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The Delta Times May 27, 1905

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: KLJNB     S-]
iA   &
LADNER, B. C, SATURDAY. HA     27, 1905.
"Royal Purple" Shoe
for Ladies.
We believe there is a large demand for hig-Si grade
Shoes here and our stock of ROYAL PURPLE ss now
corriplete in the new Spring and Sum=
mer Styles, in Russia Calf, Dongola Kid,
etc., all one Price $3.50 stamped on sole.
$1.00 yea
bbery? \japWct0ry,\���mpire Da?
Shoes I
eajry the largest stock oi shoes in town and can fit
Any Shaped Foot.
See the "Ajrtisan" Working Shoes at $2.25.
Finer Grades in Bos Calf, Dongola, Chrome Tanned, Etc.
Children*s Shoes in all Styles,
Lacrosse Balmorals and Oxfords in Boys' and Men's.
Children's Sand Shoes.
The fi.llouicg report  was taken
I from the Daily Columbian:
flu Saturday night .Mr. J. I!. John-
I son, who lives on the south side of
the river in the municipality of Delia,
I unci near ihe Industrial cannery, had
fi rty-two yo.lng chickens stolen fro.n
his premises.    The birds were Incu-
' bator hatched and were only a mouth
old.    Mr, Johnson   notified   the  provincial   police   of   his   loss,   and   requested that they take acti n in the
case, but Chief Constable Spain, acting under instructions from the office
of   the   attorney-general,   refuse 1   to
move in thc  matter.
The loss of Mr. Johnson's chickens and his application to thc police
for their help, brings to a head the
trouble which has existed between
the local and provincial police office
and the municipality since the latter
refused to pay the former's expenses
in the work done previous to the
arrest of Uownio and Nelson, who
were tried at the recent assizes.
The   section   which   refers   to   the
case  is No. 232, chapter  144, of the
Municipal  Clauses  Act, and reads in
part as follows: "It is hereby declared  to  be  the  duty  of all  municipalities    .     .     .     .to bear the expenses
���of enforcing, not only the municipal
by-laws,   but   also   the   criminal   law
and ihe general laws of the province."I
Presuming that their  expenses  up '
to the arrest of the offenders would
be borne by the municipality of Delta, the loeai provincial police took up
the case 1;. n.e robbery of Mr. G. 17
, Corbould's house  at  Boundary  Bay.
j -They secured the arrest of the two
j men,   Downie and  Nelson, suspected i
I of the crime, and put in their bill of'
: expense   for   $4.?   to   the   provincial
;  government agent  in this city.    The
1 account was paid Iiy Him, and  he ill
I   turn   sou_|ht   payment   from   'Delta.
1 This was refused on the ground that
the provincial police are paid by the
1 local government, and th.ir expenses
' should also conic out of the provincial treasury.    The matter then came
to the notice of the attorney-general,
who   forwarded   to   Chief   Coftstable
The Japanese won a great  naval'    The <ro-l. ���r
battle to-day (Satiiiday) 27th Mav   ��� ^ ^ eSpeda,ljr
y nay; 27111 Maj,  propitious towards the Delta W��
sinking   2  battleships,   3  armored  at Blackie Snlf       v 5
.... l *��-ackle Spit on \ ictoria  Dav.
eiu..-.t-1-i    1   irouciau.  and    _   pro-      p-,1.0��� .���..���-
v Perhaps  the chief event of il.*
tected cruisers ami captured 2 battle- i Aav ���.���c .,   ..
���i ���        j    ���       .  , y was tbe lacrosse match between
ships and 2 ironclads. the lad*,..- , a       u"u^1 ueiweeM
I me ladner and  Cloverdale teams
 ��� (which after a closely contested game
EXPERIMENTS  WITH   QUEEN I ^esulted j" a victory for the local
   EXCLUDERS.      ^^
Eight colonies were taken for this
test���4 in Lartgstroth hives, 4 in
. leddon   hives.
Two colonies in each case had
cpiecn excluders between the broad
chamber and  thc extracting frames
aggregation by a score of four goal*
to three. The game throughout
was comparative)' free from rough
play and the spectators enjoyed at
times a pretty goo 1 scrapie of the
national game: one that wonld do
credit to some ofthe teams of higher
standing in lacrosse circles.
During the early part of the game
the Ladner boys seemed to have it
thus,  every pound of honey secured L"!^ ^V*** t0  haVe   *
pretty much their own way and
was   mire ��.i._   __ ���**   ""u
was  pure   	
The two remaining colonics ill
each set had no queen excluders. The
queen in every instance went up into
the extracting frames where eggs-
were laid and young brood raised.
This latter plan  is  practiced  by  too
the score at the end of the first
quarter stood 2-0 in their favor. In
the second quarter the Cloverdale
put up much better combination and
Bt half time the game stood 3-1.
During the third quarter Clovedale
evened things up and the score ot
many who call themselves bee-keep-!, ��� "���>���.��>   ��...
ers. It is impossible to extract honey    .    tM   WUS  3   ��'���  ��ith   the play
nrort-i* ��,-��..      /-���>... ....    .
Irom  frames where brood is present
without throwing out the young larvae at the same time. There are
also many who do uot use any surplus cases, especially those who use
n.any the old box hive. They take
iluir honey out of the brood chamber
after smoking or killing the bees.
This practice is to be strongly cort-
emned, as the honey taken out of a
brood chamber, or out of extracting
frames where brood .is present is riot
lit for human food:. ���
How to make honey and sugar thick
for fee.'ing.
Take good thick honey and beat
(not boil) it until it becomes very
thin, and then stir pulverized sugar
into it. After stirring in all the sugar
the honey will absorb, take the mixture out of the vessel, and thoroughly
knead it with the hands. The kneading  will   make   it  more   pliable   and
Spam the instructions under wliich ' soft. so that it will absorb or lake up
he acted, or rather refused to act,' '"ore sugar. Tor summer use it
when Johnson's loss was reported I should be worked, while mixing in a
to   him   on   Saturday  night.
Mr. Johnson was naturally wrathy
at thc loss of his valuable birds, and
when the trouble between the police I a day or two; and. if still so soft as
and Delta, was explained to him he | to run, a little more sugar should he
agreed that the stand take,, by Chief | kneaded in.    A good deal will depend
little more  sugar, until the dough is
so stiff as  to  be hard  to work;    it
and i should then be allowed to stand for
Constable Spain was perfectly in Or-1  upon  the  season   of the  year;   there
A\ a committee ace-tin .> held on
1 Hay   evening   last,  in C.  F.
te ii    ....i��� ���.. iiwas   unanimously
! 3,<ree 1  thai   all  horsn  t.ut   were
lig tile .0, tart in a 21:40 or 3 min**
:le tret or ;&ee o,. the 20th of ,>ia<,,.
1905, are eligible* to start in   the
* races to be held het;e on tbe 2.4th
' June-ti-Xt.
This, i& done tp. allow all horses
I entering in these classes either at
Vancouver, Qhilliw.apk or elsewhere,
to start i$ these classes here,, independent of theur i^coidsS. at these
places.   -'
Tjic Band1 Boys, true to their pro>
ijiise*) gfavc a vesy, nice sclectiou of
ifiij^ic on t^,e streets ou Wednesday.
It isn't fair to give a girl away, possibly, but truth will out. Detroit has
one among its countless pretty girls
who. was in the country this fall. One
day she happened out towards the
cow lot, about milking time, and was
asking tlie   man several  questions.
"Why don't you milk that co.vv?"
she asked, pointing to one in an, adjoining lot.
"Because she's dry, miss.*
"Yifs, miss. She's been dry for two
"You cruel wretch." she exclaimed! "wiju* don't you give her ,-iomc
water?" and the man turned his face
to the cowhouse and shook with emotions he could not suppress.
_____|       ^^^^^^^^^
Thc Box Social at the school
house on the Scott road, wliich was
held on Friday evening, iyth, inst.,
was a great success financially and
otherwise. Dialogues, recitations,,
songs and drills hy the children, reflected great credit ou the leader at
Deer Park School. The boxes sold
for very good prices, ranging from
$.2.50 to $4.75.
W. Weaver, left on Monday for
Victoria, whevc he wi'U work in, 'he
interest of the Ti��C Tightening ma-
der.    So   much   does   he   blame   the
municipality for their refusal, to bear 1
the burden  of the  Downie and Nel- j
i  son   investigation,   that   he  .says   he j
j  will not pay taxes to  Delta till such
a state of affairs has been readjusted,
In   working  for  the  municipalities i
the police do not ask for any extra '
,  salary,   but   request   only   their   hare!
j bill of costs, which tney consider
perfectly in line with the reading of
the above quoted section of the Mun. |
I  k-ipal  Clauses   Act. I
Some   time   ago   Chief   Constable
j  Campbell of Vancouver was refused j
expenses by Burti.iby municipality ill
the   Connors   case,   with   the   result |
that  he  has  refused  to work  within
the   borders   of   Burnaby.     As   that |
municipality,   however,   has   so   far; I
dealt   in   a   straightforward   manner 1
v, ith the local pruv.nc.'al police office,
the  latter are still  able  to carry on
business to the north of the city.
should be more sugar in proportion
to thc honey in warm weather than
in cool weather.
J. W. Welsh,
Royal  City.
spent Monday in the
pretty even. One goal during ithe
j list 20 minutes made the final .tally
I 4 goals to 3 in favor of Ladner.
Messrs. Felix Guiebon., .Le*s:Kefc\
foot and J. P. McPherson ,did the
scoring for the local team-
Perhaps tbe playing of the .inem-
bers ol the team for whom this was
the initial gnme of lacrosse is es--
pecially worthy of mention.
Teams���ladnei; J. W. \W00diey,
W, Dixon, T. P, McPhetson, C.
Bugg, F. J. MacKenzie, Felix
Guichon, P. Shirley, F. ;Dixon,
j J. Weaver R. Barber. Cloverdale*-
} Wilton, Boothroyd, Huggard, Henley, Carncross, Lnidsay, Bryant, B.
McElroy, P. McElroy, B, .McEwen
L. Shannon.
Dr. Kendall of Cloverdale acted
as referee in a matter satisfactory to
all concerned.
Iu football the Delta boys were
victorous against a combination
team from Cloverdale and Mud Bay.
The baseball game between the
Delta and the Cloverdale also resulted in a win for the "flats" by a
score oi 6 to 1.
J. Simpson and
in Vancouver.
son, spent the J4th
A. F. Fawcett. wen. down to Vic
toria for the J41I1.
D. J. Kirkland, paid a visit   0 New
Westminster  on  Thursday,
A. S. Whiteside, of Sunbury, was
in town op Thursday on business
Good   Word   for   Chamberlain's'
Cough Kemedy.
Quite a large number of young
people spent Empire Day at Blackie
Spit,  including our aflilctes,
VV*. H. Smith  narrowly escaped
a broken arm Saturday evening, being accidently sttucl; wi,tb  ,1 ball
I from the Pitcher at the plale.
"In December, igoo, I had a severe
chine, the patent rights of which he   cold and was so hoarse that I could
has bought. I not speak above a whisper," says Al-
Thc  device   is  simplicity   in   itself! len   Davis,  of   Freestone,   N.   Y.   "I
I and of the greatest value to the own. j tried several remedies, but got no re-
I ers of vehicle's.    iMr. Weaver should I lief until I used Chamberlain's Cough
do a good  business  in  .his 'line,  he j RemeTd3f>  *�����  b��^  "[  which  cured
;.,,       .  ,       .      ,. .       me.    I will always speak a good word
having the rights for Vancouver Is-   for that n,edicine."    For sale by F, J.
laj-d aud Manitoba. I .Mackenzie,
The many friends of Thos. E.
Ladner will regret to hear of bis
serious illness. He was removed
to the hospital to-day, 29th May.
Frofessor Davidson, of C0I1111 bi.ni
C: llcge, is leaving shortly for '..'-il-
ifornia, where he will take ,i t, ,-:;
graduate course in Berkley
Tuesday May 23rd being Empire
Day, a day set apart for the study
of the Empire and the developmenjt-
of the Imperial idea in the pupils
of the schools of the province the
ordinary school time-table was set
aside. Iu the afternoon the pupils
ot.the sever.'il rooms assembled to
listen to a programme more fitting
of the nature of the day.
Addresses were given by the Rev.
Canon Hilton and Rev. P. H.   McEwen, which were appreciated by
all. They impressed upou the mind*
1 ofthe pupils the fact that upon them'
some dav, would rest 3 part of th*
burden  in   the governing of this
Dominion of ours; the children of
to-day  are   men  and  women   tomorrow.   It is by means of strong
individuals,   mentally,   physically,
and morally, that a mighty nation
is built up.    Every Canadian owes
a duty to hjmself, to hjs fellows to
the Dominion and as we are sometimes to apt to torget, to our mother
country Britain.
After an impromptu programme
of recitations readings etc by the
pupils and the several patriotic
songs, the session closed with the
national anthem.
W. II. Ladner, returned home on
Saturday from New Westminster,
where   he   had   been   on   l-"xliibiti��R
business, ,  ,< ��H_e delt.7 mm* satc^da-
Subscription, $1.00 perycau.
Cliani.lst;ri tin's Cough
Very V,  ���
A.  O. U.   W.
Casual Advertlscintuts, 10 cents par '.'ne foi . ,,
Mi* first insertion, -ttd&ccHtt p<rrriine ior cucii! ever taken,    says Geo
MibMqiieul instrtjoii.     The   number   ol   lines i . . . ���.,,
reckoned by tke iipuce occupied, 12 Huc.sio the; a merchant ol Harlan, Mich. 1 here
i��.no (fitestion about it's being the
best, as it will cure a cough or cold in
less time than any oth*%r- treatment.
It should a)waysbe kept in the house
Any special notice, the object ol vvhk'vjf >�� I ready for instant Use, for a colli call
ciiniary benefit ol any imlirirtual
Delta Lodg*m Np.  1 _ meets. fijst
 1= I and third Tuesdays of eaph month
"I h��ye been using Ch&mberlain's ��������� OddfeUoWs' Hall,
Cough Remedy and want to say  it W. C. Pvhus, M-W-
is the best cough medicine   I   have . Gbq, &. Maxi,KY, Recorder.
L-  Qhubb,!
Rales ior Commercial  .*^lyer*jsei(ievl*s Oil bei
had ou application at this .om.ee.
XeldinS notice! lu centi fKf, Ijne ��pr eagj), in- j
Birth and Daath notices, 50c., Marriagesji.ao.    '
promote the pecuniary benefit ol any
���r CBipany, to be considered au# avjyertiseineiit
aud cknried aCco^UugVx.
All advertiseiueuts charged lor until, ordered
���nt and paid I'or.
Correspondence invited on matters ol public
interests   Communications to editor must be :tc- j
compHuird by name of writer, not necessarily
(���r p^]_<34jo.ii,'ejtt. as evidence of good Faith
be cured in much less time when
promptly treated., 1/or s;Ut. by F. J.
Delta Lodge, No. 21.���The regular meetings of this Lodge; ar;e. bsld
every Wednesday evening at 8. p.
ni.. Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
W. R. EisUS. N.G.
Dr. A. A. Kixr.-, Se:.
tar putijicilioii h��t as evidence of good Inith
��orrc'*'^*l��u��;':,':^'ui*vt*acb'this, office by Thurs-
iay evtmlrit.
Geo. Rs MaNsJhBv,
C. O.  F.
Tlu-re are just three I
people iiv this world;
the   tljiv.il7-i   poor,   and
The poor devils who arc  earning  a
hand   to   mouth   sahry   and  t|o, not
belong to any fratctpal organization,
suffer untold miseries when  sickness 1
confine, them to beef:   Xo money for,]
.1 food or medicine, and none of- the
little-luxuries and attentions that so
often buoy up the strength of downcast nature. .How different tlve Ira
terna'l" man with the visitation
brothers and the many offerings that
fraternal love brings to the sick
room to cheer the patient on the
road to recovery. All men can afford
to belong to at least one fraternal
organization, and the money ihey
pay will surely come back two-fold
at some time when the "bread .that,
is cast upon., the waters" is sorely-
Chief of IfcUce Spain of the Provin-J -j^kd.���Exchange.
SAT0*BAY,   MAY  VJ,   IQO5.
Wc hope our friends, will over
look auy discrepancies tjtjjf week, as
we are unable ta.<4p justice to our
readers this week   through an accident.
As will be seen by reference tp
t}ie First Page, there, seems co ta-
ba great deil of misundertdsaning
as regards Delta's refusal tot foot
the   bill ot   expenses   sent   in by
Court E'saser- No. 39S, meets in
I Oddfellows' Hall, second  and  last
inds of poor j Thursday evenings of each month
i at  8  o'clock.      Visiting  Brethren
I welcome.
&, YORKE, C. R.
God's   poor,
poor    devils'.
Tf>���^r��������.���������^������!!^"������^*3���t������*^���������H:,��������� itt -ft"*-
f Horse Goods! 1
t ��� t
t     Our Harness and Horse l*urnlsliiu_fl
TTbave long proved reliable, and they are
s   \. built uot only for style but wear.
I hugh Mcdowell.
,i LADNER, B. C 5*
* \
% 'g
eif 1 Force. Whei* 6. E. fibrbnoW
received word that his house at
boundary Bay had been broken into, he hjjfosmed the IJi-pvincial
-iJolH*-, instead of notifying tie
tpunicipal authorities here.
T;he I^tJla, Qpuneii has a con-
i^ibi*_..oi their own and anyone in
this district having a complaint to
in,ak.$,sho-fi,jd make it to him or the
Rfeye who will see that the matter
if* t��lfiet!Muj|L,ln dueform..
Why should we pay the provincial police for, work here when they
are sent for by piivate individuals? i
W,ould Westminster nct.kick^under,
siuiiliar. circumstances^
Js       ;,7l'f-l
A tsfifi losas some- efeicKens and
instead of reporting the matter to
the municipal officer, he goes out of
the district limiting for someone
tOjlfjd^np his property.
We do not blame the Provincial
authorities for not taking_,the matter
up,   and* ttisjy  would have aqteiVi
Wciseljfhit*) the first case if they had
referred tha matter to the proper
authorities instead of interfering
with municipal fiutho-jtv**^ This.
municipality wilt pay the PsftyiliciaLi
Poli;** every, time they do anything.
at their Tequest.
It should be home in mind tliat
every cold weakens the hull's, lowers the vitality and prepares the
system for the more serious diseases, among which are the two
greatest destroyers of human life,
' pneumonia aud consumption.,
����ugh Remedy
has won its great popularity hy its ���
prompt cures of this most common
ailment. It aids expectoration, re-
Ue.v*?s the lungs ami opens the
secretions, effecting a speedy, and
permanent, cure. U- counteracts
any tendency toward pneumonia.
Price 25c, Large Size 5��c.
Wellington Coal,
Rosebank Lrme,
Portland Cement,
I Smithy Coal,
! Sewer Pipe, Drain Tile,
MeRAE & Co
A. lujl; line- ol English and Irish
Tweeds and Fa-icy Trouserings always kept in stock-.
�����������*���.#. ^������.^���������.*��**��'��.s>V �����������**.��������.**. f��^*��. %**���������-***�������������
Delta Transfer Stable
Team Work Dono at SpeoiaNy Luna
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor,
���>   NKW W'QS'SMAN.yrgR,.   l&  B,. C.   *%y
**e M ami fact urers of alV kimlsof
���> Soda Water, Ginger
4    Ale and Summer
X Drinks. .:,
,;, ���     Ybur-^otjiionage solicited     j-
Notary Public,
I. ESMt I Ullfli
Ladner, B. C.
��� Telephone " iadner" Nq��. .ev
"T***-***-*.* T"!' T 'I" V 1'T'I' T V T V T *1" T "I" V "r-r VTT V ���*" V 'I" T V T VT1* TVT'rTTr'p
��� 1 ... aac���a
The Place for Tinsmithing^ Batbt Tuk^ Stove
Pipe, Conductor Pipe, Roof Plates, and Every*
thing Else in This Line.
Purchasing Agent
Brackman-Ker Milling Co.
Agent tor-
Guriiey Foundry CoCs Stoves.
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints.
Yoho Bath Heater.
Just the thing for making waiter hM fer washing dairy
ut.nsil*, seatding hogs, or for wasfe day. Every
Farmer's Wife Should Have One,
Westham Street,.
Ladner,. R. C.
Steam Tug "Flyer" and
Barges tor Hire.
Office: Front St-.        Phone 1-6.
New Westminster,,!-. C.
Manure Spreaders &
Mollne Plows
tq*ke the lea-d everywhere,
also, our	
Chatham incubators &
J.T. Stainton
veu WANT
Trao>~ Marks
Copyrights 4.o.
Anyone sending a sketch nnd description mils1
.pilckly ascertain onr opinion freo whether an
.nvetiilnn la probably patentable. Coinmunien*
'innsstrictlycimlldoutlal. HANDBOOK on Patents
.sent freo. OMest apeticy for securing patents.
l*ateut9 taken tlirouKb Munn & Co. receive
jp��(i(j'��otii-fK>l^VjisJ ebnrne, iu, tlve
\ hanrfffjiuely llhmtrntnd weeUy. T.orcest clr-
oultutEfn of, nny BcleitttHo ]our��Al, Tortus; $8 a
yeitcj four mqntbfl, %L Sold by all iifewsdealers.
Branch Olllce. 626 F St.. WnslUnnton, D. C.
A first-clas3 joint put up in first-class style
call ar send your order to the
Ladner, B.C.
Manufacturers of aM kinds of First-Class
Rough and Dressed Lumber..
We can deliver to any point on the B&il-
road in Delta.
Our Price Is Right. Wte Can Save You Manny*
Drop Gs a Line, Our Agent WW Gnll on You
GEO* m. THRIFT, Manager.
ffleai &
Phone 9j.
(Jrescent Island.
J,. Burr has a fihe large bruise
well under way and the iranie of a
large bar��!put R*p.
T    .'.,        i.' i.   .
IJ,, lifjcehas also a iftrge houi-e
under coustrmction.
r ii. J	
J. B. Burr ha&.'frjen dpinsj  some
clearing and fencing.
The brushing along the road isj FaSh'-OH    StaMeS =
beginning to take  off the rongli
appearance,  an��. soot,*, this will be
ready for' tne, grader*
f    ih   T    I- t k '
Two Pigs strayed onto ray p:sp-
erty  some  tinie  ago,   owner  may
hav.e same by provinsr property..
['ats-tc- K. B. LADNER-.
If you want. ��k nice new
Buggy, up-to-date in
every respect, or if the
one you h_a.yes needs
painting,, call at
G. T. BAKER'S New Showrooms-;
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear aud Sailor
Hats, Ladies' Skirts, White wear, Etc>
A Fiw> Li tie of Embroidittg* aud.
Laees* Just Opened.
Incorporated 1869.
li-��ckiiig and: Draying.,
Livery work o�� all kinds at-; CAPITAL^
tended; to promptly/.
Bock UauUnjg on the Tjanlv, i,pa<* j
b^'Ljeguti in earnest and  will be a:
���reat improvement as well as add-!
log anol^i,piece pf.peipajient road
to the Delta*.' '      " i
l.ailner, B. C.
The Inverlholme Stock Farm has NQTlWjE'.
_��en making, grea| ' improvements | _.___.
AuicelMkesharnsMwla.' verV long|
!*  ".   7       j'   'c'    ���     it    - AU.'accounts remaining unsettled,
stretch of^weedKi/enong.has been -   ���         ������. -     '            ,   '
��� '. '. ��_.T ��� c "i ��� i. ' i '��� by note or otherwise, at ths ist of
erected, .tl>e laiterrof wluchvis being ���
A Generai.
Business Tranisacted^
a   very neat, and
There is nothing
like a, -w*}iite fence on  a farm,  it
makes things look so clean.
-whitened eiTin-j
dean ta^pearatife.
like a, white fem
Jjine, will be placed in the hands of
our solicitors fot collection.
Ladner, B. C.,May. 19, '05.
Savings Department*
Deposits Qf $i and upwards* received and Interest; Allow,ed* at Highest Current Rates,.
East End. Grand Iforks, Nanaimo,. Nelson, Rosslaad*., Victoria, Chilliwack,. Ladder, C*umbei*Ja_id'-
R. E. WAJUKI|R, Manager,    -.   tADNER, B. C.
Rib  Rock Hose
Ha*3 basil moved to Beaver  Dam, on  the
Scott road, and ia now prepared to supply
Rough Fir Lumber at _reason-
Time Table.
all kinds or
able prices.
0. 0, Dennis,
East Deit
Train leaves Cloverdale at 1:10
p.m. and arrives at Port Ouichon ai
2:20 p.m.
Train leave-? Port Guichon at
2:40 noon and arrives at Cloverdaic
at 3*55 P* m.
.Yondays and Fridays onlv.
'1 here are two through passenger trains per day each way to and
'roai Seattle and a mixed train U;
and from Bellingham. __
CHURCH  notices.
Holy Communion, ist and 3rd |
Sundays, at 11 a.m. Other Sun-1
days at 8.30 a.m.
Morning prayer, 11 a.m.
Evensong, 7.30 p.m.
Sunday .School at 10 a.m., Friday
evening, Litany and choir practice.
Kev. Canon Hilton, vie.!,-.
Ml ill Sill Ll
(Westminster Branch)
% Time Table
Curs leave Westminster for Vancouver at 5.50
ami 6.50 a.m. and hourly thereafter uutil 11 p.
iu.; Saturdays and Sundays et fl p.m.
Curs leave Vancouver for Westminsters at 5.50
and 6.50 a. in. and hourly thereafter until 10 p.
111.; Saturday.*** and Sundays at u p.m.
a We rim (irst-class freight cars between Westminster and Vancouver and all shipments are
handled with the utmost en re and delivered to
consijjriiee without delay. Special attention paid
to fruit shipments. Our wagons meet all boat;.
and trains.    Kor rates, etc. apply to
Traffic Mgr. Local .Mgr.
Westminster. IJ. C.
Visiting Card
'.m. every
Plain or Printed
Let Us Talk It Over.
Our Sheet
Metal Fronts
Offer you splendid improvement, at
small cost*, for any style of buildimr.
We make them complete, to suit
any sized or shaped structure���tho
entire* metal finish including door nnd
window caps, cornices, etc.���in a great
variety of styles.
They (five a very handsome effect,
and enduring, practical .satisfaction.
We give estimates if Vou send
measurements and outline ot' the build*
Think it over.
Metallic Roofing Co.,
WNolesale Manufacturers,
Toronto. Canada.
Reverend Father Edm. Peytavin,
O.M.I. Services first and third
Sunday of each month at 10:30 a tn
Services next Lord's Day at 11
2. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class  meeting, 10.50
Sabbath School at 2 p ra
Sunday. Prayer m.etinj
Thursday evening at s.
Rev. A. N. Miller, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 311. m
Sabbath School  at 2 p m     Midweek meeting on Thurs lay-evening
at 7:30 o'clock
Service at 7:30 p.m., Pastor P.
H. McEwen will preach. Subject,
"Saved Through Difficulties."
Prayer meeting at 8:00 Thursday
evening. Singing practice at 8:30
All cordially invited to any or ali
Don't worry. In this tangled I
Of lit. a worrying thought
B'Jt oomplioato- tlio kinks of p_Ja
And tightens up eaoh knot.
Mask, will the master of your mood.
Xhrongh unxiou* f��*ar find do.bt
fin Jits*.:., UO plena Hire, untl uo good
lim .v.v brought abont.
Dos't worry.   Co th. beet 70a cm
And let kep�� conquer care.
IT., more is n____ of uny man
Tl'.im he ba* stri'i.'ytb to bear.
The buck is Met fur thu load,
Your burdens all wen.1 planned.
And it ywi ssiujj Blony lis** road
kind HW will lu.u: u haed.
Don't worry. Fortune Is a da*n**
Yon huve to wo** svltk null*..
Whutn'w har nivod, y��. mn.; not bias**
Nor crltloiae s*?ar wiles.
Truif tivd in sbadaw nnd in sma,
And luck *��� ill come j'.ur v.-uy,
But never Bines ol.i Unto tsa^csu
B.':a worrv ���,-���<*_ tlie siwjr.
���Ell�� Wis.Ur Vlkxwt in Yaath'sCoa-psaiaB.
According to The Commercial
of Winnipeg, the visible supply 01
oats in the United States and Canada, east of the Reeky Mountains,
is 10,653,000 1 u-diels, compared
with 11,340,000 bushel*; a year ago.
ROBT. MAY, Agent,
W. N. Draper,
Room 2, Kllunl Block. New Westminster.
Why    Suffer From    Rheumatism?
Why   sufT.-r   from   rheumatism
when one application  of Chamber
Iain's  Pain  Balm  will  relieve the
paii ?    The quick relief which  thi
liniment   afords   makes   rest and
s'eep   possible,   and  that alone  is
worth many times its  cost.    Many
who   have   used   it   hoping   only
or a  short   relief   from   suffering
have   been   happily   surprised   to
find that after awhile the relief be-
cime permanent.    Mrs. V. H. Leg
gett of Yum Yum, Tennessee, U. S.
A., writes.   "I am a gieat sufferer
1 from   rheumatism,   all   over from
head   to  foot,   and  Chamberlain's
PaiiiBalm   is the ouly thing   that
will relieve the pain."   For sale by
F. J. MacKenzie.
Have you, young man or young woman, ever given the
' fut are any consideration?    Are you content to drift along as
[you are with a superfficial public school education which does
^not prepare- you for earning your living. ________
There are openings for young men in the business world
as stenographers or clerks. Women are eligible for the same
.positions, what could you do in such a position? Are you a good
penman? Are you rapid aud accurate at figures. Canyouust
the typewriter .so astso write 40 words per minute? Can you do
���well the many things thnt are required to bedone in the business offices of large cities?
Unless you have taken a course in the above you are unprepared for office work except in a small village.    We  can
prepare you for a good position���*a position that will in a few
'mouths pay for your investment.    Some of our lady graduates are earning #40 a month and over. 	
Miss, W. K.. Smith  receives 40  per^month  from  tiie
Hastings Shingle Manufacturing Co., as stenographer. Miss
Meilzie starts for the Yorkshire Guarantee and  Securities
' Corporation at $45.   Several are working for the  C.  P.  R.
$���0 per inouh and upward.
If you come to us a_rJ work hard. If you   want  further
'proof otf the way we help to positions write us   and  we will
Sjeud you more names.
But don't put ofE    Every month you delay means  one
! month's, salary last.    The sooner you graduate  the  sooner
you are in a position.
New Crop Now In Stock
HOME GROWN and imported
Wholesale and Retail.
Special Prices to Farmers' Institutes.
Thouantls of Fruit and Ornamental Trees.
now growing in my   Nurseries  for
Spring planting.
Eastern prices or less. White Labor.
M. J. HENRY, Vancouver
3010 Westminster Road.
Vancouver  Business  College,
������[49 Hastings Street.,    -    ���*    -     Opposite Province Office.
0, H, 3I,UQTT, Principal,      " MJ
Cedar Shakes, Fence Posts, Drain
Boards and Bam Posts.
Applv to
f. C. CLINE,
Alluvia (Mud Bay).
that  the  Vancouver, Victoria and
Eastern  Railway  and   Navigation
Company will apply to  the Parliament of Canada at the  present session  thereof for an  .A.ct declaring
that the  said  Company is and has
been  since  it  railway  was by  61
Victoria, Chapter 89 declared 'o be
a work for the general advantage of!
Cannda, a company under the legislative  jurisdiction   of the   Parliament  of   Canada and  authorizing
the Company to construct and  operate in extension of the undertaking  already  authorized  a  railway:
from  Oliver's  on  tiie  line of  the
Victoria   Terminal    Railway   and:
Ferry Company to the .South Bank
of the Fraser River near Liverpool!
and to a connection with the bridge !
ovei the  Fraser River near Liver-
pool  with  power  to connect with '���
railways operating in  the State of
Washington and with  the Vancou-!
ver, Westminster and Yukon  Rail-!
way  Company;   the Victoria Ter-,
minal Railway and Ferry Company
and the New Westminster Southern
Railway Company or any of them,
and extending the time  limited by j
the  Acts respecting the Company j
for the commencement and comple-
tion   of  its  undertaking   aud   for
other purposes.
Dated at Otta,\a this 31st day of'
March, 1905.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
How strange tbey er*. tlinffo memories
of thu im*.*), whloh **������-( one's brain* so
porsl.watly that nu* cannot ?rt r'v.l oi
them. This all happened ee i��� >;._ ���.,;., so
for hack iu th* pjj.-t, ts>s��t 1 rMip.'A .��.-. .-,'���
stand how it U 11 ;it it skuiii*! reunite o
clearly fixed In my e.iusi.
1 haras**.n neaiasy torrlbio thing* slime
thwii mill kud i. u in/ Mi >'-|*-rl��nn<.iH
tiint it iruvii t'.tttu��(�� ir.itn4! I'.-at not s
fititfle day ffeoKtd t����s�� wlfkoot r.'j ��*irsf
poor JJttro Clockette'l :*.<'- ji's- _o *���'.* Yin
v. lieu I Wiu> u ��!-.r�� i.uL'4 ��f it nr li yeiwl ,
uiil. J
*^ht was u  niliig v.oiii,' :i vlu   ny,d to
eor����t t�� na e\uvf 'LUetiny. ter thv *l_ul�� 1
iny, to mead tho llw-n   (itw boing was j
one a! thoso old etmxliy p.l?<'��?8 HA.U'k pro- '
pie eull a ahp.t+n.. kut wbich 'f.is In rc__-
ty j list  au  old   (nettle.vi   i.'iu*. wlt& (i
pointed root �������* with tola or iltt  lltt)��
ooitiufi'. ki\jhp��_ n .ic. i>
Tile  Tillage  w** js^ a fow  Stimdied
yards aw��y tmim ear *;*to, -  ii.nber 0. j
iittlo  houwa  tisilt bw��j.*J flu n-d fcrlek ,
thureh, whlck ��.*��*s ju.x'.y I Ir.^k r it. _;.*��.  J
fcvoi>- S'ue����s��jr worr.in#   M.'.:* Glechette
unlived at our hoasa  atiwM..n ��:8fl mid 1
ft\\e ��lw��y�� \v��jJt nt-teUitt  v.v ntahvi li.to !
th* euwlug matu and ewmmiinopd work nt j
ouim.   Kim *�����** n t��ll. nyuro won.tssi; while ,
her eyebrows ware en Ifiupt and hi���--*?��>- lh*t '
thoy lgokud like   MflstAnbna svw Iter tsy-a. j
HUi liiM|jssd  l�� walking, hut  *>����� in tl;-> I
Mii.'e w��y ns ui andirsary uipula  fthewivi
moie Mi<u a l>0��i at eevV.r.r, for wfcutt i.> 1 ;
loi:g. boi-y !��***>��� was r��*.-t!Hf.' oe k.ir Mur.d
leit nh*   Uoli.'.d  (la   thsetk   rim wci*��  ji'.'-t
ftlin.t to ��!��,ko n jil-'.ij^st. I* et-ROf tu n..v!>
t/he top of maio kiis*j�� wr��vi. en. Ikon n:si-
*��nly t*-e *y��uW SaaoeM .-�� tieae'glk s:\ ,
tbrte ti.-si opBjwd erifar kt*.* ^act.    z&�� nil- |
wi... * l.mlndod ��-.o nf a utorst at nm whfin
ah ' Ts.ilii-s'. wi ihe eeu.nA ta  pocc utoi*-*. ;
a:.d Ui�� iltir.w ut feiir W,y ���*���!*�����i'a obji would I
1 Bent filjoiit wivk oXty jsv.o����!tieot she mini0, 1
1 Uu��� ,dy U'Js.riil   Uwe Qkti-.hette, ami as 1
I soou an I \t.��k ijv^ini la  t-hii luoiBiiig I !
1 ijsviijs  wciit ��traiji��t  11a  t*  tlicsewlng
' nntu, wkwe   l  /��l>.-!  K^.r  kOKjr at work,
eo'Mfoitubly iuptail.iH sjrttk a tV,��t waMJior, I
Kli. ttuuld uiak* ice *.it (Icwn ob the t.ot |
r.niB cr. ��o ti\ut I sj|c��ld m*4 tal.i* cold Ln j
tbo  liirje nflui. ea  lt wns im* nndnr Hit 1.
, ri*>f ru��8 very ohllljr to winter.
I      t'-kis   '._ss��l   to   txli   m* BtOClfii v. hlla  fUo !
! domed Ui* lU'.tsa wlUl k��r kiu��, bunt flu-
: gui, ,<kts.k Kicvcd a> ��uu:-lr boflkwnrd
I uiid f��ward,   k w ��yi.>��, wkioi I <��ily ��,w
I Unongri lu'i- trig apw*Ntoloa, nncaiei. tr> ute I
iv bu uiori^waa, isut  t&ojr aiv/nfi looksd ;
; ao dtttji and   fell  nf eKptnwioa.    From
I wbRt  I a_su leiiietn !y<T of tha  things ski |
nsod Ut UU  ki* aad whln>i Int-reetsWl me
uu uiuak at ttue time t>!ie tenet have been a j
: duple miodtsd, WL-i Ikvaiiud woataa. She |
: *ould Wll niexll tke avsr.t* ref the villu_��,
' tte etarjet a eow whioh hnd got out of Mi j
; Kbed, aad wblt-t kud keaa found la t*��
iBoiulaX ����WH<_Uic   *��*4  ���***'���' "*���*   l't'oepst :
Mal����'i wiadailll watoklng tttaBMiltfgotQg
Auud.    Tk*s I renaiabea a utory "*�� b*t
um noout a  non a eytg wuuui  una   uobjj
found  in tliechurch  stcoi^le, nnd no one
had ovor discovored wlmt hen could hnve
Kot np there.    Then there i\ns the hihtory
of the faithful dog owned  by Juan Plliis.
His iimstor'strou.'.ors hnd beon stolon, nnd
tho dog hud  traced tbe thief nnd brought
buck tlio trousers, which the guilty mnn
lmil  bung on to tlie hniullo of his door to
dry during tho-nlght nfter having boon
cuught in u thundei-slorni.
Sho told ine these absurd stories in such
an impressive way thnt they fixed themselves on my memory liko veritable
ilrninnsnnd mysterious:poorafl. Tho clever
stories invented by celebrated nut horn
whieh my mother used to toll me in the
evenings did not seem to mo anything like
so thrilling and wonderful as thoso related by tho poor peasant womnn.
One Tuesday, ufter spending nil ths
morning listening to Mere Cloohotte'i
tales, 1 had been with one of tho servants
to tho woods just near tho Noirpl. liirin
We hnd boon gathering nuts, and I oan re- I
member everything asoli arly us though It!
hml all happened yesterday.
As soon ns I reached home I ran up I
���lairs to the BbWlng room, and, tomy hor- '
.���ir, on opening tlie dour, 1 saw poor old j
More (iloehetto lying full length on the I
Hour, ber face downward, OCTnriUS strotoh* ',
edout ljoldlnghoriiewlloollnqliod butwoen I
the Intel's of ono bnnd and u Iittlo gal' ;
ment ol mino 111 tbo other. 1 can remein- j
ber now noticing her blue stockings and
hor spectacles, whloh bad rolled ugainst j
the wall as she fell.
1 rushed down stairs, shrieking ns I ,
went, nud my mother and tho servants ,
were soon with my poor old friend. 1'rcs- I
ently I heard them saying thnt she was
dead, nnd I shall never forget thc terrible,
heartrending grief 1 felt, child though 1
was. 1 ran nwny quietly iuto the big
drawing room, und, hiding in a dark corner, 1 knelt down by a low armchair nnd,
burying my head In u cushion, cried bitterly until I was tired out with my emotion. I must have beon thero a loug tlma,
for it bogan to get yuite dark,
Presently tho door opened, nnd soma
ono cnnic in with n lump, nnd just nftet j
! iny father nnd mother entered tho room j
1 with tho doctor. They did not sue me and
so continued their conversation. He was
explaining to my parents what he.d caused
the poor old woman's death. 1 did not
understand anything about It, but I listened to his words all tho same. .Some refreshments woro brought in, and the doctor took a glass of wine and a biscuit. B��
wont en talking all tho time, and what
he snid I have never forgotten and never
shall forget to my dying day. I believe I
can reim'mbe�� tho very words he used
"Poor old ��omnn," he 6nid, "slie waa
V..c firsi patio ,'. I hnd here. Ph. broke her
lew the verv dny of mv arrival, aijii  j l,uq
only just nuu tins to wu.*n my nana*
after my journey in the coach whan I wa*
fetched to ber, as It waa a (urlou* eaaa,
most seriouA. ln fact She was just 17
then, aud a very pretty girl, very praMf
Indeed she wis. You would scarcely hav*
thought it possible, would youf   A* la
her story, why, I have never told *ay ana
about lt, and, witb tha exception of ona
other person who Is no longer living hm*.
uo one has ever known lt. Now that slut
Is dead It does not matter If 1 tell you.
Just before my arrival bi<rr a young man
bad come to this parish txf assistant srl.oul-
master. He was very haud--)llle and Innl
quite a military look about him, so lhr.5
all the girls wove noon lu ! v, , itb fclni.
Ho protended to be perfectly iiidifferoi t,
but the fact was ho stood in gisiat ewe "f
bis principal, i'ore (Irabu, who was ri,:fier
given to pelting out of bid thewro-Uj -iuo
and making things uncomfortable foi every one on the slightest pretext. The
young assistant lived nti lie fchoolmsster's
bousa, and it was there that he snw iior-
teuso, the pretty seamstress, whom the
villagers always called PHiel ettu after her
accident. He mnde low: lo her, and tht
poor girl was no der'' *.-���. ted tothink
that she should thus be sought cut. by thi)
handsome yiuim* sohoolinaster who had
turned thc heads of ,"11 lim village girls.
"lu n very short time sho was qui,0 ie-
rot",] k, jjiul| un,| ���s it, was Impossible to
*"i!i(ii!go more ttiiin u lew nasiy words
with her lover on the (toys when she was
working nt Pere Grabu's house, she consented to meet him ono evening In the
loft over the schoolroom. When her day's
work wns over, she watched her opportunity, and instead of leaving the house she
just mounted tho staircase lending to ilia
loft and waited there, hiding behind soma
bundles of hay, for her lover. He soou
joined her, but they bud not been there
many minutes when thu door opened and
Pere himself entered the loft.
" 'Whist are you doing up here. Slgis-
bert?'asked the sehi. ilm.ister.  The young
man felt that there wus uu escape for him.
and he answered in a dazed way:
" 'I jusc came to lie dowu and have a
1 rest, Jl. tirnbu."
'The loft wns a Tery lnrge one, and it
I was absolutely dark, .^igishert pushed the
I youag girl along, wi.isperlng to her:
i 'Hide yourself; don't let hiai see you. Gal
I awny somehow or I shall lose ii.y sltua-
1 tion.'
"Tho schoolmaster thought he heard
somo whispering.
" "Who is up herewith youf Yea ara
not alonel' ho called out
" 'Yes, M  (Irabu, I am quite alone,
answered Sigisbort.
" 'NVi, you are uot. I heard you talking
to somo one.'
" 'I swear I am alone. M. Grabn,' answered tlie young man.
" 'I'll find that out for myself,'said tb*
old man. tt'hdrunnon be went out aualii,
locked thc door from thu outside und de*
scor.i'.'d tho staironse in search nf a candle.
.'The young man, who wns a veritable
oownrd, wns perfectly furionn now and
too excited to know what bo was saying
or doing.
" 'Hideyourself, I toll you,' be said tQ
the poor girl. 'I shall loso iny situation,
and ull through you. My wiiolo life will
bo ruined by you Hide yourself, can't
".Tost at that moment they heard th��
key being put into the lock again,
"Hot-tense run to the liuie windnv
which looked out on the street. Sho open
ed it quickly, und then, in a low. resolute
voice, site suid:
" 'When he goes away, you will eom*
round nnd pick mo up, won't youf
"Without waiting for nny reply she
sprang out of the window. Pere Grnbu
Wus very much surprised t�� find that Sig
isbert was alone, nnd be soon wont down
stairs again. A quarter of an hour lutci*
tlie young man came and told ma the
whole story. The poor girl wns lyinit bj.
the wall and could not stir. .Sho had til!
en from the second story It Was rail
ing in torrents. I went with M. Sigh
bcrt, and we brought Hortenee to n j
house with her log broken in throe places
und the bono had eome through the skin
rshu made no oomplaint, but just mur
mured in a resigned tone, ' It was my own
fault���it is just, my punishment.'
"I sont for a woman to come and nurse
her, and then sent for ber parents, te
whom I inndo up a story about a horse
thut had taken fright and a carriage run
ning over the poor jsirl just near my door
Every ono believed my story, and th* po-
Hoe wore engaged for nbout a month In
trying to find out the owner of the runa
way horse,
"Thut is the story, then," said the old
doctor, "and I maintain that that woman
was a heroine ��ho never had another
luvo affnlr, but died an old miild, I mean
to say that woman was sublime. Phe
was just a martyr, and it is hocauae of aiy
great admiration for her that I have told
you her story now. During her Jlfetipie
I would never bave breathed lt to any
Tho old doctor said no more. My
mother wus crying, and my father said
something which I did uot eateh. Pre*
ently tbey all went out uf tlio room again,
and I staid there kneeling by the low
armchair sobbing bitterly, until at last I
heard a strange sound of heavy footstppp
and of something being curried dowa
They wore taking poor Clochetto away
���Prom the French of Guy de UauuMr
The 'oiing mun with the military anl.
form hud boon telUngof bis hardships in'
jwelt with ).**-*tloular emphasis on tha ra-
tii ins. Ho was ?lr*nuently indignant, when
his mother Interrb ted.
"Itoiinld, people wbo hear ynu might
think you do not ley* your country,"
"Yes, I do love ��y country," ha ee.
���wered,  ' and   I'm  willing  to  overlook
i faults, but I'm blessed if I can go so faa
; >�� to praise (ta oook'ng."���Washing**
Tlirnuak Thlek and Thla.
They are with us again, th* brava |aMlea
In hlue,
dm! we welcome tliem all with a will.
V.v. we'U help them forget al| tha wee*;
ti,., went through
Whore Ihe buttle notes echu aad thrill.
And it's thankful wa ara thera'a no graaU
er dismay
As we guzi on aaeb conquering treop;
They are with ua aarain front the thlek ef
the fray
And the thin of Ike coffee and soap.
-.New Tor* Tm*,
A GihhI .'tan.
"I wonder why artists aro always -W
oareful to sicn liielr pieturos*"
"l'ossiblvso's tbepubllo can tell tbf tjf
���ro::- ''���"">. '1 tt un."���MetmpollteH .^.. Tit* DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY MAY 2?, 190*.
������*-* '
������ r    No, lonp:   waits  at Creech's,  2
��.Woods is puting ;,P. a  large chairs ruu��i��g.
barn. I ��� ���'���    r      aBa
Court. Hufljhas er-acte* a, n^w
Mr. Howard Kins. Photographer,
well km.s.\\n in Vaijpottver, as one of
tlie lead'iiis*. Photo Arlists of that
city, has opened for, a short time
only, in blie. store naxt Mt. R. Nfeiy's
. . __ _._ I tin shop.
j      The  pnbHc   can   test  assured  tha*
Rev, K. H. Sbanksaud wife^ft, * M work wi��� ,,_ ^ dass and priccs
tpday, for Nelson,. B. C. ;: reasonable.
Cabincc. fthotos from $3.00.
W. Holmes is about to. build  a
large new barn,
G. It Cottrell of Vancouver, was]
\p tpwa ti-d^jr ot*t busjjjcs.
Stamp photos 20 for J5.c.
]. Jordan went over to Vancouver
yesterday to take, iifctbe .aces.
W.   H.  Wilson, spent  the  24th, at
' his hiane iji Victoria,
Mrs.. Hutcherson und daughters
went over a^Yanc-oiive* t*?-d^v
Mrs. Davis, oi Kew Westminster,
was a visitor, this week, at. tjic Parsonage.
Very welcome rain has nipijerat-
^d the. temperature considerably.
1     Rev 17 Manuel and wife, of Grand
! "Fork:-.  I'.. C. spent Tuesday visiting
at W. It. Ellis'.
Miy^nd Mrs. Mai^aU Smith aud
Headley wettf oyer, % Vancouver
'  ,,**t3*g**Sa��!��   '	
Mrs. P: Matheson and Misses J.
Taylor and Minerva .Smith, sigent
tiie 24th at Harrison.
Miss Kirkland, and her sister
91ga spent a tf-jw days in New
Westminster thi**. week.
Mrs. Dr. W'oixlky, l.s visiJiflg.
friends at Cloverdale, this week ajfd*
took in the sports at Blackie -Spit,
on Wednesday.
Henry Hurr and wife left Ofl, Moflr.
day for New, Westminister, for a
ctyoggc ot" ,-vir, after his very severe
illness. We are glad to repprt. bj.s.
The, school children, of Gwlfside,
s^etlt.�� very pleasant day at C1^-
wissen an tljg. 24th. ia?tf
Rev. AN Miller and family, leav.**
for Kmlcrby hcxi \u.eek, where they
will enter their new field of labor.
But-h. Mr. and Mrs. Miller will. he��
greatly missed from tliij conilfUstnity.
\^e are pleased to. see our old
friend E. T. Calvert back in charge
of the Station at Guichon.
Our young lacrosse filaxefls are
_pkin_^aifeiV*eresi i^.thej- game and
wte gut at practice with the team.
���JJ'V.LJ. �����
Ttje* prosperity, of the, IJeUa is
���sprey manifested by the fact lhat so
many nice large oarns are being
Ji Jprdw. has got the smile that
won't wear off. Another girl being ^d^jt^hu' qpiver yesterday
t' 1 - ��� ,"�����_��������     1��� -11    ���        11
;-��� ]i Me.fep had tUe mistprtupQ. tp
?piclitJt\f .bone qf on? of bis.legs^on
Sunday lest by being thrown from
his fy-;rse.
Goodby, H<mMr|.
Tbe blinds ar* up, and th* wlndowa rafe-
Tbe cat's come back aad Is duly grubbed;
Piano groans In pain.
The tradesmen call and present, their bills,
Xlia.."taxes" eomss with s#��ae. ether Ills-**.
Because..\\-e'r* hone again.
Sad. ������   *'���-
".I thought you aud Urn Tlri��gaiyn*r*
en Biioh Rood < tcrnm," said the Sptvuls^
ollv. to tbo siloed vucuuibor.
'"We were," sadly replied the. latter,
'{until   ho   soured   oq   iuq."*_-Cl��Tflla/i)4i
P,Uiu t>eaXeirf    _____'.:
When Other Hearts.
The cat and bootjack almost aift,,
ghe dodged und veiled with glee,'
"Voung mnn. I bet
You'll iiM.-d thai yet,
Then, you'll remembur me."
���Ueirqlt i;raa< If*s%..
Vttvy Westminster, B^ C..,
Can Supply Your Many
Wants at the Lowest Possible Price, For Example
we are Selling:
������English pnutSv, 36-in,,,
Imported ginghams,.
Standard shirtings,
Oxford vheavy) do,
Apron gingha^. ^o-'it^
56-tn table Dani.tsk
70 in        do, very fine
Special line napkius, per dozen
.   jfi.25to $2,75
,500 yds dress muslins,, yd 16c
1500 yds       dp yd 1,5c
Fine smponteJ qualities.
2.000 yds,. imB-rnse tariety,        2 5c
;S-4 b'iached sheeting, 22c
Compare this with any 30c line.
40-iu pillow cotton i/'jc
iTf-s^orted direct, best ni.yte.
'Victoria Trnmm Vac-Sue* for ioc
(write for sample)
Other lines at 15c, 20c ami 25c yd
Bath towels, 21x42, sell at 35c pr
Bath towels,.22x45, heavy, 50c pr
Special values in white. Tnskislj,.
���   br,Q��-us Hnnny Ujnea hoe% towels*
bath mats*, kitchen rinens, apron
linens, etc., etc
15c 400 Dress, Shirts in stock, special
.}5c     size�� made for veijy stout ladies.
��2>.c Black Cheviot skirts, $2.95
���**2_,*>ic Man Tweed skirts, ^2.95
The above are first class, weM made
garments,, asul sold with our
Other lines of spring styles in Mohair, black or blue litres canvas weaves, Venet&ti, l^soadcloth,
pwtf}*;Twej-dsS. etc..    Prices range
$5, $6.50, $7.50, JP8.5O, $!&, $12,
$15; we sell a few at $25 each.
150 shirtwaist suits, all i>ew from
the maker, in black, brawn and
navy and shot, siji-s. plain and
shot lii6fci!e.sy fancy Tweeds; colored v<jjies, fancy linens. Pongee
silk and everything that's new.
We fit you here.
N.B.-'-All ready-to-wear hats now
at half.
500 pairs cujitains to select from at
our low cost prices.
$i.5o,Shir* w��Sfei3.t . 75c
Now is the Time^
To attest your Paints,
Made in all colors.
Qae Imperial Gallon wili cover 300 square
feet of wood surface, two coata, giving a>
fine glossy appearance.
For walls and ceilings.
Prepared by simply mixing with water.
A five-pound package will cover 350
square feet, one coajL
Wm L. MoBRlOE,
-   !>.& A. CORSETS   -
We carry the Largest and Best Stock
of Staple Dry Goods In B. CM
that's why our Trade- Keeps
J ;
on Growing.
���11 "��n��>
Doomed to Foliar*.
Toobee���So Sluggor hns turned detect-
Wo, has lie?   Well, he will not .iicercd,
Arnott���Why notr-
foobee���-He won't be able ��o lt,ocp _!���
ipouth ilint.    He used to be %,DUglj^->s-.
i Uo to "Q^te.
pesterj,,T^ill be,outii^, a fet* days
��pr���a�� excursion frpra hereto Van-
qpuver, Ju]y 12th, to the Orange
F. }. MacKenzie h^s a nke- ds-
^ratjs^p, the result of the.match at
__lac_nie Spit. He received a cut on
tjie t{^ of his nose.
UUil.Ui__ ptpminqit yotyig man
*s^[}io confiscated nine t^\;skrat tails
kindly leave returns where, at got
tj^e tail,*-, ?^te.r 4e<lu9.tin.g his com-
 �� ._
Something ought tp be done for'
the Band Boys. in. the. shape of a j
bptiu-i.-vtaiitd* wheie -.riusic would be
epjoyed    b^. aft   these,    summer
lingh McDowell retprped. home,
yesterday after spending a few days
ill Victoria *Hsiting relatives and
irieissio, andj inckleatly, takiag in
t^e Jtrnpites-Da-y, ce^bfiatiou.
O/i Rj M_pd5y met with a, very
ppinft.1 acud��atiOti. Monday evening, he hay+ngsCtttihe back; of his
left _w��d withsui axe, and,in, consequence toe has-been incapacitated
fsjomwprk.   The wound is doing
a EALED TENDERS addressed
to the undersigned,, and endorsed "Teirder. top Post Oflice :it
Vancouver, B. C," will be reccivA'tfe
at tnis office mrtil Eri'dty, Jvific .23*
1905, inclusively, for th* erection, of
a Post Oflice building at Vancouver,
H C., as:cording to. plans and specili*
cations to be seen at tlte Dey^rUneutt
of Public Dor;ks. Ottawa, Out., aut^*
at the V.incotiyscr Armoury, Vancouver,  B. C.
Tcuddrri wall- runt; be considered
unless made on thc printed form
supplied, and signed with, theantual
signatures of tenderers.
An itecepttedjifheque on a chartered
bank, payable, t%s thc order of t'he
Honourable the Minister of Public
Works, equal to tere per cent (to p.c.)
of tlve amount of Uie tender, must
acopmpwy each tender. This chetiuc
will'; bej. forfeited, if the'party tend-
eriajj decline the, contract or fail
to compete th^ work contracted for,
anil will be returned m case of non-
acceptance of tender.
The Di^irtinent does Hot bind
itself to accept the;. lowest on any
teaduy. .
P.y,, order,
Secretary.       \
' Dt,p.>rtnH-nt of Pv*Ulic. Works,.
OttS*\va, May in, 1905.-
Newspapers   inserting- this   advertisement without authority from the
, Oenarfmrnt, will not be paid for it.
We are this week going to cut prices nearly ih-two.     Come
is*.. ;jud see if we don't do it.,
We waat' fep g^V*W^uaint^d'wi% ycftir* we w.ajifc to, stay right
heaei"**we see- good pivsepects-fihestfl..
In Order to Do That
We niMfiti have your trade and co-operation. \15ie will do our
gai-sU ,\V��. wi'P gtye y,ons * Fiipt-class Suit at a Second-class
Pritt*; we* ilttflnd Un tfeat you eight; t*y,e hope to -grow with
* yofii jve furnish the ro&t, you fiirnisi. the tertdiaei* and watch
the plant grow.
J. P. McPherson
Ladaer,. Bj. C.
Alhaccountfv.rem_riiiing unsettled;
by notp or otherwise, at the ist of
June, will'be {[tyced in the hiiPds of
our solicitors fot collection.
"'    McKEB-BROS.
Ladner, B. C.May 19, '05.
Labor Bureau.
Boon  to  Babies
The famous firm of
has done more* to pjemote the
comfort of babydom and relieve
tired mothers than any other on
the American continent. They
have been leaders for h.lf a century in
508 CiKKIauc,  VAKNI.tHEU
Reed Body, Upholstered la  kep.
Lace i'aratnl, and oil the i-ateM. lv
PRICE, $15.00.
Send Tor new illuatrated sheet ihowinr
IS new druigns of thrsc r^niom C��rls,
it alto contain, inforniittion about
Tyret. Piiraaoli, etc.
Weikt Bros., victoria, B.c.
Ail Mominal cost, private individuals or business;
mem can put ftl^r** -important papers aad valuables in. %
secure and eoux-eifcUwt pla****..
This'fe ai -booh to those who d�� ��o. jnossess a safe>
and to families travelling.
These boxes are accessifeik dtiraxg; all business liours
;to tjte -ttettter^ w;ho Iw^Jd-s. 1.^-ft- Itey**.'
RATESs  $1.50 per year.
West��_Jt��sW Trust fit Safe Deposit Co,�� Limited. ���
AT*stfe<sri����dit Capital, ^^s^k.
F. J. HART & CO.,
New Westminster, B. C>
Comprising-*��*Bedroom   Set,   Brass
Bedstead,Mattresses and Springs,.
* Bedding, Carpet Square,  Tapes.-'
try aiid'Ghenile Portiers, Curtains
' aiid  Poles;   Rockijig  and other
'  Chairs_ "Oak   Sidohoard,  Earlor
Table,, Ejttp.ysion 'Dining Table
���with  three' leaves, ^vjardinjiftre.
Stands, No. 9 Cook Stove aiid aS
miscellaneous assortment** of useful articles which
���Hi- -N: RICH ha* received
instructions from. Mrs. QUrk,
to Sell by Auction, at her.residence,'
in the "V.fiiafee of"' tadner,. at 2
o'cloc-ki on-: Tuesday^ May 3qtb.
Terms Cash,
Voung man, young woman, do
youi need employment?, tf so,
register with us and if we do-, not
procure you employment no fee will
be charged.
For Sa.Ie.
I   A No. ii Melptte Separator,  in.
first class condition (owner is installing larger one, same majce).
Ifor further particulars apply to
1 Crescent Island.
It Your Eyes
Bother You
Thsy* require attention. Do not
trifle with sp serjLou^a matte?;. We
will fit them to your eniite Satisfaction by the latest method^ known, to
the optical: trade.
Qra.duiate, Optician,,
Consultation & Examination Free
:*.".-     -*.".. Pa] 1,0*RS:    ::/-        ���
' - T-  Gifford'S JeWeiry.' Ste^Br,
Andrew Clausen,
___a*d_fcaT 0b5i)fetiaaiia.Q Watches from $5 up^
I&dam? Gold Watches fsom $15 up.
Cut CHass, Silverware and all kiada of Jew*,
Jewtfter, Etc., Etc,
What's Saved
Constitutes q, lajtge part o{ \j*liat i$ earned in this age
ql process. You cattl be tot> cajqiEiiii of the pennies^
Realizing this and making a strong bid for your trade*
; We haye our-goeiis mpfiksd afe lihe- lowest pesjiible price.
Oti-r iralues *ann,ot be beaten. We incite youriusspee-.
Bed   Roon*    FURKr^URE^SurtesfirOialis.ooup
Dining Keom B*��URNITURE��� "
Parl^ FURNITURE*^- v.
Halt' FURNITURE- ��^i-
Car^jits,. Linoleum,  OilclotU,, Mattjings^ .Jwaiijigs, Pic-,
tture Frat-tijng, Sic.., &c.,
You; ^ill" be pleased with- anything, i_t o��r ljne andl
can save time,, monej and, trqnble.. b^ c*WPng. diTeQt hffii^ ��m.<^
making- youf purchase^.
Lee's Furniture Emporium,
���..".���  . '-        .     ..-. -. ' *^-L    . |**'T*
Npw, W^sii^iij^tfx .B*.,Q..',   "


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