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The Delta Times Apr 9, 1904

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Vol. I. No. 31.
$1.00 a year
Grand Opening
New Spring ��
Summer Goods
I   '
���At the���
Appropriations for Work
���Contracts Awarded���
; Accounts  Passed   and
Cheques Issued.
Ladies' Ready-to-wear Hats.
We: have a large and well assorted Stock
of Hats and Sailors, away below city
prices.    Call and see these before deciding.
We Have fust placed in sStock over 50
pieces of CRUriS prints in all the new
English Ginghams from Wo up.
Sample Skirts.
We have about 15 Sample Skirts left,
marked below regular cost. Just the
thing for Spring.
Ladies' Whitewear, Childrens' Dresses,
etc., etc.
Men's Mats.
Our new Spring Hats and Caps are now
ready for your inspection:
HATS - From $1 to $3
CAPS From 25o to 7So
Colored Shirts.
We bave  the Finest  Range of Colored
Shirts ever shown in Ladner; also Boys'
Shirtwaists at Popular Prices.
Don't buy your Spring Suit until you
lave seen Onr Stock, WE HAVE THE
Linoleums, Lace Curtains, Window Shades, Curtain
Poles and Trimmings,
Marshall Smith
A rich incident is told of a/ certain
English garrison Wbetfe it was the
duty of air- officer's se. vant to take
bis master's meals" to him when he
commanded tlie guard.
On o��e occasion- the luncheon
Was brought, but the officer was
otherwise engaged, and ne let it get
eold. Preseatfy no sailed the bflg-
"Can you," he said, '"eat my
luncheoU in the guard foom?"
"Yes, sir" answered the bugler.
"Well, take it away atiddcrfo,
Will you?"
"Yes, sir.'-
"Of Course the bugler entered the
guardroom quite pleased with the
treat. He sat down and shared tke
itMieh with bis coiajxadesy all the
while thinking the officer meaut him
to eat it.
But imagine the agonized k ok on
his face when suddenly there came
ar voice in th* gfiiardroom. "Is the
bugler there?"
"Yes, sir."
"Tell him to bring my luncheon.
I think it is warm enough now.
A Mother's Recommend aticm.
I have used Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy fer a number of years and
J have no hesitancy in saying that it
is the best .remedy _bf coughs, colds
aud croup I have ever usfed in my
family. I have not words to express my confidence in thi* remedy.���'Mrs. J. A. Moore, North
Star, Mich.���For sale by F< J.
The market this week was very
good ou the whole, with prices
about the same as last "week. Beef
a little scarcer, pork a little freer.
Beef, forequarters, 7c. te7#e.;
hindquarters, 9c. to 9}_c.
Pork, 8c. to 9>_c.
Mutton, ioc. to ne.
Veal, 8c. to ioc.
Chickens, $6"*_  to $8 J. per doz.
Eggs, fresh, 25c. per doz.; cased,
Butter, 30c. to 35c.
Spring lamb in good demand as
a luxury.
According to The Commercial,
of Winnipeg, the visible supply of
oats in the United States and Canada, eaja of the Rocky Mountains,
is 10,690,000 bushels, compared
with 7,183,000 bushels a year ago.
Ceuncil met in the Town Hall,
Surrey Centre, April 2nd, the
Reeve and all members being present.
Minutes of previous meeting
were read and confirmed.
From John McKenzie, enclosing
plans of survey of road to bridge
approach. Received, and cheque
issued to Mr. Hill tor $45.
From John Armstrong, protesting
against the Council bringing the
water over the hill on the H. P.
read as it would injure his property.
Frptn E. M. Wiltshire, complaining of damage to his land by reason
of water froai the H. P. road ditch
and requesting the Council to attend to the matter.. Received and
referred to the Reeve aud Coun.
Bose to act.
From J. H. Starr, re draining
into the Milton road ditch. Received.
Freai H. Harper, a bill for $2
for use of school for.election. Received and cheque issued.
The following appropriations
were made: Ward I., $50 for the
Bose road for grading; Ward II.,
$80 for gravelling Newton road,
$60 for the .Hjorth road, #100 for
the Scott road and $100 for the
Johnston road; Ward IV., $100 for
gravellingthe H. P. road, and $100
for the corduroy and gravel on the
C. V. road, tenders to be in at next
The following contracts were
Ward I.���Duark's Hill, grading
to Lyman Everett for $30, corduroying to C. H. Duark for $30; corduroying C. V. road, north of Yale
read, to S. Williams & R. Triggs
at $2 per rod; south of Yale road
to C. C. Cameron at $2.50 per rod.
Ward II.���Borgstroin road to
Fred Klein, corduroy 75c per rod,
ditching, 35c per rod, removing
stutfips, $10; corduroying Bon Accord road to I. Jobannessen at $i-
per rod.
Moved by Coun. Bose, seconded
by Coun. Johnston, that the Reeve
and Coun. MacKenzie draw up
j specifications for work on the Milton and C. M. roads, with power to
receive tenders and let the work by
the 23rd of April.    Carried.
Moved and seconded that the
Court of Revision be held in the
Town Hall, Saturday, May 14th,
at 10 o'clock a.m., the Court to
consist of the Reeve and Couns.
Bose, MacKenzie, Johnston and
Brown, and that the Assessor arrange the list of appeals in the order of their receipt and post theta
according to law.    Carried.
Coun. Bose gave notice that he
would introduce a Revenue By-law
at next meeting.
Coun.   Mackenzie   gave   notice
that he would introduce an amendment to the Pound By-law at next
Messrs.   Chtis.   Brown,   C.   D,
There was a fair attendance at
the Farmers' Institute meeting last
evening.    Dr. Tolmie, of Victoria,
who was the only speaker, took for*,
his main subject .the "Feeding and
Care   of    Horses."     The   Doctor
went into his subject vety minutely,
starting with the selection of daa
and sire, and following down to the
finished product, as he leaves the
breeders'   hands   for  tbe market.
The Doctor described all the principal contagious and hereditary diseases which horseflesh it heir to,
prescribing the best known remedies for them.    At the request of
one of  the members, the DoctOt
gave a splendid description of tho
ideal draught horse.
After his address, Dr. * Ifolmie
said that he would be only too glad
to answer any question and proscribe for any diseases of the do-
Moggridge and J.  D. Paris  were
appointed fence-viewers.
Four applications were received
for the position of Road Tax Collector and as J. A. McCallum was
the lowest the position was awarded to him at a commission of 8
per cent, on collections, he to be
kept under the bonds of a guarantee company for the sum of $250
and to turn over to the Clerk at
least once eac-h month all moneys ���
collected for road t&x.
The following accounts were
passed and cheques issued: Brunette Sawmill Co., plank, Ward II.,
$13.92; H. Morey & Co., stationery and letter book, $2.60; A. L.
Kendall, M.D., balance of salary as
M.H O., 1903, $50; Dingle & Gal-
braith, printing, $19.35; W. Eyles,
account of contract Archibald road,
Ward II., $94; J. Edwards, contract Quible road, Ward II., $28; J.
Williams, work on Williams road,
Ward II., $25; J. Chnrchland, 2
tape measures, $4.50, supplies
$10.20���total, $14.70; A. Heinze,
work on C. M. road, Ward  I.,  $4;
Ed. Martin, do., $3; S. Williams, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
corduroy Gordon and Township j mestic animals from tbe horsedowa.
Line roads, Ward I., $37.85; W.|to the dog. This was evidently
Both well, do. C. M. and Township, what the meeting was  laying tor,
and during the next hour  there
was a great deal   of information
given  relative to the   diseases  of
cattle, sheep and swine and their
various remedies.
The meeting   adjourned   at   it
$540; Schaake'p.m.,  after a vote of thanks had
cartage, account j been tendered to the speaker.
Line roads. Ward I., $60; J. Wilson, cutting tr>*es Kirkland and McLellan roads, Wards 2 and 3. $9.25;
Wm. Corbett, corduroy McBride
and M. B. ro.ds, Ward 3, $10.75;
J M. Welsh, hauling gravel, Wade
road, Ward III.
Machine  Works,
Serpentine bridge contract, Ward
III., $1; H, Harper, use of school,
$2; A. J. Hill, survey bridge approach, $45; J. A. Stayt. contract Uute meetings here. He is a per-
Slayt road, Ward V., $25; I. S.: feet mine of information in matters
Johnston, account indemnity, $25; pertaining to his profession, and his
J. C. Allen, account Serpentine; pleasant and fluent manner of ad-.
bridge contract, Ward III., $1,000;', dressing a meeting together with
I. S. Woods, repairs to C. M. road,: his brilliant wit, makes him ��1-
Ward IV., $3. 1 ways welcome.    We hope that this
Council then adjourned to meet is not the last opportunity we will
again on Saturday, May 7th, at 1  have of listening to him.
o'clock p.m.
Dr. .Tolmie is undoubtedly Jjie
most interesting of the many speakers who  have  addressed the Insti-
Julius C. Lay, United States consul general at Barcelona, telegraphs
as follows to the associated Press:
"An explosion of gas occurred here
last night giving rise to a report
that a 'petard' was exploded as
King Alfonso was leaving the exhibition. The explosion, however,
took place a mile from where the
King was."
R. D. Cooper, representing Kelly
Douglas Co., of Vancouver, was in
town, on Friday.
A meeting of the Anglcan Clericus will be held in Ladner on Tuesday the 19th.
In the afternoon the clergy will
meet at the home of Rev. Canon
Hilton and discuss a portion of the
Greek Testament and a paper will
be read by a member and discussed.
In the evening a special service
will be held in All Saints Church at
7:30, when the Rev. H. G. F.
Clinton, rector of St. James, Vancouver, will preach.
Some ten Clergy wiil be present**
J. Stevens, representing W. H.
Leckie, cf Vancouver, was in town
this week.
Quite a company of young peo-1
pie arrived yesterday to attend the
musieale at T. E. Ladner's.
Little Katie Muir, of Wes.min-
! ster, has been visiting with Miss
I Minerva Smith this week.
L. W. Paisley, sec.-treas. of the
Dairymen's & Live Stock Association, was in town, Thursday.
T. E. Ladner has already 20
acres sown to wheat, not too bad
for Delta land by the 7th April.
SPECTACLES!  Spectacles !! j
���Call at the Drug Store and have
your  eyes  tested free of  charge.'
Your old glasses have served their
day and are past their usefulness.
A nice new wing  is being built
onto  the  Delta  Hotel, 30x30 two
storeys, which will enable the proprietor to accommodate quite a few
more patrons during the busy season,   and  this, with  the  increased
accommodation  recently  added  to
1 the   Shirley   House,   gives   us   a
J couple of first  class  hotels unsur-
I passed by few, if any other district
I iu this province.
This has been a week of parties,
W. H. Ladner being first on the
roll, his taking place Monday night,
Next was W. J. Lanning, on Tuesday, then, on Wednesday was W.
H. Smith's turn, with that of Miss
C. Smith, Thursday, and winding
up last night with a grand musieale
at T. E. Ladner's.
Tbe Friends of Ray Hutcherson
will be pleased to hear that he has
again won the Gold Medal for the
second time as "dux" of the school.
He also won some distinction in thq
cadet corps: passing firj",t and wining color-sergeant's chevrons for
the year, of which he is very prou4i
Pnumc bverv Satubday.
9v*ac*xrtvott, $L00 per year.
ADrmenuxo rates.
Caaaat Advertisement*, to ce_U per Use foi
Idle tint insertion, and 5 cents per line for each
aaheeejuent insertion. Tbe number ot linn
reekencd by tbe space occupied, is lines to the
Kates lor Commercial Advertisements can be
fcad ������ application at this office.
Reading noUcas 10 cent* per Une (or each in-
Birtb aad Death notices, jec., Marriages $t.oo.
Any special notice, tbe object of which is to
framot* tbe pecuniary benefit of any individual
ar company, ta be considered an advertisement
aad charged accordingly.
All advertisements charged for until ordered
���nt and paid for.
Correapsndence invited on matters ot public
interest. Communications to editor must be accompanied by name of writer, not necessarily
1st publication, but as evidence of good faith.
Correspondence must reach this oSce by Thursday tvenlng.
SATUBBAY,  APBII. 9,   I9��4*
Th* new sidewalk wliich has
been laid en Stanley itrtet ia a decided improvement to the residential portion of our town. This
street, which haa not hitherto received very Muck attention from
p,nj ot tke municipal authorities,-
excepting the tax collection, has
Bade rapid progress during tht
lait few years and boasts of a
number of very fine residences.
The new Council deserves much
credit for their generous treatment
���f thia part of tke town, they having furnished the material for tke
pew sidewalk.
Tke Ladner Cornet Band, at
present practicing under Instructor
Arthur S. Leslie, it getting in
thtpt tt furnish tke public with
tome good programmes. It is the
intention of thc Band, at iton at
the weather permits, to give a
aeries of open air concerts which,
we are turer will be very muck appreciated. In tke meantime they
intend giving a conctrt in the
Town Hall, when the public will
have an opportunity of noting the
progress thc Band kas made br
faitkful practice during the winter
pontkt. Quite a number ot new
instruments have been added from
time to time, the latest being a
trumpet-comet, which Instructor
Leslie kas imported for his own
use at leader.
There is always room in tke
Band fer 'new players and in this
connection we have been requested
to state that Mr. Leslie will give
free tuition to any young men or
boys who wish to learn an instrument. This it an especially favor-
- able offer and can well be taken advantage af by any young man
wishing a mnri.il education. Mr.
Leslie is qualified to teach any instrument in use in a military band
and if there are any young men de-
airing to take advantage of this
pffer they should consult with him
at their earliest opportunity.
Mist Katie Robertson, of Columbian College, spent the Easter
holidays at the guest of Miss Florence Kirkland. She returned to
Westminster on Tuesday.
Cameron McEwen, of New Westminster, who wat a guest at Trtn-
jint Park for a few days, left, on
Tuesday, for Vancouver, to attend
pie Teachers' Convention being
held in that city.
Geo. La*seter and wife, who intended going north last week to the
��kcena .River, were prevented fr��m
jlping so br the sudden illness of
||rs. Lasseter. We are pleased to
{tarn that she is progressing nicely
and that she will soon, be around
C.P.R. Train Wreck
D. M. Ellis and About
Stranded at Portage La
Prairie, March 24.
Thursday's No. i left Rosser last
night at 9 o'clock and reached here
at 2 a. m- The train was crowded,
mostly with immigrants. A representative of this paper interviewed
some of the passengers and they
said that while at Rosser the cars
were kept warm and that the passengers did not suffer any great in
convenience. The majority had
food with them and the farmers a
round Rosser used them well and
gave them plenty to eat after the
storm had cleared up.
The train stayed here about
twenty minutes and pulled out
about fifteen minutes after a snow
plow which was going before
clearing the road. All went well
till they came to within four miles
of MacGregor when a big wreck
took place. The snow plough was
making fair progress through the
drifts and the snow was flying up
all atound it and shutting out the
rear lights so that the engineer on
the passenger train was unable to
see the plow and thinking it was in
advance crashed into it with great
force, smashing to kindling wood
the caboose 01. the rear of the plow.
Both engines were thrown into the
air and badly broken, one engine
turned upside down and the other
rolled over on its side. The coal
tender of the engine pushing thc
the plow was also badly smashed
but it succeeded in pushing the
plow into MacGregor. The strangest part of the whole mixup was
that nobody was seriously hurt.
The caboose behind the plow contained 11 men and none of them
were injured beyond a" few bruises
although thc caboose was completely wrecked and torn off the
wheels. The fireman in the front
engine was thrown from the cab
about twenty-five feet in the air and
struck his head on a telegraph pole
and sustained a severe scalp wound.
When the Jrain struck the plow,
the passengers, who were mostly
asleep, were thrown from their beds
and many were the bruises and
cuts received. In the front car,
which was filled with Galicians,
a panic at once ensued among the
foreigners All crowded out into
the aisle and made a rush for the
doors, some prayed and some cursed
and all were so terrified that tke
car was a perfect bedlam of screams
and racket. It took quite a while
to pacify the foreigners, but when
they saw that none were hurt and
that the train was still on the track
they quieted down and became as
indifferent as before.
When the wreck was summed up
it was found that both engines were
useless, and the tender of the engine pushing the plow was gone,
the caboose wat demolished and the
baggage car on the front of the
train bad left the rails. The track
was badly torn and thc rails were
twisted and bent for about 150 yds.
An engine from Portage went out
about 7:30 and hitched onto the
rear of the train and hauled it back
to town arriving here at 9 o'clock.
Thc passengers, about 500 in
number, comprising ten cars all
loaded, came down town and the
various hotels, restaurants and confectionary stores were kept busy
supplying them with breakfast.���
Portage la Prairie Telegram.
"For years when spring time
came on and I went into gardening,
I was sure to have an attack of Rheumatism and every attack was more
severe than the preceding Que,"
says Josie McDonald, of Mam,
Logan county, West Va. ' 'I tried
everything with no relief whatever,
until I procured a bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm, and the first
application gave me ease,  and be.-
fort the first bottle was used I felt
like a new person. Now I feel that
I am cured, but I Always keep a
bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm
in the house and wheu I feel any
symptoms of a return I soon drive
it away with one or two applications
of this liniment���For sale by F.
J. MacKenzie.
Holy Communion, ist and 3rd
Sundays, at 11 a.m. Other Run-
days at 8.30 a.m.
Morning prayer, 11 a.m.
Evensong, 7 p.m.
Sunday School at 10 a.m., Frid-iy
evening, Litany and choir practice
Rev. Canon Hilton, vicar.
Reverend Father Edm. Peytavin,
O.M. I. Services first and third
Sunday of each month at 10:30 a m
Services next Lord's Day at 3 p. m
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Wednesday evening at 7.30.
Rev. A. N. Miller, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 2 p m Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
Thos. Oswald, minister.
Service every Lord's Day evening at 7:30 o'clock.
Services conducted by
Rev. L. E. Tranter.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
When you feel dull after eating.
When you have no appetite.
When you have a bad taste in
the mouth.
When your liver is torpid.
When your bowels are constipated.
When vou have a headache.
When you feel bilious.
They wlll improve your appetite,
cleanse and invigorate your stomach,
and regulate your liver and bowels.
Price 25 cents per box.���For sale
by F. j. MacKenzie.
The Time Table which came into
force on the 27th ult. is as follows:
No. 1���Leaves Victoria at 7 a.m ,
arrives at Guichon 11:30 and at New
Westminster, 2 p.m.
No. 2���Leaves New Westminster at 1 p.m., Guichon, 3 p. m.,
arriving at Victoria 7:20 p.m.
A. O.   U. W.
third   Tuesdays   in
dell's HaU.
12,  meets   Grit   and
each month lo Wad-
T. W. KERR, Recorder.
1. a. f-
Court Osseo, No. -3,4.43 meets
in I 0 O F HaU, 3rd Tuesday in
each month Visiting brethren
alwavs welcome. C. R, J B
Burr'; R  S.   B S   McDonald
��� ���H'H 1' ������.- ��� "I- H��v "H "H "H -H ������ fr+*fr^**>**��fr>* *.��� ��� ���!-��-l-��-h-��-����� ���.{.�����
*    Delta Transfer Stable   1
1 0.0 F.
Delta Lodge, No. 21.���The regr
Inr meetings of this ijCodge are hel
every Wednesday everti.n , at 1 ;
111. Visiting Brethren dot-did!)} '������
vite'i to iittend.
F. J. Mackenzie., N.G.
A. W. Oliver, Sec.
J Horse Goods I  (
i S     Our   Harness and  Horse Furnishings  '
'   have long proved reliable, and they are 3 '
J" built not only for style but wear. , .
j* huoh Mcdowell, <,;
^* LADNER. B. C. ' *.
X"*x-x*��x ��� x��x>:*" *����� * ��� a-****
Notary Public,
Moeeer, Estate i torn
Ladner, B. O.
Purchasing Ageat
Brackman-Ker Milling Co.
��. Manufacturers of all .kinds ol
B. C.
���{��� Soda Water, Ginger .]
Ale and Summer
1       Your patronage solicited      J
60  YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights 4c.
IoIUt ascertain our opinion freewEethsr au
.-.mtinn is probably piuentable.   Comtuuntca-
.isstrlcllyconlldentlaL HANDBOOK on Patent*
it free. Oldest agency for securing patents.
I'.Uents taken through Munn A Co. receive
Scientific American.
V handsomely Illustrated weekly. Largest clr-
itlatton of any scientific journal. Terms, 13 a
/ear; four months, IL 'Bold by all newsdealers.
Branch Offloe. IBS T.St, Washington, D. C,
��� Telephone "Ladner" No   in ���
**M-**H*- -frfr-H** ��-H-t*-�� *p ��� ���!�����*.--��'r���� .����� �����* .f+sfr-H'-t*-*-*--'**�� fr��*fr*��*^.fr-����t.
X     Team Work Done at Spissially Law Prl&sa.      +*
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
Practical Ii vrsestioeing &
ATI Kinds of Repairing
W, H. Taylor's.
Stokes A Cullis
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. <��
Gents' Clothing,
Hats & furni^lngs
At All Prices.
Best Line of Boots & Shoes in Toirn.
Rubbers to Suit Everyone.
Staple Dry Goods at Lowest Prices
Fashion Stables -i TAILORING
Trucking and Draying.
Livery work of all kinds attended to promptly.
Wm* Alexander
I.adaer. B. C.
Incorporated 18*9.
CAPITAL, $3,000,000.      RESERVE, $3,000,000
' A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department*
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
NOVA SCOTIA���Halifax, An-
tigonish, Bridgewater, Guysboro,
Londonderry, Louisburg, C. B.Lunenburg, Maitland, Pietou, Port
Hawkesbury, Shubenacadie, Sydney, C.B.; Sydney, Victoria Road;
Truro, Weymouth, Amherst
Ottawa, Toronto,
QUEBEC ��� Montreal, Montreal
West End, Montreal Westmount.
N E W F OU N D L A N D -- St.
Bathurst, Dalhousie, Dorchester,
Fredericton, Moncton, Newcastle,
Rexton, Sackville, Woodstock, Ed-
BRITISH COLUMBIA ��� Vancouver, Vaacouver East End, Grand
Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland,
Victoria, Chilliwack, Ladner.
���Oarlottetown, Sunitnerside.
CUBA ��� Havana, Sautiago de
Republic, Wash.
H. Kf WRIGHT, Manager,
���-'DBALElt IK���
Bicycles, Farm Implements, Hardware, Coal, Coal Oil, & Gasoline.
Agent for the McCormick Machine
.and Binder Twint;
Manufacturer of Wooden Pumps.
All Rinds of Repairing. Farmers'
Scales. Auctioneer.
Ctotbes ARei-sd.-.CIsata-Mlaa-9l K*f-le__.
Parcels left at W. L. Melrlde's stare and k. Wat
ker's aad W. K. WeClellaa's karkar she* sriU �����
railed -for aa Msaday aud returaed aa ���atai-day.
W. N. Draper,
Iwa I, XUar-1 Block, Mew WesflaHat.
Electric im cm w
(Westminster Branch)
Time Tabic
Cars leave Westminster for Vancouver at jsS��
aud 6.se a.m. and hourly thereafter until is p.
tn.; Saturdays aad Sundays at ic p.m.
Cara leave Vaucouver for Westminsters at 5.5s
and *.;o a. ra. and hoarly thereafter until m p.
aa.; Saturdays and Sundays at 11 p.m.
We raa Irst-class ftcijht csrs between Westminster and Vancouver and all shipments are
handled with the utmost care and delivered to'
consignee without delay.   Special attention paid \
to fruit shipments.    Onr wagons meet all boats
aad trains.   For rates, etc. spply to
D   A. SHH.RS, K. a. <CtOV8K
Traffic Mer. <Loeal Mfr.
Westminster. B. C.
For Service.
Jit   I
Bred ky S. I. Thompson a eem.
Yorkshire Soir, fan-owed Hit
6th, 1903. His dam, Woodbine
Rosa Belle, was Sweepstake Sow
and Utter at Winnipeg in 1902.
tbe Delta times, Ladner "THE DELTA TIMES, "SATURDAT, APRIL 9, 1^04.
���Oa.  TI>����Khstleaa   Chlldrea   and   ���*
���xtrae. Froas OM Masarlc'a Diary.
A group of voting folks from the in l*1
tWhool stood oa the corner, giggling at old
Maggie, tbe brown mare, wbo, -hitchcv: >o
s* post near by, atood patiently switchi,,g
Away at the flias. The young folk*, laugh-
.at at her rough -hide, her stumpy tall and
-Manly ieet. They called her Nanuy
tBanks, Qnnpewder aad Bucephalus.
The aazt morning, when thu glgglers
���filed Into the schoolroom, they uw on the
"BXTBACTa raou the hart ee ah ols
���OII8 B.
MI am enly.an eld bone, -but when I
-aras young I wni handsome, nnd I took a
ifrlde ln letting ao one pas* tue. Now I
���an do little, bat H try to dotibat well I
Oaks invalids.and timid old ladies out
striving. 4 let little children drive me,
���nd tbey can slap-the lines, mttie tbe whip
pad shout as *1oudly aa tlioy ..wish; lt
setoeea't try,ny aervaa. Sometimes they
.���limb wt, back for a rido .I.atep very
s-aarefully, aa thay won't fall off .Soldo
-when the-baby toddles around aad lata
���swopping grass en the lawn
''I aaa always ready ta carry plcnie par-
4ke to tha woods. I go for the doctor. I
rtsks gneste to tbe trala. I never shy at
Meeting engines, felcyolee, baby carriages
��ar wbeelbarrowi. I take grandma,to the
-weekly prayer meeting and sewing society. I don't remember ever -playing a
jneaa trickiin my life. Some time in the
?.future yan may be .aid, poor and slew.
Saw would yoa like ta be -laughed at?"
The scholars read tha words, looked at
���a* aaether, giggled a little���very feeble
giggles���then, with 'lathed facet, bent
���*��T��r thtlr. beoke.
Bnt .they wen thinking!��� Mary I. Q.
jktisa. !��� Yeath's Campaniea.
Tbey are free public acnoois, almost us
fully aa with us, and are attended by tbe
children of the. peasants and poor townspeople as welUaa by the mas of govern-
meet officials .and rich merchunts, n .10
Jatenare to go to*the nniversity at Tculsk
ar perhaps to .Russia for their col litre
worse. But tore, though some-are nobis
"by birth and others are mere peasants, nil
are treated exactly alike, and all dress in
.* uniform closely copied from thnt of tha
.army. Even the girls, who always have
separate schools from the boys, wear a
���simple -regulation dress, so that there li
���so heart burning in little Anna.from the
.cottage In the back street, because lit :e
Lady Anna, from the great hours on tne
square, has a, fino dress. The teachers tire
all regarded ns officers of the government
.and wear a military uniform 'Ihe sc) -il
���is drilled,in tactics-every rinv andeonu, _
.-all its exercises after ir.i/,fciry models,
training Its boys Into soldierly young mun
The uniform Is not so pretty as ti. t
���worn by the cadstsaf our own unlit
���schools, and It is comical to see u li
chap, wltb a round, roguish face uii.mr
���his flat oap, wearing big boots and a gray
overcoat belted about him, vt ith .Lifts lo. a
.���sough to touch tbe ..ground, but.wlien bi
rhas earned t he rank of corporal or eergeu 111
In hts.selioul I at.talion and tods the luar ���>
et Ills rank en his collar hn struts x
���as proud as .a peacock.���Harper's Hut...
A ialeatin* Graustpaya.
Little Mlater rieaaaatfa-sa.
Alttle    Ulster
iQalte at heme hi
any place;
Jfethlng   la   the
world -te de,
Mat te stand aad
grin at yeu,
While hia mirth
.���Makes yen-stare
and   srrla   -at
Aat  hia .xaaaltt,
���Id   twhleaed
Aad tkessr-
meats that ha
"Vender what kite
smiling fert
tut fer fua.  It
may be, #r
tllmply laughing <at hlmself-
tSach aa add. ..toed aatared i<lf.
Ilen't   fee  wfah
ysu   had   hia
Aad   the   aetw
arai-atata that
���ave   ths  peek-
With twe shabby
���/Ists,     ao
Ulster  Plsasant-
faes caa tell
Where the Map-
fktM a. a ear
w.tki    that
wlak at yen.
Trees a reuaded
eheek     er
Ver he eaptured
eease, I knew,
Aad his grins, the
iSaared them se aeaarety they
(tllmply eeuld aat break away!
���Chisago BeearC
"���ee, grandpapa, my a ewer!" ahe ��n
"I found lt in the grasses!"
And. with a kindly smile, ths sage
���urveyed It through his glasses.
"Ah. yes," he staid, "MTelusrat*.
And all the florets llgulata.
Cerslla eamepetaleus, '
CempesUae, exogenous,
A pretty specimen lt la,
Taraaaoum deu-leeaie!"
the teek the Wessem back asabt,
His face her wistful eye on.
3 thought,"  she said,  with qui-
"It was a dandelion!"
���Uaraaret JoKnaea ln Si   'Sit...
Tint Her Rnslnesa.
"Woman I" he cried in a voloe of Mror
d��r.   "Don't you know you'll drive matt
����iy gravef"
"No!" the retorted, with a onrl of -b��
ruby Up. "Tha hoarse driver will d��
that!"���Up to Date.
ttahaal ChlUrea la Siberia.
Tbe military rule tbat geveras all Rat-
���Se extends te the schools aad enlle������
As (he Restynsss Dwlaglee.
Bin���I really ought to have a new bat.
He���How would it do to stick a few
teathsrs in the top crust ef one of those
plea yon baked last weekf You would
have something that-would last then.���
Cincinnati Enquirer.
The Dlaaleat Helrrht af Talaa*.
No laurel wreath entwine for rae;
Ily very name posterity
Bhall never know, and yet, without
Ths slightest shadow of a doubt,
A here brave, triumphant, free,
I've thla day proved myself te Ml
Wet th the battle'! orlmssa fray,
Not In ths sight ef men, I say;
That which I did wss braver far
Than any fearful fear ef war.
Than any deed which sent er boek
-Perpetuates���J, Bred tbe sees'
[On a Scotch moor.)
���Then fairies dance on the moor by atgbt
(Golden hair ln the heather),
Stray silken threads from their dainty heads
Hay haply cling to the flowering ling
Or tbe pink snd purple heather
i     (Mine eyes are blind in the mystic light
But none, the less 'tis a winsome sight).
When morning breaks and the fairies flee
<G_��uamer threads in tbe heutlier).
The moorland shines with gliut'nlng lines
Like harps new strung with cold and slun;
On the yink and pnrple heather
(Gossamer threads are all I see,
Bat oeua the leas tbey af a harps for me).
Aad when the wind breathes, fnr and near
(.Eoliun harps in the heather),
Sweet music rings from        tiny strings
And srilil and free is the     . uony
Thr..i'.i:h the pink aud purple heather
(Never u rvue may rawh iny oar,
Bnt none the luss It it sweet 10 hoar).
���1 ull uiuli Magazine
A Hymn Thnt Mnde the War tcaata
Loner Tht-lr Maskets.
The Presbyterian prints a war anecdote
of an unconventional sort Different, read
ers will read more or leas into it, accord
Ing to thoir Jiff-rent habits of mind, but
all will And it interesting.
Some Americans who wero crossing the
Atlantic mot .in the cabin on Sunday
night to slug hymns As they sang the
Hast hymn, "Jesus, Lover of My Soul,"
one of them beard un exceedingly rich and
beautiful voice behind him He looked
round, and, although he did not know the
face, be thought that, he knew the voice
So, when thu muslu copsed, he turned and
asked tbe, man If he had beon in the civil
war. The man replied that he had boen a
Confederate soldier.
"Were you at such a place on suoh a
night?" asked the first man.
"Yes, "replied the socond man, "and a
curious thing happened that night which
this hymn hat recalled .to my mind I
was posted on sentry duty near the edgo
���f a wood. It was a dark night and very
cold, and I was a little frightened beoause
the enemy were supposed to be very near.
About midnight, when everything wus
���till and I was feeling homesick and mis-
arable .and weary,-I thought tbat I would
comfort myself by praying and singing a
.hymn, il remember tinging these lines:
"All my trust ou thee Is staid,
All.my help from thee I bring;
Cover my defenseless'head
With the shadow of thy wing.
"Aftor singing tbat a strange peace
came down upon cue, and through tiie
Jong night I felt no more fear."
"Now," said tbe other, "listen to my
story: Iiwas a Union-soldierand was In
'the wood.thatinIghfc.with a party of scouts.
I saw yon .standing, although 1 did not
see your fnoo. My men bad their rifles
focused upon you, waiting the word to
Ave, but When you tang,
"Cover my defensdess head
With the shadow of thy wing.
I  said,-Bi***f>.. lower your rifles; we will
go home.' "
Dla-retlbllttr erf Gold Faaa.
It is impossible to digest articles of food
until they are raised to a moderately high
temperature. Much of the illness prevalent in summer would be a voided if people
ate warm food, as they do tn winter. Deli-
oate persons especially should avoid oold
dishes and drinks. They ure extremely taxing to the digestive powers and a grent
draft on tha vitality. The human system
hns Just so much power in reserve, and if
thlsls exhausted ln wanning up. the large
aii��ount of eold food that ls taken into the
stomach there is but llttlo left to carry on
the other processes of existence.
A physician of wide experience says
-that for 45 years be hat scarcely bad *
-day's Illness or an hour's pain, and thit
exemption from suffering be attributes to
an unvarying practioe of taking a plate of
hot soup three or four times a day, wintor
and. summer. His practice is largely metropolitan, and if he ia tired or overtaxed
fie mases ir. -nis-imperative autyto vistt
tl.o nearest flrst class hotel and get a dish
of the best soup he oan find. He frequently takes it without accompaniment of any
sort. Occasionally ��� cracker or roll it
eaten at the same time.
This, man declares that, all things being
equal, he will stake bis reputation on tbo
theory that nine-tenths of the intestinal
troubles of -the summer season could be
avoided by the systematic und frequent
uso of hot beverages, or, wlmt i��� better,
dishes of soup eaten as-hot a. they can be
relished.���Now Vork ledger.
Houses In Hex leu.
The principal reason that houses cannot be built rapidly in Mexico is tbat tha
walls are always made very thick in order
to withstand the occasional earthquake
shocks. In tbe thin walls usually pat np
in the United States the mortar will readily dry and "set" after the wall is erected,
but here, whore walls aro made anywhere
from S or 8 to 6 feet thick, they must be
allowed to dry thoroughly as thoy at*
built, or serious consequences result from
the drying of the outer edge wbilo the center in still "green," Thus it In that one
sees the walls all ever, a new building in
different stages of completion, und lt ie
often a curious sight to see tiiin interior
walls completed to a point much higher
.t'l.-tn the thick outside walls.���Modern
Poetical Figures.
Common people often use figures nt
speech which are both poetical and strong.
While visiting in Norfolk .near the North
tea Tennyson was much impressed With
tho saying which he there heard, " The sea.
is moaning for thc loss of tho wind."
This poetical saying lie used to compare
with another ho heard used byun old iisli-
womnn who had lost two eons at sea. pa
a stormy day she, clinching her fist at the
advancing tide, cried out:
"Aye, roar, do I   How 1 .hates to see
thee, show tby white teeth I"��� Exchange.
A Bituk Director. .
Stranger���Boy, oan you -direct me to
tlie nearest bank:'
Boy���I kin for sixpense, sir.
Stranger���Sixpence! 'Isn't that high
Boy���Yes, sir, but It's bank directon
what gits high pay.���London Punch.
"Ah, yes," she sighed. "I was robbed
���fa lover by tht cruel war."
"Which one," h6t>dsareat friend asked.
"The Mexican, the civil or the Yuuke-
Spanko."���-Chicago News.
Chamberiain'f Caegk Bawdy.
For Coagha, Colds, Croup aad Whoop.
\ag Cough. Price 25 cents; largt lite 50c.
C-tamberl.U*. Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Reaody.
Por Bawul Complaints.   Frio* J5 ceata.
Charaberiala'i Pais Balm.
Aa antiseptic liniment especially valuable for Cuts, Bruises, Sprains and Rheumatism.   Price as oente; large size 50 cent*.
Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets. ���
For  Disorders of the Ston__cl., Livtr
���ad Bowels.   Price *$ cents.
Every one of these preparations
is guaranteed and it not folly satisfactory to the purchaser tbe
money will be refunded.
E. L. Kirkland
Deeds, Will?, Leases, "Agreements
i Partnerships drafted and pre-
re'7 promptly.
Office: Next doorto"Dr."King's.
__^50 tq,	
W. A. Kiridand.
A conttant ^ttpply. of? Ooad MiHr
Cows for ,-prlvaie .-"fatftilies. er f��r
dairy use -on batid.teko
30 Hcad'YiMingrStock.
���^ed5, Trees,
Home Grown and Imported, rromrtfee Best add Host Reliable
European and American Growers. iEach variety of Seeds
T*3sted as to vitality before^sejidtHg out
Ea&tern Prices or Less.
SOOOO Home Grown Fruit aad Ornamental Trees __tT-tSpi*iqc-^S-lt(.
Get our Catalogue before placing your orders.
Ift. J. iMffiy,
3010 Westminster Hoad
>     Vsmcouver. B. O.
-DK*I,BR   IN-
Fine Boots,
BestOoods, LowestPsfices
Custom  Work a Specialty.
Every Cash Purchaser of One Dollar's Worth of Dry Goods is entitled to one Ticket for f he following 20 Valuable Prizes:
Lady's Gold Watch,
French Clock,
Forty Yards Roll Matting,
I Eolt Llannelette,
1 Fair I ace Curtane,
I*edf6 Wal-king Skirt,
lady'B Dresa Length,
1 Pair Portieres,
ting,          8.00
Rocking Chair,
Mnslin Dress Length,
1 Pair Lace Curtains,
Muslin Dress Length,
Jaxd Tabl��t.
��2.oo        Jl 'Easel
1 White Spread,     -
1 Colored Bed Spread,
Lady's Under Skirt,
Lady's White Blouse,
1 Bed Quilt,
1 Pair Pillow Shams,
Famous G. B. Chocolates at the
City Bakery.
F. Hrrtnell was a visitor to Lulu
Island on Tuesday.
Mrs. H. J. Hucherson was visiting in Seattle this week.
F. J. MacKenzie paid a business
tisit to the cities this week.
Mrs. J. Reagh was a psssenger
up town'on Wednesday's boat.
Canon Hilton was a passenger
t6 New Westminster on Tuesday.
Miss Edith Rich returned home
cm-Monday for her Easter holidays.
Mrs. Devereaux was a visitor to
Westminster in the early part of
the week.
Jos. Jordan is still plodding along
patiently with an attack of rheumatism.
Watson Milled leturned to his
studies in Columbian College on
Tuesday last.
Mrs. May returned hoaie on
Wednesday from a visit to the
Sound cities.
Mothers Best Bread is a Home
Made Bread, made from the old re-
gepe.���City Bakery.
Leon Ladner returned to Westminster, Tuesday, to continue his
studies in Columbian College.
Miss Villa Hall, of New Westminster, was a visitor at Mrs Lan-
ning's tor a few days this week.
Thos. Shortfeed and IK Clark
were amongst the passengers up
river on Saturday evening's boat.
R. N. Reid, of the Vancouver
ptost office staff, has been spending
a vacation at his home in Ladner.
Easter Vestry.
The Easter vestry meeting was
held in All Saints Church, Tren-
ant, Monday, the 4th inst. The
meeting opened with prayer. Rev.
Canon Hilton in the chair.
A. deR. Taylor was appointed
secretary of the meeting.
Minutes of last Easter meeting
were adopted as read.
The secretary's report and financial statement was read and
The incumbent, Rev. Cation Hilton, read his report which showed
progress, and expresfed bis gratitude to the organists and choir for
their voluntary services. Also to
the retiring vestry.
The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Vicar's
warden, A. deR. Taylor; people's
warden, T. E. Ladner; sidesmen,
Marshall Smith, R. Smith, H.N.
Rich, W. Livingstone; delegates to
Synod, T. E. Ladner, Marshall
Smith, A. deR. Taylor; auditor,
H. N. Rich.
A unanimous vote of thanks was
passed to the retired organists and
the present one, Miss Reid. Special
mention being made of the untiring services rendered to the church
by Mrs. Green for the past 25 years.
A unanimous vote of thanks was
passed to the Ladies' Guild for
their donations and help to the
The vestfy reported that tenders
were called for the erection of a
After the benediction by the Vicar
the meeting adjourned.
The grand vizier ma ambition*.'-
"I think," said be, "that my head wtU
be on a medal some day."'
"Ha!" said the caliph. "Good Idea!
Xtl haven struck oil at once!"���Indianapolis sl��urnal.
tiro Klili of �� Hnas.
A little boat ls seen afloat
opon the moonlit water,
In which a youth does alt, forsooth,
With his neighbor's cUughter;
Be hugs the shore a mile or more,
. Alonpr the laughing-.water,
'Then If ^ the boat serenely float
And hugs his neighbor's daughter:
 ���Chicago' News.
Time to Open.
The President���Is the list ot feotball
players thoroughly advertlsod?
The Pcan���It is.
Tho President���Then I guess we might
as well open up the collogo.���Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
A Paternal Wall.
I'm weak and worn and weary, X ant frazzled to a thread,
I never get a breath of peace till Dick is
safe ln bed;
At morn,  at night, I growl and'bite;  I
charge, I pitch and tear;
I have to- be those animals he saw at th'
county fair.
���Chicago Record.
Should He Easy.
Crlmaonheak���Microbes ore not hard to
Toast���Why tot
"because lt ls snid 250,000,000 oan be
got on a single postage stamp, "���.yonkers
Statesman. *
The Soldier's Return.
They greeted him with smiles and tears,
Filled him with beef and mutton���
And carried away for souvenirs
HI* last remaining button.
���Indianapolis Journal
For Sale,
One   pedigreed   Ayrshire   Bull.
Cfcstmberlain's Cough Remedy.
For Coughs, Colds, Croup and Whooping Cough. Price 25 cents; large size 50c
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy.
For Bowel Complaints.   Price 35 cents*
Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
Ah antiseptic liniment especially valtut*
blefor Cuts, Bruises, Sprains and Rheumatism.   Price 35 cents; large size 50 cents.
Buff   Orpingtons:    Pure   Bred,
*2.oo; Grade, 75c. per setting.
Jl. Clausen,
For Ladies' and Gents*'
Ocean Dock
Sterling Sliver &
Plated Goods
Reputing a Specialty.
McRAE & Co
A lull'line of English and Irisi
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept in stock.
The Misses Ladner returned
home from Yale, Monday, to spend
the Easter Vstcitiou with their
The friends of Mrs. Fenton will
tfc pleased to learn that Ae" is able
be around again after a severe attack of la' grippe.
Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets.
For Disorders of the Stomach, Livfc*
and Bowels.   Price as cents.
Every one of these preparations
is guaranteed and if not fully satisfactory to the purchaser the
money will be refunded.
Miss Olga Kirkland and Miss
Laura Hutciiarson returned home
on Tuesday after a few days' visit
in New Westminster.
evening, via Steveslo-n, for Vancouver.
Mrs. C. R.  Manley was kid up
wifi& the 'grippe this week.
R. W. Reid left on Suuday'Jrtraiu
en route for Alaska for the season.
Mrt. Elmsley, v/ho has been
visiting at Mrs. I). B. Grant's for
.he-Easter h��lid*ys, left to-day for
Mount Pleasant, Vancouver.
II. K. Wright was a visitor to
Vancouver during the Easter holidays;
We are open to purchase Fresh
J_ggs, Dressed Poultry, Hay, Grain
��nd 3hallots for cash. Write us���
W. T. IlEDDLK & CO., Nanaimo,
Si. C>	
J. C. Wade returned Thursday
frtim'a four days' business visit to
Vancouver Island, and was very
thuch pleased with the famting section of the Island.
W. Sutherland arrived dn Monday and coma enced the plastering
ih the flew I. O. O. F. block, the
first of the week, and the first coat
is now* on the high road to dry;
B'. G. Alexander, superintendent
Of the outside districts Sf'the B. C.
Permanent Loan & Savings Co.,
���rrivedhere onlvlonday, on a busi-
*_��ss' *f.git'- and   leaves   again   thi.-.
J. McKay,, of the News-Advertiser, was among the week's arrivals.
Joseph Houksi of Nazareth Seminary, is spending the holidays at
C. Holmss, representing' The
Colonist, was ifi town; Thursday,
on business.
P. Hipliug*""' returned on Monday and left on Wednesday for
Elgin and Langley.
Mrs. Louis Monkman Went to
Vancouver, on Wednesday,, for
medical tve.ttraent at the Saiiitari-
tt m.
7. ti< Lai"tier and W. H. Ladner, accompanied by their wives,
will leave, about the 15th, for the
St. Louis Ii:.'BC-.oiiiou..
Seed Oats.
A fow tons of the BEST MILL
ING OATS on Delta.
No weed   seed";  no  black   oats.
Grown on new land.
Inquire of
iiis' institute l Mil Mi,
A publi'.- meeting will be held on
Thursday evening, April 14th, tor
jreneral business and election ol
Trustee's, at 8 o'clock at Institute
Call and See
The U. S. Separators at
J. F, St-iinton's.
At the Ohfo Dairymen's Convention, Jan. 27-29. 1904, tbe highest
scoring butter was-made from U. S.
Separator cream and won Grand
Sweepstake*, Creamery Sweepstakes, Gold Medal, aud $17 of the
Pro Rata Fund. And the highest
scoring butter in the Farm Dairy
Class was also from U. S. Separator
Talk with
New "Weattoinster, B.C.
If Yen Want
Fire Insurance,
Life Insurance,
Accident Insurance,
Health Insurance,
A- Loan,
1ro Buy a Farm,
To Buy a Home.
Notaries Public, Real Estate,   Financial  and
Insurance Agents.
N*iw Westminster,. B. GJ.
School- Reserve, One Mile West of
Has received instructions from Mr.
Geo. Lasseter to Sell by  Auction
on the premises as above on
at 2 o'Clock, the whole of his
ii MUY 11
9 Cows with and in Calf,
7 -yi\:oil Haifars, 3,
Yearling Heifers, 1 Calf,
1  Grade  Durham  Bull;
1 Brood Sow, 0 Small
 And- -
i Aged Mare.
You can not get better bargains than at Port Guichon,
We keep the best stock of everything that is. needed for the
general public. Call or send in your order and we guarantee satisfaction.
Telephone 5.
Port Guichon, B.C
Have You Seen the
Propless Treeprop
They Are IT.
W.   J.   Brandrith
Tekms: Under $50 spot cash, over
that amount   approved  notes at' 8
months witli bank i>  r   ���
.Auction Offh es,
Ladner, K. C.
OTICE is hereby given thut. sixty (So) days
after tlie date vf-th.fi notice, I Lplei.-i V.
make application lo the Honourable the CftLf
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase oil Ui.it portion of the south
ead quarjfcr of Section n, Township 5, New
tVeSttninst r PUtr-1, w hlqh ftirtas n lagoori or >
mud flat at Bon mai *. ���.-. ��� tilth Iih * not
ready Vvi *ui ,������:���.'��� u d which couta ���
io BCttjs. more or Icjs
Ladner, B. C , 30th March, 1904.
Buggies, Carts A Democrats
Also* a full, line of Ploughs,  Harrows, Drills- Randle Harrows  with
Seeder attached.
G. T, BAKER'S m^^
Carriage   Painting,   Building" and Alt Kinds of
Repair^   Executed Promptly.
the People's Grocery
We Want your Business and it will be to Your
Interest to Give It To Us. WE WILL
TREAT YOU RIGHT, and Our Prices as
well as Quality is Guaranteed, .
with the past merits of anVy make of
Separators, but before you purchase, write for a fuller description
and carefully investigate our claims
for the superiority of the SIMPLEX Link-Blnde Machine.
The Link-Blade will increase the
separating capacity of the heretofore most efficient bowls from thirty
to over fifty per cent, under the
same conditions of speed, temperature, etc., and with equal closeness
of skimming.
New Westminster.
Will Of III.
Notice is hereby given that the
Coart of Revision of the Assessment of the Corporation of Delta,
.will be held in the Council Chamber, Ladner, on Saturday, tile 7th
day of Mry, at 10 a.m., atid any
person desiring to make complaint
against liisor her assessment or the
assessment of any other person
nuist giv? notice in writing to the
Clerk, stating the* ground of his or
her complaint at least ten days before said date.
C. M. C.
Ladner,. Ma*ch 28th, 1^4,,
Call and See
Our Steel Fraine'
Yankee Gates
4-ft. For 14-ft. Opening, $8.50
4-ft, For 16-ft. Opening, $9.50
���J,   W.   WAUC, LADNER, B. C,
..*���!���._ _i i ���-   -_i      ��� ���...I ..i .������-��� ������mii i nt.. ii.;    .,,_,,    W^ t   Wifa __g_jj I gggfe '"*",. .     SSSSSSSaf1
Queen Quality
We whm to inform the Ladies of Ladner that our' QUEEN
QUALITY SHOES h*re arrived.. When yotr- artr in Westminster call in and we will be only too" pleased to show you the
Shoe Styles such a��'are worn in Boston, and all uj"*_o*-*date East*
ern* cities.
These Shoes Aver Sehl Only By
Hfe Leading
.   Shoe Store
times, Ladner


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