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The Delta Times Oct 28, 1905

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 NOV 1 - 1905   . ��2 ;
Bfc m-ntmhs^Jf
No. &.
SI. *     e��
Preparing Poultry. I   October Sale.   .'   Delta Council.
StssWfieW-s Underwear can't shrink.    We'veS
seea to tliat for you.    Every fibre of the wooT
is tested for strength.    Then we take the shrink
out of it.   After the wool is wovea, we again try
shrink it.    And when the CJnderwear is completely finished,
the third trial for shrinkage ia made.      Every garment goes
through the same process.
For Men.
" Truro-Knit ���*
For Women.
All weights for all  climates, from Nova Scotia
All sizes, to perfectly fit every figure,
to the Klondyke.
We���ami your dealer���guaranty Stanfield's " Unshrinkable " for men and "Truro-Knit ���'���
for women to be absolutely unshrinkable, with thc only guarantee worth giving���"money
back if they shrink.1*
Leadiug dealers everywhere sell .Stanfield's Underwear for Men and Women.
-**>aa. .-���cs^.-��Jsa5>_2-.,V_^
��� - ���3acX��v*3^rr .v-s?onc/d3"f32C*-��*<x
^r-i.sc>ors^:--n^.sr7r.-. rrr*cS!r.occ.ctir*���
.starving j    The October sale at the Delta!    CounciI   m��t   in   the   Council
Tke chickens should be starved Stock Yard,  on  Wednesday  last, iChftmber on Saturday, Oct. 14, at
2 p.m., with tbe following members
present: Reeve W. H. Ladner in
the chair, and Couns. Gibbie,
Davie and Paterson.
Minutes   of   previous   meeting
were adopted as 'ead.
From  Dr.  King,  M.H.O.    Re-
A Complete Range of this Celebrated Underwear
now in Stock. No need to send away for your Winter
Supply, we can fit out the whole family, also nice range
of Fianeiette-wear, AWAY BELOW CITY PRICES.
MdfoWmP* mW $ ffpf^l*j $
ff'mf^S-W-weW    &w   /__^*E-?;*Wj ssm lh
Ladias'   and   Children's   Ooat.    Raincoats.    Beady-to-Wear   Hats.
Ladies' Navy, Black or Grey Twead Skirts, $2.50.
See our H.BJC. "Big Shirt," the Largest and Best Made Shirt in Canada.
Men's Suits, Overcoats, Raincoats, Hunting Coats, Waterproof Gloves,
Leather Leggings, Boots and Shoes.
24 hours before killing, t> prevent
food in the crop and intestines de
composing and spoiling the flavor
of tbe birds. Several hour9 aftei
the last feed allow the chickens
what water they wish io drink.
They should have a complete fast
uutil they are killed
(a) For chickens going ;nto immediate consumption on the local
market it will be most convenienl
to dislocate the neck. With the lef
hand hold the chickens legs am
wings in one firm grasp. Place tht
first finger of the right hand or
the right side of the neck aur
the remaining fingers on the lef
side. Grasp the head in the hollow
of the hand, with the fork of tht
fingers behind the head where i<
joins the r.eck. The back of thi
chicken being upwards, hold tht
legs against the left hip, and tin
head near the right thigh or knee
Betid the head backwards as far a
possible and at the same time stretcl..
the neck, when it is dislocated im
mediately: pull the head about i y:
inches from the neck. Hold thi
wings firmly after killing aud allov
the chicken's head to hang down
so tbat the blood cau collect in tii
tue head is
simply   by-
attached to
the  skin of
Compare Our Prices with your Mail Order Catalogue
(We Pay the Express Charges.)
In securing an instrument for
'your home, it is to your advantage
\ to secure the best that the manufacturers can produce. We are
agents for the celebrated Heintz-
[man ft Co. and Gerhard He.ntz-
man Pianos, acknowledged by the
I majority 0/musicians and teachers
Ito be the bc$t Canadian pianos
Imade. M.-UV pianos sound well
(when you first get tbetn, but being
[wade of interior material, they will
[not stand the test, and soon become
I "tin-ipanny." Resides quality ol
Ithe instrument, the next point tu
[be considered te the price���as we
rare the largest piano dealers in
feritish Columbia, we can offer ot r
|superier goods at �� lower figure
jj-.au other dealers, wbiqh should be
of interest to your pocket book.
We also are agents for the Kani
Terms���We make these to suit
our customer.
Vancouver, 510 Hastings street.
New Westminster, Ham ley Block.
Geo. Paddon. we understand, has
had another severe attack of illness.
The attention r.f sportsmen i'h
called to the public meeting to be
held in tbe Town Hall, Ladner, on
Thursday next, N'>v, 2. "t 8:30
p.m.,. for tbe purpose of discussing
the game hws, gun tax, etc. A
very layge ; \tendance is expected
as the* matters a. e of great importance to every fi.r-.ner iu the, district.
��ee ad.yt.
The following letter was received, last week, by the Secretary of
the Ladner School Board, and
speaks volumes for onr teaching
i>ar Sir: Diploma awarded to
your school for exhibit at Dominion Fair just closed, has this day
been forwarded to Principal Dixon.
Allow me to offer the congratulations of the School Exhibit Committee on tbe character ofthe work
(b) Chicks that are to be ex
porter! or put into cold storage mus
be killed by sticking- in the mouth
Cut the large arteries at the side
ofthe neck, just below the ears
This can be done by introducin
the knife into the throat and givin;
a couple of quick turns up ani
down. When bleeding freely driv-i
the blade at an an^le with the bird'
kill into the back partot the roof 0
the mouth. Be sure tbe blade 1
through the bony structure and ha
entered th'* brain, then give a quid
half turn to the knife. This cause
paralysis which loosens the feathers
making them much easier to pluci
Allow the bird to hang by its feor
uutil plucked.
(a) When killing by dislocatio
commence dry plucking as soon  ;.
the neck is dislocated.
While still holding the chicke:
1 in the left band, extract the tal
feathers and the quill feathers 0
'the wing. Allow the chicken':
I head to hang down and coinmeno
plucking the feathers on the bad
1 and wings; then pluck the breas.
J and lower part of the neck, woi k
1 back on the body to the tail, and,
turning the bird over agaiu, finish
the back and v, ings,
Leave the feathers on the neck lot
three inches irom the head, a rinj.
of feathers around the legs at tin-
hock joints, and the small feather.-
011 the outside joint oi each wing.
Clean pluck the rest of tlu
chicken. Remove all uin feather*
and make the bird as attractive a*
possible. Be careful nol to tear thi
skin, Ifatearis made, have th*.
flesh brought together with whits
was fairly well attended but outside
buyers were scarce. Competition
was slow and prices, consequently,
were low. With hay away down
in price, the lack of interest was
surprising. Some ��xcell<*nt dairy
stock, as also some fine young stock
were disposed of at remarkably low
figures, figures which will net a
handsome profit to the purchasers.
In the line of carriages, there
were a couple of good bargains, a
democrat at $32 and a buggy at $30.
Pork also went for very low prices.
In the matter of horseflesh there
was little demand* fair prices only
being reached in two or three instances.
Among the purchasers were the
following   gentlemen:   Geo.    Mc-
Clusky,   R.   E.   Kittson,
Bros.,   Alex.   Davie,  W.
Holy    Communion
morning at 8:30.
The Rev. A. Shildrick, rtctor of
Ihe Cathedral, New Westminster,
was the guest of Canon Hilton
from Monday till Wednesday.
Tbe service in All Saints' Thanksgiving Day was very well attended.
It is difficult, both in city .and rural
parishes to get large congregations
on a week-day, but it is gratifying
to note that tbe congregation this
year doubled in number that in attendance at the service on Thanksgiving Day of last year.
Wednesday next, being the festival of All Saints' Day, there will
be a special service in the morning
at 10 o'clock. The service will
consist of shortened matins, sermon
and celebration of the Holy Eucharist with special "intention" for
the dead.    A service of this nature
ceived aud filed.
From W. H. Keary, Maos-get
Dominion Exhibition, re pr. .' c
Exhibition. Received and C -���-. c
From J. A.  Cathervvood,   secretary Reeve's Association, re yearly
grant.    Received and cheque issued
for $5  for Council's share of ex
On  motion,  the   Imperial  road
Arthur *'as declared open.
L.  Mc-      The Highway By-law passed its
[third reading.
The following accounts were ordered paid: P. Shirley, $314; Dr..
Woodley.   $5;   Stokes   &    Culli**;,
!*53.25* W. L. McBride, $25.10: G.
T. Baker, $11.80; A. B. Barber,
?!95-37' W. Alexander, $89.42; T.
Hume, $4.50; W. Reagh, $27; W.
Gowdy, $36; D. Woods, $18; R.
Smith, $20.25-; S. & C. Morrow,
$13-50-; Jas. Follis, $20.12; H. Nisbet, $84.24; J. Scoponich, $5,40; F.
Simpson. $21; J. Simpson, $21.50;
A. Smith, $2; W. Read. $1; Joe.
$40.86; Chung Chee, $17.fi t; Geo.
Ormiston, $130; i\.rs. Fenton, $25:
musk rat account, $100; Marshall
Smith, $20.15; Hing, $5.25; H.
Nisbet, $72.50; Tom, 65c; J. Jot*
dan, $22.50; J. A. Catherwood, $5;
Jos. Jordan, $54.95; M. Wharton,
$78.73; L. F. Hornby, $50.
Council then adjourned to mee_t
again on Saturday, Nov. 4th next,
at 1 p.m.
be   well   attended, by   the
Archbishop Bond, of .Montreal,
the Ven. Primate of All Canada,
celebrated his 90th birthday on thej
10th of last month, preaching on
that occasion in the Quebec Cath-
edral. Aged as he is, the .-Vrch-
bishop presided with wonderful j
force and energy at the General
Svnod, "his eye was not dim, nor
his natural force abated."
Certainly the most important act
of the triennial meeting of the General Synod held at Quebec was the
passing of a canon prohibiting any
priest of the Anglican Church in
Canada to solemnize any marriage
if either of the parties had a divorced wife or husband living. The
Church in the United States will
suortly.follow the example of the
Church iu Canada and thus amongst her members help to lessen
the evils of divorce in that republic.
A Judicious Inquiry.
A well known traveling man who
. isits the drug trade says he often
heard druggists inquire of customers wbo asked for a cough medicine, whether it was wanted for a
child or for an adult, and
if for a child they almost
(b) As the bird is hanging ou a}invari_bly recommend Chamher-
submuted oy the pupils ot Ladner, ]eve, with tbe operator's chest, j ,ain*s Cough Retnedy, The reason
School. j grasp the wing between the thumb j for this is that tbey know thgt it al.
Yours truly, | aud first two fingers 01 theleft hand, j ,vay9 cures#   xhere _, ���ot ti_e ieasj
DAVID WILSON,       j holding  he neck between the third j danger in giving it, and for coughs,
Sec, School Exhibit Committee.  ' ' ,TI '"��� ��� ""���""����� j colds and croup it is unsurpassed,
Vic-toriu, B. C-. Oct. 12th, 1905.      j    (Contin.icd on Second Page.)    ' For sale by F. T, MacKenzie.
Befecfive Guards.
The fanners of :Delta, :#rs up in
arms .again-tt the iGre.t Northern
Rail-wiy Company for the kT.'te
numbers of cattle which are biing
constantly killed along the lines,
and are moving tu have >the company indicated at the Assize Co'J' ���
now being held in Westminster.
John Oliver, M. L. A. for Delta,
has taken up the case for the farmers, and appeared before the Grand
Jury at the Assize Court Wednesday morning to give a statement of
grievances of the fanners against
the Railway Company, and how
they had been unable so far to have
them abated, although action had
been promised by the Government.
Mr. Oliver produced a list of
twenty-five head of stock wliich it
was alleged had been killed ou two
miles of track at Hall's Prairie dur*
lug the past vear, as he had gone
over that section to make inquires.
The list was as follows. D. W.
Brown, one pedigreed bull, one c*w
and nine hogs; Mr. Pesthke, one
horse; D- Kitzel, three cows; >.fr.
Thrift' one cow; Gus Johnson, two
horses; Mr. Morgan one hoise;
an Indian settler-, one horse.
The   criminal   court    of   nsisu*
closed on Wednesday I*st.
W. H. Wright, an old resident
of Delta, is doing quite a business
in the book line. About two-
months ago he had the misfortune
to lose his right hand in a shingle
machine and lias taken up the boofc
i bu:;i>ies.*, ju order to i-'iakealiviisg. THU DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY -OCTOBliJ
R zb\  1905.
(Continued from First   Page)
Subscription, $1.00 per yeeu.
land little finger.    This gives
i operator control ofthe bird.
Remove the large wing feathers
and stiflffeathersat the shoulderjoints
,^\��*XfiX&& %n%m7&m& I with the right hand. Remove tail
gAlStSi el%fimF5!$kmtate *ath*w with one quick twisting
*���**��� i motion.   Pass the right hand rapid-
Kataa Jar CommaroUl AdTartiaamailti <:aa *-- ^^^m
had au apvlioMiea a), this oik on.
Rtmcllas uatice* la caata per Uae tor each t��-
Birth aad Daath aeticas, 50c., Marriage* Ji.ao.
Aay ayacial notice, the object ot which ia to
���ramotc the pecaniary beaetit oi any individual
araumaaay. to be cotuidered au advcrtiacmeut
aa* akarsad aacecdiasly.
All advartinai all chargtd for ttatdi srd.r��l
���at aa4 said fer.
Qvraapaadaac. lavited oa matters of public
kuaraat. Communications to editor must be ac
aaayaaiad hy aame of writer, not uecesaaril>
a. aaalioatiaa, hat as evidence af good faith
Uarraaaaa-aaae matt raach this oftice by Thurs-
+T *.***,.
Gbo. R. Manlky,
���ATCKDAY, OCTOHKX   28, I905.
The Educatiou Department has
issued a circular relating to the
operation of "The Public Schools
Act, 1905," in the Rural Districts
of the Province, from which we
take the following extracts:
In the matter ot salary, "tbe government will pay $40 per month,
supplemented by f, i for every dollar by which tbe original amount is
increased by tbe district. * * *
The government will make such
���upplementary grant up to any
sum not exceeding ��100 per year in
each district."
At the general election of trusteea
in January, 1906, three trustees
must be elected ior each school, to
.verve for one, two and three years
respectively. At each subsequent
���annual meetiug one trustee must be
elected to succeed the retiring member of the board, and the person
then elected shall serve for three
years. If any member of the
board resigns during the year, a
meetiug must be called to elect
someone to take his place, and the
person so elected will serve only for
the unexpired portion of the retiring member's term of office. Thus
a board will always be composed of
three members, one of whom retires each year. Trustees must
meet at least once in every three
Appointment   and   dismissal   of.    ���      ,       .     .
.     .       ������_,,_'    , _ tor those having only  a limited
teachers ,s in the hands of trusteeS,^umberot chickens>   tfae ^.^
Who also set tbe salary to be paid.
Funds shall be raised as follows:
Residents of the district shall be
rated and assessed, in the district
in wbich they reside, in respect of
their personal property and income;
ia respect of their real property tbey
shall be rated in such district upon
such part thereof as lies within the
said district, except as hereinafter
provided; (b) Non-residents of the
district owning real property therein shall, in respect of such property,
be rated and assessed in the district
in which it lies, etc.
As .toon as possible after election
the trustees must meet and choose
one of their number to be secretary
and treasurer of the board, and he
must give a bond for the safe-keeping of the school funds. Immediately after a meeting at which
funds haye been voted for the
tarrying on of the school, the trustees shall supply the Assessor of
the district with a, statement of tbe
turn so voted, winch sum shall be
levied and collected by the Assessor
The trustees mast furnish the
Assessor with a statement of the
jjcwneUries of the school district,
and a list of the names qf the persons and property liable tQ be taxed
for school purposes in the district.
.��\ teacher shall be appointed for
���_".'* -. __i^______p . .
ly down the back, irom rump to
neck, removing the fe.ithers with
thumb and forefinger. Shitt the
bird then to the right hand and use
the left haud in picking the soft
feathers from the breast.
If the sticking has been properly
done, the feathers will all come
out easily aud without tearing. The
bird is again held in the left hand
while the feathers are quickly
stripped; the neck, wing and hock
feathers are left tbe same as in (a)
Chicken-) fattened for market
should be properly shaped. This
gives them a compact, plump ap
pearance, and the returns are greater than when the chickens are shipped in a rough unprepared condition.
The shaper is made by nailing two
J4 inch planed boards together at
right angles, so as to form a 6-inch
trough, inside measurement. This
trough can be made six feet long
and nailed in a frame, or 12 feet
long with ends on it and laced on
the top of two barrels; the trough
should lean slightly backwards.
As soon as the chicken is plucked, placed its legs alongside its
breast; then with its breast downward, force the cbickeu into the
angle of the shaper. Cover the
chicken with paper and place a
brick on top to shape it and one
against it to hold it in position.
Continue the same procress as the
other chickens are pluckea. placing
each chicken in the shaper close to
the last moving the lower brick
along to hold the row in position.
Leave the chickens in the shaper
for at least six hours.
After being thoroughly cooled.the
chickens should be packed into
shipping cases. The chickens must
be cooled and dry on the skins before packing. Unless they are artificially cooled they should not be
packed for 20 hours  after killing.
The shipping cases used by the
Department of Agriculture are
graded according to the size of the
birds. Each case holds 12. Full
description is contained in Bulletin
No. 7.
A.  O. V.  VV.
Delta Lodge, No. 12 meets first
and third Tuesdays ci" each month
in Oddfellows' Hall.
W. C. Pybus, M.VV.
Gho. R. Manlky, Recorder.
Delta Lodge, No. 21.���The regular meetings of this Lodge are held
every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
in. Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
Frank Cuu.ts, N.G.
Dr. A. A. King,  Se;.
C. O. F.
Court Fraser No. 398, meets in
Oddfellows' Hall, second and last
Thursday evenings of each month
at 8 o'clock. Visiting Brethren
Horse Goods! >\
Our Harneaa and Horse Pitniishinga ) {
*,have Ions proved reliable, aad they are
'  built uot uuly for style but wear. j S
huqh Mcdowell, j.
_______b_w_t*___y_________t_____ __*__La___.____
Wellington Coal,
Rosebank Lime,
Portland Cement,
Smithy Coal,
Sewer Pipe, Drain Tile,
Steam Tug "Flyer" and
Barges for Hire.
Office: Front St.        Phone 1-6.
New Westminster, B. C.
McRAE & Co
A lull line of English and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept iu stock.
B. C.
t       inuiMiiiib    nm/    UUi/ll     II III till
���*��� Manufacturers of all *ind*-oJ
* Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
Your patronage solicited
�����>.��. j, ��,.;.�����> ����> s.��ji ��i+.��������>.��.���*,..�������*�����^
Fashion Sfcibles-
Trucking and Draying.
Livery work of all kinds attended Co promptly.
Wm Alexander
Ladner. B. C.
Perm Implements
& Machinery
Of All Kinds,
Buggies et Wagons,
Bait Ties,
Baseline Lamps,
Lubricating OHs,
Coal OH & Gasoline,
Or almost anything in that
line go to
J.T. Stainton
small packing cases, to be obtained
at tbe grocery store, will be found
fairly satisfactory.
To ascertaiti the price per pound
at which chickens may be sold by
drawn, plucked or live weight, to
realize the same amount of money,
the following table of equivalent
values for tbe different selling prices
has been calculated:
Equal per pound (in cents) for
fatted chickens sold by live weight,
plucked weight or drawn weight:
Live weight, 678 9
Plucked 7.4   8.6   9.9    n
Drawn 11     12.8 14.7    16.5
This table gives the seller a fair
idea as to which pays the best. No
account has been taken of the cost
of killing, plucking or drafting.
A first-class joint put up in first-class style
call or send your order to the
meat &
Phone 9.
��� ������ ���!���(*+***'h*-l"*-i-*-i-+'b+*+++*+ *-rv*H-*H*+*-H-*H*+-fr*H**T-*fr
Delta Transfer Stable
Team Work Gone at Spaolally Low Prices.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor,
Telephone " Ladner" No. co.
The Place for Tinsmithing, Bath Tubs, Stove
Pipe, Conductor Pipe* Roof Plates, and Everything Else in This Line.
Agent form
Gurney Foundry Co.'s Stovea
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints.
Yoho Bath Heater.
Just the thing for making water hot for washing dairy
utensils, scalding hogs, or for -wash day. Every
Farmer's Wife Should Have One.
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C
.Are you going to build this fall ?
If so, you cannot afford to do so without
getting our prices.
Mixed Cars of Lumber and Shingles our
Give us a trial and be convinced.
Commission (��'
Ladner, B.C.
Some Seasonable Advice.
If you want a nice new
Buggy, up-to-date in
every respect, or if the
one you have needs
painting, call at
Q.   T.   BAKER'S New Showrooms.
GEO. M. THRIFT, Manager.
Hazelmere,       ...      -       British Columbia
Royal Household
Just Arrivei
Incorporated 186*.
Bran, Shorts, Etc*
It may be a piece of superfluous
advice to urge people at this season
of the year to lay in a supply ot
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It
is almost sure to be needed before
winter is over, and much more
promp and satisfactory results are
obtained when taken as soon as the
cold is contracted and before it has
become settled in the system, which
can only be done by keeping the
remedy at hand. This remedy is so
well known and so altogether good
^CAPITAL, - - - $3,000,000]
RESERVE FUNDS,       - - $3,302,743
TOTAL ASSETS, - -        $31,183,625
A General Banking Business Transacted.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   I that no one should  hesitate about
fteit district having sixty pupils or I buying it in preference to any other.
���Oder. v -,.. j It is for" sale'by F. J. Macg-maie.
Savings Bepariment*
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
 -50 BRANCHES.���-���
Bast End, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Victoria, Chilli-
weck, Ladner, Cumberland.
A Full Line of������
Fruit Jars,
Jar Rings,
Jelly Glasses*
H. J. Hutcherson's ��������� iafB���1���Bi
Jamp Hope
Lumber Milt
-���ras DELTA_���^ ��Ttaa>AT. vows*. * ^
able prices.      ougrn **lr Lumber at reason
Time Table.
Q- 0. Dennis,
IN EFFECT MAY   7. .905.    !
Train leaves ClovesA-Je at imo
p.m. and -anrives at Fori Xiuichon at
^^^^^^^^^^_     j 2:2c .p.m. I
pjact*    ftfif :_"_���] ���'    Train leaves   -P<nt  *Guichon   ait.'i
"' 2:i.o noon aud arrives t��t Ou*'erdaie!j
at 3*55 P******
*8a, SAINTS.
Commanion ��� Sundays,
ist Sunday  in month,
Mondays and 'Pn&vrs mtHf.
J There are two tbroHgh passenger trains per day each way to and
from Seattle and a -mixed 'train to
aud from Belli ug It tim.
I    Holy
'3:30 a.m
���?��f_tins, n o"��Iock.
Jwemwug, .7 o'clock.
Sunduy School at 10 a.Tn.
i'i'ijkss'., -erisiiiiii'.; .-service jfcja
Rw, Canon Milton, wear.
(WestRKn.s.eT Branch)
Time Tabh?
<tAT.UOJ.JC ^^^^^
[ Jfceverend Father Edm. Peytavin,
'0.M.-I.   Sendees first and   third
Sunday of each month at 10:30 a m
Benetlidtiori, 7:30 p.m.
"Rev. J. Wagner,
���Parish Priest.
Services 'next Lord*-s ��ay At Tl
i. in.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, 10,30 a.m. every
Sabbdth School at 2 j> m every
Visiting: Cards
Plain or Printed!
Sabbi     ______________________________
caw i��B��e**w��itn.iii��t**r!for*Va**eouwr��t5.5*) Sunday.     (Prayer   meeting  every
and fS.so ���.m. and hourly thereafter   uutil n p.   Thursday everfinp- at 8
in.; Saturdays and Sunday* at ����� p.m. .   i uursaay evening M o.
Cum Inre Vancouver for wmtm'iuatera at 5.5s
and *._* a.'nt. and hourly 'thereafter until m p.
in.; SaturilKywauil'Sundayi at 11 p.m.   >���
We run lirrt-rlnm freight car* between Weat-,
minster and Vancouver and all shipments are
handled with the utmosfcarc and delivered te
consignee without delay Special attcutiau paid
te fruit shipments. Oui wagons -meet all boat*,
and trains. Porrates, et. apply-to
Traffic Mer. Local Mgr.
WestaalMter. ��. f
Let Us Talk It Over.
la (mn   ideal  corering,   ritlirr  for  now
bviUlinga or improving oU ohm.
nvei nin>mrm*THtupmr PHommQ*.
Consider ifi fine apfmfr.-fr.ca ��� ita
���plendul andurinff qualitittw�����nd alight
mapaoae���and decida to serve yo��r own
beat tntcretta by using it.
Fulloat aiataUi ol Information in-wrr
W*4dl��Mla ManuVaoturaf*,
ROBT. MAY. Agent,
LADNER.    -   -  -  -  *-    B.
W. N. Draper,
Room I, Wlard Block, Stew Westminster.
Rev. J. -17 Betts, -pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 3 p. m
Sabbath School at a -p*m    Mid-
| week meeting on Thursday^vening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. A. McAuley, 'Pastor.
Sabbatl? services at Ladner at 1
i.in. and 7 p. m. . ...^
Sunday School at 10 a. m.   ���- '
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
7,30 p. m.; choir practice at 8.
Jas. A. Benton, .pastor.
According "to The Commercial,
of Winnipeg, the visible supply of
oats in the United States and Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains,
is 22,614,000 bushels, compared,
I with 23,789,000 bushels a year ago.
For Sale.
From 75 to 100 cords of wood, at
the Boundary Bav ranch. Price,
��1.25 pereord on the ground.
Have you, young man or young woman, ever given the
future any consideration? Are you content to drift along as
you are vrith a stapeTiTicia. public school education whicli does
mot prepare you for earning your living. ��5%k-\^^^^^^^^^^^^^nnnm
There are openings for young men in the business worm "
as stenographers or clerks. Women are eligible for the same jsjew Crop NtfW In Stock
fpositioujs. what could you do in such a position? Are you a good
penman? Are you rapid and accurate at figures. Canyouuse
the typewriter so as to write 40 words per minute? Can you do
well the many things that arejrequiredio he done in the busi-
uess offices of large cities?^ ...^jj       f^a>fS jjjfi.1!!!^
U-m.ess you have taken a course im the above you are uu**
1 prepared for office work except in a small village.    We  can
prepare you fer a good position���a position that will in a few
���oaths pay for yeur investment.    Some of,our lady gradu-
���ates are earning $40 a month"and over.jjj USTS5
Miss W. K. Smith _*ecei*ves 40 per .month from  the
Hastings Shingle Manufacturing Co., as stenographer. Miss
' Itenzie starts far the Yorkshire Guarantee and  Securities
[ Corporation at $45.   Several are working for the C.  P. R.
- at $30 per month and upward.
If y��u come to us and work hard. H you  want further
proof ofthe way we help to positions write us  ��md we will
send you more names.
But don't jmt -off.   Every month you delay -means one
-.oath's salary lost.   The sooner you graduate the sooner
f jrou are ia a position.
Vancouver Business  CoHege,
K49 Hastings Street,   -   -   -    Opposite Province Office.
ft H. JEX.LIOTT, P-dacfcll
HOME GROWN and imported
Wholesale anfl Retail.
Special Prices to Farmers' Institutes.
Thouands of Fruit and Ornamental Trees.
now growing in my Nurseries for
Spring planting.
M. J. HENRY, Vancouver
3010 We4.mta.fter Road.
Owing to   disregard   cf  posted
notices, by spoittsnren and others,
and the danger to life and stock
through irresponsible parties shooting, we will prosecute, without exception,  all parties trespassing on
lijthe "Harel Grove, F. Kirkland and
Frederick Farms" after this^date.
Ladner, B. C, Sept. 30, '05.
5006 Telegraphers
uannm       NEEDED
Annually, to-fill the new "positions
created by Railroad and Telegraph   _���.
Companies.     We   want   YOUNG  **e very air becomoa uubreatliuhi
MEN and LADIES of good habits to   filled le tt with apik.s ot tee drift
"sl-tmum!:." is tlie Lot wind from the
LEARN TELEGRAPHY desert wbteti'Olowa out of tlie Bahnru
A��,��� _  _ MammWrnamaammam npou  Egypt.    Tbe word  menus (ifty,
���from tbe Idea tbat it lasts for lifty
isJoys." .i-ybe "khamsin" ta terribly tM>t
aud dny and loujetiaiea .brings .pestilence wttb lt
'Red ��now we have all beard of.   It
Tiie ��WllII*iTMu" Thnt Sprnda ItMt.
lain Tlerru del Fae-fo���Thr "Fubn"
-Wind of Ssyrltierland nml the *>-
rorloaa "Pmren." ot tslfee^ln.
Iu uionntataoaj eouurrie., sudh Oa,
"Scotland, u fog usually foribs ut tlie !
.lop of a  bill nnd works  downward. I
���Tbe cold .Diountaintop, cooling n warm
vuneut-jst wet aJr/rejiilera u_ moisture
Visible, usil tbis cold-log.-boing oi' ioiv-
er temperature thnn the air below Hiiii
���therefore .tieavier, <Iiopii graduuljy to
tbe   valley.    .Colorado,   bowever,   cau
show un exception to tbis generul rule.
There iu winter tbi* noat on tbe low
���ground ls so iuteiuse -tlmt a fog often
forms In tlie valleys.uud works slowly
up tbe mountain aide.   Tbis is known
by the Indian nameof "pogonip." >
1'eru has bundreds of square miles
���long its coast of rainless country,   lu
tbis tract rnlu is .never kno.ru to fall
.'from one'-eoutury a tud to another. 1'et
���the'regiou h>.uot entirely bari'eu of veg-
���tiition.  .Some parts of it. Indeed, arc
comparatively fertile.    Tills is due to
the extra ordinary fogs known ;is "ga-
-ruas."   They prevail every nlglit from
Wuy to October after a summer tbat h
sultry and eiitend up to-a.level of 1.200
feet above 'the aee.   Abovo l^'itO feet
rain 'falls.
Tbe "calina" of Spain is a fog we
may be.grateful that we do not have.
tit ta a dry, yellow mist Which souie-
'tiinea bides the sun for days nt a time
-over vast'tracts of-country aud makes
the sky look as -though covered with
leaden gauze.
Another peculiar freak of weather
we must be thankful to escape Is tbe
'"williwau."    This  form ot storm  ts
'���confined to'that faroff Mantl Ttcn*a del
Ifuego.    The coast is  indented   with
deep fiords crowned wltb high mountains.   Down from their gorges drops
the "williwau."   A low, hoarse mutter-
���lng ls beard in tbo distance.   Suddenly, without tbe least preliminary tfuif,
'a fearful blast of wiud drops upou the
���ea.    The  water  Is  not  raised   into
wares, but driven into fine dust.   Fortunately the shock  lasts  but ten  or
itwelvg seconds, and calm follows at
'once, .for no vessel could stand such u
<wind :f��r*even half a minute.   During
'the coming aud going*of a "wHMwau"
the barometer may be watched to drop
a tenth of an inch or more and rise
again at once.
Similar in name if not in nature ta
1 tbe "willy willy" with which Kalgoor-
lle gold diggers are acquainted, to their
cost.    "Dust devils," some people-fall
them.   Half a dozen mny be seen dancing harmlessly along'over tbe desert
when suddenly oue will dive into tbe
city and -Ull all tbe shop windows ln
Bannaro  Street with  dust  and  sand,
blinding -every -passerby.   Tbe "willy
-"Willy" to a thisff of tbe worst kind.   It
���Will steal tbe washing from a line or
tba roof from a shed.   In some parts of I
tthe country .wire ropes are ant-bored !
'over (the roofs of huts to save .them j
from the attacks of these odd little
Most people bave beard of the "fohn" ;
wind ef Switzerland, that warm, dry I
���gsle which eomes over the mountains
>and In spring will melt two feet ot
snow In a day.   Its cause ls most peculiar.    The "fohn" eomes from the
soutn.   as it stnaea tue Alps it is wee,
like most galea which have crossed tha
sea, but the south face of tbe mountains-receives Its rain, and^as it crosses
���the su_omltsitta*dis*y.  Thermoving atr
^current is -also compressed .and therefore (dynamically heated.   As it falls
Unto tbe northern valley* In a cataraet
of air it gains heat at tbe rate of half
��� degree for every 100 feet of descent
It usually blows for two or three days,
causing great suffering by Its dry beat
-and OBpression.   Whiteit lasts tbe tetu-
[tperature.to'at>out thirty degrees above
1 tthe -jtrerage.   The "Chinook" of British Columbia and tbe western side of
the United States ls very similar to tbe
I "fobn."
I England bas adopted tbe American
liword "blizzard" for a gale wltb snow.
'But the blizzard, however, must yield
to the ferocious "buran" of tbo central
steppes of Asia and 'the "purge." et
northern Siberia. To'be cauglit 1" gales
<such as these means death iu a very
few minutes, bowever warmly clad, for
site very air becomes uubreutbable, so
flllril i�� i* ���*���������**��� ���" " '--   '���'"
tn��- f/urituies umi��*r/.tM''*s i |h*t*i,ii/ii.-t*M/a
lng that in��oiue weafflj.'e't-MwiibiV'M r:
depressions   fn   a   ciii.Mi.ii or |. .-
cbair*wliere the "biifti:;i--" lire iwi
Cbfeken pox therp i? 1 ���.  . ..1. u
lty-of sequenc*., euti >'���' ' .r.~-���������������������
FRte'K  l}t.,:x.ra.
1,i';.-frr'.,-ir*'x'vrli'-i,:-.'*'.- msy rot pre
CUB 1,
1'ftt  that her tag's* si.-, s::;..otla������ not t:��
; muat fiT'rrn.   Th(�� t. QC.,jl-i*P:a t��st:
'line fur
Thnt   m.".tclics  __auJ'a   complexion,   tyti
S"i<' hatir
tiiiuui.l irrusv on Maud, but nature car* s
"And now," said fwfessor Longhutr
tor as lie greeted Jlr. lieury Feck
"what shall we>m��lto^f .vour little boj
���a lecturer'/ De'ha. a sincere taste foi
"I know be has," replied tbe mal��
parent. "He inherits it from bis motli
Sot So SurpvIiMuK.
yo'    laik    huckleberry
Claud?"     __���_____���___���____���
Claud���'Deed IcoiHiJ eat huckleberr|
ple till I'm black lnde.fiice.
Hia Snpport.
Na fiirtSlgn iioWsjmacits'he,
Yet it-has eotte-toipass
Tbat Mabel pays hia tailor tillla.
And Stella pays thc xu-*.
Fair Ply?]Ma staves the landlord olt;
Or. Kate i'or I'uoJ ha leans;
They _re the girls he rhymes about
in all the {nagaziiuts.
A Different  dilution.
��k_?%?id"Uy dou,t i'o" buy thai
l'erkins, Sr.-Pedigrec!   Tbe question
ta, Ia he wnth anything?    Why. boT
I ttem eassiety folk, what iS__2
! In tbe summer bas psdigree..
P.ll.hed Crnlm.
foft rr f-Gynique u *t0�� ���*��"��*'���*��
for woi-sls, isn't be?
Peggy-Oh, dear, yos.  EverytiuuKbf
says reflects on some one.
The son of a klmrfy fanatic
Loved a maid whom hia father, ������_��-
Forbade him to weti.
" 'Tis the style!" the prince sals-,
"For torn bines to be iloreanaUd"
Her Achievement.
''Chsrley, dear." said young Mrs.
Torklns. '-you know you said we ouglfl
to put something by for a Pa'uy day."
"VV"!!, don't you think this barfal..
' ralu coat is perfectly lovely.?"
I  :....-.
Faraeelar Uaa.
"Mean!" exclaimed the miiseun;
freuk. "Why, he's so mean that be
broke his engagement to the two beaded girl because he was.afraid of bei
millinery bills."
-. 1
The  Original  Girl.
���She's <juite orlflnal, thoy t.
A blithe and winsome ei.
She play* Beethoven ln a v.
He dkln't-know-himself.
Unite   Neoeaaary.
"Well," said tbe plain citizen, ���thel��
ere always two sides to a question."
"Of course," replied the diplomat,
"otherwise how could we dodge it?"
The  Barred   Road.
"There is ouly oue iwad-toSuecfRs'rti
life," said tbe man wbo bad made his
lucky and retired.
"And how shall I know tbe roadT
Inquired the budding young man.
"Well," replied tbe man with the
Ir.eky. "yon go right along this path
ot adversity until .you reach .the .first
*uru to tbe right?'
"Yes, yes."
"And you'll find a road bnrred off
with a gate and a sign that says 'Xa
Trespassing.'    Well, that's.it"
Fortun* smiles on tbe few.   To'tfea
majority sbe gives tbe laugh.
We furnish 75 per cent, of the
Operators and Station Agents in
America.    Our six schools are the
Necessity is tbe argument of tyrant*
j 4*2 ia the creed ef ��laves.-rFl.t
.     ���_��,. -----���-���"���    *-/u* ��������* scnoois are the    ,R��d siow we have all beard ot   It
Eastern oricesor-tesa Whit*. T aW ' Iargest exclusive Telegraph School! 1. caused by a microscopic Infusorial
eastern prices ortess. White Labor. in the wotid    EstabIished 20 years  ^^ ,nd on^ ^^^ to/iU0W ttAt
FERTILIZERS, and endorser! hv .11 -1���>��-���-   "--    ���     ���
uiauinucu zo year
1 and endorsed by all leading  Rail
way Ofiiciats.
We��-sxectfte*a $250 Bond to every
student to furuish htm or her a
position paying from $40 to $60 a
month in States east of 'the Rocky
Mountains, or from $75 to jf'ioo a
month in States wesfrofihe Rockies,
immediately upon graduation.
Students can enter at ��ny time.
No vacations.    For full particulars
... ���    ���
 ���>.. ��v a iuiwivs��.-upjc inrusonal
growth and only occurs In-snow that
baa lain unmelted for a long time. In
'Spitsbergen -recently green snow haa
been noted tinted by stailter organisms.
"Gold dust" snow bas often been
aeen, bet only ln spring. At one time
It waa a mystery bow tbe surface of
new fallen enow came - to be strewn
with a shining yellow deposit. Now It
ia known to be d��e to the pollen ot
ylne treat
\f*Vtm\ TIMES :0��K_CB.
      _v,.   JU��� pariicuiars Cklekata Po�� aad aoaallaox.
regarding any of our schools write ^fc^ ���",P**<>"> * chicken pox bas an
direct to our executive office af Tto^aet-^a<smbiaaea to that of amall-
Cincinnati, O.   Catalogue free. !_*��* 22_��!!S b# ^'l**��� nl "
..      .^~~7 by ���*��� expertenced eye.   In smallpox
tbe eruption of papules first appears
aa tha forehead, tbe "papules" always
become "bladders." trad too latter always develop Into pustules���that is.
sooner tor liter their contents get
chan-esd into oua   The-a Use upat.rcr
Cincinnati, O.   Catalogue free.
��� Cincinnati,-Ohio.       Buffalo, N.Y
J Atlanta, Ga I.aGrosse, Wis
ffe-iiarkaija, Tex. San Francisco,Ca.
It should be-borne in mind that
every cold weakens the iuniJa.iow-
ers the vitality and prepare* tbe
system for the mors serious diseases, among which are the two
greatest destroyers of human life,
- pneumonia and consumption.
I   Chamberlain's
J Cough Remedy
I  has won it�� great popularity by-its
'�� prompt cures of this most i.',iiras-i<B V
_) ailment.   It ��td�� r*n*r*r**.^~- ���-   ~
ailment. It aids expectoration, le- ���
lieves the lungs and opens the
secretions, effecting a'speedy and
permanent cure. It counteracts
any tendency'toward pneumonia.
i   Price 25c, Large Site jac. tSme 8ELTA TBljSS. S&pjSP**^ OCTOaER tS, 190*
pai,i,,i*i T��r��*atv-irr^Bm^.
Shotting Notices.
Mrs. W. E. Curtis .returned home j
pn Tuesday evening. |
J.  f. McPhei.��on paid a. short
Vnjsiness visit here Tuesday.
Robt. Pybus, returned, Tuesday,
\ om a holiday vfeit at the Capital.
F. J. Green and wife returned,
test, week* from a visit to iriends iu
Rer. J F. and Mrs. Betts returned, Tuesday, from a visit to New
W. A. Wifcon,, of the Dominion
Diiry Division, Department of Agriculture, Ottawa, arrived this week
and has been duly installed in the
Town Hail, where he and his assist^
ant have been busily engaged in
imparting dairy knowledge to. huge
classes of our dairying- community.
Although Mr. Wilson was advertised to lemain. until Tuesday next,
we regret to state that thc school
will close ou Mouday, a.s Mr. Wilson bas some matters of importance
to attend to in and arautut Chilliwack.
J��hn Fraser, of Kensington- Praise, spent Thanksgiving Day at D.
IVracGregpr,' s.
Miast.-_i-s Ws-tfacaand Percy MilJer
spent a. f-jw, days, visiting friends,
Ijere this, week-
The case Delta Municipality vs.
%t. Wilson, is set for hearing at 11
���.tn. en Monday next.
Mier Hilton has returned to the
������'l-jello" board after a very enjoy-
$U,f- vacation in Victoria:,.
H. M. Vasey, o'ir local breeder
of Clydesdales,, does not nieaj. to
be beaten at his own* business. At
Portland,, Mr. Vasey swept nil'before him, but at Westminster a
better horse was encountered in
Royal Citizen, and no ti"me- was.
lost in changing ownership and Mr.
Vasey now owns the ch&mp'tons of
Portland's great fair and the Dominion fair at the Royal City.
No difficulty should be experienced by our farmers in keeping up
the standard of their work horses
with such sires as these near at
A. T., Fawcett: is.away on a well
���turned vacation tour, taking in
Victoria, beattie, Portland, and
J. I,. Wtidilell and wife returned
to Vancouver, last ereaing, after
^pending a tew days here visiting
11. R. Kriltg, wife an-'l family, ot
Vancouver, upturned home, yesterday, after visiting Hj. Nicholson
V��d* wifp fjpr a few days.,
-friends of Mrs. P; Hartnell will
be pleased to learn that she is able
tp sit up, after her severe illness te-
jultaaj* from a broken leg..
Mis. Prank Sutherby and child
upturned, on Wednesday, from a
visit to the cities of the Sound, extending over two or three weeks.
D, Robertsoiu sr...,, oi Westham
Inland, paM; .* business-visit here on
Monday last. Mr. Robertson, is
Ipokitig hale and hearty for one of
his years.
ThjfeSqu.M! shipped., on Tuesday
day last,, a registered Shorthorn
qow and calf and a 5-months-old
tyill call to Donald Sinclair, Salmon
jjkrnv, B.C.
A- D.. Sfivmour, manager tor
Dvae, Kvaits.4-Cu.laghan i-n New
Westminster, spCijj a few days iu
tfiwn this week ou, btr-sjnesa ier-the
above .����_,,
The l*nion Services iu. the Baptist Church* on Thursday, was a
huge success. The attendance was
very good, the church being comfortably filled by a very attentive
Rev. Jas. A. Banton had charge
of the musical portion of the programme; Rev. A. McAuley read
the lesson a*tid* gave an address and
Rt.v. J.. F. Betts- also gave an address all of which was much appreciated. The service closed with a
trio by Hie ministers and the benediction by Rev. Jas. A. Banton.
An anthem was also trecy appreciably rendered by the choir��� "God
is King."
It is hoped that this kind of service will be repeated whenever practicable.
Shooting notices.
Mrs. N. A.   McDiarmid,. we  re
gret to state, has been very   low ol
late, and but a very slight i-mprove-
ment is notkeable.
Remember the oaly place to buy
the "Geiuujji*. Slater Shoe" at Montreal Dikes is at W. li, Sinclair's,
the Leading Shoe Store of New
Westminster. *
The S. vS. Sonoma will make
regular trips ercry week day to and
from Steveston, Leare Ladner 8
a. m. and 4p.n1. Returniuz leave
Steveston 9. a. ni. and 5 p. ra.
��. A, Welj*li! ?v?id"; f.ixi. acconi-
^���nied' by Mto&ei*. H^r,old Betts,
4rovtedown fr��*u the. Royal City on
Thursday. Mrs. Welsh had preceded her husband, being- a. guiest
!jt the Parsonage tor a few days.
A basleet social and concert will
be given in the Union Church, at
Hazelmere, on Friday evening,
November 1.7th, next, Proceeds of
sale;to be applied on seats for the.
chur.ch. Admission, free. A large
attendance, is anticipated'.
The Boys gave anoth.r of their
jj-eribdij-al dances in Qddfpliowt'
rjlall, la>t night, and it was-attended by its tistiaf success; Everyone
enjoyed* themsciye*. itpmetiselx; and
t|ie ligbjjt fantastic was indulged un-,
tji the wee sum'- hours.
A. Jen��en^ of tbe B. A. Cannery,
said HM substantial visij: on, Mon-
t*Jli,y_, Since the canning season
closed,. Jtjr. J,et)Sfu, has, been doing
�� iittle in the pheafaut sliooing
^usiajes^and rjertorts game as very
���^^^|f.o*P*T 9��-*f��$e;*
Tfmcmc Mark*
Anrone (ending a sketch and daeeriptten may
nu!<iklv:ae<-ortata oar aptnloa frea whether, an
i.rsuitttsn 11 prol>ablvna��apta___ r���nilno��lc��
lonartrictlycoi^deBlfiirHiHKmolt oat>ateata
����it. free, oldest aeeeav far M&riag.aate'Atv
fateiSa takea tSrourt Vuna *To7r��Mlve
tfmim notim, without ebana, uj.tl*
Scientific nmcrlcm.*
*. handaomety Ufttetiwiied weekly. Tiarfreit olr-
calaUoa ut anraotantWeJournal. Tenia, Ha
yenr: foarlaeatba,|L ftoldbrail newadaalera.
Uranah OINea. Wm T St- Waahtniton. D. C.
f kaitntiaasl'aavi'a Cotic, C1tolr**j and      |
*F*f taiia.   ljuyltaov.   It may ��vc. lif*t,
New Westminster, B. C,
When, You Want to Ship, o? Sbore Your Produce or Live Stock,
Extra Special.
Great variety of new Novelty Suit-
ings, Mohairs and Cheviots* at
50 Cents.
Capacity 500. Tona.
Space.24,000 Square Feet
That's M You As!i,
Thaf's Witfit Wc Have.
Letter Orders Promptly Pilled.
WooIIgr *& nanndclte
Underwear for  Ladies  also  for
Misses and Children at
The White House
Where Goods and Prices me Right.
Columbia Street.
1 e%%msstm)
New Westminster
Thss Space,
At nominal cost, private individuars ar business
men can put their important papers and valuables iu a
secure and convenient place.
his is a boon to those who do not possess a safe,
and to families travelling.
These boxes are accessible during all business bour&
to the renter, who  holds the key.
RATES :   $1.50 per year.
Westminster Trust & Safe Deposit Co., Limited.,
Authorized Capital, ��25,000.
F. J. HART & CO.,
New Westminster, B. C.
A public mie-ting- will be held in
tbe Town Hajl, Ladner, on Thursday next, Nov., 2nd, at 8:30. p.m.,
for the purpose of discussing the
proposed tax on guns and tbe game
laws in general.
The chair will be occupied by Mr.
W. H. Ladner, and Mr. Bryan Wil-
liams, Provincial; Game Warden,
will be present.
Wanted 20 Store Pigs, 70 to 100
pounds each.
Ladner, B.C.
Watches and Jev^elry at Lowest Prices.
Repairing a Specialty.
One 4-ye.iT-oId Brown Horse witb
Diamond Brand on Hip.
Anyone giving information which
will lead tp recoveny of same will
be suiVibly rewarded.
Inve-hjol'me Stock Farm.
New shipment just received from England.
Latest Patterns   -  Lowest Prices.
The designs, while suggestive of tbe Louis period, have a
distinct dash of the Colonial, massive square Brass Rails, artistically set diagonal fashion, fine moulded Brass Bases and Scroll
Supports. The Dogs in each design
i    are attached tc-, the Kerb..    The effect
Mrs. C I. Bant on,
Voice, and Piano
Pupils prepared far Concert..Church
and Home;
Speeial' Attention Given it) Vok-e-
plVtcemeut,   Tone-production
and Expression,
For Terms and Lesson. Hours Apply at Temporary Residence,
Mrs. A, B,: Baha*.:k.-,S. U^r*-***,
Owing to disregard of *jp5l��Ks'
notices; by sportsmen and others,
j.uid the danger to life and stock
I through irresponsible parties sboot-
liug, I will prosecute, without ex-
| ceptiow,. alt parties trespassing on
! the "Tcenatit Farm"- after thi&date.
:    Lpduer, B. C, Sei't. y��, '05.
of a
Handsome Hearth Suite
of   Brasses  is very striking and adds
'-H** JL   "toue*" t0 a��y room.
These Suites are priced at
l415, $18, $25
i Each. '
��� ���;������ i.?r. t,   >-��t. - ���_*���
*%*?.7*^f-*'^tS*.f'vtr <i
|j  ^\VEI LVER   BROS. J
I'    ���.'*�����< Ok _..MO TIL AND CLUE  FURNISHERS ^VICTORIA. 8.C


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