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The Delta Times Feb 3, 1906

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r*.   **'"
Vol. 3. No. 22.
C, SATURDAY. F   BRUARY 3;. lOftf.
Glassware *
Begardless of Cost, we will clear out all odd lines. Lines put on
the Bargain Table must go. They will be sold at a reductioa of from 25
per cent, to 50 to 60 per cent. We do not intend taking stock of odd
We also offer
Dinner sets
About 95 pieces  to set, regular
price $13.50 and $14.60
Sale price $10
12 Tea
piece sets,
$6.00 Sets, sale price $4.50.   $5.50 Sets, sale price $4.00
$5.50 Sets, sale price $4.00.
SO Chatnher sets
$2.25 Sets, sate price 1.65.
$3.25 Sets, sale price 2.50
While Tliey lost
East Delta Mutual  Improvement
The  regular   meeting   of"   Delta
Council Chamber on Wednesday
last, with the Reeve, W. H. Ladner. in the chair, and Councillors
Gibbie, Davie, Paterson, Huff an^
Embree present.
Minutes ol the previous meeting
were adopted as read.
A  communication   wa.s  received
Association has obtained the use of Municipal Council was  held in the
the old school building and. having
furnished it with seats, beating and
light; have now a most comfortable
assembly room.
East Delta Mutual Improvement
Association held their weekly meeting in Assembly Hall on Wednesday evening last, with the president, Rev. A. McAuley, in the
After the routine business had
been disposed of, the question, "Is
Country Life More Advantageous
Than City," was debated. Messrs.
J Melntyre and Chris Erown with
Miss Kitison took the affirmative,
while Messrs. Gordon Honeyman
and R. E. Kittson with Miss Ethel
Heard took the negative. Kevs.
Mr. McAuley aud Mr. Owen and
W. Smillie were the.judges and declared the affirmative side victors
by 74 points as against 62 made by
the negative side.
There was a large turnout of
members and their friends to hear
this ��� debate and much interest
shown. The argument on both
sides was excellent.
The subject for next meeting will
be an essay on Sir Walter Scott by
J. Mclntvre, with criticism by the
members and reply by the essayist.
(Prom tDiiT Owm  Cft-upo-den-)
Victoria, Feb. 1���-Very little
work ha*, been transacted in the
Legislature since toy'last,
The Dewdney Relief Bill occupied the attent.cn ol tthe House
dining the entire sitting on Monday, the opposition "making a hot
fight against the Bill and demanding more'iiformaton before passing.
On  Tuesday, aa interesting de-
The past-two daj's'bave'been spent
in r.iar-king time, except for a little
work in.the Private Bills -.and Municipal Committees.
from John Oliver, M.P.P., re the:ba.e took place on tbe Timber Bill,
River road, saying the Govern-, the committee rising and reporting
ment Road Superintendent claims j progress, agaeast -the wish of the
the road to be complete.
The discussion which followed
was the means of introducing a
deputation from East Delta, composed of R. E. Kittson, Robt. McKee and John Honeyman.
The above deputation wished to
find out whether, by the Council
taking over the road from the government they would not relieve the
property owners assessed for
building and maintaining the dyke
as a. dyke, and throw th. whole
responsibility of both on the
municipality at hrge. The
Easi Delta having a dyking syrtem
cf their own, claimit would bo unjust to compel them, through the
general revenue, to contribute to
therebuilding of the river dyke iu
case of a washout. No objection is
raised  to  building  a   roa !   on the
The Band.
of ground belonging to -the
After passing the ��*courits, the
Council adjourned to meet again on
Wednesday, February 14th, at a
The meeting ot 'the Gulfe��e
School Trustees was held*Ja-flu*rjr
nth, 1906, in tbe -school house,
with D. Black in the chair..
 Klt-w.-sS decided that (100 be rais-
dyke providing the .present owners' ed to supplement the amount given
of the dyke are held .responsible fori by the government to pajr tbe
the cost of rebuilding  I he dyke in j tearker,   aud -$75  for current   e��-
Sale Prices Spot Cash.
Marshall  Smith
We hare to thank C. H. Richardson, of Annacis Island, as-a new
subscriber, but as to bis postscript,
���well, if the bonnet fits we have no
���objection to bim wearing it. Fol-
'OWMfg is the P.S.:
"P.S.���I think you had better
*apologize for .the -insinuations you
made in last <weekls (Jan. 20) editorial about tbe opposition candidate of Ward Five. If you know
-anything at all about what you
were writing you know that was
Cuaniberlaiu's Cough Remedy the
Mother's Favorite.
The soothing andhealing properties of this remedy, its pleasant.
taste and prompt and permanent
cures have made k a favorite with
people everywhere.It is especially
prized by mothers of small children,
for colds.cFoupand whooping cough,
as it always affords quick relief,
and as it contains no opium or
other harmful drug, it may be given
as confidently to a baby as to as
adult. For sale by F. J. MacKenzie.
Ftiends of W. 'Oliver will T��
pleased to learn that he it well on
���the road to recovery from his re-
sjcet-t severe illness.
A petition is in ciidilation around
Sunbury, for the installation of the
telephone. W. S. Whiteside and
R. H. Quaggan were a delegation
sent to Vancouver to interview H.
W. -Kent with the result that, provided seven phones are leased for a
year at $36 each, the company will
give the .necessary connection.
The terms are very reason -We and
no difficulty should be experienced
in obtaining -the necessary subscribers.
The annual meeting of the Delta
Agricultural Society will be held in
the Town Hall on Wednesday next
at 4. p.m., or immediately after the
-Creamery Company's meeting.
The annual meeting of the Delta
Creamery will be held in the Town
Hall, on Wednesday next, at 2 p.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
Cute* Colo*, Croup .nd Whoopias CoukU.
Once more the band is on its feet,
and hard al work under able instruction working up music both
new and old lo help enliven the
citizens of Ladner during the coming year, and, it is to be hoped, for
years to come.
New members are being enrolled,
old members -who have for some
time dropped out of harness are
joining again, and those who have
stayed with it are patting themselves ou the back for having done
Tbe new Bandmaster, Professor
Judges, is more than putting things
into shape, like "Fsither O'Flynu"
he is checking the crazy ones,
coaxing onaisy ones, and lilting the
lazy on with the stick." so well,
.in fact, is he doing that at the last
meeting he suggested that a Cinderella Dance be the first thing ou
the programmj under his instruction; this suggestion was promtly
met by the whole band, and Wednesday, the 2 ist February settled
on as being the date.
A beginners' class has been started aud all those who wish to join
and learn an instrument should
make themselves known to oue of
-the officers ol the Band, viz.: A. T.
Fawcett, Pres;W. H.Smith,Sec; F.
Laud, Leader or E. A. Bowu,
Librarian, who will furnish full
particulars as to beginners' lessons,
etc. Only one thing more is needed besides new members to make
the baud a success and a credit to
the .place, and that is the support
of the-residents of Ladntr and dis-j
trlct by attendance at dances -and j
entertainments gotten up by the'
.Band, its well as the moral support!
that a good word ou ilieir behalt
-will always give.
Lastly, it is thedesireof the Band
'that due thauks be tendered to all;
those who gave donations -towards
���the erection of the Band Stand,
where it is their intention to discourse sweet music as soon as the
weather will permit.
the case of a washout, while the
Council should only be responsible
for the re-making ol the road.
The Clerk was instructed to obtain legal advice from W. J. Taylor
on this matter.
J. Grauer requested  the Council
to continue the  ditch alongside the
Boundary Bay road, opposite Alex.
Davie's property, to the foot of the i
j hill along the front of his property,
1 under the  same  conditions s.s that
! completed last year, viz., he to pay
[one-half thc  cost of digging same.
I The request was granted.
F. Kirkland, of Westham Island,
requested that fender piles bs driven
at the wharf opposite his property.
Referred to Coun. Gibbie with
power to act.
The fotlowrag were appoint-**!
Trustees: A. H. M. Masoa, tar
-three years; A.. Read, .two years: EL
Black, one year, and J. A. Causes.
Tke greater Norris & Rowe -(__*-
cus, a purely western'.enterprise,
has the-record <jf making the molt
wonderful tour ever made by any
circus in the -world. Boring the
past season, three .countries were
visited, viz; the United States, Canada and  the Republic of Mexico.
During the forty-five weeks of
   travelling, the -show covered nearly
Considerable discussion tookplace I fifty thousand miles,   going  is fu
regarding connecting Westham Island with the mainland, wheu it
was decided to petition the government to build and maintain a ferry
at Canoe Pass.
The Temporary Loan By-law,
1906, was read a first time.
Tbe committees were re-appointed as follows:
Finance���Couns. Paterson, Embree and Davie.
Fire���Couns. Gibbie, Davie and
Road aud Dyking���Full board
On  motion, the  following  weie
north, south,-east and west as it is
possible to go. The show visit*!
the States of California, Oregon,
Washington, Idaho, Montana,
North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois,
Iowa, MissoTa, Kankas, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, etc. The-circus travelled the -.Canadian .Provinces tromSte.MaTieto Mentreal,iaU
of British Columbia and then visited
every state in the Republic of
Mexico. It was*.be first America.*.
Gircus,   Museum.   Menagerie  aad
     Hippodrome to visit tbat country,
appointed members of the Licensing I and the tour was a -remarkable
Board: The Reeve, Conns. Pater- L^ _a mtny respects. ��� It was At
son and Gibbie and R. E. Kittson,! once fun of picturesque incident
J.P , and H. J. Kirkland, J.P. I ^d immense business. The Gov-
On motion the following werejeruors 0t every State visited the
appointed as Fenceviewers : Thos. | Show. During the -nine -days **swy
in city  of Mexico,   President and
Don't forget the meeting on ..Saturday next.
Robertson, Wm. Pybus, D. Woods,
D. A. McKee and F. Kirkland.
The matter of good roads next
came under discussiou when, after
hearing from the different wards,
it was decided to call a public meeting of all,the ratepayers of the district, to be held in the Town Hsll,
on Saturday next, at 2 p.m., when
all the data on hand will oe produced for discussion.
The Reeve and Clerk were empowered to pay all certified accounts
when due. M~~
It was decided to interview the
Cemetery Commissioners with re
gard to the clearing ot another acre
Mrs. Diaz; Vice-President Raymoa
Carrol and family and tbe highest
officials of the Republic honored
the show br their presence. The
Greater Norris and Rowe Circu*.
will as usual visit this settvon early
next spring.
Hs McCormick is engaged, st
present, building a nice, neatPence
between the McCormick and Oddfellows', blocks.
Iiamberiain's Cough Items*
ntf-sCot-ssVCro(jn����- Wit.   '   .i��.-.M s
SvatOUM-OM, Sl.OO par year.
_JiTWLTliI_.�� KATW.
Cuul jU.wts.waaU, M casta pm Use (tot
-M faal taaartaa, ��ad 5 aaata par lime tm each
lulniim 1 k��_tis__m. T_a _��a>ber ol lines
mSmmi b�� HS apaaa ���ccupied, uUme-to the
���__��. tor Caauaarctal Ad��artfaata��_U aaa b.
hai m appliaattaa at *._*.�� aft Bt,
Eaadiag B��-m* i�� wti per Ua* for aaeh ln-
Mrl. aad Da*-- a0*4aw. jo-., Martia_ia��i.ao.
__�� rpaeial aotlae, tke abject ot which 1�� to
aranatt ��h�� aaeaaiary benefit of any lndividur
ar��-m|>KB*/,tabe cautidrrcd an advertUemeut
aad charged aat-rdsu-ly.
AU adTarUMBaaU charted Her aaHl ordered
���at aad aaid tor.
Cerraapond-aec Invited on matters ot public
ta tercet. Ceaim-nicationt to editor must be ac-
���aaalrt hy same of writer, not necessarily
far BahUostiea, bat aa eeideace of ��ood faith
���ermpaadascc asuet reach this oflice by Thurs
Qao. R. Mauley.
The Hog Mar. e,.
��A_t_����AY,   F��BRUA*Y   3,   I906.
It has been suggested that a public meeting be called to take up tbe
natter of glanders. Considerable
dissatisfaction is expressed regarding the Mallein Test as applied in
Vancouver, and it has been considered advisable to take this means of
protesting against its use here unless there are visible signs wbich
ffpuld justify the use ef tbe test.
To persons coming from rocky
and perilous seacoasts, it seems
Terr strange that so many precious
souls should be allowed to perish
without any attempt at rescue being
made by tha crews of those vessels
hovering near. Surely, when a
man, encumbered with a lifeline,
could live through the breakers, a
raft travel in safety through the
breakers with living beings on
them and finally deposit their
burdens iu safety, surely there is no
reasonable excuse for those vessels
standing by without sending their
boats through the smoother water,
in an attempt at rescue.
What did the rescur party ? Not
a single thing. They lowered no
boat, no life raft, no buoys and sent
uo rocket even. At least, we have
no record of their having done anything of the kind.
Where there was sufficient water
%o almost cover the Valencia, there
must have been ample water to
float safely the largest boats carried
by the "rescue" fleet, it not sufficient to carry a tug safely through.
Were tbe crews afraid to use the
"lifeboat! ?"
From the evidence gathered, we
see no reason why all were not
Don't fail to attend the public
meeting in the Town Hall on Saturday next at 2 p.m.
8tartling But True.
People the world over were hori-
fied on learning of the burning of a
Chicago theater in which nearly
SIX hundred people lost their lives,
yet mare than five times this number or over 3,000 people died from
pneumonia in Chicago during the
Same year, with scarcely a passing
notice. Every one of these cases
of pneumonia resulted from a cold
and could have been prevented by
the timely use of Chamberl-i 's
Cough Remedy. A great many
who had every reason to fear pneu
monia have warded it off by t'_a
prompt use of this remedy. The
following is an instance of this sort:
To* much cannot be said in favor ol"
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, and
especially for colds and influenza.
I kuow that it cured my daughter,
Laura; of a severe cold, and I believe saved her life when she was
threatened with pneumonia." W.D.
Wilcnx, Logan,, Ne.w Vork. Sold by
��. J,. MacKen?.:.
Investigations by the Live Stock
Branch ot the Dominion Department
of Agriculture into the alleged
shortage of hogs have shown hat i< r
some months past the supply o'
beacon hogs in Canada has beeu
falling off. Even before the order
was issued debarring packers from
importing United States hogs to be
slaughtered in bond, difficulty was
experienced by Canadian packers
in procuring sufficient hogs. Tbe
amount of the shortage '.nrins* the
summer and fall is indicated by the
fact that packers claim to have been
able to secure only from 30 to 50
per cent of the capacity of their
Hog raisers on the other hand
claim that the production is considerably nearer th** normal than
would appear rom the statements
ot the packers. It is, thev say,
partly an increase in packing house
capacity rather than a decrease in
hog raising. In some of the dairying sections the supplies are reported to be very litttle if any below
the normal, while in other districts
the shortage is placed at ab.ut 20 10
25 per cent.
Inquiries as to the cause oi the
shortage brought from packers and
producers a variety of replies. The
packers claim that for tke past three
years or more the competition be
tweenbuyersof hogs hasbeen ->okee n
that top prices have been paid continuously and that these pi ices have
been high enough tti _,ive a profit
to the producer. They claim therefore to be at a loss to understand
why there is a shortage al this time
Speaking from the standpoint ofthe
producer, well informed autborit ies
claim that the price has not been as
uniformly high as it shoull have
been, At times of the year when
the packers anticipated heavy runs,
prices dropped to a point where bo
profit was left to the feeder. This,
they, claim, took place last seas n
when sows would be bred for tbe
suppli.s ofthe fall just past, and a
coarse grains were high and labor
scarce at that tim* many brood sows
were sent to he market.
Again it is argue that the majority ot packers have not enc mrag
ed the production of bogs of the
bacon type and weight For ��� nvim
ber of years improvement in the
hog stock of the country made satisfactory progress, but during the past
season, at least, theproducersof the
ideal sort have received no en
couragement to continue their good
work; a flat rate has betn. paid for
good and bad alike. The hogs,, fit
only to complete with the low
price American stock, brought quite
as much as the sort tbat competes
with Irish and Danish bacon for
the highest place on the British
Whatever may be the extent of
the shortage or the real cause of it
the  fact remains that unless producers and packers grapple in sym
pathetic co-operation with the situa
tion  Canada's valuable bacon in
dustry which has cost years of stren
uous effort to build up. may become
seriousiy demoralized.
In 1890 there were only two packing houses in the export trade with
a weekly capacity of some 3,000
hogs, while in 1905 the weekly capacity of the 16 packing houses in
operation was some 50,000. While
this limit has not been reached with
in from 10,000 to 15,000 hogs week
ly, according to the season, the out
put from Canada has reached about
$15,000,000 annually or 20 per cent
ot the total quantity of bacon imps- rte! by H res��t Britai a To jeopardize so Vis.i.-b!-* an iauustry would
be nothing less than a national calamity. If the farmers who have
been in the habit of raising hogs
will accord the bacon industry a
steady, persistant support begotten
j of ihe knowledge that hog raising
' pays year iu and year out, the future has very large possibilities for
j the Canadian bacon industry. Can-
! adian bacon having won a place on
the British market commanding re-'
s c , as ii increases in quantitj and
imp oves in q a .. , wili undoubtedly become a daily necessity ofthe
consumer. That it may occupy this
enviable position both farmer and
pa k< must co-operate, he farmer
bv producing a steady supply of
th ri.^,it class of hogs, the packer
by paying a fairly uniform price
fr���;������ mouth to month and from
yea' to year; and he must give
value per pound according to the
quality of the product he receives
Let each do his part and there will be
little trouble about the supply of
h - for keeping the factories going
a : normal capacity. What appears
to ��� mast needed at the present time,
i t relations of confidence be restored and maintained between packer and farmer thron^h fair dealing
and intelligent co-operation. With
these aad an appreciation on the
part of the producers of the possibilities of the industry, hog raising
c innot fail to be ona of the most
profitable branches of Canadian
McRAE & Ca
A full line of English and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept in stock.
se^j>-o-��i��.o.fr���c.��{'*-��������sosssg��.osss'fr.eifr �� ij��oij����e-��i��
I itii ��� am ei I
A.  O.  U.  W.
Delta Lodge, No. 12 meets first
and third Tuesdays of each month
in Oddfellows' Hall.
Thos. Todd, M.W.
T. W. Kerr, Recorder.
Delta Lodge, No. 21.���The regu
lar meetings of this Lodge are hjeld
;very  Wednesday evening at 8 p.
tn.    Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
R. C. Abbott, N.G.
Dr. A. A. King, Se;.
B. C.
���*��� Manufacturers of all kinds of
*- Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
Your patronage solicited
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and Draying.
Livery work of all kinds attended to promptly.
La-_-r. B. C.
Fence Posts.
If you requite fence posts just
���drop me a line, or call and see
Ladner; B.C.
W. N- Draper,
Room ., Hllard Block. New Westminster.
Delta Transfer Stable   i
Team Work Done at Specially Low Prices.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
? Telephone " Ladner" No. 10.
��� *�����'!������.��� H��t * ��� *H -I- ��� *.- ��� ���!���*�� **H*+**H-+*+**H^*(*-**-f-H- �����*���
The Place for Tinsmithing, Bath Tubs, Stove
Pipe, Conductor Pipe, Roof Plates, and Everything Else in This Line.
Agent form
Gurney Foundry Co.'s StoveB.
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints.
Yoho Bath Heater.
Just the thing for making Water hot fdr washing 'datfjr
utensils, scalding hogs, or for wash day. Enaiy
Farmer's Wife _5h6uld Have One.
We also manufacture an exceptionally good line of . . > .
Workingraen's Shirts
Carpenter's Aprons.
They are western made to fill
a long felt want, namely,
stronger working garments at
the same price as eastern made
1. I KM 5 SB.
Manufacturers and Jobbers,
Vancouver, B.C.
tales, Mon l mh
Vancouver, B. C.
Headquarters for "Pacific Coast
Grown Garden, Field and Flower
Seeds. New crop now in stock and
on test in our greenhouses. Ask
your merchant for them in sealed
packages. If he does not bandle
them we will wail 50 assorted 5c
packets of vegetable and flower
seeds (our own selection, suitable
for B. C. gardens) for $1. Special
prices on your bulk seeds.
ready for spring shipment.
Extra nice stock ol two and
three-year Apple Trees at $20 per
100, $180 per 1,000; Maynard
Plums, $1 each; Italian Prune, two-
year, fine, $25 per 100; Sugar
Prune, two-year, fine, $30 per 100,
Full list of other stock at regular
prices. No expense, loss or delay
of fumigation or inspection.
Let me price your list before placing your order.
Greenhouse Plants, Floral Work.
Bee Supplies, Fruit Packages, Fertilizers, etc.
m. J. HENRY, Vancouver
3010 Westminster Road.
Meat and Potatoes
We can supply you with the finest quality
of the above articles at reasonable cost.
Remember the place
Meat & Commission {<��
Phone 0.
Ladner, B.C.
Ladner Carriage Works.
Practical Horseshoeing-,
Carriage Building and Painting, and General Jobbing of
All Descriptions.
We carry tbe finest class
of Carriages and Farm Implements at rock bottom prices.
G. T. BAKER, Ladner, B.C,
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C.
_____-___t____   ________m_b___b_-b__-__i
lacerparated 1**9.
CAPITAL, - - - $3,000,000
RESERVE FUNDS,      - - *$3,302,74&
TOTAL ASSETS, ���*��� -        '��$3\183,626
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits of -$1 .and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
East End, Mt. Pleasant; Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland,
Victoria, Vernon, Chilliwack, Cumberland aud  New Westminster.
Royal Household
Just Arrived*
Bran, Shorts, Etc,
i ii   i��iii
A Full Line of���*
Fruit Jars,
Jar Rings,
Jelly Glasses.
aea i -tit    ~v-*"r
S-___9--_S3-_*-_-B-_--_-B--S ^,--.-^.*>s^fl---^ -u.iu-i Li^^wiiig*-*^
st       i
���a r-i__,       i
S-S jS*5f
'.ifh. __*������*'���_��
Is Mow
WE TAKE STOCK trext month/and must CLEAR OUT all odd lines, besides reducing regular
stock by thousands of dollars.     Below we give you a list of prices that will convince you of
the reckless slashing we have done.    Ben't miss this opportunity,    Skopearlf*
too jpieces English print9, regular lz*4c and 15c,
Sale price ioc
���;oo yards white apron lawn, bordered, regular a5c,
Sale price 3 yds for 25c
Fancy dr'-ss Tweeds t>ui table for school -dresses, assorted
colorings, etc., regular 35c y-frd,
Sale Price lot
Sale price 15c
Fancy dress Tweeds, regular 35c
"      .       '    " 75C
Ladies' 'union nndervests, tegular ,35c,
___________________________________J ____________________________________
Odd lines ladies an 1 children.* cashmere .hosiery reduced
to exactly Half Price
] .tannelette wrappers, regular 1*1.7-5 and $1.50,
Sale price 90c
Ladies felt top rubbers, regular $1.as        Sale price 25c pair
-,adies- felt overshoes, regular $��.5*o Sale price 75c pair
20  pair  ladies   (Crest) laced hip  corsets, sites 18 to 22
regular $i 50 Sale price 75c .pair
40 pairs odd corsets, regular "$1.50 and It.75
Bale price 60c
Ladies'   black   sateen   Waists,   fancy   trimmec.,   all   sizes,
regular $1.25 Sale price 7Sc
���Black Mercerized sateen waists, new sleeve, etc , all sizes,
regular $3.00 Sale prica $1.25
���Ladies'  black,  grey  and navy   Tweed   skirts,   all  sizes,
regular $2.75 Sale-price $1.90
Ladies'  black   and   navy  serge  skirts,   fancy strapping,
etc., all sizes, regular $4.25 Sale price $2.95
10   dozen   boys' navy   jerseys, sizes 20   to   28, regular
75c and 90c Stale price 60c
Men's raincoats, regular $7.00
" " frv.OO
Sale price $.4:50
'Ladies' raincoats, new sleeves, etc., regular $7.50
Sale price $5.0��
Ladies' raincoats, regular f*s.oo Sale price $260
Boys' and girls' button and lace boots at Half Price
Bargains in men's and boys' suits  and  overcoats, shirts,
underwear, etc.
"Men's leather leggings, either spring  or laced, all sizes,
regular, $1.75 Sale price % 1.25
200 Pair Ladies' fine Dongola Mton Shoes, Re.. $2.75 Sale Price $1
Stacks of Remimnis? Prints, Flannelettes,
m Sale Goods Exchan��ei
Cut Prices Strictly Cash.
Bargains in All lines.      SHOP EARLY
No Sale Goods Sent on Approbation.
All New GOODS,
mtcet ��*"����=
held in tbe Town Hall, Ladaer, on
Saturday next, i-th inst., at 2 p.m.,
for the purpose of raising the above
sum of money fer road making.
Every taxpayer in   the  district
should attend this meetiug.
By Order.
C. M. C.
Victor Guichon returned home,
Mrs. John McK.ee returned, yesterday, from a visit to Vancouver.
Mrs. (Dr.) Hacking and family,
pf Westminster, are guests oi Mrs.
It should be bome In mind that
mrerj cold weaken* the hugs, lower- the vitality and prepares the
_y��t_m for the more geriotu dw-
eaaea, among which are thc tw.
greatest de-troyer. of human life,
pneumonia and consumption.
Cough Remedy
has won it* great popularity by ha
prompt cures of this most conun-a
ailment. It aids expectoration, re-
here- the lungs and opens tk*
secretions, effecting a speedy aad
permanent cur*. It counteracts
any tende��cy toward pneumonia.
Price 35c. Large Site 50c
H S7&R.
Mrs. H. N. Rich returned, on
Thursday, from a short visit lo the
Royal City.
Marshall Smith spent a few days
io the Royal and Terminal Cities
this week, oa business.
Mrs. A. Clark, of Vancouver,
has been visiting her sister-in-law,
Mrs. D. McLean, during, the past
P. Rr Ellis, of Markdale, Ont.,
father ef our worthy citizens, th-
Ellis brothers, arrived here on
Moaday last.
Mrs. W. Oliver kas received the
aad intelligence of the death, on
flhe 26th ult., of her beloved adopted sister, Mrs. E. A. M. Duke, at
North Wilmjngton, Mass,, U.S.A.
The entertainment for the Methodist Sunday school, deferred from
Christmas time on acoount of quarantine, will be held in the Town
Hall, ou Monday evening; next, the
5th inst,, at 7:30 o'clock.
The youug bride, who arrived
at her new borne hero, tiiis wee!-,
probably thought she bad reached
the outskirts of Hades. For, on
Wednesday night, afler retiring to
rest, there was lirst pandemonium
in Chinatown, where thousands of
crackers beat lime to the stirring
strains of the Chinese band, tbe
echoes of which had barely reverberated from the distant hills ere an
army of young Phillistines appeared on the scene, accompanied by
gatling guns, war chariots and infernal machines, with which to disturb her peaceful slumbers. The
gallant spouse, all unmanned by
su.h doings, endeavored to stand
tbe enemy off by promises, but
they would not. So the next night
the enemy, having received reinforcements, renewed the attack with
greater vigor and threatened a third
attack, but this was too much���so
he ginned up,
A general sort of House-cleaning
is in progress at THE BUSY HOUSE.
The fact of the matter is this "We
must get clear of a lot of Our Winter
Stock and the only way to do this is to
Cur Dow the Prices and Down We
Have Cut Them as tke following
list will show.
42-inch Tweed Suitings in green, blue, brown
and grey, stylish and durable, formerly 40c
and 50c
Ladies' Umbrellas with crook handle of natural
wood, steel rod and frame, formerly $1.00
a q__IC_p   GJ&&E
Straight Front Corsets, with hose supporters attached to side
Miss Johnstone returned to Vancouver, yesterday, after a short visit
at Mrs. F. Sutherby's.
J. J. Monkman took unto himself a new wife, ou Tuesday last.
Miss Abbott, of Vancouver, was
the bride.
I. Hume, whose jovial countenance has been met at H. J. Hutch-
prsou's store during the past four
years, has taken the notion to have
a rest from imdoor employment for
some time, and in his stead F.
Simpson has been installed. We
vrish them both every success.
Afraid oi Strong Medicines.
Many people suffer for years from
rheumatic pains, and prefer to
do so rather than take the strong
medicines u-mally given for rheumatism, not knowing that quick relief from pain may he had simply by
applying Chamberlain's Pain Balm
and without taking any medicine
internaly. For sale by J. F.
Special Mfmji
H. J. Kirkland and H. T* Hutchison returned home, on Tuesday
morning, per s.s. Sonoma, after
spending a few weeks visiting
friends in the East, taking in Toronto and Guelph, Ont., and Cleveland, Ohio. The weather during
the trip was very mild, snow being
so scarce as to preclude sleighing.
Mild as was the weather there everything was brown and withered,
and a return to our green fields was
most acceptable.
Delta Stock Yard
The next Sale will be held in the
above Yard on
Wednesday, 14th March
F,arly entries solicited.
H.   N. RICH,
Grand Prize Dr_w.n_
. For avery 50 cents invested in our store you receive a
coupon which entitles you to a chance in one of the following
3! valuable prizes:
r. Heintzman Piano or  I 4
Gerhard Heint.man  \ **/5
2. Berliner Gramophone     5�� ����
3. Violin Outfit     -5 00
4. Banjo     20 00
5. Guitar     10 00
6. Mandolin     10 00,
7. Accordeon       5 ��'J
8 to 12. Five Prizes       5 00
13 to 17. Five Prixes       5 O0
18 to 33. Twenty Prizes      10 00
This drawing is open until March 1, 1906. Why
buy a Piano 0lS0Where7 When you have a chance
ta secure a ttelntxman Free���acknowledged by all who
know to be tb/ loading Canadian Piano made.
D. A.Seymour, Manageri New Westminster
The B^rfey Shoe
For Men, the choicest production of Canadian Shoe Manu'ri. tun
New Solid Goods, new prices.
Modem   Shoes in a Modern  Shoe  Store.
J. KtASH,    -    Ladner. B.G,
We Beg Lemve
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
Portland  Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building',
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
material. s
Write for Prices.
fflLI&r  ��SS%i9Wi
b. a
....��-- ..'    _��� ' "..�����    IllU   . .
HY ill
sliMl Uilnniliil,
Is   now   in   full   progress.    Everything
marked down to cost and below.
We must make room for  New  Goods
that are coming in every week.
A. T- BIRTCH, 275 Columbia St., New Westminster
Will take place, as formerly advertised, on the 31st day
of this month. It behooves everybody to fall in line and
be in this great gift enterprise at the finish.
Every $1 purchase secures oue chance
The Prizes are magnificent a,nd will pay us to
give away, only from an advertising point of view*
1st prize, Nordheimer or New Scale
Williams Piano, worth $450 cash,
2nd prize, Talkophone, worth $50 cash.
3rd prize, Violin and outfit, worth $25
Mail Orders promptly attended to.
Winning numbers will be published in thiB
paper immediately after the Drawing takes place.
M. W. Waitt & Co.,
558 Granvile St., Vancouver!
Cut Glass,
And all kinds of Jewelry
Repairing a Specialty��
M Clausen.
REiw ffllI _f_T    **->
British Columbia Office, 66 Hastings St., W., Vancouver. Sui-ew.
A SPECIAL ��~��� 12 Packages Leading Vegetables & Flowers for 25c.-��� All For
r I Onion, Cucutnbet, Beet, Lettuce, Car rot & Radish; Asters,
OFFER       i Sweet  Mignonette,   Pansy, Petunia,  Swtet Peas  and
Wild Garden.
WM. REMNIE CO., Limited
. . Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto. ��� .


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