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The Delta Times Mar 4, 1905

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Array .4
I 4*
Jpative AiSe
W 7-1805
g'-J��''-��'**-Ji*=-*���'^J-JJtfL-   PtBMB
Vol. ?_ No. 26.
���Black Cat Brand
foilery Company
\\fE have Just placed in
Stock   a   (Complete
Range of the Celebrated
"Black Gat'9
Brand of  Hosiery.
Seed Corn.
The diflictilty of getting reliable I
seed com of desirable types and varieties during the last two years, and
the expensive lessons learned by
many corn growers who used seed of
unknown vitality make  tlie question
$1.00 a yea
At the  opening of the  seventl
of reliable seed for 1905 of more than | to the chair
iannual convention  of the  Central;
Farmers' Institute at thc parliament'
buildings on Wednesday, there was;
a large attendance of delegates.   J.
R.   Anderson,   deputy  minister ol' ,,7 ���__������_��.���,
.    , e   ���      , ,  Chamber,   on .Saturday  last,   Feb-
agriculture, was uuaimously elected
to tlls-�� r-tsiss-
Ik-it.i Council met in the Council
ruary  25th,  with the  Reeve,
Chicago Kenttha Veilin Ca
his Brand is too well known to need further comment.
Triple knees, double heels and toQ3, regular "leather", stockings,
Lighter in weight, but woven to give lasting satistaction.
jm LE NO. 415-
Comes in all sizes from 4 to 91/.*.  light  weight Summer- Hose at
25c a pair. (See Show Window).
Our New 1905 Ready-to-Wear Clothing is now ready tor your
inspection. We have the finest stock of Men's and Boys' Suits
ever shown here,, and we sell them at Eastern prices.
Befoie iroceeding to direct  busi-lH.    I.adner,    in    the   chair    and
ness, .Sir Henri Joly was pleasantly I Conns.   Embree,   Huff,   Paterson,
introduced by Hon R. G.  Tatlow, i Gibbie and Davie present,
and after expressing his pleasure at I    Miuutes of the ynviom mwtiag
such a gathering, Sir Henrv said be1 ,
..       .... .    ._      . 7 c were read and confirmed.
thought the agriculture interests of;
British Columbia were improving ; communications.
and encouraged those present to pa)-      From jt. Bole, re County  Conr
more attention to the fruit-growing j af U( ner     Received,
industry, which he believes has a     From  McBfide &  Kennedy> re
mortgages.    Received and filed.
 '!    From B. C. K. Co., re permission
of Btitish Columbia a prosperous L, do business>    Coun   Huff g4VC
>ear* ; notice tbat he would  introduce a
That the past year had been one i by.kw granting same
of great progress along agricultural    'From p> S*en9orl( et  aI., re ap.
lines throughout British  Columbia ; ^^ tQ government  for m fcrry
was the sentiment of Hon. Mr. Tat- j acros_ Canoe  pasg>     pet*t-on  e{J.
Minister of Agriculture,   whoj Jor��e_|
next addressed the meeting.    The,    F_om c } Faga|) re sanitarium
The   fruit-growing   industry   was (fo_ the treatmeat of tuberci��Josis.
We have I steadily increasing in   importance,J gndj0rsed#
" From  J.   Oliver, M.P.P.,  an'
 <->: nouncing the appointment of Dt,
that period 6,000 acres had ����eu tolmie as inspector of dairy stock
put down in fruit, making a total ��� lu this ^^.^ Reoeived with ap.
area of 13,500 acres  in   fruit  trees ! firovaj
From W. J.  Taylor,   re  Wilson
; appeal case.    Received.
I    P. Swenson here   thanked   the
iaue uur- j C(,uncili on t��ehalt' of the ratepay-
There are fourteen j ... of Westharfl Island for eudors8*
the    province and tion ot petition-,for the fcrrr��
more projected. In twelve months no I    R wa_  dedded  t��)  postBone tbe
f j less than 1.210,000 pounds of butter, matte_ of widening the s,ough road
rown with j had been imported, this fact giving j untU Mn# McNeeJys return.
I    Council adjourned for lunch and
on resuming again at 2 p.m., the
Ordinary interest. A survey rljf the
available supply pf northern growl!
seed uf this important fodder crop
indicates that the difficulties of getting goad seed will be even greater
this year than during the two previous years. Thc best varieties for
fodder or ensilage purposes, along the
northern   limit   of   thc   torn   belt   in
Canada,    arc     undoubtedly   of     the     ^^^^^^^^^^^^.  ,   .��
"Flint" typo.   In the latitude of Ot-1 Sreat future in British Columbia. He
tawa only a few special strains of the i wished the delegates and the farmers
"Dent"   varieties   give   good     results
for ensilage  in  the average year.
Unfortunately for progress In corn
raising in Canada our supplies of seed
have been drawn largely trom the
country to the  south and  have  been
iTgTs^^ Canoe Pass- petition en
forded in sonic of our best dairy districts,  where  the  corn   crop  is  most
needed and most valuable.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_---0   j-^.lame,
a number of very good men who are find had made remarkable progress
���linking a specialty of growing corn during the past three years. During
[or  the  purpose  of seed along T-'--
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ l.ake
1 rle, and who have a limited quantity  i.n" good seed  for  sale  this year.
't'he   Canadian   Seed   Growers'   Asso-i.,   ,     , , :r~
throughout the province.    Regard -
ciatiou   ha*,   taken   up   m   a   business-   . ,  . ����*"
ri ,i ��� : m" the "airv industry, Mr  Tatlow
like way the matter ot creating a sup-   ... J ���'��� "*'���  '���<**"��"
ply  of  reliable seed corn, and  it  ma)
be said that the future promise
had pleasure in reporting that
^_^^^^^^^^^^^ for a { simi'ar progress hed been made dur
permanent basis of supply of a hig
ing the year,
creameries   iu
Lace Curtains. from 35c to $3.50 a pair.
Window Shades, Curtain Poles and Trimmings, and all House-
furnishing needs, strictly up-to-date, and prices right.
Linoleums, Oilcloths and Japanese Mattings.
class article and of varieties that are
exceptionally well suited  for ensilage
and   fodder  purposes   in   all   pans
Canada where corn can Ih
s""'"'ss'  ! an idea of the expansion  passibil-
1 he  severe   irost  during  ine  early  ;.;-_ ���r.v    ,     . ....
,   f1   ,     , ,     , .,    ,   ,f Mries.of the business.    The total ag-
part of last autumn rendered the bulk     '���..-,, ��
r,ii,     rictisUiral products marketed in this     _���_____���__________________________���______
ol the con, crop m Ontario absolute-1 ,._  !.__,._.     ��� lnls* | contract for delivering gravelon the
I province   reached    the   enormous j
iy useless for the purpose of seed.    Al""    --*���*���.     mt    cuui iuiius i   . , -- _-������
belt about a mile in width along the   Val"e   of ^��.0OO,0OO   during    the i ")"   ^   ����  ��W��W  to B.*
,     ... . I war .iier rsw.,1     t>u:.,       i VV oodward at 95c per yard.
ake  Erie was al-
I year just closed.    This gave some,     After some discussion it was, on
I conception of the possibilities ot ex-1 fflotJon of Couns Patersonand E���,
pansion in agricultural industries,    !��,.._  j__;j.. ..      -  -���	
riir New Wall Paper Samples are here ranging in price
from 5c to 60c a Roil.
l road 45 feet wide, as gazetted, and
small quantity of speakers, including iady speakers, | thjU ^ McDonald-McClosky offer
tiired to plant an; be appointed, rather than Eastern of $ fo_ a bridge >t ^ dyke bf
with the cost tor| or Southern, was passed unanimous-1 _ccepted and ^^ dojje in  ^^
5" ance therewith,
Regarding the resolution re adtil-;     The Temporary Loan By.kw wa$
terated foods,  introduced by James final)y ^^ a_ reconsidered and
Evans, of Salmon Arm, asking that!       ��� .
all foodstuffs be branded with name |    R '^ ^^ w faaye ^ R_itt
arshall Smith
The entertainment put up, last
iming, was very amusing, and
tat taste wa.s displayed in, the
/el decorations, sceneryv cos-
nes, etc. lach member of the
'iety filled her part admirably.
e hits were very good and some-
ng out of the ordinary.   The list
1 eligible young men showe**d how
.roughly well posttiid our youag
jes are in the condition of the
���rimonial market.
Is.mong the ladies the disguises
>e so, perfect that it was very
;{icult to peoetiate them.
fl. J. Cresswell and A. DeR.|
,ylor, as Prof. Makeover and his j
iistant, did remarkably' well.
Qm young meu will do well il
they take the hint thrown at ihtm
and "propese*"* quickly.
The hail was crowded to overflowing and the major portion re-
tn lined for the dan., which wound
up at about 1:30 with the singing
of "God Save the King."
Why DON'T they propose, my
dears ?
There was a gathering of Clan
MacKenzie at the drug store on
Saturday evening last.' ou a visit to
Mrs. MacKenzie, sr., who is still
confined to her bed though progressing favotably.
A publ- tntvti.'i. is called or j
Saturday, March nth. to be hel'. in
the Town Hall, Ladiier, at 2 p. m.
for the purpose of discussing the!
School Hill, the Dyking Scheme
and such other matters ofiniportance
as may be brought before it. These
matters are of grave importance and
it is necessary that they be taken
up and fully discussed.
northern shore of  1. 	
feeted  only slightly, and  from some
sections   in   this   district   there   is   _j_-  ~6s.s.u..u.ai uiuusiud,     1, .     . :   -
supply of very Kood seed. A   resolution   asking  for   iocal;bree'dec,dedto ��P��t the McDonald
The cost of the small quantity oi j speakers, including iadv sneatprc I r0ad 4S feet wid*' as Bazetted, and
seed com that is req
acre, in comparison with the cost 101
labor in cultivating and handling and
the ultimate value per acre of a good
crop, would seem to make il clear that
the best available seed of the most
satisfactory type and variety should
be obtained at any reasonable cost.
it would.be much better for Canadian
farmers if they were able to obtain
their supplies of seed corn ill the ear;
they would then have a fair idea of
what they were getting. While 111
the car, the danger of injury In the'
vitality of the seed from damp and its
after effects is reduced to a minimum.
Corn that is shelled by a machine aud
left in sacks for six weeks or more]
will seldom germinate more than 75
per cent., unless the conditions for
storage have been exceptionally good,
1 iie average vitality of seed corn,
tested in the Seed Laboratory last
were,  for corn  received in  the
of producer and nature of contents,
was also unanimously passed.
A resolution was passed asking |
road   surveyed, beginning   at the
Boundary Bay stake.
Coun. Embree having reported
for   the inspection and   licensing favorably QQ  ^ AnMc|-   Mni
of entire horses. wharf- ^   ... ^ ^^  ^  ^
(By Associated Press)
Fighting on a large scale is in
progress between the Russians and
over wharf and extend it, also to
call for tenders for a bridge to connect same to road.
Tenders were authorized for re-
planking half-mile Trunk road east
of Tasker road.
The Clerk was instructed to write
I Japanese in  Manchuria.    General | W. Gowdy asking him to bury th*
Kuropatkin, after meeting the iuitia-j carcase opposite his property.
��� helled corn.
tiveof the Japanese iii  the eastern
part ofthe Shakhe valley, assumed
Dr. Wilson asked the Council to
draw Dr. Pagan's attention to thc
111 r> ^^^^^^^^^^^^
.11, 95 per cent., and for
___________________���___________________���      , , r-,.
It is much to be recommended then  the aggressive ill the western portion ; dumping of refuse into the Slough.
that, wherever possible, farmers 0|,-j on the 28th tilt., and,   under cover; Health Committee to act.
tain their supplies of seed corn in the artillery fire from Putiloff hill andj    Council then adjourned  to meet
ear only.   To meet the demand for, Novgorod hill, succeeded in driving again on  Saturday, the  nth, at 2
seed corn iii this condition growers j the Japanese from a position iii  the'p*m.
would do well to adopt the style of; outskirks of Sandiapu.    Simultane- "
sniping crate that  is used  for  this J ousiythe Russians attacked and cap-      Twenty-one and 3. inches ofor-
purpose iu the States of Iowa and tured a raiiroad bridge on the Jap-  chard  grass on  March 4 is pretty
Illinois,   This crate is two feet nine j anese centre.    Much  more serious I hard to beat.    See our sample.
inches  long,  one  foot wide, and one .,      T  _ .. .    .
,  . ,      , I are the Japanese operations against 1
loot  deep, aud  is made of  liall-uieli |        ���
There are whisperings of wedding bells, coming down the Trunk
road. The more the merrier. Don.t
forget the wedding stationary. You
can get it here as weliijs elsewhere.
The  number of thankful hearts
increaS2 as  the  days roll by.    We!
are  always glad  to receive them, i
Following is the list since last week:!
W.   J.   Hadden,  G.  J-   Dowding
(Kamloops),   F.    Kirkland,    Fred
Parmiter, J.  Guichon and Asabel
I the Russian wing, which threaten,
capacity is one bushel, or between one" UnleSS 1l,ickly checked- t0 obliSe
hundred and one hundred and twenty j General Kuropatkin to abandon the
ears, 11* the corn can he planted in j position on the Hun river which he
hills,  this- crate will hold    sufficient I has occupied  and fortified  during
seed for li.ve acres. While it is true
thai there may be some additional
cost   for   freight,   on   account  of   the
iCoiitiiuied on Third Page.)
There will be a regular meeting
of the Mechanics' Institute and
Reading Room on Monday evening
next at 8 o'clock in the Institute.
Mesdames J. McKee and D. Rob*
inson are in Vancouver, this week,
the winter.   There is uo confima-         , ._._ �����.,
tion of the report that the Com-' attending as delegates t > the Pres-
mander-in-chief has notilied the 1 byterian Foreign Missionary Con*
Emperor that retrgtt northward lias; veiition, ;.sj.;���bl-d In .l.e Terminal
I t/.come imperative. ' City, li-i-Ci
Livi* j, A
MM���I ������
['CBlsISHKn Ry-lvJt.'i Sa,t��i��ua.v.
SoBS��we-SioNK $1^ Kr��5��y��Mtr.
Casual Advertisements, Ift,cents pet, line lo.
Ihe first insertion, mid 5 cents-per line l��t,'eacli
subsequent insertion, The number. OK lines
-��c-oned twy the space occuaied. i%li��es*9 the
Rates, tor Cainmwcial Advertisements can "*
!|ad ou application at this office,
euce 1.0 c; fjiculty ia disposing of
them. Tbft lamps are gopd* and
I the fact, of tjieir net. being installed*,
here si wild iu no way discredit,
A. Qood Spec\
We- aiB.* 5��ing to give a $5,9. sujipl-
arshi*p in the Vancouver Business
CoM*-g*tp the- boy- on gir,t,. in tihe
seajoi divisions, af our- d'istiict
I s��hoelt3v who brings, m the- greatest
! numbft. of now: cash subscribers^
a��id, who, cojiimbujtes the- best and
most  d_-sc#f->ti**e    aifticlfe   om the
Time Table.
���H- f't'*r*H-H'f"<r>l-��'Irt *j'*r*-*I-*t* v-r-S* _���-������ -
��� + ��� '��� t -i* * -"��� ���*��� -5-��� -i*-e-i-����� ���!- * -
Delta Transfer Stable
��� ����� *!- 4-
Sevesal _tc*irs ago a minsis from.
.U WI, ss,pj.iis..,ewss ... sss,-. .......... .   . . - ��� -- -.-^   - - -.-���.���.- - ~-             u,|||        ,j
Rfdin.n���uc��Wceutepcr ** *^ch ,���- British Columbia arrived ..^ ,���   lnt^ ^ ^     'p
rtio��- !|th2 large.cities in the UnibeaDStates ***���       * J; H
W-wt-^e^o-^^^^^rtass^.^. j:and 011 a cold Tjovembts morning
A��iy. sjwiiiJ no'Joe, .tht object, ot which is tc |;
r_wrin��%pectMiSary benefit oiany mdividuii .called thero on a tauor and said;;
3r company, to.!* couriered an, aavsrttfeinen:
v.d charged aojordiHijiy. g      \ou. iee  me snivelling  in  my
*All advertisement.* charged for, until ordered Ijsqjntjjer clffitltCS?     B wai.t   a   Winter
^pt and paid fg&, g     , B   B
Carrespwdema,invito* matters oj,public|!stufcof pants., vest, coat and heavy
interest,   f;oinn\ll|iications tp.oditenmt'itt he. ac- i
eompan'ied *Wr <W��'�� of writer, not.iiecesgwly
l*r piibUcattail.. bat ���� evident*.- of, goo*Mtn
Garrespemko^ wujfcr.nw.li.tltra.office b* r,bur*i-
day evening.
Qso.. 3s, Manss,v.
!��A.TUKJ}4sVi,   J*-Wi*JH  .fc   IfljJS-.
What is the eiftttvia, at present
���escaping from the Oilery to the annoyance of the general public, composed of? Doty it r.ot contain
chenucalfcWshi.*-!*might be reduced
to a marketable and useful article ?
If not, cannQt it be cou-gumed by
smoke consumers ?
Withi Wjjard to tlie road pa-pair-.
ing to be* cattriedl otm thi** season,
we are pleased! to stqts- tjjpfe the
Mitchell road will' receive considerable attention,, it being the intention of Court.. Pat.i-soB, to do
sotue;gravelling .heise this ysaj*.
overcoat,    I have no money at pr.es
eut, but will give* in gay.meat for,
those, clothes five thousand  shares
send in tlstiss- tina-niies, by l^ardi
B90t^ Sqid Qciapetitcfs. to act as
correspondent foe hitssQr her portion
ot the district dtouug the- _��eser..ti
We haye taken thiis, step %)���*&-
courag^.- tt-.e* young people- in ihe
IiN. KP-FEQ.1J DEC"., rj, 1-904-
Traiji leaive** Port Guichon at
7>45 a.m., aariviiig at \"aucouver
at so:45 a.m.
Train leave*, Va-ncottve* a-c y^o
p.m., arrtvuig aft Port Guichon at
1 ^      Tnc*il'.t;v��� Thursday  aud  Sattir-
d;i\ onlv, rcturiM'uir.same-dayv'.
Team Work Don& ai Specialty Low Prions.
McRAE & Co
QftheL?Roi lyJiining Ccuagaiky  atjaflU of connpasiijoijiaaid to. tral_e sui
iBossliind, HsC. These shares are
now seliing lor a mere so��g, but the I
time will come wheu these, fiyet
tihousand shares will mfli!i.e.the. (.war !j
��r rich. I worked in lhat tnin-. i|
aad I know that it is rich **i.th.i
copper, sUves and gold o.-es. I hate-
to part wi'tuthassi shares, but I must
have a winter suit or freeze to I
death. !
i   The. tailor looked ai th* bands.j
qfitbp mi'4er, and seeiiy them, honj,v
from severe toil, whiph,iuspired him |
with confidence ai what the  miner]
said,   he   answered   thoughtfully..
'-'Nothing risked,, ncubjug giiijjed.
{. have a suit ready that will tit you,
and I wtU take your, five thousand
shares .in, payment, ior same."    R.e.-
ceiving the shares,, the tailor tie^l ;i
thread   around   them   and   threw
tjiem in the drawer of bis working
table, where  he kept  his  thread,
silk,, needles.and. wax.   There those
^.ititerest ����their bpme paper.
A.  a U.  W.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Praprietosr,
���f Telephone " Ladner "* Nt\ .o.
A lull line ��f English and Irish ilthing Elae V& This Line.
I Tweeds and  Fancy Tflou-serings al-
Th& Ba.c��a for Tinsmithing-, Bath Tubs, Stova
Pipse, Oonductojr Pipe, Roof Plates, and Every-
IDvlt.t Lodg��,, No. 1$ mce'iis- first j ways kept in stock,
jaafj third Tuesdays of ea��rli mouth (*
j in CiWikll(i*v.s'- Hall*.
\V, C. Pvbvs., M.W.
Geo. R. MANiElf, Recorder^
i> O.O F.
Delta Lodgei No. 2 ii..���-Tbft regular meetings of this Lodge are held
every, Wednesday evening at 8, p.
111.. Visiting Ur^thren cordially invited to attend,.
W. R. KtfcS-.. N.G.
Dr.. A.. As... King, Sec.
0.. F.
-I ni 1 a ns
t J. HENLEY   t
��. c.
lite- above Owlet has removed to
Hve  ihoi^saud shares remained for j the-Oddfellows;- 11 wildw*g��� where i,t
I years covered up with du.st.
will meet in future on  the  .Second
On- the.- Rait^ road the Cpancil [     One Saturday  eyeiiing he  went j au<t l^ Tb^stlaysof each mouth..
intend   to den some- survey wk A to a beer saloon to eat some bread and,
,     . .,        ,    , - I cheese and dunk, b^er, w:ith a few i
in order tp avoil r-oadmak}ii>; on  ..     .       ,       ,     ,   ,       , g
I friends,, \y.ho related that there was i-	
Urivatepropvty as ^���^���^4g*rwtewitenMUlt0J, tht, stQck ex.
A.. YORKE, C. R.
I-.. HUME, R.S..
i��i the-.past.  TJltis wad",. a,s-- also.the
Boundary   Bay   road,   wouU   be
j. change,   that   the   LeRoi,   mining
shaies of liritish Columbia jumped
greatly benefitted bjt a coating of, ;t0 $6.on per shaie.   The tailor re
GraTel.. 10 tshe extent of qiooo.
yards,, ha^ bean contracttaii lof,,
therefore those r����td?. not alrready
Uientioned, such as the- Monkman
and G. Bi Mai* w^dsi. will reeeive
aonsidtenablo ajtentioito  white  tib*%
lated th ail some* years a^o, he. took :
five thousand shares in payment for!
a suit of clpt-hes,, but he foggot the
name ot the mining company, but
he would look it up next Mondays
which he did, and found them tp be
the LeRoi Mining Company Shares..
W. N. Draper,
Room 2���l''lla)*<l Block, New WeatiUHisScr,
H.e took them to, the- broker,  who
TJrunk roads.wilkcon^mfwcrush-if ^ bi,m f-?f'000 sPot, ca^. **! N��W  Ctop  Now lit Stock
1 them,,  whiehi he accepted  saving:.!
"Nothing risked, nothing gained." i    HOME GROWN and imported
Had he waited 6 months be could
have had $15,000 more for. these
shares.    Facts..   What about   the
ed rock,, wbichi h, to, be- purchased
Heady,, fpir itfe., Witbt aJJ this- wo��k
eompleted. oiir ijpads shpttldl peesent
H better ap^earanee th*au. they, do
Qolds. are. Dangerous.,
The question of street lighting is I
a matter of great interest to, all the.
Vsidenteaitd ttusitiesf'.meifcof'this|back wit*   pnenmcmia-..  This    is  of
district.   When we advocated the!:!"1"-'1'1 ���c",lira"�� ncciintcnc* that a cold,
iw oftan yis-it  hear  it  reustrked;
t'5 only  a. cold,!'  aim!   a   few  days
mat*, is   un. his
'later  learn   that   the
u however slight, should not be dtsre
lighting   of   the   streets,  we    had^garded,    Chamberlain's   C.u**  Remedy cotnvteracte, atj-y tei)cLency toward
pneumonia..   K alivMijjs   un-res   and  is
pleasant; to  bake-.    Fix sate  by F. J.
uo ids* that the: &.C. Electric-Co. [
W0uiftb4.ltitj.ty. tp of5s- cuijreut fori
:*��le  at so early a�� date.- as- H905
��ur late Council, iui&rdefijiigr gaso-s
line lamue, did' so ia, gocdl faith, j
thinkin-f, i{t to�� be She n*xS best'
t-liiiig  t�� electricity,   ��w present1
CouncilL with the elfectnic eur,rent
so near; dfcei-  net feel jut-tiffed in
iistalling Irhtv gpseline lamps so re-i
gently purchased.     L�� the mean-;
time we have tp pind alpng^inthe1
Now, as a solution no. the prob-
Ipm, we would suggest tbat the
Council _m��s, a. by-law granting
liermissioh, to. tha R. Ci E. C> to.
come here-and: do. business and, a��|
an inducement to tbe said company
to.do.so.this year i^ would b* well
to offer them til**- street lighting,
tbe system to) be installed uot laiea-
ijhan Octobets iifijkt.
We haxe uot tiba luast douJbt 08
the company's ability to catry out
^uch 3, jroitisu>u. i�� tlwsy. are ap-
iroachedi i.ta a, businesslike manner.,
Fashfon Stables -
'f.-ticking a.*nl' I|)saj-ing.,
Livecy  w,oak of' a-11 kiwis, at-
tendfid. to.psomptly.
Wm. Alexander
]-,;icl��er. It. C.
Wholesale and Retail.
Special Prif.es tQiFarmers.' Instituires.
Thouaads of Fruit* and Ornamental Trees..
now growing in my  Nurseries fox
Spring planting.
Eastern! prices or less. White Labor.
m*. J. HENRY, Vancouver
3010 Westminster Road.
���^s MaiinG'.ctiirers of alt kind!. ofc
���f1 Soda WattsM*, Gtinger
Ale and Summer
a Drinks.
1       Your patronage solicited
J&gent for*
Gurney Foundry Co/s Stoves,
P. D. Dod'a Mixed Painte,
Yoho Bath Heater*.
Just the thing for making w<iter hot for washing dairy
utensils,, scalding hogs, or for wash day. Every
��"armei-''s. Wife Should Have One,
Westham Street.,
Ladner, B. C.
Notary Public,
t ESii $ IIBIHIK Hfl
Ladaer, B. C.
l*usi tliatsint-' A��ent
Br^ickman-Ker Milling Co
Mnmirs Spreaders &
Mollhe Plows
talte the lead everywhere,
also onr   ..   ,   ......
Chatham Incubators ���&
J.T. Stainton
Manufacturers  of all kinds of PirsVClasa
Rough and Dressed Lumber,
We can deliver to any point on the Railroad, in Delta*
Our Price Is Right. We Can Save You Money.
Drop Us a Una, Our Agent WNI GaN on You
GEO* Mm THRIFT, Manager.
Watch for Our
Clothe<t Altered   CUsweJ and Repaired.
PwceMefti nt W. K McBride's store mid A. Walker's aud the Delta Timed office will be called
tor oti Monday aud n-t.iumed an SaVu-rday.
Welfingt��n Coal*
Rosehank Lime,,
Portland Ceotent^
Smithy Coal,
Sewer Pipe,, Drain. TileH
Steam Ttig '"Flyeir" and!
Batges tor Hire.
[ II IK I il
Change ol Ad*
Next Week.
Incorporated 1869...
A G-eneral Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department*
Deposits' of &1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
������50 BRANCHES,���	
East End. Grand Forks, Nanaimo,, Nelson,. Rossland, Victoria,, Chilli-
wact,, Ladner, Curota-Land.
H. J. Hutcherson!
As-to, U��fe disposal cf thegasoline.| *>rtCE? Front St.        Phowk r-6..
IjmjjsO^ tjjft, QowpU. should exged-.     Nftw WestDjinster, B. C.      R. K, WRIGHT,, Manager,
LADNER, B. C, ilii*.
TvlES, SA'ii
.LARCH 4,   i*_n
^i*pp��ci*:a_sw��es3e^ -8KBi��s*c5��g-^s��__E_*^^ * *���*.*
���::_#2ii/^_f    OUt'f-
SIM Itli jttillM..
liliii ''ii_w ; tl\e '1 ).i i-uc-ii  ������.e.-vi tr��:_���.*} ti"
The Richest  Province In the British  Empire.
I-- v,:\, ni\.i-! *! litnlnr; , s . f-sherj ���; ��� 1 fca^V^e ati-1 rlvisr; ita mineral ind ;i";ricuU :r.ti
resourosaj iu cities m l<^ ..-_]���.:- its p.- r, lak'r and m> in tain nceiiery, e-ip;.i i'Iy Ulii-ttrathig
it.** .rcat n;t|iiujj development, v, it... t'ie.vi uf itii the i.r. icipal mines, mill J   iiiiyl. ts, _-t,\
S-jr.t Po>t Frea on Receipt of Pries, $1.00.
Address james Lawler, _!psiIan:!' B:.��_
Tii,- Largest, Advertiser j*._ .ta ., for Britisy Columbia a.id autti'-r of "Millions Made in
Mined."    "Pre-ti Clipphigii ami Valaa.ilc lar^raiatiQii,*'    "A Hift in Coa-rlV   "I:ot Jl, C,"
WC,,   dr.
Discovery  of the
Ags Is in B.C
Holy Communion, ist and 3rd
Sundays, at 11 a.m. OJicr Sun-
slays at _..,v_ a.m.
Morning prayer, 11 a.m.
t$vensonjj, 7 p.m.
Sunday School at 10 a.m., Friday
evening, Litany and choir practice.
Rev. Canon Hilton, vicar.
Reverend Father Edra. Peytavin,
O.M. I. Services first and third
Sundav of each month at 10:30 a m.
(Continued from  First Page.)
U asuy m
15 oents.
Going tor Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea
Don't put yonrself In this man's place,
hut keep a bottle of this remedy in youi
Rome. There is nothing bo good foi
3olio, Cholera Morbus, Dysentery and
Diarrhoea. It is equally valuable foi
-summer Complaint and Cholera Infantum and has saved the lives of more
children than any other medicine in use.
When reduoed with water and sweet-
anefl it ia pleasant to take.
Vou, or some one of your family, are
aura to need this remedy sooner or latei
nnd when that time comes you will need
it badly; yon will need it quickly. Why
n-'t buy it now nnd be prepared for sues
in emergency ?   Price, 33 cents.
Cliolly���1 beg of yott to kindly send
Consolidated Gold Mines, Limited.
Capital $625,000, of which 35 per cent in shares
is  now in our  Treasury.     Sh.ares fully
paid and non-assessable.
Mines directly west of the E,eU.oi aud r,..*
Hoi No. 2�� War Eagle and Centre Star, tour
of the 1 rge.st gold-copper niltiea iu tit..*
world, all of which have paid lar^e dividends.
Same identical oire and veins wow in "sight
on the HIG KOl'U.    I.:.i*ge ore todies.
Assays from $5 to fSo;> in g��"��tci, copper, sil-
vei, etc. Very rich display as uow ou exhibition in tlie ci^y o_fe exhibit, cmurfng Wide
We have nearly t.wo miles ot'nulway ou
Big Vour property witli water and timber l.i
Kossland ore shipments for 1902, 350,0*0
1qu��- Ship.ppi*<li ft>r igpj,. about .-110,000 tons.
19.M, about 40Pr��w tons. Total value of Rossland ores mijued, y_jir,ooj,CKJt>.
Ro- laud's ore bodies nre a fcte.it success
witli the concentration system of ore reduction. $3,od ore now pays to mine us now
proved by the latest reports and dividends.
No less than iou shares sold. Shares eon
be had <vi imt'V'nent plan, payments
monthly Twenty p*rr cent cash, balance
within a year.
Cwupauy has no debts or liabilities, and a
fad iorce af men i o-v working*
References.���The Hon. Mayor, Gold Com-
luis.siouer, postmaster, or nny bank or business man in city.
There is a tide in tbe affairs of men
Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is hound in shallows and iu miseries.
15 Ut* "'Pet* Share
Any amount Ict&s than $100 sand postofflce
or express money order; over this amount,
by bank draft to .Secretary.
(Ltd )   Ros&land* B.C., Canada
Order blanks aud our mast co nprehens.ve uud complete Illiiitrated Prospectus showing
all Rov-iland mine* and giving valuable information, with Map* and Reports from Mining
Engineers, sent only to imes'.ors or tho.se desiring to invest. Sent fVee 011 receipt of 10
cents in stamps for postage,
.Services next Lord's Day at ll
a. ra.aiid 7:30 p.m.
m . 1 s<|me one to the room at once with a
Class meeting, 10.30a.m. every;  .. .       .
_      , o.j j    pitcher .if water.
Sunday" Clerk-Can't.   Too busy.
Sabbath School at a p m every     CliolIy-Bi,t, my dear sir. my room
Sunday.     Prayer   meeting every | ._ (] (.���e
Thursday evening at 8.
Kev. A. N. Miller, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 3 p. m
Sabbath School at 2 p m     Midweek meeting ou Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
Pastor P.H. McEwen will preach
at 7:30 p.m. Subject���"Forward."
weight of the cob ;:ik! of thr cratjsj
and that extra wnrk is required in '
-helling the corn, these become in-1
significant when the difference in
value between an acre of good ma-i
:-.ired corn and an acre of unsatisfactory crop is considered.
To i'md
able of producing plants requires
neither expert knowledge nor special
apparatus. Satisfactory material is
to be found in every farm home, for
making germination tests of practically any kind of seed used on thi
farm. The simplest and most coiy
venieilt way to test seed of corn and
"TOM   THE    DODGER*   T___S
mt whether seeds are cap
������������������holder. Oftea Help the Thieve*
���T Nefleetlag Second Story Wla.
'����� Faatealna-s���A Good Sab.tituto
For Ladder*.
Thomas Simpson, alias "Tom the Dodg-
nr," who is known In police circles all
over the country, was In town the othet
night, but he got away before nny of tbl
"fly coppers" got on to liim. Ho iiiut ser!
���ral persons tn a down town resort, and
after indulging ln a fow drinks he became
confidential in his talk. Tom's hints to
householders   were    quite     interesting.
. j Among those wbo listened to him was ait
i ex-detective, who bad often locked him Up
���' j years ago.
"You see." said Tom, "the public thorn
���elves assist us ��� great deal or mo. In my
, line wouldn't be able to bring off succ***.-
otlier cereal grams and most of the fully one-tenth of tbe jobs thoy uo now.
root crop and larger vegetable seeds: *"or '"Stance, however careful housekeepers nnd their servants may be with regard
is to place a number of them���-say one
hundred���between pieces of moisten
ed blotting paper. Canton flannel or
cloth; set them in au ordinary dinner
plate and invert another plate to cover
them.   The seed should be kept moist
Tram: Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anyone cendliiK anketch nud rtoscrlptlnn mny
isnlcltl*/ iissortain our opinion free whether un
iuvonfinn la probnbly patentable. Conipiunicii-
lionaatrlotlyconlldentlal. HANDBOOK on Patents
sent f roe. Oldest fluency for BeninuK patenta.
I'.-itents taken through, Aloun & Co. receive
sptcittf notice, without charge, in tho
For a Disordered Stomach.
"I have been troubled for sometime
with indigestion and sour stomach,"
says Mrs. Sarah W. Curtis, of Lee,
Mass., "and have been taking Chamberlain's Stomach aud Liver Tablets,
which have helped mc very much, so
that now I can eat many things that
before I could not," If you have any
trouhle- with your stomach why not
take these Tablets and get well? For
sale by 1*'. J. Mackenzie.
V linndsomely Hlnntratfld weekly. T.nrcest clr-
. illation of nny scienutlc journal. Terms, ?:i a
��� "nr 1 four months, fl. Sold by ull newsdealer*.
Uriincb oilics,. ca F 8t_ Washington, D. 0.
__W._t_.__ f__��
B mSafmSmWwk ^
Printing ot ALL hinds
Neatly Executed
Mortgage Saile.
I'ndei- unci by virtue of the Power of Sale contained in a certain
mortgage, bearing date the first day
of March, 1899, and made between
Wilhelm Reinhard formerly of Ladner's Landing in the Province of
British Columbia and now ofthe
city of Vernon in said Province, of
the one part, and Howard B.
Kennard of Kelowna in said province, of the other part, there will
be offered by private saie the following property:
All that certain parcel of land
known and described on the official
plan of the District of New
Westminster as lot number four
hundred and seventy-one C471"),
Group number two (2) and said to
contain one hundred and sixty (160)
acres, situated at Ladner's Landing,
B. C.
Sealed tenders will be received for
the purch.ase of such lands, by the
undersigned, up to and inclusive of
the 10th day of March, 1905.
Terms ��� Cash on acceptance of
For further particulars apply to
Messrs. Major and Pearson, New
Westminster, or the undersigned.
Vernon,   B.  C, Solicitor for   the
Dated February 7th, 1905.
We   Print   Anything   front
Wedding Stationery to
a Target.
Meets in the Public School, Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings at 8 o'clock.
(.Westminster Branch)
Time Tablf
Car* leave Westminster lor Vancouver at 5.50
ami 6.50 a.m. and hourly thereafter until 11 p.
iu.: Saturdays nud Sumfnys ut 11 p.m.
Cars leftvw*Vancouver fo*r Westminster, at 5.so
and 6.50 a. tu. and hourly thereafter until jo p.
m.i Saturdays and Sundays nt 11 p.m.
We run first-class freight cars between Westminster nnd Vancouver and all shipments tire
handled with the utmost eare and delivered to
consignee without deby. Special attention paid
to fruit shipments. Our wagons meet all houts
and trains.   For rates, etc. apply to
to window fastening on tho ground floor,
M n rule tbey pay little attention to thos*
of room* up stairs, for even wben tho fastenings ara In good order they ore often
left undone. Now, a man who knows hie
business nerer trios the ground floor for an
���ntry unless be is perfectly wall acquainted with the run of th�� house and tha
but not wet.    The temperature of the1 habits of the household, and oven then ha
average    farm     house    living    nmni' J"��ri*'��l*����J��e'''��''il)y-)neor tbo doon
, , , , ,    , I tor wh'eh ��� Iwy line been procured or the
would be quite suitable, but some care lock and  bolts of which can easily be
should be taken to guard against ex- toroed.
cessive he-it or rold      Ml ,r,,r>,l ctmnJ      "What  le the best window   fastencrf
ccs>tvt iH.n or cotu.    .\n good strong   i_..sii  *!,....�� >...<. nn... ��� .       .
"l Well, tliere am t none any good, unless
seed   nl*  corn,   cereal   grains,   clovers j it's two wedges forced down between the
or   timothy,   thus   treated    will   have I *?*he8* ouo on euoh 8lde ofthe window.
., ,     '    .        , The screw to fix the sashes, as wall as tbe
germinated   at   thc   end   of  five   <l*>ys. I other'safe'dodges, oan easily be  undone
Very small seeds of the liner grasses,' by cutting out a piece of glass.   Now, the
of some of ihe garden vegetables and
of beets or mangels may be germinated  to  better advantage by  scatter-'
tug them in a saucer (belonging to a
flower pot) that has been  soaked  in
water, and set on a cloth that should j
be kept damp, or in a pan containing'
not more than one-eighth of an inch;
of water, the object being to keep the
saucer moist,  but  not wet.    If such
a saucer be not available, a brick will
answer the purpose as  well.    In  germinating seeds in  an earthern  saucer
they may be exposed to the light, but
not  to  the  direct  rays  of  the   sun.
1 wedgee, If you 'tumbled' at once that they
I were wedges, could only be got at by cut-
I ting two holes in the glusw, nnd then, If
properly fixed, they can't bo shifted without making iroro noise than we careabotit
doing while on business.    More especially
j Is this the case if a boll with a coil spring
' is attached to the window.
"The lust time I was 'copped' was
through one of them coil spring bells���
but not on a window. It was like this:
"The house 'went tor' was occupied by
an eccentrio old man, well to do and owning a tidy lot of plate. Tho -spotter' 1 employed nifinnped to 'get around' und walk
out with one of the servants, nnd from her
he learned that the master was very suspicious of the domestics, laying traps to
catch 'cm giving way dripping or odda
an:! ends' and so on nnd waking ail of 'e��
��r> fn hi>d hoforo he did.
"Well, I rote as 11 tins vr***. racnelr a
ticklish job, but as I'd got a key mado to
tit tbo back door I decided to risk it. .1
did and got into the house as 'uasy as
winking.' Reaching the drawing room,
where I knew tho plate was kept, I huults.
it from tlio cupboard, and, us everything
had gono off so well, sat down to have a
rust before packing it up. Walking on tiptoe Is tiring work, you know. I hadn't
sat thero five minutes whon bang I I felt fl
track on the head, nnd I know nothing
mora until I found myself tied hands and
feet and two policemen standing over ine.
"Whon my trial came on, and not until
then, 1 discovered that my capture woe due
to the fact that tlio master of the house In
ordor to Und out if auy of the servant*
eatue down stairs after he had retired had
placod cotton across the passages and
staircases ubout six inches from the gronnel
and attached it to a coil spring bell fixed
in his bedroom. In my journey up stair!
1 had without knowing It brokon the cotton and souuded the alarm. Yes, It wat a
neat 'cop.'
"Aro there more attemp>�� at burglar?
and housebreaking during the dark daysf
Vos, but why? .lust then tho not overparticular, rough laboring class get hard up,
nud they aro open to tako to anything
iron) purse snatching upward, If there lt
even a remote chance of making money.
Tho conscquonc. is that directly an opportunity offers to carry out a burglary tbuy
go for It'���go for it without taking any
precaution and relying on brute force, tbe
knife or even tlio revolver to effect an
escape if disturbed. That is why there are
so many brutal assaults and murders by
so called burglars just nt that time of th*
"Of course the particulars at to rooms,
valuables, locks, windows nnd habits ot
those living in n likely house, together
sometimes with wax impressions of keys,
etc., nro obtained by 'tho 6po.tor,' a mtiu
who has nothing to do with the actual
burglary, but takes a share in tlin haul
nevertheless. A 'spotter' may bo anything
Cedar Shakes, Fence Posts, Drain ! from a hawker calling at thoservants' on*
I trance, tho gas man come to tako the
motor, a water inspector to seo If thoro ia
: any leakage or simply the (for tho time
1 being) devoted follower of one of tbe servants.
1     "Just a remark about ladders. In larje
1 establishments 1 havo particularly noticed
: the care with which all ladders nro locked
i tip, while Just around tho corner, porhapt
lying iu  the open, are the clothes  posts
used for drying or sun airing tbo clothes
j from the laundry     Now, it's us easy te
swurm up a good square clothes post te
: reach a first floor window, aud when in a
hurry it's a lump quicker to slide down
one than down a ladder.
"I tell you what will shako the nerves
of a burglar at much as anything and
perhaps make him drop his tools���tbat it
kicking against u nheet of crumpled nowspaper carefully laid ln the passage I got
'bad' thnt way myself once and made
such a noise that I immediately bolted.
"But If you yourself nro frightened of
burglars paying your house a visit," ha
j concluded confidentially, "the best tip f
] tan give you lt to lay ln a little yelping,
i mapping dog���one that will route every-
! body directly a door or window Is tried���
: ��nd let him have the run of tlie house In-
I tide every night. That's the best safe-
i iruard there is. "���Cincinnati Enquirer.
'Twould Spoil This Story to Tell It in
the Headlines.
To  use    an     eighteenth    century|
phrase, this  is  an  "o'er    true  tale.'*
1 laving happened in a small  Virginia
town in the winter of 1002. is it a story
very much of the present,    Up  to a
short time ago Mrs. John 17 Harmon,
of Alclfa Station, Va., had no personal
knowledge of the rare curative prop- j
cities of Chamberlain's Cough  Rem-
edy.   "Last January,"  she says, "my ,
baby took a dreadful cold and at  one
time   I   feared  she   would  have  pneu-
rnonia, but  one of my neighbors told 1
me  how  tins  remedy  had  cured   her
little boy and 1 began giving it to my
baby at once  and  it   soon  cured  her. j.
[ heartily thank the manufacturers 01 j
Chamberlain's   Cough     Remedy     for
placing  so  great   a   cure    within   iny
reach,    1   cannot   recommend   it   too
highly or say too much  in  its   favor.,
1 hope all who read this will try it and
be convinced as 1 was."    l-'or sale by
I". J. Mackenzie.
Boards and Barn Posts.
Apply to
Alluvia (Mud Bay)
Our Sheet
Metal Fronts
Offer you uplendid Improvement, at
small cost, for any style of building.
We make them complete, to suit
anj* -tizvd or ftnaped structure���tha
entire metal finish including door awl
window caps, cornices,*etc.���iaa great
variety of styles,
They give a very hnndnome effect,
and enduring, practical satisfaction.
We give cstimntesi if you send
measurements and outline of the build-
Think it over.
Metallic Roofing Co.,
Wholesale Manufacturers,
Toronto. Canada.
I)   A. SHII.HS,
Traffic sMg;r.
P. U.
Westminster, B.C.
Local Mgr.    I
r,ADNER,    ���   *���
���   -    B. C.
Aa a Preoedear.
Tom���Why were you ao determined
to kiss that plain cousin of yours?
Dick���I wanted to establish a precedent Sho baa two Tory pretty aUtcra,
tou know.	
A Crook** Irotk.
The orookedest brook ln America to �����
Nanio pond brook in Maine, beside whlck
an eleotrio road rune for some distance below Crowleys. The Songo river ls no Instance to tliiscrooked little stream. Itiseo
cooked that sucker* caught there have
curvature of the spine, according toal*<f-
[ Utou humorist.
..J**.. ���5
W��H*. lyadn^r w;eiit
on Tuesday..
10, Victoria
jQ.hu iit Work.
F. Kirkland, retuneeV-hom? 9"
Tuesday eyetii ig trom W.-stminster.
MjtS. Jj V^: Smith is fpei.c iqg the
Week iu Vancouver with Mrs.
Woodward at^d tainily..
The directors of the Deffa Agri-
sultural Society ntfet on Wednesday next the i-Hh.ii-tfst., ^ 21�� pstn-
l-he   foll.wii.g   co��j}tnu!)iKationf
v/i}l. m> doubt, be foaad i.-Jf^KstiiH
'tQ.oijr, raiders:
. .  Legislative A^6r_aib}yv
Victoria, F<& *\, *>ic$i
IJaul Swc-'iisc-ji, Esq*-,,
. V/esthftm IslsyicL
IJpar Siri; I. haye.received the re-.
sprl of Mondajf.'s meeting *id the
petition e^fjlosed..    I have  -r,anp,-
tfljfted both  '   report and petition
tp the Hon. Qliifif; Coniinipsioner off
[.Lj|ids.and|\iXor^s with 4 strong re*-
1'comnjpndatic.n for a   grant of at
:least $4,opo, the bajanco-to be tur-.
''nished by tjjp, municipality.   I ha*-e
J.   t.  Utfl?*!*.  of ^H)H>tv.  lsi;str,Q4i^,hppestftat a reasonable am-
visituag his cousiii, W.  A*.   Aber "
all right.
of ftitatiippb?.
u, W.  As,   At
Ml* Wi-Json thinks*-B. C
W.,-\ Kirklcyul ^nd wife returned oh Tuesday evening from Vau-
i-puver,. whei e_ they have been visiting for a,few days.
'ount'vrill  b$_ grafted  lyi'd will do-
what I rjpssibly can in the ni^ter.
I am y;ours yery tr-uly,
Tenders Wanted,
Tenders., will be qecejved fyf th?.
Delta MttfMQipal Qoujicil up trill
Friday,*., JJaijch iQtb^for plftiik foir
J_-mite of road; plftsk to bft 3x1%
8 feet lon^, and stringers tp be 3x12
not l$ss thjan 90 l*jet lopg^ to be delivered 011 Tri��nfc road, cQtnq_en**iiig
at Tasker road goipg tjast. Also
for bridge, ou Annacis Island.
Foflfu^her pa^iqulajrs a^y tQ.
thp undejsigned.
By ordfifi-.
N, A,. W2MMm&.
Ladner, March- m-4, irso-r-
IfsKve. Carves   strayed   <#i1-o
pre-perby *bout ~N<w&ahe*l&it.
Owner may. h#.ve seen.* by prov
ing prop<_rty aHji p3ori*g expense*.
Ladner, P.. C.,,Feb. 15,, ^905..
Comprising 20 Cows with and in
call. *> two-.yeas-oljj Heifers in
calf, 3 two-year-old Steers, aijd 2
Yearlings, wliich
H. N. RlCIt has  received
instructions from G. II. By-
eon*, Esq,, to SELL BY AUCTION.',
,, , SrWe loji his Fattn (3 miles East of L'ul-
Si-pkes returned hsjme ��B !-compla>|Us mt-.de by a large number | ner),   on   Thursday,   9th   March,
Victoria,  Feb., 20\,
Hon. Provincial Secretin >--,
Victoria, B.C.
.. I?ear Sir: There are  very
For S^te.
A 9-Roomed Hptjg* *ud Four
V-"tis. otf, Getjr-gia Street.
This is a very desisable property
fibr anj'one wishing to S.ve in town.
For fttrithiy garHtjulars apply to
F*esh and JSalt Ft* at MeBB!DE*S Daily���
Oolacfeansa,, Salmon,, Ood^ HaJttwttt Mackerel^
H-gfriug and
Feesh Finnan HadKM�� ��M
Smofeod. Salmon
On Yv'ed'neslay, the 25th inst, at
Mud Bay, a small Boom of Logs.
For further particulars apply to
Port Guichon,
Phones t$sm
Order from tha Wagon or Call, Your Orders shall hay** Ow P xw>& Attention.
Phone 5.
Port Guichon*
1.-*!.^  I-       *���
_     .    ..   .    f,    ���������,.i:���,r ���. u-��x>v I of .residents in She \iciti1ty of Lad-
SundaV la;st, after, spending a weex ,     - ���*
���    -.    "t  ." ���      . >.:.,, ;-n r^inm-s! ner,   as   to*, the   intolerable'stensh
in the Icvter^Qr, ta,l^ng n^Kskn^.lpopb-i      '
and Vernon.
B. C...
VV. R. Ellis, rftHjii^d home, on
Wednesdays from Vicjpria,, and reports Mrs*. EHis a^s doing  well  butj
still ccMifcrieCfi to the. Jubijee hospital.
' ���"    ���: 5���=z���r-rrr-
A. D. Patfrspt|, went to (Xi"9tpria
this week as delegate from Delta
Farmers' I,ns*,itute-  to  tlie annual
caustd by the operation of an oilery
situate oii-a*si I stand tn the Fraser
River, westertyjffom Ladiier. This
stench is reported so b<id that it is
causing considerable loss to the
dairyman a,s it affcels Hieir pr��oducts
:90s, at 2130*p.m.
The above. Stock will be found in
igood order arm* ��tje beijig sold in
consequeuee.ot the tarm benig.over-
Terms.���Approved notes at 8
itnonths with Bank interest, orcesh.
tOsSUfhati,extent as in some q.ises
to render-thaatuiimar-kotable. One
[instance was given me- in. thecase
o�� Mr. Hadden or Hadwin, who
had to.throw aw,ay qonsiderable of
mil'.-and  cream  on   acconnt'of it
meeting of Uie, Central .tistit^e in|!b(.-.llg tainted from the cause b.
"Pa," said liltle Totiiniy. getting, a
brijrllt idea,. "1 qatj, do. somethiliy yott
"What.'" demanded pa.
"Gi'ow." . 'replic-d    the    yoiingstjEr-.r-
Catholic   Standard  and   Timet;.
Ht-��-T'>-,-��-^H:*��,^*��-*-^**',;K*,-;tK-��-;K-',-'';:- ���SJr* I
f Horse (Joods! l\
��� Our Har-iicsH and IIor��e Fu.uiisliiiigs ���$
4shave long provt-d relittbte, nud they arc ���
t> built uot ui>ly for fltytc but wear. >���'
m ���
f. LADNEK, B. C .+
;;* ss
For Sale
B@lta Meat Market of Good Xmsia
Boast Beef and a full assortment of Meats
usually found in. a well appointed Butcher
i 1
- MoKL
session thejre.
H. N. Rich has an auction sale
qf chciqj^. dairy sto^k Qi| hand for
Thursday next, the 9th inst., at the
farm of G. H. Byrppi.. Xou w**nti
tp take this in..
W. J. Brandrifh wen|: dow,n to
.yicto'ria on Monday to ^teud the
annual meeting of the Central Farmers'Institute as delegate. frpin,Ccnr
trai Park In?titu{e..
P. sShtriey returned home. oq1
Tuesday last, from Winnipeg where
)yt. had been.oa, a vi*if to a sick
brother. When he left the patiei.t
was., prpgresfjing^ favoiably.
The next meeting of the _?etta,j
farmers' Institute.viyll be held on
Tuesday, March 21st, at 8 p.m. A
��ood Institute programme -v^ill b^
prayidtpd by the committee.
mentioned. I understood from Dr..
Fagan a few days ago that he expected to go to Laduer some time
veiy shortly, and, I wo-nld request
that;he be^iustrsucleu-to inqaiie into
this* 111 a titer-, and I, w��uld suggest
that be visit Mr. Hadden's place,
Mi-, T. Ii. Ladner's, the Delta
Crteimery, Mr. Pateison's and other
places in that neighborhood, with a
view of ascertainifig the correctness
of these reporte, and also with a
View of ascertaining what is the
best remedy to be applied uiider the
circumstances. I, consider that this
is,an urgent rt!*~��**eT a'*d oijp w;hich-
\%ill not brook any delay.
.  I am* yours sincerely,
[Both thpse matters are of very
great import^vnee to this district,
and we sincerely, hope the government wip improve upon, the existing; conditions.���Ei>._
Constitutes a large part of what is earned in this age
of progress. You cau't be too careful of the pennies.
Realizing this and} making a strong b'd" for your trade
We have our goods marked at the lowest possible pree
Cur values can-not be beaten.. We invite yo'.iriuspf c
Betf   Room    FURNITURE���Suites from $15.00 up
Dining Room FURNITURE���
Parlor FURNITURE--^ w
Carpels,  Linoleum,, Oilcloth^ Mattiiigs; Awnings, '."ic"
t'.ue Fraaiing, &c.. &c..
You will be pleased with; anything in our line and
can save time, money and trouble by coming direct here and
making your purchases,
your attention is;
      called to a spe--
cial  sale of Go G&rts at  a induced price.
These are last year's patterns of
the celebrated WHITNEY make
and we have only a lew left.
If interested write for- illustra--
tions aud prices and you will be-
more t' an jpl&i'edv
it&See  VICTOR I A, B. C.
Sir Henry P. P. Crease, retired
Supreme C.our^ Judges died cm
Monday Feb, 27th- aged 82>. The;
deceased caw^,te-3ritishPolupi).ia,in
1858, and was father of the Pravia-
cial Bar. Up, was appointed Judge of |
tjie Supreme Coitft in Colonial days,
and retired in tpo$.
mem iuu-
For Ilent or Sale.
A vtery convenient 10-acre lot on
Slough   road;   containing   a   good
house,,barn,and orchard.    At present all in grass.    Apply to
Ladner, B. C.
Lee's Furniture Emporium,
New Westminster B.C.
For Sale.
Genuine Stilton Cheese,  best in
(Janada���-City Bidcery.
New 1q<5 of IJatps a.nd, Figs^ re?
qui-red to-day a,t,the Cjty Bakery.
Honey.   lff��neyy extra, fine,   qi
Qomb,and tstra,ined���City S^kery.
Mr. T.- Wt Foster and'Mr. Jfiwejt
McCallan have prnrpl^s^d the
bfjitcher btt?ipesg. and; \TvhiirMes, of;
Messrs. McKee Bros*, and'wijl taksj
over the busi_ies�� next Wednesday.
Bothtm<wi are well and favorably
lyioWin.ip the district���Mr. Foster,
Hnttt"fteceatly, vt^aSiin^harge of the
shop and while in McKee Bros.'
.ynpW prpve4. hifo^If a capable.
a,nd practical htjitcher. Mr. James.,;
McCallan, ma^-gsr qf t^e Welling-
tpn Fariq.will be asspqatfd with
Jtjr. Ifoste^as buyty, etc;., Certainly, the].new. fim* *lierit a !**&* sbare
qt ttfe.p^tpna.ge.of the district and
^joia,i^r*^sbiniJ:t**!*f.ffi.s^c^   "
A number of Fine,. Pur-ebred
White Wyajidottes and Buff Or-
pirpgt.m Cockerels for, mating.
Steady work wanted on Farm by
young Englishman (experienced)
with specjal knowledge of poultry.
Reply H, E., care of Columbian,
,New Westminster, B. C.
Pujblic Meeting.
It*being considered necessary that
the voice of the people should be
heard in regard to such, meters of
importance as the School Bill, Dyking Scheme, et... I hereby call you
together to meet at the Town Hall
on Saturday, March i.i, at, a. p. m..
to discuss the^e masters fully.
t, am, yours,
... _ Reete,,
Let Us Talk It Over*
Have you,, yaung man or young womein, ever- given the
! future auy consideration? Are you content to drift along as
you are with a superficial public schoolecluca*ion whi.h does
uot prepare you for earning your living.
There are openings ipr young meu in the business world
as stenographers or clerks. Women are eligible for the same
positions, what Gould yon do in such a position? Are you a good
penman? Are you rapid and accurate at figures. Canyouusc
the typewriter so asto write 40 words per minute? Can you do
well the many things that are required to be done- in the business offices of large cities?
Unless.you have taken a course in tht above you are unprepared for office work except in a small **illage. We can
prepare-you. for a good' position���ra position that will in a few
months pay for your investment.. Some o�� our lady graduates. ai,e earning $40 a? month and. over.
Miss W���, K., Smith receives 49. per month from the
Hastings Shingle Manufacturing Co.,. as- stenographer.. Miss
Menzie starts for the Yorkshire Guarantee and Securities
Corporation at $45. Several are working for the C, V. R.
at $30 per month aud upward.
[we can he,lp; you to a position like this
r" If'you-,CQme-to, us aud work hard.. If you, want further
proof "of the way- we- help to positions write its and we will
send, you more names.
But don't put off: Every month you delay- means one
mouth's, salary lost; Tlie sooner you' graduate the sooner
you are iu a position)..
At ftoavinal cost, private individuals or business,
men can put their in.poitant papers, and valuables iu a
secure and convenient place.
This, is a boon tit**., those w,ho do not possess a safe,
and to families travelling..
These-- boxes are accessible diving, all business hours
to the renter,, who  holds the key*
RATES:  $1.50per yearn
Westminster Trust & Safe. Deposit Co., Limited.���
Authorized Capital, $25,000*
R J. HART & CO.,
Mew Westminster, B.C.
Just Heceived��
A LargQ Stock of Buggies,
Plows,   Root   Cutters,
Hay Cutters, Ensilage
 j. Cutters, Etc., at
G��� T. BAKER'S ** swopm*.
Vancouver  Business  College,
149 Haatings Street,.    >    -    -     Opposite Province Office..
D. H. ELLIOTT, Principal*,
Andrew Clausen,
Ladies* Gliatelaiae "Watches from $5 up*
Ladies' Gold: Watches from $15 up*
Cut Glass, Silverware- and all kinds of Jew*
Jeweller, Etc., Etc.


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