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The Delta Times Jul 21, 1906

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Vol. 3. No. 46.
. H. C, SATURDAY, JULY 2:, 1906.
$1.00 ye��
Wflli^ UP.
Delta Council net in the Council      As  will  Le noted, the V. T. R. \    The  Baptist   Churches   et   the
i Chamber on  Saturday, July 14th, I has at last put into effect aa effici- Province held their annual conven-
with  all members   present   except ent service  tetween Port Guichon  tion in Xew Westminster, last week.
Coun. Gibbie. : and Vancouver.   Surely this should | The four days' sessions were li
Minutes of previous meeting were J mean icuc'i to the r*
! read and confirmed. 1 community.
Tt*   -.:
__.   ma*&'
"kit ^
From  Monday, July 23rd te 2k
These Savings Make Even a Moderate Purchase
Worth While.
Ladies' Summer Waists-  ,
Ladies' White Lawn Waists, Regular $2.50, Sale Price $1.65.
" " " "       $2.25, " $1.45.
$1.25, " 75c.
Ladies' White Silk Waists,     Regular $3.90, Sale Price $2.95.
"    * "       $3.50, " $2 35.
Lustre Skirts^
Black Lustre Skirts, all sizes, new styles, Regular $3.50, Sale Price
Ladies' Hats-
larmsrs  o.   thisjly  attended  by  the local Baptiat*
We are  assured   by and  re; resentativts fr��m   Eastern
; the local agent that a plentiful sup-> conventions.     Anion* the visitors
Iudun'Ply otca"i*Proinise<ib>*the0reil*;were:    Rev.   W    T.   Stackhouse,
over   all   it.    western B.A-, Supt. of Missions in  Mani-
This  being so, will it J toba. the Northwest _nt B.C.; Rev.
not be as well  to  give  this road a ; \y. ].. Norton, Supt. of Missions in
quantities of pro-1 Ontario and  Quebec;  Rev. Whit-,
sight   for   ihis   season's' Supt. of Missions in  the Maritime
it   worth; provinces; Rev. Dr. Gordon, Mont-
while to improve even more on this real, President of Grand Ligne Mis.
service?    Very  shortly  Vancouver sion;   Rev. II. F. Lafiamme, India.
j Clerk was instructed to notify them j promises to have a market building. The reports of the  year  showed a
I tp place the pole line 46 feet  noi tb HheX will be second to none in the, satisfactory   progress being made,
! of ditch. ! province and then the train will be I four new churches being ��rganized
Tbe application of .Messrs. Atkiti-1 wanted to take you and   your pro- j i��� the province during the conven.
son  &  Craig  ie   wster  supply, us dttce to market.    One  other  point {tj0n year.
l*rom R. C. McDonald
j Agent, re Noxious Weedson Indian
; Reserve. Received and filed.
i Fi-om P. C. 17 17 Co., re pole
I Hue. The matter was left in the
:'hanl!s of Couns. Paterson and
I Davie and the Reeve.
From  B. C. Telephone Co , re
I j^i   ft"^ P0I6 line on the  River  road.    Thej
fair share of th;
dure   in
markets   ancl thus make
along the highways and oil
lie  places of the  uiutiicip-
u �� _. ����� ���      $3.75,
Children's Dresses, Ages 4 to 14 Years-
White and Black Chiffon Hats, Regular $3.00, Sale Price $1.8
Children's  Sailor  Dresses,   Fancy  Ginghams,  Plaited   Skirts,  Etc..
Regular $1.75, Sale Price $1.35.
Children's  Sailor  Dresses,   Fancy  Ginghams,  Plaited   Skirts,   Etc,
Regular $1.50, Sale Price $1.00.
Children Fancy Check Gingham and Muslin Dresses, Regular, $1.00,
Sale Price 70c.
under, was read:
To the Co'.--i il ni  the M mi
of Delta:
On   behalf   of the Cold   Creek
Water Supply Company, to  be in-'
narp.irate.i,   1   hereby  applv   fur a
franchise to tin all nets necessary to.
instnl   and   operate   a   system   olj
va'cr works within the   municipal
ity, including tlie right to lay pipe:
cr pub
icipality,  i.
carry water therein and. generally
to d i all such acts as mav ho nrces I
.'.arv'for  th':*   purposes  of the said
business.    The  franchise   will   re- j
quire to be granted for  ttte term o I
at least 50 years,    Before cor_.___e.ne-;
ing to instal the plant the company
would require the  municipality to
enter into :. contract wilh  the com-!
patty (list  the  municipality would j
pav   the company   tbe sum ol  six;
hundred dollars per year for water
to be furnished by the company foi
the use ol   the   municipality.    For
the said sum of six hundred dollar''
the companv wi.uld   furnish twelve
hydrants to be placed where directed bv the municipality.     The coin-
in connection with this, not only
: the saving in time and labor by
i having cars within a few minutes of i yentious of Canada
your   barn   and   gransTV, but also
tlie saving to your pockets through
less wear   and   tear to the roads in
the wet season is worth considering
' Consequently there will be less ex-
i pens** ior repairing same and   mon
raonev (or other purposes.    To sum
up, save vour horses, -ave  your L-
A move-men', is on foot to form a
union between all the Baptist Con-
it is likely it
will be completed by next year.
Arrangements were completed to
establish   a d
euonunational college
-t sSummerland, B.C. A free site
Ins been offered and about $45,000
has a'r.ady been subscribe*, towaid
us support.
The  addresses given at the con*
bor, save your taxes and  assist au I T*.ntioti were inspiring and helpful.
institution that brings you closer t
your markets
defect paid   and cheques issued: 11.
J. Cresswell, $14; \, S, Mason, $43:
YV.   Abenrombi*.-,   $185;   W.   L*.<
seter, $11; G. T, Baker, $33.15; T.
J,   Trapp   &.  Co.,   jp2���79;   W.   L
McBride Estate,  ��5.60;  P.  Clark
$325; Royal  Columbian   Hospital
;*2o;   W. X.   Draper, ��41.25';   Mar-
; shall Smith, $6; Ah Voung, $34 50
j H. MoDowell,  $6 70;   17 A. Craw
[ ford, $70.60;  Johu Oliver, $68 47:
R.   F.    Handford, $63.37;   Lefro.i
Bros.. $83.15;  S    Thompson, $78;
R. E  Kittson, #179.S3; Jas. Kelly,
$97.27; John Holmes, $30.80; L. F.
at least 3011 subscribers to contracts l
for the supply ot water by the com-:
pany before the company commeuc-1
ql'.n-    iiiri   r
municipality t-i guarantee that the
said   number   o1'   300   subscribers|
A masterly address 0.1 "Cbri.tia..
: Education" was given by Rev. Dr.
fi .Nr. Kierslead, of MeMaster Uni-
; versity, Toronto . Kev. "M. Bos-
. worth   gave a   graphic account ei
the work ol  Grand  I.iyue Mission
and College. Kev. D. B. Hark-
���' uess,   Winnipeg, Supt.   of Foreign
.Missions iu Manitoba and the
j Northwest, presented the problema
and possibilities of tiie work among
j the alie_i immigrants of our cetant: y.
Rev.   J.   Willard r.itch,   B.  A,
Vancouver, was elected president of
the convention lor the coming ye.r,
and it is expected the 1 ext meeting
j will be held  in sSummerland, when
I the uew college w.ll be opened.
On the whole the convention was
highly successful and gave a spirit-
Watch this Space  as New Lines Will Be Added to the  Bargain List
Each Week.    ALL NEW GOOD?.
Hornby, $74.31; N. Condy, $71.63
pany would further require to have|R_   Gray]   ^ 5-.   w.'Endersbv
$338;   C.   Beadleston,   $8;   Chung ' ual uplift to the delegates present.
Chee,   $8.75;     Sing,     .-14.25;   E.j	
Simpson,   $25.87;  T.   Haven, $54;;
ed operation*, or won', I  require the ^   Scopinich|   $52 _5;  Jag>   FolliS| ;     vUss Katie Plewes is visM..* her
1-57-37'   J-   Simpson,   $47.25;    C.  aunt,   Mrs. F.. T. Calvert.
j Himburger, $40.50; Geo. Ormiston,!  ���
I would take water from the company ^   Kwoug   Tung   Chong)  ^8.
j upou Ae terms hereafter mentioned Cfaag   Twalves   j,_2-.   p   1,-olli._;,      Grain sacks are still on the jump,
$28.12; Johu Follis, $52.87; W. H. >"01* fcad belter ��et a t^ore on if you
Reagh, $72.50; 0. \Vestermark,: Wls!' 'O-ave money. S>_ is hig^
$244; Beaver Lumber Co., $20; R,: ;t is UP to you to see you don't pay
J. Lord, $124.50;  Cemetery  Com-! mor-''
$25; School Accounts, ~ ^~~
during the term ofthe tranchise,
The company propose to charge
for waler furnished by il to its subscribers by meter at liic following
The first 1000 cubic feet or any
part thereof, $3.00.
Master Tom   JordaH  was taken
djourned  to meet   up to St. Mary's Hospital  on  Sat.
\V. T. Jackson, representing the
Province, of Vancouver, paid a
short visit here this week.
For every 100 cubic feet over the;.._,ajn ^ SaU,r-ayi julv 28|,at 2 urday last, suffering froM an attack
first 1000 cubic feet, up to 2000 .."duck pm ' of typhoid. According to latest re-
cubic teet, 15 cents.                                               port he is Aoin��� as well as can   ^
For every 100 cubic iect over the. '" expected.    We   hope   to  see  him
first  2000   cubic feet up   to   3000     The S.S. Sonoma leaves I.adner arouud again, soon, all rijht,
cubic feet, to cents. at 8 a.m. and 4 p m.; leaves Steves*
For every too cubic feet over the ton nt  g a.m. and 5 p.m.   Every
The grait of $200 made to the city
band by city council, in return for
tivelve   public baud concerts  was     George Grauer commenced-haul-1
deemed   insufficient   by   the   mu- :ing ;��� 011 Monday and   finished   ou j Mrs
sicans.    They made a counter pre- [Thursday, and expects to cut  bar-[on Ju,-V 3
position a   few days ago to play lev uext weck-    NInch of ,he  b;ir.
eight time, for the grant, which
���fFer was accepted by Aid. Jardiae,
who was appointed to carry ��ut
the negotiations.���Columbian.
The above would show tbat
Delta is much better off than Westminster we get our open aii concerts
free and the Band does not kick at
a concert or two.
The-Sonoma is issuing commutation tickeits.   Ten trips, $2.30.
Don't foj-gct the water question
ftext SsViwu-ay evening at S o'clock.
ley on this estate has lodged badly.
Under the auspice.*, of thc Riverside Mission Circle, a garden party
will be held at the residei ce ol
W. Keir, on Tuesday,
tst. Ice Crean;
ade, candy, e';c, uill b
Entrance free.
The Methodist, Baptist and Presbyterian churches held the first of a
series of weekly union prayer meetings  on  Thursday  evening.    The
Shave,    toe;    Haircut,    15c.
Walker's, opposite Delta Hotel,
first 3000 cubic feet, 5 cents.
The minimum charge per month
to be $3 00.
Upon the  municipality j.;���'11'11*
to the company tiie   rights  before*!
mentioned   and   contracting   with
served,  tbe company as belorementioned the
company   would   be   prepared   to;
enter   into  applications lo proceed
' with the installation of Ihe plant.
Dated the 14th day of June, 1006. |
day except Sunda.
Whole   Com.
The prize list of tbe Provincial
Exhibition, to bc held in New
Westminster 0* October 2, 3, 4, 3
aud 6, is to hand, and is  put up in
Cracked   Corn,   Rice Meal, Chit! neat form.    $50,000  in  prizes and
Rice,   Chick Feed, Timothy and , attractions  are   promised   and,   in
Clover   Seeds,   Sutton's Garden  fact,   an   exhibition   up  to date in
and Field .Seeds may bc obtained  every way is guaranteed,
at   Brackman-Ker  Milling Co.'s; i
warehouses,    Ladner,  trom   Mr. 1
II. \7 RICH, Local Agent. T:i* St' Uuis Meclica' ���"', Sar-
gical   Journal   lias   published*   iu
  ; pamphlet form, a list of facts 'in refu��
A. W. II. Kin.;, B.A., pf Victoria
attendance was not large, but the .public school staff,   spent Sunday
meeting was interesting and  help- here-visiting  his cousin   Dr. A. A
fill.   These meetings will be con-! --ing.    Mr. Kiug also preached  in
tinned  through July and  Auguat.' {he   Baptist   Chinch   on   Sunday
The   meeting will  be  held in  the evening, where he gave a very in
Methodist Church nex.t
at Jt p. m.
Thursday; -tritctivt. di-sco.is.j_
J render,"
'.Saul's sur-
T-he Reeve was instructed to call; This morning Dave Woods'horse tatiou of the comments made by
a public meeting in the Town Hall, became so interested in the Savings Collier's Weekly re the supposition
on Saturday. July 2,8, at ,-* p m., to! Bank department of the Royal Bank, that certain .'Headache powders
discuss Ihe above proposition. j that it   made  an  attempt  to inter-'have caused death or serious illness.
The Delta Land Sale By-law view the genial manager, but, be-1 According to the pamphlet ni_st of
paj��jed its first and second readings,  itig attached \o the  buggy, discov-l the cases had 110 foundation-What-
Tiie Delta Electric Light By-law ered tbat the doorway would not j ever, and the headache powders are
passed its first and second reading.',  permit  of anything   more  than   a'a safe medicine when taken t(v��_rd-
T*U<. fo'ldWifltg accounts were or-  nod and a wink lieimf indulged in, | ittf tQ directions, '���*'*���: DELTA TIME?, .CATURD A
Pl'BUSHKI*   l.VRRY   S..T!'K1>.\ V.
Su^scRirrioN, $i���00 wyw.
Casual __dve.titt.n_.9t*, io ceiiis 1"--' Hni- I"
Ike Iir-l ins lUs..n.t.'u<l S-t-i^-tp-r ������"" ,or e"c"
��tib_.sju_ni Uineltjioil. 'tii** ninnlss-r "i l'iif-
reckonrsl by khe (puce u-cti((td, ia lines to thr
Rutrsi tor Comuierclfil ^J.erVwmcn*,*! can b-
_;ul OB _|).ilit_ltioll "I On- uflsx-.
RMiling notices toscenupar line for encV in-
Hirtb -ml lle_t_ notices, 50c., M-_*;iagefr$l.- 1.
Abv special notice,, tlie object, 0. which i��to
pron'ote the pecuniai v. lieuetil ol an* tnaividunl
ar c-mpun-, to be cuitjslered 1111 advertisement
��� nd s b��rs_,-ii Reeofdin.ly.
All a-vertisenieul* charted far i.itil ordereil
.nt aud puid tbi.
Corre��po��d_uce luvl__*d ou matters ot public
Interest. Couiwtiiuiiiitions to editor must be ac-
eboipsiite- bv uuuie of writer, not ne_e8__.il.'
Sir pablicflttou, but ft evidence of good faith
<#orr-��p*.,ud*fit:e wttst reach lhU.ot_l_!C t.;i Thuris-
Ah v r , ,��� m I ti x. ���
presentative Tiii-i*ti:.;._ will convene
���j.n Saturday, the j-: .h ol this moatb.
__ter, the mat'e," ran be- discussed
an all lis phases. It fe the-duty of
one and all to attend, as this is an
opportunity which way not be;
given to us again lor many a day.
if the scheme is viewed in a. j
favorable tight by ihe public, it Is
possible we may have the water
within a year from row, which
would greatly tend tt> the well-
being of the district ancl the personal comfort ofthe people-.
Gso. R.  Mani.ky,
��� ���l-*��-fsVsJ.^.>J.^j.f4.4^f.i.^_;.��.4.j.*j.
���'��� ��� 4- *++''������* -j- ��� ���!-���������
i.l. 4
Delta Transfer Stable
Team Work Done ai Sp*sta��*y low Prices.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
" Ladner" No   io.
��� ���..���H'sK--*--.** ��������� ���>���!������>������
] �������� Telephone
������ +
17 J. MacKenzie visited Vancouver this week.
1 006.
Tllli. l'VRTH,  SEA  AND SUY.
Consiitei'ablt irrititiotii has bsen
piiuseil i_i the neighborhood of the
boundary Line during the past few
years, arising from the fact that a
Certain property owner has conceived the idea that, became the Provincial Government has deeded to
kim about 33 teei of neittral ground,
he has tke tight to all the water
ff the Bay, ospwi-te his lot, attd
kalf way to Blaine-.
We woul 1 advise our U>ys, when
bathing, to see to  it  tbat they are j
i     A good story is told  of a  miner
who   had  Bidden   into  a   Western
Australia., town to consult a doc-
I tor.    Having done so, he went  to
j have the perscription made up. According to The Commercial,
"How much is this lot?"  he ask- i.>l Winnipeg, the  visible supply of;
ed thc chemist. [oats in the United States ajid  Can-
"Well let nie see, "'was th* reply,  ada, east of the  Rocky Mountains,
j'-'The-re's ;s Od for the medicine and  is    6,393,000    bushels,    compared!
: is for the  bottle."    He  hesitated, [witb 7,456,000 bushels a year ago.  I
j uncertain whethes he had charged i v 	
j for everything. j .
"Oh,  hurry ap, boss," said the | A.   O.  U.   W.
W. N. Draper,
Roon. .', l{Uar_l Ulock. Sew \V-.stmiu6
If you contemplate buying an Incubator or
[Brooder you cannot do better than to get prices
Fashion   StllbleS -|6ff the Ladner Agent for the CHATHAM.   "
Tracking and Draying. f
Livery  work  of all kind.*?
tended to promptly.
impatient miner; "put  a  price  on      Delta Lodge, No. 12 meets first
the   cork   and   let   us   know   the '. and third Tuesdays of each month
woi wt: '���Ex. j in Oddfellows' Hall.
  Thos. To.._>, MAY.
i T. W. Kkki-s Recorder.
Word   ha��   been   received  (torn 1
Fred Cuttings who  it. still  ie Oak- j
laud, Cal.    He says there is lots of [
work   for   cat [.enters,  bricklayers, :
Ladiier, Ii. C.
McRAE & CO iWestham Street,
Ladner, B. C.l
1.0.0 f.
Delta Lodge, No.. 2..���Theregu-
i etc., at good pay* but the pay foi har meetings of this Lodge are held
properly attised and. thea-uae _Ue |\]abortti is no better than hese. every Wednesday evening at & p.
?���**���>*��� Fred did uot forget the  needs   ���_|La.    Visiting Brethren cordially iu-
We    would   suggest   that   the [the printer whe�� writing.
Council   rescind   the present   road;	
across Block A anil gazette r. on- the i
beach -which would   connect   with
tit.**  bcaih on- tha  American   side!
and Urns make  a  continuous road
around the Point.
The project lor th* supply of
water to this community, as laid,
down elsewhere in this paper, pre-1
sents many claims for careful cen-
sidst-at-otis At lirst glaace, the;
monthly r��,te of ��3 and all connecting expenses, would appear somewhat exorbitant in the case of Use
coiissusser for dimssl-ic 1 urposes
puly. But the great benefits to. be
derived by a departure frcm our
present deploiable system, if it may
be t��_m_d �� system., would surely!
more than compens__te the outlay
which is asked.
It is i��decd time that we bad
soma probjetioa from fire. It
'*;8i-Jtdi *��eem almost an intervention
of Providence that the Village has-
hitherto escaped any serious co_��-
SagratioB. The recent fire a.
vkilliwack aflibitls __s a striking example of tbe necessity for hydrants
_H*i an efficieiit Sre- brigade-. It isl
estimated that a total loss of J_i5��i-
000 worth of property was averted
by the water systani there, which,
*t,y the wa;, :;. supplied by the
same company which ts applying
hr a trauchjse 'u tliis -i.strict.
The rates asked for  :-rem tptitei
^alislactjory   ulic-e   the,   farmer  is
concerutti.    He needs ',h?. water especially,    a^id    will   Mobably   be!
?<iually willing te/pay for it.   This,!
then, practically leaves the individual who requires  water  fur house-1
bold pti-rposss  c;i.,iy, and   00. whom
it will larger^ fay end as to whether
we will have out  water  supply or
nd..   I^st*. thanks i��td  patched lip-
W* lt-?ei��eiJ advocates l'or; thc cause j
tiba.ii   any- etpiiueuce might prove
Think of the luxury of PtMfc water
/ * ' *' ���
�����::u;j_f��own here   .o-__i_,y '..    Is  t*his _i
ifSfclfiltg ?:   Siir's'.v   ii  is a. Case ot
"V\'_Uitr,. Water- -riitr. wlier.*., hut not
�� d 1 op to drink J
li is hoped that, a. large and re-
Business is  fair.    Eastern  eggs
' are coming iu  Rood   shape.    Local
, eggs   are   ferm.    Dairy   butter   is
[quoted at i-Sc to 20c.    Cured meats
are higher all   roun i.    Oilier lines
are steady.    Fresh meat business is
Toronto ��� Selected live begs
fetch $7.70; lights and tats, $7.45
per 100 lbs.
, vited to attend.
R. C. Aniiurr. N_G.
W. H. Taylor! sSe_.
A in.? line of English and Irish.
Tweeds and F.incy Trouserings always kept in stock.
- 111II il
liicorporuic-t LS.t'-.
Crushed Qiam Shells
m    ImmVe.,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
We ean supply you with the finest quality
of the above articles at reasonable cost.
Remember "the place
Phone 9.
Ladner, B.C.
150  YEARS'
Go^vwcHTS Ac.
Anvoiy? fi&iiiltngr ft pliOte*i'tli(l'dps��rip*.irn mr,f
.itlekly oacoftaIn our opinion, free s-IioOilt on
nr.llttnn 13 vrobftbly rii_wntttlil_,   Communion.
hm utrict ly rouUilenti-J. HfliJOBOflF, <>i Patcuta
. ;nt free. Oldest sirency-for i?ecu?io(. butants.
fHtont-i t-kon tbroqich. Irt.nii. __ Co. recolve
,-����ial iiottcc, wltlioa. e-ftrno, iutlic
\ lirfTif-iomoly Utus-TBtetl weekly. IirtKeoij e.r-
.tilutlun nf any Hcietitltic Jnuninl. Terine, |;> a
"ear; lour months. JJL So-d')>y ail rown (mot era.
Ur.ncb Office. 6-5 IT St. Wmlilii.tuii. I). C.
Ladner Carriage Works.
Headquarters for���
Pure Wlaaiis. Binder Twfric3
Bale Ties,
Barbazi Wire,
Lubricating Oil,
Or   Antf   Other   f}M   Thing  the   Faivner
Requires at 10 WEST PFSiSES.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Inter]
est Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
East End, Mt. Pleasant, Granville Street; Grand Forks, Nauainuj
Nelson, Rossland, Victoria, Vernon, Chilliwack. Cumberland anl
New Westminster.
'&OTS   &   BHOEi
Q. T BAKER, Ladner, B. C.
Tans. Oxfords &
Blucher Cut
A Full Line ol"
>[1CN and BOYS'
I ,
Get a Suit at Once,
ipii Vt t-isyiivi
WW^_^K-;)MMpV^��l-t-_|_-P THE DELTA DiiES  SAI
Vic.=Ter. Railway & Ferry Co.
Effective Monday, July 2*.r'd, igo5, a tri-weekly service will be operated between l'ort Guicjior. n:d Vancouver.
Leave; Pt. Guichon, 6.30 a.tn.    Arrive Vaucom-er, 10.20 a.m.
Leave Vancouver,   2.10 p.m.    Arrive Pt. Gutclion, 6.00 p.m.
Monday,   .Vedntsday an i Fric'ay.
Prompt attention given to all orders for err.*-.
Load  your  produce  at  your doors,   save   vour   time,
horses and roads.
Further particulars apply to
Agent,  Fort Guichcn.
T'e ^Teatest choice in Vancouver.
The  best  values  for  your  money  and   easiest
terms of purchase.
_W.Waitt& Co.,
558 Granvile St., Vancouver
1 Anglican.)
Holy CuninHinioii ��� Sundays,
-*:���,'���  ii.m.    1-1 Sunday  in month,
11   II.IL.
M .tii s, 1 1 o'clock,
1. \'i 1 -oVs . -, ;"s; 1 o''cIoc!s.
Sunday Sci ,-��.>i ut io a.in.
I'tnlity, evening s&rvict  ",:'���>.
Rev. Canon Hilton, vicar.
i-.Vi 1:01. ie
Services firs' and third Sunday o
each n. t'.ii', at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7 :in ,>s m
Suudiiv .-.caool .il ;. p.m.
I.o\v *.).��- it������.-i Holy Coipiimiiioii
first nnd ihiid Mottd tys at b a.in,
Rev. [''titlier .Vainer, O.M.I.,
iJarisb  .'nest.
n-.r :"::���   -.re Al��'-   , . T .--ie.
...��   ;;.'.    .. .*>   _f   I tho
t .:.'..: ���* of Upps and an: * arc 1.:; r.!.l_Ml
sv..!i numerous dolidtu- hu.ee * 1 ... nit-
nni. : lis. Tliese are pei hap. ��� ��� i...- . ��� i
-.* : .. the org -. - f tii-' : ��� it, the:?..
Lilt' exact I" :���:.'.;.��� of tliis   .���;..-,' in iu*
Si' I.,   i.-i   t!;_. :,,..,,   ��r_   ].;.,.,,    l!;,t   tile
*_.i���.:.,,-. 1.' 1 .'��� la tho ts.- .vi'. ..', nut-
UlUis i-tilli'd 1;:-le bulbs- ronii in part
.in* Midi, ri ',',,,��� i,rgan nt instp. These
it y i:i 111���: . Micron ;it ia ll ��� 1 ���._.T' 1 -
.I- .,:.:,_.;.;. ... .,- ore . .., _*o.v ai-d
oxcowliii ly mniierous in man. while
the , . ' 1��� .' oven tlif row i... ijotat
;;.".r!, 1 r.-, '.ip iiuibs.
it    -:.. i.'d    '������>   llltl i- ������'   I!    lo    ! ;���...:���
...':.   1 l.e]    ��� li ll   special   t.. il'   i :.   i!e..   :;
special ..roup o_ nerves md ii;ai only
thus t'o:i'.'spundjDg i.. iLe atalltory
iiurvt*.. These taste Imll.i wore ���! -
covered in 1807. Each une qjtsslsi 1 ot
two klitdit of ei Hi. ono si"! forniii - an
out r protective covei'itiK. llirot'iili 1111
opening in which project from live :������
Ion of tl.e true taste cells Tli.iit__li Im
|xii ant. I'.si-y 11 ro not apparently tin 1 �����
1 . tlal part of the organ, I'or l.lid. a: I
reptiles have upne, liut iteitlier have
they 11 keen sense of taste, except pel
hups t;,,- parrot.
Thodlflereitc�� between Hitting and Mi-nlnt* isthod.f*
ircronce between an A**' unite and an lttaci umieAnn,
Clioo-W wisely���lilsct-iiiljwteI (__t a STfiVliNSi
Forty yean of ex-^ri_y.-_.__ btJ-.m_ our tritd ai.4
fr, Via line of
 Itill-e TelftHeopes, Etc.
..akyourdeolci-aniliit-slstj _���-*��-.. 4c [11 (tamps for 140
.ui the STEVHNft.   Ifvnu  -!"*��� t?ta,��K ���d-MO-Wog
rctt. txfr$ss#rt/aM,on , ..ntaiat points un Shoot-
receipt ofcatalog-pri _.   Ilny, AmmuniHnn,Etc.
Beftutffl.1 (three-color Ai'imlmtin Hai-ifr will bef.��r-
wor lc 1 for 10 cents In $t.iu]ts,
-is., U.S. A.
Sole   Agent   for   Columbia   Graphophones   ami
Service.: next   l.onl's Day at  1
t.   III. .Ilki 7 130 p. til.
Class   meeting', ro.30 a.m.  eve
Sahhatli Scltool at 2 p 111 ever.*
S'.n day. Prayer meeting ever.
Tliursciity evening at 7.30.
Kev. J. F. Betts. nastor.
Coiiei-rittiie the Letter "V."
A wrlli't' ia Science denies titat tlie
loiter ">'' is a lineal ileacendnat frnm
tlie Roinail "Y," which in tlie lime of
Cicero wns borrowed from the Greek
alphabet  to represent  upsiloa  In  tbe
translation of Creek names.    Tiie lat-
ter is only used, he s:iys. .���!.-���. n vowel to
transliterate ttpsllou In loan words ei- ;
ther direct from the Creek or indirect- '
l.v through Latin or l-'reii.li.   lu a net1.:: ������
majority of cases the I.tviis-i "y" is u j
seinlconsoliaut cort-e���poudiug in vahn? !
with the continental "j."    AIouk with ���
the   other   Hainan   letters,   "y"   was
adopted by thi* Anglo-Saxons fiom the
Latin alphabet, with a yaltte approxl-
mating to that of  "1."    In  tact,  he ;
claims that there ls not  a  lineal di-
scendntii of the Anglo-Saxon "y" uow '
in existence.   The letter "y" in modem |
English words ls, curiously enough, he '
claims, not a "y" at all. but a lliii.nl do-
scendant   of   the   Anglo-Saxon   "g,"
whieh was the Konlau "U" evolved by
the Romsus out of au earlier "C."
Contenfrnwu gives  _ crown  wbtr*
f.irti'je _.i.t-i deLiOil ii. - ionl.
Coi.-S'itfs .y Is the Cs':''��n_fnt of all
oOict human vtittea��� .s_.3zl_.t.
He wii.. iv),! not !..._��� udviee gets
kiiufflsjjje nrlieu ii.'Ae overtakes
Ui__j - K.___i-i.
Tbe mo.-e one gpeeU of Linis.Jf tii*
le-ss be likes to boar another talked
Tbe readiest uod surest w.y to _,._
rid i_f censure ls to eorre_t ourwive..���
Demos then.*.
Cburacter und porsowJ for��.' ure the'
our, in>." ���: _i*?i.ts tbat are Worth asy-
Tis not jour posterity, but your actions, thai will perpetuate your mein-
oiy.- Huttbio_on.
Calumny vvuuij Ss>ou _.arve and die
*it itsc-if If nobody tooi. .( la u..d ^-sv*
11 a lodging.���Ls-i_._i.__;
Clvlilty is a ehariu tlat attracts the
Ivve of all men. and ijj mueu Is Uei.ot
-bun in shew too little.
A striiw,'.
A very small boy wit'a watching hia
mother sew whalebones In her dress.
"What are tbey. ma'.'' ho asked.
"Bones." sbe replied.
"Whose?" continued ihe little fellow.
"Mine," _he answered.
He regarded her a minute lu ama_e-
metit aud then asked solemnly, "How
did you get 'em cut?"
Ill* shady Obsei-Tatloa.
Miss Jones (to Mr. Brown, who bal
survived three wives)���They must get
kind of mixed up in heaven with ao
many Mrs. Browns about.
Mr. Brown���Oh. no; I calculate uot.
You Bee, now, they're all ditTereut
shades of Brown.
A Failure.
"Yes, I consider my life a failure."
"Oh, Henry. Low sadl    Why should
you say that?"
"I spend all my time making money
enough  to  buy  food a d clothes, but
the food  di'-a.rees  wltu  me, cud Btj
clothes don't nt."
A Large Assortment of
Hay Forks
To' Ee Sold At
'OdHrock Prices
Garden   Tools of   Evory  Description j fflfa |j|||} gj|*p| [|
Bowel Complaint in Children,    j
Ditriii'/ tbe summer months child*!
sn nre subject to disorders  of the
irvels which should receive _are-j
-tl attention as soon as the first un-
laiural looseness of tbe bowels ap*
lears.    Tlie best  medicine  in  use
>r bowel   complaint  is  Chamber-j
st. aniiki-.w s PKivSHVTitRiAN tiitt's Colic,  Cholera and Uiarrhoeaj
Service-; next Lord's Day at   j^'Remedy as it promptly controls any!
.t.nt  and 7.30 p.m. i unnatural looseness of the bowels.
Sabbath School  at 10 a wt    Mid-1 ��� lror sale by All Druggists.
week meeting on Thursday eveuinj' I 	
ul ;..-.*) o'clock.
Rev. A, McAuley, Pastor,    j IT DEPEND.. ON THE HORSE
  An amiisitij! incident occurred at
I a traiuiug of a regiment of .oldiers
tin the West oi Scotland. While!
: thev were be^ng drilled by the Col-
I onel one ol the soldier's horses be-;
I came restive, ami galloped away at',
I full speed. As the man shot by;
' Ihe Colonel cried���
"Hi, sir, where are you  going?"
To   which   the   soldier  replied, j
i  'Hanged il i know; ask the horse."
���-1 x
l.K.ure'a Curious Tree Ltn.
Let us observe a law common to all
trees. First, neither I he stems nor
boti'.-ha of the nniple, e'iu or oak tMper
__' . lit at the point wLere they fork.
Whcuever a stem sericu rortb a brancli
and 4 branch sends o7 a smaller bough,
bud or stein, they remain the same in
diameter, and the original stem will
in: tease rather thnn diminish until its
tie.t branch starts. No bough, branch
nr stem ever narrows near its eitrem-
ity except where It parts with a portion of Its substance by sending otf
another branch or stem.
All trees are alike in this respect, and
if all the boughs, branches, .tents, buds
and blossoms were combined and united without loss of space they would
form a round log the same lu size und
diameter as the trunk from whicli thoy
spring. This is one of nature's imperative laws and never falls to prove true.
Jerry���Is the world yetting botte ?
Jack- it's pettli",- wiser.    1 hate au
awful time trying to borrow money.
Tii.  P.ar One
A Parisian clothe, dealer kicked e
dog out of hi., shop. The dog shot met
with some rapidity and kauckfd er��r
a w__a__ii with a Jug uf __tlk. The
woman bro!.. the lug aud upset aa
elderly gentleman a:-d tho Jug eat
both of tbem. At that moment e cyclist arrived and wan thrown off his
ritaciili.ii by tin. prostrate figure**), aud
slaiultaneott..'y a cart came up and
smashed the bicycle. The magistrate
blandly advtaed the entire squad to
proceed against tbe do*,, and they ara
now looking for it���Loudon Ml.be.
Sabbath  services ��� Crescent  Is-
and, 3 p.fn.; Endtier, 7:30 p.m.
fc'.unday Seltoi.1 at 10 u. iv.
l'ravr-r meetiug on Thursday tit
i p.m.
C. Croft,  li. A., pastor
Port Guicnon, B. C.
5000 Telegraphers
wmmme       NEEDED
Annually, to fill the new positions
ereate'd by Kailroad and Telegraph
Companies. We want YOUNG
MEN and LADIES of good habits to
We furnish 75 per cent, of the
Operators and Station Agents in
America. Our six schools are the
largest exclusive Telegraph Schools
in the world. Established 20 years
and endorsed by all leading Railway Officials.
" We execute a $250, Bond to every
student to furnish him or her a
position paying from $.|o to JS60 a
month in States east of the Rock.
Mountains, or from $75 to $100 a
month in .States west of the RoekieB, I
immediately upon graduation.
Students can enter at any time. |
No vacations. For full particulars 1
regarding any of our schools write;
direct to our executive office at j
Cincinnati, O.   Catalogue free,       ;
i ns am of miw
Ciucinlati, 0'iio.       li 1.'_'..! 1   '���'>
Atlanta, Oa LaCr--*--   7,7*
*_l"'__._.rk-.n���, Tex. San Ff^ncisco.Csi |
Special Offer of
Seasonable Goods
Get your House wired no\\
and file your application for
Electric Light now, so that
the poles may be distributed
past your premises.
Application blanks may be
had of Mr. .McDonald, the
j     When you wish to   buy   visiting j
cards call on the Delta Times  \.ho'
i will sell the best  money   cut   buy, ,
' [f you need thein printed, why you
I are money in pocket by  calling   on
��� the Delta Times first.   - j
A   Poser.
I.ittl* Dorothy Perklus wag usually ���
very truthful eliild. When ah. was
not truthful, gbt was plauaiblo.
Com;at In from ber walk one morn-
inj.. Kin. informed lu��r mother that ���_)���
bad eeeii a Hon In the park.
No amount of persuasion or reaioti-
IttS wavered Iter Btatcment one bair'n
breadth, bo at night, when ahe slipped
down beside ber knee, ber mother said,
"..si. God to forgive you for that lib.
Dorothy bid her face for a minute;
thou she looked straight into her mother's eyea. with her own shilling like
stars, and said, "I did ask hint, mamma, deafest, and he said: "Don't mention lt, Miss Perkins. Thut big dog
has often fooled me.' "
Plrmr on llnui..
������You would get aloiit; a great deal
better If you didn't ;.vt so excited." laid
the calm man to his irauclble friend.
"Can't you leiru to keep your temper?"
"Keep my temper! Well, 1 Ilko that!"
retoitod the other. "I'd have you understand that 1 keen mote temper In
one day thau you hare iu your possca-
sisjii during a whole .ve_n!"
I.lt.rallr  i_.act.
The Politician���.Now, iluu't quote bo*
at saying anything.
The Koporter���Oil, no! I'll simply pul*
llsh what you said���Life.
A Georgia Maxim.
Don't bt dl_cour��sed; keep a-trj-ln',
An' you wlll (ret your wtih;
Sam.time- tha very .honaat line
Fulls up th* lilggm (lib.
REE SUPPLIES��� Buckwheat,
Fall  Rye, Clover, Timothy, Lawn|
Grass,    Ensilage    Corn,   Mangel,
Turnip.      Special    quotations   it'll
Spray Pumps, Whale Oil Snap. |
; Vegetable Plants.
Large stock of HOME GROWN|
i Fruit and Ornamental Trees now!
I matured for the fall trade.
No expen-e, loss or delay of fumi-
1 gation or inspection.
1    Let   me   price your  list   before
i placing vour order.
We do business on our own
'grounds���110 rent to. pay, ami arc
1 prepared to meat all competition.
id   i, ns..***���.,..v. Vancpi-vet
.J0.P We.-itir)iiister Road,
Our Sheet
Metal Fronts
Offer you splendid Improv-iment, at
small cost, for any mylfl of building.
VrV make thnn complete, to suit
any Bi'ltKl or (.haiHHi structure���the
entire metal finish Including door and
window caps, ci��i ti-.c.., etc.���IH a great
variety of Styles.
They Rive a very handsome offrct,
and (ndtiring, practkal satisfaction.
Wc give estimates if vou send
measurements and outline of the build*
Think it c\sr.
Mets-Jlic Roofing Co.,
Wh.,!-._sale Manufacturers.
Toronto. Canada.
.Saved His Comrade's Life.
"While returning fiom the Grand
Army   Encampment at   Washitig-
1011 City,  a  comrade  from  Elgin,
111., was taken with cholera morbus
and was  in n  critical  condition,"
snys Mr. ). 17 ITou_��� h.nn<l,of Eldon,!
Iowa.    "I gave hint Chamberlain
Colic, Cholera au I  Di trrha 1 Ren -
edy and believe saved   his  life,    I
hove been engaged int leu -ear*,  ii
immigi ltion   wul   an I  conducted
nianv parties to ihe ���_-_:.>_ ���. i.i7 tves .
I   always cany   tii;-:   r_med3   ind
have used it    ucce^'uiiy  an many
ocrahioLS,"    Sold by 7.i Drttegists
En_.ll.ih  llnunfr.,
_.n EiikHkIi iuukoepur wns found In '
bi*��� one morning with his thront hnill.v
cut.   "Why iliil yott do It J'' they asked.
He replied:  "I'or itiuusetne.it    1   had
nothing else to do."
Tills cliltnes in curiously with on old
French epigram ou English manners
nml custoniKi
Here lies Sir John  Plompoudlng of the
Who   Iiiiiik   himselt   one   morning   fer  ���
Hie Wife's Bread.
Brown���I beltev. that half a lonf ll
better than no bread.
Towne���Il'm. Guess yen never tasted
my wife's bread.
He married a leading lncly.
And ehe'e leading still, 'tis sato*.
For she spends his money so freely
That he never can get ahead.
etnej er Rnatlef
"My boy," sold the man of ideal tern-
peromon., "if you want to heroine n maj-
ter of your profession yen Bust stttdy���
study dny nnd night."
'Yos," replied the ���nergetts yonlk,
'and while I'm away off In ��� corner studying some other mnn will be hu.illnf
erouud getting all the bu.ias_a,
"������,�����....��.: ..���-���s..., ,._..,
ROBT. MAY, Agent,
LAOXl-'K, 11. d
11HI li 11 N!3I ���
* *
IT -.1. HENLEY   f
V -1*
I ������ ��
�������� N'KW WESTMIXSTKK,    I-I   B.C.   ���>
I t f
���> Manufacturern of ull kiuila ol                    s*.
��� i,
���[��� Soda Water, Ginger -.���
IA Aie and  Summer    ...
,.:. Drinks.             I
! ,J, Your patronage solicited     ^
l     ^S.J.-*..J.-��-.'...-.'.-|l'.*.-...*--.,.t.'.-.''--.,S*S   .A,...*.
Modes:   Claims   Often   Carry   the
Vi  -. Conviction.
',, ifn Maxitn, the famous gun
inventor, placed his eun before
a committee of judges, he
stated iis carrying power to be
much belcw what he felt sore
ihe gun would accomplish. The
result oi the trial was, therefore, _
:.,iv.".i surprise, inst. 1 i of disappoint mc/t. ii is the sain, with the
innnnfa-Mtrers of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cli ilera and Diarrhcea Rem-
���������"iimimm wws.
% ^raZTS^X lCci||IIs Remedy
lint ti.i'i'r   to let  thc  users  make   I      Tug Cliil-lren's Favorite
1 1 " -UBBB���
the   s. i-: ���"..���!!,     What   they  do  3    Ctoughs, Oolda, Croup aitid
r-lfiim is-tha-t it will  pisitivelv  cure   | Whopping Cough.
���s . !���;, I-,,, ,���'������ i.-; ,:..���, r<sr Its, oi:-r^ o-'sr
' S    IM    111-     If ),::.-.��� ,,-   ..{:���,. - ;���, i,]'.,v: -vorl-l.    :. t   u
,                               V ;i!"..'.s- i tss.i    ,   ,, ���..!,,,: upnn     It oontl')''s  HO
,,.!'. never, . '���: ,.   . ,...,��� -.. -. �� -t .. 1., 1 drug and no. ������_
1 1: i.s     ���    '���'':.' 1 ���.. 'nribf na to nu i, ��� -It
been knd.vn to fail.    Forsaleby All   i prieo 2s cts; Lathi- size, 66 c;_.
lo: uu*' 1 n      7 .���'. ���'-..
i);i|... is.
.. ,*v^~w\_>��v"V*i '.V's-sa.' TTTF DELTA TiMSS. SATURDAY, f. LY
! 5?"��A
_p___>-WWWq���t.        i.'-l....    i_r-aer.-yi.-g-- -
local ww��. u,s;r- '"���;*.1'ii.i;,tH?? atl
r T ' Walker s. opposite Delta Hotel..
MS## BTGiM ^��
0*5 '*"���-._;
Miss Thirkle-visit-. I   tke   Royal      The   Misses   Jacl son,   o:'   New
Cily thi;. week- Westminster ire vi>itiug their aunt
 ___ j Mrs. i'. Shirley.
ji. F. Stainton came home, Tiiurs-i       ' ,._.  ���   ' ���
dav, ou.a short, visit, 1-07ND���A Savings Bank Book
__  ..   I of the Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Mr*,   j, W.   Welsh   -*i..itfd   the  A;.ply this office.   {
Terminal City this week-
T. E. Ladner paid  a  slip.*  visit
It. Vancouver on Monday.
Mrs. G. T. Baker aud daughter,
Miss Irene, leturued Thursday from
a visit to the Royal City.
J.   Waddell   returned    Ttwsday j     Rev* Tho*. Crosby spent a  busy
day here on Sunday among the
j Indians- and :>.: the Methodist
l Church.
frjoni a visit io Vancouver.
. _?? fi?**.*?.-. _*���*���_-. f^Xf ^*f��. ��r*i   e?
���<�� Tl     S ����� a *-V sr*"*.' "��� ����� ft? *��'     f_f
,_y y   *_i_y_W.Ki*...-..*. is-*- -i-i/    -Sri
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district, tha.. we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
Sa9oW Swmfmltnm om '^ 0*�� ��&$&&$ --*.*. ���?-'*.
.J';'5*- f?i .-���   .W     P* t?i! toff"    > '  -���;'..S_J I- i   J"? ��*-*-& *-7 *���?     ���       '������/
___?     "-Li- __?    ELEI &��M Llhl ���..-__- s^s/ *S��.- _sl��.     _**___?*_.;
��_&  tinssimmm&Ngr.Q
' fl. ��_s' ts3 ��*>-'  -__.
By an enterprising buyer who helped  an
overstocked manufacturer to unload, enables ua|
to offer you pretty Fawn and Champagne Muslins,   with  white,   blue,   green  and  red   stripes,
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building;
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same co3t as piling or other inferior
Rev. J. 17 and Mrs. Belts visited : _____	
tie Terminal City this week. Somewhere ui  the neigborhood \\r *'        -f    ,  '.*���*���   " -
  of75 applications have been received worth 20e yard, also daintily dotted argaildies! Write Tor IrVlCQS*
Miss Fenton left, yesterday, ou,a **  ** vacancies on .lie teaching and Swies muslim
vi.*it to Miss Davis at Tyu.head.      jstafl ol lhls d,str,ct
J. Green has finished ha. in.; arc!
Harney Vasey began hauling to-day.,
There was a large-number of vis
itors at  the  Bay  ou  Sundav 'last.
-.Some took in Camp Beautiful whili
I ethers visited Camp Bluenose  and
Mrs.  T.   R.   Havens  leaves tt> jcamp Bruce,
sorrow, on  a short busiuess visit j 	
to the East. '
i ]    R. C. Newcombe.   of Yarmouth,
N. S.,   paid  a flying  visit to  Dr.
Miss Irene Kirkland came down j KJug aud ^ drfmi o,u u Crgs.
9n Thursday on a visit  to  her  ^-cent Island t0 visit   D.   Harris on
latives here. ! Friday.    Mr.   Newcombe':. mother
accompanied' him..
M. Mends paid a very  pleasant
risit   to   Angel   Camp,  Boundary I
IJay, omTuesday evening..
7 mfm 1
Ladies' smart Wash Suits of Percale, made NEW WESTMINSTER
with strap of self colored goods���this season's
B. O.
Excellent Value at
mWafM       m.
We are pleased to note that the
class of men working here at  this !
season   are   a  great   improvement
N. A. McDiarmid went over to [over   that   o.   ioi mer   years,,   tine.
"\_ai_couver on Tuesday ou business istrapping men who do a: good day's
oonnected with the school board,      work and pav up their taxes with-
  ' out growling.
Mrs. J. Bausman and Mrs, A. E. j"
Carter   aud   son, Master  Earl,  of.j DlBhSif   MiWiFO
,:,��� :.,:,���.. ���. .u.\       rlllf-i-i. -wi.*_X.
Vaucouver,   were   visitors   at the
Parsonage this week
���  A Public Meeting will be held in
M-SB.E. Paull and Miss Arch- the Town Hall, Ladner, on Satur
$eacon, of Vancouver, are visiting' day, July aSth, at 8 p.m., for the
their sister, Mrs. Hiarrey Vasey | purpose of discussing a Water
(luring the holiday season..
Our Agent, Mr.  A. A. Fraser, will be at tht  Shirley House, Ladner, mi Fri_l_ty and Saturday of next week,
: J Lily yj and ��8.
Over Six. Hundred Samples- to Choose From.
All   Suits   rtre.  JMade   to  Order.      Prices. $10.00 to"
$27.50.    From $2.50 to S5.00 Oif Every Suit.
267 Columbia St.,
New Westminster, P. C
Money Refunded if Not Satisfactory.
' Works Scheme.
K. J. Burns, general agent G. 1ST.
R., is in town te-day on business in
Connection with improved corn-
munication with. Vancouver.
By Order.
W.  If.  LADNER,
ft 11, to...!
Miss   M.   Kelly,    of    Mealord, \
0at., niece of S.   Morrow,   arrived,'    AuV Perso�� having clsflns against
Here oh Thursday and is-the guest  the-Estate ofthe late Geo. Paddon
of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Morrow..        I8"5 re,-��sted t0 furmsh Particulars
of same to the undersigned.
' II.  N. RICH,
The-MifsessAitiiur, accompan cd :      Agent for the Executrix, Many
'ay the Misses.Creech, of Vancouver, Ann Paddon.
arrived here yesterday on a visit to1	
tiie   old   homestead.     Mrs.   Wm..
Arthur iftexpected here t3'day
Cut Glass,
Mr. and Mrs. Parkes, of Victoria
jame over on Saturday cu a visit WcltC_Te3
to Mr. and Mrs. A. Clausen.    Mr.
isarkes returned home on. Mouday  And all kinds Of Jewelry
ythile Mrs. Parkes   '.,71 .teni-iin: lor
a. \vli_Ja.
Repairing a Specialty.
For Men, the choicest production of Canadian Shoe Manufacture,
New Solid-'Goods, new prices.
Modern  Sho_s ia a Modem   Shoe  Store.
J. REA&H,    -    Ladner. ��.��?.
j   CROWN JMMrn CO., Limited.
j 605 Hastings St. W.,    -    -    -    Vancouver, B. C
Shows  some  particularly  Good  Values in
Shirtwaist Suits, T.loiiiSe.s
and Wash Skirts	
275  Columbia  Street,    -   -   -   -    New Westminster
1016 Westminster .Ave., Vancouver,
DI.Al.KKS     IN
Implements,   Wagons,   Carriages,   Harness,  Etc.
McCormaek   Harvesting  Machinery,
Binder Twine, Etc.
HaypaesseS) Plows, Gasoline Engines, Threshers.
Mrs. \\7 J. II_i.iutti _tsL-comp_-.i.ed
by Miss E. Yorke n-tur-ned home on-
iJatttrtl-y hist, from; a \i:nt to her
iome at Ml. Rylintati, Mrs H ���,',-
den is looking much mipreved in
health by the chance.
LADNER',  B'. C.
Under instructions from the Executors of
the  Estate of the Late W.  L. McBRIDE
m m m i las hpt ii wh .
Will be offered to the public at
&��'/^^'aemmTlm MS     ST*M f^/fH/W
Is now subdivided int�� Blocks of about Twenty Acres each.
Prices $tE&;} $17B ami $200 per aere.
To make room for an
Entirely^ New Stock       *__#       &
|   TE^l^:' One-fifth Cash,, bafaE.ce in* 1, 2, 3 & 4 years, with interest at 6 p, c. per annum.   1
For maps, and further particulars, call on or write to
I Come and See Our .Special Line of
541 Hastings St., {i,J^^lo^t \ Visicoover, BX
a i
k. !
Boots and Shoes.
Port   Guichon, B, C,


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