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The Delta Times Feb 11, 1908

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Array HE
s^l     _______      %&
FEB 14 1908
���^ w      fTT^
of   5. No. 23.
Ottawa Letter.       Presbytery.    I   Delta Council.
Ottawa. Feb, 4.���With the time      A special meeting ot' the Presby-j
for a general  election   approaching tery of New Westminster  was held;
bye-elections are significant of the'in St. Andrew's Church on  Tues-'
state of public opinion.    Within  a day  morning,   with  the iollowing  Reeve,    J.   A.   Paterson,   in   the
lew weeks there have beet: seven j members present: Revs. J. G. Reid,
We have placed in Stock, this week 6,000 Rolls
'Wall Paper, comprising all the New Shades and
Prices from 5o te 4>Qo Roll
Border Sold at Same Price as Hanging.
bye-elections as follows: In Ontario, j J.  S.   Henderson  (New Westmin-
iour; Centre York, North  Welling- j ster), Dr.  Wright,   A.J. McOilli-
vray. R. J. Wilson, Dr.  Fraser. D.
A. McRae, J.   M.   MacLeod, J. K
Samples Mailed
Upon Application
Bring measurements of Rooms and we will tell you
how much paper you require.
Marshal! Smith & Co., Ltd.
At the last regular meeting ai
.te Ladies'Aid of tbe Methodist
Church, held on Th ����sday afternoon, at the ..owe of Mis, Sidney
9>o��liek considerable business was
Arrange��ftut* wer�� made foi the
annual Easter Fetet and cewmii.-tc*
appointed to cany ot��t the savao.
At tbe ��los _> of tbe business sos-.
j sion, Mrs, W. __,e*��gbeed. who was
, fcaving on* town, waa pi.seuted
With a handsome Berry Ste\. The
yicsijdent, who made the p��os����ta-
\iw, on behatf ef tha uwahns ��f
society, exprcssitd \wmt deep smortow
that tha pleasant ielatHM>a hitherto
existing were about to be interrupt
ed, assuring her that tbe best
n.sh��3 o( ��u would IoUqw ber and
��� -_miii mum	
ncrs as they journey  back  to the
old bonne.
BRAN, SHORTS, Whole Corn,
Cracked Corn. Rice Meal, Chit
feice, Chick Feed, Timothy aud
Ctover Seeds may be obtained at
Brackman-Ker Wil'.Uig Co.'s
warehouses, Ladner, from MR.
H. N, RICH, Local Ageut.
The ^'Riverside" Mission Circle
will give a "Missionary Evening"
to the Honorary members and
friends in the .Methodist Church,
on Thursday next, the 13th inst.
A pleasant time is anticipated. An
offering will bc received at the door
in aid of the fanHs Q( t b�� society,
Editor Delta Times :
Sir���I would like to know what
the Council intends doing with the
Truuk road, between P. Clark's
and tbe wharf. As it is it is a disgrace to" any community. Alter
hauling a load of cordwood fire
miles I got stuck right in tbe
village. It is certainly up to the
Council to do something to remedy
[It is the mention ofthe Council
to rock this piece of road tliis year.
Alex. Davie shipped to Vancouver, on Wednesday last, _ pair ot
very fine Clydesdales,
ton, Ottawa, South Huron. In
Qudbec, three; Nicolet, L. Belle,
Stanstead. The government candidate was returned in each case, and
in Pouth Huron the Liberals gained the seat���a Conservative having
formerly occupied it.
How the People Decide.
Tbere is a reason (or this, and
the reason is not hard to find. Two
considerations mainly are before
the people���The first is���Is the record ot" the Liberal administration
such as to entitle the government
to continued confidence? The second���Who are the men who would
be placed in power, should the Liberals be defeated, and what is their
As to the first, tbe record of the
Liberal government since 1896 is
writ large in history. Consider the
conditions in Canada in 1896
after eighteen years of Conservative rule, aud compare them with
the conditions to-day, after eleven
years ot Liberal rule. Examine into the work of every department of
the government, making no excep
tions, and il will be fouud that giant
strides in progress bave been made
Examine into the regulations now
in force with respect to the great as
sets of the people, timber, coal and
h��nds�� and it will be lound that under
Conservative rule the property ofthe
people was not administered in their
interest or for their benefit, but for
tbe enrichment of the party-heelei
and tbe men iu power.
How the Tories Ruled.
Timber limits by the thousand
-miles were divided among the poli
ticans and their hangerson, with
out price or consideration, excepting only generous contributions for
campaign purposes, to keep in
power the unprincipled men who
^rcw rich at the public expense.
The lands of the people were
handed over to corporations by
millions of acres at a time, without
a s' ver going into tbe public treasury.
Money was borrowed by the
million (nearly one hundred millions altogether) to provide the
means to prosecute public works,
which might have been constructed witb money realized by the
sale ot lands, and tbe people were
burdened with taxation to pay interest on accumulating public debts.
Hundreds of thousands of dollars
were divided with contractors who
were given inquitous jobs at high
prices upon the understanding that
they gave back part of tbe loot to
enrich the swelling corruption fund.
There existed in the country for
years under Conservative rule, a
.-aturnalia of thievery during which
ministers of the crown, 1 oliticaus,
contrac'ors. and rascals ot every
description accumulated riches and
tbe people became poorer.
La. e contracts involving vast
sums oi money were given to the
Highest tender instead ol the lowest. The money was borrowed, it
came easy and went easier, but the
campaign fund grew apace.
What Changes Liberals Made.
The Liberal government made
the sale of timber competitive, and
the proceeds went into the treasury.
No lands were given to railway
corporation!!, but tbe proceeds of
Wright, J. A. Logan (.Kburne),
Donald MacKenzie (Sapperton), J.
D. Gillara (North Vancouver) and
Elder J. J. G. Thompson.
A call from the Mount Pleasant
Church in favor ot Rev. J. VV.
Woodside, M.A., was presented by
Rev.   A.   J.   McGillivray,   interim
The Delta Council met in the
Council Chamber on Saturday last,
Feb.  Sth,    at 2   p.m.,   with   the
chair, and Couns. Gibbie, Davie,
Gilchrist, Morley and Embree present.
Minutes of previous meeting
were adopted as read.
From Thos. H. Tracey, C. E.,
re condition of rliverted River road,
pointing out the various defects.
Received and filed and a copy to be
forwarded to Sir C. H. Tupper.
From A. J. Parmiter, requesting
that obstruction   be  removed  from
moderator.     The  call was
signed j the Parraiter roati  ditch,    Left in
by 202 members of the church and I tj_e
155 adherents.    The salary ottered
bands of Coun.   Davie   with
power to act.
was $2,000 per year ami one. From G. E. Martin, notifying the
month's vacation. The commis ! Council that if the by-law, gazet-
sioners for the congregation wbo j ting tbe new River road be can-
were heard in support of the call I cened the claim for damages will
were: J. J. G. Thompson, D. Mc- j be withdrawn. Received and filed.
Cuaig and Isaac Oakley. The call prom h. Bose, Sec. U.B.C.M..
was sustained by the Presbytery asking the Council to appoint dele-
and accepted by Rev. Mr. Wood- j gates t0 the annual convention. Received   and   the   Reeve   appointed
side. The induction is appointed
for Tuesday, February 18th, at 8
o'clock. The moderator of the
Presbytery will preside and induct,
ancl Kev. I). A. McRae will preach.
Rev. J. D. Gillam will  address the]
From E. Chidell, askitig for a
loau of ?500, Granted, under the
usual conditions.
From Jos. Tamboline, asking for
vray the congregation.
A call from Ladner was also presented by Rev. J. A. Logan interim
moderator, in favor of Rev. James
H. White, M.A., the call being
signed Iiy sixty-six members and
seventy-six adherents, the salary to
be >i,ooo per year and a manse,
with one month's vacation. The
commissioners heard were: John
McKee and William Smillie. Tbis
call was also sustained by the Presbytery and accepted by Rev. Mr.
White. The induction will take
place at Ladner on Tuesday, Feb.
25th, at 1 o'clock, the moderator to
preside and induct while Rev. J.
W Woodside will preach, Rev. R
J. Wilson will address the ministt-r
and the congregation will be addressed by Rev. J. A. Logan.
Rev. P. D. Oswald, of Sapper-
ton, will continue to supply here
until the end of this month.
minister and  Rev.  A. J. McGilli-1 a ioan of $4,000 on bis Westham
Island property.    Granted.
From the Coast Quarries, Ltd ,
offering to supply crushed rock.
Received and filed and the Clerk
was authorized to call fortendt-is
for 2000 yards or more of crushed
From P. Bums & Co., Ltd., entering a claim of $100 for loss sustained by cattle breaking through
the wharf approach. The Reeve
and Clerk were appointed a committee to look into this matter.
The Temporary Loan By-law,
1908, passed its first, secoud and
third readings.
On motion, the Reeve, Couns.
Morlev, Gibbie and the Road Foreman were appointed a committee to
take up the matter of building a
wharf and approach on the municipal property adjoining Wadhams'
A petition was presented to the
Council for signature, requesting
the Dominion government to send
the dredge to clean out the big
ditch in East Delta. Received, and
the Reeve and Clerk were author
ized to endorse same and attach the
corporate seal.
Coun. Gilchrist was authorized
to have clearing done on the McDonald road.
The matter of fixing up the
River road was left in the hands of
Coun  Embree.
R. A. Coleman was awarded the
contract for clearing on the Slough
road, at $240; Ah Young, was
awarded the contract for clearing
on the Trunk road, tor the sum
ot $80. Work to be completed by
May 1st.
The Clerk was instructed to
notify the B. C. Telephone Co. to
draw stumps of poles on the Slough
Thc Clerk was authorized to all
for tenders for 1,000 yards or more
of gravel from Port Kells.
The following pomidkeepers were
appointed: John Fulton, Annacis
Island; John Savage, Westham Island; Robt. McKee, East Delta;
John Richardson, Port Guichon;
S. Morrow, Boundary  Bay;  R. H.
the sale of lands provided money
for useful public works.
Contracts were given to the lowest tenderer and the interests of the
people were safeguarded at all
Trade increased ten fold, revenue
resulted from a revised tariff, public
works were constructed from surpluses gained by careful regard to
expenditure ��� improvements made
in transportation prevoked trade,
waterways were increased and enlarged, harbors deepened and business increased on every hand as
the result of wise laws. The western provinces were peopled by settlers and land increased in value
and trade between the east and
west grew until it reached its present proportions.
Promises made to the people by
the Literals have been faithfully
kept and the prosperous condition
of affairs existing to-day, compared
to the previous conditions of 1S96
are the incontrovertible evidences
of intelligent administration.
The people are asked to ignore
these facts and baud over the government to Conservatives ot unsavory record. The recent bye-
elections indicate that nothing of
the kind will be done.
(Continued on .Second Page.) "X.
.Subscription, $L00 per year.
Ouual AslitrtlamenU, io centa p��r line foi
ja��tr*lB��=rtioa,nnd sceoltper line ior eiicli
SSdMMMa. i����trtlon. The number ol hues
BCkMndkrthe tpac* occupied, 13 lines to the
WUm t��r Commercial Advertisementi can be
/Wi* *i application at ttata ofice.
awdlac aoticea 10 cent* per Une (or e .cb In-
Mfth and Death aoticea, 30c., Marrlageaji.eo.;
Any apedal notice, tbe object ot which it to
.mtmilX, the pecuniary benefit of any individual
���r evMapany, to be considered an adverti.'seuieiit
and charted accordingly.!
All adnrtiacwtaiU charged for until ordered
,tnt aad paid for.
Correspondence invited on matters of public
Interest. Communications to editor must be ac-
.'ompfnirri by name of writer, not uecessurily
Jsr publication, but a.s evidence of good faith.
CorrespoBiteuce must reach this office by Thurs-
tl, evening.
0��o. R.
We would suggest to the Coun
cil that a constable be appointed by
the year and" tbat he. be specially
requested to attend all shows and
entertainments held in the Town
Hall in order to prevent persons at-
taading making a show of themselves by producing bottles of liquor
aad drinking therefrom in said hall
much to the detriment of the morals
���f the young. It is bad enough to
have to tolerate the curse in our
licensed houses without having it
flaunted around everywhere.
During the past two weeks no
���less than three undesirables from
the cities of Vancouver or New
'Westminster have endeavored to
-locate in the immediate vicinity of
.Ladner���one French, one Japanese
and one British. By strict vigilance each and every one have
beea kept moving.
Now this is a matter which ought
,to arouse the municipal authorities
.to action, not for them to wait until a complaint is sent in. Put the
machinery to work to see that this
class of resident is not permitted to
enter the district, which is much
easier than to root them out after
once becoming established.
The cities are cleaning out the
jed light districts, and there is no
reason whatever for this district becoming polluted thereby.
With the advent of these women,
drunkenness, debauchery, murder,
,$uicide, holdups, gambling and
%uch like quickly follow in their
We believe that we voice the
sentiments of the great majority of
our people when we say: "We positively will not allow this curse to
become implanted in our midst."
Who! tlie Mr��ss toys.
Gifted bv Nature with a com
mantling personality, a musical
voice, an exceptional elocutionary
ability, Miss Ada L. A. Murcutt,
of London, Fs:!low of Royal Scottish Geographical Society, who is
delivering a course ot popular lecture in Dunoon this week, is eminently fitted for the task, and after
hearing her speak one does not
wonder that wherever she goes
she is enthusiastically received by
thousands of the populace. Miss
Murcutt is an Australian by birth,
but has lived for some years in
America, and has a world-wide
reputation as a lecturer, traveller
and writer. She is, indeed, a remarkable woman, having come
through experiences quite unique
in their way, and undergone hardships which verv few women have
ever had the temerity to face. She
has travelled four times round the
world, and has left the "beaten
track" and explored regions where
no other white woman has been,
facing innutnerabl: perils and dangers. As a result of over ten years
of travel and observation in almost
every country iu the world, Miss
Murcutt has collected a fund of
information and experience which
provokes the closest interest, and
awakens the public conscience lo
the existing evils of the day. She
has a style peculiaily her own.
Possessed of a clear, penetrating
voice, the large audiences which
she addresses have no difficulty in
following her story, while her great
fluency and descriptive powers at
once captivate her hearers, holding
them spellbound from the time she
rises to speak -until she resumes her
seat. One never tires of listening
to her, which is partly accounted
for by the fact that she has the
saving grace of being able to see
the humorous side of things, while
as she warms to her subject in her
peroration oi,e cannot but be compelled to admite her for her earnestness, sincerity and wisdom, which
rank her among the most able and
powerful women who have ever
graced the platform. Miss Murcutt did most of ber travelling as
the representative of a literary syndicate and various social oiganiza-
tions, and for this reason she had
privileges which are denied to ordinary travellers.���Dunoon Advertiser.
See advt. on Page 3.
Fashion Stables
Trucking, and Draying.     Livery. Work of
All Kinds Attended to Prompth'.
All Kinds of Firewood Always On Hand.
V. T, .Ry. & ferry Co.
J. M. COLLINSON, E��g 20< im^M
Liberals Meet.
Robt. Jardine, Liberal candidate
for the Commons in this district;
J. C. Mcintosh, provincial organizer; and W. J. Corbett attended
the Li1*���1 meeting in Oddfellows'
Hall, last night when very mterest-
uatg addresses were delivered by the
Jtwo first named gentlemen to a
���very enthusiastic audience. After
the addresses, the following officeis
yere elected, for the ensuing year:
Hon.   president -=�� John  Oliver,
'   President���J. A. Paterson.
Vice-presidents���ist, Robt. May;
��ld, P. T. Gibbie; 3rd, R. McKee.
'  Sec.-Treas.���N. A. McDiarmid.
Executive���T. Hume, A. D. Pat-
erwn, G. Honeymai}, A. Davie.
Stop and consider   ,   _   *
when in need oi reliable
Call and see our lines for
Men Women and Children
The Cheapest Store in Town for High Class Good!
New Service���Port Guiehoh and   Ladnef to  Neve
Westminster and Yasreouver..
Leave Pt. Cttklion, 6.30 a-.m-.    Arrive V&ncou.��� er, 10.20 a.m.
Leave Yaixouvef,   2.10 p.m.    Arrive Pt. Guichon. 6.<nu p.m
Gives  Passengers   four  flours  ia   either   New    ktyesc
minster or Vancouver.
New   Freight   Tariif   effective    September
Greatly Reduced Rates.     For particulars apply
Agent,  Port Guichon
Sufficient 'Cars will be furnished without  -May.
Incorporated 1869.
Total Assets (Her Forty-Five  Millions,
Accounts of Out-of-Towft Customers Given Sped*!
ef   NEW   WESTMINSTER,   B.  C*
Accumulate, Awake or Asleep, though earthquakes or fire
disasters prevail, though- financial depressions come ani)
GO, YOU   NEED   LOSE   NO .^LEEl', kor the security back of
Them Is
Our Loans do not exceed 40 per cent, of
the value of the property  and  net  you
I per cent.
I>o ��ot make any engagement for
(Continued Irom  First  Page.)
Quaggan, Sunbury; R. F. Hand-
tord, Ladner.
The following committees were
Finance���Couns. Gibbie, Davie,
Road���Full Board.
Dyking���Full Board.
Licensing Board ��� The Reeve,
Couns. Gibbie, Davie and H. J.
Kirkland, J.P.. R. E. Kittson, J.P.
Fence Viewers���Jas. Savage, C.
H. Davis, Wm. Wright, Wm.
Pybus, Thos. Robertson.
On motion, the Reeve and Clerk
were appointed a committ-?.: to collect for rock purchased from the
Coun. Embree was authorized to
deal with the wood question on the
Scott road.
The River Highway By-law,
1908, was passed a.s finally reconsidered. This by-law cancels the
gazette on the diverted River road.
Coun. Gibbie gave notice that, at
the next meeting he would introduce a by-law to amend the 1895
Dyking By-law. The sum of
$10,000 will be required this year
in order to put the dykes in good
On motion il was decided to call
for tenders for the delivery of 5,000
yards of one man rock at the Anglo
American Cannery, Canoe Pass;
also for the placing of same along
the face of tbe dyke.
The following accounts were ordered paid- Marshall Smith & Co ,
$8.10; G. T. Baker, f_2.65; Dr. A.
A. King, $50.25; Savage Bros.,
$25; P. Clark, $12 81; H. N. Rich,
$3.20; H. J. Hutcherson, $2.25; S.
W. Fisher, $1 95; B. C. Gazette,
$2 50; B. C. Telephone Co., $2.10;
Jervis Inlet Lumber Co., $540.79;
Jas. Burnev. $5; J- Holmes $27 60;
H. M. Vasey, $101.50; P. T.
Gibbie, $66; A. Davie, $60; J. Gilchrist, $60; J. A. Paterson, $66; G.
Dennis, $48; C. Mason, $18 50; S,
Browne, $34.12; J. Bunning,
$32.62; J. Bumey, $6.25; Jas.
Follis, $1.25; Geo. Ormiston, $75;
J. Townsend, $2.50; T. Todd,
$12.50; T- Scopinich, $41.87; H.
Marchant. $60; Nom Lee, $1; Joe
No. 1, $28; Geo. Swan, $3.75; N,
Condy, $38; Delta Times, $2.70; N.-
A. McDiarmid, $127.05.
The Clerk was authorized lo call
for tenders for clearing portion of
Cemetery lot.
Council then adjourned till Sat.
urdav, February 22nd, at 2 p.m.
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
at 8:30 a.m. and 3.30 p.m.'; returning, leaves Steveston at 9:30 a.m.
and 4:30 p.m.
Editor Delta Times;
Sir���Cin v6u inform me through
your paper who the yoivng man is
that brought a young lady from the |
Slough road to a dance given in
the Town Hall on the 31st January
last, and left ber at the doorr
This looks bad to our out ol
town Iriends to bring a lady in and
leave her among strangers. I understand tlie same man was looking
throu.h a window until an earh
hour in the morning.
Notice to Creditors
1VX.TICE "is hereby given pursu-,
ant to R S. B. C. 1897,
Chapter 187, that all creditors am!
others having claims a'gahist tlie
estate of William Kefiry Ladner,
late of Ladtier, in tire County of
Westminster, Farmer, who died on
or about the is-t of No'^eitn btr, A.D ,
1907, are required, on or before the
1st day ot March next, to send to
the undersigned, one ol the Ex
editors, the full particulars of t'.ieir
claims and the nature of the securities (if any) held by them.
Atid further take notice, that
after such last mentioned day the
Executors, His Honor Judge
Howay and William J. Watson,
will proceed to distribute tlie assets of the deceased among the
parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims ot which
they shall then have notice, and:
tlie said Executors will not be
liable to any person or persons ol
whose claim notice shall not havei
'.men received by them.
Date I 27th day'of January-, J968.
P.O. Box 266,
New Westminster, B.C.
Accounts may "be opened with deposits of ONE DOLLAR
nnd   Upwards.      Interest paid,  or cred ted,  quarterly 'on   31st   March, 30th June, 30th
SeptemfeeT-,  3.1s..  December.
C. R DANIEL^ Manager, LADNER. B. C.
Acclimatized Sled
For the
Farm,  Garden, Lawn or
Reliable Varieties at Reasonable
Pricfes. No Bdrc'rs. .No Scale.
No fumrg&'do'n to damage stock.
No-windy agents to annoy vou.
Buy direct a"nd get Trees and Seeds
that Grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray
Pumps, Spraying Material, Cut
Flowers etc. Oldest established
nursery on   the 'toainlatt-I ol   B. C.
Catalogue free.
11. J. MNRTS^ufSeries,
Greenhouses and Seedhouses
VANCOUVER,    -   B. C.
*   diurnni  nun onn_ uinTCD^   ?
:-: B.
J. Man .fti.tUrer. of till kinds of
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
Your patronage solicited
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$4.00 Per Yd.r.   -Single Copy, 10 Cts.
Sample Copy Free*
i Mit-toKi. -W W.-cmu Bt., NuwYoiiR.
Mrs, Parkes returned to Vancouver, this morning, after spending a
week or so visiting her daughter,
Mrs. A. Clausen.
W. N. Draper,
Room a.KlUitd Block-. Kt-w "We^minrter.
On Monday, 3rd inst, between
my store and house, on Delta street.
an amber and gold Cigarholder.
Finder please return to
Mandolin I
Having been requested to start a
Mandolin Class, am now prepared to do so. For terms, etc.,
B*   Ha   WEARE,
Care of Mrs J. W. Lann.n��.
Mandolins, Strings, Ele.,
Supplied at City Prices.
Ladner Carriage Works.
Get Your Grinding Done
While You-Wait.
Q. T BAKER, Ladner, B. C
-   -JL \..i!����� �����.'.]'.--���-! WBS.
WAIT and Get Vouf Grinding Done
$2.00 Pm T<M
$&25 PER TON
ALWAYS Running on Saturdays,
-   - earn mum - .
trenant Crushing Mil
II.   ICO-
Tfie Making of a
Successful Husband
Ky  CASPA*. S. Y0S4.
.V-lvic: s.i ... l ifwi of Experiefct'c
on the Diffisu.'! 12 winest ol Chob-i-
i..;, a Wife- Proeefcd Carefully, Let
!s*s Engagement Be Brief and Have
ihr Ceremony as ft Should Be.   ,��*
I'.'-c. iisjfa'.. ItilJ, iiy G. S. Yost.]
'���? V DKAii BOV���I have just it
'.���hi. I your letter ain. >iitn-
���In.. ,vi.-iii-|oii:;ii'-umL'iit l�� Miss
*" "*" Ai. in May Jackson, 1 dontl
.-iipnv 'xUetltcr lo ..-oiwittulate you ot
l.'.il i*i, iii'm-ti (.-.'iioiiiIh 111x111 lhe Kill,.-
j'.! I- mv i / i coulM seo lier-iiu il linvt.-
';��� '.'a iiiilitltiM' rii.it witli hor. 'I k-tiulil
ti .1 wlipfliei' you have (..au'ii a prize
tor a bhiiik. A.s ii 'is, I shall trust In
Vm���.-..'<���.i' .��� imil Impo for iho host.
Your U-Meri.illon Is culor.tiiiiiiu;.:. Uft |
_���<��( vory .liil'ni.nli.jr, You say that SlK1
"la ni iH'.'iiitiftil a- Aurora upon it suiii-
v.'.i.y iiioru," thai her eyes aro "(Wc.
wilh heaven's n.vii liaio," tlmt inn-
*.lllll' i.i ll pil.liiii tllireole .UnilolTfitftlJ.
���n initi'hle hroiv," and her clioeks iii-*
4,!i!;o tlio rosebud- UJssbil by tlio on
ttllliiu'i'il s'.ni."
Ther.' !.; gnmotlilns reminiscent hIkhS
-fills,iw this t'l'ltleii shy when thoy watft
tn i  -��� n  writer (if plnglniiiiin uiift
ere Bt'r-niii of n UtKJMm'lt. -1 tflritHietl).
���roil oi. .."��� wi-iilu.r ��� soinoiiiiiiLT of ihe
-Sniro -oiriiiiout a pfirl I wax _-,\'ci. o��i
liel'ni'i' I nn t your mother, il saw'lu.'
on ihc ..hi- iho other ('.'iy. Slit' hns
���).v""-'i, piid.siy, he:- eh-Uli... d'lsap.pparc.l,
'.I'ouniforence la rt'oatesil  ;<!���
a ��
n suty   Not   Indispe.-'.c.-l.'S.
I  g, Ilit'i-  front yemr poetic if sonit-
rbiii  .-.: 'My ilMorlptio'.i uothlua moio
than    thut    Hit.
.       ..       .j-niw. . tail*.- -.< �����
...  ���   ,, >.,  ^vw     'Moult -fnd n (���*������
"^   " ";' ---���; :--j    %rbl'ly |!Oofl_o(. .-
'"���"'���.  ���; :'d"%( er.  hnil   1   met!-
I ; ifutjyy, tlon    this   olS
! : :, :; ; -liimn 'of   mint)
-_���j��� V-.V-:',      .     *��o 'Jitii'fis*  -.ot:
/. V..--fsi^\ With    the   fao.t
��� ���/; '---'V? 'd-r~    tlmt   while   An-
*"7 . V-!-   it'V' ���"-    "'>rit Is .'ill rUit
_.-.-i.'   ���_��=ftl_ \ 1    ��  j���   t|,0 gpj.Jp.g |
I!Ild  SMHIlll-l'r .lift i
.*,.lti..! to Itwii i
'ijiiite tll.Teroiu j
.vlK'ii 'the tiiii- i
'follies 'to lay ia |
���tmy, 'is a uilglilj .
mother vifi3'til*, prei
tiw or ever hope to i
pardou���and she a? !
most li'-iitifui woiiiiin tills '
.���������;.:��� the pearly ..ates, lu my estlm .- !
tlon   L.UI   uni <-au't -reasonable' e.\|ieiH j
tu  he lis  1 ;. aa ;;.''as youi'  thw	
i-i. .r [Mii'ti:-tin;- I'.CWfty 'Is ;a very de-
'..:-.-,!;lo. l-i ii a ii -Sfecessa,^ attribute
of tl wife, I'.lisl a ma'*-;;t-.ii.ids a inishty
poor oh:';:;-' iff i'oWhh.iPUt happino.ir
who haiilts o-i it n'oii'fe. It isn't always
(TC3ira()]8 even. It is .iUoly to produce
vutilty, and vanity, Ufts'ldbS several
othor disagreeable features, leads to
extravagance. I won't stop 'to to fl yon
what extravavri-1 lends to. It would
I I fill a book, mid i'.ore would he nothing
comfortable in the whole volume.
Reminds me of an old friend, one of
these art euthusitistg, who fell in love
with a  Hat because of  its impressive
'���fticntle."   He didn't stop  to  Investl-
Kite what wai liuelt rfl the "faoade."
fs-1 tool; a lease ttt h profty-stiff (igiiro.
lie wanted a "I'.i'licfe." a'uil .ie "got it
good nnd plenty, as-'I've heah. you re
murk.   Within ii  month he fou'tii'l thnt:
everything  lielilntl   that  artistic  front;
was a heni'thrctilslng sham.   The 'plaster cracked and di'tiffped ou  his head
In   painful  chunks; ��he -doors fingered
nnd refused to s!itit without .. 'lavish
expenditure of  nower and   profanity:
��� 'io furnace coul tl he Induced to supply
nothing hul   refr'gtfhjtert  air���and  he
had a leiiPe   It's probnlily to-i Into. hut.
my deai' Inv. Iie"ire you elose the deal
fiet hiioli nf l!i" "facade" if you can
ri;t A'v ays "a Lottery.
Tou have heen always a pretty level
bended yuuiig'lor-. nml . have great'
hopes that ynu i:a-.-e chosen wisely. In-
ileed, I gel i'dd Itlerable encourngemenl
from the wav she spells her names ns
tl'.p*- were given I . her when she wus
ehristeiiod. II Indicntes that if she
o'er had any silly stage she has passed
through it safely. Our Annyes and
Mayes and Kllt'in are nil afflicted with
H mental weal-: ������.; that doesn't do any
pnrtli-ulfr ii ���-'���"..i if thoy get o\w it. As
a rule thev do, Ij*:t if they clfih't Lord
help IN-'. lifwJiSiiiMI Arterall. though,
the a -v _<��� .*.'��� oil. uh girl lias ji mighty
..;���    i! . I 'i.'.-a;:mii   ���!' eon,mon sense, nnd
II I'o
: :.!!
my   h.-i!.-!' i   :'���
11    i'i'',:   i   i   I*
live wi 'i mt'
llll   Ill'Cll.-illlUI
i'at' livei-v l-'eu ,
llrtft Ride of iho p
Uie wheels o'r fits-
begin to ereiilt the
it  M
si,i intu
wiigoii ;
v wontler whnt's the
l'tills hliont the ilivoree evil.!
wasn'i ihe most loug suffering creature qh |!ie face of the earth,
:'i lhe t.ui&K of FJu!s"tem1otri would 1)6
filled with divorce, cases. But that's a
dlgresjinti, As I was saying, take
._���_ of yourself and then'edhsider the
Ssnso Better Than Learninfl.
The main tiling :l'o he desired in &
wdtiinn is sense, .ml hy lliur 'i aont
menu edm-nilon. 'ft's a liiighty line
thing to he oh
spenlsing teituk
with the clnss-
ies,and it know'!
edgeor the higher niatbemntlcS
end Iirownini.'S
poems does oo
particular hnnti
if It Isn't allowed to stkk oift,
hut edudatlon
beyond tlie
grammar sehoj!
course Is not an
essential. Don't
deceive yourself  Into  tliini:-
peel ro marry nan nisuey. see to u
that she Ueep3 it, and keeps it where
you can't _et ut it. lie,, your own
There's  only   one   way te .make   a '
man, and digging for a  hetflic -is  the
process.    If she has iiolbiiig, you can
iltlll't even and pull together, .iiiei 1 tell '
you.  my  boy,  tliore's 'nothing  in  this i
world so heartens a inai: ns ������_ willine
woman  bl'chcd  to th" same  load      If
she have selise und love she will pull, :
,'oo, lini'sler perhaps tban ynu can, hut
If she he n  fool,  no mutter how she ���
may  he  voueered  \viiii tbe ..-races of
liocloly,   na 'matter   how  erudite  kIm- ���
i! ay he. she will hall; or kick over the
traces, mid if she doesn't s| ill Ibe load ,
slic'll make it nil lhe harder for you to
ii:f8w     fo ���! say tiurf u few grains of :
fDOMl vOll"'-.	
.PORE B .own in'.
'li 'mm
SqIIiIiiu i-i, hcai'li us a tntjn us n wlllh
triiit,mi liilclii.d lit the snnie Inttti.
I no
' gi i.��!
I tii   '   ���
: ee,
[ stiTi  11
to i-i-
Ver o
ll.li .
ri '..������!������
lei a:
r ,-,-H
..;.   i>i
r foi
The doors sngijcd.
oii my side," snyi5'lie to hlm-
I' woman that gets me ought
!��� herself in luck." As a mat-
r. (here are more masculine
kiltie blanks in this world,
i a o,am contemplates mnr-
ufel.t lirst'toconsider his own
oils- get 'em out nnd look at
g'i a microscope and don't
������:��� ��� nul bias interfere with a
the tirst place, *m I ftble to snp-
i'hiwlc tvll of quota
ug learning ail indication of brains
or occasional silliness a lack of them,
.'''���.line of the biggest fools I ever
lcn.e-.v, male and female, were chuck
full of fuels and 'figures and quotations and other mental lumber tbift
didn't do tbem or anybody else an-y
good. I don't mean to belittle ilu*
value of learning, No one appreciates if morn th.iii':I 'do. Hut It doesn't
.pcul seusiii������ Ch'.'flie other band, nil
sof-VisI hovs ."ad 'gill.- pass lhroi;;rfi
a silly pii-im', nntl most all giiowt)
people !i:ivp occnslnlinl lapses in that
Jlrccllou, ii sai't tff cerebral vacation, whieh is s.ometimoa benedC-lfl Id
thu individual if not .always edifying
lo other's. &ut tht- pos le'ssion of n
practical workaday intelligence '-will
ullck out In spite ofeill that naliire or
teachers may do to'cover It up, aiW. tf
yon can conic down from Ihe clone!.!
loug enough to take stock you should
oe able to satisfy yourself on that paint
If yuu haven't already done so.
You  ..otlce I  don't  ask  you about
Miss .Tnekson's  fortune.    1  don't cnt'e
ivllMher she bus a red cent or not.   In
I'ndt, 1  hope she hasn't,  for the poor
niitn   who  marries   a   fortune   is   up
.gainst one of the hardest propositions
���ur sex can hnve to .contend with.    L'n-
ess lie bus character -and strength of,
.impose far beyond >the ordinary ho Is !
ilinost sure to degonerate, to become a J
uerc appendage, of less -Value to bim   i
iclf and   the  world  than  one of  his j
.vife's servants.    If the girl  you  ex- |
iimoii i-s iise are of more ini
|.. irlam-e i.i a wli'e thin beauty, inone.i
i i- er.li'iire. If 'iii.! Jackson has il
t/.'.i I say go nhe-id, tlful your mnthsli
a,i.i I wiil give :������.�� our blessing and
Huiuelbiilg else.
(ina'l fool iirotmd about It either. I
don't believe in long engagements
There is nothing so .venring on a wo
u;:in as a protracied "tt'eddiug. If yon
have I!" debts aid *euoU3h money in
your pocket or liie bnnk to pay tbe
prencber and fnrnljwh ii|i a little flat
don't put off tlie day any longer than
is noceMmry lor li'ir to get'ready. As
a ri.:... a i-ii'l wnuts a "few monili.. per
h..'|;�� :i yenr, for prepnriition; a man
iii Iii.' llrst iPOihnsinsni of aeceplance
w.jiits to be iiinrrletl lumorrow, today,
light now. Tbe | iri Is right. The al
t if.should not he bonr.lod Hke �� delayed trolley car. Tub. your time, hul
noi too much time. The engagement
period has Its psychical its Well ns ils
material purpose. It Is a period of
preparation of mind .and henrt as well
aaibr raiment.
It Is an'important'factor in the making of future happiness, and'It should
never be skipped unless circumstances
are exceptional.    Rut It should not lie
allowed  lo  linger beyond  tbo reasonable time necessary for preparation,  it
is the man who wntiTs to marry on the
K.'iQt, and it is  usiffiUy  the man  who
causes the repeated  postponement of
I'i" wedding.    Either he grows iiulif j
fel'eut  or   thinks   It   necessary   to   in
crease his financial resources, nnd the
longer he delays ihe harder It is to li_
the date, while the girl can do nothln.:!
but wait nnd wonder and doubt.   Then
Is the time whon "bop-' deferred mal;
etll the Heart sick" sure earn ii     Ive"
tot  your  engasom-Kat  continue   mun
than   f.   year.    Thr.i>  or  s!_   months
should he long enough.
Liecentiy  and 'Ir. Pti'frtr.
When you get married, 'have '��. 'flout
right.   Don't go frisking out'to'fl suh
Urban-justice of tlie peace todi_ve the
j knot tied without trouble ami without
ceremony   Next to your birth and yoiu
! death ii's ihe must Important event oi
! your bi''-.   Your funeral may be aii Im-
posing isue, I "i wm will not b" iu a po ,
j siibui 'to appreciate It.   You will pin,* '
I second II,Idle at your wedding, but it's '
1 your show nevertheless, and yoa should '
mnke  it as impressive as you can.    I j
don't menu by that to encourage lavish '
esjjenditnre.  (InrgeOlis o. corn tions and :
nil -ttuit sort of ihiusr delrat. Irani the
trUe   feature   of   the   occasion.    That. ,
however.  Is  none of your affair.   Till |
bride's .parents   uttoud   to   that.     Tin
point  I am living to malic is dirt the
wedding should take place in th,' pies
eiiwi of a number of Invited guests, ns
many as practicable.*"Whether nt heme
(ir at church doesn't particularly mat
'ter, tilthotigh I  prefer a ebinvh wed
'ding became it enn i��" made more Impressive nnd because of lhe deeper religious significance.    When   1   use  Ibe
W��nl  impressive.  1  dnn'r  wrttiT It np-
plieS 'to the Witnesses, hut to you and
to 'ihe  girl  you  stand   up  with.    It   Is
upon you. both of .you. that the Impression  should  he made,  and  it ought tc
be strong enough itnd deep enough tn
keep you  trolling   along  together  foi
the remainder of your life.   I have no
'tired fhrtt these fly 'by night, "let's go
oiit  and  get  married"   weddings  nre,
responsible for n   large proportion  of
the divorce cases  In  our courts.   It's
liko the come easy, go easy money of
T.. .:.   ...-o   ':;ii-i.
The   I ;������     , iii*. i'i.  'Willi    it. senirei-:
pi..ul,I .,   ai i    .:, i "''iino.n aii-tne:age
oi  one ti   ....   . H   <     v.   lb,'.-.' Hermans.
'1 lu' worst.  _ii   :'.    ������ ������ i:i.iry. "lis so hnU
ll< ii it takes Lhi'iie u.ej lo gs-I one ili-jnk
ill,Wll  its   u.itu.-.l'  .-'���:-, iiiel.     Near t-fit-
liogen   is   tiie   .'���'   :��� 'fawn   e::!;eil   \-s is
..r.,imtisi.-ii.    i, i..,:.   .:..s .1.. !.;   bis li   tain Uls. or, I'lillici    iiifiiiisoiis, tor a kind
ilf   wine   t.i. ,::,.    : ���   -lie    -di-eiiii.-'.:; .01-
���.'.'. in," heeai.s.'  n   ,-.--.i:.<-s one ,.i..n  lo
di lull  it.  a  s 'co.'id  l-i lailil  bull  aid  a
Itird to p.mi-.Ji U...-.JI I, s tiiruiil    llei'-i
utso   is   liii-nts'.l   i.e:-:- iiii.v's   llrsl   antl
only  ciiliiliial  soil���-.���)'.. I'.iin.l.-d- Iiy soinn
.v.' -lih.v ;., iii.M ti .m ol   t:,- c.l.anal pol-
i.v on wbicb 1-hiijieroi William has just
won a victory o.:r fttt SotrlnllSIs in the
i->" iclislu".    The  lejioji   was  i.;i.'ae,i   in
IMiii. wilh room lot  s.-veaiy stttdt-ats,
Wiiich is 11(51 Dourly i :.���:ii..;!i for till v, Iin
apply.    A special feature is ib" segre-
gi tion of the  stiufetils in doi'iullories
t�� keep  them i-i,:l  of laierigi.  :is ii   Is
Well kii'-wi' .(bit euthipg Is so dUan-
tf'US'tO    iii"    \Vhil___    ill    tl:0    tislpHS    :!S
itropenholler." fr iin'niibi-ts of nh-nh'die
Indulgence.    Here is where the '.hive
man wine" in-!;i> ihe 'iciiiiic-'allce cans..
���New York  World.
Don't tju li'lsklnij out'to o suburban .justice.
the gambler. Vou ought'tc'get'the idea
of the solemnity aud responsibility 0!
���marriage pumped Into -ycUrseil' and
.yeur sweetheart until you are both
saturated witb it. Then walk Up'-to tin
���ultnr with joy in -yOiir hearts, and i:
you can't live happy .iver uftcrtt won't
lie tlie fault of the preacher.
Now, my dear hoy, I neither sopposi
nor expect you will pay the slightest
attention to anything I have said. A-
I heard nn alleged comedian reninr'
the other night. "I just bad It on Ini
chest, and it Iiad to come off." Your
:D. earning  a 'Derby Winner.
i|  dare  sill   thai  ,.\vi'\   .vear one  07
more people dream of the Derby, w.n-
[ uer, becuu.e timusauds 01 pMsitk- a*
guessing in  ihen   dreams, and  two in
j three guess right, Take the I'livoiiius
cuse. A man caine to an aftitfaiutiufce
of mine and said. "What is the l.nt.iu
fir the southwest w'.nd'j" "FavoHiiiS."
said my friend. "That's the mime."
said the other. "1 dreamed lust uight
tfcat Fiivouius won the Derby, bill I
could ouly Teim-ndier tbat ssmfiiwest
Wiud was 'tl'.-' I.agbsli of li-e v ,,;sl
when 1 >iwt;..-e." There was rn. "I-"_;-
voniiis in 'tire list of horses. Itli:' on
reaching tbe ra T a-mirse toe !W<_1
f��und thai "Uie Zephyr co',!" had been
newly   iianiVu   'linoni'is.   Ii-obably
the Jill tue  .Veo'i/!   |-.v.' si   whvl. .M-il,.1 ��l
been converlfifl fnlii riiVi.ilTts <��R��,.ia-
west winili In tho (.eepbitl mtn.I of I'm
dreamer, though when au.ii.c he could
not remember the Latin, word for
southwest wind F.-vr.nins won Tire
dream was u good sgucss. -no "iiMSlier-
A��drew Lang 111 IuViepeiiriAat.
A Tpom!-ic:eme Coir.r.-,?.
''One  more inst.inee of tiie.riow.er
peiietnatiiVi-..  -iCveirs c-oukuii may p
tho very deut-e     Not  miiHy'yeai-s 1
a'distinguished graduate of Om'.:-.)
rUled t�� eater the noncunfoi'iiitsi  n
islry and to wear no saeerdj'.r  .-
And he announced tftis ttftfrttWn h
manifesio   eo"nt'iiu_'.g   the WdrHs.
sllall wear uo cloihes.'to dtstiugui..!!.
fAmi my fellow Christians.     Tb at
llgbtful comma  matte liflri the lau
Ingstock cf the university and the
of the  picture shops,   whose  wir,.!..
were Hooded  with  illustrations  of
Rev. x. Y..'/,. distinguishing bim.;
from his fellow Christians. - Liuki
Ciiro tilde.
1 iin
Ponded 1392 fcc^porated 1893
IYovides a Chfistian Home "fof Sttidelits of both
'seices at lii-ofi^rat- r;itc-. Has a preparatory class for
junior students t&kwg Public School work. Does High
School work Slid 'prepares foi- Pl-ovinC&l Teachers' Exain-
i.iiatious, Te.aches all branches of a Practical Business
Coul-se and 'confers Diplomas. Imparts a Liberal Edttca-
tidit in its 'CJllegiate C-oitfrse, and in the Ladies' Course
for M. E. L., and &, L. A. Ia Theology confers the degree of J:'..-D. Ib University w��rk can take students through
the complete Arts Course for tlie B.A. degree of Toronto
5.J.riversity, with v.'hith thv. Coile,e.�� is'-iia -fu.ll .affi!i7stion. In
Science leaches the First'-.'ear of Toronto Sthool of Sci-.
���euce, and has a Special Engineering Course adapted to I
���Practical Engiuetrkig w/H- in -this Province. In Music, a]
coufptof- rC(.urse in theory, Vbite 'ttilture, find piano and!
organ, in conjunction with the Toronto college of music.'
Special instpti-Ction iai art and -eloctttiou, while all students
���arc re'p.tired lo take physical training with all the privileges <cf a well equipped gymms:t.}ii.
A Series of Unique and Popular Lectui^ss, New
and Attracts j,
Ty Miss Ada L. A. Murcatt, P.R.S.-Tr.S.
R toend the World Lecturer, Traveller I Wi
_ sKoiy Comiminioti��� ist   and   in!
.Sundays-dt 8:S... a.m.- 2nd   and 4th
butidaya at 11 a.m.
'latins, ii o'clock..
y, 7:30 o'-clork.
Sunday fa'chool at i<> a<tn,
i'luiay eveuing, Lihuiy at 7:30.
Rev. R, R. HaitietT, M.A,, Vicar
Solids/, Uix I % S:30 p A
Na!i)nal R^liteeusness.
Monday \1% I pirn.
h$n and Hit Japanese
Tuesday I Sth, S p.m.
I Ne >v lealani tlie Home of Democracy
Wednesday, I Sth, 3 p.m.
The Sweating System of Great Britain!
Thursday, 20th, 3 pm
Worren of-itfiier Lands
(For Women onl.y, in St. Andrew's Presbyterian
Friday, 2i.st, & p m
fussla miUs IslsnfWw Saglialien
ca; hohc
Services Crst and third'S-iinlay of
each month at 10:30 a.m.; Benedic-
:' tinn, 7:.-.o -/.in.
Sunduy school at 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Communion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
.Parish Priest.
-m I.THOmST.
Services next  Lord's Day at 111
a. m.and 7:30 i>.m. '
Claims meeting-, after the morning 1
set vie.."-every .Sunday.
Sabbath School tkt 2pm  every
Sunday.      Prayer 'meett.yg   every.
Thursday evening at 8.
New Westminster, Feb. S���
The market was somewhat dull.
Delta contributed quite a large
quantity of turnips but tie demand
wss very weal:.
The ruling prices were as folia vi-'.
Ceef,   hindquarters,   8c  to   .SJ^c
per lb; forequarters, 6c to Sj-Jc.
Lamb, 14c per lb.
Mutton, 13c per lb.
Veal,--small, iicperlb; large, fc
Pork, 9c to 9,Wc per lb.
-  Eggs, wholesale, 3,5c per doz; re-
tai',, 40c
Fowls,   $6.50 to $8 50 ;per dec;
chickens, $6 to J. 7 per a��:.
Ducks,:$g to $_o a doz.
C.eese, jSt.
Chickens, dressetl, 20c perT.>.
Buttefj 35c to 40c per It*.
Potalues, *liS per toh.
.Apples, 90c to $x.M it H.ix.
Rev. J. F. Retts. pastor.
Stervices next Lord's 'Dav.'at 11
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath "School at 10 am Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7-30 o'clock.
Ri hearsals tor tbe gfaii'cl vaudeville er.tertaiiinieul lo bs held ill
the Town Hall, Ladner, 27th Feb.,
are'lsow in full s.viv.'g. The pro-
gr.."nitiie vfill-inehidi-ons "act-farce,
tabfeauK, ill-ustratc-i songsf.nd vk,x
Admission to  all  Lectures  free, excent PHHnv
mght when a charge of 25 cents St made Y
Inst^ F- Le^es Vocal and
.Sabbath services ��� Crescent Island, 3'p.m'.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday "School dt 10:30 a. tr.
Prayer meeting on Thursday;.
8 p.m.
Rev. A. II. Huntley, pastot.
To those interested we Wish Co
state that the Transfer has changed
her'time of leaving, the new schedule beins: Leaves Westh..m Island
'8t"7 a.m.,T.a'dner, at~7.'30 am, except Fridays, when the hours will
be Westham Island. 6 a.m. -p-nd
Ladner 6:30 a.m.
Remember the--Farmers' ImtiMi'S
Ball in the Tovwi Hall, Ladner, xsn
Thursday, Feb. 20th. The com-
mitt-fe have arranged for ->sand-
X.'iches. lea an.1 coffee *r.d tb*
wives.M 'lire farmers have Jcindlv
consented to supply the ��� balance d1
the sujjper whi.Ii wi'I be first.sUs. TTMES, TUESDAY, FERRTJAR i"*M, Ty*.
==_���:���"'��� .'���'���"
i.O<JAL NKvVb.
S. Thompson's youpgest child is
xetr i)l| witk pneuaionis.
PcgFK P��tV?e laarfed  * skate at
_|o��ndfcMt B��y, last week.
Mrs.. Geo.   Devitt   visited    tfie
loyal-City oa Friday last.
Mrs. Jas., Grant had the. misfojr.
tunc to lose a cow lust week.
T.. W. Foster went over ta Van-
VUTer, yesterday, on a short visit.
M.issea Lena, and Ada Lq$p
w^nt aver to Lulu Island, last week,
���i) a wj,w\t tp re-fttires.
Miss Elsie Hon��j.man and Miss
5dith Rich returaed. las* week, to
mHallows' school. Yale.
B.H. W��_��te will meet all the
Vds wishing to Join t��t* Lad's
brigade, to-night, in the Town
If all, at 7:30 o'clock .
*Cr��- Q*rt��Mk ��nd her brother, J.
.Jqtot^S, of New Westminster, were
|��ests of Mr. and Mrs. T. Roberts ���
��louRh road, last week.
Miss Violet a��d' Maftej,- J. ��v
Bath, of L��lH- Island, ate visiting
t^icir unele and aunt, Mr., and Mrs.
^ir. BstfhN Faintfew .(pad,
j^f. and Mr^- i..L..Woodley, of
Moosejaw, are visiting, their, son.
^r. Woodley. Tbeir daughter.
Mrs. (Dr.) Kendt.ll, of Vancouver,
13. ��..*> *��*���,
Friends of Mrs. Jas. Follis will
V pleased t��> learn t^jit, having undergone an. operation fer appendi-
<Stt|B on Tuesday,, sie. is. getting
%lt>ng nicely.
Mrs. J-. B* Watson, of Vancou,
xesr is Tiiitiaf-her sister, Mrs. H\
Ji Hutcherson, and is accompanied
-IX her seta *pd: dat��htev Master
jf^in *|��d MisnQrace.
n������1 u   1-���ui.
Jtobn Oliver- was called bome,
iast week, from the House* on ac-
<jonnt of the illness ef his daughter.
Miss Emma, who underwent an
-tperatten fof, app^.}��itiv and if
djpinn _r*lU.
Rev. ��. R. Bartlett and Messrp.
4* QfR. Tvter and Robt. Smith
sfprosented A}1 Saints Trenant. a*.
tjie Synod; whiqh w*�� held at-
]$!��&��� VKestntimterr on, Wednesday,
a^id Thursdav-last.
On Yosir Mwi
Guaranteed upon absolutely safe security���first
mortgages on substap.tijaj, oity properties Seven and
Eight Pe* Cent.. Gw^ranteed^ free? of all charges,
t^oot sums ravaging fr-Mife Five Hundred! Doll&r& up.
White, Shiles & <&,
New Westminster, B.C..
llfll lift ftjWe B��g Leave
1016 Westminster Avenue
Vancettver. B.C.
Agencies Represented-
i ,*rtlorsl Fire Insurance Co. lunurftiice Cu, of North America
I'hiruix Iueuraiicc Co. of B(pcj)tlyii      it's Ocean  Accident & Guarantee Corpora-
Conuecticut Fire Insurant-.- Co.. lion, Ltd., of London, Kuk-
Imperial Trmjt-i.��., I-.td., Vancouver. D.C.
No Larder is Complete
without flour. Of course one naturally wants
the )&3st.
Royal Standard Flour
*m 111 ��� ��� ��� 11 msumlr^^"*m^!aa���!vtir��� 'niwt.miem.w*. '��� *��� ���" ��� S - 1 i-^WGXi.. -
is the best, and an eminently satisfactory flour,.
Its sales are in or (Rising daijly, and its popularity
is spreading white its. sales, are developing.
A housekeeper who buy9. R3OYAL STAND*
ARD FLOUR once will n^ver fee satisfied with
a sub statute. |fe, ia unifDEmJy milted from select*
ed western hard wheat,, and casi&ot. be excelled
for color or flavor-.
Dont take our word for it,, a trial sack
will conviiptee you.
Sold by W, H. SMITH.
Vancouver Hilling & Grain Co., Ltd.,
VANCOUViJ-., li C.
Just Received
Two   C*fs    Cyphers,   Inctsbators,
One   Ca*    Stwift^si   Beef   S:raps,
-Eo notify the people of Ladner and sur*
founding district that we are aow in a
position tQ offer Vancouver Isiajid
Portland  Cement
At greatly reduced prioes, making it pes*
sible for parties who contemplate building
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same   cost   as,   piling   or    other   inferior
Write for Prices*
Calvtrt I Lewis,
*     B.C.
Tl)s great and only Mrs. JiarJey
will be at the Town Hall on tbe
'27th Feb.. Remember, SJie date aud
Iceep it lree from engagiypeajs.
tor Sale.
About  ioo Cords AJder ^pd 50
tons of Mangels..   Aj>i}ly to
H-ox Sale,.
One Incubator stfid owe Brooder,
nearly aew.    Apply to
For Satles
Mr. ��od Mrs. W. J. Leary. jr.,
-fent over to tbe Terminal City, on
IfrMay last. Mr*. Leary entered
tfie Gent?*!, IJpspita} whore she
Upderfrent.t mv serious operation
m��deiv Dr. Woodley.. Word has
bee^, received stating t^iat sI^r is
tying e^��^dingly well.
<4f, and Mrs. W; Ijougheed aad
family left here, Friday, i'ot their
qi(j ^pme in Wodebonse. 0nt.N
-tiive Ihey will] reside in, future.
Mr. &fd Mta. I^cmgh-^iqarfy with
tbem t^i-% beft' wishes, of I'ne community f<K theif -SAftlfakr^.. haying
proved tbeweaelftm tq, be very desirable citizeatk during \\eitr resi>.
The members of the Westham
^l��i��d 3^ft��b��^ Clnb> entert"*11^ a
Ifrge nnmber of friends, las). Friday, A*toW|danfing was indulged in
till 4 a.m.   Evans' orchestra,
Vancouver, supplied the music. Re-J highest, or sun. tsuder not nwes-
frt��hm*Hf��   were   *ervecl   a^    >a
o'clock.    At the close of the even-
!|ig,s entertaJ^HUiRfc ��4 vefy haPP5r
.^ro^d dispelled to thHr homes..
A Delta Faip.., cont��i��ing 160
acres of first-class. Fanning Land;
young orchard; new house; larpe
bam and stables. For particulars
apply to tbe owner
448 Sixth Ave. Es, Mt Pleasant,
VitllCOUV��:r, B.C
Saje by Tender.
In the niatnr, cit the -Creditors.Trust
Deeds Act,. 1901., and the Assignment of John MacKenzie, ot
Ladner. Dry Goods Merchant,
CEAIvED TENDERS ��itt be re-
A^ ceived by the und��r*igBed up
to Sat��srdaY���the t5��h- day of February. T-90*. at 4 oiQlpcW ^,m.,.for
the pttsre^se of:
��.. The Freehold properitj. kflpwn
as Lot 4S, Townsite ot; L^dper,,
,with> tmitdiqg thereon, r .seently occupied by John MpcHpn^ie;
2. The store counters s\fid  tables,
contained therein as per. iriMen^ory
to be seet��, at th^p^e ot tjie-t��idfrr
i   Separate tenders for each.    Tlhe
sarily apcept,-**.
1* Kfc. RI��J��',
.    Assignee, Ladncr��. B,Q��
Dated January 17, 190S.
B. 0���
Cut ffilass,
Waiohes and
Alt Kinds, of lewellery.
New Stock For Xmas_
Call and' See Them..
Jl. Clausen,
Well Mounted*
Plows I
Plows I
Plows I
To grow tovy wad. -jJoan crops you must
Work Tour Land Bights
To Start B^ht $<$* mju^i, How RigltoK
To Plo\�� Saght Yoii Want the Right Plow.
The Right Plow is tho, BELL BLOW.
We Have Them
OIJ]j(c2K3i��^ Alive and Dressed^ Alwasys. ��^.d
The Best line ef B-Wi Siiupplies on the. M^ket
ETOv E'ya
CommtesiTon- Agents,
Oeneral Dealers & IJfl^cJh. nlsts..
Is e.-vs.y piece ej Harness that
l-SJives our store. Er*ch pjece is
fashioned from the best leather audi
most select metal, ainrf the wuric*-
manship throughout is first-class in
every re-spec*. Our .Sad. lies are the-
talk of all horseback riders for com*
fort and <ase, and tb#y are scrupulously made a_ty_ finished by experienced ope.��tor..i. Give us a call
when you next nued scsu__<hing; it.
our li,oe.
B. C. Leather Co., Ltd.
112 Hastings Street, Vancouver, B. C.
^    WSSBB lh ���    ������������      ���!���->_ ��������� ��� ;    1   ea^   ��� *mm*^T7?m'^mmmrm*m V   ttm-imm^^^g.^
Estate of
W.   L.   Me;
General ncrctant
Phone 5,   -   Port Quichon
Produce Stored and
To m B. C Porte.


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