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The Delta Times Apr 22, 1905

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J*. 0#��afyM*|��
.APR 52 1905      v*
VoL 2. No. 33.
$1.00 a ye*
Ladies' & Gents' Neckwear
Whatever we show you now you can feel
assured is the Very LATEST STYLE.
Ladies' Neckwear aiul Belts-
l-arge range of laadies' Lace asd Embroidery Turnovers, silk and
chiffon stocks, etc.
Also nice range of Ladies' Silk Belts from 35c to $2.
Men's Neckwear=
See Our New Easter l_.e% in -Strings, and all tk�� New Derbys.
Plain Colors -are ihe Right Thing -this season. Mso nice line of
Wasfa "Ties.
Ladies' Underwear and Hosiery*
Ladies' Cotton Vests in sleeveless and -^-sleeve,-at !@e, 12-^c to 25c
IMe Thread and 'Silk Vests, Lace Yoke^ etc., at 35c And 50a
Novelty Lace Openwork Hose at 35c pjar.
Fine Lisle Thread Openwork Hose .at 50c pair.
-Men's Summer Underwear*
French Ealbriggan Shirts and Drawers at 50c and 75c.
Fine  Natural  Wool  Shirts and  IDrawers weth -Silk   Ventilated
Crussets .at $1 and $1.26.
Finest Range of Silk Waists
Ever Shown Here.
Marshall &mi
At tbe social gathering, on the
14th inst., which took rJace at the
Parsonage, the following .ycung
people were present:
Mrs. Jas. Follis aud Misses Kerr
���(2), L. Davis, May Jordan, Elsie
Brodie, Beatrice Welsh, B. M.
���Carss, Thirkle (2), E. McBonald. ,
Messrs., F. B- Dixon. J. F. Hariris-Mi, L. Kerfeot, G. Devitt, D. M.
Ellis. ��� Clark, H. Falls, S. Goos-
trey, L. Monkman, M. Mason, Sid-
���dall (2).
P. Riplinger returned, ThwddBy,:
from a business-trip to Seattle.
D. A. McKee hasmoved into tbe
���Hatinell bouse, on tthe Slough
miss Ai_i_s, _u is a guest 01 Mrs.
(Dr.) Woodley.
Miss McLellan came home on
Thursday for the Easter holidays.
The Misses Montgomery were
among tbe_pa9seng��*rs down on ihe
Transfer-on Thursday.
There will be a .meeting ot tlK-
Quarterry Board oi the Methodist
Church on Monday next,-at 0 p.m.
A -Mother's Recommcndatien.
I have used vCtambtffhiin's' Cough
Remedy for a number of years ana
have no hesitancy '��� in saying-that it is!
the"*b.st remedy'for coughs, colds-and,
croup I ,Jja**-e ever xrne'A i in myv.aniily.'
'I Hiavc not words to e*pr*Ms my con-
tid.-��tte in "this .remcdy.-^liirs. J. A.
Moore, North Star, Mich, For sale
*hy F..J- -Mack-nute. ,
Vernon, April  13.���-One of the
largest lanu deals in the history of
thc Okanagan i.as been consummated, whereby the Hontyman property adjoining the' Cold-stream Ra 1 ch
consisting of 720 acres, has been
sold tor $26,000. Jt will be rob-
divided and put on 'the market
at once.
Mrs. J. Whitworth weut over to
Mr*. L. *H. Nicholson is visiting
her parerits, Mr. aud Mrs. F. W.
Trewant Park'Ciub will hold an
���assembly, in Oddfellows' Hall, on
Monday evening next, for which
'invitations have been.issued. 1
A great deal  of misunderstand- <
,     . . ,   i
mg having  arisen  concerning  the |
objects o- ihe Imp riai Government
in sending officers to this  country
to purchase horses, or lather to see:
if l.orses suitable  for the  British!
Arm,- can  be  purchased,   the  ioi- j
lowing short summary of the  posi-1
tion should prove of value.    This
statement may be  regard!ci as  absolutely correct and authoritative.
First and foremost, the demands
of the British army in. peace time
can be easily met within the four
corners of the United Kingdom, j
That demand is not large, and may
be taken as a normal one of 2,500;
horses annually, rising in certain
years to-possibly 3.500 of all kinds
and classes. .
There   is an   idea  abroad,   and i
certain ministers and statesmen  in
this country  have  brought  it  tor-
ward and may be considered responsible for it, if.the Imperial Govern- \
ment   will   purchase   annually,   a
fixed number of horses,   say   from;
300 to 500, in Canada, a great stim- i
ulus will be given to horse breeding
generally, and to breeding  of the!
military type eff hors.'in particular. I*
Falling in with this idea,   the Imperial  authorities   are   anxious  to!
put it to the test and,   for  reasons'
of their own,  thev  fully   recognise |
the advautage that will accrue to
tbe Empire from the opening up of
a large and limitless market that can
be drawn upon to meet the immense
.demand that will-be-.cre.ited in time
��� of  war.    The  real  question  then
that has now to be answered by the
practical   experiment   of purchase'
during tbe next few months, is, can]
���suitable   horses  he  procured,   and;
at an average price that will, avIiph j
the horses are landed   in  England,
favourably compare with tbat  paid
for   remounts   throughout    Great
Britain and Ireland?
The average price paid in England j
is an open secret; it is ��$0, or  say j
$200.    The cost ot freight and insurance  will certainly  not exceed
another $50, leaving $1-50,   or pos-,
ibly slightly more, to  be  paid  for
the animals selected on the spot. A
higher price can be paid for horses
of special colour and type . such as
horses suitable.for officers' chargers
and   Household  Cavalry.      It   is,
therefore obvious that Canada is on
.its trial as to its ability to  supply a
suitable i.t rse for army purposes.
It.is of more importance to Canada than to anyone else t iat, as the
norsrs .   11    ie   regarded
in Hn.-.v       as we I as in Uus coun
cry  us typicii , it ".ill  b-  in  every
way       :'"a    mis >rtu   ���        those
nn      a    a    cl.iss   .md
quHsityttbat tv  1 engender  a beliefI
that the  Canadian  horse is of an j
inferior type.     Such a   : elief will I
probably do more harm to Canadian
horse breediu.. an: the imputation oi I
Canadian horses tha; anything else.
Two clssses-ofiborsaS are to be
Ist. Ridii.g horses, fit for heavy
and light Cavalry, from say 15
to 15^4 hands.
2nd. Draught horses, horses fit
for being driven postillion, with
Horse and Field Artillery. The
latter must not be less 'than 1,230
lbs, 1*5.2 to*i5.8J_ hands iu height,
strong, ctive, and with good
shoulders to enable to move fast,
and even to.galloo, when required,
the age should be from 4 off to 6
years. In all cases the British
Government -require horses with
short .backs, good shoulders,, plenty
Admiral iRojestvenSky's last tele-
gram-before'leaving Nossi Be was!
singularly laconic and eloquent. He
wired: "Will not telegraph again before the battle. II I npi beaten, you
will team it through Togo. If I,
defeat him, I will announce it .1>*
An admiralty memorandum 'ou
the redistribution of'.the fleet states
that H. M. S. Shearwater lias been
stationed at Esquimalt for :my se*-
vice that may be required on the
Pacific Coast, but more especially
for duties connected with the Behr- '
ing Sea fisheries.
The   news   that  the  permanent
forces of Canada are  to  be  raised
from 200a to 4000  points to the
probability  that  the  difference  in
numbers will be  stationed at  Es-I
quimalt   and   Halifax ��� probably;
1500 at the latter  and   500  at  the
former���as these are the only  sta-
tionsin the Dominion reciuiringper-,
manent  garrisons.    Their respective garrisons  at  present  ara   1389
and 362 of all ranks.
of  bone  and -distinct  evidence  to
In the case of riding horses, those ]
with a near cross of the Thorougbred
are-most likely to take  the  eye of;
the Inspecting Officer*. |*
The British Remount Officers are
in possession of detailed specifica-
tions, showing the exact type and
qualifications jf the horses required.
Miss B. White is visiting with
Miss Kirkland.
A. Gilchrist came over from Vancouver   yesterday.
Sidney Peele, of Westminster, is
a guest at Trenant Park.
Robt. Stokes paid a short visit to
the Royal City, Thursday.
I). B. Grant and wife returned
fiom Vancouver yesterday.
Mrs. P. Matheson spent a couple
days in Westminster.this week.
G.'T. Baker has ��� got 'the smile
that won't wear oft.    It -is a girl.
About a dozen members of our
local Gun Club spent the afternoon,
yesterday, at the traps.
Pur thankful hearts for this week
are: W. Woodward, John Oliver,
John Richardson, Mayne Island.
Mrs. .Bell, of New Westminster,
accompanied by her giand daughter, is visiting at Mrs. D. Woods.
Miss .Carss will spend Easter in
Vancouver, while Miss Davis has
gone to the Teachers' Convention
at Revelstoke, and,J..F. Harrison
has goue to New Westminster to
visit frieuds there.
Mrs. T. S. Annandale, of New
Westminster, died oai Tuesday last,
Mrs. Anuandal was well known
here as an annual visitor to the Bay
and her death will be much leg et-
ted by those more ntimattly acquainted with the family.
We understand that arrangements are about complete whereby
our young men will be supplied
with a practice ground and the
thanks of the coummunity are due
to Messrs. Jos. Jurdan aud J. W.
Welsh for their generosity in the
The following officeis were elected at the annual meetiug of the
Ladies' Aid whioh was held in the
Methodist Church, on Thursday
afternoon: President, Mrs. Miller,
re-elected; vice-president, Mrs.
Kerr, re-elected; treasurer, Miss
Carss, re-elected; secretary, Mrs.
Monkman; chaplain, Mrs.  Paddon,.
It is our painful duty to record
tlie. death of one of our brightest
young girls, Mabel B., the eldest
child of Mr. and Mrs. D, McGregor,
���"t Hi5 tender age of 15;. years,
ami which occurred on Sunday last
at 8:45 a-m--. after a very short illness from pneumonia.
The funeral took place on Tuesday afternoon from the deceased's
late home, wheresia very impressive
service was held by Rev. _V. K.
���MilleY, who was -asked "to officiate
iu the absence ot a Presbyterian
pastor. The following hymns were
sung during the service: "Jesus
lover of my so-al," "What-a friend
we hsve i-uj��.*-js" and ''Safcirr'tne
arms of Jesus," tiiis last being the
deceased's favorite.
Shortly alter the service commenced, Principal Dixon, accompanied by Mr...I&arrison suk1-Misses
C;��rss and Davis, arrived with quite
a large contingent from the school,
who wished to show the respect
which they .could express. in no
other way.
H. N, Rich undertook the "funeral arrangements and had as pallbearers the following young men:
Chas. ���storthnr, D. M. Ellis, T.
Shortreed, R. Stokes, E- Brodie
and W. Lixor..
The floral tributes weTe many
and very beautiful. The cards
having, been detached, the family
ore unable to keep the record as
they would have liked, but the following are among those who sent
Mts. John -Kirkland, Mrs. R.
Devereaux, "Mrs. 'J.-.Whitworth aifd
family, Mt. a-jsd "Mrs. Johs, .���Fattis,
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Cresswell, Mr.
and Mrs. A. Cffleman, Mr. H. J.
Kirkland, Florence and Olga;
Jessie Mclnnis, Riith mild -Grace
Miller, St.'Andrew's Missio-R'Bartd.
While from the school we find the
following message of love and sympathy: With loving sympathy from
the pupils of Division III., Ladner
Scho6i; a .similar one from "Division
IV.; in loving memory of Mabel
ftom her schoolmates; with sincere
sympathy from some of the pupils,
Ladner school.
Mabel was a great favorite among the school children, especially
the little girls, who used to look up
to her as to on; ready to lead them
on to-sport-and.pastime.
The waters of the Fraser claimed
another victim on Sunday morning
when Jos. W. Kidd, age 19 years
and to months, 'Sank below them
after a plucky swim ' by *whioh
tie almost gained a safe footing -on
the shore.
Tbe young man, .who twas ta
son of Thomas Kidd, exM. P. IJ,,
of Woodwards, set out in company
with a friend, John Livingstone, to
row to the latter's father's place
near E.wen'.s on Lulu Island.
They had come some*distance from
Woodward's and ,w_re a little above
Brodie's cannery, wben the boat,
which, was a small one, tipped over
and both the young fellows were
thrown into the river. They each
managed to get a grip on the upturned craft and they clung for
something like a half an hour. During that time a tug.passed, but tbe
efforts of the two. lads, to attract the
attention of those aboard 'the boat
were unavailing.
It would appear from what tbe
survivor, Livingstone, says that
Kidd decided, after failing to secure
(Continued ou.Fourth Pajfe,,) -fll-H* DELTA Tl-51-i:;], 2ATt>RD,\Y
-v 1)19 T*T
22,.  I9O5.
.#*�����,  J^LIA  TiM��SA
SuBSC-MFf^pN, $1*00 per yoar.
b;en acJ_nov,ledged, long-since, ibm
[its Csigq^ity was insufficient  foi the
A.  0. U.
Delta Lp-ige, No.
12 meets first
1 traffic, still, in the fa-..-, of, tl.e  fact1 and third Tuesdays of each month
! that it is the nun'9 road to.,the Point, in Oddfellows' Hall.
���and Boundary Iky, and that.all the! W- % P*WS, M.W.
,    ,���.'_.  i"-j.    .��� -,, 1 GEO* R. Manley, Recorder,
[land   in_ that direction  will, some1 -��� ���^a.-.r
I time iu she near  future,; he  settled
Casual Aclvcrtiiscnicuis,  (0 c*Ats v-i Mac Is
Ihc tirst ins .rtiou, and 5 (.cms per 'line  [or ,     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
lubseuueiit insertion.     Thc   numlier   ol   linest- ���j uQi��� *~   .....��11    svt.^   ni_����1..  �� ^��
wckoneu by tue apace occupied, .2 lines to tiK!**1"! help to swell the  already too
_ _    .   _ .....        .        ,   ! heavy  tiaffic, some verv few have
Rates lor Commercial Advertisements can be - **
��d on ��***-*J*����<*�� ��W oflic��-  ' I been so short-sig hted as to obstruct,
Readlut uotlc��_i9c��flts.per Une for. eas'a in-,
���frtiou. ; so tar as possible, the carrying  out
���irthiad Death notices, 50c., MairiMK&ffcM.    I    .   , .
_ .    ."7'   ,.���  .   .   v. s ��� . I of this, vei-y necessary work.
A��jr special aotice, tlie object ot which is to; * j .    .
���Momole the pectlnis_-Y benefit ot any individual
S company, to Vi considered an advertisement!
aad charge* accordingly.
The Council  would  have sav,ed-|
Ailadvertiaementa charsed (or until ordered considerable of their  time  and en-.]
aat aad paid tor.
^rreaponde.oe invited on matter, ot public dVSY   tf    they   had   Staked   off   the
laterest.   Communications to.editor must be ac- 1 ,        , .   , .     ,       ,     ...   .,     1
campanied by a.ame o( uriter, not necessarily 1 road aili gOUe right ahead With the
far publication, but as, cviden.ee of goyl faith L
stcrespondeact miiu-reacb ihisoif.ct by yiuirs-( Work  and  asked, permission aftcr-
<ka eve-lag.**""* |
ward.   There is no doubt their ac-
Gbo. R. Manlky, 7 ... .    , _.
��'������'     ��� ! tion would have received   the sup
port   of  a   majority   of the   ratepayers.
Delta Lodge, No. 21 .���The regu-
j lar meetings of this Lodge are held
every  Wednesday  evening at 8 p.
m.    Visiting Brethren conlially invited to attend.
W. R. Elus. N.G.
Dr. A. A. King,  Se:.
HI till
A lull line of English and Irish
Tweeds and .fancy Trous&ijiflgs always kept in stock.
SATU-tBAY,   AP.UI.   22,   1905.
While Togo is  chasing the bear
Teddy is cla ing the wolf.
To whom are we to tender our
thanks for the connection of sidewalk, between tha. McCormkk
yoc'*c  snd  the Oddfellows' block?
It is to be hoped that all those
who have not already done so, will
i^a^e^t a po^nt to.sigu oue of the
petitions, still in circulation, for the
ajbolition of the ward system. Now
is  your  opportunity,   don't  let   ii
4JP by*, J'**-**1 %R&' t**\tr"-1 ��$���*-. ft-'Jr11 W*tn
someone else.
Services have been held daily ip
'All   Saints",   both    ia;irulng   aud
evening during Holy Week.
His Lordship Bishop Dart has
.called a meeting of the clergy of
tlie diocese tor, April a*5th, in ihe
Cathedral City.
The annual Easter meeting ofthe
congelation of All Saints', Tren-
utit,   wijl   be   held   in the parish
church iu the evening  of Tuesday,
[April 25th.
Special Easter service.*; aud music
to-morrow; Holy communion, 8:30
a.m.; matins,sermon and holy communion,    fi   a.m
-sermon, 7:30 p.m.
iweury-one voices will lead  iu the
C. O F.
Court Fraser No. 398, meets in
Oddfellows' Hall, second and las!
Thursday evenings of each mouth
at 8 o'clock. Visiting Brethren
A.. YORKE, C. R.
I*. HUME, R.S.   _
I Horse Goods! 1
4 '<���
<& Our Harness nml Horse Funiishingfl *&
jj^tjave long proved reliable, und they are ���
J, built not only for style but wear. T
hugh Mcdowell,
k             -i
LAD,NH��, B. C
It. is much, to, be( regretted that a I festival music-.,
r^ore-.opportune dme earn not be ar-      The first meeting of the Chapter
ranged for the delivering ot lectures of   the   Rural   Deanery   of   New
to the. fairaers.    Here we have a I Westminster  will  meet in Laduer,
Gilley vrqs.*
dealers in
Wellington Coal,
Rosebank Lime,
-���vensong ;11,di Portland, Cement,
Aciioir of somel _     ...       ^     ,
Smithy Coal,
iSewer Pipe, Drain Tile
-���* *^- ��� *��5�� ������������t^Jt* ��� *����� ��,^*>r��*r**0^?*~ak��f ***42^- ���*i**5*-��*��5* -���������^���-���**
I III 81 111 UK j
���   *" :-T  ���
I   J. ID^TNLEY   ;
ss*.s Mauufiicturersi of ull kinds, of.
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
Your patronage solicited
B. C.   .->
Delta Transfer Stable
Team Work Bone at Spsaially Low Prioos.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
4* Telephone "Ladner" No. io..
The Place for Tinsmjtbing, Bath Tubs, Stova
Pipe, Conductor Pipe, Roof Plates, arid Everything Else in This Line.
Notary Publio,
piclift Effle 8 loice Itfj
Ladner, B. G.
Purchasinj Agent
^rackiuan=Ker Miiiing Co
Agent for*
Gurney Foundry Oo."s iSfeDves.
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints.
Yoho Bath Heater.
Jaist the thing for making water hot for washing dair-jr
utensils,* scalding hogs, or for wash day. Eyery
Farmer's Wife Should Have One-..
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C>
lecturer, to-night, telling all about
seed selection while the most ot the j
seeding-, is d^sne for this season.
Why are these people not sent at
the .proper tune,, wher^the fa:per is
not so hjisy,?,
A few days- ago> whilft convers-
ipg with  "one in- aatbofity"-as to
what.vyaSsg&ing *^?, n% done, in the
Blatter, of   improvement,   in   our
ttp.wp,. wef. ^rej, ruthlessly told we
ought .to, ,1>5 thankful for what we
have.    True, oh king !   What we
have might,he goor}  enough for a
bcickwoqijs settlement ia Western
i.  i5��
Qntario, but not for the TcSwn of
Ladner,   B. C,  the capital of the
richest agricultural district in this
Lnst. y^ar-.coosic!er,abie- damage
v. .s done to the fruit crop, in this
district, by the large numbers of
caterpillars whicj infested nearly
every orchard..
This*. y_ar tbey, have already-.
made their appearance, and it behooves those wishing a j;oo'i fiuii
crag to, slsOQk carefully to their trees.
By close scrutiny, l*-*lf e7gs a*rd
yonng insects witl be lound to be
very numerous, especially on the
buds at the extremity of the
branches.- ���	
DjQti't imagine a tree is free and 	
clean because its buds are looking      A   number   of   Fine,   Purebred
njee a��d fresh  and   ready  to burst  White  WyatHlot.tes  and  Buff Or-
iBt^.hjspofli^or evea in Uooi%. but j pington Cockerels for .natiiig,
search  dilligently  and  your dilii- H. T. KIRKLAsND.
gpnce.will. be rewarded, much toi 	
ypur si^pj*,il8e.- I
Fashion Stables =
on May 2nd. Ou Tuesday evening
divine service will be held at 7:30,
With sermon by the Rural Dean;
Wednesday morning there will be a
celebration of holy communion at
8:30; at 9-30 the djjrgy will assemble for the transaction of business.
Steam Tug "Flyer" and
Barges tor Hire.
Office: Front St.        Phonk 1-6.
New. Westminster, B. C.
Manure Gpr-e&ders &
Mvfine Plows
take the lead everywhere,
also our	
Sfcatfoam Incubators &
��� BMseKaaanwftnBBsseKOKnssm
Manufacturers of al ljands, of First-Glasa
Rough and Dressed Lumber.
We can deliver to any point on the Railroad in Delta.
J.T. Stainton
The V.  V. & E.   R.  Co   have I=
commenced  construction work between Princeton and   Hope, working north.
A certain young man of our acquaintance, we understand,, is all
broken ups on the departure from
our-midst ot a certain young lady.
Going Uxt Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea,
Don't put yourself In this man's place,,
bnt keep a bottla of this remedy in youi
home. There iB nothing so good foi
Tclic, Cholera Morbus, Dysentery and
pflarrhofiii. Ii is equally valuable foi
^pmiaer Complaint and Cholera Infan
tiiin and has saved the Uvea of morq
children than any other medicine in use.
When reduced with water and sweetened it is pleasant to take.
You, or some one of your family, ara
sure to need this remedy sooner or late,
and when thati timecouies you will need-
2t\ badi^:-; you will need it quickly. Wh;
ub't buy it now and be prepared for suci
ta emergency ?    'rice, S3 cents.
4*, first-class joint put up in first-class style
call* or seijd your order to the
Our Price Is Right. We (Ban* Save You Money..
Crop Us a. Una, Our Agent Will GaU on. Yqnl
GEO* M* THRIFT, Manager*
 ���_ _.jjmw-i ii. - -U *w
Phone 9.
mission io.
Ladner, B.C.
For Sale.
The   matter, of   widening
^ugh,!roa4.w^..sbe!jlieve> will soon
be amicably settled.;   This road has j
beerUh$cau9ev,of,. cprisiderable discussion, though just why it should
l si
few seem to know.     It has
Trucking and Draying.
Livery  v.ork  of all. kinxjs,attended 19 promptly.
Wm* Alexander
-.uilner, B. C,
If you want a nice new
Buggy^ up-to-date in
ever]/ respect, or if the
one jou have needs
painting, call at
BAKER'S New Showrooms.
���sjcorpcirated 1869.
CAPITAL, - - $3,000,000
RESERVE FUNDS,,      - - $3,302,743
TOTAL ASSETS, % -        $31,183,625
A General Banking Business Transacted.,
Deposits of $1 and upwards- received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
 50 BRANCHES.������, -
East End, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Victoria, Chilliwack* . Ladn-er, Cumberland.
H, K, WRIQHT. Manager,
Lsadies' Eeady-to-Wear and Sailor
Hats, Ladies' Skirts, White wear, Etc.,,
!       A Fin > Oils, <.f Em1 )roidings $&<!
Laces Just Opened.
Rib  Rock Hose
H. J. Hutcherson*
i 2_2iE DELTA TIMES, SATU. DAY, APRIL :z,  1.05.
nsMAWnwsxamK. '��� '   " "    a
onHitUKi M Put% v4DHUe h eiermim. sa I2iis.
1-l.utrn;!:_;; the Bomi IUsh KeHo-.irc.-5 of
Ihe Richest Province in, the British  Empire.
Its conl, oil, and timber; its fisheries o:i sr.-'^luke and river; its mineral and agriculcira!
rcssi;irci7j; its cities and towns', it i river, lake and mountain scenery, e ;p - .tolly 111 urit rating
it's great mining developmentyWitfi vltfiys pf ull the principal urine*, luills, smelters, et.-.
. Sent Post Free on Receipt of Price, $1.Q0,
Address James  Lawler, Rossland, B. C.
The Largest *\dv^rti.seii in and for HriHsJi Columbia and author of "Millions Ma.l. in
Miner*." "Press Clippings and Valuable l��fbrinutiQ.n," "A Rift in Cloud..-1 "For B. C,"
:-c��� &c.
Host Buy in
S J cants.
Greatm&t Gold
Discovery  of the
Age Is ia S.C.
Consolidated Gold Mines, Limited.
Capital $625,000, of \vhich 35 per cent in shares
is  now in our  Treasury.     Shares fully
paid and non-assessable.
Milieu directly west of the LeRoi und U*t
Roi No. 2, War Kfl-gle and Centre Star, lour
of the largest gold-copper mines iu -tfw
world, aU of which have paid large dividends.
Mime identical ore and veins now iu sight
on the BIG FOUR*,   Large ore bodies.
Assays from $_, to $800 in golu, copper, sil-
vet.etc. Wsy rich, di^lay as now on exhibition in the city ore exhibit, causing wide
We have nearly two miles of railway on
Hig Vow. property with water and timber ia
Kossland ore shipments for 1902, 350,0-0
tvuS. Sliippped for 19P3, about 410,000 toil.-*.
pi 4, nbout 400,000 tons. Total value of Ross-
laud ores mined, $311,000,1100.
Ro.*-land's ore bodies are a great success
with, the concentration aystern'of ore reduc-
tlon. J3.00 ore uow pays to mine as now
proved by the latest reports and dividends-
No less than lao shares sold. Shares can
be had ou installment plan, payments
monthly. Twenty per c-vit* cash, balance
within a yenr.
Company has ito. detoei or liabilities, and a
full force of meu now working.
References���The Hon. Mayor, Cold Commissioner, postmaster, or any bmiK or business man in city.
There is a tide in the nffiirs of men
Which taken at the flood, lends on to fortune;
omitted, nil the voyage of their life
Is bound in .sluiUow.* mxA in miseries.
A 1,1-  SAINTS.
I According to The Commercial,
of Winnipeg, the visible supply 01
oats in the United States and Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains,
is i5,6i4,oco bushels, compared
with io, 141 < 00 bushels a year ago.
:st  and 3rd
Other Sun-
Holy Com run 1.
.Sundays, at ; 1 a
days at 8.30 a.m.
Morning prayer, 11 a.m.
Evensong, 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10 a.m., Friday
evening, litany and choir practice.
Kev. Canon Hilton, vicar.
Reverend Father Edrn. Peytavin,
O.M. I. Services first and third
Sunday of each month at 10:30 a 111.
Servii es next Lord's Day at 3 p. m
Class  meeting, 10.30 a.m. evfei j
Sabbath School  at 2 p m   ever)
Sunday.      Prayer   meeting   ever)
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev. A. N. Miller, pastor.
Fast Steamer for
Fraser R.ver,
Tradi: Marks
Copyrights &c.
A:ivone*sendlnff n (sketch and description mny
mi-u-kly ftscnrtnlu our opinion free whether an
Invention Isprohnblpjsiiioiihihle. CommtinlcA.
llniuMrlctlrrniii.,|.nt|���_ HAND80.K nu Patent,
s- - -111. free. Oldest aaenof for aeeiinii,? patents).
Ptitantfl taken itirouirh Munn Av Co. receive
.-.. eelaleotlce, wit bout onanro, lu tlio
Se'vices next   Lord's Da\   r   11
-'. in.and 7:30 p.m.
Sabbath School   at 2 p m      Mii
week meeting on. Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
Service at 7:30 p.m., Pa'stoi P.
H. McEwen will preach. Subject,
"The Empty Grave."
Prayer meeting at Sioo Thursday
evening. Singing practice at8:30.
All cordially invited to any or ail
\ hnnrlsotriclr ninplrafM weeklv. Lnrtrest clr-
alntloti ��'f nny si-serttidrj Journal, Torms, $>.'( a
"���:r. fourmolitiis,|_U Sold bjr all iie\78<j.��nlerj-.
if-iJKil & Co.s8,B����*M��-Wew Yorl��
,   .,     ���������; .   finjj>gt_WiwhlAgton.D.6
Time Table.
IN EFFECT MARCH   26,  1905.
Train leaves Port Guichon a
12:40 noon and arrives at Cloverdale
at 2:00 p.m.
Train leaves Cloverdale at 5:10
p.m. and arrives at Port Guichon at
6:30 p.m.
Monday, Wednesday  and  Friday.
There are two through passenger trains per day each way to and
from Seattle and a mixed train to
and from BelHngham.
IS Cts '"Per Share
Any amount less thun $100 send postefficc
or express money order; over this amount,
by bank draft to Secretary.
(Ltd )   Rossland, B.C., Canada
Order Blanks and our most comprehensive and complete lUuslrated Prospectus showing
alt Kossland mines and giving valuable information, with Maps and Reports trom Miuiu*
, Engineers, sent only to investors or those desiring to invest.    Sent free on receipt of to
cents in stamps for postage.
mnMnman^namnmannnmnmsBsmams&mnMm ^*>^^-
umber Mill
Has been moved to Beaver Dam, on the
Scott road, and is now prepared to supply
all kinds of Rough Fir Lumber at reasonable prices.
0. Dennis,
East Delta.
Let Us Talk ii Over.
Have you, young man or young wonitiu, ever given the
lture any consideration?    Are you content to drift along as
Pou are with a superficial public school education which does
���.ot prepare you for earning your living.
There are openings for young men in the business world
stenographers or cleiks. Women are eligible for the same
asitions. what could you do in such a position? Are you a good
Unman? Are you rapid and accurate at figures. Canyouu.se
lie typewriter so as,to write 40 words per minute? Can you do
Fell the many things that are required to bedoue in the business offices of large cities?
Unless you have taken a course in the above you are uu-
repared for office work except in a small village. We can
repare you for a good position���a position that will in a few
aonths pay for your investment. Some of our lady gi adu-
pes are earning $40 a month and over.
Miss W. K. Smith  receives 40  per  month   from the
Hastings Shingle Manufacturing Co., as stenographer. Miss
tenzie starts for the Yorkshire Guarantee and  Securities
Corporation at $45..   Several are working for the C. P. R.
$30 per mon h and upward.
If you come to us and work hard. If you wtnt further
roof of the way we help to position.***, write us aud we will
end you more names.
; Bu,t don't put off. Every mouth you^ (ielay; means one
Ipnth's salary lost. The sooner you graduate the sooner
du are iu a position.,
A   Good    ���/Void   fo.-   Chamberlain's
Cough  Remedy.
"In December, 1900, I had a severe
cold and was so -hoarse lhat I conk!
not speak above a whisper," says Allen Davis, of Freestone, N. Y. -"1
tried several remedies, but got no relief until I used Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy, one bottle of wbich cured
mc. I will always speak a good word
for that medicine." For sale by F. j.
Mi ill SOU IM
(Westtnijister Branch)
Time Table
Curs leave Weslt::!ii3tcr (or Vancouver at 5.50
nnd 6.50 turn, and hourly thereafter until 11 p.
in,: l>nturday9and r-.ii-.dnysal u p.-n.
cats leave Vancouver for Westminsters at 5.50
1 ..<! i*. yj 11. 111. and hourly thereafter until lop.
in.; ^nturdays find Suudays at ti p.in.
Wc run lirst-chuv; freight cars between Westminster and Vancouver and all shipment* ure
handled with the utmost eare and delivered to
;:.,..siyi-.*e without delay. Special attention puid
to frmt-Shipments, our wagons meet all boats
and trains,   l-'or rates, etc. apply Lo
Traffic Mffi
Local Mgr.
Westminster, is. c.
The traveling public will he interested iu the announcement that lor
this summer at least tiiere will be
maintained a rapid transit river service between New We.stmiin.ter ami
Steveston, for the accommodatioj
of passei gers. This has been badly
needed each year for the summer
months, and it rests with the public whether the experiment shall be
repeated, Tor the prospe.tus seems
to offer .ill that cou'.d be wished.
The   fast steamer   to be used   is
the Royal City, theex-t rpedo boat I
recently purchased at Esquiraalt bv I
Mr. Fader.    He proposes to make I
four round trips daily;  two  in  the J
forenoon and two in the afternoon. ;
Connection will be made  with  the |
t.ains on the Lulu Island briinch of
the C. P. R., and those who  desire |
may make the   "round  the  world |
trip," in either direction, using the!
fast boat, the railway and the niter-!
urban   tram.    This   will    b^    an i
attractive outing for city folk dur:!
the   dog-days,    of   great    benefit
for the business community, especi- i
ally during canning season; and  oi
great value to the local Tourist as- ,
sociation. The journey will be'made
down to Steveston in forty minutes
anil the return trip within the hour;
Ladner   being   the  ouly  stopping
place.   Preparations are being made
for   furnishing   meals aboard  and
with the Iadie-. cabin, accommonda-
on will  be  provided for  about  40
passengers.    The  steamer   is now
b ing prepared for this service  and
the   following   schedule    will   go
into   eflect   on   May   15th:   Leave
New Westminster 7 and   10 a. nl., !
i p m. and 4 p. n ; leave sSteveston
8.39 a; in. 11.30 a. tn.  2.30  p.  rn.',
'and 5 30  p.   m.    The  Royal  City
wa   pu chased to do the towing tor
the   Suiall-Bucklin   Lumber Company, but as the mills   will   uot  fain lull running prefer until the att-
tuni, Mr.  Fader says  the steamer
will be kept on the above  schedule
until  after the Dominion Exhibition.���Dailv Columbian.
A winter prbnner, loath and loa*
From ran and Bong,
On* sapphire beartad mnrala_tl4> f
A Jubilant word,
A mellow mnslo syllable from a tree
Bprlng's herald robin caroled clear to s_a���
"Freel   Oh, freel"
Ah, witb what iterant lnatthood,
what buoyant mood,
Did I, the ice endungeonad ona, taajy
To that glud cry!
What sudden visions did it ].;ing tons.
What dreitm delight, what vn^i-hedacstatyl
"Freel   Oh, free!"
Once more the melody and mlrtb
Ofthe old eaith!
Once mere the soft warm whisper of O.
The waves of grain,
And all tlie little laughters that there ba
In vine and grass���no more chill secrecy!
-Free!   rih, freel"
���Clinton Sc-ullurd in Hachelor of Alta
FinnI and Laaelmhle End of Oa* *-*
Ireland's Old Castlr*.
One of Ireland', magnificent ralnw' <���.'��-
ties cinio to it.-; liuisl uisd in this manner.
Tho niioiont seat of the O'astlcrRnphs over-
looked JOougli Swilly, ajjd it was ono of
t!:o most princely residences ln Iivlnnd.
Kventually it fell into decay and wus uot
As usual in such circunistances, whaa
the peasantry wanted to linild a plasty, repair a road or anything of the sort, they
took tho stonus from the ruined castle,
which was disappearing pleoenieal whea
one day 1 he then Lord Londonderry paid*
visit to his Irish property. When' he saw
the state tho cnstlo was in and reflected
on tho fact that it, \vi;s so much identified
with tho history of lii.-s family and even at
a ruin was a e!l-''.v of Ireland, he determined to put a stop to tho encroachments
that had heen made upon it.
Sending for his agon; to give him .-rdora
that the peoplo were no longer to remove -
stones from tlie building, he instructed
him to hnve tho place in el used witli a wall
six feet high and weil ooped to keep ont
trespassers. That being uono, he went his
way and did not return to Ireland 'for
three or four years He then found, to hia
amazement, that the old castle had completely disappeared, and in its phice ther(
was n hig wall inclosing nothing Sending for the agent-, he denialided to know
Why his orders hnd not heen carried ouf,
The agent insisted that they had boen
"'But where is the casllul" uouiandee)
t!:o marquis,
"I'll, castle, is It'i Beclad, 1 built tha
v. :i!l with it, my lord! Is tt for jim-toba
going i:;',\..-: for materials with tho iincrt
eii.iy.-i in Ireland beside moi"
In ; lling the man to build the wall
Led Lo.-.ur.iiJn.-y h..il said lioihlugwlmts
ever uhous,),iv,-s-i .ing the cjt:;:i-!. which it
non- a thing ol the past Never! !,olcts the
Wall id a {sood ono.���Lomlou Til-Bits.
New  Crop   Now 111  Stock'    Cedar Shakes, Fence Posts, Drain
T.-.-s.,.,, ������ -^..,,t      , . ,     ! Board- and Barn Posts.
HOME OROWN and imported    i     .
.     GARDEN, FIELD AND PP y l��
FLOWER SEEDS *m ".    .   ,.,' . T,    ,
,        , Alluvia (Mud Bay).
vv holesale and Retail. '
Special Prices to Farmers' Institutes.
Thouands of Fruit and Ornamental Trees.
now growing in my  Nurseries  for
Spring planting.
Eastern prices or less. White Labor.
M. J. HENRY, Vancouver
3010 Westminster Road.
Tancouver  Business College,
j(9 Hastings Street,    -    -    -    Opposite Province Office.
$, H. ELLIOTT, Ptincipal,
Our Sheet
__^^_����        _>��SSSMSSSSS>
Metal Fronts
Offer you splendid fmprovement^ at
small cost, for any style of building.
Wo make thorn ctttnpletc, to suit
any fixed oe shaped stimcturc���tho
entire metal finish tnchidinK-door and
window caps, cornice.-, etc.���in a great
variety of styles.
They (five a very handsome effect*
and enduring,  practical snti si action.
We give estimate* if you send
measurements aud outline of the build*
Think it over.
Metallic Roofing Co.,
Wholesale Manufaotufvra.
Toronto. Caivada.
ROBT. MAY. Agent,
L.ADNER,    -   -   -.   -   -     B. C.
that the Vancouver, Victoria and
Eastern RaiKvay and Navigation
Company "ill apply t > the Parliament of Canada at the present session thereof for an Act declaring
that the said Company is and has
been since it railway was by 61
Victoria, Chapter 89 declared 'o be
a work for the general advantage of
Canada, a company under the legislative jurisdiction of the Parliament of Canada and author;zi"g
the Company to construct aud op
eraie in extension of the undertaking already authorized a railway
from Oliver's on the line of the
Victoria Terminal Railway and
Ferry Company to the .South Bank
of the Eraser River near Liverpool
and to a connection with the bridge
c.vei the Fi.iser Hive: tie.r Liverpool with power to connect wit'
railways operating in the .St--te of
Washington and with the Vancou
ver, Westminster . d Yukon Raii
way Company; Ihe Victoria Tei
initial Railway an ; Ferry Companv
and the New Westminster Southern
Railway Company or re >��� i them,
and extending the time- limited by
the Acts respecting; the Company
for the conjurencement and c< mple-
tion  of   its   iMidertakin      - or
other pui pose -.
Dated at Ottawa, th s 31 -      ,.. of
March. 1905.
sMCiJU i R7,"  &  HAYDON,
Solicitors tor the Applicants,
The gallant Union Jacks thai
floated for years above the navy yard
as well a.s those that proudly told
the nationality of His Majesty's tor-
jjsdo boats, attached to the I*)squi-
m dt naval bt:se, as they travelled
the ser.s far and wide, will all floa:
above the Dominion Fair grounds
during the eleven days ofthe great
national exhibition which is to held
in New Westminster from Sept. 27
to Oct. 7.
These flags, like other property
of His Majesty, after the British
government had decided to abandon Esqnimalt, were sold at public
auction, and Mr. E. J. Fader of
this city, who w;;s present at the
sae and who ourchased oue ol' the
torpedo boits, also bought up, on
behalf 01 Major Keary, the whole
���stock of flags. The whole collection
weighs 30.) pounds, and in it there
are fla;*s tbat have been in every
part of the world where British
warships go,
iow to Ward Off an Attack of Rheumatism.
1'pr years when spring time came
~.:ul I went into gardening, I was sure
to have an attack of rheumatism, and
every  attack   was   more  severe   than
preceding  one,"   says Josie   Mc-
��� nald,   of     Man,     Logan    County,
West   Va.    "1   tried   everything   with
0 relief whatever, until I procured a
ittlo  of CharAbertaiu's . Pain   Balm
id the first spplicati  -: ..; ,vc iue .���&.,,
ind  before  tii       1   .   b  ttle  was  used
i felt like a new pi rson,    Now I fee!
hal  1 am ei-reii. bi i   i always keep a
if Chamberlain's Pain Salm in
n.e and when I feel any symp-
S Of a return I soon drive it away
7h one or  two applications of this
itiment.   For sale by J'*, j. Mackenzie.
The Grr-i!*; llonl Race In I,ondon.
i.,,���\.i:l tlio middle of March London
**��d'.i uly becomes au Hrrangomenfj jn blue,
ti no ������' ��������� a in lixed for tbo second Saturday
bufore Master, when tlio Londoner, who
lias passed whJ;s mid months without
holiday or piigcunt, is iu tho humor to
uinUu t-ho most of it. And London decorates itself in uuttoipation. Tbe (irnppf'r)
window in conies a barinony In blue. _Ui
does tbo stationer's; so doe.-- tbe milliner's; so does all Regent street; so c'o
Oxford street, Piccadilly, Kensington. In
the .Strand and Claapside tbe fukir putt
away his penny bagpipes and ills shirt
ttuds arid bis toys and brings out trays ot
(iny light and dark blue butt on bole buds.
The railway companies print thoir tiiuf
tsahlos in light und dark blue, and tht
papers, if they do not change tlio color ol
their ink, cut dowu police uews und literary notes to devote tlio space to duily accounts of the crews out for practice, and
the columns of personal gnssip ure ililea
with descriptions of the men, their food
���nd their fancies. The condition of No. fl
Is of 11*01-0 importance, than the hoalth ol
the prime minister nnd the blister on tht
finger of a stroke more serious than a defeat in India, About Oi) out of every 100
people in London bave something staked
upou the race, tor tbo Londoner is a born
gambler, though bis gambling has been
officially suppressed, possibly the reason
of Its novel- failing ohnrtu fur him.���Mrs.
Elizabeth Robins Ponnoll in Contury.
That l!otli<-<-����me "11."
Spoaklng of the 'utter "h," u writer If
the Rochester Post-lCxpress says: "Curiously enough, tho 'h' is not dropped north
of Yorkshire, and Scotland, with osUnrno*
torlstio tbriftiness, takes tbe utmost uuip
of it. Ireland is prodigal in emphasizing
It, und, so far as I know, the colonios nrt
also sound on this point Only KnglatiiJ
refuses to aspirate. Some times bor ooa-
t'stent Inaccuracy in this mutter is ��musing enough
'For example, there Is a village in tht
eastern com.lies wbich rojolces in tht
name of Haw. A parlshloi or was asked
What bo thought of n strange pronohel
who had boen lioldiug a eor\ ice in tho vll.
" 'Well,' ho said, '1 liked tbo gentle-
man.    'Is tex' was just, suited to us folk.'
" 'Why, what was his toxt:J'
" 'It were a tex' from tlio psalrot,
'Stand in hawo and sin not"���it sounded
to 'omely ioike.' "
A Cheery Old Savuirt*.
The lord chief justice of Aliy-'sinia It
described by a correspondent of Tho sSt.
James Gazette as a cheery old gentleman,
dressed in a huge black hat, witb u greon
silk handkerchief tied around his head underneath the hat, black silk cionk embroidered with gold, smart purplesilk skirt
underneath nnd continuations of the fairest linen. He was also armed with a long
���word in a red scabbard, and his squires,
running alongside, carried his rifle and
���old mounted shield.
A SllnInter'* Complaint.
A great many Episcopal clergymen
probably would sympathize with the English bishop who said recently: "The two
things of which I am most tired are 'Th��
Church'sOne Foundation'and cold chicken. The hymn seems always to bo chosen
wherever I go, and kind hostesses, with
u,uito extraordinary unanimity, providt
oold chicken tor iunohoun."���New York
Smoke ami Hairs
A physician says that smoking mnk_t
men baldhtiadod Smoking ln the parlo*
after tho lace ourtuins have been freshly
put np io aot to have that effect wben the
���fuaikei 9 Wifo linds it, o'.it..- Pearson1*!
W. J. Leary paid a lusiness visit
to Westminster ihis week.
Paul Swensen   and   H.   Mends
were in town ou Tuesday.
H. J. Kirkland was in Westminster, Monday, ou business.
T. W. Kerr  spent  Monday  and
Tuesday in Vancouver on business.
Mr. Clausen, sr., accompanied
bv Miss Clausen, visited here on
John Oliver, M. P. P., wns in
town, Thursday, on a short business visit.
Mrs. Richardson of Fair view,
Vancouver, visited at Mrs. Kerr's
this week.
(Continued trom First Page.)
help from the tu;, to swim to the
shore and from mere send help to
j his friend. Accordingly, he struck
'out for the bank, a distance ot
I about thirty yards, and when fifteen
\ feet from the land he sank without
! warning.
Livingstone wasrescued sometime
later by some  fishermen  from  the
Deas Island cannery,  who pulled
; him from the water when  he  was
j last loosing  his  giip On  the keel
> of the overturned rowboat.
After Livingtone's rescue, grap-
I pliug hooks were secured and drag-
; ging was commenced for the body
j of his companion.    It was  not till
alter   9   o'clock   in   the  evening,
however, lhat il was recovered.
The funeral took place on Tuesday aud proceeded to Sappertoti,
where the interment took place.
Mesdames Beadleston, McCrea,
Alexander and T. R. Paterson and
Elmer Beadleston were present.
Mrs. Davis _nd family 1 f New
Westminster, are spending Lister
at the Parsonage.
W. E. Curtis unexpectedly returned on Saturday last, but expects
to leave agt-in to-day.
Johu Richardson, of Mavne Island, was in town this week the
guest of Jas. McCallan.
Mrs. W. H. Smith visited friends
in Vancouver on Saturday last.
W. J. Brandrith returned, Thursday, from a business trip to the Interior.
H. J. Ford, of East Delta, has
left for the Bulkley Valley, on a
voyage of discovery.
We are in a better position now than ever before to cater to your needs. We are filled to our
utmost capacity with everything in Drv Goods and
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Garments, all of which we
guarantee as thoroughly up-to-date.
Ladies' Suits-
An assorted lot of tailor-made Suits ranging
in price from $10 to $18, your choice now
at $4.90.
Ladies' Skirts-
Grey Cheviot dress Skirts, nicely tailored and
comes in different sizes, regular $3 for $1.50.
Novelty Tweed Skirts, nicely trimmed and
lovely patterns, regular $4.50 to clear at
Ladies' Lawn Shirtwaists, beautifully trimmed with Torchon and Oluny Lace, a Snap
Go up against it and buy inferior Seeds.
H.as the BEST and FRESHEST
Grass,  Vegetable
Flower & Clover.
If You can't come in to See Us, just "Wait for
the Wagon."   We'll Treat You Right
W.  N.  Draper, P.L.S.,
here this week to locate
line of tbe Slough road.
the new
T. J. Armstrong, wife nnd little
daughter, arrived on Thursday to
visit at J. A. Patterson's.
Big Sale of Portiers and Lace Cur=
tains Now On.
There is not much improvement
in Harry Burr, we regret to state,
he being still confined to his bed.
Imported   English   Prints, 36  inches wide, I2y2c.
Ladies' Black Cashmere Hose, special 5 pairs $1.
Miss Buckingham, of Eburne, j
who had been visiting at the Par- j
sonage, returned home on Monday j
Mrs. Louis Monkman and little!
daughter returned, Mdnday, from
tbe East, whither she had been ou
a visit to friends.
Watson Miller, Percy Burr and
Sidney Rich are among those who
have returned home for the Easter
Mail Orders
to Promptly
The dredge King Edward went
to Chilliwack on Monday. Wonder when the work laid out here
will be finished ?
Geo. Lasseter managed to conceal the smile for a couple "of weeks
but it is bound to break forth sooner or later.
Mis. Parkes returned to Vancouver, on Thursday, after spending a
week or .so visiting her daughter,
Mrs. A. Clausen.
John Fraser ancl wife, of Kensington Prairie, who were visiting
at D. McGregor's, returned home
on Wednesday.
Mrs. W. R. Ellis returned home
en Friday, the 14th inst., from
Jubilee Hospital, Victoria, but is
still unable to move around.
Mrs. John Follis returned home,
Monday,  from  Vancouver,  where i
she had been visiting friends for a
couple ot days.
N. Mitchell, of Crescent Island,
accompanied his bi other to Westminster on Monday, to see him on
his way to Toronto, after spending
lorne weeks visiting here.
Miss Hutchison, of Sapperton,
who has been visiting at Mrs. A.
Read's during the past week, returned home on Thursday.
We  are  this  week going to cut prices nearly in two.
in and see if we don't do it.
We want to get acquainted with you; we want to stay right
here, we see good prospects ahead.
In Order to Do That
We must have your trade and co-operation. We will do our
part. We will give you a First-class Suit at a Second-class
Price; we intend to treat you right; we hope to grow wilh
you; we furnish the root, you furnish the fertilizer and watch
the plant grow.
J. P. McPherson
Ladner, B. C.
Don't forget Rev. A. J. Brace's
lecture in the Oddfellows' Hall, on
Tuesday evening next. Ladner
Laving sent so many of her young;
men to the South African war,
ought to be specially interested iu
this lecture. Trooper Brace will;
relate some thrilling experiences.
Among those taking in the market on Thursday were: Mesdames
A. Read, J. Taylor, Brandrith, Ab-
ercrombie, Miss Whitworth and V7. j
Inauguration  Sale,
D. McGregor and his sister, Mrs. j Cattle���
Larsen, were among the passengers
up river on Thursday.    Mrs. Larsen is returning to  her  home at
Rock Creek, B. C.
A yoqug couple drove about
seven miles along the river road, on
Sunday last, witb both the large
wheels on one side and the small
ones on the other. What was the
Reason? Was it to match the ruts
iu th<\ road? or was it done to make
his shoulder a more comfortable
lesting place.
J. P. McPherson, our tailor,
spent Sunday in Vancouver. He
has bought out his father's interest
in the business here and expects
soon to start housekeeping.
Try a 2-lb box of our  Delicious
Graham Wafers���City Bakery.
Dotj't forget the supplementary
meetujfc of the Farmers' Institute,
i�� the Town Hall, to-night, at 8'
o'clock, at which the public are
fOrdially invited. Jas. Murray,
Western Superintendent of tbe Seed
Pivision, Dominion Department of
Agriculture,, will address the meeting on tbe very important question
Change of ad.  tor T. H. Smith
was received too late for this issue.
Messrs. Fricke & Schenck, the
Vancouver photographers, have been
unable to fulfil their engagement
here as advertised, on account of
sickness. Look out for another
armouncemeut in the near future.
15 Dairy Cows and Heifers, with
and in calf; 3 Fat Cows, 4 two-
year-old Heifers, 14 twojyear-old
Steers, 6 Yearling Heifers and
Steers, 6 Registered Shorthorn
Bull Calves.
Oxfordshire   Downs:   30   Ewes
and Lambs, 24 Yearling Ewes, 1
2 Registered Yorkshire Brood
Sows, 1 Yorkshire Pedigree Boar,
5 Berkshire Brood Sows, 1 Berkshire Boar, 2 Brood Sows, 20
Store Pigs.
1 seven-year-old Mare iu foal, 1
three-year-old Colt.
One 2-wheel Dog Cart with back
Further early entries are solicited.
W. N. Draper,
Room 2, Kllaril Block, New Westminster.
Two Pigs strayed onto my property  some time ago,  owner may
have same by proving property.
ai5tc E. B. LADNER.
If Your Eyes
Bother You
They require attention. Do not
trifle witb so serious a matter. We
will fit them to your entire satisfaction by the latest method known to
the optical trade.
Graduate Optician,
Consultation & Examination Free
T; tjifford's* Jewelry Store,
Those who have investigated our methods
of business, have fully satisfod themselves of
our standing.
Value is Assured
by our direct buying, which enables us to cut
out the "in-between" profits aud expenses that
L��<iie��' Dresiing  "bie. burden the ordinary dealer, and put the difTer-
sim.i..rtoillustration   elice jnt0 quality���Send for cur catalogue, 230
$20.00, , ,
Mah^any Finish.      pages, lt S f: ee
At nominal cost, private individuals or business
men can put their important papers and valuables in a.
secure and convenient place.
^This is a boon to those who do not possess a safe,
and to families travelling.
These boxes are accessible during all business -hours
to the renter, who holds the key.
RATES :   $1.50 per year.
Westminster Trust & Safe Deposit Co., Limited,,
Authorized Capital, $25,000.
F. J. HART & CO.,
New Westminster, B. C.
Andrew Clausen,
Ladies' Chatelaine Watches from $5 up.
Ladies' Gold Watches from $15 up.
Cut Glass, Silverware and all kinds of Jewelry at EASTERN PRIGES.
Jeweller, Etc., Etc.
What's Saved
Constitutes a large part of what is earned in tliis age
<of progress. You can't be too careful of tbe pennies.
.Realizing this and making a. -strong bid for "your ��� trade,
W��e have our goods marked at the lowest possible price.
"Our values cannot fee beaten. We invite your inspection.
Be��_   Room    FURNITURE���Suites from $.15.00 up
Dining Room FURNITURE��� 4< �����
Hail FURNITURE��� ���" "
Carpets, Linoleum, Oilcloth,, Mattings. Awnings, Picture Framing, &c.. See.
You will be pleased with anything in our line anfl
can save time, money and trouble by coming direct her-g and
making your purchases.
ys Furniture Emporium,
New Westminster B.C-


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