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The Delta Times Dec 29, 1908

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Array -
Vol. 6, No
Correspondence. |      Cantata.
I Editor B__ta Times:
Sir: It seems as though considerable interest is  now being; take;'
cantata, "The finding olj New Westminster. Dec. *4 _
���Santa Clans," which was given in j The best Christmas market on re-
tbeTowu Hall, on the __���d inst.,! cord was held on the _3rd Dec and
by the children of AM Saints' Sun-fwas well intended in spite ������ its be-
fin municipal aff-irs, and  it is to bej dav   school,   was  a  great success.' fag held on an off day mste d o ihe
! hoped  that   some  Rood will result; Rev. E. R. Bartlett acted as chair- ���_,,., Pr���,.,,T     4 u_,.,.. A .,..��� ,_.,���.
We take this opportunity
to wish you ALL
^^^^^^^^^ i usual Fridav.    A heavy d ly's busi-
man  anl   .'aid   the   teachers   and .    . ,.
. ,     , , . ���       . uess was transacted,prices ruling the
superintendent   were deserving   of
the appreciation of the  parents  for same a< ,i,st markct witl1 the exceP"
the  time  spent in   teaching  ihem : tiou of eggs.    New Year's market
from .Sunday  to  Sunday, and that i will be on Wednesday, 30th Dec,
payers as a whole were  more alive j the heartiest  oi   thanks  sliouhl be!    There wis a good supply <>f Xmas
to the interests of their   municipal- |f��'en   them,     Weeks   have   been| beef) ^ l]]e &^mand was on
'before the excitement dies out.
i    In criticising our Councillors, it
1 B '
jtnust not  be   forgotten   that  "tike
I piaster, like man," and if the rate-
,  ���      .,,..,���   spent in   training   the   children for
certain    that   the I J' H
this entertainment, many   of tbem
jy fair.
; Kor prime stock 7 tc S cei:ts were
being unable to even read their: P;,icI wbiU: a lower Srade br< uSht 4
parts. Following is the pro-1 to 5 cent-. Both lamb an - mutton
gramme: I w.-re short of the demau<! the 'orm-
-Soiig, "Christmas, Happy Christ-     er fetching 11 to 12 cen:* a   i the
m "���'' School Matter 1   to ix cents.    Ve   was cot
Soig, "Coasting" A. McBride j
Brownies Hunt for Santa Claus I
Song, "The Santa  Claus  Man"
So:ig, "All Along  the  Wooded
Way" Brownies
Drill Boys of the S.C.N.
Song, "Santa Claus' Navy"...Boys
Song,"Overalls and Sunbonnets"
 Little Tots I
March Snow Fairies |
Instrumental...Mrs. Hiltou,   Humej
Hilton, Leon Harris
Song, "Good Old Father Snow"
 Snow Fi,ines
Song, "'Peek-a-I_oo"...Snow Fairi.s
Song,   "Santa   is    My    Name"
Santa CIsut
si ple: ��� lu' rlthough thei was a
goo I in nd c mediu iock.
Tiie 1 r c pai 1 was 11 cents and for
large 6 1 7 cents. Pork was plentiful and al found a ready sale at SJ-j
Eggs I ad a fair supply, bu: the
price-: 'ropped to 45cen~ wholesale
and 50 eh'ts r.tail. The prices held
up Ion ;er this year than iast.
Butti" remains steady at 35 to 40
I cents a noun - and the demand and
I supply are eq ; 1, and oi very good
I quality.
A great demand for lowland particulars in dressed fowl.but the supply was short.    Prices ruled  $j to
Marshall Smith & Co., Lt
ity,   it   is  very
Council  itself would also be more- |
alert, for  after  all  the attitude o
any  Council  is  but a reflection of
;the ra-tepayers themselves.
i     Mr. Embree says that  the Coun-
| ciilors  are  not lacking in Lusiness
[anility,   pointing  cut  that each ol
'them has  been  conspicuously successful in his cwn affairs.
That, no  c'< ubt is true, but tl e
general  complaint is, not that the
Coi'i'.iiiio.s are without ability, but
ih; t they do not apply to j>ubli_
taffairs enough of that ability which
has made them so successful in
! their own, and which the public
lhas a right to expect from them. I
I rather  think   that  Mr. Embree  is
not  that  sort   of man who   would
build,    lencc,    ditch,    operate    hi:
thresher or  anything   else, withou
first'a. certiiining the rot of this 01
tbat,   or what    his   operating   e:<
penses are likely to be.
Why not, then, apply such  principles to municipal affairs?
But instead we are   lo'd   (once a
year) that . lump sum  of so many
thousands has been spent, on roads
for   instance,   but   no   details  art
j available  to   show  what any   par  !
j ticular   piece   of   work   has   cost
I Councillors come before us to give
I an   ;.<count  of their stewardship,
' but seem to know little of what has
occuned, outside their own wards.
It seems  absurd  that a  ratepayer
seeking information sliould have to
give notice to the Vunicipal Clerk,
and then wait till he gets it.
Personally,   I   think    ti at   the
ward system is responsible for a lot
of our councillors'   . hortco__ings.
A man elected for any  waid is apt
to imagine that bis duty begins and
ends with that particular ward, and
only loo often  his chief aim is to
grind his own particular axe.
Referring to my remarks in pre-.     _^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^
. ., ���. ,   T ,   ..      (want  of   municipal   experience at I
vious letter re River road, I believer ���   .    ,       ,
that  everything  then  stated tobejth,s  Partl���lar  time   tells   against      Miss   Irene   Robinson   returned
absolutely  correct.    My   point   is, j'��m, and then, would he have come, home, last week, to spend Xmas.
Instrumental..'.'..'.:.: Miss M." Smith I *8 *r !< Zen' chickens being Steady
Tableau '..: School: at *6  " *? Per dozet1'    There was
..���     , -._. , .,, ., ,     , 1 agool supply and a good demand.
hong, "Good  Night' Sehooi I    " ..       rr   .     ,    ,
_   , ,.       .,     ... Broilers remained the same, si.so
God Save the King. + ��
 I to $6.
Live ducks had a lair supply and
good demand at $10 to j-n per
Both live and dressed' treese
found a rea iy sale and the supply
wase,ualt it. Price paid was
$t.2', and (ires-:ed, 20 .ents per
poun ',
ing leave for such appeal is first
granted by the Board.
Nomination day will soou be
(here, and who are we going to
Oi the present Councillors, .Mr.
Embree is by far the best man we
have, and   he  should   certainlv  be
__^__ -. Livj aud ('ressed turkeys were 011
retained.      That there are plenty'        JQ ^ number_ bi. thfi Mp.
w.bo covet the office of  Reeve, goes j p[y ^ short of ^ demand    price
without saying.    We all know that, pald wa_ 30 cents
good lady with her engaging smile, j     Qf .pp]es . ,]e demand wM equa,
who now for several vears past, has  ... ,    ,- ,       ��� ,.- j
f     '        ! to the supplv tor good varieties and
butted into  our  conversation  with  ���__,,j <������ ' _, ������ to ,��� *. ������
1 ranged irom 75 cents to J.1.00.
"So manv people .accent on lhe so)'     t.      , .    ������.,���. .
-  '     '     ������ '       x. ne potato market reH'ii_.s   un-
want my husband to be Reeve, that changed and ��� fair supply ���.as of.
really  I,   I,   I, don't--    Then I ^^   Turnips and   carrots   were
comes nomination day and exit the plentiful at -0   ceilts a   sack   and
husband for another twelve months, j onlons reali_ed $U2. pe_ sa_k
Mr. Hutcherson is a good man, but!
that the road need never have been Itorward exceP1
o  boost the water I
scheme along? 1
"Rancher" suggests I.ensonjohn
or   Kittson.      It   is
Leon   Harris   spent    Christinas
1 McKee   or   Kittson.      It   is   well   Da>' at l'��"'e  with  his   parents in
known  that   Mr. Benson   will  not  Vancouver.
run   and   John   McKee  (I   think 	
During the storta on Christmas
Day considerable damage- was done
along the waterfront:
At Steveston the wharf at which
tfie Sonoma makes her landings
was pounded to pieces, tad a portion ofthe new dyke was-destroyed.
The Westham Island dyke withstood the stonm remarkably well
but G'itf.'ii-b was badly shaken up.
The Road Foreman, accompanied
tty a gang od workmen and the
pil'edri-ver, proceeded te* Gulfside,
Sunday morning, to. make the necessary repairs, it being necessary
to drive some fifty piles; in order to
e_fe��t* t��mf��ofary repairs.
At Sunbury the strength of the
storm was also felt with the result
tjhAi, R.  L, Q. LlPi'd's- barn was.
badly damaged, J. Alexander's
granary was ov rturned and a considerable number of big tre.s werc
blown dowtK
B. H, Weajie wishes to state-that
ke wHl re-<Dpeu his class on Monday, Jan-uany nth, 1903. Happy
New Year.
M.. E^ Wharton  has purchased
25 acres and B. Kyton   1 -    eres of I
landi on Crescent  Island, adjoining
the Vasey property^ from   1 aK McCallan'.
Mr., wad1 Mrs.. T. J. Elliott, of the
fitm of Latimer &  Elnotr,   lelt,
on    Thursday    Tast,   fcr   Seattle.
where they ate spendin.   the holiday season, with, relative _
expropriated in   the  first  instance,
t but once  expropriated  ihere is no j
I possibility of recovering it, and in
case of dispute we' are bound by
any award the Railway Commission may see fit to make.
As   I   understand  it, the present
position ofthe Delta in this mattet
is, that we have parted   with a nor-' j
r .1     ����� _       1     V      pality to-day
lion of the River   road, and so lar,   '
have received absolutely nothi 1 g in
exchange   (except   lawsuits),   not I
even having  any  ownership in the !^_^_^^^_^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^_
._._..,   _-..,_.,..-.-._,.   ...���_. .������. I posted on all matters relating to our in Vancouver,
newly   constructed   piece ol   read I        .... . .
riend  w']'cn was to replace that expropriated.
One of our worthy citizens mixed
more than his drinks, on Thursday
evening last.   With his buggy well
filld  with   Xmas   supplies,   toys,
etc., be undertook to take a
horn?,   wbich  feat was  saf.lv  ac	
then as to the question of appeal
complisbed,   but. .1.   making   tl'e l!om dcdsious of tbe Rililwa>. Com.
turn, he backed  his rig  into the! mission, I might  make  that   more
ditch and had the misfortune to wet \ clear:
himself and to lose considerable of'     '��� The   findings   of  the   Board
his cargo   of toys   which   floll,ed  upon questions of fact ..ve fi.ul and
2. On questions of jurisdiction ol
_^^_^^^^^^^���^m^m^^^^^--, the BoarJ, an appeal lies to 'he Su-
so of home whet* be unhitched and, preme Court, provided su h 1 ppeal
turned his h.irse loose; makifig the is allow. ��� o e taken hy a : f'ge
rest of his journey 011 Foot while the, ot th-.- ;-ih rem;.- . i un.
gud'; wife had  to  gather up  t! e ���    3. Oil questions of law, i.t appeal
"Rancher" must have meant David
McKee) is not to be taken seriously. .Mr. Kittson, I believe, is the
best available man in the inunici-
He lias been a successful  man  in  his own affairs, is
Ed. McBride went up to the
Royal City, on Tuesday last, to
spend the Xmas at home.
'cautious, prudent  and   i-  given to local    bank,   retimed,   ye
K. D. Simpson, manage
:al    bank,   re1
thought and reading.    He  is  well from spending the Xmas
ating to our
municipality,  and  water schemes,
of the
Tiie annual Chri .mas tree of A'
Saints' Sunday school will be hei
in 1 >ddfel!ows' Hall, on Tuesda.
January -th, 1909.
away.    However, he survived long
enough .to get within half a mile or
1 trams, etc., will  all  be  safe in his
hands.    Further, he  has  both the
time and inclination to devote him-
|sell to municipal affairs, aud if 1
remember right, it wa.s during Mr.      	
j Kittson's last  term  of  Keeve that
I rock roads were first experimented Remember the dance to be held
j with, so he is no stranger to the in the Town Hall on Friday next,
I road question. N'w Years'night, under the  aus-
Come along, Mr. Kittson, you're pices of the Excelsior Club.
[pieces of merry Xmas,
Remember   t'l ���
lies to the Supreme Con t povid-lTown Hall, Nev Y
s ui
in   the
Corn, Corn Meal���Brackman-
Ker Milling Co.. Ltd., H. N.
RICH, Ladnef, B.C., Agent. THE DELTA TIMES, TtJSSDAY, DECEMBER   . , 190*.
L '
SuBscitjpTipN, S1.0Q qeryear.
<J��_u_l Advertisements, lo c. _U pt
She fir_t ins.niou, Atid 5 cent. pe. line'
'jtib ._civ.t'i!t tiisertiou.     The   number
Tasbten Stables*
Trueking and Drayiag.    Livery Work of
All Kinds Attended to Promptly.
AU Kinds q; Firewood Alwaya Oa Hand.
ptr Une for
' tor each
ot   Hues
.tckotied by thf tpace cccufied,  lalijusto the
1 lor Cotnmerclal Advertisements can be
application h^tliis office-
Reading notice. 10 camper li(:e fpr eacb in-
Birth and Death notice..^ 50c., Ma��|age.s|i,oo.
Any special notfee, tl^f object ol which is to
promote the pecuniary benefit of anv individual
<j�� Companv. to he 'considered an advertisement
��� nd charged accordingly.
Ail..dverti__.in.enU charged for until ordered
out'tind paid Tor.
Correspondence iiivi.tfd.cn mjitterp of, public
aterest. C.omn��uni(*ationbtb editor,'must t^ a<^
cpinpftnied by name of/writer, not.necessarily
:pr publication, but. as evidence of goo4_pifch.
Correspondence must reach thia,office by'T^hur-p-
Jay evening.
Gko. R.
Tuesday;, dkckmber  29,   1.908.
A NY- available Dominion Lands
wijthiu, the Railw.av Belt in
British Columbia, ipay be home-
steaded bv any person who is the sole
headof a family^ otany male over 18
years ot age, tp the e^tesjt of one-
quarter sectipp of ifjp^fires, more or
Entry, rnqsi. bs mad*- pecsonally
at the lo;;al land office for the district
in which the land is situate Entiy
by proxy may, however, be made on
certain conditions, by the father,
mother, son. daughter, brother or
sister ot an infentiing homesteader.
The homesteader is required to
perform the conditions connected
therewith under, one of the following plans.:
' i. At least six months' res.di-t.ee
upon and cultivation,of the land in
each year for three-yeans.
2. If the father, Cor mother, if
the father i&deceafi^d), Qf the homesteader resides upon, a farnt hn the
vicinity of the land entered fpr, the
requiremeKts as to residence.may be
satisfied by such person residing
with the fatter, or mother,.
3. If the settler has his permanent
residence upott farming land owned
by him in the vicinity ot his homestead, the requirements as to residence may be satisfied by residence
upon., the said land,
Six months'   notice- in   writing
should be given to tjie Commissioner
of Dominion. Lands   at   Ottawa ol
.     ...      ... .  , , .,  intention to apply fot patent.
Start the New Year rjght, and it      _    ,     >.    .    . .  ���,,.,��� ���,������ K_
"" Coal.���Coal nr.mp��rights may be
you wish  to  help, oui- the village | leased: for   a period ot twenty-one
and district in which you live help j -vea>"s at an annual rental of $i per
[ acre, Not   more   tban   2,560 bcres
support   your  home paper, which | shall ^ leased t0 one individual or
4oes, apd has done fqr tj^e past fivel company.     A royalty at the rate of
.     ,   .. . . ' ,' five cents per* ton sha?}' be collected
years,,  lsad  its., assistance   toward:      ., e\    .  ,,    '   , _,-���j
J       *��� 'r~       ^T ! on the merchantable-coal mined.
everything for* the improvement of! ^y_ y^ CORY
We wish you a)lj a, Hi%p.P X ajid
Prosperous New Year-.
Names are stilt comiag in slowly
lor the Rifle.Asspcjftticw, Wahave,
at present, twenty, on the list and
S\eed twenty more at-least, so if you
intend joining kijadly do sp-right
J. ��. COLUNSON, Phott m, uwm, u.
c;hoes 1   <*\uoes i _
the village and district. An advertisement will help us immensely
and must of necessity bring some
^nefit to the advertiser. Try, it for
the next twelve,, aoaths and see
what an amouat a�� gqpd Q��p be ac-
We understand: that. Councillors
Gibbie, Davie, M#t}ey and; Embrpe
will be candidates in their various
wards, while tha.'Reeve, Hv J;.
Hutcherson, of couyse, will stand
t$r re-election. Ip Ward III} several names have been mentioned as
possible candidates���Wm. Pybus.
Jas. .Storey, T. Home, Ti. M. McDonald, G MrCluskey.���and it is
hoped that the electors will; be careful in their choice and return the
npan best fitted fpr the position.
With regard tc the Reeveship,
���ive see no reason, why tha-present
Reeve shewid not be re-elected by
acclamation unless it> be that he
make way far ^. E- Kit;t$on,oi_ account of the latterjs knowledge ofH
municipal-law, a qualification much j
.9 be desired at this time.
Deputy ot the Minister of the
N.B.���Unauthorized   publication
of this advertisement will not be paid
of Waterproof
Foi Winter Weather
CAPITAL PAID-UP,      - ,000
RESERVE FUND.          -          - $ 4,300,000
Total Assets Over Forty-Mine Millions,
Accounts of Out-of-Town Customers Given Special
Savings Department* ~.
Accounts may be apened with deposits of ONE DOLLAR
aad Upwards.      Interest paid,  or credited, half-
yearly oa June 30th and December
3-St each year.
K. D. SIMPSON. Manager,  LADNER, B.  C.
Impairing Neatly and Promptly Done.
the Delta Saw mills
1 mmtvimAian. >m.am*���
Ac�� Prepared to .. *
Furnish All Kinds of
Shingles,  Doors, Sash and
House  Finish  of All  Descriptions.
Following is a tist'of the winning
numbe.Ssat M-arsliaU;Sis_tk & Cq.'s
Xmas- drawing:
1. C95-2���Mrs. Wm. Reagh.
2. C9072���Fred Arthur.
3- C997*
a, BioSoo-.
5. C1670
$. B13607���Jas, Bome.
7? C9449���Wm. Kpnnessjr,.
8. C4105.
9. C80641.
ip. B12582.
By Marie Corelli.
fctft up  thine  eyes, Queen-warrior
of the world I
Stand,   fearless-footed   on   Time's
shifting verge,
And watch thine everlasting Dawn
From clonds t'qat  thickly  threaten
thunderous war!
Ii9, how thy broad East redders-to
thy West,
The while tfty thougand-victoried
fifig, unfurl'd,,
Waves to thy North and  South in
one royal fold
Of teutlike shelter for a_i  Empire's
O Queen,  swosd-girdedi,. helmeted
in apld,
Strong conqueror of. all thy many
foes, ��,
Loot irom thy, rotky  heights and
see afar
The coming  Future- menacing the
Witb clamowr a_id wild  change of
present tilings,
Kingdoms- down-shaken, witk tbe
fall of kings!
But  fcar  not, Thou!    Thou'rt still
the first and.last
Ipiperial  weareri of  the deathltss
Grown .1 witb tke sunlight, girdled
with tke sea,.
Mother, of mightest Nations yet to
���From "Tbe Flag."
The  BEST Waler   Tanks  Are
Made at This Mill*
ft IX McKenzie, P_o{_.
Newly Putmished Throiaghout, and
First-Class in Eve.y Detail.
Rates. os_ Aypiicatioa.
I iii ID M K_B_ j
1  J. HENLEY   I
NEW WSSTMtNSTER,    :���>:  Bu C.  ���}
Manufnciur3r,_ oS Till itindsoi
f Soda. Water, Ginger
*    Al�� ami Summer
I Drinks. i
,!.      Your pait-onage solicited     j[
��������_ �����">'��"i��-^>i..'st����"S*ssst��-*ss!_����i*- *ey* &
THE' "^.JISat"- fl,tKSl��.0eR.TAYL0;.'
Veterinary Surgeons.
Halifax, ^ttnty, N.S., is the
spene of the-latest find of silver
Tyhictt is expected.1 tyj., rival eve-
Cobalt. The discovery t������ been
Hiadeon the property of Miss Dun-
brack, at Musquodoboit, alter a
searc^.lasting twenty years.
Tho*. Tayl'-f, M.F.P. for, Revel-
stake, h_,$ teeiti appointed Minister
qf PutUc Works, ^pd a,, writ has
been;i*med; fc��v the, by.-qjectiqn tp
be held on the 9th.January next.
A writ is also issued tor the 9$��
,of Januaiv ne^| tc> fill; tbe.-vacapt
seat for Nas^itB^city.
The Methodist Sunday school
are holding their annual Christmas
festivities in the Town Hall, today.
For 1909, ready Nov. 15, 1-908, best
ever sent out, beatitiful covers in
colors., fine portrait of Prof. Hicks
in colors, all tbe old features and
several new ones in the book.. Tbe
best astronomical year* book and
���the only onc-containing.th.p original
"Hicks Weather Forecasts."" By
mail 35c on news stands 30c. One
copy free with Word and Works,
the best f l monthly in, America.
Discounts on almanacs in quantities. Agents wanted., Woad nnd
Works. Pub. Co.,. asoi. Lfccast
Street,,St. Lpuis, Mo. Every citizen owes it to himself, to his fellows and to Prof. Hicks to possess
the "Hicks" forecasts���the only reliable.
All   Calls	
Ptonj^tly Attended to
Phone 35 Stainton Block
Ladneis B.C
W. N. Draper,
Room _, Etlard Block. New West Tatnster.
Carrying, fssigbt and passengers
to all points between New Westminster and Westham Island.
Leaves Braekman>& Ker's wharf
,daily at 3*p.,m.,. except Saturdays at
2? p..m.. Additional trip on Moa-
days leaviug at 5-.__.
' Returning leaves Westhaim Island 7 a.m. daily except Fridays at
6 a.m. Additionali trip on Saturdays leaves Ladner at 5:30 p.._a_
Calls at Steveston Tuesdays,
'Thursdays and Saturdays onty�� -
i Tbe Launch Jl. C. BRUCE will
leave Ladner for New Westminster
���at 8- a.m,, on and after Tuesday,
jSept. 8th; returning leaves New
jWestminster a* 5 p^m. each day,
carrying passengers only.
Ticketsgood tmtil used, on either
SJ3. Favorite or Launch Bruce.
B.   H.   WEARE
begs to announce tbat he re-opened
bis Mandolin and Violin Classes
in Waddell's Hall, over Gifford's
barber shop, on Thursday, Sept.
For further particulars apply to
Mandolins, Strings, Etc.,
Supplied at City Prices.
Acclimatized Stock.
For the
Farm,  Garden, Lawn or
Reliable Varieties at Reasonablo
Prices. No Borers. No Scale.
No fumigation to damage stock.
No windy agents to annoy vou.
Buy direct and get Trees, and Seeds
that Grow\
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray
Pump��,' Spraying Material, Cut
Flowers, etc. Oldest established
nursery on  the mainland of  B. C.
Catalogae free.
It J. HENRY'S Nurseries,
Greenhouses and Seedhouses ']
VANCOUVER,   -   B. C.
Miss- Dora Cook returned home,
Thursday, .to spend the- Festive
Season with her rarents at Trenant
B. W. Calliottii, of K.mloops,
is visiting at the coast, bis jovial
countenatice was.seen on. the street,,
According-to tlie World, Vancouver is to be the-tenminal city et two
more transcontinental lipes. ol railway, the Great Northern and the
Northern Pacific.
Onr Entire Stodc of
Ladies' and Childrens*
Ready-to-Wear Gmoods
and Fancy Goods
All Now and Up-to-Date- Stotck, to Clear at Coat aud
I A, b'ack Shawl, on the Trunk
roadi last week. Owner may have
same on proving property aud paying for this ad.
_a.ll..   F. ht-"1i ._ ��� of  Alezacdfl
��� nan IsL'Ti re i.t il i!-. l_;ri_.
iora 1.U6B hnsauumuuci. thatEhe
uy only ta lt.Cy i:iili-ss htr health
��� rand  Fi(_d8 niiTi_iip.ne that next
\.   iif'.i.r tho  .sew York aea.si.ii, they
;il_ o their hig oomjMUiy over to Lcn-
SmiTh Rr.._l. produced rrcrntlj
a .Mil:,'.' tho rigw i:!ny lhat Martha
.1 has ; rcividtd him with.    It was a
line I'. ull in to jcin the unoy of thc
11   invasion.    Miss Hull sings in
di. tii it voices-and  is a charmiui
k (nicer.
lr. Edgar Pcmhcrton has presented ths
fii. ci ijitof Tom Iiol'or*f:oii;s "Society"
llio Khakespeore Memorial theater al
__... lTi.it is to dr.ert the vaudevllti
ll, having ri_ncd to play the leading
J In tho next Now York Casino prodno-
t. "A Uuniterous Maid."
Iir. I/iincroft's play, "TereM/' seam
Im |:iof|(riii(t at the London Gairick-
V/IH i>o sucoeoded ln due time by a no*
pi) by  Mr. Loo Trevor called "Brothel
T -IT:',.   '
I \ iiil Harney announces that tbe receipt!
J I;i:i . '.a Wilson iu "The Little Corpft
II" i ro _o large that ho would not lie sur
li_.u tn ao* his star clean up $100,1)00 oo
lo __ii_i)n.
Jin runny Italy recently one of tho great
ft notors of that country, Novclli Oiorgic
Inti, filed of a broken heart. Ha had
Inil.Ttrli 1! for years against the repututioa
I having an evil eye.
Jin his interesting memoirs which art
Icelvirp duo consideration at present
fluxanui-r Sulvlni praises tho Hamlet ol
Wwin Booth, hut expresses the opluion
���at Sir Henry Irving was tbe better lu-
tfproter of tho ohuruutcr.
' Possibly Lillian Russell ls merely am-
Jittloug to bo able to say that she has holi
lour of a kind.���Milwaukee Sentinel.
Camilla's leal fighting will occur when
It comes to petting a navnl appropriation
{through tho fortes.��� Washington Star.
Conm Ifsloncr Day gets a fee of $20,001
por his tei. ices In Paris. Does he earn 11
J by Day's work or peace workf���Philadelphia Times,
How i:i the world did General Kitchen-
|tr ever vlnout wllhotit having Stephen
I Crane and llichaid Harding Davis along)
} ���EvniiK\i!lo Courier.
Kid l.im r ar.d Ecwey seem to be two ol
| a kind.   l.o Kitchener is made a peer, and
Dowry���well,  lie. ty is simply peerless
���Bit 1. iT.omi Dispatch.
As :i ii mi on Ml of fool and scoundrel
Estci):!. y npi rers to be tho most striking
sample v, l.i, li tho close of tlio century any
whoro exhibits".���Sow York Tribune.
If t���i f;t'I nil on thc carpet, cover thi
si ot v.i.ii eoiiiTLeal as quickly us you can.
the i.eiil will !uko up the grouse.
louden skewers are convenient to oleac
the hairs and dust out of hairbrushes,
also to lumen the dirt wliich sometime*
guts caked in the corners of floors or window sills.
If di: iies become discolored from fruit
or tea Mains, take a little fine ashes on t
Oloth and rub off. _!eu to it that there it
not a stain of dust and dishwater when
tlio hani-llu joins the cup.
It a Imssock be takon up by both ears,
It will last much longer than if carried ol
pulled around by one, tha weight being
more evenly divided. It is not the easiest
thing ln the world to put back and fasten
an ear which has come partly out.
It h n paraphraso���the colonel er tbt
tiger.���Syracuse Herald.
Whichever ticket (Roofcvclt or Van
Wyek) wins the Dutch will take N.w
Holland.���New York Tribune.
About all you can say in favor of an
officeholder ls that when ho begins ho hot
the best intentions ln the world.���Atchison Globe.
So far Ohio has had three secretaries of
state in one administration. And the
lirst term admlnistrutioi ls not half over.
Of tourse, if there are other vacancies, Ohio
will fill them. Noble state I���Baltiinon
Good ilrmol to harry.
The trials of a musical accompanist are
many, if wo may credit all the stories
told of them. A young professional recently played accompaniments for tbo performers at a private entertainment for a
fashionable charity lasting for nearly two
hours. .
"Here, you see, I have no chanoe to
tako a breath for ten bars," said tho amateur (lute player, indicating to the accompanist a passage in his opening solo.
"There oro a number of such places ln
my solos, and if you'll hurry tho time
whenever you come to them, it will lie a
relief to my wifo, for all my family are
subject to apoplexy, and I've already had
ono slight nttnnk."���Youth's Companion
���Wilhelmina" jackets, hntB, tlos, oapit
Md costumes aro now appearing.
Surplioo effects aro much used on ths
bodices of silk and satin wedding gowns.
Bounding fronts, arching back toward
the hips, represent ono of tho new features
Of stylish jackets and coats accompanying
the newost tailor costumos.
Velvets are aBsurod of a great success ln
theBoasonsof 1898 and 1809 for the niak-
I lng of  oostumes entire,  for redlngotes,
J skirts,  wraps,  waist combinations, millinery, etc.
Tho princess shope will be much used,
loth for drossy day and evening toilets,
thi* autumn, and nothing could bo more
perfect than thc lit and outline ot some ol
the newost models.
There Is a great demand  for both thi
���tendard  and fancy materials ln  Mack, .
and this fall they are brought out In very
tnany different weaves, either in all wool
or in silk and wool mixtures.
Black gnwns of lovely t "ansparont or
���emidlnphanoiiR weaves ovei silk or satis
���nd In hcovier materials f-��r day wear
.rill take high place in tho Kinks ot fashion for tho two seasons before us.
The deeply pointed  peplnm  oTersklrt*
i__ season do not always match tlio uu-
lrt and, if preferred, o.��n be muds o(
tlro'.y differont fabric Thnreforo It
may prove most desirable for remodeling
Victoria cords, bayadcro silks, ln blooh
��nd dark rich autumn oolorlngs, gross
grain, faille, hongallno, Imperial reps���ln
foot, all the lustrous corded silks���aro in
high vogue, both fur gowns entire uud I'm
combination uses.
Mohair braid in various width . onl
buttons of graded size trim riie skins mui
kad loos of rough dross fabrics, and silk
braid atid email tailor buttonu ornament
the cost linios made of finer weaves ot wool
and silk and wud materials.
Faille, honRullno, victoria reps ani
many othor ku_u'o_* oordud siil:s ar��
brought out i . charming Vnrloly, an.
them am used ��1 i t.o for entire row���, fnt.
���;- waists, Wipes, eonts and fiir.'.t.vlisiiiDiii-
blnai iuii toil tn uud costumes.���Now Yor_
Rllimbrlhnii E_el���� Law*.
In striking contrast lo the present
taws to pi-event habitual drunkenness
ilforo those pnssed In the reign of Queen
Ell7.al.2t__ TheLnn-dovrnc nmnusci-lpts
tn tho British museum record thnt in
1501 orders were set down by the lord*
mid others of her majesty's privy cotm-
���el for the reformation of tbo great disorders committed by the excessive
number of alehouses, -which tlie Justices wcre ordered to reduce. The pub-
Ken ns were compelled to give to ths
eonstnble of thc pnrish the nnme and
\ business of every oue who frequented
i their houses and were forbidden to
; have any games played therein. On
Sundays tie, persons dwelling within a
mile of th�� public house were allowed
ito e_rter exeept substantial household-
I SI'S traveling to church, and then Only
for a reasonable time to refresh them-
! selves. Curiously, tho chief complaint
jsgaisst publicans was the "brewing
Stronger ale and beer than ls whole-
i some for man's body."���Loudon Chroa-
la Dancer All the Time.
'.��! would beafreld to place muoh rel|.
���ne. upon him at a critical moment.    He
Usoks like a man unucoustoined to dan-
" Nonsense) Why, he live* on ths U.��
*��* �� trtUlay road. "-Chioago Po*
Trouble on the Mantelpiece.
''If you'll always give mo full swing,"
observed tho pendulum. ' yon will lmvoi
iitiVe any trouble with your hands,!'
"1 don't know," replied the eloek. "il
. wasn't for your going ItooU and forth in
ny works, 1 never would huve utir
.rik.s. "���Chicago. Triliune.
A  Powerful  River.
"Should one be asked nt random to
ml tue the most powerful river lu New
..ugluml���that Is. the river yielding tbe
nost water power und doing tlie mosl
v_t'l;���l.e woulil be likely to name tlio
-i.rrluuti'." said M.. S. Kd;;ar of l'ort-
in.I,   Me.     "lie  would have ln  mind
lie gri-T'.t tniimi.Mrtiu-ing city of Low-'
ll, it lid tiie answer would bu u natural
me.   11 i'i stii'iu-;. ing. tlicrelore. to bc
old  by   tlm   United  States  geological
t'.i-vey i' :it the most powerful rivor In
\'ew   l'Tiglaiid   is   ine   Androscoggin,
.'et tiie stti'lii'lse abatis when the fiieb
i-e recounted^   'IT.elV ere ;-.i-.ie or ten
.'veliipeil v.-i'.ter jiiiiYol.   itloii;.' the I'h'
���r, and it iipponi's thnl tltey l'tt:-.:i. .i to
nl puv.-sir eqiiitl in V.i.tlUU licrsi'S.   Tin
.'nils al   l!ni;is,vir!<  yleiil   7.7 K)  lioi'SC
Iiowel'j at Mahon l'alls, l.'.i-"r, nt Lewis
on,  l_.(iU0; tit  Llvel'lliol'e  l-'tiili; .'!.(��,!i
it Olis Kails, S.Ot!.; nl .!n,V's, H."illl); ni
I'utui'juii's   Kips,  U,tu.    .'.t   Uuuii'ori:
falls   lI.Li'L'   1-   n   lio'.s'il'sl.'.l   oi'   _3,(?Ji
horsepower ivlien the resources nt tba
place are fully developed, ami tlint I
itltogotlter tlio greutust wale* power K
Nesv Englaml."
fllsniiireU   unrt   (iinrl,
Sidney Wltltilinii In Ids --re--. .;'_'
li'initiisi-enees uf I'riuee Hlsiutii'cU''
"BlsintircU's intimate fiiendshlp witli
lotli'.v. the bistufiun, is well l.uowii
Me wns ulso particularly nttnclied to
George Bancroft, so that when it became n question of Bancroft being recalled from bis post of Vtilted States
minister at Berlin Blsibarck wrote specialty to his friend Motley nntl begged
him to intercede with the president to
allo';v Bancroft to remain, and he did
rem ilu.
"lilsninrck told me that when Goner-
nl Grout came to Berlin he accompanied him to soo one of the reviews :tt
the Tompolho.er fold. Grant wns not
well that day, and they had to drive
out in n closed carriage. Grant looked
downenst and told Bismarck thnt it
worried hlm to think thnt he wns to
meet the Prussian soldiers sitting cuddled up In n eni'-lnge like any ordinary
civilian. 'Never you mind that. General
Grant.' Btsmarek snid. 'Yon mny sit
here hidden from view, but our sol
dloi'S are well awnre what soil s,f fl;.;ht
iug rutin Is In tliis closed carriage.' "
A Parable Iniponebeil.
The parable of the wise mnn who
built his hon_e upon n rock nnd of the
other man who built on the sands was
uttered before thc "house with modern
Improvements" hnd made Its appear
ance or modern sniiltniy science hnd
been evolved. A lock foundation is UU
Impeachable for stability, but It may
be very hnd when It eomes lo n matter
of drainage, whether tt be for the dls
posnl nf sewage or of surface or ground
Wnter. A cellar excavated lu the rock
Is usually ii \Vct cellnr. because the water leeches through the crevices and
_enms in the rock, and It Is bolh dilfl
cult and expensive to trench and drain
properly ubout the walls of a building
In a medium so hnvd to excavate. To
be sure, if the rock drops away ipaick-
ly on n sharp grade this difficulty may
be nl together n minor one. A good
gravel soil Is one of the best to build
upon In respect both to drainage and
to the stability of the house, und coui-
Vnct sand, If not subject to the notion
of running wnter. Is n moat excellent
foundation and a thoroughly good medium.
Literally Exact,
The Politician���Now, dou't quote ins
as saying anything.
The Reporter���Oh, no! I'll simply pub>
lish what you said.���Life.
A Georgia Maxim.
Don't be discouraged; keep a-tryln'f
An' you will get your wish;
Sometimes the very shortest Una
Pulls up the biggest lish.
ancl  3rd
and 4th
Hia Wife'* Bread.
Brown���I believe' that half a loaf ls
better than no bread.
Towne���H'm. Guess you never tasted
my wife's bread.
Holy Communion���ist
1 Su .days at sS:30 a.m.; 2nd
Suiif|_ys at 11 a.m.
Matins, 11 o'clock.
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday School at 10 a.tn.
Friday evening, Litany at 7:30.
Rev. E. R. Bartlett. M.A...  Vicai
He married a leading lady.
And she's leading still, 'tl* laid,
For she spends his money so freely
That he never can get ahead.
���Philadelphia Bulletin.
Tlie following ara ipoclmonsof Greek
It was a saying of Cato the elder,
"Those magistrates who can proyont crime
���nd do not ln ell uot encourage it."
Socrates used to suy thu best form of
government waa that in whieh the people
obey tbe rulors and the rulers obey the
Philip in passing sontenco on two rngn. s
ordered one of thorn to leave Mucodonla
With all speed and tho other to try and
catch him.
Demonnx was once board to say to a
lawyer, "l'robably all laws aro renlly useless, for good men do not want laws ut ail,
Ud bud men aromadono bettor by them."
Cicero, whon ono Nepostold him hu had
caused tho death of moro by his testimony
than he hnd ever saved by his advocacy,
replied, "That ls because my credit exceeds my eloquence."
Aloibiades, whon about to be tried by
his countrymen on a capital charge, ah
���canded, romurking thut it was absurd
when u suit lay aguiust a man to seek te
get off when ha might us easily get awajr.
It takes a pretty good carpenter to flooi
��� pugilist.
Many u man punctures hia tiro on the
road to wealth.
Tho iiJ.ro innings a man haa tho bettor
hs enjoys his uutiugs.
A woman's Idea of religion Is to have
kindly thoughts of her rival.
The heiress who invests ln a title dcet
BOt always purchase happiness.
Perhaps it ls tho microbes in kisses that
cause people to full "dead in love."
Tlio less thought some men givo to .
���object tho moro liberal their views nro.
With tlio excoptlon of ourselves no om
(vor do... things as they should bo done.
The happiness of somo pcoplo depend.
Opon thoir ability to make others unhappy.
Lovo may laugh at locksmiths, but It
nevir smiles at the owner of a bicycle r��
pair shop.
Capital and labor would comm'.ngli
better if thore weren't so many men uyi__
to get capital  without   labor.
A novel sort of window glass has been
Invented. Porsons on tho inside ot the
house can seo through It, but it ls opaque
to those on tho outside.
Slaitos mado of hardened glass In various odors aro ito.v manufactured In England. It is said that ��,: oy uro aasior and
lighter for exercise thnn tho stool ones.
Ta Bupport a camera on on ordinary
eane or stall a metal basa is provided with
two spring clips at tho ends, which hold
the camera In place, the underside of th*
base having four spring arms which ex*
lend downward to a clamping sock**,
which slip* over the end of the eane.
Services first and third Sunday of
each month at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7:30 -p.pi.
Sunday school at 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Communion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
Services next Lord's Bay at 11
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, after the morning
service every Sunday.
Sabbath sSchool at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev. T- F. Betts, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a.m. and7-30 p.m.
Sahjbkth School at 10 am Midweek meeting on Wednesday even
ing at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. J. H.  White, M.A.
Founded 1892
Incorporated 1893
.Sabbath services ��� Crescent Island, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday "Schoolat 10:30 a. m.
Prayer meeting on Thursday al
8 p.m.
,   ������ V . ��� '	
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
at 8:30a.m. and 3:30 p.m.; returning, leaves Stevestoti at 9:30 a.m.
antj 4:30 p.m.
Provides a Christian Home for Students of both
sexes at moderate rates. Has a preparatory class for
junior students taking Public School work. Does High
School work and prepares for Provincial Teachers' Examinations, Teaches all branches of a Practical Business
Course and confers Diplomas. Imparts a Liberal Educa
tion in its Collegiate Course, and in the Ladies' Course
for M. E. L., and M. L. A. In Xheilogy confe.s the de
gree of B.D. In University work can take students through
the complete Arts Course for the B.A. degree of Toronto
University, with which the College is in full affiliation. In
Science teaches tl e First Year of Toronto School of Science, and has a Special Engineering Course adapted to
Practical Engineering vork in ths Provii.ce. In ttfusic, a
complete course in theory, voice culture, and piano and
.rgan, in conjunction with the Toronto college of music.
Special instruction in art an 1 elocution, while all students
are required to take physical training with nil the privileges of a well equipped gymnasium.
Te Bcrve stowed figs with whipped
crean; put each flg on a small gqunre ol
iponge cako nuutly uut aud pile whipped
cream on tlio top.
To prosorvo vogotablog keep tho etalka
In water uutil remly to cook. Eggs may
he kept by burying them iu salt and carrots and turnips by burying in layers in a
box. of sand.
It, in using sour milk with soda for
griddle enkes or muffins tho milk does not
foam as it should to produco tho desired
i.tfhtncss, a tcr.spooufnl of vinegar added
lo the milk will give the desired result.
Qouscheepors sometimes think nothing
IH t be done with eold baked potatoes. Un-
lt_8 overdone, they warm up quito tis satisfactorily as the boiled, anil Dolmonl-
co'b recipe fur corned beef hush culls for
"an oquul quantity of chopped cold baked
Bismarck B_ a Drink*..
Whon IJlsmurok was In London it.
1843, ho was invited to visit thil fiimmid
brewory of Darcluy & fortius, nml his
hiisis, hnvluK heard ot Ms roputtftlpn n_ a
bodr drinker of great prowess, presented to
him an enormous tankard of old ale, In
tho ooiiiklont expectation that hu would he
obliged in admit himself vanquished Iiy It
"1 seized thu tankard," Htsmarck told . ii
Charles Dilke, who tells thu story, "und 1
thought of my eountry and drank to
Prussia and tlltud It till it was empty
Then I thanked my entertainers���courteously, I hope���nnd sueeeeded in making
my way as far o�� London bridge. There
I sat down in one of tlio . tono recesses,
and for hours thu gieut bridge wont rouu'
and round mo."���E-chansw.
Wonld Try *���> Prevent It.
"What a flue little fellow." said tho
patronizing old gentleman wh6 had
been elected representative for four
successive terms from his congressional
district His remark wns addressed .0
a kind hearted lady holding In her
arms a iittlo fellow who blinked gravely at all that was going ou.
"Yes," replied the lady. "His father
aud I set a great deal of store by hlm."
"Well, he's a bright looking little follow. Mnybo he'll be a congressman
jeme day."
"Maybe he will," Mid the mother.
"But," Bhe added earnestly, "I'm going
to do my best to raise him right"���
When you wish to  buy  visiting j
cards call on tbe Delta, Times who i
will sell the best money  can  buy.
tfyoti need them printed, why you
are money in pocket by  calling  on
the Defefr .. itaes fir. t. i
60   YEARS'
If you average the cost price of J-M Asbestos Roofing over
the period of years it is in service, you will see that "J-M" is
cheaper to use than any other prepared roofing. Being made of
A8be?!os, an indestructible mineral, it is permanently durable,
and as it does not require any coating or painting, its first cost is
the only cost.    Easily applied by anyone.
Asbestoside is an Asbestos Sheathing and is the most economical, durable and easily applied siding known.
Ask for samples and prices.
576 First Ave. S. Seattle, Wash'
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anvono sending a iketch and deacrlptl.-in may
Quickly ascertain onr opinion free whether an
Invention is probably patenti.h.o.   Communion-
Invention la probably Pi���_......-._.,, -	
UonBBtrfct_ycontl_.nti.il. HANDBOOK on Patents
Bent free. Oldest opency for Bccurlng patents.
P..tents taken through Munn tt Co. receive
tpecial notice, without cbn?ce, in the
Stitnfific Jtmerfcsa
A handsomely Illustrated weekly.  Lamest otr-
Sjutton Qf any ucientltlo Journal.    Termn for
nada.9ii.f5 a yew, postage prepaid.   6old by
all newsdealers.
Branch OOco. 625 F St., Washlnuton. D. C.
$4.00 Per Year.   Single Copy, 10 Cts.
Sample Copy Free.
AIBRRT.I llOKII'T,     . _ l'I'ltLlSIIKKS,
I        I   .''I
xtt; t
17" .1.   .1
II    1
Is an Weal covertnff,  either  for  new
buildings or improving old ones.
C.msuliT its fine appearance ��� its
splendid enduring qualities���and slight
expense���and decide to serve yonr own
best interests by using it.
Fullest details ol" Information in our
Whol.Ml. Manufacturer^
T1_��jE C9** o&s
Tlm  Belts Times \. ;
LLEWELLYN-liAINES���On December 24th, at St. Matthews'
Church, Abbottsforfl, by Rev. A.
1',. Davies, Hn-fv Llewellyn, of
Lsidncr, to Gertrude AJi^e,
daughter, of Mr. aad Mrs, E.
Baines, of Peardonvijle.
Jas. McCailan has, purchased
about uSoac.es.ot. laud on Lulu Is"
T. Shortreed left, on. Tuesday I
l^st, for his home at Aldergrove, i
to spend the festive season, and ex-1
sects to return about the middle of
Mr. arid Mrs. Morrison, of Maple
Leaf, are spending the festive sea-
spn with their cousins, Mi. and.
Mrs. Jas. Pearson. Mrs. Lambert,
ql Ducks, -runt of Mr. Peaysou, is
also visiting t(iere.
Rev.   A.   McAuley,    wife    and
family,    of   Vancouver,    intended
spending. Christmas,, Day   at   tlie
fyime of Mr. and   Mrs_ H: D. Ben-j
son, but were detained at Steveston'
o,n account' of' the stor.tn  and  did j
npt   arrive   until    the   26th,  when
ttrev proceeded to Brofldvjew. Farm
Dr. G. Ke\soo Thcrpe returned
hpme, last wipejt, accompanied by
has bride.. The Doctor,leftshere on
the 17th of October last,, ou au
Urgent Business visit to the Old
Country. Very good Doctor any
way we wish you every success in |
Rouble harne-s an 1 welcome Mrs.!
Thorpe to V,'wita-.
Cast Bid Notes.
Is it not time we were . hearing
fjora would-be, candidates for municipal lion- >rs?
What about th it public meeting
.9 discuss the water question? Let
there be light upqn this important
This section of the municipality !
is in favor of on experienced man j
far the Reeveship, and P;,- K. Kitt-1
son will be strongly supported if he j
consents to be a candidate.
Should we have another spell  of
hard dry frost, it is to be hoped thei
Council will take advantage of it to'
get  some  gravel  on   the   Kittson;
road as it is in a very bad .condition.
The tragic death*, of. the late'
Christopher Brawn has thrown al
gloom over the whole, community ,
and the, usual Christmas festivities 1
have been materially curtailed as aj
cpnsequence. His relatives hflve;
t\ie sympathy of, all who had ithe1
pleasure of his acquamtauce.
The crib'ing cu the big hill is J
settliiiL.- very fr.st atuljt need cau.se!
np-surprise if it collapses any day j
apd renders the Trunk road im-;
passable. Will the Council accept
this warning and cut down the topi
of the hill, fill the gu!. h and fix
t^iis bad platje ior.all lim,   ���> conn?
Repairs fa, the. East .En   dyke, are,
proceeding   slowly   owsi-tig   to  the!
stormy weather.    WJiy were these 1
repairs left till so late in tlie season?
The dyke au. the east side of the'
railway near, the  trun-k  road  has
bpen   washed  through   and,   a.s   a
cpnsequence, the sult-w_t,er mixing
with the f._sJi spoils., it  lor the., use
of live stock.
Coram imi.1.   services  were. held I
la St. Apdrews' Church, o_ Sunday
last, a, l?Trge number, receiving the'
Sjacratueut.   The congregation were 1
very pleased .at again meeting their I
former    n_it-ist>._,, Rev..   Mr.   McAuley, and to heaini, few wprdsofj
advice frpm h its ��� to she If eh is, hand j
aiid  wish   him   God speed  in his
fission amongst,the..logging camps'
tf .he coast. i
given to the Electors of the Municipality of Delta tba| I require the
presence of the .said Electors at the
Town Hall, Ladner, on the. i,i,th
day of, January, 1909, at 12
o'clock nopn, for tbe purpose of
electing persons to represent them
in the Municipal Council as Reeve
and Councillors, also two Trustees
to represent, them on, the School
The mode of nominating.candidates shall te as follows:
The ca41dida.es.shaU be nominated in writing, the writing shall be
subscribed by two vpters of the
municipality as proposer, and seconder, and shall be delivered to the
Returning Officer at. any time between the date ot this, notice and 2
p.m. of the day of nomination, and
in the event-oi a,poll being necessary such poll will be opened on
the 16th day ot January, 1909, at
the Town Hall, Ladner, and- will be
kept opian from 9, a.sn. till 5 p.m.
of which-,every person is hereby required to take notice- aud govern
himself accordingly..
The qualifications for a Reeve or
Councillor shall be his being a male
British subject, and having been for
the three months next preceding the
day of his nomination, the registered owner in the Land Registry Office ol land or leal property sitiu.te
within the municipality, of the assessed value, on the- last Municipal
.-Assessment Roll, in case of Reeve,
pf five hundred dollars or more,
and in case of", a Councillor, qf two
bundled aad fifty dollhr. or more,
over and above any registered judgment, nnd being otherwise qualified as a voter.
The qualification of School Tt US-
tee shall le any person being a,
householder in,* the Municipality,,
and being a British subject of; the
full age of twenty-one years, and
otherwise qualified to vote at aa
election of School Trustees.
Given under ray hand at Ladner
this 28th day of December, 1908.
���     N. A-  .McDIARMID.
Returning Officer.
farm fo Let
115 Ad. es-The property, of the
Executors of tlie late Mr. W. K.
Ladcer. The farm is., advantageously situate, adjoining the Village
oi Laduer, close to shipping points
and is in first-class condition to be
cropped with grain.
For further particulars apply to
40-Acre Farm, for Sale
Known, as. ttie Deenier place, on
East Delta; all improved and
under cultivation. P,_ice, ��5,250.
Apply, to
Ladner, B.C.
7 p.C.
On Your Money
-. gg-SBag
2 p.C.
Guaranteed' upou absol]atsly s&fe sqc_.ity-r-_.rst
mortgages on substantial city properties SEVEN and
Eight Per Cent. Guaranteed, free of all charges,
upon sums ranging from Five Hundred Dollars up.
White, Shiles & <��,
4 N.evR' Westminster B.C.
Agencifes Represented-^-
Ilnrtton. fire Insuraiwe Co. Insurance C��, of North Am ent en
Phoenix Insurance Co. of TJrooUIyn    The Oc*an Accident & Guarantee Oorpor��-
Connecticut Fire Insurance Co. tion, Ltd., of London, Hng.
Imperial Trust Co.. Ltd,   Vancouver. B.C.
J-[ome ^yjacte greact
is tne delight of, tb�� prudent, houserwife.
No other family flou*. has? gained such universal commendation, as ou^ ROYAL, STAND-.
ARD brand. It is the standard, of quality for
home bread-making. Ask your dealer for
ROYAL STANDARD- flour on your next order.
Sold, by W. BU SMITH.
Guaranteed by
Vancouver Hilling I Grain Co., Ltd.,
Have You Seen the. Latest
Thing in
Machines ?
For Sale.
���,. ��)AIV PATCH
I as its namesake, on the track.
is" as ifegt
a washer
Come and see it.
Tin nice pigs, three, months old; B esides
11 pigs, sevei* weeks olal;   1   brood I OWMTURY
sow;  5 dozen spring  chic-iens;- v
new incubator^Cyphers); a number
of orchard and garden tools.
Piano and Orgaji.
the   above   we   have   the   NEW
MACHINE,   which is hard to beat,
and the SNOWBALL, any one of which) would
make an excel!ent Christmas present..
Noth rig    nicer    than   electrical   fixtuses,
shades, fancy globes,, &c.��� for  gifts, useful!! and
W,. J. Gpard, of Vancouver, who
Comes with the, very, bept, recommendations Irom the leadiyg.mtt.
sicians of that city, as well asg from''
the best ol the, piano firms, in the
East, will be h.eaj abou$ Jpuuary
41I1, '09. Mr.- Goard intends to
make regular trigjj. here., twice a
y-errr.; all worfc.guaranteed.
Parties wishing work done .will
kindly leave word at
The Delta Times  Office.-
p   T   CALVERT.
.!���<���,,    1  ���   W ,       ti' ess <m .������ im
Write for Prices.
;A11   sorts   of   Ftrst-dass,   Jewellery*
; Si! TOrware^Oiit Glass, Ete_
ejlttdrw Clausen,
LADNER.   B.. C.
When You Require
Furniture,, Carpels, Linoleum, Window
Shades or Any Article of Furniture or
Household Furnishings a. visit, to LEE'S
STORE, will convince you that there is the.
Visitors Welcome.
We Beg Leave
Te notify the people ot Ladder and sur*
rounding district that,  we are now in a
position to ofter Vancouver Jslaod
Portland Cement ,|
At greatly reduced: prioesi. making it poa-
sib^e for parties who contemplate building
tc. put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost, as, piling or -other inferior
NEW WESTMINSTER,        -        -       -       B. C
Ws   Ls   Mo  RiJE,
Oeneral rierchanf.
Phone 5,   *   Port Guichott


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