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The Delta Times Feb 17, 1906

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> &  >
'HJTG3\^- "*>*
Jl. .0 y<��
fMrf Opening mm^a^
Hew Spring Goods
/The Store of Quality and Quantity.)
Wash Goods- F.gur(i
ADJOURNED.    ]   ObiiMff.      ^aTA ��0LNaL
At'the-meeting held-in the Town \    ^^ fuMrgl of the llate William
���flail, on Saturday-last, re the bor-1 ^ McBride tookplaceMonday
^0S^^Ltafion at New Westminster,
meeting for 30 days in order that j and was attended by a large
the Council might have some more number of friends ot the de-
information to lay before the r��*��-! ceased   and 'the bereaved family.
.payers. j The news of the fatal termination of
The great bulk of the -taxpayers ^.^ ^ ^^ .KcBride
lSm7-S*em^SmAme * ����. er****. em
. .     ��� _ A     1 -_-.       fnirlv
Council met im the Council
Chamber on Wednesday, Feb. 14,
with all members prescat except
the Reeve-
On ruotic-i, Couu. Paterson occupied'the cfcajr.
Minutes   of   previous   meeting
were adopted as read.
CO-.-.. M_I-��.T.��NS:
���SU.   wass...    ���	
the idea that it has not been fairly
['dealt with in the past, therefore,
[���before the consent ol'the.peqple can
���be obtained to raise a loan, vary
week, was not received until late on
Saturday afternoon,at which rime no'
���From John Oliver, M.P.P., tut-
.inR that tbe government will spend ,
saturn-ay ami ���..����:.,.......   $2,500 on the Rivur.Toad providing ,
announcement could be made as to tbeXouncil spend aetless than $500
---*-   ��..' ������.��'�� ��>iri   take  over  and   maintain the
betore me conawn *s�� >i����^r~T-- ���     announcement _��uiu u*. uss-v... ���  .-  sus^vu,.... _t~���	
be obtained to raise a loan, vary ^^^ aTranKeme��_ts. But short and take over and  maintain tha
definite information +**?**'       '     m}mmat   notice   was, a ^   **^!*��? ^   ,
Fine IM. Thread Open Wor- Hosiery, BlacK .nd M��
���  for Ladies and Oliildren.
definite lnlormauon nBHK,r.���
^before them as ta where and -how as the subsequent   notice   was,
[4he money is to be spent. Westham large number of friends were present
Island wants a bridge,  the cost of from near and far.    The contigents
^^^^^^        <which, we fear,   will be  so very from   Ladner,   Port Guichon   and
sbigh���in order to put down a sub- other Delta points arrived by  the
in all siZGE�� -stantial   one���that the balance ot steamers Rithet and Sonoma which
the District is liable to object*to the half-masted   their bunting out   of
.__,���!,*,, o-nd we are show-
Ot* Btoo- of We Underwe�� m now co��pl*. ��d ^
tag eplendid value, in the cheapeet as well as
Buqwaser Yosts-
: Mes' Cotton ��** Lisle Thread Undents, from 10c to $1.00.
------------I  __________________^
Shoe Department.
m   .11-  _      C1i-^.ss..-v       ,
During  tbe   discussion  -it   was
.pointed out that at present about
(rrespect to the deceased. By road
and rail many ethers weut
to witness tlre'last sad rites.   The
pointed out tnat -at pi-.��"-* >��  v.rtnri..
��000 a vear, of the taxes is prac- remains were brought from Victoria
Uc'aliy thrown awayin patchwork on Sunday's steamer and at Van-
whth will uever .how as an asset | couver were tranferred to a special
This $7.000 a year
of the district.
wouli pay the loan, or nearly so,
$150,000 principal and interest, in
50 years, leaving about $8.ooa a
year, at the present rate ot-taxation,
for repairs, bridges, etc., while the
loan would put down good roads.
These same good roads, when repaired, are being added to as au
assetof the Municipality while the
repairing done to planking does
uot iorm such an ass.*t.
There seemed to be some misunderstanding as to the increasing of
taxation. It certainly may be necessary to increase the taxes in
a few years hence to help keep the
car ofthe B. C. Electric Railway,
"wbich reached New Westminster
shortly before 2 p. re., the "body
being at once placed in Holy Trinity cathedral.
The cathedral was unable to accommodate the crowds when the service commenced. This was conducted by Rev. Canon Hilton, Vicar  of
All Saints, and Rev. A. Shildrick,
Rector of the Cathedral.    The pallbearers were: MessTS. F. W. Karris,
"E. B. Ladner, 'Ltdner,  and S.   A,.
Fi.etcher_   M. Phillips,  H.  L. Edmonds aud J. D. Kennody, of New
Westminster. Hon. R. McBride and
McBride were  accompanied
^grmmamm-m^           ��� m    ���-���-��� iatew year.-j usw..*;--r -"**  -. ������� !l,"7i,7U   Green    Thomas
4.       PkMk qi-orf   and a glance   macadamised   roads -in   thorough by  Hon. *.   F.   Lrcen,
T_i_ is one of the *^*��*^*%$& Selm^l^ZZ.?" "" * ~ SS��
T-hia is one or tne _-ie-.u-._g j^Vi,���	
Jt our window display will convince you of the up to th�� minute style.
we are showing.
Th-i "BOYAL PURPLE" is the leading shoe for Women.
.Also large stock of "Gribson Ties" in the -new Tan shades,
flee the new "Worth" Cushicn Sole Shoe for Men.
Kew 1906 Wall Paper Samples ttow Ready for Yew
cessary just now.
Point Roberts.
road.    Received and filed
'Prom W. J. Taylor re advice on
River road, recommending that the
government be requested to insert
a clause protecting Council from
litigation.    Received and filed.
From Savage '*Bros.,obiechng'to
road as published" in 'Highway Bylaw 1905. Received ard laid over
A petition was presented from E.
J. MacKenzie, et al., requesting the
Council to improve the system of
sidewalks on Delta street. Refer-
led to Couns..-Patersou -*nd Davie
with pewer-to act.
On motion, 1,000 yards, more or
less, of crushed rock -was ordered
trom Gilley Bros.
Tlie   Temporary Lo**u -By-law-,
1906,  passed its second and third
On motion, the>Clerk was authorized to -communicate with W.."_*I.
Draper, P.L.S., re road into*.��-*.
I Mackie's place.
Re Westham Island bridge, the
Clerk was authorized to interview
the Clerk of Richmond for data.
. A. Falk offered to supply grave!
on'the River road at $1 per yard.
Laid-ever.   .
Coun. Davie -Stated his inability
Giff-rd,   AH. B.  McGowan,   Dr.
Young, M.P.P.'s, Lawrence McRae I ^_^   - slou^,ro8d   and
and   several others from   Vlc^naUustice ,t0 the rest of VaTd  II. on
and Vancouver, while official New | ^ watd ^ppropriah0n��cd re��.*U-ft
Point Roberts, Feb. 12���(Special)
This morning, about 10.30, Mr. Mc-
Keen's residence, on the McKeen
ranch, was burned to the ground
and with it his voungest grandchild, who was in the house at the
time ot the fire.
Mrs.   Fog,   the   mother   of the
child, had  left the -children . alone
Westminster turned out in 'torce.
The service at the cathedral was
'not long and as the organ pealed
[forth the immortal "Dead March in
Saul," the cortege moved to Sapper-
ton, a large concourse lollowmu to
the place of interment in'the Masonic
Cemetery. The floraltributes were
numerous and beautiful.
The laie Mt. McBride was the
son of A. H. McBr.de, ex-Warden
of B. C. Penitentiary. He was
born on Feb. ist, 1869, and there-
1.U11UI   ���*��������       ,        iuwiu  -*�������       ���
while she went over to her sister-in-1 ^ faad juSt eilteied his 38th 7C*��r
law Mrs. Gea McKeen, who lives L... ^hboA was moatly spent in
|-but a short distance away. IIr-Urew Westminster, but tor many
McKeen, who was at work, on tbet r_ he had been 1 resident of
[place was the first to discover the 1^ . tiog first ,.ftt Ladaer and,
I _      .._ _i��� u-ssr-nns-ief-. the house I Mven vears-ago, removin:  to  Port
SPhore will be a football match on
Saturday,-the 34th i��t.. between
steams representing the Columbian
Collegeand Ladner Public Schools,
-and in the evening, cot&mencing at
*8 o'clock iharp, there will be a Basket Ball match between the College
Senior Team aad a -team of local
Athletes, in-the $own Hall.
1 i.ere is to be a grai.a nmsqusr-
ade ball-at the Point on February
22nd. Admittance 50c; ladies free
All are cordially invited to attend.
A.   D.   Seymour,
Dyke,   Evans   &   Calkgan,
came down from  the Royal City
On   Tuesday   evening ia<t,   tl c
Jadies ot;tbe Baptist Church  gavi-
1a faiewell party at the home of Mrs.
Dr. Woodlev, to Rev   J. A. Bar
came **"   ���*f* '""^ f**"'^'^
ton, wife, and family when a very
-pleasant time was spent at games,
siuging, etc.
^ia-_  nssss. .���	
fire and when he-reached the house
the older boy was outside ��e_t Wie
[gate and the hou-   all m &���>   et.
Mr.  McKeen tried to get into
the burning house but the flames
had sueh a start that it war imposi-
ble for him to get in either from
the trent er rear. When the mother
reached the scene she was so prostrated with g tei, that it  was  hard
work for those present to -keep her
���from rushing into the flames.
The story, as the older boy tells
it/is that when his mother left the
house, he and his little brother were
playing in the front room near the
lounge,   which   was  strewn with
-Guicho ., where he conducted an
hotel and general store I his own,
He was ot a bright, cheerful disposition, and made a host of personal
l friends.    In 1894 he married  Miss
Parmiter,   who,   with ���two youug
sons and two-young daugfcters.'su.-
Kive,   as also   ��his .parents,    two
brothers, Premier McBride and  E.
G. McBride, and two sitters,   Mrs.
AlliSsHi,  of Greenwoed,   amd  Miss
ed that the   Slough   road be-*con-
-vcrted iatca Trunk road.
After some discussion, the request
On motion it was -decided to call
for'tenders for-'the delivery of 15*0
yards, more or. less, .<of gravel iron
the Council'* pit rat Port Kelts.
On -qouou itwas-decided to warn
all interested .parties to clear trees
from ciitches.
On -motion Couns. 1 Davie tttt
Embree were authorized to purchase a team of hornet, wagon a__-
harnest ior the Municipality.
Tenders for the.-_.se of the pile-
driver being opened, T. R. Pater-
son's tender, (,50a. pile,-was accepted.
Alterr pasting the accounts, tbe
Council adjourned till Wednesday,
28th inst., at 2 p. m.
Reanetnbers'the Cinderella Ball.
Rev. A.  McAdiey 'tfaxt -a
days ia Vancouver.
Met. A. C.
Abbot seturaed on,
i'   ���'   ~  1 H-m-i-,-*.,    ""**-*���	
As will be seen by  reference to newspapers where his grandtatner
onr advertising columns, the Royal had   been reading,   and  that the
... ..._-   1 1     V.mUtl .,-*,_  _.t.>s���o_   \.���Vr
A summons wet issued against
John McKee for an atsuH,   ca^
*\Sm*m^*mmm.m*,'*^ ������
Aid, of the Methodist Church, gave
a soqial evening, at The Parsonage,
to the honorary members and their
friends, when a goodly number
partook of their .hospitality..besides
taking an active part in the games
ticir *euci- atti. en ,
"Until   the  witching
our advertising columns, mc -*.*,,��. uaa   iX.ru  lt��� ^   _.__
City has added another legal light child who was burned Jot on the
to her  already comprehensive list iounKe and lit the papers, and that
ot legal   talent,   in  tlie  person   oi ��� -- -_i~j .~ ...
George E  Martin, who has had no
less than twenty  years' experience
at the bar, eight of which has been
[spent at Kaslo, B.C.
i.\-,our ot midnight;.
�����.,   ������     f.i-i. Colic, C_olrr_ tpd
Chamberlain s v^on Remcdv.
,l>f<-rer tettA ����y it ��"�����   �� r,��'*' *^e M*
he tried to get him off the lounge!
and out of the.   house,   but  could
The house house and all its -contents were a iotal loss. 'Some of
the bones ijf the dead child were
. found i . the springs of the lounge
1 after tke fire had burned  out.
Anyone wishing   to  donate  art
tides of tood. clothing, etc., to the
family-burned out**t Pois-t Roberts,
nay-do so by leaving same with
with   Mrs. 'Woolltry   or   Mrs.  J.
Jordan.    Anyone cot having  time
. to bring in their donation- or whose
donation is too heavy- lor ordinary
handling may leave their names at
this   office  when  a team will be
sent around to call for it.
Remember West Mclntyre't Ane-
tion Sale en the 27th, .inst. Good
stock 6f all kindv.
L. M. ^Richardson is Wtpect-H
back aboat the "end *of fee pretelrt
month, baving received M extension of holiday.
Chamberlain's Ceugh Remedjf
\li;��<s CoWn, e-oup ��i.<l Wh5opi-��� CoUf*.
Mrs. C. R. Lord and M-rs.t-.aa
Woodward, -went -up'Ornnhe'-SssS.
Sonoma, Monday to attend the
funeral OtW. L. McBride. There
was Also a large number of.Satte
I folk ^present *w
Published kveky Satub-p-av.
;���    ADTK-TIsU*.* BATM.
��ia*l 4sd*��ttt<|n<*u, ia.<M,to far *����� ��'
l_*i--ll__-rtt��ii,��__,s-��>����p�� Ua* tor aach
���3__t_at iaatrtiea. Tht ��o��t**c ot Had
-_���__�����_ W t*kt aaace accujaad, ulaa-aW Ck*
KaMr W C*m*a*n-Ul -jiniViw.--i -Hi k<
.wi aa aap-katia* at i'i.* attaa.
' ����____( aalicaa i* o*ot�� par:Ha�� (nc aack in
Mitkaa- txatk apl-iw. 9K... MaoriaiMfc.*,
Aajt (Dedal BOUte. tbt a'jjtrt ot which it to
��ngr*0U tke pac-lilarjr swaefit at'an* Individual
m *,iAtm*r, ���� *e ceaatilertd as ad��.rtU*m��l
ap- ekarsjad a-eordiajly.
th��f��td far until aide
���at aad toatd tut.
M<_*ncf lavlted en aiattcr* ��- pu
CoiuiM��lcmtiaiia.tp editor muffs, be
Ws-iam-al k- aagie of-writer, aot uicttaarlly
Mt iiUkH-ilIJa, liul oa tri-smce. af iiwfi.laith
mint r��ack.Uii*o*ca by Tkurc
<___��.. _i.
SkAWlilDAY, laWRUARY 17,   HJ06
At the Council meeting, on Wednesday, CouasilloryDavie succeeded
in having the Slough road, from
Westham street to.tht Parmiter
rpad, coowrted into a Trunk road.
Tjdis is a* it should be,, but we
would like, very much, to see the
Trunk read system carried right
through ta the Boundary Line aa
that is really the legitimate Trunk,
read ef that portion of Delta dis.
trict ted over which a very large
amount of travel is done. We con
jratulate Councillor. Davie on his
success so far and hope he will eon
tjnue the g_#d;-jwprfc..
Tlhe meee fully the matter of bor
rawing money,
Ijone   into   the more are we im
jkressed  with  the absolute need of:
raising such a loan
QUI reads are wearing ont faster,
than the a?w worjc can be done to
replace them, hence-there is involved,, each year, the enormous sum of
i*    ������ -
1^,000 foe repairs-Epatchwerk,^'
which gives- no satisfaction whea
This should ncttbe a. question of
j-ust how much each ward- is going
tip be credited with,, but, rather,
**Will it cut down the*, present expense? Will- it-be in the best inter*-
^itt.oj?. the Municipality at large?''
We firmly, bejieveit will.
According to tbe methods adopt
ed by, the-present, Council* the. expense of road making is- reduced to
a. minimum, and still it will be a
very slow, process fax them, to cover
the district with the present revenue���in fact utterly itopossible.
Why overburden the present tax-
Payers for.the bepefit o�� those coju-
i^g aftgr^
Westham Island complains tbat
they will aot gefotbeir full share ot
the loan if only. a. terry, is put on
We would .ask them if they bave
an-v idea bow much expeuse will,be.
eptajled by- ferry* cpnuectiou-* A
ferry will cost, say, $3,000; cost of
appptches, poatoon.*;, etc., about
$��,000*, and the. cost si operation
will, consume about ��1.000 annually, in, addition to the ordinary expenses for roads, bridges, etc. And
by the wav, w_ understand the.
time.is not, far distant wh/��P one or
more-new .bridgeswill, be needed tp
replace old one.s now in use.
If this district is going to ad-
V|nc*pa);rowr.e��s of vjsiotj must be
overcome, not ordy on Westbaoj,
Ijiaa^ hut all ,over.tty__d*i*tric(:> The
Inland is no- worse than the.rest of
tke district
A, warm invitation has. heen
rivet?. to Rev. J. F. Betts and his
wiSf,-tar continue their sei vices in
GRASS LANDS, j McRAE & Co I ^������hH,*+f*f+^+^*+^^*^^*^^>**^+^^+-^v**-**+v
The first annual Provincial'Auction Sale of purebred live stock will
be held' in, New Westminster, on
Wednesday and Thursday, March
2-1 and 22. This sale will be conducted under the control ot the Executive of the B. C. Stock Breedeis'
Tbe officers, of the Association
are: Hon. president,. Hon. R. G.
Tatlow; president, A Ds Paterson;
vice-president,. IJ' M; Vasey; sec -
treasurer, F. M. Logan., B.S.A.;
ex-officio directors, J. R. Anderson
and F. W. Hodson; directors, A. C.
Wells, H. N. Rich, T. J. Trapp,
���}., H. Hadwen, S. H..Shannon;
auditors, G; D. Brymner and Johu
Power, New Westminster,
The rules laid down governing
the entry and sale of animals are
calculated to instil confidence in the
prospective buyers. When, a man
wishes to purchase ��, purebred
registered animal, he wants, to* be
satisfied thaj he is. get ting value" for
hit money ajid the object of this orr
ganiration i? to,m_ke that certain.
This sale affords an excellent opportunity for, the ranchman who
wishes to introduce new blood into
h-i&hexd; for the. Farmer o. Dairyman.who wishes to obtain a good
sire to head bis herd or to purchase
the foundation stock for a new. and
better lot.
There are dairyine*. in the province who are selling %fg> wor.thiOf
butter from each cow, and there are
Others who are selling less than
feo worth.. The difference is largely with tbe cows,, and it pays to
have tbe best.. Several enquiries
for _ead work, \s\ *^av* all��ady been received, in regard to buying dairy stock, so anyone having good animals for sale
should send inan entry;form.
Stock entered for sale must be iu
their stalls- at* the cattle sheds,
Queen's Park, not later than one
o'clock p,_u. on Wednesday, March
21st, is>��6. Animals may be
brought to the Park on March -.oth
if contributors so-desire*
Cattle must be well halter-broken
and each- supplied with a good
halter,. Each animal offered must
be a good reyxesentative of its.
breed,..in good; condition,.in. sound
healtk, not- defective ind shall be
registered in a record reoognized as
reliable by the. Dominion Department of Agriculture. The executive or* someone-appointed by them
or the Dominion Live Stock Cotn-
missionei-*, shall decide whather- the
anima. is in good condition or not
and this decision shall be final.
As it is very iBipoi"tar.t tbat,im
tending buyers should feel 0011&-
dent'that'all .animals advertised will
pe put up for sale, no person,will
be allowed to withdraw an animal
which has been accepted, except in
case of accident to, or sickness, or
death of the animal (offered; when a
certificate-- from a veterinary surgeon to that effect must be supplied
at the time; of tke sale.
Each animal entered shall be sold
to tbe highest bidder, There shall
be nm byrbiddtng by the owner oi
the animal or anyone authorized by
bim. Statutory declaration may.
be required from the buyer or-seller
to the effect that any purchase or
sale is bona fide and that, there has
been: no by-t-idding in connection
Prizes are also to be given .bv the.
Dominion Live Stock Department
to the three animals in  each class
fetching the highest prices at the
The.above are extracts from* the
rules and rej. ligations of the British
Columbia Stock, Breeders' Association.-, Anypsue wishing to see a
Copy of same may do so by calling
at this office.-
To Let. from April ist, the lands
known as the Sturdy Farm. For
full particulars, apply to
H.. N. RICH,
Delta Stock Yard
The next Sale will be held- in the
above Yard on
Wednesday,. 14th March
Early entries solicited.
H.  N. RICH,
Live-, and, Dead Farming
Including 6 young and active heavy
Draft Horses: and Mares; 3. two-
year-old Colts and Fillies; 2 sucking Colts and Driving Mare;
Dairy Herd ot 11- Choice Cqws,
wiHi and in calf;. 4 twc-ryearrold
Hfeifers and* Steers; 10 yeaning
Heiferssand Steers; 1 calf; 6.store
Pigs;- Binder, Mower, Hay Tedder; .Seed Drill,. Wagons* Harness, Harrows, Plows; and the
usual sssortnient of Machinery
found on a farm: of 160 acres,
"JITR. H. N. RICH has received
instructions from Mr. W. Melntyre toSELL BX AUCTION, on
his Farm, at Gulfside- (5 miles S.
W.. of Ladner) on
Tuesday, Feb.  27th,
1906, at 2 p. m.
Special Aitenfibn is called
to the genuine lot of horses, all
under 6 years old, three weighing
from. 1500 to i6oo,lbs each.
TERMS-^Under: $25*. cash; over
that, cash, or approved notes at
three months with 8 per cent, interest.
NEW WE5Tnj_SSTEEl-.IJ-.ss..
A lull line of _Migii_h and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept in stock..
Delta Transfer Stable    f
IllllIB I
���i  NKW WESTMINSTER,    :-: B. C.
A Muuufttvtiircm of all kin'Uo.
4 Soda \V_iter,. Ginger
X    Ale and Summer
j, Drinks,
f       Your ^a-tronage sclictted
���a-*}"' ���{���* ss}��.>..*;����ssjs.��.ss-w.sjrss��j^s.}..>^;.<s.-i
Fashion Stables?
Trucking and braying.
Livery wiwk otiall kinds attended to promptly.
LacVu-cr, n. C.
���-���MW---W*'*;1-**' B-gBE B.1J B
Vancouver, B. C.
Headquarter*, (or, pacific Coast
Grown Garden, Field and Flower
Seeds. New crop now in stock and
on test in- our greenhouses. Ask
your merchant for them in sealed
packages* If'he dfees noe handle
them we will mail 50 assorted 5c
packets of vegetable and flower
*.eeds (our own selection, suitable
for B. C. gardens) for $x. Special
prices on voitr bulk seeds.
ready for spring shipment.
Extra nice slock ot two and
three-year Apple Trees at $20 per
100, $180 per 1,000; Maynard
Plums, $ 1 each; Italian Prune, two
year, fine, $25- per ioo;* Sugar,
Prune, two-year, fine, $30 per 100.
Full list of other stock at regular
prices. No expense, loss or delay
of fumigation or inspection.
Let me price your list before plac
ing your order.
' Greenhouse Plants, Floral Work,
Bee Supplies, IFruit. Packages, Fertilizers, etc..
M. J. HENRY, Vancouver
3010 Westminster Road.
���Ask you Deslsr for.. ..
Garments   for    Workingmen,
Overalls,  Smocks, Shiftis* etc.
RMirrtiti-D  TNADK   MAHK
Xjtuey always bear oar Trade Mlirk aad the Union Label
Wnr. k MeMaster I Sons, LUL
Manufacturers -  Vancouver, B.C.
Meat mtd Potatoes
Ffen^ Posts;.
If you reiju fe fence ppbtsjust
drop me a line,  ��� call and see*
Ladder, B,;C;
Team Work Hone at Specially Low Prions.
-JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
* Telephone " Ladnei-" No. 10. X
���f *��*��*fr����lH**^^^**s****v4-*��4*-(**^*f ���>������*�������� ^���^���H"s*-��*H-T-fr*��*����-I'��*��r*��
The Plaice for Tii-fiBaJI-hinfir, Bath Tubs, Stove*
Pipe, Conductor Pipe, Roof Ratest and Every^
thing EiSe in This Line.
Agent for-
Gunaey Fouitt-tey Co."s ^oveeu
P. D.. Dod's Mixed Paints,
Yoho Bath Heater.
Just the thing for making water hot for washing daftjr-
utensils, scalding hogs, or for wash day. Evary
Farmer's Wife Should Have One..
Westhitm Street,
Ladner, B. C.
lat-irparatad I8*��.
CAPITAL, - - - H3iP00^00O
RESEBYE. FIINDSiv      - - ^9,S02,'743
TOTAL ASSETS, - -        $31,183,625
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department
Deposits of $1 and upwards received ai*& Interest Allowed at .Highest Curxent Rates;.
East End. Mt. Pleaaant; Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Roaeland,,
Victoria, Vernon, Chilliwack, Cumberland and New Westminster.
L. M. RICHARDSOfT, Manager,. LADNER, B. C.
._��� ,au��j_L..
Royal Household
Just Arrivedm
Bran, Shorts, Etc,
We can supply you with tfoe flbesfr quality*
of the- abenrje articles, at reasonable cost
Reniember the place
& Commission @
Phone 9. .Ladner, B.C.
Ladner Carriage Works*
Pr-tctio-tl Horsesitoeing,
Carriage Buili-ing. and Painting, and General Jbbbi-tg of
All De_*ripti6n.s..
We,carry-the fme^, class
of Carriages aud; Farm. Implements at rock bottom prices.
a T. BAKER. Ladner, B. C.
A Full Line of���a
Fruit Jars,
Jar Rings,
Jelly Glasses,
H.J,Hotcherson's THE DELTA TIMES, SAT. K
church Nonces.
Holy   Communion ��� Sundays,
730 a.m.    1st Sunday  in mouth,
1 a.m.
Matins, 11 o'clock.       ��� -
Evensong, 7 o'clsiek.
Sunday School at 10 a.m.
f'riclay, evening service 7._;o.
Rev. Canon Hilton, vicar.
Reverend Father Edm. Peytavui,
O.M. I. Services first and third
Sunday of each month at 10:30 a in
Benediction, 7:30 p.m.
Rev. J. Wagner,
Parish Priest.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sabbath School at 2 p at every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 7.30.
Rev. J. F. Betts. pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 3 p. at
Sabbath School at. pm     Midweek meeting ou Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. A. McAuley, Pastor.
Sabbatfc services at Ladner at n
...in. aud 7 p. ra.
Sunday School at 10 a. in.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
y.jo^p. m.; choir practice* at &,.
Three- beginisrs turned up fori
tbeir lesson at the appointed hour, 1
Wednesday evening, to have their
first instruction under Prof. Judges
and, judging from the melodious
sounds that issued .from the Town
Hall for tlie best pirt of an hour
their lips must have got about all
that wa��- comiii'; to tbem.
Practice proper was (airly well
attended with eleven present and
five absent. Our oil friend,"Billy"
Walters, was missed from his usual
sea?. and, ii ?eemel to be tbe general wish of those present that (so
far as the good of -the band is concerned), "Billy" will ind tbe Britannia country as unattractive as
Oregon city. Indications Mem
to point to a good turn out for
tbe dance next week (see ad). We
cm only 1 ope the weather will see
fit to help tbe band as well as tbe
people for:
" All the white folk will be there
Don't forget to curl your hair,
Bring along your damsel fair
Soon there will be tripping, &C,
Won't   we have a jolly time,"
&c, &c.
(To be continued in our next).
A. O. U. W.
Delta Lodj..e, No. 12 meets first
and third Tuesday! of each month
in Oddfellows' Hall.
Tho-;. Todd. M.W.
T. W. Kerb, Recorde-.
Delta Lodge, No. tl.���The regular meetings of this Lodge are hel 1
every Wednesday evening at 8 ,j.
in. Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
R. C. Abbott, N.G.
W. H. Taylor, Sec.
Afraid ot Strong Medicines.
Many people suffer for years from
rheumatic   pains,    and   prefer   to
do so ratber than take the strong
medicines   usually given for rheu**
finatisiD, not knowing that quick relief from pain may be had simply by
applying Chamberlain's Pain Balm
and without taking any  medicine
finte-rnaly. For sale by J. F.
(Westminster Branch)
Time Table
Cam leave Wtstaiaater for Vancouver at j.|a
itndi.jaa.a. ami hourly thereafter   until 11 p.
ra.: Saturday* and Sunday! at 11 p.m.
Cart leave Vancouver for Westminsters at j.Ja
and 6.5s a. m. and hourly thereafter until 1* p.
m.i Saturday* and Suadays at 11 p.m.
W* run Crtt-claH freight car* between Weet-
ininster and Vancouver and all shipments are
handled with the utmost eare and delivered to
consignee without delay Special attention paid
to fruit shipments. Our wagons meet all boats
aad train*.   Por rates, etc. apply to
Trafic Mgr. Local Mgr.
George E. Martin,
Barrister   and   Solicitor,
Guichon Block,
(Columbia and McKenzie Street-)
fhere Are Tli*-<-e State Systems, Co*.
fn<'innlai*i, ssstildlilwai uud 'i'uolaaa.
Iii tlioorj Confucianism Is the religion of tlJt* Mt:ilp. Th<* state olliclals
are tlie literati uiio bavo secured llielr
positions through tlie study of tit*
classic-���t e., the "Sacred Writings et
Confucius." Tbe Coufuciuulst temples
are protected and bouoreU by tbe state,
and th3 wtoslilp of Confucius !s c::r;*ied
ou ot tlie expense of f!ie stnte. In a
limited gotiSCi loo, Kutidhtaiu can also
..-lniui to be ti state religion. T!ip *viuie
ts also true of Taoism, since deceased
generals and statesmen are assigned
tbeir corresponding ranks with tbe
Tuoistlc king of tbe lower world in
hades. Iu this role tbey ure worshiped
Iu Taolstlc temples. In tbis way lt Is
possible for a Chiuamau to make use
of all three religious without getting
into conllict with tbe distinctive prln
clples of auy of them. Their officials
worship together, lu funeral service*
monks of both orders are found performing functions ou different days.
Tbe public temples are usually In
control of tbe Ti.olsfs, but sometimes
oro iu charge of Buddhists. Not rarely
Taolstlc cods ure found ln Ltuddblsl
temples and rice versa. Sometimes
they differ only in name. The Buddhist goddess of mercy is tbe Taoist
goddess of bed ren. The pearl king of
the Tuolsts ls the imperial ruler of the
Buddhists, Botli systems teach the
sunie fen princes in hades, aud even
n reproduction of the Buddhist punish
incut in bell is fouud in the Taoist tern
A* Seen From Olatmnee.
"How do you kuow It's the HbratyT"
"The   smoke   issues ln volume*."
ni.<l**^-f'V   ftissi   tlr^fif.
Sidney H hitman in his "t'ersonal
Reminiscences of Prince Bismarck"
'���Ei_m��rek's lntltiiote friends-tip v. itli
.Motley, the histnrlau. In well l:nowu.
He wns also p.irtlcubirly attached (o
George Bancroft, so that when it fc*-
eauie a quo���'k>n of Bancroft i�� ia& recalled from bis post of United States
minister at Berlin Bismarck wrote ape-
dally to bis fr'e;..J Xlollry nu<] i/eggeil
hlm to Intercede with tbe president to
allow Bancroft to remain, ami he did
rem ilu.
'���Bi^marel; told mo tbat when General Grant enme to Berlin he ucti n:j-a-
nied him to see one of tl.e reviews af
the Tempelhofei- feld. Grant was not
well that day, and tbey had to dri-v
out in n closed carriage, Crant looked
downcast and told Bismarck tint! |i
worried him to think that he vas to
meet the Prussian soldiers sitting cud
died up in a carriage like any orUiu.'.ry
civilian. "Never you ir.lud that. C ".in: '
Grant.' Bismarck ssld. 'Vou n'v.v ri!
here hidden from view, but our t?7
dlora are well aware what so:; ,-r iir!.?
Ing man Is in this closed carriage.' "
A Saaplctoa ef the Idle.
1 don' know much geometry.
But di* I will dcclara:
Da man dat'* always hang-In' round
la seldom on da square.
Knew the Lno(**f*,
The Pastor���I hope you never swear
wben the baby is irritable.
The Parent���Ob, no* tbo baby attend*
to all tbat
Brains hnd Hratna.
Tbat many deem themselves most wis*
la far from atrange when wa recall
It take* a lot of brains to know
If wa'v* any brains at all.
Cinderella Ball
Wednesday Evening, Feb. 21
From 9 o'clock to 12.
Music, Full
Gents SO,
Ladies Free,
A Parable Iiuneaolied.
The parable of the ,vi_e man whr
built bis house upon a rock nnd ef :';��
other man wbo built on tbe snutts wie
uttered before tho "bouse with ii cdern
improvements" bad made Its ap: .-ar-
anee or modern sanitary science had
been evolved. A rock fouudutiou is unimpeachable for stability, but It may
be very bad when it comes to a matter
of drainage, whether It be for the dis
postfl of sewage or of surface or gititthil
water. A cellar excavated in the rixk
Is usually a wet cellar, because Vu? water leeches through tbe crevices and
seams ln tbo rock, and It is both tlifll-
eult and expensive ta trench aud drain
properly about the walls of a buildine
la a medium so hard to excavate. To
bo sure, if tbo rock drops sway 'iiilek
ty on a sharp grade tbl* difficult.' way
be altogether a minor one. A good
gravel soil la ono of tbe best to build
upon ln respect both to drainage and
to tho stability of the house, and compact sand, if sot subject to tke notion
of running woter, ls a most excr-IIenl
foundation and a thoroughly toad median;
Startling But True.
People the world ovci were horrified on Irsrninjr ofthe burning of a
Chicago '.heater in which nearly
six hum-red people lo.-t their lives,
yer more than five times tbis number of or over 3,000 people died
irom pneumonia in Chicago during
the same year, wit _ ::c?rcely a passing notice. Every <r,:e of thpse casM
of pneumonia resuItM from a cold
and could have been prevented by
the timely use of Chamberlain's
C<'iit*_. Remedy. A great many
who had every reason to fear pneumonia have warded it off by the
prompt use of this remedy. The
following is an instance of tbis sort:
Too much cannot be said in favor of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, and
especisilly for colds and influenza.
I know that it cured my daughter,
Laura, of a severe cold, and I believe saved her life when she was
threatened with pneumonia." W.D.
Wilcox, Logan, New York. Sold by
F. J. MacKenzie.
Raw ImtioxItloH.
Harris���Walters haa been ieok-ln;
pretty sad sLqco bis daughter got mar
(led. hasu't bei
Oorroll���Too. Tou see, be had do
sooner got his daughter off bis Imn..-:
tbaa be fouud he would have to put
her husband on bia feet-Town and
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy the
Mother's Favorite.
Tbe soothing and healing properties of this remedy, its pleasant
taste and prompt and permanent
cures have made it a favorite with
people everywhere.lt is especially
prized by mothers of small children,
for colds, croup and whooping cough,
as it always affords quick relief,
aud as it contains no opium or
other harmful drug, it may be given
as confidently to a baby as to an
adult. For sale by F. J. MacKenzie.
According to The Commercial,
���f Winnipeg, tbe visible supply of
oats in the United States and Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains,
is 26,655,000 bushels, compared
with 18,644,000 bushels a year ago.
U"* Throic Mark.
^^^^^^^^^        COPVRIQHTS &_.
s\���ycne *���>!-.<���_*�� a nketr h and dasenatloa mjs-v
��� trkir r.��(Hsr��-*i. cu/ oi'iiiiou fro* whether r.u
���veil'tisft is prsihfcblyJMn_8__t__ Comownl.v-
..����in?llvpf.:R|.lontW. HAiiDfiOOX on PaHliia
.. (ran. oi.i��t a*eM<ef tvr mmna*j*UKU,
l':,ttr.rz taitni rhroce-___-*��� A Co. reoeiTe
otaiftpts-e, -Shout c_��r��u, lata*
��� h����sto"i-etf lllu>.-t��*��<sd vimkfr. Imtmt csV-
if.t-i^.'i i*t ��nr aficr.ttfl. JnUruat. S'enas. $. a
���sir; fuur raonlbi, St. *joid tiyaUnsesdealers
.>;0i^ & Co.38J6'sa*��a-''l.eivTcf.
titr.'..,-j. ���)._.,*.. .-a r 8t_ W_��*!t��loo. ii...-
Oeeyer Maeelaa;.
"I went to tbo church fair last night
and I think Imi now meaning la
that old adage now."
"Wbat'a that?"
"It's my Idea tbat none but tho brave
bave any business there."-
Ii  an   idea!   rovering*.   -���fthrr   f��_��r   i-erw
KuiUtngs or improving- o!��J ���nn.'s.
ConB.der its fine a|>p-*-aimnca��� Its
���plendicl cnduriii},' qualities- And nUg-Jit
expeittw���And decide to nerve jour own
b-��t intemU by umiij it.
PuIIaMt d-a-ail* of information iu our
ssVHataaale Manuraeturera,
ROBT. MAY, Agent,
A Boy's Trerela.
Little Boggle���I went way tiroond
tho world last year wltb my father.
Uttle Jlromle (aged twelto)���That's
nothln'. I're bean around tbe bud
twelve times now, and I'm on my thirteenth trip.
No man ever aclinotvl��>d>.es a mistake
so quickly as when be puts tbe lighted
end of a cigar la his mouth.
It should be borne in mind that
every cold weakens thc lungs, lew-
en the vitality aad prepare* tbe
system for the more serious dis-
eases, among which are the two
greatest destroyers ef humsn life,
pneumonia and consumption.
Cough Remedy
has won its great popularity by its
prompt cum* of this most common
ailment. It aids expectoration, relic-res (he lungs and ���pens tbe
secretions, effecting a speedy snd
permanent cure. It counteracts
any tendency toward pneumonia.
Prica 25c Large Six* 5��c.
5000 Telegraphers
_���__���__���       NEEDED
Annually, to fill the new positions
created by Railroad and Telegraph
Companies. We want YOtJNCi
MEN and LADIES of good habits to
We furnish 75 per cent, of the
Operators and Station Agents in
America. Our six schools are the
largest exclusive Telegraph .Schools '
in the world. Established ao years
and endorsed by all leading Railway Officials.
We execute a $250 Bond to every
student to furnish him or her a
position paying from $40 to Jt6o a
month in States east of the Rocky
Mountains, or from "$75 to $ioos
month in States west of the Rockies,
immediately upon graduation.
Students can enter at any time.
No vacations. For full particulars
regarding any of our schools writ*
direct to our executive office at
Cincinnati, O.   Catalogue free.
Cincinnati, Ohio.        Buffalo, N.Y
Atlanta, Ga- LaCrosse, Wia
Texarknn,, Tex. Sun Franciscf,C*> **.-.
��v*j  .��*���.
t-'v h
TfflB DB-LTA TIMES, iATUKliA^, rSBR.'sAftY 17, ick*.
1 11 v ��� ��� ramose m imttaWamm
Mc.-RI->E���On Saturday, February 10th, William Leonard McBride, in his 38th year.
Mrs. N. A. McDiarmid retutied
home, Monday, after a tew clay*
Miss P. Weidkamp, of Lyn .*-n.
-Wash., is visiting her sister, Mrs.
Smith Wright.
Rev. Canon Hilton spent the
greater part of tais v.eek visiting
friends in Victoria.
Mrs. R. Pybus aud Miss Sadie
Pybus, returned, Wednesday from
a. visit to Vancouver.
R. F. Handford i* the proud possessor 01 a bouncing baby boy whe
Arrived on Monday.
Mrs. T. F? Bet*-�� ��ent Bver to
Vancouver, Wednesday, to attend
the Missionary Convention ia session there.
Mrs. R. Moffit and son, came
down from Mew Westminster, on
Thursday on a visit to her sister
Mrs. G. T. Baker.
Fred Lacey, Wm. Walters, and
G. W. Parspni haye gone up to the
Britannia Mines, where they have
obtained good employment.
M.rs. W. E. Curtis ha* been
jtader Jhe care of the Doctor during
the past week, and friends will be
pleased to learn that she is improving.
��� Rev. Jas. A. Bandon and family
left, on Thursday, for Vancouver,
where they will reside iu future.
Mr. and Mrs. Banton enter upon
fheir evangelistic work tomorrow
evening in the Grand Theatre.
Those who possibly can should,
by all means, attend the Cinderella
Ball given by the Band Boys, Wednesday eventug, Feb. 2t. The full
Baud will furnish music for dancing
and it will surely be a fine programme.
Ken. McRae, formerly of Ladner,
.has opened up a tailor shop in the
Pentrs-,1 Hotel block, opposite the
Tram office, New Westminster,
where he will be pleased to meet
all of his old friends and any new
ones who wish to get value for
their money.
Walter Gilley. of the firm of
Gilley Bros., New Westminster,
took a run down here on Wednesday to see how the Delta stands for
crashed rock, and took an order for
tooo yards fer a starter. He also
took a spin down to Westham Island
and around the Gulfside Dyke.
(Proas Oar Owa Camaeoa-aat.)
Victoria, Feb. 13.���There has
been little of public interest, <ut-
side the University Bill and the
Kaien Island scandal, before the
Legislature during the past week.
The chief objection to the University Bill being clause 8 under which
School Trustees, City Councils and
Council of Public Instruction are
removed from the restraints of tbe
���school laws of the Province and
given power to convey lands, buildings, &c.s &c, to the University
subject ouly the approval of the
In the Kaien Island mattter the
refusal of the Government members
of the Committee to allow the mover
for the enquiry to call witnesses in
the order he wishes is causing unfavorable comment.
The peculiarities of the position
is being emphasized by the fart that
Mr. Bodwell, who was the chief
figure in the transaction, is in daily
conversation with the government
members of the commission and his
guiding hand was plainly manifested
yesterday when he demanded that
the committee define their powers
m that his evidence might be given
Much sympathy is expressed with
the Premier and with the other
members oi the family of the late
W. L. McBride, of Port Guichon.
It is understood that your repre
.tentative has succeeded in making
satisfactory arrangements with the
government for the completion of
the River Road to New Westminster.
Your worthy Reeve, W. H. Ladner, is now here attending the Executive of the Union of B. C. Municipalities.
Tenders Wanted.
Tenders will be received by the
Delta Municipal Council up till
Tuesday, February 27th, for the
delivering of 1500 yards or more,
of gravel. Gravel to be taken from
the Council's property at Port Kells
and landed on the River Bank, between Sunbury wharf and Suuny-
side wharf, as required by the
For further particulars apply to
the undersigned.
C. M. C.
Ladner, Feb. 15th, 1906.
W. N. Draper,
Koons s. Bllard Block. Hew Wtstmlaster.
fl M I tat.
Tenders will be received by the
undersigned up to the 22nd inst.,
for the 22 Acres and a fraction of
land situated on the corner of the
Crescent Island and Trunk Roads,
with cottage, barn and outbuildings
Before our BIG DRAWING comes off.
For every 50 CENTS invested in our
store BEFORE MARCH 1, you will secure
a coupon, which entitles you to a chance
for one of our 3*8 valuable prizes* the flrst
being a HEINTZMAN Piano valued at
Dog't let that be said of you.
A. D. Seymour, Manager,       -      ���       -       New Westminster
Bood News
of Mew Boods
We Beg Leave
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Mand
������K r,
.0% T
Every day brings its shipment
of   new   Spring  G^-is���^om^ from
3S     %5? ���������:    IS.
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building;
to put in concrete foundations at about the
QiaSgOW,   Some   from    Paris,   Others' same   cost   as   piling   or    other   inferior
from   Montreal,  Toronto   and   the        Serial.
Fashion Centres of the East, and we
are going to sell them at prices you
can afford to pay :
New Ginghams and Ghs.mbr;,v-.. ICc, 12Vi���c
to 25c'
New Dotted Muslins, i'^.c, 16c
to 50c
New Prints, 8c, 10c
to 15c
New Skirts, $1.95, $2.60
to $15.00
New Suitings, 35c. 40c
to $i.25
Write for Samples of Any of These Goods.
Write for Prices*
$_i#f i je
.*>.>>. r_f -���7-s7-v,*..]*j
NEW    W .',  *."    -:***������:'--77
B. G.
New Westminster, B. O.
The Derby Shoe
For Men, tbe choicest production of Canadian Shoe Manufacture,
New Solid Goods, new prices.
Modern Shoes in a Modern Shoe Store.
Ja REACH,    -   Ladner, B.C.
We Have Them!
Thc famous
II ti Hi HI
We have just added to our ala^ady larg*e
stock, the complete
American* Catalogue
o" these justly celebrated goods, conceded by all]
to be the very be3t Cylinder Records to be ot
tained in the world.    All the very latest n\
bt-vrs both in Songs and Instrumental Pieces.
Come In and Take Your Pick.
Is  now  in  full  progress.    Everything
marked down to cost and below.
We must make room for New Goods
that are coming in every week.
A. T, BIRTCH, 27s Columbia St., New Westminster
M. W. Waitt & Co.
558 Granvile St., Vancoave|
Cut Glass,
And _U1 kinds of Jewelry
Repairing n Specialty.
Jl. Clausen,
British Columbia Office, 66 Hastings St., W., Vancouver*.  S&o&i,
A SPECIAL m.��� 12 Packages Leading Vegetables & Flowers tor 25c.��� Alt Fo
f f  Onion, Cucumber. Beet, Lettuce,Carrot & Radish; Asters,
OFFER      _"   Sweet   Mignonette,   Pansy, Petunia,   Sweet Peas   aad __>JS_
. .   Wild Garden. ���_��**_#-
, . Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto. . .


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