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The Delta Times Feb 24, 1906

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Array sff-s-T���^'..^,
if Lr, **
Vol. *. No. 25.
$1.00 yea.
First Opening
Mew Spring
(The Store of Quality and Quantity.)
Police Cfeiirl.    & fl. & I. SOCIETY.
(From Our Own  Correflpondeut*}
Victoria, Feb.. 20..��� Tlie past
week has been the most interesting '
'period since the opening 01 th(
L gislature. The: firv two days
were devoted to th ��� consideration
of matters r.ot of a controversial
il o   interest 1
Wash Goods- ^^^^^^^
jnatur;.    A  great  ,
Fancy  Dimitys, Spot Muslins,  Zephers,  Silk Spot Mulls,  Figured ��� has centeredupon
__      ,        T-, ] the  government   in
Chambrays, Fancy Piques, Indago Ducks, Mc | Midway & Vernon Railway, jodg-
1 ine; from developments it is quite
At tb,e Police Cow: o��iWe.-ii'c-!        New Westminster. Feb. ei.���Tbe
day afternoon the foil �����. ii g gent! ..board of control of the  Ptovincial
mtn  oempied the-  bench;   W. H. ' Exhibition met yesterday afternoon
Laduer, P.M.,   and   R. E. Kittson, |il1 the citv'haH- there being present
','.,,    ,  _.       ��� ,  PresMent T. J. Trapp in the chair,
II. J. Kirkland, Capt. Stewart  ����. '
J. B. Burr, I I .'-. \\\
ana I ,_
the attitude ol;
respect to the 1
Also nice line Fancy Embroidered Silk MuU Waist Lengths, with,
\V.  33.
for 7
G.'D. Brymucr, W. R. Gilley and
| Secretary VV. H. Keary.
MoKee���P.,   L.  Keid:     A good-deal of routine  business
t  wll
Fine English Cashmere Hosiery in Black and Tans,
'  coin- j was transacted, includingthe pass-
defend i ing of-various small accounts.
The secretary was authorized to
Cutf-is sttid he had the j have the gatehouse at the entrance
evident trmt tlie i.itei-tion of the''U'l'r P��sent tot>nify as.to in- to Queen's Park painted. This
government is to cripple the efforts. J',ncs :e,-''->lvet1' ,,t:l !lla; be-wished-work has been contemplated for
of the promoters cf this company, for an ^jeunl.tnent on account of | some time, but the weather has .de-
b secure construction oi the road. Vr; C ',rt!S' in*fo*J**toat*tewl.
The    company    ha,   done    about'     !;r   Woodley, sworn, said:I have
not Seen
! ��70,006 worth of actual cotistrUc-
i tion   work,   but the capitalists be- i evenn*g
I hind  th * scheme have withdrawn | SK^
j.their  support  owing  to  tlie state-
Fin�� Lisle Thread Open Work Hosiery, Black and Tans, in all sizes, |metlt & ,-,e Minister of Finance
that the government would not ad
nice  l- ondav
Would not and couid notj
iey _that Mrs. ���Curtis present illness j questof the people
was tlie .result e! t>ti
ury  or
_Q>r Ladies and Children.
Our Stock of White Underwear is now complete and we are showing splendid values in the cheapest as well as the more expensive
Summer Tests-
Ladies' Cotton and Lisle Thread Under*?esfcs, from 10c to $1.00.
mit its liability to pay the subsidy
voted in [962. The government'.*
action in this respect is contrasted
with its action ot last year in ex-
���tending the time for the construction of the Pacific Northern &
OmiiHc.i Railway, allowing tha
company several years
of time  during which it may earn
jits subsidy, although practically uol
! construction work had been done !
I ar.d\hat the road if built would bei
I built as a part of the Grand Trunk
Pacific scheme.
The motionct Mr. Oliver for the
production of all -Qrders-in-Council i
toyed it.
Tbe secretary was also authorized to proceed to the Upper Country  to  attend meetings at the  re-
^^^^^^^^^^     e in several of the
tbe Lin ter ior towns,
B The matter of calling the next
To R. L. Reid���Mrs. Curtis is general meeting of the directors:
suffering from nervousness, prob- jwas discussed and it was decided to ,
ably caused by injuries received; is ��� summon the directors to meet here
suffering from muscular-rhettmatismj on the evening of March ax, and, if
and nervousms*, which may or j .necessary, the following .evening.
may not be the result of an injury. That time was-considered "iavorabte*
.ight that if an ad-! on account of the probable presence
-; pfted complaihaiit Lpf representative --stock men and
'���-<-'-'��� i.agiicultuiists from all .parts of tha?
talkm adjournment j province to atten'd the fat stock
1 til Se turday, 24th, Uhow. At'this meeting'the prize
the matter of costs | list for'the-i906 Provincial Exhibition will be presented ior final
further adjourned ' adoption,
lutday next, March The manager-secreta2;y Teporteld
he had already secured $1,000 ta
        '    ' -���**- 1 cash  subscriptions to the c*?o6 ex-
Mr. Reid tin
journmetft was
Alter   consu
was granted   1;
at 1 r a.m., an;
was left open.
The case wi ���
to-day  until Ei
3rd. '
I passed  since the acr-essiou   of   the j bill proposes to abolish all existing |:hibitiou ftUiH.
d_90��    UG^^rWEEB^BmKm
This is one of the Leading Departments of the Store, and a glance
at >our window display will convince you of the up to the minute styles
we are showing.
The "ROYAL PURPLE" is the leading shoe for Women.
Also large stock of "Gibson Ties" in the new Tan shades.
See the new "Worth" Cushion Sole Shoe .for Men
present government to power, a11d4.S--.hool   districts   i.-. Municipalities, j
. his State merits to the House in sup-1 cancel   all the elections -held- Jast.
port   of  the   motion to   the  effect \ January,   makes no   provision   fer
i that  the Canadian Pacific Railway \ any liability which m iy have  beei7
i Company were disposing of Crown j incurred by -the different  boards of!
| lands with the knowledge  and con- "trustees, no provision   for  carrying'
sent ofthe government, forced the-out  the agreements made between
government Jo the   production  oi | the
Ordera-in-Oouncil    embodying    an [the
A very pretty wed'dmg;, -at'which
! two young people wbo have made
| themselves   very   popiilat in  Vie-
Hew 1906 Wall Paper Samples Now Ready Far Your
Inspection. ^ I
Marshall Smith
The eighth annual meeting of
the Presbyterial of Slew 'Westminster was held in St. Andrews'
���Church, Vapcoover, <eu 'Thursday
3a -it. Among ttiose present from
Delta were. Rev. A. McAuley,
Mrs. McAuley, Mrs. D. A. McKee,
Mrs. R. X. Kittson, Mrs. W.
Smillie and Miss Jennie Taylor.
The wbole session was intensely
interesting while portions stood oat
���even more prominently than cithers,
���such as "The Regions Beyond," *a
���very excellent paper by Mrs. Mc
Adam, Vancouver; "Mission Band
Work," Mrs^-sCreela-an, Vancou
-vet; solo, Sirs. J. Knox U'riglrt,
and an address by Rev. Mr. Mc-
^Gillivray, St. John's, Vancouver.,
?j�� <*a.y nothing about the "High
Tea" served bv St. Andrew's Woman's Guild, which was very much
Singer Manufacturing Company
must be-expecting td sell sewing
machines to the angels as they are
building ;a sky-scraper some 40 feet
higher than tbe Washington monument, containing 40 storevs or
Commencing with tbe first of the
next month the banks will begin
gathering in aT. Amefrieunsilver iu
circulation throughout C .nada and
forwarding it'to Ottawa, The Dominion government will *eturn this
���silve? to Uncle Sam in exchange for
gold and we shall soon have the
pleasure of handling Canadian
minted money in both gold and
trustees and the  teachers, puts       ________________________________________
whole   municipality into   the I-'oria-'e.society were the -principals
agreement made  with  the  railway
company whereby, the  government
undertakes tc  pass legislation   this
session   granting to  the   company
808,000 acres to which -Urey   have
no legal claim. ^L	
The bill to incorporate ihe Royal I upon the municipal corporation. In
Institution ot.Learning  (or  British rural school districts outside muni-
Columbia also Teceived-a good deal cipalities  the biirden  ol  assessing
of hostile criticism. The opposition ' and collecting is to be divided be-
j pointing out that under the pro-]**tweeri the trustees and-the proviu-
I visions o: the bill  monies  collected cial assessor.    The date ofthe an-
could nual elections 111 these districts is to  the choir singing-"The Voice That
in-! be changed from January  to July.      __^^_^^_^^_^^_^^^_^_^
j The school board in  municipalities i''bridal Party at the P��*"ch and  e��
Mr.   Hawthornth-svaite's   bill  to is to be elected at ihc time of hold-
I amend the lilections Act, whilst not ing the annual elections.
of much importance in  itself,  has      Whether these so  called
given rise to some unique complica- ments are auy improvement on the
tions.    The bill passed   its  second  bill as it stands is
reading by  a  small  majority  and proposition.
afterwards   in   committee   bJ    the   _
whole through the successful lobby-' ! "���  a bandsc-ine  ivory  satin  gown
ing   of   F.   L.   Carter-Cotton,   the'     Remember the auction stile by H.  trimmed wilh crepe de cbene,   with
President of the Executive  Council, was supposed   lo   be   killed   in
commitee by the comiuitlee  rising
j (or ordinary -school purposes
' be diverted to the work of this
I stilution.
one school district to be controlledI was so'.emtnzea *t Christ Church
by a beard ol five directors who are i Cathedral ou W-edtwsday evening,
to receive no consideration ior I H-e 14th inst., vvheti Etniwa Whar-
1 their services and places the duty of! lon Secretau, only dauijhterof Mr.
'providing the necessary funds in | and Mrs. Chas. F. Kanitigtcm, was
addition to the  government  grant,! ur-lted ln marriage to Mt. Lawforld
Moray RichaTdson, stmef ..the late
Capt. Malkott -Ricbardsoa. The
Rev. Canon Beanlands, assisted by
Bishop Perrin and Rev. Canon
Hilton of Ladner, performed the
ceremony which was -fully choral,
the choir
���Breathed   O'er   Eden,"   met   tbe
he pore
corted -them   to Jthe   chancel rail
where the  bride was given  away
amer.d-' bv 'ier fetber, and where the beau-
jtiful   Espicopal   marriage   service
doubtful' n*ai*e >hem   man   and  wife.   The
j bride, who was  attended  by  Miss
i Phylis Ebetts,  look**! very sweet
I N. Rica,
n Tuesday next, at Gulf-1 panels, flounce, bertha,  medallions
ee: advt. on Page 2. [of priceless   bandhrnade point lace,
_. ihe gift of the bride-smother,  and
_____________________________________________________^M^i^^n^H--_------i--H--^-^-------l real Koniton lace veil, 'tete  gift of
ti _   nt     ��� o,      ���   , r,       ,-: without making any report  to  the,     -vt...  Allen  ��.:_,_.. 0<-  Mr..   w  ],* , * 8
The   Merrimac Chemical Co., oi  TT .���, - ,- ,   ,     ���       1 11 Alien, -sister oi   '-11-- ^ ���������������-.he groom s mothei (her own wed-
RtWM'hem .��h+ fi     1 v H0USC' Curtis, has taken up her residence, : d-   f      in   and   oran��'Wosaomi.
Bpsten, has sent five-kegs of arsen-! Bnt flC(<eBt tlns lrefltment with verv I    ...  .      ,���  . ,.,    e^.. Drooertv dlUk   'e,l) .and ,ora"ge tolQ,isoms-
with her sou, m tlie Ittjster prop.ertj ^ ghe   carried   a handsome shower
on Delta street. | boufluet of bri'deToses and  WKes of
 . .  ! the valley.    The bridesmaid,   Miss
not accept this treatment with very
ate of lead to both Vancouver and : good grace aud again moved to
Victoria far free distribution by the'place the bill o-i thc orders of the
government. Arsenate ol fed Isl^J He evidently backed up this
used by orchardists as a s-ubstitute' **����� ^ atl *"lilliatip11 i0  lhe  gov"
���^���I^^K  ��. Eberts, also looked charming in ia
Rev. Herbert Piercy, already so].".      | ,-       ... ���. .  .
for Paris green with
success. Applicatk
may be made to the
id deal of! erutuent .iiat llie bl1* *liul t0 become!.favorably   known
for   sample ���*law> as When'ihe resolution
p'nrttueut of! t>iace t-ue '-'���il*  on the orders
the   Ladner
j chic white satin dress. .She carried
to  re-'public,   will   give   another
of the here early in March.
Agriculture, Victoria, or tp Thos.
Cunningham, Provincial Inspector
ol Fruits, Vancouver.
dav came u.> for consideration   Mr.1
Hawthornthwaithe's motion carried1
by a vote oi 22 to 16.    Mr. Cotton, |
who had-secured the defeat of the
bill iu committee, and Mr.   Fulton,
recital a b-autiful bou,quet '-of pink oama**
: tions.
After the ceremony a -reception
was held it "High wood, "the resi-
as! dence   of   Mr.  and   Mrs.   George
W.    Reagh,    better   known   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
"Dan." has leased the Curtis' prop-1 Gillespie.���Colonist.
erl\-,   East   I)clta.    He  will  move I _______
onto it some time next week..   We
wish him every success iu his'new
Canon 'Hilton, we regret *o hear, j Minister of Education, both shirked
has  been quite  poorly  the former I the vote. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
part of this week, but we  notice he j     The loug looked .for amendments Veft^'
is well again   and will conduct the! tothe.Scbool Act haye been brought j.	
usual services on Sunday and   be; down.   The*particular changes are']- ^h&mhnFiRltl'Q ftmiph
lable to.preaob. |.m the rnrn.l   school  districts.     Ibe      i>t^to!d^._Toi^a_dWii3opl.
Remember tbe.nreetitig tobe'held
in the Town   Hall., on Saturday,
the 10Q1 of March, for tbe purpose
of discussing *^he goed iTSads'l*9an.
Keep vour eyes open for theino-tt
1. issue of the-Dit-TA s*l��__U8S. THE DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1906.
ScMCBirTioM, ****-00 per j*
_,i>yb_.ti-I!��g rath*.
(XOIBS by the V1CAX.)
Holy Communion to-morrow at
i 8:*i,o a.m.
^.^t^'l.T^e.mpTtiirSrJ%' To-morrow is Quinquagesima
^SESV.'K'Ek mmmT^mm'm Sunday and is so called, ot course,
.0*- I from a Latin word which means it
�����*������� larCa��m*t*ial A����erti��m*��iU ea�� be'
Had on sppUaatiua at this ollica.
aa��aiai��a��i��**i*o��ot��p*T t>-e tor *aca in-
BtrtH aad DaaHtwtmne, if*., Mamaf** ��..��-.
An* apeaial aotiee, the object ol whieh is to
^MtethTaacunUr. benefit of any tadWdaal
SeuevemrMmt coartdered ��B sss-W-rttoemeut
add charged aarordiagly.
All adr*rtiaaa**au charged for uatil ordered
ast aad said fir.
Corraauondeaee Invited an matters ol public
i��i��*t. Communications to editor must t>e ac-
aeavaaiad by name af writer, not necessarily
STEiMicatioB, hat as evidence of goodfttth
SoriSipoiide-ee must reach this o��ce by Thut*
Gao. R. Maslky,
A. party from the Northwest was
in search of Crown lands in this
rirotince, and was given to understand that he might have a certain
piece. After the money had been
deposited, it was learned that this
same property had already been
alienated. Thi�� is a nice condition
of thing*. How can we expect to
settle the land right il those who
ought to be able to give reliable in^
formation, makes such a muddle as
this? Thia i�� Provincial, not Dominion.   _____
New Westminster paid $3,800
for n steam road roller weighing
seventeen tous, which makes their
toads solid from the foundation up,
and it just costs $6 per day to
oj*rate. What is the reason Delta
it so far behind ? Why uot purchase, say, a ten ton machine
which will give us firmer road* and
can be mote cheaply operated than
the practically useless one at present on hand. It good roads are to
be made here this roller question
must be looked into.
is about fifty days before Easter
Next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday the first day ot Lent, the
Church's penitential season. "Dies
Cinerum," or the day of ashes, was
originally so called from the custom
in the early church of penitents
throwing ashes over themselves in
token of sorrow for sin. This practice died out in the XVI. Century.
The word "Lent" is derived from
an old Anglo-Saxon word "Lenc-
ten," meaning Spring.
There will be divine service in
All Saints on Ash Wednesday
morning at 11 o'clock.
Throughout the Lenten season
there will be a special service every
Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock
and on Friday evening at 7:30
o'clock. The Vicar will preach, or
give instruction ou some Church
subject on the Friday evenings.
Adults desirous of being confirmed kindly send in their names to
the Vicar. The Bishop is now on
his way from England and it will
not be so very long ere candidates
will be presented lo him for the
sacred rite,
The Guild meets next Thursday
at the home of Mrs. Livingstone.
The evangelistic services now being conducted in Queen's Avenue
Methodist Church, are being well
attended and much good resulting
therefrom. On Tuesday evening
no less than fifty young men went
forward in answer to an earnest a_>-
peal made by Rev. A. J. Brace.
Mar the good work extend to Ladner as well as elsewhere.
To Let, from April ist, the lands
known as the Sturdy Farm. For
full particulars apply to
McRAE & Co
NEW WsGSTrilNSTER, 1��. C.
A lull line of English and Irish
Tweeds aud Fancy Trouserings always kept in stock-
\ nu n an ��ras j
������* ��
Delta Transfer Stable
Team Work Bonn nt Specially low Prfmts.
��� Telephone
JOSEPH JORDAN, Propriet-or.
"Ladner" No. .o.
Delta Stock Yard
The next Sale will be held in the
above Yard on
Wednesday, 14th March
Early entries solicited.
"SBW WR8TMI��JSTB��,   .-: *. C.
UamUTactuiers uf all kiniliot
Soda Water, Ginger 4-
Ale and Summer .��.
Drinks. .t.
Your patroniiKe solicited f
The Place for Tinsmithing, Bath Tubs, Stov��
Pipe, Conductor Pipes, Boerf Plates, and Evsery-
thing Else in This Lane.
A. printed pamphlet is being circulated by one John Pinkerton, a
tree miner and an old timer, having
arrived overland in '62, showing,
by a diagram at the back, how he
ia the victim of an injustice.    He,
apparently staked a mining claim
ou some vacant laud between two
teases,   after  which,   a   company
owning an adjoining lease, seeing
the value of this little strip, draws
up and registers a new plan which
crowds this individual, John Pinkerton off the face of the earth, so
to speak, and in this LAW is on
the side of the powerful company
while JUSTICE is set aside. Those
il authority  should see into this
matter and thoroughly investigate
and if au injustice is proven, punish the doers, be they a corporation,
a judge or lawyers and teach them
te be honest in tbeir dealings.
Time was wheu the Union Jack
tolerated nothing but justice in the
British courts. Now, according to
daily occurrences, law holds sway
while justice ij locked up.
A telegram was received in Col
orado a few days since, directing
the proper authorities to arrest a
young man who, it was alleged,
had run away with his aunt. "I
have an order for your arrest," remarked the officer, addressing the
supposed criminal.
"For what?"
"You have been running away
with your aunt."
"My aunt! Why she's my wife!"
"But wasn't she your auut before she became your wife? You
see, we don't tolerate those kind
of goings-on in Colorado "
"I supoose you never were in
Utah?" remarked the young man,
after he had completed his survey
of the detective.
"Well, as you don't understand
the relations ot aunt' and nephew in
tbat territory, I suppose I ought to
explain to you.and then.perhaps you
may see your duty plainer. "My
father married my mother."
"I suppose so."
"Then he married her sister,"
continued the stranger without
heeding the interruption. "Then
he married the sister of his brother
in-law. Then the daughter of his
uucle, who was a cousin to his first
twowives, theu he married her sister,
who was the widow of oue of his
first wives' husbands; then he mar
ried her daughter; and a son of
this wife married my sister, who
was also a widow of one ofthe other
wives' sous. 1 suppose you are
following me,1' interjected the narrator."
"Marry your aunt or yourgiand-
tuolher either or both of them."
"And you won't arrest me?"
"No,  vou might be your own
father!"���Sporting Times.
Live and Dead Farming
Including 6 young aud active heavy
Draft Horses and Mares-, 3 two-
year-old Colts and Fillies; z sucking Colts and Driving Mare;
Dairy Herd ot 11 Choice Cows,
with and in calf; 4 two-year-old
Heifers and Steers; 10 yearling
Heifers and Steers; 1 calf; 6 store
Pigs; Binder, Mower, Hay Tedder, Seed Drill, Wagons, Harness, Harrow*!, Plows and the
usual assortment ot Machinery
found on a farm of 160 acres,
TVTR. H. N. RICH has receive*,
instructions from Mr. W. Melntyre to SELL BY AUCTIO'N, oh
his Farm, at Gulfside (3 miles S.
W. of Laduer) on
Tuesday, Feb.  27th,
1906, at 2 p. m.
Special Attention is called
to the genuine lot of horses, all
under 6 years old, three weighing
from 1500 to 1600 lbs each.
Teiims���Under $25, cash; over
that, cash or approved notes at
three months with _S per cent, in ���
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and Draying.
Livery work of all kinds attended to promptly.
l.-rtucr. B. C.
Fence Posts.
If you require fence posts just
drop me a line, or call and see
Ladner, B.C.
Agent form
Gurney Foundry Co,"s Stoves.
P. D, Bod's Mix��*d Paints.
Yoho Bath Heefcea*.
Just the thing for tniteng witter "hdt for waslnug dahy
utensils, scalding hogs, or for wash day. E*very
Farmer's Wife Should Have One.
Westham .Street,
Lad-_er, B. C
111 in i m
Incorporated !__*_,
The conversazione at Columbian
College, New Westminster, on the
16th inst., was a great success.
We wish to tender out thanks to
all those who so kindly expressed
'their sympathy toward us iu our
loss, of both our darling and our
house, _u the 1 oth iust.
Mrs. A. McKEEN,
Mrs. C. FOGG.
1'uitu iiobcrts, Feb. 22, '06.
Tenders will be received, by the
undersigned, for year's supply of
Butler-Milk from the Delta Creamery, from ist April, 1906. Tenders to be at per 100 lbs.; accounts
to be paid monthly, aud buttermilk to be hauled away from the
Creamery, at such times as arraug-
with Creamery Manager.
Tenders to be iu by March 15th,
highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Secretary Delta Creamery Co., Ltd.
Our Registered
...Trade Hark..
T\THKN   buying   Overalls
see that they bear this
label.    It is a guarantee   of
their quality	
Overall's bearing the "'Buck
Brand" are Union made, by
your own countrymen, and as
nearly indestructible as it's
possible to make them. They
are manufactured by the
pioneer workingvuen's outfitters ot the west. Ask for
"Buck Brand'* Overalls and
take uo others	
RESERVE FUMDS,       - - $S,302,74S
TOTAL ASSETS, - -        $31,183,625
A Cteneml BanMng ��ashless Trans.acfced,
Savings Department*
Deposits ��i %1 and wp*mxte received wad Hater-
est .Allowed at lE&gtaesI; Cui*ent R-ftes.
East End, Mt. Pleasant; Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, -tot-land,
Victoria, Vernon, Chilliwack, Cumberland and New Westminster.
 ,���,._, I
Anroaa ������**!?. ���>*
 rtata our
Timor Mark*
CeKvmsHTS Ac.
son* <len
taatft**. Oldast arooor fori
PatatiM til** tiroof- ��*-E-.r_"'*" ������
��ps-*la�� ��������>)**, wfefcast-Wa-*, m -_���
-tanta tat
Scientific Jfmericati.
nrsoUnt-l; loiitnaC   Tarsus,ga
on-H,*-. BoW��riffiB*wadeals-*i.
lesTM f at- WaaklMton. It.I.
Meat and Potatoes
We can supply you with the finest quality
of the above articles at reasonable cost,
Remember the place
ITieat &
Phone 9.
Commission (&
Royal Household
Just Arrivedm
Bran, Shorts, Etc.\
A Full Line of���������
Fruit Jars,
Jar Rings,
Jelly Glasses.
.Ladner, B.C.
Ladner Carriage Works.
Practical Horseshoeing,
Carriage Building and Painting, and General Jobbing of
All Descriptions.
We carry the finest class
of Carriages and Farm Implements at rock bottom prices.
Q. T. BAKER, Ladner, B. C.
tbe Delta times.
CfcURCM   N��:nCE5.
U'.A. ��.VINltS.
Holy Communion ��� .Sundays,
8:30 a.m. ttst --Suudity <��n month,
11 a.m.
M-siins, .- 6'deck.
livooiong, .7 -o'clock.
Suuday School-at 10 *.m.
Friday,-N-eniag service 7:3<_-
Rev. Canon -Hilton, .vicar.
-kj-SCfpaa jafce $L08ayc.r.
oh Printing
Neatly Bone
.Reverend Father Eftm. Peytstvin,
O.M. I. Seroioe* .first and third
Sunday of each month ax ._<:3o�� m
MeuedlctioM, 7:30^-81, *'
R*3��. L Wagner,
Parish Priest.
Services next Ejord's ����y at 11
a. m. and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.n*_, every
Sabbalfn School tt 2]i in every
Sunday. fray��r .ueeting every
Thursd ay serening -sit 7.30.
Rev. J. E. Betts, pastor.
Services mcxt ford's* Day ;at 11!
a.m. anH 7 p.m.
Sabbath School at 2 p m Mid
week meetiug on Thursday evening
at 7,20 o'clock.
Rev. A, McRailey, Pastor.
Sabbath services-.t Trainer at 11
a.m. and ,7 p. in.
Sundtvy ^School at 10 *. m.
Prayer 'meeting en ��hursday at
,30 p. in.; choir practice at 8.
I* aa Uaal c-v-ri-r,  tiiWer for aaw
buiUiaaj* m i��*����viac ���*_ *-���*���
it pm*. uattM-t-asMn nm
Caaii.ir   its   (aa   aaaawanc* ���Ha-
sataa-M siuliirinr oaaKtiss   aa* *Jii*t
���saaaas���and dacuU to."����t��a .your osva
IwMtmisWeSts hy, luimt ���_.
*   1 Mmt 4a��a3s at iniac matioo ia cur
ilaaal- HmUMai
(We-ttninster Branoh)
Time Table
Caas laa-�� Westminster far YaacauTcrat j.js
au_ *.j�� a.m. and hourly thcresftir uatil li a.
m.: lagaTdar* a*4-��_ad��ys *uii p'.as
Cai%ll**artAsa��__*��r^��*f W**tatiast��rs at ��_��
and ��._* a. as, and haarly thereafter uatil is>.
m.; Saturdays and Sundays at ll p.m.
-������Ks-JIGirT  CAMS.
Wc ran first-class fraif ht scrs between West-
���aiaster and Vsace-Vsfr -aa- all -fhipmeats arc
handle. *s��lth the dtHK-tbmn* and delivered ta
Masitace without delay Special atteutian paid
t* fruit shipments. Out wagaus meet all boats
aud trains.   Vor rates, ��c apply t*
Afraid Ot Strong MeHiciires.
Many people suffer for years from
rheumatic pains, and -prefer to
do so rather than take tthe -strong
medicines *��sual.y given tar *rheu-
matism-,, not knowing that quick relief from pain tn-jy be bad simply by
applying -Chamberlain's Pi in Balm
and without taking any medicine
internaly. Far sale by J. F*
"ROBT. MAY, Agent,
BJMSN-IR.    -  -  -   -
B. C.
5008 Telegraphers
-__���_���__���       5TOEDE-3
Annually, to fill the new positions
���created by Railroad and Telegraph
Companies. We .want VCSUNG
.WKN andl.A'BTlJ&ilFEOodihariitsto
AND ��.��. ACC45Un*J!WNe . . .
We furirish ,75 rper eeitt. of "the
'Operators -atid Station Agents in
America. ����wr six schools ere "the
largest exclusive T-legfiptrSchoob
iin the world, listablished ac years
and endorsed Hiy *& Heading Railway Officials.
We execute a $250 Bend to every
student to furnish him or her a
-position paying from $40 to $60*
motlth in States east of tlie Rooky
Mountain**, or from -f 75 tto $100 a
-inotfth in States west of'the Rockies,
���immediately mpon graduation.
Students can tenter at anyttime.
2**Io vacations. -For Tiffi particulars
���regarding nny "oftmr schools write
djrect to our executive office *et
Cincinnati,'-��.   Catalogue free,
Cincinnati, Ohio.        Buffalo, N.\
Atlaiiti. Oa I.aCrosse, Wis
'ttd-JS-its.k-.n4.. -I**---;. Sin.Fiaiicisc-j.i^i.
a.-iiii.Ks. ������*.���*. clove*
Traffic Mgr. Local'Mer.
��f-tmia*tt��. B. C.
M. J. HB��Y"S
Vancotrver, B.C
Headquarters for Pacific Coast
Grewn Garden, Field and Flower
Seeds. 'Sew crop nowin -stock and
on testt in onr greenhouses. Ask
your merchant fer fhem in sealed
���packages. If he does mJt handle
them we will mail 5. assorted 5c
packets of vegetable and -flower
seeds (our own ^selection, suitable
for B. C. -gardens) for pt. Special
prices on your bulk seeds.
ready For spwiig-shtptneilt.
Extra nice -stock ot two and
.three-year Apple trees at $20 per
100, $r���o per 'i,ooe; Maynard
Plums, f. earih; Italian Prune, two-,
year, 'fine, $2*5 per 'too; -Sugar
Prune, two-year, fine, $30 per 100.
���Fii-l'-li-lt'of other stock at regular
ptiices. Uo 'expense. U-ss or 'lelay
oT fumigation or inspection.
Lit-ncpriee'-your list before j.lac-
ing your orfi-r.
��reenhouae Plartts, FlorsH "Work.
Bee Supplies, Fruit Po-kages, Fer-
'tilisei*, etc.
M. J. HENRY, Vancouver
,3010 Westminster Road.
A. O. ID.  W.
De!ta Lodge, No. 12 meets first
and third Tuesdays of each month
in Oddfellows' Hall.
.    Twos. Tonn. M.W.
'1_. W. .-..una, Recorder.,
Delta l-wfige, No. 3r_;���The regular meetings of tbis Lodge are held
every Wednesday evening at 8 p,
��m.   V.siti��g BntthTen cordially in
vited to attend.
R. C. Abbott. N.G.
W. H.11-ayi.o��, Sec.
"Well    DioMed   M cmkh   ISao    Ws-ir
'Q-ia-S Seat ji.   Vrisr.vul.
When the ways ol' sojihs women ere
considered, it is lews .rmuurkabiu .tlwt
���nch imiiilirtis of women .'lw-llini; iki
.the lacge *ctifi*H _tress oaaSKivaguntly
���than b��fore liiulr _aetlHKl-.o(-Ke(.'iiriii_;
Mch costumes ifor all .o��vu_ioii�� li_*e
Ihccn ���aosudnl-oa.
fl'b-Te.iiro v.-omen,-anttinMiif.-'Of'-h-ni
���very wcuIUjy, who uiuki- a .rcgulat
prnctk-o of Ua-Utis elcgnnt garmonti
���ent to their hoim-H on approval, wearing them oiit.r MiKl.tliiuisi'isiiiviiiiiic them
���to -stores >or nrostttsawrs. *'M-.��r -.w:wueis
will wear a 'dress or a cloak to the
opera-and send it hack iiextiu.oniiii;_.
'Or Ihey will!,_��.���-. .Iiut.or wnm-niid go
drlTiug ��or , vitjj li ng ilu lit. T Ine -a win ge
person woukl Ire astonished lo know all
���th* thliiK-*, .Crnm liaiwlsonie umbrellns
aud fans of .areot beamy to Jewelry
aud clothes, that -owe women borrow from the-shop*.
Of course all of these women areiflO:
���Well -off, but .thoy -all <1itrs well and
So out;��sHrrsat.ileal, aial altlMMiKh the
shopkei.'p.Ni.-fteii dlscovwi-hcnuuiiuer
ls wliii-iiiihef are belui;.der��tlvvil..tlivy
do not always like taiuiakea>'us.-i.l'ui'
feur of losing a good custom... I'sestsi-i
th<'}* kuow that If they Incur thc-uiuul-
."l.v 'of tmch lmpost-n*] '-ihc woman are
���quite 'vu.nible -of abusing .their .._:oo<te
and robbing them <xtt .olhar nntl ituore
honest-customers. Strange -sw.'.t oiuij-
seian, these womeu generally mingle .u
pretty jaod 0ticlet7,<��r the.fringes of It,
and hare some Inflnonee in ith*-.matter
of dress, eince theyh��-��c wou tl��',re.pn-
tatlon of always dressingleJegaiitb-u-td
4u thc .ue west things.
This sort of Imposition had beeu carried on bo often by a customer of a cer-
ttoia^arge.H��-_ that its members determined to'put a stop to her flaunting
about in borrowed plumage, at least
whon the plumage belonged to them.
One Baturday this wonian had a splendid wrap sent home on approval, and
���on .'Sunday-on* of the ihead>clerks of
th- Arm who knew Mrs."B__i__-as the
offender stationed himself aeair iier
pew In the fashionable church wlileli
���he attended. When she sailed dowu
Ahe .aisle after sevvJce, resplendent in
Ithe Iborrnwta -cloak, Ahls ^maa -stepped
>ap-.tc hot.an* miil:
���*t����w4o you.do. .irw. tBlaulcl II.am
���flellghted tt&eee thatiyoolltkcoMrcl-ok
well enough to keep i It'.*"
Of course after Ihtft-sboeottlUin-tTe-
*tl&, WUi!:*illi*11ie~eflsTrtH(pirtforw*T<l
thy shops and costimers to break up
the pernicious habit of forcible borrowing on thc pnrt of sundry feminine cus-
���jtners, tho practice goes merrily <eu.
aanH niuijT ;*a fair dame w3th:an"wv��l-
.������iul- rvepuui-loB iter-nouisl-s' dres*lcv
i*ppe-n_ Shut- on��e i l*_*4rar-a*nts.*��i�� 'hats
tthat'when no_rt-_e��n are'hedecklnn- an-
���ather woman or hsngingita tbe sliow-
iroom. of somo smart shop.
Th* tr_0��i rj-vdivo. U'rous ouo tpiilrtt In
the heavans tu tho siiiiM,-j*_i/n i:i_!7<lays 7
fcoUr* and 4:1 uiiautas.
A train of gun cot ten thnt would ctrotcb
���100 lullcst-nuld lj�� llri-cl In two minutes, w>
iraplfl sis tho trmisinlE.i��ii nf u.-.tonaUon
-fesjni-Oneida*; tu ��js<jiher.
A (Uteriiilnatlon of Profrasor J-nrnard
With ~hSL1ok:tttl*Kos_t^_s<iaS'-_*��d1aiii_tur
'Of Nf.i'ii*MJ�� t,i.'MMi IllVias���ffrow _.��3ii t,i
���ItOOOquHwieesatban U=-��____ in ibo*ct��zt-
"Krdll.'Kinj*.) ino* TliBlmw***!..^ flaThl*
'K, t-liUNtyOs '-'sVLuu* n,Uy iu :<u..ca up, lt
eir.ltK:flr��;-w '-griij" jjlow and then a r��"J
itilow. tf-ovrfi-iiiinnrcr iiiiu. i.m*. <!-,i_ gi-.y
���Wglttls'] ._s-wv��d Sbyuh* "rod" furmatioi.-
and th*T��d light hyth*,*"_on��" forinatiisi
an thaiBsTTo _�� structur* of tit* era.
'Dnrre* Ont Imails-rnn(s..
Uncle Sam has a black list of birds j
aud quadrupeds ������ which dt:Is absolutely :
prohibited to IntroHmce Mute, thls-eonn- '
try, says the Chattanooga Times. The i
mongoose, thcUy-ugi/toJcmnUthe-atar- ���
ilinR are on thetlist. Thei-iiongoo-ciJs* I
species -of .ferret, .a   native  of Bndia,
j where lt 'Is.domesticsfet! as :��-.-a<**.*t of
animal rat trap matt atuike -Gestroycr.
: It was Inlroiliicell lilto-lfciHiaiea to tret
j rid o^.ttio sugar caJie rats. T_ies����x-
-LinailntftiMl,   however,   llic   mongoose
w*ailt'Oii to diet off the Insect destroy
Htlg'bhits, with the result that the crops
have  been  devastated  by   Insects  In
mme sections *t 1 he Island.   Thc onl-
.ma1 Is excecdUirtJy *rat-ty,q-��*ctnTim;l in
���Its habit*' nHs_*evatte_ tntpa��orlth -case.
'11m flying fox,'known also as the fruit
bat, "h a voracious ban ester of fruits
.-and (vegetables.   Tl*c -*larll��g belongs
'to tha_crowtfu_uIly.
"How did the doctor toll you to tnke
the medicine, Larry���Internally ofio-c-
-eriutUy J"
"NayihcrfsTan, sot."
"Hut it must have been one or the
"Divil a lilt, sor. Nnyther wan."
'liut look here, Larry; that's absurd.
>HOLtirN'G * ClCA-ft.
������lata In - MH-.-Oliarnrlnr-t-. ��.s__
U -salda����ri)l��. 1..-.S-.
SMd vyou ever notice Ihe diftVroitt
*ways meu liold cigars -or cigarettes^
I>id you ever observe how }-����u yuursaS
bold one?
There arc about a dozen different
ways, and probably no (wo men hold
ithelr-.ijfajv. exactly alike
A-Judge of human i-i-.u*"; may plejt
HP Interesting points as t* .c!::i..-)eli r
*rom watching smokers.
Une luan wili liod_t l.is e'gtr" t*.:���::iIp*
between thumb and furoflugoT. ,Ue._i
usually a resolute, -tenacious m;i:iu.
strenuous or merelygfUeguiatie, as tin
case may lie, but jicver ilsvjy. Ills liu-
gcrs are stumpy.
Another man holds the <-' sir Jraosehr
between  his tlrst. and  second .tlii-ers.
Ue is apt to be graceful. I.i/y, irreso-
' lute, ji ..nan of artistic tempera ment,
! Jtuturjt:;*. hustler.  His s-ii;;er.s are lontf
.nnd tajiering.
A I'llrdtB-tuiir,Ml carry his cigar with
ithv llg-it_U enfi turned iu toward the
.ps.lin. iin .lund held Scoop shape ti round
.it. .lie j.'*-;i'd Up that trick when
suiol.ing on the sly as a boy, fearing
papa might break suddenly Into tlie
game, lie Is usually of a sei-rut!����;__��
lut'o and not marked .Iff :��iyy Hpet-lfi1
tendency to frankness.
A fourth will tar!.l Ilita-cigar awk-
M'ardly, jiervmsly gripping! It and often
���StiTWltgatt'it finiuisltlvely to see how it
I�� burning, lie is not a "natural smoker," nor is he apt to be what Is known
ns a "good fellow." He is usually anxious to conciliate others and has not
groat force of character.
Wateh the man behind!the cigar anil
see.if all these^charactcr drawings aw
ioc t> correct.
���O-iceraaful _elM*._M* That Waa Worked
b_ **.'��*-��� Oaafr; Men.
"One of the,cleverest 'grafts' 1 evef
saw was woiiked tlie other day lu a
It mast hare been one or the other, you j Quick lunch restaurant, on . l'ark row,"
said the Observer. *7Iinoticed two men
italkhig earnestly just Ix>1��h- the place
"iJayther wii��,*1 teH;.j_. tile touhl in
ta snuffHttitP ui_-nose.-"
W. KL Draper,
Room 1. Kllartl Rice*:. Neat Weatminstar.
Otorge L Martin,
Banrister   cn��   SdKcitor,
Ouir-hon Bl��_*k,
(CulaatWa and MeKensie Streets)
Startlim; ffiut True.
People the world over were horrified on learning of the burning- of a
Chicago theater in which nearly
six bemftrad peQjhcllost their Hires, |
yet more than five times this number of or over 3,000 people died
irom pneumonia iu Chicago during
the sametyear, with gearofly a passing notice. Kvery one of these cases
of pneumonia resulted from a cold
and eoilUlbttve been prevented by!
the ti-aelv 'twe of iChamberlain'si
Cough Remedy. A great many
'J who had-every reason to fear pneumonia fowie warded tt off -by the
prom_tt ��ese of this Temefiy. The
following^ -uiiinstance -of this sort:
Too much cannot he said in favor of
Chambarlairi^'sCowgh Remedy, and
especiallyifor *w��lds end inlluenza.
I know that it cured my '-laughter,
T���aura,'of a severeCs��ld; sail I believe saved her>li-e <wheu she was
threatened withipnettmonia.''' W.D.
Wilcox, Logan, New Y��rk. Sold by
F. J. Ma. KeiTEte.
���Antinul. nntl *Ale���-_t?.
vJIany.-cuimaite'yieM *�� thc��_cilticUou
_t'Tuuiidi-iukluK, especlnfly vlcj-icnis,
hon-es, eoiw and ewlnt��. Poultry, _spe-
d*My turkeys, will nltsorb the tempting
dflnk till .they tumble over fai leaden
sleep, lying, around its if deai? *inl utterly- ignarh'gith.lr.tie'.-iis^mieli roost.
On awakoiilug they at-ggwi^fw a few
ii-.omeut.s and Ssssun vecover, l>ut ii Is
hours before they reucru- eUiekseliecrful
"���Yes," reuuirkiMi the *>&& *kx)"klng
stranger, "I have seeu the lastaf many
a jfooil mau."
"Doctor or umiertakerY" queried the
man behind the white apron.
""Neither," .*e|>Med ite-of tii-cK*- looks.
"P-m-t- sK3eiuak<rt'.'"!
'A Deei> 'i*1i<>UKlU.
"In-tafbrowu study, clrV
"Yes. I was just 11-iinWmjf.*"
���". ivan }ust'1RK��i-iei'nv-^vhj"C sfcllow
never has as much trouble .-borrowing
trouble as the trouble 'lie hsa-'ion-ow-
liig other things."
According 'to The 'Commercial,
of Winnipeg, the -visible supply of
oats in theUTnited -states und Canada, eastniifrtbe Rooky Ueuntains,
is -26,327,000 bushels, '-compared
with i7,86inoootbusli-ls�� year ago.
hm   Anntoiiileii'l  Titrt*.
.��tnwi*-^?��!0-. onr baekb-ues are like
���erlal *tm Iw.iirei'ift'theyr.?
I.".*���*'' -vr..-^:zv<*i la xitje "aeeka.
Cbeeae Dlabea.
Cheese is one of the most concentrated forms of nitrogenous food and as a
food well, adapted to the laboring man
or tbowworkkatrtu1 th����pstt*4r. >Vhw:
properly cooked, clieese is probably
more easily assimilated by the -ordinary
stomach than ��alen raw, and hard, un-
cookss*ichees�� shouW be serrcd sgratod.
In ��oart��lnatlen wlth'certuiu Aiod materials cheese ts valuable, but when used
ln this way sboukU-form the-*tapletllsh
of tho weal. -Macaroat and-cheese,'rice
cooked tu stock- andi-then baked with
ch^eaesfli-aookeU'WUhlt, as in thei form
���firlsotto, should bc used In the'place
of ui*st An ordinary dlauor niejm of
meat, potato, wacaronl -awl' elreese Is
not properly arranged. -Mavaroni ��nd
cheese shom<l--ho.A!sodi?��ri*ittinoheor.
dish, andn greou'-*.egetablo-sbo-W be
���errod with'meat arid potato.
Chamberlain's-VsC-ugh Remedy the
Mother's fpavorite.
The sofltbing and healing properties <_'f tliis -remedt, its pleasant
taste airf, pnrmpt and :*pernianen;
cures have wade.it"a. favorite witb
mm. ran a
Time Table.
Train "leaves Gltwerdale at 1:10
p.m. aud arfives:*t l'ort' Guichou at
2: jo p.m.
Train  leaves   PoTt   Guichon   at
_:^n*_eti*iid.*mNse-atvCloverdalejpeopk evernv��bere.It 'is especialh
��a:��I|��f��i..-      t_ |*prizedby*Ts^beTO*of��*_*aU children,
Wo-a'days ottty j foTcords,cr*_up*-ud whoopingcough.
*s it always  affords quick ���Telief.
i:*iul  as ^t contains no opium   oij
Th\.re are 'two through passen- ��� oilier'tarnrful "drug, it may be given
iger trains per day each way to and
from Seattle and a mixed Irain to
isAMdifroin .Wellirt^ba-fti.
as cott��de!..:.v 'to a babv as
adult. For **s_!e by .F. J.
���Ken iie.
to an
'*_ row-rMl RlTcr.
"SbooW.oue.benskod at randoms
name thewnost poworfuliii'ver In Nt**
Englansl-tlmt Is, theiTlver yielding tha
most water power and'>_-olng ���tho-'uiort
work���be-M-onld bo likely to same tlio
Merris��ats;," said M. 8. Kdgar ��f l*-��rt-
land. Me.    "He would have lu mioG
tbo ireat'-aa-n_fnctv��.ng'-t**lty %-f Isow-
ell, and the ��tiswcr would be a naturtl
one. 'lti_s a-rprlsing, there-ore, to ho
told by-the  United States  geological
surroy'-libit the most powerful '���Iv-eT ��n
New 'England   is   the   A-wlroseoggii:.
Yet the surprise abateswheu the.facts
are recounted.  There are nine or ten j
developed water rjovttrt- along the riv-1
er, ����d Itiappo**"** that thej- -furnish te-1
tat power *e-fn��l to 73,000 horses. The
tall* ��t Brut-awlok -yield 7.700 horse-1
powers atfstslatwc F-aH8,'.l,��:&; at T.ewis-1
ton, 1*.',000; at-Islvertuore Veils, 3<000;,
at Otis Paila. 8tO00;*��t-Jay's,-3,700;-at j
Peterson's Hlpa,  8,000.   At Rttmford!
Falls tko. to a potential -of 30,000
horsepower when tht resources at tbat
.���toe* are fully *4teT*.oped, and that to ���
altojether tho greatest water power ln ,
New England."
.��is 1 was going Into get my lunch. Ono
sof thcui followed.me in ami took a seat
Just below .uie at tlie stable. A few Bee-
��onils later theK��thoc entered aud took m
-.seat just opposite -his friend, whom lie
.did riot ap<p-ar.t-i%a<��M'. ithwlli-st nun;
ordered a very'*eXt_o_lvef_Hnuer, -com-
���ineuelng with soup and ending with
���charlotte.russc and coffee. He got tlie
weyy best 1 that the,{dace.i-s-iUlaBford,
i��ud his chet'k ;for.^l-JD w_is placed 1*
(front of hlm. Thc.<,iln*t" mail took his
'time abiaut 'ordering, taking corud-
Hieet aufi'bc-Uis���10 cents' worth. His
cheek was placed In the center of tho
.table, between the two men.
"Numbec one .<<- liastiiy and flnlsb<-t
:tlrst.   He gotifljj.., i_a* ��� ��*,.his isuit:��!*!
itheu calmly picked inp ita*e ten cent
|��clieck   th-t   belonged   to   his   friend.
���W.ithour-uirn-|.g..a hair he went to tlio
-desk, paSQiG cents ami walked out.  A
Sfe'w minutes .iater innmln*r two, who
fimd been reading the paper, '.{wepan--
�����o leave jind took up the 'Temalnlitg
!'��heck. U-e,appeared greatly surprise-,
kawa* calletl tlie .waiter, asking for an
i'explanation.'IThei'e was nothing for tbo
likulght'of the.us>;ikiflt*K'4o but give tl*
ituan 41 .new tea*, cent check, as it wm
*vory ��v<iide��'t itbat be  had uot eattw
��91.3,' worth-of-food. I suppose that tbo
1'two met-outside and at the next placo
visited uiKUbcr two got tht '-njuarf"
TDmi**. .tBiarry tttin - w-nnm who tieeM
lather aw-so n I'UB dog than a Int1?.
Don't marry th* woman wha -a.s-:-*
rather dio than wear n iMinntit t��u ... ixcm
Don't marry tht woman w'ro wants
things just because "other _>o__-u' hunt
tDo���ite"__Bri!'}'t&nrw-rnim #ho* iii-.t:-/ bfV-.-
a-brso for tho -bet room mui bui-rcwi*
kitchen ntensUs from her nel��*'��l>a*s.
Cournec In Blaphaata.
An elephant with a good mahout
gtvos perhaps the best Iustn**c* of dls-
otplined flaneage���courage, tnat ito,
wbieliivershrtnii'. thetace of knowh*dgo
"and Ulsint-JinaMon-Hio <h�� seen In tho
I'Snnuil wet*. ''They will submit day
���after - day < to havo painful wooikto
dressed in obedience to llielr keeper
and'meet danger lu.-obedieuc. to or-
iders,'though thttr- -Btelllgcnet It sufll-
dont to'sudifstand tht peril and far
ion great '���ten maui ��o trick them luto a
h-llof that it-to nouexlsteut. No ant-
uisl will face danger >niort readily at
ma-ii's. iildil i ng -s-1-ondoa *��ii*e<ator.
It thosjld W .bome in'lnto.d that
��� every eold weskentJthc tangs,- lowers' the Wtality and, pr<$��tee tbe
systt-u'for khe--niort terions dit-
eo-et, - __DO*ag which sre the two
greatest d��-tra>yert of *Mroan life,
pttcnmonia.and W>nsuuiptJoti.
Cough Remedy
'bas won its great popularity by ito
I prompt curs of this most cooMBO-i *f
-ailmeet. It aids *^peCIotati<��,'rt<_> ���
tieves thc hings -��_��.' ��dbbs tba 1
secretions, effebctog a speedy and M
'_wrmaBaHt cut*. It tonMtratta I
any tendency toward paouaoa-a.     I
Prie- xacrtiMC* Slt^flQc.   1
l aaaamaammamaamZ THE DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1906.
LOCAJt NEWS. !    Q��Je
D. Woods returned lirm*, TUurf-
day evening.
"There was a sound oi revelry
bv night" very well applies lo the
fun that those who attended the
Cinderella dance on Wednesday
pigiit seemed to have. Judgirg
iroui the numerous encores and remarks heard on all sides during t! e
e\ -uin;.*;, everyone was well pi- ased
witli the music furnished by the
Baud under the able baton of Prof.
Judges. Some, we think, were a
little skeptical, before  going, as to
 ���" I whether dauce  music furnished by
Mrs.   Pritchard  and  daughter, i a brass band, and the Ladner Band
Te-isio, of Vancouver, are guests of | in   particular,   would  be  eood   to
Mrs. Devereaux.
Mrs. W. J. Brandrith returned
borne ou Wed ie;day.
C..Beadleston haa put up a nice!
house 011 his proj erty on the .Slough
I,. M. Riohard.on returned It -me
on Wednesday, accompanied by his
T. W. Kerr, returned, on Wednesday, from a short business visit
to the Royal City.
Mrs R. Moffit came down Thursday, on a short business visit with
her sister, Mr*. G. T. liaker.
Mrs. H Nicho'.son came down
from Mt. Lehman on Wednesday,
and is a guest oi Mrs. Harvey
dance to; these .seemed to go away
entirely satisfied, which was exactly what was wanted bv the Hand,
who look forward to an even better
turnout for their next dauce, now
that they have made tlu-ir iu.tiul
appearance a success.
The weather, unfortunately, was
not all that one could have wished
for,   but  it  is all the more to the
credit   of those   who   turned  out.
Financially   speaking the evening
was most satisfactory, the secretary
1 announcing that in the neighbor-
| hood ol $25 was taken.    With this
[ kind of support the   Band will soon
be on a sound financial basis.
It is the intention to work up another dance in the near future, ot
whicli due notice will be given
when  they  hope to see all   their
  ; friends   who   supported   them   on
Miss Thomasine Kerr went up to' Wednesday last, and who will, it is
the Royal City on  Wednesday  last! ^oped, bring their friends.
and   will  take up  her  studies  at 	
Columbian College.
' Rev. Canon Hilton returned,
Saturday, trom Victoria, where
tied the knot far our friend I,.
Orange Grand Lodge
Rev.   J. F.  Betts   spent   a few-
days in the Royal City, this week, j
attending a meeting of the Colum- j
bian College Board.
G��S Bh*%��5Sff@
fo Oi*r Many Esteemed Custo>*ers,
Ladner; axd Yicixriv.
We take pleasure*, in announcing that our Stock
replete with the many new and attractive creation.**
recent months.
To notify tbe people of Ladner and surrounding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
'and  Qement
Included among the new Styles are the popular
Pony aud Norfolk Suits, aud among Skirts the Princess,
Empire, Marlborough and Butterfly.
Last year we sold many suits to residents of your
viciuity and have bought largely this year hoping to sell
still more
We   will   be   pleased   to   show   you
The Suits are $.0.00 to $35.00
The Skirts are $1.95 to $14.00
New Westminster, B. C.
"Billy" Walters and G. W. Parsons  did  not remain  long at the,
Britannia mines.    "Billy"  was in |
his place with the Band on Wednesday night.
The eighth  annual meeting   of]
the Ce.itral Farmers' Institute will!
Minister of Agriculture in the par-!
liament buildings on Tuesday next.
Nanaimo, Feb. 21.���Yesterday-
afternoon's session ot the Orange
1 Crand Lodge was taken up with
the election of officers and of two
representatives of committees, besides consideration of special reso-
lutions.   The list of officers elected
I was as iollows: Grand Master, John j
I Wallace, Victoria; Deputy Grand
Master, 1). C. McLaren, Kamloops;
i Junior   Deputy  Grand  Master, H.
r    , ' G.    Tavlor,     Vancouver;    Grand
meet at the office of  the Deputy | _>,     .... ... ���   ...
TI.- . ��� _    .   . , I Chaplain,    Rev.    Merton    Smith,
I Vancouver;   Grand Secretary,   Edwin   Bush,   Mission  City;   Grand
  j Treasurer,  Dr. T, W. Jeffs,  Van-
Mrs.   W.  L.   McBride returned cpuyer;    Grand    Lecturer,    Wm.
home, on Saturday last,  irom Vic-] Dunlop, New Westminster; Grand
The Derby Shoe
For Men, the choicest production ol Canadian Shoe Manufacture;
New Solid Goods, new prices.
toria where she had been in attendance upon her husband up to his
death. Much sympathy is expressed for the bereaved family.
Director of Ceremonies, H. M. Ab-
ercrombie, Vancouver; Deputy
Grand Secretary, J. H. Simpson,
It was resolved that all clergymen in  the province being active
members of the order aud who have
house   on   the ��� the Scarlet Degree should be placed
J. W. Hollins-j on the list of Deputy Grand Chap-
Chester   Spinning,  having pur
chased  the   white
Trunk road  from
head, he has now added a nice neat I lains.
fence which is quite an improve-j It was decided to hold the next
ment to the appearance of lhat part, meeting of the Grand Lodge iu
ot the village.
Modem  Shoes in a Modern  Shoe Store.
-    Ladner, B.C.
At a public meeting held in
Chliliwack, this week, it was unanimously decided to incorporate
the village into a town. We wish
the new town every success.
Mr. Ella, representing the Mc-
Cary Manufacturing Co., was iu
town yesterday introducing their
new representative, Douglas Mac-
pherson. Mr. Ella has gone into
partnership with Wm. Ralph, haid-
ware merchant, of Vancouver.
A sidewalk, covering the ditch,
New Westminster and the 12th of from the comer of the Slough road
July celebration in Victoria. Thej to Chinatown, at least, is much
lodge then adjourned its final se*,- needed. May the Council take
sion. The Grand Lodge was'this matter up on Wednesday next,
bancjuetted  by  the  local membeis
Remember West Melntyre's Auction Sale on the 27th, inst. Good
stock of all kinds.
last evening.
Miss Anderson, of Victoria, is a
i guest of Mrs. W. 11. Ladner.
Before our BIG DRAWING comes off.
For every 50 CENTS invested in our
store BEFORE MARCH 1, you will secure
a coupon, which entitles you to a chance
for one of our 38 valuable prizes, the first
being a HEINTZMAN Piano valued at
Quite a number of our young
folk' turned out, last evening, to a
surprise party at J. P. Follis', on
the Slouch road, where a jolly time
was spent at dancing and refreshments until the early hours oi the
Tenders Wanted.
Tenders will be received by the
Delta Municipal Council up till
Tuesday, February 27th, for the
delivering of 1500 yards or more,,
of gravel. Gravel to be taken from
the Council's property at Port KeHs
and landed on the River Bank, between Sunbury wharf and Sunny-
side wharf, as required by the
For further particulars apply to
the undersigned.
C. M. C.
Ladner, Feb. 15th, 1906.
if ill \l ft 11. Oi UK,"
Don't let that be said of you.
A. D. Seymour, Manager,
New Westminster
Is   now   in   full   progress.    Everything
marked.down tolcost and,below. (g&fg
We {must make room for New  Goods
tha,t are coming in every week.
A. J. BIRTCH, 27s Columbia St., New Westminster |
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties Thi contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
b. a
We Have Them!
We have just added to our already large]
stock, the complete
American Catalogue
of these justly celebrated goods, conceded by al'j
to be the very best Cylinder Records to be obj
tained in the world. All the very latest numj
bf-rs both in Songs and Instrumental Pieces.
Come In and Take Your Pick.
558 Granvile St., Vancouve
Gut Glass,
And all kinds of Jewel;
Bapairing a Spool*
M Claused
LADNER. ��. C.


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