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The Delta Times Jul 30, 1904

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��� *��� *
Vol. I. No. 47.
$1.00 a year
For Preserving.
Binder Twine,
rain Saci
- i,
Rope, Hay Carriers and rorks,.
Blocks and All Haying Tools.
WE are after Your Business.   Patronize your Home Store.
Your Business Appreciated.
Approved by Order of Hi:.
Honor the Lieut.-Gov.
ii; Council, July 21, '04.
The following regulations have
beep taken from the B. C. Gazette
and iire published ior the benefit of
our patrons, who, otherwise, would
not have an opportunity of seeing
them:   .
V Throughout these regulations
llic expression   "Milk-shop"   shall! people on the scene
mean any place from iwhi<3h milk is j    The bridge was
the Bridge.
The twenty-third day of July,
nineteen hundred and four, is one
long to be remembered by residents
of the Royal City. Early in the
morning people from the surrounding district began to arrive in tbe
city and not the least gratifying
sight was that of so many farmers
who were present, all interested in
ibe opening ot the structure, upon
the usefulness of which such great
hopes have been built.
About half-past twelve the guard
of honor from A and 15 Companies
of the nth 1). C. O. R. came down
.Sixth street to tiie music of their
bugle band, and they started the
tide flowing in the direction of the
Westminster approach. It was-estimated there were twelve thousand
King's Prize.
Ottawa, July 25.���Sir Frederick
Borden, Minister of Militia, took
occasion when the House met to-day
to call attention to the honors woo
by Private Perrv of the Sixth Dufce
of Connaught's Own Rifles Of Vancouver, in gaining the King's'Prize
at Bisley. He said that this was a
matter of congratulation for .parliament and for all the people of Canada. The prize had been /won
once before by a Canadian, but this
is the first time that ft had been
captured by a native-born Canadian.
Col. Sam Hughes endorsed what
the Minister of Militia said, but he
believed it did not matter where
Perry was born so long as he was.a
good citizen of Canada. He was
not a stranger or a foreigner,
whether born in Canada or not.
Hon. W. S. Fieldfqg Ssaid that
Canada   bad   won  even .a   larger
sold   or in   which   milk   is  kept [spectators and none save- the guard I sbaJ"of ^ ^onm" -at BiUley be-
1. Ion bei     .entoutforsale-theex; of "honor ill charge of Capt John-|_a,^ M_w  w���,���a^   *.��-..#.
p!vssio;i "Cow-keeper" shjpl mean stop  and Lieut. Corbould, with
any person keeping cows  with  tlie
object of selling mill:;   tiie expression  "Dairy" shall   include    any
farm,  farm-house,   cow-shed, milk-
house, milk-store, milk-shop, or
other place from whieh milk is supplied, or in which milk is kept for
purpose of sale; the expression
"Board" shall mean tbe Provincial
Board of Health.
?.. Every occupier of a dairy
which a Medical Health Officer or
Inspector of Dairies, or any other
officer of the Board ��pec.uily authorized by them in that behalf.
may visit for the purpose
of inspection, and every person for the time having the. care
few officials, were allowed on the
traffic way. At seven minutes past,
one the train with thc excursion
from Victoria aboard, and the j
special car for His Honor the Lieut.-
Governor, his suite, the Premier
and member*; attached, moved on. to
the souther.1 approach to the tune
oi "Cod .Save tlie King."
The pafty then Ascended to ihe
traffic way and with very little delay the official opening was commenced. His Worship Mayor j
Toary firsl spoke, dwelling briefly:
on thc many advantages to the \
province which thc erection of the
bridge presented. His Honor, the 1
Lieut.-Governor, Sir Henri Joly dei
cause Major Howard, Agent-General of Nova Scotia, another native-
born Canadian, had also won a
great prize.
Lou   Scholes,   of Toronto,  has
I proven himself the best oarsman of
! the world, which is another honor
for Canada.
The total individual winnings ��f
the Canadians at Bislev are ^472 5s.
Of this ,��250 was won by Private
Perry of Vancouver. The team
winnings reached ,��185 9s.
or   control
my sueb   dairy, o; < Lotbiniere,   then     followed.      His
down to the officu-,1 luncheon.
On'the river Indian canoe races
were the attraction for the remainder ol the afternoon, while a baseball match at Queen's Park drew
crowds to that ovaL
Although tbe bridge has been ef-
The Hon. Richard McBride, Premier of British Columbia, spoke,
reiterating the remarks of the two
previous speakers and briefly reviewing the history ofthe structure
from the agitation started in its behalf to its completion. Miss Bos-
well, niece of the Lieut.-Governor,
i for traffic until completed and taken
j over   by   the   government,  which
will be some little time yet.
Hire's Root Beer Extract, make
your own at home���City Bakery.
C. Stewart aud daughter left, on,
Saturday last, for Victoria.
of any cattle therein,  shall afford I Honor considered that Mayor Keary  ,. . ,, , .      .,, ,
."���,,.,,,    ... ,    !,   .   ��� .  , _���     ficially opened it will not be open
such  Medical  Health   Dmcer,   In-   had   111   no  manner  over-rated tne
spector of Dairies or Officer, all possibilities of the usefulness of the
reasonable assistance that may, for I structure, and he highly commend-
the purpose of inspection, be requir- \ ed the perseverence ofthe governed by him, 1 ment in constructing  the Westmiu-
3. Every cow-kesper  shall  pro-1 ster   bridge.     In   conclusion,   Sir
vide \hat   every  cow-shed  in his I Henri  declared  the  bridge   open
occupation    shall     be   sufficiently
lighted with windows cither in the
sides or roof thereof.
4. Every cow-keeper shall cause
every cow-shed  in  his  occupation
to be sufficiently ventilated, and for
this purpose  to be  provided with
a   sufficient   number   of openings
into the external air to keep the
air in the cow-shed in a  wholesome
condition, and i'cow-shed shall not
be occupied by a larger number  ol
cows than will leave not   less than
eight     hundred  cubic  feet  of air; cheer ran
space for each cow. Viter three cheers  for His Honor,   .
,., . .   ���l ,     _,    .  ��� ., ,,    , is reported on the  market  as over-
Every   cow-keeper shall   the   Lieut.-Governor, Premier  M'*-
Jno.  MacKenzie received   word
that Mrs. MacKenzie and children
had arrived safely in Montreal, and
cut the cord which  suspended  the'left again on the 20th for Liverpool
bottle of champagne over oue of the per s.s. Corinthian.    Montreal wap
I ru i ts, and as the  glass was shat- very hot at that date.
lered into a hundred pieces, spilling	
the wine on the steel   work, a loud j ,    _ .,
The ship Lajgo Law, from Phil**
out from the Onlookers.
adelphia, April 24, for Fremantle,
5.  (1.)
London July 27.���It is reported
that all orders for the British naval
manoeuvres have been countermanded, that the various squadrons
have been ordered not to move, that
all leaves of absence have been cancelled and that officers and men on
furlough have been recalled.
St. Petersburg, July 27.���The
Minister of the Interior, M. Von
Plehwe, was assassinated this
morning while driving to the Baltic
station to visit the Emperor at the
Peterhof, Palace.
As Minister of Justice MuravietT
was driving to the Peterhoff Palace
cause every part of the  interior oil Bride and Mayor Keary
every cowshed in his occupation to  pulled the cord which hel
b<j thoroughly cleansed  from time ed ensign
to    time   as    often    as    may    be
necessary to secure that such cow-
Chamberlain's Colic,   Cholera
Diarrhoea Remedy.
The uniform success of this rein-
shed   7 al   b   at all times reasonably clean .i'i 1 sweet.
7 Such person shall cause the
���  due.    The Largo Law loaded sa,l-
111011 al Currie &   McWilliams Canr
,     nerv three  years  ago  when many
rom   tne   peak   of   the;       ��� .  �� , *
war-; the entertainments given on
board.   The  many  friends of the
prea 1 span and th >. old flag floated
the   ic. nth  oi
;.   . 1     .... 1  0
The  Home   and  Channel fleets j this afternoon to report to the Em-
have already moved into a position j peror Nicholas the assassination of
to undertake important manoeuvres.
According to The Commercial,
of Winnipeg, the visible supply of
oats in the United States and Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains,
is 4,437,000 bushels, comparer!
ft/jth 4,282,000 bushels a year ago.
.Minister of Interior Von Plehwe,
stones were thrown at him and his
carriage windows were broken. The
i identity ol the Minister's assailants
has not yet been discovered.
ceiling or interior ol the roof or
edy has made it the most popc.Lr. ,,. I0feverj cowshed in his ocr
preparation in use  for bowel cbm*>]cup fion to.be proper!*. lime-washed
plaints. It is everywhere recogniz- ��� ���' *-. '���'��� ' ia every year,  lhat i-
ed as the one only remedy that can
.always be depended upou and the,
is pleasant to take. It is especially
valuable for summer ui..rhoea in
j children and is undoubtedly the
1 means of saving the lives af a great:
many children each year.���For sale
by 17 J. MacKenzie. *
. one   >'���  1 .
May aud once d  iiil
ler, a id  ..   1   b
!    n cei mry.
out on the breeze, bringing to the,
, ,, _,   , ! ollicers and crew will hope for news.
thousands.oh  snore the news that r
the   Westminster  bridge had been 1 "        ~
declared Open. Work on the Trunk road is pro,-
At this juncture Premier McBride' grossing very  favorably and an ex-
presente 1 tbe L cut.-Governor with | cellent piece of road  is taking the
a polished cross-section  of the last j place of a lot of rotten planks.   The
steel rail laid in ihe construction as] Council will be able to figure out,
I a  souvenir of the occasion.    The j from this, what it will  cost to give
j steel wa- suitably engraved. j the whole of the municipality roads
The ropes barring the end of the i of a like nature.    Without doubt it
approach Were then' let down and'is  the  enly   kind worth putting
Provided   that  this  requiremen; 1 the waiting crowd thronged over the
til not apply to any part of such 'structure, headed by the City Band,
ng, ropi   .   ..: :.-,  tliat  may  i     playing "'flic Maple Leal Forever."
Lemon Squash, the erect \    ill
drink for summer���City Bakery.
; Quite a lar^b pttmber of passengers accompanied  the. Westminster
j Hand excursion on Wednesday
night.     Fine  weather,   full   moon
I and a large crowfl assist m;
iin a pleasant time king spent,
I 1 pi ily painted or v.irnished, 01
,- iistucted of, or covered with an\
Ki: teria! such as to render the lime-
��� ashing unsuitable or ihei'pedien
and that may be othciwise propern
1,.  He shall  cause  the  floor of
V, histles from down the river an-
ouueed the approach of the pro-
cessiou ol steamboats, headed by
the   1'. G. S.   Kestrel, aud
Sunday afternoon at the Bay was
profitably spent, by upwards of one
hundred,  campers  and others, attending Divine service, which was.
is she] conducted by   Rev. Canon Hilton,.
��� " through the draw  the band
struck up "Rule Britannia;"
After the ceremony was concluded  the gliests,   with Messrs. \rui-
of All Saints. The Canon has unr
dertakeii to hold au open-.air sen
vice there every Sunday at 3 p.m.,
and hopes to see even a better at?
Continued on Fourth   Page.)    [strong   &   Morrison   for
sat lindane*, as the season advances,
Subscription, $��J0O P*r yew-
Casual Advertisements, ie cents per tine lot
ike inst insertion, aad s temp per line lor each
subsequent insertion. Tbe number ol lines
reckoned by the space occupied, ts lines to the
Rates lor Coomcr-M Advertisements can be
had ou application at thlsofice.
Rending notices is oeuts per line lor each insertion.
Birth and Death notices, 50c., Marriages li.oo.
Any special notice, the object of which is to
pn.rt.otc the pecuniary benefit ol any individual
or cumpany, to be considered an advertisement
anil charged accordingly.
All advertisement*, charged fer untH ordered
out and paid tot.
Correspondence invited oa matters ol public
interest. CoinmuaioaSloas to editor most be accompanied by nam* ol writer, not necessarily
lor publication, hut tis evidence of good fiiith.
Correspondence must reach this ofifce by Thursday st cuing.
Ceo. R. Mauley,
SATURDAY, JULY  30,   I904.
Those invitations for the Council
to'attend the bridge opening did arrive last week but too late for the
Reeve to arrange a special meeting
pf the Council in order to close up
tjjj*eif business and make arrange-
���ffcjnts for attending. Better late
tfean never.
Vl'ith regard to the good roads
8cH��ine we have set forth, we wish
to djaw your attention to the fact
th.it much will remain to be done
softer this year's appropriations bave
been expended. Pelta and West-
harai streets must need* be p��t into
.ship-shape ere (be heavy traffic begins**���.and that won't be long now.
We ��an site no way out of the difficulty other than by issuing bonds
from tittle, to time as needed to con-
tjjnue the system* of macadamizing
Ut has fallen to the lot of Van-
sjo-iveff to supply the Empire's best
shot; with a S:;ore of 48 out of a
possible 50 at 1.000 yards. To say
tbat this is anything other than excellent would, be false, but we would
be better satisfied with smaller scores
providing; all the folderols carried
by a present: dpy crack shot���such
fs- Verniers, orthoptics, paint
Brushes, etc.���^were prohibited on
tjhe range- In order to be a good
���hot, ia. out opinion, a man should
be able to make bull's-eyes and in-
qeTsamitb, the ordinary service rifle,
tfffter practicing with it for some
time���and ammunition should be
fcee*���providing the rifle is bialt
fight.. If this i�� not done, how
about the time when they may have
to, take the field, and have no time
to. use the folderols? Naturally
the score ujill fall off at the most
cojticai time. If all, military men
���yere trained to shoot in this way it
Would not. take so much ammunition during a campaign as it did in
tbe last, the Boer, war. Too much
pipeclay and not sufficient ammuni-
^pn in tjme of peace makes, a poor
*yi_e following officers of Delta
lodge No. xi;, I, O. O. F., w$re in-
Stallfed foB the present term by Dis-
tuist Deputy Grand Master Bro. J.
A. Nelson,, on Wednesday evening,
37th inst.:
Noble Grand,   Bro.   1$. A,.  Mc.
'Ree.'&��.,, Bro. Dr. A. A,- King.
Fin. Sec>. Bro. F. Cullis.
Treas., Bro. A,. Davie, P*G*
Tlte Viee'GrMid, Bro. J-T. Pol-
kxk, being absent, will- be installed
oe. his return.
Cplumb an College.
Following is a record of the standing obtained by Columbian College
students at the matriculation and
undergraduate examinations ot Toronto University for the year. It
will be noticed that fully the average number of supplemental examinations in different subjects must
be passed by the students here be**
fore completing the year's work.
These papers can be taken in September so that the year's work i*
not lost. There are some who ask
how it is that the work done in the
College has such a fine reputation
while every year some ot the stu
dents have one or more supplemental papers to pass. The explanation
is that every student is given an
opportunity to advance as rapidly
as is at all possible. Ordinarily
two years are taken lor matriculation when in other institutions three
years at the very least must be
spent. Moreover, s udents ol
greater age, who for special reasons
wish to get through rapidly, are
often allowed to proceed to first
year work without taking matriculation. For this reason there will
be the yearly list of supplemental,
but the reputation of the College
will not suffer thereby.
Third year, general course���L.
W. Hall; Miss H. D Robson, supplemental in church history and
constitutional history.
Second year, honor courses���Miss
E. Wickett, first class honors in
modern language course^ general
course, L. J. Ladner, supplemental
in German; C. Saint, supplemental
in mediaeval history and psychology.
First year honor mathematics and
physics course���T. A. Davidson;
general course, Miss N. Markland.
The following must pass supple-
.mentals: W. Stott in Greek, E. D.
Braden in Greek, Latin and biology; Miss E. Woodward in Latin,
mathematics and biology.
. Junior matriculation, complete���
R. G. Robson, first class honors in
chemistry; H. Crosby, Miss J. E.
Drew, Miss B. L. Haggman and
Miss L. K. Laidley. Supplemcnt-
als: Miss B. Hardman, in English
grammar and Latin authors; Miss
J. Marshall in English and Latin;
Miss A. Munn, in Latin authors
and French composition; W. Pax-
ton, in English composition and
Latin authors; Miss E. C. Street,
in Latin; Miss G. M. Wells in English composition, Latin composition
and German composition.
J. Reagh
Fine Boots,
Shoes *
Best Goods, Lowest Prices
Custom  Work a Specialty.
"* '4
Delta Transfer Stable   }
Team Work Done at Specially Low Prions.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
��� Telephone " Ladner" No. 10,
Practical Horseshoeing &
All Kinds of Repairing
W. H. Taylor's.
Gents' Clothing,
, Hats & rurnishing^
At Ail Prices.
Goiftf lor Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea
Dow'tirai yourself in this man's place,
hnt kotp a bottle of thia remedy in your
home. There is nothing bo Rood for
Colic, Cholera Morbus., Dysentery and
Diarrhoea. It is equally valuable for
Suiiiuior Complaint and Cholera Infantum and has aaved the lives of more
uiilldmt than any other medicine in use.
Whon reduced with water and sweetened it Is pleasant to take.
You, or Home one of your family, are
rare to need this remedy sooner or later
and wh��n that time cornea you will need
It badly; you will need it quickly. Why
not buy ft now nnd be prepared for such
ie emKWg-ency?   ��rice, 83 cents.
What is tbe matter with a. tiand
tHcer.t in the nea* future.
'���i,,i i��   i'i -���-.,,: ;������- v.i.i
A. O.   U.  W.
r\HLTA I.ODGR NO. n, meets firft snd
**' third Tuesdays iii eacb mouth ia Wad-
!leU'��ttsll. T. W. KKRR, Recorder.
I. r.ILCHKIST, lit. W
I. O. F.
Court Osseo, No. 3443, meets
in I 0 OF Hall, 3rd Tuesday in
each month Visiting brethren
always welcome. C. R, J B.
Burr; RS,  BS  McDonaid
1.0.0 F,
Delta Lodge, No. 9.1.���The regular meetings of this Lodge are held
every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
m. Visiting Brethren cordially in-
viteij to attend.
F. J. Mackenzie, N.G.
A. W. QuyttL S*$e-
B<3st Line of Boots & SKoes in Town,
Rubbers to Suit Everyone.
Staple Dry Goods at Lowest   Price,
H. J. Hutcherson's
Incorporated 1869.
CAPITAL, PAID UP       - - $3,000,000
RESERVE FUNDS, - - $3,192,705
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department*
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
 ���50 JBRANCHES.	
East End, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Victoria, Chilliwack, Ladner, Cumberland.
H. K. WRIGHT, Manager,
Manufacturers of all kinds of First-Class
Rough and Dressed Lumber.
We can deliver to any point on the Rail
road in Delta*
The HoCormick has been awarded the palm of excellence by reason ef
its superb and splendid work in ihe grain and grass fields of the world.
Write to-day for beautifully illustrated book, printed in colors, entitled
"It Takes the Palm," which will be supplied free to any one interested
in harvesting machines. You are cordially invited to call and see
the machine.
J. F. STAINTON, Agent, Ladner, B. C.
Stokes & Cullis
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C.
Fashion Stables =
Trucking and Draying.
Livery work of all  kinds attended to promptly.
Wm. Alexander
Ladner. D. C.
Vegetables or
W. N. Draper,
Room 2, Kllanl Block, New Westminster.
W. A. Kirkland.
A constant supply of Good Milk
Cows for private families or for
dairy use on hand, also
30 Head Young Stock.
Our Price Is Right. We Can Save You Money.
Drop Us a Line, Our Agent Will Call on You.
QE0* **% THRIFT, ^lanagern
.J. HENLEY   t
Time Table.
IN EFFECT MAY i, 1904.
No. 1���LeavesVict0riaat7-a.nl.,
arrives at Guichon 11:30 and at New
Westminster, 1 p.m.
No. 2���Leaves New Westminster at 1.45 p.m., Guichon, 3 p. m.,
arriving at Victoria 7:20 p.m.
McRAE & Co
A lull line of English and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept in stock.
b. c.
Manufacturers of nil kinds o( .��,
Soda Water, Ginger .}.
a    Ale and Summer .i.
I              Drinks. i
Notary Publio,
OijiH Estate 1 mm
Ladner, 'B. O.
Purchasing Agent
|     Your patronage solicited    j [ BracKman-Ker Milling Co,
���������*^*^*<r,*w��>!*^^^-,<^*^*'>, j- Ktoiitfr, THE DELTA TIMES.. SATURDAY, JULY 30, 1904.
A settlement worker, having been requested by anxious mothers to address
the younger women of the settlement
dobs on "heart Interest" topics, decided to do so. She talked with tbe girls
earnestly, urging upon them the deep
and Intrinsic sacrednet* of all love and
marriage relations, the coarseness and
vulgarity of indiscriminate flirtations,
the great and growing need for high
Ideals, standards and action on the woman's part Then, just ss she took her
seat, it occurred to her that she might
have talked a little bit over the heads
et her listeners, and sbe sprang to her
feet with an added remark:
"Please believe that what I say Is
true, my dear friends," she exhorted
earnestly, "and please don't think I
���don't understand my subject. I know
what I'm talking about, girls���I really
Once more sbe took ber seat, delighted wltb tbe air of general Interest, nnd
from tbe rear of the room cauie the
"Please, Mrs. 8., how many times
hare you been in love?"
I celving, that a very large part of what
i he does Is' not returned in money, that
however successful he may be on the
practical side he must still be counted
one of the benefactors of his kind because of tbe generosity of his bestowal.���Outlook.
The Ward "Jolly."
On the adoption of tbe word "jolly"
Into tbe English it bad the meaning of
beautiful, as It has among tbe French
today. Tbe English dramatist Beaumont of tlie sixteenth century speaks
of our flrst mother as "the jolly Eve."
In time, however, it came to mean hilarious, regardless of physical beauty.
But this latter meaning is probably
the right one after ail, as the word
doubtless comes from Yule (Yu-Ie). tbe
pagan Christmas, so to speak, for be lt
known tbat what we now observe as
Christmas day was a heathen holiday
called Yule, and tbe Yule festival waa
one of noisy demonstration.
Yule Indeed means noise or outcry,
praising in loud voice, chanting, singing, making outcry in honor of their
god. From yule, then, to jolly the step
is short and easy, both meaning revelry, rejoicing. Ours is a risen Lord,
theirs tlie same. Tbe words are Identical. So, too, in large degree tbe Christmas jollities, praises and those of heathen Yule. Into such close relation do
simple words sometimes connect tbe
present with the past.
Peach  Pfta.
The statement has been made that
prusslc add was made from peach
stones. This is altogether a mistake,
for, although under certain conditions
a trace of the main principle of the
deadly poison can be found in peach
stones, there is not sufficient to produce tbe acid without other essential
ingredients. Indeed, without tbe process of fermentation there is no evidence
at all of prusslc acid ln the stones.���Exchange.
Jut the Place.
Irate Landlord (to couple wbo sre
taking a lovers' walk on his property)���
Now, then, can't you read?
Amorous Youth���Oh, yes, we can
Irate Landlord���Then go to the end
of this road and read the sign there.
Amorous Youth-We have read It It
says, "Private," and that is just why
we came down here.
Early Polities! Platform*.
It is In the seventeenth century tbat
the first beginnings of tbe platform
must be sought, but these early trace*
of its use are very slight. That there
must bave been some little employment of it ln a demagogic way may be
Inferred from the "Characters" of Butler, the author of the ever memorable
"Hudlbras." He describes "a leader
of a faction" aa one who "sets tbe
psalm, and a'.l his party sing after hlm.
He is like i figure in arithmetic���the
more ciphers he stands before tbe mora
his value amounts to. He is a great
haranguer. talks himself into authority, and, like a parrot, climbs with bis
beak." It ls probable, moreover, that
the first form of the platform was tbe
.oiiventlcle or meeting bouse of tbe
Puritan or Dissenter, for Butler, ln his
character of "The Seditious Man,"
says that "if be be a preacher he has
tbe advantage of all others of bis tribe,
for be bus a way to vent sedition by
wholesale." But tbe platform at this
time was of no practical account Such
attempts as there were outside parliament to Influence opinion were made
by nieuiis of the press, partly by tbe
book, partly by tbe pamphlet and partly by the journal.-C. B. Boylance Kent
In Longman's.
Ia the Sweet By and By.
"Professor." inquired tbe thoughtful
member of the class, "don't you suppose there wlll come a time wben all
tbe coal and all tbe coal oil stored away
in tbe earth will have become exhausted?"
"Certainly." said the Instructor.
"What will we do then?"
"We shall be playing harps, I hope."
That Settled Hint.
Husband���You're uot economical.
Wife���Well, if you don't call a woman economical wbo saves ber wedding
dress for a possible second marriage
I'd like to know what you think economy is!
AU the World's a 'I'othecary Sho��.
Sezso���Ruyter is not an author; he's
a born chemist.
Sezso���Every novel be writes becomes
a drug on tbe market.
A Chinese Joke.
In his book on "China and the Chinese" Dr. Oiles gives a specimen of
Chinese humor wbicb, if the sourco
were not known, might well be mistaken for American humor.
There is a Chinese story which tells
how a very stingy man took a paltry
sum of money to an artist���payment ts
always exacted lu advance���and asked
him to paint his portrait. Tbe artist at
once complied with the request but
When the portrait was finished nothing
was visible save tbe back of tbe sit- ,
ter's bead.
"What does this mean?" cried the sit- '
ter indignantly.
"Well." replied tbe artist, "I thought \
a man who paid so little as you paid
wouldn't care to show his face."
A Birr Difference.
Madge���Don't you think a girl should
marry an economical man?
Dolly���I suppose so, but It's just awful being engaged to one.
The First Lawbook.
The well known Assyriologist, Dr.
Hugo Winckler, published an account
of tbe legislation promulgated by King
Amraphel of Babylon, wbicb, so far as
is known at present, was the flrst book
of laws ever given to tbe world. King
Amraphel lived 2,250 years B. C. and
bi mentioned in tbe Bible as a contemporary of Abraham, so that bis statutes
were drawn up fully five centuries before tbe laws of Moses. Tbey number
282 aud contain tbe following:
"If a woman wbo sells beverages
gives bad value for the money paid
her, she shall be thrown into water.
"If a wife be a spendthrift or if she
j otherwise neglect ber duties, ber hus-
band may put ber away without compensation, but if a man put away bis
wife for no other reason than tbat she
has no children be shall return ber
whole dowry.
"If a betrothal be rescinded, tbe man
shall pay the woman compensation.
"A widow with grown up children
may not marry again without permission from a Judge."���London Express.
Wantanno���What a memory you
have! Did you ever forget anything m
all your life?
Duzno (after profound thought,���Km
that   I   can   remember
Great  Nature*.
Oreat natures are always generous.
They are fountains not only of vitality,
but of bestowal. However great the rewards they receive may be, these rewards are but a fraction of the worth
of the service rendered, and no man
ought to be satisfied, whatever his position or work, unless he can feel that
he is giving far more than he ls re-
The average coffee tree In FTnirlm-
produces half a pound of beuiia.
"if yon are ln doubt," says Tslley-
rand, "whether to write a letter or not
don't!" And tbe advice applies to
many doubts in life besides that of let
tor writing.���Bulwer.
Old Graybeard���It's a pity to keep
such a pretty bird ln a cage.
Mrs. De Style���Isn't lt a shame?
How perfectly exquisitely lovely It
would look in a .hat!���New York Weekly.    ���____	
Bllsabethan Excise Law*.
In striking contrast to the present
laws to prevent habitual drunkenness
were those passed iu tbe reign of Queen
Elizabeth. TbeLansdowne manuscripts
in tbe British museum record thut In
1594 orders were set down by the lords
and others of ber majesty's privy counsel for the reformation of the great disorders committed by the excessive
number of alehouses, which tlie justices were ordered to reduce. The publicans were compelled to give to the
coiiRfnble of the parish the name und
business of every oue who frequented
their houses and were forbidden to
have any games played therein. On
Sundays no persons dwelling within a
mile of tbe public bouse were allowed
to enter except substantial householders traveling to church, and then ouly
for a reasonable time to refresh themselves. Curiously, the chief complaint
against publicans was tbe "brewing
stronger ale and beer than ls wholesome for man's body."���London Chronicle.
Of Hot, Dry Weather will necessitate you getting SCREEN DOORS,
We can supply you with the above���HOME MADE and WELL
& Pantry Fi
jingles-Xnd jests.
Lazy Man's Hankering.
rd like to have a nice, soft job.
Where 1 could simply be
A sun of weekly visitor,
Tu draw my salary.
And then, as tbat got burdensome
And seemed inclined to bore me,
I'd like to bave some fellow paid
To go and draw it for me!
CHURCH   Nurjc.es.
ist  an<1 3rd
Other Sun-
The   Important   Question.
"How do you like your new servant?"
"Tbat Isn't tbe question at ull," answered young Mrs. Torkins. "We ara
trying to find out how she likes us."
A Domeatlc Limerick.
A strenuous matron named Maud
Decided bar man was a fraud.
So sbt put the poor lad
Very much to the bad
When she lit on hi* features and claud.
H ly  Communion
��� ���   11 a m
ilaj . ,o .1 ni.
M    nil g prayer, 11 a.m.
E ��� ' song, 7:30 p.m.
111 1 ;iy Scl ool ut 10 a.m., Friday
.'. Litany and choir practice.
li\ .i.soiig,  3  p.m., at   Boundary
if ij
Ke\. Canon Hilton, vicar.
Nearly the Limit.
"Yes, I know him slightly. He always impresses me as being rather a
kard man."
"liard? Say, that man can dull a
knife by just carrying it ln his pocket"
Hay Sbe Fare -Well.
To a fair lady bound for the fair
The conductor said, "Lady, your farel*
She paid him, and so
On his way did he go
With the fare from the fair to the fair.
All He Required.
"But I don't want to play in repertory," said the rising actress.
"Oh, I don't care about that," tha
manager answered, "if you're willing
to  nlay iu  tights."
A Speculative Cusa.
He was somewhat In doubt
As he came to expire;
"The future looks bright.
But it may be the tire."
Something Wrong.
Physician���Madam, I find your husband lias pneumonia lu its worst form.
Mrs. Newrich ���I can't understand
that. We are certainly rich enough to
afford the very best there is.
.    ciend Father Edm. Peytavm.
O M Sc vices  first  and   third
' ��� ���      ol ea< 1 month at 10:30 a m
Services next Lord's Day at 3 p. m
Class  meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sin day
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Wednesday evening at. 7.30.
Kev. A. N. Miller, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. in.and 7:30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 2 p m Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
Thos. Oswald, minister.
Aa Exception to the Rale.
There was an old maiden of Lynn
Who thought that to smile was a synn,
But when a man suid,
"Dear girl, will you waid?"
She gave hlm an eloquent grynn.
Service every   Lord's Day even-
.  at 7:30 o'clock.
Services conducted by
Rev   P. H. McEwen.
Abont the Size of lt.
Little Willie���Say, pa, what's a war-
Pa���A warship, my son, is a mechanical device used in manufacturing history.
tome people never make mistakes
Nor get Involved in strife;
They may be very happy, but
They lead a lonely life.
��� Matter of Whose Friend.
Blohart���Yes, I once thought of going
en tho stage, but friends dissuaded me.
Knocker���Friends of the stage, I presume.
General Opinion.
Isives of great mon all remind ua
That it Isn't only pluck;
We would do as well or better
If we only had their luck.
���New York Times.
[From the Sentinel,  Gebo,  Mon'.]
lu the first oj eni g of Oklahoma
to settlers in 1889, the editor of this
paper was among the many setkers
after fortune  who made   the   big
face one hue day in April.   During
his travelling about and afterwards
his camping upon his claim, he en-
cpuntered much bad water,   which,
toget1 er with the severe heat, gave
11     Very sever" diarrhoea  winch
���  'ir!*!1   almosl     nipo   ihle    to
c ���        .'      alon j in.J   ne the   case
I,. -,i   1      bi tp'cctes. to die
i'Oiie    da.     one       f    his     uei. h-
Jjots     brought     him     one    small
, bottle     of    Chamberlain's    Colic,
'Cholera     and     Diarrhcea     Rem
edy as a last hope. A big dose wm
given him while he was rolling
about on the ground in great agony,
and in a few minutes tbe dose wat
repeated. The good effect of tilt
medicine was soon noticed aad
within an hour the patient wat
taking his first sound sleep for a
fortnight. That one little bottlt
worked a complete cure and he can*
not help but feel grateful. Tht
season for bowel disorders being at
hand suggests this item.���For salt
by F. J. MacKenzie.
John Fay was up before the beak
011 Wednesday, on the charge of aa-
sault and fined $5 and costs.
A bunch of suspicious characters
shacking along the water Iront for
a short while, has been rooted out
by our Chief. They were suspected of petty thieving, of which considerable has been done of late, and
on being served with the blue on
Tuesday they left for parts unknown.
No man or woman will hesitate
to speak well of Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets after once trying them. They always produce a pleasant movement
of the bowels, improve the appetite
and strengthen the digestion. For.
sale by F. J. MacKenzie.
3010 Westminster Road.
100,000 Bulbs to airive soon from
Holland, France and Japan.
rh3dodbndrons-, roses,  grebn-
ho0se   and   hardy plant*
for fall planting.
Home Grown and Imported
Garden, Field and  Flower Seeds
Always in stock in season.
The Place for Tinsmithing, Bath Tubs, Stove
Pipe, Conductor Pipe, Roof Plates, and Everything Else in This Line.
Agent for"
Gurney Foundry Co.'s Stoves.
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints.
Yoho Bath Heater*
Just the thing for making water hot for washing dairy
utensils, scalding hogs, or for wash day. Every
Fanner's Wife Should Have One.
Greenhouse full of Plants, Cut
Flowers, Floral Work.
Catalogue fres, or call and examine stock.
Clothes Altered  Cleaned and Repaired.
Parcels left :it W. I.. McBride's store and A. W��
Icer'saud W. R. McClellati's barber shop will be
called fur on Monday and returned ou Saturday
I company
Westham Street,
.Laduer, B. C.
Subscribe NOW for
the Mt�� times, Ladner
(.Westminster Branch)
Time Table
Cars leave Westminster lor Vancouver at 5.50
and (1.50 a.m. ami hourly thereafter until 10 p.
ui.; Saturdays and Sundays at IC p.m.
Curs leave Vancouver tor Westminsters at 5.50
and 6.50 a. in. and hourly thereafter uutjl w p.
iu.; Saturdays and Sundays at 11 p.m.
We run tint-class freight cars between West:
minster and Vancouver and all shipments are
handled with the utmost eare and delivered tq
consignee without delay. Special attention paid
to fruit shipments, our wagons meet all boat*
and trains. V01 rates, etc. apply to
I)   A. SH1I.KS, K. R. GI.OVKK
Traffic Mgr. Local Mgr.
Westminster, n, c.
Trade Marks
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
nulclily ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention Is probably pstmUblSjConigantoa,
ent 1 r��e. Oldest sseiiby for'semlinir patents.
I i.-ma strictly confidential.
.    I
Patents taken tiirouih Munn & Co. receive,
srcciol notice, without ohanre, In tho
Scientific American.
\ handaomolv illustrated weeWy. T.nnrest elr.
r.lallon of uiiy seleiitulo Journal. Terms, |3 a
roar: four months, IL Sold by all newsdealers.
Branch ouice. G�� V Ft,, Washington, 1>, tj, "
Mrs.   D.   Maclean  is   somewhat
uifter the weather.
(Continued From First Page.)
Mrs. Barber is suffering from a
touch ot erysipelas.
English Breakfast Tea, new ship-
niejrt-rCity Bakery.
Mrs. J. B. Grant and family are
visiting with Mrs. G. 17 Corbould,
at the Bay.
Miss Mayme Skinner, of Vancouver, is the guest of Mrs. C.
Smith, East Delta.
Harry Major, provincial tax col
lector, is on his rounds again gath-
/sritjg in the shekels.
W. J. Brandrith is at present in
|Vinnipeg overseeing the fruit exhibit from this province.
Miss Florence Kirkland was in
from the Bay this week looking
piuch improved in health.
litiss B. Skinner and Miss Marvel,
pf Vancouver, are visiting at Mrs.
Al*?* payje's, Boundary Bay.
Try "Our Own" Egg Making
Food for your hens. Good results
j��re certain���F. J. MacKenzie.
It would be well for the Council
tto look after the Slough bridge on
the Trunk road before someone's
team goes through it.
P. Ripjinger left yesterday for
.Everett, Whatcom, Seattle, Wash.,
and Salem, Ore,, where he will take
��n the races with Glengarry Patchen. We hope to hear good tidings
Oh account of the illness of Mrs.
j,. Monkman, the Ladies' Aid of
th| Methodist Church was held at
Mrs, Lanning's. The next meeting Will be held at the home of Mrs.
W. R. Ellis, Slough road.
S. F. Woodland, who has been
employed at the Delta Sawmill as
planer, left on Tuesday for Kault,
B. C11 where he will reside in future. Mrs. Woodland and family
^xpects to leave about September
R. W. W. Reid returned Saturday from Barkerville, whither he
had gone to sue the Cariboo Transportation Company for damages
jpr injuries sustained about 18
fnonths ago. He has won his suit
for $1,200 damages.
May as well take those trees out
of the ditch on the Trunk road.
They spoil the look ol things as
well as obstructing the ditch. Let
fhe roads be clear of everything if
you want them good and dry. II
individuals want shade trees let
them plant them inside their fence, I
Btit]er Freighting & Towing Co.,
Ltd. ��� Steamer Forager (Captain
JJutler) for charter,
Apply tq
H. N. RICH, Agent,
Ladner, B. C.
Horse Goods! f
��� f     Our  Harness aiid   Jio\ie Furnishings  ���
have ip'ug proved reliajjle, and they are Sr
3 ' (iiiilt uotOnly for style init wear. J
3 ! LAI'NEW, B. C.
every such cow-shed to be thoroughly swept, and nil dung and
other offensive matter to be removed trom such cow-sheds as often as
may be necessary, and not less than
once in every day.
6.(1) Every cow-keeper shall cause
the drainage oi every cow-shed in his
occupation to be so arranged that all
liquid matter which may fall or be.
cast upon the floor may be conveyed by a suitable channel to a drain
inlet situate in the open air at a
propet distance from anv door or
window of such cow-shed, or to
some other suitable place of dis-
poasal which is so situate.
(2.) He shall not cause or suffer
any inlet or drain oi such cow-shed
to be within such cow-shed.
7. [1.] Every cow-keeper shall
keep in, or in connection with,
every cow-shed in his occupation a
supply of pure water, suitable and
sufficient for all such purposes as
may from time to time be reasonably necessary.
[2.] He shall cause any receptacle
which may be provided for sin h
water to be emptied and thoroughly
cleansed from time to time, as often
as may be necessary to prevent the
pollution of any water that may be
stored therein; and Where such receptacle is used for the storage
only of water, he shall cause it to
be properly covered and ventilated
and so placed as to be at all times
readily accessible.
8. Every cow-keeper shall provide that every dairy in his occupation shall be sufficiently lighted
with windows eith;r in the sides or
roof thereof, and that the floor and
material used in construction of
dairy shall be of such kind as the
Board may direct.
9. Everv cow-keeper shall cause
every dairy in his occupation to be
sufficiently ventilated, and for this
purpose to be provided with a sufficient number of openings into the
external to keep the air in the dairy
in a wholesome condition.
10. Everv cow-keeper shall cause
every part of the interior of every
dairy in his occupation to be thoroughly cleansed Irom time to time,
as often as may be necessary to
secure that such dairy shall be at
all times reasonably clean and
sweet. ���
[2.] He. shall cause the floor of
every such dairy to be thoroughly
cleansed with water at least once in
every day.
11. [1.] Every cow-keeper shall
cause the drainage of every dairy
ii. his occupation to be so arranged
that all liquid matter which may
fall or be cast upon the floor may
be conveyed by a suitable open
channel to the outside of such
dairy, and may there be received in
a suitable gulley coiiinuiliicating
with a proper and sufficient drain.
(2) He shall not cause or suffer
any inlet to any drain of such dairy
to be within such dairy.
12. (1) Every cow-keeper shall
cause every dairy in his occupation to be provided with an adequate supply of good and wholesome water for the cleansing of such
daity and of any vessels that may
be used therein for containing milk,
and for all other reasonable and
necessary purposes 111 connection
with the use thereof.
(2) He shall cause every cistern or
other receptacle in which any such
water may be stored to be properly-
covered and ventilated, and so
placed as to be at all times readily
(3.) He shall cause every such
cistern or receptacle to be emptied
and thoroughly cleansed from time
to time, as often as may be necessary to prevent the polution of any
water tbat may be stored therein.
13. Every cow-keeper who is the
occupier of a milk-store or milk
shop shall cause everv part of the
interior of such milk-store or milk-
shop to be thoroughly cleansed
from time to time, as often as may
be nccessaay to maintain such milk-
store or milk-shop in a thorough
slate p,f cleanliness.
(To be continued.)
Braekman'Ker Willing (&
Ocean Dock
CASH, Delivered at Victoria, Vancouver,
New Westminster or Ladner	
H. N. RICH, Agent,   -   -   Ladner.
Andrew Ciaiesen(
Ladies'  and  Gents'   Watches
and Chains.
Sterling    Silver    and    Plated
Jyot Water
Jyeater Howl
The Yoho Bath Heater ia Now
on the Market for $17 SO I
You have seen them demonstrated in your city and
know just what they can do.
Just think of Hot Water (Boiling at That) in 90
Seconds, and ouly an Old Newspaper or Handful of Old
Chips to produce the result.
They are neat as well, as ornamental, arid weigh but
25 lbs.
d0 We Yoho Bath Heater Co., Ltd., &
737 Pender St., Vancouver, B.C.
Write for Catalogue.    Mall Orders Receive Prompt
Robt. May, Agent,
W.   J.   Brandrith
Horticultural Supplies, Fruit Boxes, Berry-
Crates, Etc.
A Few Thousand Cabbage Plants For Sale.
Fresh,   Smoked   and   Pickled   Meats
Of AU   Kinds   Kept   Constantly   on
Hand at the	
)'at Market
You can not get better bargains than at Port Guichon.
We keep the best stock of everything that is needed for the
general public. Call or send iu your order and we guarantee satisfaction.
Telephone 5.
W. L. McBRIDE, *X?e3ette,
'���pggios, Etc.
Or Stock of Buggies, Road-
carts, Wagons, etc., are of
First-Class Quality and we
carry a complete line.
G. T. BAKER'S New sbm"��^^
Mowers, Ei
Frost & Woods and Dee
ing Mowers; Hay Tedde'
Rakes, Binders, etc.
Full Stock on Hand.
'Agent for T. J. TRAP!' & CO
Call and See
Our Steel Frame
Yankee Gates
4-it. For 14-fb. Opening, $8.50
4-ft. For 16-fb. Opening, $9.50
B. C.
Everything 6oes.
Never before were  there  such  bargains  offered   in the City of New
This sale will be continued all next week.
tJfe Leading
Shoe Store
Holmes' Block, New Westminster.
- lyardman & Broson, *
Graniteware, Tinware, & Hardware,
Steel Ranges & Stoves.
Tinsmithing and Plumbing a Specialty.
Columbia Street, 823 Granville Street,
New Westminster. Vanoouver.
��� ���
That's where you will find us ready
to buy almost anything you have, in
the way of Farm Produce, Dead or
Alive, at as Small a Price as Possible,
and for which We Always Pay the
Cash. We also Handle Produce on
Commission through our Commodious
Warehouses        .
i AS ��**  ;r.- A*Vs      Itt s*   ���
A DOLLAR BILL may well feel proud
when it comes here to buy a shirt. We are selling some Remarkable Shirts for a Dollar. They
are made in nice neat patterns, pique stripes, and
cuff attached.
The Nicest Soft Front Shirts at the Price
in the City.
The Clothier
709 Columbia St., New Westrninster, B, C,


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