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The Delta Times Mar 11, 1905

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Array ( t '-Lf
Vol. 2, No. 27,
',J_��'-���-*���*���'-      .ni'-".'-!..���***:
jYEWS. ������
$1.00 a yM
E have just placed In
Stock   a   Complete
R^nge of the Celebrated
"Black Cat"
Brand of  Hosiery,
This Bmnd is too well known to need further comment.
Black Cat Br*-...
loslery tomW
Wednesday, March 8.��� For ten
days the Japanese and Russan armies
Council met in the Town Hall, ln  Manchuria have been engaged
Surrey Centre, March 4th, the Reeve ����� a nighty conflict, the issue oi
which has not yet been reached. Al
the Potato
and all members being present.
Minutes of the previous meeting
were read nnd confirmed.
FromSii--'t G.  N.  R'y,
Qhleif*o Mnpilnflotl**. Ca,
WWfMfa Wt*
. , the Russian arms, it is evident that
he would arrange to have the spur ���,_�������������� .        ,
���*��� '     I the Japanese made some gain yester-
relaid at Surrey Station. Received. | d(iy,    St. Petersburg has an unoffi-
Frocfl Davis
though the most of the news from! Rcports from many districts indi-
the scene of battle comes from Rus- cate that P��tatO blight and rot are
siau sources, and consequently may i a8fain lnis s<*ason causing serious loss
be supposed to present the facts in Itn ���*������*- f.irmers of, Canada. This dis-
as favorable a light as  possible  for  case has been quite prevalent in many
Tripl�� Jraeee, double h-sels and toea regular "leather"
parts of Ontario and Quebec, and although a good preventive is known
in Bordeaux mixture few grower
Marshall and Mac cal report that General Kuropatkius seem to have sprayed their potatoes.
N-1U, saying" that they understood centre has been broken and that Mr. L. B. Newman, of the Seed Di-
that the Council are  contemplating!t1lirteen &uns hilve  fa*l*-"   '"to  the; vision, who vistcd nearly every eotin-
hands ofthe Japanese, These guns, *>"''������ Ontario during the summer,
which aie of six and eight inch con('���s this statement and report*
calibre, were given permanent em- i tha| '" nian>' cases he found gi-owers
placements on the lines of the railroad near Shakhe station, the fact I
evidencing the confidence of the
Russians that the Japanese could
not penetiatethither. In St. Peters- j
' Lighter i-a weight, but woven to give las ting' satisiactioii.
STYLE NO. 415-
Comes in all sizes from 4 to 9^
20c % p$ir. (Se�� Show Window).
light weight Summer Hoae at
Our New 1905 Ready-to-Wear Clothing is now ready for your
inspection. W�� have the finest stoek of Men*3 and Boys' Suits
ever shown here, and we sell them at Eastern prices.
Laee Curtains from 3��o to $3.50 a pair.
Window Shades, Curtain Poles, and Trimmings, and all House-
furnishing needs, strictly up-to-date, and prices right.
Linoleums, Oilcloths and Japanese Mattings,
Our JTew Wall Paper Samples are here ranging in price
from 5c to 60c a Roll.
Marshall Smith
Thos* Mercer,,of Markdale, Ont..
arrived here on Wednesday with
some veiy fine young imported
registered Clydesdale���\ stallion
and 5 fillies*
Knight of Glefflsv ^-jewrold,
took, ist prize at Toronto on Feb.
and, o-w in arias*of 1$.
Pyeston Baroness, fo*l.d March,
1903, sire l��attu*isk Baton.
Tommie's Princess, fo��Jt*��d June,
1902, sir* Princ* Tom*
Juliet, foaled June, \<#>&. site
Stairfield King.
Caudaoe/ foaled May. J9��3*. sit*
Woodend Gartly.
Rose W��tti��, foaled Mav, 1903,
sire Red Wattie.
The above band were brought
V��tb tb*B hope of finding purchasers.
Much better success might have
beeu attained had this district been
properly billed and our own men
put in charge oi the sale. Next
time Mr. Mercer wishes to reach
the farmers of Delta he will know
bettet haw to do so.
Co)ds. are Dangerous,
How ofteu you hear it remarked:
"It's only a cold," and ;i few d.t\s
later learn that the man is on lu>
back with pneumonia, Tins 's of
such common occurrence that * cold,
however slight, should not be disregarded. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy counteracts any tendency toward
pneumonia, it always cures and is
pleasant to tak*, I'or s��U by F. J.
Thos.   Roberts planted batt-au
acre ot potatoes on  Monday,  the
(ith tout.   How's that for early ?
The President ami Secretary oi'
the Young Ladies' Single Blessedness Debating Society wish to thank
all  those  who  so  kindly   assisted
them  towards the success ot  the
entertainment ou  Match 3rd, and
they also wish to thank tin*  members of the Baptist Churoh and the
members of the I.O.O.F. Lodge for
their   kindness   tn   fending   thefhl
their  benches  anc]  chairs Wn thati
occasion.    The sum of $48.25  was
handed  in to the treasurer of the'
All Saints' Vicarage Fuud.
T. W. Paterson. M, ."..P.. ..as
purchased the 50-acre Heiri.g
r-iiu.h. opposite New Westmiuster,
for $10.10 per act e. Thought 1.
W. p. was a cattle man.
putting iu a culvert tipo.; the Milton road or taking other steps which
will result in the water being turned upon Mr. Shannon's property
greatly to his damage, and that they
haye been instructed hy S. H. Sban-
011 to warn them against doing anything of this sort aud that he will
bold then" responsible for any damage occasioned the.-eby. Received.
From I-fope, Graveley &Co., re
abolishing Will La, d tax. Received
From J. D. Paris, W. A. Stone
et al., requesting the Council to
take action toenforcethe Pound law
to prevent the nuisance and damage
done to the roads by cattle running
at lar_;e,   Received.
From D, Johnson, Chris. Brown.
et al, requesting the Reeve to call a
public meeting to be held in the
Town Hall, Surrey Centre, on Saturday, March nth, at 1 o'clock p.
m. for the purpose of discussing
the proposed School and Dyking
Acts. Received. The Reeve calling
a meeting.
From F. Kearsly, requesting the
Council to extend the Hunt road as
it is urgently needed. Received
and referred to Coun, Burnett.
From W. FlummerfeU requesting
the Council to expend some money
in repairing th* Town Line road.
Received and referred to Coun.
From J. Martin, advising re Milton case. Received.
The Reeve and Coun. Boothroyd
were instructed to endeavor to nego-
iate a settlement of the Milton case
and if it cannot be effected the Reeve
to carry out the solicitor's advice.
The    following     appropriations
were made-
Ward   1,    $25  for  Daily  road,
tenders to be in at next meeting;
$25 for Pyke road, do; $147 for C.
��� V. Road do.
Ward 2, Repairing bridge on
[Johnston Road.
Ward 4, $20 for the Town Line
I road.
Ward 1, 525 for the bridge and
culvert on H  P. road.
The following contracts were
Ward a, Slashing Sondell road.
I, Johannesen, at 84 cents per rod;
Slashing and logging T'p Line road,
P  Henderson at $2.50 per chain.
Ward 3, Fill 011 M. 11. road, to
J. A. Wilson'for ."70.
Ward 4, Corduroying C, V.
road to J. Drinkwater at $2.35 per
Coun. Boothroyd gave notice
that he would introduce a Revenue
Uv-J.aw ut next meeting.
Coun. Lawrence gave notice thnt
he would introduce .. Tram, Power
& Light By-law at next meeting.
A note for $1,000 account of
Temporary Loan was ordered signed and placed to the credit of the
geuera   .< * u i.
The Reeye ai.d Clerk were instructed   to   s! n  tbe Agreements
i sadly  wanting  in   knowledge  of the
I disease and methods of preventing it.
Thre are two known Mights which
affect the potato in America, the .airly
blight, Alternaria Solani, and the late
blight,   which   causes   the   rot,   Phy-
burg it  is generally  believed  that j tophther-a Infestans.   The early blight
General Kuropatkin was yesterday
fighting a reaiguard action to cover | early in July,
his retreat, aud that the night will
have witnessed a large withdrawal
of troops towards the Tie Pass. All
of the commander-in-chief's ability,
it is considered, will b. required to
extricate his army frcm its present
predicament. The issue, it u expected, will be decided to-morrow,
and much unquestionably depends
upon tbe comparative ability
of the opposing armies to resist the
effect of hunger and fatigue, the
limit of human endurance evidently
having been nearly reached on both
sides.    Beyond the statemeut that
causes the spotting of the leaves
These spots increase
in size, unite and form large masses
of diseased tissue. This blight doe*
not attack the tubers and is not aekr-
ly as injurious as the other. If the
leaves are punctured by beetles or
Irom some other cause the disease
gets a foothold easier.
Tht late Wight is th** one which
causes by far thc greater loss, both
by lessening the crop and by causing
mt. According to Mr. VV. T. Ma-
c.iiin, Horticulturist of the Central
Experimental Farm, this disease
pauses the winter in the tubers, and
in the spring when thc vines begin to
grow it starts to develop, trowing up
the casualties exceed those of the! 'J""*** ,hc ,is'sucf n(   the   -"^
battle of Liaoyang, there is little
known as to the number killed or
wounded. j
Thursday, March 9���Mukden at
noon to-day was still occupied by
the Russians. Fu Pass, twelve!
miles to the eastward, and on the
Hun river, a vital point for General
Kuropatkin in the retreat of his eastern wing was bombarded by the Japanese for an hour early in the day,
Russian artillery replying vigorously. The outcome at this point
seems to be in doubt. A wind
storm of hurricane fury was in progress during the day. No reports
from the commander in-chief later
than yesterday have been given out
at St. Petersburg.
The Associated Press despatches
from Mukd. n indicate that considerable Japanese forces are well north
ofthe city of Mukden and that the
railroad upon which depends so
much for the Russian army is seriously threatened, if, indeed, it has
not been cut.
D. A. S.
The annual exhibition of Delta
Agricultural Society will be held ou
Monday and Tuesday, September
25 and 36 next. This will enable
the best of our exhibits to be taken
to the Dominion Fair at Westminster.
Pasturage of grounds will be let
by auction as usual. Due notice
will be given as to time and date.
H. N. Rich and A. DeR. Taylor
were appointed a printing committee.
Tree planting will be proceeded
with ;:nl blanks in the present
plantation to be fii'ed and front
fence to be repaired.
(Continued on Second Page,)
Little Wilfred Miller chopped oft
tbe top of the index finger of his
left hand on  Monday.    Dr. King|
fixed it up so that, in all probability,  he will retain the finger!
stem. During the latter part of July
it produces on the underside* of the
leaves myriads of tiny spores, which
ill the mass have a frost-like appearance. These spores make the rust
stage, which is caused by the leaf tissues drying up where the spores have
been feeding on them and causing
dark brown spots. It is from this
stage that future infection takes place,
as the spores are carried rapidly by
the Wind and alight oft the foliage.
They are also washed below the surface of the ground and reach the
young tubers, and in time cause the
rot. The potato rot itself is a dry
rot; the wet rot comes throitgdi decay
of the tubers, lt is when the tubers
begin to form that the blight begins
to appear. This is just alter the potato has passed the most vigorous
stage, the stage when in a wild state
it would be blossoming and producing seed. At this stage the constitution of the plant is weakened, which
probably makes it more subject to
disease at this time. In the Province
of Ontario potato vines usually dry
up during the latter part of August.
Why should they tlie so soon when
they do not produce seed? If the
season is fairly favorable ertn the
earliest varieties may be kept growing right on into September by
thorough cultivation and spraying.
The important point is to get tlveru
past the period when they are in a
weakened condition, without injury
from fungous diseases ot insects.
Experiments conducted at the Vermont Experiment Station proved that
over half thc crop of marketable potatoes was produced after August
22nd. ln Ontario the potato yiaes
are usually dead shortly after that
date. The great gain in keeping potatoes growing until late in September
is here very apparent. Vety marked
results in spraying With I'ordeaux
mixture for blight have been obtained
by the Vermont Station, th�� Irwh
Department of Agriculture, (iftd the
Dominion and Provincial Experimental Farms. In k/>j experiments by
Mr. Nlacoun with eight v��rietie*
showed an average difference ia f,��-
\or of spraying of 100 bttslwl* tit
��� naritfctSsble potatoes, and in 10M witk
eleven varieties the average difference
was 120 btlfhei***!  rrr acre.    YVi'h tl*
(Continued an Third Page.) i li.
L iVV -
..._������-.  -��� -   ' -- -
THP     Pi-*-
Ca.ii ii ���
T( ���
K bv
fCilMSHEU   l-.V!
SOBSCKU'TION, $1-00 per yeai
Cas\i|.l A<lvtitis;-v.)t",ls, '.��, etnlf per. Hife In
Ihe firsl iiis.ft.mi. i.ntl j-.rmsiut line lot ipcl
MlhSfc.i.eiU  lM*n'���:,:��.     ''''>-    i.nmV*-r    "I   '""
tpckoncJ I..: ii.������-.,���������������- octu|.i*.l, -.nil. v.o im
Hates lor Ciinin vil,4 Advcrlsjsfmr.slW' ean '"
^ id on uppiicl-.tloq a,1.thf> .UK*-
Reading notices w cent* nrr. llllf   "f��  ��:"'1'   '"
lliltlialltl !>��>��, n.s'.ivi-S, _0C.fcMtlf,f3H^esiltOO.
i   th li  ���   16 ::;':i..': ���-.':;>.     1<     iv  m.
Lino ��� i V.,!'  road,
Alette* -V& -ecebie'd   r��jtit Geer-1c0^eg"e'to th
. M. Thrift enclwing  one   ft- -m   the
Sup't. ofG.   N.   k;.. &.  saving  hej
- would   lune  ilie   -.pur   nt  Swrey
Station ^laic-V.    Received.
art-kin  in
senior    divisions
;ive _ --V* s> hol-
couver Business
> r  girl, in the
-.1"   oar
.Mil. I
Elli1 OR 50.
"H-**".*-��� 'H ���!��� t-l-H-t-i-H- H*+**H***-*v**4-:--t--s*->**
schonjs, vatbp brings in tih:> greatest
number  of   nc-v* Qash, subscribers^
were and who  coat^Joci^es the- best and
Any sj.itin) i.uWe.-, Hit- utijf. I ol ��Mchi*lti
ur.iootf Use iiecmiiflry :.v"*i|i. ..i ',.">��� inntviaun
���J company, lu.b? i;o,,s.iu<rrr.c, ;'.�� BdY.ert|nemeW
<*,���..! .hunted accordingly.
The   following    r.ccou.nis
j passed   .Hid1 elK-que* issued:- J.   J.I most
M.acKny,   stationery,   $2.6oi   The! ..jjena
Columbine ��os.$_*6oi- Novelty Ir.on
! Works, i wrench  for   Elgi* bridge.
i ward   3,   S52.5,*   MiacKlro*-   Hros.,
horse  hire,   M-iltou  cast*, ��*_;* R��y.i correspond enfe ipr his or her portion
��*��"��rt,SiT^,?f��r?"**B ^*:*K:t%-*r,t>*' M"'" o*fi��ere. I Cartlcr0SSj vp.^erlc o�� Svu_vey; Milton j;ot the district  during  thepresent
corTtsi,uii.;-j'Kf invite.) m i^ttern-oi pnMi. j case, $7.50;- l\. Rose, exy/ew^s del-! year,
egate to Victoria, $1-5; F*. M* Ctwu-l   .W*^e taken tbj* stop to *u*
cross, ditto, <j,5; Jos Wylk, cutting I , ���       . . .,
_.        ' ���      . . ��� I .outage- ttsie- young  peep*  in the-
tree C,  M,.  road  wtyd   <,,   j_j;   C.! * J   v 6   F   *. .
Peschke, do, il.. P. to,/.- ward  5,; art ��r composi-tfon, and to take an
$2;   A.   PengaWy,   ditto,   $2*.   A. interest ia, theij- home paper.
Campbell, ditto, $i,:C. iie-jnickson,
ditto. $1; W. Lawrence, do,  <*7 R.
.'ime Table
.IX  liFL-ECT  DEC.  15.   191 1.   ���
Trai,n  leaves   Poijt   Guiphon  at ���
7:45  a.m., arriving t_t Vancouver
[at 10:45 a.in.
rr:j,iii, lpav.fi Vq,i*eov-ver at  3:50
_ S,cl
descuptive    article-    on,  ��bs|p__a,,Wrj,ving at Swt Gujchw at I
Ijntergli^ig cpjnjjetitors to; 6*3S p.in.
send iiu, thei,r ii,,iiies, by Mir,rch  15,      Tuesday,, Thursday  a*d Satur-;
1905,    Said, competitors   to act as '��������'���>' 01,1>'>. returning same day. '
Team Work Qone at Specially Lov* RvkinMe
Telephone " Lad|ner" No. io..
mlcri-K. .oii.iuniii*-iti..ns to eUitur inii:.l lie He
L'oiiipiiiiictl t|y iifunc of writer, not ncccss.inl>
tpr imlillCfttiSlt, Wt ns evitleiiw o', S4W [aUli
liurrunpouslencs ���.^jtrt.rv^vUilvi-.of'iw.lsy lluird
.t,ty i-v,llill,:.
G,t5p>. It.   NJ,\K;HJtW.
McRAE & Co
S.\T^vnAY,   MARCH   11,   1905.
A.  O. U.  W.
and Boundary roads,  ward  5,  $.i;j'
I A. Morgan, do; C. R.. road ward. 5,]    ^1^ i,page, No. 1% meets fir**
The Oileuy; ^U-d'iJ?o!pgne hashjta; F. Mclnnes, do, Mclwies road,faufi third Tuesdays of ei-^t moml
'.-teen very liotil:^, in ��il* arounci |!ward 5, ?->: A. M. Brown, work C. j in Oddfell^xs' Hall.
A hftMi line of English a,��4 Irish [thing EJ1*a^ iH 1%W 1>VR.^
Tweeds ami  Fancy TsoM.serii>g$ al*
wavs kept in stock.
I^adner, during the past wtek.
���R. road, ward 5, 5:1.50. L. C. lfi,sher,
^cutting tree Johnston road ward  2,.
i,*fi; Ed. Mtartin, ditch.itig, cowluroy-
If you wontd help yourself vou j,ing anrt eattiing, ttjees ��_*.   IVJ,.   road,
\ad better atter^V the Farmers' In- [W.ard i, feii-v; R. S. Inglijs, do��� ward
stitute meetings whjich are  becom-|i,   $10;   Win. Goldi-ug,. rep^riBg
kig much mow. popular   a.s time bridSe- Sta,ie ����d�� waftl l> **; G-
��� .    .  ���    ��� <���,      .. ..      .   IP.   Whiteside,, cutting trees Yale
-yills on.    l..9ck  QUii lQf  notice  1111 ,*
I and Pike icadts, ward \, $3;* J. M*
next issue.. . > Gi14is,   totting tffiee   Q. V.  road,,
!wardi,,$i, Wm. Both.weli, condur-
W.. C-. P-vvu-s Mi.W.
GEa R. Manj,kv, Recorder.
The Haie�� for Tinsmithi..Qg, Bath Tubs, Stoves
Pipe, 'Conduetca Pipe^ Bi&tf Pkt��a�� and Every*
Consideraijlp (iascussioii h a* been
taking place m regard to  the. pro
roying C.   I^.. load  ward  1,   jjtoj-
Royal Colmmbkyi Htospital,   grant,.
Delta Sspdge,. No. 21 ,-=The regular meetings of this Lodge are held
every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
m. Visiting Br��fth.eo cojjdioJly invited to att*?*nds.
W. R. JfaWi N.G.
Dr* A,. A. Ki\g,  Sec.
,   ..     r, ..    ��� .    . .  .   $100; Mastin, We*tSt & McOuarrie
posed alterations t��>. the. School Act,  f    , .      ,v^        .   **r    +
legal   services,    1903   $4^0,   1904
but the principal objection appears
against permitting clergymen^ to become school tri*j*steee.. Although
we would K^ftstiihsesreli^ipn taught
in the- schopls, we do not believe
^hat Chuiiitianitsy h%$. re^>?he.d that
stage where ib a^- ���. be deemed ad-
C. O,. F.
The above Orfe; has removed to
$119 70, total, $519.70; John Saachs
work 011 Q, M. toad ward   1,  $30;
S. Williams, corduroying tVickj the Od,dfelio\ss!* Bt{jldiiigs where it
Yard road ward 1, $9; J. M. Gillis,! will meet i*figure* cmi the Seco��*d
work on Hjorth road ward 1,  $10; 1 and Last Thursdays of each month.
IJ. D. Nipkson, work on Blaine
road vvaiid 5, $4*50 cutting ti^ees.
Itsirkland road ward 3, ��1-5��.   total
I* HUME* R,S..
f in 1 it wn I
t    - - t
���  NKW WKSTMINXTSH,    : -".  B. C.   .5.
* ���:
*'. Manufacturers of all kin.lsai) s>V|
<*- Soda Watsy, Conger i|
a Ale and Sumni^' ;d
X Drinks. T|Westham Street
i      Your patronage solicited      f
v ���>
- ��f ��2�� ������������*������.*. ���������. o*o*e*Oie*eiOim*e>imie*ei ��^{***H't***'*S****#t*
Agent for*
Gurney Foundry Co.'s Stovesu
P. D, X)q4'8 Mixejti Paiatta.
Yoho Bath Heater.
Jjust the thing for making water hot fbr washing daity
utensils, scalding hogs, or for wash day,-, Rvery
Farmer's Wife Should Have One.
ladner, B. C,
visableto.peijmij- the. clergy t'o'ftl j^.* \v. Flumme^elt, cutting trees j
such ppsitipiijs.as,school trustee*;. "'  Town Line road ward i, $5,  Petes-
Lusier, work Blaitie real ward 5,
$5; M. H. Lusier, do, $5; Jos.. Pen-
rer.gast, woi;ic BJaqkie Spit n-oad
maid 5 $2.,5o; \V* Willianjs, cutting
tyeea Blaqkie Spit. load, $5;. Johis,|
Last fall two xnen liting in Ms^unt
Vernon discovered a remedy ���which
t\hey clajnji,*d, "��,ou}d destrpy insects
of- aif descriptions, oji fruit t(i*ees,
Vie mode of treating the-trees being
by inoculation. They simply bored a
W. N. Draper,
R.OOH1 ^..KtlasdiBlocl^.. Nesx We9t!H4>H*t.
Ha Ma Rich
Notary Public,
Ladner* B. C.
Manufacturers of aU fejb&ds of Ftrat-Olasa
Rough and Diese-ed Lumber*
We can dl^fcyer to .��ny point on the Ratt��
rroad in DeltaN
Purytiaslng. Agent
, Brackman-Ker Milling Co.
Keery,  cutting trees C.  M.  road
war,d 5, $.y, S.  A.  Qor.don,   work
Slacbie spit road waj,d 5, $1.25; W-
A. Thompson, cutting trees Quible
stnall bote:ij),ths.trunk of t,he tree, I ^ Ar,chib��ki roads, ward 2 $9; G.! 	
placed the powder i�� the. bote, plug-: B. Tregunua, do, .Scoob road ward 2.!'n��w  Croo   Now |n  stock
ged it up with a piece of green ti tn-: |4. T. Bcothroyd, do McLellan road |
ber frotn the tree,, and coated the ward 4, 75c;  F.  Kleiu, '4fi. Borg-J    H01VS1? GRO.WN a,nd jmi^rtcxli
wotipd.Qxer \t*itb,gating w^?c. At strom r.oajl wajd 3 $.1.50; J. A. Mc- GARDEN, FIELD AND.
1jhei4m**_tb*i^.menw.^-eintrQdueing Qallum,, bdl CQinnu>sipn 1:904, $4...-* SLOWER SEEDS
t,heir remedy men.in, all p*g:ts of the1 gr, '  1 Wb^esale a,nd Rettail.
country*  includin-j  professor.-;   of j    Coun.ci.Uben adjourned to n^jisl*c^p^^
borticultute, condemned the idea of ^gaju o,u Satusday, Majcb. AiJ-tlj, at|    Thouands ofFrnit and Qruamentr-
^radicatiug. niseis lti this manner.. I2 0>tloi;k ao0a, and a public meet-' al Trees"
Our Prase Is Right. Wn Can Suva You Monoye
Crop tt)s a I.**, Our Agent WIN GnH o* You
Now it tur.ns^"but that the remedy is
proving* g^pud, success jn Skagit,
ing is,called to, meet at 2 o'olocki RHC*)0iii>EN��RONS,      ROSES,
p. m. on the same, date to d��uss[    GREENHOUSE AN.5>, HARDY
(jounty.   A.^omine^.truit grower, ithe''Chjlbwack. Tram. PQWe.r and'    ?^^TS��       ..
Residing at.Burlington���>y tbft uanie Light By-Law." inow 8*��w.*#$ in ��y  Niw(se-*iit*;*s for
of  J.  Ls. H,utqliison,  infornis the| ���  | Sprb^-ylauti^g..
Post   Intelligencer   cotresco��dent! ' i. Eastern prices or le��s. Whi*te Labor.
Geo.  1*4. TiwiiStK'of tb<s Hatel-'
met;.-Lumber Co., "��a,s.iu townyes--
Intelligencer correspondent,
that already tbft gr,esn, aphi^. aije
beginping tf> appear, on his trees,,
bptafewd?ys after, hashing out' terday> o��,bjjjiiness.
tbey die and drop oft the trees, as, ������tg���a    .      1      ������ ������ ,1
he "dosed!" a fe.w. of his trees to try
the remedy, and be firmly believes-,! FaS'ttfOfl,    Stab-ISS
that this idea'of treating trees for:
bisects is, a success.   A, l.wuber of,
orchardists.near Bay View also used.i
the renjedy in their trees,, and they,
qlaiin t,o dig ouj: bojh bear.t, and,
bark borers kijled by the. mtjdicine.'
inoculated intQ, tlie, trunk*-* of. the.
trees.    If this remedy is a, success,   VMtnAm AleX&��aet3m9M*
as some have testified to,, the fruit!     *r**w' a���***********1****!**
��� growers of this country owe a. debt |
pf gratitijcle "t,o the iiivenfors,   who
ijeside ip Moupt Verupp.
[Was it.sulphur,?���Ed.]
TlftfiW^g; -J*** Dtio*>-ing..
L:j-><er>- work of i^Ji. kijidj* at-
���RJltdfid. to i^ntjtly..
M. J. HENRY, V^wcouver
3010 Westminster ,Roa-A
Manure Spreaders &
Mollne Plows
t?ke tlie lead eve?yvnbere,
?dso onr   ..   ..   ..   ..   .,   *
Chatham incubator* ei
GEO. M* THRIFTa Manager.
Clothes Altered, Cleaned and Repaired.
Purcels left (it W. 1.. McBride'. -store and A. Walker's tiiul the IX'lta Times oflice will be called
for on ?4 -V"l��y W*t re'iViwe'l on Si>t,njday.
Watch lor Our
Intxprpo^cd 1H69,
I-itdnef. B. C.
-.-.'-.   ���'. .j. "Ji .-_ 5;V7V.KR&,  VS
.M^D^fSA^D-CiARK.h;      | Well^igtQ^ Cqal^
A very, putty, i^dding.tipok pi^qe j R,os^fea.nfe Limev
at tb? resi^nf e of tbp bridegropm Forttand Cement *
A Qsnsyal B^iafci]^ B^aines^ T-caiS^a^t^.^
911 Foqrl-th Adeline-^ S,3P. o\clock
hist evening, '^.hen 5*ey. Scbljchtpr
ignited ip th^i bonds *s>t tnala-imony
IJasil.S. Mptj^alfl, agsis^t pi-inci-J
pal of the -1qc4j[ scbppL and Mis$,;
Ijlprgarite, Clay-te*.   Qpl�� members.^ Steao* Tug  ^Ftyer^' a#$.
^nw^hy Coal,
s^evser, ?ipe,, Drao^ TiSte^
of families o'f ^^.^-.ltriftcting parties,
i}i.d the;, tnet^b^rs, of the school;
teaching s^aft* wi(h %iew immft*&ate
friends  vfnifi ji^ut.**���Ladysmith
W^ MW> 4*'
lajqges tor IJir%,,
Ov��ici7, Fron. St.        ^HrONE 1-6*
Sa%tings Department*
De#*3sita oi $\ 9m}t upwards received* and latex*
est Allowed aft Highest Qvti?rent Rates..
���~50 BRANCHES.���.���
East End. Grand F-osks, Nanaiujo, NelSP"., Rossland*, Victor^ Qhilli-
���tyack, L,*V^.n**r> Cumberland.
Change ol Ad*
Next Week*
K, K, WRIGHT. Manager,
M tRi i!
^��etgaiiii���ii . \\5&3s>*8-nrTrnr***i"Tiiiipiiiiiiii|iii*ff,*M*BpMf^^ *?*%,
Mmmamef      Sir-.; ft   9
jSt lil'ii:ni(ii|�� the lluuuT.-ts Iteivvir^cs Qf
��   The Richest  Province in the British  Empire.
p iu coal u'!, ;nj.*i t'tubtf; its fisheFic-, un ae_ij take ai|d Hv��Pi iUuiii^ort.. flud^riciift-ira.
f? r-st'iir'*.".-.; Its tciti*.*�� ami l(l*V"H; it-t Nvetyfaks ?-i��! nuinnUin s.viut\ 't .���-.;-.*. ji.t.ly tUU-Ht-^tilig
jj|   ii *. great mining dcvelopM-Wit. with vk-w.*, of .ill tf\: pnudp^l min*.-*., mill i. -j tiaUjt^H, eft*.
I Sent Po4 Free on receipt of Pride, $1-00.
.     Address JameS Lawler, Rossland1, B1, C
ih.- Larffeftt Advertiser in >'<ui for ItritUh Collin 1>|.l m.i.1 author of "Millions Mi'lc in
Mine.'' "Press Clippings ami Valuable Information," "\ Rifr. iu Qloud*)," "I'or H, Hi'
'ir., (tc.
Holy Communion, ist and 3rd |
.Sundays, ait 11 a.m- Other Sun-|
��� lays at .S.3Q a.m.
Morning prayer, 11 h.iij.
Evensong, 7,30 p.m.
Sunday School nl tu a.iu,, Friday
evening, Litany and choir practice.
Rev, Canon Hilton, vicar,.
Boot Buy .1,2 ������
B. C,  CANADA, AT   \
tQ cents. j
Graatesi ���?*��>/,���/
Discovery   of  the
Age is i^-,) B.C
Big <*% >
Consolidated Gold Minos, Limited.
Capital $625,000, of which 35 per. cent in shares
U now in our Treasury,    Shares fully
paid and non-assessable*
Mines difcot-y west of the I.eRo: nud I.v
Roi Jlo. 3, War tfagle and Centre sidr. lour
uf thc largest jjoid-coppcr minis in the
world, aU of which have paid l.arge cli-vl-
.^sine identical ore and veins now tn si^lii
oil the BIC. VOUK,   I.��rje tire hollies,
Assays (ram J.s to 58*} in. pild, Q..;>pi i . sil-
vel.etc. Very rk-Ji dt*|>luy as now on ,"���
liibition in the city ok cxhtUit, ciui ,1',.. \vid<
We have nearly tivo utiles, of rail, .von
Big Four property'* with water and tini ten' i U
Koasland ore shipments for >o>2, 359,0:0
tons, Stti]i,ppcd for 1903, about 4lo,u(>o toni.
1904, about ^os>,oj�� tons. Total value of Kossland ores milled, $31 000,000.
Rostand's nu- bodies ur- 11 -
.villi His- c,,ui'cn*r.,t'.i.,i system -��� atv icduc-
il'in. .-;.������- ore iioif psy.�� fc mine 1- now
proved by Mh- luiest report.-- and dividends.
No: less'than ibo shares-ltnld. Shares can
hs- 'rul on installment plan, payments
iiio.iiulj T,\s.iii. 1'.i' tcut .'..--���. balance
within :i year.
Contivn'.y has iitnlfs ,ts or liuliiliiii--, anil a
.ill 11 ic, ���..!' nien nrtW .vorkiiig,
Kewnc-S.���The 11 >n- Mayor, Guld l2oin-
thissioher, postmu^ttr, or ifny bank or business litnti iu cily.
I'll, iv i, a tide in llic alfiirs .,1 men
Whicli taken ai llic Hood, leads on l�� iurtuuc:
Omitted, ail Ihe ravage of thcirlifl-
I.s IksiiikI ia sliallovv.iand iu .ui.-uriei.
1 .\1 iill'LlC
Reverend PatherEdm. Peytaviti,
OiM. f, Services lirst .md third
Sundav of each month nt i< 130 ;i tn.
:,i.i;-|-| Mn'1ST.
Sendees next Lord's Dayai 3 p. 11:
Class meeting, 10,30 a.m. every
Sabbath School  at 2 p in   every
Sunday.      Prayer   meetinj;   every
Thursday evening at jS.
Rev. A. N. Miller, uastor.
st. a.vukicw s rr<KSiivTi;ia.\.\*
Services next Lord's Day al 11
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 2 p m Midweek uieeLiiiy. en Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock
Pastor P.H. McKweu will preach !
Mt 7:3c p.">���    Subject,   "A Secure]
be rendered;
Going lor Chamberlain's Cslic,
Cholera ni Diarrhoea
Don't put yourself in this man's place,
but keep a bottle of this remedy in yoni
home. There is nothing so good foi
Doliu, Cholera Morbus, Dysentery and
Diarrhoea. It is equally valuable foi
.uinmer Complaint and Cholera Infantum and haa saved the lives of more
children than any other medicine in use.
When reduced with water and sweetened it is pleasant to take.
Yon, or some one of your family, art
���ure to need this remedy sooner or later
and when thut time comes you will need
it badly; you will need it quickly. "Why
not buy it now and be prepared for sueb
Su emergency **    'rice, 85 cents.
Ac-cold ing tu The Commercial,
o: VVinuipcp, the visible supply of!
oats in the United States and Can-;
;i<In. east of the Rocky Mountains, j
i*. 16.72;,,coo bushels, compared j
with 10,213,000 bushels a year ago. I
Tradi: Marks
CoPvmaHTs Ac.
Auron* Kenning A sketch and detcrlntlon ma;
��� ��� -:. i; 1 t sworiiiiu our opinion frm whtthat an
I-atonTs taken' flirou��h Mmu'K'cVi.CstiV*
ictot lutlte, withoutobarae, laUe
ntvoiiiTni. Is prnl.sbljri
na strictly conildentl���. w	
11C froe, Oldest airencj forsacuruiitpat.nta.
  throURh Munn t Co. n
��� opinion mn wnatoar an
Special  niiihii.-  will
1 iir * ���-., iut ivv,  11. iiuui* vwnisvi m msw
Scientific Htnericatt*
PLBASB MOTE- Pl*jg~i *\T
15 Ots ���"*��" Sh9r��
Any Amount less than *100 send postofflce
or express money order* ovor this amount,
by bank draft to Secretary. '
1 nolii
(Ltd )   Rossland, B.C., Canada
Order Hlniika nusl our most co uprsh.-nsis-e i:nl complete Illustrated ProHijeotiw ahowinsr
all R0.nl.1ut minei and giving valuable t lfor natioi, Witli Map.i and Report) train Mining
Kngiueer.t, sent only to investors or those destriug to invest. Sent IVee an receipt of io
cents in stamps for postage.
For a Disordered Stomach.
"I have been troubled for some tirte
With indigestion and sour stomach,"
says Mrs. Sarah W. Curtis, of Lee.
llass,, "and have been- taking Chamberlain's Stomach nud Liver Tablets,
wliich have helped me very much, -.o
that now I can eat many things that
before I could not." If you have any
trouble with your stomach why not
take these T-iblets and get well? For
sate by I", /. Mackenzie.
\ luindHnmclr lllnxtratod wreMr. T.nrnest elr-
"il.-iUuil <>( inif tciclltlflO 1'iiirnal, Terms. S3 a
.-ir: f onr montuB, $L Sold brail newsilcalert..
.1UNN & Caa����B~��*-��-New York
Branch Office. 106 F Bt�� WaslilnHton. D. C.
Delta   Times
Printing ot ALL Hinds
Neatly Executed
Mortgage Sale.
Under and by virtue of the Power of Sale contained in a certain
mortgage, bearing -late the first.day
of March, 1899, and made between
Wilhelm Reinbard formerly of Ladner's Landing in the Province of
British Columbia and now ofthe
city of Vernon in said Province, of
the one part, and Howard B.
Kennard of Kelowna in said province, of the'other part, there will
be offered by private sale the following property:
All tbat certain parcel of land
known and described on the official
plan of the District of New
Westminster as lot number four
hundred and seventy-one (471),
Group number two (2) and said to
contain one hundred and sixty (160)
acres, situated at Laduer's Laud iug,
Sealed tenders will be received for
the purchase of such lands, by the
undersigned, up to and inclusive of
the 1 oth day of March, 1905.
Terms ��� Cash on acceptance of
For further particulars apply to
Messrs. Major and Pearson, New
Westminster, or the undersigned.
Vernon,   B.  C., Solicitor for   the
Dated February 7th, 1903.
Empire State variety tliere was a difference nf 165 bushels -kt acre. In
k,o_ thc vine^ ,\-erc sprayed [our
linles, on July lOtll, 22ud, 301I1. nnd
August i.jtli, thc formula used being
> lbs. bhiestone, 4 lbs. lime, 40 gallons water. While the Colorado
beetles were active i-ij-lii ounces, of
Paris green were added to each forty
gallons of the mixture. For Itrgt'
���in:is the expense for bhies't'one wottl i
be in the neighborhood of $0 per acre,
and the total expense probably not
more llian $.S or $<i. Kven at $10 per
acre the result of the above experiment for 1902 would show a profit of
$.���,-** per acre, potatoes selling at 40
cents   a  bushel.
These resulls should convince potato growers of the importance of
-.praying their potatoes ior the prevention of lili^hl anil rot. The Work
must be thoroughly done. Spraying
should be .begun by the middle of
July and the vines kept covered with
the mixture until Ihe close of the
I.t is generally recognized that some
varieties of potatoes have greater
power than others to resist this disease, and it is safer to cultivate only
varieties which are superior in this
respect. All diseased refuse from an
affected field should be burned. It
is also advisable to avoid using for
se.ed purposes potatoes from a diseased crop, even though the tubers
appear healthy.
"Ptipa," asked the little son of the
board of trade man, "are you a bull or
a bear?"
"I'm a hull jus', now."
"There! 1 told mamma she was mistaken when she- said you were an old
bear-, after you went away this morn-
n Ji."
p-.:      THE L(77:n��K.
General Maximo Gomea, trm Cu.-in, has)
frown a beard, which ha notrman ire tk*
ityle of Najiultnu ill.
'.icneinor Jaiiie* II. Bodd Of UsHforrtia,
Ao lcjup��r bear, so striking a rrwiil.lanca
iu George Uu Maurler. He htu had hU
becrd shaved oil'.
A l'rutesluiit monastery la to ba eractaC
by the Duke n( Newcastle, vrhu l& h *:tr��nn
ll it'll I'liiuvhinmi, at Kust MiirV.liutn, In
The Kev. H. A. Brown, the cli��;l��''0 of
the rough rid��re, will ist once resume lil*
duties as rector of the (Cplseopnl Church
ef the Advent iu PTescoit, Ai T.
Justice IMvid sT. lire,ver lias returned to
Washington niter a vaeutlou spent ou the
t_.rt-s ol Lake < 'haiupluln, six luller from
K railroad, uoatolliee or telegraph station.
Horace li. Hobart, who hus just retired
after tin years of service fnun liii position
M editor of Tiie Hallway Age, has beeu
connected with Cbiuago jouriiallsiu siuo*
Robert I'laiujuette, the composer et
"Kip Van Winkle" and "The Chimes ot
Normandy,'* has been wade a chevalier of
(lie Legion of Honor by the French presU
d nl.
Frederick Vi. Lincoln, the war mayor of
Boston, who died recently, was a desoeud-
ai.t ul Amos Lincoln, wui-ln-law of l'uul
Kevue aud ��� member of the fatuous "teej
Senator Thurston says that from tho
Mine he wns I'i years old Ida desire was to
become a tutted .States senator and lhat
now, his ambition haviiif, been gratified,
he will not be a candidate fur re-election.
Pundit J. 0. Chatterji, the high cast*
lirahiuau who hus arrived In New York,
has cast aside his "thread," the distinct
tive Hrahmauleal caste mark, to become *
theosophist and disciple of Annie Uesaut,
Lieutenant Colonel .Sir Henry Kdward
MeCall ti in, the new governor of Newfoundland, Is known for his project for the defense of .Singapore, which he carried out
ln IN7s, and the fortifications constructed
there lu 18t>5. In 1891 he acted as special
Commissioner in 1'aHang during the disturbances and Was officially thanked foe*
bis services.
Lord Aehburaham, tbe Kngllsh agent
of Dim Carlos, manages also the affairs of
the l'rincess Paluiologo, claimant to the
thrones of Greece and Turkey; l'rincess
Marie of Uuvaria, who contests that of
Maples; Princess Ludwig of Mat-aria, who
thinks herself entitled to that of Kngland,
and Queen Camln of .Saxony, who claims
the right to the crown of .Sweden.
We  Print   Anything   from
Wedding Stationery to
mam M
a Target*
Meets in the Public School, Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings at 8 o'clock.
'Twould Spoil This Story to Tell It in
the Headlines.
To use an eighteenth century
phrase, this is an ''o'er true tale."
Having happened in a small Virginia
town in the winter of 1902, is it a story
very much of thc present. Up to a
short time ago Mrs. John 17 Harmon,
of Melfa Station, Va��� had no personal
knowledge of the rare curative properties of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. "Last January," she says, "my
baby took a dreadful cold and at one
time I feared she would have pneumonia, but one of my neighbors told
mc how tins remedy had cured her
little boy and I began giving it to my
baby at once and it soon cured her.
I heartily thank the manufacturers ol
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for
placing so great a cure within my
reach. 1 cannot recommend it too
highly or say too much in its favor.
I hope all who read this will try it and
be convinced as I was." For sale by
V. J. Mackenzie.
Cedar Shakes, Fence Posts, Drain
Boards and Barn Posts.
Apply to
Alluvia (Mud Bay).
(Westminster Branch)
Time Table
Cars leave Westminster (or Vancouver *' WW
and &50 a.m. and hourly thereafter until 11 p.
111.; Saturdays Snd Sundays at 11 p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminsters ht 5,50
and 6.50 a. m. ana hourly thereafter until 10 p.
ni.; Saturdays aud Sundays at 11 p.in,
We rnn tirst.class freight cars between Westminster and Vancouver and all shipments are
handled with the utmost care ami delivered to
consignee without delay, tipeoinl attention paid
to flrntt shipments. Our wagons meet all bouts
and trains,   For rates, etc. apply to
p  A. SHII.ES, F. R. GLOVER1 ���
Traffic Mgr, Local Mgr.
Westminster, a. C
Steel nnd ninluchite afford a new combination .or buckles.
] Hack enamel And gold nre used to secure striking and original effects in a new
line of brooches.
EurriiiKs thus (ar made by a Jeweler
whose patrons are of the most exclusive
sort consist mostly ot single pearls and
Colt score books nre dainty things as
lately mude in Russia leather, with un ornament of crossed golf sticks in gold or
silver upon the cover.
Gun metal grows in popularity, An oh-
ject attracting much admiration In a
Broadway (Xew York) window is a chnte--
lalne with watch, bonbon 11 iore and half
a. dozen other trinkets in this metal.
Arrets are a noticeable feature In the
full Mock of the best establishments, and
a new point about them is that the largest
stones ore frequently mounted highest,
reversing the usual order of large stone*
below und small ones above.
The "American pit*" promises to lie a*
successful ln jewelry as iu war. PigKjr
has figured for some time as a popular
eharm, but now various other ornaments
are taking on porcine outlines. Pig
brooches, bangles, stickpins, paperweights,
etc., seen, destined to be a fad.s���Jeweleiy'
Cream face powder should always be
nsed by brunettes, white nnd pink arc only
Suitable fur (air people.���New York .'rib.
A little borax sprinkled on a cloth and
rubbed lightly on the face Is a good remedy for blackheads. Cure should be taken
to rub lightly or It will make tbe skin
Too much oan cannot be taken to get
the snap tbat suits the skin, and, when It
is found, to use no other. A dry skin requires an entirely different kind of soap
from that used (or tho oily skin,
The ure of anything that tends to dry
the skin should be avoided, such a* bay
rum, alcohol, camphor nnd ammonia. If
used In great moderation, tbey are aU
food, but they will ruin the best of skins
If used lavishly.
A mixture of one ounce of hydrate ei
ohloral and one pint of water is said to be
useful ln preventing the unpleasant effects
of profuse perspiration. A soft linen clotb
should be used in applying the mixture,
���nd it should be allowed to dry on th*
In an ideal rovcrifiR,  either  for new
building., or Improving old ones.
Conskler its fine appearance ^ Its
snU-mlid enduring qualities���and slight
expense���and.decide to serve your oimi
best interests by using it.
Fullest details of information ill our
WholMala Manufaatwrara,
ROBT. MAY. Agent,
Surprise Party.
A jolly rarty gathered at tin
home of Jas. Nelson, on Tuesday
last, when a pleasant time was
spent by all present. Games and
dancing were kept up with spirit
until tha early morning hours. Th��
following were among those preseut-;
Mrs, Hume, ehaperoiie.
Misses Whitworth (2); B. Welsh,
R. McDonald, A. Smith, M. Man-
Messrs. B. Harris, W. H. WiU
son, W. Siddall, P. Mater, G.
I Mill's, C Baker, G. Frederick, M.
! McCoiinell, W. Cressard, N. Monk-
man, F. Guichon, T. Harris, C.
Arthur, F. Arthur, L. Kerfoot, W.
Dixon, F. Sutherby, G. Kelly, I,
liUs-it*.   I).   Kiiiie,   T-   OJivtr,   J*
Mrs. \y\. E.Qurtss returned liomt
on Wednesday last
W. sfVbisry,  ss..  of East
;was in town yeete/day.
Miss Dora Co,>k returned hotre
yesterday Irotp Vancouver.
Mrs. F^itou twidtywent an operation on Monday last, aj Jubilee
Paul S-SRenspn joined tlie happy
t*.aiid of, sailer % on Monday \jist. It
if a daiig^terj.
N. A.. MpsQjprmid, paid Vaiicpft-.
v.r a visit, this, v.^ek,.
Miss  Qs^how*   r*>Wned,
yesterday from Victoria,.
Rev. -ft. H.. M*��Ewe* "W*J
arrived opwn xesttsijday*
Dr. KewdalJ and wife asrrivedi yesterday and are* gups***8, <$' '&** ***
Mrs. VXwdley-..
FrieiH>p of Miss, K.irjyand vjall.
ijegret to-, Ipaso 0I14 sll**- ���* !*�������* ��P
with la grippe.
The-search, of fcsglasd sei-yipe.
911 Suuday evenings, basbpeu alter-
t;tl frtjru,7. o'clock to 7:30,
W. K. Klliis braves tc_rd��v fbf
Victoria. _9st hj& neport Mu-*s.. Eihs
was doing-, y^fr.
The nustuber of thankful hearts
fpr thi s; week are as foj-ows;. Mrss
Wm. Leary, js>, W��jk. Btgb.,
We, T. W. Foster and Jas.. ]#<-> ji
Callan, having pu^cl>;��sed and takaj*,*1,
over the butcher b)4sitf��ftfiSi %ud |!
'wharves, of McKee -foots..,, beg to.|
|annoijtncjs that it is' th��s intention of
the new firm to h%ndle_ aPt-hiVig. tWt
the choicest meate,, %ud by stv��Qt at-
jtention t��>, btjrsiiit,ss, %nd a prompt
���delivery,-service w% hope t}o,is��*-i-t a
'large sli^e of. t&e b%sines*. of the
Xow& Hij.ly^
Ladnw, B. C.
Misse&iji. -Mid M. Tickle r*e.uru-     M*-- T* McNeeliy retursed home.
*}d home, on Wednesday, from a!'**��� SaVwday Ippt, after speadipg w*
short visit to the Terminal City.
Rev. A* V*
Duncans, \fi\\
fiorrow-w St*. Ajjd^en-si'-iiQljijsijch.
R. Whj*-y��^��v of
^reaRsj, aa*i|J   to-
extended visit to CaHfowia.
D. McGregor retar-ts-tid* Wine 011
Monday alt^r sjiesdji-y, 1 week 011
business to Ednjojids.tyiti sSfta,tt,le.
Special L>sntea, s^svicea art**, btvjig
\tk\ iu Aft Saints, on Wedtn^sdays
��tid ^nd^s,;. ^^^fsdavs at. 3:45
ijii the a{t'_*novi* aifd- Fridays at
7.30 p.m.
Wiss Vera Glllanders returned,
yesteiiday, after spending a few-days
with l^ ^r4��dmother at Cbiilir
Mrs, and Miss McDonald,, of*
���Cloverdale, retur-n home, to-da.yv
after spending a, Icak weefes \isiVit*��
aXT..^. KeW:*s,
Ww, J. Tw&fc, e*�� Vu^coiaiV'Hk
lpcal msyiagei. of tb.e- X^u>ti*jal) Life
af Cujiada, puaiii ipelija a shoat busi*.
ijess visit this, week..
The. aitiptiOQ, sale of dairy   stoijk
conducted ty H. N. Riqlj, at the
faim of G.H-.By?om,. o* Thtjfs-
day, 9th ii st.., was a great suc^bs..
Ta the Public,
For Sale*
A *"iu3..��e*" of FJ-ue,. PiMebrecl
White Wy*udottes aud Buff Qr-
pitjgV*. Os-ck-erels. fo**} .noting..
H, T, KiR.^LANlV
l*>ijve   C-alvea.  strayed   onto   my
pro^prty aibput No,ven},bev test.
Owiw*$- maot te*ve  s^'no by proving property ai*d paying ex^>eiis��s.
NftKSu H- i\. TAY-LOR.
fc^diw, B*C, Fttb. 15, 1905.
2*2 Acres at
Pasture Land
Cm Wedsesdaiv,. tHe- 2>5th i%*i..A at
' M tjifil Ijity, a s&f#\ Boom of Logs\
I    Fojr fun her particubit�� wjly to
'���p. NfeoLieH,
I Port Guichon.
MR. H, N.. sMQW hv received
instructions frw�� the Delta Agricultural Society
To L*�� bv Auction^
on thtj premises, on Fridays ^trstf.
Mvch. S9P$ at 2>3�� o'cloplfc the.-i
24 acwjs of la.nd owned by th* So-
cietv, ijor obj�� ye^,. fevm Ap*# ist,.
Condition^ at tht> tiiae of Sale.
Terms.cash on t>V fsjil of hammer.
Fresh %&$ Salt, Fi^h at MeiBlDE^S Daily--
Oolaohans, Satoaon, Ood% S^but^ Mackerel,,
Herrir^ aad;
Ftesh Finnan Caddie a��d
Stftoked Salifioo.
Phone Us.
Qr4er ft<?.m tl\% Wagon or Oa_l, Your Or*
(i^rt? afeall hai\j% Ow P rmpt Attention*.
Phon-e 5.
lV)rt Guichon*
H-***HJ****'^**i��r*l*"*��--.- -**������ i
Horse Goods!
Onij  ll-a^ifsss aud  lfr-jiKt,' Hii^uisliingK
Mitive Iouk proyed rel^alik-, ami tltey nre i
I htM*!* uiv), o��ly (joradyi*! ijfjjk \s.eat. Jf
. (j^P/VJ^tlNU A Sl?.s3SrA.L,TY.
LAWK**. B..C
M3s!JSiSES. M^ESl. BROa* having sold,
out their butcher business, "W-tiaxf and;
"warehouses, wish to express* their
thaafcs t�� their uxany customers who
have favored: thejn with th%ir patron*
age and -solicit % Qoc.jt.f��.uaiX6e of the
same, to th<_*$r successor
! **��**{s'��;��'-^^^
Rr. Hj. Gillespie and fapiiliy, losu^
^rly o{ Lfadnejr, ha\*e njPV^d trom
Whatcom to Seatjl%, Waih.* wkfMje
Mi;. Qjlles^iR. is tyj^aged   iu  the via Sockeye Limijtedk
(jigat ajadjc ntjy t-t^ad^.
W. A* Kirkland, H. J. Hutcher-
son, W. J. Lanning and A. Clausen
paid a visit to the Nicomekl 0%
Thursday to tes^t^e sportive ^jlii*-
kie.s of the* spewed ^sJties..
Hauvey C%e.ech a,**^ ^ijf^ spent
S^naay last, vi-sij.hig isi-endss in
Ya��p^ve% rtjtu^ug ou Monday,
John Fsaser, lat^. of Westham Isr
lpnd bnt now of Kensington, is
^usy tMidj.rdi|air4pgi. M%. Frasen
%as conpijjRrqblfi hfi%vy- \yoijk to do>
ere he *&& *1. $\ w#cr cultiy#ij��i.
W. H. Smith awr J. Gilchrist
t>Xent toi Vancouver, on Tuesday
last, as rep*esei),tatj-vi-��s* vit Dt?lta
Lodge. l**;o. ^,, ^...^U.W., to th*%
Ifrovinci^ G^nd \<$%ts> of. % Q.,
iu ses$if->�� s^pr-,%
H. Jf -jLnfk'tnnd has about completed' a. ��ew bridge a^noss. the
^lpugh, alongside the oljj, c��e... The
grade of the new, as oomp^-ed with
t^hat of the 0$$, ip. at5foa^ iioiprove-
ipeut. %>. this, part of the disfosict.
Delta Farmed ljnstit^t^. meciiiig
will; Uf hej& 04, Tuesday tjmeijjpg,
Mat��h ��_&t, in $1$ Town Sail,
Ladner, at S o'ql-jpk;., Tbis is the
next day aft��r the fuH moon and,
wifh au excellent programme provided, a good cipwd i,s expected
to turq, 01^ It. wilj bt�� vj;^ \Korjth
y,our while.,
W. J. Brandritli left, on Tuesday-
last, for Langley, where he was to
giye (jR^jo��stitfttions in connection
with tthe Horticultural Society.
��� Hty ^qi^s&t t^s. Miliar (^oi^u.cjted
l-thf? ipeetHj^ ot the* Lotvuij ^egioii \
iff. the school yest<"-*rda.y. %fter-
npoiiv Add^essea wane. give��. by
Mub. M^ter a,nd Mji Harrison and
%rt.t|fJraig bj* Leila Kirkland.
Asocial eyeniu^; wiilfc be. g.^ven by
the iadies' Aid of Vhs**. M^tljisjdisl,
(Jhiifch in Ithfi. Oddfellows'" Harl* on
TuestJpy euening nsxt. A very
cordj^l iB*yi$ation is extended to the
members of t^bte. co*i]i_>re^atic_n a��fd
^heijti friend?.
Nfe-Kc-e BtsOs. have gone. 014& of
the butdfei; badness,, whjch has.
beeu ts^oii oyer by. T-. W,'- poster
and" J'stsS. IffcCailaijv. Ifot; coijyenv*
Slice in winding np th& aifaifs iij,
connection with theifrlate business,
Messrs. MR-lf^. have .ent^d the
s^ore fo^ejiiy O0fi.i|J)i|ed b�� A.,
Ql��uss\��, ig, tij* Stait^o** blocks;..
^DliTOJs. Delija Tm*E��-;
S^���It afforded me pteastire to
receive am editios,of your paper and
5 atp gratified to*.see the. progtesss
stiOdi prosperity of Delta. In the xear
I1887-I yisittijdi Victoria, and then
Lad|uer-'-<Lai#.ii*g asijb waSitthe^call.
��)d. A beautify stretqli of land" on the.
banks of tihe FijG.ser. The sajipion
caiijiory wa.Ss the principal b>i#ditt?g
ei ipdustiiy and a prel-ty sights to, see
the.vi-ojik in operatio��i on, Hhft ^ver
aiirJt withiin the cannery. Mr,. WiB-
ianji Ladner, tho first settlsir, \yas,tb.t
posthaste*. ^ waj), of stejri>ng
worth, broadtniuded, euieiig-eJ^c^ ��p>
right, kind and courteous, \\(��> w^U
ftkited to become the fonnder, seeing
wii^wi,t^his clear perception the
noBsipjlki^s of a gr,t$at future. He
toplft % liveSy is*i^esres_. i* ^J). gmblic
What's Saved
CoiistitmH* * large pari" ot w-fet is et*irtted in this agt
ef progress Yott (jau't be too, cai-eful o{ the pennies.
Realizing tttis aii-i making a sttrong Vid fas* yw trur.%.
We have onr goo<|$. fltajtrked, at the )ow*est possible pric*
Onr values cannot be beaten* We. iftvite yew- inspet?-
Bed   Room    FURNITURE^Suitesffom$t$..ooup
Dicing Room FURNITURE��� ��
Parlor FURNITUR.B���
Hall FURNITIJR1��� " *
ea?p^stsx liiftolewt-W.;. OilclotX Ma^i^s, Avuiugs, Pic
Itift^ fra-iiiiiin^,. <&<t>* &C.
Y��j���� will be yfe&sxA vcitife ��ttythittg in o\\r line and|
can &ay*%> tim^ money- atftd ttK^ltislte fey coming- -iirect l*ei*e aud |
making yo\\r j^rchaseSi.
your attention ist
called to a spe>
\*ial sal�� of Qo, Qwt% at a re*
duced prfce,
The9e are last yea^s patterns of
the eeJ|eA*rated WHITNBV mako
and we bave only a few WI.
If interested write tot iHwstra->
.ions' %nid p-ricesi a��d yo�� will b��>
iRore Lian please^,
Wtikr Bros*, victoria, B* c*
������arty gi na WW��� WWwww untmmerr***mamem0fmaiTemmn*m*'mim*&-r*mm?' fmaWsnjmnmnnmwnnm
m hi m id 11.
Lee's tnrnitnre Emporium,
Ne\.r Wesst^ftinster B. C,
let Urn Talk It Over,
.A.S I l^ve oi|Jy happy recollec-
,tio��piof days s*gt!i>*t at Laflno*'s, yo��
cau, ^pr��j<��at�� ��y mv*&. i��'i*8
welfare and, stoess.,
Wc- take, great pleasure i*^ an
qoancing thfrecssj^t oi tvt;o hand-!'
some- worU ot th��. ptsifllefs*- asjt in L    Apple^ ipt cooking 5^ ^^ ^
Reform of m iftHjatratpd calRndar^ ^ thft ^^kiTy_
^epr^a��*otii)__th^loiig (Jj^nct?. Ijnes
��nd! coaii-scWW? ��?/ th��v9l. (5. "flelR
shone- Co,^ -Wij, -*�� �� ^-^e Wd
^andsomdy illustrated catalogs of
Ptire. Wbite Qlpyej. ��|on��y in caps
a��4; strajupd- ^ tbr-j. Qifry- ?tal{e5f*
SEEP&. 99mm S*e4s, o^ a*
Write*BW.''*^^^* busu,ess -"l k#n<J&.to b^-bad at McBride's. No**
i Ha\�� yc,% yevung man (ty* young vy-wnttn,, ��$ver given the
future- any G^s-it^ration? Are yoM eonlenit tto. drift alwag as
you are witl**, a superficial puUic schoo) e^t^tsOA wfosk dws
not- prepave you !��> tw.r��i��g yo��r living-;.
There are openings for y<sung- *m$ i*, nfo& business world
as stenograohei?��. ejf %k-rk!s.. Wome*n aje- ^igibje fer the same
positio^^w^attjoxtldyoudo in sucljia ^itao��> Are you a good
peu-tfaan? Are y-w* rapid and aconx*ate at figures Ca��youuse
the typewriter so a&V) wri^e 40 wtBjrds j*r minute? Can you do
�����eft the ntaifty thilftgs ^feut are recunir^to bedoi_& iuk tlft-e busi-
ne|g,off.ice�� of large titti-sslf
Unk^-jkyou have taken a course in thc abnove yon are-nu**.
prtip.aiied f^r office wojrk except in a sf_\all ���'iUage. We can
prepare yon for a good po*i'tion-���a position lhat vcill in a few
Hftt-tmths i^y for your- investment. Soijje of ottf- llady graduates ase- wtfttiiig -$4t> a mouth audi over.
Miss W. K. Smith receives 40 per /nont^ fiftauj the
Hastings .Shiugle Manufteturing Co., a.a stenographer** Miss
Menzie starts for ihc Yorkshire Guarantee and Securities
Corporation at ��45. Several are working Ior ths C, ?. R.
!at. $J0 per month and upward.
If youvcoraft Itft txa and work hard. If you want further
���|*oof of \1�� way ^^ statigi to positiio^, *��ftte. w *.ud we, will
��Qud you ffeore "names.
Bnt don't put o$ Ev*��j' incpth y<m -Way mean* aa*
^awwtlx's salary lost Tbe sooner yj��iV guarA**att? t^ scow*
y^ia aie i% a position.
At nojjftinal costx private individuals or busines;*
, men can put their important papers, and valuabAea iu a
I secure and convenient place.
This is a baon ta those who do, not possess a safe,,
|an*J to families travelling,
The-sfc boxes are aoeessiWe during aU businesiS ho.ur%
to t-U*s renter, who hold-* the key,
RATSS*  $1.59 p/er year.
Westminster Trust & Safe Deposit Co., Umitcd.j
Authorijsed Capital�� $^5,000*
F. J. HART & CO.,
N��w Westminster, B. C.
Just Received'
k Largft Qteckof Buggies,
Plows, Boot Cutters,
Hay Gutters, Ensilage
.  Cutters, Et����� at
Q.   T\   BAKER'S New sWnym^-
is. yoyi; tynp,.,
ir4l9 HaatJngs Street^    -.    -.   -    Opposite Provbee Office*
B, H, ELUOTT^ Puncipal,
Andrew Clausen,
stadkea' Ch^telaiAe Watohes from $5 up.
I^iea' C^ol^ Watohea from $15 up.
Out Qfaim, aflsverware ��a4 ail kuvis of Jew*
Jeweller, Etc., Etc.


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