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The Delta Times Apr 8, 1905

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���    ',"�� .,   ..in , ���      i.in.n. i
Vol, 2. No. 31.
LADNER. B. C, SATURDAY. APU\^ 8, 1905.
��� -���
Sl.Wf'a Vet
��� a
See our Large Stock of Hats, Shirt Waists, G iffR
i c
Jerseys, Etc., before deciding.
On Saturday evening last a very
iifft ere sling and instructive time was
The death occurred on Sunday,
April 2nd, at her residence, about
2.30 o'clock  in   the  afternoon,   of
Eliza Vasc-y, relict ofthe
Vasey.    The  deceased
years jof   age,
late II
spent  in   the   Town   Hall,   wheni
��� was   71
|ajor Sheppard,and H.L. Blanch-Ltroke    of    paralysis     .,     Iiu]e ,
nr.i  discoursed  on   thi*   important over    a   year    ago,    nnd    since
t' pics of Beef and Dairy Cattle.      | that time  she has been almost con-,    ,..,���,������, ^. n_,_u_iirniui  ...
Ai D   Paterson, in the absence ol j tinually confined to her couch, She j of nelta| a copy ot resoiuiioll  pass.
^      ideut,   wa.s   voted   to   tin-' bacl been Sr>^ <-re   Dyk**
I  t.T   In,-   cr-isstft   tlssso   nt.A     s-U ^      *        ' ...
that the government should
1 vus^iunv   can.     numiHV     aiiprnrinn    .   s    .
who .aid, C
the  v
If Iff
Council met in the Town Hall.
Surrey Centre, Aoril ist, the
Reeve and all members being present.
Minutes of the previous meeting
were read and confirmed.
FromN. A. McDiarmid, C. M. C.
READY-TO-WEAR HATS, only One in each Shape.
TRIMMED ����PARIS MODELS" at less than Half Milliners* Prices.
MEN'S PANAMA'S in all the latest Blocks.
,f.   . ,   ���       .      ���.     -,<������   .- ��� er ior some time and the end came';���0- ���..���.���
li iir   ind introduced : 1 inM.    ****** *"*- 5u��=muraii mjuuiu
..j'.     01 ,     ,        -,,*..   , peacefully early Sunday afternoon.  assist  all   Municipalities or none.
Major Sheppard, who said, C it Je | The ,ate Mrs_ Vusey wi|1 be mourn. I Recdved
is an important subject, the vahv : ed by a large circle of friends and' From w. H. Keary, Secretary
tig which was almost impossible to acquaintances, among'whom wide- of Royal Columbian Hospital, ex-
.st.mat.:.    He spoke of the interior I Spre.,d sympathy is telt for the ber- i pressing the  grateful  appreciation
eaved family. She leaves six daugh-; anfl thallks of the Board for contri.
1 ad-
He spoke of the interior
stock  brousrht
1   said
the  reason was thejters, of whom two are in the  East,
great demand bad practically clean
" . Ontario out of prime stock. 15,
C     lilttfg fer -���:-.��� .. su ���'  a time
bution towards that Institution. Re-
c ���   and   7 ���',   to
flu     :   an    !
��� ���::���     ,.
a  Kreut
We have just placed ia Stock 18 cases of shoes
comprising all the new Spring Lasts.
See the new "ROYAL PURPLE" Shoe for Ladies.
Large Range of Men's Fine Shoes.
See the new "ARTISAN" Worlring Shoe.
and one  son,   H.   M.   Vasey,   our cejVed.
well known stockman and farmer, j From p, c. Gamble, Public
The .uneral took place on Tues-| Works Engineer, re alleged danger
day irom her late residence, to: existing in the pile bent which di-
the (iddfellows' Cemetery, Sapper- vides the .road passing under the
ton, when tlie remains were laid to South appi-oach to the Westminster
res beside those of her husband bridge, and saying that having read
who had gone on before. the rep0rt oi the Road Superintend.
The bllowing were the pall-bear- ent| aliy danger that ,���ay  exist  ;���
er-: VV. A.   Kirkland,   NT   A.  Mc- entirely due   to reckless driving.
men   have stuck   pretty   well  to a Diarmid, Wm. Pybus, J. Gilchrist,  jf teams are driven slowly keeping
certain breed but the dairymen have I j. Ellii and J. B. Burr. . tue proper rides  in  passing  under
liot.    The Shorthorn is a handspuit!      The  funeral proceeded  by road tije bridge, both in going on and
beast but should not be introduced | and  was met at  Westminster   by coming off, no real danger need be
friends of the deceased. : apprehended.    Received.
  From   Martin,   Weart and  Mc-
The funeral service of the  late J Q��arrie, saying ..hat on the advice
ii   ���
lh"  i
opportunity   for
;ment in this province,   Ikef
into   the  dairy   herd.    Mixing the   uian
breeds  is  not  good   ior   cairyiffg.
.Shorthorn   cattle,     though   not   a
milking    breed,    may,   by sticking
closely   to  them   and selecting the
i best' be improved in inilkirig   a; ac
[ity.     When a man goes   n   or any
, line  of  cattle  he  should choose a
( breed  -and   stick   to   it.    Holsteins
Call and see our large Stock of Spring an
Summer Goods.
Mrs. Vasey,  will  be  held  in  the: of a Doctor th.y had Mr. McMillian
Methodist church to-morrow  after-' sent t0 the Hospital.    Received.
noon ,r the regular hour for service, j    From H- T- Thrift, on behalf of
3 o'clock. ! Jolin Saach, calliug the attention of
 | the Council to th; urgent i.ecessity
,  .      ,. , .1:.    ���.      .*,..' ,    . 'fo*" opening the Pike Road, North
and Avrshires are   being  improved i thev heard of others producing 300,,   . .. _       ._   _
~-  J .,. between sections 14 15, B. 5, N. R.
and becoming popular.    In Eastern 1 lbs. so thev thought thev could do  , t_r.. ��� ... , r ,   .
.     ,     ... ,   , 1 , , ;   .       .   ,    1 W-; a distance  of 20 chains,   to
, Ontario the Avrslure is used almost: the same and made uo their minds,   -     ,. .   ..  ,     ,        .
! ! i give him access to his land, and as
���exclusively. ' tc do so.    Bv keeping records they; ,      .. j���j ... ,     .    ,,   . ,,
1 - . , j -it, be needed the road so badly he would
In Ontario, the Major  said, thev , found their   cows  were fairly good j ,    .. _ ,    , ,.      .     ~,        ..,
J 1 h      I do the work according to Council 3
used lo think 3,000  lbs.   per  head  to start with.    By care it was notl    ..,-..      ,- _.  .     ������_..'.      .
������ * ��� 1 specification torj"35.    Received and
per year  was  a  good average, but  long before they had some herds go- j referred to Coun_ Wa]es tQ ac{>
by careful attention they have now  ing over  300 lbs., until  last year      Cr���,��� ,r,       .. ,    r     1..
' -.so -      I     _<rom Thos. Kennedy for Eliza-
been brought up to between s;x and , the best herd in the state went 450..,   ....   ,     .       . ...
T ,   ���  n���     ,    , !���       .^, ���   - ,- ,    . , I beth Kennedy, 111 reference to back
seven thousand pounds.    Ihe dual  lbs.    I his is accomplished by cere- .���    ,.      c    .ir    ,'    r
, , ,   ,    ,. _,-,���-.������,      ... I taxes on is.  W.   %   ��f section  31,
purpose cow as a herd is not an ac-: ful feeding.    Freshen  in  the   tall;..,, ,.,... ,    .,       ...
1    v ,'���-������'" r     , ,   dowusmp 2, saying he thought he
comphshed   fact.     Shorthorns   im-   and early   winter  for  best  *""^j had no ri���ht t0 pay Wild Laud tax
ported at a high price, with a good I provided the  proper feed was sup.-1     he ha(J spent lllmdreds of doIlars
milking strain, are turned  down in' plied.   The silo was the only means ]        .      , - .     ,.      . .,
�� ' ' J on the place, and asking the Council
Canada, there-being no class in the of providing the succulent feed  ne- {0 ^^ U]e matte. flnd m_ke
shows for them.    On  the shores of. cessary.     Clover.be said,  was  ,11  reduction  rf at ,eMt  one.llalf the
the St.   Lawrence there  is a good his estimation, the ideal silage, but, am0Ullt fo_ theyears nd
demand for second-class beef steers ��� any  ofthe   grasses  made   a   EPodl whJeh    he    th       ht    wouW   on,
as well a.s a good market for all the  silage.    Pc.as and oats, well  cured,   ,     ii4   , . ���     , _      .     .
0 6  'bein   fairness  to  him.    Received,
butter turned out. are all light.    Cut the fodder before  ,.,  .   . ,
b  . ,        _    Council cannot see their way clear
By introducing an   Ayrshire or a   filling suo for the best  results.    Iu  ., , _    , ,.
1 " B to grant the request.
Shorthorn bull into a herd oi scrubs the winter thev   like   to  have their j     ��...     .   ���   _ .,
,   ,    ,    ., .   ,   , , I     hrom J. C. Cavers, requesting, if
you  cannot  produce  a  good dual  silage,   accompanied   bv   bran  and  .,     ,,        ..  ...      . .  ..   . .
- , , ��� '    . ,    , ,-1.., ,       tne Council did not intend to onen
cow.        battening    and   shorts,   ready  to   feed  when   they
Marshall Smit
commenced feeding  in.    Washing
Lup the Milton road   West,   to con-
A meeting of. the Mechanics'' In-
, stitute was  held in the   Reading
Room on Monday evening with the
1 following   talkers   present:   President, H. J. Kirklandy in the cbaur,
Rev. A. Ns. Miller, N. A. McDiar-
mid and W. H. Smith, secretary.
Minutes of the previous meeting
were read and confirmed.
A communication  was received
. frotu, the News-Advertiser, re subscription.-    The   secretary   having
replied, it was on motion, laid over
till next, meeting.
The following accounts were ordered   paid:   H#. J.   Hutcherson, 1
nnftchandtee,  $4,901 Janitor,   four
months'   salary,   $16; W.  H. Lacl-
aer,, four months' rent, 520.
Receipts since last meeting, $_t.50.
The officers t)f the board would
1 like to bear  from  those who have
promised subscriptions and others
who may wish to do so. Fuuds
are getting low.
Complaint having been made
against certain boys misconducting
themselves in the Reading Room, it
was, 'cm motion, decided to request
the Chie! qf Police to notify the
boys that they must behave themselves when using the Reading
The meeting adjourned at 9:30s
Mrs. R, May paid -.business visit
to Vancouvek. this week.
The thankful hearts ior this
week are: Mrs. P. Matheson, Alex.
Fenton and Geo. Lasseter.
Take, newly   burnt
b liiing   water  ov;r   it,
sacking  until   slacked,
with  chamber  he   ol \
tvattr or waier viUth **..'
til  you  have   a   thick
Wben cooled, put  your
floor, one oei sou p >nr .
���1   tv
other i<c p turning witli
til   all grains  are  coal
eu: s
pile, say   2 |.   Iviiis  or
W E. Curti.*, left   tk
S    1!,
for Victoria preparatory
;tor the north
1" 11 r
v\ th
���1 a
' purpose     	
I breeding   are    two    different    blisi-   eomiucnceu leeumv   111.     wasumy- ,                     .,            ...
���      ,   ,                   ,                                             ..   .    ,              , struct a fence cross the roiid to keep
nesscs, and   do  not   work  well to-   ton is  not  an  ideal place  ior hay ,    ,     ���., .                        ...
.      .,                , slock off his property and the grad-
gether,                                           making.   Clover for silage must be ,     ,    _. . ,   ,      ,..,..
���     ��� .                      ,         ,                         .,'���;,.                  , ed and unfinished road-bed. Receiv-
Maior    Sheppard    spoke     very  put into the silo in as near the con- ,      ,     .      , _   _        _   .,
-*,    .    -     '     .   ,     .                    ,- .        ,                             , ,       ,- ed and referred to Coun. Boothroyd.
ilrougly 111 favor Oi tne'farmer con*  anion when  cut" in  possible,    hor ,���,      ,,            _,               _   .
,..*,.,                         .    ,    '                ,         ,-   ,        ���          . , *���lie   Surrey   Revenue   By-Law
fiiuug    himsell   to   "ne   paiticUlai   the second cut ol clover it   must be: ,-,<..             ,       ... 1
*,    .     ,         ,       -         ,     ,,         .,',.,      .    , ���    .'���           ��� Passed its hrst,  second and  third
b:eed,also to stock   rujsiug  t..r the  cut while the rant is still   growing ,.
...        .                               ,  . leadings.
i.ili '.ii.f.e  oi   ketpini    the   farms  in  and before   it  matures.    By doing ,,      , ,    ���         ... ,              .  .
1     ',                   '                                   ,.   ,,                          ,.  .,                ;. Moved by Couii. Wales second(*d
uood (.oiiditiou.                                      this thev get a crop ol silage as well .        _    ���,        ,      ..          ,              .
-,.,,,.,          ,   ,.,,         ,*                       ,,        ��� by    Boothroyd,    that   the    Wal-
W.  II. Ladner asked il he under-   as a cron of hay. ,   _  ,            _             ,                  .
,    ,     ,                          ,       ,         n      "          '    .,           .,      ., worth-Rolston   Co.  send    one   of
stood   the  lecturer   i<> s.iv that the-     On account   of tr.c  weather, the ,   .
_.      . ,'���,,-, , . 1    their   road   grading   machines   to
sSiiorlliorn was not a dairy animal    first  growth   or   clover  cannot  be  ���. , ,   r       . ,      _
tt   ,    1     cm    ., -.u a 1   ��� .   1       .1      .      .u     -i    ���    Cloverdale for trial.    Carried.
He had a Shorthorn with as good a   made into hav, therefore the silo is      ,_,    . ,, .   .
, _, ,     ,. , *   , 1    i  ��� s    , The following appropriations wer��
record   as   any   other   breed.     He : a.godsend by being a good place to        . ��*-�����_
thought-tltere was  a  dual purpose 1 save  their  crop  of clover,   which;     _."...,- ���.        _.      _     , _.
0 ,*, i       ,,   .,      ���    ,   1   . Ward I, Towh Line Road, $100,
Shorthorn. would otherwise be lost. ...    , ,        ._ ���     ,
,, ���     ci ii.' t    .1 n.       .   . uf        .fa        Wards 2  and 3,   Newton  Road
\liiior Sheppard   aid tnere were      In   the  matter  ot stabling, also,   , , ,    .
,     -,, ���       c,      , 1   . ,, . ���    ,, o i-J 100, tenders to be 111 at next meet-
tjijod milking   bnoilhorns but ih.v , gieat  care   is  taken.    Cows  come1.
1 ' in<r.
i we're no; a dairy breed.    The Ayr-j out in  the  spring just as clean as      .���    . _.       ,. .#���-���-.
J 1    Ward   4,   Graveling    McLellan
.ire is the ideal eheesemaker. The' when they went in in the fall.   The;
Road West Serpentine bridge,  $75.
t the       ���....-.-
gravel pits for ward 3.
Ad-      ~,        ... ,."
man   who can   prxhice  a  herd of stalls are X% feet wide, with an in-      _ .     _     %?_-*._
lM    ,, -, , ,    r      , ���    - .,      r      .....       ...      .,        On motion Coun. Johnston was
Shorthorns  suitable   for   dairying,   clme of one inch 111 the entire length, I , .
, .1 r'.'i . '.   .1    j    ���      .  .1 f .1   j empowered   to   purchase land  for
deserves the praise ol the province,  while the df&m at the rear ofthe
I trr
H. L  Blafichard was next called  animals is level 3x1s inches.
upon,   and  confined   himself more I sorbents are used to save the liquid .
particularly to the dairy animal. He  manure.
sod: Over in Washington they had,     After passing ft vote of thanks to]
for their
Mrs. M. N. Reid and Mr
Hilton were among the   passengers
on Thursday evening's boat.
Council then adjourned  to meet
again  on  .Saturday,  May 6,   at   t
n'clnrt- n     rilj"
 Kiiiigtoii they h^*llllllllllllllllllllllllllll^'llllllllllll^*lllllllllllllll**r ...��...-.. t
.developed their herds consider;.wi.   mc  ichurl*.   iui   men   imciouuai      , ������-       - .      "    .      -s. , .
: .    .       ., , vt J ji .. !��� j       A   voung man  from   the   Point
Cai.onj during  the  past   lew years.     Not discourses, thc meeting adp.itt.ed, 11_ ,. *fi]1   llnexpec'.ed bath   in   the
long ago they  thought   180 to 200 ; everyone  satisfied that their   time j d.itut�� near S. Morrow's.    His horse
I lbs. of butter a good  average, but' h :d not been wasted.
backed him in. TIIE DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY .\PRIL 8, *oo.*t
PUBI.IS.U,i;.D KVKKX- S>\TV&���*>>������ v.
sS*,_rB3C.-i*;ri"iON,. $l-,00 pe*y*��v
We hi^jwitli present tbe* foBow-
i ing extiracijs from a Ipttter, dated
] Cheana,, Alaska, received by one of
A.   O.  U.   W.
lj>elta Lodgt?,. Xo. 12. tfteets first
aiod tthiird Tuesdays of ea*ah mottth.
in Oddfellows' Ha&.
W.. C, Py*us, 1H.\\*.
Ga-iV R, Ma^lky, Recorder.
Casual AdwrUntmeirtS, io, cen^" P�� t'W fe1
<u* tirst iM_.-rt.oa,and sceuutper ime ton eacit;       snb9ci;ibers, whipfe-we hope may,.
nitueqiteut insertion.     TV   nuinlwT   o|   lines �����-  *o- �� -i
rfit-kon��lbvt.l*,S space OKcnptt-4, i.lipf S.W. the | ^ ^ g h^^chet
All aftvertiscmeot* Cimrge. I, I u*tll otderwl
qut and osiid for.
Con-espoudeuc*; invi*/;d oa tnat^fia ol public
lutcrust. ConiniiuiicnUbns '4, editor must,, t*' .Accompanied by nnnie oi, writff, not necessarily
for v'uhlictitiqii, but im evidence of, (OOs^fRjth.
COf^srtpqjWtlM inuftsr*<a(;Uthiii,offic��li^ t.hurs-
in, ivcuIej/.
I O.O 3"\
DeJfta Lodge, No. 21.���.TWutgn-
Ratesv VT^sian-^W ^���er*��w-!"':'**��s "^ be':     "I  nriaved k^ abottf tht> 261^ lar meet.sgs.of this Lodge are held
l)|s,|,oii,+plscalion at this office. *-.-��-.-. o o
i^.uii.nuov-cesif.centf.p.r.ijpe foi each, in-, December.   1904.    Lfist  CV-tober, 1-every  VYe^esday evening att & p.
****' .       '-  ,-,-rirwl thf* tiromise of one milli ������������ i;*��*    Vi��1Wt*��� Brethren csw^iftjly in-
i.i,tUs..|idt)e41|.noUces.5ac., MasjsU.es $1.00.   fe  ��� < en ect tne promise oi  one I.HIU '.      ... ,
Auv specinl uostec, the object ot which is to | r ^   Qj- j.0���s   aj,   j^q.  ,���.,- thou**'nd, '
ar.oi-K.te the pecuniary b*-ne.fit,Sfrany tadaldua    1WI   Ul tv*_��   a     p 1 ,
cjrc��uipany, tq.be cousjdeKd ap adrertisement   ^ut ^heV WOllld not advance a 1 OH-lltf
uail charged ac.coadingty. �� ,        _'.... , -,
of anything on >t.    I lost it, and it
may be just as weH for I think,,
now, iti will be like* evei*y.thi<ng else,.
"I ha��ye.a contract hews, on Clery
Creek,, to cub. three- hundred cords
of wood", eight leet long;, at $4 "���"��-<
cord, from Swiftwater Bill; pay on
*��' i'.1 . ������ 1 ���      L   .' '   'ij'-'t���������-the clean up.    I have a cabin in
Saturday, a; in. 8,  1905*.      j the timber and as), p uttin.;  up 2J4
=_=_ ���;'��� - j. -,. ,��� _ 1 ,.. .Au'.'.'j.-s.-��� =-****= I cords per-day.
W     r. sorry to no:e the fact tint]     "This camp, is away overdone,
have I een j There are teu men, to.every job. On,
] Fairbanks Crtjek they are* throwing
ap their lays every  week, getting
nothing, while those who have anything are being  drowned  out o��
j thawed ground.     Clery  Creek is-
ftoo* %.
re i orr
Certai 1 lads of our town
r-eported %, misconducting, tlum-
selves in th? Residing Room, and
sincerely hcv>e they will take a
tjmeV WMjuipg af'.d conduct themselves ip a, gentleTasasly   manner
W.. R. Ki.us. N\G
Dr. A.. A. King, Se
C. Oi. P..
The above Owie^l^s removed lo
:he Oti-tfellow.' BwkHjng,, whftte it
will meet itj, futitirc* on the Se..ond
and Last'Pti.*.sdaysof each month.
��|****a*H:*s��**Ti*��**|f*��**j;**��rf;*��*3(**��.5^*��^ ^j;*
! Hoyse Goods! I
t yji'* Harness ami* IKcntf Funiishtiigs 4>
'Jwvjw^ long proved reliable, atid they *��rt \
fj Uu^fi uot ui��ly for style but wear. ^
A lull Ifta* of Englisfa audi -Irish
Tweeds &i<i FajJJCS Tsfoueeiiiiigs always kept im s\osiu
���***"-*������ ���*���+���*��� v ������'-* ��� ���'.
*��<*sV��*<!*^��''��>^*��*-t>**��>',*^��'��'*>' ^>*"S��> '��>***>t*
Delta Transfer Stable
Team Wojrk Hone at SpaoJaJty Low Paloes.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
I nm sib 11 mm
Manufacturers nltult Unds oil
��������� Telejuhoai* "' Ladner " No. 10,
A   NKW WSS**��MilNi>T��R,    s:  S. C.
���> Soda Water, Qing��r
.���.    Ale and Summer
i Drinka.
*#       Vour patronage solxited      Jr
t t -h
4*.I ^.M-l-*!***!**.^���^i*l**��*l**>*^-T.*">*��*l'-**.**-*t-**���+���*���<���������!*���+*>*<��vt.i'H->+
1 ���
good from six above to twelve be-; *���?
ipaking good use of this institution I mW.  the* it gets deep, 80 to 1.00. |
 ���, ,        .      ,    I feet* to, bed rock, and  runs into a. ^s*Ht**^>'****��H-;*��;***^'��^r>."*t^***
which shotjjd pro.ve of gi;e^t value
t<> them. 	
\Vt%stham Island.
this week.
The  B. A. wd ���*.
fpeti to, bed rock, and  runs into a.'
wide valley.    These are the only
creeks worth talking about.    Gold-
stream ifi, merely a wagt*. jjioposj-
tion,   Tht$ whole thing that I Havv
sttjen. won'd n't come up to HunkeT
j Creek in the Dawson country, and
Mr. ant?��r^ Willet,. of S^noUereris going to-be- a temble-wsh
T;ih*d, Misitted, wi'A Cwt.. St^e* k_ here ia the. spring.   This, is aU
I night  for the trans-portation coiu-
B.. winifet-tes Sanies.
comme.n?sd.ooerqtions, on Monday,]     "There is uo gold dust it*, circur,- p. .
i^��, pKepanitjou. for tliip season's sal-, llation, neither has, tUfife ljew .*infi��*l ,*^ "1Pev i-Taln    ilie,
mon run ! 1 came larce.    Old  Ben IDpwuing,.'     C*C4
Among those who spent SundaJ ���*��� grenft mail career. i,s,o*his ww[ ���
off the .t,siand were noted: Mi^[Q1**vvhh *haif ��HH��>taR^dnpt. steam Tug "Flyer'* and
Qra���Q, at %est��iVter; M. ?a.*W,7This is beiug dow t0 ex^th*=;:
at, yawcouvem. % Savage, i,. ^.; crowd toiri��e*xt summer^-bpor^ ME
ijnd M *'. L��4b��- a* Lulu. LsIWU.    ,; is- esti*Ti^4 that six thousand jjeo, ���
retnmed I ^C *" ^ ^^ ^^ ?*^ I Q���<&: Front S*
���5U7\I.ER5- Iff?
Wellington Coal,
Ros^bank Lime,
Portland Cement,
I Smithy Coal,,
mfwa Ma KfCfl
Notary Public,
im, lie 8 inr H
tadner, B. C.
Pureftasfng. Auen*r
Brackman-Ker Mi��l����g Co
The Hace for Tinsmithing, Bath Tuba, Stova
Pipe, Oondxtotor Pipe, Roof Plates, and Everything Else in This Line.
Agpnt for*
Gurney Foundry Oo.'s Stoves,
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints.
Yoho Bath Heater.
Jtts* ihe thing for making water hot for washing dairy
wtensite, scalding hogs, or for wash day. Every
Farmer's Wife Should Have One.
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C
Mrs, Q. Albertso* reim-neii: .^^^^ tverv. day. faom Nome?
ei;hwfS#3S ��venii?g from a short, _nd eyery place_ Hverythiilg is
visit to. Nq* WesStuinster. She | yery high hm ftt present. Nails
was accocipanied, o�� her, ^turn, by j ^ $I pound and there aJ;e lots
Mrs. Philput aWl litUft <>i^hte?, I Qf- ^^ belje qVy j,^e thw
y,hp, wjtj,s^nci ,. f|svv days witik her; eor,^r^. %e��sis lote of ^ for
jjarents here.    ��� [all for cash.   Credit is onJv given
Our enterprising stockman, J. i fpr labor on the clean up.
Tan,t)0l}Re, has,. !#, (.-trnsipanx v^ith] "Thp town, of Ifairbijiiiks i,s about.
I?r. Wilson, ppfchfised- a fi*iie. it% ltplf a mi.e-sq-,sttare>,an<S hafvelectijic
ported Clydesdale s&ilHpn frpm,Mr. j light and a large h*rewer*y; it is 2^
Clark. Mi';. TambQlisifi' is to be i in*-le'**' 0"Qm the diggings. These
congratu.lafed; on hjs successful en-i h*is been Ipts* of. stampeding here
deavorstoimijriOxe thfistock.ot.S-hisj this.wi^ejr to th*Bonifiejd cow*t*0'
district^ i b^, got nothing and are comiiag
=��������� ������������  I bapk,   Tho- B.ea>;er Creek stampede
VARI.\TI(;\X*OFCKl"A^Tl?STSialsoisafak^^        now there is an"
i other on to  Mount  McKinley, 150:
lmil.es awav.   Thi? i? aJ.so. safe to
A question.wai. asked C. L*uw:a,; b�� no,goodi
Ofthe Iowa, ?>airy School, "Why'     "{&m comiug 0B. }n j^g. wd
cjannot r.nr buttermaker  test   on�� j^tpnd settling down on a. piece of
tandr, close tc. a sc.hool��. if. if b��i b^it
Baj.g.^j3 tos Kite.
?��OJW, 1-6-
New Westminster, B. C.
Manure Sn#o<an*m A
htotaeo Ploms
take the lead everv whe����*,
also our   .,	
Chatham Infiupators A
J.T. Stainton
Matauf%rGt,urer3  of all kinds of First-Olasa
Rough and Dresaed Lumber.
We can deliver to any point on the Railroad tn Delta:
Our Prmo Is Right. Wo Can Save You Money.
Orop Us 4 Uftftt Our Agent WM CaN on You
A first-class joint put up in tret-class style
call or send your order to the
ffltaf & Commission (��;
GEO. Mm THRIFT, Manager^
Ladner,, B.G.
cream so. that & shows approximately the saqje- teat- eaph tin e?
Last time our crearn tested 30 per
cen-.  and the time before # _wjg^_ap^��airi"g^''^taH��wnli.
cent,  end the t-itotp jjrexiously _#.
per cent.    It seems to-,me.there is a,
mistake sotnewhiere.     it   is   11 ilk
tro,n the !-%mt cows that is being.
skitnmed wit 1 the same separator,,]    -^^ Wljl, ^ ^ raeeti),g of th^
��,nd the test oughtmol^ to v;a.ry so Trenant Park Qfcb a\Un. % E.
muph,K i iadner's, Trpnawt Park, orj, Mou--
Th��. same kind! of logic is un- dgv   mxt   tlje.  lQtfh   wi.K   at   8
doubtedly common ^popg   cjeam. o'clock, for the transaction of busi-
twenty acres..   I htjy.e satis^Sd. myself 0% sunning ajjoitfid aftt*a crazy
and milk patrri).;.
If it were genenijy known- that
the percentage ot t^t- paries according; l?: '��� Rat- *>f inflpw- of the
tnilk- into the separator; 2. Tern*.
perafcire of the 1 i}k; 3, R,ate of,
speed of tlss-.rmiching,. there- might*]
HOt be so many coaaplaints due to!
the better rtiaker btqauge o^ a.sinall,
-w.ariaj.inn is,the cre^m,te_itv
Ths cor.yer-ai on wags, heard by,
ct; farp-*r's, v^-iff who saidi t��, her;
husb��:ul: "John, J, told you th^;
turning the- Qi*ank slowly
t-'iinn.:r cream."'    11lir��i*tig tp Mr,.
ness.   All mpatbers. ar*e invited.
mad**, l ���^*-^^^It.^1i^"sIIW-*pl��o��,
aioH*^,  *_3nsrft) b. notWiMfe. ��_       -  "
.__   ^. ..     _^ foi.
Tan���   sh-said   "1 wanted  to turn I ^"^..'<^5^%**!*torba**^e'^
the mtachir.e. faster buj; John wa$ s��ttUB����.Qomt-JaUt* W;*0teitfts��iW����r*
the separator' ^s*^?*'1 **^- *�� W**** --ftwon*
afraid that turnip
fast caused-the., geawpg. to, v>;ear; outt
too quicki"
4. Dj^Rc. T-^VtOR
TO% ^r*i<j^,-wil*j��.'Wttm*'^l*lw��efe*'
iueit) >jt4r. pte(��s*��R)tt|>,talsa..
%?im. ,xm>��xw:im <tA 5j*>v*iv**taay, ����,
:a;^U��)��iess��4' m& Wmty WW��* or latei.
swdiniw t^^tii*ift,ooijie��.yoqiwill need
It badly; yoitvwOl'need-.t qnickly, Why
not buy it now and be prepared for such
X1g.*j*|PgCardsJ,L-adies or (*ents ., ��nemergency 1   Viice.,35 c.erjfs,,
Just Received*
A Large Stock of Buggies,
Plows, Boot Cutters,
Hay Cutters, Ensilage
Cutters, Bio* afe
Q. T. BAKER'S -^ s**��*��">"h��
���Mcorporatxl IS6��..
CAPITAL * - - $8,000,000
EESEBVE VWm>      - - $3,302,743
TOTAL ASSETS, ���* *        $31,18^625
A Qeseyal Banking Business Traassacfced.
Sowings Dopartmt&tf.
Deposit oil $1 aad upwards iwMiTed and Inter-
ett Al^we^ ��k, HJ^e��H -0*aiw��ftt BaJbeSs
��__--{i��3i BRANCHES-���-
BR-ANCBSKS ||1* BJWT^K Cti)iC.1CJMiBIA-��svVancomv��'. Vancouver
East l*nd;, Gnand Berks, Ifenwjpo^ lifelson^ ?tos_itwi��� ViJctflS^,, Chilliwack., Hadn*"tr, CwubMaw*.
HI. K, WRIQHT,, Mauser*.   -*   UJi^-f 5U |t C.
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear and Sailor
Hats, Ladies* Skirts, Whitewear, Ete.��
A Fine Line of Embroidings and
iLaees Just Opened.
Rib Rock Hose
H. J. Hutcherson's THE DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY. A?All 8.   j.o:
Just Out!
..Mill ill IllKIUllL
!     According  to The  Commercial, j
I nf Winnipeg, the  visible supply of I
! oats in the United States and   Canada, east of the   Kockv Mountains,
! is   16,109,009   bushels, ��� compared
\ with 10,6^0,000 bushels a j ear ago.
���ilu s.ruli.!_
'.\.. r,-..i.idu.s.
The Richest Provinca in the British  Empire.
it-, mil. >.;'��� mid tillll.cri it-sMt-'s-i "s<vv sca,lak.- anl flwt*: IU inin-,:il ami ojricult iral
rcrfourcm Its citle. mill to-./li.; its river,tafee atut ni'ititUiu ��NMi��ry, etpecbctly itla-Hratiug
ils grebl mtuiim |ttfve*opm.iilr, with vi,-,v> isl'all tlie jiri icipnt mints, inill-t, _uteUer.i,et*.
Sant Post Free oi Receipt of Price, $1.00.
Address James Lawler, Kossland, B. C.
The Largest .\ilvrrtfser in anil i>x Hritish Colainlil.1 a,i<l witli-r uf "Millions M��ue in
Mint's." "I'ress Ctipij'ngsi ami Valita'uU- Inibriliatiuu," "A Hilt in C'uitus." "I'or 11, C,"
��� c��� fti-.
Best Buy in
Qfjatoat Gold
Discovery  of the
15 cents.
Aga Is in B.C.
����� Big'4'
Consolidated. Gold Mines. limited.
Capital $625,000, of which 35 per cent in shares
is now in our Treasury,    Shares fully
paid and non-assessable.
Holy Communion, tst and 3rd!
Sundays, at 11 a.m. Other Sun-j
days at S.30 a.m.
Morning prayer, 11 a.m.
Evensong, 7.36 p.m.
Sunday School at 10 a.m., Friday.
evening, Litany and choir practice. I
Kev. Canon Hilton, vicar.
Reverend Father Rdru. Peytavm,
O.M. I. Services first and third
Sunday of each month at 10:30 a m.
Services next Lord's Day at 3p. ni
Class meeting, 10.30 a.tu. every
Sabbath School at 2 p ro every
Sunday.      Prayer   meeting   every
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev. A. N. Miller, pastor.
Copyrights ic.
Anyone ending a .ketch and dMcrlnllnn mn;
ini.-kly ascertain onr opinion free whether an
uventkin ll probably patentable, ('..rnniunlra-
tlnniMrictlyOOhllil.titliil. HANDBOOK "ll Patents
' 'The success of an orchard large*
ly depends upon its situation,  and
  great care, especially in this coun**
try,   should   be   exercised   in its
BV 1. R. ANDKRSON. seltction.    I make use of the   ex-
The valley apoears to he from pression "especially in this country'
one to two miles wide, bounded on advisedly, for the reason that the
both sides with high, precipitous periods oi activity and durmancy in
mountains, snow covered in the' plant li'e are bv no meausa-,clearly
highest places, As a rule on the defined as in many CoimtTifs; and
higher ground the valley is heavily this applies more particularly to that
wooded with the usual coniferous part of the oottntry bordsring on
trees, and on the lower parts, more j the sea coist, where many plants
lightly, with cedar, alder, birch and often remain in bloom through the
the   small  maple  (acer  glabrum),
winter. Fruit trees,   owing to cli-
nont Ire*. Uhlott ll����if for aecurmit paten ta.
I'atenii taken ttroueh Munn * Co. receive
siirrttttnotUt, without ebarxe, in the
Scientific American.
V hnnrtiomely llltutnted weeklr. I.nroat rlr-
1 nlatloit of any (olwitlflo Journal, Terms, |_ a
year; tour montbt, ��. WSil by all newsdealer*
Brunch Office. Uf 9i_, Will**-feat on, l��. C.
common throughout the Province,! matic causes, do not mature their
but none of the large-leaved varH wood .sufficiently early, and th��
ety.    Some of the latter class of] sap often begins rising at a period
which endangers the Ufa. of a tree
Mines directly west of the LeRoi and Le
Rtti Nt*. 2%War l;Rgle ami Centre Star, lour
of the .'.rgest go Id-copper mines in the
world, aU oX which lw_vc paid lar-je divi-
* ttWte vdeiHicnl ute and- w.us, no.w in tiS^Ul
on n^e BIO FOUR,   Uit%t ��>rt hodfcsv
Assays from $5 to JScy- in gold, copper, sil-
vti, etc. Very rich diaplnj- as now un exhibition in the city ore exhibit, canting wide
Wc have nearly two miles of railway on
Hlg Four property with water and timber in
Kof��4_ft��6 ��t* ��>ipni*��ls ftr \y>��, 350,00
tons. SWppped *>p 1903, about Ativxio. tontt.
1914, about 400,00a toiir. Total value of kossland ores mined, $31 000,000.
Ko-^laud's ore hQ_tie& fft* a (ileal BttCCCM
with tlie concentration system of ore t*e*Juc-
tl -a. |3.oti ore uow pays to mine as now
proved by the latest reports and dividends.
No less than t�� slvare-i sold. Share* can
be had mt installment plan, payments
monthly Twenty per ceut cash, balance
within a year.
Company has no-delii* or liabilities, and a
fill force of men nu.v working.
References���The Hon. Mtxyw, Gold Com-
m install it., po.-tti nattier, or auy Uvuk or bvtsi-
11 ess man in city.
There in a tide iu the aflf.iir.** of men
Which takcu at the flood, leads on to fbrtune;
(Unitted, all the voyage of their life
Id Ixjuml iu sU;iU(iw.**and in niistTies.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 2 p m Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
Time Table.
W EFFECT MARCH   26, 1905.
Train leaves   Port   Guichon   a
12:40 noon and arrives .it Cloverdale
Iat 2:00 p.m.
Train leaves Cloverdale at 5:10
J p.m. and arrives at Port Guichon at
16:30 p.m.
Monday, Wednesday and  Friday.
I& Cts '"Per Shar��
A��y amount less than MIK) tend poitoffice
or utprtM money order; over this amount,
by bank draft to Secretary.
Fi MiMM Mines.
(Ltd )   Rossland, B.C., Canada
Order Blank* and our most cbTilptvlietHlve and complete IUustrated Prospectus showing
all Kcuutand mines and giving vn.ln.ible litfbnnatlan, with Maps and Report. Irom Mining
Kngiueers, sent only to investors or those desiring to, invest. Sent (hie ou receipt of 10
cents in stamps for postage.
Camp Hope
Lumber Mill
BAPTIST. !     ,,,, _ ., .
I     Ihere are two through passen-
Service at  7:30 p.m., Pastor P. jger trains per day each way to and
������H. McEwen wUl preach.   Subject. ,from Seattle and B mixed t   .   t
"Pauls Reasonable Hoast. .,       ��� ���.    ,
,���,       .      and from Belhngham.
Prayer me.tmg at 7:30 Thursday I
evening.   Singing practice at 8:15
All cordially invited
to  any  or all,
A   Good   Word   for   Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy.
"In Deccnther. 1900, 1 h.-td a severe
cold anil was so hoarse that I cottld
not speak above ^ whisper," says Allen Davis, of Freestone, N. Y. "I
tried several remedies, but gat no relief until T used Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy, one bottle ot which cured
me. 1 will always speak a good word
for that medicine." For sale by I*. J.
Electric Railway com ll
(Westminster Brsinch)
Time Table
Cars leave Wemt'.t'nqter lor Vancouver at 5,50
and 6.50 a.m. and hourly thereafter until 11 p.
in,; Saturdays and Sundays nt li p.m.
Curs leave Vancouver for Westminsters at 5.50
and 6.5a a. in. and hourly thereafter until i\, ],.
ill.j Saturdays and Sundays at 11 p.m.
We run lirst-class freight cars between Westminster aud Vancouver and all shipments or.
han lied with tlie utmost care and delivered to
consignee without delay. Special attention paid
lo fruit shipments. Our wagons meet all boats,
and trains.    For rates, etc. apply to
land, I was informed, was being
cleared for $15 per acre; I, however,
doubt if that can be done generally.
The more heavily wooded portions
would probadly cost more than the
value of the land, if the stumps
were taken out; but that, of course,
was not thought of, the plan pursued being the removal ot the
small stumps and rubbish, alter
which the land is put into
roots or sown to gr.tss and clover
after it is burned over. The land
in the bottoms is sometimes a light,
sandy loam, and in others a clayey
loam; the latter being the preferable
quality, containing, as it does, more
humus and nitrogenous mutter.
Some land on a higher portion, which had been ploughed,
showed some peculiarities which I
have never before obseived. The
laud in that locality generally is fine
red loam very friable, possessing
apparently little or no humus, but
here and there appear patches of
what looks like wood ashes,
almost white, and which, in fact,
was mistaken for ashes by the
soil, which
from the liability of late frosts. Thi*
can be controlled, in a greut measure, by the selection of a proper
site. Kxperience Ins shown that
eastern and southern exposures are
not well adapted for orchard, such.
exposures tending to promote early-
growth, and in case of late frost the
influence of the early morning sun
acting injuriously on the trees. A
north-western exposure, other con**
ditious being favorable, is, I beleive,
the ideal site for an orchard in Brit-
Columbia. On such an exposure the
unduly early growth is retarded,
the influence of the early morning
sun is minimised, and the full effect
ofthe afternoon sun, at the season
when it is of the greatest utility, is
Mulching, whilst the ground is
frozen, was strongly recommended,
in order to retard the growth in
.spring.' Mr. Carlson, whose place
was the furthermost paint I
reached up the valley, has probably
the greatest number of bearing fruit
trees amongst the later settlers. His
I took samples of this trees are  pretty well cared  for as
I  have transmitted  to I regards   cultivation   (which,   after
Professor .Shutt, in Ottawa,  for an jail, I tako to be half the battle), Dut
opinion.    With  an   application  of somewhat in want of pruning,  aud
Traffic Mg*.
Local Mgr.
stniiiister. II. C.
Has been moved to Beaver Dam, on the
Scott road, and is now prepared to supply [New Crop Now In Stock
all kinds of Rough Fir Lumber at reason-   wr..f1, ������,,,���.,    ..      . .
able prices. ! HOML CROU N a" ,mportwl
Q. O. Dennis,
East Delta.
JLef Us Talk It Over*
Have you, young man or young wouaiu, ever given the
future any consideration? Are you content to drift along as
you are with a superfficial public schooled 11 cat ion which does
not prepare you for earning your living.
There are openings for young men in the business world
as stenographers or cleiks. Women are eligible for the same
positions, what could you do in such a position? Are youa good
penman? Are you rapid and accurate at figures. Canyonust
the typewriter so asto write 40 words per minute? Can you do
well the many things that are required to he done in the business offices of large cities?
Unless you have taken a course in the above you are unprepared for office work except in a small tillage. We can
prepare yon for a good position���a position that will in a few-
months pay for yonr investment. Some of our lady graduates are earning J-io a month and over.
Miss W. K. Smith receives 40 per month from the
Hastings Shingle Manufacturing Co., as stenographer. Miss
Menzie starts for the Yorkshire Guarantee and Securities
Corporation at ��45. Several are working for the C. V. R.
at $30 per mon h and upward.
If yon come to us an������ work hard If you want further
proof ofthe wiy we help t a positions write us and we will
send you more names.
But don't put off. Every month yon delay means one
month's salary lost. The sooner yon graduate the sooner
you are in a position.
Vancouver  Business  College,
149 Hastings Street,    -    -    -    Opposite Province Office.
0. H. ELLIOTT, Principal.
Wholesale and Retail.
Special Prices to Fanners' Institutes.
Thouands of Fruit and Ornamental Trees.
now growing in my Nurseries  for
Spring planting.
Eastern prices or less. White Labor
M. J. HENRY, Vancouver
3010 Westminster Road.
Is  an  kh-al  covering,  either  for   new
buildings or improving' fid oik'S.
Consider it.-*, fine appe*r(|nc* ������ its
splendid enduring qualities���ana slight
expense���nnd decide to servo your own
best interests by using it.
Fullest details of information in our
WholMal* Watiuf��ot��ir��r%
ROBT. MAY, Agent,
barnyard manure this land yields
good vegetables,potatoes, clover and
grass.    Fruit trees also  have  suc-
were bearing good, well-shaped
fruit. This orchard is planted ona
sandy loam which will no doubt re**
ceedeci admirably, and I have no j quire the addition of humus and
doubt that all this class of land J nitrogen to keep it in a state of fer-
will be lound to be the better suit- jtilily, and I, therefore, on such lsud
ed for fruit-growing than that in and on the higher land previously
the bottoms. 1 alluded to, strongly advised the cul-
The     settlers   all    have    good | tivation of leguminous crops.    The
houses and some  land   cleared; as strong, clayley loam is of a difler-
much, in my opinion, as can reasonably be expected, considering the
difficulties to be encountered iu a
newly settled countrysomewhat difficult of access; most have some diary
cattle, but  very   lew  have  horses.
ent character, having app irentlv an
abundance ol nitrogenous matter
and humus, and, therefore, good
retentive qualities as regards moisture. Belli Coola has long beea
noted for its fine quality of potatoes;
This last matter I consider, is a j these are produced on tha sandy
somewhat serious one, inasmuch as, I loam alluded to. Grasses and
without horses, it cannot be ex-'clovers do well everywhere, especi-
pected that a sufficient area of land ; ally the latter, and produce two
can be put under cultivation for the !and somtimes three crops when the
production of necessary fodder for
keeping dairy animals in a proper
flow of milk, or even to carry any
number ot cattle through the winter
moisture is sufficient. On the
gravelly subsoils I recommended
the cultivation of alfalfa, which, I
am sure, from the few specimens I
Marconi Wireless
Telegraph Co.,
Of Canada.
simply on maintenance rations. As saw, would be a fine fodder crop.
a matter of fact, even now, some | Timothy seems to have been tbe
have nure cattle than they care for jonly grass which has hitherto been
in a proper manner during the win- sown. This grass, whilst a good
ter, and since there is no market for | one for hor.se hay, is not the best, in
calves, either they have to be sac- my opinion, for pasture and cattle,
rificed or fed just sufficiently to)I, therefore, recommended the trial
keep life until spring. The latter j of other varieties, such as cocksfoot,
course is to be deprecated as it is, Kentucky blue grass, etc. Indian
well known that unless a calt is I corn, where grown, has succeded
kept growing ou full rations it | well, and the attempt to produce it
never makes a good adult. Mr. ;as a fodder-crop was therefore ad-
Hammer, the Secretary of the Far- j vised. This is the standard fodder-
mers' Institute, is in such a predi- ierop for milch cows in the Kast, not
cament, and he is looking towards only for feeding green but for
securing a range iu the Ootsa Lake ! ensilage, and as the production per
country on which to keep his sur- jacre is extremely large, it shoutd by
plus stock. I all means be more extensively cul-
T exists  under and  by virtue of a special act of parliament, conferring upon tbe company unusually broad and comprehensive powers,
practically guaranteeing a monopoly of the wireless telegraph.
The Ottawa government has set down $100,000 for Marconi Wire-
leas stations in British Columbia,
Opportunities do not come often. The price of Maiconi securities is advancing rapidly.   To-day they are
Do not wait too long to buy at $5 for the price is likely to advance
any day. All applications for Marconi Securities must be accompanied
by remittance in full, made payable to the order of
Sales Agent,
Vancouver, B.C,
S. Gintzburger,
Mr. Clayton, who has a store
and quite an extensive area under
cultivation at the mouth of the river,
has some fruit trees iu bearing which
even with the total want of care
which Mr. Clayton acknowledges
they have had, show evidence that,
with the ne:essarv care bestowed
upon them, good fruit can be produced,
which had borne large crops of Ifi-lem-i*
good fruit for many years and bad
succumbed last spring, when in full
bloom, to a late frost. This is a
phase ofthe fruit question peculiar
to British Columbia, as I hnve
pointed put in Bulletin No. 12.
where the following remarks occur:
tivated   in those portions   of  the
Province where it succeeds.
(To be continued.)
A Mother's  Recommendation.
I have used Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy for .1 number of years and
liave 110 hesitancy fn saying that it is
Mr. Clayton was deploring jthc bc��' .rcmedy tor co"?hs' co'ds a"d
r croup 1 have ever used in mv family,
loss of two fine cherry tress 11 |lave not worc|s to exprcss'my con-
in   this   remedy.���Mrs.  J.   A.
Moore,  North  Star,  Mich.    For sale
by 1\ J. Mackenzie.
Stranger���1 sec your people are
organizing to put down lawlessness
and crime. Tough Citizen (grinding
Iiis ter'.M���Y���.. p'r they say we're
goin' tn have a regular carnival ot rc��
form,���li.\, THE DEtTA TIMES, SATURDAY APRII, S, 1905.
IM4& &m&
W-" J. tyw4ri.tt* ���*# **���* Nanaiu t
911 Tueadax.
Mrs.  ^)r.   VSfsjpdl^x-  *s   yisiting
if iends at Blapkip Spit.
J,oh��-. f olli^qat^ips a smile ttaj,
won't weaij off.    I*t is a girl.
}. F.  Staintson paid a Ltj^i^ejss
Uup to ya^cou^er Kslssdfiy
H. N. Rich pa.id a, bin
t* Yf*"tP*iia tu*-s wejt_k...
.t.css   visit
Robt. McKee and wife returned
home on Tue.-day  last.
J.  Rawlins and w,i,fe-   ^etUM��edK
on Tuesday, fr^in Vancouver.,
Inangwratioij.  Salek
Court of Revision
Mrs. Lyons, accompauie.d by her
mother, ve the g aests of V rs.  A.I
D- Mayiespn,. of Cloverdale, was
a, guest of 17 J.  Mtc^eiizk's. on.
Ones HtpiiJe  and wife is(ent to |, Sunday ]$&
Vancouver on Sttftjr.sday eyening
%.. Fulton, of Vancou** spent a
few days
visiting N.  A;. McDi^-.i
Sa.m; Smith and wife, of Dewd-.
nny, ca^ne* down to the funeral of
Mrs. \rasey. whose daughter Mrs.
Vasey was.
Miss Buckujgh^. of Ebt* ne is a |    ^      ^^ itwroveweiA!_"^i.���g
X-ato^th^ Paijsoitfge for a fc*-|.widertak^   by   our   tot��in.   we
<*a***'s��      __________________ | notice houses and barns lor cojnfort
and convenience which  are being
Mesdames Howay and Watson bl)jltby Vie following* AdahiRead,
^dashorrv^ttotheis^^ithislj^g^^e Stock paj-u,s \y. 17
W*e��, !Qurtis",  Arthur   Bros.,   1.   Honey-.
100 Head of Stock
including 14 Dairy Oows and I-iei- j
fers, with and in calf; 3 Fat Cows, j
.2 two-year old Steers, 6 Yearling ;
Heifers and Steers, 30 Oxford |
]j>ow* Ewes, and Lambs. 24 Yoar- j
fcng Ewes, . Raip. 2 Registered
Yorkshire Brood Sfcws, 1 York-1
shire Pedigree Boar, 5 Berkshire!
Brood Sows, i Beskshire Boar.
Fvtrther entries are solicited.
H, N*, RICH,
PUBUC   NOTICE,   is   hereby]
given that tlae Assessment  Roll of;
the Municipality, ft_rt5b�� year 19057
has been returned to  the  Council..
'Ihe Court ot Revision meets 111 the-
Council  Chamber  L.adner, on the-
52nd dav ot April,, at 10 a.m.    All;,
coiayplajis-}** against  t^te Assessment;
Ortist  be made- in  writing  to th&|
Assessor at least tm  days before ���
tfee first meeting of the Court.
^v. A- McDIARMID. I*
Ladner, Match 15th, 19A5.     115
If Your Eyes
ler You
Go vip against tt and buy inferior Seeds.
Grass,  Vegetable
Flower �� doner
If Tou can't cams **-* to See Us, just "Wait for
the Wsagron.."  Well Trmt You Right
_f: J. Mackenzie, paid a short
visit to Westminster aijd Qloyeidalc
tjhis week.
mau and J. A. Paterson.
Mrs. Mclnnes, widow of our. latt
tyeutv-Qpvernor is, visiting Mt;s, \V.
*��� <&i*#s*
W'. Wq^t-jwardsj and family have
Removed frpjp Vancouver h ..re for
the summer*.
It i&rqjnored that a new hard-'
-qtatp stosie will he opened" here in;
the near future.
We would draw t,b,e  attention  ol
the   council   to   the   irnprovein.nt
which only one plank makes to the j.
present sidewalk.W. J- Lanning has I
added one alongside his fence-, which j
was sadly needed on  dark nights. '
How would, it be lo, pontine the improvement.    Co  ahe;\d,   don't   go j
-.��� l.       Is���..      ������������.������...���        1,     111     W   .3*.-**     ���   '"-������   '
Finest   Qbocohyj.es   fresh,   every
week,-.--City l?akei:v;.
For Sale.
A number of Fine., Purebred j
White W-yandottes* and Buff Or-1
pdngtsin Cockerels fo;- .Dating.
Fashion Stables =:
Thev require attention,    iX> nut |
t?ifle wilh hn serious, a matter.   Wt
will lit thorn to your entire sjftlisfac-1
tlon by the latest meyhod feViOWift to ;
the optical mile.
Trucking and Draying.
Livery  work  of all, kiurls at-.
tended to promptly.
15, C.
w. gifford!
Graduate Optician*
ConsiihatioM  .�� _5xa'in'inatipri Freei
T   Giffbrd**s Jewelry Store,
W. N. Draper,,
ROQm 2, Ellard Dloek. New WestmidSlfssr.
Those who have i��vestSga:ted owr methods
of business, have Itnlly sa.1isfi.f5d themse;lves of
onr standing.
Value is Assured
by our direct buying, which cnabies us to cut
out the "iu-between" profits and expenses that
Ladies' O/cv'Dt Tableslhuwlen the ordinary dealer, and put the differ-
SbntstsV-ttoiHiistraMiiii   ence ,nt0 quality���Send fos o��r catalogue, 230
MafcscMiy Flntfih.     J��ges, >l s fee:.
Weiler Bros.,
VICTORIA,  b. c.
yf$s6 Qpm-dijY-, who had been
\vptipg Hml^.\ionKMt,_ofi Sat.14.r-
4%f lagt^fft-r IfortjxMcLeod.
ifrp, J,. Ho��}ftymaji r^turnedhom*t
9I��, Mjpjidj-rx- a^e/ sending; a, fey<
days visitjrjg frjippds. ija..N.esR- W,est-
Mrs. V, Bi Gffjflt aj_d Mr^. J. A.
^ogan^ts^tturned Ijpmej on Saturday
s-jxenirj^lf^t, frot& Vaji^otiyer, via
5#*.Jj-,I^utf.%rsoi|s \\. % Smith,
Ur. Woot^ey, A. QJausen and W. J..
Ijamiijig tjjad^ a %diiiig party thi:
Mj-eeje -o tjie. stfearns,.
O,.. 0* IT-eimis has moved his lum- j
b.r camp tQ Beaver Qa.ni.     See ad. \
The fuiest assortment ot pjainand |
fancy Biscuits���Christie's. McCor- j
miqk's and o^liei;- matkera���*opened
up in town, conipi'ising Lemon
Sandwich,, Water I,ce Wafers. Social, Teas, assorted Jant Jams.
Toutipt 1?ig Bsar,, Os,we?o, Arrowroot, IJastsr "Qrops, .-strawberry
Blossoms, Gpiioa, Gralijini Wafers,
assor,ted Io.es, etc�����CiJt*>' Bakery.
Up-to-date in Style and Fit, also Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing done. All work guaranteed. If not satisfied, your money
rehyidcd  or   we   will   make you another suit ou retusfl of the
m m\ n ii] 11.
I> At  uo,tt_h_a.   cost;, privale   individuals   ar   husines.-s
men, cau jvut th-^ir iiupoi*t*nt papers ^ud valuables ia'a
t ; secure amef co*a*ve5!.i��nt plaw.
���ApSS ��� This is a boo--j to. those whi�� do. uot possess a safe^
I and to. families fc*&YeU.��g.,
Trtta^e boxes are acsc-ssiWie during all business, hours
��� "���-��� ! to tb**. renter, "wtio  holds ibe* keys
L9F RATES*  St.90per year*
.Specials for Next Week,,
We cut a figure in. the dry goods line, usually, when we introduce
Special Sale,
H*. Ij. WUsoh, ha^ rp^y.ejd iqto
tfhc house just vacated by W. A.
l^irkland. M^. Wilsop. purchased
tjhis property. sotrjt| titne, since.
Rev. Jj, S>. Henderson, of New
Westminster, vti% occupy, the pulpit ip the PrsjsbytertaH Churches
^ere t^nd'Eaft Delta to morrow.
a  Special ame.     There is generally something about the goods j
oflered that lmfces the store attractive.
VVe ase always, first in placing belore^ the public new goods, r*new
'styles   and   novelties  in   various  lines.     This  has  made   The Big]
Store the slopping place for women who wish to be uprto-djajte in the j
���.natter of dress;
$5 Qabitjpls for, 5S3. Fricke and
Schenck, the Vancouver Photographers, Vjtho opened a studio
here a few months ago, will return j
,fpr a short, time tp.further, introduce p,   ,.
T flfl'ies     Trcv
their work, in this yicinity.    Cab-      nicely \rmmeA and  tailored  in     dress M        leatfid        ^ knee
ifiets wor.0> $5,will" be made  at the      the latest fashion,    Special $1.95 '        '    K
.adyertising price of feP-fdoR. This \ LadieS'black broadcloth,nicelynu.de     and ��P-to*date in every aspect.
ofler is good for one week, Tuesday !,   and trimmed with stropping. regr      Regular   price,    $450;:  Special,
frieM   dress  skirts,   Ladies'* blue and green fijngr- tweed
April nth until Monday April 17.
Do not miss this opportunity..Studio
ittear May's Tin Shpp.
ular $6.50, Special, S*>,-95-
7   Ladies'   Tailored .Suits,
prices,  from $10 to $18,   your  ehoiq��
Westminster Trust & Safe Deposit Co., Limited.��
Authorised .Capital, $25,000.
F. J. HART & CO.,
New Westminster, B. C��
"   ���r'-W|>WWWg***********l***P*r!^P'ii-^"'i|'^^ ��� ^^''eeiraaame^e^mmmmaag-r^en,
Andrew Clausen,
lAdteft* CJhafcelaiae Watehea from $5 up.
.Ladies? Qold Wajtches from $15 up.
Chit a-lass* SiNrerware aad aH kuwiia of Jew
There- was.a,ra^ting of the Ba.se
l$alLClv��blast night, iii C. F. Green's,
offce^when a committee was ap-
pvintt^d fpri tJ>Q��purpose.or reorgan-
How tp Ward Off an Auack ol Rheumatism.
while they last for $4.95.
i L*!ies'\Y. G*.  &  li   linen  collars Beautiful deess muslins, ajl colors
I    all sizes, stand-up and tu-rn-down      at 15c yd.
..r .years when spring, timo came
.. -   ��� -"-������- and I went inti> gardening, 1 was sure
Gv 0. Dennjs, of East Delta, was,]t0 have an att:ick of; rhfimiitism, and
in town Monday.   Mr. Dqnnis met' cvcry alta.fe w:is moVe **wtf  ,h:iu
...   1 the   preceding one,"  says Josie   Mt-
"'Uonard,   of'    Man,     Logan     CniiHy,
West  VS.,   "I   tried   everything   with
with   an  .jeeident,   a short  wi
stjince by the carrier,- running over
i^Sifoot,  apd. a�� ^������cmVfpc^.iai.nonM^t^t_m^iw^^AK
^_��.llewhat lame.
T_hose interested ip lacrpsse are
|-*   Sj eciaL. 5Q uach.
j,*,6rin. apron gingham with border,
Special ioc.
170-in. pure Irish linen tabling,
Special at- 50c
Heavy 36-iuch, English prints, indigo blue and light coloi-s, Special at 1 'iy... c.
IJeavv colored S7-in. linen suiting
for  ladies  and  children, regular
bottle  of Chamberlain's  Pain   Balm, j    60c, Special 36c'
and the, tirstapt.licatioi) gave uie ease,   Colored ilanneleltts, Spe.cigl 5c  yd,
and  bfrfore  the  Itrst bottle  was  used
1 felt like a new pr.rt/.ti.    Noj,v, 1, feel
Plaid  ginghan
cial '-,<: yd.
wide,  Spe-
retjpested to atlenda meeting at the-: that , am cttred> buf f; .ll>v.iys keep. a| Extra-si :.c-   Turkish towels, brown
Shirjey,. House on Monday evening j bottle of Chamm ring's Pain Balm in j ' with red stripes,,Special at 25c pr,
a,t   5��39., Si>arp.    Don't forget the.: the li.ou.se and wlie>t I feer any synip-
silver cup* put   Up by   the   IJriying.  toms of a r^ettini- I soon, drive it away
PfcrX; Association.    If you want* to, with one or tvvo applications of this
want to win it, get in and drill.
Extra heavy printed du^ks for, bo,ys'
wear, very Speeitil,at"7 ydsfor$i.
Lovely white embroideries, snecij-ll
5C yd.
Heavy Japanese crepe, suitable for
ladies'    summer   dreses,.   very
r��e\^, _oc yd.
Heavy    indigo   GaUtea   shintinjj,
Men's black sateen, top shirts, pit
sizes, 60c each.
M.en's wool ujideitweaii, farjey stripe, i
regular $2 25 suit i,0r5i-5o suit,   j
Men's heavy grey wool sox, 5 pair!
Meu's.Scotch wool  hsath.er mixed;
J50SB 4. Pair for Ji 1.
Scotch knitting wool' extra, value,
Jeweller, Etc.* Etc.
Rev. A J- Brace^ B: A., New
Westo-it-wt^ will lectpre in I^dn,f��*
qn Tuesday evening,, 25th inst.,, on
_)is "ExperitR��tce in-South- Africa,"'
This lecturie.ingoing to>b%the en-,
t^rtaitrjnent* *��! ^ st'fjpfy   I'ook'
cjj��tt ��f��r fnjth.c.r.   particularfi, next
Heavy   black  lustr.3  di'��ss.  goods,   Heavy gr-ey woo' blankets,, regular
For. sale by P.'JJ Macl<tn,:     special 2.5^*. ; $4 50, special $_,.
These ara only at few of the many bargaiAS*- t# be
fburid at the Busy Store.
Cedar Shakes, Feupe fj-osts, Drain
Boards and Bawl Posts.,
Ap|il>t to
Alljtvia ('.Mud Bay/).
1 T5je Largest
in the City.
li isiift
R. C
Best Assorted
in   the   City..
What's Saved
Coastiiute-s, a large part of what is earned i�� this age
of progress. You can't be too careful of the pennies.
Realizing fcfois and making & strong bid for your trade*
We have our goods, marked at the- lowest possible price.
Ot\r values cautnot be beate-iis We invite your inspec**
. tion.
Bed   Room    FURNITURE���Suites from$15.00 up
Dining Roo��n FURNITURE��� " ��
Parlot FURNITURE��� " "
Carpets,  Linoleum,, Oilcloth^ Mattingst AwningS;, P_t>
ture Franxiag> &c* &es
You will be pleased wi'c& anything in oi^r line andl
can save time, money and trouble by coming direct here andl
making your purchases.
Lee's Furniture Emporium,
ikw, V.Ye^tni.inRte.r B,C..


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