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The Delta Times Jun 4, 1904

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Array ..-���..     .... ;..il.~M~
.   dv,\
Vol. 1. No. 39.
LADNER, B. C., SAtURDAY, JUNE 4, 1904.
Holiday -
Hot Weather
SUM) a year
Harrison, of the Ontario Agricultural College, show similar results.
Dr. Connei mentioned that out of a
dozen factory waters sent him last
summer, not one was found fit foi
i use. All were badly contaminated,
and for drinking purposes would be
immediately condemned.   Later Dr.
I Connei had an opportunity of see-
' ing two of the wells from which thej
^^^^k  _      __________ samples   were  taken.    Both   were
I subject to direct gross contamination
���Bad Drainage   the   Cause j from drainage   water lying under
Ladies' White Lawn and LinenH Shirt .Waists.) ���
Ladies' and Children's Lace Lisle Hose. ;_M      _j__B__Z__ ;��_Z__    'Ut'
Ladies' and Children's Corsets and Waists, Whitewear and .Cotton
Waists, Etc., Etc. H    ���*_    J
of Bad Water ���Bad
Water the Cause of Bad
Some rather startling facts in re
tire factory floors, and the stream of
dirty slime could be seen opening
into the wells about four feet below
the surface. Both these waters
were very foul, so foul that animals
would not touch them. Such a well
mil iff ism
fard to the water supply of our) is generally termed a "mineral" one
farms, cheese factories and cream- i in the section, probably because the
eries, were brought out at the con-1 sulphuretted, hydrogen of decom-
Men's Clothing^
position causes an oder somewhat
like that of natural sulphur water.
^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^���  i    A factory well cannot be kept un-
the official report of which is now j contaminated, so long as the drain-
ftrence of Dairy instructors and ex
perts held  ia Ottawa    last  fall
age and whey disposal spstem of the
factory is not carefully looked after,
so that the first essential for a  pure! ciania__on
water   supply   from the   ordinary
being distributed   by   Mr.  J.   A.
Ruddick, Chief of the Dairy Division, Ottawa. In discussing the sanitation of cheese factories aud cream-,     _ . ^^^^^^^^^^^^^__
_.    _       .   .        ... well is good drainage.    Next is the
eries, Dr. Connei, bacteriologist atI _ construction of the welI< *n
the Kingston Dairy School, pointed I cludingjts C0Veri���g, so as not to
out that one great sanitary requisitel permit surface washings flowing in
is good water.   Most of our factor-
See our new .Flannel Suits, just the thing for the 'holidays.   ""' "��5?
Men's Alpaca Summer Coats, all sizes. '%
We take orders for Tailor-Made Suits.    Call and see "samples, and
leave your measure, we will have your suit iri 'three weeks
from date of order.   EASTERN PRICES.
ie* obtain their water trom shallow
wells, only a tew using water from
deep wells, springs, creeks or rivers.
Good water can be secured from
shallow or surface wells, yet such
water is always classified as suspicious by sanitarians when it is
used for drinking purposes. The
reason for this simply is that such
Sporting Goods-
We are Headquarters for Sporting Goods of All Kinds, !Lacro����e,
Baseball, Tennis, Football, Etc., also Jerseys of all kinds.
Special Prices to Clubs.
If you want to be in the Swim Get Your Bathing Suit
From Us.
marshal! Smith
The organization of a lacrosse
(.club was completed on Thursday
evening, when those interested met
in tbe parlors of tbe Shirley House.
H. K.  Wright was voted to the
' chair at the opening of the meet-
It was decided to call the club
1 "The Ladner Lacrosse Club."
The following officers were elect-
[ed: Hon. president, W. H, Ladner;
president, P. Shirley; vice-president, F. J. MacKenzie; sec.-treas.,
R. Smith; committee, H. K.
Wright, W. H. Smith; club captain, W. H. Wilson.
It was decided that th* club col-
lots should be Yellow and Black.
Tbe meeting then  adjourned to
Ltncet again on Thursday evening,
Tbe services in All Saints next
Sunday will be conducted by the
Ven. Archdeacon Pentreath and the
Vicar. The Archdeacon will
Purser Blain, of the Transfer, is
in the hop business. He bad the
misfortune to sprain his ankle on
the 27th ult. while playing baseball.
Glad to see he hasn't got the blues
with it.     .
Nothing Like Experience.
"One truth learned by actual experience does more good than ten
experiences one bears about." Tell
a man that Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy will
cure cholera morbus,  and he will 7
most likely forget it before the end j *��? int0 the wdl-
-water is ground water, derived by
seepage through soil of the rain or
snow   water.   Shallow  wells   are
usually placed quite close to the
houses or lactones which they are
to supply, and thus the soil in their
neighborhood is apt to become contaminated, and this contamination
is sooner or later carried by seepage
into  the well.   Fortuneately,  the
soil is  an excellent filtering and
cleansing agent, but it is only able
to dispose of a certain amount ol
contaminating material.   Such disposal takes time, so that if there  is
a particularly heavy rain, the contaminating matter may be carried 1
far into the earth below the pttrifiy-
ing layer, and thus soak unchanged
into the wells.   If a larger amount of
this contaimnating material finds its
way into the soil, the earth becomes
"Soured" and can no longer dispose
of or purify the waste, which tends
to  soak   into  and mix with the
ground water.   Some surface wells
are so constructed as to be mere
surface draining pits; that is,  they
are not raised above the surrounding
earth, and hence receive tbe surface
washing direct   Farmers and raak-
1 erS Ought to realize that a surface
well does not get its water from
some hidden source below,   but is
simply a collecting reservoir for the
ground water derived from rain and
snow water.    And further, that if
tbe soil in the neighborhood of such
a well is saturated with slop water
and house or factory drainings, that j
sooner or later these will make their
As Prof. Shutt pointed out, this
drainage matter, apart from its actually poisonous character, is the
very material upon which microbes
and germs live, and water polluted
from the barnyard, privy, etc.. is always loaded with countless millions
Police Magistrate's resignation Laid Over���Road
Committee to Inspect
Council met oa Satunday, May
28, at 2 p.tn., with tbe Ueevt, BL
E. Kittson, in the chair, and Couns.
Embree, Huff, Holmes, Datvie .and
McKenzie present.
Minutes of previous meeting
were read and adopted.
The Clerk, as Returning Officer,
having reported the election, bv ec-
of Seymour Huff for
Ward IV., also that the oath of
office had been administered, Conn.
Huff took his seat at the hoard,
From M. Smith, re removal of
the totem poles -ont**ide bis stow.
Received and filed.
From H. B. Gilmore, re rock
crusher.    Received and filed.
From H. Mackliu, re loan of
track wheels.   Received and filed.
The Reeve reported having in-
of bacteria.    It is impossible to turn
out first class dairy products where 	
such water is used, so even from the j terviewed the Richmond Council re
dollar-and-cents standpoint, im-, quarry, and it was decided not to
provement in this respect is impera-1 open the quarry at this time on active, i count of the crusher arriving so
It is not the smell or appearance j late. Therefore tlie crusher was
of water, that denotes its condition.! ordered on here and the tender of
Many samples of water, which to the
sense of smell or sight or taste are
perfect, yet simply reek with filth.
The bacteria which we cannot detect by our senses are far more dangerous than those which we can detect.
Yours very truly,
W. A. CLEMONS,      |
Publication Clerk
for  one-nan   rock.
Garden Party.
A garden party, und.fr the auspices of the Ladies' Guild of All
Saints, will be held on the afternoon of Thursday, June 16th, beginning about 2 o'clock. Mr. and
Mrs-. H. N. Rich have very kindly
thrown open their grounds for the
occasion. A nominal admittance
fee of ioc. will be charged at the
gate. During the afternoon refreshments will be served ��� ice- _
cream, strawberries, and also more | real and
Gilley   Bros.
was accepted.    ^^^^^^^^^^^
On motion, the Reeve and Couns.
McKenzie and Embree were ap-1
pointed a committee to look after
and set up the rock crusher en its
Coun. Embree reported re wharf
at Annacis Island and thought they
needed one bad enough. He
thought it should be placed near
the centre of the island, and that
the cross dyke be gazetted as a
road.    Received.
Several tenders were then opened
and Councillor Holmes authorized
to have the work done as be saw
fit. The work being the clearing
of brush on the Trunk road, from
T. E. Ladner's barn to the Green
road, north side.
W, H. Ladner tendered his resignation as police magistrate. Laid
over till next meeting.
On motion the Clerk wis antfcor-
ized to obtain possession of all papers deposited in the Bank of Mont-
turn same over to the
substantial   viands ��� extra.      The j Royal Bank of Canada.
party will last  till evening, which      it was, on motion, decided that
will allow business men to arrive in | the road committee should  enter
time for a light t-ea and recreation.
Two Badminton Courts will be in
full swing. Mrs. Green having
kindly allowed the use of her court.
A style o.er the fence will connect
tbe two grounds. This should be
one of the most enjoyable events of
of the dav     !,tiiimi,., 1     p-_f ou....<.   _ ,       WWaW    iUUK ul t"t "Ju;"- c��ju> awe cvems 01
u�� mc uay.   i*t mm have a severe     riot. Shutt s chemical annalyses ... ���      _.     �� ... .
attack of that disease, feel that he is of farm well water have shown the ^S^Xf v.      >   . ' 5?
about to die, use this ��m^.   .J maioritv   of th. Lfc*. k_ ii..ii *����d objCCt in v,ew',l should be
Rev. C. W. Whittaker was visiting old friends in town this week
previous to leaving for the Klondike, to which district be'has been
appointed by Confeftiib^ 'He was
the guest of H.J. Kirkland.
about to die, use this remedy, and j majority   of the wells to be little
learn from his own experience how better tha�� cesspoois.   From 100 to
quibkly it gives relief, and he will! *���� ����mples a year are analysed at
remember it all his life.���For Sale'the ��**��****ucal laboratory of the Cent-
by F. J. MacKenzie. -T.-s��-m^.��______as_______________i
universally patronized.
A new stock of Lacrosse Sticks
at the Drug Store.
Messrs. Taylor and Elwood Aber-
crombie of Lulu Wand were guests
at the home of J. Burritt Boundary
Bay Farm for a lew days this week.
Band Excursion, June 8.
Oranges,  Bananas, Lemons,
, day, at the City Bakery.
ral Experimental Farm, and not
one-fifth of these can be passed as
safe and wholesome By tar the
greater number are utterly condemned, while others are reported
as suspicious,  putting them in the
category ol those that are unsafe to | Mr. Powell of the Fit-Reform
use. The bacteriological examina- ��� Vancouver was in Ladner on Thurs
tions of Dr.   Connei,   and   Prof,' day on business.
upon a tour of i��speetioa oa Saturday, June 4 (to-day).
The Revenue By-law, 1-904, was
read a first and second time.
R. McWaters was appointed
poundkeeper for Sunbury district.
The following accounts were ordered paid; A. Munro, corduroy,
$38.70; D. Carson, work at gravel
pit, $12.
Council adjourned to meet again
June 11, at 2 p.m.
Excursion, June 8.
W. R. Ellis and wife went to
Eburne, vesterday, to visit Revr B.
Manuel and family who are soon
to leave for Grand Forks where Mr,
Manuel has been stationed for the
coming year by the recent Metb*
odisl Conference. THE DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY JUNE. 4. 1904..
Subscription, $1*00 per year.
Caaaal Advertisements, �� centsi per ltae folic first insertion, and 5 cents per line for each
subsequent insertion. Tbe number ol lines
reckoned by tbe space occupied, ia Uues to tbe
Rates lor Commercial Advertisements can be
bad on application at tbls office.
Reading notices 10 cents per Une lor cacb Insertion.
Birth and Death notices, 50c., Marriages $1.00.
Any special notice, the object of -which is to
aronote the pecuniary benefit of any Indivndual
or company, to be conaidered an advertisement
and charged accordingly.
All advertiaemeata charged for until ordered
ant aad paid for.
Correspondence Invited on matters ot public
interest. Communications to editor must be ac-
compsnied by name of writer, not necessarily
for publication, but as evidence of good fcith.
Correspondence must reach this office by Thursday evening.
Geo. R. Manley,
SATURDAY, JUNE 4.   *9��4-
The little rain wliich has fallen
this week has made a good impression on the crops of all descriptions.
Everything is looking green and
��ice, and the present prospects are
Wt understand that the Post Office Inspector has been pleased to
take up the matter of improved
��ail facilities far this district���a
dally service between Victoria and
Clover-dale���and that it has been
looked. ������ with flavor, but there is
one drawback- and that is the fact
that the Victorian would find it
difficult to call in at Steveston.
Surely Steveston will not object
to us getting the benefit of a daily
service because of this. Wc think
For the benefit of the young peo-
fie of our town and vicinity, aye,
and the old people, too, we think
our Council would do well, if at all
possible, to buy and set apart for
the public good, a plot of land
in or near the town, large enough
for such games as lacrosse, baseball,
etc. The Agricultural ground, as
ft stands to-day, being used as a
pasture, is totally unfit for such a
The McNeely property, lying between the Slough road, Delta street
and Trenant street, would be a very
mice location if arrangements could
ae made* wkb tho owner by which
this end may be accomplished. We
hope the Council will look into this
matter and do tbe best possible under the circumstances.
great advantage of good roads to
commence their ranch life with.
, * * *
With the means at his disposal,
the road foreman is making a good
clean job on the Slough road.
��� �� *
��� A petition is going the rounds
praying the Council to extend the
limits of the Slough road to 66 feet,
from the corner of Westham street
to the head of the Slough.
The petitioners are wise in their
choice of occasion. No permanent
work has been doBe on this portion
of the road, and it would be worse
than useless to attempt to grade
and macadam 33 feet and expect
two teams to pass. Therefore, if
it is necessary to widen and
straighten this road, and we believe
it is, now is the time to do it.
Holy Communion, 1st and 3rd
Sundays, at 11 a.m. Other Sundays at 8.30 a.m.
Morning prayer, 11 a.m.
Evensong, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10 a.m., Friday
evening, Litany and choir practice.
Rev. Canon Hilton, vicar.
The Church of England Sunday
school picnic takes place to-day at
Boundary Bay.
A committee oi ladies of the
Presbyterian Church, composed of
the following: Mrs. W. H. Ladner,
and Mrs. D. A. McKee went to
Vancouver on Tuesday to select
and purchase an organ, which they
did, their purchase being a Bell.
The s.s. Forager, belonging to
the Butler Freighting &. Towing
Co., of Victoria, made her initial
trip to the Landing on Wednesday
and took on board 2,500 sacks oats
for the Brackman-Ker Co. She is
built after the style of the Lapwing
with a carrying capacity of 150
tons of Train. Notice of dates will
appear in these columns later.
Too Great a Risk.
In almost every neighborhood
someone has died trom an attack of
polic or cholera morbus, often before
medicine could be procured or a
physician summoned. A reliable
remedy lor these diseases should be
kept at hand. The risk is too great
for anyone to take. Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy has- undoubtedly saved the
lives of more people and releived
more pain and suffering than any
other medicine in use. It can always be depended upon.���For sale
by F. J. MacKenzie.
We are pleased to see that this
important municipal duty is engaging the attention of the Council,
and that it is their intention to do
well as much as their purse will
permit them.
Now, to make the best use of
their money is a good thing, but we
fcelieve that money would be saved
jn the end if the Council would
torrow sufficient money to put the
roads in a thorough state of repair
���������macadam well rolled in, even if
Ihey should hav. to borrow New
Westminster's steam roller to do it.
The roller we have might make a
better job if water was used in congestion with it-
By borrowing money sufficient to
fix the  roads in  mood shape'uovy,
"WatA the time fly." By looking in the window of the grocery
department of Marshall Smith's
store, you will notice a very unique
timepiece. This clock is for use in
the telephone office, r nd shows only
two calendar-like sets of figures���
the top set indicates the hour and
the lower set the minutes. The action is after the moving picture
style, the leaves being held in place
until the minute or hour has expired by a miniature spring. No
doubt this little instrument will be
very useiul to the receiver and dispatcher ol messages in recording
the minute and hour necessary.
Reverend Father Edm. Peytavin,
O.M. I. Services first and third
Sunday of each month at 10:30 a m
Services next Lord's Day at 3p. m
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sabbath School at 2pm every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Wednesday evening at 7.30.
Rev. A. N. Miller, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 2 p m Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
Thos. Oswald, minister.
Sen-ice every Lord's Day evening at 7:30 o'clock.
Services conducted by
Rev. L. E. Tranter.
Trade Marks
.... Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending a sketch snd description mn.
middy ascortatu our opinion free whether nn
ivontlon Is probably paMnt____ Commnnlcy-
���(msstri-tlvcnntldonual. HANDBOOK on Patents
,3iit tree. Oldest naency for aecurlnipaUnts.
Patents taken through Munn * Co. receive
:ip��ta( notice, without charge, lathe
Scientific American.
V handsomoly Illustrated weekly. Largest Ctrl
illation of any sclontiOo Journal. Terms, ��3 a
year: f onr months, IL Sold by all newsdealers.
MUNN&Co.38""0'^'-New York
Branch OBIceTe* F SU Washington. D. C.
A. 0.   U. W.
r_KLTA LOOCI- HO.  n, meets  fi
At   third   Tuesdiry.- In   each mouth in Waddell's Hall. T. W. KERR, Recorder.
I. O. F.
Court Osseo, No. 3443, meets
in I 0 OF Hall, 3rd Tuesday in
each month Visiting brethren
always welcome. C. R, J B
Burr; R S.  B S McDonald
1 0.0 F.
Delta Lodge. No. 21 .���The regular meetings of this Lodge are held
every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
m. Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
F. J. Mackenzie, N.G.
A. W. Oliver, Sec.
Delta Transfer Stable
Team Work Bone at Specially Low Prices.
)RSES    I
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
+ Telephone " Ladner" No 10.
Notary Publio,
wm, M l IIHK *m
Ladner, B. O.
Purchasing Agent
Brackman-Ker Milling Co.
Horse Goods! f
Our Harness and Horse Furnishin���� 1
'   have long proved reliable, and they are 5 t
built uot only tor style but wear. , ,
huqh Mcdowell,
ses.Jss<*i..��.��i��.S.ssJs'.��.��J��.��.��J��.S.��Jss.��^��<.ssi��.�� ��������������.���>
Manufacturers of all kinds ot
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
Your patronage solicited      J
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
For Coughs, Colds, Croup and Whoop-
lag Cough. Price 25 cents; luge size 50c.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy.
Vet Bowel Complaints.   Price 35 centa.
Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
An antiseptic liniment especially valuable for Cuts, Bruises, Sprains and Rheumatism.   Price 35 cents; large size 50 cent*.
Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets.
For Disorders of the Stomach, Liver
tbe settlers who   have   stood  tbe  md Bowels.   Price 25 cents.
hardships would  denve si benefit
Every one o! these preparations
Erectly, while those coming after  l$ gBarailteed and il not hilly sat*
would not be overburdened with isfactory to the purchase? the
Incorporated 1869.
CAPITAL, $3,000,000. - RESERVE, $3,000,000
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department*
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Ourrent Rates.
NOVA. SCOTIA���Halifax, An-
tigonish, Bridgewater, Guysboro,
Londonderry,   Louisburg,   C.   B.j
Lunenburg, Maitland, Pictoti, Port niundston
ftawkesbury, Shubenacadie, Sydney, C.B.; Sydney, Victoria Road;
Truro, Weymouth, Amherst.
ONTARIO ��� Ottawa,  Toronto,
QUEBEC  - Montreal] Montreal
West End, Montreal Westtuount.
Bathurst, Dalhousie, Dorchester,
Fredericton, Moncton. Newcastle,
Kexton, Sackville, Woodstock, Ed-
BRITISH COLUMBIA ��� Vancouver, Vancouver East End. Grand
Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland,
Vi'*<-7i:,. Chilliwaok, Ladner.
'.''���   ���.   l.i-,-. *..��������� n   '*;! 7N7
���-'. .. il'.'.'. . l<)\v! , S'.ii-:.ii.ei ,-iiie
CUBA ��� Havana, Santiago de
Republic, Wash.
Practical Horseshoeing &
All Kinds of Repairing
W. H. Taylor's.
Stokes & Cullis
Westham Street,
,   Ladner, B. C.
Gents' Clothing,
Hats &, rurnislYmgs
���  ,     a'
At All Prices.
Best Line of Boots & Shoes in Town.
Rubbers to Suit Everyone.
Staple Dry Goods at Lowest Prices]
H.J. Hutcherson'
Fashion Stables . TAILORING
Trucking and Draying.
Livery work of all kinds attended to promptly.
Wm* Alexander
Ladner, B. C.
Bicycles, Farm Implements, Hardware, Coal, Coal Oil, & Gasoline.
Agent for the McCormick Machine
and Binder Twine.
Manufacturer of Wooden Pumps
All Kinds of Repairing. Farmers'
Scales. Auctioneer.
WRIGHT. Managgr.
(.Westminster Branch)
Time Table
Cars leave Westminster lor Vancouver at 5.50
aud 6.50 a.m. and hourly thereafter until 10 p.
in.: Saturday*and Sundays at ic p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminsters at 5.50
and 6.30 a. 111. nud hourly thereafter until lop.
in.; Saturdays and Sundays at 11 p.m.
We run Hrst-class freight cars between West-
niihsra- arid Vi-.'vmiv.'r ,md all shiiinu-nts an
hi.,-"..-: ivHh '.! :jjtt-nst.earr -.md delivered to
Con     ���     <��� sv ill.. ...Ccls.U. s-     :.:j...'U.I attention pnifl
ip fr.iifcahipmLntH,    Our wagon* iiieet sill-hi'mis
rind Trraina.   I-'of Vates, e*j_. apply to
D   A SHIt.US,    1 V. R. G10VI R
Traffic .Mgr. Local Mgr.
Westminster. B. C.
Clothes Altered. Cleaned and Repaired.
Parcels left at W. L. McBridr's Store and A. W^
leer's and W R. Mcclellan's barbel- shop Willi
called for ou Monday and returned un SatnrdaJ
W. N. Draper,
Room 2, Kllard Block. New Westminster.
Time Table.
IN EFFECT MAY 1, 1904^
No. 1���leaves Victoria at 7 a.j
arrives at Guichon 11:30 and at'
Westminster, 2 p.m.
N'o. 2���Leaves New Westn
ster at 1 p.m.,' Guichon, 3 p.,
arriving at Victoria 7:39 p.m.
tbe Delta times, Ladm ^.tHE.iELTA TIMES, SATURDAY, JUNE 4. 1904.
_to threw mea kiss;
Mamma, dldn't know lt
Bhe would take lt amiss
That he threw me a kiss.
But she wouldn't dream of thia
For my fane didn't .bow tt;
Be threw me a kiss,
And mamma didn't know ti
Pray where wae the harm
-.  When nobody knew it?     ..
There's tio cause for alnra; I
Pr*y where waa the harmf   ,
. That kisa had a charm.' .
No one saw thnt I threw tt;
T'len where was the harm
��" nobody knew it.
i   MAMMA.
Winy think I am old���
Go. ting blind, 1 suppose.
But my -part isn't cold
It I Bin getting old.
1 don't need to be told
Why sho Mushed like a rasa
Though I am getting old-
Yes, and blind, 1 suppose!
���Harry French ln Harlem Ufa.
��� Ss.SSJss,    'J*   -S_-    Xtf S.O ."      -ASS,   BI^HS^l.   *W��   IS.
rodo awny It was su hard to leave hor
even for a tew hours, anil the heavy,
clinging scent of tbe ehampak blossom
oppressed him and sseuied to lie as a
weight upon his heart
It was u summer night In Cawnpore ln
the yeur lt>57 Two lovers stood within
the convenient shade ot a veranda saying
a long' farewell���till the marrow. The
stars were shining with that radiance
whloh mukes the peouliur glory of an Indian nljilic, and tho air was heavy with
the soent Ot the ohampnk blossom.
"Good night, my darling. I must go,
and oneh moment only makes it harder to
leave you."
"Go then.. Who la keeping you?"
"You! Youwitehl How well you know
your power. Haven't you kept me ten
Whole minutes when I ought to havo started on my rounds ages ago?"
"1 have kept you!  How dare you imply
���uch a thing?   I have been longing for
your departure.    I���I am very sleepy,"
with a  carefully   simulated  yawn  and
wide opon mischievous eyes.
-, "Well, 1 am going.   Really, this time. .
By the bye, you know 1 cannot come till j
late tomorrow evening:.    I wish to good- i
noss I wero not adjutant.   What's the use '
of a few extra rupees whon lt takes up all
my time so that I never see you now?"
"Uh, wlmt a story and what a frown I 1
ean aee lt quite plainly."
"You eun not. I oau only Just gee your
white frock and tbe lines of your hair and
tbat scarlet thing on your head, and���
your eyes I see them wherever I am.
When the colonel gives me an order, I
���tare straight over his head till I know he
thinks 1 huve gone oruzy, and I see there
���ln the uir���two dark brown eyes, sparkling with wickedness and shining like
tbe stars above us now���and"���
The remainder of the speech wns arrested by a little band which waa laid lightly
upon his lips and which naturally met
tiie fate It deserved. There wus complete
silence in the shadow of the veranda, only
broken by her soft and hurried breathing,
���nd a slitrht stir as she nestled Into his
arms and was clasped for an instant to his
breast. Tho syce (native groom), who wns
crouching near beside his muster's waiting horse, raised his drowsy bead and
wondered if tbey had gone luto the house
again, liut Just then the farewell was
finally accomplished, and he listened curiously to their parting words.
I    "Good uight, Dick.   Be as early as you
I    "Good  night.    Of course I'll bo early
, It will be years before I see you again."
"Be euro you recognize me then I You
���Ulyi Goodnight."
Hi' Master and servant turned at tbe gate
of tbe garden and looked back. She had
stepped ont of the shadow and lt was
' bright enough for them to seo overy detail
of her white muslin dress, ilouuced to tbe
waist, and to catch the gleam of her uncovered neck and arms. Dick Manners
even imagined that he could distinguish
the curve of her dark head outlined
���gainst the scarlet bow and soo tbe star-
It was in May, 1887, when a party of
Englishmen and women rode through the
streets of tho native city of Luc-know
They were going to visit the shops of the
famous gold and silver workers and were
accompanied, by nn escort of native police
for their guidance, and, though,, the ladies
of the partf sooffed at the idea, for their
protection' as well The bazaar at Luck-
now hns too bud a name* for any English-
nian to care to take his womankind there
without ��� show ol force. The street* are
very narrow and tho houses have, in
many eases, overhanging balconies to the
upper stories, creating a feeling of oppression even in riders, who are raised
above tho mosses of many shaded humanity with which the countless lanes and
alleys am filled
Edith Viilars was typically English in
appearance, having soft, fair huir and I
gray blue eyes, and with the latter sho
now gazed as If fascinated at tbe shrouded
figure-.*! which passed her in an endloBS
stream. They filled her soul with terror.
She li'lt thnt- each of those veils might
cover some awful tragedy, u tragedy whose
horror was increased tenfold by the seal of
silence and of secrecy, typified by that
shrouding veil.
Suddenly she turned to her companion,
��� gray haired mun, strong and upright, a
man in the prime of lifo und whose whole
appearance, from tbe tip of his pointed
gray mustache ta the tip of his. polished
riding boot, was et typical of the Kngllsh ,
officer as hers was of tbo -English girl.'
"Did you notice that woman, Colonel
Manners?" she asked.
"Which?" said he, gazing at the mnn- ;
bers by whloh they were surrounded with
I ��� naturally bewildered expression.
".lust on ahead. There now, look���tbe
one with tbe pretty blue���surry, do you
call it?V
|    "I aee the woman, or rather tbe figure,
I you mean.    But what is there extraordinary about her?"
'     "Only her feet.    They are white���quite
; white.    Isn't ib funny?"
"Oh, nol They often look white with
the dust of the road, and besides some of
them are fair. Perhaps that partieulur
woman is ��iii li woman���a Kashmiri. They
are sometimes us fair as���no, uot you, but
many F.nglish girls." and he glanced admiringly at her dazzling complexion.
liut her remark hud evident ly impressed
liim, and tor some time he, too, watched
the passing women, gazing always at their
tout.    And lt seemed to him there were
many  white���horribly   white.      Strange
stories came to his remembrance, stories
which were whispered Just ufter the mutiny, thut all the missing English women
and  girls had not been  killed.     Tbat
thought had nearly maddened him once. |
B����n  now  he shuddered and saw  with
thankfulness ���lat they had arrived at the .
Chunk, tho pnrt of  the  bazaar where the
I best goldsmiths' sho(.s are situated  uud
' remarkable for  the  beautiful   carving of .
tho wooden balconies which overhung the
porcheswacre tho work is carried on.  The
travelers were loud  in their  praises and
noiuparieons With evory picturesque town
lu  Europe, giving, however, as  they felt
correct, the preference to this city of   "the
gorgeous east."
The principal police officer soon rushed
them into oue of the largest shops, a low
ceiled room with a mud floor, while he
whispored to Colonel Manners that the
owner was the biggest rascal in the whole
bazaar, but also the host worker, and that
tbe English "memsnhilw" would see gome
wonderful things. Colonel Manners, who
bad often performed the duty of showman
during his stay In Lucknow, knew exactly
what to explain and waited expectantly
for the inevitable exclamations of astonishment over the flro���a few pieces of glowing chnrooal in a broken earthenware pot,
tho very primitive bellows, worked by an
almost naked, shining little boy, and the
tew rough and simple tools.
The proprietor was a st/ut man. greasy I
and repulsive  looking, and with an air j
which  made Colonel  Manners look even i
sterner thun  his wont.    His words were j
sharp as he bade the man show his good! ,
as quickly as possible. The ladies thought
ull  natives  alike   and   noticed   nothing
wrong with the man's leer and sly glance*
or the way in which he directed all his remarks and compliments to the young girl
They watched him make a few silver bungles und bought some curious ornaments
whieh wero lying about the shop, bnt Mrs.
Villuis hud set her heart upon  buying a
certain  kind of nose ring, and there was
not one to be seen.   When the silver worker understood  her wish, be Vscnt to the
bock of the room, where, In the shadow,  j
Colonel   Manners had  seen  a crouching ;
figure, and saying a few words in a low, |
harsh tone he returned to hlg customer* j
with a particularly fine nose ring, incruet- I
ed with  turquoises, in  his hand.   Mrs
Vlllars was delighted, and while she conducted her bargaining v. itli the aid of the
policeman  her daughter wandered to tho
{ back of the shop.
1     She was astonished to find a woman |
seated there, and more, thut she were the
identical sari whloh h.-.d attracted her at- I
tentioii  on  the   rond     Instinctively  she
looked down to see the woman's feet, but >
the whole form was shrouded in the usual
way, nothing was visible but the face, and
upon that tho girl gazed with a growing '
horror ou her own.   lt was the face of an
old  woman;  dark  hair was parted and
brought low Over tho forehead; thero was
no color in thu sallow cheeks, and tlie eye*
glittered uut of bony hollows.   They were
wonderful eyes, the only remaining trace
in tlint countenance of u long pust beauty,
but libw they wero awful, too, for misery
and humiliation, rage und despair, glared
out of  their brown depths as the English
girl bent ovor then), hulf  fascinated, half
A voice sounded across tho room i
"Come, Miss Viilars, we must be going.
Thero is more for you to see, und the sun
is getting bufe And"���with u tender, half
proprietary tone In  his voice as  lie came
near her���'1 don't half  like your  being
hero any longer   Ah, what have you found
Over the miserable eyes Into which she
was looking there came u sudden change
They positively darkened with an expression of the neatest agony.   Wus she Buffering���lll'i    Edith bent closer, but a fierce
' gesture uf tho hidden arm furbude her kindly touch, and she could  not speak���the
woman  would  not  understand English
She felt relieved  to  know that Colonel
Manners was beside ber und silently pointed to die huddled lorin      For a few brief
seconds  his   clear   Uuo eyea   met   those
other brown ones���t.r.su eyes, awful with
the extremity of shamed despair and filled
with such lunging as might burn ln those
of some lust soul who gazed across the impassable gulf   into tho  kingdom  of the
With a deep drawn sigh Colonel Manners passed out and looked up, half unconsciously, to tho dark blue sky above.
"Those hovels are stifling; tile charcoal
fumes make them unbearable.   Fancy Ily*-
I ing in ono I   No one lint a native*could K'
Uut, even as he spoke, he threw off the
; depression caused   by the  ctharconl I limes
or that uncomfortable looking old woman
in tho comer und turned to look proudly
at the tall, beautiful, fair haired girl who
wus already, surely, his own.
Miss  Viilars  hud   not answered  him
She   stood hesitating on  the  threshold,
shading her eyes from the duzzllng glare
before hor, thinking of the bluckness, th-s
wretchedness,   behind her.     She   felt   it
would be long beforo she forgot that face;
those eyes, which, to her excited imagination,   seemed to be  following her still
Was thero not some appeal in them?   She
half  turned as though  to go  buck, but
Colonel  Manners said, "This wuy, Miss
Vlllars," and she stopped, ashamed of her
aimless Impulse.
Inside thc dark and stifling shop, which
Colonel Mannors bad been so glad to leave,
tho woman still crouched upon thu lluor
Sho had thrown buck her veil as if she
needed air, and tho masses of her dark,
fine, waving hair were revealed. .Not native hair. The very way it grew shuwed
that. When the shade of the sun was gone,
her features were visible, and every curve
of lips, nostrils, eyelids and throat cried
out her English blood. Within her breast
a torrent of misery wa* unsealed. It waa
years since she had thought, consciously
thought, as she was thinking now
but for 30 years she had not heard the
voice she had  heard today, had not seen
the face upon which her eyes had hungrily
rested only a few moments ago, had not
dared, for shame and agony, to admit the
thought of him into her heart, and now-
All  thut she had  borne of humiliation,
ill   usage   end   daily,  grinding tyranny
throughout those weary years was us noth-
! ing to tho burning torment of those few
! seconds when Dick had looked down upon
1 her without a spark of  recognition in his
eyes, with only a horror, wliich wus por-
hnps the mere reflection of that within her
.**ho closed her eye*. It was a summer
night. She stood in ��� stirlit garden. The
���cent of clmmpuk blossom was heavy on
the air, and a voice was speaking from
very fuY awny, "It will be years before I
see you aguln."
but belorethe memorj of the past could
drive ber tortured soul to madness she was
rooulled suddenly to the present by another voice:
"Am I to keep thee ln Idleness all thy
days? Kise. Get tbee to the preparation of
the meul. Tliouhast looked too long upon
these white folk. Perliups they have bewitched thee, but remember 1 will buve
uo lazy white memsuhibs here.''
It was the voice of bor master, and
while the sneer cut her to tho heart, as it
hud never failed to do through ull the long
yours, tho flash died out of hor eyos, and,
drawing the sari closely round her once
more, she passed obediently to the buck of
tho house with the slow, gliding step of ���
u>.i��a woman.���Temulo rlur._
E. L. Kirkland
Vegetable* �����
Deeds, Wills, Leases, Agreements
and Partnerships drafted and prepared promptly.
Office: Next door to Dr. King's. |
W. A. Kirkland.
A constant supply, of Good Milk
Cows for private families er for
dairy use on hand, also
30 Head Young Stock.
Undrew Clausen,
Having entered our -new premises
we have opened up a large consignment of NEW GOODS. With at
better opportunity of displaying
our goods we cordially invite our
patrons to call and inspect same.
Carina* Nnme* Botoireil by Apothe.
curie* on Their Shuns.
The Gorman drugstore is always a mystery to tlio American when ho llrst becomes ono of  its customers.    It is not
nearly so comprehensive us the American
Institution of the same kind. The upcthe-
oary's department,, which  is only one feature of the American drug store, is an Independent establishment in Germany and
Is devoted to the filling of prescriptions
and  the duties of the apothecary.    The
��� "droauerio,"  quite 5 separate place, pro*
! vides half the articles customarily found
here in  the unit* store     It is to the dro*
fUerlo that ono must go for soup, toothbrushes, drugs in the pure and all ol* the
���rticles not dealt ln by  the apothecary.
The division may be a convenient one after tho mysteries have buen mastered, but
It is confusing at first.
Another peculiarity of  the apothecaries
ls that most of them have names display*
e"d.    That custom dates from the earliest
days of thoir history.    The old names of
tho shops have survived  to some extent,
allhou!rli tho purely fantastic names have
given place to others better suited  to the
commercial exigencies of modern times.
Tne cily   today   possesses  104   shops of
apothecaries,   and. many   havo  udopted
names taken from the street, square or region in whieh they are situated.    There
are 60 of those, and 10 uro known only by
tbo names of their proprietors.    Nlneteon
aro named aftor birds, the eagle having
ten  named in  its  honor.    There are all
sorts of eagles among  these ten���black,
red und white.   Other names include wild
animals,   mythological   names,  such   us
Minerva and Flora, mid royal titles liko
i'riudrleh   and Augusta Victoria     Most
ourious ure those called utter famous historical personages, such us Armlnius, Bo-
land and Siegfried.���Kxchunge.
A Girl ot Today.
.father���But, my dour, I thought yoo
had promised to marry that young gentleman.
Daughter���Oh. no, papal I only said
he could bo engaged to me lt he wanted ta
���Philadelphia Inquirer.
Jeweller, 6tc., ���tc.
Fine Boots,
Shoes *
I Best Goods, Lowest Prices
;t m   Work   s  Specialty.
I^M���aKEMZI��, S
following are the WINNING NUMBERS:
Lady's Gold Watch,
French Clock, -
Forty Yards Roll Matting,
1 Bolt Flannelette,
1 Pair Lace Cis.rtai.fts,
J^ady's Walking Skirt,
Card Table,
Lady's Dress Length,
1 Pair Portieres,
Rocking Chair,
Muslin Dress Length,
1 Pair Lace Curtains,
Muslin Dress Length,
; - is?!
X     rf&V-V**.) **���%
1 White Spread,
1 Colored Bed Spread,
Lady's Under Skirt,
Lady's White Blouse,
1 Bed Quilt,
1 Pair Pillow Shams,
Crisp salted Sodas���City Bakery.
H. J. Hirkland paid a business
visit to Steveston on Monday.
room for the dining of the harvesters.
Dr. Wilson was
river on Monday.
a passenger up
Fred. Lacey and bride returned
from their honeymoon trip to Victoria.
Mrs. Wm, Arthur paid a short
business; visit to Vancouver, Wednesday.
��� John Richardson, of Mayne Island, has been visiting at Jas. Mc-
Calba's this week.
lit. and Mrs. McGregor and
family returned home, so Tuesday,
from a business visit to Westminster.
Rev- J. A. Seymour, of Columbian College-arrived on- Monday,
to visit at Mrs. Barber's for a few
F. J. Hart, of New Westminster,
came down,. Tuesday, otr business
ib connection with the Kirkland
��� 1, ,a       1      ia    m   ni        aiM^j ���
The Sunday school of All Saints
He to be enriched by the introduction of a good library ef some 90
.     sslaiaii.aiSH---a-��     i iiaiSis.ua
Mrs. S*. 1 F. Woodland, accompanied by her sister, Mrs. Hopps,.
of Vancouver, returned home on
��try W. Walker has moved on to
Abe *pi*t*jwrty at Boundary Bay
���Which he recently purchased from
W. lis- Ladner.
Ef.* SH Savage, of the firm* of F
J. H��mj& Co,, New Westminster
Was in town on businoss in  the
early par* of* the week.
BR. Burr, of- Cuescent Island, has
aad another slice cleared and is
putting it iti to potatoes.   This prop
arty is getting into Ai. condition,
��������..   .
Jus. McCallan left. Saturday, for
Harrison Hot Springs, where be
expecte* to* remain for a couple of
Weeks nursing his- enemy. Old
v W. Jf. Draper and wife- arrived
in town on Monday and put up at
tiie Shirisy House. Mr. Draper
has been, engaged in sub-dividing
the- Arthur Estate.
W.J. Brandrith returned hsme
���n. Tuesday, from- Vancouver,
where- he'had been assisting In-
specior Cunningham inspecting and
fumigating fruit stock.
Mfs*. Edward Fawcett arrived on
Wednesday,  from  Victoria,  for  a
few days' visit renewing old ac
9ji��aintancas,   Mrs- Fawcett is the
guest'of Mrs. (Dr.) Wood-ley.
Mfsv. W. A, Kirkland returned.
Tuesday, from a short business trip
lo th* cities. On the way home
she was- taken ill, but not of a very
serious nature, we understand-.
Perfection sodas, fruit biscuit in
thc market���City Bakery.
T. W. Kerr went to Nanaimo, on
Thursday, on a business trip and
returned Friday.
Mrs, (Canon) Hilton and family
are expected to arrive sometime
during the coming week.
The Perfect Catarrh Cure will
stop that Catarrh from ruining your
system���F. J. MacKenzie.
Dr. F. P. Smith, of New Westminster, spent the weeks end with
his brother W, H, smith and family*     -
"A Great Feast with a Strange
Ending"' will be the subject of Rev.
L. E. Tranter's sermon to-morrow
The friends of Mrs, J. Honey-
man will be pleased to learn that
she is recovering nicely from her
recent illness..
A meetferg of the congregation
was held in the Methodist Church,
,1.1st night, -when a very pleasant
thne was speht. The objects ofthe
meeting were to hear the annual
reports read and to meet together
for a little sociability. The ladies
were the first to read their report,
and it would be a good thing if the
gentlemen would join the Ladies'
Aid and get a few lessoa-s in keeping accounts, and hating them
usady on time. The Aid's report
was first class. During the evening Mrs. W, J. Lanning accompan-
ied.en the organ by Robt. Smith,
rendered several pieces in good
style and to the enjoyment of those
Band excursion Wednesday.
The New Westminster Gun Club
turned out strong to the shoot
which was held on the local club's
grounds last Saturday. The visitors came down on the little steamer
Night Hawk, and returned about
7'3<> P*ms, after spending a very interesting afternoon. The Ladner
club expects to return the visit in
the near future.
' Root. Grows, ��f Nanaiu-cv, has
teen.spending? a few days visiting
a* Mi's. Devereaux's. This young
man Was a bosom, friend of Percy
S)ev*eaux amd riding with him at
tiie time the latter' was wounded.
Uf. Crowe returned to Nanaii_M> on
JT; Mitchell, of Crescent Island,
shipped 40tDsa��ks oats on Monday.
He te buiildiflg a nice new six-
rOomtd house just inside the.dyke
along side the; old one. He has a
V��y pleasant vii W of the river
Item the front. In tha* flan* care
%ae Ueu tak-en- to have  plenty oi
NOTICE is hereby given that, sixty (60) days
after the date of this notice, t intend to
make application to the Honoarabtc the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase all that portion of thc southeast quarter of Section 11, Township 5, New
Westminster District, which forms a lagoon or a
mud flat at Boundary Bay, which baa not already been Crown granted, and which contains
jo acres, more or less.
Ladner, B. C, 30th March, 1904.
' !___"���"
jjfiwivi ���Mm r
 '���    y.i.A.1.
ss Mil
Ocean Dook
ih ~
The Best Liniment.
"I have derived great benefit from
the use of Chamberlain's Pain Balm
for rbematism and lumbago," says
Mrs. Anna Hagelgans, of Tuckahoe,
N. J. "My husband used it for a
sprained back and was also quickly
relieved. In fact it is the best family
liniment I have ever used." I would
not think of being without it-, I
have reebmended; it to many and
they always speak very'highly of it
and declare its merits are wdnder-
ufl."���For sale by F.J. MacKeniie.
A short black Sow, with white
colored j^ws.
Finder please return to        *���
For Sale.
*       *
A good strong 3-inch tire Wagon
-Price $25.   Apply
Ladner, B. C.
On to my premises, ��� ahdvtr- two
weeks ago, a Black Horfse.', Owner
may' obtain same by proving property and paying expenses.
;| ��� j .. ��� j: ellis,
* : - Ladner, B. C.
T&ree-quarter Durham Bifll, 4-
years-old; weight, about 140c*.
Rosedale Farm.
Teas!   Teas!
Mrs. W. S. Livingstone wishes
to inform her customers tbat she
has just received a fre^i supply of
A full line of English and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept in stock.
These are the very latest ideas in Footwear, every pair of which
is guaranteed against cracking.
Tkese Shoes Are Sold Only By
* 1
.   Holmes' Block, New Westminster.
We Leading
Shoe Store
The Ladies' Aid of the Methodist
Church met at the home of Mrs,
Carss, on Thurday afternoon'. The
attendance wa�� good, numbering
eighteen. Among other things it
wss decided' to have a Strawberry
festival i��. the strawberry season,
the date to1 be decided uipon later,
a pleasing feature in connection
with the business ot the Aid was
the presentation to Mrs. Brodie of
an excellent carving set accompanied with the following address;
Dear Mrs. Bk.od.e-���
We, your sister-members of the
Ladies1' Aid of the Methodist Church
Ladner,. desire to take advantage of
this occassion in connection with
your recent marriage to tender you
our heartiest congratulations, and to
express to you our very best wishes
for your united happiness and prosperity,
M_��y yoo the long and happy together and enjoy to the; very end
of life, the truest love, sympathy and
help one of the other.. And while
we sincerely wish you all tbe good
things' of this life, we desire more
especially tbat aU file wishes of
God's grace may be yoars. May
tile blessing of the Lord which
maketkt rich be upon you both.
You have always bee�� held in
high esteem as a faithful and useful
member of the Aid. Will- you please
accept this gift as. a small token
of the love we, your fe'low members, bear to you, and may otir
present happy relations in connection* with our Aid long; contiuue.
Again wishing you every blessing
for tbe future we are,, on behalf of
the Aid, yours very sincerely.
, , Secretary..
fyardman & Bryson,
Granite ware, Tinware, & .Hardware,
Steel Ranges & Stoves.
Tinsrhithing and Plumbing a Specialty.
Columbia Street, 823 Granville Street,
New Westminster. Vancouver.
Have You Seen the
Propless Treeprop
They Are, IT,
W.   J.   Brandrith
This Space
You can not get better bargains than at Port Guichon.
We keep tbe best stock of everything that is needed for the
general public. Call or send in your order and we guarantee satisfaction.
,,       ���, - Telephone 5.
IrV. L. McBRIDE, ^t^JStSS^ke.
Bugglea, Eta.
Our Stock of Buggies, Road-
carts, Wagons, etc., are of
First-Class Quality and we
carry a complete line.
Q. T. BAKER'S Ne*showroom8-
Mowers* Etc.
Frost & Woods and Deer-
ing Mowers; Hay Tedders,
Rakes, Binders, etc.
Full Stock on Hand.
__? tbe People's Grocery
We Want your Business and it will be to Tour
Interest to Give It To Us. WE WILL
TREAT YOU RIGHT, and Our Wees as
well as Quality is Guaranteed.
C. A. Welsh
Call and See
.���* ���*.'*��� ��� -
Our Steel Frame
Yankee Gates
4-tk For 14-ft. Opening, $8.50
4-ft For 18-ft. Opening, $9.50
:. ���'.
LEG, 29 to 34; WAIST, 82 to 42
Price, $1.50.
The Clothier-
New  Wej*t����mitef> 10. ��.


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