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The Delta Times Sep 17, 1907

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^ r  �� if
a    I I
& h @ m /��<
5;      1   iiil
/ai ^sr; fa��
SEP 20 1907
. 7
nn i
The Market.
Wedding Bells.
Tbe  Delta  Council  m.-t  in the
Council   Chamber   on   vSalurd ay,
iSept.    14th, at   2   p.m.,   with tbe
; Reeve, H. M. Vasey, iu Ibe chair,
'and   Couns.   Gibbie,   Davie,   Gilchrist and Paterson present.
Minutes   of   previous   meeting
were adopted as read.
New Westminster, Sept. 14
Maay prices fluctuated considerably A particularly pretty wedding
yesterday at the local market, es- was sole, -nixed in All Santa
pecially in eggs, fowls aad truit. | Church, on Wednesday norniug
Potatoei also taok a move, droppi
to ��18 a tun at which price a   lar
number of sacks changed bauds.
large crowd put iu
last,   the   1 ith   iti^t.,   when    Mr
Arthur   Thompson     Fawcett   and
Miss Marjorie  Hilton, daughter of
th? Rev. Canon Hilton,    ere united
an  appearand jn jj0]y matrimony, the bride's lath
Three and a half yards of material to every shirt.    The same quan-
Fiom H. C. Bryce,  engineer in
charge of the  V. V. Sc. E.  extension, re diversion ot the Peck road j
during   construction    01    right-of-
way.    Request grauted.
From   F. W, Harris,   requesting
tity our grandmothers bought to make working shirts for their men folks the 'Council to build a sidewalk on
I Trenant street,   from   Georgia   '-
years ago.     It does not pay to skimp a working shirt in material,
man can't do a good day's work in a tight shirt.
This is the shirt the
buttons can't come off
unless cut off with a
knife. Every button ig
sawn on by hand; ever./ _eam is double
stitched; every gusset
re-infor��ed,    Sizes 14V2 to
Delta.     Received  and  the matter
left ia the  bands of Couns. Davie
; and Gilchrist with power to act.
From Gilley Bros., re delivery of
! crushed rock, stating that they
I would be able to deliver a scowload
' iu a week or 10.
land trading was brisk ali morniig.ler tying  tbe  nuptial   knot
j Considerable produce was puichas-  Church wai very tastefully decoral
j ed for Vancouver jobbers a:  quota-' ed for tbe occasion     Punctually  it
'tions. the time appointed the vested
The feature of the  meat market: proce-nioned to tar. chancei singing
wai   that   pork   wai   much  morejSaint Alphei?e's wedding hymn,
plentiful thau  for  weeks past.    It      The bride, who looked charming
raid   at.   nc a  lb.   under a pretty ! in a dress of white Lousinesilk and
etrou.. demand.    Beef came second ! lace, with veil and orange blossoms
iu the matter of quantity, thi aup- and  carrying
ply  being  fully  equal lo the call,  roses, entered
Porequarters sold for six aad seven ! on the arm  of Mr.
ceuts  a pound wkiie hiadquan^rs i Nash, ol Victoria,
brought from eit_kt t��  nine ceuts a      The bridesmaids.
a bouquet  of white
the church, leaning
H. Holdsworth
Miss  Chris��ie
: pound.    Mutton wai a  better sup-; Smith and Miss Alice Ladaer, wore
���ply tban  ordinarily aad  the stock i white muile  aud lace dresses with
The Liquor License AmendmentI
uear-ly al! sold  out  at  from 13c to picture hats of white  felt, and  car-
,114c  per  lb.     Lamb   brought   15c rled shower  bouquets of pink car-
By-law 1 assed its second   and third        . ,11       n_ ���.- ,-, _,���.,>���, t
'          ���                                                 'under    11    keen    demand.      Hoj^ 1 nations ���������:'. lie preceding the bridal
brought nc per lb. and   nearly the procession was the most bewitehin.
Thc    Delta
was cleared ont.
was a large  quantity
|cUicken< oflered   for  salt, many
girl, Kathleen McBride-.
Butler, of  tbe   Royal
anada   staff,   -upport.11
. Mr. L   .  1' oijb!    ci-
65 Icet.
A petition wii preie-i td
crowded to
��� ell wi
IMlm i_C
Combineil with
Highway    Bv-law, , ,        , . .
6      ,       - , .     utirc supply was cleared ont. Ilttlefl
1907,   passed its  -ccond and third 1    ,.,,
A  motion   to   red-ice tbe Paitt wkkh wert UrgB aid wtU dwelop-1 the g.
road  to  40  feet   was   lost   *l.ich!   t Hrdi ���������   ,        M sood prices, ing as u     r.
leaves that road  tlie  full width of n ,. -    ,   , . -   _ _,_- ���������     ~,
Ordinaiy iowls btoug lit : ..tn $6 .50,     The c nreh was
to $"i.r," a. do en   aud   jo d  1 ucks duor-., 1    nd ���: a
, (realized from   6.50  to $i adoseo. iofths h    pv couple
j L. Waddell, H, Lewis, W. J. bred- Tke demaIld ��� sq strollg. After     e  cerem ,���,,  the  brlaal
��� erick, D. Woods, E. B. Laduer, C.      Tke pr;...  Qf eggJ  t,)ok tl0tller i ptm. an,; guestJ wcre firiveu to the
.1. *'_v:s,   .ud   .%.   :��� eney, resuest-^^p  ^y^rd  ^^ the high | home of Canon  and   Mrs. Hilton.
! figure of 45c per dozes. This is 1 where the wedding breakfast was
the highest price that eggs have! partaken of aud the customary
reache 1 this 3 ear antl there is every | toasts and responses made.
probability    that   the   price    will      The numerous presents received
ter left iu the hands of Coun. Taler ' ���
' ing the Cotiuu! to cleah ctt the
ditch   on   the   Gowdy   road   audi]
-charge the cost to the property
benefitted.    Received aud  the mat���
.sou with power to act.
1 T. Roberts requested the Council
; to assist in digging a ditch iu ceu-;
tiiuisition of the Imperial road ditch,
j a distance af half a mile; Council to
��� 1 ay one half the cost aud tlie prop-
'��� .ly benefitted to pay the balance.
Requesl granted.
The Clerk was authorired to send
ont bills to those who have taken
crushed rock lor private purposes;
tbis to be the final call.
Council then adjonrned till Saturday, Cctober 12, at 2 p.m.
reach   ihe
siatiy   days
anxious   to
half-dollar mark before; bore   generous   testimony   to   the
Tlio   jobbers   were popularity   of  the newlv married
get c^gi yesterday at I couple.
Recommended and for Safe
Harvest Home.
Marshall Smith
fn  addition to W. F. Kydd, L. I
Barmier    will   judge   stock.      A.
O'Connor, tke well knawn poultry-1
... I
man,  ��l   Kew   Westminster,   will
judge  poultry.   The B.  C.  Fruit j
Growers vt ill send a judge for fruit,. I
vegetables and flowers.
Plans ofthe subdivision ol Well-
uington Farm mav be kept, at this
oflice and any infoimation which
may be desired.
BRAN,   SHORTS,   Whole   Com,
Cracked  Corn, Rice Meal, Chit
Rice,  Chick  Feed, Timothy and I
Clover .Seeds may be obtained at 1
Brackman-Ker     Milling    Co.'s 1
warehouses, Ladner,   from  MR.
II. N. RICH. Local Agent.
The   Harvest   Home services in
the Methodist Chinch, on  Sunday
Isst, were ofa verv high order aud
well appreciated by these in attendance.    The church was  beautifully
decorated for the occasion  and the
; services were very attractive.   Rev.
W.   II.    Barraclough,    pastor   of
~~i..__~_uj ' (j��efn's Avenue Methodist Church,
SHI-VICE.   : New   Westminster, ceaducted  the
  I services, morning and evening, aad
1 A Harvest Thanksgiving service; at Kast Delta ia the afternoon. The
J was held at Crescent Islanfi, an ' rev. gentleman lias a very interest-
|Friday ev.euing last. Suitable; iug way af patting things and his
1 hymns were sung by'a . pecit ch��ir sermon tv the aioming was a tnas-
I which were highly appreciated, terpiece of inetructlan ta the little
Rev. A. II. Huntley spoke 11 a ' cn��s aad at the same time very ia-
verv impressive manner usinj r._ a , terestlsg to the adults.
9. 10  and 11 ol Psalm j    Tke special choir is eatitled to a
W.I.F.C. Schedule.
j Following is the schedule ot
I of games ta be played by tke West-
I ham Island   Football  Club  for the
test  verses  9, 10  and it ot Psalm j
Delta Fair, Friday and .Satur
ttfx.t, Sept. no .i.nd. 21.
: large share of the pruises as it cea-
Tlie school   houn wss   prettily tribtfted   largely  ta  tke beauty of
decorated for the occasion and  wis' tlie services.    In the  eyeaing Mrs.
has  been received of the;well  filled  including visitors fn m ; (Capt.) Cross and Dr. W. J. Weod-
Jley  kiudlv  took  part,  Mrs. Cross
taken'rendering as  a solo  that  dear old
Kd   fnyorb-   kv- u, "\arer, my   God,
work. Ito The ," w j; Ii was highly sppre-
ciate i.
Leon Ladner left Vancouver, this     At the close of the evening str-
for Cabforuis, on   u visit | vice the Sacrament  oi  the Lord's
Tie Ladies of All Saints' Guild;
are  to  he  congratulated  on  their,
endeavor to  make things comfert- \     \iron\
able fo r the visitors at the Hxhibi-| safe ai rival at  Plymouth, Eng.,  of I Ladner.
tion here en Saturday next, by thej our aid  friend and resident, Mrs.      A liberal collection  wa
seiviiii.  of  luncheon end tea, and. Geo. Paddon.    During the vayage which will be devot:d to t
we bespeak  for  them  your hearty siie suffered   terribly  from seasick-
jHc which w��s the figure at whick ! The groom's preseut to the bride
the bulk of supply wholesaled. The was a costly pearl necklace and
quantity of egfs lu the country at pendant, and to the bridesmaids
the present time is much short of pearl brooches, the pretty little
the deuisnd. A lively c-til has flower-girl being the recipient of a
beea noticeable from upcoast gold bracelet.
points recently and this demand is Mr. and Mrs. Fawcett left by the
likely to continue strong. afternoon  boat, via Vancouver and
Butter  was  quite  plentiful, yes-. Victoria   for-Portland   and   other
tardsy, although none too plentiful | points.    Tbey will be absent about
for the demand.    Prices ranged all two weeks, and on their return will
tbe way from 3oe to 40c per lb , thei reside in Ladner.
greater quantity going at 35c.  .	
The market was swamped  with
prunes,   yesterday,   and  the   price
took   a  sharp drep  iu   sympathy.
Apples wert else  plentiful but the
demand wss only strong for good
stock.    A good class ef apples sold
for from 7sc to 90c  a  box, while a
... ,    .       u'.i...1 season 1907-0S:
,-hoice boxes reached a  h;gaer: �� '
1 Sept. 21���Westham Is. v.Natiouels.
Crab apples brought about 35c a I Sept. 28���Do. y. North Vancouver,
crate.    Of pears  there  was a con-! Oct. 12���Do. v. .Shamrocks,
siderable qvautity but the demaad Oct, 26���Westminster v. W. I.
was none too strong.  Prices rang.d  Nov. 2���Thistles v. Westhass Is.
from 65c to 85c a crate.   Only first-; Nov. 30���W. Is. vs. Westminster,
class   stock   attracted   purchasers.' Jan. 4��� Nationals v. Westham Is.
Prunes brought  abeut 35c a crate, Jan. 18���Shamrocks *. Westham I.
The stock was too heavy and tbere Feb. 29���Westham Is. t. Thistles,
was a large quantity left aver after M��ch 28-Celtic v. Westham Is.
the buying ceased. Tke great quau-' Thanksgiving  Dav���Westham   Is-
tity  of prunes  that  arrived at the'        land t. Celtics.
market wharf during tke week was' New Year's
sacrificed among the merchants and'
at the cannery.    Low prices hsda1 ��� ~
strong   influence   on   the demand ;    The B. C. Electric are having a
yesterday. ; great time supplying Delta with the
The supply oi potatoes was large; jnjce Ou Saturday night, wheu
aad although tha demand was aot I nost .seeded, evrrrone wa. left in
very keen a considerable quantity I darkness. On Sunday evening, in
ckaaged bands at from $18 to 5.20! tije Middle of the services, the light
a ton. dropped  down   to  about  ane-haif,
tew ci
Da<���North  Vancou-
Westkam Island,
uess but, according to the letter, 1
wa.s doing nicely nnd expected lo 1
be able to bc around again in a few
I days
morning, tor
to his grandmothers
1 Supper was ad ministered to s goodly
cumpanv, at which iiree ne-v members we:e admitted���two ou    roba-
tion   ind one by ielt-r.
Through tke inclemency      the
and iast night nbout ten o'clock the
ds'.rirt was n  ain plunge 1 In dar';-
nes .
I at nre
weathir the attendance was not at i night werk
til what might have been expected. I th- light,
y   long,    when   n ���
1. ce  is aU right.    I
si all   have   to do our
jy day to make sure or THE'DSLTA
-'- * '- .-v* ,
. L'ER   17.   IQO*.
POJU,XSUJ-D   :��� "��� d- ��� '   I ; ��� SPAY.
Subscription, $1.00 per year.
t.'MS.i��l Atiwcrtiseracots, ij caiits por line foi
Ibe first Inaction, and 5 cent... per line for eacli
subsequent insertion. The number ot lines
���fClcoaed by the lip.ice occupied) ta line* to the
Rates totCowimwdft'. AdvettiseOLCnt* can be
l\j*m on np>��l{antl-jd at this office.
Reading notice* to ceuts per Hue (ur each in-
jtUi-i Mii-! DW.V11 o'4cim, jac, Ma*rit.gcm,$i*QQi
Aay special uuti*?e, the object oi wbicb ts to
promote the pecuniary benefit of any iu'-iiTidoc!
or company, 19 be considerc-il an aavertiaemetit
and churned accordingly.
All advert! ran eats charged f_>. lmUI ordered
out and paid tot.
Correspondence InrHetl ou matteri ol public
|uer<Mt, ��>m��nnicayon# to editor must be ac-
Oempauied by name of writer, not necessarily
for publication, but as evidence of good faith
Correspondence must reach thi.; office by Tin.:
ia/ evening,
Westminster's Fair.
Following i* an outline ot the
programme ior Westminster's fair:
Saturday, Sept, 2? ��� Lacrosse
Rttiir Maple I.eaff it. Westminster; concert, We .tiainster Baud.
Monday, Sept. 30.���Exhibitors'
day, final arrangements completed
for (installing of various exhibits,
stack placed in shedi; visitors rigidly excluded.
Tuesday, Oct. 1���Lacrosse, Vancouver vs. Tecurasehs; balloon as
ceu sion; cancert, Westminster Band.
Wednesday, Oct. 2���Scotsmen's
,_v *ti_leuc sports; balloon asceu-
��;�����; Scottish concert in Opera
\ Hausc, :��� the   eveainj;   concert at
PkOViNCiAL EXHIBITION   oreat northern railway
V. T. Ry. & Ferry Co.
September 24th to 28tb, 1907.
The Biggest and Best of thc Season.   .
Prize  List  Increased   Nearly  50 Por   Cont.   in
��� tock Divisions.
Q&o.  R���  M.-NXKy,
TUlWn.iT,  SBPTKMBBR   17,   1907.
- 4
Rough Riding Competition for tbe Championship
of British Columbia.
Lack ol shipping facilities >s  thr
I park. Westminster Band.
] Thursday, Oc:. ,5���Citizens' day;
I iacro-is'.' match, losing teams of first
I and second fames of tournament;
I balloon  ascension;   concerts,   Van-
cauver   Regimental    ai.d   Vernon j
City Bands.
Friday, Oct. 4���Children's day;
cause oi a tie it-p Lk-r<*  oi  both hay  u n .1-   . n ..���
, "���'       J ! ball gaate, V. estminster vn. Belliuj-
aud oats. The* B.-K. wharf and ktm; lonj; distance foot race, coa-
jrauaries.are all futl'up aud noth-[ testaats Ton. Longboat, A. 13urms
iur can be ��_t.ved oa account af the ��nd W. R. Chandler; team hauling
tie-up.     Wheu one hears oi   the competition;.concerts, Westminster
.  .,        r   . , ,      .   . ! and Vernon City Hands.
*reat influx ot cheap lahar it is sur-l
.... , Saturday,  Oct.   5 ��� American's
prisme   that   hoals  cannot   be  un-   , _���',,.
| day; lacrosse, final match ot tourn.-
ladcn with "reairr d'espateh than
at preient the __se.
T  E. f.adaei-wer.; dowu to Vic-
ment between winaers of fir.it and
secaiid games; band concerts Westminster and.Vancouver Re^imeut-
sl Bauds.
Expended in Improvements to Grounds This Year.
Excursion Rates From All Points.
Entries   Close   September    16th.
J. E.. SMART, Sec.-.[Yeas-.,
P.O. Drawer 761, Victoria, B.C.
* *"*>** s*rm 3t"T&
\ ;dj&fr- ��$ j&j m-*,-*
f    '*%r~~  *t& fir      --7     *
La Grippe
Etc., I ic.
Mra P. .Shirley went up to the
Royal City, this mora��ng. oa busi-i
i To t!/c-  I'tlitoi or the  "Newl-AdvertlKr."
Sir-   I haye read with much  re-
tret the report   cf the anti-Asiatic
on   Saturday   lasl,
o       re   -���   m    ., s.  ����������   a     :.   ���   ' demonstration
Rev. U. R. Bartlett, M. A., is  in
Vancouver, attending the  meeting ")d whiIe * am in deepest sympathy
el the Clericus | with the movement  to make Cai>
  i sda   :i   white    man's    country,    I
,.,.       _���   ,.     . ,   T   .'.   , -   .,, | do not think ic is  British  fair play
Ike   All   .S.iats    Ladies   Guild '    '
will serre tea ia the Exhibition!10 do lui��r-T t0 the l""soa or
fjujldine (upstairs' or, Saturday, j stranger withiu our gates who haye
���2ist   inst., during the time  of the  been   permitte 1    to   conn   to   our
'"'"'''���'���   country-by the existing laws of the
i laud.
S.S. S*u<)-ji_ wiil mike
trips on Saturday next, !e��yir:_j
Lstiner at ,s and n a.m. and 6 p.
tn.; Ipsviuj Steveston a; 9 a.m.. 12
arjon anil 7 p.m.
Word'has been  received that, en
Tuesday last, during the apparently slight electrical display, a va'11-
able ware was killed and a quantity
of fencing ctftstr��yed en \X*estk��ira
special       I siaeereiy hope that Dr.   Fraser
is incorrectly reported in stating- that
if the influx of Jap. and  Chinamen
is not put a >:top to his   pulpit   will
snon.be iu their hands.    If so, it   is
e-rideut he has a very low  estimate
at the Christians of this City, whea
bethinks that  for the  saving  ofa
few sordid dollars the pulpit weuld
be given  over  tc any  one   not  in
sympsthy witk the Christ.    (Why
not a Jap er  Chinamau  if he  can
be used of God to better advantage
than   Or.   Fraser.)    1*  it  not  the
Arrsngements   are   about   com*I case that Dr. Fraser and the church
pitted for sa entertainment to be have a: duty to perfonn  in  protect-
given  i��.   Fridav, .September  2-th i ing thc  strauger   within our gate,
iast.,   in  Oddfellows'   Hall,   under What have our  missionaries  been
the auspices of the  Ladies' Circ'ejdoiag iri   China,   Japan  aud  else-
of the Baptist Church.    Pu'! par- where if net teaching these ptople
ticulsrs next week. '������ te expect justice at our hands,   and
_______^__^   - --.     ! shall we   British   Columbians  give
jour missionaries  the  lie,   ami   1m-
ft'e have to thank   tn  unknown j MolRle the ganger  ���;,_  our  wrath?
friend for leaving a very genereuslv
fi'led .wi; of pesr^ nt our  door   on
Thursday evening  Is.t.    May  his
It will pay you to cwh oiic: aiid be on the safe
sicle. One Oxydonor in a family will banish all the terrors of disease from thc household if only used, as soon
is needed and  in a reasonable way.
This is the Actual Experience in many thousands
of families who have adopted this advanced method of
treating disease..
Inflammatory i :hcum iti��m.
Ur. J��s. Aui-ii, Ru��*:.n.i, B.C., CftH., wri'.M, Mtrrk 11, 1901 : "Some Sv* yilrl a[.�� I
#..: Oxydonor for my wile wko mi. aitfttii, fr.,��i frssiftlr w����knr��. Alt.r I week . ���..��� {I11-
-loctor hit, .til tr.r RurpriM- t# SmU . .t-b 11 tka. ^r. ia l.vl it vt., cilOllffh to  la^UCC hint to jet
,1 OsyJ.it;   t'.        I siwir.
"A akisit tiwr .$* my wil. a* 1 tv attaclc * ft;._iuia!,Ty rlictir__l\vn, She enuid
uot wnlk au.l .tr cints wtfe muh gwo.llOM. ..he applied Oxydonor, and before night the
pains had ceaaed, and t'fxt moraine thera waa rtty little JsvceilinjE, and elie onUI sv_",>_ aa Well
aa ever. hit. bad a wmilar attaek tMift.rt w�� foi Oxy.locO!' aud wns und.-r a^oetor'8 cair ftsr a
month, and auSerrd a^onica.
"?t ha.', cstre^ nie ofa severe a��ld."
Send at once for book No. yS, giving further information about OXYDONOR aud many reports from all
parts of the country.
grj     ej     f7 \ lVT/^'I-f-F?   X��   ������'"''/"li
364 St. Catharine St. West, Montreal.
New Service���Port Guichon and  Ladner to New
Westminster and Vancouver.
Leave Pt. Guichon, 6.30 a.m.    Arrive Vancouver, 10.30 a.m.
Leave Vatfcquver,   2.10 p.m.    Arrive Pt. Guichon, 6.00 p.m.
Gives  Passengers  four hours  in   either   New   Westminster or Vancouver.
New   Freight   Tariff   effective    September    5th,   '06.
Greatly Reduced Rates.     For particulars apply to
Agent, Port Guichon.
Sufficient Cars will be furnished without delay.
Incorporated 1869.
CAPITAL, - - - $3,900,000
RESERVE FUNDS,       - - $4,390,000
A General Ba,nking Business Transacted.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received ajid Intor*
est Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
 80 BRANCHES. ���
East End, Mt. Pleasant, Granville Street, Cordova Street ; Grand
Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Port Issfngtou, Rossland, Victoria, Vernon,
Chilliwack, Cumberland,  Port Moody and New Westminster.
C. B. DANIEL. Manager, LADNER. B. C.
I would very ranch regret il it did.
other than that a half loaf ia better
than no bread.    Yours etc.,
���News-Advertiser. Septs 11, 1907.
What about shooting notices?
Seme o! tlnse eld cues need repairing. Bring them along. n;\:\ get
lliem re-cevered.
jCenrroiilT grow   with   hi.t   riches, I
A few .��neks ol spuds,   carrots, par-
S!'ir��, turnip., etc., will be  equally
���ireleoii. e
Shame,   shame!    Wha'    treatment
can we expect  ��ttr countryman  to
China,  Japan
When yon wish to buy yisiting
cards call on the Delta Times who
will sell the best money can .u>.
If you need them printed, why you
are money in pocket by calling on
the Delta Times- lirst.
receive who  are  i:
��� and India,    fievrar:',  Beware!
It teems to re- thai 1 is anti-
Asiatic movement went too far on
:>aturday last. Ry al! iuean-< make
Canada a white man's lountry but
On Fridav eveninir 1.it the West- do net de violence tn tiie law cf
ham Island Football Club entertain- God and man in bringing r,b��ut
ed their Itjend.. at a dunce, which j '.his consummation.
was held in thoir Ball. A large The passing of ihe N*_t*l Act
miM-ber u''. fnervds and Mipporters! is, to my mind, the best way ont of
iiirned on" mil an sxcellent time onr present difficulties. Bnt is Mr.
Wt9 spent and tli�� crar streaks of; lowaei's act the N*t��l Act
rfawu 's . a tired but we'I plef s.d It is and it isn't, i( I remember
assemblaje derail tor their variousIrightly. When this-.Act is passed
kemts. ; it shstild be norespector of persons. \
Every foreigner who cannct comply '
50   VEARt.'
On Tuesday, Sept. 3rd, a Shropshire Ram, with long tail. Anyone
knowing 01" wheieabouts of same
kindly inform
im.} READ, Deceased.
Including���1   Grey   Mare,   4-year-
old  (15.-0  lbs.);   r   Gelding,   3-
year-old (1500 lbs);  1 Bay Mare,
3-y.ear-old   (1500   lbs);    1   Bay
Mare,   3-year-old   ! t6oo   lbs);   1
Black   Mare,    3-year-o!d    (1550
lbs';   2   Bay   2-year-old Colts; 3
Yearling Colts;  2 Sucking Coits;
also 3 Roadster Sucking Colts;   1
Grey Gelding Roadster;   1  Driving   Mare,   3-year-old;   1   Grey
Saddle   Morse   and   t   Yearling
Heifer, which
j\|R.   H.  X.  RICH has   received
j "���"*'  '   instructions    from    Mr.    D.
i Wool's, who  1ms  rented   his farm, I
'to SELL BV AUCTION,   on the
I Premises, south end of Gowdy road, j
4 miles from Ladner, oil
Monday, September 23,
1907, at 2 p 111.
Tl e   Auctioneer calls special at-1
teiition 10 this genuine sale ol young
and   staunch   horses which  will be
found to fully bear out Mr. Woods'
well known judgment of stock.
J jam sal fm
B. C.   <���
KBW WStSV.MlM��'ll.K,
<.  ���.-.-.:,���.!,..-lurct,; ���.! ��11 IdJldso'4.
4 Soda Water, Ginger
���$���    Ale &nd Summer
X Drinks.
I       Your patronage s ilicited
...l..c:-:. .,..>.v > .-��.��.._....:,.........;..��..;,
Trucking am
Livery  work
Stables =���
of a!!   kinds at
tended to promptl.
Any person bavin., claims against
the Estate of the late Adam   Rej.d
are requested to .'urnish  particulars
of same to the undersigned.
Agent for the Executrix, C. C.
?��� '.������--.. '-.-.7.
ti,tf ��.yu'iL!_
1..    .IK.T..B.   C
Ad vert is-.
DR. T. I-iOQuAN,
M.K..C.\*.SM, Edin.
iOPVRfCiH*. S (Sc���:.
-���-. nronpcuii'lltif n P^ct^h mid dflsorlptlon mnf
leklf Aacerlttlii fur opinion true win-tin t an
��� ���nr'inii m jiroliAlily im!.��nla��ln.   Commuill   1-
MrtrletlyconlldontW. HAHOBilOK onPMont*
.1 frae. ��� Fid-Mt flL'onrT fOT.BOOUrTtlff patOQtdi
������-(���niB taken tLrouifh i/��m* h Co. roculva
MlmoHot% withoutrosrga, iuxitti
Sclenfiffc flfmerlcaw.
\ hMttiotnfily lllustriitod wMltlf,   T.nr.'OiS rtr-
imti-'jii nf any "Hum nin looron).   Torrai, K> a
I'efir: four r.Hint he, ^L 6o)Ubyuii nowsdenleni,
AJI  ������ '��� '	
iimn-eb OfflOO, WS F BU. WuhlJUtton. JJ. L".
W. N. Draper,
PROVINCIAI,   f..'������:'��� SrwVKVOK
Roi ."���   . 1 .: :.i 111   '.. " 'u- WcHtnilutttcr.
Xew Westminster, Ji. C.
The Delta Times.
Central Livery Stable,
Columbia St. Piione 1.37
��� l.-i j :.T.���r -_r-r������
La tit* 6 p C*t &pi %/* $
Out IK I   \*���im-llm$'i
On Moidsy tK*t, H. X. Rich with ths tests, no matter from what
will sell hy i-ttcti ���>��� , ��* Orapdview country or 11 ,tio . he .nie.- Hum
Farm, so��th end of Gowdy road,; should be treated alike, and this
the kM?y draught horses and colts would no. he the case.I Ihink.if Mv.
beloMfint te l>. WeotU, wko. hatl Bowser's aft, ss recently
rented his far*.    This is nn *ppor-
tunity to ��btain a Road aaimal at a
/iir price. These animals are first-
p1a��s and should call out a large
pUJJ.il *r el bidder*.
Gn Satuiday evening last; 14th
inst., betR-f-en Stanley street aad
is made lay Personally, I d. not) Port Gitjchon, a Pocketbook con-
believe'.hat the aet, on .". ti l of. taining a swra of money;, a brooch,
its discrimination, will ��� .''.owed etc. Finder will be reward -1 oc
,u become law, either bs' Dominion returning same to
r    Imperial   Parliament,    fn  fact, I ' THIS  OEFICE.
(Westminster Branch)
Time Table
!*>.- 1 avi itmiitftler lo-* Vancouver al
ami fi 5 R.m. ami Iio then afti r uu.Ul i
in.j Sri urdnyi   i��(I ' ��� yi -,t 11 p.m.
Catfl leave Vancoti ��� i Wi stUiiuiteru :it . ,$
and 6.$K a. 111. antl liou ly thereafter until iuy
tn.; Satutda; i i -.': Su   If     .���; 11 p.m.
1 i uiirr gars.
We run (Irst'daaa rrelglij cata hetweeti Went-
tulnattfr and Vancouver and nil Rtiipiuvntanre
hantil   I witl   I ���- i I moat i '   '      ereil to
.-.        : - -, l|      r . ���!
m>        ,
Machine Castor,
White Rose Separate?
W600 C] ;' Ldi :
-.5. [. I!. Hard
-.11) OKI ..,.:. . ,
Vroflic Mci.
.m.   ,-      ���-    ���      -
Locol MKr. T. id!.:
r   7.
Bsceives both Ladies and Gentlemen as resident
or day students. Has a complete Commercial
or Business Course. Prepares students to gain
Teach' . Cer tficatee of ali grades. In affiliation
with Toronto University gives the four yeai
CAii,:-A Er . . Legree, and the first year ofthe
Toronto Si V ��� ��� ��� ." Science. Has a special "Prospect or '  .Vur^      ��� :- _.._aers who work in B. C.
Instruction given in  Art,   Music,   Physical
Culture and EE. .ution. |
���    For    Calendar,   etc.,   address   "Columbian |
If jou obtain a Firearm of doubtful quality
Tils expoilensDd Hunter's and
Marksman's Ideal
Is a reliable, unairli>!_ STtVtKS
by (hooting our popular
your local Dfordwurd
Sporting Go tula BJ>r-
::l for tbo STCVKA.H.
ou van uot oblftlfii wo
'  direct* Mt|>njM-   pro*
Upon receipt 01 ; *ta-
Scud 4 cimta in htampa tor 140Pagel
Ulufitrated Catalog, inpltullnKcir. u
lnrs of latest addlTioiia ..�� our Un.
OontiUna points on ���]iddtiiig1ammu
iiiiiou, thu proper euro of ii firearm
etc,, -'tc.    Our Httrut-tivo Ton Color
Lithographed Hanger mailed  uu
where f'h- Kix ggntg in gtompg.
J. STEVENS ARMS & 1*001. OO.
1\ O.Box40D7
CUlcopce  Fully,   Mass.,  U, S. A.
JR,_hi v
_E��fVj3G7 SB
JoA Printing*
Holy Communion���ist and 3rd
Sundays at 8:30 a.m.; and and 4H1
Sundays at 11 a.m.
Matins, t 1 o'ciock.
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday School at to a.m.
Friday evening, Litany at 7130.
Rev. E. R. Bartlett, M.A., Vicar.
��� .,'i UOi.lC
Services firsl and lliird Sunday 0!"
1 icb n: mill at 10:30 a.m.: Benediction, 7:30 ;; ni.
Sltiidav school nl 3 p.m.
I iw '���'���' ���'-; -.md Holy Comnittuion
Srsl ami    did Mondays at 6 a.m.
i'.cv. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
���Services next Lord's Hay at 11
a. m.and 7.;   p.m.
Cass meeting, to.30 a.m. every!
Sunday, j
Sahbath School at . p m every!
?iin : . Prayer meeting every j
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev. J. F. lift Is, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at u
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at to am Midweek meeting 011 Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. A. McAuley, Pastor.
Sal!'.i'h  services ��� Crescent  Island, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:30 a. m.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
8 p.m.
Rev. A.  II.   Huntley, pastor
Nurseries   &   Seedhouses
Headquarters lor   Paci'fic   Coast
grown  Garden, Field  and   Flo .'
Seeds that are thoroughly I isted a:
11 vitality liefore offering For sale��� j
that are subject to government ii
spection as to  freedom  from weed
seeds.    Samples  sent  to inteuding j
Large stock of HOME CROWN
Fruit  and   Ornamental  Trees 11. v. ,
matured tor the spring trade.
iNo expense, loss or delay oi' fumigation or inspection.
BEE SUPPLIES, Spfay Pumps,
Spraying Material, Greenhouse
Plants, Cut Flowers,
We do business on our own
grounds���no rent to pay and are
pre; aied to meet all competition.
Let me price your list before \ lacing your oid-v.   Catalogue Free.
M. !.  H
A..77 r uea Art- Able lo Tn*tc,
The  proboscis  of   the   ll.
to;   " i of lees ami ants 11   ��� I
wii . numerous delicate hair; --.
nute pits. These are perhaps 1...
with the organ of taste; but,  1:
the exact locality of tliis sense lu i���-
socts li uncertain, we know thut th
groups of culls in the tongues of in i
mals called taste bulbs form  In  p  -���
the ends of the organ of taste.   The  ���
rary in number, increasing in the hig
er animals.    They are very close nnd
exceedingly numerous in man,  while
the tongue of even the cow has so.sic
85,000 taste bulbs.
lt would be Interesting to know
whether each special taste excites a
special ���group of nerves nnd that only,
thus corresponding to tho auditory
nerves. These tn ite bulbs were d's-
covered In 18C7. Each one consi 'ts 1 '
two kinds of cells, one set forming un
out t protective covering, through nn
opening in whioh [ jeel from  five to
tell of lb" true tusto ci lis Tin 1. h Important, they nre not nppiirei Ily nn essential part of 1b" organ, Cor bluls and
reptiles hav,. none, but u It! "' ha .0
they a keen sense of taste, except perhaps the parrot.
Concerning; the Letter -'V."
A vr: er i-i Science doni -s Uial  the
letter "y" is n  lb     I descend)!   I ;' 1
Uie lloninn "V," which in the lime of
Cicero was borrowed irom the Greek
alphabet to represent upsilon In the
translation of Greek names. The latter Is only ir-:."!, he says, us a vowel to
transliterate upsilon in loan words either direct from the Greek or Indirectly through Latin or French. In a grout
majority of eases Ibe English "y" is n
seuiieonsotinut corresponding in value
with the continental "j." Along with
the other Roman letters, "y" was
iiilopti'd by the Anglo-Saxons from the
Latin alphabet, with a value approximating to that of "I." In fact, ha
claims tbat there is nol 11 lineal descendant of the .\n!;!- Sti'xon "y" new
in ux-lstonee. Tbe letter "y" in modern
Kngll.h words is. curious y enough, he
claims, not u "y" er all, but n lineal de-
scciiilanl of the Auglo-.Saxou "g."
which was lhe Itomnn "G" evolved by
tho l: minus mil of an earlier "C."
Nature'_ CnrlouN Tree Low.
Let us observe n law common to nil
tree-;. First, neither the st ;ms nor
bu ��� rlis of lha maple, elm or oak taper
'' il nt the point where they fork.
Whenever a stem sends ronu a uruncu
ai.il a branch sends off n smaller bough,
:   ir stem, Ihey remain Iho same In
Ihu icter, and the original stem will
Increase rather than diminish until Its
iiexi branch starts.   No bough, branch
r stem ever narrows near Its extreni-
. y except where It parts with a portion of its substance by sending off
another branch or stem.
All trees are alike lu this respect, n.-'d
if Jill tho boughs, branches, stems, buds
and blossoms were combined and united without loss of spi.ee thoy would
form a round log the same in sine and
diameter ,:s the trunk irom which they
m>ri:ig. This is one of nature's imperative laws and never falls to prove true.
A   Poser.
Little Dorothy Perkins wns usually a
\01-y truthful child. When slio was
not truthful, she was plausible.
Coming in from ber walk one morning, she Informed her mother that she
bad seen a lion hi the park.
No amount of persuasion or reason-
in,' wavered ber stutetiient one hair's
breadth, so at night, when she slipped
down beside her knee, ber mother said.
-Ask God to forgive you for that fib.
Dorothy hid her face fer a minute;
then she looked straight into ber mother's eyes, with her own shining like
stars, and said, "1 did ask liim, mamma, dearest, nnd be suid: 'Don't mention lt, Miss Perkins. That big dog
has often tooled me.' "
From  tlie Father*.  Side.
P.���nnlor Graphic. ��� Well, did Sterling
say he'd vole for our bill!
Senator Slalnchantz���No; he said he
couldn't imagine a bill of n more crooked and odious character.
S iliator Grapbter -Did you tell him I
was fathering the measure'.'
Snnutor Maiucbantis ��� Yes, and ho
���aid lie fancied the bill's charftctl ''���������
tics  had been   Inherited.
Bome people never mako mistakes
Nor ',-. ; In...Is..1 In .strips;
They urny bo very liai ��,., but
They kad st lone iy life.
Vi ��� tin
A Mntter or W It,use t-'rlenl.
Blohnrt���Yes, 1 once thought of going
on the ; logo, but friends dissuaded ine.
Knocker -l'liends of the singe, I presume.
Qetieml opinion.
Uvea of gi mi men all remind us
That It iBn't only pluck:
Wr would do as well or'better .
Jf s.s- ��...;_��� had their luck.
���New Vork Times.
Itnrtl on tlie I.miles.
Very few remember the existence of
h   certain   remarkable   statute   which
was passed in the early days of George
III. If iude rl U ey ever 1 011 itl of II
runs to the effect thnt If any w<
"entices any of his majesty's nub
Jects Into marriai 1  1 . if -.in
powders or palul 1 or
on the ch.,  :.,; -      shall ���
for sorcery.''    What a cam e col II
w 1 ild be If any of bis present m ,;
osty's male subjects were to endeavor
to put ihe law Into action, What a
rush there would tie of Cn hionable la-
tiles iu - Dcure nl scab In court fi
(be hearing.���London 'l'ntier.
e Are .-,'    -.  State _y_tem_, Cot*
__sii.-.-s. ._.i,.tt__i_m _.,cl T_i,i_ta.
eoi-;   Confucianism  is  tbe  re-
. ol  thc state.   Tbe state official!
ue literati wbo have secured tbeir
through   the   study   of  the
s-i. e., the "Sacred Writings of
as."  The Confuclaofet temples
re protected and honored by the state,
;.. the worship ot Confucius Is curriud
1 ni tie expense of tho stale.   In u
..od  reuse, too, Buddhism can also
in iln to be a state religion.  The same
a also true of Taoism, glnco deceased
generals and  statesmen ar.- assigned
their   corresponding   ranks   with   iho
Tuolstlc king of tho lower world in
ludos.   In tbis ri.,- they are worsbl   -!
a, 'I. ���   ilie temples,   in this tv . y it in
pi  slble for a Chinaman to make use
. 1 all ibi 9 religious with >ut getting
into conflict with the distinctive principles of any of them.   Their officials
worship together.   In  funeral services
monks of both orders nre found performing functions on ii ..��� :  ul da) 1
The public t 1.,:;!-, are i. :_lly in
control of tbe Tuolsts, but sometimes
are In charge of Buddhists, N*ol rely
Tuolstlc go.is are found In Bud 11 ist
temples and vice versa. Some lines
they differ only In 1. une. The IJud-
dhist goddess of mercy is the Tamsl
goddi ss of In 1 ven. The peni I king r
lhe Taoists is tbe Imperial ruler of the
Bnddhlsts. Both systems leach the
snnie ten princes in hades, aud oven
a reproduction of tbe Buddhisl punishment in hell is found in the Taoist temples.
A   -Vooiht.ui   [rnrlior,
Puget sound is one of the _nesl liir-
bors in the world, If nol tbe finesl .t
deep bay over a hundred miles long
cut off from the ocean by tbe mountainous western ;. ; li ' 1 of Washington. Tbe vn i.i' rs mi _ri ��� c . rywli 're are
deep, tbe Shores abrupt, and the lide is
moderate, ships inn. gci fi 11 I aenuia
half way to Alnskn wilh. passion
out of this great sound and ils extensions northward.
nr-..   tisvil  lllssn.
"Your diHigliter," sue! Mrs. OldcnstV
after being condnc 1 d tlir ugli ll c newly liulsbed wing of tlie iiiiigullicoiit palace occupied by the !:���; li igtotis, "bus
such a splendid voeabuh   yl"
"iio you ti;i::k soi" Ier hostess re-
pllt-tl, ".Josinli " I -1 to 1; : ber one
of ihem eseritoii-es, but 1 made up mj
ii.ii.il rigid al 1 be si rt tlmt u vo nibu
lary would look better lu a ro 111 furnish id like I ers Is even If it d'dn't cost
qullo us mu :b."
Knew  What He Ws-mit.
"Tbi 1 '.;.���.������ r of ours speuks the mosl
fragineiitary Eugllsb of ray one lever
he rd."  'iii Mr, Precis .
"You 11,' an 'broken Iongi
dear," corrected .Mrs. Pre ii
knov lie is a German."
"1 mean fragmentary," rep.
Precise.  "The man stultere."-
li.t.t  Keen 'I'lieee.
Editb-Oh.  Ethel,  what shall I dot
.Tack says he supposes it's nil over between us and that he'll send uiy presents back.
Ethel (experienced)���Tell him to brlug
uted Mr.
Life ls not so short but tint tbsr* la
always time enough for oeurtesy. ���
Emerson. _     ^_
tit,ii>tiii.-. liim Alonar,
"Then thero ls such a thing as henrt
failure, is there, doctor'.'" said the
handsome young widow.
"Certainly, madam," responded the
bashful young physician. "The records of tlie profession nre full of"���
"It's a perfectly unnecessary dlsense.
Isn't it, doctor?"
Ou this biut he spake.
An Seen From !)I��tiinoe.
"How do you know It's the library?"
"The   smoke   issues in  volumes."
A  Snnpleion of the Idle.
I don' knew much geotnstry,
Liut dis I will declare:
Vo man dat'n always hanffln.' round
la Beldom un de e.jnai'e.
That Settled liim.
Husband���You're not economical,
Wife -Well, If you don't call a woman economical who saves ber wedding
dress for a possible second marriage
l',l like to Know what you think economy is:
i-at   01   Ih-.t.  tiOon   .lie  Ola  Time
r I.,..,,-. ot sermons.
So/Le curious glimpses into tlie life
of old London are afforded by the re
ports made lu tbe charily cOBimlss or
on the endowed charltii 1 in the ��� ���
of London.    For hisi ,.ee. In   tb    re
ports  dealing  with  the city  parishes
we have an estimate of Ibe valUP t.r'
on .sermons by city men in olden limes
That estimate varied from "1 si i1    .,������
to ��1  10s.    One Thomas  I'.:..
left a bequest for a sermon to be p:    ��� _
ed on the oth of November everj
It foil 011 a .Sunday, tbe minis nr to 1   .
Lis. id., tbe clerk 3s. 4d. and
ls. 4d.   But David Glttln bad a 1
modest idea of tbe value of a si
In Ibe same parish.    1      )���::������
sermons  for   lu shillings,  one   to   be
preached on the second Sunday in Ad
vent and the other on the second 81 a
day In Lent.   Tha render gol _ ���-
Hug-.,  tin- cburehwnidcu ;_.  8d   anti
the pom- soxton fourj: uce for each 01
en John li.',.:m! thought 18s   U
enough for two sermons.
in lii'.i .lohn Winn li ft n curi m bi
t]U .st to the parish of St. Bennet, Paul'e
Wharf. A pound was set apart I'or ai.
annual sermou. tbe text to be taken
from tbo Qftb chapter of St. John and
Ibp twenty-seventh verse. Fie also left
1 n .li to buy twelve fenny loaves for
twelve poor people of the parish wiu
attended a sermon every Friday lu tie
parish church. But he expected more
for tis pound than the annual sermon,
for b 'lore or nfter the sermon the miu
ister hml to spend au hour examining
or Instructing the puor people iu the
Christian doctrine.
Jh- ui'-st generous donor of tbe
preacher was .Tames Wood, who thought
a sermon ia St. Nichol as-Cole-Abbey
wus worth ��1 10s. every alternate year
In ioj.'s he bequeathed to ths Couipanj
of Bowyers a sum lo unable then'
unioug oilier Mill gs, i_> repair to ths
pai li church named, after tl..;, b; ���
iworii In flitSr wai'di as anil master ev
try second year, thero to bear s -���
mon nud ;.���;,' ti.-.' parson ��1 10s ._
tb" clerk and sexton ls, M. cacn. In
tbe parish of St. Michael BassiBbavs
eue Edward iloyliu Id tbe eighteenth
ciliary left money tbe Interest ou
which was io be applied to purchasing
lu'o sixpenny loaves ouch .Sunday for
two poor in.*.! or women wbo should at
torn! divin.
uviee.���London News.
School children study their lesson*
aloud. f
The chambermaids at hotels are ��ll
chainh ���!��� men.
The b a grades of coffee are sold at
tobacco Mores.
The Mexican tneai consists of fnor.
khuls of ment tban vegetables,
Hallways, street cars aud cabs all
provide throe'classes of conveyance.
In the cities real estate is soid by tho
square meter instead of tbe from foot.
Emit aud vegetables are uot sold by
measure, but by tha dozen or by
Many tailors take the clothes of their
customers to the patron's home to try
them ou.
Mexican men of the lower classes
wear the biggest bats Iu the world, the
women Lone at till.
Sunduy Is the groat amusement dny.
All big entertainments are reserved for
this general holiday.
Knew tlie !,ni!_'ii,ils.e.
The Pastor���I hope you never swear
when the baby Is Irritable.
Tbe Parent���Ob, no- the baby nttondi
to all tbat.
Brainn nml  Drains.
Thnt many tie   n tin mselves mn. t wise
I�� far fr m 1 .rut .*��� win n wc roeall
li lakes .: lot   if I    ihis t,   know
ic y,I've any bruins nt all,
111 ihe .iwtpt   Ily nntl  Ot.
"Professor," Inquired the thoughtful
member of the class, "don't you suppose there will come a time when all
the coal ami ad tbe conl oil stored away
in the earth will bave Become exhausted?"
"Certainly," said tlie Instructor.
'���What ��iil we llo then?"
"We shall be playing harps, I hope."
I.u_V  Man's llitiikerlns.
I'd like to have a nice, soft Job,
Where 1 could simply ba
A sort of weekly visitor,
To tlriiw my salary.
And then, aa that got burdensome
And seemed inclined to boi-e me,
I'd like to have somo fellow paid
Tu no and draw it for m��!
The   Imnurtnut    ..neetlnn.
"How do you like your new serr-
"That isn't the question at all," answered young Mrs. Torkins. "We are
trying to llnd out bow she likes us."
A    ller.ls-s.ile   Llmerlok.
A strenuous matron nam..! Maud
!���   in a iter n an v.'.m u tr_ud,
Ho she put the poor lad
Very niueh lo the bad
When Blm 111 on his features and t'l����4
Nearly  ������'.<��� l.lmti.
"Yes, I know liim slightly. He always impresses uie ns being i-uthor ���
herd man."
"Hard'.' Suy, Hint man can dull ���
knife by just carrying it in bis pocket,"
Mny  Sin- l*��rr Well.
To �� fair lady bound tor the fair
Tbo conductor said, "Lady, yo.ir f��J el*
She puid him, and su
On hU wuy did he bo
Wltb the tar. tion, the f-:r to ths f��lr.
All  tlie  World's h  VotUeeury  Slio*.
Sezso���Buyter Is not an author; lie's
n born chemist
Tl .so���Why?
Sezso���1-1 very novel he writes bacomee
a drug ou tlie market.
TS*  llr.l  Iron Ship.
Tlie first iron ship has more repute*
birthplaces than Homer, according t��
Chambers' Journal. Both tbe Clyde
snd the Mersey claim pre-eminence la
tbis respect. Sir B. J. Roblson of Edinburgh designed nn iron vessel ln 1816,
which wns not launched till three y. an
later, end lt is said that an Iron boat
was worked on the Severn even as fai
bnck ns 1787. Steel was not ua d In the
construction of merchant ships' hulls
uutil lf-ilk Old salts were nol ale::.- tn
their belief that wood wus meant by
Providence to float but Iron to go to
the bottom. A naval constructor of
some repute once suid: "Don't talk to
me of Iron ships. They are contrary to
nature." Now none but smnll craft ��r��
built of wood lu .England. ���<|^35pb^#WJ^Vi_' r,iA"d^mmi'
im.i .**mu
'i  i M F_S.
I. EMBER iy,  rc-7
.���JUU^i- MBM^
W. II. Laduer paid a visit to the
Royal City cm Friday last.
Mies Vers Gilley, of New
aitnter, is visiting friends here.
J. Davidson, of  Va��cjuver. [��aid
a short visit here an Saturday last.
We8t.|Hay, Grain, Cams, Implements,
Furniture and Houses
Insured From Fire
c   V
Best Machinery
On Earth   ���
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
fas. Pear, tn, of Boundary Bay,
was ts.fceu suddenly ill ou Saturday
The Rivtfside Mission Circle
will meet to-morrow at tke home of
Miss Devitt; at 3 o'clock in .he afternoon.
White, Shiles & (&,
260 Columbia Street,   -   New Westminster, B.C.
Capt. Qldhaa, of Asheroft, was a
visitor here, last  week, spying out]
tbe country.
Mrs. F. M. 13. Flett, sister of
Mrs. Hilton, left, on. Friday last,
f<?r Winnipeg.
Robt. May returned Uome, yesterday, from a visit to the Royal
*ud Teimina! Cities.
Ed.   Savage,   t.i
ster, took iu the da
Island oa Friday 1 is
at ,
lift/I I
-.J 5i.fi is.?..
Ml \
W. A; Mace, of Vancouver, paid
a shart visit here on Saturday las:,
ajad returaed home yesterday.
Vr-     Bit   HEX��J
AV    id,    -j(\\l.'kbdd'i
. 20 L\ 2\. '07.
HandU d on Commission.
lifflliiffvnii Dnlofnn Pa
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building'
to put in concrete foundations at about bhe
same cost, as piling or other inferior*
Write for Prices.
i v . ���*���
V Vi.
.itLa&m S ��&'?z$[%a&*1&B
b. e
Mrs. II. M. W#lsh aad daughter,
qf Kew Westminster, are guests cf Entries  Close Thursday,
H_s.fi. K. Kittson, Hast Delta. Septemr er  IQth
Sir;, aad   Miss  Smith, of North SvS.   .SONOMA
.fsi.-.auver,   spent    Saturday    last! Will   leave Steveston  9   a.m.,   12
htie, tV�� g.��tfst of Mrs. Johu Mac- noon, ami 7 p.m.
Tx��azie. ' Wili leave Lsdntr 8 a.m., 11  a,m,
 I an(j ^ p m
Mrs. Philpot, of Vancouver,
visited her mother, Mrs. Chris. Al-
ISertson, last week, a _:. ompauied by
_wr two daugi-ters.
Saturday Ouly.
A. DeR. TAYLOR, Sec.
MVER Prices
W. H. Taylor,
iuxrei  nt- P-mcc^A  Ladiier,   ="    B. C��
/-liiVc  or L?re��toC(:i. i
For   1 our
Port Guichon.
Sa aCTcr: ?����� qzjcTcn__g_r:,-
raasspssBHsaeafe-SfcESEffissEEsa 1
E^iSH5BBHEaHHBK3-"?8SS?a^^ : .
T��|l��t*  Cut uhiss, j
Watch Repairing a Specialty.]
Jindrm Clausen,
f.ADNER,  B. C.
The Ladies' Aid of the Metbcdist
Church will  meet  at  the home of|'
Mrs. W. J. banning, it  2:30 p.tn.j
cm Thursday ��ext.
a_��BB��3Si2e��5i-ra����.^^ .
Established' 1.338.
Arty P*;��iter and crew retuin-
sd, Friday, from Anaacis Island,
where tkey had been engaged
i�� threshing; a very file- sample of
" II
Mrs. T. W. Foster, accomosnied!
ay her sister, Miss Dotcearod, spent!
a couple days, last  week, taking in j I
the sights at   .lie  Royal  aad Ter-.''
miial Cities.
Incorporated 1907.
The Ladies' Guild of All Saints' j
Qhurch will serve luncheon in thei
Exhibition building ("upstair*] 'in\.
w^atarday, 21st iast., beginning at
ils.iu. Tea will be se:red in thej
D'. Woodley and   Messrs. H. J,
Hutcherson,   W.  J.   Lanning, W.
H. Smith,   W.  A.   Kirkland,  Jo?.|
Harris  aid  T, Hume left, yesterday, on a two weeks' otitiag', hunting and isb.ag, iu the Hope Mum-'
New Westminster and Vancouver, B��
Tremendous shipments - New Pall Goods now coming in.
We can give you better shoe satisfaction than any other Shoe
House in tha West.
All our Shoes are made specialty for us from designs of
our own.
Wo carry a high grade of Waterproof Boots for Men and
Women. We also control the agences for the bept lines of
MEN'S WORKING & LOGGING       GTS manufactured today.
We would call special attention to our Une of
C Lather Co., Ltd.
112 Hastings Street,  Vancouver, B. C.
Enolisli O^ilc Tanned Harness Leather !
D.ij.iri   ih
Saddlery Hardware, Horse Blankets and 6 table
������ Closed   Uppers    Leather    and   Shoe   Findings,;
Trunks, Bags,. Valise3.
?  ssgo   d"?      ���'. ..
���&2L .        ���/'.,;-
k.81 tHr$Aha.i
ait*. T. ti. Oswald, fr., of 3ap-|l
piitor, will held services iu St.
Andrews', I.adner, and St. Stephen's, Eitst Dtlto, on Sunday
next, in the absence of t'he psstor, I
��*vv A. McA.-ilrv, who iw taijing
liis vacation.
m &���
n Gum B
Qenerat Merchant,
,5-/     M ���
f       f'
Thy fu^e the Celebrated BALL BRAND made in Indiana
and are the Very Best Wearers that money can buy. No more
"Kicks" on Gum Boots if you buy them from us,
If It's Mmfihfng in Shoes Gmssnft Us.
Charley Twelves had the aaisfor-;
tiro*  to  bi*ak  his  leg, yesterday.!
\ybile bailing hav at Sam Morrow's
he got his  leg eatight   in  taenia- 1
chine-while jum;.ins;   in   ih. hay    I
The break is a bad one. I oth beti's
heinr brcken, and to wake the best   |
of it  he  will   he  confined   to  tbe   ;
House for the  next  seven  ireigti
OHNSTON'S Uiyousr.
New Westminster, B.C.
Vancouver Branch,        -        - 409 Hastings Stre*
Shipped Direct
y*..-. ���--
.. .
c   ports


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