooklyn
known to Marsha.! P. Wilder, wbo
His the storv, who  is  rarticnlarly
__ tmeitil   to   ��.*  that   non** of thai
ifc^ur^t'iii-.iti��n.��_.iJ}��Miwj>"- Ua- ,u.r f��ch I -,,���,,�����.��,.., in   hiu   famtlis   shaft   _��__���
iub*tt)n--.t iaacitiou.    Thc   riaia!*-!   t,l   linen   >tiung9ttr*�� IU   HIS   ia_Dliy   SOft-l   es
t^k-us-.i b, i_< ��i��ce o��upi.4, i��___��w ��� ���*.-1 Cip(. lhe pe) al5i���s r E trfJi|lg a  ilse. i
R��t<�� t_r Coniiufr.i;.!  arivartlseneiit- aan te   __jjod.
__a4 uu afiuUeatibii nt Oii�� ___.f-. _ __���, ._i__w__ i
One   eveniag   a   ead-i,    taking
seme interest in the- ei_jhl-year-old
! _a. of tke family, endeavored to-get
to draw  nearer,   desiring
some confidential  chat  with   him. j
ftr,ishii_ B'___ces.aw-<:uta,|ls_l
ier  1-r -ao��� ia- .
iiiiu. na 1 Dra___>ul_l_M, Sy... _larr_-|:.-$l....
a��; st.et-li.1 aetrice, One* ��*_#-*>. _-��*��k**>;_��������  .. _ i___
-4i,>-i_.t< tUt (sfsiuiiiirv lit licit ��1 a-iv la-MaMl I tne ooy
a. ^��p.iu.T.l-_�� _-B__larei.  ��u   .ti?-rl't_r��i-ut |
.riiJCs.ut_.-_ aut.rtlia.ly.
_utiii'crti_waM <*��if_�� tm -�������-?iifr__; ]}B| the boy hiui" back.
'James,     ste.nlv eacwned   the
father,    "won't   yen.  go  to   Mrs.
ws, re��|iuui|_ss_ic. la'itetl aa  -.alt-nk cl pablic
tB._r.-_l.   C .tumnalanUiiat t- editor **m be ac-
. __��� ,1. i,i.<i  Iiy   aaiuc isl writer, ac-aet-eu-aril.
Ui   aBblieuUmi-bal aa eTideuce _SfOs_.i.laitb     Ulank>"
siir��*v(*i.ii4.n*.s, ra-aat raat-b l-iaa-*..- by Th-,.*- \ ���_*�����"-.
^ayevealm.. |      "Na, sis,"
sullenly responded the
The New Confectionery Store
 AH 0 ���_-���
Tlu-.   is   He___<-f-_carters  ten*  Fres__   Fruits  of   Every
Our Ice-Creaia is made from Pare Cte-.in'., Fresh Daily.
Up-tc~>Qata Soda Fountain.
Leave   Year  Ordera. Horo  tor- Strawaesrries
and Get the Beat In the Market*.
��� *
*    Delta Transfer Stable |
v     ream Mfe** _3q#._. ._-__ Sporialiy low Prlcea. *
t ��� ;  . %
JOSEPH JORDAN. Proprietor.
��� Telenhone "���' T.adner" Nil.  ro.
W-j   _>o/l  Tor  less.
�� ���_���������!-��� 4-H- ��� ���h^'f'*r**f ��� ���_������ ������+'e _**���_**�� -f.���+'t>>-:-��*f+���+���+���+���+���.+���*
-J .. 1. J. 1...'-  '..- *-H-B**g*-B . I..
________.. _ a i i a
t-**<j..  R.
__ESS_____eW S9BS
"Why���don't yon like iiv.?"   ask-j    R R Diaoii,  ��.  A., pruicijal ol j -*}^y   N   Dra/Der
*v._..i_,i_.     ;..ups,.���;���.s   a    s.m.rl   Itlip  r.ntlri��r a'nlinr\1    lifivitiit- t_'s;:.v neil . " * *
ed tholady, interposing a  remark   the Ladner school; having resigned
SATVUVAV,    flUJf."   H).   l-^oS-.
before the father coiikl speak.
bis pusitiou litre, leaves some   limej
When a communityt is in need ��t,        m^n hj ^^ go (iisrftsptcl.
U*e er three different kinds of im- \fa\\* t9 tkis lady*"
provemeats, the beat thing to do, in!     "Indeed, father,   I  don't  know
OWler to gehthe-a. is to find oat- how to please you,"   laid  the  lad;
w%icb ia the most easily obtained
I     "No, ma'am,  1 don't," was the  next   ra.mtb   for   Albnta.   wheraj;
trank response' i.herc is a great demand b_r teachers j
"Look hers, young maa," shout- .and better inducements are held out '
ad the now.angry parent, "what do to them thau iu this province.    Wej
wish Mr. Dixon e.e.v  success  in
11. Hilar- Hack. New w.��i-_.i.>M...
-US urw  VeutUI-
____e_-_g-_3___*__ . __ii_._a i���.-*
k*. then j all together wiih the intention et ebtaining that particular
ipiproveoKBt, after tha^ object haa
been attained, then pull toget'Afr.-
Sor the p_-rfec_is-g of otber plans.
We need afreet l_gh_.ng, a water!
.n stem en$ a. sewerage s-y��tem. The;
'i|htiaf is '��thit��i our r.tcb; tDc
water ayatera _s being talked abeat
outside tbe district- buir ne pra^osi*-
aon has teen oiri*;ially made^as yett i
1.1  the   Council in regard   to  tbis:
"yesterdav you  nearly  licked thei A*  ��* U-   ^',
lite out of me fer. telling a lie,, and j    Wt�� Lodge, No, 12 meet* first
to-day, when lam takiag nechancea, [and tll>-rd Tuesdays of ei__b moaih
yon   Ret   mad becanse  I tell   thei'" Oddfellows' Halt
trnth-" '.lines, Toud. M'.W.
  ?.. W, Kv-RSt, Recorder.
Fashion Stables =
TVucking and Dtayi7-ig'_
I.ivery  work  of all  kinds attended to promptly.
Chickee Time!
_mi, \���  tmi ,immm | ��� ��� ��� i   ���- i    aaaammameaaaemmaaaaaw >��i-. *
If yx>n contemplate buyiDsr ���&_*. Incubator or
i Brooder yoti cannot do better than to get pricea
off th�� Ladner Agent for th�� CKATHAM.
"Yeur wile, I bel��i��_, ia a ��t_ong-
_BJnd*d wcynau."
"Oh,. I don't know, I should
rather _��g��rtl' her i* brittla-mind-
"Ves; she's been giviag me pieces
btwjur-andith^ matter of a sewarage st her
"^-T-jpja  ia   i* tbe   bands   of  thej Post.
Health   Department   and   not yet
leady tor publication.
Considerable talk has been indulged ia, ia regard te incorporation but we fail to see where tbe
bjcuciit w-ulii coaje iu. It. would.
cost equally as milch to ran a
Council for a town as.for, a district..
Before iu.orporatic.-. can be accomplished, a t}eti_iQjn must be obtained
contaiuingrtha -tames at the owners
af more .tha*. ona-bail of the prop
wty te be incorporated and hew
many .can be got ?
If improveoents hcst be made
fjrst get all that is to be got frem
the-._,*&.s.c.1 aad tfeen gay for the
rest, but ws-rk ^et^ier in yaur de*^
matida.atid dan'tsay "I'll buck the
light till thc water comes" on���nntil:'
ne get nothing.
ii__l for jesm."���Cliicajo
I t.O.OF.
j Deltu Lodge,. No. . l _-
liar meetingssof -.is Lodge a-ie held
i every Wedhesday evening at S p.
liu. Visiting Brethren ceodially in-
vited to attend.
Vi. C AB-aoa-B*. N'..G,
W.  H. Taylok. Sec.
ioi i mm,
Ludner< T.. C
McRAE & Co
Westham Street,
Lndner. B. C.
new wESTnii^-STriR^ lire.        ns,
A lull line of Knglish anil Irish
Tweeds eind Fancy Troaseuings always kept in stock.
Inwrporated 186V.
Meat and Potatoes
Easiness in grain and feed is fair,
and there is a steady supply in all
-limes. Chits are Smier. Other
lines are- uiich-flg.d.
Toronto��� Select*! live.'hogs
fetch $7 jo; lights and fata,. $6.95
per too Lbs.
90  'i.*����S*
We can supply you with the linest quality
of the above articles at reasonable cost.
Remerafeer tfes place
Delta llleat markett
Phon�� &.
Ladiier- B.C.
Ta*_*K Mamie
Coev-uoHTa Ac.
Aa. _-iH_i-la_:��a-t��tali _fvt.aa_arlis.lna aiat-
ir.lctls awaftaaa a*r,onmau In. w-albar an
ir��n*_-i -��ar.*ahlrl��*��*����i_____S___r����nin'<��>i>aa-
,HM>rr'.t-l7_'_iSUtfialal. MfiMMI <n Pai^-iw
stmt rrt*. OlHaat a����iior for���eaarln(j>_s-e��la.
. raeelvt
     t atanof torieoonngpa-MMii.
Pataata i-kea tlroaaU Muua A Co. reaelvi
>r<__rM-��. w+iHoa* t-Mrva, ta.tM
$ci.R..fic flwerkan.
Ladner Carriage Works.
PractieaT.    FTorses_noeing-
,Carriage BniM_t.ga.__. Paint-]
ing, and General Jobbiag of
All Descriptions.
We- carr_,' tire finest class
of Carriages and Farm Implements at rode bottom prices.
CAPITAL, - - - $3,000,000
RESERVE FUNDS,       - -' $3,302,743
TOTAL ASSETS, - - $31,183,625
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department.
Deposits, oi $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Bates.
-. 61 BRANCHES.	
East End. Mt. Pleasant, Granville Street; Graad Forks, Nanaim*,
Nelson, Rossland, Victoria, Vernon, Cbilliwack, Camberlajt-i aad
Neve Weatmfnater.
e-rg-l ��a._j-it���Jgp-1
A great experiment  is  in  band, j
^ys the Autocar, with   regard to i
:he   distj  scisance,   t��   praye  by!
practical i-lentor.stuiiion, t*bat dnsl-i
less roads can be rr_ad*. afta cest  to |
the ratepevers of considerably  less
than tbe present  system of dusty :
roada.     Iji   cciijuncteon witb the;
I$-at Cannty Council, a leng-tb af\
tine Loi.don-Maidstone road ia.to.be
laid fvith u)��tituous sections of various   dustles.   materials,   so   that
tbe surface and relative  wear can
-be earefullj-, eon-pared under itlent*
ka'ly tbe same  traflic and*. simiUr.
conditions.   These sectione will be
aii  object  le^on to. hifhway   au-
tbo^tie.*.- t_ifci_-jhout the cotyitty,
aod ^yevy information on  the  &ub-
���fcct wiu be-place, a: their disposal.
. hana-H-m.ry-Whl>_*_��a4 ���wmiUf.
<ml����icr..-l aiiy i-iasjttaj Jet,     . _    _
r..v* -mar m<;,tli* %. _V_-4b.aH aevxlnlan.
IUM���IMk ���|T-
Varsif, It a.
WmESB CL T BAKER, Ladner, B. C.
Just Arrived���*
�� Dry Goods ���
Gents* Furnishings -
ts steW going on Bargains
Blucher Cuts!
' 1^ SS3: THE KING,
ijli��8in>to, Jtijui u���Fitir- keen
teatiaiit, we_ti_.*��?etl aivii looking
fpr all -vfe WsWljl like _$dliti.iaae on
ipipyrtatrt busiae'sS. Itft'eu tbe train
f$r Duncans, Satn_j_ay ���_or_sinj..
Tbey weorji C>!e*f,Joe Ca-oalino of:
WtiMtyM-tj C'tiftf Harry of ?qu��-
a sb. GW-f Xahutye hom.dic Ft/rscr,
ind Chief Capt. C-5��rlie alto of. tbt
Praser*,wJbo.arri*j*ad fipns V-fpccmycr
lust ni^bt, "The party are going.to
fbincans in reterence to the trip ef
A Full Line ol
HEN cine! BOYS'
Qet a Suit at Once.
.'r S'lftfld*.
���   ..'������-_-
,, *1?V;, .-*-.* jj.
I J- .1. .     . '-UU..-!���t. mi-      i    ���___-B_-��-_a-B---t5-_
 1   ._L__-_-
3:30   a.m.     .
11 a.m.
.Matins, 11
Sunday .Sc
Friclpv, ev
ill lUOIltil,
.iio oVlooV:.
- "        EDISON RECORDS,!
NEW SdAli_| WILLIAMS PIANOS, -������ !
Kev. Canon Hilt.
11. vicar.
'."/.'ill' _,IC
Services first and lli'ril Sunday o;
each mouth at 10:31; a.���_-..; Ueuedic-I
tion, 7:30 _) m
Sunday school at 3 p.m.
Low Uas�� ailtl Holy Corn!- ituip..$
lirst and third Monday.*! al '.. .i.ai.
Rev. l"..\b.: Wnguei-, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
Tlio greatest choice in Vancouver.
The  best   values for  your money
���"-       terms of purchase.
and   easiest
.Services next  Lord's Day,,it  11
i a. in. and 7:30 p.m.
j    Class  meeting, to.30 n'.tii. every
j Suuday.
! .Sabbath School nt 2 p ni
1 Sunday. Prayer meeting
[Thursday evening at 7.30.
Rev. J. }���". Betts, pastor
I Vou war.t to HIT \e\ot _���*-__. T_r<r ni'...: f r*
--be it bird, t-titt ur tar;*t. Iklahc font
shuts cunt iv fthootuig 1:* 3TKV.K..\S.
Fcr 41 yoaw*SrEVKSCl At-M* bare
t__r.._.d ok lU.tM. LI. ISOSOKS i-.t AC-
Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols
A.-* yt-ur Det.ta��� lo*
hLMcn tit-. Stirs*-.,
If you ui_&_t -__4*.n,
"ae    *i��ip. i'i_ra,t,   tv.
M(ftp. e-Tc a_a__* \s.. e
.' oaU 4 _ u. lb Mamm
1 r i-c *iia(*�� Cable*
t.t��r.mrH��ietn*t|-..t. A
*-.;��� k-T \mvA"T.t tb-l
Bca.ui.ul t-hm*o.o>Al..m.ti-_nt. fiat-ft-. will
bc _orw_tt__c-i lor 10 _�������.* in atampi,
Ji Stevens Arms & Tool Co.,
V. O. Box -09*
^ Limited,
558 Qranvile St., Vancouver
ST. AXDl-KW S  I'll __.S_.VT.C_t IAN
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a.in  uud 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 am Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7.3a ���'clack.
Rev. A, McAnley, Vu.tor..
The*. Wild (torus.*. Am Tlcl.-.n-s sad
Said to Av Itstamat,;,'
Writing of the _tang_, or wild borsas,
uf liu.i.i, found Se .T-thala-.i r.f Titer.
Ttioniau SV. Wilier ia ''Toe f ..rests cf
L'rper India aud Their inhabitant.*'
Here fur the tint time we saw the
Liang,  or wild  '..arte,    ^Vr-cal herds
tuii.* 10 look u: us as wc i_._ir.'__*d a_._t
galloped aro'nnd. t^igbin^ arid kicking
uji, '...'. kk.: at .. isspei ..... u.siance.
Tbey haTc big, ugly bends and talis
and t'aira  tike a oiula'a and   . '.!_...-_.
isti-ip*. down u.a back; color, ligbt bay;
with white iiu.it*.   Tbey lave nae fr_e
action In tint -ml gallop and ar* fourteen in fifteen bands .high, eiroug iu
Ike leg* mui lituivy in i.���i l.uily.    We
nai-e ��tivonied b.v the iieiglilng uf n��-
ui.rous wild ksii.t-a to tt<_ land nf tha
kiain*.     Several   nerd*   kfpt   circling,
round, div old auliloiui apii.oacklng iu
a iiuite ilii'eutt-iiiug maniutr, snorting,
squealing and kicking up ii,*-ir heels,
- wklU tke iiiu'.-e. und foul* guUop.i1 oft
j Bt 11 mora rat-pevtinl disttnice.   Xbere
was a.kui'd of klangs which careered
' about 0111- camp ln a most object;.:!.,
i lil. way, making tba mu.t faarfui til--
[ tnrbniic-s.   Wo wltR-aaetl a battle roy-
: .1   between two *t��llloin, wbkli  for
! ferocity nml wkked fury iurpaased any
��� rlglit 1 Ii.'itc soon,    Again ul.i agsiu
1 tke pnir went ut ��n�� aiinltier liko  li
j gerf, biting antl kicking nml niitiillfig,
] the blood flowiinr freely, lviilie tiie feu:
fnl yella nnd roars they ke_>t up were
terrifying to heat*,   'i'liln went on for
konra.    The honible i-oars and shriek'
lng* made  b.r  tlie  wild  horse   wben
fighting sound something lik�� a noise
edy    as    the    very    best    remedy j between   a   donkey'���   bruy   and   tke
Lai.   I.a'.i finaV-rta-t.
Fd like to .ist. a ni-...-. .t-ft.et^
Wt ere I <*oi''.1 slrrj,:. '*
A s^rt or Wc-Ki/ viiii.uj.
is. dfaw D,>- __.iir/.
Ami ;*...*i. a= that gvt b-.r__r__sani��
*,r:'. Sm/r-.tJ Ir. ;;-.-..! ���.., bora ma,
I'd i'.V.; to .*.a-��_ iom-.- fellow {.aid
Xo g. un.l tlruw it :.r na:
Tlie   Impurtdfit   HcAallua..
"Ilow do yyu ||kc your _.s>w s<*r*��
������'J'bat lin't tbe.ti'ji-'' n .at ail," att-
iw.rred young Mrs. Tviiics. "Wt are
tryllig'to lir.d ts'.t bow sLe like* us.".
.1   Dsmealla l.izierrak.
A . t-'.a-i.* inairun nainad klaad
Dacld.d har /run waa a ::u-_,
��0 it,, put t*..-.- X"-<oi lad
t- ut j rnUC-i to itii: Isutl
Wl,_u it,, i.t cti'Ms i__..wr��_i aad
nim.lt'im. Kuit.
"Yen. 1 know hlm ai..-htljc He tl>
ways Impresses me ee being r��U��r a
aard utau."
������a.iilV -ii*.; that nun can dull a
kuife (.j Jutt carrying It ih kla pockeL"
The \'trv Bc*t keinedy for 13o*el
M. )���'. Uorrouglis, an aid and
well known resident of BluSton,
ind. says: "I regard Chamberlain's
C.lic, Chelera and Uiarrluea Rem-
m.t  Ska Par* Wall.
Tu a fair la.J.�� b-ltod fur tha fall*
Tht oenductor snid, "LAlf, your tmref
til,, paid him, end ts_<
On hi* stsi aid ';,. f.
Wilh tha fara be'ia tha fair ta tba lair.
nn ever acknowtedfta si.
. '���.'������ us whea ba puts the Ught-4
' .* .ii.it.' lu k_a nienl__b
c* .."���
\ijer-fc   for   Columbia   Graphophones   and
JAPTilT. 1
Sabbath -ervicea ut i.u��iun   at 11 j
a.m. ana* 7.30 y. ni.
Sunday Schotl at 10 a. iu. i
Prayer meeting on Thtiraday' at!
7.319 p. bi.; choir araet.ee at S.      ���   {
C. Croft, fl. A., pastor
for bowel trouble. I. make
1 this statement after having naed the
I remedy iu my family for several
i years. I am ntver witkeut it."
j This remedy is almost sure to be
: needed before thc summer is aver.
1 Why net buy it new aad be
, nreparetl for suck an emergency?
I For sale by All Diuggiita.
Time Table.
A. Large AeBortment of
1     Train  leaves  Cl_verdale at 3:40
p.m. and arrives at Fort Cuicben at
;.j:5u p.m.
Train leaves P��rt Guichon at
5:10 p.m. and arrives at Cloverdale
at 6:25 p.m.
Wandays enly.
tkbiaatad   to  I*r-M_   ritOa.
Juku ikiiap^i of the St Leuia r.epaV-
ILrau had Utile ua�� fur praaa ageuta,
aud lt took a mighty abivwd utau to
S��t a tree puff from hliu. lie never
would publ.uk a lawyer's or r. dotft.ir'a
name If be could avoid lt, for fear they
might derive aouie )-euefit from tho
frae adrertisatuaut It it said tbat oue
morniug mention waa mad* tu tb* U_-
liubllrau ���they cal) It the KepubUe
uow���of ��� man having died of .(right',
dis-ase. Old man Kt-app bunted up
the proofreader and outbid klui Into th*
pilvat* alBe*.
"Why diii you let that g*t Into tU
*.,iiealliig of a jackal, but far uiore oar
pi*rv'inn and discordant. Here tbe
klaug ia found in considerable .nuin-
bers. H* ia, acookliiig tu tbe liui.iu
accounts, untamable. Ther* was a
young on* piuvhaaedl at Bage>.a[' fdlr
from avium Huiiiai for a amall price.
Tka purchaser thought b* bad u ^oud
bargain aud piopiiaeil to aend the animal to Kngland, but when bl�� mon
went to bring awa.v tke puri-hJun.. no
power could iiiiliii-e lt lo leaf* iln filter uioikor, an old Abl.et poay, which
th* el*Tcr Hunlaa refused te sell except for an exorbitant .11m.
Taku al Mia Viard.
H�� (artar laarriagei- What I T��
har* no fertuuc? Vou aald ����*r aud
ever ijmlB tbat y.11 v/erv afraid *o_c.
���a* would marry vou for your money.
Sbe���k**; ami you eaid over *nJ ���r*r
agaia tiaat fee would b* fcappy rri-.h
we If 1 kadu't a unit W**-. 1 ___������ .r.'i
a cast.
Bad B��ea Thara.
tkllrh-Oh, Ethel, wbei ib.ll I dat
Jack any* h* iupikiws tt'a all ewer ha
twain ua and that ha'U a*ud my pre*
eat�� back.
.tithel (���xp-ri_a_*d)-Tell blm to brtag
Th* Old Vlallu Makera aad tha Mat*,
rial   Thar liaad.
Tb*   groat   violin   maker*   all   lived
within tbe compaaa of 150 yeara.   Tbey
ckoM their wood from a few great tlm- 1
bera   felled   iu  tk*  south  Tyrol   and ;
floated dowu tn raft*���piu* and maple,
sycamore,   .war  and  nab.    Tbey   ex- ,
tui'.M. tbetM W* Oad atreak* and vein* j
and   freckle*,    valuable   auperfli-ially'
when brought est by tarnishing. *
Tbey leai-iied te tell th* dynasty of I
a*k*d tb* eld maa, Indicating i 'h* pietva of wood by i.iuchlng ttieiu.
Vo Ee Sold At
b dSlmfock Prices
Garden   Tools of  Every   Description
There ure two through pasaeri-
��tr *ntiu_ ner day each way te and
from .Seattle aud a mixed train te
and from 1'elliughuHi.
W^tb hia fortftuger tb* obJvctUinabi*
"I don't �������� bat that'* *_ right," aald
th* r��ad��r.
"fee don't, ah?" anapped old man
__uapp. "Ten Aen't. ��_.? I>* you t-dut
w* want te adv��rti_*e that man Bright
Cur aothlug? He never had aa ad. ln
this paper ln hia lit*."
Port Guicnon, B. O.
% Telegraphers[SpCCial Offer Of
Seasonable Goods
Annually, to fill tbe new positions
create*, by Railroad and Telegraph
Companies. We want YOUNG
MEN aud _,APf-..*i��t good haiiits to
Eiecmc niii com
-.Westminster Branch)
Time Tul.lr
Curs Wave Wcstaitusier tor Yuucotiver at 5-jt
and 6.50 a.m. ttwi hyurly tlicrfdl'ti-r uulil ll p.
ui.; Saturdays and Suudays nt 11 p.m.
Caraleare Vaacvuver for WeitMiinat-ra at y?*
aud 6.50 a. m. aud hourly ll.eiTatt.rr until it p.
m.i Bftturdaya aad Runday*. ut 11 p.m.
W�� run ftf��<l_-M frcijcat  cara Wtween  Want-
uiiiiHtrr and Tancuuver aud all gbipm^uU art j
handled with tke utmost carr uud  delivered ta i
consignee without Helny     rtpecinl Ktteutiuu pai4
to fruit .--lipuicuts.     Oui  nu^ouv  uirrt all hoatr, [
If you want a boy baby, don't IM tha
���tort know It, or It will bring a girl.
Ton wll' Cud, by ih* way, that *>*ni*
Influent:* atmilar to th. atork'* ha* fallowed you ia all your _*__r��*.-/_ .kir
���ou Globe.
When yon with t- buy visiliag
cards call en the Delta Tinea whs
will sell thc heist money  can  bny.
They weighty, them, ibf-v itrucl then 1
! and Haiened to jodg* bow faat or now ;
{ alow or  bow  rtaoiifinti.v  tbey   would j
I vibrate in anawer to  utringa.    Some |
j portion* of tb* wood kuuat be poioui
and Mft, ao.ii* eUiee of liber.   Juit the
right beam waa b.nrd to And.    When
found, it can b* trnceti all througb tb*
riolin* of com* gr< at master and aft**-
j hi* doath in *oin* nf bis piiiilla.
I    Th* p!*<'* of wikhI waa taken home
j and noaeoaeil, diic-d tu th* kot Dreads
j snd Cremona sun.   T>s* hotiae of Htraii-
Ivariaa, tb* great master of aU. ia ��*-
I atntied a* biiYlnc been a_ lint ne an
! *Ton.     Tbe   wood   was   tliere   no*Wed
! through  aud  through   with  tuiishiu*.
1 In Uie great heat the (rll* thinned and
! *liui_)er<*d   alowlj  and  (lenetrated   far
; Into tlie wood aalil the th. i.lik beoau*
j a part ef the wood Itself.
'    Th* old Tkilln maker* n_ed to mt*
j *Tery bit ef tb* wood wben they found
... .   . .   ,_ .   _.        ,,, j whatttiey liked to uietid actl patch aud
It you need them printed, why you ' |pIj.y wMfc )f   ^ mnnt gwl m n,m).
are money in pocket hy  calling  on j uant I* the wood of good old tIoIIds
' that they tnnrnnir and e<-bo and alug ln
. auawer to any aouad wbor* a untnber
' of them hang together fin the wall, as
j If r*bear_tng th* old muai. that they
the Delta Times irst.
How to l!reak l> a Celd. 1 obi-* kn*w.
and trnins.
I'or rnte��, etc .ipply tw
am orwory,
trail;. Mf r.
I u.ul M_;r.
BEE SUPPLIES ��� lliK-kwheat,
. Fall   Rye, Clover, Timothy,  Lawr
f Grass,     KnsilaRe    Corn.   Mangel.
Tnrtiip.       Sj'tfial    quotation:,   in
mm   *     ��� _. r .1   . quantity.
We furnish 75  per cent,  of tliei1
Operators and  Station  Ajents  in j    Spray Pumps, Whale  Oil Soap,
America.   Our six schools are the ! Vegetable Plants.
largest exclusive Telegraph Schools j
in the world.    Established 20 years      Urge stock of HOME OROWN
and endorsed by all loading  Rail-' I-rtiit and Ornamental Trees now
way Officials.
We execute a $250 Boqid toe-eery
stnilent to  h.rmsh hini  or  her  a .
fashion paying fmm fc�� to j^-aJ.��^��OHnsp.ctioii,
saontk in States east ot  the  Rockv |    _.et   mc   price your  list   ^fore
Monmaina. or from tp to $100 a ;   Uci mdcr
menth ia States west of the Rockies, j -
.���me-iately upon graduation. Wc   do   business   on   onr   own
sMttdeats can enjer at any time, [grounds���bo rent  to pay, and are
No vocations.    For fall particulars , prepared to meet all wmpfetitia-te.-
regarding any of our s.-hrols writi- j
direct   to   our eraecntive office  at	
Cincinnati, O.    Catalogue free.
matured for the fall trade.
No expense, loss or delay of futiii-
Cincinnati, Ohio.       Buffalo, N.\
Atktiita, Ca. l.aCro*��e, Wis
T'_.t.'..at-a,T_-.:. S.u�� t'raucisco.Ga
cata;.(x;t,*,e free.
M. J. HENRY, Vancouver
3010 WestmtiMler Rwad.
Our Sheet
Metal Fronts
Ofttr yo�� ��pleo*d mvproeami- c-
wa.ll ��__. hr any .tyki tsf bi.,kll__.
W�� m^fc- Ikon owplau, to 	
__ny _ii__l or ___^rtl s-ructuf.��� th_
npn metal f-iii-i ioslt-K-Ktltsur kal
ssriWfcts* c_p_, wniice., etv.���iji . _l-��t
vai*i7 o��*l*]rl__
TWy give a T_r*/ __ss\sfl_o__i eSwcU
��ud Mtlurtng, v***-_vitv-��isl ______.1__i.
W. fire ��nt*i��_isj* if n��n mh4
���___._���_..-_.-*_ .-_ omiw of tk* ka-J.
- :U^t___sk._����.
Mettvlllc RooftR* Co-,
WKalwaate Mt-n��_ff_rtu��-��_.
Toronto. C-Jva-h-.
It may be a inrprine to niaay
learn   that   a  serere  cold  can
completely   broken    np    in
or   two   days'    time.     The
one ;
A   W��a_l*_<_l   Ifarher.
t'Hget *��_ia*. ia *-_. of tbe flne*t har-
-mi', la th* world. If not the flneet���a
(l**fp  lia.v  ere**  a  hundred  uillf*��  long
tut off from th* ocean by the inouii
I talnon* wpetorn |ifiilnai:la of W'naliing
symptoms   of   a   cold   are a   dry,   ton. Tbe wntera nearly sTerywbore are
loud cough, a profuse watery dis- ��� ��-__*��� th* ���1*01*. abrupt, and the tide 1*
." * ,    * , .     ; niadenite.  Ship* nin.T go from  Lacoma
charge trom the nose, am. a thin, ; U{f wty te AlMktt wi:H..ut  p.iaalnj
white coating on thc tongue. Wher, j ont of thia great aonnd and it* exteo*
Chamberlain's   Ceugh   Remeav  i*
taken erery hour en  the  first   ap-
peatance of these symptoras. it counteracts the elTect of the cold and re-
tores the system to a healthy condition within a day er two. Vei
sale by All Druggists.
���ion* north wa id.
L'nkuewn   Friends.
r.ir* ki not so short bnt tbat the"   *
always   ti__e   e-tougk   tmt  eotirt
KuieiKiu. _    :_ '   .
Rl�� W.Krht In Bete ,mr tk* F-.t>,
"A Hindoo .tood lit a scale, and h.'s
weight   was  mea.urad  h\ g;oldpie<*es.
That," aald & traveler, "waa the ai/u.ige
spocttt'-l* that 1 once beheld iu Indin.
There wa* a Frc**.t cro^vd looking on,
and It took a. great many goldpiece* to
���qual tba Hindoo's wel|.Iit, for bo was
fat.   Finally, though, tb* big icale balanced,  and then over}'body began to
���bout:  "Tulabbum!    Tulabharal    i'i
labbara;"   't'he fat man got out ot tb��
scale.    Ee aud bia  frieudr  tock   th*
gold, and, going through all th* pc>. ...
quarters of the towu. !they distributed
It among the de*titnte.   This; 1 was lu
formed, was a kind of rc-li_;loa:'. cere
niocy  among a certain  aeot.    Eyt.
mal* at tbe tlm* lu hia life wb-*.  ;
was   thought   hia   weight   would    .
grt*it_it was put ln a aoale, and golil
���qnal him in bulk was measure
and distributed la alma.    .'������>.     -
���at'h  man wa* forty-**T*n  wh. .
weight waa taken.   Tbey bold in Ind!.
tkat at forty mn a man la at  bit
fattest."���PhiladelpkU Hecord.
A Starr With ��� B��4 Waral.
In a pru-peroua town lu Mexico tires
a merchant whose w��_i!tb grew out et.
a combination of good luok and drunkenness. An micontrollabl* desire fo.
drink coat him poaitiou after pcaitlou
and lie drifted dowu to Mexico nod bt.
cam* a newa agent Uo sold bSttorj
tickets. H* had to iwport on drawing
day what unsold tickets be liad and
forward them. Hs got drunk the day.
bofor* *n* of the big drawings. Twa,
days lat*r h* *obei-��4 ap and, found
himself Ih po**e**!*�� of MTeral hundred dollars' worth of unsold tickets.
II* did not posses* $19 ln tb* world.
li* eiamlned th* Hat and found that
a numlier of tb* unsold tickets ba*
drawn prize* as.gr*_.*ring $30,000 la
(old. H* collected the winning., pallor th* unsold tickets aud took au oath
���f perpetual total abstinence. .That
was years age. U* has a*v*r toaehod
liquor ���lac* and ts today a wealthy
man. Th* moral ta had, hat the e-ef|
ia -ae coed, se soppi*
ROBT. MAY, Agent,
LADNER.     -   -   -   -   -    R
- in ii sii bs
���fr       ���:��� . _
��. hlauur.cluieT:! ,.f .11 kinds ol
J,     Cn..
: H. C.
Soda Water, Qinger
Ale and Summer
Your patronage solicited
...s-..,..-,.,.,%....*;..,.,-.,,, .;,,,..*..��.��>....
Tliere are aiany people wha have
i*ed Chamberlain's Colic�� Cholera
and Diarrhcea Remedy with splen-
ii.l rcstilts, but who are unknown
because tliey have hesitated about
Siring a testimonial of their experience for publication. These
people, however, are none the less
friends of this remedy. They have
done much towards making it a
household word by their personal
recommendation to friends and
neighbors. It is a good medicine.
to have in the home and il is widely
known for its cures ol diarrhoea
ami nil forms ot Low ol Iron'Oc. For
is_.< ... ;\\\ fcr..gfiis.s.
Cough Remedy
Th�� OUildMB'ft JVrortte
Tlii* ron.r-.ly i�� ftu*>o**if ing t.. cur*;1 ov��e*
:; \ irgo pat", n f lh*. ciriJiijsSM* world,' Ii-cam
RlV-'-.n P9 dlspf-Wlfd UJ.-TL    |t (_r.__.ttlu.�� tf*
n ii ��� .' ��� - rti-t*>i hat^tfcl f:r*i% ctm\ naj W>
!-;,..-��� r, v^i-'raflyt--*t bshy r%tc**n��4H(h
j.-..-- "{������> ctj; Liryo Sl��e, &G cH.
��� tv^-t^ __>>��J**-V eM&'v&tM*! '*_.
d'<   _r.
M.ws. j westham Island.
J. A. Palersoii haa tin
lor n large new barn.
taleadown      Mis   Lister of CeBtThl   Park  r9.j
| ..'siting,   thi*: week, witb Mr*.   F.
i Kirkland. I
r to tie      m_s_ Fraaer and Miss   lielatiiusl
o'   New Westminster, spent a few]
���. ��� ,..,, days at Mr. London's this week.
Wis.. Bair,   of  Vancouver,, is  a J    Mss. W. Jahnstoit, of New West-1
guest at \V. I-,Ladnei V
.\;.-x. Falk   was a vi:
Royal Citv til- week.
Our Great
-���* ' - ^-i
*&g Leave
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
Anniversary SalePoriland  Cement
Jj..   Mc(.re_;er    isturufttl   home,
Wednesday, from a visit up fiver.
Harold Sett* came hoaae, Thurs*
da/, for tbe midsummer sanation.
W- J. Haddaa rettUtiiod, We-lnes- j.   g  JiM,e ,9 g %^ rt T  s   Lad.
day, from a_yisit lathe Koyal City. L^ ^ Treuant Park.
minster came* down on Transfer on
Wednesday ereuint to spend _  fewj
days with Mr. J. .Savage. I '      _ g
A rery Urg. number of the Is-        COHiniaiC��S   WZAUS^* JUHC   20t_l,
laudfcra took iu the picnic to Stan- j '   .      ..
ley Park yesterday.   Notwithatand-
ing the tbreateiwog weather, a tery To Commemorate tl*e ��pening of SMITH'S CASH
.pleasant Vime was spent.
STORE, June 20th, ifos
At greatly reduced prices, making it po__-
able for parties who contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost aa piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
Marshall .Saul* and. W. J. Laa*
atng went down to .*'��a-.-e- on.
Thjesda*.  last.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Wooda apd ao*
returned hoini*. Thursday, from e,
TJait to the Reyal Cit?.
C. Kllis. af Wade-touse,. Ont., is
expected ta meet bis pettier, ->. M.
Sills, aad Hldou Bredie- at Regina.
Rer. C. Croft. B.A.. will preaeb
ia the Creaayit Island. School
Mouse, te-morrow afternoon at 3
lira,   W.   L-   Sla_er  visile
Royal City yesterday.
Holy gonial Jtiion  at AH  Saints
to-morrow at IV30 a.m.
1 the! Following are a few of the Bargains
E. Lord" and  Miss Lard left on
���Sonoma* yesterday for Seattle.
Chris, Brown is busily engaged
building another large new barn.
Marshall   Smith kas  purchased
tiie  butcbes  shop recently ow-nea"
by the Delta Meat .v.  Commission
��#., Ltd.
Mrs, If. Kixklainl, of Westham
titan-., and Mas. Lister, of Westminster, were YisiWsg-irieuds here
tbis week.
F. Robinson returned* home, yesterday, fsotn a> visit to-the Royal
Miss Darie leaves, to-day, fot
the l.-Mt on accauut of the serious
illneas of het* stater.
At thia Sato
5 Cau-ds Safety Hooks or 5 Garcia  Safety Pins; j'NEW WESTMINSTER.
two dosrea Peairl Buttons, 1 black Dressing Comb, j ���
one sett ever ready Drese Steels, one pair Curling Irons, or fcwo Large Boxes of Hair Pins.
b. a
111 Ull   IJ
' Mrs. M. Smith and daughter,
Hiss Beatrice, went aver to- Vancouver, ou sSatarday last.
pT,e*ds of Mra. Jas. Follis will
be pleased to leant that she haa ao
fcr recovered aa to.be sible to be
around agaia.
X. A. M'cDiacmid haa been absent all week attendint the sessions
ofthe I. 0. O. F. Grand Lod-je at
Many other articles wil! be sold at
Just as L6w Prices.
Gome for Yourself and See
Cut Glass.
And all kinds of Jewelfcy
Repairing a Specially*
M Clausen,
267 Columbia St.,
New Westminster, B. C
G. W.  Walker,  has-be'etv taking
' ���    * r
t.'ew weeks' vacation duri-^g which
time he b__* lice* dci��g Vancoaver,
Bei at Raberts, etc.
What are vntj doing with yaur
Upare dtalh��rs* Remember The-R-oyat
Bank   af   Canada   has   a   Branch
at Las ner.    You caa open  a  Savings Bank Account for One Dollar.
-Rev. A, McAuley spent a day ar
tf-ro iu Vancouver this week, where
he performed the marriage ceremony upon faeada fram the-.Hast.
Oa Monday last e ca.*s of freitht,
7 farm prcdnce and ii of lumber,
left Pert Guichon. The lumber for Port Arthur, ��nt,, the balance far Vancouver snd Victoria -
Mrs. Mcleod, of New West*
jaiaster, is v-ssitftg b_**r daughter,
|krs. Jas. FollJe. tittle Eva Follis
returned-home wkh her grandma.
tf. W. Q_f ham. tratellisg freight
ageat of the G. N. R. visited the
district "this week, witb the view of
BUftiflt 9*-- a--ft.ro efikient train
service*.   -
"If the Band wish t��s light their
Stand with seveR lamps, I will do
the work and d'enate- to tbe Band
all over $10 of the cost," said Mr.
McDonald, the- electrician. He
also stated that a separate meter
would hare to be installed. Thia
ia an excellent affer and one tbe
Band-vill do well to consider*.
Fraak Trapp, soa of T. J." Xrapp,
���-���ae ef New Westminster's, popular
-tusiaesa men, has beea busily engaged here, this weak, setting ap
machinery af various kiads at G.
T. sg-ske;.**}.
John Cilliver, M.P.P., has been
^tsjtivie wi itg ��� hi -in_-.w*y ejf. tb is week,
fe entering a suit tor libel against
th�� Colum-bian f#>r- using the teun
''grafter" in ionnection. with bis
?ecent purchase of laud at Fitt
Hfeatiows. You may attach John's
public life b��t lc;*-.* his 'private life
alone If yon i__m"t-wapt a-row.
j    $�� will be seen by reference to
our advertisiag columns, the business known as the* Delta. Meat _-J El-Ctricc-t Fixtures, Etc.
Commission   Ca.,  Ltd.. has- been
changed to the Delta Meat Market
and are moving into  the   Foster-
building where   they hope to   be
permanently located by Tuesday or j
Wednesday next, with T. W. Fos-|
ter and Jas- McCalla^ proprietors.   I
The Derby Shoe
For Men, the choicest production of Canadian Shoe Manufacture,
New Solid Good*;, new prices..
Modern  Sbces- in- a Modern. Shoe  Stora.
Jm REAGH,    -   Ladner, B.C.
New     '-t'   nster,   -   B. C.
:?��� *   ' t ��� 1 Tf
For Sale.
n. 11
Persons wishing to have their
Stores, Houses, Stablas, Barns, etc.,
illuminated by Electric Light, will
do well to consult
P* D* McDonald
I Shirley House,    -    -    -    Ladner
About   five  tons   ol   Barley   it
first class conditioni
Apply to
The regnlar n-.onthljf meetiug af
tto Ladtier Aux-iliary oHbe W. M.
S. of the Methodist CHurcb. was
Ueld yesteirday at ibe residence ol
JS^rs. Wm.' V.\\':s, wins gaye a. very
aiitc-llea. report of the ijtb annual
(iieetmg; of tbe_H C. Bmncb of the
sSfoci-iV' riectii!'** held-.iu Victoria.
AH tlie close of tnr. meeting refresh-
men-ts weke sar.t ��U by the hostess
and liil'lelt-.h-ii'',a 'very pleasant, :i*
,*.e!i   a* prnlitit'iK-.   afternoun   hae
!.*.--.   -l.f'l.
{. ���      ,   ....'
Onto  my  property, about three
I weeks ago, a 2**year-old Heifer.
Owner may have same  by proving property and paying expenses.
Mtonktnan road'.
Applications will" lie  received by i
!tbe Delta Municipal Council; up til!
! noon, June i-3i~<f,  for. the office ol
IConstable, Kuail and Tiog Tax Col-
: lectors, applications to  state salary '
required.     Duties    to   comi-jeuce-
I Inly ist-and to en.l 0*is 31st.
! T'sv  (Inicr.
! N.  A.  M'ol/f.-i.R-'Mi'D,
i-'trayedfrom tny premises; Way
7.9th, one Yearling i'Jeifer, reddish
brown witb darker markings ot-erJ
the back., a.tyoi_e seeing t'jie sanje|
iviil much olilise the owner.; by
leaving word ut* tliis olfneor my.
JttJlC  Qtll���'<-_f.
To thc Public.
The* Delia Meat and Commission
Co.,. Ltd., having sold the shop* on
Chisholra St.  to  Marshall Smith,
will more into the Foster building'
au   Delta   Street under the   newj
name of-' Dsfta  Meat  Market witb I
T. W.   Foster and  Jas.   McCalla'wj
We hope tv. meet our old friends:
aad patrpns at the._*iew Store on*|
or abont, Tuesd-iy o.r Wed'nesdhy-j
T. W. FOSTKR-,       i
P;ii ���- ietors,'
Under instructions from the Executors of   i
the  Estate of the Late W. L. McB^DB
Will' be offered to the public at
Tto. make room fcr an.
Entirely" New St-xk ... <s*      &
Come and See Oar Special line of J
Boots and Shoes.
Port   Guichon,  B, <$*


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