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The Delta Times Apr 14, 1906

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Array I
_   .V
_* Bgi3la"v��^��v
N .-:
**^-*.-��r*V  -**v_��� "*���
SAT   RIMY. A P..1
Sl.CO >M
A New Spring Suit.
-NTHHY     j
-_-fce annual spring meeting ot thc
Delta Farmers'Institute was hifa
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ,     The pdllirg, for School Trustees.
������'; opened  on  Saturday laSt,  in   tbe i
UR Stock which is-now complete, contains many oijTown ,n, _ ,������ _...,-. There wad yy���t* has bcen recflived from |on Saturday it*. _n the town h��h,
i quite a li.rge turnout of voters coin-! P< it Haney to the efle.''t that while at"6��go p.m., With about 45  ment-
the very newest fabrics, besides standard staple pared***.- what was anticipated _n wasting a smm? ��t. bi_ ranch
lored  so that
lines, iaultlessly\
their shape*
Men's Tancy Tweed Suits, Toest trimmings
etc, all sizes, at $7~5Q, a*5Q, 10, 12 &JD15.
01   :���
at $4.25, 5.00  up  to
Boys'1 3-piece Suits
"Little Gents' Buster Suits in Linen Crash,
white Kid Belt, very neat at $2.50.
Men's 'Spring Topper Ooate m Plain and
Check Covert at $1050 & $14.50.
Over 500 pairs M-eja^s Odd Pants eit $1.80
to $5.00.
aci mm, of the busy -seed 'time.      ^^L.................
       , ,'.,���] hoin Pnrt K.it.ev
Following   n   the result of the
| poll :
f_. K, IvttffOU 77
i Smith Wright 77
j Paul Swensen    65
Douglas JDove 6.
Wm. Pyius 51
Wm. Livingstone 45
S11 i rley 4 5
P. T. GiUbie  - 33
The   Rfctuimin:   Officer formalh
leclared the lirst  five duly elected.
the first three to serve lor two years
and the next two  to serve for out
The  'next   election    for   School
Trustees will'take place at the same
tim_ as the election for Counci.llo'S.
a   half Uiilef   out'
^^^^^^^^     Arthur'MeWhin-j
uey was ������suddenly  and accidently
killed.    He was alone at   the  timel
and   nothing   was known   of the
tragedy till one of his*eh.Idren wenH
out to look for him and fdmid   him \
stretched   upon  the  giound.    The I
child ran to the bouse and informed |
its mother.
Mr. McWkinney bed gene out to
his work alone and was not iu view
of his home when tbe fatal explosion occurred. No one seems
to have witnessed the accident, and
theexact manner in which it occurred is not known.
It was found that the head ef the
victim had been crushed by a heavy
bio v which must have caused instant
death. The neighbors who soon ap-1
peared ontbe seene.of the accident
are inclined to think that deceased
placed the charge iu the stump, ignited the fuse and retired.   Then as-
"Naples, April 10.���A frightful dis
aster has occurred  iuthe centre of' the expected-explosion-did not follow
the cily, following  the eruption of; he went bad: and drew the  ckargej
j Mount Vesuvius.
I     Two hundred people,   it  is  esti
! mated,  were  baried 'this 'morning 1
in the ruins  of the Market Monte
Olivete   when   the   roof  collapsed
! under *tsh_   weiifnt  of cinders from
'the volcano.
The exact number of people with-
i in the  building  at tlie moment of
1 the catastrophe is'not known.   The
: disaster is appalling.
The court yard covers 600 square
j feet,   and   was xoofed.    The  place
; within was'usually  crowded   with
i buyers and their children, the ac-
. cident happening at  the   hour   of
. tbe day "when business is heaviest.
Little children played r.bout the
1 stands, adding gaiety to the  scene
New Waists, New Summer Skirts, CMdren's and Misses' Dresses,!of the maricet| "omen screami"f-*
See our Traveller Shoe for Men at $4, the finest shoes in the market at
the price, in Oxfords and Bals.
"True Fit" Sh��e_ for Women at $3. ���    "
"Royal Purple" Shoes-for Women at $3.50.
which .promptly eKploded. The
theory seemed -to be resouable as
the victim was close to .-the slump
he had been Wasting.
The deceased had been fe-T  three
years a resident of Port Hcmey   dis-
trictt und was  i..v.rh   respected  by
all in the community.   Prior to taking up his residence iu that district'
he had been a resident of the Ter-1
minal City where a brother still resides and who has been   notified  ol;
the tragedy.    Deceased  was about
45 years of age and leaves a widow
and   eight -little  ones.      Mr.   Mc-
Whinney, a torreer resident of Ladner, was well and favorably-known
. here, and  much  sympathy  is expressed fer the bereaved fa-mily.
bcrs present, which ir-eans that this
was c.ne of the largest turnout* ��F
the kind tor many a day.
The -president, Alex Davie, oe*
cup-cd the chair nnd introduced
Ur. Tolmie, who spoke at some
length-9iiafttat dread disease which
has 'tamed "Stiih -a scwe among
horsemen, "''Glanders."" describing
i tbe 'ravages i_f the disease   in  its
! various stages, fie stdrte'd that the
government  had r.ot the intention
: of inspecting hrrrses in the differerit
communltits unless they were sus-
j pects, ot a report had bent made te
the effect 'i_u_t $j.;n.d_rs was prev**
. alent in that particular district. He
j was v._ry emphatic in-advising that
ca-es be reported-nt once, otherwise
compensation woul_ not be given
by the government if the anim_U
died before being inspected.
Alter an exceedingly interesting
lecture, .Er. Tolmie expressed himself willing to answer any question*
. that luigto. _e_put to bim.
Ke replied tc varinis: queries ia
a very clever -manner, 'never being
I in want of an answer and resumed
his -seat amidst applause.
F. M. Lc��an -was then called
upon, but, owing-to'the !>kt��nc��s<4ii
| the hcur,'v;as oh-iged'tb -Uftall fcto
| speech which was confined to tbe
| various itrpoltant poitRs 'in dairy
| ing.
After on im_.ni_.ive 'lecture 'toe
also replied to seveft-al iguesiions.
H. N. Rich proposed a rote <tf
i thanks, seconded by*W. H. Ladiier,
i to the two gentlemen for their ia-
terestiag and instructive lecture..
j-sayingihe hoped they wo��__d shortly
i reture.
After singing'the National An*
| them, the meeting adjourned at
I 10:45.
Beady Trimmed Eats, All Strictly Correct.]	
(Sarptib.-Squares, Bugs, Stair Carpets, Linoleums and Oilc-oths below
City Prices.
Ask your friends to trade _iere, we 'ca_i please them as well as you.
their'-wares, and buyers, the like of i
whicli is not to be witnessed outsk'e I i
of Naples. j
Suddenly with scarcely a tremor \ Tbe "Rev* W* H* B*"��<��*��8h de"
of warning, there was a terrifying ' Hvered hisdecture entitled "On the
crash and'.the brilliant si.tbt dis Edge of the Arctic Circle," in Odd:
appeared in a cloud of dust -while. fellows' Hall, ou Monday evening,
shrieks of agony rent the-air.    The | ���th *ngt _ t0 m very goocl audiettce.
Mrs. A. McAuley and family
have'ietcrrted 'heme .tor .the holidays.
Store Closed faster Mondav.
' work of rescue progressed during I
the morning hours and before _ioon '
seven   bodies   bad   been   removed
S and seventy injured people '-cirried
. from the ruins.
Yesterctey was Good Friday. The
services it all -Saints Church ware
very well attended.
Word'-omes from s_.ai.boo thft
thesnowiis going away .���eryvei.t,
slowly-and Stock are still beting fed
H.   N.   Rich   weiic up river
Tuesday morning last.
T. V7 Foster was among
visitors to New Westminster
London, April 7.���The 63rd an-
mual boat race between crews representing theVniversivks of Oxford I
and Cambridge was rewed to-day j
���over the-'U-U-l course from  Putney j
tto Mortlkke or. the Thames,  a dis-.|
tauce of a little over Four and a 'half
miles, and was won by Cambridge
by three aud a  half lengths, .after
���an  exciting  race.    Tii me   19  min
mtes 24, seconds.
To-day's Oaford - Cambridge
>boat race was the sixty-third
���contest between crews of the
two   great   Bnglish   TJiiiversities.
times. The race in 18.7.7 resulted
in a dead heat. Last year Oxf3rd
'WOtisby three lengths, .rowing -the
course from Putney to Mortlake _n
20 minutes 35 seoonds.
man-Ber     Milling
Agents     lot   these
Seeds,   have  placed
The Biack-
-Co.,    Ltd.,
a   stock of
"Feast    fo   Days,"     O.ld'ellcws
"                           I Hall,   to-day. Kisses  15c a dozen.
Practice,   on  Wednesday   night,  Come and  try'them. Supper,  5.30
wasvery  well-attended,   only  the to 8,
"bull" drum and piccolo boing ab-	
them on sale here with their local
qrepresetftatine, Mr. _-.-N.-Rioth.
The Gum Clnb, yesterday, did
some -shooting en tlie Dominion
Cartidge Company's Meddl but 'the
-scores nd. being complete nothing
Since 1853 !the races have been held j can be published this week. This
-annually.    .Between 1*29, the wear contest will extend over some weeks
sent���one oh account of sickness
and the other, we take it, boosting
the-hay bus.-i.e_>..���both very credit-'
I able excuses and accepted as such..
I We were very _.lad"_o see several
lof the begin tiers tri_hig an interest
!m tue practice 61 the band proper,
fattertrlieir own lesson, which shows a
proper interest in -the organization
, and will assist them very materially
i when they come to take their places
jas full blown (in more  sense-* than
W. II. Siddal, Roy Barber, Chas.
Buyge and Jas. Mason, took a trip
to the Nicomekl, the first ol the
week, and brought home about 40
speckled beauties.
The lecture, which occupied two,
hours in delivery, was   interesting
and instructive aud the large number of pictures'thrown on the canvas were well selected to illustrate , ���'
the subject and gsvea very vivid j     w. J. Hadden, joined the banti
conception of conditions,   life  and i 0f sm**���rs last week.    A baby fiU
occupation in the  far  north.    The arrived there on  Thursday of last
interest and r.ttention   cf the  aud-j Week.
ience was well sustained throughout j ������_������_
and  when  the  lecturer returns to     The grader .has been employed,
Ladner, rs wc trust he may  itt the tthis week, drtii��g*w._ie much need-
���near future, to deliver his  highly ve_, work on the G. .2.  Main ana
entertaining lecture  on   "Cranks" ; Matheson'roads.
he will without doubt ha'*_  a full;
.\t St. Stephen's church en Tuesday evening, the lecture was repeat-. in aU SainfeJ.
<ed to a good  house,   and   while  it
���One   of  our   prominent
grocery cleiks had the misfortune
io lose his horse and buggy the
other evening. After -chasing the
horse for about a couple of miles
be became so enraged flidt he threw
^^^^^^^^^ ain en-
deavcr to  C0.TK   him  to  stop,   and
       finally had   to   borrow   the  youn;^
report each week commencing with j    Don't   forget   the  hour  for the lady's cap to go home with.  Lucky
.the next issue. tdance���.-rami .inan;h a
wa.s much appreciated there also, it;
was unfortunate that the acetylene,
gas generator used for supplying
the light, did not do its wtfr-k as well
���as it might, but by the persistent effort ami attention of'the lecturer, it
young v;as mgde to cmplete it.; work and
both the lecture aud the .pictures
wcie greatly enjoyed.
To-morrow,     faster    Sunday,
���epecial services will be rendered io
Holv Communion in
the    morning   at    8,-30   and     HI
Harry McCormick is opening up
a bicycle find genera.rtpair shop on
Westham Street, next to May**
Tin Shop. There has been quite a
demand for such a shop here dui-
ing thc.iwstifewvreeits.
one) band members.   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^____________
rr.,    ���     , ��� .   ,. s.   I his heannear alter it  111 a "V
The Band ;s rec-nested to assemble1 .
___^_^_^___^^__^_n^^^^_,^_i^__^^_^^^_ni__K 1at 5-3��.P m. in orderto start the pro
���of the first aquatic contest between, and we hope tc be able to publish a | gramme on 'Monday at 6 o'clock
theM universities,  and  1905, 'Ox-
iford  won   34  and   Cambridge .2,7 1.tne next issue. titance���.-rami nianib a-, 0 p. in.        I.y��ung.1��tlies,wenr cqps
We arepleasrd to mite tthe fact
H. J. KhUand visitetl the Royal | ^^ at.fe n^ttegvof tkt School
TfU-tees, held  yesterday.   N.  A.
McDiarmid was _inp��imel_S--retary
rty recently owned and ot_<_Upied j ot the Board. Mr. *MciD��i_r__.id no
by 1). A. McKee. and ha1, just doubt will fill ibe .position to -th*
Binv.11! ,iuto possf-ssioa ; .a'.i^f^'.-tii*!!.^! .-ill-csou-etined.
Oily thi
week. .^^^^^^^^^
Dft'. is hss bought lire .pro.
,1 I
Tit?. DELTA TLMJH SATURDAY, APR.! :,. .<*>���*_..
n ���
SUBSq-tt^iP.N.. *l������ PWX��ar**
4,W{*V*sSI.t'c RATKS*
*.0US_:HQU2> HINT8. 	
It you spill oi!, on, ike J-rpet.,. ^over thi , VAXCOl'Vlik .
��pot with cornuieal as.quietly 3-.TQU. was. . .   _    .
���J'h. meal will tak. up th. ?r*��i��. Bl*si...si   in    grain  ,.!',__   feed   IS
Wooden skewtrs nr. con\��ni��iit, t*gl-o*   quiet   this week,   o,it'*-   are   a   Jitde
frojn j
W. N. Draper,
Room ��, ttjtairi Block. Ne-w Westminster.
1   ih*  hairs  _ud tlust out  of  tsalrbruabe-,,   , ... , ���
C..U.1 A-TtttlKtn-.il!.. ������ c^ut- per lint tei      Uo t0 iu(,,en  the dirt Which .omrtimei ! -OW**     All supplies   comwig
limmeVmTmm^^^mm^ ���*' IU.VJ ��et�� c��ked In th-corner. ��t 9m��WVi��   the NoithwtjSt with, liyge offings
ijjc-eut-bytte .pace ocs.uy.ru, iiliucsto the! Jovr iilin.
Kelt. If diishe. beco.'.e discolored trom -jruij.
Kit., ter fmim-tcial ^dverVKtaent. can be j or tea  .t-in., tnke a little line ashe. on r.   scarce.
Miilfead   keeps   tirm    .vi.'.h   btan
l)j>_ oa apaUeatieo at thit o*c��.
E^mUtii Mfiic.i io Hull per liue for each in-
_l^rUaadiS(W^),_<)Ucei, joe. Marriairesji.no.
Any aaacU.1 noOse, the object o! which is tu
tjroi-idte -ie ptcwiiary Sei.etit *,( any tBdiviclui*.
���R company, tg IsJifoniiaerecl uu a-r-rtiseaieiil
and charged ��<xo;ui__ly.
cloth and vub off. See to it that there l\
���jot a .tain of du.t and dl.bwater <nher��
the handle join* tbe cup.
1. ahue.ook  ha taken  up by both aw;*. ,.
_|rj villi Inst much longer than it oarried of,   l"-r luu "**��
gulled around by ouo. tha weight being I  _���m���__���
jfiore evenly divided.   It ia not the i-sic-V i
*,hint< in the world to put back au_,fe*uM      B_: d Concert ft-.id li.ir.ee, Mon
George t Martin,
Toronto, ��� Selected   Uv��t b.ogs Barrister   and   Solicitor,
fetch $7.25- Rights and fats, _>j.oo| Oaichon Block,
��� *f*l**+*iv4.-H*^V**V-J'-H��*H'*lv*:***jss.v.-*r-
AUadTeitia.aieCstscltar.es. for until ordireii :  an eur wbii'li lias collie partly out,. :  ,
_i and paldfor.   day HCXt.
C-creapandaniV *��Vls**_ en matters al public ,
Intertat. Ceminunication. to editor must be hc-j
^.mpaaled ky mini, of writer, not neceuaril) ;
fat pnali-et.ou, but as eridetice of good falUi i
aarretpandeacc must rtucb this otlice by Thurs. '
��y evening. '
R. Manlky,
HMs\un<*a ������> Mexico..
'libo principal reason  thnt hou-<*_ cur-
I uot be.ljuil-  rupldly in Moxico is that the, .
whIU iji]o always spade,xia* Mi\<j\ ordo_| i
j t�� wUhstnnd  tho occaslflual. canthc.unke.
(.hooks.    In tho thin ..alls wtmlly apt up .
! ln tho United states tht. tnovtnr will wmil- j
| ily dry nnd "net" aftertill.wnH 1�� vint-feud,
I  but horo, whoro walls ajro- niatlo ^jiyw.Ucri).:
1   "nun a or 8 to 6 feet tjiick, thoy, whist I),.'
,  .illonetl  to drj. tboroiiRhly ��>_. thoy n��,
14,   iqofi.       |  built, or serious, consequence*, result fr<H�� |
   i the drying of the oute.it edgevrhlto tho eeiv
7 ter isMill "Kveen."    '1,'hus it Is that 01)8,
To those  who have opposed the' -ecu the walls nil, over <>,aew b-jildiiu. 1ft I
��� i different stiigcsi of ooiuplotion, andi -fr tp.;
^Jaolitio* oi _fbe wiaBtJ; system,    on: ^tea u curious sight to ��t*e thin- lutorioR
.   , ...     "     '     ... ! wi.1.8 comple'ed to n polpt much higher '
Recount at'the  yi'J-ig-t.  holding  a| Shnn'tho tijiijli outsido walls.-^MoOwi**i
ijontrolling   hand,, we   would   put   ���*exu'"-	
..,.*'_.   .j .1 ���   1   I ^��,,ett��**��J. Pi��uirsj����
this question;. ".What eo you think      BommOB pool,,e otton use ^ures. tf
of thft. ccajtrolling   power   of   the   ��_������h which aro hath- we^e^^mng.
��f��   *��* ***"��'u"    �����    .-v I whiloyisiting in Norfolk nonr the North,
villare. slactorate sijice Saturday's! sua Tennyson was much u**pressWl,w.ith.
.     !. ��_����� saying which ho there hfitfd, "Tbe-s-a.
ifj inonning tor the loss of the.\y��ud."
' This poetical saying ho URed to compare-
with another ho heard used by an.olrf l)sh-
Woman who Ijad lost two sons ��t sea. On,
%,stormy duy she, clinching her fist at tlie
  I advancing tido, cried out:
A. will be see:, by referee to   ^^^^^^8*5^*
BO  YBAFtr.'
(Coluutbia and McKensde SUt<;t��)
_\I*\V V.'ESTMINSTKR,   -   B.C
McRAE & Co
Delta Transfer Stable
ream Work Done at Spaoialiy low Prices.
X JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
r Telephone " Ladner    No   irv.
* nrniiB Ks*n sling, ��,��ket(vh and,do<��t_is��B*hsfo��
������..-tely is.icoitnin. our yjiiniun t.ae.svigiu'-tt an
ivanttn* i�� probss*l��l*M��toH7��^��_����s
,.Mi��tri.:,l><iou*4(lmiMi.l. HAHPBOOK ��>ul>_t��nt-
:,l fr��Q.T/|dc8*.w.ei��cr forijfcuriiigpatetHa.
PatMtt^ialic^airoMjfh Hsma 4 Co. retelTe
A tvjl. l.i.i'S-of En_-isli ***-d Irish
Twe-%dti and Fancy 'l'no^sc.i.iiigs al*
iways ke^t in st.ock.
us_> Hvua 4; Co. ret-lv<
���flection ?"*
\ han*��(��*tr i|t-��t��t��d weetJl*   Inweetelr-
^ejes-jlj. (}&��� las^ SajLtirday's poll,
on .Ki_t-h-r page, the School Trustees have all been chosen from outride the village. This, apparently,
if accoutred for by the village en-
4��ayosi^si; to, se^ijf.. two seats on
t��_e-.Board, bufe ^bejij a. synopsis ot
the ballot,.: is taken into consideration, it is noticed that the names of
the two village candidates appear
together on a ballot very seldom,
uot often s***n���.ugh,to.majke it appear
A. BaitJ. ljitrec����_j*.
Str.tngei^-Hoy, cap, you direct we to.
die near.est. IjankJ
yoy���I, kin for ai_spepse, ��1��.
Sti'aii��er~ijispenc��l Isn't th-d higij.
A.  O. U.   W.
Delta Lpdge,. No, i-a meets first
and tjhird Ti*esda_ys of ea*ch month
in O-dtd-fe-JsW-s** _,a,H.
Ttiw. To_>w. M.W.
T.. W. KKr*. Recorder.
i?.0.O, ]fs.
Delta LodigSs. N'o.. 2 u.���The regu-
"iloy���Xee, sir, bat it's, bank dijseotomj lar meetings of this Lpd'ge are held
-^hat gltfjhigh pay.-^London Punch. I _very   VAj-ednesdajf   e.v_.iH��g at 8 p.
_p.s-iiiuu.ufc . I ui.    Visitiij-ig _jrel);hren cordially in-
"Ah, yes," she sighed.   "1" we*-i��bl>e��i  vited to attend.
R.. Q. Abbpci'IJi N.G.
Chicken Time!
If you contempla.te bwyin__f an Incubator op
[Broode? you cannot do better than to get prices
; off the Ladner Agent for the CHATHAM,
���������^*_^�����sJl^*��M5|������������^'��s^���������<5���������,^������������������^������*^ 'j
t=���   ���'      1
t i
B. C.
$. a lover by the cruel war."
"Which ono," iter daarest, Wend,asked,
"The Mexican, the civil em tiw Vauko,
Spankq,"���Chicago News.
���j.  ��� "��_���
The court of ap.ieuls of Now York haa, j
held that lt was no ground for a new trial; i
hocauso the jury in a murder care attended chureh on  Sunday in custody of th^ |
ttiat the villnge voter, had  any idea I theri- and heard a sermon on vb�� prev^.- I
' ignco of crime.
W. H. T,_,xi.<W-,.Se.
li Ki AST.
tjhat   thp. visage   trviSs eirfitled toj
more.thfin ope Trustee.
If[��d the air-r*aj_%��*inen. been car-!
^ied out, as outlined at the public
ipeeting on nomination day, the
r-/epresentation would have- been
^|ore evenly distiibuted over the
Consider^le pltjiniHiig  was in-.
4ulged in, on Saturday last, which,.
. if is hoped, i^ill not be notiqe^J.1*; at
another election.
\S��hs_��e_ all, the qfactftflB of the
district* asa vQtinc for. a,nfjn.ber: of
Youi;_; Fruit. Treeafor sale.
,   .    ,.,   . Re the Norbh West Qs.a;t<jr of Sec-
^V^ttoUTn^8 ^S1,)t'rlnw     tion a, To^nshi^s District ot
New Westminster.
A Certificate of tijdefeasible Title
to the above. prope.;!*y will be issued
to Lester W. Ecibrqe, of East Delia,
Fa.ji.iers,.0.1  the 2-3fd. day of ..piil,
i<jo6,   unless   in   the.- meantime a
Ap-  valid objection  the-iet��, be made to
j me in-writing  by a person or per-
NORMAN REID,        i ^"^lairaing an estate or interest
therein, cr in any part thereof.
Slough -toad.      Dated  t_l,is, i9t,h  day of March,
- j 1906.
DisiriQt Rsgistraf.
Land Registry Office,
.1. MauulactsUtrs uS all kjnei. u,l
���> Soda Water, Qinger
.���.    Ale .and, .Summer
I Drt��ks.
Your patstoa^ge solkkod      _
Fashion Stables -
Truck-i'Sig iSfitd' Duayfog.
Live_iy **-oe_c of all kinds a,t*
temlod tis),5ronip_ljj.
Westham Street, - Ladner, B. C.
mtrnprnnspjaat^Ksaam   .i"��� �����_������������ ��� ���*-���__��� ��� .'-.������ ,i,i.."v".   ea _.!���������_ =__.-���'j_j___.j���ii.���s
liMorporated I860..
A General Banking Business Transacted.,
l.iiilu.r.. U. ..
II Ii) I PM.
For Sale*
A c^u*wi_itjj' of Imported S*ed Po-i
candidates t^eresshonidbesi-fficient j tatoes. Appjy to.         ^                   ; their,ci^tody or possession t*h.e foi
public spirit exhibited to enable a j ���-��� WILSQ/N,           j lowhig  title deeds ielaJwi^ to, the
Xoter to mark a foil, ballot fpr, what          - liast 1)e1^ i faid ���*��** fre-jeiiuested to de-
  - ^-j liver the same-to the i-jidi.r^ined-.-
he considers.to h�� tfee. best men in M/VTir I_?                 !    9th ^^ ,8H- ?����� ^ant to
the field;and; qqt to, b�� so narrow,-! I\v/ 1 l**vt.��,               j John McKee, ir., and D. A.,McKee.
t-ninded as to, vote for, oqe or tHspJ  . .^th  J1^-    l$9l<    -^eed   J��hn
9nly.   The   whf>le   of the  Board
V.'e take this opportunity <?( informing bhe public that the business
formerly carried ��Oi by the late W.
L. McBride will uow be worked on
a cash bysis,, by whtiich tBft*n& we
shall be bsttei, able to give every
satislaraioHk. ll>o.h at> reggfds price
jnd, qnali_v.. The stock b_i��, a_-
cordisiigly,. lieen miwksdi diOjiy-n at
New Westminster*. j greatly  lj-diuced prices, a��  kispec-
Tho person or persons ha,y.ijt}-g:_iu tion of which fe comliaUy i��r_fted.
ThaHikiwg', oua- nwnerow�� custom-
Ijave to do with the whole of tha.
district and not with an individual,
school, theretore. the broker vit\^i.
_pust be taken both by the voter,
and tbe candidate. Wc hope
t��e plumjHtr business will be elira-
The s.s. Cc^uitlapa tilled in at
ated by the next election.
 ___ 1 McBride, are required to  send or,
Wednesday, May 2nd next) Sale j deliver tp  Messrs.   Clarkson,, Cross.
;\t Stock Xard-^H. N. Ricb. $��� HeUiwell, Acco_ipt��nt��, of Van-.
couver, on or befiore the 12th day of
M%y A.. D, 19^6. the fqll pajr.ticu:-
lars of their claims duly verified,
** Port, <$�� week, -,nd took away! ^ the n turc.of the securities,  if
^boil��frfrc�� the old  Fishermen's j apyi heId by tkcm^
.And   notice   is   hereby,   fux,ther(
jriven, th.it imniediately after, said.
date,   the    said    Messrs.    Clark-
s^u, Cros^ &, Helliw,ell will qr.-ceed.j
tft distribute the t-tiite  among  thfe
pjrties entitled thereto, h^vii^j;  regard oniy to the claims^ ot  which
.they shall tiien  1 J\ye no.ice; aud
tb^execi-itcj of the said estate will
not.be. held respoivsible for the asstts
ior auy purl taereot  to any  person
;or persons-. w,hps*lclatpis shall  not
; McKee, jr.,  and __*. A. McKee to
In the. matrter ofthe (jstate of WIL-i John McKee, si-.
LIA;M  LEONARD  MCBRIDE, I    Dated this  221J.I day of March,
late of Pot* Guichoa, R. Q.,   De. "J06-
ceased, !      CORBOULD & GRANT.
XT .....      . New WesUniuster, B.C.,
Notice is her.by civen,  pursuant* _, ,. ���_      .    T    _    ,,. ,.   ,
,        ' *     ,     ' Solicitors, for Lester W. Embree,
to   the    Trutees  aud   __,__,ecutors!
.,,,,, . ��� ,  '.'.UL-. L���E-a-K--___i-__-BaMB--*___-___-__--WM_-i
Act.   that al} creditors  and  other
persons bavins claims, against  the. Jjjgjj    -IWglf    PotatOeS,
estate of the said William  Leonard'      --.;-.. ��� -  -���  -
ers fop their ki,!��d< patiro^ge and
support in the pasts, s,nd hoping, by
strict attention to business, to be
favored with a continuance of the
YouJts. ft.itbfttJIy,,
Savings Department.
DejK^ts ol $1 and upwajxis received and Inteir-
est Allowed at Hig-bes*. Chirrenfc Bates,
 61 BRANCHES.-*������
East End, Mt. Pleasant, Granville Street; Grand Forks, Nanaimo,
Nelson, Rossland, Victoria, Vernon, Chilliwack. Cumberland and
New Westminster.
Just Arrived^.
Port Guichon, B.C..
March 291b, 1906.
Qi-ssHery -jad sundry other.effects,
as also W. J. Leary, jj-., and,Geo.
_,asseterf jr., tof Esqu,jmalt>
Rev.. Jj  Ifj  Ppjvell,   Bursar   of
QplumbiaajCo'lege. wi!j preach tor
t|ie Methodists at both, lb,p services
if Ladner tomorrow, ajso at. St.
S^tepheu's. Churfb, East Delta, in
the afte'ruqgp.   Collections for the
Educational F_ii��l of the  Church
���ifill be take,a,up and subscriptions
tptbe fund^qf the CqUcge rqceiv-t'hav^l-,i*^*. d?liverf:d oji, o-r. before
ed.    Bji, th^court^y, of th^^ptist l>aid ^w? "nentipned d?,{p.
s^ongres'a^icip the tuorniug apjj.e;yven* [    D^il *��? 7*M day,o(. Ar-ril,.A, I).
log services will be held in their! !90!*'-
church.    The public is cordially in-j;     McllRIDK &  KENNEDY,
We can supply- yoit wth the flEbeet, quality
of the aboye. articles, at reasonable cost.,
Biem.era.b_er the plaoe
Phone 9.
Tans, Oxfords &
Blucher Cuts
Ladner, B.G;
Ladner Carriage Works.
Practical    Htorses-j-oeing,.
��, Carriage Bitilii. ng amd Painting, aniil General ^obJ_ii.g of
All. DesQ}.-||tijDnss
"\Sfe. carry tj*�� tin$$t class
yitcd to ;ij,te."d.
_r the I-.xc. mc:.
jind, F*3#Bn I*_r^Jt_j|}f i^s at. roclfc ljpt&aai, prices.
Q. T BAKER, Ladner, B. C.
A Full Line of
Get a Suit at Once.
o Tii �� i->___���'��� A   . i -.1 __._�����
U j-*: 7.
3tonos, Pianos, Pianos
The fact is undisputed that we havo thej
greatest choice in the Piano line of any firm inj
B. C. We have been in the business for forty-
five years and have had the pick of the best
agencies going. We represent the following most
notable manufacturers, the names of which are
Steinway & Sons Pianos. New York
Nordheimer Pianos, - Toronto
New Scale Williams Pianos, Oshawa
Dominion Pianos, ���- Bowmanville
Palmer Pianos, - Toronto
Prices the Lowest.
Terms the Easiest.
558 Granvile St., Vancouver
Holy    Communion ��� Sundays, j
s:t,c  a.m.    ist Sunday   iu mouth,
11 a.m. '
M.tin.s, ii o'clock.
ICveisSong, 7 o'clock.
Sunday School at io a.m.
Friday, evening service 7:30.
Rev. Canon Hilton, vicar.
Services first and third Sunday ofj
each month at 10:30 a.m.; Benedic-j
tion, 7:30 -^.m
Sundav school at 3 p.m.
Low ... ns* and Holy ComiMUniou I
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.     j
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,     i
Parish Priest.     I
Services next  Lord's Day at it
a. 111. and 7:30 p.m.
Class  meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sunday. I
SabTw th School at 2 p in every 1
Sunday. Prayer meeting every!
Thursday evening at 7.30.
Rev. J. F. Betts, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 3 p. ni
Sabbath School  at 2 p tn     Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. A, McAuley, Pastor.
riew to Hotel WnjrB.
Somo oiiti tutd told I.ur thut you nhrnje
bnvu to register, but sho wasn't used to
botols That was npparent from tha way
ihu ling-rod hul,* id the old time traveling
man who stood by ".he cleric's de, k. Plie
wanted to see bow lt waa done. Tbo 014
follow had hnd tho sumo room in thohouis.
for nine years. It was always kept for
bi.n���Xo. 63, on thc second ... (jr. He had
wired threo (lavs before that be wus criming, su it was all ready for him. Iio dip-
[1-11!-? pen in 1 l.e Ink well nud, wi'.h an
extra Ilonrisb or two, scratched down the
Dtuue,  "James Kdwurd Clifi-id."
"The -nTii!" old thine?" Ij uskOs. o? It*
'���Yeup," was tho answer.
Whereupon Mr. Clifford wrote dowu
__>po_llo hiu name, "U;i."
Thun tho bellboy grabbed tils travel.-.*!
o_-o and conducted him to tho elevator.
The (Ink dipped tlio H'li in the ink ar-d
banded tl to tin: demure maiden win, had
���tond Iii hind the old traveler. She giant ed
at 1I10 last name on tlie page, then turned
for u parting look at the form just passing
Into the ele...lor cur. fiho laid her hand-
^urrlilof and pockctbnok on ii.ed_.sk and
ftioto, "Faith -li new cal her."
Tl en sho shut Ihu clerk a modest lit*lc
glance and linished out tho line by pl.to*
lng "S-l" after the ,'. .iati.ro. l-jiio looked
op lihihMng,
The clerk mulled, aii'l when he had
whispered a room nunilier lo the poi'tui
���nd llic. girl had passed uehtnd tlio screen
ho anid io himself, "Hy Jove, slio doesn't
look il!"���1)..,i.kiii. Freo l'ress.
Pianos, Pianos, Pianos
Sabbath services at Ladner at 11
a.nr. nnd 7 p. in.
Sunday School at io a. rn.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
7,30 p. m.; choir practice at 8.
Cut Glass,
Time Table.
Train  leaves  Cloverdale at 3:40
i p.m. and arrives at Port Guichon at
'4:50 p.m.
Train  leaves   Port   Guichon   at
5:10 p.m. and arrives at Cloverdale
at 6:25 p.m.
I _______
Mondays only.
There  are two through passen-
And all kinds of Jewelry! -er trains Per day each wav t0 and
from Seattle and a mixed train to
and from Bellingham.
ll      Fejj Irliag a Specialty.
Jl. Clausen,
5000 Telegraphers
mnmmn,       NEEDED
Annually, to fill the new positions
���reaterl by Railroad and Tele-graph
Companies. We want YOUNG
MEN and LADIES of good habits to
We furnish 75 per cent, of the
Operators and Station Agents in
America. Our six schools are the
largest exclusive Telegraph Schools
iu the world. Established ao years
and endorsed by all leading Railway Officials.
We execute a $250 Bond to every
student to furnish him or her a
position paying from $40 to $6o a
month in States east of the Rocky
Mountains, or from $75 to $100 a
month in States west of the Rockies,
immediately upon graduation.
Students can enter at any time.
No vacations. Por full particulars
regarding any of our schools write
direct to our executive office at
Cincinnati, O.    Catalogue free,
>:. ._____
Vancouver, B. C.
(.Westminster Branch)
Time Table
Cars leave Wei-Uuiiist.r tor Vancouver at 5.5-
������d 6.50 a.m. uud hourly thereafter uutil 11 ji
111.: Saturslay- uud Sunday- at 11 p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminsters at j.50
and 6.50 u. Ul. and hourly thereafter until 10 p.
in.; Saturday- and Suudays at 11 p.m.
We run tirslclass freight cars between Westminster and Vancouver and all shipments are
handled with the utmost eare and delivered to
consignee without delay Special attention paid
to fruit ..hipmeuts. Out wagons meet all boats
and trains.   Kor rates, etc apply to
Headquarters for Pacific^ Const
Grown Garden, Field and Flower
Seeds. New crop now in stock and
on test in our greenhouses. As!;
your merchant for them ill sealed
packages. If he does not handle
them we will mail -,o assorted sc
packets of vegetable and flower
seeds (our own selection, suitable
for B. C. gardens) for $1. 'Special
prices on vour bulk steds.
ready for spring shipment.
Extra nice stock oi two and ]
three-year Apple Trees at $20 peri
100, $180 per 1,000; Maynardi
, Plains, $1 each; Italian Prune, two-j
year, fine, $25 per 100; Sugar
Prune, two-year, fine, jj.30 per too
Full list of other stock at regular
prices.    No expens.. loss or delay
1 of fumigation or inspection.
Let me price your list before plac-
��� ing your order.
j    Greenhouse Plants, Floral Work.
I Bee Supplies, Fruit Packages,  Fertilisers, etc.
D   A. SHI..KS,
Traffic liar.
Westminster. H. c.
Local Mgr.
aa _ _' Ui^'i
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Atlanta, Ga
T��WT-te*n:*i 'l
Buffalo. N.\
LaCrosse, Wis
S.r.i Fran <.t-.ee., Ca
It an ideal covtring,  either for new
buildings far improving old une*.
CWdor its line appearance ��� its
���pten-id enduring qualities���and slight
expoose���_nd decide to serve your o,vn
best interests by using >*���
Fullest details of ioform��tion in our
VMtt.lMS.l- m*M����rf*��*s-_��%
Tin* (skirt inrdi !���.
Jrsrcs (fain raihi r ti;
Ilu* Itiissiiis,  Socls-l.v Vomai,
A BtiRfllan society woman knows only
one thin*.���fashion, Art Is n stronger to
har. Slio Invus udmlmtlon tintl (lii'tniiou,
but her litirrt ramaiaa cold, though she
mny Im burning other hearts Willi tlio llro
ot hop eyos. sSowhero is womnn more dangerous thun in Hussion society. To begin,
_ Uussinu g>l seeks n husband only foi
thu position ho gives hor. Matrimony ls
only 11 question uf fashion, nnd if it ltus-
���inn plrl cannot And e liusband within a
reasonable timo sho can fill uo ploco Id
good society, and sbe is ridiculed by ull
her ac.|iinintuncefl. Thus, sho watches
with ugouy tlin approach of tiio end of hor
youth. ICvery tentative is thUH mado to
Win the grand prize of matrimony. Even
ber friends uro ns anxious ns she is and
fearsome lest she may bo un old maid, j
Then when all efforts have failed, when
n,i mot. hope remains, she takes advun-
foigonf tha sole remedy left to her' maiden
Tvidowhood." Shu travels. .Sho goes to I
I'aris und Nice. .Sho stuys away three
years maybe, thon roturns to Russian so
(doty, uo longer an old maid, nor even a
wile, but n widow. Nobody asks whom
si.ii married, nor how she became ti widow.
She is a widow; that ���uflices. Aa n widow >
tbo L> rtiooivod evorywlioi. nud U soine-
rjudy -1 _ilud.lphia Inquirer.
ftnr_.lc.il Ull.
Al Uoardnmn of Mlnncnpolls tolls a
story Illustrating tho envious rivalry between his town mid rit. Paul:
"An Irishman fruin St. Paul got hurt
somehow ovor at Minneapolis and wns |
taken to oneof tho hospitals His Injuries I
wore, painful, but not dangerous How .
evor, he/elt sure that ho would not stir J
Vive, und h. constantly wailed lc the surgeon;
" 'Ooh dochtor. do sotnothin for me
quick. I'm dyin. I know I am. I'll
ttover seo St. Paul allvii.'
" '.See St. Paul alive.' blurred out Ihi*
���lirgeon. 'You'll die of o'd ��g_ bofol*
anybody ever sees St. Paul alive.-
"And tt mado that ..'isbiuun so mad he
wanted to thrash the doctor, and nobody
hoard any more wailing limn him, but he
got out of tho hospital ut the earliest possible duy."���St. Louis Globe-Democrat
He's the Worst.
Von lt��ol*r has tlio Manliest face
On this terrestrial ball.
Olrls who snap their kodaks at blm
Don't set aiiylhliit; at nil.
���Chicago Zteoora.
Rheumatic Pains Quickly Relieved.
The excruciating pains characteristic of rheumatism and sciatica
are quickly relieved by applying
Chamberlain's Pain Balm. The
great pain relieving power of th:
liti'tnent has heen the surprise
and delight of thousands of futT.r-
ers. The quick relief from pain
which it affords is alone "w��r*..
many times its cost. For sale by
F. J. MacKenzie.
According to The Commercial,
���f Winnipeg, tbe visible supply of 1
oats in the United States and Can- j
ada, east of the Rocky Mountains, 1
is 21,332,000 bushels, compared!
with 16,312,000 bushels a year ago. i
t wilh rive ot seven
i.j-o in frtvor. 2'nt
a rather vide slut
��� to  gotiil
1"     nmv EngJiid. serge nnd wide trail
rt'ii'-i:;,, rostti:i:es liava little tnek.-d
tl., ,11 pulls, Ksimo of tho bodices bmn|
lucked olno, tha tucks etl_:od wiliiveiyliu.
gi id hrniil.
VeJ,i-t in all i'i-'iul- _..s* \miot-les will
be fashioi'ublii, / .-.in rs nn aooesiory and
_i_rihn iiial.ifg ol v,"\i   _..u.-. i!nUerd....sfU
It'.. IK:,    ....-.(    I'.(. ........       _.lllv_    _l._'Js.l__.
ttilv takes precedence.
It is officially .".n.'! '  t'.'nt bottom
nT! ! v.-.':;.-i\. Iy un '. . .rs .. r |>..s. i'nls
and lb-1. ihey will, as a rule, be of oousid
ernblo ri_e, nor nlwoys ro;. nl, but o\al
_K|iiuii' and oblong ni.-.o.
.;"':e new p;.i,.f (r plmn red laitol
Ololhs, vi.l\ets. sr.tlti brrcuik. and ben ri
alius aro e::c.u',;; :,,y cTlistio and I :::;ii
ftil and ve.iy In i-oiiii: ;.': io c.lrher a.bJcn.
or 11 br tint'tie v. i.h color.
Itnro-nlorrd 310:111 dn silo errntin wnislt
will l>.. vi ry lashioniiLly \vui u iii ii: ������ evon
iltgwltii skirts of l*l��.��� viuvot, 1 'He 01
���j'.rin, moi occasionally they.wlll l ,��� w-n
Willi si.iiis of lustrous duii. Kroen 1.. j..._
SlTaj s of hrnld tirrnlnalo oa 1111 ny co��
About Rheumatism.
In the solar synii.:!, i;icre are 17,000,00*
comets of all sizes.
An authority on microscopy stntes thul
tho hair of a womnn can be distinguished
by its construction from that of a man.
Tho height of tho mountains in tbe
luooii has beon niuustirod. Ono ins an altitude of 80,000 foot, ttnd several __e upward of 80,00(1 fret In hci 'lit.
A,1 in.., run,11... /or su ;,.;< objei Is iiiulcr
Water has boon invented byahyi'i ��� ������:, ,hio
eiiKineerof Bassi't. By its aid 1 liiiV,_ttuin
01 t'ivi is to 11 uopi . >,; t_'-.,irj ���!., 1 . :;., ���',., 1
oen Im distinctly vioued. In the oxiini-
n.nion of wrecks l!-,is submarine Llc-c...,.
wiii Oc 01* grout service.
ucy hi
1   the
,iry I 1
(utiles  in  tiny bin ���������', s "l* faucy htiltn
and  tailor vesls lasinn  wll
trim 111 lng.   Tbe really nee-.
Iniull, but  tbe ono inr m....... .:������
rut ber large.
On evoning toilets nets, so'.r, liber
ins, India Filks, chiffon ard en-[.- .
Kro variously used for yekes or i-.i
and many times tiie smli or f. tiled i i."C.:i
���nd liltle flieve pull's nro formed of 1 . :io
���ponding u.aicrinl.
For elderly women aro come new 1 h :iv',
shr.ped capes, almost as long mi n '. ...:���.-!
proper, formed very much li!:c i!:u m wn !
fur capes. Those are made \01lou
Oorded .-ilk, plain satin or broeimu n
til in mod with n deep gradutttc-d ru
tho samo or with rather wide ___._.-
York Post.
T!:c Ion nest sir. glo ai h ln osioi,o brt__*w
Is C:*1. Icl, over the l.i.ilto i.t \'. idea
'J iio greatest structure over ruisotl by tho
hand of man is the pyramid ..l. 1 'vi ,,\ -.,
foiindeil 1,000 years iiko and measuriier
7���"< !��� el t'qunre on the base and Ijeiug -i.'.i
ieet high,
-i.i liunplrg g-rJous of jtiubylou tv.ra
Itrrai'is on roluiuns. The gai'dens V,era
��'.Ci Uct stjuuro and o.or 4UU leet high.
The ascent !r..m terrac* to torwico <toi by
Olghts of marblo steps. t_ud on tbo big] ��l
(MftSS   J,   lluriM,  *>s.._ssssrsiss
ly 01
1 ..r��
Jo ol
A statue to Mme. Weiba ll to bo put u;
Bext year in Melbourne.
Walker Whiteside will shortly ptodnco 1
new play from the Froucb of M. Pols
Ednu Wallace Hopper will star n��it sea
���on ln a oomio opera thut is low belli,
written for ber,
Ernest Sharpo has been invited to Bal
feuth by Fran Coslnut, Wagner and ii
studying under her direction.
Maude Banks and Nestor Lecnon liavti
beeu appearing in vaudovlllo, preientin|
a one act play of civil war times.
Miss Fioreuco Mat-jot has written li
collaboration with Herbert Pearson ���
drama iu four acts entitled "Tbe Gamekeeper."
Forbes Bobcrtson and Mi*i. Patrlrl
Campbell will oloctiify London next, it li
said, witV n grand revival of ''ADtony and
Jiiss Hamilton Grlffln, a half (liter ol
llary Anderson, ii cultivating ber void
In Germany nnd will make ber debut as 1
linger next year.
Mme. Modjeska bas been playing in San
Francisco tho post two weeks, appearing
���s Mr.ry Stuart. Mngda, Lady Macbeth,
Camille and Rosalind.
"Cyrano de Bergorac," translated int.
German by Ludwlg Fulda, was played ra
oently at Berlin. The title rol�� was a��
signed to Joseph ICainz.
The company engaged to support Annll
Russell in ' Cathertno" Includes Joseph
Holland, Frank Worthing, Joseph Who*
lock, Jr., J. G. Savllle, Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam J. Lemoyne, Ethel Barrymore, Elsli
Oe Wolfe and May Buckley.
niukinK m Vrpscnlnliisn.
Hero is a good story of tho colonel oth
rcuiincnt v.linwas going to.i't-liio, 'ihe
lohllers, wbo nil liked him, subserlbod t��-
gutlior und bought bim a beautilul silvor
A11 old sergeant was appointed to make
the presentation, and also to mako a long
speech, whicli he wns to learn off by heart.
When the appointed time arrived, the
colonel wus sitting at stable with sumo
Ol tlie ollicers.
Tlio sergeant cuine rolling vp to tho
table, with a very confused luok, and to
the astonishment of all present ho stammered out:
"Ho-hero's tho jug," bunding it tn the
colonel, who was so d u in founded thnt he
summered out, "Oh, is itr" ��� London
In  Another I_lj*.ht.
Miss Fotbortopp (to sportsman, who ii
exhibiting his day's shcotinp,)���Oh, how
could you kill those dear, pretty birdsf I
think it is positively cruel I
Sportsman���l suppose you know there
is a great demand for these for hat orna-
Miss Ketliertopp���Oh, of course, if it's
a cuse of necessity, it is perfectly oxousa-
j blu.���Boston Transcript.
liciitiiiK Capueity of Woodn.
t-orman figures credit various woodf
villi the following heating capacities:
Linden, 1; Iir, .90; elm and pine, ���'*;
Willow, chestnut and lurch, SI7; maple
.iu! spruce, .'.Mi; black poplar, ,i)5j alder
and white birch, U4; oak, .Dli; locust to-i
Whit- beech, 111, and rod birch. .80.���
Baitiu.tro American.
Chicago is eager to welcome Hall Caine.
They claim to have not only a Manxman'���
���ociety there, but leveral Glory Quaylet
as well.    How sad!���Boston Herald.
Boston can hardly go wrong on art,
judging from the make up of ber now arl
commission. Fake artists will do well ta
comprehend the situation.���Boston Exchange.
The world doei move. Chicago actually
contemplates tbe appointment of u commission to devise �� new form of govornment for that badly managed oity.���Min-
Beapolis Tribune.
The Pittsburg Dispatch declares thai
tbe ancients played baseball. Cleveland
fans are willing to wager something hand-
soma that Cleveland wasn't in the circuit.
���Cleveland Dispatch.
A London magistrate lined an offendu
(gainst the smoke nuisance Jaw $50 and
refused nn appeal. In Chicago���but why
oompnre tho ono and progressive city oi
Chicago witb effete old London?���Chlcage
Hartford finds It hard work to malntalb
ihe olaim that one of Its citizens discovered tshoantesthetlc properties of sulphun.
ether and is sow falling ou the proposition that tho baseball curve originated ta
that city.���Boston Transcript.
Tricks of Pari* _stim.ii,
1    Paris ia full of eotiutcrffil cuius, nnd
I the cabmen make use of tlit'iil tjiljU' 1"
gmilously. You tako a two franc lini-rc
ride, and when you reach yon:' hotol
yon in tbe generosity of your Ifenrt
j give tbe cabman 3 francs.
Yon bave Just got within tin* vestibule wben you notice tbe cabmuu lias
I followed you.
He apologizes, but the coin you Iin
given bim is bad.  You look at it.  V.
it is bad.   It is nothing but a bit
You are pretty certain In your m!i
that it Isn't the coin you gave the iu.
���wbicb ln ninety-nine cases out of
bundred lt isn't���but you don't cart* t.,
j haggle In a hotel corridor and be suh-
j jected to thc iguomiuious glances of
: other folks as a foreigner who gives
poor French cab drivers bad money. So
you take the bit of lead and give a gaod
Of course the cabman bus ehiui;_.'d
tbe coin. You gave blm a perfectly
good three franc piece at tbe start,
wbich be bas in bis pocket, aud he bus
bluffed you into giving bim another 3
franci in exchange for a useless bit of
lead. To visitors to Paris let this be a
In India wheat li itlll thrashed by ba-
Ing trodden out hy bullocks and butT.%*
Mark Twain aa a Stamp S.n-aLer.
Once In awhile Mark has taken a hand
In politics. On one occasion, being in.lt*
���d to speak in the Interest of his follow
townsman, General Joseph Hawley, who
was a candidate for re-election to Ihe
United .States senate, he said in the course
of a droll address: ''General Hawley deserves your support, although ho lift!
ubout as much inlluencu in purifying lb��
senate as a bunch ot flowers would have
In sweetening a glue factory, liut bo'l
all right; bo never would turn any poor
beggar away from his door empty bunded.
Ho always gives thuiu something��� almost
without exception a letter of IntroiUiOt.oB
to ine, urging mo to help them."���Lad:_#'
H ssnis- Journal
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy  the
Best and Most Popular.
"Mothers buy it for croupy  cliil-
I of reruedii s  have   been suggested. Mren, railway men buy it for severe
be cured  is, coughs and elderly people buy  it
Thtre are tew  diseases  that inflict more torture than   rheumatism
and there is probably t;o disease for I
which such a varied and useless lot i
a bold statement to make,  foi la  grippe,"   say   .Moore  Bros.,
Chamberlain's     Pain   Bnlm,   Elden,   Iowa.    "Wc  sell   more  of
To s.t*   tint   it
which enjoys an extensive sale, has j Chamberlain's Cough Remedy than
met wi'h gieat success in the treat- any other kind.    It seems to  have
ment ol this disease.    One applica- taken the lead  over several  other
M. J. HENRY, Vancouver!     ROBT. MAY, Agent,
3010 \Vestminst?r Road,      ! i^rVONlSR,    -   -   -   -
tion of Pa ii B ilu. will relieve the
pain, and hundreds of sufferers have
testified to permanent cures bv its
good brands." There is no question but this medicine is the best
that  can  be  procured   for coughs
Why suffer whed Pain   Balm i and colds, whether it be  a child or
affords such relief nnd costs  but  a Inn adult that is afflicted,    ttalwrys
trifle?    For side by F, J.  M-cKen-;cures and  cures quickly.
B. C. '?,,*;, IF, J. MacKetuie,
It should be borne in mind tbat
everv cold weakens thc limes, lowers the vitality and prepares tlie
system for the more serious diseases, among which are tbe two
greatest destroyers of human life,
pneumonia and consumption.
Cough Remedy
has won its *;rcnt popularity hy its
prompt cures of tnis most common
ailment. It aids expectoration, relieves the lungs and opens the
secretions, efficting a speedy and
permanent cure. It roiinteracts
any tendency toward pneumonia.
���    Price 25c, Large Size 50c.   j THK DELTA TIMES, SATURDW. A_>RH. 14, 1906.
Mrs. D. A. McKee relumed home
Mis.   Kirkland,  sr.,   is visiting
Mrs. Clark at Victoria.
Mrs. and Miss Guichon visited
the Royal City this week
Mrs. H, G.  Taylor  visited the
Royal City on Tuesday last.
Mrs. John McKee was a visitor
to the Terminal City this week.
Miss   Davis   left,   Thursday   to
spend her vacation in Vancouver.
Wm. Woodward aud family have
returned to Ladner again to reside.
F. B. Dixon west Vancouver,
Thursday, to spend the Faster holidays.
I. Whitworth has rented the
Devereaux property on. the Slough
Mrs. W. S. Whiteside, of Sun-
bury, visited New Westminster this
On Monday evening last the following band o" young people assembled at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. John Richardson, Wellington
Farm, to do homage to the Misses
Sinclair, who have been visiting
here for some time, ana a very
pleasant time was spent:
Mesdames Jas. Bimey, Jas. McCallan and P. T. Gibbie.
Misses Maud Sinclair, Gertrude
Sinclair, Elsie Lynch, Leona Whitworth, Lily Whitworth, Beatrice
Welsh, Florence Brightman, Katie
Montgomery, Annie Sproat, Florence Thirkle, Florence Kirkland,
Gibbie and Cairns.
Messrs.   W.   H.   Siddall,   Chas.
; Arthur, Jas. Kelly, Ernest, Albert
land    Norinan     Monkman,     True
Oliver, Percy Slater, Chas. Gifford,
1 Hans Montgomery, Duncan Montgomery,    Donald    Nesbit,    Frank
I Guichon,     Percy     Smith,     Peter
1 Gibbie,   D. M. Ellis,   Alex.  Montgomery,   Claud    Mason,    Andrew
Boyd,    Romolo   Cosulich,    Chas.
Bugge,   Robt.   Pybus   and   Percy
Music was furnished bv Michael
fJF,a   g*��M��
H &
I Dozens, yea scores of new trimmed hats are
j on exhibition in our Millinery Showroom, Pattern
j Hats from Paris, Ready-to-wears, copied from the
swell Imported Hats, charmin T creations of Rolled!
I Chiffon, Fancy Straw and Flowers,
j There's a real fascination about the sudden
change of styles which takes place early in Spring1,
particularly in Millinery and Suits when velvet
and felt give plac-. to ohiffo _,, 8 raw and f.owers,
and dark tweeds and heavy cloths give way to the
crisp, fre^h mohair3 and fancy tweeds of spring.
Nowhere is this fascination stronger than
here in tne Cash Store, and there's another fascination which is strong, loo, and that is THE
Mrs. L. Monkman and daughter,
Evelyn, went up to New Westminster on Tuesday.
Mrs. T. J. Armstrong and d .ugh-
ter, Miss Nora, are fciiists of Mr.
and Mrs. J.. Paterson at Dunleith.
Mrs. Belle, of Nanaimo, who has
been visiting Mrs. D. Woods, returned home on Tuesday morning.
Miss Phillips, of Langley. is visiting her sister, Mrs. W. J. Hadden.
Miss Thomasine Kerr returned
home on Thursday to speud the
Easter vacation.
4.05,      8.
6./ 5,    Um
50 =50
Te Bern Lemve
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that \*re are now in a
position to off*-i Vancouver Island
*&rtlandl Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other' inferior
Write for Prices.
NEW WESTMINSTER,       -       -       -       B. C.
W. Ciessard, F. Cutting, and D.
McLean were among the up-river
passengers on Tuesday.
$1.25, 2.00, 2*75, 3.50, 4.50,
$6.25, 7.75 to 10.00.
And Second Report for the Institution.
M. Mends returned to Westham
Island this week, where h_ will resume the cannery work.
Miss McLellan has beeu appointed to fill the vacancy, pro tern.,
paused by Miss Carss going to Vancouver.
Mrs. Forbe_, who has been visiting at The Vicarape, returned to
Vancouver on Monday last, accompanied by Mrs. Hilton.
B a    ft a    di
Sidney Rich, Harold Betts, Scott
Fenton, and Hedley Smith, have
all come home for the Faster holidays.
i267 Columbia St.,
New Westminster, B. C
Easter Monday.
Concert and Donee
Mrs. l. H. Nicholson came over Open Air Concert 6 p.m.
from the Terminal City,  Monday,!��� .      .     _       ��� __  ,.
on a visit to her parents, extending i Dance* in the ToWn Hal1'
over two or three weeks. 9 P-m* Sharp.
Mrs. Marshall Smith returned
home on Monday from Vancouver
where she has been under medical
care for some few weeks.
W. N. Draper, P. L. S., came
down this week to survey the McDonald road which has been a bone
pt contention for some time.
L.C. B.
The Derby Shoe
For Men, the choicest production of Canadian Sboe Manufacture,
New Solid Goods, new prices.
Modern  Shoes in a Modern  Shoe  .Store.
J. REAGH,    -    Ladner, B.C.
Mrs. Nicholson, accompanied by
her daughter, Miss Nicholson, came
down, on Tuesday last, on a visit
fo her son-in-law, H. J. Kirkland.
Miss Carss left,   this  morning,
for Vancouver, where she will  re-
plain for some two or three weeks,'
taking np advanced teachers' work. |
J. F. Stainton came home on
Saturday last, and remained until
Wednesday during which time he
devoted himselt to putting in his
������ ' " ���_     ���     mi"   ��� ���_��������-
Mrs, Devereaux has sold her
property on the Slough road at a
very good figure, and will move
into the village having rented the
house lately oocipied by C. Beadle*
Delta Lodge No. 21, I.O.O.F.,
will assemble at Oddfellows' Hall,
on Sunday, April 29th inst., at 2
p.m., and proceed to St. Andrew's
Presbyterian Church to attend their
annual church service.
All members and visiting Brethren are requested to attend.
By order.
Rec. Sec.
Delta Stock Yard
The next sale of Fat and  Store
Cattle will be  held  in  above Yard
Wednesday, May 2nd,'06
Present entries:
100 Fat Sheep.
Further entries solicited.
H.  N. RICH,
Wall Paper, Paints, Varnishes, Etc.!
New, up=to=date Papers
To   select   from,   also   some  good   bargains in
TJPWARDS ol due hundred surgical operat.on. weUe -performed, all
with complete -success, and only on<e death out ot over two hundred
patients treated Seven patients were in the Sai-itatium at the opening
of the year, 205 were admitted dwring the year, making a total of 212
treated. Of these 99 were males and 113 females. ill were surgical,
81 medical and to obstetrical. 12 patients re.naii>ed in at the close oi"
the year.
The total days treatment were 3190, an average of 19.46 day., per
Out ofthe 212 patients treated only one death occurred, b'ing
less than % of 1 per cent. This one death was due to snppmrative
pyelitis, complicated with heart disease.
Patients were admitted from the following localities.���
148        Ladiier z
1 New Westminister j
_       'Collingw-od _
r        Brandwu j
.        Baru&id .
1 Westham island 1
4 .stock Bay 1
���1       sSi-haon Ann .
2 Port Hammond 1
1 Mt. Lehman 1
2 Calgary 3
1 Didsbury, Alta. 1
1 Chilliwack 3
i        Miami, Man.             5
3 White HoTse, Yukon 1
The Baths and Massage Department haw beeu eminent!}' successful under the management of Miss  Milliugton.      During the year, 954
treatments were given, and as the patronage has gradually increased, it
has become  necessary to engage an assistant.     Early iR  the year a I
souvenir prospectus was published and copies mailed to the many Iriends ,
of the institution.
The offices, reception rooms, halls and most of the private wards
have been neatly p2.i.ted and decorated, adding greatly to their appearance.     The increase af our work hi the Kast End has necessitated tlie \
opening of branch offices in that part of the city tor the convenience ot j
our patrons.
Vanauda Bay
Van Gund
Washington State
North Vancouver
Central Park
Rock Bay
Port Haney
Alder Grove
Mav.dow, Man
Han-riot Bay
.Seattle, Wash.
Leduc, Alta.
Keetfer Station
Souris, Man.
Naas River
Miss Hutcherson and Miss Olga
Kirkland returned home pn Saturday eveainj last, accompanied by
Mastiff Edwin Hutcherson. whom
they went to meet in New West-'
minster. Master Hutcherson is he nie
for the Easter }.oli__jys.
We beg to notify the Public that.
Easter Monday being a general
holiday, this store will be closed ou
that day, and we hope our Customers
will make it convenient to get iu
their supplies beforehand.
We are showing  some splendid values in White Muslin
Blouses, prices from $1.00 up.
Ready-to-Wear Hats.
We  have a  wide  range of the Newest Styles at pricer,
that will appeal very fo.  ibly to the thrifty buyer.
Under instructions from the Executora ofi
���   the Estate of the Late W.  W McBBID]
"Will be offered to the public at
To make room for an
Entireljr New Stock      sf       <_#
A. J. BIRTCH,        -        r 275 Columbia Street
Port guichon. i 5gs_a_g-g__s_x__^^ j
Come .and See Our  Special Line o|
Boots and Shoes.
rt   Guichon.  B, C_


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