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The Delta Times Aug 13, 1904

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Pol. 1. No. 49.
$1.00 a year
Why Send A way
ry Goods &
Men's Furnishings?
rE carry a complete and "Up to the Minute" stock of
everything in these departments, and Save
You Express and Postage.
pst opened up a complete stock of "Burritt's" worsted Hose for "Boys,"
,&??s and Children, from 20c pair up.
* Flannelettes-
.Pieces English and Canadian Flannelettes, in Plain Colors and Fancy
gripes, from 5c to 20c per yard.
Men's Shirts-
id to duplicate our order for Men's Shirts and have just received the
|3t Sshipment comprising all the very latest designs, also Scotch Flannel
rts with and without collars.
Trunks and Yalises-
you intend taking a trip we can supply you with all travelling  re-
Trunks, from $3.00 up.    Suit Cases, from $3.25 up. .
Hand Grips, from $2.00 up.   Telescopes, from 75c up.
Made to Order 010^111^-
Jtll and see our New Fall Samples and when you learn the price you
sure to leave your measure.    "We will have your suit here three
\ eks from date of order.
CbeTarm. | ^^^y Bay-
arshmii Smith
The marriage ceremony, as set
th in the Methodist Church, was
lducted on Thursday by Rev. A.
Miller, when Miss M. E. Mc-
>well  was   united   in   the holy
ads of matrimony  to Chas. W.
<lson, ot Vancouver.    The cere-
|iny took place at the home of the
e's uncle, J. L. Waddell, 1420
;rclay Street, Vancouver.   Imme-
I'.tely after the ceremony was over
happy couple took the str. Dan-
'for   Port   Essingtou,  Skeena
ir,   where they  will reside  in
Iltre.   Our very bet-* wishes go
h them.
The contracting parties are well
1 favorably known on the Delta.
Tbe improvements aud repairs to
the school are almost finished, and
a very nice job has been made of it.
The new seats in the Principal's
room are all right, just the thing
that should be in all the rooms.
The painting has given the place
a bright and cheerful appearance.
and altogether everything looks
spick and span so far as they have
The hyloplates have not arrived,
as yet, for the new room, but
thev are expected along before the
school opens.
One thing that should have been
done, and that is tue tank house.
No authority having been received
to do the work it is left undone.
The holidays have been extended
for one week more on account of
the heat.
Slight injuries often disable a
man and cause several days' loss of
time and when blood poison develops, sometimes result in the loss
of a hand or }imb. Chamberlain's
Pain Balm is an antiseptic liniment.
When applied to cuts, bruises and
burns it causes them to heal quickly and without maturation, and
prevents any danger of blood poison.
For sale by F. T. MacKenzie.
According to The Commercial,
of Winnipeg, the visible supply of
oats in the United States and   Can- \ should
ada. east of the Rocky Mountains,
is    2,681,000    bushels,    compared
with 5,849*000 bushels a year ago.
A   leading  Nova Scotia  farmer'
points out that the average man buys |
the different kinds  of   mill   feeds'
without knowing the   grade   be is ���
buying, the value of each,  or the j
kind of stock to which it should  be
fed.    In this connection it  may  be
said   that   numerous   experiments
have been made in Europe and America   in   order   to   ascertain   the
money value of various ieeds according to the nutrients they contain, but the results have been so
conflicting that Prof. Henry concluded,     in   his   standard   work
"Feeds and Feeding," that at present it   is impossible to state the
value of one feeding stuff in terms
oi another from calculations based
upon   tbe   nutrients   contained  in
each.    The value to the farmer of
these purchased feeding stuffs depends  largely   upon   the  sort  of
roughage   and  grain   with   which
they are to be fed. Mill feeds are so
subject to adulteration that several
American experiment  stations de
vote  a  great deal  of attention  to
making and publishing analyses of
the   various   brands.    Some brief
notes on:' the more common feeds
are all that a newspaper article will
Wheat is n suitable feed for all
kinds cf live stock, if fed with
judgment. Shrunken and damaged
wheat can be fed to advantage, as it
muy be nearly or quite equ.il to tbe
best grain for this purpose. For
fattening stock wheat is considered
worth about 10 p. c. less than corn.
The by-products ot wheat iii coni-
r.jon use are bran, shorts, middlings
and low grade flour. Bran is recognized as one of very best leeds
for dairy cows and sheep, and for
horses not at hard work.
On account of its coarse fibrous
nature, it is admirably adapted for
mixing with corn, peas, and other
highlj concentrated feeds, but for,
the same reason it is not suited for
feeding large quantities to hard-
worked hdrses or young pigs. The
distinction between shorts and middlings is not always clearly marked,
although the former is supposed to
be re-ground bran, and the latter
the finer particles of bran, with
some flour included. The poorer
grades of shorts often contain the
sweepings and dirt of the mill and
are not satisfactory for feeding.
Middlings are especially useful for
feeding pigs, along with skint milk
or corn. The lowest grade of flour,
frequently known as "red dog,"
usually contains the germs of the
wheat, and on account of its high
protein and fat content is a valuable
feed for cows, hard-worked horses
and growing pigs. The better sorts
of low grade flour are similar iii
composition to the best grades and
cannot be fed at a profit.
Corn is the best of all the cereals
for fattening stock.    It is used very
largely    in   the   manufacture    of
starch, glucose, beer,   spirits,  etc,,
and consequently has a long list of
by-products.    In  the  processes ol |
tnauufacture the starch is removed, j
and the remainder of the  grain is
sold   tinder   the   name   of  gluten!
feed, which is well suited for dairy
cows and fattening  stock.    Gluten'
meal   is   gluten  feed  without the |
hnil* and eerras of the corn and is I
very lien in protein and fat.    It is!
a bapilu 1 leed for dairy cow s, but on j
I account of its concentrated nature,!
The weather has simply been
perfect during the list week, although there was quite a breeze
blowing for a couple of evenings,
but during the day the water for
bathing lias beeu all that could be
Mrs. Laura Hinchliffe and Ernie
were out visiting Mrs. T. E. Ladner on Wednesday.
Mrs. C. F. Green was visiting
Mrs. John Kirkland this week.
Among the campers who have
pulled up stakes, folded their tents
and departed until another season
will return, are: Mesdames H. N.
Rich, Hays, Perram, McKeen, H.
D. Benson, Bordmau, Eastman and
their families. Among the arrivals
are: Mrs. T. R. Pearson, Mr. and
Mrs. Chas. Robson, Mrs. D. Robson, T. A. Muir and others.
You may, in the "evening by the
moonlight," see various mutual admiration crowds of two, and where
three would be considered altogether too many, strolling along
the beach or resting upon the upholstered seats placed at various
points in front of the bathing
houses by kind, thoughtful and
benevolently inclined persons, who
it is to be hoped that if tbey do not
receive their reward in this world!
they will get it in the next. I presume they are telling the same old
story, given with variations, which
has engrossed the attention of every
man and woman at some uei-jod in
their existence.
"To Let" and "Gone but Not
Forgotten" are the plackards posted, on the tent of H. K. Wright, by
his fair admirers on the other side
of the line.
It was amusing to see two young
ladies from Ladner who had beeu
wading on the sand bars, and as
the tide was coming in they found
it difficult to reach shore without
getting their skirts wet. It would
have brought tears to your eyes, it
was so painful to see the despair
pictured upon their faces and the
furtive glances which they gave as
tbey slowly tiptoed their way to
shore, and the sigh of relief they
gave could have been heard for a
mile, more or less.
Tha gay and festive flea is becoming very much iu evidence on
the sands on account of the long
dry summer. He may not bite
some people, I suppose it is because j
they   -.the  people)  are   too mean.
How doth the lively little flea
Delight to bop and bite,
lie lies quiescent all the clay
But whoops it up at night.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Gamon and family returned to New Westminster,
Council met in Town Hall, Surrey Centre, Saturday, Aug. 6, the
Reeve and all members being present. Minutes of previous meeting
were read and confirmed.
From Aulay Morrison, M.P., re
grant of land from Dominion gov*
ernment at bridge approach. Received.
From Supt. G.N.R., re crossing
on the CM. road, near Port Kells.
From Supt. G. N. R., re agreement to construct culvert at Clover-
dale.    Received.
From D. P. Sanderson, agent G.
N.R., enclosing agreements for a
culvert on the Milton road line at
Cloverdale, and asking that they be
returned properly signed, accompanied by a cheque for $88. Received.
From H. T. Thrift, saying he
had entered into a business arrangement with T. R. Pearson, and requesting the favor of handling the '
lands held by the municipality, and
also that a share of the municipal
insurance business would be appre- ���
ciated.   Received.
From Secretary Provincial Board
of Health   re   "Spitting in public-
places."    Received.
From the Government, re bridge
opening.    Received with thanks.
From J. D. Paris, et al., re repair ���
work on Clover Valley road near
upper waters of Serpentine.    Re-.
ferred to Coun. Bose.
From Ben Eyles, re purchasing
laud.    Offer declined.
Surrey Traffic By-law passed its,
first, second and third readings.
On motion, the Clerk was instructed to notify Mr. Roberts to.
remove skids from the Pike road or ���
deposit the sum of #20, which will
be returned when his contract is.
completed and the skids are re-.
Coun. Bose gave notice that he.
would introduce a Re-Division of
Wards By-law at next meeting.
The following appropriations
were made:
Ward II���$25 for Sondell road,
for brushing and logging; $15, for
brushing Township Line road,.
south of sScott road.
Ward I���$25, for Clover Valley
road, to fix a hole below dam.
Council then adjourned to meet
again on Saturday, Sept. 3rd, at 1
o'clock p.m.
G. IS. and Robertson's Chocolates. Fresh shipment each week
���Cily Bakery.
From  this date the charge fori
weighing grain on Marshall Smith's
Scale will be reduced to 5 cents.
nixed with bran or oats.
Corn v-rm is very  rich  in   protein
(Continued ou Fourth  Page.)
The sockeyes made quite a spurt j
ou Sunday and Monday, slackening I
oil" on Monday afternoon, and so
onto llic end ot 'he week. The
catch yesterday was almost nothing.
The prospects of fish in any quantity during the present high tides
are very slim. Another spurt is
Looked for, for to-morrow night. Of
course, thele is still a possibility ol'
a late tuti, |
On July 25th the wedding ceremony was performed tor one of*
Delta's most popular young ladies,
Miss Ina McKee, who was married
to Robt. H. Finlay, Esq., of Bangor, Ireland. The ceremony took
place at First Presbyterian Church,
Holywood, and the happy couple
intend to settle down at Bangor,
Ireland. Miss McKee will be much
missed from Delta, but she carries
the good wishes of all on her life's
Preserving Peaches���order now.
They are at their best���City Bakery.
Get some Insect  Powder, at the
Drug  Store, and  burn  to destroy
1 hose flies.
The mail, Friday, was carrie4
both ways by Wm. Alexander, i?
place of Transfer, which was high
and dry on a saud bar. ���THE DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY AUGUST m, 1904.
Subscription, $1.00 per year.
Cuuit Ad��ettliements, io cents pstrUne for
Ike first tnsci-tiou. nnd 5 cents per line lor each
.ubsequent iiuertjon. TJ>e number ot lines
teckoued by the space occupied, ia lines to the
Rates lor Commercial Advertisements can be
hsul on application at this office.
Reading notices 10 cents per line for each lu-
Birth and Death notices, jpc, Marriages $1.00.
Any special notice, the otject of which Is to
���promote the pecuniary benefit of any individual
or company, to be considered an advertisement
and charged accordingly.
Alt advertisements charged for until ordered
ont and paid for.
Correspondence invited on matters of public
Interest. Communications to editor must be accompanied by name of Writer, not necessarily
for publication, but as evidence of good faith.
Correspondence must reach this office by Thursday evening.
r ' ������ .    1 ."��� ���*.
When' the bridge is OPENED it
Jfould be a good idea to run a mar
ket train ijrom  Port  Guichon to
3Wew Westminster, and so do away
���frith the present inefficient service.
It is a very difficult matter to believe the press despatches from the
Par East, at present, at any rate.
(One day we read that Port Arthur
has fallen, the next dry it is contradicted. There is only one thing
certain, and that is that many
thousands of Russians and Japs
have fallen. We shall be surprised
when the actual casualties are laid
liefore us. Without doubt they
fiave been great.
It must be very gratifying to a
faster to have such an enthusiastic
pall to continue in his charge, as
was that accorded to Rev. Thomas
Oswald on Wednesday evening.
"The largest congregational meeting ever held in the church" is
something to be proud of, as it is
something not always accorded
(0 those who so richly deserve it.
We hope the reverend gentleman
will see.his way clear to continue
fn the good work of knitting his
Congregation closer together.
Some very pertinent questions
fe the Delta Creamery;
Why did the Creamery refuse to
take cream from those who were
Using separators?
Why is it those supplying cream
to Westminster Creamery have not
f one to our Creamery since separ-
f��ed cream has been taken?
Have the farmers ever been asked
officially to send their cream to the
Jiome industry?
Why is it that it seems so hard
for farmers to pull together for their
fnutual benefit?
The Mitchell road has a very
fancy strip much resembling a rot
(en spring board, and it would be
*reli to put a little gravel on it in
flace of the stilts, before the rain
The Monkman road should be in
ftbetter and drier condition during
(he coming winter, a nice ditch being under construction there.
The roadway at the corner of
Westham street and the Slough
fp_.d is in a very bad condition.
It would he aq improvement to
health, we think, if the ditch, on
(be Boundary Bay road, were clean-
f4 qut. The water i$ covered oyer
If-r-hh a thick scum.
W. H. Ladner reiorted having
fnished haying some time ago. He
fcas discovered a small field, since,
ft-bich had evidently been over-
Jg-Jlfd,,   {ft f>as paying thi,s week,
St. Andrews'.
A large and influential meeting
of the members and adherents of
this church was held on Wednesday evening, the ioth inst., for the
purpose of expressing their desire
as to the retention of their esteemed pastor, Rev. Thomas Oswald,
who had previously intimated his
intention of retiring from his
charge here. The meeting was of
a most unanimous nature and appointed a committee to interview
their minister for the purpose of
having him reconsider the matter.
The Rev. Mr. Oswald has had
charge of this field in the interest
of Presbyterianism tor the past five
years, during which time he has
not only built up the church but
has endeared himself to every member of the congregation, both in and
out ot the pulpit.
A striking illustration of the
value of plant and seed selection,
as advocated by Prof. Robertson, is
reported in the Maritime Farmer of
July 19th, by a New Brunswick
correspondent. He says: "A few
days ago while visiting a neighbor,
the conversation turned to berries,
and then he showed me his patch.
It was small, but they were, plants
to be proud of. His plan is as follows: He tells his children, when
they are picking, to carry along
some little sticks, pieces of lath,
etc., and when they find an extra
strong plant with a good fruit stem
and plenty of berries, to put a stick
down alongside it. After the berries are picked lie takes up these
plants and sets them out in a bed,
letting them throw out runners in
all directions. In the spring lie
has some fine plants to set, aud his
berries are improving every year."
My Country 'tis of Thee,
Sweet Land of Liberty,
Of Thee I Sing.
Land where I boss the Militia,
Land where I'm King Fisher���
And also the Great Well Wisher���
Sweet may Thy Spoils ever be.
On Thee I Pull.
���Gait Reporter.
The non-arrival of the str. Transfer, yesterday morning, caused considerable disappointment.
Going; for Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea
Don't put yourself in this man's place,
bnt keep a bottle of this remedy in your
home. There is nothing 80 good foi
Oolic, Cholera Morbus, Dysentery and
Diarrhoea. It is equally valuable foj
3-mnmer Complaint and Cholera Infantum and lias saved the lives of more
children than any other medicine in use.
When reduced with water and sweetened it is pleasant to take.
You, or some one of yonr family, are
sure to need this remedy sooner or late*
and when that, time comes you wiil need
it badly; you will nr��ed it quickly. *Why
ant buy it now nnd be prepared for such
��n emergency"*   ""rice, 35 cents.
J. Reagh
-"0EA..ER   IH-
Fine Boots,
Shoes a
Best Goods, Lowest Prices
Custom  Work a Specialty.
Gents' Clothing,
Hats & .rurnishings
At All Prices.
Best Line of Boots & Shoes in Town.
Rubbers to Suit Everyone.
Staple Dry Goods at Lowest Prices
Incorporated 1809s
CAPITAL, PAID UP        - - $3,000,000
RESERVE FUNDS, - - $3,192,705
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department*
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
East End, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Victoria, Chilliwack, Ladner, Cumberland.
A. 0.   U.  W.
T*\ELTA LODGE NO. 12, meets first and
^ third Tuesdays in each month in Waddell's Hall. T. W. KHKR, Recorder.
t. r;i[.CHRIST. M.W
I. O. F.
Court Ossko, No. 3443, meets
in I 0 OF Hall, 3rd Tuesday in
each month Visiting brethren
always welcome. C. R, J B.
Burr; RS,   BS   McDonald
I 0.0 F.
Delta Lodge, No. 21 .*^--The regular meetings of this Lodge are held
every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
m. Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
N. A. McDiarmid. N.G.
pi-,, A* h-. K.INT,. gee,
H. K. WRIGHT, Manager,
Delta Transfer Stable   \
T *
f     Team Work Cone at Specially Low Prices.      ��
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
��� Telephone " Ladner" No  10.
The McCormick has been awarded the palm of ercetlence by reason of
its superb and splendid work in the grain and grass fields of the world.
Write to-day for beautifully illustrated book, printed in colors, entitled
"It Takes the Palm," which will be supplied free io any one interested
in harvesting machines. You are cordially invited to call and sea
the machine.
J. F. STAINTON, Agent, Ladner, B. C.
Stokes & Cullis
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C.
Fashion Stables -     W. N. Draper,
Trucking and Draying.
Livery work of all kinds attended to promptly.
Wm. Alexander
Ladner. B. C.
Room 2, Ellard Block, New Westminster.
nenu nil s hy a
Time Table.
IN EFFECT MAY 1, 1904.
No. 1���Leaves Victoria at 7 a.m.,
arrives at Guichon 11130 and at New
Westminster, 1 p.m.
No. a���Leaves New Westminster at 1.45 p.m., Guichon, 3 p. m.,
arriving at Victoria 7:20 p.m.
W. A. Kirkland.
A constant supply of Good Milk
Cows for private families or for
dairy use on hand, also
Manufacturers of all kinds of First-Class
Rough and Dressed Lumber.
We can deliver to any point on the Railroad in Delta'
Our Price Is Right. Wo Can Save You Money.
Prop Us a Line, Our Agent Wlll Call on You.
@E0�� Ma THRIFT, Manager*
.*. ��**t��**2��**^�� '���,e*e.e,,+le.e).**e.a.iZe.e^*.at*l*.mi**e .*��.#*���
| IU 1 SON lilBB I
f  J. HENLEY   I
t f
iNS-JW WKsSTMINSTKR,    :-:  B. C.   .j.
Manufacturers ol" all kind* ol J.
j  Soda Water, Ginger A
<j.    Ale and Summer    j.
! Drinks. t
v v
J       Your patronage solicited      .
v ���>
] ^,.;.<.sj.....js-...t....*;��.^-..s*.....;.....j.^.j..��..^
McRAE & Co
A lull line of English and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept in stock.
Notary Public,
w. Mi l issuance mem -
Ladner, B. C.
Purchasing Agent
Brackman��Kef Milling Co, -THE DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY, AUGUST 13, 1904.
���The "Willl-MM." That BpemO. IteeU
���Upon Tiarn. 4el Vmego���Vhe ��Foh��"
-Wind of Mrttaerland, aad th* V���
rocloaa "Pmrg." ot Siberia.
In mountainous countries, such aa
Scotland, a tog usually forms at the
top .of a kill and works downward.
(Che cold mountain top, cooling a warm
���current of tret air, renders lta moisture
visible, and this cold.fog, being of lower temperature than the air below and
therefore heavier, drops gradually to
.the valley. Colorado, however, can
show an exception to.this general rule.
There in winter the .frost on the low
.ground is so intense that a fog often
forms ln the valleys and works slowly
up the mountain side. This is known
���by the Indian name of "pogonip."
Peru has hundreds of square miles
���along its coast of rainless country. Iu
this tract rain ls /never known to fall
from ont century's end to another. Yet
the region is uot entirely barren of vegetation. Some parts of.lt, Indeed, are
.comparatively fertile. This is due to
the extraordinary fogs known as "ga-
.ruas." They prevail every night from
Hay to October after a summer that is
-sultry and extend up to a level of 1,200
���feet above the sea. Above 1,200 feet
rain falls.
Tbe "callna" of Spain is a fog we
may be grateful that we do not have.
It ls a dry, yellow mist which sometimes bides the sun for days at a time
'Over vast tracts of country and makes
the sky look as though covered with
Jeaden gauze.
Another peculiar freak of weather
IWe must be thankful to escape Is the
"wllliwau." This form of storm is
���confined to that furoff island Tierra del
Fuego. The coast is indented with
deep fiords crowned with high mountains. Down from their gorges drops
the "wHIKj'au." A low, hoarse muttering la heard in the distance. Suddenly, without the least preliminary _fuff,
a fearful blast of wind drops upon the
cea. The water. is not raised into
���wares, but driven into fine dust. Fortunately the shock lasts but ten or
twelve seconds, and calm follows at
.once, for no vessel could stand such a
���Wind for even half a minute. During
the coming and going of a "williwau"
the barometer .may >be watched to drop
a tenth of an inch or more and rise
again at once.
Similar in name If not ln nature ls
the "willy willy" with which Kalgoor-
Jie gold diggers are acquainted, to their
���cost. "Dust devils," some people call
them. -Half a dozen may be seeu dancing harmlessly along over the desert
���when suddenly one will dive Into tbe
���City and fill all the shop windows ln
Bannan street with dust nnd sand,
���blinding every passerby. The "willy
willy" is a tblef of the worst kind. It
iwlll steal the washing from a line or
tbe roof from a shed. In some parts of
the country wire ropes are anchored
���over the roofs of huts to save thorn
���from the attacks of these odd little
Most people have heard of the "fohn"
Wind of Switzerland, that warm, dry
,-gale wbicb comes over the mountains
.and ln spring will melt two feet ot
enow ln a'day. Its cause is most peculiar.    The "fohn" comes from the J
Bourn, un Rtnea uie Alps it ia wet,
like moat galea -which bave crossed the
sea, but tbe south face of the mountains receives its rain, and as it crosses
the summits it is dry. Tbe moving air
current is also compressed and therefore, dynamically heated. Aa it falls
into the northern valleys ln a cataract
of air it gains heat at the rate of half
a degree for every 100 feet of descent
It usually blows for two or three days,
causing great suffering by its dry heat
and-oppression. While it lasts the temperature is about thirty degrees above
the average. The "chinook" of British Columbia and the western side of
the United States is very similar to the
England has adopted tbe American
Word "blizzard" for a gale with snow,
liut the blizzard, however, must yield
lo the ferocious "burun" of the central
steppes of Asia and the "purga" of
northern Siberia. To be caught ln gales
such as these means death in a very
few-minutes, however warmly clad, for
the very air becomes unbreathable, so
tilled is lt wltb spikes of ice drift
"Khamsin" Is the hot wind from the
desert wbich blows out of tbe Sahara
upon Egypt. The word means fifty,
from the idea- tbat It lasts for fifty
days. Tbe "khamsin" Is terribly hot
and .dry and sometimes brings pestilence with it.
Red snow we have all beard of. It
is caused by a microscopic infusorial
growth and only occurs In snow that
has lain unmelted for a long time. In
Spitsbergen recently green snow baa
been noted tinted by similar organisms.
"Gold dust" snow has often been
seen, but only in spring. At one time
lt was a mystery bow tbe surface of
new fallen snow came to be strewn
wltb a shining yellow deposit Now it
la known to be due to the pollen of
pine trees.
-   Chicken Pox and Smallpox.
Tbe eruption of chicken pox has an
imperfect resemblance to that of smallpox, but can never be mistaken for lt
by tbe experienced eye. In smallpox
the eruption of papules first appears
on tbe forehead, the "papules" always
become "bladders," nnd the latter always develop into pustuUs���that is.
sooner or later tlielr contents pet
chanced into ous.   Then tbe center of
Hit*  |/usiuic_   uiiut-lfturs U   |.st~l.'tj||(tl   fttlJK'
lng that ln some measure resembles tlie
depressions in a cushion or priridi'il
chair where the "buttons" are seen. In
chicken pox there is no such im"-��� ..
ity of sequence, and *��- '....essious are
From the Father's Side.
Senator Grapbter���Well, did Sterling
say he'd Vote for our bill?
Senator Malncbantz���No; be said he
couldn't Imagine a bill of a more crooked and odious character.
Senator Grapbter���Did you tell him 1
was fathering the measure?
Senator Malncbantz ���Yes, and tie
said he fancied the bill's eharactt sis-
tics hud been inherited.
Borne of Them Show the Old Tim*
Buttmate of Sermons.
Some curious:glimpses into the- life
of old London are afforded by the re-
porta made in the charity commission
on tbe endowed charities in the county
of London. .For instance, in the reports dealing with the city parishes
we have an estimate of tbe value set
on sermons by city men ln olden times.
Tbat estimate varied from 5 shillings
to ��1 10s. One Thomas Bright bad
left a bequest for a sermon to be preached on tbe 5th of November every time
lt foil on a Sunday, the minister to get
13s. 4d., the clerk 3s. 4d. and the sexton
ls. 4d. But David Glttin bad a more
modest idea of the value of a sermon
in tho same parish. He required two
tortuous for 10 shillings, oue to be
preached on tbe secoud Sunday in Advent and the other on the second Sunday in Lent The reader got 2 shillings, the churchwarden 2s. 8d. and
the poor sexton fourpence for each occasion. John Ireland thought 13s. 4d
enough for two sermons.
In 1600 John Winn left a curious bequest to the parish of St Bennet, Paul's
Wharf. A pound was set apart for an
annual sermon, the text to be taken
from the fifth chapter of St. John and
the twenty-seventh verse. He also left
enough to buy twelve penny loaves for
twelve poor people of tbe parish wbo
attended a sermon evefy Friday in the
parish church. But he expected more
for his pound than tbe annual sermon,
for before or after the sermon the minister had to spend an hour examining
or instructing the poor people in tbe
Christian doctrine.
The most generous donor of the
preacher was James Wood, who thought
a sermon in St. Nieholas-Cole-Abbey
was worth ��110s. every alternate year.
In 1625 he bequeathed to the Company
of Bowyers a sum to enable them,
among other things, to repair to the
parish church named, after they had
sworn in their wardens and master every second year, there to bear a sermon and pay tbe parson ��1 10s. and
the clerk and sextou ls. 5d. each. Iu
the parish of St. Michael Bassishow
one Edward Hcyliu ln tlie eighteenth
century left money tha interest on
which was to be applied to purchasing
two sixpenny loaves each Sunday for
two poor men or women who should attend divine service.���London News.
Theater managers are nnea ir tney
; do not produce the cast and features
; advertised.
Discovering ��� Gold Mlae.
Gold was discovered in California ln
1S48 and in Colorado in 1858. The discovery was accidental in both cases,
and the fact created the Impression
that mines were "lying around loose."
Adventurers drifted about in hope of
"stumbling upon a mine." Mr. Thayer
in his "Marvels of the New West"
mentions several instances of lucky
"stumbling." Three men while looking for gold lu California discovered
the dead body of a man wbo evidently
bad been prospecting. "Poor fellow!"
said one of the trio. "He has passed in
his checks." "Let's give him a decent
burial," said another. "Some wife or
mother will be glad if ever sbe kuowa
lt." They began to dig a grave. Three
feet below the surface tbey discovered
signs of gold. The stranger was burled
in another place,, and where they had
located, a grave they opened a gold
Holy Communion, ist and 3rd
.Sundays, at 11 a.m. Other Sundays at 8.30 a.m.
Morning prayer, n a.m. *
Evensong, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10 a.m., Friday
evening, Litany and choir practice.
Evensong, 3 p.m., at Boundary
Rev. Canon Hilton, vicar.
Tea Draakarda.
Tea drunkards are nearly as numerous as opium fiends and social gamblers
among our less guarded maids and matrons of the idle aristocracy of wealth.
It is a terrible dissipation. Some of
the victims boil tbe tea until every bit
of the quercltannic acid is extracted
from the leaves, which renders the beverage bitter and dangerous. It is ao
astringent tbat no mucous membrane
con readily overcome its effect Women who revel and luxuriate like it because it is a good "pick me up."���New
York Truss.
j Willing to Try.
"For the flrst year of our married
! life, dear," said the young man who
j was.poor, but had prospects, "we shall
I have to live principally on love."
' "Well, people can live on spoon victu-
! als, can't they, George?" she said, snuggling closer to him.
Hyphen Succeeds Hymen.
The Professor���They have traveled
safely along the happy journey until
now their hopes are about to be realized.
Mrs. Malaprop���Yes, Cupid, the god
of love, must now give way to Hyphen,
the god of matrimony
School children study their lessons
Tbe chambermaids at hotels are all
chamber men.
The best grades of coffee are Bold at
tobacco stores.
Tbe Mexican meal consists of more
kinds of meat than vegetables.
Railways, street cars and cabs all
provide three classes of conveyance.
In tbe cities real estate is sold by the
square meter instead of the front foot.
Fruit and vegetables are not sold by
measure, but by the dozen or by
Many tailors take the clothes of their
customers te the patron's bome to try
them on.
Mexican men of the lower classes
wear the biggest bats in the world, the
women none at all.
Suuday ls the great amusement day.
All big entertainments are reserved for
this general holiday.
Of Hot, Dry Weather will necessitate you getting SCREEN DOORS,
We  can supply you with the above���HOME MADE and WELL
Thought It Mleht Be.
Mrs. Newrbcks��� I'm determined that
Cynthia's debut shall pass off with
great eclat.
Mr. Newrocks���What's eclat Maria-
Remote Kin.
Kind Lady���How many are therein
the family beside yourself?
Little Amie���Four; mamma, papa,
Bister and a distant relative.
"That la only three. The distant relative is not a member of the family."
"Oh, yes, he is.   He is my brother."
"Your brother? Then Le isn't a distant relative."
"Yes, ma'am; he Is in the Philippines."
Reverend Father Edm. Peytavia,
O.M. I. Services first and third
Sunday of each month at 10:30 a m
Services next Lord's Day at 3 p. m
Class meeting, 10,30 a.m. every
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Wednesday evening at 7.30.
Rev. A. N. Miller, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at n
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 2 p m Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
Thos. Oswald, minister.
Service every Lord's Day evening at 7:30 o'clock.
Services conducted by-
Rev. A. A. McLeod.     I
T. E. Ladner and  wife drove to
Westminster on Saturday last.
The following: two stanzas art
taken    from  Rudyard    Kipling'*
latest  poem   on  ''Joey"   entitled:
"Things and the Man.'---**���
Ob, ye who hold the written clue
To all save all unwritten things,
And, half�� league behind, pursue
Tbe accomplished fact wkh flouts
and flings,
Look,  to your knees your  baby
The oldest tale since .earth began.
The answer to your worryings:
"Once on a time the*e was a man.'
��:; *        :**       \-#       ���<.*
A bolt has fallen from, the -blue.
Awakened realm, {ull circle swings;
Where  Dothan's idreamer  dreams
Of vast and far-born * harvesting^.
And unto Hin an Empire clings
That grips the purpose ("if his plan.
My Lords, how think you of. these
"Once���in csir ,time--is  there ,a
* And Joseph -dreamed a dream,
and he told it to his brethren; and
they hated him yet themore.���Gen.
xxxvii., 5.
And the man said, they are departed hence; for I heard them aay,
Let sits go to Dothan. And Joseph
went after his brethren, .and found
them in Dothan.
Arid when they saw fi.mafar <j_i,
even before he came neat unto
Ihem, they conspired against him
to slay him.
And they said one to another,
Behold this dreamer cometh.���Gen.
xxxvii., 17-19.
Rudyard Kipling evidently thinks
Joey quite equal .to his namesake of
Pharaoh's1 time.
Would Avoid the Trouble.
"I suppose you'd like to be worth a
million dollars?" sbe suggested.
"No, mum," replied the tramp. "It
'ud be too much trouble lookin' after
the money. All 1 want is that some
feller what's worth a million dollars
shall provide fer me."
Fortune smiles on tbe few. To tlie
majority sbe gives  the laugh.
Necessity ls the argument of tyrants.
It ls the creed of slaves.���Pitt
Recommends Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhcea Remedy.
About eighteen months ago Mr.
W. S. Manning, of Albany, N. V.,
widely known in trade circles as
the representative of the Albany
Chemical Co., was suffering from y
protracted attack of diarrhoea. "I
tried Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhcea Remedy," be says,
"and obtained immediate relief. I
cheerfully recommend this medicine
to those similarly afflicted." Sold
by F. J. MacKenzie.
r-�� -7
cthen &
mnd BaVaokets
The Place for Tinsmithing, Bath Tubs, Stove
Pipe, Conductor Pipe, Roof Elates, and Everything Else in This Line.
3010 Westminster Road.
100,000 Bulbs to at rive -soon from
Holland, France and Japan.
Home Grown and Imported
Garden, Field and Flower Seeds
Always in stock.in season.
Agent far'
Gurney Foundry Co.'s Stoves.
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints.
Yoho Bath Heater.
Just tlie thing for making water hot for washing dairy
utensils, scalding hogs, or for wash day. Every
Farmer's Wife Should Have One.
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C.
Subscribe NOW for
x*_��. sov ^JsV 4B-.
imes, Ladner
-ft ��/
'Greerihouse full of Plants, Cttt
Flowers, Floral'Work.
Catalogue frea,or tcail .a__d -examine stock.
Clotlvs Altered. Cleaned end RepSlre'a.
Parcels leil tt W. 1.. MeBride's store and A. We
kcr's ami W. R. SacCWUanJ... batter -bop' will IK
callcsl' fer on Monday and returned ou Satnrdsy
0. W.WAUtBK.
Eieciric Railway Company LSI
{Westminster Branch)
Time Tabic
Cars leave Westminster lor Vancotrver at-5.5C
and ti.50 a.ri. and hourly thereafter until io ip.
m.; Saturdays snd Sundays at jc p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminsters at. s.so
and 6.50 a. m. and hourly thereafter uuiil.le.p.
tn.; Saturdays and Sundays at it p.m.
We-run first-class freight cars 'between ;Wett*
minster and Vancouver aud all ...shipments are
handled with the utmtoat eare and delivered te
consignee without delay. Special attention paitf
to fruit shipments. Oui wagons meet all boate
and trains. For rates, etc. apply to
Traffic M*r. l,ocal iMgrr.
Westminster. B. C.
��0 YEARS'
Trade Maims
/lllJ'Ullf BOimiuu ��� w����*os.OftSHr
rjuloltly ascertain our opinion
Invention Is probably patent*]
'; msM net ly confidential. HJWjdvui*. *** **- ������������������������*.
i-.'nt freo. Oldest agency for l^curiiigjMttnU.
Patents taken through Muun +, QixLr*4alm.
rptcitil ndtice, without ���barge. lu'Upe
Scientific America*.
\hnt.oso-iolyillustratedweoMy. IMctem^lfl-
fulHUoH .*>f enT-HJlentlfle Journal. TaTW��,*ils*��
years i"iir mimU*s,.��L Bold by all nowaMsl
.a>i��ui;UO0lca.nl6_r,_t,.W����*lvilto" "lj TH
FIM'ES.  .lAiUKUAi  AUGUST 13, 19U4.
���JLAY-McKEE���On July 25th,
ly Rev. William Wright, M.A.,
It   First   Presbyterian   Church,
lolywood,' Ireland, Margaret
Jemima Henrietta- i,Ina), only
laughter of the late Jas. McKee,
J>f Yale, B.C., ard grand-daughter of tbe late John McKee, F.sq.,
[>f Bayview, East Delta, B. C,
to Robert Hugh Finlay, of Ban-
tor, Ireland, sixth son of the
late-William Finlay, Esq., .Seal-lew House, Newtownards,.Ireland.
(Continued From First Page.)
liss  F. Barber returned home
fMiss B. White is a guest of' Miss
Kirkland*s thi* week.
Id.  Buie.  of Otter,  spent Wed-
Isday looking over, the Delta.
IJ. F. Stainton paid a short bttsi-
, visit to Vancouver on'Monday.
|C. A', Welsh and wife, of New
festminster, spent the week-end. at
le Bay.
Jjohp Richardson, of Mayne Is-
jud, was,the guest of J. McCallan
lis week.
J Gordon Robson,  of New Westminster, arrived on  Monday for a
ell at theBay.
Mrs. H. J. Hutcherson arrived
ume* on Thursday, after a short
usiness trip to Vancouver.
Mra, W-.A., Kirkland went to
Vancouver,  Monday, on' a  short
nit, returning again Thursday.
The str. Venture was in port on
/edtwsday loading oats ior Skaguay, taking away about 3,000
Eli  Koran,  ot   Vancouver,  has
Jeen in town, this week, seeking a
aitable farny on. which to make his
Rev. Mr'. Crosby preached in the
kfeth.9dist Church on Sunday evening last to a very fair sized congregation.
Tbe reason for* Robt. Smith's
beaming countenance* is accounted
lor by the arrival, on Sunday last,
pf a little-daughter.
aHd oil; after the oil is ptessed out
the resdue is known as corn oil
meal or corn oil cake, also a valuable feed. Corn bran is relatively low
in feeding value. There are numerous
other "corn feeds" on the market
but they vary greatly in- composition and value aud shottldbe bought
only under a guaranteed analysis.
The feeding value of oats is well
known. Oat bulls, oat dust, and
oat feed or shorts are tbe chief byproducts of this grain. Oat hulls
are of little value lor feed, but are
often mixed with corn meal, etc.,
and the mixture sold as ground
oats. Oat dust consists chiefly of
the minute hairs removed from the
kernel in the preparation of oatmeal.
It has a fair feeding value, especially if broken kernels are present, and there is not too much mill
sweepings. Oat shorts or ost feed
varies greatlv in composition, although the better grades show a
feeding value similar-to that of oatmeal.
Barley'is afirst class feed for pigs
and dairy cows ��� The by-products,
brewers' grains and malt sprouts,
are largely fed iu some sections.
Brewers' grains are siniply barley
from which the dextrin and sugar
have been extracted. The' wet
grains are not desirable for general
use, but the dried grains are easily
kept and are rich in protein and fat,
ranking with bran and'oil meal as
a feed for dairy cows. Malt sprouts
are a- cheap and excellent feed for
cows, but'they are not greatly relished and only two or three pounds
a day can be fed.
Peas are very rich in protein, and
are among the best feeds for growing animals, dairy cows and pigs.
Pea meal is too concentrates! to be
ltd alone. There are no by-products in general use.
on. cake.
Oil cake or oil inealis a by-product of the manufacture of linseed
oil. It is very rich and healthful
feed, particularly for- fattening cattle and sheep. Its high protein
content makes it valuable for ieed-
ing in moderate quantities to dairy
cows, along with corn silage.
School supplies ot   every   kind
just received���F. J. MacKenzie.
Methodist Eadies' Aid met at the
home of  Mrs.   W.   R.   Ellis,   on
Mrs. P. Peebles and family,  of
/estminstei", paid a short visit to
fie Landing on  Saturday last, returning on.the evening boat accompanied by "Daddy."'
T. Shortreed went home to Al-
derjrove, on Saturday last, suffering from typhoid. We hope it is
not serious.
H. Creech, we-are sorry to state,
bras taken ill, on Sunday List, with
la tousjb of typhoid fever. Mr. Rus-
Mell, of Victoria, is- running the
|Varber shop during his absence.
Stanley Goostrey leit? orj Wednesday, from I**rew Westminster, for
\'4 trip,to.the? Wirld's fair, as well as
$t. Paul.  Chicago,   Lincoln, N-eb.,
qtc.    He expects-to. be- away about
Sfcvd* month*.
This has long been regarded as
one of the most dangerous and
fatal-diseases to which infants are
subject. It can be cured, however,
when properly treated. All that is
necessary is to give Chamberlain's
Colic, Chwlera and Diarrhoea Remedy and castor oil, as directed with
each bottle, and a cure is certain.
For sale by F, T. MacKenzie.
An ipeareajn  Jbciai was held in
Ifflie Agricultural Hal^.atr Eburne,
l^st evening, under the auspices of
Qhe Epworth League of the- Meth-
|sjdist   Clutitli.    A   very   pliant
'ijme w��s spelisi
Asal.��l Stnith and wife- feft; on
Wednesday fon a visit to liifc old
home, Nio53ra.-ou-t.l1e-Lake. Af-
ljeif*.i*P'*Jidi��ig;S0!Be time at Niagara,
it is ifawT intftsU-fea to take in the
$t. Louis- Exposition, the Toronto
Fair and;, returning, take iu- bite j
#:-C. fairs". They vvfi-irl be a.ccotn- j
aiu-iH; by S.- (Pfjqsta-ey  part off the;
m- .1.
Horse Goods!
ip Our Harness and Horse Furnishing*
have long proved reliable, and they are
built uot only for style but wear.
ji huqh Mcdowell, _
*T LADNER, B. C. ��
Brackman-Ker milling (&
At a-meeting of- the^ above Association, held on Friday, Aug. 5th,
in Oddfellows' HaP, it was decided
to make the following rate of
charges for thr-eshing, etc.,. for tlie
coming season:
Wheat,   Oats  and  Karliey, Jjt.2_T
per ton.
Timothy Seed, $4 per hour..
Not le:* tliati: �����.-���_����� will-, bfc-cihar-g'ed I
for a set.
Tankman, supplied with ifo rasher,'
20 ejius. per hour extra. 1
CASH, Delivered at Victoria, Vancouver,
New Westminster or Ladner..  .   .   ...
H. TS: RICH, Agent,   -   -   Ladner.
Andrew Clausen,
You can not get better bargains than at Port Guichon.
We keep the best stock of everything that is needed for the
general public. Call or send in your order and we guarantee satisfactiou--
Telephone 5.
W. L. McBRIDE, e<^fB^^ulk
Port Gulobon, B.C.
Buggies, Etc.
Our Stock of Buggies, Road
carts,   Wagons,   etc.,   are  of
First-Class- Quality   and   we
carry a complete line.
Ladies'  and  Gents'   Watches
and Chains.
Sterling    Silver    and   Plated
Jeweller, ���ke, 6tCe
Buy Your
lyoi Water Jyeafer How!
The Yoho Bath Heater is Now
en the Market fer $17,501
You have seen them demonstrated in your eity and
know just what they can do.
Just think of Hot Water (Boiling at That)' in 90
Seconds, and only au Old Newspaper or H?.udful of Old
Chips to produce the result.
They are neat as well as ornamental, and weigh but
25 lbs.
& We Yoho Bath Heater Co., Ltd., <*
737 Pender St., Vancouver, B.C.
Write for Catalogue.    Mall Orders Receive Prompt
Robt. May, Agent,
G.   T.    BAKER'S ^howrooms,
Binders, Etc.
Frost & Woods, Deering and
Piano Binders, Adams-' Wagons,
Agent for T. J. TRAPP & CO.
Call and See
Our Steel Frame
Yankee Gates
4-tt. For 14-ft. Opening, $8.50
4-ft. For 16-ft. Opening, $9.50
e3e   V.   VV t\\J\d<) LADNER, B. C.
W.   J.   Brandrith
Horticultural Supplies, Fruit Boxes, Berry-
Crates, Etc*.
A Few Thousand Cabbage Plants For Sale.
Fresh,   Smoked   and   Pickled   Meats
Of All   Iftnds   Kept   Constantly   on
Hand at the        .
* Jyardman & Biyson, ��
Gramiteware, Tinware, & Hardware,
Steel Ranges & Stoves.
Tinsmithing and Plumbing a Specialty.
Columbia Street, 823 Granville Street,
New Westminster. ,      Vancouver.
That's where you will' find us ready
to buy almost anything you haye, in
the way of Farm Produce, Dead or
Alive, at as Small a Price as Possible,
and for which "We Always Pay the
Cash. We also Handle Produce' on
Commission through our Commodious
Warehouses        .....
Suburb ana Country
Together, $t.&0 Per Year.
Subrub and Coinrtiy, is a new paper published in Victoria for Farmers, Veterinary Surgeon 111 connection.


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