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The Delta Times Apr 16, 1907

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 Vol. 4. Kb. 32.
LADNER, B. C, TfrE5DAY, APRIL 16, 1907.
Mo^hop    Far   ftolfa1   &FITiS  fftllMfH
The Market
���As    He   Appears   to   the:    The Delta  Council met   iii the      Ne��   Westminster,   .". ril i;,. -
| Victoria Colonist*. Council   Ctianber   on   Saturday,, Prices at yesterday's Dniehat mesc
���with   the  nrrn till along the Iin: an-: ir,   some
th- ri
Jno. ."-livct-
:ht t.i th* l
oosition so th.it
'     ��� ,       ��� _ -
Ji-9am lo   be "iir.
wll os
,      ���     .i April   i.frh; a* 2   .  ut
place i�� -Ts t       �� r     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
,, ! Reeve, II. M. Vasey, in tbe chair,  instance:; slight advances over   the
tne  op-1
,    ,    ,   'and  Csttta,   Gibbie   ��aWe,   Oil- week before were noticeable.   The
lniiy   rx-;
NfeDonald'-  riebt chriiSt' ���Pnters-.n aad  Beuni. pres- attendance was .not  qui"- ��o large
^^hh^b^^k                            ,-'      ent. aS Usual   and   trading  -\v. .;   no:   so
band man.    sir. Oliver nan  T.wg-; |
hishman by bh-ttrbut emigrated to     Mintft^   of   previous meeting-j brisk hs on former similar occasions,
1 were adopted as read. tnU til. market WM om Oxe wkoi- a
t  emigrated  to i
Cmada and British Columbia thirty
years ago, at  once  settling   in  the.
Delta   ofthe Fraser  'iver  though I
not. in the immediate locality�����! Ins-, _���        , ...��,-
copy ol Amendments to the  Mam
present residence.    Mr. Ohver is a    .   ',  . ,,     .    ,      , r.   ,
cipal A rt.    Received aau nied.
-prosperous farmer, holding a large    ' ��� .      ,    out in some quarters was 35 .cents,
tract of fertile land in  that  incom-L *T��m J",  V   ,      r       .,"*     ! but there-were several ladies OH the
,,     .. tin: removal of a box frem the road marV ���, _.. , ai.___ ,A
I parablv rich section ol the province    .   . ��� ,,,,., ;market wue disposed
��� ��� ..".-..        iditch opposite  H. .B.irr s.property. '.���,���, _   __,,���._.      .,���.
which, r.fler.ages, bas been bu tup      .      1L      .,     ,,     ,��� ���   .had at 40 cents.     Mrs.
^    Alter considerable discussion >V,er 300 p()Uads It thiit tpnce Bnd
From   lohn  Oliver, euclosias   a.,        .,        ,-, ,      -
' *     Mssr.-sstm , alter weeks of -
The  quota
.very too I   oz*-
Butter is coaitn?aciaj[ 0 look interesting after weeks of 1 reparative
obscurity.    The   guotalion   given
of all -they
Taylor -fold
i Frnser in its
' He Was  tirst
hing   of   the   mighty
passage  to  tbe  milf.
elected te ' the local
was decided te close s:tid  b��x until
II. Burr had thrown up a -dyke at
reported that she could  have  sold
half a hundred more pounds.
oandhas  held  his|,^��T of ** ^%i0 kJ **     It is reported that  a   Vancouver
^^^h^^I , watti irom tne'.Corn!  bstare drain-  . .,_,., , , ,,
en} continuously ever  Since,   pass-i. ..... (jobber called on several butter aell-
assembly I J
ing through two elections  without i
���feat   or   air-roach  thereto.    His|
into said dilc'r
i ��� ��� govej	
I ily admits that tbis bectmies tire-
1.11.C eventually.    Mr. 'Oliver  has
millet 1 " the geniu^jklid ton per-1
it qnslfying  hira  for  '.tis
to obtain lege! advice.
From  Gilley Bros.
ers a week ago aad offered  a  flat
|..pricc of 37 # cents per  pound  tot
all thc ItHiter  they  could .produce.
The supply was much short o!   the
Frem  Tupper .& Griffin, re pro-
1    ""   "">������--      ���; V  Ipesed   tax  sale,    This was left ia j
place nan alwavs beeu in Opposition   .,,,-.,     ,. ,  ...   1.
������        ,  the heads of the Reer-e and Cierk
__________!)t, though he read-' ^^ 	
i-demaud although it was about  aa
, _ '        iaverage supply.    Thc entire  quatl-
irock.    Received and'41ed. L-_                  ,   ,   ..                  ,
|qH(i-y.i.'-tc.i:-.-iiici_eiin����iiciiemper-i    ..         ..,   .. ... -tity was retailed-��ut  at ,--5  and  40
t                             -                       r,. ���    Prom   VV. N. Draper,  re  survey 1 _. ,��� ,
self.'                                   * icents per pound.
[ol   Trunk   road,   stfttint   tkar   he!
inted   po'-iiitm   as   watchman
ever the actions ol the government
lie is a inert iless critic cf 'li
J ^''.'unii't policy and  denounces in J
; iifhspari-ng terms suci' features ofthe !
projected '.cj.-jslatioit  its appear  to
him te be faulty.    Ke  has  a  pen-
would be  down  here -on the 22nd
I inst.    Received and .filed.
Ou aiotion it was decided to hire i
E_;sf were not as plentiful  a*  in
past weehs, although quite  numer-
jous enough to satiaty   ihe demand.
at the prices which b;t'-e ruled re-
MartirioHch's   tug   aud  *we UnUr. aamaly i5"*nt�� *hotarile
scows  lor  the purpese of hauling
and 30 cents-.retail.
gravel from .Part Cells, at the cost;    The        ,       fc   ��� faif
.-     .*         s _ ._             :__,...J__t     1 *'   J
m d�� m m
.u'oliiice     ^^^^^^
���s'tf  the   govetsriient
second breath till he l'.a:;
prices established  a week
ruled.    The   entire   quantity
i ^yi ijB-iiJB!
^i^^^H^miK^^^^^^^^^.^^���,     11 HBd   the :��) rock as Ur'H Ji-.b;-
uie met.   His questions and notices, , , , .. . .    ,
! . t lee and, I think  I  ean  manage the ;
^^^^^^^-__   iloiitt..   with  aid   plank   lar  this]
conceivable as being within the  re-. '���
spansibilities ofthe government and
no dark secrets of administrative ot
execu . -��� officials but are trailed by
him into the  light,    lit  deems  it
his duty to ktep the members   of
the goverament in the fierce  white
light that blares on the throne  and
��� in this he is so persistant that he is
I admirably successful.
I     Mr. Ohrer   spruit   slowly   :.rd
with deliberation. Hois beard in
; every err ier of liie House and he
I states   his   case   with    so   much
Mutton touched the high price of
the-season, -vo-., 15 Mnts, The
supply is still very shout of the de-
naud and sold out at t.j'-i   aud   m
!    The Royal Bank   of Canada  is iRHlvUMATISM   MAKEi
here lor your convenience nnd will MISERABL,E.
be pleased to  __ive  you  every  attention.
 __________________________��______, $.c   per   day,   crew   included. .      , _
l-chant tor cbasiiic; up suspicions artd  _        .,   '     , ...    r    .,     and tne
I ..... .Council  to  be  responsible  for the.
���14-ver allows a hint ol   malfeasance I . ..    ,     ,'. . ;ai��i>
1 scows tt'. the !aiidin��s sent*. ���__���___���______���_______________________________���
the ran tt, auyvmember:    ,., ...        ,,',_,    1,T;W "ispoaed ol at from  10 to io>.
Conn.    Davie   asked   what   tbe - ,  ,-     ,     ,
to  obtain its L        ., ,  ,   .  . .,   .,     eeuts per .pound for  hind  quaver*
!��.euueil  intended doing -with the      , _. ,,
tracked it L,,      ,        .._.,.. * aud from 7^ to 8J4   (or tore quar-
M Slough road-this vear. . ,_ . ,
ttoitsiair.    litiere nre contradic-     ,���,    ��� ���',..-  ��� ; -ert'-     Fore quartera seldom  reach
:    rhe Reeve-said   if lt is necessary ,. .      ...
-���-.ions between statements made  oy;, ..    ���.      .        .   .     .  ,.       a,price as high as 8Js cents
to r��ci tbe blough road, be benev-I ^^^
ouruals supporting the eoveraraeut    ,-.--.. .- 1
11 . ed in aomg it ana not  wasting an\   .
' and the spoken word 01 members on . ....
. , '      ,   ��� .,/..���       more moneym jiatchtag.
Isthe floor of the House, Mr. Oliver: / .   ' *        ,.
Coun. Davie:    Well, urr. Reeve,
calls the attention . i the House to!,
ents.    Tke   [ rice   paid  for   pork
���Ftnotion cover almost every subject!"". 77~ ,.     i   .       " .. .  iwas iqJ^ cents and the deaiaud was
J      !l,_lan��-_.   \,'irh   aid    nlaiil-    lar   this'
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ itroag at that  price,    lh;  supply
,,,,_,. , .        twas an   average   one,  but -hardly
W   Oliver wts he:e   granted per- , .
,.7 ,   I egmal to the .requirements,
mission to  state his  views on the j
uneven  aasessment in  ihc village.
He thought that corner lots should |
pay �� higher rate then inside lots.
Tht Clerk stated that the assess- j,
aaent has been rectified this year.
On account cl E. G. Pnoi <5t Co
being unable to euppiy the kiad ol
wagen  tbat had   Leeii   ordered  it!
was decided to accept G. T. Baker's '
. t
tender   for   a   &%*.+   ��teel   skein I
Studebaker wagon,
- The   Clerk   wa 1    instructed   tc'.      ,    ,     ,^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
-irasp the nnb oi  his contentious. I     _..   .      ...  .,,.,,       ���   , ing ducks were ou sale.
*    ' notify Jas. w. Welsh to quit dump-      ..    ,     .
His faverit. attitude   is an erectL        kes iu^he dttches, 1    Spuds��recsUl selling ,,5,0.ousiv
postare, head slightly decline I,  his     The<CWk wa8 in8tracted t0 call �� *��5 and $26 dollars a ton.    Only
pince-nez in  his  right  hand  with, ,.    ,.        .      ,. ...       . about seven tons were on  sale  arid
1 h for applications tot  the  position of   . ,,
the tbumokof that hand   inserted lit . .,    , ���   . _��� _,  ill'ey an sold at those figures except
���constable, tax collector and pound-!    _ . 6 '
his  vest   pocket.   He makes few . ,.    ,     .    ,-   ..      .    ��tew sacks of a poor
1   .... I keeper  combined.    Applications to I
be in by next meetiaf.
On   motion  the  Cler;    t--��.   in-
structed to write  the B. C. Tele-
Iclearaess that r.o  member
..lis  to
The demand ("or good chickens ii
Istill very strong. Although the
supply was (airly large en Fri-
iday, and all were sold at from
IJ7.50 te |g. Good fowls at $ic
.and $11 per dozen, Large birds in
Igood conditioa will comma id al-
j most auy reasonable price just now
land the wonder in that more are
;tiot coming in. Commeit fowls arc
; selling at average prices. No gce3e
I were oflered- and only a few breed
Bro. Simpsbn, liditor and I'ro-
���prietor of the Cranbrook Prospector, and Grand Master 01 tbe Hritish Cluralia jurisdiction of thei.
0. O. F., paid an official visit to
Delta Lodge No. ai, last Wednes-1"1 ._
���day evening, when he was royally!/1^ exccPl Suuday-
'entertained by the'local Oddfellows, I ���
���abuut Itrty tuning out  for-theoc-j    Harry   Mitchell,  of Crescent  1s-
���casion. | land, is carxying I  e indestructible
The S.S. Sonoma lettyes Laduer
at 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.; leuves Steves-
g a.m.  and 5 p.m.    Every
Tbe     GratndmasKi-     is   a
���fine! smile, resultant tfrjiu the arrivnl, on
A happy home is the most valuable   possession   th .t    is     ��� thin
ithe reach of mankind., bu  yo
: not enjoy   ts  comforts   if  yo
!stiff'jiing   Irom  rheumatis   .
'throw  asid-   busine     cares
,you enter home and    .... can
ilievctl from ino.se irheumatii
jalso   by   apply in,    Chan hm
iPatu Balm.    On?  applica'.-o
speaker aatl gavc*theLod.;e a good Ithe 2nd  in-
deal of useful iniormation  and  ad- girl.
vice relative to the Order. ~~
In   response   the   various   Past; SUTTON'.'
Grands  made neat  speeches, after1    VcgeUtbl,
which all adjourned to tbe banquet j
hall, where a splendid repast bad |
been  prepared, and  spent the n-
uiaiuder of the evening  .verv pleas- j
antb' ���
a bouncing baby
.S;.ICDS���'Flower  anil
in packages.    Field
Seeds���Heels,    Carrots,    Mangel
a.i s
ai 's
  tinned use for a shor e wi! bring
1 about a permanent cure. For sale
���by All .Druggists.
ges'.urt.-s but wren : ���; lias _ ea- pn
to use them they are original and
serve w I to emphasize his remarks.
Th;   member   fcr    Delta   hob's
strong views on the  importance of
can-; the government's duly with respect
j.re'to rami    ation.    He expresses the
you unqualified   conviction   that ever;
I effort  shon      he  made t*   induce
��� suitable n.    -i.rati��.   rum the Brit-
��� ish Isles in [nefer nee to all others.
I I^e a Ivcates the settlement of
] the*, ��� in blocks by raeans of the
I system   of    mall   holdings as,  he
maintains, ,t by this method the
construction of Toads and ether
transport alien facilities, the carrying ��� : of schools and the administration of public affairs can be most
���ad. whicl
went at %t n kae'e. Fir..'. cla>s po
tatoes ate goad lor f26 a ton a.
soon as they   strike   the   market..
., ,, ,  ,,    .Most   ofthe   supply   hailed
phone  Co.  notifying them  of the ,    ,
1 , . Ladner,
oi  poles, i.nd
dangerous condition
requesting  th* removal ol  certain
on*s o -   lie li; uud ry Hay read.
���On m tto il vi . d joid'ep lo call
lorte: ders for-a box, jxfi feet with
centre, 011 the Trwriis road   opposite [
Onions were plentiful and quite
a lew were sold About .'(j sack.;
arrived at ure market lion \'<rimvs?
sources principally frarri the gardens of Harry   Burr,  Crescent
[���laud, *��d   W.  Collishaw  sold  out
|,his supply at ^25-fl  toa.   althoagh
(Coatianed en  Second  T*i*.">      buyer, ^e_p .s>r.:^ j3<3 ��� t0���
; ��� rr��� jj������_.-.._--���!_���.���:  The sb .-, l\ 01 apples was a litilc
ib :',ei tb :t usual an.!
1 fi.so.
-*<���,.   r\r        (t,  ....,,,,...,. t'.~ ' u    t. tu ��� ii u-*i;��. -Ati>i  wts  ��� lcired
tny       Twir*  ''   \ci    is   trail j/c.it__iiiY ]
baaest, win     fact lends a foi ch  ot|0��' at *> 35 ^ ' J��-5��.   ��^l> 'S006
��ncaaB'to   is frequent attacks ap.s i^ble apples s.em .d to be is strong
the mcrrive- and acts ofthe govern-; demand.    	
His conftituency e��tends     *��� fiw }v'a^ were som �� ?.-
HoW are your fences? Do they I economically effectrd. While there
and S.vede, in bulk, may be ob- need replaci 1 ' " n tr; C. I are ot ter ..bjects upon which le
tallied from If. N. RICH, Agent Wickson's    .'ir"   ft411��� in :: ex- is equ illy pronouu:ed and emphatic
Brackman-Ker Milling Co... Lad- pects to start out about ist      May. he Conceives the subject ol  suitable
tier, I! tl .See ad. on 4th pane. Lim nigratien to he the most press
A faw hides were sold
nro-athebottnds of the Chilliwack|��nts  v,-r   Poaiu1-   Thi��   class of
riding on the eatt  to  the  gulf en[foods is generally gathered in by
mbr cm.- all ft'.,- tettiiorv i*Kents oi   t!ie   New   Westminster
limits ou the south tannery.	
the wesi
within    bc-e   ^^^^^
side of the Fraser ri.ver,
Civ la.'.1*'..ur as an investtwepl. -vim: DELTA TfMI-S, TVi^DAY,   M'kit i4
pUBl isniip    I-VERA'   Tl'KSDAY.
ISiiBScmrTiox, $1*00 per your.
.M-\ RRT1SI3   RA.TH6,
CflftUdl   /tilvi-ItLTlC'llS,  10  CenU  |).TlinO for
the firs* iniKTt'.on, rm\scents per line tor each]
subsequent in.wn.ton,'
reckoned in \y
��� ���!������<'��� ���!���,-���!�������� !��� H ��� ���!���������{������ ���!������*��� ���!��� ��� ���
��� ���������-<��� ���}-���-;-*"*������������������ ���!���* -r* -
Quite   a   large   number of   ibe j
j friends of Mr.  and   Mrs.   Ja. . W.:
- Welsh   assembled   on  Wednesday \
evening last, bent iron  surprising
j mine host aud host : .> of the Delta
| Hotel, which   was   very sccessfully j
w .to lor CobiJnerdft] .i.v
'Li.'. ,;i Bppll ..-  :.   '. thl��oStc
Ur., .in; u .lis',., i i ,-e:
-.', tun.
Im.-   I.-:
wh la.
Tii.-S uiidd bt linn' accomplished.    During the evening
_e bccupled, i..lneito the j tfae ,mppy crowd   lrlpped   ,hr. [jRjjt I
n��ctinbi   fantastic to  the   ..ccompatiiment  rf
the violin aud pisuo. Refreshments
were partaken oi  ai the witching
hour ol  midnight, after which the:
dance was resurnetl  aud continued ;
M usic |
was supplied bv Mrs. Mclnnis ami j
Miss M. MncKeniie on the piano, j
'and   Messrs.   C.   Ailhur   and  T.
Birth atia Dentli notice*, r ..^Ivrl��ge��$t.M.
' ny Aproial uuus_r, l^ie. object ot wltici. i. tc-
fsro-ir.totbt-Ks'vni: ir. :.. ,-uefil ofanf Individual! until   t|ie   wee   sma- l,ours
or Cuinp.iuy, iu )m connuCfCu tttt  ftuvcrtifieutcut j
eut1 churned uix>~>nUii��ly.
'I'M t.,r until ordered
A'.l tiJv��-r_ir,cmcotrt ih.
cul auu ii.iu! Uit.       ^B
CVsrrf.'fipciK.oncp Invtti tl oil mntter* oi public
! mttosi* 'CommunicatluUKlo tditor must be nt>
'r.uaLpjinifil by nntni of wiiu-r, noi ncceiumrlly
for pitbllCBtion, but .-ii evidence of good faith,
fcorreftpoftiieucc must reach thid office by Thurs-
* a.y fvrr Un>:.
To-day is au exact science. Given a modern plant,
such as that possessed by the Columbia Flouring
Mills Co., of Kndcrby. an unlimited supply of
Western Hani Wheat, and a thorough knowledge
ot" Milling, carefully applied, auu you can get but
one result, viz.: GOOD FLOUR.
By exporting all low grades and allowing nothing but uniform Granular Hungarian Flout to cuter
Delta Transfer Stable
Team Work Bone at Specially Low Prices.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
-��- Telephone " Ladner" Xo. io.
. t.
a���._.'._.. -i .
V. T. Ry. & Ferry Co.
��.80.   R.
TUESDAY,   Al'KIL   l6,  1907.
On Thursday  last   Mr. and Mrs.'
J. Richardson, of Wellington Farm,'
1 entertained   a    large   number   of
friends.    Invitations were  sent out
-and graciously accepted by all wbo]
possibly   could   attend  and   those   ,
"| who could uot regretted very .nuch j
into Moffet's "BEST,"  tliis flour
the laud.    Prove it by actual lest.
finest in
Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
We ure pleased te note  thai our! their inability to de so.   Tbe tven
friend,  Dan  Reagh, has sufficient iug  was spent   very  pleasantly ial A ��� '
courage ami backbone in  bim as le dancing,    while    everything    was! Council   adjourned   till  Saturday,
,iake a firta stand against the curse|doae that couW be' l-warJs ^��ting| April 27th, at 2 p.m.
ot drink.    Iu bis sober senses be is
a fine, trustworthy mau aud
I everyone  leel   at   home.    Refresh
* ments were plentifully supplied aud
^^^^^ ����    ; much   enjoyed   by   all.     Danciug
worker.   We hope to see otliets do was-kept up until  2:30 a.m. when
flie same. i the happy crowd dispersed to their
..... _ I homes. Auiong those present were:
.   *     Mesdames F. W.   Harris, H. N.| 	
.Owing to the Ireqiiency of tne;,,. ,     ,    ., ,,   r,.,.-     .     I    ITn ��� v        ���. ��� -.-
* .  1.      r ;Ricfe,  J.   Maion,   P.   Gibbie, Jas. I     When you wish to  buy  visiting
violations of the liquor lic.en .< act| Fo]li,_ jas_ McCallan, W. J. Leary, | curds call on the Delta Times  who !'"���*��
The Royal Bank f Canada with
its splendid connection all over
Canada, affords you exceptional
banking facilities.
! New Service���Port Guichon and   LaJner to New
Westminster and Vancouver.
Leave Pt. Guichon, 6.30 a.m.    Arrive VancbUv-er, 10.20 a.m.
Leave Vancouver,   2.10 p.m.    Arrive Pt. Guichou, 6.00 p.m,
Monday, Wednesduy and Friday
Gives  Passengers  four  hours   in   either   N.ew   West-
miiister or Vancouver.
New   Freight   Tariff   effective    September    5th,   '06..
Greatly Reduced Rates      For particulars apply to
Agent, Port Guichon.
Sufficient Cars will he furnished without delay.
(Westminster Branch) .
Time Table
Cfnn irsvs. H>5tmin.��tcr for Vancouver at 5.50 j
��:t-.l 6.50 is.m. Mud hsmrly fitrfnfter until 11 p. j
nt.; Snturd .ys and Sunoftys at tt ;>.,,,.
Cars leave Vancouver for Wcttttttint,ter�� nl j.50
and 6.^0 a. tn. tin . hourly thereafter iittttl  ttip,.'.
turday. and Sundays at -i,..rn. -.r..i..
Jjcense officers  will be
and  nicreasttu  eftL-r.-s will b<
to  present  Liquor V-O'Ug into
disStiici.    Oue  thousand   onr
etu  there! Leod.
made!    Misses  C,
I M.   Hilton,
,n  Cobalt  and  vicisity, additi.oaalj B.   Helmer, T.  Woolery,   J.   Mc-; wil! sell the best money  can  buy
^ If you need ihem printed, why you j ���w*��� "JT^^iIX^Z^l
Smith, I. Robinson, j are money in pocket by  calling  ��btti&&W*8^.iffi^
F.   Uontsomery,   B. j the Delta Times first. I ������l^.i.?^^^'1'" " |
I 'l'rofftc Mgr. Local vtRr.    I
Westminster, fl C.
Incorporated ttt(>v.
i Montgomery, II.   Masoa, C. Lord, ���
'"|E. Sheoherd, C,    McLeod, M. Jor-'
.died and (jfty dollars in fines were|daB)   1<t  ^���fi Edt)i Leaiyi   A;
collected a} Cobalt, Oat., recently, I Lear?, Edith Lean-, K. fawcett.
wirkiu thr.ee days, ns a  result ofj    Messrs. Jas. Follis, P. Gibbie, J.!
caids   t.B   blind   pigs.    What   has I Rullrr- D- Anderson, L. Harris, C. !
Delta  Vi*en  lUing  tv-.tk  her Wlinri:
Vita ?
[   HK.Js-��.**. <���
Application'; will be receiTed by
Mason,   A.   Rennie, J. Savage, H.I the Delta Mm-cipal Council up till
. mn ji ��1:1
jva^e.   \V.   Savage,  J. Trim, H. j Friday, April 26th, for the position j T"
A General Banking Business Transacted.
A? will be seen, by  reference to!
Wright,    W.    .Main.    K     Pybus, j of policeman, Road and D��g Tax| f     J<    HLEI^LKY
D.    JtFatii*So��,     R.     Oenge,     E. ; Collector, *nd   Peuudkeeper, lor a *
Savings Department.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Ratea
jttie Council notes, it   lis. been ele-��� wcn    ]\   o iter     W
ritlt'.-l to pay >5 pei  day for teams ��� C.  Heituer,   D.   Kean,   I).   Mont
on Mutiiti)-.! vrork.    Anl  now we! gomery, W.   Xeiti.  J . Simpson, ]
.v.-Vid  snggpst that, where  teams!Simpson, jr., K. SiwpsoH, C.'Sitnp
liare  far lo to to vheir work, they!
should reduce the hours of It'.borloi
eig.ht hetirs on the  worts, sud  we
f.eliv-ve  better   results  will accrue.
i Moiitiiuu, D   Siaclair,   W.   Max-1 term  of four monthg.    Applicants'^. NKW WKSTMINSTJ.K
H. C.
Manufacturers of sill kltitls,,[
1 son, A. Fawcett, J, Jsrdan, C. Mc-I
i Leod, Geo. Leary.
Music was  snnplie'l by M". Vid-1
J.   Learr. ��� to state ��a!ary recjairfd.
I,y0rdfr*                          \l Soda Water, Oing��?r
N. A. M9DIARMID,      \i Aic ami Summer
CM.C.U Drinks.
��� t Your patronage solicited
*| BRANCHES IN WHITISH COLUMBIA���Vancouver, Vancouvei
������. j East End, Mt. Pleasant, Granville Street, Cordova Stret-t; Gra-id
^. I Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Port I.sniiigtou. Rosslaml, X'lctoria, Vernon,
*   Chilliwack, C��mberland,  l'ort Moody attd New Wcatiainster.
j H. B. MARGESOM. Manager, LADNER, B. C."
Bella Stocl Yard. !^wv
. uinrtj.
If a wan bas to go, -.ay, three miles
p> his wort, i-ust thisk ef the number fif hours he Laj to put iii for u
Aav's   work if he hns  to   be   ten
(Co��ti��u?d r,:**t  First  Pa>;e.)
the Matthews road.
On   motion    1*.   Sutherby
\We Third  Annual1
W. N. Draper,
Room :, KUard I'.'.'.ck.Kcw \\'fst_j,n.��*r.
Ladner Exhibitor
granted   permission   to   cover thej^Vili be held ia t^e above
Hours cm the woiks.   If yon have j ditch opposite his place with split'
me* working with teams who ��'ill! cedar and to maintain same.
not earn  their  raoaey  get  rid of      It was decided to call for tenders Wednesday,   {.Jtylay   J5
the* and try o.thers. j for the clearing  of  1S0 ieetxaioj= ^
 _,   .  _..  feet of the cemetery lot. 1907.
'     On  motion,   Coun.   Dennis was
WORTH   I.OCiklXG INTO.     granted three months'leave of ab-
, _���_ ; sence,   during;   which   time Coun. j 	
Paterson will overlaok Ward V.      ! ��    M   Riru
���1*1- you will wiite the   Pig  Four;              .,        i �����   1N-   K1^��)
Mines, Ltd., b��ix   17-4.   Vaacoiiver,
Farm for Sale.
Early  Entries  Solicited.
Dr. Wilson drew the attention ot,'
1 thc Council  to   the  unfit condition
.,   . of the lock-up and  reminded   them i	
sjf  the splendid   opportunities for    .... ���,,-      , ,    ,-, .,   ��� ���
..���?.". ._.   ! of Chilliwack s dilemma o��er  their:
R. C. Caaada, ycu will be apprised.
Seventy   Acres,   cnltiva'cd   and
underdraiued,   bain   ami   grauury
!(no house), with or without stock,
1 etc.    Apply
j - li.  DOVE,
Jan. 8th to 11th.
i Light First Prizes.   Three Specials.
Six Seconds.    Three Thirds.
White Rocks, Barred Rocks, Silver
Spangled   Hamburgs,   Buff
Orpingtons and Black
The Delta Times.
investment   in   that  section.    The,
lock-up.    The Doctor strongly ob-
secretary, Jamis Lawler, will send'?""."''    "      -        -   --���--���-���
,���J r ,     ijected   to any   person being mcar-
yoa an illustrated prosp-ctu^ thati       ,  , .. ,     _     '_   .
J , . ' I cerated there, even for  twenty-four
will  certainly  surprise  vou as to . ,      ..    ���     . ., *   ,      ,
J '���-.���',      ,     I hours���unless the Constable stayed
tbe richness of the  mines in  that;    . ,  ,.
_   . . i with him.
section.    I lie mines  of this cem-:     %T-     .. . ,
i     No action was taken,
nany are located on a railroad" and i    r.   __...>,, . ��� ,,
f    ; ������!_.__     ,.'_      t. ���  !     ^'ll motion   the  Assessment Roll
was accepted as returned.
The date of the Court of Revision
[ was set for Saturday, May  35th, at
Notice to Creditors
in clese proximity to smelters. It isI
well known that tie greatest g old j
*nd copper discoveries aver known
are in British Columbia and it also
is a known fact tbat the Big Fouri
are ainoitg the richest known and
most reliable rniiiinf in in in that
country and nny ?tatetnetit or re-
pomtnepdatiBn tt-at Jhe tompani
makes can bc relitd upon in order
to secure hw'A to piomte develop
ment work. Stock :-; now being of
ert-d ,lt a very low price, and if you
wish to get in on the ground floor
in one of the best mining properties in the Wprld, mow is the lime
l; do it,���Tlu- National ('..tnktr
�� hicaga 111. 1 tJ. S. ,y.
j 10 a.m., the Court to consist ot the
Re William Witter, Deceased.
TVTOTICI.   is   hereby   given   th: I
I all persons having anv cl nm
j or demands  ng.-inst the  hue W
j Witter, who died un the   r jtlt dn
of March, 1907, nt Boundary Ha
in the province of British Colnrnbi
are requiied  to send  ^ po-f pr
J-^ggs for Hatching���
Fashion Stables ���?
Treckimg and Draying.
Lsirery  work of all kiuds attended to promptly.
Reeve, Couns.   Gibbie,   Davie, Gil-; paid  or  to deliver to  the   under
Christ and Paterson. ' : siR,,e'J- executor  under  the wil
introduced   liii
the   sail!    William   Witter,    t'
���Coun. rarer.071 nurouueeu "", naltles )Uld nfidres^s n���<! Iiil 1 per
Deln. Ditches and Wat .-rcourses' ticulurs in writing of theirSlaim
B\--l...iv, r.hich \\.s read a first: and statements ol their aconnt'
Hm .. and the nature oi  the  seou.-ii.es
du motio 1 the 111 itfer ,V puttii'.g
and the nature of  the
any. held by them.
, .,     .is      ,-���',/.      ,   ���     And   tnke  notice t!i;.l, alter  1
111 :t box on the   I rink; n.i (>owi lv 1 ,���.,.,��� \, -   ,1.   . -t ..
- ! ist Of Mav, 1907, the c.nd exe ut
roads wos left in lite hitnds'of Coun. : w\\\ proceed to distribute the asset
Paterson. ; of the said deceased among thc per
'tyamBerlain's Cough Remedy
��� - res Colds, Croup and Wltoopina Coush,
Tho  Reeve, P*.nance
and Clevk were autliori.ced  to sign
a promissory fiotc for pa,000.
*__>n motion it was decicle4 .to pa.v
$5 per day for teams during the
c iming season.
.\ Iter  passing   th ���  1 ccoltuts '-'i'-
Committee : E0,.'s entitled thereto, h iviui: re
Duly tn the claims of which he
then have hud notice.
11. X.  I.l.
Executor,   listnte   ol
William  Witter
le ua .(.���_,] f#v��r'i��|f, mniaew for ����w
bu!lii��p* wv \teiffa*mi*K did enrs.
rs fiik, ucmnwc Am) rwt ftm
and costs viw unit.
C#>n��idfr   Tis    fine    JMWWfWCC *-; its
_.p!*miicl ���ndurntff qtialiuw >w. sKebt
mtftast -*nd dcaUe t^ nvtvc j-cur own
best inttmti. by wiinK it.
Fullest lift*.;.. of Information in out*
WM. HEATON,   U M. Colllnaon
B. C.
...tour,. W. C.
Ladner Carriage Works.
Mlwmya in Une.
With   Latest   Improv.^d   FARM   IMPLIES*
Largest Stock in Province to choosa from.
Har. logo  3ulldlng, Repairing A   Painting,  Black-
smithing   &  Horse    Shoeing*
Oelaval Separators.
I -,i.liter.
H. C
0. T BAKER. Ladner, B. C, 'tf_ftf. DELTA TIMES, Tll-oDan.,
y "jj" "*^^_!!^_*���
Fner.::.o;:i Bronchitis
La Grippe Quiracy
Etc., Etc
It  will   |-  -���   von   to :��wn   one   8
side.    Une Oxydoaor in a. family will
rors of disease fraoa  ti-   h.usehbld   if
as needed and in a reaso lable -way.
11(3    Vic    Oi'.
banish all
otilv used
l... _  sale
the ter-
..-> -on
Al.t. S.UXT.S.
S   ���   ���   ���-  ���'-���-
Ltrf ci
Holy Communion���i-
Sundays at 8:30 a.m.;J?ti
Sundays at it a.m.
Matins, 11 o'clock.
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday School at 10 a.in
Friday evening, Litanv n: ; :y -.
Rev. K. R. Bartlett; M.A., Vicar
;t"f't  3rd)
..: i 4th fi ilidai
Ottawa.   April   4- ��� '*   '
House  met on  Tue. . <���   sffe
. Sir Wilfrid Lajinm
This is thc Actir
in to tr.
method   of
of  families  who  have  adopted
treating disease.
Inflammatory Rheumatism.
Mr. Jas. Anson, Kaselaaa, B.C., "tin., writes, Uo ��� h it, not : "Some f.-r xgara .go I
*ot Oxydanor tor ny wife wbe was cuffenug from female weakness. After ������ week'8 use the
doctor bimeelf was florprieed io find *nch a change, In f.,._-t it mm t r _gh tt- Induce hlm to it'-.t
i : Osrilouor far bis eietcr.
"A abort timt- f.^o r y wife hnd an attic's, of-infl tuitnafory rheumatism.    Bhe  could
w>t walk :.�� . her joint, t.irt  nniofa ew.solten.   fcbe  uppli   t  Oxydonor, and  befc-p.-  ui !u t^
t_ii��s had cvutwd, an    next morning there was very li-.tle _ welling, unci .lie -on'.! walk -
a. ever,   she bad ., riinilor _tiiis__ before we f*t Oiyloitor und wni nrcder-a doct 6r'B v .-.-
suontK, nnd ��ufli-t*-il agouie ,
"If has cured nie - f a sever   cold."
the announcement thu
��� ived ihe resitjnali hi
L'Rromerson, Minister
j and Canals.    Sir Wil
.! that he ha ', placed 1
ft i'i the hands of His J. v fit 1 1 y
The    following    correspondence
was submitted to th-e House
Jipi! 1 a:
re��   -.!'.
Services first and third Sunday ofj j-j-;^),. jjinister*
each month at 10^0 a.m.; Benc-'lic-i
tion, 7:30 ���}.&.. Office of the Minister
Sunday school at 3 p.m. ar.d Canals,
Low Mass and Holy Communion i
ui  Railways -
��� well
for 1 I
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wairner, O.M.I.,
_ arish Priest.
Ottawa, April 1, 1907.
Dear  .Sir   Wilfrid: You   and   I,
; and indeed the whole country have,
been aware  that  the  anentien  ef
[parliament linn heen interrupted by;
i-certsiin inuendoe. u:.-itinst  members'
t see's thin/ for ayrovs-i _ ffioyl
l*ar:.: -  :, cboot .n-tll anJ
n��t_ufi_!_]r<iim*iit.e8 pf
us all im to STEVENS HUE &a_B KDCCATIOS.
Ask your Dealer Sor Stevens Btfles-
bi-.ot; ut_i_-.it.ytoR Insist en our time*
bnDorea rack,.. If y;,a ctuiiioi-obtMlii
we ship dlroot, exr��;--
roocipt of natalrvrnrTc.
prr-iMl.), Ulion
Bvyrjlitas >��� traa. to know about Uu, SIEVKSS
in t-.und la UO Page Ith; ; rotwi Catslliir. MaDad
I". ',?" 5?",1" lo'-'-uip. to pey poahge. Beaatl-
l.s �� . V Hansw-daa dwonstism lior your
rtsin    ur ..broom���m__lc_ tn 6 csmu ln���*_>]_.
P. O. Box 409?
Cblcopee  Falls,   Mass.,  (J. S. A.
Send   at   once   for  book   No.  78,  giving   further in-      Services n��ct Lord's Day at n ofjow cabinet.    Merc gosrip |is: CAUGHTCOI.D WHILE HUNT-
���   ���   ���i _.  nvv   , \x-nt,   ...a   ....... x. n-i a. m.and 7: _o p.m. difiicuit   to   mitt;  but   when   the, -i-At-i   A. l>t KOi.AK.
formation about OXY.JONOR aic:
��arts of tihe coimtrv.
mauy reports "from al
364 St. Catharine St- West, Montreal.
Receives "both Ladies and Gentlemen, as resident
���or day students. Has a complete Commercial
���or Business Course. Prepares students to gain
Teachers' Certificates of all grades, In affiliation
with Toronto University gives the lour years'
���course for B. A. decree, and the first year ofthe
Toronto School of Science, Has a special "Proe-j
pectors' -Course" for miners who work in B. 0.
Instruction given in  Art,   Music,   Physical
Culture and Elocution.
For * Calendar,   etc.,   address  "Columbian
Prii :'"���.
i a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, -10.30 a.m. every
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 7.30.
Kev. J. F. Betts, pastor.-
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a.m. atid 7.30 p m.
Sabbath School at 10 am Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7.31) o'clock.
Rev. A. McAuley, Pastor.
sSabbatb services ��� Crescent lb-
land, 3 p.m;; L,adner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday .School at 10:30 a. m.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
S p.m.
C. Croft,  II. A., pastor.
?0UI i     Mr. Wm.  Thos.
La morgan, pro-
sought t
colleague, in a slznder, false on  itsi,.-   . ��� ,,.        . ,       ,,,     . -���
,       ' ,.        ,    , ,   vmcml L-onstnble-at Cuapleau, On-   rui yells aud rour* xiiey kt.pt up were
face, I hnve directed  that proceN- tari0|   sevs;    ,.j   cau .,.  Q  sey,ere   terrlfymg to kear.   ThU went on f��
in".s be Uk'en afainst Certain ��ews-i , ,,      . ���',   .      .. ,       ,      .     -houn.   'flie.Uoi'rlble.toacs aud iliriek-
' I cu,a	
Jiapers for the purpose  of vindica
nit et;  but   v.hen   tiie
the   press   has   been
nine ire ss  one of
u a
THE KIANG8 Ut- ItlVtk.
riirae Wild Hmti,-. Are Vlcloai antf,
Snid ta Be Untuiucble.
'iVritlng of the klangs, or wild liorsus,
et.Lndla, found ne r the land of Tibet,
Thomas W. Weber in "Tin; Forc-sts Ot
Upper Indie and Tl W -IchaWtftflW"
Here for ibd first time w<; saw tiw
klaug, or wilti bors -. Several lii;r(3i
caine to look at us ao v.vi mtirched aud
galloped around, celgi;::^ ilt.J kigkiu^.
���up, but kept at a reup tctful distance.
.They bave big. ugly tu.-u>j.i and tail!
und ears like a mule's uud a black
stripe down the baek; color, l^'lii bay,
wilh white uo^es. They have line tree
action in trot aad gallop aud are fourteen lo lifieeu bauds big,,,, stroug in
the legs uud heavy iu the body. We
were welcomed by tbe n ,i-���hij!g of uu-
uifct-ous wild horses to the laud of tbe
kiaug. Several berds kept circling
round, lhe old stallions approaching in
a unite ihreutenlug manner, _nortiug,
squealing and kicking up their heels,
while tbe mares aud fotlt galloped oft
at a more respectful distance. There
wus a herd of -Jungs wb>-.-lt ciu'e'ered
about our c-amp ln a most objectionable way, tuuking ibe most fearful dis-
I turbauees. We witnessed a battle roy-
: al between two stallious, which for
; ferocity aud wicked fury surpassed auy
' light 1 -Lave seeu. /.gain aud ugaln
1 Ibe pair went at one another like t_-
I gers, biting uud kicking aud miauling,
the blood tlowlng freely; wbilethe fear-
wbjle ihuntiug  a   burglar in  ..^g, made by tlie wUd Uoriie whto
the forest swamp   last   tall.    Hear-   fighting sound something libs a lioise
ting -myself, not only -against  the |,      ef Cianberlain's Court R^m-   between   a   donkey's   bray   and   Uie
direct charge but akso  against  tieLdy- l tr.ird.it  ���
Cough Rem-
lisinuatiou involved therein.
I nm conscious that I am ia a
position to be exonerated in tha
eyes of the conntry and yourself.
My object in talcing 'these proceedings is to vindicate tny character, aside from all political considerations.
It is expected that you will leave |
hereon Thuisday  for England  in!
of Canada
net alter usin:
squealing of u jackal, but far more ear
piercing   aud   discordant.    Here   tha
smell   bottles,    I    wa--   completely, kiang is found ia considerable cum-
cured."    This remedy  is  intended
. . r. 111 m.      \    '�����. W w mm. 1.* -MM IsHMSNMJSl A *�����- V I> *-L. tr\
especially for coughs aud colds.    It] VWug oue purchase* at .liagesar fair
will loosen aud relieve a severe cold   from some Hunias for -m -small "price.
bers.    He Is, according to the Huuhs
accounts, -untamable,     'i'h*.��   wss  a
in less time than any et
' ment ftnd is a favorit;
I its suncrior excellence h
known.  }\a -talc by All  .
���er treat-
s become
Have you got a Savings Bank
Acioutit in the Royal Bank of Can-I
ada? Ifnot, you should open one
as soo 1 as   possible,    Deposits   ol
$1 and np receiveu.
j.mKs-  fortunes   ������::-.        r*'   wnp     y\S   IT  8      0 o4 d ��� Coppsr 8 Pay   K
of the ��Mturo you too��t        ii  )*��4 S      f S3  J  i     I      Hit?  Dividends   all  K
��� ���       ,        .        .        Culumbla   5S
put ^'..'-
lag 1:
Contftiunig over 100 Views in everything.   lost paid 30c.,Stamps
Richest Province in the British EmpirV.
MiitltlUK kiskcO, Nctklnj Qoliwd,
Nothing Vent ired, Nothing Won.
"Some   weeks   aro   during  the
severe   winter   Vs'eathet   both   ruy
wi e    and    myself   contracted   severe     --ills   which   speedily    developed    into    the     worse     kind
. of la grippe with all its miserable
J symptoms," say^s Mr. J,   S.  Egles-
i lon,of Mfiple Landing,Iowa. "Knees
and   johits   aching,   rntitclcii  sor _
head stopped up, eyes and nose run
ning, with alternate spells of chill-
and fever.    We began using Cham, j
berlain's   Cough   Remedy,   aiding'
the   same with a double   ri,.rse   ofj
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets, antl by its liber.il use soon I
completely knocked out the .,rip." i
Sold bv All Druggists. i
the lnletf^ts  not  only
but ef the Empire, and I would be
very sorry to prove  to  be  in  any
way an obstacle to that departure.
01 nEecesi-;T)   tht decision  ol   :>e
I courts  v.iil uot b- iu time te,  make
you feel free.    Reeling as I do thst
it would be unfair   lo  you,   to  my
kcollegues and to'tke party generally,
jthat 1 should be under such impu-
ptation while  eccu:^ing  a place in
your cabinet, I Lave   tlierelore t��
ask you to   accept my resignation
��� as Minister of Railways and Canals.
Assuring yoil of my  personal es-,
, teem, and of my  gratiude  for ihej
1 many   kiudiiessei shown   by you,;
a'iid of my belief in  .im!   ndhtrence
I to the policy of your government,
I and oi the hope that mv  sure vin-
j dication will .in the end be a matter
of satisfaction to you.
1 have the honor to he,
Dear Sir Wilfrid,
Yours faithfully,
Rt. Hon. Sir Wilfred Laurier, I. C.
M. G., Premier, Ottawa.
M&SMtf.    GO  Vi
Tho iturchuser though: h�� had a *ood
baijfaiu and proitosed tu send the snl-
oial 10 England, but when his men
went to bring itfts.f ike purchase ao
power could induce lt to leave Its foster ujothei-, an ok1 Aisliet [iouy, wlMck
the elevor Huulais refused ie s��Jl en.-
c*[jt far an exorbitant sutu.
.J k I �� 4 k I |Sfcl
'���'���d1-  Tn_Di: Marks
Anyono Fcnrtlng t p'acteh iin-H rk'6<_-lpll<>r. may
:.|k'kly Moort. m c-ur Ojilniun lreo svlit-tl-s-r isn
yetiuon In.r.r^t-ntily sjntcntuM.s. Cs.mnturtlCA.
. !is:Btrictlyf- -tt.loMtl-.J. KANuBOQn onPntenta
ntfroe, t.l.i^--, eaenoy forjecurlns p .t.iua.
r^toffus t.T'/.pr. tlir,;u,;h liuim t Co. TCMfVf
weial n.Xice, withoutt onsrgo, lit tuu
Scieiitiflc ��ericaa.
1 hendflomolynhiirtrat(_d"woelflt. I.p west olr-
h��.tum of any nolentlflo journal. Terms, S3 a
",T.r: fonrmonttetfi* t-olti tr; idl ne^aaeiileri.
..^iNH & Go.3S'Sro^c"' Nsw Yorfe
Hr.ccti OfflM. 62i li' Bt_ W����blsa;t.��i. 1). U.
The Richest Men in the World are investing in B. C. Copper-
Gold  Mines.     Why can't yon begin now?
Tt*i' firratcsf 8i<l l.Cnpr��r O'ttltirtry of llw Age hi B.C
m m wni 10 iis. in am
Bvery DoKcr s ,h_i r't'cJ used Ib Dcvelipmeat of Minn.
Spocial Offer, 20c Per Share.
Mines directly west of l.e Roi, whose shares are now about
5ir, L'.' Roi No. a shares are about $15 and went tip 1 o;
and Consolidated Mining and Stpeltjng Co. of Cm..'!. Ltd.,
shares $150 each. Gra.ti.by Mine pain over ^2,0:10,'' >o Dividends
in iy 16, shares ;. 14s: and all g��id-copper mine1* in B. C. paid
Large Dividends. It.; Four assays tTom $5 to J8oo in gold,
copper, silver, with ,32 pei cent, in the Treasury; on the Railway
near Smelters.
N'fiTK���Most vi these iniines sold for a few cen-; once, but
over-capitalized even now pay Big Dividends
Rosslatld Mines recei-vfcil Highest Awards tor richest <:old-
copper ore sen* to St. t.ffnis Exposition. Big Four had Uest
Display nt .Oonilnwn Fair, 'Nc-w Westminster, B.C.
No less t, air' .no i.li.nes fold. All Cash. Above this sh:t-
cau In had on instalment plan, or yearly contuct, 1.5 per cet
cash, I alatice monthly.
Comtnti.v linn uo 'i.J.tv- or i.i:itiii\<...   Sftirl l'..,r Ulns'.ritcsl S'roapeetus to SLcrfterj'.
P.O. Box 174, Vancouver, B. C, Ca-tada,
Nurseries  &  Seedl   '.ir.es
Headquarters lot   Pacific
grown  Garden, Field  and
i Seeds that are thoroughly
to vitality before offering
that are subject to  gov;
Ottawa April 1, 1907.
My dear Eoinserson I have come
to the conclusion that the course
which you take is, under existing
circumstances, in the public interest. You owe it to yourself, to
your colleagues and friends, to
clear your character ol the charges
level led ce;;iinst it. Von conhl ignore mere insinuations, but direct
and specific charges you do well
to lace as soon as uttered.
-I will place vour resignation  ini
1 the bands of His Kxcellency.
Lei me assflre you that I, as well 1
Bt Bit*, tin 1 klsi;
UimiuB sildji't kaow-li.
Kbi would i.l. lt srulas
Slift! he threir iu�� i).,:+,
feut .'ie wouldn't drefliu of t.-tl___
For my fusn didn't bis, n i��:
Ov thrrw t.i* ti 7ti��i,
And Kaii. bi* sj.,lsi't kK��T? lt.
Fray -.-bfr* wm lh* liun
When notxxlj knew ilf
There', no smtiMi t...- islait.)
Pray trbe.i-e wis* the hitrixl"
Thai ktRA bad a oharzn.
h. one nuw tbat 1 ttirew It;
Vbaa where wua tba baraa
B a_>t__ly knew It
��beT think .1 as ���U-
Oef.mr blind, 1 euprcaa,
But uiy hoart isin't s-old
If I am ttetticg old.
I don't ,-ivtV. to ba told
Ifhy ihc blushed ltkacrM*
Wuiuvh lam getting old���
> ��is, aud blind, I tuiioaal
-Harry Frasob is Harlan Lite
���ibe Old Vlalla Uakeri and the Bt:*��
rial Tl.ar Uaeid.
Tha  great   rloiin   uiiik?r��  ali   llrefl
wttliin Tlir (Tsmpius or !,*it/ year*.   Tliejr
elioad lisrir wiw1 trom a few great tlin-
beri   ft-ilcil  la  tU��  uoutk   Tjwii   und
Coated down lc i-.tfts-pinii uud maple,
rj\iiiiiuiv,   i-eur   uud   usb.     TUt?   ei-
I timineJ thess tu Hud sttv.-tk^ ami relas
j and   t'.-rs-l,lr<.    ��uh'.able   guperfielalJj
j -wUeii brought out by rarulBhing,
Tbey lfunied to tell tU�� dj-uasty ei
! tb�� piece, of wood by touching tfceiE.
TUc.v weighed tltfiu, tbfy struck tbria
, aud liisitiirsi to Judge itow fa��t or bow
i flow or  bnw  ivsosantty  (Uny   v-euKS
rlbrat* iu answer tc  sitritigu.    t-^aie
por'sioiiB of ibe wood tuii.-tl Uf poroui
>tud *.)ft, t'.-'.Lr' eloaa ef fiber.   Ju��t tha
aright heum vat hard m Bud.    When
found, U cau be tra.rd tvII ilu-ougt the
I yitiliu* ut ��oni�� great n_u_i<>r and afte��
- bl* death lu torn* of hia pupils.
i     The pleea of wood wa* taken homo
nnd iw-a. si;:��M-., drlvd in tb* hot r.tf*clu
nud Cremona ��uu.   The kente of Str��d-
Irr.riuti. tk* great master of all. 1* de-
���crlbed a* kaTiug t>e��u .a* hot m no
eye.u.    The  wood  was tb*r��  ��oakcU
through  aud  through  wirh   cunshtue.
Ih thi* grrtt heat the oils thinned antj
simmered  clowl,y  ami penetrated  fat
iuto th* wood uutil tb��.T��rultb became
a part of tb* wood lteelf.
Th* old TlollB luuker* used to nn
���rery hit of tbe wood wheu they fouuld
what they liked to mend and patch aisS
inlay with it.   So vibrant aud ae re*a-
; uaut 1* th* wood or good old riclitis
i that they murmur aud echo aud ��lng lu
answer to auy sound where a number
I *t them bang together on the .wall, aa
! If reltearetug th* old musk that they
| ��nc�� knew.
A  Tr��nd��e,n����   H��r��ee.
Puget *puad i�� ou* of th* flu*��t har-
hor* in tb* world, if uot the finest���a
43MP bay oyer a hitudied miles long
cut off from tii* ocean by th* uiouu-
taluocs western penlniula of Waiblng-
fo*. Tbe wnter* nearly everywhere are
eleep, th* Bltoreft abrupt *u'l the tl-ile 1*
ra*d*rnt��. Khhm mny go from Taeoma
half way to Alnnkn witbout iitiKsiug
eut of thin great lonud ami lis exleu-
Blons northward.
A�� *��������  rre�� DUtnav*.
"H��w do yon know It'* the lihrtryT'
"The   amok*   imuea lu volumes."
A  Snaptalon  mt  tk*  Idl*.
I don' knew tuuoh caomatry.
But dla I wlll declare:
Da maa dat'a aJwaya huHrla' toeeH
Ja aeldom ��b de ai_ti�� �����.
spectionasto freedom  from  weed j "  >"our  celleagurs, appreciate th
| seeds.    Samples sent. ling
> purchasers.
Large stock tdI HOME GROWN
I Fruit  and  Ornamental   T ,ow
matured for thc Spring irade.
No expense, loss or delay ef fiiini-
! gation er inspection.
j    BEE SUPPLIEs^, Sprav Pnhiiw,
! Spraying     Miter, ioti.se:
1 Plants, Gift Fl'.'v,  i -
We   do   busiue      ��� own
[grounds���no rent I nre
���prepared to meet aH    imp       ���:.
Let me price yotit I
I ing yoirr order.    CatalogiK I
' ee.
effo'ts, labor and.zeal with which
yon struggled to advance the public]
I welfare in it mo-tt.irdt.ions  department. I
Believe me,.my dear  F-".nimeison,|
Your-- very  sincerely.             '!
WII '-Kir* LATRIKR.     I
i j
Tin- Hon II. R. I.-, tn inn sen,
; O tis va.
Klf,    llmaterson   made   a   short
jstatem nt   to the House-in   which.
he-reiterat-d what   had   influenced
I l-.itn to ta<.e this course .1
Knew th* . .Ma_swr._ra
j    Th�� tPaator���I hop* yon Beyer ��w����>_
i wh*�� 1b*.baby la in-ltable.
Th* r*r*_t-Oh, ne'.iht.biliT.attaiiihl
' *n all that.
Hratlsa   hmX   RrntRa.
Tkat awKy .'.earn t^amaalroa miii wtet
la fat- Iran etianje wh* . wa r��**_l
It take,  a let nf hraint 1* bii.
If we've a��_  hr-alaa at all.
OKgh Remedy
"Due of onr .cu* -M*n over jruothoe
imtiii Inst iiigln." atinotlueed tiie ��ur��-
'iiitetiiU'tit of .ibe Bin'Ht'ral!w#y- lirv*.
"Well." n-iiiirfi (tie pivsifti'in. "aftBr
'awhile Uie I'wnle will loirrii lltat the
Willy sure place is aboard the car sntl
thai 5 cents is a small jjrio��>-tivwy .Vi��
3010 Westminster Road,
i VANCOUVER,   -   B.
According to The Commercial. | .
| of Winnipeg, thc  visible supply of  5
oats in the Uiiite8 States antl  Can-1
' ndn, cast of the  Rocky Mountains,
I is    0, .'V'.'in.i   bushels,    cimpared
w.i 'i ...1 .,1 ,.:.o' it - ! -.'..-.  .' . 1 \c.11 ai'o; I
Tho Children "et Favorite
Com. .bs, Oolfls, Croup and
*,V hooping 'Cough.
:-   ��� lyl��faiwrtualoriteoareaover
9!      11.111 of tho dvlltml worl.,  It oun
' Ml tide tl tinon,   It contttlna no
- I, iiMiui ,'nij.' mui tiifiy Iio
nil 1 babs i - n niin'l
lO c.s.
-,%..-.._.. "s-S-
ri_ro Size
I  I n ���1 ������ "|
llrr ,',nsi?rF.
What 'hind of lettoi 'did your ba��s
I band writ? niton Ire was nw��.yV"
"He stnrtt'tl -\'.v  Preeloui Xre.trart'
Kin! .-- .li-il by sending liove,'"
'illoiv tlitl -'"i toivi"-':"
"I Bturlt'd with 'My ^retMoiis Ttt-.-.a-
ur.'i-'ai.tl cMitlnl with HSentl 1110 $2n.' "
Tl   TO It
,   popri 11 l.v
ihc;,- t- .���
Ill lti lite lop (Ittlll  i��
tl,    They vviui sj^r ���J-___i*-
-r-r-.-i.���,-. __.      ����www^^mmww__>_m<i f	
1 I "C F.I'.
��-or Sale.
Mis-   Boyi  left,
Vetn >uver.
\i. gterdav,
Jas. Grant sp
Ki.y.i" City.
it yesterday in the
Mrs.   W. *.  Ellis  visited New
Westminster,, last week.
Mrs. McJ.ec, sr., is visitinj
spa, Robert, at East Delta.
Mr. and Mrs. C. CiiCT, of Burn
aby, spent Sunday at The Parson
Edwin London, of West bam Is
land, spent
at I.adner.
ninday visitiu:
When she is being introduced to
, ian older woman a lady should rise,
' but she kee:;s her seat when a
younger woman or n man is ] ie-
sented lo her. A I ostess, however, always lises and oflers l,er
hand to al! her j nests. Upon re-
ceiving an intr iducKen, it is not
necessary to say anything at all,
such as 'how do you d >,' 'pleased
to me ?t you,1 etc. A woman may
smile and bow l*ei acknowledgment,
unless sbe wishes to show special
friendliness, when she extends her
kaad. Men usually shake hands
with each other. It is a mistake
to embarrass a lady by lea ling her
about a room and presenting her
thus to a roomfpi of people, It
there be tt small group of people,
the   hostess   th.ni  mny  say,   after
On the Trunk road, letween Barrel and half Herring and a
Ladner and Westminster, a Tele-1l,am'1 Salmon Bellies, cheap lor
scope Grip.
Finder [.lease  return
cash.   Apply
To Farmers.
1907 -- SEASON -- 1907.
The  undersigned  Company  are
, prepared to lurnish Seed  Barley at
actual cost (to be paid foriu acceptable  grain   next  fall),  to  farmers
| wbo will crow Barley for rs.    We
will   pay   ��22.oo   ier   Un,   i".*vb.
steamer, f< r first-cla-ts Malting Bar-
l ley, free from wild  tats and other
j foul seeds.
Th ire is money for vou iu grow-
trieuds i,,,
I greeting   her,   Mrs.   Mack  let  me
I present   Miss  Brown,   Miss Elsie UNION   BREWING CO., LTD.
Brown, Captain White anl  Doctor .
Green'.    Men   should   always   le.
taken to a laJy to br Introduced.
In her own home a hostess may in-
troduce a< she pleases, everyone to ;
everyone el*e, bvit it  ii always well:
to remember, at other places, such as :
home, yesterday, from a visit to the | f       ^^ reception3 or im!iserim. j
W. J. Brandrith returned home,
Friday, from a trip through the
ID kauagau.
Mist   Violet    I.adner    returned
Nauaimo, B.C.
FrRD.  S. WlIITESlDK, Secretary.
"Cowder Castle,"
(Imported ClydesJale Stallion)
"Diamond Cross,"
(Itnpoited Hackney)
The    above   high-class   animals
will be placed cm the route between
Ladner   antl  Surrey,  commencing !
about the r5th ot April, 1907.
j    Stopping places will ht announced later.
.. w iii mh ti.
To notify the people ol Ladner and surrounding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
Hisnii   ���ement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same    cost   as   piling   or    other   inferior
Write for Prices.
IRe-yal City.
Jas. Pearsom has beem laid up,
during the pant week, with a
sprained ankle.
mate gathering of any kind that we
must consult the wishes of other*;
bafore   giving   introductions.    As.
Eye Specialist,
Eyes tested free for Glasses       j
A. S. Leslie  returned,
from  a short prospecting
Vancouver Island.
H. D. Benson returned to Everett, Wash., on Thursday last,
after a short visit to the farm.
Mr. aud Mrs, Jas. Follis and
iaiaily letumel home. Friday evening, from a visit to the Royal City
tha introducer is responsible for the
person presented, much caie should I Parto�� opposite Columbian Office,
bt taken in  this  respect,   and  the | New Westmitistei, B.C.
possibility  of thrusting  upon  an-1       """"
Sunday, I other   an unwelcome   acqaintance ISOMOtMng HOW
tour on j avoided.    A lady's permission must' |
! always be asked  before  presenting
ber to a man who  wishes to make ;     I am now prepared to build coil- '
her acquaintance.   0;' course, there jed spring wire feuce with  wooden'
are exceptions  to all  rales  ami at j stays. ,
���mall, informal dances among young I     For further particulars and prices
people who know each other well, j apply to
girls   and   buys   freely    introduce
their friends  without  asking  permission."��� New   Idea   Woman's
Magatine for Mar.
I have Pare Bred
Bnll Orpington
Eggs at
$2.00 for    15
$6,00 for 100
if you have CHICKENS   or EGGS   to
Misses Thomasine Kerr ant. Tvl. 'e
Benson, of Co'umbian College,
ppent Saturday and Sunday at
Mis9    Jennie    Taylor   returned
noma,   Fridav,   after   spending   a
couple of week* visiting  friends  at;
SEED GRAIN���Red Fife Wheat.
Six-Rowed Barley, Carton Oat.,
Timothy and Clover Seedb���
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., II.
N. Rich, Agent.
Sealed Tenders.
Crescent Island.
P. 0. Box 45
Port Guichon.
lar fJLfJL w    HfcO i
B. C.
grafgg���gang a_a sgaggga
!MUnEi9 Silverware,
Cut Glass.
Watch Repairing a Specialty.
jmarew uausen,
I.ADNER,   H. C.
.'. BHBgBCaBgB
Mias Banton, ot New Wes'min-
ster, arrived here, yes'errfav, on a
lew tlavs' visit, the guett 0! Mis��
Flora Cook.
Sealed Tenders, address;'.!  to ll e
nndersirnied, will be teceived 1111 ta
When you are wanting anything in the
��oon, .April 25th.:or the hauling; I liQe   of Blouses,   Dress   Skirts,   Petticoats.
ofthe cream to the Delta Creamery; g
Underwear, Hosiery, White Goods, Neckwear, Ribbons, Furs, SmallwearB, Holiday
Goods, or
far one year commencing  .May ist.
Plans of route, etc., may   bc had
at the Creamery.
em ��0
hi�� vSp^sse*
Public Notice.
.'.W. Oliver left, ou Saturday
last, ior Claveqnot Sound, V.J'.,
where he will remain during the
eanaing season.
At his own request, made  tome'
ia writiug, I have   thi* day placed
Miss Dulcie Hornby, of* Vancou-j Wm. M.  Reagh  (more commonly]
fer, returned bome, Mondav. after known as Dan Reagk) under the
spending   a   lev   days . here
gaest of Miss Chrissie Paiit
Dr. White, accompanied bv his
wile, came down from the Royal
City, .Saturday, and took char"* ot
the services at the Methodist
Church here and at Westham Island-, on Sunday.
P. Stevens-, of Niagara-ou-the-
Lake, arrived here on the tth inst.,
iind spent a few davs visitiajr his
lincle, ftsahel Smith, after which
lie lelt for Vancouver on a visit le
*fr. antl Mrs T. R. Havens.
Drunkards' Protection Act, and all )
persons are hereby prohibited from ,
supplying said Wai. M..Reagh with
any   Intoxicating liquor whatever,
whether   by   .ale.    gift,   treating,!
barter or exchange or in   any other
manner, or to aid, assist or connive
at his procurin;; iatoxicatiag liquor,
of any kind.
Given under my haul and stall
tbis thirteenth day of April, A. D,!
1907, at Ladner, in the Province of,
Hritish Columbia.
WM. E. CURTIS, sS. M.    i
Bonnets,  Hate,  Furs,  Dresses,   Underwear,
Hosiery, Etc.
Call and let ua show you.
Goods and Prices Right.
275 Columba Street g
W.   L.   MoBRi
General Merchant,
Phons 5.
Port Guichon
Mrs. John McKee, jr., hnvitip
facbeil a state of convalfsence.
after a very severe illness, Mr. Mc-I
Kee has broken up hotise-keepiiip
for the time bei nr. and they proceed to \'ictoria, to-day, for a
fbailee of air.
C. A. Crosbie, General Supenn-
jeadent for li. C. ef tha Royal Bank
fl Canada, accompanied by L. M.
Richardson, Tate local manager,
joent Tne-dav ere in Vandinp over
the Wa' Iranc lo H. B. Marge:
m��. the yew mv sj -er.
G soline Engines, Soot Pulpers,
Produce Stored and
^e Walworth-Rolston Co.,     rfQ    R\\   %;    C     pQpK
1016 Westminster Ave..    -   Vancouver. K C


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