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The Delta Times Jul 9, 1904

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Vol. 1. No. 44.
SLOD a ytatt
A Gre
ej *fi
Ladies' and Misses' DRESS SKIRTS at
Ladies' Dress Skirts-
Ladies' Dress Skirts made of fine quality all wool homespun Cheviot.
Colors���Black, Navy and Oxford.   All sizes.   Special, $2.25.
Misses'*Black Cheviot Dress Skirts, all sizes.   Special, $1.90.
Ladies' Fine Dress Skirts, in all the new shades, and popular goods,
all sizes.   From $2.75 to $8.50.
Ladies' Waists-
Fine Mercerized Black Sateen Waists, trimmed with silk braids, all
sizes.   Special, $1.50.
Fine Black Sateen Waists with fancy tucking, all sizes.   Special, $i.po.
A meeting thnt promises to have
| -reachingeffect out!'.', produc-
tion ol' farm crops in Canada was
held in Ottawa on the _<rth and i6lh
of June. This wns the organiza-
tiou meeting of the Canadian .Seed
Growers' Association, the chief aim
of which is to encourage the production and general use of seed of
superior quality for farm crops. Experience has shown that in all kinds
of farm crops the yield per acre may
be materially increased and the
���quality substantially improved by
the use of seed which has been
graded up by carehil growing and
tt tt T.
On   Wednesday   evening   Delta
Lodge Xo. 21, I.O.O.F., entertain-
I ed their friends, in right royal manner, in their new and spacious hali,
j by providing a very interesting pro-
1 gramme-  of vocal and instrumental
I music,   a  bountiful  supply  of  ice
' cream, strawberries and cream and
cake of all kinds, after which came
games and a short spell at the light
The evening's entertainment was
opened with the singing of the
Opening Ode, after which the chairman, R. May. P.G., P C.P., briefly
stated the object of the gathering.
It wa.s, he said, to be distinctly un
continued    from    vear    to    year..    j���^^^^^^^^^^^^���^^���b���
... , .,  '     * ,    ,���      i lor the sole purpose of making the
v igottr of growth  aud productive-1 \   ' &
I ness in individual plants are  trans-
! uutted through their seeds  to the    ^_m-_-_-_----------------------------i
,.       ' . . ! duced the first number on the pro-
succeeding crop quite as surely  n�� r
Count-.il jnet in the Town HaH,
Surrey Centre, Saturday, July nnd,
the Reeve and all aieui..*-ers being
present. Minutes of previous meeting were read and confirmed.
From sSnpt. of G. "N. R., re
crossing north ot Port KeHs, saying,
he would look the matter up art an
early date and afiso asking for a
copy of Ra ad order.    Received.
From E. M. Wiltshire, stating
that as he understood Ithe Councfi
had made arrangements with another party and did not care to accept the proposal contained in his
j derstood that these gatherings were j letter of April 30th, that he  would
beg    to    withdraw     the   same.
! young   people    better    acquainted
one with another.    He then intro-
transmitted to at>iruals from their
With the above fact in view the
newly formed association, which will
immediately apply for Dominion
incorporation, drafted a constitution
to regttiate the growing,  selecting
From Gjlley Bros... saying they
would pay the sum of $$o as a full
settlement for sand taken from *the
end ofthe Lattimer road. Rec��ir-
ed, and, on motion, tke offer was ae-
Carload of NIASON and
Just Arrived.
gramme, a  soJo  by Mrs. Eanning,
"Put your shoulder to  the wheel,"
and tor ?.n encore sang, "Riding on      	
I a load of hay."   Always very good, I cepted.
Mrs. Lanning certainly excelled j From Arthur Baker .re p^rehase
herself in both these numbers, j of lots 17 and 18 of Block 1, ef
Next caine a recitation by Mrs. ;j Sub. Sec. 30 B. 5, N. R. 2, W. and
Boyd, "I dtinno," and for an en-| offering the sum of $50 for a clear
core "The small boy," both of! deed for the same. Received, and on
which were very comical and much motion the offer was aeeepted, aufi
and improvitig of farm seeds by its I enjoyed. Then came the star of the Reeve andOerk were authoriz-
members, and providing for keep-1 t_,e evening, Mrs. Harrington, iu a ; ed to execute the necessary .conveying records of the history of seeds, I so*0l "Day dream," and an encoreUnce.
fixing standards, and issuing certifi-J "She stoops to conquer"'; these two | From Secretary Bureau Informa**
cates of registration for handselected. j numbers were excellent and highly ! tion and Immigration re furnishing
For the present the operation of the j appreciated. Next in order was a | m formation regard iug the resj-*ee-
7e confined to;,reading by Dr. King, "Hiawatha,"' tive localities for publcatiem in the
given in his usual taking style was. Commerical Intelligence of London,
Each j loudi-^ applauded.    A solo, "In the l Received.
western  town,"   by  Chas. Arthur,;     From W. J.   Walker,   Chartered
accompanied on  the  piano  by his Accountant, re   Municipal Sinking
seed plot of not. less than one-quar- j si.ster,   Miss  Arthur, introduced a  Funds, it was moved  and  carried,
association     will
wheat, barley, maize, peas, beans,
flax, millet aud potatoes,
operating member will be required
to conduct annually a hand-selected
ter acre, and must keep a record in j different class  of music, and
in re* That the Lieut. Governor-in-Coti*-
Pints, Quarts & Half Gallons
Leave Your
' writing in each   year's  operations.
! District siiperinteiulants will supervise ami aid the work of the members.
Iii France and in Germany sugar
i beets now produce twice  as  many
pounds, of sugar per acre���twice as
j many pounds of refined sugar per
I acre���as they did before the im prove-
ment of the sugar beet was undet-
I taken in a systematic manner; that
I is with the same soil, the same
! climate and the s.ime kind of fertil-
: izer. That work was begun by
i Vilmoriu of Paris, three generations
1 ago; his grandson is at the head  of
I the business now. I	
I     Some -even years ago the IllinoisI except that by C. .-.rthur.
experiment .station undertook to im-1    The Oddfellows are  to
i prove the quality of Indian corn  in , _ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^______^_^_^^^^^^_
: this wav. They had analyses made of ner in which  the evening's enter-!    Moved that Mr. Anderson be al-
^^^^^^^^^^^ lowed to run logs down tke East,
spouse to  an  encore  the audience eil be petitioned  to  obtain  powers
was  treated  with  a little   "Coon, I to issue Speeial Treastury Betted, -as
Coon, Coon," in jovial style.   Then  other   securities,   bearing   interest
came  another   recitation   by  Mrs.   not exceeding 5 <per cent per ate-
Boyd, "The first bloomers in  Jay-  num, in oxder to jwavide an wne-t-*-
ville,"  wliich took the house by; ment for District Municipal Sittk-
storm;  and   for   an   encore   "Too, ing   Funds,   under the  Munidj_-1
many  of   we."    An instrumental.  Clauses Act, sec. 112, sub. sec. t-
"Sylphes,"   by Miss Ethel  Reid,      On motion the following ajppro-
also called forth an encore.   A'reci- priarions were made:
ration  by   Miss  Moffit,   "Cultured      Ward i��� $50 for Town Ume reafi
daughter of a country grocer," was  east of H, P..   road,   for graveling,
also well  received.    II. K. Wright] tender to be in at uext meeting.
brought the programme  to  a close '     Ward 2,   $50 for grayeliKg Scott
with a solo, "Out on the deep," ac-! road,
companied on  the piano by Robt. j    Ward 3, $60 ior bridges on M.
Smith, who very efficiently accompanied all the other songs and solos
be con-
road, tenders   to   be   in .at   nest
Moved that a pound 1��e establish'
ed on the N. W. % sec. 30 Township 7. ..nd that Thos. J. woods he
gratttlated on  the successful mau-1 appointed Pouud-Keeper..   Carxiisd,
Our readers ot to-day's paper
will find in another column a notice
of a meeting called by the Reeve,
on Monday next at 3 p.m.. for the
purpose of organizing a joint stock
company to build and equip an oatmeal mill, which company when incorporated will be in a position to
carry on the business of millmen 01
any business that they may desire
to go into. Last year's crop must
have demonstrated to auy farmer
who studies his own interests that.
had this mill been erected, as proposed last year, a very large amount of the oats that were d.imaged
by the rains could have been saved,
as in every properly equipped mill
there is always a drying kiln used
for that purpose, and '-should such
weather happeu again this season it' the most central for the subscribers
will certainly demonstrate the fact
again. It is to the interests of all
concerned that this meeting should
be well attended aud that the subject should be thoroughly ventilated
and brought to a successful issue,
as it means thousands of dollars to
the farmers of the Lower Fraser,
and will surely place the farmers in
a position to sell th��ir crops to the
best advantage, as it is well known
that the profits on oatmeal and
other cereal foods is out of all proportion to what the farmer receives
for the ra%y material, and the farmer, through a small expense, would
be entitled to receive all the benefits
to be derived.
We are requested to st ite that
the re.ison of this meeting being
held at East Delta is that it is considered under present circumstances
! the very best corn thev   could   find
for a  high percentage  of protein.
The   good   corn   contained   about
9 per ceut of protein.    Then  they
planted rows from the ears  having
the highest precentage  of protein,      ^���^^_______
,   e. e. 1 ��� 1        ' out for petty quibbles whereby they
and after six years careful seleciion \ y        l.. J       J
and others living at Mud  Bay and  they had some corn that showed au i
Surrey, but  we  understand that a i average of over 15 per cent protein,!
meeting will be held  at  Ladner in or    2    per    cent,    higher    than!
the near future to give  all  the far- ��� that of wheat.    This is an amazing -    .. ,.
���,_,.._ ���   .,   , ��� . r    ,, ��� ..      .    r   l position to sell salmon that the Am
mers 111 the municipality the oppor-1 achievement for this continent;   fori    . .     .
taiument was carried out. I ditch Qn the cioverdale Valley coad
  1 South   of   Nicotnekl  river, tie te
...    ...���..,.,,. , I open ditch and fix road at his own
rUsMU.KMiviN . I expenie, the Council reserving the
Do not be misled  by a  parcel of J right to stop him at any title they
agitators who are ever on the look-1 see ��*>���    Carried.
The Clerk was instructed to notify Gross & McNeill to cut all Canadian thistles on their property et
may cause trouble.
Regarding the canners' meeting once
in Victoria, did  it  never occur to 1
you that when  our canners are in \
tunity of subscribing to the scheme.; if we have Indian corn richer in
With regard to the formation of! protein than wheat, it will be an
this company and its proceedings, I immense benefit and advantage in
our columns are always open to 1 the leeding of cattle, the production
anyone (signing his name) to dis-; of bacon, and eveu in the nourish-
cuss the pros and cons ot the un-'nient of unman beings from the
dertaking in order that both sides cereal district.
may be represented, at the samel The Minnesota experiment station
time wc do not hold ourselves re-1 has had a .similar experience with
sponsible for the -opinions of our1 flax. for in six years selection they
correspondents. ! have effected an increase of  _o per
cent in the i.ngth of fibre  and  in
the yield of seed ofthe flax plant.
Pictures of the School may be ob-   Canadian    results   an d   poSSI-
tained at the Drug Store.   Other! bii.ities.
erican canners are in the same position? Then, if both sides are able
to sell, where is the purchaser?
If the Americans want to buy,
we want to buy also, and then,
again, where ie the seller?
Do not be misled. Labor and
capital must go hand in hand for
the benefit uf both. Let Labor
pull one way and Capital the other
and we shall soou find Desolation
knocking at our doors. Be wise
in your actions and not foolish to
vour own detriment.
On motion a note for $6��<a, account of Temporary Loan, was ftr<*
dered signed and placed to ttiht
credit of the general account-
After passing the monthly accounts, Council adjourned to At*-
gust 6th, at 1 p.m.
pictures of the town and district
may be seen and ort.ers left for
Vs   it  is  generally   known   the
.{Continued on Third Page.)
A telephone  will  be installed in
Marshall Smith's camp at Boundary
Biy,   accessible to  the  public  be-
and 1,, and
; Why, accessible to the
tween the hours of \j
from 6 to 7 p.m.
A garden party was -given %y
Miss Reid on Wednesday -afternoon
to her music pupils. After merry
games and tea had heen -served, aft
adjourned to the house where 4
programme was given, each of Hat.
young ladies taking part.
W. Johnson 'was up. on If onda^
before tbe beak for stealing tha
clock from the Methodist Church
and some tools belonging to Fcjjd
Cutting. Tuesday, by speedy V8*\
he got 6 months hard.. W��o&tf jf
he got jhe cbick*��s.
Published every Saturday.
Subscription, $1.00 per yiear.
Casual Advertisements, io cents per line foi
tke first insertion, and 5 cents.per line lor each
Mbaequeat insertion. The number ol lines
reckoned bj-tie space occupied, 1. lines to the
Rates tor Commercial Advertisements can be
Aad on application at this office.
Reading notices js cents per line for each in-
Birth and Death notices, _qc, Marriages $1.00.
Any special nqtice, the object of which is to
BTOriote the pecuniary benefit of any individual
Scompany, t�� be considered an advertisement
and charged accordingly.
All advertisement* charged for until ordered
out and paid /or.
Correspondence invited on matters oi public
taterest. Communications to editor must be accompanied by name of writer, not necessarily
for publication, but as evidence of good faith.
Sorrespandence must reach this office by Thurs-
sy evening.
Geo. R. Manlby,
SATURDAY, JULY 9,   1904.
We have much pleasure in noting
the fact that as soon as S. Yan
Bant was informed of the menace
to the district, the fires caused by
.cinders from the locomotive was,
be wiied authority to engage sufficient help to cope with it. This
|s business.
Complaint has been made to one
of our most prominent farmers that
''an employment agency in Vancouver has taken commission from
two men, seeking employment, and
pent them to A. D. Paterson, Esq.,
who denies having given authority
to the said agency to do so." If
this be true, and we have no reason
to doubt it, the employment agency
Should be severely punished. In
all probability those men had no
money to throw away on a parcel
Of frauds,
Canon Hilton holds Divine service every Sunday at Boundary
Bay at 3 o'clock. The Canon requests that campers, excursionists,
Snd others will bring their prayer-
books and hymn-books (A. & M.)
Anglican services next Suuday
ns follows: 8:30 a.m., Holy Communion; 11 a.m., Matins and Sermon; 3 p.m.. Evensong and Address, Boundary Bay; 7:30 p.m.,
Choral Evensong and Address, All
Chamberlain's Colic,  Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy.
The uniform success of this remedy has made it the most popular
preparation in use for bowel complaints. It is everywhere recognized as the one only remedy that can
always be depended upon and that
is pleasant to take. It is especially
Valuable for summer diarrhoea in
Children and is undoubtedly the
means of saving the lives af a great
many children each year.���For sale
by F. J. MacKenzie.
Raspberries and Ice Cream, Oddfellows' Hall, Thursday.
Try Our Condition Powder for
your horses. It will stop that
toughing���Delta Drug Store.
H. K. Wright and R. Smith, of
the Royal Bank of Canada, spent
the Dominion Day boldidays at
A meeting of all those interested
in the Oat Meal Mill is called for
Monday next, to be held in the
^East Delta school house at 3
o'clock.   You are interested!    Go.
' The Victoria Terminal Ralway is
pleased with the success of their
Jv-eek-end excursion scheme and
frill continue to sell tickets to Vic
toria and return at $1 for tlie round
trip. It's cheaper than staying at
hOine, and. sometimes It's pleasaiiter.
Glorious 4tb>
The Glorious Fourth at the Point
Was celebrated in true American
style with the finest of fine weather
and a calm, blue sea to beautify the
scene. The day's festivities commenced with a grand parade, headed by the national flags of three
great nations, borne by representatives of each���American, in the
centre, British, on the right, and
Chinese, on the left; next came the
Ladner Cornet Band. 15 pieces;
then the Liberty float, containing
the goddess of Liberty (Miss Sam-
uelson) and 23 other pretty girls,
very prettily attired; next came a
company of citizens on foot, carriages laden with picnicersand sightseers, followed by the wild West
show and other wonders. In all it
was a good turn out.
The parade wound up in a field
along the waterfront, when a neat
and witty speech was delivered by
W. H. Barker, followed by "Yankee Doodle" by the school children;
reading of the Declaration of Independence by Geo. Sidwell was followed by "My Country 'Tis Of
Thee," "Marching Through Georgia," and "Columbia Gem of the
Ocean" by the school children; the
Band closing the morning programme with "God Save the King."
In the afternoon came the sports,
the majority of the prizes crossing
the border in the evening, as will
be seen by the accompanying prize
100-yds. Dash���1st, L. Ladner;
2nd, W. H. Wilson.
Girls' Race���1st, E. Largand;
2nd, Mary Hansen.
Potato Race���1st, E. Fenton,
2nd, G. Scoullar.
Boys' Race���1st, C. Mason; 2nd,
W. Jacobs.
Greasy Pole���1st, H. Burns; 2nd,
Walter Burns.
Fat Men's Race ��� 1st, John
Moore; 2nd, Jos. Jordan.
Slow Horse Race���1st, J. Samuel-
son; 2nd, Bert Alexander.
Bicycle Race���1st, Leon Ladner;
2nd  W. Dickson.
Lacrosse Match���Ladner, 8 goals;
Guichon, 3 goals.
The lacrosse teams put up a very
nice afternoon's sport, and everything went well with the exception
of two or three extra hard ones on
Jimmie's ribs.
The Band found it a little diffi
cult to play on account of the dust
and a scarcity  of water,   but they
turned  out  a  very nice  series  of
excellent and appropriate music.
In the evening a grand ball was
given in a, very commodious hall
on the wharf, accompanied by a
handsome display of fireworks, containing three set pieces.
The committee are to be congratulated on the manner in which
everything was run off. Messrs.
Maiien, Waters . and Beadleston
constitute a very worthy executive.
A. O.   U.  W.
TYKIsTA LODGE NO. 12, meets first and
^ third Tuesdays in each month i.i W'nd-
dell'8 Hall. T. W. KERR, Recorder,
l!VL  .  ���HHJl'U.S-I.HUJH
Fine Boots,
Delta Transfer Stable
%     Team Work Done at Specially Low Prices.
J JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor. +
I Telephone "Ladner" Np. 10. I
Best Goods, Lowest Prices
Custom   Work a Specialty.
Practical Horseshoeing &
AH Kinds of Repairing
W. H.
,<_, ���
Gents' Clothing,
Hats & Furnishings!
At All Pi'Zees.
Best Line.of Boots & Shoes in Town.
Rubbers to Suit Everyone.
Staple Dry Goods at Lowest  Prices
The McCormick has been awarded tho palm of excellence by reason of
its superb and splendid work in the grain and grass fields of tho world.
Write to-day for beautifully illustrated book, printed in colors, entitled
"It Takes the Palm," which will be supplied free to any one interested
in harvesting machines. You are cordially invited to call and see
the machine.
J. F. STAINTON, Agent, Ladner, E. C.
_ ill iVl
Incorporated 1869.
CAPITAL, $3,000,000.      RESERVE, $3,000,000
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department*
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
��� 49 BRANCHES: ���
I. O. F.
Court Ossno, No.  3443, meets
in I 0 0 F   Hall, 3rd Tuesday in |
each   month       Visiting   brethren
always    welcome.       C   R, J   B.
Burr'; R S,   B S   McDonald
Delta Lodge, No. 21.���The regular meetings of this Lodge are beld
every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
in. Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
F. J. Mackenzie, N.G.
A. W. Oliver, Sec.
NOVA SCOTIA���Halifax, An-
tigonish, Bridgewater, Gnysboro,
Londonderry, Louisburg, C. B.;
Lunenburg, Maitland, Pictou, Port
Hawkesbury, Shubenacadie, Sydney, C.B.; Sydney, Victoria Road;
Truro,  Weymouth, Amherst.
ONTARIO ��� Ottawa, Toronto,
A caretaker for the Methodist
Church, Ladner. Applications to
be sent to the President of the
Ladies' Aid at the Parsouage 011 Or
before July 13th, iooa.
QUEBEC ��� Montreal, Montreal ���Charlottetown, Sumtnerside
West End, Montreal Westmount.
Bathurst, Dalhousie, Dorchester,
Fredericton, Moncton, Newcastle,
Rexton, Sackville, Woodstock, Ed-
BRITISH COLUMBIA ��� Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Grand
Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland,
Victoria, Chilliwack, Ladner.
: ���jWMKWi.ixiarmvitti'SBii
tfokes & Ciailis
1    WestHam Street, - - Ladner, B. C.
Fashion Stables =
Trucking and Draying.
Livery  work of all  kinds attended to promptly.
W. N. Draper,
Room ., EllarJ Block, New Wertniinster.
I.ndn.r. II. C
CUBA ��� Havana, Santiago de
Republic, Wash.
H. K. WRIGHT, Manager,
Notary Public,
Wm. Me l Insurance sgent
Ladner, IS. C.
Purchasing Agent
'ackman-Ker MiUiijgCo.
f  J. HENLEY   I
���J*   NEW WESTMINSTER,    :-:   B. C.
��� *
���> Miimifiictiircrs of all kinds ol ...
I Soda Water, Ginger J.
a    Ale and  Summer    ,!,
1 Drinks. {
t 1 ���        *?
* Your patronage solicited ?
*** *������
ffiliHEil S FL1M
Time Table.
W. A. Kirkland.
A constant supply of Good Milk
Cows for private families or for
dairy use on hand, also
30 Head Young Stock.
Butler Freighting & Towing Co.,
Ltd. ��� Steai*er  Forager (Captain
Butler) for charter.
Apply to
II. N. RICH, Agent,
Ladner, B. C.
The Annual Exhibition of the
Delta Agricultural Society will be
held on Friday and Saturday, the
14th pnd j.5th of October,
IN EFFECT MAY 1, 1904.
No. 1���Leaves Victoria at 7 a.m.,
arrives at Guichon 11:30 and at New
Westminster, 2 p.m.
No. 2-��� Leaves New Westminster at 1 p.m., Guichon, 3 p. m.,
arriving at Victoria 7:20 p.m.
McRAE & Co
A lull line of English and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept in stock.
On to my premises, about the 2nd
day of May, a Black Horse. Owner
may obtain same by proving property and paying expenses.
Ladner, B, Q, THE DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY, JULY _>.  1504.
Vfce Fashion I* to Bee. Hum Everywhere
Abont lh* Home���All Sort, of Shape.,
Colors *ad Ornamentsi'.iona���From tbe
tUisvpe or Mad* at Boa*.
The Bofn pillow fad if a.sumi"; grant
���proportions. Not to bave dozens of thr
pillows is equivalent to not knowing whin-
Is what. _'i.e shops have whole sect'ojip
���devoted to them, and tbe Japanese stores:
oarry them f;y tbe thousands. Wo most
lave pillows���pillows on the divans, pil
lows on the vide window seats, pillows in
ibe chairs, pillows bare, pillows there, pil
lows everywhere.
Tbe lad is not only a woman's fad; it
is also a man's, and the lords of creation
���are just as crazy over pillows as the weaker sex. It seems as if all the world were
pillow mad. And there is a certain individuality about theso pillows now. Ths
characteristic; of their owners ar* in a
measure stamped upon them.
Sometime., tha fad is for Turkish pillows; then it will suddenly change to silk
.covering, with loll ruffles, and again it
will yeit arei'.nd to the ordinary,*verydaj
denim. Tho style of covering iu��y cbunpe,
but the necessity for pillows, large, small
and medium, remains undisputed, .here
is hardly any fad whieh allows of a greater
field, for one's own individual fancy, ch
���early any kind of a covering will go, pro-
tided you bnvo plenty of pillows.
On* reason perhaps for their popularity
lies in tb* luct that a woman with auy
knack for fancy work can make ber own
pillows and save considerable money by so
*lloing. Then, again, a girl in a quandary
f 0 to what to Klve ber beat young man oan
Make him a pillow. Sometimes, however,
il tbe man is one of tbose unfortunate
���jacbolors who live in the hall room of
iomo boardi :->g house, with hardly spue.
fo turn a cut. around, tha gift of a pillow
Is an embarrassment rather than a pleasure.
But today, wben tbe majority cf men
���re in bachelor apartments, no matter hew
���mall tbey iiiuy.be, tb* pillow is just tho
thing tbey need. A man who bas novei
bad a pillow nioee not orave them, but ki
blm once find out how comfortable and
luxurious a great pile of down pillows Is,
���n no matter how uncomfortublo a lounge,
tbe craze will seize him, and he will le-
come more pilliw mad than any woman.
Tbe Japanese and oriental stores havs
lad mon to <lo with starting tho iad Chan
���anything alt... Wben the average American wbo had t--.it in straight backed rock-
*rs and armchairs and contracted cricks
e1 In tba neck from dozing in American
lounges ono realized tho seductive
charms of rn oriental divan piled high
���With down pillows*, the true Yankee spir'
was very will is.i>- to admit that be or die
���*���' bad never experienced any such comfort
before and ���*. :iS only too willing and anxious to copy tho luxurious dolce far niente
��(the dwellers of the orient.
One large dealer in articles from the
cast told mo that the cushion fad was
greater now than it hud ever been before.
"We have mure orders for oriental corners," be said, "than we bave had since I
Started In business. Every woman furnishing a house must have one, and seven-
tsiiths nt*. .hue furnishing apartments devote some y-'.rt of the drawing room or
divan room, as the small room off the
drawing room is now called, toua oriental
or Japanese cozy cornor.
"We make onr divans to order, to fit tho
corners we are called upon to furnish, and
we receive Instructions for pillows according to tbe length of the customer's purse.
You can never bave too many pillows on
��� divan. The more you have tbe more
comfortably you rest. Along with your
pillows you must have a lantern. They
Invariably go together.
"We have a number of orders from mon.
They ore more enthusiasts about pillows
than riio wemen are. If a man taxes up
a fad, he wlll always go to greater lengths
with it, for th* reason, that be is not so
volatile as a woman, and if bo has one fad
he devote* himself entirely to tbat one
At one of the large -bops they told ine
they bad innumerable orders for pillows
especially deigned for men, with colli ri
colors, society or military monograms,
yachting,' athletic or Fporting designs, and
even private crests and monograms. The
college pillows aro, as a rule, hope in stock,
but tbe others aro mado to order. As soon
as a man enters a college be must bave a
pillow of thc college colors. Theso piJinvvf
aro favorite Christmas and birthday pree
enca from young girls to their student
Keniember tbat a man la not en patient
or naturally **s orderly as o woman. Soma
are, but they aro the exceptions. The average man la an untidy creature. It is irksome to him to keep many "foldorols" In
order, and half tbe time his pillow s are
crushed into acorner of tbo divan, or, if uncomfortable when be lies down (rom their
superfluity, be is just aa likely as not to
fling the extra ones across the room.
Just now the Turkish pillow is the most
popular with women. The heavy gold embroidery on tbe rich red, blue, green and
old gold ground and the variety of colors
in tbo Turkish woolen goods, sowed wili..
sequins and bespangled and traced with
gold and copper tinsel thread, makes a
very rich and easts rn combination to a
divan covered with a Bagdad or Turkish
covering.���Kew York Telegram.
fame of (Ieneral CSreely'a Awful ]_>���
perlences In the Arctic.
"Tlienew yearof 1S84 was only 19day��
old when death came for tho first time,"
writes General A. W. Greely in Tho Ladies'
Home Journal, telling tho awful experiences of bis arctic exploring parry at Cap*
Sabine. "For 90 days we had all lived
and kept together, but death was inevitable. Its coming was sure to some, if not
to all. Our only wonder was it had no*
come sooner. Only tho day before w��8
our comrade at work. We Baid little. Only
one man so fir forgot that he was a soldier as to make the faintest sign.
"But ihe nearness of the end touched
ns all. Speech became lower, notions gen-
tlor, determined faces grew softer, and conciliation waa the spirit of tho hour. Who
would go next? was the question written
on each face. Not a man ventured to say
to his fellow, 'This is the end.' How tbat
eternal question, always so unanswerable,
Ecumcd to bo even more of a mystery to
us! Tbe Buster sun hud hardly sec liefore
the second fell before death. A day after,
and the third succumbed. Then the
fourth. One by one they wero dropping
at our sido. Tlio fifth followed quickly
to solve the problem of futurity Then
tbo sixth scomrado passed.
And now we felt that we were all awaiting tho summons, ono by one. Vt'e scarcely looke'd at each other. Doubt and
wrotohediuws were allied against us. But
tho fortunes of war sometimes cbango at
the most critical moment. Strive and do,
do and strivo until doath, were the mottoes of our hunters, and ono day nearly
600 pounds of boar and seal meat came
just ns all food had almost failed. Oh,
the joy which that meat brought to usl
; Who can tell but those in that hut? Something to eat���something to keop life I"
Scat* Baa ily Made.
1 couple of pretty ottoman seat*, wljloli
(nay be made appropriate for any room.
according to the character of their cover
ing, ore easily manufactured by sawiis.
off a small barrel or keg to about a foot in
depth. To the closed end four very short
���prings are affixed, which are thon coverec
and fastened with a circular piece of sail
etoth, firmly nailod to the wooden tides
which are also neatly covered with th.-
same kiud of cloth. After this thr seat
nay be upholstered as desired.
I8r Walter Be.ast'a Opinion of Sank
Grand'. l.ovt-Iy Ideal���lie Also Hat
koiiD-tlsiiiK to Say About the Deai
014 Wouiaa.
When a man takes np the "new woman" question seriously or s.rlo comically,
lie Is apt to be interesting. Sir Waltei
Eesant has something to fi:y about Sural
Grand's ideal of the new woman.
"In the current number ot a monthly
(Jagazliie coiled The Lady's Realm then
is a paper by -Sarah Grand,' which I h��v��
read with tlio greatest interest-," writes Sil
Walter. "The author is a special pleader.
She is an advocate retained for thedefonse.
Bhe bus thrown be? whole strength and
ber whole soul into tbe defense, and she
defends tho new woman at tho expense oi
the old woman. What is the new woniar,
according to her latest and uhlost advocate?
'She is new in perfection of her physique,
��� stronger, better, more beautiful cruatuis
than the bluckheud majority can conceive.
She is magnanimous by nature, for al)
that makes life worth having is hers. She
Is conspicuous for gentlehood, for courtesy
���nd kindness. Her health is radiant, hoi
manners charming, her wit tuking, her
morals unimpeachable. Her sense of humor is always on tha alert. Good humoi
ls ono of her attributes. She cannot comprehend why people should differ with bitterness. What she chiefly demands is tbat
ehe should havo fair play. She has full
faith in man's ultimate perfection, otherwise she would not tolerate liim for a moment.1 Thore I I hope I have not misrepresented the writer. Sarah Grand has, in s
word, portrnyed the new woman as shi
herself imagines her. She has revealed hei
own ideal. Well, I am tbe last person tc
raise any objection. It is always good tc
construct and to cherish ideals. I do nol
know, for my own part, any new woman
quite so perfect as Sarah Grand's. Bui
���ho will become something to look for, and
the search will certainly lend a new pleasure to life.
"'Are you,'I shall ask one girl af tei
the other, 'the new woman���the ideal?'
'"Alas!1 she will reply, 'I am not; roj
���ense of humor is deficient,' or 'my man
nersaro awkward,' or'my health Is not
What I should like it to bo.' "
O ee upon a time the new man, wb(
was about live and twenty went in searor
of the new woman. He adopted Sara.
Grand's ideal���in fact, it would have beer
difficult to frame, for himself, an ideal tt
perfectly charming.
"I will search for the new woman," ht
���aid, "until I find her. I will hunt foi
tier in all tho corners of tbe earth���yea,
���ven unto the very end thereof."
So ho set out ou his travels. At first ht
Confined himself to his native country.
He started with confidence in London so
Cioty; ho attended balls and dinner parties with zeal; he attended meetings nnd
discussions; he joined societies and clubs
be went to Cambridge and was Introduced
to Nownhara. I know not bow many
years he spent in this pursuit, but ho wat
past 30 before he (Insisted.
"Let me be just," he said. "I bnvj
found ��h_o very delightful girls, ber.uti
ful, clever, well bred, strong iu health,
but I cannot find my ideal. In one point
er other every girl is wanting. One, foi
Instance, frankly despises man; anothci
may be witty, but sbe is not kindly'; while
I have not found a single girl who can
differ or endure difference without bitterness."
So he went abroad. He tried Germany
���it is the land of philosophy, but he did
not stay there long. France���It is the land
Where women reign. Somehow the new
Woman does not exist in such a kingdom.
America, which is the paradise of women.
But tho new woman, he remembered, doei
Bot like to be worshiped. So he came back
to Kngland. By this time all that wai
left of his hair bad gone gray, and he pre-
Of Hot, Dry Weather will necessitate you getting SCREEN DOORS,
We  can supply you with the above���HOME MADE and WELL
mm *-���� i *��*- irv �����*���?������. UWWli
\, mmmii
mii Bi m
��mtcd, besides, other symptoms m ape.
At this period and after this lengthened
search he met tbe new wonian herself.
Ves, sho was beautiful; she was young;
she was tall and finely made; Ehe wat
clever; she was Witt;1; she was Well bred;
she was well educated, and, in conversation, tie frankly admitted that tin- unrated man���not on account of his actual
qualities, but solely on aocoant of his possibilities.
'Thank heaven!" cried the discoverer.
"I Lave found at length the object oi i���y
lifelong search. 'Ii.gether, new woman,
We will tread the upward path."
Sho looker ut- him; she laughed at hlm;
her >>riiHo of huntor, as belonged to the
ideal, being always on the alert.
"i'eor old boy!" (he (-aid kindly.
'���'I'/'i-ud tho upward path with j;:": Why,
yon are 70. Vou nre unfit for clinililng.
You've got no possibilities loft. You have
lost your chauces while ycu v.-er-K running
aitt-r me."
So, you see, it may be very pood to c her-
isli an Ideal���even an ideal now woman,
but lt is best to go on climbing thai up*
ward path alone. PerhUpS you muy come
across your 1 leal, perhaps not, but iu any
case don't waste time looking for hor. If
I were a yor.ng man, I should be contented with Bonn triii'.Klowor���sontethti-.giuore
IfesemUling the bid woman esen.
1 h:-ive no objection, I s��y, to this idenl-
laed now woman. On the other haul, I dn
Object to the plctur* of tho cid woman
presented by the same writer In the same'
article. It may lie artistically designed to
set forth by its shadows tho Hirhts nf tin-
other figure, but I cannot���I really canuo'
���accept tho picture aa anything wore
than the presentation of what- is possibii
In the other extreme. Sarah (brand's old
woman shrieks; she is disloyal to her own
sex; she heai'is abuse on the new woman,
���he has no notion of progress; she believes
evil will always exist because it has always existed; she has no sense of humor;
she cannot reason; sbe is inartistic in
dress; she will adopt any ridiculous or indecent fashion. She dues other dreadfui
things���this old wonian. Ibis she no good
points at all? Does sho not bring up her
children virtuously? Is sho not adod fearing woman? Was she nut our own mother
and our own grandmother? Tbe new
woman may be all that hor advocir:.
pleads, but the old wonian waa Dot���su
Was not and she is no.���..ch a poison ��u
this advocate represents her.
Holy Communion, ist and 3rd
Su  days,  at  ri  a.m.    Other Sfitt-
.'.    .'   8.30 a.m.
M 11 ning prayer, 11 a.m.
Evensong, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10 a.m., Friday
evening, Litany and choir practice.
; Rev. Canon Hilton, vicar.
The Kniaer as a Hamorlai.
We went up to the Kiel Yaoht club to
iee the presentation of prizes by his majesty. He was in particularly jolly humor, and his speeches of presentation were
most happily spoken. One prize winner,
a little German officer, fully realized the
Importance of the occasion and was the
moro easily embarrassed when with cap in
one hand and sword in tho othor he stood
ready to reoeive bis prize���a pair of large
At the close of tbe kaiser's speech be
banded the vases to the little oftlcor, who
hurriedly put cap undor one arm, sword
under the other and received thom, whereupon the kaiser insisted upon shaking
hands in congratulation, much to tho embarrassment, chagrin and bliss of the winner and tiie shouts of laughter from every
ono else, led by his majesty.
The next winner was given a liqueur
set and received orders not to drink from
all 13 glasses alone.���Opting.
Reverend Father Edra. Peytavin,
O.M. I. Services first and third
Sunc-iy of each month at 10:30 a m
Serviies next Lord's Day at n
a. ni.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Wednesday evening at 7.30.
Rev. A. N, Miller, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 3 p. m
Sabbath School at 2 p in     Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
Thos. Oswald, minister.
Service every Lord's Day evening at 7:^,0 o'clock.
Services conducted by
Rev. L. E. Tranter.
Cured III* Cramp.
At an evening party in London soma
time ago a gushing girl was introduced
to Mark Twain.
"Oh, Mr. Clemens!" sho said. "Now,
please, do tell mel I've been thinking of
taking up writing, but I am so afraid of
that dreadful writers' cramp one hears so
much obout.   Did you ever have it?"
"I did, madam."
"And what did you take for it?"
"Just fanoyl But how and whore did
rru apply it?"
"Broiled and internally," said Mark
Twain gravoly. "I can't answer for its
being a panacea, but it cured tha kind of
eramp I had, all right."
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
For Coughs, Colds, Croup and Whooping Cough. Price 25 cents; large size 50c
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy.
For Bowel Complaints.   Price 35 cents.
Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
An antiseptic liniment especially valuable for Cuts, Bruises, Sprains and Rheumatism.   Price 35 cents; large size 50 cents.
Chamberlain's Stomach and
. Liver Tablets.
For Disorders of the Stomach, Liver
and Bowels.   Price 25 cents.
(Continued From Plrst Pag*,?
Maedonald-Robertser. Seed Growers'Association, which is superseded,
by tbe new organization, was aa
outgrowth of a competition for prizes
aggregating 5.0,000 th->t were
^iveti by Sir Win. Macdonald to
school boys and girls operating
seed plots and selecting the best
heads of wheat and oats during the
year 1900, 1901 and 1902. This
competition was conducted under
the supervision of Prof. Robertson,
hence the name of tlie original association. In the case of the crops
grown by the boys and girls the increase was 18 per cent in the number of grains in the 100 selected
heads of spring wheat, and 28 per
cent in the weight of grains in tbe
100 heads. Similar increases were
obtained with oats. Ninety-two per
cent of the reports said that tbe
quarter-acre plots carried crops decidedly more vigorous and heavy
than crops from the same varieties
ol grain shown on the same farm itt
the same season from unselected
An increase of even 20 per cent-,
in the total vield of Canadian farm
crops would mean the addition of
millions of dollars to the wealth of
the country. Another great possibility is found iu connection with
the improvement which may be
made in quality. Take wheat for
instance. From Sept. ist, 1903, to
March 31st, 1904, the government
inspection of wheat in Western
Canada showed 497,000 bushels of
No. 1 hard; 5,109,000 bushels of
No.    1     Northern,    and    7,639,-
000 bushels of No. 2 Not them. A ver)- large proportion of the
two latter grades would grade No. 1
hard, were it not for the admixture
of other grains and other varieties
of wheat. Here is an unlimited
field for the application of the prin-
c.pal of seed selection.
The executive council of the new
association is composed ofthe presi.
dent, Prof. Jas. W. Robertson, the
secretary, Mr. G. H.  Clark,  Chief
1 of the Seed Division, Ottaw.-- and
J five directors, Messrs. C. C. James,
G. A. Cigault, G. A. Zavitz, J. H.
Grisdale and W. H. Davidson,
Fifteen additional members repre-
senting each province aud the terri-
rories, complete tne board of direc-
Every one of these preparations
is guaranteed and if not folly satisfactory to the purchaser tba
money will be refunded.
\ ours vet v truly,
W   A      Li
.\ JON'S.
"ation Cl'-rk
The Place for Tinsmithing-, Bath Tubs, Stove
'Pipe, Conductor Pipe, Roof Plates, and ��Everything Else in This Line.
Agent for*
Gurney Foundry Co.'s Stoves.
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints.
Yoho Bath Heater.
Just the thing for making water hot for washing dairy
Utensils, scalding hogs, or for wash day. Every
Farmer's Wife Should Have One.
Protect your eyes from the glare
of the sun's rays with our colored
lenses���F. J. MacKenzie.
Trade Mark*
Copyright* 4c.
Anyone sending a sketch nnd dMorlptlnn an
quickly it9c.rt*sln our opinion tree whether ��n
invention li probtDlf Mter    '
tonsmrifitly conndonttiil.  '
nion free
.... X on Patent*
sint I'ri-e. Oldest esenoy for securing p-tenu.
faiciiis taken through Munn * Co. receive
ipwialnotfci!, withoutohiuiio, lathe
Scientific American.
\ handsomely Illustrated weekly.   I.arceet clr.
11 lui 1011 of any si'luntlik* journal.   Terms, |1 a
yenr I four months, |_ Hold by all newsdealers,
MUNN & Co��������������-��. New York
Branch Olllce. M �� _&, Washington. P. C,
\Vesth.au�� Street,
.Ladiier, B. C.
Subscribe HOW for
Clothes Altered  Cleaned and Repaired.
Parcels left at W. I,. McBride's slore and A. Wa
ker'snnd W. U. McClellan's burlier shop will 1st
called for on Monday and returned on Saturday
D#*e*a f% <r>, ���?���-%
times, Ladner
Ett ilf CiPf III
(.Westminster Branch)
Time Tablr
Cars leave Westminster lor Vancouver at 5.50,
and 6.50 a.m. and liuurly thereafter until lo p,
tn.* Saturdays and Sundays at ic p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver rbr Westminsters at 5.5a,
aud 6,511 a. m. and hourly thereafter mUi.1 10 pt
in.; Saturdays and Sundays nt 11 p.in.
We run Krst-class freight cars between West..
minster and Vancouver and all shipments are.
: handled with the utmost enre and delivered tu
j consignee without delay. Special attention paioj
I to fruit shipments, Our wagons meet all honti,
[ and trains, l-'or rates, etc, apply to
; t)   A. St!!!.!-:* V. R. C.l.OVI-'R
Traffic Mitr. Local )l_i
' \Vcsluiiii8j_.-r, B. C. '    '* THE DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY JULY 9, 1904.
G. B. Chocolates, new goods-
City Bakery.
Twelfth July excursion to Van*
confer.   See large posters.
Jas. Nelson went to Victoria yesterday on a short business trip.
Fruit and Ice Cream Festival, on
Thursday, 14th.   Don't forget.
E. Cammidge was re-elected as
trustee for Boundary Bay school.
W. H. Ladner is thinking about
tbe after grass. Look out for the
Mrs. Waters and B. Beadleston,
of Point Roberts, were in town yesterday.
Lemon Squash, for making water
good to drink, better than Lemonade���City Bakery.
W. Cosman, of Vancouver, is
visiting his daughter, Mrs. W. A.
Kirkland, for a short while.
Mr. Brooke-Sn ith, of the Victoria Terminal Railway, is now stationed on this end of the line.
ace one fine day in April. During
his travelling about and afterwards
his camping upon his claim, he encountered much bad water, which,
together with the severe heat, gave
him a very severe diarrhoea which
it seemed almost impossible to
check, and along in June the case
became so bad he expected to die.
One day one of his neighbors brought him one small
bottle of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy as a last hope. A big dose was
given him while he was rolling
about on the ground in great agony,
and in a few minutes the dose was
repeated. The good effect of the
medicine was soon noticed and
within an hour the patient was
taking his first sound sleep for
fortnight. That one little bottle
worked a complete cure and he cannot help but feel grateful. The
season for bowel disorders being at
hand suggests this item.���For sale
by F. J. MacKenzie.
A brown leather Wrist Bag, con
taining a purse and small sum of
money.   Reward.
Remember the Excursion to Vancouver, Tuesday, July 12. Round
trip only $1; children under 12, 50c
The government has commenced
work on the school, we are pleased
to state. It is their intention to
make a good job.
Mrs. Boyd, a very amiable lady
from California, is making crtup
life extra pleasant for H. D. Benson
Md family, at the Bay.
At the market, yesterday, eggs
and chickens were in good demand;
small fruits plentiful; cherries 25c
box. The market all roucd was
We have sold over a half ton ot
Strawberries the past two weeks. A
few more coming in. Don't wait
until too late, this year ��� City
Mrs. John   MacKenzie,   accom
panied by Maggie and Freddie, ex
pects to leave, about the 22nd, on
���n extended visit to Scotland.    We
wish them a pleasant voyage.
Fresh arrivals at the Bay are:
Mrs. H. N. Rich and family, Mrs.
Marshall Smith and family, Miss
Were and���Mabel and Roland Lan
ning, Mrs. N. A. McDiarmid and
family, Mrs, Corbottld and family.
No man or woman will hesitate
to speak well of Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets after once trying them. They always produce a pleasant movement
Of the bowels, improve the appetite
and strengthen the digestion. For
Sale by F. J. MacKenzie.
W. J. Brandrith is busy gathering fruit for the Dominion Exhibition, which begins at Winnipeg on
tbe 25th of this month. W. J. B.
received, yesterday, a letter from
Rev. J. A. Logan, who is visiting
tt Harrison, Idaho, in which he
Says it is very hot over there with a
distinct flavor of 4th of July, the
date of the letter.
[From the Sentinel, Gebo, Mont.]
In tlie first opening of Oklahoma
to settlers in 1889, the editor of this
paper was among the many seekers
���fter fortune who made the  bis
Haying Hands
And Help of All Kinds supplied on
short notice, free of charge, by
53 Cordova St., Vancouver, B.C
L. 0. L. 1612.
The above Order will attend
Divine Service in the Methodist
Church on Sunday, July 10th.
Officers and members will assemble in Orange Hall at 6:30 p.m.
By Order.
Mr. K. N. Rich
Has received instructions from Mr.
J. J. Monkman (who has rented
his farm) to Sell by Auction on the
premises, ij_ miles Southwest of
Ladner, on
MKft. Ml 1311, M,
At 2 o'clock.
The Live Stock���includes a
well matched pair ot driving colts,
3-years-old; 1 2-year-old colt, 1 3-
year-old colt, 1 5-year-old horse
and 1 aged horse; also a grade
Durham bull, 5 cows and 30 head
of yearling and 2-year-old heifers
and steers; 2 biood sows, 2 fat sows,
6 store pigs and about 12 dozen
Implements, &C. ��� Separator, in good order; dairy utensils,
1 4-iuch tire wagon, harness and
A few tons of oats, wheat and
chicken feed.
The Furniture ��� Comprises
bedroom sets, tables, chairs, carpets
and mats, McClary range, parlor
and cook stoves, sideboard, sewing
machine, washing machine, curtains, An Organ, crockery, tinware,
and a miscellaneous assortment of
useful effects.
���f:*��*H^-^��*H*^**��'*-��:-**'')��:*��->:'��-$(,r**^ ������*���?
I Horse Goods!
Our Harness and Horse Furnishings
hnve loiiR proved reliable, and they are
built uot only for style but wear.
hugh Mcdowell, f
��� LADNER, B. C. X,
w��^-_��*     ' ���!  1. 1  .    ..   . . . 1  ii...   .ii
���l-i.iu_ ���ea~*amm*m^m>mm
B-K. Co,
Jlndrew Clausen,
Having entered our new premises
we have opened up a large consignment of NEW GOODS. With a
better opportunity of displaying
our goods we cordially invite our
patrons to call and inspect same.
3ewe1hr, Etc., Gtc
Buy Your
lyof Water Beater Uow!
The Yoho Bath Heater is Now
on the Market for $17*501
You have seen them demonstrated in your city and
know just what they can do.
Just think of Hot Water (Boiling at That) in 90
Seconds, and only an Old Newspaper or Handful of Old
Chips to produce the result.
They are neat as well as ornamental, and weigh but
25 lbs.
-J* We Yoho Bath Heater Co., Ltd., <*
737 Pender St., Vancouver, B.C.
Write for Catalogue.    Mall Orders Receive Prompt
Robt. May, Agent,
W.   J.   Brandrith
Horticultural Supplies, Fruit Boxes, Berry
Orates, Etc.
A Few Thousand Cabbage Plants For Sale.
Fresh,   Smoked   and  Pickled  Meats
Of All Kinds Kept Constantly, on
Hand at the	
Delta Meat Market
That's where you will find us ready
to buy almost anything you have, in
the way of Farm Produce, Dead or
Alive, at as Small a Price as Possible,
and for which We Always Pay the
Cash. We also Handle Produce on
Commission through our Commodious
Ocean Book
You can not get better bargains, .han at Port Guichon.
We keep the best stock of everything that is needed for the
general public. Call or send in your order and we guarantee satisfaction.
Telephone 5.
Duggies, Etc.
Our Stock of Buggies, Road-
carts, Wagons, etc., are of
First-Class Quality and we
carry a complete line.
G. T. BAKER'S ���*"* ***���*����**
Frost & Woods and Deer-
ing Mowers; Hay Tedders,
Rakes, Binders, etc.
Full Stock on Hand.
Agent for T. J. TRAPP & CO
Call and See
Our Steel Frame
Yankee Gates
4-it. For 14-ft. Opening, $8.50
4-ft. For 16-ft. Opening, $9.50
Everything Goes.
Never before were  there  such bargains offered  in the City of New
This sale will be continued all next week'.
t$e Leading
Shoe Store
Holmes' Block, New Westminster.
fyardman & Brvson,
G-raniteware, Tinware, & hardware,
Steel Ranges & Stoves.
Tinsmithing and Plumbing a Specialty.
Columbia Street, 823 Granville Street,
New Westminster. Vancouver.
Just $1��.?.
A DOLLAR BILL may well feel proud
when it comes here to buy a shirt. We are selling some Remarkable Shirts for a Dollar. They
are made in nice neat patterns," pique stripes, and
cuff attached.
The Nicest Soft Front Shirts at the Price
in the City.
The Clothier
709 Columbia St., New Westminster, B. C,


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