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The Delta Times Oct 3, 1903

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'.-?,.'!'. 9 '..*--. S.
Vol. 1. No. 4.
$1.00 a yeaf
The Delta's
Great Show
A Very Successful Event and Well
The Delta  Agricultural  Society
held their  i6th annual exhibition
, on Saturday last, the 26th September on their  spacious grounds, un-
,der   rather   unfavorable    circumstances.    The   weather   ior   some
time previous had been  very un-
v settled, rain ,having fallep for several
,-days just previous to its.jopening,
and lots of gram suffering in the
.fields conduced %i dishearten the
.farmers aad made itself felt iu the
scarcity et exhibits.
All the exhibits, though lacking
in quantity were of decidedly good
, quality.    The root crops were excellent as also was t-he fruit, and
very hard to beat, no matter where
The most noticeable display was
���that from Trenai.t Park, there being sixty entries, many of which
took first prize.    If more interest
..were displayed in individual   exhibits, it would tend to increase the
-number of exhibitors and would be
an inducement to improve the quality and quantity of farm produce
4*rown by each farmer.
In fruit the exhibits were very
varied and of excellent shape,, size
and coloring. It has heen said that
the Lower Mainland was no good
for apples, but last Saturday's exhibit belied tlie statement.
The ladies' work department contained some -very excellent specimens of needlework and lace work,
���work of an order one would .expect
ito meet from professionals and not
..ordiunry farmers' wives and daughters.
The specimens of work -by the
���little ones are a crtdit to any community.
Following is the list of prizes, the
programme of the races, also tthat
,of the Band:
Division A.���Qattle.
Durham���Bull, aged, T. W. Patter-
terson, W. H. Ladner; bull calf, "W. H.
:J_adner, ). and 2; cow, aged, T. A. Pat-,
terson, W. H. Ladlner; heifer, 2
'years .old, ,T. W. Patterson, 1 and 2;
"heifer 1 year old, T. W. Patterson, 1
.and 2; heifer calf, X. W. Patterson, 1
'ami 2.
Ayrshire.���Cow, ��ed, .Wellington
Gruded Stock���Cow, aged, T. E. Lad-
.ner, J. Gilchrist; heifer, two years, old,
"T. B. Ladner, J. A. Paterson;'heifer,
one year old, Hrs. Glllanders, J. A.
Patterson; heifer calf, J. A. Patterson,
4 and 2; fat .cow or steer, A. Davie.
Dairy stock���Herd five cows and
���challenge oup presented by tt|e late
Mt. Thomas McNeely; Chas. Davis,
T. E. Ladner; sweepstakes for best beef
cow on grounds, T. W. Paterson;
/Sweepstakes .for best dairy ^.cow on
grounds, Chas. 'Ravls.
Division B.���Morses.
Draught���Mare, brood,...with tool at
���toot, T. E. Ladner, F. B. Pemfcerjton;
���colt, sucking, :F. B. Pemberton, Well-
���tngton Farm; gelding or Ally, 2 years,
J. MtssDonald, T. E,,I>adn.er; .gelding or
.���Ully, 4 year,.3. McDoria,ld,' Wellington
General Purpose���(Mare, brood,. with
,<oal at loot, 3. Gilchrist,,Chas. Davis;
t*aolt, sucking, 3. Gilchrist^Chiur. Da*jis;
gelding or flly, 2 years, Geo. Byron, 1
>nd 2; gelding, 1 rear, Geo. *Ryr��n, A.
Roadsters���Mare, brood, W. .Pybiis;
j^reMlng -or-Hlly, 2 years, W.'Pybus,-4
Mi 2; gelding or filly, 1 year, J. A. Pa-
.tsrson; span horses, A. Davies, John
'^Fredericks; buggy horses. A. Smith, J.
A. Paterson; saddle horse, Jos. Jor-Jan,
Wellington Farm.
Gentleman rider���J. -Jocdan.
'Suckling  colt,  by  Preiser -Prince���
.Wellington Farm, Geo. McClusky, W.
���H. Ladner.
.ilweep^takes   for   best   agricultural
team op the groupds���Andrew Brown.
Lady driving���Miss  Davis.
Sucking colt by Premier Prince, F.
B. Pemberton, Wellington Farm, J.
Division   C.���Sheep.
Short wool���Ram, aged, J. A. Patterson, 1 and 2; shearing ram, J. A.
Paterson, 1 and 2; ram lamb, J. A.
Paterson, ,1 and 2; pair ewes, aged,
J. A. Paterson, 1 and 2; pair ewe
lambs, J. A. Paterson, 1 and 2; pair
shearing ewes, J. A. Paterson, 1 and 2.
Long wool���Shearing ram, J. Richardson; ram lamlb, J. Richardson, 1
and 2; ewes, aged, J. Richardson, 1
and 2; shearing ewes, J. Richardson,
l.and 2.
Division D.���Swine.
Bo^r, aged,.T. E. Ladner; brood sow,
D. A. IMcKee, T. E. Ladner; boar, under six months, D. A. McKee, T. E.
Ladner; sow, under six months, J. A.
Paterson, T. E. Ladner; best litter pigs,
D. A. McKee; '
Division E.���Poultry.
, Gander and goose, W. Siddall.
Pair Pekin ,ducks, W. Siddall, 1 .and
Pair -Brahmas, G. R. Mjinjey.
Pair Butt Leghorns, W. Siddajl, 1
and 2.
Pair White Rocks, T. E. Ladner, 1
and 2.
Pair  Barred  Rocks,  A.  Mog^e.
Pair Buff Orpingstons, T. E. Ladner, 1 and 2.
Pair ducks, bred 1903, W. Siddall,
A. Mogee.
Pair Chickens, bred 1903, T. E. Ladner,. W. Siddall.
Division  F.���Dairy  Produce.
Fresh butter, prints, H. M. Vasey,
Mrs. .__.  G. -Taylor.
Butfcr, salt, In tub or crock, Mrs.
H*. -G.. Taylor, Mrs. Whit-worth.
Rolls of two pounds each" ' Mrs. H.
G. Tajlor. Mrs. Whitworth.
Bread, ! Mrs. J. Gilchrist', Mrs. A. D.
Hen's eggs, fresh, W. Arthur, Mrs.
Cake, best, chocolate layer, girls under 14 years, Miss Whitworth, Miss
Bread, girls under 12 years, Miss
Ruth  Miller, Miss Minerva Smith.
Cake, ielly (best layer), girls 12 years,
Miss Lily Whitworth, Miss Minerva
Pie' girls amy age under 14 years,
Miss Lily WJhitworth, Miss Minerva
���Division  G.-^-Vegetables.
, Carrots, short, J. Bone, T. B. Pemberton.
Onions���Yellow, H. J. Cresswell, i.
Weaver; red, D. Woods, H.VJ. Cresswell.
Parsnips, H. J. Cresswell, R. C. Abott.
��� Beets, A. Mogee, H. -J. Cresswell.
Turnips, J.  Bone,  H.  J. Cresswell.
Red Cabbage, R. C. Abbott, J. Bone.
Cauliflower, H. J. Cresswell, J. Bone.
Cucumbers, T. E. Ladner, H. M. Vasey.
Tomatoes, H. 3.. Cresswell, W. Arthur.
Squashes, largest, -*T. -E. Ladner, J.
Celery,. table,  H. ,J. Cresswell.
Corn, table, s/T. ,E. Ladner, Mrs. Glllanders.
Citrons, J. Bone, A. York.
Division  H.���Field Produce.
Spring Wheat, A. Mogee, T. B. Pemberton.
Barley, F. B. Pemberton, A. Davie.
White Oats, A. -"talk, A. Parmlter.
Oats, new variety! A. 'Davie, W. 3.
Bale of Hay, H. M. Vasey.
Timothy-Seed, A. Mogee, W. Pybus.
Early Rose Potatoes, T. E. Ladner,
A.  Mogee.
Early variety, H. J. Cresswell, F. B.
Burbank Seedling, F. B. -Peiriberton,
���T. E. Ladner.
White Star, W.,. Pybus.
Mangold Wurtzels, long red, A. Davie, -T. E. --Ladner.
Mangold Wurtzels, globe, T. E. Ladner,  A. Mogee.
Long Red Sugar Mangolds, T. E.
Ladner,. D. Woods.
Yellow Globe Sugar Mangolds, T. E.
Ladner, A. Davie.
Sugar Beets, long, T., E. Ladner, F.
W. Pemberton.
Sugar Beets, .short, T. E. Ladner,
F. W.  Pemberton.
Carrots, long red, T. E. Ladner, W.
Carrots, long white, Chung Chee, G.
Paddon. .
Carrots, Intermediate, A. Davie, D.
Woods. j
White Swede Turnips, T. E. Ladner,
F. W. Pemberton.
Turnips, Swedish, T.. E. Ladner, E.
Turnips, any other kind, T. E. Ladner,  F. W. Pemberton.
Pumpkin, heaviest, J. Bone, H. M.
Field Cabbage, H. J. Cresswell, D.
Collection of grain in straw, A. Davie, A. Mogee.
Dairyman's Mangolds, T. E. Ladner,
A. Mogee.
White Milling Oats, A. JFaak.
Division I.���Miscellaneous.
Cm-rant Wine, W. Arthur, Mrs.  H.
J. X'reqwell.
Assortment Preserve Fruit, Mrs. D.
A. McKee, Mrs. H. J. Cresswell.
Honey, in comb, H. M. Vasey, W.
H. Smith.
Hon'qy, extracted, H. M. Vasey, W. H.
Division  J.���Fruit.
Apples,   early,   J.   Bone.
Apples, Gravensteins, H. M. Vasey,
G. Paddon.    '
Apples, any other fall variety, T.
E. Ladner, F. B. Pemberton.
Apples, Russets, W. Pybus, T. E.
Apples, any other variety, H. J.
J. Cresswell.
Apples, three varieties, Mrs. Whitworth, W. Arthur.
Apples, six varieties, T. E. Ladner,
H.  N. Rich.
Pears, Bartletts, T. E. Ladner, H. N.
Pears, any other fall variety, T. E.
Ladner,  A.   N.   Miller.
Pears, any other winter variety, T. E.
Ladner, W. Arthur.
Pears, three varieties, H. N. Rich,
T. E. Ladner.
Plums, cooking, J. Bone, Mrs. A. N.
Plums, dessert, W. Arthur, A. Mogee.
Prunes,  dry, W. Arthur.
Crab Apples, T. E. Ladner, J. Bone.
Crab Apples, thcee varieties, W. Kirkland.
Blackberries, W. Kirkland, Miss M.
Collection Fruit, W. Kirkland, T. E.
Division   K.���Flowers.
Collection Geraniums,  Mrs.  Bone.
Hanging Basket, Miss Arthur.
Collection Roses, Mrs. D. A. McKee.
Collection Stocks, Mrs. H. J. Cresswell.
Collection As(ers, Miss Arthur. ">
Collection Pa'ns'les, .sirs. Brown.
Collection Gladiolus, cut, Mrs. D.
A. McKee.
Collectipn Dahlias, double, cut, Mrs.
H.   J.   Kirkland.
Collection Everlasting, cut, Mrs. H.
J.  Cresswell.
fouquet, table, Miss Arthur,
weet peas, Mrs.. C. H. Morrow, Mrs.
D.' A.   McKee.
Night Before Battle
The meeting last night was quit-t
A   congregational   meeting  was
and orderly.    William Leary occu- ne'c* >������  the  Methodist Church on
pied the chair find  introduced the Wednesday   evening, after   prayer
speakers   W.   H.   Ladner,   Thos.
Forster and John Oliver.
For a full report 'read the result
of the poll this evening, which we
will publish free soon as possible.
Division L. Fancy Work.
Fancy Netting, Mrs. G. M. Lannlng.
Sofa Pillow, Mrs. T. Smith, Mrs. W.
H., Smith.* "  "'""
Tat.ing, Mra-  H- J- Cresswell.
Tea Cosy, Mrs. S. Smith.
Embroidery on oot.ton or linen, Mrs.
W. Kirkland, Mrs., C. H. Morrow.
Fine   Berin    Wool    Work,   Miss  M.
Weare, Mrs.  S. Smith.
Heavy  Berlin  Wool  Work,   Mrs.   S.
Handkerchief Case, Mrs. S. Smith.
Handwork      Centrepiece,     Mrs.     S.
^mith,   Mrs. .,G.   M.   Lannlng.
Hooked Ragmat, Miss Arthur.
. Crochet    Cotton    Lace,   Mrs.  W.  3.
Kirkland, Mrs. S. .Smith.
Pincushion,   any   kind,   Mrs.   G.   M.
Lanning, Miss Arthur.
Socks, knit,  men's,  Mrs.  C. H. Morrow, Mrs. H. J. Cresswell.
Socks, darned, men's, Mrs. jG. M. l^a.n-
nlng,  Mrs.  C.  H.  Morrow.
Hand  Sewing,  Mrs.  G.  M.  Lanning,
Miss M. Weare.
Drawn  Work,   Mrs. -S.   Smith,   Mrs.
C. H. Morrow.
Quilt, patchwork,-Mrs. C. H. Morrow,
'Mr3. H. G. Taylor.
Best collectipn of any fancy articles,
Mrs. S. Smith.
Battenburg    Work,    Mrs.   S.   Smith,
Miss Arthur.
Point Lace,  Mrs.  S. Smith, Mrs. W.
Oil  Painting,  Mrs.  H.  J.  Kirkland,
Mrs. St.iinton.
China Painting, Mrs. Stainton.
Laundered Shirt, Mrs. A. N. Miller.
Division  M.���Work by Children
Under 16.
Hemmed     Handkerchiefs,     stitched,
Mabel, Arthur, Etta Scott.
Crochet Work done ln wool, Annie
Smith, Etta Scott.
Crochet Work in cotton, Etta Scott.
-Buttonholes,  Etta Scott.
Crochet Lace, Etta Scott.
Embroidery on Linen, Etta Scott.
Drawn Work, Etta Scott.
Specimen Penmanship, Mabel Arthur.
Leila Kirkland.
Work done    by    children    under  11
years of age:
Specimen Penmanship, Ada Leary.
Map Drawing, Ruth Miller.
Division   N.���Special   Prizes.
Writing ,.one hundred words, girl or
boy, 15 and under,  Chas.  Gifford.
Same as above, 10 years and under,
Eula Gifford.
Collection   of   agricultural   products,
T. E. Ladner.
Took a Reader.
sSir William's horse took a header
off the steamer Transfer on Monday
morning, and came near being the
cause of a deckhand named Johnson
losing his life.
A band of horses was being embarked for. the Westminster Fair
W. H. Ladner taking his, along for
use, when Mr. Hollinshead's stallion made a bite at hjm. Mr- Ladner's horse preferred the river to
such.treatment. After reaching the
water he made a landing under the
wharf. Johns.on, in endeavoring to
bring him to the road, had to swim
the horse up the slough a.short distance, in doing which he became
thrown off, thereby nearly losing
his life.
Chris. Johnson, another deck
hand, jumped to the. rescue, and not
only saved his fellow countryman
and co-worker but showed us again
that not all men live for self alone.
meeting, to decide on the date of
the Harvest Festival, which was
set for .Sunday, October 18th. A
thank offering will be taken up in
place of the ordinary collection.
A decoration committee was appointed with power to add.
The matter of a Thanksgiving
Social ,was referred to the Ladies'
It was also decided to change the
hour of evening service frqrm 7:30
to 7 o'clock.
When you want a physic that is
mild and gentle, easy to take and
certain to act, always use Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets.
For sale by F. J.^IacKenzie.
Following is the programme of
the horse races which were hard to
fill, owing, probably, to the continued wet weather and the quantity of oats still in the field:
1. Free for all. Trot or pace. 3
in 5. Mile heats. $45���1st, Glengarry Patchen, Stormpnt, jr., B. C.
King.    Time, 2.47.
The same order was maintained
in the 2nd and 3rd heats, with the
following times���2.46^; 2.38.
The second race did not fill.
3. Running. Free for all. }4-
mile, .2 in 3. Catch weights. $30���
Lily B., Star.
4. Running. For Ponies, under
14^ hands. }.-mile. 2 in 3.
Catch weighty. $30���Three started.    1st Pybus, 2nd Harris.
Holy Communion, ist and 3rd
Sundays, at 11 a.m. Other Sundays at 8.30 a.m.
Morning prayer, 11 a.m.
Evensong, 7 p.m.
Sunday School at 10 a.m., Friday
evening, Litany and choir practice.
Rev. Canon Hilton, vicar.'
Reverend Father Edm. Peytavin,
O.M. I. Services first and third
Sunday of each month at 10:30 a m.,
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. m.and 7 p.m.
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Wednesday evening at 7.30.
A N Miller, pastor
st. Andrew's presbyteriak
Services next Lord's Day at 3 p. m
This service will be a Children's
Day Service.
Sabbath evening services will begin at 7 instead of 7:30 p.m. as
Sabbath School at 2 p m Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
Thomas Oswald, minister.
baptist church.
Rev. A. A. McLeod, of Narsa-
patnam, India, will preach in the
Baptist Church at 7 o'clock.
A quiet wedding took place in
Vancouver on Wednesday, September 30, the contracting parties being John McKee. of this place and
Miss   Lilla   McNeill,  of Toronto.
,   ,  ,   , 1 Rev. T. Osw?ld acted as best man.
I his concluded the programme.   ,,      .. ...      _��.-.*,_-_        *
,_,, ... . , After, the wedding the bride and
The committee   promise   a   better1 ...      ���,     ���     ��� .
.    ..      ... T groom   proceeded   to    the   Sound
programme for the 26th June.
The    following   programme   of
excellent  music was well executed
by the Ladner Cornet Bund,   who
well merit all that comes their way.
March���' 'The Crisis'' Hall
March���"Invincible Eagle''.. .Sousa
Overture���"Songs of Scotland"
Song and Dance Schottische���
"My Girl" ,  Beyer
March���"The Conqueror"..Boehme
Overture���-"Sunny Tennessee"
March���"Bride-Elect" Sousa
Selection....Grand Nautical Medley
cities to spend the honeymoon.
Congratulations John.
Mrs. J. F. Stainton went up on
Thursday's boat.
The playing of the National Anthem brought a very successful exhibition to a close.
Marshall Smith took in Thursday's lacrosse match.
-F. J. MacKenzie went up to take
in the Westminster fair on Tuesday.
Try our Cascara, Q-rimti*. and
Ipecac Tablets for a cold���F. J.
Mrs. Elmer Beadleston and Miss
Beadleston went up on the boat qo
Tuesday to take in the fajr.
Published every Saturday.
Subscription, $1-00 per year,
Casual Af'vcrtisemetits, to cents per line for
lh*-j first insertion, and 5 j-euts per line for each
��Abse-ji.ent insertion. The number of lines
reckoned by tiie space occupied, ulfiicsto the
iilch. ^ '     '���'���
Rttt?��* for Coni^-*-"-"';.l Advevtjfiemeiits can Ik
Iiad Cii appUcttti'iU u\ Uiis office.*
Rending notice* 10 cents per line for each insertion.
Btrth and Death notices, 50c.,.Marriages$1.00.
Any Ipe'jliil notice, tlie object of which isto
promote tu.' pecuniary benefit of any individual
ox company, to be conHidered au advertisement
SsUd charg   ; accordingly.
All ���*.l\vt it. menu churned for until ordered
Out and pait. for.
Cnrrespoii'ieuce invited on matters of public
inu <���<*���*������.���.. Ccinmunicatious to editor must be ac-
comj-uiied by name of writer, not necessarily
for pubHeati.jii, but as evidence of good fai-th
Correaponde:ice must reach this office by Thursday UTv'UiUK-
Gko. Rl Manlby,
Surrey  Council.
SATURDAY,   OCT ODER   3,    1903.
Seme time ago it was brought to
our notict that a movement was on
foot to start; an oatmeal mill in tbe
Delta, now we are asked what
abedt it? What has become ofthe
promoters? Have they suddenly
become weary in well doing? What
is wrong, anyway? It it is still a
live issue let us hear something
about it so tbat we may impart the
information to others.
We wish to draw attention tp the
fact tbat many have not been hoard
from regarding their old receipts.
For the information of those who
might have overlooked the notice,
we repeat it���All subscribers to the
News will be supplied with the
Times for the balance of their subscription; all we ask is that the last
receipt be forwarded to us that we
may complete our mailing list.
We had intended issuing a supplement containing the exhibition
matter but unforeseen obstacles
prevented such being done.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Fraser, of Eden,
Man., paid a visit to Mrs. Honey-
man on Tuesday last. Mr. and
Mrs. Fraser have been doing the
Sound cities for the past two
months. They are seeking pastures
niew and may settle here if thev can
find room.
Twenty years ago last Tuesday
the wedding took place at the
Fraser homestead of Mr. and Mrs.
Honeyman, the event being recalled., on meeting.
The C. P.^R. has issued official
circulars cancelling the Imperial
Limited tor this season. The last
westbound Limited is due at the.
coast on October 4. The last east-
boui.d Limited leaves Vancouver
October 6.
Council met. in the Town Hall,
Surrey Centre) Sept. 26th, the
Reeve and all members being present. Minutes of previous meeting
were read arc1. c*.rfirmed.
From J. C. Hartie, re purchase
of lots 17 and 18, block 1, of sub.
sec. 30, B. 5, N. R. 2, W. Received and referred lo Coun. Burnett to
Inspect the lots.
From Corbould & Grant, re McBride's taxes. Clerk tQ.reply stating circumstances.
From the secretary of the Burn-
aby Agricultural Association inviting Reeve and Council to attend
exhibition.    Accepted with thanks.
From J. D. Cameron, et al., a
petition to tbe Council to repair vbe
Hjorth road, west of tbe CM. road,
ward 1, Received and referred to
Coun. Cameron.
On motion $20 each was appropriated for cutting brush on the
McLellan road, wards 2 and 3, and
on the Hall's Prairie road, north of
the Yale road, Ward 1.
'. On motion, Coun. Johnston was
instructed to, stake out and have the
ditch dug ou the east side of the
Johnston road on D. R. Brown's
place, tbe ditch made, across, the
road to be filled up and the under-
drain to be relaid and put in good
After passing the month's ac\
counts the Council adjourned to
meet again on Saturday, Oct., 24th
at 1 o'clock p. m.
C. M. C.
A Remarkable Record.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
has a remarkable record. It has
been in use for over thirty years,
duriug which time many million
bottles have been sold and used
It has long been the standard and
main reliau.ee in the treatment of
croup in thousands of homes, yet
during all this time no case has
ever been reported to the manufacturers in which it failed to effect a
cure. When given as soon as the
child becomes hoarse or even as
soon as the croupy cough appears,
it will prevent the attack. It is
pleasant to take, many children like
it. It contains no opium or other
harmful substance and may be
_;iven as confidently to a baby as to
an adult. For sale by F J. MacKenzie.
Owes His Life to a Neighbor's
Mr.D.P. Daugherty, w$ll known
throughout Mercer and , Sumner
counties, W. Va., most likely owes
his life to the kindness ot a neighbor. He was almost hopelessly afflicted with diarrhoea; was attended
by two physicians, who gave him
little, if any, reljef, when a neighbor learning of his serious condition, brought him a bottle of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy, which cured
turn in leas than twenty-four hours.
For sale by F. J. MacKenzie.
Wm. Alexander lost a valuable
horse on Monday night. He had
hoped to bring him up to 1500,
w,hen he would have been worth
The young son of Mr. and Mrs.
Hartnell is seriously ill with an attack of typhoid. The doctor is in
daily attendance.
The sad death occ rred, yesterday, of Mrs. Blair, the wife of John
Blair, of Vancouver.. The deceased
had undergone a serious operation
at the Vancouver Hospital, and died
soon after. Their many friends extend heartfelt sympathy to ,the sorrowing family in this their second
bereavement during the last ��� two
The harvesting is again on after
a,week's, delay on account of the
h-eavy rains. Many farmers still
have their oats on the field and are
still waiting 'for the threshers.
The ranchers declare that. this is
the wettest and latest harvest they
have had for njjany years.,
One of Mr. Stirtan's horses met
with a very painful death last week.
The horse had; been put out to
pasture with a rope round its neck.
Catching its hind foot in:, the rope
it strangled itself.
Mr. Thos. Kidd, ex-M.P.P., is
paying a visit to his many friends
at English.
English, September 25.
Having had,, the honor, ta be
Chosen as candidate-, at the Clover
dale Conservative Convention to
contest the Delta Riding at the
forthcoming Flection on tbe 3rd of
October next, I beg to solicit your
votes and influence.
I am, Gentlemen,
Your Obedient Servant,
Horse Goods I
Our Harness and  Horse Furnishings
have long proved reliable, and they are
Uf built not ouly for style but w.ar.
* Hucm Mcdowell,
il. N. RICH,
Notary Public, Auctioneer,
Estate an t Insurance Agent.
HOWARD VIL,   by the Grace of God,  of the
United Kingdom of Grent Britain and Ireland,
, and ofthe Hritish Dominions Beyond the Seas,
King, Defender ofthe Faith, &c., &c., &c.
To,Our fa'thful the Members  elected  to  serve
Li the  Legislative AsternWy of Onr Province
' of British .Columbia, at Our City of Victoria,
: Attorney-General. VV thought lit to cancel
the Proclamation bearing date the 16th day of
June, iqo3, convoking the Legislative Assembly
,-f the Province of British Columbia FOR THK
DISPATCH O, BUSINESS oil Thursday, the
twenty-first day of January, one thousand nine
hundred nud four, and iu lieu thereof to issue
this Our Proclamation.
NOW KNOW YE, that for divers causes ��nd
considerations, und   taking  into  consideration
the case and convenience of Our loving subjects,
We haw thought tit, by aud with the advice of
Our Executive Council ofthe Province of British
Columbia, to hereby convoke, and by these pies-
ents enjoin you, th^t on Thursday, the twenty-
sixth day of November, one thousand nine hundred nnd three, you meet Us in Our said Legislature or Parliament pf Our said Province, at Our
City  of  Victoria.   FOR   THE   DISPATCH   OF
BUSINESS, to treat, do, act and conclude upon
tho.se things which, in Our  Legislature ofthe
Province of   ritiiah Columbia, by the Common
Council of Our. said Province may, by the favour
of God, be ordained.
In Testimony Whereof, .We have caused these
Our Letters to be; tna^e Patent uud the Grcut
Seal of .the said Province to be he,rtuuto. affixed:
Witness, the Honourable. Sir Hetiri Gustave
Joly de Lotbiniere, K.C.M.G , Lieutenant-
Governor of Our snid Province of British
Columbia, in Our Cit" oi Victoria, in Our
said Province, this fifth day of September,
lu the year oi Our Lord one thousand nine
hundred and three, and iu the third year of
Our Reign.
By Command.
If Provincial Secretary.
?���&���&. ox?
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1) Bar, 49 inch high, 70 cents per rod.
8   "   45   "      '       61     "
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All Kinds of Repairing. Farmers'
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. v, ��� *���* k*
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Office-. Burr Block, Columbia street,,
'Pi>oiie62.       New Westminster
McRAE & Co
W. N. Draper,
Room ;, EUard Block, New Westminster.
Clothes Altered, Cleaned end Repaired.
Parcels left at W. I., McBride;s store and A. Wai
ker'sand W. R. McClellau . barbershop will be
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A. O,. U.  W.
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dell's Hall. T. W. KKRR, Recorder.
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Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept in stock.
I. Q<. F.
Court-Osseo,, No. 3443, meets
in I O 0,F Hall, 3rd Tuesday in
each month Visiting brethren
always welcome* C. R, J B.
Burr; R S;   B S McDonald
Victoria Terminal
Railway & Ferry O
The daylight line to Vancouver, Mew Weati*
minster, Ladners, Guichon.
Leave Victoria dally 7:00 a. m.
Arriving Sidney 7:30 a.m..
Fort Guichon .,.,_ 11:30 a.m.
Ladners (Challouchton) 11:33 a.m..
Cloverdale 13:10 p.*n��
New Westminster    1:30 p.m.
Vsncouver J4S P.m.
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Secure your parchment at The
Delta Times office. This stock
of paper is the btst in the
province. Yon can get it
either printed or plain. Whea
you need butter paper call ar
send to this office.
tbe l)elta turns, Ladner THE DELTA TIMES SATURDAY OCTOBER 3, 1903.
Big nne* as tne water comes m .no is
Uf tsd off ths blocks. Some of the water
tn the hollow caisson that dams the entrance ls also pumped out to float it. Ths
caisson ls swung out of the way, and then
>UMsblo lsoautlously hauled out.
���nor mt ��� Few Inches Ib Colea-
stlon   Kay   Hopelessly   Ruin   tk*
fe..el - How tk. Risky Undert.k-     ^ j^^e Story Told by . H.blta.
S* Is Carristd I>t*�� Hx*����tlorj. o| tUe _,obbleB,
drydock ls a huge basin in whloh e
fcsel may be placed and from which ths '
|iter can be exhausted In order to expose
' hull  for inspection, cleaning and re-
[ir.    Its sides are sloping and arranged
| steps like an amphitheater.    Entrance
effected through a passage that can be
teed.   The big Brooklyn dock ls 600 feet
ng when the caisson that oloses the en-
bnns is ln place, 180 feet wide at the top
' 1 only 50 feet at the bottom and has a
|)th that InsurcB 25 *_  feet of water on
��� threshold, or sill, at moan high tide.
It Is a far moro delicate job to put a ves-
*. into a drydock properly than ths un-
Htlated Imagine.     Upon ths precision
Dth whloh this undertaking Is oarrlocl ln-
} execution depends the very life of the
Up.   An error of a few Inches may relit in Injuries that will cost thousands of
pilars to repair, If they do not hopelessly
|ln her.   The aim of the offloor ln charge
this work ls to got tho ship ln suoh a
ksttlon that when tho water Is pumped
Jit ot the basin she will sink down on to
[series of carufully arranged blocks ��lon��
no central line of tho dook.    Tho Ore..
pn, for Instance,  hns a displacement of |
Auut  10,000 tons, and  hor weight ls all
orne on  870 of   tliepo supports,  called
���keel blocks."    This is about ISO tons to
Ibloek; hunoe tho need of evenly distrlb- i
���ting a vesKol's weight on llieso blocks.
, The outline of one vessel diffors from
pother, however, and an arrangement of
ocks that would exactly suit one would
���ure to wreck another.    It Is custom-
i therefore, at naval docks to prepare
fn elaborate "docking plan," in advance
jrhenever a ship Is ta be docked.    Drawings of tho vessel herself aro carufully con-
ulted ln order to ascertain  the precise
|*rhapo and length of her keel, the position
the struts that support her screws (If
Pf be a twin icrow vessel), her ruddor
Ind her bilge keels, If she has any.   Tbe
IttQcer In charge of the ta.sk���he belongs
i tho construction bureau���also has meus-
remonts of the dook into which tho ves-
el  is going.    He then mnkos a plan ln
chlch thu position of the ship ls predetor-
nined to an Inch���to a tenth of un inch,
In foot.    The keol blocks are all arranged
In advance.   On either side of tho clock on
pho stone ooplng chulk marks ure placed.
Indicate where bor bow und stern are
|to come.
The great floating steel dam, or caisson,
Siat sorves as a gats to tho dook is first
hauled out of the way.   Stout tugs then
���seize the vessel and work hor around grad-
Ivnlly  Into the basin.    If tbo Vessel la a
���suiall one, like a torpedo boat, perhaps
|��npes tn tho hands of a dozen mon will
riffloe.    Whon sho ls nearly in pl.sce, the
Kttaion ls swung back across tho opening.
"Vater ls then admitted to sink lt until It
[reBts on tho bottom.   Subsequently, when
Steam pumps have exhausted tho water
om the basin, tho pressure of that o,\it-
Jlde against the caisson holds lt firmly ln
Meantime the officer In ohsrge ls directing the final stops ln the tusk of placing
I ths ship.    Lines hnve been run from the
'bow and stern of tho vessel out to the sides
Of the dock and thence to huge capstans.
, By heaving away on one of these and
slacking up another the ship can bo moved
. forward or backward, and the right com-
i blnstlon of strains will bring her to any
desired position.
Opposite the bow and stern, on either
.side of the dook, at the chalk murks previously left there, hnva beon set up partublv
kltands called "battens," by means of which
[one can sight across tbe dock and tell
Whether the ship ib correctly plaoed longitudinally.   Another set of battens at ths
$ead of the dock and on ths caisson give
the range for determining If she is centrally situated with reference to ths sides.
In this latter inquiry the officer's assistants are guided by plummets adjusted ut
the middle ot lines that stretch across the
(look at ths bow and stern and thut sag
, tnough to allow the plummets to go an
Inch or two below ths surface.
It ls also necessary, lt the burden ts to
b�� borns.as it should- be, that ths ship
���hall stand upright and not have nny
"list." In, ease she ls tilted over, even
slightly, to one side this difficulty Is overcome by shifting the weights oh board before tho pumping out pf the water lets the
ship come down on tier supports. From
the sides of the dock against each side of
ths vessel are adjusted spars, culled
"shores." These'occupy a nearly horl-
sontal position and ars designed to prevent tipping over sideways when tho ship
Anally rests on the keel blocks. It tho
ship ls evonly balanoed, the shores will
press very gently against her, but If sho is
not properly balanoed there is danger that
they may punch boles ln her sides.
It takss about two or three hours to
pump out the small granite dool^ nt the
Brooklyn yard and about five hours to
empty tho big timber dook. As soon as
ihe water is ont the ship's sides' are carefully examined. Men on aoaffolds that
swing from her sides sorape off the tiny
snallihell-liks barnacles and ths long,
balry weed tbat thoy find there. This ts
cjone wltb a brush ln which the bristles
are of wire. Whenever, as rarely happens,
ths surface of a ship ls found to be corroded a sand blast is employed to clean the
surface, but this operation if costly and is
seldom needed.
Two or three coats of paint are the>, applied in rapid succession, special compositions being used that dry qulokly. One
of these is designed to protect the plates
from eorroslon and goes next the metal.
Tho outermost ooat ls intended tn prevent
or discourage fouling. Various, trilling
or important repairs ara roods while the
ship is ln dook, and If any great weights
are to be removed and restored a huge derrick ls brought into play. The cleaning
and painting oan be dons, inside of 34
���ours, and if there Is a h,nr,ry eleotrlo
lights can be plaoed so as to enable men
.*�� work under-'the ship as well if night
s* by day.
Removal, like admission, must bo conducted at high tide. The dook ls gradually filled. Ths shores are taken away,
And the ship Is bold ln place only by moor*
sW.   >  .. 7 ��� 3   ���-���   .,       '.\
Mr. Frederiok Gale, who was a habitus
Of thr lobbies of the house of commons foi
40 years, narrates some of his curious experiences. Referring to Bellamy's kltoh-
on so vividly described by Charles Dickens, and to the members who wero wont
to frequent It, he s.iys: "You got ths
best chop and' steak and oold meat and
salad ln the world, and tho parrot who
eallod 'Order, order!' and 'Chair, cbalrf
and all tho ortos uf tbo house, and the immortal'Jane,'who chaffed evsry one, as
described by Dickens, were still thore,
and members of the government might bo
soon eating their dinner at a real deal
kitchen table. 'Give you a kiss,' Jans
asked cf a young member, who was chaffing her, 'you, a younger son, and only a
borough member? Why, I boxed a duke's
ears for asking such an Impertinent question yesterday.' There was a very different house of commons from the present
one ln those days."
An amusing story Is told of Lord Palm-
erston, who bad just had a stormy Interview with a deputation whloh came to
memorialize blm on the subject of the
wino duties. Just as they wore leaving
the room a sudden thought struck him,
and ho called them back and said: "Perhaps, gentlemen, a recollection of my boyhood muy help you. When a boy, my
grandfather took me with hlm to stay at
Lord Pembroke's. After dinnor his lordship said: '1 hope you liked my wine. I
did my best to please you. As a member
of tho government I ought not to tell you
tbat I got my claret and champagne direct
through a smuggler. 1 am answerable
for tho port, as I mudo lt myself.' Old
Pam had hit the bullseye, and the deputation retired with much laughter."
The reminiscences that center ln John
Bright are equally amusing. For example: "I call to mind hearing him ln is*l
In the house of commons on the appointment of a new bishop of Manchester.
Quoting from memory, as I do throughout, ho said: 'You wanted a new bishop
of Jerusalem a short time ago. How did
that holy man go outf With his staff and
his scrip, liko one ot the apostles? Not a
bit of lt. He wont out on her majesty's
steam frigate Retribution and landed, under a salute of 18 guns, not far from tho
spot whoro Simon lodged with the tastier.' "-.-Fortnightly Review.
Ro Better Man For His BsilnuiCoSlI
Be Found.
"There's the best collector ln Detroit,"
and the head of the firm indicated the man
on whom this praise bud lieen bestowed.
"He doesn't look It."
"No, nor anything like it, yet I helluva
that his appearance is about 90 per cent of
his stock in trade. Just size him up. Did
you ever see a more ingenuous face? He
got his job just as he gets money from
debtors that are bad pay. He came right
to mo and asked for employment. I told
blm we were uot in neod of any one and
followed tho usual form in tolling him to
call again. Ho took the Invitation literal
ly, walked around the block and dropped
In to mako another application. 'You told
me to call again,' he said. 'Want a good
man?' I did the usual thing once mote,
carelessly asking him to call again. Another trip around the block, and he put Id
bis third appearance, once more informing
mo that be was a good m:m in search of a
job. I tried him, and he proved a foot
time winner.
"Then it straok mo that ho would mako
a collector if he carried his persistency Into his work, and be has proved a wonder.
He has realized on old aooounts that ws
bad given up as hopeless long ago, simply
wearing debtors down to where they would
rather pay than be bothered any further.
One sharp rascal who makes no pretense
of paying his debts told our phenomenon
that he would have to get up very early in
the morning to get anything out of blm.
Our man was at that fellow's house at
8:80 a. m., routed him out and actually
got the money. Ho never tires and nevor
lets go. Another maddened debtor told
blm to sing for his money, and 'Old Reliable' simply took a stool ln the office and
sawed away on 'Old Grimes Is Dead' till
he got the oash. He's an odd stick, but
he's a world beater."���Detroit Free Press
Pierre Lot!.
Pierre Lotl, who ls on the retired list of
the French navy, says: "I oould easily
bave obtained advancement, but I thought
tt better to leave that to others who intended to make their career on the sea. I
only remained ln ths navy from taste and
because I aonslder that a man must have
e post of combat ln time of war. In peace
I confess that the navy was my favorite
pastime���I would say 'sport* were it not
almost a blasphemy to employ the term ln
this oonneotlon."
���ow the Chelsea gage Avoided LeaoV.
InK In Family Prayers.
Mr. A. Curly ls writes: "A much perverted account of the following incident
hns for yoars appeared at Intervals ln
newspapers. Tho story whon correotly told
Is not without Interest and even humor
and Is very ohuruoterlstlc of Carlyle. In
the autumn of 1874 Carlyle ond his niece,
Miss M. 0. Aitkon, wero visiting at the
huuse of Mr. Patrick Swan, then provost
of Kirkcaldy and at a date long anterior
a pupil of Carlylo. Qn the Sunday evening Mr. Swan and his guests wero assembled after dinner ln the drawing room,
and some ono proposed that Carlyle should
read aloud for the entertainment of ths
eompany-r-a rather large one. He readily
consented, and seeing tho Bible lying on
tbe tablo ho opened It at the beginning of
Job, bis favorite book.
"No sooner had he seized the Bible,
however, than in marched thu servants one
aftor another, a,pd Corlyle perceived that
be was, as it were, trapped into conducting family worship. How to get out of ths
dilemma? There seemed nothing for it
but to road and to keep on reading and to
await what time and chunco might bring.
Ho began with the first chapter of Job and
road chapter after chapter, making remarks now and again on striking passages.
After this sontonco, 'Is there any taste ln
the white of an egg?' he exclaimed, 'God
bless me, I never knew that was ln Job!'
or 'I bad quite forgotten that was in Job.'
A little while after that his niece cams
forward to the table, and touching hit
arm whispered, 'Unole, do you not think
vou have read enough for one night?' He
���jsvo her a pleasant smile, but continued
(ending and expounding. i.ftor two or
three more chapters had been overtaken
bis nieoe again oame forward and said
quietly, 'Uncle, you really ought to stop,
yon see, the servants aro all in ths room,
and they'll have work to do yet.' On thli
being said, or whispered, to him bo suddenly rose, shsi the book with emphnsls,
saying loud enough for all to hear, 'Well,
If I'm not to be allowed to
suppose I must stop,' and walked out of
tho room with an air ot offended dignity.
On going to his room soou afterward his
nieco found hlm laughing and rejololng at
his happy escape. His flrst words to her
were: 'I hope, lass, thou's not offended!
I oould not see how else to get ou,t of it.'"
Bow to Be Snccesafals
The successful man grows up from tho
boy whose motto ls���everything ln place
against the time of need. Whether ln the
sohool room, with the lesson prepared
liours in advanoe; In the workshop, with
Sll tbe tools In order, no matter If bo
fcnows they will not be required for days
to come; in, ths warehouse, where a thousand and one things oan be found to oo-
supy tho spare moments, er tn tbe world
���f mind, where the Importance of storing
the brain with useful foots is taken Into
���onslderatlon, the successful career et tbo
future is being laid with a Ann
ban���New York
The law whiob at present governs too
praotlce ot modielne In France forbids tho
simultaneous practice of medicine and
pharmacy even by a person who may be In
possession of diplomas ln both subjects.
������ Sarcastic.
Willie���I onoo knew a gin wbo nearly
died from loo orsam poisoning.
Nellie���The vary ideal I would never
have dreamed Of suoh e -thing happening
to a girl of your aotnaintanos���Indian-
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
For Coughs, Colds, Croup and Whooping Cough. Price 25 cents; large size 50c.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy.
For Bowel Complaints.   Price 35 cents.
Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
An antiseptic liniment especially valua-
Me for Cuts, Bruises, Sprains and Rheumatism.   Price 25 cents; large size 50 cents.
Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets.
For Disorders of the Stomach, Liver
and Bowels.   Price 25 cents.
Every one of these preparations
is guaranteed and if not fully sat'
isfactory to the purchaser the
money will be refunded.
Fashion Stables
Trucking and Draying.
Livery work of all kinds attended to promptly.
Wm. Alexander
Ladner, B. C\
Will Hold Her
Dancing Classes for oAdults
On Tuesday Evenings.
For Children on  Saturday Afternoons ��t 4
Terms ca Application.
Those Lewis,
Vancouver, B.C.
Tel. 1563
Kef. A152S
Fruit Boxes.
We Make a Specialty
Of   Fixing   Broken   Stocks;
also Re. boring Shot Guns at
Moderate Prices.
If your Bicycle is in need of
repair bring it to uj.
A full line of Sporttug Ctoods
always kept in stock.
Keys fitted, in fact anything in
a Mechanical Line that is in
need of repair can be done by
skilled workmen at
Alexa Speck's
Columbia Street, New Westminster
���H ���*!'-*���*������+v-**-*-H*^I-*H*^*+*+*+'
I Delta Transfer Stable
t Team Work Done at Specially Low Prices.
% JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
������- Telephone " Ladner" No, 10.
^���^.i.^.f .t.4-H.^..H4.^.^>4^.^f4,4-fr( milt M"H Wa\
If you want first class work
New Method Steam Laundry
L. Gifford, Agent, - - Ladner
Leave Laundry on Monday and it will be returned on Saturday,
Gents clothes cleaned and pressed.     Blankets and Curtains a specialty.
Call at the Old Stand lately occupied by P. Clark.
First class work. Your patronage solicited,
W. H. TAYLOR,     -     -     PROP.
A Mammoth Bonfire will be lit
up at 9 o'clock Saturday Night,
in honor of Our Member.
NaBa-The Defeated Candidate expected to take no offence and pay
Hay, Oats and Wheat
Free wharfage on purchases.
Best Quality
Bale Ties in Stock
Under arrangements with the
C.P.N. Co. Bale Ties will be delivered at Westham Island,
freight prepaid in 10 bundle
McKEE-McNEILL ��� On September 30th, 1903, at St. Andrew's
Church, Vancouver, B.C., by the
Rev. K. D. McLaren, D. D.,
Johu, second surviving son of the
late John McKee, Esq., of Ladner, B. C, to Lilla McNeill, of
Toronto, only daughter of the
late William' McNeill, Esq., of
Dublin, Ireland.
Shamrocks or shams ?
J.  A.  Waddell came  over
Vancouver to see the fair.
Mrs. T. McNee.y was a passenger up on the steamer on Monday.
W. C. Chamberlin, of New Westminster, took in the fair on Saturday.
Miss Maud L. Moffat, of Vancouver, visited her sister, Mrs. R. May,
during the fair.
rishermen Attention
Are you aware that we have the sole agency for the
best Leather Fisherman's Hip Boots ever sold in this
country. Call and select your pair before they are all
gone.    Every pair guaaanteed waterproof.
Sold only by    '
T. A. Muir, of Westminster, accompanied F. J. MacKenzi. to the
exhibition grounds.
Mrs. F. W. Howay, of New
Westminster, was in town on Saturday, taking in the exhibition.
One of South Africa's heroes, in
the person of J. Wilkie, New Westminster, took in our show, Saturday,
Mrs. Waring, accompanied by
her little daughter, of Vancouver,
is convalescing at Mrs. Honey-
EDWARD' VII.,  by the Grace of God, of the
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Irelnin',
and of the British Dominions bcjoild the Seas,
King, Defender of Ihe Faith, &c, &_., ff:c.
To all lo whom these Presents  shall come,���
A. E. McI'HII.t.ll'S,T_xrn);itI.-,AS by section 24
Attorney-General. " of the "Game Protection Act. 1898," it is enacted that it shall be
lawful for the Lieutenant-Governor in Council, oj)
good cause shown, to remove the disabilities ns
to the shooting of Pheasants in thc I'rovince,
and to declare within wh-.it periods and limits
the said birds may be shot:
And whereas His Honour the Lieutenant-
Governor in Council dated the twebty-eighth
dny of August, 1903, has ordered that 'the disabilities ns to the shooting of Cock Pheasants
within the limits uflhal_��;irt of the Province,
���vest of the Cascade Kange, Known as the Lower
portion of the Mniulaad. be removed for the
period from the 15th day of October to the 15th
day of December, iy*3, "both days inclusive:
It is hereby ordered nnd declared that it shall
be lawful to shoot Cock Pheasants within she
limits of that part of the Province, west of the
Cascade Range, known as the Lower portion of
the Mainland, within the periud aforementioned.
In Testimony Whereof, We have caused these
Our Letters to be made patent, and the Great
Seal of Our said Province to be hereunto
Witness, The Honourable 81** Henri GuBtave
Joly de Lotblulere, K.C.M.C., Lieutenant-
Governor of Our snid Province ot British Columbia, in Uur City of Vittoria, iu Our said
Province of British Columbia, this twentv-
eighth (lay ol August, in the year of Our
Lord one thousand nine hundred and three,
aud iu the third year of ^ur Reign.
By Command,
Provincial Secretary.
t f
ftoberf ITlayl
:|-.      *      *
WARE, Etc., Etc,
t Gurney Foundry Co.*:
s Stoves 1
Just received  a full   line*   of \
all Shades.    None better.
A. S. Leslie, of New Westminster, played the snare drum with
our Band boys, at the fair grounds,
on Saturday.
While worrying oyer politics do
not forget that MacKenzie's Beef,
Iron and Wine and Blood Iron
Pills act as perfect tonics.
Mr, and Mrs. Cresswell went up
town on Monday's boat to take in
Westminster's fair. Mrs-. Cress-
���""���Cell won second prize for pansies.
] ill 119IIIBB |
f  J. HENLEY   f
B. C.
��������� Manufacturers of all kinds ol
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
.Your patronage solicited
Service between
Seattle and
the East
Ocean Dock
You can not get better bargains than at Port Guichon,
We keep the Dest stock of everything that is needed for the
general public.     Call or send in your order and we guaranr
tee satisfaction.
Telephone 5.
General Merchant,
Port Gulohon, B. O.
The Redding
Hip Leather Fish Boot
is King of Them all
Price $6:50 a Pair
To be had only frppt
wm. johnston, ue Bij u Ml lei Westminster
Tickets at lowest rates to
European, Eastern and Kootenay points,
Leave Westminster 10 a.m.
Arrive       " 3:30 p.m.
Bailing Wire &
Binder twine
Builders' Hardware.
Corner Front and 6th Streets,
At the first of the month the following changes took place in the
post office here : Miss Devereux revved and Mrs. Stratton took her
Mrs. J. H. Johnson, of Chilli-
*rack, accompanied by her two chil-
drtn, has been staying with her
���ister, Mrs. H. J. Kirkland during
the fair.
si    Snaps!    Snaps!
$16.50 for Bedroom Suite $18.50 I 75 cent Ai Chair worth .$1
Springs $2.50 each and up others from 60 cents and up
Mattress $3 each and up |   $15 for Sideboard worth $18
$7.10 Extention Table worth $9;   55 cents Elegant Tapestry
Carpet worth 65 cents per yard
Our Store Is full of Bargains.   Gall and inspect our Stock.
Tor Fine Groceries
et? a. Try *=��� ***
C. A. Welsh
New Westminster, Ba C
; Lee's   Furniture Emporium ?
Dupont Block, New Westminster, B. C. *
Mrs. H. B. Thompson and Mrs.
(Capt.) L. Rogers, spent a short
while in town on Wednesday. Mrs.
Thompson is moving from Westminster to Nanaimo.    ,
Three newspaper representatives
Were noticed in town on Saturday.
World, Miss E. W. Johnson; Province, A. W. McLeod; Columbian,
Lockie Brown.
As we gave mention last issue,
the Harvest Thanksgiving services
will be held in All Saints Church
<5n Sunday, Oct. nth. Special
music and sermons at both services.
Thos. Lewis, of Vancouver, came
Over on Saturday. He says he expects the ss. Hamlin and ss. Surprise soon to be put on the route
between North Arm, Ladner and
Vancouver points in a short while.
Don't Fail to See
My Orand Exhibit of Pianos and Organs at the Provincial Exhibition, New Westminster, September 29th
to October 2nd.
Hm Hm LaEHNlEp
(Westminster Branch)
Time Table
Cars leave Westminster lor Vancouver ��(t 5.5��
and 6.50 a.m. and hourly Hereafter until 10 p.
ui.; Saturdays and Sundays at ic pjn.
Cars-leave Vancouver for Westminsters at 550
and 6.50 a. m. and hourly thereafter until 10 p.
in.; Saturdays aud Sundays at n p.m.
We run first-class freight cars between West-1
minster aud Vancouver aud all shlpnien.ts.are
handled with the utmost care and delivered to'
consignee without delay. Special attention paid
to fruit shipments. Our Wagons meet all boats
and trains.   For rates, etc, apply to
Traffic Mgr. Local Mgr.
Westminster, B. C.
Watch  Repairing
A Specialty,
Brooches, Ohalns,
puff Links, Etc.
The Latest In
Watobes aud Clocks
Andrew Clausen,
LADNER,   B.  C.
Keir and Turneux,
Merchant Tailors,
New Westminster, B.C.
A splendid assortment of RAINPROOF RAG-
LANETTES at $10, $12, $13, $14, $15,and $16.
PRIESTLEY'S CRAVE NETTES and COVERT COATSHust the thing for fall wear.
'Columbia Street
J. ���. Pbillips,
Clothier and Hatter,
Ne*w W^miftste^


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