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The Delta Times Apr 7, 1906

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Array \.
���__f .....
\K-d^Uy* Ad, d
11 \s
c ro
3-3 ?���'
Vol. 3. No   3!
$1.-0, ye*
Spring is Here
Spring Goods are Flooding the Store witli Beaut*/ end
We are holding our first opening of Spring Hats this week, all the
colors and shapes that Fashion has approved   No two nats alike.
Our stock of House Furnishing Needs is complete.
New Carpet Squares in Wool and Tapestry, Pretty
Designs and Colorings* j
New Linoleums and Oilcloths in all widths al��o Stair
Carpets and Oilcloths.
W. J. Brandrith recently received
'; a communication from the secretary
ofthe Royal Horticultural Society,
i London, drawing attention to tlie
I shows of colonial fruits and vege-
| table products which the society
i has initiated in the n.w exhibition
! hall, and asking Mr. Brandrith, as
I secretary of the B. C. Fruit Grow-
, ers' Associati n, to co-operate in
���j making the shows known among
'growers, shippers-and others interested. It is pointed out that these
I shows have been undertaken by the
: society   witli
Because the opening prices for
the sockeye salmon pack of 1906
are running high so far as half-
pound flats   are   concerned,   some
Monday last v.-as un::iination day
'ior School Trwslees when only
about twenty persons turned out
John Oliver, M���P.!_-., being present,
was voted to the chair, and, in a
few  words, suggested that, if pos-
Fraser River att I northern canners' s'D'e. i- -vas advisable that the elec
fear that there may b_ tn overpro-
1 tion should be by acclamation.
duction ot this particular sized can,
I). Dove a.id P. T. Cibbie explained that tbey Lad been sent
there as the choice'of public  uieet-
a   view   to
with the result that the price will be
I hammered down-.
Already   some   sales  have been
in ide  on the   future pack in Van- _,,,.,,, ,,.;,,.   .,   ��� . ,
, . ' consult with their constituents be-
making 1 couver and on Puget Su-ind.  While
ings  held   in   their -respective districts, and felt a.s though .fecy must
knowm in Great Britain Low well
the colonies can supply home requirement-: of a horticultural nature.   No
fore they could assent  to anything
��"' lten w>*: of the kind.
'" s-ffidemly      After sa)Be furlber discussion it
large to indicate tbat the prices for
the'Iocal   sales have
heavy, tbey have  b
r ....        , . was Cecided'.o a-yourn until Thurs-
entranc*   fee or Other the 1906 pack ����� 11 be good,-perhapsLay
charge is made,    The shews  this the best ever -received. I     L   ,,     _���&,._,_*.   ��,       ,
At tne meeting ot Thursday,
I'ue sales made to dat* a.:* re- dl 1hc canflidates, except P. T.
ported to have been on the basis ofLjibWa, were .present_ After
$7.Snpercns! for hail-pound flats, \ ing Hntj, fouf 6'&)d.and
and approximately $4.50 per 'case; Gibbie not hnving put
tor   tails.     The   reason   tails
ilie reason tails are;
quoted at such a comparatively low
figure is betaus. 'the pack of Alaskan tails ..ill eti'er into the competition with them to no inconsiderable extent, according to a state-
ude   recsnth    by
Men's   DepmrtmBi
New sjtriiu) Suits antl Top Coats,
Neglige and Repifa Sirfs,
Easier Neckwear,
Boots that Hake Life's Walk Easy.
A Short Story**Look at the Goods-
Then Look at the Prices*
, year ate held on March 2211 1   to
. 24th, June 6th amd  7th, Decembei
14th  and 5th.    The first show has
j been fixed to suit growers in Sotitl
Africa and India; the -seco.id is intended to suit  Australia, Tasmania
and New ��_aland and  at the show
ion   Decem_-r   4th   and   5th it   is
hoped to get  "the fruits of  British
1 Columbia,   of  tbe   other   parts 01
I Cana-ia Hiiil of  1 lie We.t Indies, ilii n_��nt    in ���
the   greatest   possible perfection." canner.
jThe continuance of the show de-; The high quotations for half-
| pends 011 the interest evinced inIp.ut.d-flats, witli tin.- prospect of a
those of the present year, because h_.se Within the next few months
"poor shows of -colonial produce should indications point to a pack
give entirely erroneous notions of -smaller tua tua expected, wil!
the Empire's .greatness, resources prom, every canner to put tip as
and wealth, and it would obviously 1 m.iny ,-., ��� of that size as possible.
be better to have no show than a'With all the canners looking fot
poor one." tiie ...50 per case tun .      a uanger
that there may be an overproduction, winch would tend to hurt the
P. T.
an ap-
g"o  to
pearance, -it was decided
a poll.
Following is the list of candidates: Douglas Dove, Sunbury; P.
T. Gibbie, "Gulfside; Robt. R. Kittson, Kast Delta; \*7ra. Livingstone,
Ladner,' Win. Pvlu's, Crescent Island,- P. Shirley, Ladner;-, Paul
.Swensen, Westham Island; Smith
Wright, Boundary Bay.
The poll is now ju jtrogpess as
we go to pre**:.
Taking a look around town ones
,t ention c uu t fail to Se drawn to
1  e vers   -it a 'ive  and   seasonable
nuo'.v ��i Marshall Smi h's Store
. lere is di >pl_f_ ed Easter attraciioni
L...ner l.acr sse Club ��� il. <-e el
on I'ues..a\ eveiiiii^ next, aL S.15
o'clock, in the Skiile, House, when
all lovers ot sport are requested to
Ii. N. Rich visited
minster this week
Vancouver, April 4 ���Dr. Moore
the Dominion veterinarian, is back
again from the East and it is expected that the local crusade against
glanders will be now waged with increased Vigor. The officer attempted to put the horses of Mr. Brooks,
Who'is doing the excavation for tbe
n.w postoflice i nilding, in quarantine on Monday, but tlie 'owner
defied him, stating that he ha 1 already quarantined bis animals once
aud would uot submit to the 'hardship again. J gret to learu
The 'renews.1 of the crusade is j well,
causing many whose  animals weret _���
condemned in the former slaughter!
to wonder when they are to receive!
the meney   from   the  government
from tlie condemned animals.    Mr.
Rose, ofthe Fashion Stables, stated1 ***
this   morning   that   he    had   six |    Kev Dr Carmen wi
hoises taken trom   his  stables and
-������er 1-
Easter l.lies ana Last
1 < ���<       -.  i h. thrown toget
m   iri -tic   manner
'���-   1     1 ic   very   \ ir
.1. lates.t in  everything seas-
and attractive.
New  West-
Mrs.   D.   B.   Grant -vetted 'the
Roval Citv this week.
Friend, of Mrs. P. Clark will re*
tnat -she  is -very uit-
Mrs. Helmer was ��. visitor to the
Royal-City this week.
Mrs. White-side, of'Sunbcfry, went
up river on Tuesday morning.
I). A, McKee hr.s moved'into his!
���handsome new residence on the;
Slough road.
Dotit forget .lie Kaster  Monday
Dance.    Grand March at 9 p. m.
preach  in      ���_  _, , ,_
,    , ., ..   ,. .,,.      ,   ,     \\. H. Ladner and wife spent a
Queen s Avenue Methodist Church, ��� ,       .   .,     ���...   .   ,
>,��. i._,i ,,nt *rpc..!vpil  a  npimv  in Z,     ���, i*-**' "W* ln New Westminster thie
ne  aau not Teceiscu  a .penny  in  >jew Westminster, to-morrow moru-
At fh: "Feast of Davs"  to be
fciven by the Ladies"  Aid of the
���Methodist Church, in OddMlows' j*pertoimed
KaB, on S��turi.*_r-, -the  14th  inst,, |
���you w-ifll be able to purchase what
"you need fat eadh _ay of tb-e %ee_..
The ladies will be .eady for bttsi-
"iiess at 2:30 ip.m.
Afternoon Tea trom 4 to 6.
Sunper will be served Irodi 5:30
���to 8 p.m.
A__nission free.
���Supper ��sc.
Mrs. W. J. Brandrith brought
her baby girl, Winnifred, to Dr.
King, yesterday, to undergo an
operation   which  \v��S  successful, y
���SUTTON'S SEEDS���Tbo Brackman-Ker Milliag -Co., Ltd.,
Agents ior -these *Ce.ebrated
Seeds, halve placed a -took of
them on sale here with their local
ts-Csprew.iMt.ivsf!. Mr. W. *N. JJiioh.
Next Thursday being "Maunday
Thursday" there will be a celebration of Holy Commttnion >Hi All
Saints Church an the morning at
10 o'clock.
H. J. Hute_fcr-_n and W. J.
-Lanning went over to the KMcomek'l
on Wednesday to spend a day with,
���the trout, and 'W. *__ "Smith and A.
Cljmsen went out on Thursday, till
returning iu the evening. Sport
was fair. There being lots of small
trout it kept the sports busy supply-
��� qgbss.it.
"M;fj' I print a-krss 611 yeaj lips ?"
I said,
And she  nodded liar sweet permission';
-So we w_.it 'to .press, and J rather
We,pr>iiit.d a full eduion,
"But'oneediilioji ishardlyenoug-i,"
.-��� be-8tHd'with a charm.iu pout.
So again-in the press the form was
Ana-Vftjebt surersfi  t^i-.n.-s'' out.
comuensaftion. Another man, in
���close-touch with "those  affected
j the crusade, said this delay ot the
government in IcfnVarding the com-
| perrsatieu was beinj; complained ol
from all quarters and some men
were iin e bad plight because of ihe
b>! Japan.
The  Doctor is on hi< way'to
_ Miss Hutcherson and Miss  Olga
\ Kirkland   went   up to the  Royal
On Saturday lr.st, Ole   ft.ngi.al,  City this morning.
a Norseman, came down here  from,! ______-___���_���_
I Sapperton.    After  making   several
Mrs. 'fDr.') Wilson**#__ the guest,
on 'S-turd.iy last, ot Mine. O.
Houle, _t her new home, corner ��� f
Didfcenson and "S iiniiu streets, New
B. Robertson caftie over from
Westham. Island today, looking
hale and .hearty for a u__ra of his
erratic enquiries he managed to ar-
| range masters so lhat he was to rc-
. main here until  Monday.    During
I the pefrtormance in the Town   HalL .
i on Saturday evening be rati foul of
j the Star actdt alid proceeded to' \y. *E. Cttrtifi rettSfaed, Tuesday,
: wipe up the floor with him much'from Vr.ncouver, wlvrre be had
|to the disgust et the audience.    On, been taking in the vwit of  Prince
j Sunday about-noon, he visited  the: Arthur of Ponn.aught.
Week i home of one cf our prominent farm-1 __.
Ne���t 'Wee-k   bsfog   RiiH'
thete  will   he  divine service every I ers, for whom   be  worked .'during
'I*l*.rt air'rcpfcrterlT.i'b-jiitnping
qtiil-e'thicfk te the Pa!-*,.
The Band'Boys having 'found ,it
evening _tt   A'll  Sahtts *Cll��rch at; hay   season   last  year,   and  made
himself obnoxious to the  members! nnP0J"ble t0 fiU the,r ��"Rage��nent
on Faster Monday  at ��_;...o,   have
Mrs. W. R. Elite anci "family,
accompanied by Miss Brodie, spent
jve-U-id iv in .the Royal st"i..v,
y.-go dsclock.    Special services both
nioTmnir and evening 011 Good" of'the family, whereupon'the as-1
Friday at 11 ��nd 7:30. On Faster j si-stance of Jos Jordan \va-., called
Sunday there Will be two celebra-l on with tbe result that, after being j
tions of Holy Communion in All, examined as to his sanity, __e..nvas.
Saints, one at 8:30 a.m. and a late I waltzed oft" to tbe Royal City for
nelcbsdtion.iat ,tHftstaid��day.sor.vice.   * \fe keeping. K
decided Ho give th��ir open air  concert  from six to.". .��op. m. instead.
''iiaiiibeiiain's Cough 'Remedy T.TE DELTA
Pi. hum en RVKrv Saturday.
As was anticipated, many exeell-';
ent prices were obtained Thursday, I
at the first day's sale of bulls  at j
So-OCRifTioif, $1.00 per year.
iUTBR.-l_.lN6 BATES.
__,��. ******** �� _-u.p-.ii-e *>��� i Bingley Hall. Birmingham. Foreign
r_r fen
2-_taBcS-.U-.-p���. occupied, iiii����'o ******** | aQ<j some of the test stock went to
^ti^'ttXS STiuSi buyers were present  in abundance,
'       "*** *  ' Mlt   tO
the   herds   of     South
| .\merica and Germany.    The sale
started with the old bulls, and the
principal purchaser was Mr. Sidney,
a Scotch buyer,   who devoted  his j
Tto.mpiut.w'tirx'fauii'imii an -**iv*-rti,':B"*'m; attention   mainlv   to   Scotch  bred;
��o_c_-rf��s'. aa.-ordiu.ly. *
aii _d��rti��mei,u ch��rc��<i for ����tii otdtred | animals.    A capital sale was experi-
fUil-i 1��� e_i_ra.r_i*l j_d����rtincuituH cau be | Strengthen
hud uu U|ipUc_liou ��t Ihi- ofeoc.
I, ttm\j n in " T"" ilae lor e*ck in"
aiitk uud LM-ib uolicc��, 5*c.. Marriages *i.��_.
Auy -prcial uotict, tlie object ol which i�� to
fr-rmote the pecuniary Wuefit ol �������__'.!*'.","..!
Grain and feed business  is  quiet I
and   there   is   no  change  in prices
since last week.    There is a heavy
supply of interior hay, and  also  of
oats from the Northwest.
Toronto ��� .Selected live hogs'
fetch $7.00; 'lights and fats, $675!
per loo lbs,
j enced for bulls between a t and   30
_��.ut aud puid for.
Ourreapendeu��� iurited on matlera ol public I _.-���_.
uur���t. commuuicutioui to editor must he ��c-1 months.    Home and foreign buyeis
C. Beadleston lias removed into
his new aud comfort.ble residence
on the Slouch road.
W. N. Draper,
Room 1. Ullard Rlock. New Westminster.
George E. Martin,
Barrister   and   Solicitor,
Guichon Block,
(Cnlumhia  aud  McKenxte  Street.-)
��� ������������_������?
Delta Transfer Stable
Team Work Dens at Specify Low Prices.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor,
Telephone " Ladner1' No   to.
M��*H*-r-+-*M** -f+-H-H-* ���H*4�� ���*>���':- *��� ���*������_������.���> ->���->*���-l**v-i-+���:������>���:---**>-K'I'-H**''
������mwuted by uamc of writer, not ueceMarily
fee vubUcntlou, but aa evidence of good laith
���Ktvupondvuct mu* reach this oflice by Thtin-
tay t��ulu|_.
Gko. R.
SA/rUKSAY, APRIL 7,    I9��6.
If the grader had been set in operation before the roads became too
dry. many a person would find
travelling much more pleasant.
It is high time work was commenced on the river road. Complaints have been heard for many
months as to its condition, and,
���ow that all obstacles have been
removed, there can be no reason for
further delay. If the Road Foreman has not enough men employed
he should be ordered to hire more,
ao that the work might be pushed
ahead more rapidly.
contended for the best stock, but
the long purses of the latter prevailed. The first prize-winner was
L W. Barnes' Warrior, bred by
the Right Hon. A T. Balfour, at
bis Scottish seat, and the bidding
reached soogs, before Mr. Miller
secured him lor exportation to
Buenos Ayres. But tbis figure was
speedily eclipsed by Goodgift. which
took fourth prize for Mr. John
Graves. Mr. Casares, who also
bought lor South America, paying
Ssogs. for him. By comparison
the prices paid for the other winners
were small and many good prices
were obtained outside tbe prize list.
The highest price in the class for
bulls between iq and 21 months
was 400gs , which Mr. McLennan,
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Aus-one flpnnlnK a pkolrh mid dCTCrttstinnrnny
r.viil- ascertain **'.ir opfnlwi free whether an
invention in pri.tinl.ly patentable. Conimunica-
i ,111 nlricllyooiilldeiitlal. HANDBOOK on l,��ienta
bi ,t free. Olileat anoni-f for aeeunni patent*.
rntent. taken throuch Munn A Co. receive
1,.lotnotice, iriiliout coaree, Iuthe
Scientific American.
\ hmHlsomolr 111-.strut ed weekly. T-Mwert circulation of nny sr.oi---.-c journal, Torn..., $:j a
your, four months, $1. Sold by all newsdealer*.
lONN&Co.*6'""--"'New York
Br=_cb OITIce. <__. F St. Washlnatou. D. C
A.  O. U.   W.
Delta Lodge, No. 12 meets first
ancl third Tuesdays of each month
T. W.
a South   America buyer, gave for!*" Oddfellows' Hall.
Duke of Barrington 67th. the high-j
ly commended bull shown by Dyke
Bros.    The competition in the nextj
class, for bulls  18  and  21   months!
old, was very keen.    A capital start
Todd. M.W.
Kkrr, Recorder.
McRAE & Co
A lull line of Knglish and Irish |
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings al- j
ways kept in stock.
..���.������.*H._��..^s>^^*.^.^^*.....*...^...rt*.....*...^*.  !
���> A]
B. C.
Chicken Time!
If you contemplate buying: an Incubator or
Brooder you cannot do better than to get prices
off the .Ladner Agent for the CHATHAM.
' After the School Trustees have
heen elected it will be in order for
them to appoint a secretary and,
under the new law, that official may
be remunerated. Now, we see uo
valid objection to the Municipal
Clerk, N. A. McDiarmid, being offered the position of secretary as
there is much in common between
the two positions which, being occupied by tbe one person, might
be more satisfactorily attended to.
The farmers of tbe Northwest
lodged a complaint, last year,
against the quality of the Milestone
supplied to them. Samples having
been analyzed by Thomas Mac-
Farlane, the chief analyst at Ottawa, with the following result:
'���"The opinion which seems now to
exist in the Northwest, to tbe effect that the prevalence of smut in
the crop of last year was owing to
the inferior quality o( the blue-
atone sold to the farmers, does' not
jippear to be well founded."
Delta Lodge, No. 21.���The regular meetings of this Lodge are held
every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
m. Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
R. C. Abbott, N.G.
\V. II. Taylor, Se:.
���!��� Manufacturers of all kinds ot
9 Soda Water, Ginger
*    Ale and Summer
,j. Drinks.
J,       Your patronage solicited
'. i Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C:
Rev. W. H. Barraclough, late of
Dawson, Y. T., will deliver his
���highly interesting and instructive
lecture, "On the Edge of the Arctic
Circle," in Odd flows' Hall here,
011 Monday evening, the 9th inst.,
nt- 8 o'clock. The lecture will be
illustrated by over 100 excellent
limelight vjewa.
The same l.cture will be given in
St. Stephen's Church, East Delta,
pn thc evouing; of Tuesday, 10th
just., af 8- o'clock
As will b. set. u by adf ertisement
thenext Sa)ecf Stock at the Delta
(Stock Yard will take place on Wednesday, May 2nd-
The Ladies' Aid of .he. Methodist
Church are very I psy making arrangements for tbuir "Feast ol
Pays" which i- to be held on the
1.4th inst., in Oddfellows' _3��11.
When you. wisb to b_a* visiting
jsards caU on the Delta Times who
will ��J1 t_��.e best money pan buy.
If you need them printed, why you
arc money in pocket by  calling  on
tkv P-Jfel T.8..8 .'J.''-"*1-
was made with the first-prize winner, Duke of Barrington 66th, 750gs.
being paid for him by Mr. Miller for
exportation. The fourth winner, be-;
longing to R. W. Hudson, reached!
45ogs. before being sold to Mr.
Osborne; and the fifth, belonging
to A. D. Acland, 340gs , his purchaser being Mr. Mather. The last
class sold yesterday was the bulls
between 15 and   18  mouths,   some! 	
very good prices being realized.���  Re the North Wcst Quarter of Sec-
The   Bristol   Times   and   Mirror,      tion  35, Township 3. District ot |
March 10. New Westminster.
,  A Certificate of Indefeasible Title
I to the above property will be issued
MARRIAGE LICENSE. j to Lester VV. Embree, of East D.lia,
���  j Farmer, on  tbe 23rd day of April,
1906,    unless   in   the  meantime a
New Westminster, Arr'.l 3���The valid objection  thereto  be made to
Ministerial Association is not satis-! me ���" writing by 3 person or per-
fied with the  present workine   of claiming an estate or interest
r . .     therein or in anv part thereof.
the marriage act.    Tbe license  is-|    Dated  this   19th  day of March,
sued to ministers at present is con-; 1906.
sidered   to   be   legally inadequate C. S. KEITH,
and is alleged  to be the cause  ot; District Registrar,
frequent   trouble.    The   Rev.   Dr. j Land Registry Office,
Taylor has been appointed to inves-
Fashion  Stables -
Trucking and  Draying.
Livery  work of all kinds attended to promptly.
Incorporated 1869.
l.-sduer. B. C
A General Banking Business Transaclfc-d.
Savings Department
Deposits of ��$1 and upwards received and Intel
est Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
BRANCHES  IN  BRITISH COLUMBIA���Vancouver, Vanccravej
East End. Mt. Pleasant,   Granville  Street;   Grand Forks, Nanaimc
forming the public that the business[ Nelson,    Rossland,   Victoria,   Vernon,   Chilli-wack,   C-imborland   atil
We take tbis opportunity of in-.
New Westminster.
formerly carried on by the late W.
L. McBride will now be worked on
a cash b.'sis, by which means we
shall be better able to give eVery
satisfaction, both as regards price
and qjiality. The stock has, accordingly, been marked down at
greatly  reduced  prices, an  inspec-
tigate the matter fully  and  report
A committee has also been appoint
The person or  persons having in tion 0r wllici, js' cordially invited.
tbeir custody or possession the foi
.,      , ��� , lowing  title deeds  relating to the
ed to consider the questions of social ;Said  pr0perty are requested to device in the city. ! liver the same to the undersigned:
 ,  9th April, 1884, Crown Grant to
        . __ John McKee, jr., and D. A. McKee.
GOV.-GENERAL'S VISIT.      1     , t,    ,.,,       '    .     r,    ,    T ,
13th   July,    1891,    Deed   John
Washington April 4.���Earl Grey,   McKee, jr.,   and D. A, McKee  to
Governor-General of Canada,  and John M<-**-**-��*-. sr
Dated this  22nd  day of March,
New Westminster, B.C.,
Solicitors lor Lester W. Embree.
Thanking our numerous customers for their kind patronage and
support in the past, and hoping, bv
strict attention to business, to be
favored with a continuance of the
Youis faithfully,
New Westminster.
Just Arrived^
Lady Grey  and  party,   who  were
guests of the President over night,
visited the British Embassy to-day
and later lunched with  the French
Ambassador  and Madame  Jusser-
and. '"      "
A part of tbe programme for   the Meat    and    PotatOOS
entertainment  of  the   visitors   in- I^_________________________^___Z_____~"
eludes a trip to Mont Vernon tomorrow on board the United States
ship Dolphin.
Port Guichon, B.C.,
March 29II1, igo5.
farmers'  Institute
The regular spring meeting of the
Institute will be held in the Town
Hall, Ladner, on Saturday evening,
April 7th, and in East Delta School
House on Monday evening, April
9th, at 8 p.m.
Addresses wili be delivered by
Dr. Tolmie, of Victoria, and, Mr.
LogsVi. Secretary of the Stock
Breeders' Association.
f.adner, March 23rd. 1906.
W can supply you with the finest quality
of the above articles at reasonable cost.
Remember the place
Commission (��
Ladner, B.C.
Tans, Oxfords &
Blucher Cut:
Meat &
Phone 9.
Ladner Carriage Works.
Practical Horseshoeing,
Carriage Building and Painting, and General Jobbing of
All Descriptions..
We carry the finest class
of Carriages and Farm Implements at rock bottom prices.
A Full Line of
PI EN cine! BOYS'
Get a Suit at Once*
Q, T BAKER, Ladner
???���_   ___'�����!_'..
Alt,I.  SAIN��8.
Holy Coininunioii ���
8:30 hav,. ist Svindi:)-
11 si.m.
Matins, i.i o'clock..
i.i lnontli,
u clucic.
The fact is, fe*n-3isputed that we have thei
greatest choice m the Piano line of any firm inj
B. C. W-e have been in the business tot forty-.
five years and have imd the pick of -foe fcestj
.agencies going. We repre^nt the fell-owing most
notable manufactnrera, the nam^ of which arej
Steitiway & Sons Pianos, New Yorkj
Nordheimer Pianos, - Toronto!
New Scale Williams Pianos, Oshawaj
Dominion Pianos,    -
Sunday .sSchJol at 10 a.m.
.Friday, evening Fervi-j. ~:y.
Rev- Cano-r. I_i:._3u, vicar.
Services first and tbnrd .Sunday of
each nioK(,i at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7.30 -,).m
Sunday school aft 5tp.n1.
Low Mais .'.'nd I'lci.y ComfUiiion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev.. FatllflsT W-agiiHt, O.M.I ,
Bens-i Priest.  ,
*__.Xior.:;vllle��nni!in loiif?hfil BO heartily
In a theater lhat she weut Into racvul*
������ions. I'srhaj b khulmtl tolind lh.it th.
"Itadlng lady didn't _ava livr sunburst wig
��n straight.���Denver Host.
''A fiomen," Fiiid the cera foil 1! ilopn-
Jibcr, ' gits irnd nt all an if 1 u l.e; v. !;-
���ward lnmiaklrg Jove and gets utai'dcr 1/
'he makes ilovo upilf he hud lot* u. experi-
st*I?t*f*.''���IT ;*.li>illTiT-. ���;;.;. ,T- l'H*.ll.
in -ho'i.B-.lcty'toinlts 111..111. iiffi-,. great
���sets on>t!ie*s\< r_d.*_ n;;i' it ii ould not be
._~-.l-oV.~ thnta li. liver woman threw *.
���iii.r.i i.t;.....;.!!.... .':..,... i :,, ,:n_.li<_ ..,;_.;
__ his fcr.t��� Dcn.cr R'cpiil llcnn.
Au tAlo.ir.n van triviiagllng w'lth ���
'thief, v.: en lit. i.ii.ior *tb)1 Ho his wfist-
snee, ami, striking at the thief with r.n ux,
killed _<���_��� I :iil.ir. And yet *we speak ol
Ihe aim of itheiisw woman;���Richiiio���S
Services next  Lord's
m.and 7:30 p.m.
Palmer Pianos,
Prices the Lowest
Bowmanviller "^ meetingi [0.30��um
rys .      Sunday.
JOrOntO;     Sabbath .School .at 2 p m
j .Sunday.      Prayer   meeting   every ��� *e'wsiiaper..he world ever hod
I Thursday .evening at 7.30.
Th.��r-*oi..S8,-00 publications ln-Korth
__j.H_.ca ,*,Mi h.j lint nti.i Hi* inoiitg.
The aggrrgatesanitunl c Irculntlon ot tha
���world's 11 nodical, la 12,000,000,000 and
aooiiBumes Jeo.OnO louse, injur.
lt ___e_.tmat_ditli��t il-.i'Ks!s-.i7.i>.(.'t'u,_iso
���spent lannunlly  in  North  America  f,ir
j -ewspnpcr nnd magazine udvwtisciiients.
The grand total circulation of'tlie pub-
| IHcatlons which print itdvertlnoinentB in
1 .'North ATn��Hs��..amount- tu 8(600,000,000.
Day  at   Iii      The fin,.-English  newspaper vara* The
j English Mercury, pamphletshaped, Issued
! 'In Queen iEllzuboth'sireign.   tL'ln Gazette
every I cf Venice-was .he original -model of th.
j .modern 'newspaper,    Thu   Acta   Diurna
j .(Day's Doings),  published  In tho latter
every . _i_nyra of  the  Roman empire, wae.U_o-_._r_
Terms the Easiest;
IRev. J. 17 Betts, pastor.
558 Qranvile St, Vancouver
Ser-uioes neKt Lord's Bay at u
1 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Sabbath School et.ptn Mid-
: week meeting on Tihtrrsday evening
I at 7.30 o'clook.
Kev. A, McAulev, Pastor.
Sabbati- services at Ladner at lit] pilWto.~Kwr-York World.
a.in. and 7 p. m.
Sunday Sch��ol a. i _��� a. m.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
7,3-) p. in.; choir .practice at 8.
*\ni��n'a man 111 uses his imilo'.n"New
OrleaiiB, 'ho la fined $.5. Roston flnes.a
man $10 for beating his.wlfe.���Now Vork
That the people1 of Eattonaregenerom
'to a fault ls exemplified by the fact that
'they pay f. per 1,000'oubio feet for gas.���
Philadelphia .Press.
The tez'of .a ���Chicago "burglar was'determined by tho-e.tra large size of tho
footprints, lit ls unnecessary .to1 state what
It was.���St. Louis. Star.
Eternal Tlgilaneeandji fewsharp proso-
i eutions aro the price of clear;air for New
I York. The 'health board has bexur. it.
I arusndo against the smoke nuisance. It
should receive the earnest support ot tbt I aoon the gnmo IsHn-tho dingey
Pianos, Pianos. Pianos! ���
Time Table
Qui Glass,
���    Silverware,
And all kinds of .Jewelry
Train leaves Cloverdale at 3:40
p.m. and arrives at Port Guichon at
4:50 p.m.
T^rain .leaves Poitt Guichon at
j 5:10 p.m. and arrives at Cloverdale
1 at 6:25.p.m.
Wond-tys only.
There are two through passenger trains per day each way to and
from Seattle and a mixed train to
aud from Bellingham.
Repairing a Specialty,:
3000 Telegraphers
�����____���        NEED&D
Annually, to fill the -new tposltions
tcreate-i by Railroad and Telegraph
Companies. We want YOU NO
MEN and LADUvS ofvgood habits fo
-AND R. B. ACCftUfJTlNQ ...
^e t'nrnish 7 5 iper  cent,   of the
Operators  and 'Station  Agents  in
America. Our-six schools are the
3argest exclusive Telegraph .Schools
an the world. KstaKlished
���way Officials.
We-executes JJ_��fisr]Bottd to every
.tudeht to furnish  him or  her a
mtrrrsH .coi:UMBtA
Electric ii Iipi LU
.Tie 7_nng man with thonnllitary unl-
forin'had ijeen tclliiiefof his hardsliips and
Jweltnvith ) >v.��tiaular emphasis on tho rations. IKe wii9 .loquently indignant, vhon
his tiiothoriiuterrii toil.
"Konald, people who hear ynu mlghs
*hink you donor, _r.-*_;your eountry."
"Yes,! do 'love my country," ho ar
fwerqll,   ' and  'I'm  willing   to  overlook
���faults, but I'm  blessed if I can ro fo fur
.�� to praise tits cooking."���Washington
TliroMKh Thit'k anil Tlilr.
They are with us again, the bravo laddies
In blue,
Kv. \ wc welcome Ihem at' with a will,
_���__ 've'll help thonl forget .aU the woos
his., went through
Wfca-ie'il'C'battle notee'echo and thrill.
Ani it's .ha.il.fiil'we are thnre'e *o greater dismay
As wc Kaze on each conqucrinE'troop;
They aro with us again from the thick of
the fray
_t>__d the thin of the coffee nnd sou),.
���New York Truth.
Kjf User Are Siuhis-,1 and l.ro_..l
I p I- rum tke Witter.
_ '10 sp '!i_:('s s.r milliner��� and tho drivd
ipeiiiucis-ui olhor species are nor th" ac-
tunl niiini'-iU. but iii'.rely riiir skeleton!
ar li'.ui.. us.rk. That wliich constitute,
their vital [arteits removal in preparing
When; i.i- maikd..
!-I'on.Ki-s ih* nut'.h'.vu the power of mo-
.y. ���<��� 1 ; -,.��.-j' i��� ���-.- .:-.-r:r-_-..*i::-.t.!.-i. Thoy art
fKiarlyjilwnyfl itciacliell to subiuerguil ob
jscls     *-"; r< <���'._ is ilmpiHEible fcr tboni to
f.) In  f-ii !i dt  fo<!*l. tl ri (.row onlj
111 pli.-_.-a �� Iili-o tliere is piuuty ol loud sucia
as lli.'V *i"inir,'
fi'lii y ;.re mo_i_ a_tlve in (n'sh than In
���tillAViltoT ���:..; viio ills-.hurt tliiio if e_-
poas-tps.be air. 'JJhe*surI��oa of u livlna
sjionpo i^ ro'.ufi-. wll ii minute pons,
tfaroiiKh which wAtoriis Imliilied.'rarryiiif
witii-ir-_--,tl_ the air H.-11I Ihu organic jiar
tit-les ncco__ary_for tho support of life.
sSjiiiujri-s aro(HS-rlbutr- Ihrout.h nil seat
and ni".- ulassliiud chiefly aconrdlii). ti thi
gtruotiun<of the skeleiou. The Medltor
runean and tlie Hid sons nre r!��. sponging
grounds o_ tho old world The ground.
of tbo uow world are tho Jl ilimii'is, south
ern an<iivi'st(_'U-f''orii_a and parts oi thr
West Indies
The!'������.���tsp(ii>.^i>of-eniilPiiTee i�� found In
j  tbo MuillterraiH'iin  anil Ud kjiowo as  tlu
; tli'rl.ey.-or Sniy��n��/_|(ongo. it Is obtained
'   by divers, who g!> clad il) arHKirwben dlv
.Sjiniiges are usually olitolned by il^l'ii!'.
for them. Whon a spnr.ga vessel orrlvoi
at the lishinjr gruunils i.4 <ho Ralmilins, it
Is anchored, owl tho oivisPliiiinediatoly g't
reisly for work. Tlio spongo fl.ilier'H outfit consists of a small i,..;-. eulled a "dingey," a longihook and a water gliuss The
sponge)hook ,U iittlii'M* sprougwl iron fori*,
ntlaelied -101*11... ..sMitl-d* -r.-v.n'y l..;.-r polo
'fi'ho water glasses siniplys wo idon watfll
tucUct wt.li a botloui ot'odlliniou window
: -��l��ss.
To uso>it thosfilass-bottomil��itkrast ivto
the water, the f-sherinftn put- :il��- bail
; .around his neek and then���bui.'.v: 'hlstiioad
-deep -In tho bucket to exclude tho Ihrht.
(There aru always two men to*en*li --Ingoj
j ���one to aot im "sculler" and tin, otl.i r ns
1 "hooker." While tho sculler propels the
! idlngoy along very slowly the hooker, in a
_neoling position, keeps his head lu thr
j'^Vsiter glasj.-!, looking down iln tlio wator.
. *Whon afgoodajpongG'te sight��!,rho liookei
j >givos a signal, and the.dingeys-tops.
Together the sculler and hacker thrust
; *ho spongeihook.down rtlirough theavater
and run it -under tha .-sponge.    Theirools
t__ro thus pilllndi.'noso.from the irack--, and
-work.goes oil .until a boatload ikt-ibtalnod,
��� "mild then they uro taken asliore-niit. placed
dn crawls to bo cured. The er.".wls ara
'built by stiukiii(j,piec(**.-ot'i.'ii'ii-h orstakra
��� into  the sand  just out of .thuwator ot
1 where ltds very shallow.
Thoy roiua' 11 in rthe-crnwisswhiio under-
; fgolng ninoeration, and the refuse is curried
I away in the elib -and .flow o.f the tido
! -Usually thoy areilef* In the -crawls for a
I -*ock; then 'tho -fishermen ireinove them
I ;ond give them a beating for the purpose of
I removing  all  chanoe .Impurities.    After
-tho beating thoy are thoroughly cleansed
I _��ud  are.ready lor m__rk.t.���.1_i_adolpl,iu
-A Good Plan.
'"I wonder why artists nro Mlw-ys so
narcful to sign their pictUTBs!"
"Possibly so's theipubl.c can tell'thetop
troui the bottom."���Metropolitan
Rheumatic Pains Quickly "Relieved.
(Westminster Branch)
Time Table
OIIUsJ, UlUlillliUUUu
Vancofuver, B. C.
The excruciating  pains   cbarac-
|;teristic|!t*f rheumatism jaiid sciatica
I are  quicklv  relieved   by  applying
., _,_..,��� ,      I Chumberlain's   Pain   Balm.     The
Cars leave  Wostmiusler -tor .Vaucouver at 5.50 |
nud 6.50 a.m. and hourly thereafter   uutil  11  p. 1 great   pain   relieving:   POW_T   of   the
111.; Saturdays and Suudays at 11 p.m. I n "   *
carsienve Vancouver for Westminsters at .s.50 liniment   has   been    the    surprise
aud 6.50 a. m. and hourly thereafter until  10 p. '
Hi.; Saturdays and Suudays at 11 p.m. and delight of tttlOllSGflds   of  rllfTer-
KP.EieHT cars. j ers.    The  quick  relief from  pain
it   affordsj  is  alone  worth
For  sale by
We run lirst-clnss freight car-s between West- |*.*^r_ich
minster and  Vancouver uud  all .-jpui.uts are j
haudled with tbe utmost eare aud delivered to    m_n\- tiniCS   its
consignee witbont delay     Special attention paid
Uo fruit shipments.    Oui wagons meet nil bu.it.-, j p_   J    M ;.-(.'I-_Cll;'ie
tutl traius     Por r.tes, etc. apply to
Headquarters   for Pacific* Const
Grown   (varden, Field and  Flower!
Scefls.    K_w crop now in Stock and
oh test   in our gri-enhouses.    Ask I
your merchant for them in 8eal&
pudkoges.    If he docs  not   handle
them   wc   will mail "so assorted sc
packets   af  veritable   nnd   flower
seeds (our  own selection,  suitable
for P> C. gardens) (or $1.    Special I.
prices ou your bulk seeds.
Vraiiic M|*r. f.oe��l Mgr.
Westminster, B. c.
TherCsa Marrj Them��flTe����n4 Save
the WrddlnK Fee.
"The law Is very blank on thet[uestion
whloh occasionally comes up aa to tho lo
���gal right of a clergyman to marry him
aelf," observed a lawyer. "Of course there
i��ro not many clergymen who havo ovor
���oontended thut they had the legal na wol'
-as tho ccclcslastioal right to perform a mai
triage when they wero personally partlot
to lt, and there never will be, (rom tire
..peouliar ciroumstances of the ease. As far
-a�� tho laws-of .this District are -oitcorne_,
however, a clergyman-is just ascoiiipetorll
sto marry hlu.sol._-B ho la to marry othar.,
lior the reason'that the (laws do.not miy
[anything to the'contrary,.and the elei-gy
'���nan's eertiflcat*) that the mwrrlngoihas
(been porformett its all tlmt Us .iieod-d to
'jnako it lawful.
" I am not up In ecclesiastical law to any
.great extent, und I am not able to explain
'the churoh ordinances, but ns far as 1 can
.learn a clergyman of nny of tho leading
'denominations has all the church right te
.marry hiinsoU that .10 has to marry others.
.The court of ��� queen's bench in Dublin on
Nov. IC, lS5ft,ihadi��easo-of .tshis kind nn
Kler consideration, the <cnly���poii��t:iii issue
boing whether a clergyman laoU-d marry
himself. The case was very fully argued
���nd is reportod in tho reports of that court
���nd quoted by many English law writers.
Tho decision was in tlio allinn.ithe. and
ithat is the law of Kngland.today. Some
I <.t tho stato-laws'inay have'thouglitilt nec
cssary to e-tpross an opinion In tlioilliattor,
'but I have never seen auy. Theonso tlu-.t
X refer to ts clt<"d 111 thoittiooks as that of
..famish .e.rst's Ileaniish. II. was n proceeding for a divorce, In which the ques-
"tion was raised that there never hud been
<��� marriage."���Washington Slur.
the world.    Itstatilisliecl 20 years . _,.        ;"":"
d.endorsed % all Head!qg  Kail- 0R^A_MhN,1AT'     1RIihS    ��ow
rettdy for spring sbipmeivt.
Fxtra   nice  -stock   oi   two
three-year Apple Trees  at -��*2o per
.      . .      .     -,   -  'too,    $.K��   P-r   11,000;    Ma*yiiard
Tosition p^ing from $40  to .$60 a  p,umS) $. each; -,taliun Prune, tw0.
mortth 111 States east ol  the   Rocky \ fine.    $       periloG;   Sugar
Mountain*,-or irom "575  to jfi-ioo a ���-
���nionth in .States west-oi 'tltc Rockies,
iimmediatcly upon gracV_._tt._h.
Pruitc, two-year, fine, $30 i<__r 'ioo.
Fiftl list of-other stock at regular'
prices.    $6 exporrse. loss or delay!
Students can enter at  any time. !0f fumigation or inspection.
No vacations.    For full particulars j    Let llle priee your list before plac-
T-garfting any of our schools  write t_g you_ 0t_def>
���-Greeii'house Plant., Floral Work. ���
I Ree Supplies, iFruit Packages, Fer-1
pilj_:eW. etc.
.1: j, ,��� t
���     ���     1
diiect   to   our  executive  offiive  at
(Ciuciniia't-, *��.    Catalogueilree.
Is an  ideal covering,  ���.-it'ier for .*��*.v
building- ��r improving old stnesi.
Coiwidur its fine appearance ��� hs
splMslia enduring qualilisa-iuid slight
expense���mi��_.��decide to serve jour own
best interests :tv using it.
pulU'_.-id��-a_- _.f InfortnaUon in our
METXtEID ROOflNG CO., limited,
Whet-eale s*lYiufact-rwe,
i n.i ai
'���Cincinii itt, Oliio.
Atlanta, f.a
_*'-.-,��� ..* -.1... TjS.
j According to Tke Commercial,
of Winnipeg, the visible supply of
oats in the United States and Canada, east of the .Rocky Mountains,
is   2.',bo.S,ooo   bushels,    compared''
with 16,109,000 bushels a year ago. j   Thevtrlangtilarihridg.nt-'Cruy-aiid, Un-
���colnshire, Is the oldest brtdgo In lOnglan I
Thc ontflt .)*. an oystoti tongs man 's.caii"o
consists of a pair ol rakes, a nail* of longs.
1. )>air of nippers, a cutting board, snvurul
culling haiiinicrs,-a OOflploct lialf lm.-li.-l
0usJ.et**ii'.l 1111 iron hull' bushel
Abcut Rheumatism.
I one o-.tho-greatosbeui'lohlllos
Chamberlain's Ccmgh Remedy  the
Best and Most Popular.
' There arc tew diseases that in-
1 flict more torture than irheumatism
\ and there is probably no disease for j
1 whi.-h su:.] a varied and-useless lot | "Moihcrs buy it for crotrpy chil-
!of remedies have been suggested, dren,-railway men ht,y*n for severe
I To say that it can be cured is, coughs'and elderly -people buy it
; therefore-, a bold statement to make, ; for'la grippe?1 say Moore Bros.,
! but Chamberlain's Pain Balm, Elden, Iowa. "We sell more of
which enjoys en exteusive sale, lias ! Chamberlain's Congh Remedy than
met wi'h greftt success in the treat- (anv oilier kind.    It seems to  have
The Jndjce's Slip.
*. mistako which caused a ripple A
���liiusetnent -to run through a westerc
courtroom was niado liy.a_i._ibsontmin(i-a
He had to pass sentence on a highway-
���man. After stating clearly the disgrace
wliich thc mar had I fought upon ridattves
���and friends by Ills -. .vless and dishonest
life tho judge said, ' And in consideration
���of these many offenwa against the law,
loom mi tied by you, y��>n ure hereby se*_-
teuood to seven year,' hard 1_._kji' tn t__a
"IVnitenllary, viiir honor," nastilyCOf-
Tecied ihu |ii*u_-Duii.i|_ attorney i_ ite-
������peelful whisper.
"What:-" said tlie. judge blankly. "Oh,
yes; tho penitentiary, liut ilu- difference
I is only a slight one. Of course I sliouni
Here his honor abruptly ceased, and
j what lie should hiivo said was left unsaid.
��� >��_Youth's Companions
!��� A rnli lllcilfle.
Wlio shall define Aral) music. It bal
I s_)oon described as the singing of a prima
'donna who has ruptured ber voice in try
itug r> sing a duet wilh herself, Each
note stalls {��_-___ soincv. licru Ixitween a
shnrp and a flat, but. dues not stop oven
there, and splits up Into four or morn poi
tions, ul vrliich no person can he expect.'-'
to batch morn than one nt a timo.
.loIin Oliver HohbaS snys there is a great
law of Infidelity in llio human raco. A
iiiian must he faithless tosomeihing, eithe.
%u avrfoumn-or his deity or his most cher-
-tili.*ti bslicf. 'J'lin Arab musician is al*
wayss-unfiiiiiifii)���to hissrm. und his key
'note, lint faith unfaithful makes him
iliilsnry.frue lo the ears of his hearers, and
they enjoy and applaud his wi angles wltb
.harmony. .Their singing reminds one ol
���the wnlls-of <a li reared Thomas Bufferim
from nn acute nttuok of gastritis, oomplt-
cnted with neuralgia.���Cairo {Kgyp*
7o Miii:v Sona NonrlnhlnR.
In making soup Ihoobjoot Is to draw all
'the nutritive qualities of the moat into
���.th��'V.ater,and to do this thu hones must
she cracked,-to .that tlio marrow will In
-.easily extracted, the moat cut Into small
pieces, and the wholo put into cold water
antl allowed to heat very slowly. Quick
healing would harden tho meat and pre*
���roirt the juioes from freoly flowing out.
Tlie meat must not bo put Into water anil
sVa-sliod liefore it 1. cut, us evon the immersion far sc short a time will draw out
souioof the.mitrui__.it, It should Instead
bo carefully wipod with a clean, damp
(Both. AftOfotittiag the meat into small
,pinees_tBfl craclting the hones put it into
la'kottle nnd c,-iv,-rt_t with cold water, letting it stand a little while on the back of
.he stovo, then bring lit forward and hoa��
���lowly.���Siillie Jot HVhite in Womaa'c
Home . _��ipaniai_
Wa. CourtiiisX.
""Do ynu coust nu investigati.nf" ln-
-quired the interviewer.
"Weil," said tSonntor So***glinm-slowly,
"I doll't exactly like tlio ipluwse. -I'm
willin to meet an invcstigi.ti'judf circum-
stiineer, make it. necessary. But il aintt
.tuakin lovo to it."���Washington .Star.
Tliey Do It Sometimes,
Cho Spinster Slam���I shall nevar marry
nny <me.
-she Bachelor Maid���Hut porliap- some
ono will marry you.���Detroit Free Prnss
Smolcs* anil Hair.
A physician  says that smoking 't-akee
men  haldhcadod    Smoking in tho parlor
sfter the taw) curtains have  been freshly
put up is apt to have that effeet. v h ��� .1 t'
smokor's  wifo   finds   it   out,���Pcal'SOl
Weekly. ,     ,
Tin* I'����_n ��r Kmiii i��*_a��.
.Mr.   De   Heicnce��� Tl.e  olftcars   nf   t'
-Smithsoniiin institution  mo haying 1
T,liutteT.of monkeys phrmngrn] lii'tl, In :
ho|ie thatiin tune their  latigungo  maj
understood,, andiit may be possible lo oou
verse with them.
Mrs. I)e*Seionc*���Isn't that grand! 1
hope they'll.ask the monkeys, tho very
first thiiiK,Whether we ������� di-emleutt
from then, or-iot.���N*w YeJ-c .Weekly.
H.�� lleveaf-.o.
He tolBltier ho cnulJ not survive
If ihcj,:ilhs they lr.t*i must li;- aP".-l;
Bhe spurne_l-li_l���yet he's sl.lil ;���': .1.
Ami that's. Uv ihiug Disst breaks her '
-* Cli.ei.go New..
"That boy next door whor.s learning to
play thoaornet looks eoiisumplive "
"Yes.'hut you mustn't- ootiut leo much
Jn that.   '.The merage age Qfsir.llsls.hu:; i.i
laid  to ko 07 .ye-U-s."���Cleveland Plain 1
-Oeeiies Token of torn
A Chinese  gentleman   always sends ��
���pair of geese to the lady of Ms ci.100, tint.
'they are looked  upoD_��s :the oinhleius d.
.eouiugal fidalitr.
���Nn.'1. of ( nm .if.
Parana���Even the hairs of your H-l+t.
-end nro numbered, PlwWlo,
Froddio upulling out a hair)���W!.nt
.fiuiniier ts itlil-f���Fhlladnlpliin North
metit of this disease.    One application of Pain Balm will  relieve  the
pain, and huttdredsof suBerer-s hare
Hufla.0, N7\
LaCr-is--", Wi^
. i .i'.-.i.ti.-i -'.- ),C:i
M..!. HENRY, Vancouver
.*'>I0 Wcstinui&tcr Road.
WAY, Agent,
-    -   .-'  B.
testified to pernmnetft cures 'by its
u-e. Why suiTer when Pain Balm
alTorls such relief and costs but a
trifle?    For =alr> by F. J.
talccn'thc lead over several other���
good brands'.'' There is no ques-.
tion bift this medicine is the best]
thAt can'he procured for coughs
���and colds, whether it be a child or
an adult tbat is afflicted.. It Always
MacKen-vctircs and cures quickly. Sold by
UE..T. MaeReiuie. .      J
It-HicAtld'txrhcirnc in mind that
everv c'ofd weakens the luiii;s, lowers the vitality ami prepares tlie
system ' for the more serious diseases, among which are the two
greatest destroyers of human life,
pneumonia and consumption.
Cough Bemedy
has won its Rreat,pof-i'ai.ty by its
prompt cures of tliismost common
ailment. It aids. e*fpec-oration, relieves tne'lungs .tari- ijpens the
secretions, effecting a speedy and
permanent cure. It counteracts
any tendency to-ward .pneumonia.
Price 25c, Large Site 50c. s
Ne*t Sunday is P.ilw Sund_.\
H.   Mends   returned   here   thi>
Miss Montgomery lttumel home
on Wednesday.
Miss Jordan went np to the RoveI
City this week.
Mrs. Wm. Pybus weut up to the
Royal City on Wednesday.
Harry McCormick paid a short
visit to Vancouvei this week.
Mrs. C. Beadleston went over to
Woodward's Landing on Wednesday. 	
Mrs. W. I.. McBride returned
home on Tuesday from a visit to
Mrs. John Ellis returned home,
on Tuesday, from a visit to tbe
Terminal City.
Mrs. M. N. Reid, accompani.d
by Miss Ethel, returned bome on
Wednesday from a visit to Vancou-
Miss -.iviuf-ton- has returned to
her old post at the v, icket of the
fostoffice, having arrived here on
Miss Thcmasine Kerr returned
to ber studies at Co'iimbian College,
on Monday, after spending Sunday
at her home.
Speaking of the Fruitgrowers'
Convention wbich was held at Ot
tawa, Mr. Smith said that the chief
feature of the gathering was the unanimity ot ieeling on the part of
all the delegates and representatives
to raise the standard of the
fruit industry to the highest point
possible. Hon. Sydney Fisher, Minister of Agriculture showed his interest in the Conference by presiding
at every one of three days' sessions,
as he wished to hear all the discussions on the various questions' taken
up. Mr. Smith thought that the
duties of Dominion fruit inspectors
would be considerably lessened by
the actions of the Conteren.e in defining two new grades of all fruits.
These were fancy���to consist of absolutely perfect specimens���and No.
2, a grade below No. 1. The Conference also recommended that a uniform style of shipping box and barrel
be adopted all over Canada. Hearty-
endorsement was also given to the
Government's proposal to establish
experimental truit stations in various parts of the Dominion, where
peculiar conditions as effecting
fruits are found to exist.���Province.
Come to Oddfellows' Hall on Saturday, the 14th inst., and see how
this somewhat contradictory statement can be verified.
A week from to-moirow is Easter
Our Annua/
Spring Sate ot
Tailor-Made Suits
Commenced Friday, April S*
\Ue make it a point, early in April, to clear out
as far as pos3ible the Spring Suits so a�� to
make room for the Wash Suits whose day commences in May, and the quickest way to move
the Suits ��ut is to CUT DOWN THE PRIOR
This we have done in a most decided way,
SO - Ladies' Tailored Suits - SO
We Beg Leave
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
Portland Gemeh
At greatly reduced prices* making it possible for parties who contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as* piling or othar inferior
Write for Prices.
We just quote two or three prices as an!NEW WESTMINSTER,
index to the rare values to be obtained now.
Sale prices on Suits are.
$4.95, $5.90,
10.50, $14.50
Details of Sale will be seen in Weekly Columbian.    Save Money by Buying Now.
B. 0.
���**.'-.. 1..J mmmmm, ,. . J i . m
And Second Report for the Institution,
A. Parmiter returned home on
Friends of Mrs. Robt. E. Kittson
will be pleased to learn that she
is improving some after a rather
serious illness.
Mrs. S, L. Smith, returned to
Seattle on the 30th ult., alter spending a few days the guest of Mrs. T.
Wilson, East Delta.
Mrs.   Stratton  was a visitor  at
Woodward's Landing this week.
267 Columbia St.,
New Westminster, B, O
W. J. Brandrith returned home
on Tuesday, from O.tawa, where
he bad been attending the Fruitgrowers' Conventic n
Mrs. T. Woollery was a visitor to
the Royal City this week. Both
Mr. aad Mrs. Woollery have been
laid up of late with la grippe.
Messrs. Cross Bros, who, some
time since, purchased Andrew
Brown's old place, have put up a
nice new residence on the property
which they intend turning into a
stock farm.
The Methodists will hold their
services in the Baptist Church tomorrow, that edifice having been
kindly placed at tbeir disposal during the removal of their own buildings.
H. Llewellyn returned here, on
Wednesday,* from Aldergrove. Mr.
Llewellyn will enter the sash and
d. or factory at the  Delta Sawmill.
Young Fruit Trees for sale.    Ap
Slough Road.
The Derby Shoe
For Men, the choicest production of Canadian Sboe Manufacture,
New Solid Goods, new prices.
Modern  Shoes in a Modem  Shoe Store,
J* REAGH,    -    Ladner, B.C.
For Sale.
B. S, Thomas and wife returned
to the Royal  City, on  Thursday, ���
niter spending a lew days visiting I
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Welsh at the!
Helta Hotel.
A quantity of Imported Seed Potatoes.    Apply to
East Delta.
Mrs, John Richardson returned
home ou Wednesday, from a visit
.0 the Royal City, accompanied by
Miss Sinclair, of tbat city/who will
���visit here, for a while.
Miss B. White, of New Westmin-
(ter, came over on Saturday last,
and after spending a few days visiting Miss Kirkland, returned, ot
Thursday, accompanied by her
A. J Hilt and par y awived ber.
*bis week from Westminster to survey tht Rithet Ranch into ao acre
blocks. This will mean a great
deal for Port CViicbon and Ladner
pro-iding tb{* Mod** are settled on
hy separate tamilies. Thete are in
the neighborhood of 50-1 acr.s in
this (arm.    Mr.   Hilt  legister.d at
.*>. ��'l,F*-.Y ::8!!s*_.:
Delta Stock Yard
The next sale of Fat and Store
Cattle will be  held  in  above Yard
Wednesday, May 2nd,'06
Present entries:
100 Fat Sheep.
Further entries solicited.
H.   N. RICH,
Wall Paper, Paints, Varnishes, Etc.
New, up-to-date Papers
To   select   from,   also  some good  bargains in
PWARDS of olle hundred surgical operations were performed, nl",
with complete success, and only one death out ol over l-fly. hundreel
patients treated Seven patients were in the Sanitarium at the op-ninn
of the year, 205 were admitted during the year, making a total of 2 rsi
treated. Of these 99 were males and u_ females. u? wete surreal J
81 medical and 19 obstetrical. 12 patients remaii.ed in nt the close om
the yean m
The total days treatment were 3190, an average of 19.46 day-; pej
Out of the MS patients treated only one death occurred, bt*injr*j
tess than % of 1 per cent. This one d*jath was due to suppurativ J
pyelitis, complicated with heart disease..
Patients were admitted from the following localities.-
New Westminster
W*estt_att. Island
Kock Bay
Salmon Arm
"Port Hammond
Mt  Lehman
Didsbury, Alta.
Miami, Man.
White Horse, Yukon 1
The Baths and Massage Department have been eminently suqcesl
ful under the management of Miss  Mill.ngto...      During the year, .) ,
treatments Wete given, and as the patron ige has gtadtxally increased,
has become  necessary to engage an assistant.    Early in the year;
souvenir prospectus was published and copies mailed to the many (rienj
of the ittStittttion.
The offices, reception rooms, halls and most ofthe private waffl
have been neatly p2inted and decorated, adding greatly to tbeir appeal
ance. The increase of our work in the East End has necessitated It
opening of brattch offices in that part of the cfty ior the convenience
our patrons.
V#t.aiida Bay
Van Gand
Washington State t
North Vancouver   4
Central Park
Rock Bay
Port Haney
Alder Grove
Mandow, Man.
Harriot Bay
Seattle, Wash,
Leduc, Alia.
Keefer Station
Souris, Man.
Naas River
We beg to notify the Public that,
Eaater Monday being a general
holiday, this store will be closed on
that dav, and I hope our Customers
will make it convenient to get in
their supplies beforehand.
Port Qui. lion.
We are showing  some splendid values in White Muslin
Blouses, prices from $1.00 up.
Ready-to-Wear Hats.
We  have a wide range of thc Newest Styles at price-
that will appeal very fcre.hly to the thrifty buyer.
���*_���__���_���_.���-___���.���   _����������--___���____��_-_��___��_��_____-____��
Under instructions from .ths Executors
the Estate of the Late W*.  h. McBRIil]
Will be offered to the public at
To make room, for an
Entirely" New Stock      *!**       & \
A. J. BIRTCH,        -        -        275 Columbia Stfect
Come and See Our Special Line
Boots and Shoes*
Port  Guichon. B- C


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