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The Delta Times Aug 25, 1906

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Vol. 3. No
������'������ ii tee
SLCO yen
���-j.su I
P REPORT.       Potato fling.    GLANDERS REPORT
Harvesting is now general.   The:    Experimental fam,:. huve   been     The following extract Te gland*
igrain is over ripe in some districts distributed through   ihe   Dominion' er*, is taken  from  the  evidence of
and larmers find it impossible to cut, lor the purpose of testing thc  qual-! Dr.  J.   (..   Rutherford, Veterinary
it fast enough.    Some threshing  is ; ities nnd adaptability of all kinds of. Director General, before  the Select
done f-.nd new wheat has reached, fruits and vegetables to the differ- i'Stnnditig Committee on Agriculture
same mills.    There will soon  Le a��� ent localities, and these institutions and Colonization.
| rush of grain to mills, county dew.-  &* not always rightly  located, but      A.   J liiink it would be  a good
' tor*, and lake port..  Th, grain rush  nmch -ood is accomplished  never
..-.,.      .        ,    . _ ,     . tbcless.
���earns about thc ictli csi September.      ,,,.     _ ,,    ,    ...
i     lite  Delta land  berns,  so  very
      lwo; different from that
weeks has not been so favorable  ns j a*jt
The crcp conditions of the last
[dttt to include all these -figures.*
nun m ivGVffmber r, 1904, to March
,',1, 190ft, ih.-tv were s.sCi- horses
slant htared and the compensation
paid was S23...710, 'fi. I want to call
your attention to one point that is
very interesting. As I say there were
3,476 horses killed, and out of thia
ijivrabeT there were 1,48s whick
showed clinical symptoms. That
was <i very much larger number of
you can See by
   ...rmer reports, whick
... , ..    ^      1^4_U^ . -.��.S4-8-*  o   *_-__iH-*_! present we estimate, it around   j's] tain acclimatized stock, to call  on] t b.,ve here   lban bad cver be,.,,
servative men want conservative clotneb witti a toucnibusbelsperacre_ Theretea toM him ami examine same, when a!.kllIedbe[orew1.l.iua sirui!aT period.
I of 4,750,000 acres  of wheat.    We] ������***��* idea.-?*-_   be .gathered as to jrverv one nftb;, ,^5 wasa clear.
ALL men do not want "College Suits.'* We have
��-_ ���...     .. ... -__���   --   ��� ____������  _���____���       ,1-'*5 *" >'-'IV njucn  ia
f!.,_m   ortrl   o_^   c���.^f    ��_-.    4ti��.o>    rmat-fpct R.lt    fOn-lthird ,llat we **Pect(-d :,�� average! line of experimenting with potatoes!   hmlere(1 ,,          as
them and as smart as. tne smartest. tsuj _30R-|yI^^f,I9 bllshel3 per acre, At]tad a wm ^ t^
in the immerli-
     neighborhood  of  tire  Agassiz
,ve would have liked. The lack of] Experimental Farm, it is gratifying
rain and the excessive heat has : to know lhat Delta has its own localised a decline in crop condition.. I perimental Farm, although it is op-
Tbe saaie conditions caused a de- *ra'tea by a private individual.
feline as reported in ours of the. Asabel Smith is doing a great
third!    We stated in report of the;rteal for tbis community along the
oi style.    We have them and in ail sizes.     Buy your
suit here and you'll be pleased and properly dressed,|b
and you'll have money left for other things.
Mea& Fine Caaadiaa Tweed Suits in the
new ov(_rplaid patterns, n.w cut, all
sizes at $7.50��� $9 & $10.
Men's Fine Scutch Tweed Suits,, best
Trimmings, newest style: throughout.
all sizes,, at $12 to $15.
Fine English Worsted Suits in tbe new
Fall Patterns, l_.ti_.sf cut, etc., will
compare favorably with the $25 suit
sold in the Cities, Our Price $17.
Fine Range of Fall Overcoats in Covert
Cloth and Grey' Tweed effects, all
sizes, $8 to $16.
See our display in window of Boys'
Fancy Tweed Suit*. Same with pretty
Eton Collars,, some with Sailor Collars,
Belts, etc,
"The Store That Serves You Best.'
cstimxtte  that present  crop  condi*;tlle   ���-�����*   kinds   to   plant.       Mr,
j lions indicate from 85 to So million j Smith  has   over   too  varieties to
ushels    of  wheat   in   the    three' choose from and can give  a hof.t ol
' Provinces. : information as to  which  kinds do
The rust did  uo serious damage, jbest aud whether  clay or peat is
If there had beeu sufficient  rain at! tt*<-st suitable fur their development.
' proper times the crop  would   havej ���
'been a bumper ai_ of easily 20J
J bushels per acre. Had there been j
1 sufficient rain there wonld not havej
i been excessive heat.   Some report j
an average of 25 bushels p_T  acre.
W-e would   say,
By-Laws Passed.
ly marked clinical case of glanders
showing the advantage of paying
compensation .so as to bring the
presence of tin's disease in different
localities to light in -n way it had
never been brought before. There
were S.Sg-j hojses tested,' of
which .lumber j.,119 reacted and
were destroyed. Now, remember
that out ofthe 8,897 *-ot one horse
was tested unless there was a suspi-
iishels p.r  acre, j    The vote taken ou   Saturday last j dot. of his beiiig.iul'eeted.Nota single
'Do   not  believe j was in tav.r of both by-laws.    The: horse was tested  unless  he either
1 .such   reports,"    There   are many j turn-out of voters was much smaller '-showed suspicious symptoms or had
I visionary  reports published  aboutj than  was anticipated,     Following ��� been in contact with a cliucial cas��,
the crops every year.    Our  repcr.t_.-i is the result: I of glanders,    So you see .thai whea
are   issued   every   two  weeks   nnd j        ..and salt. BY-LAW,  tco.6.        J tbere were 8,-S,97 horses tested   anil.
they give a correct statement ol crop j j onlv 3,119-reacted and were.destroy-
conditions .at the time  thev ure is.| F��r the By-law 54!
Against the By-law	
sued.    There  Ls  som-ti nes  a  big
chance  in crop conditions in two
We give our
1 estimate!        Majority for the By-law 52
A little ra n  on   gram   in   stock
j does it more
on gtaiii in
ood than harm. It
makes it thresh aud uriii better.
Wheat is not at its best for milling
unless exposed lor s.;tne time to
sunshine aud some   ta'in  while  in
ed it is pretty good ���evidence that!
the work is being conducted in a,
careful and conservative way. Ofc
the 3,119 reactors 1,12^ were clinical;
casei. The disparity beiveeu the.
I 1,485 to which I referred ptevious-.
1,128 I have *just men-
.,.,���, _|ly and the
hor Hie By-law 461 .      , .  ,        ,   __
��.'-..._..    t>   1 tioned is explained by the fact that
Ags-.iust the By-law io   , .       ,   7,.a-
: those comprising the difference be?
I t'.veen the two numbers  were such
! clear .ind   well   marked   cases   of
j glanders that it was uot necessaty
! to   apply   the    mallein    test    be?
j fore ordering their destruction. Dur-
j iug that  same  period   174   borsea
I ceased to react. In leterence to that
\ I would say that  the reason  why
��� the number which ceased to react is
Majority for the By-law 36
This result gives  the Villages of
Ladner and Port Guichon a  much
Ithestook It requires this exposure] needed system  of street lights for
I to make the hest .flour   We always j the next five years which, no doubt,
contended   this   to  he  a  fact  nutj will do much toward increasing the
many would  not  beieive  it.    Thej popularity   of   this   beautiful  and.
crap of   1900  was  a proof ot  our j wealthy district.
I contention. It will be remembered by I   | ^ SQ smaU Jg t]jfft tfaey were ^
had ordered the j given   an    opportunitv    to   react.
ew regulations they are
many that the  crop  that  year rip-     Jf the  Coundl
ened evenly was harvested quickly|Ttlephone Co. t0 dresi the poles I Under-the
and when all was in stook the  ralnL^^ Clected u woflld have'add-i killed, whereas lormerly  thev were
began and was  almost continuous U .^  {0  thejr api,earance ttnd I heM lor, ,0URer  linle ^.therefor  two weeks   and   every   stock. the addilion ofa Hu]e paiut Woiildi fore, a larger  proportion  of tkos.
��� was green, the what being  sprout- j uot br���k the con,pany. j bore��� c���scd t0 react<    We d(J n,j
led.   The dry weather came and the .,        ,, ,.    ..       f
I j   : uow give them the opportunity  of
: thresher knocked the sprouts off thei ^^^
At the Police Gbi.ri. yesterday an
I'alian named Fortunato- Baroncia.
failed to secuse a conviction against
Peter I.ucier, a Xuper Island Indian.. According to tbe evidence
an Itidian asked the- Italian to gtt
Ikiiu some whisky, to which, he replied that he had not time and that
was the lasH he Tcmemberest, When
asked if tfre* accused wast the man
who struck him, he stud he did not
J. D. Kennedy, of New Westminster,, appeared for the complainant.
BRAN, SHORTS, Whole Corn.
Cracked Corn; Rice Meal, Chit
Rice, Chick Feed. Timothy and
Clover Seeds, Sutto��'s Gardeti
and Field Seeds may he obtained
at Brackman-Ker Milling Co.'s
warehouses, I.adner, from Mr.
H. N. RICH, Local Agent.
Fred Arthur is still itt bad lttck
    j _wid lots of it.    During the haying
The compits-inatit wa* certainly j he had a blood-poisoned band aud
badly used up by some one but, now he is knocked out through a
according to the evidence- produced, i kick from a horse vdiidt happened
it was*impossible to trouvrct the ac- on Wednesday. To make matters
cused, the case- was, therefore dis-j worse still, on Thursday moruiug]
The arrest was made on information hid by complainant,
he discevered a second horse disabled, the first being knocked out
about tWe* weeks ago.
Victoria, Aug. 22.���Light-keeper
Daykin of Carmauah reports this
morning that it is impossible to
identify eight skeletons c-f persons
wheat and it was one of the  best)     W. Abcrcrombie  cannot be said
milling crops that the country' ever to be. carrying the smile that wont;
_ad.     We   do   not   want   lo   sse' wear  oft as  it  is  a frown rather.
enough rain to cause sprottte'on the; Instead ofa  young  farmer as was;
wheat in   stook,  or to affect the]u**>P_<-  for,  another young house-,
grading, but we mention   he above keeper having arrived this morning. |
interesting   fact   for   millers    and] ���-	
others, to show  that there  is 1101     ,,,_.  .     ,,,,     . .        ��� ,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^tidapled to
showing whether they will react or
Attention is drawn to the adver-
tisattient cu the second page, ol tha
Provincial Exhibition to be held at
Victoria on September 25th to -9_b|
need of alarm if there  should   be a |
Winter Wheat is well
few showtrs of rain.   Two or Ihree'!
Showers will not affect the   grading
if the grain is well stooked.    Wheat
Delta soil ami  conditions; can be!    R ^ hem SU��ReBted tbat th,
1 harvested and  threshed   before -the) ;Couhdl ^^^ tadeawr t0 ^^
I oat crop comes in; lessens the work
s ,    r _,.       _      ,- .    , ., iu   the   spring   and   first-class  re-
      must be fully matured  to  be  good1  ,        ,       ,        ,
presumably from the Valencia, which I ffliiu     ���,hcat<    Such was the cr    j cleaned seed can be  purchased at a
were found yesterday in a cave near j of ^    MUlers cau profit  awh- reasoiiable price from John Omvkb,
rCarmanah, together with a potttoon j bv suc*_. a crop j East Delta.
and a ship's boat. '   * ;.,	
He says the cave is a  veritable ��"������ **x*9 to-day and  onkj    Accordil)g to newspaper reports
man-trap and the   boat   with the yuak ago. ! some of the Celestial Trees of the
men in   it was   probably   thrown!     1906���Aug. 16th, One Northern! province  are entering   the
over a big rock at the entrance, and | Wheat 74J jc. per bushel store Fort' paper tiomaius  in
it was impossible ��ot it tobe taken j William. ; down the Chinese head tax legisla-
ottt owing to there being no room I     1505��� Ang. 16th, One Northern | tion.    It  is  also  stated  that they
on ekher side of the big rock. ' Wheat $1 .or per bushel store Fort j have bought into the Four Hundred
! the services of a Stipendiary Mag-
' istrate from outside to attend Pelica
1 Court matters here.
The Union prayer meeting, keid
in thc Baptist Church'on Thursday
evening, was well attended,   Ut ia
more interesting each week.   Next
a     .   d   \1 ' meeting will be held ia the -Presby..
order to break | ". f '
teriau Cbnrch.
The men  must have stai
death there.
Quite  &   large  coirsigmnent   af
Chamberlain's ni_'-i',,_.;"Kc",^   ,       ,.,      .      ,,
N.��c ..a., em �� now! li ii,,y ,*^e lit..    ' quantity and quaht.v.
;  William. I residential portion of Victoria. It is j material arrived this week for the
,i Threshing machine proves that, hoped that this invasion among thei B. C. Electric Co. The. company
j the wheat crop of the United Slates'upper classes will cause a fresh' proposes having .the juice turned
j and  Kasteru  Canada   is   good   iu j campaign to be instituted
I of the ta'
ill  favor, on   by   October   i-st wliich is, lU*
[limit of their agreement. '.-iii-. BELT A
.IES, SA t C'Rl'.v V. AI i .!���> F
i a.
. ..-      .    ,        '. r   .-n't    - r ~-     -..'-. ' r -rv"r-    "������        ��� _-������_���������_      -
THE DELTA TUVIJ-S.       all the washing wns done at hi inej
suid ihc long linos of clothes hang-
pi-in.-**--,-;.. BVBRV SA?flWV.     ;,;, ,.^:;..1i:,-.v:.:7i,r,e silenbwit-
- negs in the fapt.    Th? girh received I
3u**---cl..'.'ion.,SI.OO.r,��.vW.   Lhe 8wnfe>waK0B.aaithe Qhinnmaii.
AovrRTisiNT. RATCS. ] He came t0 t-,e jjouse at 7.30 in the
would  leave aboul
tun about 5 30 allf'  was|
���  night bv  S
The n_jid wr._i.rsll_.wed of:
Casual Art., n.i-.-rar-.l-. ia, ���**�� p-jf.llne for I __-..:..���    ���.,.
Olefin, in*-" ori.-disiTf^.V-.-*"- ���"''��� '-'���-<-'r!i i "-oniing    ���'��� ��
(ybMqtiMit Imeitton.    The   niimlur   ol.* lines i _,
utckonr.: !,y -.*._��� space occapjesl, il..pcsjo. the I - _����� ������
KK*;'' always  away  fo>
Km,", lor CommtrcUl Ad��erti-^meu.ts can be      .  .     ,
hs,-: on application sllnisiraice. o C10( .<
Xe.idlogaoticesi^fents.per ll/te r...- cicli ir,-   _i couple .of-houi'**  OJ_* StllldSJ'  altet-
*���i..'  a ,.  ,,    . ��f���-i.,����.��,��-   iinoon5.and twoevet.Fng.'-.a week; the
Until unit n-.-uh nojtccs, soc., M-._HUges._s_o. =��
An.  .pecinl .,.',_���., ..... ot> .......liir!., is in ' Other evenings site \l?..\ tO-,100k filter.
pionoteth* pecuniary iK'Nelit bftui*. indlvlrtiml,,      _i_,ffj  ���������  ._,,,.,   ..._..,   ...\.,,\   . 'r
Se,mpany.lobe coiiil-rod nirH-ert^eineiit   tlie c..l.<lreii, See   tliem    .fl t CM, etc
��� "���Icharged__cot_iu8ly. Noiv  _: cl:.il:i    HlO,!    if    she   housc-
-tvjr-i* ������- V;**-V_*--K* -H.*-**- ���������**������������-> ���{������*.- _��� ���������*H*<- *j* *���>��>���.��� ��� -fr ��� fr ��� *I* ��� ���!��� ������ ��+a
a Transfer Stable
Lemons, Es__r& Fa^T. 40�� *fe5���
Peaches* this week,
bTesnae Work Bone- alt Sj3ec-&>��ty tow Prices.
AU j_d?ertite__._ia changed
out and paid l-<r.
unlir ordered
keepers of Vancouver wosld tre;.t' ��
mn i.l  servants* in  the satx.
Carrr-pctudenc. InvltoU on trut^,. *>_-.P__JI- -Ull
i aier,-t.  Comasiuiicutioiia td'ed__or iuivs-t.li_ ac-'
mmpanied ij> muiic ��f���s.ri_rf, iiotjiceessarity|mant.e._*as they do the-.Chinamen
bar (niblioaUos., t-ut a. cridence oisgoodJaitli
.rvev   creecii. i
��� Tclephons "I.adner" No   io. <
J^v r\ fnlti;;.
n,i:.--,;,rr;irli thvVJ1-'c'-'-'','*'"'���';
G:���;:}, P^  ::.,\.:y���_.i\,
sATfunAv, AfQi'aa* 25, po��6.
give tliem tiie same privileges ol
going rut whan their wcrk was
done, ir.ul net '.'.skin;', fchetii to d<
anv more ;!inn tSasv do  the Gliiita-
-.V..-*^7'7>-_27..':':. ">���-...���'.':*.v.-,��;
men, tfcftt '-i'c*  niodser
not be s,i diatcult   11
he, c;i''i.er  lo
once ot.v.u.\_'t  w _.
i keep.,
���Threshing is  nyW  in full swing _SGmrs-'trn-_\'
a-ul the crop-...*?., tu^-ing aat rather ' JOHN S.JiTr.*,
under a fair aTerajfCvieldi ' Vane-Hives, H. C, Aug^t :(*>.
na- . tr-aisniori
,.      Delta IiOdge,. No. 121 meets* firfetj
.   ,  and third Tuesdays of each month
in Oddfellows' Hall. ���
T.H.Oi-i. Todd, M'.W.       .
hli ���_; ���-
- H      1, -.-s-T
Trucking and  Drayinj
I..iv;.r.Y  work of all  k
tended to p.<-<-_i"-!,>...
T; \V. KERRi, I-kseotder.
/.""';'' J     ���        *-:
I /��� ��� 11 k 1 ��� * 1
*-.2s^ 1 & i '-..;- a *S_ Ifise. .���'-, t.
I.O.O F.
Delta Lodge, No. 21.���The regular meetings of this Lodge arc held
every Wednesday  evening at S p.
Acute attacks of colic ami  dif.r-j ���..    Visiting I,r_*_hren cordially in-
their valiiabh; O.J.  in  pagStng the-rha.it come on-without warning and vited tQ.,attend.
We havo to thank   the ladies for;
lhe able Ti.amier.iu wliich the^lenbj
rxxi.ci'iss/ds". -i.
Street I.ighti^; Dy-law.
i prompt   relief  must   be  obtained, i
There- is   ivo   necessity,' of incur*
ring   the-   expense    of  n    physi-
la order lhat lhe best remits njav    .   , .    :���_.������..,    .^. .   ���,'������
: cjan s   service   111   such   er_ses    il;
rte oVtai��?d, vtm suggest bti��t the^ ^hamberluiti s.Colii, Cholera and,
'Jonnciiifi-t a definite hour each day: diarrhoea Retaedy is'.at hand. 77
at wluVh'cases shall be brought be- dose of tliis remedy will relieve the
ivre the Polioa  MaSi-_rat?, so that| pa*te��t before.__rdocto_rcorfd arrive, j
.{        ,,. ,, , ,,   ! It-ihas never  been  known to  fail !
the public generally.tjjjiy kuow the ���;
eyen in the most severe cases and!
h'>m-      .. no family should be svithot.' it. For.
sale 1 v AH Drnggists,
According to   tbe   Westminster |
papers  "John Smit^i, wdro worked |
list at Ladner,*.'   haa*. bce.vsent up  ^PROVED   PHONF WiRVICB
for   three- moutiy.   for   supplying! "
itquor tc Ind.av wcnieji :i.   a,caj}.p     Tht -ncv,-.copper metallic Une beon  Front street.    If  xve   __.s...ke; ������vee11   New Westminster andLad-
not, this is one of. the trio r,o eotdi
a]ly tr.ated here on the 9th inst.
R..C  ABBOT'S.' N.G.
W. II. Taylor. Sec.
W. M lDrsvg��Xf.
Room 2. Jtilard r.tos.:;. :/*..,-. Wes_i*_lna^er,
If you cont-einpUtG buyiri*c- aai rrattbator or
Brooder you canno". cto- better fchaa to got- prices
iUflDTil   H f-ftTI l\infJ    \'���� ��to* ^--^kisr Age-ib fiw the CHATHAM.
iffll.f.1. fl! buLLioUl   i
:RAE & Co
West____m Streetr���
Ladnei", B.. C
A* full lina of English and Irish
��� Tweeds and   Fnncy Trouserings always kept in stock.
B&SSSSMS   HjPiim-jiSht   ���&*"?iHfs_e_/&.
lRUi. fi!. PliUiili
11 ir wll
Incorporated lSfttv.
irlejf. Wheat,
i;Hi' lab.or ouJ'STion.
attribntable  ta thc  farajgiw tham-
selvss, ( ".some of them at least.
]i.-i-.ii_..' 9i
aer via the Kiver road is now completed aud is a very great improve-,
ment to the service.
Several new telephones have beeu
installed,   an   it-idividoal   liajj  has-l
j bftens-buj-lt, to. the. I.elta Creamei-yi
The   prime   reason,. Hut.   bigsh: and a sttburbfia. line runs ad-.far.-asi
wages were f.s_*_, this season, i.i.'. ��� *)h"   Oliver's.     Stok*s & Cullis j
l.a.nch, Inverholm. Stock Farm, Ai.
b7   C-.-avvionrs  and John  Oliver'8=]
Ranch will haye t*lcp!ioncr.-o'i,:thi:;J Headqi'tai-ters fbl
Long before men w-ere needed for  jj,ie.
the haying it was-a common  thing'
to hear such  as these:   "I  guess      Mis:,.(7.  Hcuring^ou; left( yester-
aien   are  gc_.��gf to..be0��carcc this| day, fat Tanpen  Siding, and  Miss
yeat!"    "We'll ha.c*,tj pay $2.50 15' H��Wiu__.oii left at the same time
'         ,.          ,,, ,,,                        .for Stave.' I$vor  where t'le-ir enter
a dav thi.*> vear! I: gues��   wages:             .   .     ,    .
��� upon  theirj duties  as   '..ackers-.on
will  be  as  high as.  jfj a day this   ���sljl_,.i..v ���,...,
vear!"   and  so  on   until  the men
. $8.4X0,000
9814 83,625-
A General Banking Business Transacted.
^e can 1 soppi^ 701a ^_it_�� tbe fc5e__t quality | B-^-SBV-^Fl_l_SipS,
���f tlie   above  articles  at resGonable cost. I-20TAL ASSETS,,
Remember the place
eiia Meat Market,
I'iidser, B.C.
  j QSD   iSllQWs.��
Qepo^its of $1 and upwards received a_t_jd I-ater-
@s.t Allows at Higaest, ^.Urr^nt KateiSi.
ner Lamam wm
��ure Msmiski Btzi*$GP Twine*
Bala Ties,
SarSted Wirs,
Lubricating ��__��
���Wr   Mssy   Other* Old'  TMng- _#��  Parmer\
BeTjuires st LOWSST PRWES*.
BRANCHES IN BRITISH COLtT-Ml-IA*���Vancouver,. Vattconves
Kast Hud. Mt'.. Pl.asant, Granville .Street; Grand Forks, Nanaimo,.
Nelson, Rossland, Victoria,. Vernon-,, Chilliwack,. C_t___be__a_td andl
IMew. Wastmttiater.
L.. m. RICHARDSON, Manager, LADNER, B..C.
themselves beganr,t8 co?.ie ii.and
. -      ,      , . Thc:Srs5> S*_*no'ma les.y_B-.J-adner I
hear that the- tanners were, paviuc
; tit b a.ni, and 4 pvin,; leaves Steves-.
^aday, a��4  yet sca.cety  a. man l0|,  a,  g Rm   ;-,���i ���-.,,.,���.    u,-cry
had been hlrci-i at .iha'; -iin.Q.. day exeopfeSttadav.
If the farmer v.-nidd   be wi/.e he . ��� _
would, seek,, aq,-,,,-   :i*e   M^Hipiid ,,MAm    y y>     ...������,,    ,mj.\
bush  farm;_,-or  spend a  lew short SliN S"-M\I''S  '
hits in advertising  i-.., their l'rome      ,..,        .     , .      ,
������ l n.iv is ajesficm  t.   the work_ol
paper lor Ihe  help nfleded  Intend  the thrifty farmer.   He-knows that
of running around.with such yartiafthe brigh. sutiKtshie i-'.iy last--, but'ini
as a Kcareity.wf labor.    I'tinr.. incfti-diiy mjd hepreparcs-for tbe showers
would   sooner*  foSe   moiiey ^thnu  wkich arc s*o!iiii>le.lo,follow.   Suit'
should   ha with  ever}  household.]
Dysentery,  dial ho_a  nnd   cholera
morbus mtvy ntitmk some, member
of   tht!    home    without    wart'.ing, [ =
The following IcWes*ris��a g��pd CkjtuI.itl.ii..-.*, t silic,  Cholera  ami'
Je-icriptivj'-i ol: w'.nit renl'y  lutppfnR Dinirboc.   Remedy,   vvliicli-iis the|*-*'.
:n    the    aye^ge    Iieutsabold    aud: best hm.-.'-.ii.mcii.iiio :.;;��� these dis
.'.i'"..s,    :���'������.���..',!   r.'.w.ivs   bl> kept   at
Q. T BAKER, Ladner, B. C.
spend  a  few  cents  i:; , bones*; eiv
deavor to save some.
,00Q. in. Premiums   and Valuable
Taos* Oxfords &
Bluclier Cuts
speaks strongly aggn*... thc .repeal
ofthe head tax*
if:3,ooo in  Purees.
A FuB Lmu^ of
hand, as
T.ditor  World. ��� i" ��� notice   that fjtaj.    [������
"The Servant. QitX Question"  has   ^
s)��en brcught. ii_. . fcr, discus*
3.on once ag.ii;: . and; hus 1 .en
reviewed from two. pr -t-trfle st..i:d-
jKiints Witf:. yo'.:r.s i:crmis*it.:t I
would like :o <:itc ao'^tisttince which
came usdei-tny own persohal observation n ysh_rr>ijci; ago. |
' My uox'. dear ,i;e.^?;_Jib_��r, lost V.vr
CUinamn'u and'gt37'in, liii�� pl.icc :i
liiaid-serva-.'...'. ' \V!.iI_. tl:u. Clii-.iu- ���
JUau wa:;'in .lli. ho__c all the w^sji*
iitg was.'-.tiit o_t{ to the laundry and
the lady.cl',the...hou:;2,.Lejpcl with
the housework. There arc four
children in the family, but as soon
as the maid entered upon her duties
;;:;:... utc tfcatUicnt i��
itid delay mny prove
ial�� by AU'Druggists,   j
-.;_> ���SCABS'
Trad-. SWa��ii3
Anvrr.n _���!! ili,(( u i i.'.trh ni.-'J ltcB_i-p(lon.niiiy
qili'-lily Hi{ii��..TIinll cur o|_lul<<_i .Jl'tw whsM.li.-.-. _!i
Miv.-i.-ir.il Ij pniliftltly ..isls>nt.-r_ls'. r.,rr,tiiut.;._.
11.,in..��j.-ny,., 1,11,101,nm. HAHDBUiH'.i'l'.i.iii.i
lient ���    ,. n|.i,.'t auwii'   r-i'-.H'n.iiii.'i��..,.i.-.-ii.,
I'll Jl. tHUon IM. '..'I /tllr" . ,'s- 1 ... |. . .Ivo
1'..   . .,���,!��� iie:, Wltlluul ,l,:-.l'.- , . 1 !.'���:.
"(.'.<      r��_(*._,i.4:,.��.'.^,
The Best Stock Market in the Province.
Bands,.Sports, Games aad..New
$200,00 in Prizes aud Chanipio-nship Balt.of. B.C. for
Bi'oneo- Busting.. CoiBpetitioiis....
HEM end
st m
Special Exsjtsrsion E-ates from All Po.ats.
A Ti-M^domclv UIir-.Tfi.'' 1 wpciir.   T.r)r(lQlt oIt-
ciiln'iaw of uriv gnletiUtti- Joitrnoj,   Tonus, W n
��� jimr DiontPB, \\. Bold i>y,iM nowBdeftlor**,
��� iiti.s*. 11". v gu. WmJilWrtDDsD,U.
Wrjte for Part.is.s-lj.ts and Prize Lists.
A. J. MORLEY, Mayor,       J. E. SMART,
President, Secretary.
sons 'iiil: DELTA  i'-.wu.--, SAXliRi-AY. AlMloT
V. T. Ry. & Perry Co.
Seasonable floods
New Service���Port Guichon and   Ladner to New!
Westminster and Vancouver.
Leave Pt. Guichon, 6.36'a.n_.    Arrive Vancou .'cr, 10.20 a.m.
Leave Vancouver,   2.10 p.m.    Arrive Pt. Guichon, 6.00 p.m. j    BEE SUPPLIES ��� Buckwheat
Monday,  Wednesday and Friday. Fal1  Rye, Clover, Timothy, Un
.Gives  Passengers  four hours in   either   New   West- Grass.    Ensilage   Corn,   Mange
Turnip.       Special    quotations   1
.muster or Vancouver.
Shippers desiring empty cars for loading -apply. Jto
E. T. CALVERT, ~    .
A.erent, Pert Guichon.
Sufficient Cars will be furnished without delay." ���' ' - -
Spray Pumps, V'hale  Oil  Son.
Vegetable Plants.
Large stock of HOM1. (*��� ROW.
Fruit  and Ornamental Trees  no-,.
matured for the fall trade.
No expense, loss or delay of fir
gation or inspection.
Let   me   price your  list   befor
i placing your order.   ���. ..
i We'.do business- on onr ou.
I grounds���no rent to pay, and are
��� prepared to me_t all comnetitioti.
J Y,-.u wr.nt to HIT what you nre aiming at
f ���Le ii bird, beast ox target, Make your
Shot- 1 ,���:.. by shooting the STEVEN'S.
.'or 4: r.3.. STEVEN'S ARMS bare
earned o/( PREMIER HONORS for ACCURACY.   Outline;
Rifles. Shotguns, Pistols
Ask v..;.r Pes
Sen l_4 rti.Jn vlm
.. *
-���iloa t";.e br.
vi :
for 11. >���{������_. je tt u 1
1. yon cannot
ofcomaiete outn n
vt*  thin tiite
t. r
ri.ua_.iebo >k ojfre
f-rsst fft'.lt 1
, ur,
���v. e :".r preteat _
receipt) tcaiaU
��� ���'
p: ipe.tlve i;    at
B*e_mtU��lthree_co1nr_Muiiiiau_n Hanger will
be forwarded for 1-- cent* io stamps.
Ji Stevens Arms &. Tool Co.,
P. 0. Bo- 4098
- All tbe Very Latest in
Edison Gold Moulded  Records and
Edfeon Phonographs
M. J. HENRY, Vancouver
3010 Westminster Road.
Holy Communion ��� Sunday's,
8:30 a.m. ist Sunday in montli,
11 a.m.
Matins, r 1 o'clock.
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday School at 10 a.m.
Friday, evening service 7:30.
Rev. Canon Hilton, vicar.
British eo_,r_-i__'___
mm ftUllnllj m$mj L ll
Sole Agent3���Wholesale and Retail���for
558 Granvile St., Yaacouvt
mmeaameeawamme. m .
Sole Agent   for  Columbia   Graph ophones  and
Get your House wired now!
.and file your application for'
Electric Light now, so that j
the poles may l.e distributed :
past yoar premises
Application blanks may be]
had of Mr. McDonald, the:
5000 Telegraphers
:_-___s___!__B        NEEDED
Annually, to fill tbe new positions!
created by Railroad and Telegraph I
Companies. We want VOUNG:
MEN and LADIES of good habits to
\ \!D R. R. ACCOUNTING ...
We .'uriiisli 75 per cent, of the;
Operators and Station Agents in
America. Our six schools are thei
largest exclusive Telegraph .Schools,
in the world. Established ao years;
and endorsed by all leading Kail-!
way Officials.
We execute a $250 Hond to every!
student to  furnish   him   or  her a |
position paying from 5*40  to $60 a '
month in .States east of the  Rocky |
Mountains, or from $75 to fiioou!
month in States west of the Rockies, !
immediately upon graduation.
Students can enter at any time.
No vacations.    For full particulars ,
regarding any of our schools  write;
direct   to   our  executive  office  at
Cincinnati, O    Catalogue free,
11 ns aiff'iffli
Cincinnati, Ohio.        Buffalo, X.\
Atlanta, Ga LaCrosse, Wis
Texarkana, Tex, San Francisco, Ca
Services first aud third Sunday of
each mouth at 10:30 a..1:.; Lienedk-
tioit, 7:30 p.m.      " ;
Sunday school at 3 p.m. 1
Low Mass and Holy Communion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.     :
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.L,
Parish  Priest.     !
the star.* and eArs.
Itni^ titvertlng iilau,,-? or tbe -''.*_#
of (lie _outitc-i*i_ Ct.devAQT.
'J In; .iii__r r.f the Confederacy, or ratbfl-
the Un; 1 ui tlie Con_.t1er__._r, had somo on*
rloits bita oi history ottaobod to their existence, un March i, 1861, the provisional
Confederate congress recommended that
"tlio tin.; of iii,: Cimfedorate Stntas of
America shall consist of n red field, witb
s ' !:i:.- s;,;ic3 extending horizontally
Uirmifjii the renter and et_uitls.ii wiil. 1�� tc
mi,-ll.,..; ihu width i.f tiie (lag, the tad
���paves .-i'i. ' ������ and below to be of tlm .'.un;..
ividiii is.i the white, tho union, blue, ex-
wi.iii:,..* down through the white spacer
innl eiopplng ut tho lower red space, in
the con tc i ...f the union a circle of white
stars corresponding in number w th the
stares of ihe Confederacy." It was flrst
displayed In publio March 4. 18Bi, the day
ot the Inauguration of Lincoln, and was
unftirlcd over thu siatehotisse ist Montgomery, Ala.
On tho battlefield the flag bore such a
similarity to tho Union flag that In .September, (__-, for the Army of I ho Potomac,,
Geuoral; l.enureg.irdnntl Johnston created
what afterward become known as tha hat-
;lc flag���u red ground with a l-liiedUtgonal
bross oinblazoned with whin- stars, nne fot
each stuto. 'J ins form wns adopted by all
ofthe troops cast of tJn: M___s���ippi rivor.
The first ci. siyn. bearing the objection nf
r_;i:i!j:,laM,i: tn iln- stars und fclrlpus, .���.:.'!
tho bflttloilng having no rovorsc, the Con-
[ederate senate in April, lsiil), adopted ji
white flag, .villi -,, briiad blue bar in iis
center, wliich was nnieiided by Inserting
Die battleflag d,-i;,n us ilu unlou, with :��
plain white croiTml for thu field 'i'i.i.:;;'.
rangcuiont afterward provi .1 faulty, i< i at
adlstance the largo white Ui Id reson : ' id
u HaK of truoo, and also, us w inbiin ���! v, Ith
tho union, was sJinllm' to lhe ICngllsli
v.iiitu ensign.
(_;i 1'i.b. 4, 1803, tlie Coiifuderato senate
adoptedAtlilid chnngoi "Tii,' width, two-
thirds of its l.ngth. with tho union, now
used _a a battleflag, to bo In v.icUh ihroe-
flfths nf the width of thu,flag, und t'.i proportioned ai to k'.v. tliu'leligthot the field
on the sido of tlio union twice tho width
below ii; to have a ground of rod and
broad bice s.iltii:r thereon, bordered with
white and emblazoned with mullets or five
pointed H'..\i-i corresponding In number ta
that of tho Confederate states; the ll Id
to I,.: white, e_;co[)t tlio outer half from iKe
union, wliich shall bo a red bar, ast_i)dtn_[
tho width of thu Hag."���Ohio Valley Man
afactun :���
II.-.I ..,n_ Q I,.,- Thin >lsili���ii uf ��;��itla��
II la ..oi Hore Oenmjmily Adoj-fr*,
Ji' wc inistiiJ;ii nor. Dr. Fridtjof Nans *^
���n iii. last attempt toiBachtbe north p,-J^
hml tLc- Frani diuijiped with a specially
designed windmill, which -.vnon opprating
drove o dynamo aad fdrnlBhed tha n��*cai-
nry current for lighting purposes. Aa
��_rjiioifsr erected en the roof of a butldllljr
lu J.Jurii place lu this city has bimn for
*j_ia time successfully driving a dynumo
In connection with a storage battery plan.,
-lie'ourrent from which has been utillzi...
for Incandescent lighting, r'rou. rbi�� it
r.ill be seen tlint there ia nothing Htrf
lew in the applioation of windm.it- to tha
d;ising of dynamos.
'J hero oro probably scvei's-l ceasona Wty
tliu windmill or aormotor h.is jiot beea
(now i.iils.-rr.tliy adopted for thj abova
pnrposo. In tho tmi placo _uch a inollva
power is (ilsTcy.. 7noro or )tu_i tinoartuis
nnd cannot oiu.-iys be depended upon.
There may he :��� [ nlw Jwt i>�� ilie timo it is
found noccssaiy to reohavge -ac baiterlai,
i~ the batteries maybe in u-e who.. .
I.iv,.... springs up. Thla would necessitate
bavins iv.'u sets nl lmttcris-s at a considerable cost. Another reason why aermotori
have not been inure extensively adopted la
probably due to the fact that current can
now be generated with steam as a luotlva
power very economically, especially in
largo quantities. The electing of an aer-
motor-ind tho installation of a number of
eloraga batteries with u dynamo mean a
considerable outlay of money, especially
when ihe co-it ���..���** maintenance and renewal, is taken luto account. Jn certain case*)
is muy bo found that the interest on the
batteries, generator and windmill, with
the labor item figured in, will cost aa
much in tlie lung run us Ihu current could
be purchased for on t.iu outside.
lint probably tho chief reusen why tha
power of tho '..iial is allowed to go to
Waste when i.eonid be employed for gen.
crating eleotrielty is tlio same as that
which prevents the immense powerderiv-
ableirom the tides In both tha Hudson
and Kast rivers from being utilized���
namely, oonsorvotistn, or# if not lack ot
progress, a slowness In avsiiing.ourselv.__
of opportunities.���Electricity.
Sitrvices next  Lord's Day at  ii
"   m. and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting. 10.30 a.m. every,
Sntii'l ty.
Sabbath .School at 2 p 111 every |
Sunday. Prayer meeting every 1
Thursday evening at 7.30.
Rev. j. F. Bet'... pastor, j
.Services next Lord's Day at 11
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 am Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. A, McAuley, Pastor.
.Sabbath services ��� Crescent Is- 1
land, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
.Sunday School at 10 a. m. i
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
8 p.m.
C. Croft, B. A., pastor. I
Active operations commenced I
Wednesday, on moving the old |
Delta Meat Market bnildings.
tr.ii-.v   will   Stiirer  ��!ie  Moal   Intense
Acuity Willi llciiiarlialile i'iiriil ntle.
Ai! Kngllsh surgeon, Dr. Ilyan, while
aervlug with tho Turkish a; icy in the
campaign of 1877-8 snw a marvelous exhibition of the fortitude that, resists pair.
nnd sustains with cheerfulness a violent
physical shock,
The surgeon'* first capital operation
v.-e- pcrf I'mcd nn nTurkish .1 Idlerwho-a
knee liad been shuttered by n shell Ho l'e-
fused to lake chloroform, and the surgeon
teas his leg off abovo the knee.
He never groaned ner tittered an ex-
dsiuatlun, liut smoked u cigarette during
tl.e operation. When tho Turkish eai.taio
came nrotind with bis noteljook intake
down the minip, age and reglinenbof each
wounded man. his patient answered quietly 1,11 guest Ions, though tho surgcnii was
stitching up ihe riup of .-kin over the
Al tlife first battle of Plevna Dr. Ilyan
worked nil day among tlio wounded, lu
his bonk, "Inder the lied Crcscont," he
records that; in all bis surgical experience
he has never known men to exhibit-".eh
fortitude under intense agony us did these 1
'l'n rl; ish soldiers.
The recovery of the wounded, considering tho unfavorable conditions under
whieh they wero treated, filled him wiik
wonder, Their injuries were terrible, but
their splendid physique, unimpaired by
intemperance, enabled many of them iiftm*
u row weeks in ihe hospital toreauinothelr
places in the ranks.
"I never Paw a private soldier under the
influence of liquor during the whole tim-
ilnit I wus in the country," writes Sur- I
geon Kyan.   "There were many of,these I
men whose lives 1 oould havo _uv__.��if I
could huve persuaded Iheui to take st-tmu- |
iants, but it was impossible to get. them;
to tench alcohol even as medicine.
"The principles of their religion forbid
th-pusoof alcohol, nnd thu humblo Turk
clings eo tenaciously to his religion tha?
lie would rather meet death itself than
violate its precepts."
Many ef ihe wounded lost their iivet
swing to their religious belief Hint thc lo_.
nf a limb would prevent I hem from 011-
terlng paradise. They refused to submit
to amputation, preferring to die rather
than to live maimed.
.toa-il Tliem, Yc- Bnrneve of tbe Cl��_-.��
i't-11**, and 'i'uLts tVum.i__r,
Geueralarzt I).-. Scholer ],ubU-hes ln tlia
Centralblatt r.u Gesundheitspflegeaeoiuio.
tlon of "Hints to Smokers," which am
founded, as the doctor states, upon hia
professional observations for many year*
ut mouth, teei.., stomach, lungs, heart un__
_i.in of ihc dovoteos of tobacco,
The first and foremost rule is never tv
smoke before breakfast, m.r, as a 'rule,
when the stomach is empty. This custom
is ine worst possible foo of digestion, .Never sinoko during any exertion of great
physical {..mnxy, atl dancing, running, cycling, mountain climbing r-r rowing, and
especially It in a contest, Never follow
"the bad custom of the Fronoh and tha
Hussiaus" by allowing the smobo.to paai
through tiioncse. -\'evcr i:iL.a|eii..!_;.voiigi��
tho nose.
Keep ihfl smoko as far.f.^ possible froca
���he eyes and nose. The longer the pi pa
the liciter. The use Of a short pipe dui.inf
work is l.o be avoided. A pipe is Ilia molt
wholesome form of smoking, a clgactba
next, a cigarette the wai'se. Always tiuuvf
uwny your cigar when yea bave.smpked
four-fifths of it. The lastend of it i.i iho
n;o_* hurtful, in caudu veneuum, .iu> ^pui-
kuii llu'ks in tbe.tail.
All 1 igarottos nre Isid, but eastern.ci.:.**
rottcs tho wurst, for they aro always,compounded with ,:o:ne degree of opium. Tba
smoker ought to rinse out his mouth, not
only before every meal andbeforo going to
bed, but several lime*.', during thedoy. Tha
best I'inso for the smoker Is 4 gluss of wa-
ter in whieh a toaspoonfujl of -able salt ha*
been dissolved. It should be used ass
ff.'ti'glo al night, und euro should be taken
that every cavity iu the teeth is well washed with it. Tbo pipe's proper place is In
thc bund aud only occusloijally in tha
lips or the mouth.
J. B.  Elliott  has  been  awarded'
the   contract   of   the   piling    and
foundation   lor   Marshall   Smitl s
new   store   wliich    will    Iron':   ��� 11
Delta street.    W. A. Gillej '*- otitfit ;
is here to drive the water piles.        |
j.vw_:--...*_rr    V-V-... :-< -!
mjmmatmnmaea^ "V_*'<t-fcf|
[ -����*��-*<h^��. >��� ^.��. fao.efroim^oi*^e*e$*io*Aneio*eleiOielm
if umm inn mm mnw f
\l  J. HENLEY   ?
NKW W_��**>T\fIN_tTf--_, :-: B. C. y
[<U JtanafncHirCTs of all Muds ot ,j��
Soda Water, Ginger *
la Ale and Summer 1
I? Drinks. X
Vour patronage solicited     jt
Chsusge of Gate]
���The date of the Ann_��_l Exhibition of the Delta Agrie-iJtural sSo-
ciety has been changed to Fiidav
and Saturday, September shist and
fll""��-' 7*.'^*J"��_nws.   .^v^tww���.. :-..-**����M\|i
> I i.' :*,/;'.��� '" it:  .'��� s. -V-*V.'.!.,-.     - :i?i.-?
Sfe '   . '����� ���'      j     %-m
fid. \d:M
.^*..>.j.-.* .���*V'-"^:v.'*..J.%'.tWj_
iu"mtm.mrst.r ^.'^amviijiwvfm.x ��� */vmr>"
-d<: dX^'d.df
mn idmm��wm^--r^^;Amm*.,i:
ROBT, MAY, Agent,
LADiVER. 15. C.!
When you wish to buy visiting:
cards call- on the Delta Times who
will sell the best money can buy. I
If you need them printed, why you
are money in pocket by calling on I
the Delta Times first.
During the hot weather months
the first unnatural looseness of a
child's bowels should have itnmed
i.i tc attention, so a���; to cheek the
disease before it becomes serious.
All that is necessary is a few doses
of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhcea Remedy followed by
a dose of castor oil to cleanse the
system. Rev. XL 0. Stockland,
Pastor of the First M. 17 Church,
Little Falls Minn., writes: "We
have used Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhcea Remedy for
several years and find it a valuable remedy, especially for summer
disorders in children." Sold by All
Dru e;u ists.
V��h... Friction -*.*in De,
-"miners inside nf nmonitor turrotsufTef
Intensely from hear meliorated by the eun- !
mission of tho enemies' cannon halls when
they strike thu stwl walls of the turret.
Tho eiierey of visible motion is sudden- i
ly arrested and becomes molecular energy .
In ihe form uf heat.   The moving mass
ana eoiiiuuintcatcd ito motion to thu molecules . . ihe metal of tho turret as well st
ot (ha cannon ball itself.
A11 visible motion when arrested ho-
,amies heat, even that ... running water.
If we take two pieces of solid Ice and rub
lliem together, thev can I o heeled by the
friction until the melting point Is reached.
If wo should pour water into an ordinary
rotary churn and turn the crank, the mu-
ehanicnl energy exerted against tho wnter
will be transformed Into moleoiilnr'ener-
k.',v. and ihe water will he warmed in proportion io the amount of mechanical energy expended.
-When Mnri'iaKe le tlie Topic.
The wedded state Is n favorite subje_|
With tho epigram makers. Vromevet,
old ballad we tako this:
There was a criminal ll) a cart
A-��oln lo be hanged;
_{e--plU.to,li.ini was granted, '.
And carl aia'l crowd did -aund
. *   To know If h,' would marry a wife
^      or rather Mrettate-' tcrflt..
"'"T'ottur's   thi*   wors'tr-ilriva   Ott   the
'--V oni'tl"
Ths criminal did reply.
Mdre.jnodern Is tills verse:
I would artvlse a mnn to pn___
.Before he"taUes a wife���
.��ivi'��ei. r ti-- no mrihly eaus.
lie snoidsl not pause fejr llfs.
Who, by tHe wuy, is the author who de-
gorlbes a second marriage as being "tin
triumph of hope over experience."
Samuel Lover's matrimonial epigram Ul
very apposite:
Though matches air all mad* In hnaren,
ihey say,
Yi i Hymen, who inleehli.f eft liatclieo.
-Sometimes  deals  with   ih_  hou����  t'othW
.-file df tho way.
And there ihey make Lucifer matohaa.
���Cham-berg' Jourmd.
on' Hin Ciiard.
I remember hearing of n law court en-'e
where a man had entered nnoctlon tigaiost
a railway company for nn injury to his
arm Ih an accident, [-.'aid ihe opposing
"I understand yon have lost tho use ol
your arm entirely through ihis aooldont"
"Ves," said the plaintiff.
Lawyer���How high eon you lift yout
arm now?
Plaintiff, with great difficulty, moves it
nbout au inch.
"How far could you lift it before the
"J.igh. up tliere!" nt tho samo time
shooting It right up over his head.���Philadelphia l.veniug Saturday Post,
Shunt, nn- s_i rout a. !<
To "teach the young idaa to shoal,**
Xo wise Instructor doubts,
Tin* proper way is Just to put
__    Jt thfuutti �� course ot sprout* j. i .v .
      _. ______ __-_Hfc.   I
tvfHov** ******** .������_��>__. immeemmmmmm
fCoB.. Cholera & Diarrhea Remetty
/Mmost every faniiiy ties need
cf a reliable remedy for colic ef
diarrhea at some base during the
This remedy is recommended
by dealers wko have sold it fer
many years nnd know its value.
It lias received thousand* of
te_tir.iDniaIs from grateful people.
It lias been prescribed bv physicians with the most .a;i$factory
It has often save.! life before
medicine could have been tent foot a physician summoned.
It only coats a c.iKirt-T.   Can
vou afford to ikk fo rnucJi for so
little?   BUY IT NOW.
m0m0mmmammmemmmeemmHmtmtmm0 -_���
ES,    ATTkP'   -   AUGi:ST  "',, L906.
s_  '11-   '���   '
bs'      '
__!.*.�� O. _lu.hong, of. Ssatt.e, is
visltine t_   M&ses Whitwor   .
Miss Foster leaves on Monday on
a v t**'t'*j visit 0 friends in Vaucou-
Slr-i. W. J. BtaudritU left;, Tuesday, on a visit to f. tends in Manitoba.
,*  ��� _	
Mrs. .Scaifc went over to Victoria,
Wednesday, or. a mentt's ~isit to
1 er bome.
Mr. and Mrs, J. Parkes and . son
of Vict.ria, are \ luring at A.
Mrs. \\7 T.. i.fstituns and . family
returned homc,/i*t^-Ki#y. from visiting .at Victoria.
R. \V. FlemWng r_.ti.ned home,
0.1 Thursday, ready to take tig,.his
duties on Mouday.
I It is encouraging to read ��� in . the
j "St. Louis Medical ant, Surgical
1 Journal," one ol the leading racd-
! ical journals of the United States,
Ithe ..lowing sound argument re-
I garding medicine:
"No sane physician .will condemn
, a drug or medicine because an
j overdose results unfavorably, for if
j we did we might-better, quit the
[practice of medicine than to treat
j patients, with drugs. sq inert
i that overdoses will .never do harm.
: Any drag or inedicine which is
; safe if taken according to the directions <i\ the package, is a safe
remedy in the sense in which the
(word "safe" is used in medicine."
I That . is the only safeguarcl for
' either thq doctor's prescri'.-^ion or
i tlie patent medicine; to be- sale it
: must be taken according to direc-
I tions.
Holy Comm-iiion. to-morrow at
,_:_��� a.!_.',,,>
- ' -       q$p     1..-.-.
How Foil Bwodi
Silfce, Dross Ooois*,, E^anketa a$d Cottons
from Montreal a^ Toronto,,.
I^la-nnele-'fites and Whita and Colored; Quilts
direct from the- mepu&cti'jerfi in
Manchester,. England.
Yahies tlio YhVrf. _B~es&_.
W&   BOS mJOemWe
To notify the people of Ladner and sur~
rounding district that we are x&w, in a..
position, ta. Qffe,r. "\C_vnconv__r, Iftegt
timnd' Ooment
At gvea&ly- reduced' prices* making' it;, possible for-* parties'who-, contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about the-,
same   cost, a$  ��iUr.% o_rv   other,   infe.rio.c-
WHtefta Prices:.
^u__s._,"'    '". _T''"   '"'*(_:.''  .        _���-
G. E. Cor.b--t.lt- and family intend breaking cs.mp.on Tuesday
Mrs. X. F*. Clark came over,
'Saturday, and spent a few days
the Ruest ei Mrs. T. Woohry.
i The subject at the Baptist Church,
! to-morrow evening is "Business
I and Religion."'
White Honeycomb Quilts, Goo.d Size,..
.. ...JIL-UUML.'-' >_____B
Duncan Mc-\_venaipd.-laat week,
in tke R_��yal Colambian Hospital
freni diabatw, after a long illness.
Mrs. Siaith Wright and .'son  re-
T. 1. Ladner threshed 53 bushels
te the acre ofr ,a ,ten-acrt��,plot ol
wheat.    Not bud for a dry.season.
Paul   Laduer  brought  over  another  land  of   about   400   sheep.
turned   home,   en   Saturday last,  Thursday,   fram   Wh-dpy   Island,
frpm a two weeks' stay in Victoria.: Wash-.
Miss L.   Arthur   and  Miss  W
Cj-eeck, came over from Vancouver,
Monday, te assist during the threshing..
Miss Betts. of I.oyal Columbian
Hospital stafl came down this morning on a short visit to her parents,
Rev. J. F. and Mrs. Betts.
Mrs. II..J. Hutcherson and fara-
ily returned ��� koine yesterday from
Vancouver where they had been
spending the holidays.
Mr. Ci.-.rk. M.A., the new principal 6f-Ladner ...school, arrived here
yesterday. Mr. Clark is a married
man and, therefore, locking ,,for' a
Mcs* T.W.-Foster .entertained a
number of her friends- to afternoon
tea on Thursday afternoon when a i
very pleasant time was spent.
White Honeycomb Quilts*.fringed.all around,.
B. C.
Remember the shooting season
opens Sept, ist,-and if your notices
require to,be renovated or you.
wish to post fresh ��� ones we .can
supply your needs. Dollars spent]
here are circulated right at home..
Wa   ���sl.l-M__?-__���__# *7 if _�����__?
267 Columbia St., New Westminster, E. C
i~:r*'**3*,��!i_5^^ m&sm
���-)������������.. .'7.    saaa&Ni &��.**��*& &
Gut Glass,.
i  Aiid'-all km��& ,o�� Jewelry/
Repairing u- Specialty*.
LADNB..,  B, .',��.
\fl8irp ^'Sz&d T^ 7rn;- ���    <d> ���r
*,. y.!-^;mp&jm*��&r! 7;������^7���'���.���".:^s^7'w_��^r_:7-4:_!
5 7 ���;;.'-.. :-**,*     m*W    &��8B&B |
���*, on Mii.' GOiUi^S
Mrs, Hugh Gunn and family, of 1
New Westminster, returned ho__pl
this niornins;., after spending a
s-ouple weeks vis.ttug M-S,I>. Gu-^UJ,.
Boundary Bay.
Miss Mabel Lerd, of New West-,
minster, is .ta be. the teacher at
Boundary Bay. school and John
King, also of. New Westminster, is
to.be tbe teacher at the Et3';_peltt.
Tbe shooting seasou.for duck 0
all kinds, snipe, bittern, herqn,
plover, meadow lark, grouse .of all
kind's, moose, caribou,,elk, wapiti,
hare, deer,., mountain gont and
mountain sheep, opens on Saturday..
We are pleased to note that R. S.
jackson is able to pack his dinuet
pail again-., Mrt, Jackson was con-
iiiied to the house .for ...couple
weeks, suffering from, a touch of
la; g;4pp<?r
Au ilinstrated lecture on "Tiavel
to the Holy Land"-will'be given,in
Oddfellows'.-Hall, on Monday even-,
ing, September 3rd. Mrs. Jenn
Templer is the lecturer and sbe.has
prepared a new lecture with new.
T$g�� WHITE MOttSi
Siiows  so_z:._v particularly  Go^gT "Vlilues^ in
SkirtW'ttist Suits,. Bl.on-se&'
and: Wmli Skirts... ., .. .  ...
A..McLean, of Buffalo, accompanied by his twq sons.,., arrived
her-'��n Saturday last, to join, his
wile and. family who. have, .been
staying _t. DiwWoodley's during
the summer.,
..F. B. Dixon,.B.-A.) ac ompanied
_>*? his uncle, Mr. Bolan, paid a flying visit to friendsiin tl.i..turg, oh-
"W*dnesday. Wri..Dixon left, on
T6ur.day morning,for Ks>^.<j, where
!ae, has accepted a -.position on the
teaching staff of that place.
The s^pearance of We_.tham
'street has been greatly imp/roved by
the removal of the small building
oa the Waddell property and,the
moving, back- cf;Vf\ H. [Taylot's
house. Next conies the roadway
and sidewalk.
Tom Jonlati came .home, Wed
nesday afternoon, much improved
but the., mcr.es-t, skele.an. One of
his first calls was en Thos. Foster,.
Delta Meat Market. M-r. Foster
did not re.cs.gj'.'iSf the \ovir.g. nia.
ivho gav9-au order fur Cft\ pound
of beel but, at ihe same- lima, he
could not dispute tke:iiesdv
Dsa.ii Camait'i!, of New Westmin-
ster^.came clown 1.1, his.launch, on
Sunday, last when ,Mr.. and Mrs. T.
W., Foster and lamiiy accompanied
h.m. on u ctuiKe over the b'r-.ser.
.a-__-___-,.js ^-.- T.I i____i^^M,���..
Mis. J. F. .Stainton .entertained
a niinbcr ot friends, Tharoday
evj-ujngi in .honor of Mr. and Mrs.
A. McLean Sud,family-, whq_ short-
!y-leave'for the 'South,* Appropiate
selccti^os _>'f-:v0":al iind i .ist*.<m.ntal
:nfisi. -s-CTP tppfaPtfy After light
rcfreiftnlents,had'been .served, the
party- Broltf' ��P about rhid-night
having spent a very pleasant even-
Mr. and Mrs. P.-H. Marshall and j
Master D'Ag. Marshal!, Vancou-,
yer; Mrs. and the Mitres Saunders,
of Regina, Sask., and Mr. aud Mf?. |
Arthur I tikes aud the Misses Jukes,
of .V..ti.cot...cr, came over to-day on
a visit to A. DeR. Taylor.
On Monday last, at tlve corner of
P. Clark's blacksmith's shop,; a;
Lady's Coat,    /-pply at
I> Market _
3_*__El  F-Ot-i...
Bresaed Poultry
New   I.aid   Eggs
Local AgeKt,
Under-i__structiO-as*fr__in- ttie ExecutOre- of _
the Estate** cf** the Late W. L. McBRIDE_
Will b'e-oft'ered 'to_>'_^--*e*. _wb_ib'at\
Tor make room for. an...
Entirely Ndy-Tv Stock.    ..dT      -iT
sNij-,-: ^rr^W'^W'iSi.^- __&f'SSB
''.'������ ���- ��� ���*Ss..>v-_iV*;S*-.^'l'.'.   ���
Cornc^ and See* Otxt- Special Line of:
Boots said^ Shoesi.
Q__.i__i__n,,"B. ����_


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