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The Delta Times Apr 1, 1905

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/iPR -J-_ 1905      $1
C-   '
^UK.*"***!*******"**!.*..-.!.*. -J mJH-x******-- ������
\\     Vol, 2, No. 3j6.
LADNER, B. C��� SATURDAY, / Pkl ., l, 19^.5.
SI.00 a yea
For Many
Do not buy your Spring Hat until you have seen
ours.   Millinery Opening" Tuesday Next.
I lal*
if III COUNTRY.   Schoo! l^art-
BV  ,*���   ft.  ANDKRSON.
. I left nn the 26th of August fori
Vancouver and took the "Danube" |
the,-.* on Saturday,   the  271I1.    In
cciiseqr.enc ��� of dense smoke accom- j
ponied   hy  fojj,   tlie   steamer  was
much delaye'.    We reached   Alert
Bay on Monday the 23th, where, :'n
The following is a report of Ladner School for the month of March:
Average daily  attendance���Division I, 16.56;   Division   I[,   42.S6;
Division   III,   35.17;   Division IV.
34.17; total average daily attend-,
ance, 128.76,
BEADY-TO-WEAR HATS, only One in each Shape.
TRIMMED "PARIS MODELS" at less than Half Milliners* Prices.
MEN'S PANAMA'S in all the latest Blocks,
Delta Municipal Council met oa
Saturday,  25th ult., with Couns.
Gibbie, Davie, Paterson, Huff and
Honor Roll (in order of merit)- j EffibrM nfc
Class V���Flsie Benson,  Thorn-1    A'    . _ .
.oisequenee o! the steamer making]asiue Kerr. ;    Coun- Paterson* ��" motion, took
a stay fer about an hour I was en-      Class IV���Ruth  Miller,  Herbert jair"
abled to take a leok at some cf the) Hume, Charles Grolh,  Olga  Kirk-1     Minutes of previoas regular and
Clearings it, the vicinity and to make land- **��* Kirkland- j Spefl ,Uteti,1Ss were ado^td as
Class III, Senior���Ella Stainton, j read.
j Jessie   Mclnnis,    Vernon   Taylor,
Harold Davis and  Ruby Kirkland
(equal), Chester Simpson.
Class III, Junior���Grace Miller,
Hume  Hilton, Gladys Devereaux, j
Irene Robinson, Willie Whitworth.
Class   II ��� Minnie   Mardesich,!    .s___aB____na______________________________i
1,,       c.,   ,   ,.       ���      ...     ....    1 ceived and Clerk to reply that coun-
Mary Silech, Marv Cosuheh,   Win-,     .       .
.r   , ��� . .        ' .   ,  ,,   .. ...      cil will not accept less than 100 teet
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      nifred Hutcherson, Isabella Kettles, j r
any care and management, fruit can t    Class I, Senior���Claude McLeod,l   ��",t.ag^.
b- successfully produced in this sec-  Hazel Shirley, Inez Stainton, Eric:
tion    of   tii**   Province.    Mr.    R. j Taylor, Lester Handford.
Chambers informed me that cherries      Class   I,   Junior���Christie    Mc-J
are   especially  successful,   tearing Gregor, Eva York, Theltng  Clark,!
heavy crops regularly.    Apples also j Wallace Keagh, Catheiine Reagh.
do;well but want of  knowledge  in      Second Primer���Earl Davis, Har-
Ithe   care  01   trees  and   unsuitable [old   Mi'ler,   Stella   Jordan,   Annie j
j varieties  have  htretofore retarded ! Bonn, Freddy Whitworth.
thte industry,    [am of the opinion
' thnt the climatic conditions will not | -
j admit of the p; *> '. a tion of apples of! Kettles, Myrtle Kirkland.
inquiries tegarding  tie  fettitrj in I
the vici'nitv who are  making at-
tempts in the direction of criKiva-j
ting the land. Clover, grasses and j
root-crops all thrive well, and a!
few fruit trees which had been I
pi inted out some years ago at Alert I
Brv gave evidence that, with ordin-i
From Pemberton & Son re repairs
for canoe Pass road. Received and
[ Clerk to reply.
From C. H. Richardson re Sitt
for wharf on Annacis  Island.    Re��
We have just placed in Stock 18 cases el shoe*
comprising: all the new Spring Lasts.
See Hi�� new '"ROYAL PURPLE" Shoe for Ladies.
Large Range of Men's Fine Shoes.
See the new "ARTISAN" Working Shoe,
The Power & Light By-Law was
r?ad a second time.
Tenders for bridge on Annacis
Island were as follows;-���A. J. Par-
miter, $75; R. A, Coleman, $129.
A. J, Parmi'er's tender of $75 being
the lowest wijs accepted.
Tenders for rock were as follows*
... "''"L"'.~J  " "'  ��� t.       *    I V. Martinolich, crushed rock Si.80
First Primer. Senior-.���Roy  An- ,    , .   _. . !..,.
, ,, 1   ,    T ���     ,   broken reck, $1.55, on bank; Gilley
derson,    Mabel    Lanning,    Frank' ..." ,    ,
1 Bros., crushed rock $1.50; broken
���   ,   ��� . .    . . ir   , j rock, $1.25, on scows; A. Coleman,
J the highest keeping qualities never- !     First   Primer,   Juinnr -Alfred  ^ ^ ^
l.thelessv'good fruit can no doubt be J Guichon,   Ross   Ihnkle,   Stanley |    Gille;Bros - tend,r ^ on uip.
tion, accepted.
Acting Reeve Paterson reported
having interviewed Messrs. Hume
and Storey re road through Lot 149
G 2, and that they agreed to give
33 feet west of ditch  through Lot
 149 G 2 to the dyke ditch and from
Last  Saturday the   Ladner | ditch  to slough  6.6  feet  tor road
Receired and adopted.
On motion it was decided to ex-
Call and see our large Stock of Spring an.
Summer Goods.
! produced for local and early cou-
i sumption. Judging from th ��� luxu
riant growth ot iodders, however, it
, would seem that dairying must,
j in the near future, form the princi-
I p.d agricultural industry of this
1 part, Ther :are some six settlers at
land ne.ir Alert Bay and tour at
J Harbledown Island, a few miles
I away.
Solntula, the Finnish settlement
on Male ..in Island, was reached in
the afternoon of the same day,
where a stay ot some two hours
was made. This gave me the opportunity of L.king a look ovei tiie ad
jacent property and of having a
talk with Mr. VcK.l'i, who ..ave
me much information of an interring and useful character.   Th ���    nd
F. B. DIXON, Principal,
side of  the
Wellington   Cannery
Coun, Davie  was authorized  to
passed   for  payment
 B.  C.  Tele-
messages, $1.75; Mar-
fWestham Island.
Hugh Savage spent". Sunday with
{Westminster friends*
T. W- Lcadon  aud wife visited
Epffi Vancouver,, last week, foi; a few
rdays.       7 I
are building a cannery next the
Albion,, to be operated there this
season. It is being built in sections in order that it may be shipped north for future use.
Mrs. J., Faulkner, of Sea Island,
fj'spent a fcw days vyith friends, here,,
According to present indications
1 there will be quite a  lajge acreage
'of barley sown* on the. Island  this
I Thfe Ladies' Serial Clvkb held a
meeting on Moipd>*y evening whan,
if is rumored, these was a very ani-
* mated discussion on Birthday Qele-
, ^rations.
^., J.   B,ultim,er &  ���   Dawson.
Mss. A.. Coleqian will be At
Home, to her friends on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.
__��� age yiM-sw"_i__ij-
Clinton, Man-h 24.���-The winte
here has been abnormally mild and j been set out close together  on
Ed-tor Dj-:lta Times:
junior football club went up to East j purposes.
Delia to play against the East Delta !     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
boys'club.    This is a good thing1 tend, the Trunk  road to the south
in every way and to be highly commended.    But   what   a   pity   that;
this good should be marred by the ex.yend $500 from Trunk  road ap-
actions of these young people ! For [ propriation   for   rock   on   Slough
[ am sorry to say lhat the swearing! road,
and foul language-of au. of the j    The    following   accounts   were
Latimer boys and some Eastonians -
hereabouts is no exception  to   ihe ���was most .shocking, and  that all!
general character ot this part ol the ' the Ladnerites, with the exception!
country, beiue; iieavily wooded, ex-  of the two clergymen's sons, wereI        . .      _.      . ,   .,
.    ,                       ,               ���,   ;       , ���       ���                  ���,,               ,       repairing Gowdy road, $6.75;
cept in th. swamp   ami   some  tide  smoking cigarettes.    Poor senseless\ ���*    ,    ���_*,___���-._:_    ," dd .
flats; it is, 1 o-A'tver, \ roductive and - boys ! No doubt under the impres-
fe evidenced by. the fiu.j  growth  of sion tbat they were manly, when in
the various cuitiva ed plants which ' realty thev were neither manly nor
I saw   growing   on  some cleared  gentlemanly to do that  wliich they
land.    Alfalfa,   I   may     mention,   knew would   not only grieve their
showed  a j. ood  growth,   also red  parents but all right-thinking peo-":
clover, and where thes; plants sue-  pie     Can our teachers do nothing,'
ced it may be  accepted   that  m >st   in this mat "r ?   .Purely parents im-1 '    ~*~
others will do well. Two swamps in  press upon their boys how unmanly      F.   W.   Hatris and   trmily   are
the interior of the island have been \ and  disreputable  it  is to do these moving into the Moffit resideuc.;.
drained and are undet cultivation.' things,   and   also appeal  to their'  '	
producing, I was informed, most I sense of honor, and their good Mrs. Fenton returned home yes-
excellent crops. Some cattle and sense. There is no better rule for terday, while Mrs, W. R. Ellis will
horses are owned, fodder lor which j any hoy through life than  the one have to remain some days yet.
is obtained from meadows in the ad- i laid down in that grandest ot boys' |        	
jacent island . The few fruit live, books "Tom Brown's School Days," \ W. A. Kirkland and family are
I saw did  not  look well,   having  namely, "Never do or say anything moving out to  Hazel Grove Farm
the  boys that you tv'ould be ashamed of after spending the winter iu town.
phone Co.
shall Smith, sundries, 511.3c; B.C,
1 Gazette, advertising, $5; A. Barber,
Reagh, clearing gravel pit, Ward
II., $13.50; J. Holmes, graveling
Holmes road, $35.05; D. Woodward, ou account gravel contract,
Council adjourned to meet a_ain
on Saturday, April 8, at 2 p.m.
A Mother's ^commendation.
I have us��d Chamberlain's Cough
Remscly fc,j- a number of years ana
have na htjsitaijcy in saying that it is
the best remedy for coughs, colds and
croup I have ever Used hi my family.
1 have not words, to express my con- j 41,
Iklcuce in this remedy.���Mrs. J. A.'
Moore, Noi tii Star, Mich. For sale
by F. J. Mackenzie.
with none like it at all in the \ ast
thirty-eight years. Grass grows
green to-day where there was six
inches of snow last year, at this date,
and then supplemented with 6 degs.
below zero. In other words the
season is at present six weeks
earlier than in tho past year*.
Ploughing is going on, in fact some
of the riyer ranchers had their
seeding all done 'en days ago.
gravelly Innl near the beach, These, j your mother knowing," j ��� ���-*������-
however a foidtd 11 j evidence tht i Yours very truly, i     Miss  Frederick   returned   homo
fruit   woul i  not b? successful,  if ONE OF THK PARENTS.' yesterday from  Kamloops,   where
properly planted an.I in suitable localities. This is ac imtntinal settlement of about 200 persons ot all
ages and-sex;;-, who .ill, I'was told,
contribu 5 towards the general welfare. A oundry, saw-mill, printing office a id v rio is other   indus-
she has been visiting for s-ome time.
Mrs. Dra.nie,
rived yesterday
Society Meeting in
^a,n Church, to-day
tries haw i eea established and   are
all being carried on on theco-opera-
tive   plan.    Contra '* of the two|
Vancouver,  ar- bridges in Xorth  Vancouver have!
mi   will   ,' t'ress been secure ,   the    1   11   anl   wood
Foreign   Missio arv fitting    or  v,hich   were   'H
Rev. Mr. Calder, of Langley, Next Monday work on the con*>
will preach in St. Andrew's Presby* version ofthe Lulu Island Railway
teriau church to-morrow. from a steam to an electric road
  will be in full swing,   On Tuesday
last the British Columbia Electric
1 Railway Company commenced pre*-*
j parations   for   employing a large
Jas. Harris, ot Cloverdale, came]
! down this week to resume his position at the Brunswick Cannery.
the  Presbyter-
number of men  in the erection of
poles,   and   the stringing of   the
Th.* regular monthly meeting of! trolley  and   feeder   wires  for the
ing the   Mechanics'   Institute   will   be overheid system.    These  prepara-
���--���  1   11 '       ' I held in the Reading Room 911 Mon-1 tions  will likely  be completed by
(Continued ou  Second Page.)      day next, ' to-night, THR DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY APRIL i, 1905
Subscription, $L00 per year.
AUVKItriSlNt. KATl-'S.
Casual Advertisements, to cmts per line lot
i/it first ins.i lion.: ml stems per line lor eacli
<sibseqiu-itl Uincilion. Tlie nmntirr nl lines
reckoned hy the space occupied, 12 lutes to tilt
Kates lor Commercial Advertisements can be
tad on Application at this office.
Reading notices to cents jitr line (or eacli insertion.
Birth and Death notices, inc., Marriages $1.00.
Any special notice, the object ol which is to
tirot'iotc the pecuniary benefit ol any individual
tir company, to be considered all advertisement
��ml charged accordingly.
All advertisements charged I'or uutil order.,
util .ind paid for.
Correaiioni'eiicc invited 011 matters ol public
iiitereil. Coniniiliiicutious to editor must lie ac
t onipanicd by ItltltlV of writer, not ueccssaril.
lor publication, but as evidence of good faith
Correspondence must reach this oflice by Tlmr.--
lay evening.
'Continued   from First Page.)
A.  O. IT.
12 meets first I
Delta Lodge, No,
made at Sointuta. ready for trans-'and third Tues(!ays ef each montll
mission to their destination. j ������ oddfellows' Hall.
After leaving Sointnla, stops were
made at Hardy Kay, the canneries
on Rivers Inlet, Xaniu, and finally
at Bella Coola about 9 p. m. on
Tuesday, the 30H1, where I  landed
on the south side ot the cannery      Delta LodSe* No- ��--The regu-
wh irf and whence I walked  about!lar nieeti��gs of this Lodge are held
two miles through a poor  trail to'every  Wednesday  evening at 3 p
Mr. Bryndilson's,  where  I obtained lodging.    I afterwards discover-
Time Table.
W. C. Pybus,, M.W. j -   	
Geo. R. Mani.ky, Recorder. !in EFFECT MARCH   26,  1905
Truiii  leaves   Port   Guichon
1.0.0 F.
��.  1905.
What about abolition of wards?
A very strong  petition  has beei
sent to the government from this
district,  asking   for   a ferry con
nectioti     with   Westham    Island.
What has become of it ?
Under the above heading W. H
Marcan writes to the Colonist a
much deserved rebuke to the officials of both Victoria and San
Francisco in refusing permission to
an elderly lady to land because of
her apparent inability to pay her
way.   Following is the letter :
.Sir���England, Canada and America all claim to be Christian nations; that is, actuated by the
spirit of the Great Teacher. We
may well ask ourselves, Are we?
When we have brought before us
in the daily press, the spectacle of
on old lady, who has no means of
support, and therefore is dubbed a
pauper, now travelling to and fro
between San Francisco and Victoria for a month past, and not allowed to land for fear tbat she may
be a burden on the community.
Where are our charity organizations? Or the ministerial associations of San Francisco and Victoria,
who p e*t_h from the text, "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the
least of these ye have done it unto
pie," and yet do not raise voice or
effort to prevent such a blot ou our
boasted civilization?
Are there none of the well-to-do
ed that I should have landed at
what is called the new Government
wharf, which is on the northern
side of the bay, whence the road
leads up the valley on its northern
side for a few miles and then,
crossing tbe Bella Coola River by a
bridge, follows the southern, or left
bank, through the entire settlement.
Wednesday, the 31st ot August,
I waited until 5 p. in. for a conveyance, when I made start with Mr.
Thos. Draney and stayed all night
at his house. Thursday, September the ist., I proceeded up the
valley lor a distance of about 17
miles to Mr. Carlson's, visiting various places en route and returning
to Christiana, where a meeting of
the Bella Ccola Farmers' Institute
was held in the evening, and which
I addressed at some length, touching on the various problems con
fronting tbe s ttlers. The meeting
was well atten led by both sexes;
many of the men were, however, absent at the canneries etc., and disappointment was expressed by others
that on account of the short notice
given ofthe meeting thev had missed it. I am bound to say that the
greatest interest was manifested, and
from the number of questions asked
it is evident that all are most anxious to obtain information of a suit- j
able character for the conditions ex-
isting at Bella Coola. At the con-
elusion of the meeting a flattering!
vote of thanks was passed and a
promise extracted that, when possible, the visit should be repeated.
At the same time, I pointed out
that en account of the time necessarily occupied in making a visit to
a place situated as Bella Coola is, I
could not promise that very many
of the experts employed by the
Government could be sent at present.
Christiana may be said to be the
centre of the settlement. It is some
12 miles trom the mouth of the river,
and has a public school, church,
clergyman's residence, two stores
and several residences in the vicinity.    A saw-mill is situated  a  few
12:40 noon and arrives at Cloverdale
at 2:00 p.m.
!**   Train  leaves  Cloverdale at 5:10
Wednesday  evening at 8 p. I Pm- a,,d arrives at Port Guichon at
m.    Visiting Brethren cordially in- ��'7>�� P���������*���
vited to attend. 	
W. R. Eu.i.s. N.G.
Delta Transfer Stable
t. LADNER, B, C.
Team Work Bono at Spaolally Low Prices.
Dr. A. A. King, Sec.
Monday,  Wednesday  and   Friday.
C. O. F,
The above Order has removed to
the Oddfellows'  Building, where it
will meet in future on  the  Second 1
and Last Thursdays of each month, i
SEEDS, Seeds, Seeds of all I
kinds to be had at McBride's. Now
s your tim.-.
W. N. Draper,
Room 2, Ullard Block, New Westminster.
There are two through passenger trains per day each way to and
from Seattle and a mixed train to
and from Bellingham.
McRAE & Co
Mill HIS
A lull line of English and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept in stock.
Wellington Coal,
Rosebank Lime,
Portland Cement,
Smithy Coal,
Sewer Pipe, Drain Tile,
Steam Tug "Flyer" and
Barges lor Hire.
Office: Front St.        Phone 1-6.
New Westminster, B. C.
I uu AND nn wra I
���*>   NEW WESTMINSTER,    .-.  B. C.
<8�� Manufacturers of ull kinds ot
<| Soda Water, Ginger
I    Ale and Summer
j. Drinks.
Jt      Your patronage solicited
��������� ���-y.a.��**..��.��^.a.��*��.��.��**.|.��^.��.����.Vt.*��.v..*..��..��.
��� Telephone
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
" Ladner" No. 10.
+.;.sH^*i*^+*+*-<'^-M**K~t*Mv*'' *+.{.+.;.+*+.���,���������>���* +.{.+.{������ *+*
The Place for Tinsmithing, Bath Tuba, Stove
Pipe, Conductor Pipe, Roof Plates, and Everything Else in This Line.
Agent for-
Gurney Foundry Co.'s Stoves.
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints.
Yoho Bath Heater.
Just the thing for nmkin*g water hot for washing dairy
utensils, scalding hogs, or for wash day. Every
Fanner's Wife Should Haw One.
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C.
New Crop Now In Stock
HOME GROWN and imported
Wholesale aud Retail.
Spedial Prices to Farmers' Institutes.
Thouands of Fruit and Ornament-
miles   below,   so that  lumber  for al Trees.
in our fair city who will see that building purposes can be obtained j RHODODENDRONS,      ROSES,
her last few years are made easy? oa reasonable terms.   The houses!    GREENHOUSE AND HARDY
If Socialism (or applied  Christian-1 built before sawn lumber was obtain-      PLANTS
ity)  were in   actual   practice,   we able are models of expert  contruc-  now growing in my Nurseries for
tion; they are built of hewn logs,
most artistically  finished with  the
would say, this is a human being,
unable to provide for herself, there
fore, we recognize her right to live,1 boad axe, showing a rare expert-
aud a good living  (no charity, no! ness in the use of that tool,  and
pauper business); and what she en-, well   dovetailed   together at    the
joyed would be rightfully hers, and  corners,
our duty would be to see that she1 =-.
Spring planting.
Eastern prices or less. White Labor.
got it. This would be simple justice. Nothing is e.er settled till it!
is settled right, and we Socialists!
claim that the present competitive!
capitalistic system breeds injustice
and cruelty and such sights as we j
have here depicted, in which a!
human being, a woman at that, is
made a shuttlecock by the author-!
ized officers of a so-called Christian
pivilized government.
God speed the day  when the co-
pperative commonwealth  shall  be
ushered in and such cruelty stopped.
(To be continued.)
Lord Snnbbcr���-That is thc picture
of my ureal ancestor,, hung by his own
hands in  15.13 "
Mrs, Dollarby���- Ah! what caused
your distinguished ancestor to take
his own life?���Chicago News.
How to Ward Off an Attack of Rheu
We cannot hope to remedy such
��cts as above when we, a professedly d-tristiftp people, are told by our
legislators that we cannot carry out
the Chrisriari law. as contained in
the Ten Cotnmandments. John
Oliver introduced, {he other dav,
an amendment to tbp Game Act
prohibiting Sunday shooting, and
was politely informed that our A<-
pembly ca,nnot legislate on the sul-
ject. Why not? Is it because our
���jegisjators are pot Christians ?
"l'nr years when spring time came
and I went into gardening, T was sure
i to have an attack of rheumatism, and
I every   attack   was   more   severe   than
' the   preceding  one,"   says  Josie   Mc-
! Donald,   of    Man,    Logan     County,
' West  Va.    "1   tried   everything  with
I no relief whatever, initil 1 procured a
battle  01  Chamberlain's  Pain   Halm,
: an.d the lirsl application gave me ease,
and before the lirst bottle was used
1  felt like a new person.    Nmv I feel
j that 1 am cured, but 1 always keep a
bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm in
with one nr  two applications of this
liniment.    For sale by J'\ J. Mackeil-
M. J. HENRY, Vancouver
3010 Westminster Road.
Notary Public,
Aiiciioneer. Estate s insurance Roeni
Ladner, B. C.
Purchatln. Agent
Brackman-Ker Milling Co.
Manure Spreaders St
Mollne Plows
take the lead everywhere,
also our	
Chatham Incubators o\
J.T. Stainton
Manufacturers of all kinds of First-Olass
Rough and Dressed Lumber.
We can deliver to any point on the Railroad in Delta*
Our Prion Is Right. Wo Can Save You Money.
Orop Gs a Lino, Onr Agont WIN Gall on You
GEO* M. THRIFT, Manager.
Clothes Altered  ClBMied anl Rtpalred.
Parcels left at W. C McBride's store and A. Wai
leer's and thc Delta Times office wiH be called
for on Monday and returned on Saturday.
Incorporated 186*��.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department*
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Ourrent Rates.
���50 BRANCHES,������
house anil when ( feel any symn- j wacfc
ins ul" a reliirw 1 SflOfl drive it away |
East End. Grand Forks, Nanaipo, Nelson, Rossland, Victoria, Chilli-
Ladner, Cumberland.
Ji K, WIUQBT, Manager,
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear and Sailor
Hats, Ladies' Skirts, Whitewear, Etc.,
A Fine Line of Embroiding\s and
Laces Just Opened.
Rib  Rock Hose
HJ.Hutcherson's THE DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY, APRIL i,  1905.
Just Out I
iii 14 Pages, ipfe is eiii size 12$,
Jll.iv.ruiiiu '.If !!-Jii,i<lK -ii  K.s.i.i.���-���.-���; of
The Richest  Province in the British  Empire.
It** coal oil, and timber; its fiilicri'-'S on seo, lake a��*J rictif; its mineral and agricultural
resourctrij iis citte-t ntiri uwns; its river, laks ami mountain scenery, e-tp.ji.illy (Uit-itratiiig
in urcftt iintiiii^Ucvetopnitut, with viewvof ull the i>ri:iei,i*i mine*, t��Ml.., im-flter-H, et.-.
Sent Post Fre: on Receipt of Pric_, $1.00.
Address Tames  Lawlei*, Rossland, B. C.
The Largest Advertiser in Mill fur Hritish Columbia n.id atltlinr of " Millions Made iii
Mines." "I*ress CltpplngM and Valuable Inf-smiut/sii.,-* "A Rift in CloHdn." "l*'or 11. C,"
. e., &c.
Best Buy in
15 cents.
Greatest Gold
Discovery   of the
Age Is tn B.C.
^g Big *m%\'
Consolidated Gold Mines, Lsenited,
Capital $625,000, of which 35 per cent in shares
is  now in our Treasury.     Shares fully
paid and non-assessable.
Mines directly west of the LeRoi and Le
Roi No. 2, War Ha_fle and Centre Star, lour
of the l��rgest Rold-copper mines iu tlie
World, all of which have paid large dividends.
r tunc identical ore and veins uow in sight
011 the MO FOUR.    Large ore bodies.
J-Wataysfrom $5to 5Sc.)'in g��ttl,*op^erY***RI-
act, tte. Very ridh rihiplaj' .nn mow on fs-
bibition in the city ore exhibit, catt.Ing wide
com ine tit.
We have nearly t-two mites of railway on
Mig Vottr propeitty mitto 'Water and timber in
Kossla-ml -ore shipments for 1902, 3.^0,0 o
tons. Shippped for 1903, about 410,000 ton.1*.
1904, nltoni 400,000 tons. Total value ol*Kossland ores mined, $31,000,000.
V.��Maud'S ore bodies are a great success
with thc concentration system or ore reduction. $3.00 ore now pays to mine as now
proved by the latest reports aud dividends.
No less than 100 share-* sold. Shires can
be had oa instnll neitt plti, payments
-motiflily Twenty per cent carfu, balance
within a year,
Company hns no debt* or liabilities, and a
Tall force of ilium W��tV working.
References.���The Hoi. Mayor, Gold Commissioner, postmaster, or any bank or business man in city.
There is a tide in the affairs of melt
Which taken at the Hood leads on to Fortune;
Omitted, all the vovage of their Uf*-
1s bound iu shallows and in miseries.
Holy Communion, ist and 3rd
Sundays, at li a.m. Other Sundays at S.30 a.in.
Morning prayer, n ^.��a.
Evensong, 7-3U p.m.
.Sunday School at io a.m., Priday
evening-, Litany and choir practice.
Rev. Canon Hilton, vicar.
A  correspondent writes i '"Your
i paragraph about the thinking h��rse
. reminds me of an  old  Lancashire
. working  ma-tc  mho retired  m\ h.is
1 ea*rm.imgs  and  be._tri.lcd   b,is leisure
time by indulgence in a -hobby   for
collecting performing animals.
"One day he saw an  advertisement ei a talking dog  for sale, so
: lie said to his son, "Look 'ere   Bill,' ^arl*B*1*;
Going for Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea
non'tt.-prityovirReir in this man's plat*c.
Suit keep a l*ottle of tliis remedy in yow \     This  JemptBltg  iiiiitgtiet   will   be
SicSlcSW^  *�����"*"   *  ��* ����*�������   Cattle
'       111 <* nihVHIll, Ts-4     ��..        -  - -.11..- 1     .. *1_ ���   . t.
New Westminster, March 30.���
j Angois goats will be slaughtered.
��� dressed ;,r,d roasted on the Fair
I groundsstkirimg the Dominion Exhibition, and tbe cooked meat will
! be served free tie all who care to
��� tackle it.
Reverend Father Edm. Peytavin,
O.M. I. Services first and third
Sunday of each month -it 10:30 a 111,
I Services next Lord's Day at 11
ia. m.and 7,30 p.m.
Class  meeting, 10.^0 a.111. every
J Sunday.
j Sabbath School ��t e p va every
I Sunday. Prayer meeting every
I Thursday-evening at S.
Rev- A. N. Millar, .pEStwr.
.Sen*ioes nevt Lord's Day at 3 p. ni
Sabbath School at 2 p m     Midweek meeting on Thursday evening!
���at 7~$q o'-atock
Service at  7-30 p.m., Pastor P.
H. McEwen will preach.    Subject,,
"An Important Question."   Special'
Prayer meeting at 7:30 Thursday,
evewing.    Singing -practice at 8:15.
All cordially limited  to  any  or all
Company of Ortiug, Wash., under
the direction oi Superintendent
George Johnston. Mr. Johnston
writes to Manager Eeary that his
company  has  had more  inquiries
It ia equally ��_tlt__ble fie
\ve mnn   ave this; ere s ten pounds, ��� -hm, .-nria has flow*., the Smss itf ma��
now thee go and buy it, ajid diniifc- sBulflren tha*o*ny<dth_r medicine in use.
,     ,     ,      .... When rednced with water and sweet-
cum back ahout it. ,nf,d it fa pleasant tbo take.
"So  the  next  da*v  Bill   started      Y*��n, *art?_i*ire^_ne t>f your family, am
with hi, teu pounds on his BI��io��te5SSS8S53^ ��rft'ish Col��"��Wa   abo��l A��-
iftf  'inn  coming  back without  it,' *** badly,; yon Wiflmeed it quickly. Whs I gora goats than from ail the north-
| and he met some friends and stood ^^eS^^fsTceSI we.tern sta,es combined, and that
tBein  drinks,  then   he  met more' I he intends to be present at the Do-
I 111inis.11 Fair with one of the large.*rt
  x _ _      ��"c ��f thc mw<->��< wflters wantsUcJiJulte 0f goats aml  other  ]iv���
L.    . .    ,, ,   , ���   ,   ,   '      .   i tn know what  art-  flic  four BWeetest
that 111 the end he rolled  home m ,   -   -    ,-    ,-, , ,<T*
��� "words :m ffne English language.     J'.n-
the early   hours  of   the morning, IClosed -please find cho_ne."���Washing-1
ton Post.
j friends and stood them drinks, and
���his hospitality  was  s�� 'Unbounded
liaA'ingdissipated the ten pounds.
"The next day his father said,
���Well, Pill, did'st" buy dogf
"'Aye,' says Bill.
" 'And can 'e talkf
" 'Talk!' says 3.in. HAh sherd
think 'e cud. We was walking
along cut-side (canal bank), and uie
were ttalkin' away, just as it might
("Westminster Branch)
Time Tabh*
stock that has ever been sentifrom
the Carbon ranch.
For the purpose of demonstrating the profits of the Angora goat
raising industry he will also have a
manufacturer's exhibit to show the
various uses ��f.ti_c.moba:r and goat
skins. iffie will ibuiieg several
wethers So batches, and hopes to
^convince .all who will call at his
I banqueting homo' that.Angoraveni-
Cnrs leave Westminster lor Vntiawvanat s 50
be me fund thee, -and 'e .looks un in aud��i?��-��>��� ��nU-hourly thermAer until .ji' p.' son is choicer.maaffhan mutton.
' ' ra.; hnturclaw jiw'.-Sundn.'s��t 11 p.ra, ,'
me een (eyes) ^aud says, ' ""Does the
feyflher still flirt wi' th"'slavey?'-
So ah kort 'im a clout otf t side of
th' yhead aud Knocked 'im i' cut
and 'ewur drowned.'
'"'Thee did quiteTeet, Bill,' said
Care lenveWanJtcnver'for w cstniiiissiers- ,f. 5.50
and tS._esB. in. anli :l.ourly thereafter until 'iu p,
m.; Satardays and Sundays at tl pan.
PRmdHT CA��*S.
Wenun tirst-elass fwight care Ihelween Westminster and Vancouver *nd all tsliipmetlts are,
handled with the utmost eare and delivered :to
consignee irit>o_t delay. Spejidlatteittionipa-.d.
tofruit sl'ipmems. Out vragou. inset lillHioitis
and trains.   Kot*i ates, etc. nprlryrfo
the father; 7ve  want .uo Amok wi' �� ��.. shidbs, t. r. glovrr
rnlkin" rlnosWf      �� ��hr����t Mgv. Vocal Ms?.
taiK.111   OOtrs 'CiC ��. | Westminster. Ji. C.
The Carbon Cattle Company will
also exhibit Persian ��liee.p, Taur-
worth hogs and Ang.Bsint11e.
IS Ots ___*___2_! Share
Any ��moantlesstth��it$100��na postofflce
or express money order; over this amount,
by bank draft to Secretary.
(Ltd )   Rossland, R.C, Canada
Order lllankg and our rtest comprehensive aud complete Itlus'rated Prasp-ctu. showing
all Ros.4aud mines and giving vahnhle iuforiuatio'i, with Maps and KeporU Irom Mining
Knginccrs, setit only to investors or those desiring to invest. Scut free on receipt of 10
cents iu stamps Tor postage.
A   Good   WorS   for   Chamberlain's
���Cough Remedy. j
"In December, 1000, I had a severe
cold and was so hoarse that I could
not speak above a whisper," says Allen Davis, of Freestone, N. Y. "I
tried several remedies; -but got no relief iirftfl 1 used Chamberlain's CourIi
Remedy, one 'bottle of which cured
mc. 1 will always speak a good word
For that medicine." For sale *by F. 7-
Marconi Wireless
Telegraph Co.,
sasSm J_f__# tnaWpnsS
Delta   Tunes
Of Canada.
IT exists under and  by nrrtue of a special act of parliament, conferring upon the scemparny unusually broad ��nd comprehensive powers,
practically guaranteeing a monopoly of the wireless telegraph.
Whe Ottawa government has set down firecooo for Marconi W'ire-
!less*stations iii British Columbia,
���   .Opportunities do   not come often.      The price of Mai-coui securities iis .advancing rapidly.   To-fiay they are
m ma ogman�� at .$��.��*.
Do not-wart too long'to buy at $5 for the price is likely te advance
any day. All applications for Marconi Securities must be accompanied
by remittance in full, made payable to the order of
Btfl-huHtiug the cost of the world's
cables at l*S*oi, 000,000, there would
be an annuel interest charge on the
world'straflic each year (at 4 per.
���cent)  of ��t2,ooo,coo.    Tke  taxes
dharged   against the equipment of
these systeiKs may be safely estimat-
���ed at one*half of one-percent., ot $i,~
���500,000, making a.-total af thirteen
.millions and ahdlf.   Bv substituting
.the Marconi Wireless for cables a
saving iu.fixed (charges of ten mil-
Uions one 'hunched and  twenty-five
thousand dollars would be made.
How long wifll the commerce of
thc world continue to pay this stupendous and unnecessary annual
S. Gintzburger,
.Sales Agent,
Vancouver, B.C.
-According (to The Commercial,
of -Winnipeg,(the visible supply of
oats in the United States _.i*d Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains,
is 15,727,000 bushels, compared
With 9,.Sfi7,ooo bushels a year ago.
Printing oi ALL hinds
Neatly Executed
Let Us Talk it Over.
Have you, young man or joung woman, -ever given the
future any consideration? Are you centent to drift along as
you are wiith a superfficial public-flchoo! cfdacation which does
not "prepare you for earning y*mr living.
There are openiiqgsifor yeung men in die business world
���as stenographer-c or-clerks. Women are eligible for the same
positions.'What could yovdo in such a position? Are you a good
.penman? Are you rapid and accurate at figures. Can you use
the typewriter so asto*write 40 words per minute? Can you do
well the many things that are required'.�� be done in thc business offices of large cities?
Unless you have taken a course in thc above you are uu-
rprepared .for off.ee work-e>icqpt in a small village. We can
���prepare you for a gead position���a "position that will iu a.few
.months pay for your-investment. Some .of our lady gradu-
���ates arc ssrning .cao a month and over.
iss W. K. Smith receives 40 per month from the
'Hastings Shingle Manufacturing Co., as stenographer. Miss
Meii/cie starts for the Yorkshire Guarantee aud Securities
Corporation at ��4*5. Several are .worJcing for the C P. R.
at #30 per month aud upward.
T��a��: Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anvon?Renvlmt!"H*.ks7tf>. rtv.description niisy
nulokly tiseeri.iu��s cm oplnloti tros trnatnOT u,
,iivp.irifm Is prr-i;r.n*7r.atFs-tan-,p.^ Ccn-.munlca-
���i.msi>trict'ly<*nMi:li>niial. HANBBOuK onr'atcim
-jut lrtio. Ol.li'st'i.L'muy lor (scourinR patents.
i';it��nts t.ilt.*n thmuL'lj Munn tk CDs recet**
ijittUAnotice, wn Itoo. ehnrfce. tn tl��e
\ Jmr Isomply iiluMfr.iP'f wnptrit. T.nntest elf
-ulatton '--f imiv pnlentUJa .tt.un.nl. rJ'enns,$8 *
vc-ir- four nmnl h**.,-*..  $oU\ *if flfl pCWBtlMlOrfi.
^7'jNN & Ca,8S*B~m1"B*- New York
Branch om���. rt_5 F��t. WuSitntrton, I), u.
We  Print   Anything  from
Wedding Stationery io
a Target.
If yen enne toAts and work-hard. If you  want further\[
���proof of the way -\ve-h*elp to'positions write us  and  w*e vwill
.send youtlttore iiam-es.
IT IS VEHT t-WUT-HIMItlOHHtlV ��>Pl.l��,
tCtolwito   ils   Rne   ^pp^i>r���'1"f������e~r''-,
But don't put off.    Every  month \you delay   means one j    ^^t^^So^*��ii?^��fo%
nnonth's salary lost.   The-Booneryeu  graduate the sooner'
���}rou are in a position.
48>Nmf*Ma&lf<eif��fMflir* iSflwr for  new
shuMtJnijj'-s *\r- itn^rintu^tdil CMOk,
bctft .fntrri-Nts h\- iisinjr'itt.
'4?ull88t dotiiia of mfoftittftltBi' in our
METALtlG R00F1NC CO., umiteb,
Business College,
,149 Haatings'Street,    -    -    -    Opposite Proviuce Office.!      ROBT. MAY, Ag
,D, H. ELLIOTT, Principal. XADNER,   -  -  -  -  -
LOCAlt j>;e\ys.
LIVI- STQ-K MI,:\ -w-eeu
R. A. Savage, wos in, to^n
!    Kamiwop-j. Match 2S>���-/There was
'" la fair attendance at the first annual
| imcjatingof the B.  C.   Live  Stoel
| Association held iu  the. City Halt
P. Riplinger took a trip up river j w  Satuxdax   afternoon,    Senator
Tuesday.  j Bo3tbck priding.
1     It was decided to have the associ-
'��� Wm. Bath has a passenger up
The Delta .Stock Yards are about
competed lor tbe time behvr, It i&
Mr. Rice's iuteiiiiloyi to, cover the.
yards in, latter on. This, institution,
should praye pf great value to our
.'armers and we hope to, see the inauguration sale, on Wednesday,
May ioth, wt^ attended..
tj.-er on Tuesday.
J.   Q-rauer cinie  down   on   the
Tratifs/er, Tl wrsday.
It was decidei
t on iucorpor .tid under the Agricul-
tural and Hjorlici^llyral Societies
Act and the ccristitiffion received a
lew   atnend:;ieui��s  vyit,h, a  v-iew  to f
Co^irt of Revision
A Yearling Bv^ll slaved onto tny'
P. Shirley  anl   wife
week;, foiy Chilliwack.
.'���jjnpjifying   th^ ejection  of mem
.bprs. ��.
The election of officers tp replace
[premises about two months ago.
Owner may have same  by proving property and paying expenses-.
left,   lutt. t*fje temporary officers appointed  at jAppJy.to
W. ]��� I*eary. jr., pajd
Westminster on Tuesday
I the organization _qe$}i;iig last year
����� ', \\aa proceeded with a^id resulted as
a. visit to I Allows; President, Senai-pr H. Bos-
itock; ist Vict*. P_e��., J. P. Shaw;
2nd Vice, J. B. Ltighton; 3rd Vice,
Ladner, B.C.
Pspa.i-C   NOTICE   is   hereby!
given tha.t the Assessment Roll of
the Muijucipahty, for the year 190,5,
lias been retiiH^d to the Council, t
The. Court ot Revision meets in the |
QovuicU Qhcunbcr, La,dner, on  tbe
22ud dav ot April, at \o a.tn.    All
complain^ agaiust the Assessment
must  be  made  in  writing  to the
Assessor  at  least ttan  days before
the ��rst meeting o�� Ihtj. Court.
Ladder, ^ayjlj, 1 ^tb,. 1 gps,     a 15
Go up a^aiasi ft apd feuy inferis��"? j��eeds.
ffaa ���� HmS aad r"SES"REST
trass,  Vegetable
Flower & Clover
~���' ** A. Wallace; Treasurer,  A.  N^ble;
Chiv,   Holmes, of the Victoria Directors, \ W. Duck, VA Fortune,
Colonist was in town this week.     j T. D. MitcWd, H.   Guernsey,   W.
VicLeod, J   5*"ii^i;.so.]i, H. Cor,ti.wa11,
i,uist, Jus, Aitjd,   V.   D.
..j.Leod, J
C. H. Trm.of Vyest^ittitf, Island,d- Brockle
oiid a visit to. Lac".tier au  Moiiday j Cnrrey.
|Jst                            ' I     N.   J.   Hopkins   vvii,s  appointed
' ������-.,...��� -~rr ! secretary by the board of directors.
Miss Cowdry, of Fort McLeod,
is paying a short visit to. Miss Hil-
tf*.u*at,the Vicarage,
Seyeral mutters of interest to cattlemen, were digci^ssed and   methods
of furthering tho objects of the association decided  upon,   the. work
j accomplished   giviijg    promise   of
Mr^Jphn Honeyman was able ensuring material benefit taraem-
tp pay  a  yisit  tb  Mrs.   A^.  DeR. i |jCrs     .
TJaylor on Wedne^aj*.  ������= *-
R^v.   P.   H.   McEwe^tj, arrived
The regular spring meetings pj
the above Institute will be held ity,
the Town Halt, Ladner, on the
evening of Saturday, April 1st, at
S p.m., aiifl at, t-i^tj East Delta
.School House.on, Monday evening,
April 3rd.
Major Jaines. Sheppard and l\ \.
Blaii(*lia^d wlijlj address the meetings*
L.idner, March 2.5*11, to-Co-
iyif Coleman and l*.ride returned
home oi},the 25th ult.. after enjoy-
hjg a short visit, to tlteSouud cities.
iou Thujadaj", evening.
LADNER, $. -y.
G.   T.   Baker was a,   msseuger
jtdown Sjhfjer on Thursday.
Wtt   haye. to thank, our friend i
Alex. Davie- fes a, generous supply j
o,f apples which was mwrfh ajjsjireci
W- H. Ladiier,, ifttirjied on Monday, after taking in the Stockbreed-
ers'j Associattou, meeting, iii, Eam-
Wiu. Gcwdy is trying tor water
Qii.hj,*-.. property. Jja*;. Leonard, (1
Port Guichoa, ia, superintendinf;
Jast;Gra:ai has pi|jchased te*n
iipres.of the Sliirley property, while
Wm. Bath has bought, the rtouse
and fiye.acres.
F. J\ Maul_eij7.ie was a passenger ;
io WesisniUsist^K, Th.ur^dax.
Robt. May paid a short business
viftiit to Westminster on Tuesday.     1
Inauguration   Sale,
If Your Eyes
Bother You
T'-ev require ^tteiitipn. Do r.ui
trifle with so serious % master. VVt
will fit them to your entire.satisfaction by the latest method kupwu to
the optical trade.
i      Graduate Optiqian,
! Consultation  & Exauiiiiation Free
1 Pallors:
T   Gifford's Jewelry Store,
���Jin...n ..������!......!���
If You cant come in to See Us, just, "W^fit for
the Wagon."   We'll Treat Ton Right,
sgggg-lHB ���zrsr.vT*
For Gro.od Qedaj D^ain Lumbei?, Planking,
Ste* Try Us,
Entries   of
Cattle,    Hor.se
Marshall Smith paid a business.
visi*t to Vancouver, aud Victpria t]|i:,.
Tht* Veil. Atqhdeacou Pentreath
will preach in All Saints." Church,
to-morrow at both, services.
H��� N. RICH,
For Saie.
Alex, Davie went) o\;e.r to Van-
couver, yesterday, and returned
with Mrs.v Ltovie-, who. has been
visiting there for a couple of weeks.
Muss, W. Witter, who has been
very ill with la grippe, left, yesterday, on a visit to her, old home
netiv Whatcom.
A number of Fine. Purebred
While Wyandottes and Buff Or-
pingt>)�� Cockerels for mating.
$6^ per Uf
G. O. Dennis*
East Delta.
u, I'mrajTrrrr-
f Horse Goods! 1
* Our Harness atul Horse PujciilsllltigB jf-
4tlms'e long, prove.l rella^f*; aud they are f
f. liullt not ouly fur style Imi wear.
I lt.tJG.Ii> McDOWEU-r ��
M---. :-'��� '��� ���  Ctxlar Shakes, Felice Posts, Drain |
Among those paying substantial ; Boards, and Hasu Po^ts.
visits this  week  are  Mrs. G.   H. j    Apply to '
Byrom,   C. H. Trim, R. A. Savage j F. C. CLINE,
and F. B. Dixon. Alluvia (.Mud Bay).]
Fashion Stables -
trucking aud  Draying.
Liyery  wojsk of all kinds attended to prprnoth--
Wm* Alexander
Lndner, B. C
LADDIES ' J;',v"i ���*tu*,,tion 'A
i��� ""  n������ called: lo, a spe-v
cial  sale  of Go Carts at  a re*,
duced price.
These are last year's patterns of
the qc^brati-jd WWTNEY niak*
and we have: owly ^T&w left.
If interested write for illustra-.
tious and prices and you wi^l bft.
more t.ian p\e.ase(J.
II. Ni'cholsqti has sqlA his property to J+ J. Motilya^n.    We t-pder-
The "Ladies'   Aid  qf the Meth-
^:alid Hairy iutends going, further od'st Chureh will meet at the home
up the river after the canning sea--, of Mjrs.   G. Paddon  on  Thursday!
son 15 over..
Leo Bia,pdrith returned home on
Saturday last, a|ter, spending a week
or so under, medical treatment in
hospital at lyew Westminster,. He
if improving rapidly qow_.
afternoou next at 3 o'clock.
G. IL Byrqqi aiid wife spent a
few days, in Vaucouyer, last week,
taking in the sights, b\rt were very
glad to get back home, again, it be,
ing so wefe and dn#ryv there.
Mrs. R.. Moffit and fataily leave
for Chilliwack, to-day, to take up
their future residence, Mr. Moffit
haying gone some- time ago.
A first--class joint put up in firat-class style
c&H or send your order to th^
Delta Meat & Commission
J. Quiejjton was tjie parcbaser of
the fiv-e Clyde fillies, imported by
K^r. Mercer a short w,hile since,
while.i|i M. Vasey. we understand,
has taken charge of Kuigl^t of
t^kms foy this.s|a��gi,v,
A fajnyly nauijid Brewster, of
Vancouver, have rei,iS?d the new
residence constructed by ^arren
d'^ve-:, Temporarily they will oc-
t^pvtiifjB.^&jm prope.Jy just vacated b^y W.'IJ. C*��rtis.
W. F. Buckipaj.iam ami. wife
Mrs. Cooney oi %a I?kind, and
Miss Lucas ot Etmri^ were visitors
Mts. Jas*. Thompson, ot Terra
Nova, spent a few days in Delta,
this week, visiting, her, cousin, W.
Aborcrombie, and many ofcher
Phone 9.
Ladner, B.C.
I _ ���-.).< .U. X__.J-
W'. E. Curtis has moved into his
handsome and commodious residence. Time is getting short for
hi��uto put ou the finishing touches
belope hjs d'*^ic* ivi the ijorth will
call hita away.
S, jk;-v --
T"-*.e Sifpck Fqo^.obtauied at MacKenzie'^ Drug Store will repay you
mai!,y told.    Try a package.
Njnv is the time to use Kick-
mot si's GA LL Cure, Will cure your
horsey whi-je. wqrking tjie*in���E> J*
Mac^.eitz-ie. '
The. finest    lit**e   of,   Chocolate
What's Sawed
Constitutes a larg* gqajt of* \v,liat is eaniedi iiji this age
of progress     You cau't be top caa'efttl of the pennies.
Realizing this aud making a strong bid for your  trade.
We have our goods marked at the lowest ppssible price
Cn.tr values caiytpt be heajteur    We invite your inspec-
Bed:   Room    FURNI-TURE-r-Suitesfrom,$i5,ooup
Dining Room FURNITURE-t--
Parlor/ FURNLTURE-r-
Carpets,  tii^leum, Oilplpth*,, Mattings,, A-qmings, pie-
t.ure Framing, &c.,&c.
Yon. will* l>e phased with, anything isj our line and
can save time, money and trouble, by coming direct here and
making you-r.. purchases.
At no-wnar cost, private individuals or business,
men can put their inkpot tan*t papers; an,d valuables in a
secure and convenient place.
This is a boon to those wlw> cV Hot possess a safe,,
and to families travelling.,
These bo-^es. tye accessibie dtvin^ aU bjtt^in,e.SS. &OU,tSj
to tht*. renter, who holds the key..
RATES;:   $b5�� per year*
Westminster Trust & Safe D-tsposit Co., Limited^
Author-iz.4?d Capital,, $25,000^
New Westminster, B. C.
?assA._..->....u. ^j_.j!-"a_a,i_Hgnai
J. HART & CO.,
Just Received*
A I-jarge Stoek ���aFBuggie^
Piows^ Boot Cutters,,
Hay Gutters,. Ensilage
Outers. Etc., at
Q. TV BAKER^S ^^mm%.
at tbe^Pwsqnage during the week, j Creap, e.t.c\, of allth? best manufac- '
Mr. BvifCkititivCJ? poachedivery ac-l ture.coinpoi-ed..ofG. B.'s.Worslev's, ���
oeptably   to-, the   congregation   at J McCormick's,      Robertson's    and
^tory ou Sunday evening last.     Smith's���City   Bakery.
Lee's Furniture Emporium,
New Westminster. B. C,
Ladies1, Chatelaine "W"at$i<ai| f^o^t $5 up,
Ladies' Gold Watohes f.e*Qjrfc $|�� up.
Curt QlasSi Silverware, m* til Ifeda Qf Jew%
elr^y at EASTER^ FR^QE^
Jeweller, Etc.. Etc.


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