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The Delta Times Mar 3, 1906

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asfativd /\g
MAR 6-1906     ��*���}
Vol. 3. No. 26.
B. C 5ATtlRDAY,     ACH'i, 1906.
Sl.CO yea
How About That
Mew Spring Suit?
��� ���.
cut,  best '.. a,
tc, sizes 36 to 42���$7.50,
$8.50, $10. $12 to $15.
Blue and Black Serge Suite
latest cut, sizes 35 to 42
Boys'   2-piece   Suits.
$1.50 to 15-60
Boys*  3-pieca  Suits,   from
$3.50 to $7.60.
The Finest Range of Regatta and Neglige Shir:** shown anywhere. ���
atumraer Dades-waai-', Faacy 80.x, .Belts and Suspenders, and Every*
tiling carried in an up-to-date, F;i^ishiji^ Store.  -,       .
New Shipment of Trunks, Valises and Suit Cases.
Dry Goods Department.
New Prints, Laces and EmbsTOideriea^ Wash Goods, Hosiery, White
wear, Summer Vests, Belts and Neckwear, AM Ready for Your .Inspection.
Shoe Department.
The Finest Stock of Shoes ever .shown outside the cities.
Ladies' Tan and Black Oxfords, Gibson Ties aad Strap Slippers.
-See the new lines of "Royal Pnrple" Shoes.
Men's Black and Tan Oxfords, Pateet Colt Bluchers and all the net.
leathers shown for Spring and Summer wear.
Also new lines Boys' and Girls* .School Boots.
Marshall Smith
The following is a detailed estimate of the amount ol  money required  to put the roads in   Delta
Municipality in good condition :
Trunk roads $48,000
.'"��� WARD   I.
Cannery road  1,026
Kirkland road  300
School road  1,180
Pedeu road  397
Frew road  105
Condon road  r.3-4
_.ridte. London road  soo
Tamboline roi!....,  300
Wharf, Westham Island  500
G. B  Main road   1,803
Matheson road  500
Canoe Pass road  1,325
Swensen road  400
Mason road  135
gason cross road  r.ooo
ulfside School road  175
Monkman road..  110
Port Guichon streets  400
WARD  n.
Monkman ro. I t 1.200
Morley-Matheson road  1,000
Imperial road  2,000
Haiti road  1,200
Point Roberts road  2,000
Cemetery road  200
Parrel! road  500
Parmiter load  ',000
Dooley Farm road  2,000
Boundary Bay road toJpVit-
ter's corner  3,650
Boundary   Bay  road  from
Witter's   corner   to  the
camping ground  3,500
Grimsby Townsite���
Carbould street  300
Mable street  200
Queen street...  250
Ladner streets    2,000
Mrs. L. M. Richardson, will be.
"At Home" to her iriends on Tuesdays,, ux the afternoon.
Ca Miabaud Houle, a-well know*
gentleman,, wko _��_��� made Ladner
his bome for the past decade,, left
on Wedaesday ioc the Royal City,
having secured * position as. guard
at the Provincial Asylum.. Mv.
Houle has heen engaged with R. P,
Rithet for the past twelve years.
Mme. Houle and ber only son,
J. L. E. F. Houle, will make their
home in New Westminster in the
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
yjqtsCpJflfci -Km-]} *��d Wl*oBio# Cwqfc
I wishi to thank the many kind
iriends wko so kindly expressed
their sympathy toward me in war
Mat. -L S. McBRIDE.
Port Oak-hot* B. C,
Feb-wwy afitk, 19c*-.
W.Cotmon, of the irm of W.
Gasman a Sow, Veacoavef, aad
father of Mrs. W. A. Kirkland,
died yesterday at bis boast, Vancouver. Mrs. Kirklantf happened
to be visiting ber home at the time
of his illness and W, A. Kirklaad
went over last evening. Mr. Cos-
man was well known here aad had
reached the advanced age of 80
years. Much sympathy is expressed for the be/e,a*red ones.
On Monday last, at Holy Trinity
Cathedral. New Westminster, Rev.
A. Sbildrick united in the bonds of
holy matrimony Samuel Morrow,
one of our most prosperous bachd. r
farmers, to Miss Emily Smith, of
Braemore. Hants, England The
happy couple arrived home ot
Monday evening, by road.
We  extend   hearty   congratula
WA��D in.
Ladner streets $ 1.500
Green road  300
Crescent Island, from Trunk
road to River road  2,000
Holmes road  300
School house to McClusky's
corner  1,200
McDonald-Hume road  2,400
Benson road, south  1,000
Tilbury Island road  1,200
Rivet   Road,   Sunbury   to
Mitchell's  3.800
River  Road,  Mitchell's to
Ladner  11,700
WA��D   IV. if
Tasker road t 3>������
Smith road  2,200
Benson road ��������� a, 100
Gowdy road  1,40*
Gowdy cross road  1,000
Farre.lroad  500
Parmiter road  650
(From Our Own   Corresponds?,,!.)
Victoria Feb. 27th���The School
Bill has been considered in committee and stands for further amendments.
The bill to reduce the deposit in
Elections from $200 to $100 has
passed its third reading.
A bill to grant 808,000 acres of
land to the Columbia and Western
Railway (the C. P. R.) has been
brougi down by message. It is
reporte lhat the government has
had some trouble in getting tbeir
supporters into line on this Bill
Which will be opposed by the Libera.-, ii   the House.
The estimates are expected down
this week and probably next week
will see the session brought to a
Startling evidence was given today by Jas. Anderson in the Kaien
Island investigation to the effect
that he ,.Anderson) acting for Larson entered into a signed agreement
with Morse, of the G. T. P.,
whereby Anderson and Larsen
were 10 receive $40,000 for the
Townsit. at Kaien Island if that
were mnde the terminus. People
here are wondering if the Lieut.-
Governor will interfere in this>
A large nuuiber of represeatativt
farmers are here now attending the
meeting ot the Central Farmers'
Institute. H. ii. Vasey, Reevt
Lidtier, VV. J. Brandrith, Ex-Reevt
Wickersham of Surrey,* and Mi.
Harris, of Langley are touch ii
Word   was  received,   vesical,r.
that   the   charge   of   assault   la>
against   John   McKee,   has    beet;
withdrawn by the complainant, VV
E. Curtis, through his counsel.
After approaching Mr. McKee's
lawyer requesting a settlement,
which was flatly retused except
through the court, the case was
withdrawn by complainant.
At the Police Court, this morning, complainant made application
to withdraw the charge which was
granted. The question of costs was
lelt to the lawyers to settle, defendant strongly urging that complainant should foot the bill.
Last evening a .surprisepart> was
Civen to West Melntyre, at the
home of Mrs. R. Devereaux. Mr.
Melntyre who is leaving for his
new home in Chiliwrck, aext week,
wil' be much missed by the young
people who are sorry to part with
sueb a genial young man and all
wish him every success \i\ his new
Scott road , $ V'OO
Oliver road ������  2,500
Henderson road  800
Efnbree road  2,000
Kittson road  3,000
Peck road  500
Holmes road  1,500
Mathews road  2,500
Annacis Island 1  5,000
River road  4,000
Highland reaJs  3,000
The adjounx-1 puMic meeting at
which this matter will be discussed,
will convene on Saturday next, tbe
loth inst., at 2 P"-. in tl,e Town
In order to satisfy gossip, we
wish to say that the notice ot the
issue ot the summons was published by special request from W. E.
Curtis, who is not only a Justice of
the Peace but a Stipendiary Magistrate. Mr. McKee having been the
subject of several articles with regard to the Reeveship, we felt it
to be our duty to the public to give
publicity to what, according to the
wording of the charge, appeared to
have been a terrible crime. The
manner in which the charge has
been withdrawn does not afford
Mr. McKee an opportunity of defending himselt, wbich fact is keenly felt by him. It is a very serious matter to lay such a charge
against a person and much grievous
harm, socially, is liable to result
from the fact that the accused one
is not giveu the opportunity to defend himselt publicly.
Saturday's  football f.inte played
between   Ladner   and   Columbian
College junior teams resulted in
victory for  the students by a score
of 2 goals to uil.
The team lined up as follows:
College���Goal, H.  Betts;  backs,
Parkinson aud Kirkpatrick;   hall
backs, P. Miller, Wilson,  Webster;
forwards.     Kenney,     Crow.     VV
Miller (captain), Smith and Gilley..
La' tier ���Goal, Hilton; . h'acks,
C. Mason and D. Nisbet; bail"
back-, Grot . Taylor and Ci;a_.
GiiTc .: iorwards, F. Guichon, J.
Mason, J. Davis, L. Harris (cap
tain), II. Davis.
Referee, W. D. Betts.
Timekeeper, D. Calder (College).
Linesmen ��� College, Lloyd Sip-
prell; Ladner, P. Slater. ���
The game was played in W. H
Ladner's field, adjoining the B..p
tist Church, and the boys wish to
take this opportunity of thanking
the Reeve very kindly for his generosity in allowing them the tree
use of the grounds.
The local basketball boys were
surprised at their ability to hold at
bay. as they did, such an active
and well practised team as the Col
umbian College seniors proved to
be. The game was fast and exciting from first till last and though
won bv tbe visitors with a score ot
20 points to 12 the game was a
good one from the spectators' point
of view.
The local boys possess a lot of
good material for a' fast team and,
with a little practice, the team here
will compare very favorably with
almost any iu the immediate neighborhood.
Following is tbe line-up of the
teams with the number of points
scored by each:
Right guard���Sutherland   2
Left guard���Calder  o
Centre���Peele ���������.. 3
Right forward���Turnbull  10
Lett forward���Johnston  8
Right guard���Harris   o
Left guard���Bugge  o
Centre���W. H.  Wilson  4
Right forward���Siddall   o
Left forward���Betts  8
Referee���Watson Miller.
Timekeepers���F.  J.   MacKenzie
i and Prof. Davidson.
It   may  here be  stated   for   the
benefit of those not so well acquainted with the game, that a goal scored
I from   active play counts 2 points
I while one made on a free shot only
\ counts one point.
Hall, Ladner, when everyone interested should make it a point ts)
be present. It will be moonlight
t'> go home, should the meeting be
prolonged.,      ���'���
Re>. Father Coccola came here
I on Tuesday last, to preach a retreat
���! at the R. C. Church of the Sacred
j Heart, Port Guichon, the service*
of which will terminate to-morrow
��� aiternoon at  4 o'clock.   The Rev.
Father has been in   Canada only
about two months and speaks the
J English language quite fluently al-
| ready, being a very apt student.
j His ministritioas during the past
1 week have proved  most acceptable
o the very attentive congregations.
'.iiemberlain's Cough Rerawlj
"_jrc: C-)l&-| Crimp and Wlioopiuf Csqgh, E DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY, MARCH 3, l9��*.
Subscription, $1.00 per year.
Cssusl A-Tertisemeits, i�� cuU per line Tot
the-rst ius-rtion, nud scent-per line tor etch
subsequent insertion. The number ot lines
rtfikooe-by the space occupied, 12 lines te the
Rate- tor Commercial Advertisements can. be
had on application at this office.
Reading notices 10 oents pec line for each Insertion.
Birth nud Death notices, joe., Marriugee$i.so.
Any special notice, the object ot which is to
promote the pecuniary benefit of any individual
or company, to be considered an advertisement
and charged accordingly.
All .d-erts-wneat. charged for until ordered
out aud paid for.
Correspondence invited on matters ot public
Interest. Communications to editor must be accompanied by name of writer, not necessarily
for publication, bnt as evidence of good faith .
Onre.ipondeuce must reach this office by Thurs-
imf .vcuu-g.
Gko. R. ManIsBy,
By reference to the detailed estimate of the expenditure needed to
put tbe Pelta's roads in proper
��rder, you will see at a glance that
it is absolutely necessary that something should be done, and that
right away.
The Trunk roads require $48,000
alone; Ward I��� $11,450; Ward IL,
$20,000; Ward III., $25,400; Ward
JV.. $10,850; Ward V., $29,800;
making a grand total of $145,500.
These figures have not been
picked up at random, they are the
result of a close scrutiny of the
road work done in each ward ancl
which has stood the test. Then,
again, they represent the fact that
jt will be many years ere the work
can be efficiently accomplished witb
the present revenue Providing no
more than $7,000 is annually expended on repairs, as at present,
for the next twenty years, ancl
no repairing is done to the present'
fairly good pieces of road, there will
be some of our present roads still
untouched. What condition will
t_,ey be in then? to say nothing of
Jhe unrepaired roads.
Many of those who are living on
rood roads to-day will have ceased
to be ere then and those reigning
jn tfysir ^pad will be cursing their
^sbes for their obstinacy in opposing tbe loan.
If the Joan is raised and the roads
are ptit in proper shape, the $7,000
an-jally thrown away in patchwork would repay the loan in 50
years, while there wpuld still be
$8,000 of the present revenue rer
rnaining for general repairs during
the time the new work is in pro-
Which is the wisest plan to adopt?
That the bonnet covered with
birds does not sing, but often makes
a man whistle when the bill comes
Tbat a woman can sharpen a lead
penciljust about as artistically as a
man can sew up a hole iu bis socks?
That there is nothing more
aggravating to a woman with a
secret than to meet people who
have no curiosity?
That it is a suggestive sort of a fact
that the author of "Sweet Home"
was never married and never wanted to be?
That   you   must   not   let   your
troubles blind you to the fact that
your neighbor's sympathy is two
thirds curiosity?
That as soon as a a girl commences telling a young man how
much she thinks of him he should
be on the lookout?
That a girl's education is not
complete unless she can read a man
like an open book?
That there is absolutely nothing
in the theory that the uukissed
kisses are sweetest���as almost any
spinster will tell you?
Vancouver���Ca'.i ��� ,rnia vegetables
are scarce. Potatoes, $16 to $20
per ton; Asheroft potatoes, $30.
Toronto ��� Selected live hogs
fetch $6.85; lights and fats, $6.60
per 100 lbs.
A.  O. U.  W.
Delta Lodge, No. 12 meets first
and third Tuesdays of each mouth
in Oddfellows' Hall.
Thos. Todd, M.W.
T. W. Kkrr, Recorder
McRAE & Co
A full line of English and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept iu stock.
Delta Lodge, No. 21.���The regular meetings of this Lodge are held
every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
m. Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
R. C. Abbott. N.G.
W. H. Taylor, Se;.
A young lady working in a
stocking factory, fearing that her
chances for matrimony were small,
wrote the following and slipped it
into the toe of a gentleman's sock:
"A young lady, good looking and
of some means, would like to correspond with the wearer of this sock,
if he is single, with a view to matrimony." A young man bought thej
sock and said: "There's my chance."
He wrote to the young lady, offering himself as a suitable party, and
to his surprise got this reply: "I
have been married eight years,
and have a family of five children."
The man from whom he bought
the socks had never advertised,
and consequently they had lain on
the shelves for eight years.
To-morrow being the first Sunday in the month, Holy Communion will be administered in Ml
Saints, at the mid-day service. The
Vicar hopes to see a much increased
attendance at the Blessed Sacrament all through Lent, at both the
early morning and late celebrations.
The ostrich plumes aie to be seen
this spring more extensively than is
usual at this season. One milliner
gives the reason for this,the fact that
leghorns are so in vogue, and that
whenever leghorns are used, ostrich
feathers will be in evidence, the leghorn being a rather bare straw,
needs the drooping grace of the
plumes to relieve it..
EprroR Delta Timbs:
Sir: My attention has just been
palled to an article in Pearson's
Magazine, being an appeal for aid
for the people of the famine stricken
district of Japan, and I think tbat
we, who are so wonderfully blessed,
ought to contribute a small amount,
at least, to aid our more unfortunate
brothers and sisters. I aro willing
to do my share and will be pleased
to give phonographic musical entertainments in any nearby district
where rooms can be secured.
Twenty-five  cents  could not be
better invested and a very enjoy-j
able ejreuing could be spent, with [
the. satisfaction qf knowing that We
plight save ssorae   starving   fellow I
Correspondence invited.
"A? you would that o*.)ien> .jhould j
dp unto you do ye eyeu so to them.'
Read Pearson's Magazine of
Warcl-, 1096.
On Thursday, the 22nd ult.,
Wallace Barrington, the fugitive
diamond robber, passed through
here on bis way to the Royal City.
While on board the Ritfeet, the
actions of the fugitive aroused the
suspicions of Captain Hunter who,
on reaching Ladner, communicated
with Jos. Jordan, and he, in turn,
telephoned Chief Mcintosh, at
Westminster, to meet the Rithet at
the wharf. The Chief met the roan
and, after a short interrogation, let
I hiu continue his wanderings, with
the result that he was captured,
later, in Blaine. $t Vancouver, on
Tuesday, Barrington received five
years in the penitentiary, while his
partner, Hazard, gpt four years.
60  VEARf
Timor. Marks
Design--   '
________________ CojwrijBht* Ac.
Anyone sea-lng a sketch and descrl-Mon tts.
 opinion frse whether an
qiilnltl* aacertaiiT onr
11vem_.11 Is probably
ions strlotlr eonfldent	
assist free. Oldest agency
I'nlsnts takan throng! __,_
tpHial notlM, without ctjarge, in the
rptnion free wl
--���������������'-   "ommunlaa-
on Patent*
tirmsstrlotlseond-entl .-_���
'    . Oldest agency for seauria. paten,..
I'ntents token through Mwui 4 Co. reeette
rarJu.'., '06.
Scientific Jfterkaj.
A hftn-semelyilhistrate- weekly. 1 meant Mr-
I'Utatinn of any sr.lentido journal. '1 eras. It ���
vear; fnur months, IL Bold by all netYsdcalsrs.
to-WCD Office, ftf, I fit, WiuiMairt'Vi. ��. C.
W. N. Draper,
Room 1, Klt-rd Block. New Westminster.
George E. Martin.
Barrister   and   Solicitor,
Guichon Block,
(Colu-sibia and McKenzie Streets)
M-tuufacturers of ull kinds oJ
Soda Water, Ginger
Ate and Summer
Your patronage solicited
������ ������ ���.*#**)..ipee e,eie tiOie^e*e*e^eiQe*Teio^r**o*e e�����!��� %'iiri
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and Draying.
Livery work of all kinds attended to promptly.
Ladner. B. C.
To Let, from April ist, the lands
known as the Sturdy Farm. For
full particulars apply to
H.  N. RICH,
Delta Stock Yard
By request of my patrons I have
postponed the sale advertised  for
March until after seeding time.
H.  N. RICH,
Fence Posts.
If you require fence posts just
drop me a line, or call and see
Ladner, B.C.
Tenders will be received, by the
undersigned, for year's supply of
Butter-Milk from the Delta Creamery, from ist April, 1906. Tenders to be at per 100 lbs.; accounts
to be paid monthly, and buttermilk to be hauled away from the
Creamery, at such times as arrang-
with Creamery Manager.
Tenders to be in by March 15th,
highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Secretary Delta Creamery Co., Ltd. |
Our Registered
...Trade Mark..
"WTHEN   buying   Overalls
see that they bear this
label.    It  is a  guarantee   of
their quality	
Overalls bearing the ***B-tck
Brand" are Union made, by
your own countrymen, and as
nearly indestructible as it's
possible to make them. They
are manufactured by the
pioneer workingmen's outfitters of the west. Ask for
"Buck Brand" Overalls and
take no others	
W. J. lUnoltK a ���v..v,
Meat and Potatoes
We can supply you with the finest quality
of the above articles at reasonable cost.
Remember the place
Delta dds'dd".
Itleat &\
Phone 9.
Commission (g:
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   Ladner, B.C.   .^^
Ladner Carriage Works.
Practical Horseshoeing,
Carriage Building and Painting, and General Jobbing of
All Descriptions,
We carry the finest class-
of Carriages and Farm Implements at rock bottom prices.-
Delta Transfer Stable    f
Team Work Bone at Specially Low Prices.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
Telephone " Ladner" No. 10.
*s--^_HB--__-B--B__B     ���***-   __B______--BB-_-s--R_--l-_-l  ***-�����**' _^***_a_-_-i-B ���
The Place for Tinsmithing, Bath Tubs, Stove
Pipe, Conductor Pipe, Roof Plates, and Everything Else in This Line.
Agent form
Gurney Foundry Co.'s Stoves.
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints.
Yoho Bath Heater.
Just the thing for making wa'ter hot for washing dairy
utensils, scalding hogs, or for wash day. Evary
Farmer's Wife Should Have One.
0, T, BAKER, Ladner, B. C.
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C
Incorporated 1869.
CAPITAL, - - - $3,000,000
RESERVE FUNDS,       - - !$a30_^743
TOTAL .ASSETS, - -        $31,i83,625
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department*
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Hates.
East End, Mt. Pleasant; Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland,
Victoria, Vernon, Chilliwack, Cumberland and New Westminster.
���u-t! '_.
Royal Household
Just Arrived*
Bran, Shorts, Etc*
A Full Line of ���-
Fruit Jars,
Jar Rings,
Jelly Glasses.
D B 81
H.J.Hutcherson' THE DELTA Tmm, 3ATURD.AT.
CH j, tp>%.
r* J*1
Holy    Communion ��� Sundays,
30  a.!.:.    ...Vs. Suudqy in month,
i:i a.m.
Matin-R, u o'clock.
Ei:_iiriong, ,7 t'_iock.
Sunday School at 10 a.-.r.
(Bctdfl-y, wanin'1; 5gr.v.i.:". 7:"1.
Rev. Canon .HiiUcn. vicac
SahscrPw price %\M a year.
.Services first and thi-d Sunday ol*|
each month.at 10:3;) a.m.; iJ.n__.ic-1
tion, 7:30 *��.tn 1
Sunday school at 3 p.01.
Ii��\v Mass ni.c'i Wkity Comi*-'union
lirst ancl ti.iri. _-_a.ii.ays at 6 a.m.
"Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest,*   j
*M*aflarl��y _*t Arft-as-la aad He*.
It bas been observed that If the
Earned dog is taken back to file wild
���wte he loaes his voice. These "sounding ���.voices'' are produced in the aniiuol
tin-oat in a wiry similar tothunmii language, '4>ut nre not ''voice*''-proper nor
"languages-' proper, and yet 'the*f are
full of psychological expression audi*--
���veal thc anlnml's psychic states. If we
tickle a clilmpma***? in the armpit, <tho
*toucb produces 11 ffi'iiixjn'thesfriee slmi-
iarto lhat of a nia-u-.-iiiiir'.ike'cirituiii-
etnace*. He also c:.|i*fl dni&hterlike
suuii&s. Tlie same in t:i-.t can. v-'Uh the
mrrang'OutTtng. Tin* i��-_rsilla-amlls tlie
lirowwh-n angry. Just lttaetwe-i.
Wf oft��n observe ill ape_:i. conipk-te
change '.In dho facial muscles when
something its going to ibappen, be it
agrccaliiewtU��aj.T��.*tliile. Itite no also
with thc child. In apes there Is t��vi-
deutiy the same connection between
the facial muscles anil vocal muscles as
in mnn.
Servicss next ILord's Day
. 111.and 7:30 p.m.
at  11
meeting, 10.30 a/so. every
Neatly Bone
Sabbath School  at 2 p m '.every
.Sunday.     iPrayer   meeting -.every
Thursday evening &t 7.30.
Rev. T. E. Betts, pastor;
Services next'Lo.sTs'Day at 3p. ni
Sabbath School at 2 p m     Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. A, McAuley, Pastor.
; Sabbath servi.es at Ladner at 11
a.m. and77 p. in.
Sunday ScUool at 10 a. m.
Prayer n.jeting��*on Thursday at
7,30 p. ni.; choir practice at 8.
"Character l_rfiur<.st.
'Character is the woo!-of honor from
Which n coat of mall.can be woven that
the ,&wiftest arrow >of shame or the
keenest knife oi* .dVufeputo cannot
pierce. .Every thought 1tU.1t outers rut
mind, orery act we do.cHiit every word
we utter adds a link 'to the golden
chain wf character. ���"Kite strength of a
steam engine can tK>��e*atlnHit*J<l'tO with*
in uii'OUMce'of ite limit, but it Is impossible to'estimate tho force of a no-
hie charaotor. The hardest hearts are
s_fteiird.sii_.the most repulsive -U*>i>.-.-
sitlons become fascinating. Our failures and our successes b-ip'le -form a
reputation tlmt may be destroyed by:
tin external force, but theitfestruKioii
of a character can only -be-effected by
some internal force.���Our B_y.B' ..Magazine.
A Story of Winnie DtTli.
There Is a story told of her by a resident
of Philadelphia which shows why Wirnlc
Davis was held'fo dear by the veteran, ol
the Confederals, army. Tho man vrhc telli
It wus a colonel underthe stars and bun
���na i-i now a rich U-SS. "IlutUvo yean
���to I wasn't," ho s��ys. "I'd lost ever)
penny I'd had before ���the'W-r, ucdrl.bai
'Sot !uade.nuny since. A big slump In th-
-west hnd done for me, and I put up at.
-New York hotel wlthjurt enough to piyj
*Eiy.tiir and no num. 3Hy limwes j��av��
way, MHid l :wus -taken ,111. 'i'ho -tocto
staid I jirast has?, a long-res*; and a cots
'plute phange .-! .xrno. I snid I might reil
In 1 iie gruvii uiK> liNaitg. t^l��---uo_o.thai
ot tho next, world,'Out thnt I bad no mon
sy or if-lends and woulu novel' leave th<
city any way but feet first Well, Mia
Davis was stopping at that hotel. She
knew I wouldn't accept money from her.
���o she got the doctor to pretend he wat
lending melhis own. .1 went abroad ah<!
caino -home cured and .lrcadyon the waj
to wealth. It was ouly titan .hut T found
oot whom I owed my life to. You kno<s
her book, 'The Veiled Doctor?' Well, fl-
me there ls in an equivocal 1 'ignliluanc. li
���that name."���Philadelphia i-re-s.
.. ."1 .���'.."
If  .a  ideal  eovertnfr.  cither  for   new
buiUiafa or improving old ones.
arm nmti weathii wmf mot ktw_.
It nit, U-HTtlHB AND ItlfT PMOF
Coiui-er Itt fia�� apsearanoa ��� its
���plon-UI endurinir qualitiM ��� ��nd alight
eipeuie -and decide to.uMve your owa
bint interr.t��-by-UM__ is.
T\*ot iUu.it. of infonuiion in oar
WholMKl* Mrnnrnfmotmrmn.
* t\       I
��OBT. MAY, Agent,
LADNKR.     ......     B. C.
5000 Telegraphers
Boa        NEEDED
Annually, to fill the new positions.
<create<i by Railroad and 3*_liigraph
'Oomprmies.     We   Want   YOUNG
MEN and LADIES of good habits to
Xtt) K. K. ACCOUNTING . . .
We furnish 75 per cent, of the
Operators and Station Agents iu
. America. Our six schools are the
largest exclusive Telegraph .Schools
��n the world. Established 20 years
.s-nd'end-Tsed'hy all .leading Rail-
���way Officials.
WeOEKecittea1250 Bond .0every
���*tudetit 'to ftrrni-h him or her a
.position paying from $40 to $60 a
���moifth in States east of the Rocky
^Mountain*, or from _f>75 'to $100 a
month in States west of'the Rockies,
(immediately upon graduation.
Students can enter at tiny time.
cNo vacations. ^For full particulars
���regarding any of our schools write
���direct to our executive office at,
-Cincinnati,'��.   -Catalogue free,
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Atlanta, Oa.
*">l* 1 **T* .   .      (
p(jft��-tr.fc>i��iAJ io;   .
Buffalo, N.\
LsCn*sse, Wis
i-.*. F'.'�������� !':isi.,,o.C,t
(We_tmift��ter Branch)
T-irae Tabic
C��*s*sll*nve WeKtiuiuMer'for-Vancortrtr *t 5.50
and 6.50 a.m. and hourly thereafter uutil 11 p.'
m.; Saturdays and Sundays at 11 p.m.
Cara leave Vancouver for Weatiniitstera at j.50
aud 6,50 a. 111. and hourly thereafter uutil 10 p.
m.; Saturdays uud Sundays at 11 p.m.
We run tirst-claas freight cars between West,
minster aud Vancouver -_<t all *shipiaeuts are
haudleS wit-.iiie<sin-.'.'��n*e aud lelivercd to
cousiifiiee without delay Specinl atteution puid
to fruit shipments. Oui wagons meet ull lioatk
and trains.   I'or rates, etc. apply to
TralBc Mgr. Local Mgr.
w��stuiiuster. 11. C.
! In;bnving a cough medicine for
children never be afraid to buy
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
There is no danger irom it and relief is sure to follow. It is especk
ally valuable for colds, croup and
and whooping cough. I'or sale 1 y
F.J. MacKenzie.
According to T-he Commercial,
of Winnipeg, the ivislbi- repply of
oats in the "United States and Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains,
is 26,223,000 bushels, compared
with 18,644,1300 bushels a^year ago.
Her Roaaoa.
���Br. JPwrt-r had responded to * note
left it his door Iiy a farmer asl;i;.-
hlm to go nt toon hm possible to nee bis
little boy, who had "a very bad cold."
The doctor took, oue look at the child
tti)4 turned to the mother.
"Don't jou knoTs- >>.'.����� Jw>y Is coming
down v/itfc .iiK>_>sls*<b i'' he ��iked ee-
"Yw. ���'doctor, 1 kn��w .be \Tree," taid
the wdnituj.
".Then what In tho .warttt did you
uw-ti l��y>wrltlng me he hufl %vej-y.bntl
coldV " ����ked the doutor.
The woman henltnted-for a moment;
tlien,.'l\toklng at her htubnnd, ��he said,
with sullen ifranluicss, "Neither him
tior. me. knew how to f.iwJim _������!�����"
tiiTlMK ftowrrs.
In Connecticut �� few years ago lived ���
tady who had a bountiful flower giinlfr,
In which she took great pride. The svlioW
nui.'iiborhoo'l wns inoud ul it, too, and peo
|jlo droTo juilvs to see lt. SJrotiatuliod tw<
���Jario Issnski.ts on theotitsldc ot her fonct
noxt to the road, and every inorning lbc��
were filled with cut flowers���the lurge.
showy kinds in one basket and tho doll
.c-ite, Vri..��ilo kinds In the other. All th*
'school children going by helped fchein__l��?��
and studied the hotter for it, and busiil-Sl
men took a breath of fri<gruno��:into tht-li
dusty oflioes which helped tliosduy alon',
Kvon the ttaiops were welcome to. nil ll.f
beauty they oould .get .'late their'forlorn
"You-Jilt*sach quantities," same out
sold to h��r. "Aren't you afraid you will
��ob yourself?"
".Tho, mure.-, out ths .njorothave," sht
_->rs*7��re_. "Don't you'know that If plnntv
are allowed to go to seed thoy stop bloom,
ing? I love to give pleasure, and it li
profit as well, for my liberal cutting Is tht
secret of my beautiful garden. I am lik<
the man in 'Pilgrim'sProgress,' tho mon
I give away tho more I huve."���...change.
tiort Hl'LotfCimrlrtlK.
Toung ladies in .Russia :;re not at el
aver.e to long engagements .ai__ u*
all sorts of artlfiees to stave ��flT tin
wod.iiiig day as long its h_-*u��_,tw���1J��
In Sitim, where old maids um-jdnicwu
���s all girls marry, tie rseoguizod
'length of an engagcuiett: is oue mouth.
If an engaged, man in ithe Argcntir.f
Republic dallies beyond n .reusonabl'
time in leading bis fiamee to ihe altar
be ls heavily fined, n::d if a rc-iMej-.! ���!
the republic should i>.il to marry h.- N
taxed until he reaches the ftge bt
eighty. In ne oeuutry ir ,',:���.* tr6a!d r.r-
courtships so tibnomin 11; Umg a* h p,..
hernia, where eirp&goi-';::-! ro-nnio:;.,.
last from fifteen to?tw��it>������ years. U,
fact, there recently &M at the at-*;*
ninety-nine an old tain who bad I*
courting fer seyonty-flve y.*ara and �� ������������
was married on bis dVathbt-d.
A Marble Slob.
A writer in London Nature describes
a white marble slab 2 Indies tliick and
85 by 70 Indies, whicli i-; supported oj-
stone  posts  and *saga  i:i   tli��  mii!.
three Inches out of level,   lt funds
evidence tbat  marble is  In retilii
fluid of enormous viscosity.    Tills htM
tomo bearing on the question of the
frigidity of the rocks coni|>oslng the
crust of the earth and the gradual adjustment of the earth"-,contour under
gravity.   The _J��b -wee u*!_,v_d in it*
present position in 18S3.
A Had Ophelia.
Patience���Why. she geve tha best representation of Ophelia .1'ever ihw.
"Yes. Vou know Ophelia It rupposed
to be mad?"
"Well, there was a party to one of
the boxes, and they talked loud enough
to be heard all over the theater, and
she was the maddest Ophelia J ��� *y��r
saw .ii<-uyttfeV''
A Water I.llr PoniL.
An admirable pond seen some years sine*
Was made in the following manner: A
thole_6m_l_. feet in diaiuetcr and- feet it
depth was _U-tit4luK, and this was plasturec
with iiMirtur to tho depth of iinohes al
the sides and'bottom. A piece of lead plpi
was put in to nmko tho deslreddrain, ant!
due respect was paid to. eonstrtmting i
jiplaoe outside of whore/lt weiil-tht-ugn, m
'that ths water would draia off through i
llayer of rocks and sond. When, tho nior
>.tar was dry, i'; was trentod to a cotit of o!s
'torn cmiicnS. 'In the center wus construct
���id a miniature islam! of stoncs-ivd eai'th
'and upon Ifrwas^a mass of fclingo an��
flowers, while.pi'iiU,*sVl-.ito:aiid yellow wa
-��r lilies filled tho spacoturoUMd It, and
stOBie'tadpoltsK grcWto-bo'iieiliitui-voys un
CeriliC'i-iade *of the "hrond leaves. Ont
year hulf tl dozen dwarf callus nnd n lot o)
old fashioned wandering jews made thi
Island a fr.lryllke plana, und *-evcral yoar*
lutcruninr;tllis plr.nts of many colors reveled in tho sun and moistura of the Island.
Xo one who has not rce.n <��'ie of theminia
tltro ponds can imagine their beouty.-s.
.Kick's Stiig.'uino.
Thru She lieatemlieraSS.
Near the eiev.tt(��:ioaidii_ifafkrfjtew
la n news anti apple Mwouiao. She its
very absentmii_aed. Alw syaaputbetic.
A ragged sti-eei.iircliic.raiMip to her.
"Saj*," .bo'sff-l"-*-,' 'lyiour little'boy haa
been raw over by a big trucKT'
"Where? Where? For goodness' take,
where?" shrieked the woman, rushing
wildly down the street. She ran half a
block and then stopped suddenly.
"Lord, what an old fool 1 .an)!" she
said to lierseif disgustedly, -tli-feare no
little'boy. .I'vc^-ever beenamm-led."
Meantime the: street ureli-ntiad stolen four apples and a bunch et gi-npos.
It  Wsm'I All In   Hlm.
"Johnny," sakl his mother severely,
"some one .Vtas taken a. big piece of gin
gerbread out of :tlie gantry."
Johnny blushed suiltUy.
'.'Oh,  .^h-nuy!"   she- "crfeiatmed.   ���",
'dtdn.'t'-thiiik It.was iu yon.'
"It ���cin't iiH," Tef-dtd..Johnny;, "pnrt
of it's in Hlsl..*""
Two rrotUmt.
"Dorothy ^always .iiet^us -a .novel in
the tulddie*'
"What's lhatfforr
"���tWliy, tiisii _*h_ lmst^T, probk*"' '
'fea\e_cite*d ovor, how the glory "
and liow It began."
'Wa *Jo��ife or Infor-wattms.
Backlots�����*.n don't mean to say".its
Is the 4>rst<*jrou'^_ iieOM .f it?
Backlotx-Why, If�� tbe talk of the
Subbubs��� Yes, but may Wife lt;*way
on a visit.
Vancouver, B. C.
Headquarters tor Pacific Coast
Grown Garden, Field and Flower
Seeds. New crop now in stock and
on test in onr greenhouses. Ask
your merchant for them in sealed
packages. If he does not handle
them wc wilf mail "��,o assorted 5c
packets of vegetable and flower
seeds (our own selection, suitable
for B. C. gardens) for $i. Special
prices ou vour bulk sueds.
ready for spring shipment.
Extra nice stock oi two and
three-year Apple Trees at $20 per
too, -$f8o per 1,000; Maynard
Plums, $. each; Italian Prune, two-
year, fine, $25 per 100; Sugar
Prune, two-year, fine, JS30 per too.
Full list of other stock at regular
prices. No expense, loss or delay
of fumigation artiospectioti.
I.et me price yourlfet'befare plac*
tiig your order.
'GreeiihcrusePliitits, Floral Work.
Bee" Supplies, Fruit Packages, ^Fertilizers, etc.
A   Chicago   Alderman  Owes  His
Election to Chamberlain's-Cough
"I can heartilv and concientiout-
ly recommend Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy for affections of the   throat
aud lungs," says Hon. John Shen-
ick,  220 So. Peoria  St., Chicago, j
"Two years ago during  a political
campaign, I caught cold  alter be-1
ing overheated, which irritated way
throat and I was finally compelled
to stop, as I could not speak aloud.
In my extremity �� friend advised ��e
touse Chamberlain's  Cough  Remedy.      I    took    two    doses    that
afternoou aud could not believe my
senses when I found the next morn-
j ing tire  inflammation  had  largely
I subsided.      I   took   several   doses
j that   dav,   k?p'  -tight 011 talking
i through tbe c,t;.ip.u_n, and I thank
j tbis medicine that I  won my seat
I ia the Council."    This  remedy is
'.tor sale by F. J. MacKenzie.
-Udtu M-verd.
"DM��tbo cotes of a bird ever move I
youV'.-asked the poetic girl.
"Yes." replied the young man. "I used
to call on a young' lady, and every time I
the cuckoo announced.the boai-of-IO.! !
went bome'.'"
A.  Uleaslac lu OlaBUlM.
rTow��_-iLook>s*ti that |>oor. Wind, beggar pUiy1ng'tt__:'acoordl��t\.
Browne���leg.: attt lie's *de4f too.
Towne���OractOUtl -isn't ttint awftflt
Urowji���OU;'l>.*doift_know. Just think
bow much he'd hnve to suffer If bt
wasn't deaf; ho'd have -to listen, to. iifcj
(Mi nil
Time Table.
Trma leaves .Cloveftiale at iuo
p.m. and arrives at-P^rt G��ich��_t at
2:20 p.m.
Train leaves Port '-GuicIjms at
-2:^o noon and arrives-at Cloverdale
M-QuJs-vsS oiHy.
The Man���Let me sell you -tills.new
and*very Interesting work.
Tlie' Other Mam-*t-dont need to. Mj
barber* lwugbt one last week.
��� _ay ni-te-r.
"Blffler ta forever quotlag voeti*y.*
"Hlt*��wa."-*-lUw X<��rk Journal.
'i-ak \o*_r'Brother.
vW-!ion�� young woman hau a fosttflloni
ktiTsither^rr n ooturiitlo st-fllolontly inlim,it��
tto bo ullowad in a fiicud.ly way t�� erilieim
her goodi jHilnls in dross, It Ih nut at all',
bad Iduu to osfc hisiadvioB nt.'otnftsho atyi.
of noukwoar she adopts. A man -is not it'
*! iffiwvnt (_.> ttto neoktikitt of hie Ulster's 01
'ifcis tiwoKthsjnrt's-toIlK, nml though his a_
viee iavoften couched in soiuowJiiit otThand
terms it Is usually worth following, and
ibis suggostions should at least be ���considered,
A tall girt, with a-i!img,6wmiil!;e.neck,
may wear to advantage a scarf with s
large, loose bow. Her short and jilimir.
friend, with a held set low on hor sliool-
ders, jimst not. Tiiuflk' herself nr till .he
ses.tns'.o*!iave"no neilkit. speak of. Fe,
ber the narrowest land or con', 'ssuilieienl
to mark the line where tho dross ends.
A gentlewoman never tolerates soiled 01
flimsy orcarelt>__ uoi-t wear.���.i'iiiluiisjplii-i
(s.lrnetlin of Vonth.
.���Johnny��� The vprbiage  was   so bei -
���OlliRt'tirldo-wy wheel.
'His Sister���Vhaf-nre.yiv.talkingnbmiW
"Well, whon'.-stts,'���-,l-'".vaiti* 'vorhhuri.'
ln the paper uuda.skrtu  pa whin: It meant
be said *Wlnd.'*"���Cinoinhatl Enuuker.
Ho was engaged to be 1: d 1
every one knows how the en: ' 1
tt'.lks when he gets a friend eor n
"Sho is the loveliest and best tin
��*Ter ilved,".->e. assarted.
j   -"Sm,e?"i1n(Ti.ir*l lliefi'ieiid.
1    "Sure! Of course I'm sure.  You d.
flonbt it. do yotiT'
"Certaiifly   not," replied  thc   fr
ibflstily. -.'only'*'-
"Oh,I suppose it's an tlchti but
'.1Iketo.*hiti*odtK*e.you to Dobloy."
"Oh,  another 'Moiid of   mini
i"told mc yesterday that he wj. ������
to the loveliest nndljost gifl tl
���lived, and I'd like to hnve you i.i
'.together aud settle the mutter."
Clioloe at Two HvtU.
It's always very wrong to tight,
itut, none tho h.ss. my son,
Improve your muscles��� ilnn't relax
As If nil atrKe were done.
It's always very wr
^iv.t never close your
.When rt.ncl. Sam suggc
M��> nced'-nsw v-ttuito
np to fight,
ir part's
--5)p*��,s HcKsve.
"C-ntna wnd dine with /ne tuniurriiw,'
said Ine old ,', )1=c.v-m lH>4iad tnudolilH mon
ey aiHhm,aJts_ali*Q;'pul_. _i_ way into *-uol
'���ferry,' ��� J'.\*iiccl thc-eiogomi tuuu. 'II
SO-'i't    i":i��;:   iug *"O*C0 'fiaiillvt.' '���"
""i'!'.-it> :.:���. 1.,!.'.." ^-lf. the honptVabh
old centk'.: an, '."'siing-lii'n.with you."������
LuiMlau-lit Bins
X8oell*i>'We��va ir, tils*.la.
!1vc learn from iuulns-tarj^pupor tlutt.MT.
Hind Iiil-,iThliiMbyniqni!:mplllili are now
sT.n a -vh;i; '.tn -l, ci-,'iiiks_',;y.i;T,iypu. Mr,
-'h:.:n!>;i:.';y:i;*��n'])ilhd sisxhe SHJPef Judge
<J, S. Arian.iy.'-.gampillai and sin -in-law M
Mr A. sliuiibiillngu-uuiudulllur,���Wost*
minster Quzotco.
l.iilher ki*jtl that if a mist! were no.
stroiif: iu Co, .labdsaniu itt :i:i;',ejuniwilHh>
.s*V,'if:<i.-ie> atUSiio iiuu.riw-i.lsustiroirj,*,
Rai.'dsoiiiu, learned or rich.
A  Greater  Convent��<�����.
"The nearest dooUr Is > miles away,
Isn't he?"
"Ves, but tbe cometery ta rlgbt
HI. J. HENDRY, Vancouver
3010 Westminster Road.
Charles-;D_ake, a mail *jEiTier at
Cliapinville.'Cow-..,  nays,   "fJMMRn-
berlain's Pain Balm is the champion
of alll limments.-   Tbe jpast year I
was'troublcd a great deal with Then-
matism in my**ihoulder.   'Afterttfy-
ing severil tures the store keeper
here recommeaded tWsiremedy and
Kit completly cured ure."    There "is
no \i��e of anyone suffering tnom that
rpajnful   ail__ent   -wheE 'this   lini-
omentcati be obtained   for a "'.flbaCl
!*suw.   One applioatfoti  ives prompt
There are two through lessen-Uelief-and rits-Tsn tin ued use  for a
l��r traius per day each way tto and shorttime will  produce a perman-
mixed train to j eut cure.    For sale by F. J.   Mac-
.'' 'sl**-W.-'ic.
from Seattle and
.IIVl    ftOlU    Ifclil;
It's alwajii vrvy Wroni? lo flRht; ,
Tht saying's oM and terse,
���But to make battla Hrel v.ei whlpptA���
That's InDnllely worse '
���1V_shlneten Sttr    j
The law which-st prosel.. governs thai
.praclkie of-inedleiun ln trance forbids the I
��� tlmultnneotis  practice of   Itiodlolne and I
pharmacy even by a ixTsor, wiio nuij* '10 in
possession of diplomas In both subjects.
Australia ts SS times as hirge as ths
Un'.ted Kingdom, 16 times as lurgs as
France and nlmust sgual to tbe I'ul-M
Who Cim Tel It
"Papa," said'Tonimy Trcdway.
"Kow, Tommy," ceplied Mr. TroAwsy,
"I elioll answer- only ono more, 'jnestio-;
today,    Sobeeoi-ful.whiityoa.nsk."
"Ves, papa."
*',Vell, goon."
���>Why don't Jhey bury the' Dead s��o��f"~-
RsTnui's Bazar.
ant.Way ��! I .Wo.
There Is a man In this town who wcrti*
Shoes full of old holes, a two years'old
frock cunt, a shabby tto,._overing a flannel shirt, und's frayed idrbf hat which is
.-ImoKt At old as he is, and ho lives In a (_
��� week room and saves money by weartn^
ao underclothes, and so having no was*>
bill. One might think -ho was yoen- if on.
Dover dined-with him. He has uionsy,
ti-nc he saves it for' 'sweet stomach's sake.''
Ha sjseads about s$2.60 for his dinner, a-rifl
a if. .-.lnoch . ls - not Infrequent;. He has
learned what ho most Wants in this wotle.
Be often quotes to himself:
"Why dost thou pine within and suffer dtrat-.
.(matins thy outward walls*.ssx*tlv j��t"
. It should be bome in mind that
1 every cold weakens the longs, low-
ers the vitality and. prej>��res the
system.for the-niore solious .-is-
eases,. nmong which arc the vtwo
greatest dc*trpyers of human life,
pncut'ioiiiu and coiisuivip'.i-i'-. m
CiiamberiairilB 1
Coagh Remedy I
has won its great popularity 'by its w
promjit c*orcsof this ttio*st'cenniii__>_p
ailment. It aids expeetorStion.-te- i"
lieves the lungs 'and ^pens the
secretions, effecting-a-flpertiy and
pennaneHt pure. It -countoraOts
airy tendency toward pneumonia.
Price 25c, Large SUe $oc. .. .
i ���-.-���
T.:.u.    rvss,.,l,n',
-, At. Holy
Triplty Cathedral*,. New Westminster, on Monday, the 26th
���lt��� by R_Hr. A, ��bildrick, Mr.
Samuel Marrow, of Delta, to
Miss Emily 9-oitjti, pf Braemore,
Hants, Knglaiyi.
' '  ' !�����. ' ������=
Schoor Report   THE GASH SI ORE
,.. Chris,  Morrcjyr, and   Geo.   Mc-
(fluskygirjeturned home on, Monday.
MrvJ. Watson and daughter,
Cr^ee, are guests of Mrs. H. J.
Number days school was in see-
sion���20. Total number pupils attending during taontL���-Boys, ( 9;
Girls, ?_*.
Average daily attendance���Dir-
iiiou I., 17; Division II., 41.20;
Divison UL, 34..lo; Division IV.,
35.95;. Total average*daily attendance, 128.25.
ifor-m LV.,, Senier-_01ive Whitworth, Ada Leary, Warren Livingstone.
Form IV., Junior���Vernon Taylor, Harold Davis, Elmer Burner.
Form HI.,. Sejiior���Wm. Whit-
Miss Cairnes, of Gulfside. return
ed bon eon  Monday,  after spend-j worth, FlorenoeLprdi. Gladys Dev*
ipg several to*ontbs-in Xancouwer.
Harry Bu*XTr went up to the- Royal
Qity on Saturday evening; las'., on
a short business visit,, returning
home ot) Mqndav.,
Henry B-de-u, of Westham Island, paid a visit to the Landing
qn Tuesday ls^st,_.pd to^k in tht
HU9tion Mle at West M��l?it;.r.e,"s.
By requestK H. N. Rich has postponed the Stock Sale at, the- Stock
������sard, advertised for tbe-Hth ot this
tnonth. until, Xhfi, rt^i of, seeding
if .over.
. i-i-r.���--'.-j ���     ��� ���-
A very, e_tjoyai>le evening was
spent at Mrs. Devereaux*s on Mon-
4ay night, th^. occasion being a
surprise pailf for tbfc.benefit.of the
Fred and Charlie iVithur. went
qver to Vancouver oa Monday.
Charley kas been laid up wit-trheu-
a^a^ism eyey* since his recovery from
the 4-pbther.ja.
��-eauj?��.Hazol Woods
Form III...Junior���Mjnnie Mardesich, Edwd. Livingstone,, Alexis
Davis, Herbert Harrington. Geo.
Leary, Fted MacKenzie.
Form It.,. Senior���Phillip.Guich-
on, John Kiikland, Austin Hume,
Leonard McBride, Lester West,
Grace Frederick.
Form II., Junior���Hazel Shirley,
Lester.Handford, Eric Taylor, Edith
Fifsst Re-ade??.. Styiipr. ��� Arthur
iMcBride, Leopard' Kirkland. Joe
Martinich, Evelyn Lord, AJbert
Jordan,. Calltyn Qlark.
First Reader, )unior-=_Ear.-_i>��yis,
_Jred Wnitwprth, Annie Bown,
Lena Vicevich, Denham Hilton.
First Reader, A���Mabel Lanning.
Rpy Anderson, Mildred Brejcster,
Myrtle Kirkland, Frank Kettles.
Second Primer���Cedrie Hilton,
Wyinda, McCallan, Ro_s, -Jhirku,
Stanley Clark.
First Primer, Senior ��� Ruby
Welsh and Laura Simpson (equal),
Norman Lord, Eyer.t (..runt a d
Ming Gee (equal).
Ftesb Prjmer, Junior,��� Bermce
Sbif-ej*., Gerjtrud*- Rich, Vtia
In flie ShowBtg of New Spring
Espes.s-.lly does this apjilr to tfra- Dress Goods-
New CW��red Lustresh $$c, 40c. 50c ��-* 6/00.
5Jew Fancy  Coloi:e.d. Mohairs, 4P--, 50c-, 65c &, 75c
54   iaphj  Sicilians.- .itfc  Nsaxy,   Brow.tL,.  G.re.e*n   auat
Crc-_x, 75^
jNew Serges.        New Ribbons.      New Veilings.
New Tweei-te..      New Eqsiery.. New Suits;
New Cotton VoilesC     Kew Gioj^h-virs.
New Skirts.
Jas. McRae has purchased1 the
farm recently occupied by West
Melntyre, and Stephen Ramage
l^as purchased a.fan-. in tbe neighborhood oXKa^tpopK,
���.���_i-    .-. atass,
The**��,to to.- ant, pkonographic
qoneert at East Delta S-hool House
on Monday Ma.rch, 12th.at i3jh, at
t, o'c-^and on Tuesday, the 13th,
ih OddfeUow's.jHal.); Ladt-er, in iiid
9) the. Japanese fan>,ip,e, tund., Admission, 2 %qs\ntSs.
���������".*''. tr.
lite, nfid Miss Roberts, mother
syid sister, qt 1*.P*sv Roberts, leit
on Tne-sday,,. fez, N.Rp_h Dakota.
I?. S. A\ _>urtniithe time of their
stay, Mrs. istpbeija found' chat, the quest of a large number of our sup
Tke Sand have decided to bel^
j the-loyal son? of Erin celebrate
the day dedicated to their. Ratron
Saint, but, owing to tbe fact that
the 1,7th of "Quid Oireland" falls
on,_ Saturday, the e-��e of St. Pa'*>
trick's Day will be marked by a.
grand ball���.keep nt*. _](,_������ open for
viish to will have the opportunity
a/ls., dodgers,. &c���when those who
ef keeping the ball arolling well into t,ie day usually dedicated to
Music will be-provided*byi the entire band and suppe;* will be- served
dviug the eveqing (this at the ��-
qj|__o-4e here, did no,-" agree with
_rjer, so sbe decided to return to
iftr. old hot***. Mrs. Rc**ber)$ was.
^ffiuritic f:ft_a asthma.
The auctiv-n sade a<t \sAeat Mc-
THtyre''s, on Tuesday last, was a
sreat success. In point of numbers
.end pieces realized it most certainly
was the hests^ectbat.has been held
for. some tipie, T{h��v,hoist a^^t,
appa7*��tly�� is in that class condi-
-Joij, one horse, a very fine, specj*
tyiap %i��$M w^jle itXtattiiuals off-red
tjrought* go*i*4 prices.
porters, who attended the last dance,
and who, have a strong aversion to
facing even.during a,ball), A committee 1 as been; appointed to see
after the arrange-aeats- necessary,
and it is their intention to do every
think in their power to look after
the-comfort and amusement of the
supporters of the-dtnee.
Tbe committee in charge ef the
wjatk of-, moving the Methodist
Church and Parsonrge   on Thurs-
taen o,(. bis. kind, brought bo less day last,., let the contract  for tbe
worktaj, Bv Eyiot{,   Work will
1 commence about the-15.sb.inst.
[������.jm." mi 1
-SB-gH3>?Si ��->iiii,.ni||iii    i.jii   1.  i|.Lf 1 m>.
Befo.ce o��fj- BI���r*- DB^W^Q\ qomes. qg[.x
'��� For.- eveCTr- 80* ��EIS-H^ iav.e^ejti* in. ojit
i Btore iE&OB-E M2lBGIJ( ^jyou woU. secure
a <spit��po!*_ w^nicii entitles you. tp? a chance
ifiW Q?^ Q�� 0Vff- $8 valuable pri^s,, the nijst
ptoeii��g��  ^. __i?SIOT5Jil^;  ?iaji^ value,*. %��
Dojp.% 1^> tji^t b^. said of yxiUi,
A. D* Seymour. Mauagej.       -       -       --      New Westminster
7- Hm SMITH.
New Westminster, P^ Cfc
We Beg Leave
Tc^ notify the people of Ladner an,d sur*
r��un<i_n^ district tbat we are now in a
position, to. offer "^-uacouvear lalaiwl
Portland Cement
At .greatly redueed prices* making it, pos*
sible for parties who contemplate, building,,
to put in concrete foundations at about tha
same cost aa pilng or other inferior
Write fo  Prices.
b. a
We Have Item!
-IK   aa* �����
Thej Derby Shoe
For, Men,, thft choicest productioe of Canadian-Shoe Mttiiwacture
New Solid Goods, new prices.
Modern  Shoes in a Modern. Shoe Store.
J* REACH,    -    Ladner, B.C.
[fi HI
Westhon IsJand.
W Riddler returned to, the Inland yesterday, after a> fortnight
spent on the Delta and other mainland points. We are pleased tp1
note his safe return.
, Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore and -amity moved, to their new home on
Lulu Island, this week. We regret
very much to lose them-, from our
small population as they were very
active workers for the benefit of the
community, and took a very prominent part ia making a success of
all social functions on the Island.
The local football team try conclusions with the -hanuiion. Celtics
bf Va-nctpuyar,, to-day, and on
March ro, they, play, the first of the
Charity Cup games, witih the Vancouver city team. It is. hoped, that
there wi'4. be- a large turn out on
the iotb and that it will; be a fuianr
.cial success at*** all the proceeds ot
the game go.to charity.
��� John Benson, brother of H". Dt
Benson, returned to California, on
Wednesday last accompanied by his
mother-in-law, lifts. _Dr.]jLLent^ot
New Westminster.
For Sale.
We fcave just added to our already larfije
stock, the complete
American Catalogue
Qf these justly celebrated goods, conceded by a.)7
to be the: racy best Cylinder Records to be ob
tained in the world.    All the v-eay latest, numbers both in Songs and Instrumental Pieces.
Come In and Take Your Pick.
M. W. Waitt & Co.
55& Qranvile Stv Vancouver
Hwo Spade Harrows, one Scratch
iHartow (four sections), one Sod
Plow,.one Stubble .flow..
Apply to T. E. tADNER.
Is*, now   in   full  progress.    ISfaerything
marltsd ijjowifc to t?ost and below.
We must ma-fee room* for New Goods
that arah coining fia every wes_-_..
Hernce the BIO- BEH^OTION.
A. }. BIRTGH, 275-,Columbia* St., New Westminster
Cut Glass,
\nd a-U kinds of Jewel
Repairing* a Specialty*,
1  Clausen.
*Vm*egte ��-- rv*r�� -
i���,U)NER,  B.,C.(   ^


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