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The Delta Times Aug 19, 1905

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Array 1
t-^kn ,j_r   ,*5!!s**'-*��!5s   y^-*eu
Vol. 2. No. EO.
$1.00 yea
Delta Council.
_$!\v Westminster, Aug. 18���
With the Dominion Exhibition just
| six we< ks away the various com-
I mittees that have to do with the
elaho'n'e arrangements are working o'ertirne in order to have their
worl: all completed so that it wi 1
recn���','��� only the pressing of a button j!o;set everything in full s.w ing
Walking a Joy.
A youthful and springy g-aib results irom the constant wearing of|on��*-*-����w ?f September 27.
j.j. jw��^     -������.   *** *-*      _-*      aj    _�� Scores  of artisans  and   laborer:
"Royal Purple" Shoes.   All the new lasts are now in stock
and Boots all at the one price���$3.50 stamped on sole.
15 Cases New Shoes just marked off and ready for your inspection.
The "Megill" Shoe for men is a beauty, with new 'Vlscolized*' waterproof
Children's Fancy Shoes and Strap Slippers.
This Store is Headquarters for   High   Grade   Shoes
20 per cent* off the balance of our Summer Waists
We offer a large-and well assorted stock.    Gall and inspect our
Stock when wanting anything in this line.
Sunlight Soap.
We offer  25 boxes at 20  per  cent,  less than the regular price.
$4.75 per box or 5c bar in less quantities.
Fruit Jars.
Pints, Quarts and ^-Gallons���Mason and Crown.
Jelly Glasses.
Full Size, 60c per dozen.
Gran Sugar for Preserving-.
Lake of the Woods and Ogilvie FJour.
Yuu Save HW&new Mere,
Broke His Jaw.
Little Maxwell Vasey, we regret
to state, met with a very painful accident last week. Whilst the men
were bailing hay the little fellow
got lehind one of the horses and
received a kick on the point of the
chin with the result tbat the lower
jaw bone was broken. He was taken
to St. Mary's Hospital where he
received the attention of Drs. Drew
and Walker, who have succeeded
in mending the breaks so well that
he is able to return home and will
uot have anything to show that he
has been through snch a terrible
Who was the authot  of the following:
'' A little nonsense now and then
Is relished by the wisest men."
LOST���A Gold Watch,
please return to this office.
When you are iu New Westminster call at W. E. Sinclair's*, Shoe
Store and he will show you the
latest in the .shoe hue, hr.viug just
opened over $2,500.00 worth ot tlie
Genuine Slater Shoes. *
Mrs. Jas. A. Banton, the wife of
the newly appointed pastor of the
Baptist Church, who arrived in the
village last Tuesilav, will take
Charge of the Sung service in the
Baptist Church next Sunday night.
Mrs. Banton will sin., a solo during
t'he service^
On Wednesday evening last the
following officers of Delta Lodge,
No. 21, I. 0. O. F., were installed
into their respective chairs for tbe
present term:
Noble Grand, F. Cullis: Vice
Grand, R. Q, Abbott; Fast Grand,
W. R. Ellis; Recs Sec, Dr. A. A.
King; Tin. Sec, N. A. McDiarmid,
P. G.; Treas, A. Davie, P. G.;
Warden, A. D. Paterson, P.O.;
Conductoi, J. F. Stainton, P.G.;
I. G., D. M. Ellis; O. G., C. Arthur; R.S.N.G., John Ellis, P.G.;
L.S.N.G., A. Clausen; R.S.V.G.,
F. J. MacKenzie, P.G.; L.S.V.G.,
R. Stokes; R.S.S., Jas. Browi ;
L.S.S., W. H. Taylor; Chaplain,
Elden Brodie.
Oxfords! are busy  on   the  site of the 1905
National Fair and nearly all   work
has developed into the stag* where
finishing touches are the only worries.    The old provincial exhibition
grdunds, on which so many successful fairs have been   held under the
auspices ot the  Royal Agricultural
I &   Industrial   sSociety   1 ave   been
j neatly   enlarged    and   with    the
j many alterations and improvements
wil', for beauty, surpass anything 01
the: kind in Canada.
The new buildings, which represent the latest ideas and best skil!
in architecture, together with the
expenditure of $35,000, are now in
tbe: 1 ands of the painters ani decorators whose schemes promi'e
most attractive results.
The space in the buildings is
ample toaccommoda'e a stupendous
array of exhibits representing al!
that is of interest in the product*
and manufactures of Canada and
tlie extreme limit of this space will
oe. occupied.
*fShe*British Columbia exhibits nt
horticulture, floriculture, agriculture, live stock, fish, game, timber
minerals, etc., will be an eye-opener
to all who are not in constant touch
with every centre and corner of the
province, and it will be a revelation
to visitors Irom other parts ot the
Dominion and the world. Nearly
eveiy fruit growing district in the
province ��� and there are about
thirty of them���will make its best
showing, which means an amazing
display of what is destined to be
one ol British Columbia's most important resources.
The spo: ts and spectacular and
musical events will be in keeping
with the general nature of the
great exhibition.
*'Sir" William Ladner, the veteran breeder of Shorthorn cattle,
has the honor of being the first exhibitor to / make entry in the live
stock show of the 1905 Dominion
Fair. He has set the pace for
stock breeders bv entering forty-one
head of Shorthorns.
John Crean, proprietor of Guichon Hotel, New Westminster, has
just returned from a business trip
to Blaine. While away Mr Crean
was on the lookout for help iu his
hotel during the Dominion Exhibition, aud he engaged six new waii-
[ resses for the holiday season in that
S city.
A little forthought may save you
no end ot trouble. Anyone who
makes it a rule to keet' Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera Diarrhoea Remedy at hand knows this to be a
fact. For sale by F. J. MacKenzie.
Thursday next, St. Bartholomew,
divine service, 10 a.m.
Ladies' Gufld meets at  residence
of the  president,   Mrs. T. 17 Lad-1
ner, on Thursday at 2 p.m.
Boys' choir  practice   will be re- j
sumed on Friday afternoons at 3.30.
Adult choir  practice  Friday evening.
Holy Communion, to-morrow, ati
8:30 a.m.; Matins���Venite, Russell;'
Te Deum, Norris-Bennett; Jubilate,
Hiue. Evensong, Magnificat, Trout-
beck! Nunc Limittis, Barnby. Pro-!
cessimial, "Leoni," "The God of-
Abraham Praise."
Five enrs of new wheat grown o-.
the Greenhow ranch, twelve miles
from here, were put in at the Arm
strong Flour Mills, last week,
which graded No. 1 hard and
weighed 68 pounds to ihe bushel.
The mu licipal exchequer has
received the sum of $600 from the
canners and saloon keepers, during
the past few days, in the form of
fines. !
On   Saturday   last   considerable;
trouble was caused 1 hrough a white
man trying to reach  the wharf to j
deliver his fish  while  the  front of!
the wharf was crowded with Japs
endeavoring to do the same thing.
The consequence is the white man
is in charge of the police  undergoing  repairs, while  three or four
Japs are also seriously damaged.
Council met in the Council
Chamber on Saturday, Aug. 5, at 2
p.m., with the following members
present: Reeve W. H. Ladner in
ihe chair, and Couns. Paterson,
Huff and Embree".
Minutes of previous meeting
were adopted as read.
From Howay, Reid & Bowes.
Received and filed.
From Ellis & Brown, re fire en-
gir.e.    Received and Clerk to reply.
From L. C. Yorfce, re river ccn-
servaucy.    Received and filed.
Tenders for repairing East Delta
dyke were opened as follows: R. A.
Coleman, ^370; G. O. Dennis, $375.
On motion, R. A. Coleman's
tender wa.s accepted, work to be
completed before Nov. ist next.
Ou motion, the old Highway Bylaw was rescinded and a new Highway By-law passed its first reading.
The usual monthly accounts were
The Council then adjourned to
meet again ou Saturday, Aug. 19,
at 2 p.m.
W. H. Siddall  ieaves  to-day for
a trip to the Portland Fair.
A  Chilliwack   Indian was fined
7.50 on Thursday for being druuk.
There was a very fair attendance
at the school opening, ou Monday
Paul Ladner shipped 600 sheep
to J. Grauer, this week. W. H.
Ladner also purchased 100.
To the Editor of the Columbian.
Sir;���It is seldom one finds an
error as to facts in the Columbian
but in your weekly issne of August 8, page 23, it is stated that the
elder Mrs. Byrom took the case
there reported into court, while as a
matter of fact the case before the
court was really an issue between the two brothers. One laid
the Information, the other defended:
the elder Mrs. Byrom was called as
a witness, but had nothing *what-
ever to do with bringing the case
into court. The whole thing was
ol little importance, and no doubt
after slight reflection might have;
been settled with a hearty handshaking all round.
Ladner, Aug. 17, 1905-
rWe publish the above by request 1
but decline to make further com- j
An Austrian fisherman fell off the
cannery wharf, on Sunday last, and
dislocated his shoulder by striking
a boat.
Mrs. Waters, Mrs. Bert Alexander and Mrs. Elmer Beadleston, of
Point Roberts, paid a visit here on
Mrs. Young, of New Westmin*>
ster, arrived here ou Thursday, on
a visit to Mrs. Jas. Follis and Mrs..
L. Monkman.
Dr. Woodley visited Vancouver,
Tuesday. Mrs. Woodley is progressing so favorably that the Doctor expects to fetch her home on
Chief of Police Murchison, of
Steveston; Coustable Munroe, of
the River Patrol, and Capt. Matheson, Fisheries' Inspector, visited
the Landing on Thursday.
There will be something doing in
i the Shoe Business for the uext 30
[ lays,    Johnston's Big Shoe House,
oi New Westminster, is to the front
j agaiu with one of their great shoe
i sales and judging by what Ihey
! have to say in their big edvertise-
j ment to-day some one will be money
I in pocket and that will be every
I shoe buyer that calls at this big sale,
j Look   up their big advertisement
���ind be wise *
Forts are to be  built  at Vancou
The St. Lawrence is to have a j
strong land battery erected.
The Chilcotiu stage, operating!
between Alaxis Creek and the 150- j
Mile House, was robbed of regis-;
lered mail on the 30th ult.
Mrs. P. Dayman, of 29 Saltash
street, Plymouth, Eiig., wishes to
obtain information as to the whereabouts of her brother, whose last
address was W. K. Harris, Ladner,
B. C.
Remember the only place to buy 1
the "Genuine Slater Shoe" at Mont-
real prices is at W. E. Sinclair's,
the  Leading  Shoe  sStore  of  Newi
Westminster. :;:
It has been finally settled that
the Capital team of Ottawa wil\
come to the Dominion Exhibition,
and play a series of throe matches
as one of the attractions on the
rissssssts..!.:.1,, Colic, Cholern nnd
inamnerlain 8 Diarfhoea Remedy,
^evei fails.   Buy ft now.   It may save life.
There was a very pleasant gathering at the home of Mrs. P.
Matheson on Thursday evening
last, when a number of \ oung folk
enjoyed themselves at games, etc.
A reception and social gathering
will be held, in the Baptist Church,
on Monday evening next, at $
o'clock, to welcome their new pas*i
tor, J. A. Banton. Addresses will be
given by resident clergyman aud a
short musical programme rendered^
All are welcome. appgntonwesSBSSts gfl  .  anavaant^m^aa \ ���***
Published kvbry Satuuday.
SuBseiuPTiQN, $1.00 per year.
The mustard wce.r.*. ate   more per- A.   0.   17   Vi".
sistem  and  more aggres-ive  thon      Delta Lodge, No. 12 meets first
any   titers.    They practically grow, nnd third Tuesdays of each month
from tbe seeds only: they are a.s
prolific as any; the seeds aie so pro-
from   those   disintegrating
ChiuH Advertiseraei;)��,  10 c-iiiU per I'1'* Ioi ; t-.'Cted
Uie 61 -I iijs.lliol). :-m! 5<e��t�� per  tint-  Ioi   eacli
���utwequciu iMs-rUou.   rfc^ mimi^r ui, ii;i�� [orces t*iat  ,HU;ljiy  destroy the yi
reckouctt by tht- space occupied,  iz'WiicaIo tlu-
Kates lorCismmcrcutl Advertisement-, cuu br
had on application ut l!uk ollice.
Heading instices io ceuU per line /or en,ch in-
Birth aud pc^Lh notices, yic, Marriages $i.oo.
Ahv special  notice,  the  olges.1 ol which is to
mromote tlie pccuiiiary benefit ol any Individual j ~..x 1eflvp    h..l,',n]    tli.-'-n    flip:,-   n-.i1-1    -si.       ..       t
���r company, to he cousiderr-d  tu  ad.erti��euienl : Aml lea*e    I^nnui    UlcU    llje.I    Hill- | vlted to attend.
anil charged aceortliii���ly.
in Oildfellows' Hall.
VV. C. Pybus, M.W.
Geo. K. Mani.ky, Recorder.
I 0.0 F.
tality of other plants thai:  they will
be in the soil for years awaiting an '     Delta T<od��e* No* 2I *-T1,e re8n;
! br meetings of this Lodge are held
opportunity to get near the surface, ,���',      .
1 every   Wednesday  evening at 8 p.
111.    Visiting Brethren cordially in-
AU ads-ertiacanents charged   for until ordfred
sat awl paid Ibr.
when tliey will  burst  into n
and leave  behind   tlu
lions of children who  will  emulate
the deeds ol their ancestors.
Osrrenpondencs-  iuvitetl  on   matters ol public j _
tateieat.   CoinmuaicHtionsi to editor must be ac- ', mer Iallowi Mg    that    WGllld    kill the'
���oaipauie.1  by  name of writer,  not nccessarils ;
*>r pabiication, imt a> evidence of good laith ��� Cauadian thistle which  grows from
C<*rra*poud<saoc   uw r.cacli tin. oflJC* by Thurs "
day evsjuiu^.
\V. R. Elus. N.G.
Dr. A. A.  King, Sec
i the roots will not 'fi-//' on the mus-
Gho. R. Mani.ky,
SATURDAY,  AUCl'rfr   l ),   1905.
C.  O.  17
Court Frasei No. 39S
meets  in
at  8   o'clock,
Visiting  Brethren
According to Gilbert H. Grosvenor, who writes in the Century
Magazine for December, our ancestors weie wiser than they knew in
using copper utensils and receptacles for water, instead of tl-.e enamelled ware used by their descendants. Copper is death on poison-
pus microbes. Copper is the great
preventive of typhoid, cholera and
all manner of diseases. This is no
new discovery; but what is new is
the discovery, made by Dr. Moore,
Who ought next year to have the
Nobel prize, that the quantity of
popper required to kill bacteria is
infinitesimal, and is so rapidly dissipated that water disinfected by copper can be drunk safely. By his
method, in a tew liours we can thoroughly sterilize thc water, destroying every dangerous germ in it, and
the process is so cheap that every
small town can afford to adopt it.
The importance of this discovery
can hardly be over-estimated.    Instead  of   spending  hundreds   and
{hqusands  of pounds in cleansing
reservoirs ahd their  filtering beds,
all that is now necessary is  to mix
copper sulphate or blue vitriol with
the water in the proportion  of one 1
^o a million and the thing is done, j
According to Mr. Grosvenor, reser-j
yoirs in the  United  States are apt j
io becqiue  foul  by   the growth ofj
The   thick,   spongy   layer   that-
-gathers  on   stagnant  pools and  is
popularly   called   frog   spawn   or'
pond-scum,  is  one  kind   of alga-,
but, as a rule, the alg;e which cause
the bad  tasie and smell  of water!
supply systems are the minute and '
almost  invisible  forms   ot   which,
perhaps  the  best  known- are   the
j)lue-green algx.    Though tbe individual plants are  invisible  to the I -���
naked eye, there are so many thou-i
pands of them in each  cubic eenti-j
metre of water in  a  polluted reser-:
tards; a  system   of fallowing  that Oddfellows'  Hall, second  and  last
wi^nol permit the weeds to grow I Thursday evenings of each month
is only time wasted so  far as they
are concerned.    If they ar;  not allowed to grow themselves out, they
will patiently bide  their  time, and:
those who do not know their na-^^W+yhvW^&^&^^W*)^**^
ture wonder how it is that after j �� HorSG GOOdS! |
what  seems  to  be  the  very   best   fk \
f      Onr   Harneii and   Horse  Piirnishiiigs Jsj.
Work   possible   put   in upon a Slim-j Itthiive long proved reliable, and they nre i
J, built uot only for style but wear. &
X     _   .      1 t
%    Delta Transfer Stable   J
A lull line of English and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept in stock.
i RS.
���>   NKW WKSTMINSTKU,    :-:
���J.* Manufacturers ol all kinds of
B. C.
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
Your patronage solicited
*_,""' t
Portland Cement,
Smithy Coal,
met   fallow  they,   ns   usual,   come
forth next vear with  all  their old-1 h ���
time vigor and at least ten times \ "UQH McDOWELl
their number. At first they look
harmless, but, like trusts and corporations, if not 'bust,' they will
coutrol individuals, municipalities
and legislatures.    This sounds like
rot, but there  are  few  other state-
ments under the sun that are nearer] Wellington  Coal,
the truth.    'Eternal vigilance is the j Rosebank  Lime,
price ol safely.'     'An ounce of prevention is worth a pound   ol   cure.'
A lot of tbe old  proverbs fit this! ^mitn.*
particular case as well as they ever j Sewer   Pipe,   Drain   Tile,
fitted any.    It is up to  the author-       -t-*tC.
ities,  domestic,   municipal, etc., to j '
get after these weed, with a mis-! Steam Tug* "Flyer" and
sionary zeal." # Barges lor Hire
The above might well be said of
this district. It behooves our
Council and every individual on the
flats to look into this weed question  closely   nnd  see  what can be
done  towards  eradicating   all   the\Y\WEN    YOU    %llANT
noxious weeds which have been re-1
corded as infesting this district.
On First Mortgages.
Offick: Front St. Phone 1-6.
New Westminster, B. C.
Manure Spreaders &   ���
Moiine Plows
take the lead .everywhere,
also our	
Chatham Incubators &
J.T. Stainton
+         .                        ON SHORT NOTICE ���
'I     Team Work Done at Spoolaily Low Prices. t
mm  ��
I               JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor. 1
-f Telephone " Ladner" N*3. io.
*���**���*+*���*������:���**������$������ *��� *r*r*H*H**H*f**J*->H*H4+f'H**'H4'
���*���*** !T2-3_-3SI_EES      ���***���   FJT"jr��-Tr'__|,iii    iii'*jg*rTra  k��J ____3E__0 __X
The Place for Tinsmithing, Bath Tubs, Stove
Pipe, Conductor Pipe, Roof Plates, and Everything Else in This Line.
Agent for'
Gurney Foundry Co.'s Stovea
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints.
Yoho Bath Heater.
Just the thing for making water hot for washing dairy
utensils, scalding hogs, or for wash day. Every
Farmer's Wife Should Have One.
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C.
Shooting notices.
50  YSAF.'S"
A first-class joint put up in first-class style
call or send your order to the
ltlt%ni & Commission @
Phone 9. Ladner, B.C.
Copyrights &c.
Anrone sending a pketch and deacrlptlon mny
quickly ascertain our oplRlon free whether an
invetitlnn Is prohably patentable. Commnnlcn-
!:..ii8.-urR'tlvioriuacntlaL HUNDBOOK un Fateuw
Hent free. Oldest a��ssiicy fur sccurin;? patents.
Patents taken throu��li Muau &. Co. receUe
spicM notice, without obarxe, la the
A Large Stock of        ',  -^
No. 1 Edgegrain Flooring-. No. 1 Rustic,
either Fir or Cedar, and piles of G-in., 8-in.
and 10-in. Sbiplap enables us to fill your
orders in a rush.
Plenty of all kinds of Rough in stock. Give
us a trial. No trouble to call on you. Drop us
a card and let us figure on your next bill.
Scientific American.
handsomely UluntnUert weeklr. Lnrpest fir-
ilation of nny ncleiitltlc Journul. Terms, t'i m
iur; four rnotitbs, $L Bold by all newsdealers.
SflsJNN&Co.36'8^^-New York
Branch Olllce. C26 IT St. Waahiuuton. D. C.
Voir (as many as 50,000 to .thej Annually, to fill the new positions
cubic centimetre have beeu counted), created by Kailroad and Telegraph
fhat the water has a greenish, slimy Companies. We want YOUNG
took and gives everything a dis- MEN and T^ADIKS of good habits to
agreeabie green stain. Kadi tiny- LEARN TELEGRAPHY
organism secretes a bit of sharp and j AN,D R R ACCOUNTING . . .
penetrating oil: when this oil is lib-i
prated by the death and decay 01 j We furnish 75 per cent, of the
the cell, or the breaking  of the oil Operators and  Station  Agents in
sacs, tbe stench begins.    Hundreds '^T'   i��^ S ^^ ot ^1 P APTTAT
. ,   ��� , largest exclusive lelegraph Schools OAJrlIixi_i,
pf water supply systems 111 the ������ the workl. Established ao years
Vuited. .Stales haye been rendered and endorsed by all leading Kail-
uuiit itt use by this cause alque.      I way Officials.
  ,    We execute a $250 Bond to every
1 student lo  furnish  him or  her a
THOSE TKUR1HLK  WEKD.S.    position paying from $40 to $60 a
  I month in .States east of the   Rocky
According to an exchange Mani-i Mountain*, or from  $75 to $100 a
raon I h hi ,States vvest-ut the Rockies,
considerable, immediately upon graduation.
Students oan enter at any time.
No vacations.    For full particulars
j regarding any of our schools  write*
mustard family  of weeds,  partial   direct   to   our  executive  offire  at
If you want a nice newi
Buggy,   up-to-date   in
every respect, or if the
one   you   have   needs
painting, call at
Q. T. BAKER'S New show"��"?s-
OEO. M. THRIFT, Manager.
Royal Household
Flour   -
Just Arrived*
Bran, Shorts, Etc.
Incorporated 1H69,
RESERVE FUNDS,       - - $3,302,743
TOTAL ASSETS, - - $31,183,625
A General Banking Business Transacted.
A Full Line of������.
Fruit Jars,
Jar Rings,
Jelly Glasses.
���"���ob.**, is expeneiis-iug
difficulty  with the weed problem.
T-AU   over   Manitoba    to-day   thei
wm?m$js i$e��
larly the variety known as French
weed or stiiikwted, is gaining rapid
headway- a,K*   ���"  s.��me sections it
.,_.'_,_       ,      _��� , I Cincinnati, Ohio.
will soon be a big fight as to which I At]>Ulta G;l
Cincinnati, O.    Catalogue free,
I HE ill ff IMPS'/
Deposits of $1 and upwards r-^ceiyed and Interest Allowed at Highest Ourrent Rates.
��� 50 BRANCHES. -
Buffalo, N.Y
I.aCrosse, Wis
East End. Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Victoria, Chilliwack, Ladner, Cumberland.
the. boss, the weed or the faiii-.i-r.1 Texaikana, Tex. San Francisco,Ca   R.   !E,   WALKER,  Manager,
tcherson's ~n\v. .delta ttmes, sa-turc^y., ai-ot'st ic,, i$o%.
Has be9a moved to Beaver Dan, oji ths.
Scott road, and is now prepared to supply
.all kinds of Rough Fir Lumber at reasonable prices.
Q. O. Dennis,
East Delta.
J ....  _L-J
I wai ini i m a
Time \ able.
IN.EFFECT MAT'   7,  1905.
Train .leaves Cloverdale at 1:10
p.m. and arrives at Poj.l .(.'iiiohoii at
2:20 p.m.
Train leaves Port Guichon at
2:43.1100:1 ancl arrives at Clowerdale
at s,",53 p. m.
Mondays and Fridays only.      1
There are two 'through passenger trains per day each way to and
from Seattle and a mixed train to
and from Bellingham.
Holy    Communion ��� Sundays, 1
3:jo a.m.    ist Sunday .in month,
11 a.m.
MatitiR, an .^'iJlBck.
Evensong, 7.30 o'clock.
Sunday School at 10 a.m.
Friday,; .evening service 7:3-
l*.ev. Canon Hilton, vie ir.
.���jra* &*fa d ^
ain o
Reverend Father Edm. Peytavin,
O.M. I. Services first and third
Sunday of each month at 10:30 a m
(Westminster i'ranchj
Time Table
Cars leave Westminster lor Vancouver fit 5,50
and 6.50 n.ui. and hourly thereafter nt-til n* p.
m.: Saturdays aud Sundays at n p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminsters at 5.511
and0.50a. lu. uud hunrly thereafter until lop.
lit.; Sslturclayi! nnd Sundays at ri p.m.
I'-KlilGHT  CA-R.S.
Wc fun first-class freight cars between West-
lUiustcr aim Vancouver .mil all shipments are
haudled with the utmost eare nud delivered to
consignee without delay. Special attention paid
to fruit shipments. Our wagons meet all boats
aud trains.   For rates, etc. apply to
Traffic Mjr. Local Mgr.
Westminster. 11. C.
Services next Lord's Day at n
a. ni.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
I Sunday.
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev.. J. F. Betts, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 3 p. re
Sabbath School at 2 p m     Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
Rev. A, McAuley, Pastor.
Is   nn   Ideal   coverinfTi   either   for   new
buildings or improving old ones.
Connidv-r Im fin* r.pFcp.TftHCQ ��� fts
splendid enduring .(jiialilte.H���and stlffHt
cxpensc-vs:.<l dcwtfe'-tu.sorvo your owb
hunt inuT.-sls Ly -Using -���'-���
Fullest details of information in our
r^KTALLSG nOOFEMS GO., limit.d.
Wholeoale Manu*acturer8|
ROBT. MAY, Agent,
-LAB NER...   -----"*   B. C.
Service will be held in the even-
���ing at 7-.30 o'clock.
Prayer meeting at 8:00 Thursday
evening. Sin<.;i::g practice at 8:30.
All cordially invited to any or all
Accoiding to The Commercial,
of Winnipeg, the visible supply of
oats in the United States and Canada, east of tlie Rocky Mountains,
is 5)5^9)000 bushels, compared
with 2,109,000 bushels a year ago.
Let Us Talk Si Over.
Have you, young man or young woman, ever given the
future any consideration? Are you content to drift along as
you are with a superficial public school education which does
not prepare you for earning your living.
There are openings for you_vg men iri the business world
as stenographers or cleiks. Women are eligible for the same
positions, what could you do in such a position? Are you a good
penman? Are you rapid and accurate at figures. Can you use
the typewriter so as to write 40 words per minute? Can youdo1
well the many things that are required to foedone in the business offices of large cities?
Unless you have taken a course in tlie above you are uu-
prspdred for office work except in a small r/Ulage. We can
prepare you for a good position���a position that will iri a few
months pay for your investment. Some df our lady graduates are earning $40 a mouth aud over.
Miss W. K. Smith receives 40 per month from the
Hastings Shingle Manufacturing Co., as stenographer. Miss
Menzie starts for the Yorkshire Guarantee aad Securities
Corporation at $45. Several are workiwg fur the C. P. R.
at $30 per month and upward.
If you come to us and work hard. If you want further
proof of the way we help to positions write us and we will
send you more names.
But don't "put off. E-very month you delay meaais one
month's salary lost. The sooner you graduate the sooner
you are iu a position.
W. N. Draper,
Knout 2. Y'Ulanl Iltock. New Westminster.
n>it     use     any     substitute,
give tlie  old-fashioned   castor
Eien in
Vancouver   Business  College,
��49 Hastings Street,    -    -    -    Opposite Province Office.
P. H, ELLIOTT, Principal.
New Crop Now In Stock
HOME GROWN and imported
Wholesale and Retail.
Special Prices to Farmers' Institutes.
Tkouands of Fruit and Ornamental Trees!
now growing in my  Nurseries  for
Spring planting.
Eastern prices or less. White Labor.
Too much care, cannot be used
with small children during the
hot weather ofthe summer months
to guard against bowel troubles. As
a .riile it is only necessary to give
tthe child a close of -castor oil to
correct any disorder of the bowels
oil, see that it is fresh, as rancid oil
nauseates aad has a tendency 10
gripe. If this does not check the
bowels give Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhcea Remedy and
then a dose of castor oil, and
the diseases may be checked in
Fits incipiency and all danger avoided. The castor oil and this remedy
should be procured at once and
kept ready for instant use as soou
as the fit st indication ot any bowel
trouble appears. This is the most
successiril treatment 'known and
may be relied upon with implicit
confidence even in cases of cholera
infantum. For sale by F. j. MacKenzie
For Sale.
M. J. HENRY, Vancouver
3010 Westminster Road.
From 75 to 100 cords of wool, at
the Boundary Ua-v -ranch. Price,
$1.25 per cord on the ground.
For Sale.
A  No. 1   Melotte  Separator,   in
first  class condition (owner  is installing larger-one, same make).
For further particulars- apply to
Cresc*nt Island.
Fashion St-ibles -!
Trudking and Praying.
Livery  work of all -kinds at-'
tended to .promptly.
f-Or.  THE   NEV/  WOMAN.
t!r Waller F"mnt'�� Opinion of Snr;it
Grun<!'-*. .I.o-vrly Iil��*ti!���He .Mho Hul
(Something to Set .'.bunt ill* Deal
Old lVoman,
Vi'!-.'-.". 11 mrsU takes t*p the "new worn-
���Bn" question seriously or serin comically,
It* is r.pt to Im Interesting, Sir Waltei
Jtesunt has something to suy about Sarai
d-ottd's ideal of the new woman.
"in tlio ouvxout nUiabur ot d* monthly
sjji.{,i;zi...j called Tho Laity's Realm then
Is n paper by 'Surah Grand,' whioh I Imvi
lead with the greatest interest," writes Sil
Wultrtr. "The author is a special picador.
Shi* is-no.advocate retained for tho defense,
tSho h:.e. thrown her whole strength anti
ber wholo soul into the defense, and sbe
defends the new womnn at tbe expense ;iJ
���Jhe old womnn. What is tho new ��� onmr,
According tohcr latest and ablostndvocatel
'She Is rev: In perleution of bar ; by:���'������u��,
s stronger, belter, moro beautiful creatine
tbim the biaelthcnd majority can conceive,
Phe t> mnpuniilnious I>y nnhiro, for nl!
that m.ihcs Htr worth ba\ii...; ia l:i rs. Sh*
.f, co**'-**,eii'siis fir Bent'ohood, for courtesy
��nd kindness. Her hen)th is l-aillnnl lim
manners oharming, her \, it tuning, hm
wornls uninipeachable, Rer?"n��eof hn-
nor is always on (ha alert. (Jood hnmoi
Is one of hor attributes. Sho cannot coil)-
���preherd why iipople should differ h 1 ii l.'n
torness, What sl.j ohii'flj domiinds ia ibi s
die should hove fair play. She i.as tv\:
taith in niaii'ii ultiinaro [lorfuctioii, otlti r
wife sho would not tolerate blm for a n.o-
sner.t.' Ihci*H! I hope I have not misropre
Rented the writer. Sarah (jr.tr:! his, i'i -.
word, portr.-yed the uirw-w-imr.i, as .-,;;i
ben-elf ijnnf-'ines her. S-beAr.i ���:������ n-r.!rd hi l
own Ideal. Well, I am the In : pi reon tc
raise nuy objection. It is alivays L*ot;d ic
oonstruct and to cherish ideais. 1 c'.o not
know, lor my own part, uav now woniaii
-quito sn perfect as Sarah Grand's. ']5u(
fhowill become something to look for, ami
tb.e search will certainly lend a now pleas-
Ore to life.
'''Aro yon,'I shall ask one girl nftei
tbe other, 'the new woman���tbe ideal:-'
" 'Alns!' she will reply, 'I nm not; mj
_enso of hnmor is dMicicnt,'or'my man-
���Hers are awkward,'or'my-hoalth is not
What I shuuki like it to be.' "
(' en i!;..."!i a time tho r.sw man, uhi
was about live and twenty vent iu finai-el
of tho new wonian. Ho adopted Karnli
Grand's ideal���in fact, it would have hi sr
difficult to frame, for himself, r.:: idea* ;.
perfectly charming.
"I will search for the now woman," hi
laid, "until 1 find her. I will hsintfoi
ber in all the corners of tho earth���yea.
-���von unto the very end thereof."
.So he set out on his travels. At first h?
Confined himself to his native eountry.
Ho started with confidence i-i I,nnd sn so
cicty; lie attended balls and dinner par.
"Mes with zeal; he attended moctings und
discussions; ho .joined societies and clul s
be went toOamhridge and was Introduced
to Ncwnham. f know i:ot how nint.5
years he spent in this pursuit, but.bfl WW
^>_st "0 beforo be desisted,
"Let mo be just," ho BtiiQ. "i bnvi
found somo vory delightful girls, beautiful, clover, well bred, strong iu health,
but I cannot find my ideal. In ci o point
or other every girl is wanting. One, foi
Instance, frankly despises man; anothel
Way be witty, but sbe is not. kindly; while
I havemot found a sinKii! girl who can
differ or endUTO liitTureiico without bitterness,"
So bo went abroad, no tried Germany
���it is tbo Innd of .philosophy, hul he did
Dot staytthero long, i-"ranee���-it is thu land
where women reign. Somehow the new
woman d,-.cs not exist in such a kingdom,
America, whicli is the pnradiso-of women,
But the rev: wonian, he reiec inbered, doet
not like to bo worsfejped, So became baefc
to England!! iiy ibis timo all that was
left of bis hair had gone gray, and ho pre-
scntod, nesu[es, other symptoms in age,
At this period and after this lengthened
search be met tbo new woman herself.
Yes, tho was beautiful; sho was yonn-i;
she was tall ami finely made; sho was
clever; sho was wilt; ; sho was well bred;
sba was well educated, and, In conversation, sh.! trailkly admitted that she tolerated man���not on account of his actiin:
qualities, but soleiy on account of his possibilities.
'Thank heaven I" cried the discoverer,
"I hnve found at lengi'u the object nf iny
lifelong search. Together, new woman,
We will tread the upward path."
She looked at bim; she laughed at hlm;
her sense of humor, a.s belonged to the
ideal, being always on the alert,
"Poor old boy!" sho said kindly..
"Tread the upward path with you? "Why,
you are 70. You aro unlit fer climbing.
You've got no possibilities left, You hove
lost your chances while jou warn running
after me."
So, you seo, it may be very good to cherish an ideal���even an ideal new woman,
but it is best to go on climbing that upward path alone. Perhaps you urny-come
across your ideal, perhaps not, but in any
case don't waste tune looking ne: her. Ii
I were a young man, I should be content-
ad with somt tiling lower���something mow
resembling tha old woman oTen.
1 has" no objoutiou, I Say, to this ide.-il-
t��Ki new woman. On the other burnt, 1 do
object io tbo picture of tiie old woman
prcscntc'l by the same writer In the BWin;
article. It may be artistically tiejignefi to
wt forth by iis shadows the lights of .the
other figure, but 1 cannot���I ii-.iDyeaiino'
���nooopt the picture as anything more
thnn the presentation of what is possi-bli
In the other extreme. Sarah Grand'l old
Womnn shrieks; sbe is disloyal to ]���:;��� own
ies; sho heaps abusoon tiie new womnti,
she has no in,tiou of progress; slie believes
jvil will always exist because it hus always existed j sins-has t>o sense of luiiuor;
sho 08URot reason; she Is Innrtixllo in
dross; she will adopt any ridlclloui or In-
dos-eni fashion. Sho docs other dre-vltui
things���tills old woman. Han she no-giictl
points nt nil? Does sho not bring up lie?
ShlldroU virtuously? Is she not, lUloii tear
Jng woman? Was sho not-ivur own mother
and our own grandmother? Trie new
wnm.an may be all that her advocatv
. plead ii, but the old woman was not���sic
'fyas not and sho is nor���viUi a pur��ou -
this advocate naii'es.nis i,<=r ���
Kh* whs tbe fairest, bennfsst^lasa
That mortal ever knew.
The i-...-..'= i ..-yi. was on*ber t-l*es*ki,
Her eyes hail eH|)ght Hie lilue
Of .taie riaisi slcioa. ��&roundlber bead
Bright, ir'.liien rin_lcts danced,
Ani n-heo my sweetheart sir.ilwi un ids
I t-A'. eiy iis.ii: entranced.
I band ii": si I iag 'nea' h tli�� trees
t.Tii. i:l-.i:���:������  ������. ay in May.
Ills broi       ... !. her dancing curls ���
V.V-.  ;..cm ��� ���  ..! plsy.
i Icoke-.l r.t ii-r \ ith sientlfast gaze.
i !.;. liuned her eyes on mt.
Tl   -- !   imint-lwith lo*.e.   Our warn H|M
Ia ki.is.33 cai. two, three.
_*l*nt e.ay was years Rnd<9��Brf3 ago,
liut I c. a ne'er forget
My tii--.* sweetheart's 1 ewiteliia^ eyes,
Antl, p!l. j b*ve In    yet
As fervenllv ns ia tin   " <lays
'Vh. i 1   ���: on ine si-   sluilcdl
/.ji:l t'-.e loves ine, I l<;.s,w it. for
1 i.-, lie: ii  !;: child
I-ilCl-si.. li. iii laics ia I.e.da-s* 0ODiaJnn. osL
The fail;   ados, both in siU and cloth,
no"! i vi .��� v.. . n oombii'i'd with bright col-
' ors, ate :-...., ijuiet in e.....���.[.
'.:' ��������� ..������.' -m br- -.-. , - nd a pretty soft
blue ure I K. I in cim-,1 inatlou this yen
bo ..   u mn!    : ils ami        owns.
'���'���������'? i an .-ome in ��� oited (towns aro la
onsi.i. - ie oi delicate s, -A ocarso Iik-9
] applique is   -i-en on handsome afternoon
| mui -^. s-.i,1...   .owns.
Styli - :,-s are in i'o with the plaid
on the  bias und  apparently of the thick
�� Ion   i  . '.-ilal oi   -.     4i (- if  napes aro
tnade. 'J hoy aro pretty on slender v. omen.
Tke i... ,: Persian iamb is to be found
Ss ail efl'i -tire trimming on the bodices of
1 many .'���.. as It 1^ cSectivu in civir:_r
Bb.ii.ii ui .. -. ;iown of one of the prctiy
tn..-'    ul I ��� wn.
(-'him billn in narrow bands finishes ths
bottom and outlines panels uf hitndsou;.?
reception  and ovening  gowns, and with
I excellent ei    -i though smiie people objeci
always to :.,, -��.i house gowns.
Vory pts'lty jack ts of fawn color, sfyi-
I lshly lined vvir-i pur strlnes ��nd ylnlils,
: ure la by fopnd p.t K.... u;.,l-ju (.ileas.    A
stylish jacket ban ���*. straight, loose frotit,
; oiie tipper tthd two lower pockets
-jit,:... .ono buttons, las���o and small,
appeal' i..-. many pi'oUj [rooks, cut Kleal
criin.'iiunts, a largo plain crystal button,
am! there is noth!;-.;s prettier than ths
plain crystal buttou wbicb has no orna-
'J be vory becoming medial collar U sei-n
on many ie.-.���;���:ion );- .-...s. Wilh this hi; -t
callar in '..',:,- iiaiib und J.i.uuls at oiihirsido,
n square our nook lilied iu-wlth soil pulli i
u:'-:ii, the effect i: .cry trolly und duii
aJieetod by eliis.;!y v, jinen.
The I'Tiag oi' y.-nr gown this season
must be of t :ic-k; i- eo-'^r as itoritslhs
trimming, to be ati Jttit. They may !i*j
a shady lighter il s-, lulled, but there must
Lo no contrasts. Then; small tilings do
much to iiinke the general .legauee of tus
guVSJI.���7s-. Yolk Tiiujtt.
An I-lHsy Job.
""*. linden;!and yoB.wuut lohire ahouss-
"Thnt -. ��� u Uo a m Ic take. 1 do all my
own work."
"Too bad. It would ba just tho sort dt
**ilo-.c that I'd like."���-IIolturB Welt.
Brtdenee of Al>flTt7.
"Skldlej always seems industrious,"r��-
Btarkod tIio gossip. "And yot he never accomplishes much."
" Yi s, " replied the eager listener, "bo"*
ono of these ]ieojile who whenever they de
anything make you think they'd bo first
rate hands at something elso."���Washington Star.
rutins l'ii::l*>"h:iiert<.
The playwright hfilf Ills play had stolen,
Yet   when   first   nig-liters   mocked :tt
That   author's   cheeks   with  Tage -.W8!*��
H�� tuousbt his audinace used him ba'dlrf
But. Ihonirh tn.e "gods" so fiercely roare^
Y. e can't eb alt u--fairness qui-: 'em;
ft fitrlk s us that tho riivlit reward
I'tor plugiarisin i.- Piay-jeer-l-m !
���Aily Sliper.
' ^fothin_r<eo��^s to plcass you,'' ho said
"I i-i; fc3S," she replied, "that you ae
not cstictty meet my approval.1'
A iter he had Inwardly digested that hs
wa- Inclined to l.e evou moro bitter.���Cbl-
cu;;o i o.-.t.
What tt* Wot. "firi;" CaaaaJfrom.
'Che ward "gro;.;" tins a citrionsihistcty.
It comos in k ro undid) ,Kiway.from thro
French grosgrnln, of which >our Knglisfc
"grogi-ain" is a corruption, meaning a
shiiT of coarse nnd lieavy trxturo. itlutf
uld .-'��� Imiral Vernon, whneouimnndcd the
English navy-just bofore our war of Independence, wore bi'eeclips made of this ma-
torinl and was ni-knanied from that eir-
nunislanoe "Old Grog." lis used to have
his m. n mix water with the ram that wnr
always served to English sailors as part ill
their rations, and henoo any dram mixoR
with water came to ba culled "grog" and
tho pines where sueb things are sold a
"grnggorjr."���-Miss K. ��'. Andrews iu St.
Wm* Alexander
'Rubles can be cleaned like diamonds,
likewise emeralds, and. in fact, inns', eol-
ired stones, with tbo oxoeption of tlio-tut*
|noise, whloh requinesi A little different
It shonlil'iic bome in mind that
every cold weakens the hiitgs, lowers the vitality and prepares the
system for Ihe more serious diseases, mnoiiR which ,-tre llic two
greatest destroyers of lnimaii life,
pneumonia and coii.-.uiH;)tioi).
Ccagli Remedy
has wi iis great popularity by-its
prompt cures of this most common
ailment, It aids expectoration, relieves t\c lungs and opens, the
secretion-e, effecting a speedy and
permanent cure. It counteracts
any tendency toward pneumonia.
Price 2r
SE_7.V-'- _-.-~-3f&i.��3)
���% .��.. i
���'-   *, 'k^.WsS.Jrf.**
;.-.-*- 'lattE-iM
: &U&8
$20,000 Worth of Shoes at Factory Prices
> -  ���1���
'TTHURSDAY MORNING, AUGUST 17, we opened up one of the greatest sale? of
Boots and Shoes ever known in New Westminster. People will remember the
Big Sale we put on a year ago. It was a hummer, but this time we intend to
eclipse anything ever attempted before. We have at the present time thousands of
Pairs of Shoes tlmt we are unable to put oh our shelves.
We Must Make Room.
Already we are arranging for a large addition to our present BIG STORE and the builders will be busy in
a few days making the necessary changes, enabling us to handle almost double the large stock usually kept
by us.
for the Next 30 Days Not a Pair Will Remain on Our Shelves
If prices will do it.    This is no sale of old, shop-worn goods.   We don't keep them.    Every pair is BRAND   '
Come and See the Grand Display We Have Made
Every Pair Marked Down in Plain Figures.    We will keep our promise as to values and the assistance of our experienced salesmen
will be at your sarvice.
Come Early and Save Regrets.
Wm. Johnston's
New Westminster,   -   B. C


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